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dscf7155: A - Anna Green Opera Singer Autograph Autogramm Autografo Original signed
dscf5551: . - Louis Kentner. Autograph. Pianist. Autogramm Autografo Original signed
dscf8901: N/A - Gardens in the Forbidden City
dscf7135: A - AUTOGRAPH RP POSTCARD Gwendoline Brogden English Opera Musical Comedy Star 1920 AUTOGRAMM AUTOGRAFO ORIGINAL SIGNED
dscf7183: A - Geraldo the King of Melody. Autograph. Signed photo postcard
dscf10511: . - Honda VTR1000( FireStorm, Super Hawk) '97 to '00 and XL1000V Varadero '99 yo '00 Service and Repair Manual
dscf10494: . - Enciklopedio De Esperanto A-J, K-Z
dscf10092: THOMAS H. O'CONNOR - The Boston Irish: A Political History
dscf7726: DANIEL T. O'HARA - The Geoffrey Hartman Reader
GR-47HH-2MK4: DAVID TEMPLEMAN-ADAMS. - Walking on Thin Ice - In Pursuit of the North Pole
dscf7964: ANSEL ADAMS - Ansel Adams' Letters 1916-1984
dscf6411: CHARLES ADLER - Wizards, Aliens, and Starships: Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction
dscf10402: ADRIAN FOX, ED. - Antarctic Peninsula: A Visitor's Guide
dscf9874: JONATHAN AGNEW - Over to you Aggers SIGNED
dscf10077: TONY AITKEN - Heard The Cuckoo...Adjusted Brakes
dscf8078: ALAN MILCHMAN, ED. - Foucault And Heidegger: Critical Encounters
dscf5932: ALASTAIR LANG, ED. - MasterChef at Home
dscf10690: ANNI ALBERS - On Weaving
dscf8256: FRANK P. ALBRIGHT - Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and His Salem Clocks
dscf9820: ISABEL ALCANTARA - Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
dscf10587: TODD ALDEN - Chihuly at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew SIGNED & Inscribed
dscf10488: WINIFRED ALDRICH - Metric Pattern Cutting [Third edition]
dscf7737: ROBIN J. ALEXANDER - Culture and Pedagogy: International Comparisons in Primary Education
dscf10510: ALFRED MELE, INTRO. - Surrounding Free Will: Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience
dscf10404: JAMES ALINDER - Ansel Adams: Classic Images
B8-4WU2-KH5N: PAUL ALLEN - Alan Ayckbourn-Grinning At The Edge
dscf10589: LOUIS ALTHUSSER - The Spectre of Hegel: Early Writings
10-AW41-FNX1: ALVI, MONIZA - The Country at My Shoulder (Oxford Poets)
dscf9878: AMANDA POWLEY , PHILIP M. TAYLOR - Terre a Terre: The Vegetarian Cookbook DOUBLE SIGNED
WB-T0TB-4NM2: AMIS, MARTIN - London Fields
dscf10187: AMY ASCH, ED. - The Complete Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II
JB-1634-886L: ANDERSON, MARGARET - The Unknowable Gurdjieff: G.I. Gurdjieff (Arkana)
dscf9257: STEPHEN ANDERTON - Lives of the Great Gardeners
dscf10460: ELIZABETH ANDOH - Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen
dscf10523: CHRISTOPHER ANDRE - Feelings and Moods
DSCF3356: ANDREW NATHAN, ED. - The Tiananmen Papers
dscf10270: IVO ANDRIC - The Bridge On The Drina
dscf10646: MANOLIS ANDRONICOS - Vergina: The Royal Tombs and the Ancient City
dscf8436: EVGENII V. ANISIMOV - The Reforms of Peter the Great
dscf5062: MYRIAM ANISSIMOV - Primo Levi: Tragedy of an Optimist
dscf8833: ANNE MCCAFFREY, ET AL - Brain Ships
dscf10483: HIROHIKO ARAKI - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4--Diamond Is Unbreakable, Vol. 3
dscf10482: HIROHIKO ARAKI - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders, Vol. 4
S9-ULW8-RM3E: ANTONIO CORCUERA ARANGUIZ - Remodelling City Apartments: Architectural Houses
dscf8213: STUART M. ARCHER - John Thompson: Do You Like 'em Then?
dscf10299: DAVID ARDITTI - Setting-Up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction
dscf7062: NICK ARDLEY - The May Flower: A Barging Childhood. SIGNED
dscf8050: ROY ARMES - Dictionary of North African Film Makers
dscf9778: CATHERINE ARMSTRONG - Book Trade Connections: From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries
dscf9008: THOMAS ARNOLD - Letters of Thomas Arnold the Younger, 1850-1900
dscf10008: PAUL ARNOTT - Windrush: A Ship Through Time
dscf9815: JAKE ARNOTT - The House of Rumour [SIGNED]
dscf8144: ANTHONY Q. ARTIS - The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide
20-8O2I-FNP5: ASSEFA G. M. T - The voice: Selected poems
dscf10584: ESIN ATIL - Voyages and Visions: Nineteenth-century European Images of the Middle East from the Victoria and Albert Museum
dscf10517: DAVID ATTENBOROUGH - Life in the Undergrowth SIGNED
dscf7986: DAVID ATTENBOROUGH - New Life Stories.
dscf8312: MARGARET ATWOOD - Hag-Seed
dscf10214: MARGARET ATWOOD - The Testaments
dscf6227: IAN AUGUST - The Making of The Alnwick Garden. DOUBLE SIGNED
20-HSSI-FP4F: NO AUTHOR - The heavenly aeroplane: SA vocal score (The Oxford choral songs)
dscf5168: TOM AVERY. - Pole Dance: The story of the record-breaking British expedition to the bottom of the world. SIGNED
dscf7853: TOM AVERY - To the End of the Earth: The Race to Solve Polar Exploration's Greatest Mystery. SIGNED
dscf9517: FRANCOIS AVRIL - Manuscript Painting at the Court of France, 1310-80
dscf10477: TASH AW - We, The Survivors SIGNED
dscf5564: SOFIE BAK - Nothing to Speak Of. Wartime Experiences of the Danish Jews 1943-1945
dscf10413: JEAN BAKER - Sarah Baker and her Kentish Theatres: Challenging the Status Quo
dscf5593: BARBARA BAKER - Let the Credits Roll: Interviews with Film Crew
dscf9320: NORMAN BAKER - Against the Grain. SIGNED/Inscribed
dscf8552: JOAN BAKEWELL - The Centre of the Bed: An Autobiography SIGNED
dscf6287: GUILLEM BALAGUE - Messi
dscf7953: GUILLEM BALAGUE - Pep Guardiola: Another Way of Winning
dscf4436: DAVID BALDACCI - The Hit
dscf4634: BYRON BALES - The Family Business
dscf8406: PHILIP BALL - Unnatural: The Heretical Idea of Making People
Y2-IEUV-XMID: BANKS, IAIN - The Steep Approach to Garbadale
dscf6292: IAIN BANKS - The Business
dscf10564: IAIN M BANKS - Inversions
dscf10027: JULIA BANNISTER - Finns: 27 Years on Chelsea Green
dscf8935: JOHN BANVILLE - Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir
dscf6917: HU BAOFANG (COMMENTARY) - Shanghai 1911-1949 : Photographies du musée d'histoire de Shanghai
dscf4177: BARBARA THOMPSON, ED. - Game & Fish Cookbook
dscf6586: STEPHEN BARBER - Edmund White: The Burning World
dscf7583: M. K. BARBIER - Kursk: The Greatest Tank Battle Ever Fought
dscf4841: LINWOOD BARCLAY - No Time For Goodbye. SIGNED First Edition. 1/5
dscf6733: LINWOOD BARCLAY - Broken Promise
dscf4108: LINWOOD BARCLAY - A Tap on the Window
dscf9982: ELS BARENTS - Valérie Belin
dscf8314: JULIET BARKER - Conquest: The English Kingdom of France 1417-1450
dscf8687: JONATHAN BARNES - The Domino Men SIGNED
dscf4403: MARK BARNES - The Garden of Stones
dscf8953: JULIAN BARNES - Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art
dscf9367: MARTIN BARNES - Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England Through a Victorian Lens
dscf4238: WILTON BARNHARDT - Lookaway, Lookaway
dscf9289: NIALL BARR - Yanks and Limeys: Alliance Warfare in the Second World War
dscf9319: JOHN BARROWMAN - Anything Goes: The Autobiography SIGNED/Inscribed
dscf4551: JAMES BARRY - Georgian Bay: An Illustrated History
dscf10287: BART CORNELIS,ED. - Collecting for the Public: Works That Made a Difference. Essays for Peter Hecht
dscf10471: MICHAEL BARTHORP - Afghan Wars and the North-West Frontier 1839-1947
dscf9325: ERWIN BARTMANN - Fur Volk and Fuhrer: The Memoir of a Veteran of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
dscf7874: NORMA BARZMAN - The Red and the Blacklist: The Intimate Memoir of a Hollywood Expatriate
dscf10419: BILL BASS - Death's Acre: Inside the legendary 'Body Farm'
dscf10108: MAVIS BATEY - Dilly: The Man Who Broke Enigmas
dscf6415: MATILDE BATTISTINI - Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy in Art
dscf8328: BELINDA BAUER - The Beautiful Dead
dscf6268: ARTHUR C CLARKE & STEPHEN BAXTER - Sunstorm - A Time Odyssey
dscf5158: WIIAM BEAVER - Under Every Leaf: How Britain Played The Greater Game From Afghanistan to Africa
dscf9993: WILLIAM BEEBE - Pheasant Jungles
dscf10606: ROBERT BENEDETTO - Making an Archtop Guitar
dscf10695: TIMOTHY BENSON - Suezcide: A Cartoon History of the 1956 Suez Crisis
dscf9280: A. SCOTT BERG - Kate Remembered Katharine Hepburn, a personal biography. SIGNED
dscf9316: BEN S. BERNANKE - The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath
dscf10594: RICHARD BERRY - Build Your Own Telescope
dscf4855: LYNDA BERRY - Say Hello to Sally for Me
dscf7999: MICHAEL R. BESCHLOSS - Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes, 1963-64
dscf3960: INGRID BETANCOURT - Even Silence Has An End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle
dscf7445: AAARON BETSKY - UNSTUDIO: The Floating Space. SIGNED
dscf5821: TULGA BEYERLE - A Century of Austrian Design: 1900-2005
dscf6426: GORDON BIDDLE - Britain's Historic Railway Buildings: An Oxford Gazetteer of Structures and Sites
DSCF3328: BIENSTOCK, RICHARD - Aerosmith : The Unofficial Illustrated History of Boston's Bad Boys
dscf8459: FRANK BINDER - Their Cemetery Sown with Corn: An Englishman Stands Against the Nazi Storm
17-4CTB-0GAQ: PAUL BINDING - Imagined Corners.Exploring the World's First Atlas.
dscf8160: DAVID BINDMAN - Roubiliac and the Eighteenth-Century Monument: Sculpture as Theatre
dscf6046: ANDY BIRD - The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Marketing Capabilities.
dscf6606: ROBIN BISHA (EDITOR) - Russian Women, 1698-1917: Experience and Expression, an Anthology of Sources
dscf6398: ROBERT BISHOP - Amish Quilts
dscf8615: SAMUEL BJORK - The Owl Always Hunts at Night
dscf10314: PAUL BLACKAH - Hawker Hurricane: Owner's Workshop Manual 1935 onwards, all marks
dscf7186: DAVID BLACKBOURN - The Conquest Of Nature: Water, Landscape, and the Making of Modern Germany
dscf4440: VIRGINIA BLACKBURN - Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography
dscf8578: HADEN BLACKMAN - Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology: Revised Edition
dscf9980: TONY BLACKMAN - Vulcan Test Pilot: My Experiences in the Cockpit of a Cold War Icon SIGNED/Inscribed
dscf9160: R BLAETTER - Paques imperiales / Imperial Easter: porcelain eggs from the Hermitage museum
dscf10485: KITTY HUNTER-BLAIR - Poetry and Film: Artistic Kinship Between Arsenii and Andrei Tarkovsky
DSCF2831: BLAKE, R. - Anthony Van Dyck. A Life
dscf10636: RUDI BLEYS - The Geography of Perversion: Male-to-male Sexual Behaviour Outside the West and the Ethnographic Imagination, 1750-1918
dscf10137: DAVID L. BLOCK - Shrouds of the Night: Masks of the Milky Way and our Awesome New View of Galaxies
dscf10170: JERRY BLOOM - Black Knight: Ritchie Blackmore
dscf4294: CARL BLOTKAMP - Mondrian: The Art of Destruction
dscf7143: JUDITH BLUESTONE - The Fabric of Autism: Weaving The Threads Into A Cogent Theory
dscf9195: DANIEL BLUM - Pictorial History of the Silent Screen
dscf5866: BO GORANZON, ED. - Dialogue, Skill and Tacit Knowledge
dscf4910: DAVID BOAG - Natural Quarry - A Photographic Quest
dscf9689: STEVE BOND - Meteor Boys
dscf7871: BONHAMS - The Daedalus Collection of Antique and Modern Firearms
dscf5240: ROBERT BONN - Painting Life: The Art of Pieter Bruegel, the Elder
dscf3901: ARTHUR BONNER - Alas! What Brought Thee Hither?:The Chinese in New York, 1800-1950
dscf8507: MARK BOOTH - The Secret History of the World
dscf5270: ERNEST BORGNINE - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire, I Just Want To Keep My Nuts Warm: My Autobiography. SIGNED
DSCF2715: BOUCHARD, DAVID - If You're Not from the Prairie.
dscf10557: BEN BOULTER - Functional Rehabilitative Training: A Professional Approach
dscf6296: DESMOND BOWEN - The Protestant Crusade in Ireland, 1800-70
dscf9876: ROBERT BOWMAN - Rodin: In Private Hands
dscf8252: MATTHEW BOWN - Contemporary Russian Art
dscf6527: WILLIAM BOYD - Solo: A James Bond Novel
dscf8506: DAVID BOYLE - Troubadour's Song: The Capture, Imprisonment and Ransom of Richard the Lionheart
dscf9705: MICHAEL J BRADDICK (EDITOR) - The Politics of Gesture: Historical Perspectives
dscf6874: ANDREW BRADLEY - Home of the Shouting Men: Complete History of Gillingham Football Club 1893-1993
dscf10364: LIESL BRADNER - Snapdragon: The World War II Exploits of Darby's Ranger and Combat Photographer Phil Stern
dscf5667: RUSSELL BRAND - Booky Wook 2
dscf10493: XAVIER BRAY - The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture 1600-1700
dscf4893: BERTOLT BRECHT - War Primer
dscf5699: AHRON BREGMAN - Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories
dscf8728: ALFRED BRENDEL - Music Sounded Out
dscf10450: JONATHAN BRESMAN - The Art of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace
dscf3731: DAVID BRETT - High Level: Alps from End to End
dscf4575: CHRISTOPHER BREWARD - The London Look: Fashion from Street to Catwalk
dscf10696: BRIDGEWATER, ALAN; BRIDGEWATER, GILL, - Building Wooden Machines: Gears & Gadgets for the Adventurous Woodworker
dscf9538: TONY BRIDGLAND - Tunnelmaster and Arsonist of the Great War: The Norton-Griffiths Story
dscf9939: SUSAN BRISCOE - Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks
dscf10178: SCOTT BRIZEL - Audrey Hepburn: International Cover Girl
dscf6875: MICHAEL BROCK (EDITOR) - Margot Asquith's Great War Diary 1914-1916
dscf5913: ELAINE BRODY - Paris: The Musical Kaleidoscope 1870-1925
dscf10533: EVA BROIDO - Memoirs of a Revolutionary
dscf10547: LUCY BROIDO - French Opera Posters, 1868-1930
dscf8828: CHARLES BRONSON - Loonyology: In My Own Words
dscf8143: MIKE BROOKE - A Bucket of Sunshine: Life on a Cold War Canberra Squadron
ABE-5935832888: BROOKS, TERRY - The Voyage of The Shannara-Book Two Antrax
DSCF2552: BROOKS, TERRY - The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara. Book Three. Morgawr
dscf10330: ERIC BROWN - Miles M.52: Gateway to Supersonic Flight
dscf8071: DANIEL G. BROWN (EDITOR) - Land Use and the Carbon Cycle:
dscf10674: ERIC "WINKLE" BROWN - Wings on My Sleeve
dscf8396: MARTIN BRUNDLE - Working the Wheel
DSCF2443: MANLIO BRUSATIN. - Toni Follina: Progetti e architetture.1965-1987.Projects and Works.
dscf5099: H.G. BSSINGER - Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream
dscf10608: GREG BUCHANAN - Sixteen Horses SIGNED
dscf5765: J. BUCKEY, ED. - The Neurolab Spacelab Mission: Neuroscience Research in Space
10-1QPY-FP5L: BUCKROYD, JULIA - The Life of James Sharp, Archbishop of St.Andrews, 1618-79
dscf5530: NOVIOLET BULAWAYO - We Need New Names
dscf8908: JUDITH BUMPUS - Reginald Brill
dscf10283: JULIE BUNCK - Bribes, Bullets, and Intimidation: Drug Trafficking and the Law in Central America
dscf8986: JANE BURBANK - Intelligentsia & Revolution: Russian Views of Bolshevism, 1917-1922
dscf10391: STEPHEN BURBRIDGE - Still Strolling: Eight Distant Journeys
dscf9677: JOHANN LUDWIG BURCKHARDT - Travels in Nubia
dscf6935: ANTHONY BURGESS - On Mozart
dscf7852: ANTHONY BURGESS - A Mouthful of Air: Language and Languages, Especially English
dscf7763: COLIN BURNHAM - Porsche 356
dscf4779: MICHAEL BURNS - Dreyfus: A Family Affair, 1789-1945
dscf10569: STEPHEN BURROW - Shadowland: Wales 3000-1500 BC
dscf6887: TIM BURTON - Burton on Burton Revised Edition
dscf8357: MARCO BUSSAGLI - ROME: Art and Architecture
dscf4731: DAVID BUSSEY - John Colet's Children: The Boys of St Paul's School in Later Life 1509 - 2009
dscf7518: SIMON BUTLER - The War Horses: The Tragic Fate of a Million Horses Sacrificed in the First World War
dscf4874: PATRICIA BUTLER - Three Hundred Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings
dscf9271: JOHN BUTMAN - New World, Inc.: The Story of the British Empire’s Most Successful Start-Up
dscf8500: TONY BYLES - In Search of Running Rein SIGNED
dscf10684: BENJAMIN CAEDMON - Caedmon's Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures in Anglo-Saxon
DSCF2494: J. CALDWELL. - The Library of H. Bradley Martin. Highly Important Printed and Manuscript Americana.
dscf6914: BRYN CALESS - Policing at the Top: The Roles, Values and Attitudes of Chief Police Officers
dscf10682: JAMES CAMERON - "And Martha served": History of the Sisters of St. Martha, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
dscf10667: DAVID CAMPANY - On Photographs
dscf7086: STEUART CAMPBELL - Chinook Crash
dscf10528: LORNE CAMPBELL - The Fifteenth-century Netherlandish Schools
SV-6CD4-2C0S: CAMPBELL, MARGARET - Henry Purcell: Glory of His Age
DSCF3275: DAVID CAMPBELL - A Traveller in Two Worlds Vol. 2: The Tinker and the Student
dscf6315: DUNCAN CAMPBELL - Ancient Siege Warfare: Persians, Greek, Carthaginians and Romans 546-146 BC
dscf9839: TRUDI CANAVAN - The Rogue
dscf9819: TYLER CANN - Boyd & Evans: Views
dscf4640: PETER CAREY - Parrot and Olivier in America
dscf10565: DONALD DE CARLE - Practical Clock Repairing
dscf6359: JOHN CARLIN - Chase Your Shadow: The Trials of Oscar Pistorius
dscf8209: CARLO D'ESTE - Eisenhower: Allied Supreme Commander
dscf9719: PETER CARRERAS - The Life And Times Of Henry Bo
dscf9590: DOUGLAS CARSWELL - Rebel: How to Overthrow the Emerging Oligarchy
dscf7421: CHRIS CARTER - Science and the Near-Death Experience: How Consciousness Survives Death
dscf8727: E CARTLEDGE - Chasing Shadows: The Life and Death of Peter Roebuck
DSCF2809: CARVEL, JOHN - Citizen Ken. Biography of Ken Livingstone.
dscf8604: SARAH CASH - Sargent and the Sea
dscf10359: CARLOS CASTANEDA - Tales of Power
dscf10545: LUCIAN CATULLO - The Ancient Roman Villa of Casale at Piazza Armerina: Past and Present
dscf8564: ANDY CAVE - Thin White Line
dscf7688: CECCHINI CECILIA - Plastic Objects Italian Design 1950 - 1973
dscf8581: WHITNEY CHADWICK (EDITOR) - Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership
dscf10378: AJAHN CHAH - The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah, Vol. 3: Talks on Renunciant Practice
dscf10377: AJAHN CHAH - The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah, Vol. 1: Talks on Daily Life Practice
IM-GA4E-F6CY: CAPT. ERNEST CHAMBERS - The Royal North-West Mounted Police. A Corps History
dscf9392: ARTHUR R. CHANDLER - The Story of E. H. Shepard: The Man Who Drew Pooh
dscf6462: ROBERT CHAPMAN - Album Covers From The Vinyl Junkyard
DSCF2766: MAVE CHAPMAN - Yes Mum, No Mum: Life in Domestic Service
dscf7533: CHARLES STEEL, ED. - Secret Letters From The Railway. INSCRIBED by editor
dscf10414: CHARLES SMITH, ED. - Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace
dscf6629: PETER CHASSEAUD - Rats Alley: Trench Names of the Western Front, 1914-1918
dscf8535: BRUCE CHATWIN - Under The Sun: The Letters of Bruce Chatwin.
00-SOYI-FP1I: N CHAUDHURI - Western Women and Imperialism: Complicity and Resistance (A Midland Book)
dscf5741: MA CHAUNDE - Currencies in Old Shanghai. Lao Shang Hai Huo Bi
dscf7016: ANTON CHEKHOV - Chekhov: The Comic Stories
dscf9269: CHUNG-YING CHENG - Contemporary Chinese Philosophy
dscf9464: S.T.CHEUNG - Fortune Stick Predictions Man Mo Temple
dscf8099: MANTAK CHIA. - The Inner Structure of Tai Chi.
dscf7641: DALE CHIHULY - Dale Chihuly: Beyond The Object
dscf8974: LEE CHILD - The Midnight Line
dscf8204: HELEN CHISLETT - Décoration d'intérieur Kelly Hoppen : Agencer, structurer, décorer
DSCF3313: CHUNG YEE CHONG - The Bitter Sea
DSCF2756: CHRIS MARSHALL, EDITOR. - Worlds Great Interceptor Aircraft
NC-J19P-J582: B.MARIE CHRISTIAN - Belief in Dialogue: U.S. Latina Writers Confront Their Religious Heritage (Cu.
dscf5096: GALE CHRISTIANSON - Edwin Hubble: Mariner of the Nebulae
dscf10141: CHRISTOPHER REID, ED. - Letters of Ted Hughes
dscf10311: CIARA NI BHROIN, ED. - What Do We Tell the Children?: Critical Essays on Children's Literature
dscf7676: ADRIANO CIMAROSTI - The Complete History of Grand Prix Motor Racing
dscf4054: CLAIRE WILCOX, ED. - The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957
dscf8667: CLARE CLARK - The Nature of Monsters SIGNED
dscf8778: DUNCAN CLARK - Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built
dscf10470: TOM CLARKE - The Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P. 2nd edition
dscf8605: CLAUDIO, CARLO - The Benedictine Monasteries of Subiaco
dscf8595: CATRINE CLAY - Labyrinths: Emma Jung, Her Marriage to Carl and the Early Years of Psychoanalysis
dscf8538: HARLAN COBEN - Hold Tight
dscf4764: GIAMPAOLO DI COCCO - Journal
dscf10476: ROBERT COCKETT - David Astor and the "Observer"
dscf6207: MICHAEL COE - Final Report: An Archaeologist Excavates His Past
5M-GTK6-IIZH: COETZEE, J M - Summertime
dscf10316: FR. JIM COGLEY - Wood You Believe. Volume 3- The Ancestral Self
dscf8107: THOMAS COLCHIE (EDITOR) - The Penguin Book of Latin American Short Stories
dscf10612: ELLEN COLE - Featuring Females: Feminist Analyses of Media
dscf7727: REED FARREL COLEMAN - Robert B. Parker's Debt to Pay
ABE-6433437761: COLEMAN, VERNON - Living in a Fascist Country : Conspiracies, Peak Oil, Greedy Politicians, Endless Religious Wars and Your Disappearing Freedom and Privacy
dscf5486: JOHN COLES - Blindness and the Visionary. (CD missing)
dscf9216: CHRIS COLLARD - Special Excursions : White Funnels, volume 2, The Story of Campbells Steamers 1919-1939
DSCF3531: COLLINGWOOD, CHARLES - Brian and Me : Life On-and-off-The Archers
dscf9973: IAN COLLINS - Making Waves: Artists of Southwold SIGNED
dscf10568: MICHAEL COLLINS - St George and the Dragons: The Making of English Identity SIGNED/Inscribed
dscf9299: PHIL COLLINS - Not Dead Yet: The Autobiography
dscf4835: JOHN COLLIS - The Story of Chess Records
dscf8847: ROSE COLLIS - Coral Browne: 'This Effing Lady'. SIGNED by author, with inscription.
1E-5JOK-3J4Z: TIMOTHY COLTON - Yeltsin-A Life
dscf9056: MARVEL COMICS - Avengers: The Art of Marvel's The Avengers
dscf3693: SUSAN COMPTON - Chagall: Love and the Stage
ABE-6406570267: CONIL, JEAN; FRANKLIN, FAY - Jean Conil's French Fish Cuisine : Gourmet French Fish Recipes
DSCF5475: MICHAEL CONNELLY - The Burning Room
dscf4234: MICHAEL CONNELLY - The Gods of Guilt
dscf8385: PETER CONRADI - Iris Murdoch - A Writer at War
dscf10638: PETER CONWAY - Tree Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide to the Healing Power of Over 170 Trees
dscf7831: STEVE COOGAN - Easily Distracted
dscf9770: STEVE COOGAN - Alan Partridge: Every Ruddy Word
dscf10351: ANTHONY COOKE - The Rise and Fall of the Scottish Cotton Industry, 1778-1914
dscf8620: BRUCE COPP - Out of the Firing Line … Into the Foyer: My Remarkable Story
dscf10409: STEPHEN COPPEL - Picasso Prints: The Vollard Suite
dscf10421: RICHARD COPPING - Volkswagen T3: Transporter, Caravelle, Camper and Vanagon 1979-1992
dscf7440: PAUL CORNELL - The Avengers Dossier
dscf9510: BERNARD CORNWELL - 1356
dscf9447: BERNARD CORNWELL - 1356
dscf6474: BERNARD CORNWELL - Sharpe's Fury
dscf10038: BERNARD CORNWELL - Fools and Mortals
dscf10489: BERNARD CORNWELL - War Lord
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dscf10130: IGOR GOLOMSTOCK - A Ransomed Dissident: A Life in Art Under the Soviets
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dscf6625: CLIFF GOODWIN - Behaving Badly: A Life of Richard Harris
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dscf7589: MIKHAIL GORBACHEV - The New Russia
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dscf6703: PHILIPPA GREGORY - The Taming of the Queen
dscf8801: PHILIPPA GREGORY - The Last Tudor
dscf10210: PHILIPPA GREGORY - Wideacre
dscf6988: PHILIPPA GREGORY - The Taming of the Queen
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AC-Y4LG-O3XF: PHILIPPA GREGORY - The Women of the Cousins' War.
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dscf6668: SUZANNE GREUB - Museums in the 21st Century
DSCF3430: GREY, ZANE - Tales from a Fisherman's Log
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DSCF3316: ALLESANDRO GROSSATO - Le Livre des Symboles. Les Metamorphoses de L'Human Entre L'Orient et L'Occident.
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DSCF3266: GROSVENOR, EDWIN. - Alexander Graham Bell : The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone
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dscf10431: SAM HASKINS - Photo Graphics
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dscf9049: DR. DOMINIK HAUSER - Test-Driven iOS Development with Swift
dscf7075: NICHOLAS R. HAVELY - Chaucer's Boccaccio: Sources for Troilus and the Knight's and Franklin's Tales
dscf8979: FRANKIE HAWKER - Bungaree: Land, stock & people
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DSCF3508: PETER LAPSLEY - Trout from Still Waters
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RK-I4YH-ZKYL: LAURENCE LEAMER - As Time Goes By-The Life of Ingrid Bergman
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DSCF3195: LOCK, JOAN - Scotland Yard Casebook. The Making of the CID 1865-1935.
dscf7476: STEVE LODDER - Stevie Wonder - A Musical Guide to the Classic Albums
7O-VISI-YBNR: LOFT, ABRAM - Violin and Keyboard:The Duo Repertoire. Violin and Keyboard: The Duo Repertoire. 17th to 20th Century. Complete in Two Volumes.
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dscf7944: JANE LYDON - Photography, Humanitarianism, Empire
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dscf10372: LYNN GUMPERT, INTRO. - Landscape After Ruskin: Redefining the Sublime
dscf10626: NORBERT LYNTON - Ben Nicholson
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DSCF3366: MACAONHUSA, BRIAN - Hidden Streams : A New History of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
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dscf5979: JANET MACDONALD - Blended Learning and Online Tutoring: A Good Practice Guide
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DSCF2813: DONALD MACKENZIE - Indian Myth and Legend
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1Z-9XGD-BX6Q: KARAN MAHAR - Women Filmmakers in Early Hollywood (Studies in Industry and Society)
ABE-6244656531: EL MAHDY, CHRISTINE - Tutankhamen : The Life and Death of a Boy-King
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dscf3764: ALLAN MALLINSON - Company Of Spears
dscf4138: ALLAN MALLINSON - Company Of Spears
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dscf10577: HILARY MANTEL - The Mirror and the Light.
dscf4670: JEFF MARANO - Eros
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JP-IRVZ-DLRR: DAVID N. MARINELLI - Musical Life in a Changing Society: Aspects of Musical Sociology
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NG-TM12-440P: STEFANIE MARSH - The Crimes of Josef Fritzl
dscf8205: PETER T MARSH - The Chamberlain Litany: Letters Within a Governing Family from Empire to Appeasement
dscf4417: KEVIN MARSH - Stumbling Over Truth: The inside story of the sexed-up dossier, Hutton and the BBC
dscf10268: H. RISSIK MARSHALL - Coloured Worcester Porcelain of the First Period 1751 to 1783
dscf4905: EDDIE MARSMAN - Harry Cock Omstreken Foto's 1980-2006
dscf8910: CHRISTOPHER R. MARTELL - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients
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dscf8138: HUGH MONTGOMERY-MASSINGBERD - English Manor Houses
dscf5525: PAUL MATHIEU - The Druid's Lodge Confederacy
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86-G0PD-OD56: MATTEOLI, FRANCISCA - Adventure Hotel Stories
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dscf10647: BRIAN MATTHEWS - The Military Music and Bandsmen of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich 1933-1945
dscf4156: C. BEDE MAXWELL - The Truth About Sporting Dogs
dscf10679: BRIAN MAY - Queen in 3-D: Updated Edition 3-D viewer included
dscf7248: PETER MAY - Coffin Road
A9-PIFZ-4EL1: S.MAYER,ED. - SIGNAL-Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
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dscf10596: GRAHAM MAYHEW - The Monks of Saint Pancras: Lewes Priory, England's Premier Cluniac Monastery and its Dependencies 1076 - 1537 SIGNED
dscf8502: C. P. BLACKER MC - Have You Forgotten Yet?: The First World War Memoirs of C.P.Blacker,
dscf6600: KEVIN MCALEER - Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany
dscf4951: ED MCBAIN - The Big Bad City
dscf9696: MICHAEL MCCABE - Japanese Tattooing Now: Memory and Transition: Classic Horimono to the New One Point Style
dscf8698: GEORGE MCCARTHY - Photographing Fungi in the Field
dscf4560: TERRY MCCARTHY - The Great Dock Strike of 1889
dscf10338: CLIFFORD MCCARTY - Film Composers in America: A Filmography, 1911-1970
dscf5495: CINDY MCCREERY - Ports of the World: Prints from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
dscf6476: NIGEL MCCRERY - Silent Witnesses
dscf10455: TONY MCCRUM - Sunk by Stukas, Survived at Salerno: The Memoirs of Captain Tony McCrum RN
dscf8800: JOHN MCCRYSTAL - 100 Years of Motoring in New Zealand
dscf4468: VAL MCDERMID - The Vanishing Point
dscf4320: IAN MCDERMOTT - The NLP Coach: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Well-Being and Professional Success
dscf6104: PATRICK MCGILLIGAN - Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure
dscf4801: BRIAN MCGILLOWAY - Borderlands. Signed First Edition.
dscf5261: JIM MCGUIRE - Nashville Portraits: Legends of Country Music
dscf10502: JOHN MCHUGO - A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi'is
3N-VHCA-MMTP: IAN MCINTYRE - Dirt & Deity. A Life of Robert Burns.
dscf4856: ALEC MCKINTY - Father of British Airships: Biography of E.T. Willows
dscf6330: JAMES MCMANUS - Cowboys Full. The Story of Poker
dscf6270: ROBERT MCNAB - Ghost Ships: A Surrealist Love Triangle
dscf5005: CAMERON MCNEISH - The Edge: One Hundred Years of Scottish Mountaineering
dscf6590: WHITNEY MCVEIGH - Whitney McVeigh: Archaeology of Memory
dscf8382: ANDY MCVITTIE - The Art of Assassins Creed III
dscf9301: SCOTT MEAD - Looking Back SIGNED & Inscribed
dscf8702: MONICA MEEHAN - Tante Hertha's Viennese Kitchen
dscf10390: DAVID MELLOR - The Bruce Lacey Experience - Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Performances
dscf5271: JAMES MELLOW - Hemingway - A Life Without Consequences
dscf5843: CLAUDE-FRAN MENEVAL - Napoleon: An Intimate Account of the Years of Supremacy 1800-1814
dscf6983: YEHUDI MENUHIN - Unfinished Journey
dscf9953: JEAN-LUC MERCIE - Denise Colomb ou le hasard objectif
dscf9987: LINDA MERRICKS - The World Made New: Frederick Soddy, Science, Politics, and Environment
dscf7746: PAUL MERTON - Only When I Laugh: My Autobiography
M9-JJ5W-KRZP: THOMAS MERTON - The Seven Storey Mountain
dscf10174: AYATOLLAH ALI MESHKANI - Obligations and Prohibitations in Islamic Divine Law
dscf10228: HEADLEY MEULENKAMP - Follies, Grottoes and Garden Buildings
dscf7162: AUSTIN MUTTI-MEWSE - I Used to Be in Pictures: An Untold Story of Hollywood. SIGNED
dscf10182: JEFFREY MEYERS - Modigliani: A Life
dscf6279: JEFFREY MEYERS - Disease and the Novel, 1880 -1960
dscf9891: MICHAEL O'NEILL - Alexander McQueen: Redefining Beauty
dscf10360: ROLF MICHAELIS - SS-Heimwehr Danzig in Poland 1939
40-436Z-FOKE: MICHELMORE, CLIFF; WIGGLESWORTH, ANGELA - People of Wight (Regional Series)
dscf9135: PATRICIA MICHELSON - Cheese: The World's Best Artisan Cheeses
dscf7539: MILLER, BILL; RARE AIR MEDIA STAFF - Cash : An American Man
ABE-6036053825: MILLER, CANDI - Kalahari Passage
dscf8145: CASPER MILLER - Faith Healers in the Himalayas
dscf5070: SEUMAS MILNE - The Revenge of History: The Battle for the Twenty First Century
dscf7131: CLIVE MINNITT - Finding The Picture: A Location Photography Masterclass. Limited hardback edition.
dscf7934: SAMUEL W. MITCHAM - Blitzkrieg No Longer: The German Wehrmacht in Battle, 1943
dscf4270: J.R. MOEHRINGER - Sutton
dscf10492: MOLECULE-R - Molecular Gastronomy By Molecule-R: An Introduction to the Science Behind 40 Spectacular Recipes
dscf6924: ELSPETH MONCRIEFF - Andrew Gifford
dscf10285: MONICA SMITH, ED. - The Social Construction of Ancient Cities
dscf10310: LUCY MONRO - Spirits of the Sands: the Arabian Horse in its Homeland
dscf7649: MARILYN MONROE - Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters
CT-QW91-A0D1: MONSON, KAREN - Alban Berg
dscf10481: MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE - The Complete Works: Essays, Travel Journal, Letters
ABE-5898834274: ANDRE MONTEILHET - Les Maitres de l'OEuvre equestre.
dscf7428: MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - The Owl and the Pussy Cats: Lear in Love: The Untold Story
dscf7037: VANESSA MOONCIE - Animal Heads: Trophy Heads to Crochet
dscf7830: JERROLD NORTHROP MOORE - The Green Fuse: Pastoral Vision in English Art 1820-2000
dscf7994: COLIN MOORE - Propaganda Prints: A History of Art in the Service of Social and Political Change
dscf7846: LUCY MOORE - Nijinsky: A Life
DSCF2886: MOOREHEAD, C. - Over the Rim of the World: Selected Letters of Freya Stark.
ABE-5984990921: MORAN - Churchill at War, 1940-1945 : The Memoirs of Churchill's Physician
dscf10599: CAITLIN MORAN - How to Build a Girl SIGNED
dscf5016: BENJAMIN MORGAN - Putting the Pieces Together: The Graffiti Model for Indie Filmmaking
dscf5726: RICHARD MORGAN - The Steel Remains
dscf7970: RICHARD MORGAN - Market Forces. SIGNED
dscf10659: MICHAEL MORGAN - Michael Morgan RI SIGNED
DSCF2792: BRAD MORRELL - Nirvana and the Sound of Seattle
dscf10368: GRANT MORRISON - Zenith: Phase 1
dscf5684: BLAKE MORRISON - The Last Weekend. SIGNED
dscf10553: VANESSA MORTON - The Performer's Tale: The Nine Lives of Patience Collier
dscf8913: JOHN MOSIER - Verdun
dscf6686: LEE MOTTERSHEAD - Persian Punch: The Authorised Tribute. SIGNED
dscf8716: LUDWIG MUHLFELDER - Because I Survived: An Autobiography
ABE-6378251319: MUNGEAM, PAUL - Mungo the Cameraman
dscf10573: DAVID MURPHY - The Arctic Fox: Francis Leopold McClintock, Discoverer of the Fate of Franklin
dscf7581: BRIAN MURPHY - 81 Days Below Zero
dscf10580: CHARLES MURRAY - Apollo

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