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23914: CHAMOT, MARY - Turner: Early Works
23825: ZHONG GUOWEN HUA YI CHAN - Shanxi Culture Relics Bureau, China
25212: CHANDLER, DAVID - Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars and Special Edition of the Night Sky: Hualalai at Historic Ka'Upulehu (20-30 Degrees Latitude)
22951: CHANDLER, JOHN - Salisbury and Its Neighbours: A New Look at How a Medieval City Has Been Influenced by Its Surroundings and Has, in Turn, Affected Them
24903: CHANG, ARNOLD - Embracing Tradition Ink Landscapes
25383: CHAPA, DAVID E HAYES-BAUTISTA; WERNER O SCHINK; JORGE - The Burden of Support: Young Latinos in an Aging Society
26060: LA CHAPELLE, GREG - Navajo Folk Sculpture: Alfred Walleto
28975: CHAPMAN, GILLIAN; ROBSON, PAM - Art from Wood: With Projects Using Branches, Leaves, and Seeds
15695: CHAPMAN, H. PERRY (EDITOR) - The Art Bulletin (September 2002, Volume LXXXIV, Number 3)
25537: CHAPPLE, CHRISTOPHER KEY (EDITOR) - Ecological Prospects: Scientific, Religious, and Aesthetic Perspectives
26450: CHAPUISAT, JEAN-PIERRE - The Castle of Chillon (Guides to Swiss Monuments)
24265: CHARIF, RUTH; RAZ, SIMCHA - Jerusalem, the Eternal Bond: An Unbroken Link with the Jewish People
19567: JEWISH CHARITIES - Third Biennial Conference of Jewish Charities in the United States
28194: JORDON, CHARLES AND JOANN - An Introduction to Savannah: Georgia's Colonial Capital
22942: CHARLES, STEVEN - Steven Charles: Thirteen Monsters for Lightning Bolt
22066: CHARLTON, JOHN - The Banqueting House Whitehall
20260: CHARTMASTERS - Chartmasters: The Presentation People (Portfolio)
27945: CHASE, LINDA - Richard Estes
25864: CHAUDHURY, RAFIQUL HUDA - Urbanization in Bangladesh (Centre for Urban Studies Research Monograph)
27283: CHEEK, CARL - Drawing Hands (Pitman 15)
26694: MARLBOROUGH CHELSEA - Michael Anderson: Collage Geomancy
13864: CHEN, ELSA (EDITOR) - Asian American Policy Review (Vol III, 1993, Winter 1993)
24211: CHENGYUAN, MA; SHIFAN, PENG - The Art of Bronze Unearthed at Xingan in Jiangxi: The Bronze Kingdom in Mid Yangtze
22452: CHERKERZIAN, LISA - The Art of Negotiation: The Building of the Norton Simon Collections
25724: CHERUBINI, LAURA - Carlo Maria Mariani: Ossequiose Eresie (Respectful Heresies)
16956: TREASURE CHEST - Treasure Chest of Dances Old and New
28638: CHETTLE, G. H.; CHARLTON, JOHN; ALLAN, JULIET - Hampton Court Palace
27226: CHEVALIER, TRACY - Girl with a Pearl Earring
16543: CHEW, KENNETH S. Y. - Metropolitan Differences in the Level of Nonfamily Households: A Cross-Sectional Look at the United States in 1970
25017: CHI, WEN-SHUN - Liang Shu-Ming and Chinese Communism
16302: FU-TS'UNG, CHIANG ET AL - The National Palace Museum Bulletin (Volume II, Number 3, July 1967)
16301: YUNG, CHIANG AND FU SHEN - The National Palace Museum Bulletin (Volume III, Number 1, March-April 1968)
22536: CHICAGO, JUDY - The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago (Pocket Guide)
12346: ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - Raphael & Titian: The Renaissance Portrait [Gallery Brochure)
14477: ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - Pocket Guide of the Art Institute of Chicago
26760: THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - The Art Institute of Chicago: Japanese Prints
27425: ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - An Irrational Act: Gifts of Surrealist Works on Paper from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Joseph Randall Shapiro
25944: THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - One Hundred Years at the Art Institute: A Centennial Celebration (Museum Studies, Vol 19, No 1)
25449: ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - Devotion & Splendor: Medieval Art at the Art Institute of Chicago
27635: CHIHULY, DALE - Dale Chihuly Icicles: The Icicle Creek Chandelier
24460: CHILLIDA, EDUARDO - Eduardo Chillida: Skulpturen Reliefs Collagen Graphiken
21578: HONG-SOP CHIN ET AL - Cultural Treasures of Korea (Volume 8 Only)
25908: CHIPP, HERSCHEL B. - Picasso Graphics from the Mr. And Mrs. Fred Grunwald Collection
24195: CHIPP, HERSCHEL B.; MILLS, PAUL - David Park Memorial Exhibition: The University Years, 1955--1960
24874: CHIPP, HERSCHEL B. - Onze Sculpteurs Americains de L'Universite de Californie, Berkeley (Biennale de Paris 1963)
28391: NAM JUNE PAIK; CHIU, MELISSA; YUN, MICHELLE - Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot
21295: CHOMSKY, NOAM - The New World Order (Open Magazine Pamphlet Series)
28597: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Cognition and Brain Theory (Vol 4, No. 1, Winter 1981)
24194: CHOTNER, DEBORAH - American Naive Paintings from the National Gallery of Art
18680: NEPPER-CHRISTENSEN, CARL - Sct. Laurentius Kirke: Kortfattet Gennemgang Af Osterlars Rundkirke
13880: CHRISTENSEN, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Treasures: The New Asian Transformed (Vol VI, No. 1, Fall 2002 )
29060: CHRISTENSEN, THOMAS - The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco: Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture (Art Spaces)
26233: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH - Going for Baroque: Bringing 17th-Century Masters to the Met
23558: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH - Fourteenth-Century Italian Altarpieces (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Summer 1982, Vol XL, No. 1)
28526: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH - Genius of Andrea Mantegna
23525: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH - Early Renaissance Narrative Painting in Italy
24192: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH - The Ca' Dolfin Tiepolos (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin / Spring 1998)
23155: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's: Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction: London 14 February 2014 (Pocket Catalog)
21202: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's Contemporary London April 22, 1998
22087: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Eastern Textiles, Rugs and Carpets (Christie's 16 October 1980)
16212: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's Los Angeles, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary Art
24586: CHRISTIE'S - A Magnificent Rakuchu Rakugai Screen (New York Tuesday October 16, 1990, from the Property of a Gentleman)
25371: CHRISTIE'S - Gerhard Richter: Zwei Liebesfaare (Christie's 6 February 2008)
24470: CHRISTIE'S - German and Austrian Art '99
21340: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's International Highlights (Vol 1, Issue 4, Winter 2010)
24351: CHRISTIE'S - Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History Books (1 May 1991)
28079: CHRISTIE'S - Mary Cassatt's Children Playing with a Dog
27032: LILYQUIST, CHRISTINE AND H. E. WINLOCK - Excavating in Egypt (Volume XXXIII, Number 2, Summer 1975)
27882: CHRISTISON, GENERAL SIR PHILIP; TAYLOR, IAIN CAMERON - Bannockburn: A Soldier's Appreciation of the Battle
25251: KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER ET AL - Twenty-Five Years of Space Photography: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
26856: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER ET AL - Art in Seventeenth Century Holland (National Gallery, London, 30 September - 12 December 1976)
11340: KASHANI-SABET, FIROOZEH; DOLE, CHRISTOPHER ET AL - International Journal of Middle East Studies (Volume 38, Number 1, February 2006)
22733: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE AND SF GATE - The New Exploratorium: A Museum for the 21st Century
21410: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE AND SFGATE - Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis (Special Advertising Feature of San Francisco Chronicle and Sfgate)
24349: CHU, DAVID (EDITOR) KING, JOHN (FOREWORD) - Frozen Music: A Literary Exploration of California Architecture
24887: STANFORD MEMORIAL CHURCH - Memorial Services for Herbert Clark Hoover at Stanford University
28728: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI, JR. - Winslow Homer (Library of American Art)
22082: CENTRO SPERIMENTALE DI CINEMATOGRAFIA - Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia 1935-2008 (Experimental Film Centre or Italian National Film School)
28246: CIPRIANI, MARINA; AVAGLIANO, GIOVANNI - Art and History of Paestum: The Excavations and the Archaeological Museum
26099: CIRS - The Case of Cambodia Summary Report: Cgg States' Land Investments Abroad
27019: CLANCY, JUDITH - Judith Clancy: Paris Vivant, le Point de Vue D'Une Americaine: Dessins Et Collages: Musee Carnavalet, 25 Avril-6 Juillet 1986
22162: CLANCY, JUDITH - Judith Clancy (1933-1999): Drawings (Charles Campbell Gallery Exhibition Poster)
24201: CLANCY, JUDITH - Carnet de Trouville: Dessins Et Notes de Voyage (a Sketchbook from Trouville: Drawings and Travel Notes)
21281: CLARESON, THOMAS D. - Extrapolation (Winter 1981, Vol 22, No. 4)
27628: CLARK, KENNETH - An Introduction to Rembrandt (Icon Editions)
25416: CLARK, CAROL - Charles M. Russell: A Medaenas Monograph on the Arts
24169: CLARK, J. DEMOND - The Longest Record: The Human Career in Africa (a Conference in Honour of J. Desmond Clark)
28962: CLARK, W. E. LE GROS - The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution: An Introduction to the Study of Paleoanthropology
23890: CLARK, CAROL - American Impressionist and Realist Paintings and Drawings from the William Marshall Fuller Collection
24213: CLARK, KENNETH - Rembrandt and the Italian Renaissance
28907: CLARK, R. T. RUNDLE - Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt
26062: CLARK, ROBERT - Dark Water: Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces
21921: CLARK, WILLIAM - Age of Cathedrals: Soaring Stone and the Quest for Light (Humanities West, Vol 2, No 3)
27414: CLARK, CATHARINE (CURATOR) - Kathe Kollwitz. The Original Print As Witness of an Era (October 3 to November 3, 1990)
25931: CLARKE, HAROLD - Georgian Dublin (Irish Heritage Series 2)
25533: CLARKE, RICHARD A. - Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror
25505: CLARKE, ARTHUR C.; LEE, GENTRY - Cradle
25353: MARCADE, JEAN CLAUDE ET VALENTINE - Malevitch: Dessins (19 Novembre-31 Decembre 1970)
25843: CHRISTO AND JEANNE-CLAUDE - Verhullter/Wrapped Reichstage, Berlin, 1971-1995: The Project Book
27410: CLAUDEL, CAMILLE - Camille Claudel
21700: CLAUSEN, A. W. - Population Growth and Economic and Social Development: Two Addresses by A.W. Clausen
26487: CLAYTON, MARTIN - Seven Florentine Heads Fifteenth-Century Drawings from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
28055: CLENDINNEN, INGA - Aztecs: An Interpretation
24385: CLEVER, FRAN - Victorian Eureka and Ferndale: The Elegant Ladies of the North Coast
25842: BOOTH-CLIBBORN, EDWARD (EDITOR) - American Photography Two
25566: CLIFF, STAFFORD - Best in Cutting Edge Typography
17186: CLIFFORD, MARY LOUISE; ROSS, EDWARD S. - Creeds and Cultures in Modern Africa: Belief, Tradition, and Change
28522: CLINTON, BILL - Program: The 52nd Presidential Inaugural. An American Reunion: New Beginnings, Renewed Hope
27378: THE CLOISTERS - The Gardens at the Cloisters (Pamphlet)
21076: CLOVER, CAROL J.; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 64 (Fall 1998)
21063: CLOVER, CAROL J.; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 73 (Winter 2001)
21075: CLOVER, CAROL J.; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 62 (Spring 1998)
21078: CLOVER, CAROL J.; HESS, CARLA (EDITORS) - Representations 66 (Spring 1999)
27579: PALO ALTO LIONS CLUB - Thirty Seventh Annual Palo Alto Concours D'Elegance (June 22, 2003)
27577: PALO ALTO LIONS CLUB - Fortieth Annual Palo Alto Concours D'Elegance (Stanford University, June 25, 2006)
27578: PALO ALTO LIONS CLUB - Twenty Ninth Annual Palo Alto Concours D'Elegance (June 28, 1996)
23739: BOOK FIND CLUB - Book Find Club Reply Card
24395: THE GROLIER CLUB - Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804-1864
26528: CLUTTERBUCK, NESTA - Dove Cottage: A Short Guide to the Home of William Wordsworth, 1799-1808
28701: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Modern and Antique Firearms, and Edged Weapons (8 October 1973)
23979: SIMPSON PAPER CO. - Culture and Corporations (Simpson Paper)
24291: SEOUL NAMDAEMUM MARKET CO. - The Book of Namdaemun Market
23645: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of a Collection of Fine Lithographs and Drawings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: The Property of a Gentleman
22381: DULLES PUBLISHING CO. - Special Limited Edition Newspaper Celebrating the CIVIL War Centennial
28647: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and South-East Asian Art: The Property of His Grace the Duke of Northumberland and Others (8 July 1974)
28700: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Modern Sporting Guns, Antique Firearms, and Edged Weapons (19 November 1974)
27995: AITOH CO. - Origami: The Art of Paper Folding
21448: COATE, BARRIE D. - Selected California Native Plants in Color
16719: COATES, BELLA; GORDON, EDMUND (EDITORS) - The Ladder Review (Issue 4, Spring 2004)
28160: J. AND P. COATS - Needlework Tapestry (Book No. 1007)
28913: COBBS, MARNIE - Hiking the John Muir Trail
21239: CODDINGTON, JAMES; AINSWORTH, MARYAN (EDITORS) - Art Journal: Conservation and Art History (Summer 1995, Vol. 54, No. 2)
29065: COHEN, DANIEL - Homo Economicus: The (Lost) Prophet of Modern Times
28383: COHEN, BETH - The Colors of Clay: Special Techniques in Athenian Vases
24574: COHN, TERRI (EDITOR) - Pairing of Polarities: The Life and Art of Sonya Rapoport
29049: COHOON, J. MCGRATH; ASPRAY, WILLIAM - Women and Information Technology: Research on Underrepresentation
28516: SCHULMAN COIN AND MINT, INC. - Public Auction: Gold, Platinum and Silver Coins, Medals, Paper Money, Spanish Royals (September 1973)
23950: COKE, VAN DEREN - Henry Moore's Photographs of His Sculpture
25916: COKE, VAN DEREN - Photographs from the Coke Collection
27536: COLAJACOMO, JAROSLAVA - The Chixoy Dam in Guatemala and the Maya Achi Genocide
13955: COLBURN, LISA L. (GUEST EDITOR) - Human Organization: Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology (Vol. 65, ,No. 3, Fall 2006)
28356: COLE, MICHAEL W. - Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Art of the Figure
23040: COLE, DRUSILLA - Patterns: New Surface Design
14974: WILSON, JOHN C.; PORTER, COLE ET AL - Playbill: Kiss Me Kate (Sam S. Shubert Theatre)
22712: COLE, JUAN R. I. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Middle East Studies (Volume 34, May 2002, No. 2)
28333: COLE, K. C. - Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens: Frank Oppenheimer and the World He Made Up
13476: COLE, K. C. - Mind over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos
23686: COLEMAN, WILLIAM - Biology in the Nineteenth Century: Problems of Form, Function and Transformation (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science)
28233: COLEMAN, TERESA - Dragons and Silk from the Forbidden City: The Genius of China, a Close-Up Guide (New and Revised Edition)
26445: COLEMAN, JASON; GREEN GARO; KERMAN, PHILLIP; ULM, JOSH; WEIL, KIMBERLEE; WEINMAN, LYNDA; ZEE, NATALEE - Flashforward 2000 + Flash Film Festival, San Francisco, March 27-29, 2000
28131: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (with Gustave Dore Engravings)
27106: COLES, ROBERT - Their Eyes Meeting the World: The Drawings and Paintings of Children
28042: COLIN, THOMAS J. (EDITOR) - Historic Preservation (January/February 1981, Vol 33, No. 1)
24313: COLL, FRANCISCO (FRANCISCO J. COLL RODRIGUEZ) - Exposicion: Francisco Coll (Del 12 Al 24 Diciembre de 1959)
24416: BOSILKOFF COLLECTION - Icons/Contemporary Artists from Turnovo
20158: ESTORICK COLLECTION - Brochure/Poster: Planespotting: Italian Aviation Posters 1910-1943
25261: THE TRUSTEES OF THE WALLACE COLLECTION - The Wallace Collection: General Guide
21116: THE TRUSTEES OF THE WALLACE COLLECTION - The Wallace Collection: General Guide
24288: THE ARMAND HAMMER COLLECTION - Daumier in Retrospect, 1808-1879: A Revolutionary Artist of His Time (Catalog Supplement)
28285: ABBY ALDRICH ROCKEFELLER FOLK ART COLLECTION - Treasures of American Folk Art from the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center
20127: IWASAKI MITSUBISHI COLLECTION - From Dream to Reality: The Iwasaki/Mutsubishi Collection: English Text Appendix
27733: AVERY BRUNDAGE COLLECTION - Netsuke: Myth and Nature in Miniature
21837: THE FEMINIST THEORY COLLECTIVE - American Women: Our Lives and Labor: An Annotated Bibliography on Women and Work in the United States, 1900
19507: DUNS SCOTUS COLLEGE - Scotus Speaks Today 1266-1966: Seventh Century Symposium
23995: MACALESTER COLLEGE - Joan Adams Mondale Hall of Studio Art (Commemorative Photo Book and Letter)
27676: SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE - A Special Study Set of Fine Art Reproductions: San Antonio College, Arch 2315, 303 Prints
25500: COLLESELLI, FRANK - Companion Guide Through the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art
26702: COLLESTER, JEANNE COLETTE - Frederick Oakes Sylvester: The Principia Collection
27841: LEFALLE-COLLINS, LIZZETTA - Malcolm X: Hero for a New Generation (April 7-July 4, 1990)
26146: COLM, GERHARD; WAGNER, PETER - Federal Budget Projections: A Report of the National Planning Association and the Brookings Institution
25778: DU COLOMBIER, PIERRE - L'Enfant Au Xviiie Siecle (French)
21312: CAMERA COLOUR - Oxford in Colour
23101: UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH; COLVIN, CALUM - Calum Colvin's "Ossian: Fragments of Ancient Poetry" (3 Postcards)
22262: COMAROFF, JOHN L.; COMAROFF, JEAN; JAMES, DEBORAH (EDITORS) - Picturing a Colonial Past: The African Photographs of Isaac Schapera
26688: US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - Employment Profiles of Selected Low-Income Areas: Atlanta, Ga: 1970 Census of Population and Housing
24741: CALIFORNIA ARTS COMMISSION - Perception: An Exhibition of Sculpture for the Sighted and Blind.
26754: UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - The Seven Keys to Better Faster Typing (United States CIVIL Servic Commission, Personnel Methods Series, No. 6)
27230: FINE ARTS COMMITTEE, DIPLOMATIC RECEPTION ROOMS, DEPT OF STATE - Furnishings Available for Donation (Americana Project)
18496: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Enlarging in Black-and-White and Color (Ag-16)
23807: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Adventures in Outdoor Color Slides (No. E-9)
28503: THE PHILADELPHIA BALLET COMPANY - The Philadelphia Ballet Company: Souvenir Guide, Program, Testimonial Letter (3 Items)
23474: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodak Films in Rolls for Black-and-White Photography
21471: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodak Lenses: Shutters and Portra Lenses
8116: EASTMAN-KODAK COMPANY - How to Be a Knockout with Av!
23475: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodak Color Films
25994: HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY - The World of Emily Carr
25264: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodak Films: Color and Black-and-White
18497: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Filters for Black-and-White and Color Pictures (Cat 147 7108)
26789: GRAND KABUKI COMPANY - Kabuki (Program for the Grand Kabuki Company American Tour, 1960)
26740: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodachrome Films: For Miniature and Movie Cameras
12155: NATURE PUBLISHING COMPANY - Science & Technology Networks in Scandinavia (Nature Supplement)
17830: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodak Filters and Pola-Screens for Black and White and Color Pictures
27508: COMPTON, MICHAEL - Robert Morris Sculptures 1962-1984
24685: CONANT, JAMES B. - Modern Science and Modern Man
14997: CONAWAY, JAMES (EDITOR) - Preservation (Volume 58, Number 1, January/February 2006)
17193: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963: A Chronological List of References
15001: NINETY-NINTH CONGRESS - Implementation of the Helsinki Accords: Hearing Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Second Session)
27607: CONKELTON, SHERYL; ELIEL, CAROL S. - Annette Messager
27695: O'CONNELL, E. R - The British Museum Expedition to Hagr Edfu 2010: Conservation Through Documentation Project
21752: VAN O'CONNOR, WILLIAM - Joyce Cary (Columbia Essays on Modern Writers, No. 15)
24026: CONRADI, PETER J. - Iris Murdoch: A Life
25790: CONRADS, MARGARET - Winslow Homer and the Critics: Forging a National Art in the 1870s
28343: THE NATURE CONSERVANCY - Jepson Prairie Preserve Handbook
21684: CONSEY, KEVIN E.; ELBEL, CHRISTINE; LEWALLEN, CONSTANCE - The Eureka Fellowship Awards 2002ă˘â‚¬â€Oe2004
28464: GLENN, CONSTANCE AND JACK - Robert Motherwell: The Dedalus Sketchbooks
20619: NAVY DEPARTMENT BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR - Column Tables: General Specifications, Appendix 20
24700: NAVY DEPARTMENT, BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR - Specifications for Testing Ventilation Systems on Vessels of the United States Navy
11920: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC CONSULTANTS, INC. - United States-Latin American Relations: A Study (No. 2)
28742: MAC MUSEU D'ART CONTEMPORANI - L'Escultura Creacions Paral-Leles Metafores Del Real: 1
25565: ACSM/ASP CONVENTION - Technical Papers of the 44th Annual Meeting of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, March 11-16, 1984
21616: NEW YORK CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU - New York City Tour Package Directory
28532: CONVERSI, DANIELE - Reassessing Current Theories of Nationalism: Nationalism As Boundary Maintenance and Creation
25444: COOK, LAURENCE MARTIN - Population Genetics (Outline Studies in Biology)
24774: COOK, MALCOLM - Brasses and Brassrubbing (Discovering)
29111: COOKE, HEREWARD LESTER - Painting Techniques of the Masters (Revised and Enlarged Edition)
25238: COOKE, ALASTAIR - Douglas Fairbanks: The Making of a Screen Character
12122: COOKE, LYNNE - Diana Thater: Knots + Surfaces, 2001 (Gallery Brochure)
23493: COOMARASWAMY, ANADA K. - Christian and Oriental Philosophy of Art
24439: COOPER, JAMES F. - American Arts Quarterly (Fall 2006)
25064: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Edinburgh International Festival 1956: An Exhibition of Paintings G. Braque. Sponsored by the Edinburgh Festival Society and Arranged by the Arts Council of Great Britain in Association with the Royal Scottish Academy
24641: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Paul Klee (Penguin Modern Painters Series)
25651: COOPER, JAMES F. (EDITOR) - American Arts Quarterly (Fall 2010, Vol 27, No. 4)
23933: COPE, OLIVER - Man, Mind, and Medicine: The Doctor's Education
28859: COPELAND, ROBERT - Blue and White Transfer-Printed Pottery (Shire Album 97)
23268: BIBLIOTHEQUE ROYALE DE COPENHAGUE - Cinq Siecles de Science Danoise (Five Centuries of Danish Science)
17214: COPLANS, JOHN - Twentieth Century Sculpture 1900-1950 (October 2-24, 1965, University of California, Irvine)
25735: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Degas (Treasures of Art)
25172: COPPOLLA, REGINA (EDITOR) - Brenda Zlamany Color Study
23183: COPRENI, ROBERTO; NEPOTE, CRISTINA - Panos Koulermos: 12 Case Per Gli Dei de Monte Olimpo
24193: CORBEILLER, CLAIRE LE - Gold Boxes: The Wrightsman Collection
24894: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE - German Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Volume XLVII, Number 4, Spring 1990)
23536: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE; FRELINGHUYSEN, ALICE COONEY - Chinese Export Porcelain (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. LX, No. 3,Winter 2003)
28137: CORBETT, JOHN M. - Aztec Ruins: National Monument, New Mexico (National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 36)
25214: CORLISS, WILLIAM R. - Computers
22595: CORN, WANDA M. - The Art of Andrew Wyeth
25874: ESCHER, MAURITS CORNELIS AND J. W. VERMEULEN, KARIN FORD - Escher on Escher: Exploring the Infinite
23191: CORNELL, DANIELL - Visual Culture As History: American Accents Masterworks from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
26869: CORNWELL, ANITA - Black Lesbian in White America
27724: FRIGIDAIRE CORPORATION - Frigidaire Recipes
18857: CARNEGIE CORPORATION - A Way Forward: Solving the Challenges of the News Frontier (a Report of Carnegie Corporation of New York)
27854: KOREA NATIONAL TOURISM CORPORATION - Korea: Kyongju and Pusan
22130: CORRĂ©, ALAN D. - Heroes, Heretics and Hidalgos (Jewish Social Studies, Vol. 28, No. 2, April 1966)
25903: COSMAN, MADELEINE PELNER; CHANGLER, BRUCE (EDITORS) - Machaut's World: Science and Art in the Fourteenth Century (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, V. 314)
28206: COULSON, JOHN E. (EDITOR) - Programmed Learning and Computer Based Instruction
26921: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Innovation in Information Technology
26927: PANEL ON BIODIVERSITY RESEARCH PRIORITIES; NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Conserving Biodiversity: A Research Agenda for Development Agencies
22255: GRADUATE COUNCIL, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY - Foerster Lecture Poster: Tu Weiming: Virtue, Deed and Word: Confucian Paths to Immortality
26127: UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM COUNCIL - Sold on Art: University Art Museum Council Auction (Invitation, Rsvp Card, Rsvp Envelope, Mailing Envelope)
28902: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture
28935: COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL - Colchester Castle: A History, Description and Guide
25265: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Stratospheric Ozone Depletion by Halocarbons: Chemistry and Transport
25292: REINFORCED CONCRETE RESEARCH COUNCIL - Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams (Bulletin No. 6)
28282: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - The Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood: Catalogue of Paintings
21759: MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL - Manchester Free Trade Hall: Issued on the Occasion of the Re-Opening of the Reconstructed Hall, November 1951
27356: LINN COUNTY - Linn County Veterans' Day Almanac (November 11, 1964)
21891: CULTURAL ARTS COUNCIL OF SONOMA COUNTY - Artrails Open Studies 2003
25432: THE ART MUSEUM OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY - The Art Museum Annual: 1985: Works on or of Paper/Clay
28733: COURTHION, PIERRE - Manet [Masters of Art]
16065: COWARD, NOEL - Blithe Spirit (with Clifton Webb, Peggy Wood, Leonora Corbett and Mildred Natwick)
25358: CHARLES COWLES - Northwest Traditions
27847: COX, GEOFFREY J. - Fountains of Fire: The Story of Auckland's Volcanoes
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28534: AIGA SAN FRANCISCO - 8. 5 ă— 11 (ă— 36): The Aiga San Francisco (Paper) Fashion Show
14397: PEREZ-FRANCO, ROBERTO - Cenizas de Angel
25301: FOURNY, JEAN-FRANCOIS AND MARIE-PAULE HA (GUEST EDITORS) - Research in African Literatures: Multiculturalism (Volume 28, Number 4, Winter 1997)
21721: FORSTER-HAHN, FRANCOISE ET AL - Spirit of an Age: Nineteenth-Century Paintings from the National Galerie, Berlin
26091: GRONK (GLUGIO NICANDRO); FRANK, PETER - Gronk: Grand Hotel
24915: PEARCY, JOHN FREDERICK FRANK AND KENNETH LEWIS - Experiments in Mathematics: Stage 1
27173: FRANK, PETER - Judith Rothschild: Gesture and Geometry, 1948-1960
24314: FRANK, PETER - Redefining Convention: German Art Now
18643: FRANKEL, FELICE - Postcard: Envisioning Science: Photographs by Felice Frankel
11613: FRANKEL, FELICE - On the Surface of Things: Images of the Extraordinary in Science
13465: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - The Royal Visitors
27504: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - The Reality of Appearance: The Trompe L'Oeil Tradition in American Painting
27450: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN - Helen Frankenthaler: Recent Paintings (November 23-December 31, 1982)
24814: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN - Helen Frankenthaler: Five Mixografia Editions, One Bas-Relief Edition in Microcast Copper
23464: FRANKFURTER, ALFRED M. - Exhibition of Paintings for the Benefit of the American Friends of France: The Four Great Impressionists: Cezanne, Degas, Renoir, Manet
24405: FRANKFURTER, ALFRED; TYLER, PARKER (EDITORS) - Art News Annual 28th (Vol. 57, No. 7, Nov 1958) (Annual Christmas Edition in Two Parts, Part II)
13151: FRANKLIN, JOHN HOPE - A Life of Learning: John Hope Franklin ( Charles Homer Haskin Lecture. Acls Occasional Paper, No. 4)
24458: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN; COHEN, I. BERNARD - Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital
20275: FRANKLIN, CURTIS, JR. (EDITOR) - Circuit Cellar Ink: The Computer Applications Journal (Nov/Dec, 1990, Issue 17): Graphics
24407: FRANTZ, JAMES H. - Appearance and Reality: Recent Studies in Conservation
27199: FRANTZ, SUSANNE K. - Eleven Glass Sculptures
29125: VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE - Mitos de Criacao (Creation Myths)
28317: FRASER, MAXWELL - Oxford in Pictures: A Concise Guide with 65 Views and Visitors' Map
25435: FREED, RITA E. - Egypt's Golden Age: The Art of Living in the New Kingdom 1558-1085 B.C.
24241: FREED, EUGENIE R. - A Portion of His Life": William Blake's Miltonic Vision of Woman
26187: FREEDBERG, SYDNEY - Masterpiece Close-Up: The Transfiguration by Raphael
26042: FREEDBERG, S. J. - Painting of the High Renaissance in Rome and Florence. Two Volumes
25466: FREEMAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Performance Practice (Volume 3, 1997)
8484: FREEMAN, ARNOLD - Rudolf Steiner Message to Mankind
27702: FRENCH, THOMAS E.; SVENSEN, CARL L. - Mechanical Drawing a Text with Problem Layouts (Fifth Edition)
25262: FRENCH, THOMAS E. - A Manual of Engineering Drawing for Students and Draftsmen (Sixth Edition)
26299: FREUD, SIGMUND - Totem and Taboo: Some Points of Agreement between the Mental Lives of Savages and Neurotics
28283: FREUD, SIGMUND - Sigmund Freud House Catalog, Vienna IX, Berggasse 19
28539: FREY, VIOLA; JANA, REENA - Viola Frey
26915: FRIDAY, FRANK A. - The Elements of Probability and Sampling
24628: FRIED, MICHAEL - Anthony Caro: An Exhibition of Recent Sculpture on the Occasion of the Artist's Seventieth Birthday
29051: FRIEDEL, HELMUT; HOBERG, ANNEGRET - The Munter House in Murnau
14055: FRIEDELL, EGON - Kulturgeschichte Der Neuzeit: Die Krisis Der Europaischen Seele Von Der Schwarzen Pest Bis Zum Weltkrieg (3 Volumes)
24621: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER - David to Delacroix
27400: FRIEDMAN, MAURICE - Martin Buber's Life and Work: The Middle Years, 1923-1945
25289: FRIEDMAN, MARTIN; TREIB, MARC - Design Quarterly I41: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
27757: FRIEDMAN, VICTOR - The Flag
25694: FRIEDMAN, MARTIN - Jean Dubuffet: Monuments. Simulacres, Praticables
16492: FRIEDRICH, MARGARET HARDIN - American Antiquity; Design Structure and Social Interaction: Archaeological Implications of an Ethnographic Analysis (Journal of the Society for American Archaeology)
18102: FRIEZE - Frieze (Issue 113, March 2008)
20544: FRIEZE - Frieze: Contemporary Art and Culture (Issue 118, October 2008)
26673: FROMER, SEYMOUR - The Name Is Familiar: An Historical Portrait of Bay Area Jewry from the Magnes Collection (October 21, 1990-February 24, 1991)
26374: GIMENEZ-FRONTIN, J.L. - Teatre-Museu Dali: Electa Pockets
23692: FROST, STUART - Everyday Art: Drawing (Vol. 39, Spring 1961)
28363: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - Can You Find Me: A Family History
23068: FRY, ELIZABETH - Contemporary Japanese Art: Fifth Japan Art Festival Exhibition
28174: FRYBERGER, BETSY G. - Whistler: Themes and Variations
26245: FRYBERGER, BETSY GERAGHTY - Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Sherman Butler (Stanford Art Book 13)
26610: FRYBERGER, BETSY - The Changing Garden: Four Centuries of European and American Art (Ahmanson-Murphy Fine Arts Imprint)
27564: LAWTON THOMAS; FU, SHEN; LOWRY, GLENN D.; YONEMURA, ANN; BEACH, MILO C. - Asian Art in the Arthur M. Sackler Galley: Inaugural Gift
27332: FUCHS, R. H. - Claes Oldenburg Large-Scale Projects, 1977-1980
23326: FUENTES, CARLOS - Sebastian: The Dartmouth Exhibition (March 24 - May 11, 1990)
24535: FULLER, PATRICIA - Five Artists at Noaa: A Casebook on Art in Public Places
27088: FULLER, JOHN - De Hemel Tegemoet: Een Vertelling
26321: FULLER, ROBERT W. - Robert W. Fuller: 3 Books: Religion and Science; Somebodies and Nobodies; Wisdom of Science
26630: FULLER, PETER - Beyond the Crisis in Art
25122: WORLD WILDLIFE FUND - Damright!: Wwf's Dams Initiative: An Investor's Guide to Dams
24861: FUNK, KATHRYN; SAM, JOE - 1992 Pro Arts Annual (February 26-April 11, 1992 Exhibition)
24168: MILLER, STELLA G. ET AL - Hesperia (Volume 53, No. 2, Aprilă˘â‚¬â€Oejune)
19652: ALAN G., KRAUT (EDITOR) - The G. Stanley Hall Lecture Series (Volume 2)
23172: GABLIK, SUZI - Has Modernism Failed?
26748: GABLIK, SUZI - Reenchantment of Art
27608: GAFFE, CHRISTOPH; SPEAKS, MICAHELS - Nine + One: Ten Young Dutch Architectural Offices
16667: GAINSBOROUGH, THOMAS - Thomas Gainsborough: Themes and Variations. The Art of Landscape
23592: GAIROLA, T. R. - Bulletin: National Museum New Delhi (Number 1)
28993: GALAMBOS, JANOS; KOTZ, SAMUEL - Characterizations of Probability Distributions: A Unified Approach with an Emphasis on Exponential and Related Models (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 675)
23585: GALASSI, PETER - Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography
26464: GALGIANI, PHILLIP - Simple Conjunctions: An Installation by Phillip Galgiani
25568: GALILEI, GALILEO - Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass, 1606 (Dibner Library Publication)
17449: GALLAGHER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The Scientist (November 22, 2004, Vol 18, No 22)
24330: GALLAGHER, SHAUN; SHEAR, JONATHAN (EDITORS) - Models of the Self (Part 3) (Special Issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies)
25765: GALLATI, BARBARA - Children of the Gilded Era: Portraits of Sargent, Renoir, Cassatt and Their Contemporaries
25082: ASCONA GALLERIA - Legatoria Artistica, Ascona, 1975/4 (Exhibition Guide)
19816: GALLERIE - Gallerie: Women's Art (1988 Annual)
26115: HAMMER GALLERIES - The Painted West: Paintings and Sculpture, September 24-October 13, 1984
25352: PARKE BERNET GALLERIES (NEW YORK) - American Paintings Drawings Watercolors (Public Auction. Sale 3025, April 15, 1970)
17721: ARVEST GALLERIES, INC. - Arvest Galleries: American and European Works of Art
23250: SALANDER O'REILLY GALLERIES - A Selection of 20th-Century American Paintings
24570: ADELSON GALLERIES - Light Impressions American Works on Paper 1875-1925
24017: HIRSCHL AND ADLER GALLERIES - Neo-Classicism in America: Inspiration and Innovation 1810-1840
28411: PBA GALLERIES - Auction Catalogue: The Daniel G. Volkmann Jr. Collection of Fine California Press Books (May 8, 2008)
23259: PASQUALE IANNETTI ART GALLERIES, INC. - Toulouse-Lautrec Chronicler of Cafe Society (Press Kit)
25787: ADAMS DAVIDSON GALLERIES - Works on Paper from Thomas Cole to Andrew Wyeth
26607: J. N. BARTFIELD ART GALLERIES - American Paintings and Sculpture: Historical--Western (Catalog Number 100)
23065: DALZELL HATFIELD GALLERIES - Artorama: Gabriele Munter: First American Exhibition with Seven Additional Major Paintings by Kandinsky
27419: BALYON GALLERY - Andre Balyon
22165: NATIONAL GALLERY, LONDON - Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice (Gallery Booklet)
27819: TRETYAKOV GALLERY - State Tretyakov Gallery Portfolio (23 Unbound Reproductions)
19456: MODERNISM GALLERY - Last Year at Marienbad by Alain Robbe-Grillet (Modernism Gallery Card)
22879: ROBERT MILLER GALLERY - The 1979-1980, Exhibition Year at the Robert Miller Gallery, New York
27046: WALTERS ART GALLERY - Liturgical Objects in the Walters Art Gallery: A Picture Book
25684: FULLER GROSS GALLERY - Roger Hankins: Selections (Invitation Card for July 9-July 29, 1988 Exhibition)
24749: FREER GALLERY - The Freer Gallery of Art
23883: WALTERS ART GALLERY - Medieval Ivories
19248: MAXWELL DAVIDSON GALLERY - Important Modern Masters
15606: THE WHITECHAPEL ART GALLERY - The Whitechapel Centenary: March--May 2001 (Gallery Brochure)
26352: RENA BRANSTEIN GALLERY - Rena Branstein Gallery 2011 (Postcards)
16446: VALERIE CARBERRY GALLERY - Drawings (9 June-1 September, 2006)
25294: NATIONAL GALLERY - Great Dutch Paintings from the National Gallery London Collection
13517: NATIONAL GALLERY, LONDON - Recognising Van Eyck (Exhibition Brochure)
21348: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - Al Held Watercolors (Exhibition Announcement, 2008)
25160: QUEEN'S GALLERY - Leonardo Da Vinci: An Exhibition of Drawings from the Royal Collection
27324: SCHMIDT BINGHAM GALLERY - Retrieving the Elemental Form: Amenoff, Graves, Hartley, Kahn, Surls (1991 Exhibition)
27789: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - John Newman: Sculpture and Drawings (June 26-August 3, 1991)
28672: RIVA YARES GALLERY - Manuel Neri: Sculpture of the 1980's (November 18-December 22, 1989)
21662: RENA BRANSTEN GALLERY - William T. Wiley (March 4-April 3, 1993)
23392: BUCHHOLZ GALLERY - Paul Klee: May 2-27, 1950
28955: JOHN HANSARD GALLERY - L'Indifferent: LILI Dujourie, Gerard Garouste, John Murphy, Jan Vercruysse, Boyd Webb
27349: MILLS COLLEGE ART GALLERY - Earth, Fire, and Brush: Japanese Ceramics and Scroll Paintings
21873: MILLS COLLEGE ART GALLERY - We Interrupt Your Program [Exhibition Booklet]
24511: SERGE SABARSKY GALLERY - Paul Klee: The Late Years 1930-1940 (Exhibition, Serge Sabarsky Gallery)
23171: FORUM GALLERY - Robert Cottingham: Empire (Poster/Invitation for 2011 Forum Gallery Exhibition)
7284: WALKER ART GALLERY - Walker Art Gallery Guide
22523: JAMES GOODMAN GALLERY - James Goodman Fall 1974 Catalog
23242: MAURINE LITTLETON GALLERY - Dale Chihuly (Exhibition, Maurine Littleton Gallery, April 18 - May 30, 1997)
20918: MATTHIESEN GALLERY, LONDON - Gold Backs: Early Italian Painting 1250-1480
27832: SMITH GALLERY GALLERY - Joseph Zirker Exhibition (September 6-October 4, 1991)
17130: TATE GALLERY - Official Guide to the Tate Gallery
9907: HAYWARD GALLERY - Saved 100 Years of the National Art Collections Fund (Gallery Brochure)
23364: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - XXV Years, an Exhibition Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the John Berggruen Gallery and Saluting the Opening of the New San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
28996: PHOTOGRAPHERS GALLERY - The Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 1999
24382: WARD-NASSE GALLERY - Salon 71 2/10
29030: TASENDE GALLERY - Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture (Chadwick, Cuevas, Manzu, Marini, Matta, Moore)
10577: THE NATIONAL GALLERY, LONDON - Seurat and the Bathers (Exhibition Brochure)
28475: ALAN CRISTEA GALLERY - David Hockney: A Print Retrospective 1961-1999 (Invitation)
24335: HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY - In a Man's Brain: Images of Women (a Selection of Prints from the Hunterian Art Gallery)
24665: ODETTE GILBERT GALLERY - Masters of Modern British Art
28984: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - Imagined Lives: Portraits of Unknown People
27197: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - The 20th Century at the National Portrait Gallery
25950: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - National Gallery, Canberra, Australia, 2001 Calendar/Brochure
28695: STATE TRETYAKOV GALLERY - The State Tretyakov Gallery: History and Collections
26446: MUJICA GALLO, MIGUEL - Gold of the Andes: Treasures of Peru. A Special Exhibition of Works of Art from the Collection of Senor Miguel Mujica Gallo, Presented Through the Courtesy of the Republic of Peru and Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, Senor Fernando Berckemeyer.
26814: GAMAGE, VIRGINIA C.; LORD, PRISCILLA S. - The Lure of Marblehead: The Only Guidebook to the Old Town: A Guidebook of 8 Easy Walking Tours to Colonial Houses and Historic Sites
18431: GAMBOSO, P. V. - S. Antonio Di Padova
28745: GAMZU, HAIM - Art and Science: The Tel Aviv Museum
23563: GANGEWERE, ROBERT J. - The Bridges of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
25555: GANN, LEWIS H; DUIGNAN PETER - Political Correctness: A Critique (Hoover Essays, No 11)
24008: GANZ, JAMES A. - Rembrandt's Century
25266: GARAICOA, PATRICIO PONCE - Zona de Contacto
24779: GARCIA, MARIO T. - Luis Leal: An Auto/Biography
29013: GARCIA, JERRY - J. Garcia: Paintings, Drawings, and Sketches
24202: THE BUTCHART GARDENS - The Butchart Gardens
24478: NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDENS - National Tropical Botanical Gardens: The Bulletin (Vol XXII, No. 2, Spring 1992)
24341: GARDINER, LYNTON - Ancient Near Eastern Art (Spring 1984 Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin)
28876: GARDINER, RENA - Look at Salisbury Cathedral
26742: GARDNER, HOWARD - Artful Scribbles: The Significance of Children's Drawings
24027: GARDNER, HOWARD E. - Art, Mind and Brain: A Cognitive Approach to Creativity
28753: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Arts and Human Development: A Psychological Study of the Artistic Process
21104: GARDNER, GARY (PROJECT DIRECTOR); STARKE, LINDA (EDITOR) - State of the World 2003: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a Sustainable Society (Special 20th Anniversary Edition)
25332: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach
23468: GARFIELD, DONALD - No Feathers: Manifest Destiny Indicted
25582: GARMER, AMY KORZICK - Unmassing America: Ethnic Media and the New Advertising Marketplace
24465: GARNETT, WENDELL - Antiques in Wethersfield
22849: GARRARD, MARY D. - Brunelleschi's Egg: Nature, Art, and Gender in Renaissance Italy
27303: GARRELS, GARY - Richard Serra: A Retrospective Exhibition Guide (October 15, 2011
20468: GARRELS, GARY - Don't Be Shy, Don't Hold Back: The Logan Collection at Sfmoma
28468: GARRELS, GARY - Jasper Johns: New Paintings and Works on Paper
28349: GARRELS, GARY - Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind's Eye
28969: GARRETT, LAURIE - Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health
27869: GARRETT, LAURIE - The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance
24151: TINTEROW, GARY ET AL - The Private Collection of Edgar Degas
28950: GASTON, JERRY - Originality and Competition in Science: A Study of the British High Energy Physics Community
17551: GATBONTON, JUAN T. (EDITOR) - Orientations (Vol 5, No 12, Dec 1974)
28590: GATES, WILLIAM - An Outline Dictionary of Maya Glyphs with a Concordance and Analysis of Their Relationships
23648: GATES, JAY - The Phillips Collects: Degas to Diebenkorn (the Phillips Collection Magazine, Winter 2008)
25853: GATES, HENRY LOUIS, JR.; APPIAH, KWAME ANTHONY - Transition: The X Factor (Volume 2: No. 56)
22289: GAUGUELIN, MICHEL - La Cosmopsicologia
26075: GAUGUIN, PAUL - Gauguin: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture
22197: FRĂ©GAULT, GUY - Canadian Society in the French Regime
25192: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Hogarth (1697-1764) (the Pitman Gallery)
28293: GAUTIER, DICK - The Art of Caricature
27437: GAY, WINCKWORTH ALLAN - Winckworth Allan Gay: America's First Barbizon Painter
17095: GAYNOR, SUZANNE - Wallace Collection Glass
23684: GAZZANIGA, MICHAEL S. - The Ethical Brain
22174: GEE, HENRY - Gloucester Cathedral: A Short Account of Its History and Architecture for the Use of Visitors
24243: GEHRY, FRANK O. - Franklin D Israel: Buildings and Projects
22330: GELDZABLER, HENRY; MIZUTA, YORIKO - Dale Chihuly: Japan 1990
23972: GELERNTER, DAVID - 1939: The Lost World of the Fair (Advance Excerpt)
23153: GENDRON, JANE (EDITOR) - Park City Witness: A Collection of Essays and Artwork Celebrating Open Space, 2nd Edition
23437: U.S. CONSUL GENERAL, LENINGRAD - Contemporary American Prints: On Display at the Residence of the U.S. Consul General, Leningrad
29133: GENIRBERG, SAM - Among the Enemy: Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany

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