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009724: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Response
043548: HUGHES, SUSANNA - Melinda and the Roman
045279: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 1 Number 7
022883: HUGHES, RICHARD - Foriegn Devil: Thirty Years of Reporting from the Far East
045278: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 2 Number 5
010652: HUGHES, PETER TUESDAY - The Other Party
026291: HUGHES, RUPERT - The Facts About Puritan Morals
015207: HUGHES, PENNETHORNE - Witchcraft
045289: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 5 Number 8
033072: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Treasue Chests Volume 1 Number 7
031982: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 2 Number 1
031993: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 4
045288: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 11
036059: HUGHES, H.D. - Towards a Classless Society
031127: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 9
031125: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 3
031124: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 1
031123: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 6
041490: HUGHES, HELEN MACGILL - The Fantastic Lodge: The Autobiography of a Girl Drug Addict
045276: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 2 Number 10
038794: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 3 Number 4
038803: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Piccadilly International Volume 1 Number 11
040682: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 12
040680: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 3
040681: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 4
040450: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Raider Incorporating Rapier Volume 1 Number 3
040451: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Raider Incorporating Rapier Volume 1 Number 1
040449: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Raider Incorporating Rapier Volume 1 Number 2
040438: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 2
040439: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rapier Volume 1 Number 1
045294: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 1 Number 5
019040: HUGHES, CARL MILTON - The Negro Novelist: A Discussion of the Writings of American Negro Novelists 1940-1950
038795: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 1 Number 6
031984: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Number 143
031983: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 5 Number 1
031950: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 2
031951: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 9
031952: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 10
031953: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 2 Number 9
031954: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 2 Number 12
031955: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 2
031956: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 4
031957: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 8
031958: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 5 Number 11
031959: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 5 Number 12
031960: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 7 Number 4
031961: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 9 Number 10
031962: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 9 Number 11
031963: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 9 Number 12
031964: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 10 Number 1
031948: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Listen with Rustler Volume 3 No. 11
031949: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Listen with Rustler Number 1
031942: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Collection for Men
031941: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 9
031939: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 7
031940: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 8
031938: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 5
031936: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 3
031937: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 4 Number 4
031935: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 12
031934: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 9
034781: HUGHES, LAWRENCE - Celebration of Fools
027644: HUGHES, THERLE - The Pocket Book of Furniture
031933: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 3 Number 5
045274: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Journal of Sex Volume 1 Number 11
031931: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 2 Number 3
031932: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 2 Number 10
031930: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 1 Number 12
045290: HUGHES, JAMES (EDITOR) - Rustler Volume 5 Number 10
026295: HUGO, VICTOR - The King Enjoys Himself
041328: MILNE, HUGO AND HARDY, SHIRLEY J. (EDITORS) - Psycho-Sexual Problems: Proceedings of the Congress Held at the University of Bradford 1974
006209: HUHNER, MAX - A Practical Treatise on the Disorders of the Sexual Function in Male and Female
034981: HULBERT, HUGH R. - In The Footsteps Of William & Dorothy: An Illustrated Anthology
043947: HULBERT, J.R. - Dictionaries: British and American
021362: HUME, MARTIN A.S. - The Year After the Armada, and Other Historical Studies
009845: HUMPHREYS, R.A. - Tradition and Revolt in Latin America and Other Essays
004116: HUNEKER, JAMES - Intimate Letters of James Gibbons Huneker
004114: HUNEKER, JAMES - Melomaniacs
004113: HUNEKER, JAMES - New Cosmopolis: A Book of Images
004112: HUNEKER, JAMES - Ivory Apes and Peacocks
004110: HUNEKER, JAMES - Variations
004109: HUNEKER, JAMES - Painted Veils
004108: HUNEKER, JAMES - Painted Veils
004107: HUNEKER, JAMES - The Pathos of Distance: A Book of A Thousand and One Moments
005511: HUNEKER, JAMES - Overtones: A Book of Tempraments
022089: HUNOLD, GUNTHER - Vergiss die Peitsche Nicht: Sadismus und Masochismus mit Auszügen aus der einschlägigen Literatur
014692: HUNOLD, GUNTHER - A Photobook of Oral Techniques
027188: HUNT, CHARLES B. - Natural Regions of the United States and Canada
008925: HUNT, DOUGLAS - Exploring the Occult
025516: HUNT, J. MCV. (EDITOR) - Personality and the Behavior Disorders a Handbook Based on Experimental and Clinical Research: Volume 1
036133: HUNT, AUDREY - Management Attitudes and Practices Towards Women at Work
005513: HUNT, MORTON - The Natural History of Love
005512: HUNT, MORTON - The Natural History of Love
014058: HUNT, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Personalities and Cultures: Readings in Psychological Anthropology
024497: HUNT, MICHAEL - The Promoter
024310: HUNT, H.G. BONAVIA - A Concise History of Music, from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Time
022073: HUNT, MORTON - The Natural History of Love
017882: HUNT, MORTON - The Affair: A Portrait of Extramarital Love in Contemporary America
044452: HUNTER, JACK (EDITOR) - Velvet: The Journal of Erotic Extremes Volume 1 Number 1
044072: HUNTER, ALISON / ABBOTT, ELIZABETH / HIGSON, J.E. - Regulation 33B: The Medical Aspect, The Legal Aspect, The Social Aspect: Being a Report of Speeches Made at Conference on Regualtion 33B Held on Marchg 19th, 1943, in Livingtone Hall, Livingstone House, SW1
045058: HUNTER, JACK (EDITOR) - Moonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger
036774: HUNTER, GUY - New Societies of Tropical Africa: A Selective Study
002998: HUNTER, JIM - Tom Stoppard's Plays
021707: HUNTER, ALEX - Competition and the Law
028247: HUNTER, ROBERT - The Enemies of Anarchy
036194: HUNTER, JACK - Inside Teradome: An Illustrated History of Freak Films
008106: HUNTER, GEORGIANA - The Girl on the Couch
005631: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa: A Selective Study
005610: HUNTER, GUY - Modernizing Peasant Societies: A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa
044026: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa: A Selective Study
041224: HUNTER, JACK (EDITOR) - The Bad Mirror: A Creation Cinema Collection Reader
038248: HUNTER, MONICA - The Effects of Contact with Europeans on the Status of Pondo Women
043766: HUNTER, JACK (EDITOR) - Search and Destroy: An Illustrated Guide to Vietnam War Movies
040647: HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL P. - The Soldier and the State the Theory & Politics of Civil-Military Relations
033682: HURD, PAUL DEHART - New Directions in Teaching Secondary School Science
010171: HURLEY, JOHN (EDITOR) - Spree No. 36
030123: HURLEY, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Irish Anglicanism: 1869-1969, essays on the role of Angicanism in Irish life, presented to the Church of Ireland on the occasion of the centenary of its disestablishment by a group of Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker and Roman Catholic Scholars
017172: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
004983: HURNARD, NAOMI D. - The King's Pardon for Homicide Before A.D. 1307
021982: HURREN, B.J. - Airports of the World
017484: HURST, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Key Treaties for the Great Powers: Volume 2 1814-1914
017483: HURST, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Key Treaties for the Great Powers: Volume 1 1814-1870
042536: HURST, RACHAEL - Little One
001087: HURST, VIDA - Big Game: A Story of the Girl of Today and the Game of Love
042088: HURSTFIELD, JOEL - The Queen's Wards: Wardship and Marriage Under Elizabeth I
039408: HURT, JOHN S. - Elementary Schooling and the Working Classes, 1860-1918
025578: HURWITZ, SAMUEL J. - State Intervention in Great Britain: A Study of Economic Control and Social Response, 1914-1919
027115: HURWITZ, EDITH F. - Politics and the Public Conscience: Slave Emancipation and the Abolitionist Movement in Britain
030082: HURWITZ, SHIMON - Being Jewish
028956: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. (EDITOR) - The Whole Sex Catalogue
030252: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. - My Savage Muse: The Story of My Life Edgar Allan Poe: An Imaginative Work
044856: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. - The Golden Age of Erotica
012118: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. - Society and the Assassin: A Background Book on Political Murder
002498: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. - The Golden Age of Erotica
009473: HUSAIN, ASHFAQUE - The Quintessence of Islam: A Summary of the Commentary of Maulana Abaul Kalam Azad on Al-Fateha, The First Chapter of the Quaran
013240: HUSAIN, ASAD - British India's Relations With The Kingdom of Nepal 1857-1947: A Diplomatic History of Nepal
017748: HUTCHING, R.S. & SKILTON, CHARLES [EDITORS] - Modern Letterpress Printing Vol III: Materials & Methods in the Machine Room
025700: HUTCHINS, JOHN G.B. - Thr American Maritime Industries and Public Policy, 1789-1914: An Economic History
044958: HUTCHINS, MAUDE - A Diary of Love
034025: HUTCHINSON, PEGGY - Homemade Wine Secrets
042724: HUTCHINSON, P. - Notes on Rayleigh and Raman Scattering for Measurement of Gas Temperature and Concentration
042723: HUTCHINSON, P. - Notes on Signal Processing in Laser Doppler Anemometry
025017: HUTCHINSON, GEORGE - Edward Heath: A Personal and Political Biography
028932: HUTCHISON, ROBERT - The Politics of the Arts Council
009857: HUTCHISON, J.B. (EDITOR) - Biological Determinants of Sexual Behaviour
007410: HUTH, ALFRED HENRY - The Marriage of Near Kin Considered with Respect to the Laws of Nations, the Results of Experience and the Teachings of Biology
042741: HUTTNING, MARCUS - Linda's Strange Vacation
041476: HUTTNING, MARCUS - Linda's Strange Vacation
043150: HUTTNING, MARCUS - Linda's Strange Vacation
019894: HUTTON, GRAHAM - We Too Can Prosper: The Promise of Productivity
012421: HUTTON, PAUL - Nymphe Erika
018545: HUTTON, DARRYL - Modern Ventriloquism
018219: HUTTON, J.H. - Caste in India: Its Nature, Function and Origins
018220: HUTTON, J.H. - Caste in India: Its Nature, Function and Origins
037924: HUTTON, LAURA - The Single Woman and Her Emotional Problems
014322: BEYNON, HUW AND WAINWRIGHT, HILARY - The Workers' Report on Vickers
043382: BEYNON, HUW AND WAINWRIGHT, HILARY - The Workers' Report on Vickers
026444: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Back Street New Worlds: A Look at Immigrants in Britain
028565: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - What are You Going to Do About it? The Case for Constructive Peace
024975: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Soviet Genetics and World Science: Lysenko and the Meaning of Heredity
032825: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Island
024358: HUXLEY, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Standard Encyclopedia of the World's Mountains
024779: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Four Guineas: A Journey through West Africa
010084: HUYSMANS, J.K. - The Bievre River
001199: HUYSMANS, J.K. - En Rade
001201: HUYSMANS, J.K. - De Tout
028655: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Huysmans et l'Abbé Mugnier à Saint-Tomas d'Aquin. 1891-1951
001203: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Trois Eglises et Trois Primitifs
043830: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Living Together (En Menage)
000650: HUYSMANS, J.K. - The Cathedral
000409: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam
001202: HUYSMANS, J.K. - L'Oblat
035826: HUYSMANS, J.-K. - Becalmed
043614: HUYSMANS, J.K. - En Menage (Living Together)
001204: HUYSMANS, J.K. - La Retraite de Monsieur Bourgan
040244: HUYSMANS, J.K. - The Vatard Sisters (Studies in Romance Languages)
044819: HUYSMANS, J.-K. - Parisian Sketches
032688: HUYSMANS, J.K. - La Bas (Down There)
040056: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Lettre a Leon Cladel
039445: J-.K. HUYSMANS, J.C. BABCOCK (TRANSLATOR) - The Vatard Sisters (Studies in Romance Languages)
043474: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Down There (La Bas)
044820: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Marthe
044821: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Down There (La Bas)
002143: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Mathias Grunewald
032814: HYAMS, EDWARD - Terrorists and Terrorism
029695: HYAMS, EDWARD - Sylvester
043042: HYAMSON, ALBERT MONTEFIORE - A History of the Jews in England
033704: HYATT, HARRY MIDDLETON - Folk-Lore from Adams County, Illinois, (Memoirs of the Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation, New York)
009766: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - A History of Pornography
031826: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - A Tangled Web: Sex Scandals in British Politics and Society
036799: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - A History of Pornography
015754: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - A Victorian Historian Being Some Private Letters of W.E.H. Lecky
043917: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - The Lady Chatterley's Lover Trial: Regina Versus Penguin Books, Ltd
036036: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Oscar Wilde
032339: HYDE, PAUL R. - Details from an Apocalypse: Short Stories
036973: HYKIN, RON - Artist on a Sin Design
042413: HYMAN, HAROLD M. (EDITOR) - The Radical Republicans and Reconstruction, 1861-1870
028001: HYNDMAN, H.M. - The Murdering of British Seamen by Mr. Lloyd George, the Liberal Cabinet & the Board of Trade
018131: HYSLOP, JOHN - Sudan Story
036852: DEU, JOAN COSTA I AND SABATE, MODEST - La nit del 6 d'octubre a Barcelona: Reportatge
007617: ROTBERG, ROBERT I. AND RABB, THEODORE K. - Marriage and Fertility Studies in Interdisciplinary History
034286: KAPLAN, HAROLD I. AND SADOCK, BENJAMIN J. (EDITORS) - Sensitivity Through Encounter and Marathon
019274: ABRAHAMS. I. AND MONTEFIORE, C.G. (EDITORS) - The Jewish Quarterly Review: Volume III 1891
019273: ABRAHAMS. I. AND MONTEFIORE, C.G. (EDITORS) - The Jewish Quarterly Review: Volume X 1898
039776: DILLON, JOHN I. AND HARDAKER, J. BRIAN - Farm Management Research for Small Farmer Development
038618: DILLON, JOHN I. AND HARDAKER, J. BRIAN - You Are Not I: A Portrait of Paul Bowles
029459: RUBIN, I AND KIRKENDALL, LESTER A. - Sex in the Adolescent Years: New Directions in Guiding and Teaching Youth
041064: STEWART, IAIN AND DOWNES, BRIAN - The Good Sex Guide
027592: IAKOVIDIS, S.E. - Mycenae Epidaurus: Argos-Tisyns-Nauplion: Complete Guide to the Museums and Archaeological Sites of the Argolid
022492: BUDGE, IAN AND O'LEARY, CORNELIUS - Belfast: Approach to Crisis. A Study of Belfast Politics 1613-1970
002526: IBELS, ANDRE - The Perverted Lady
025595: ICHIHASHI, YAMATO - Japanese in the United States: A Critical Study of the Problems of the Japanese Immigrants and their Children
031388: D'ICY, JACQUES - Les Mains Chèries
036882: D'ICY, JACQUES - Paulette Betrayed
033834: D'ICY, JACQUES - Paulette Trahie
038338: D'ICY, JACQUES - Les Mains Chèries
040391: IDELSOHN, ABRAHAM Z. - Jewish Liturgy and Its Development
011513: IGLAUER, EDITH - The New People: The Eskimo's Journey Into Our Time
016610: ALEKSANDER, IGOR AND BURNETT, PIERS - Thinking Machines: The Search for Artificial Intelligence
020199: LAMBERT III, WILLIAM - Stepchild Incest
008536: ILETT, ROSIE - Women & HIV/Aids: A Bibliography
016895: ILLING, RICHARD - Japanese Erotic Art and the Life of the Courtesan
000733: ILLSLEY, WILLIAM - Wagon on Fire
017999: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ILLUMINATION - Proceedings International Congress on Illumination, 1928
017476: IMBENS, ANNIE & JONKER, INEKE - Christianity and Incest: Girls' Experience of Sexual Abuse Within Christian Families
022715: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Life Number Fifty
022161: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Parade Number 26
022162: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Parade Number 27
022164: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Parade Number 41
022165: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Parade Number 35
022160: IMBOCH, KRISTINE (EDITOR) - Bondage Parade Number Seventeen
030335: IMLAH, NORMAN - Drugs in Modern Society
030334: IMLAH, NORMAN - Drugs in Modern Society
022859: NEW ESOTERIC PRESS INC. - Battling Bitches Volume 3 Number 3
026248: UNIQUE PUBLICATIONS INC. - Stocking Parade Volume 1 Number 3 December-January 1965-66
002859: DIAMOND PUBLISHING INC. - Modern Sunbathing
033262: NEW ESOTERIC PRESS INC. - Pandora's Box Volume 1 Number 1
007048: TRI-WAYS PUBLICATIONS INC. - Bondage Monthly Vol. 1 Number 7
035252: FINE CRAFT INC. - Theatrical Footwear Catalog
024160: DELUX PUBLISHING COMPANY INC. - Busty & Bizarre Volume 4 Number 4
006847: NEW ESOTERIC PRESS INC. - Enslave Volume 4 Number 3
038744: HOM INC. - Kidnapped Volume 2 Number 3
023961: HEALTH KNOWLEDGE INC. - Peek-a-Boo Volume 1 Number 1
038429: HOM INC. - The Bondage Games
038430: HOM INC. - Strict! Volume One Number Eight
006733: IND, ALLISON - A History of Modern Espionage: The Growth and Operation of Secret Service in all Parts of the World
035101: INDER, P.M. - Honiton Lace
029849: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF FINANCE (REVENUE DIVISION) - Report By The Government of India for the Calender Year 1949 on the Traffic in Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs
029848: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF FINANCE (REVENUE DIVISION) - Summary of Report By The Government of India on the Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs for the Calender Year 1949
029847: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF FINANCE (REVENUE DIVISION) - Supplement to Summary of Report By The Government of India on the Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs for the Calender Year 1949
038292: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases) no. 1 (1898). Memorial addressed to the Secretary of State for India on the subject of the measures recently adopted for dealing with contagious disease in the Indian Army
038291: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases), no. 4 (1897). Copy of a despatch to the Government of India regarding the measures to be adopted for checking the spread of venereal disease among the British Troops in India
038290: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases), no. 2 (1897). Memorandum by the army sanitary commission and correspondence regarding the prevalence of venereal disease among the British Troops in India
038289: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases), No. 1 (1897). Report of a departmental committee on the prevalence of venereal disease among the British Troops in India
038288: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases) No. 5 (1897). Memorials addressed to the Secretary of State for India on the subject of the instructions contained in his despatch of 26th March 1897, for improving the health of the British Troops in India
038287: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - East India (contagious diseases) No. 6 (1897.). Further correspondence regarding the measures to be adopted for checking the spread of venereal disease among the British Troops in India
038250: THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA - Report of the Committee Appointed by the Secretary of State for India to Inquire into the Rules, Regulations, and Practice in the Indian Cantonments and Elsewhere in India, with Regard to Prostitution and to the Treatment of Veneral Disease
039519: INDUSTRY AND TRADE COMMITTEE - Third report from the Industry and Trade Committee, session 1982-83: Machine tools and robotics : together with the proceedings of the Committee relating ... minutes of evidence and Appendices
031680: THE MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - The Royal Marines: The Admiralty Account Of Their Achievement 1939-43
029827: NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE FOR DRUG ABUSE INFORMATION - A Federal Source Book: Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Abuse
033635: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - Combined Operations, 1940-1942: Prepared for the Combined Operations Command by the Ministry of Information
028863: INGALESE, RICHARD - The History and Power of Mind
020607: INGBU, JAPO DE - Was Zij Lesbisch?
021402: INGE, WILLIAM - Four Plays: Come Back, Little Sheba; Picnic; Bus Stop; The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
001084: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH - Assessments and Anticipations
022730: INGLIS, RUTH - Must Divorce Hurt the Children?
012508: INGLIS, BRIAN - Men of Conscience: The Story of the Great Reformers Who Fought the Evils of the Industrial Revolution
044324: INGLIS, JANET - Daddy's Girl
013565: INGMAN, DAN - Television Advertising
042050: INGRAM, JOHN H. - The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain
040212: INHELDER, BÄRBEL - Learning and the Development of Cognition
014691: INKELES, GORDON & TODRIS, MURRAY - The Art of Sensual Massage
034311: INKELES, ALEX - Public Opinion In Soviet Russia: A Study In Mass Persuasion
002500: INKELES, GORDON & TODRIS, MURRAY - The Art of Sensual Massage
002501: INKELES, GORDON & TODRIS, MURRAY - The New Massage
017960: INLOW, GAIL M. - The Emergent in Curriculum
038983: INMAN, JOY - What Do You Play on a Rainy Day?
027526: INNES, JOCASTA - Paintability
027451: INNES, JOCASTA - Windows: The Complete Art of Window Treatment
037839: INNES, IRENE - Changing Wage Structures
028669: INNIS, HUGH R. - Bilingualism and Biculturalism an Abridged Version of the Royal Commission Report
029314: THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY - The Non-Medical Use of Drugs: Interim Report of the Canadian Government Commission of Inquiry
025195: BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE - TV Documentation
041841: NEVIS INSTITUTE - The Shetland Report: A Constitutional Study
013323: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Armaments or Disarmament?: The Crucial Choice
010527: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Internationalization to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
011538: INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN INSTITUTE - Social Implications of Industrialization & Urbanization in Africa South of the Sahara
032337: NORFOLK FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUTES - Within Living Memory: Collection of Norfolk Reminiscences
033259: REV INTERANTIONAL - Dominant View Volume 1 Number 1
031427: ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL - World Trade and Working Children
031426: ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL - Child Prostitution and Tourism
031424: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Algeria: Repression and Violence Must End
031422: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Emergency Action: Massacres in Rwanda May Update Immediate Local Group Action Requested
031421: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Emergency Action: Massacres in Rwanda May Update
030331: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Morocco: A Pattern of Political Imprisonment, Disappearances and Torture
027160: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Amnesty Report on Torture
011361: ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL - Anti-Slavery Reporter January 1996 Series VIII Volume 2 Issue No. 1
034531: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Amnesty International Letter Writing Guide
033221: ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL - Women's Rights and Anti-Slavery International
011335: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Exiled: Asylum Seekers in the UK
041067: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Lives Blown Apart: Crimes Against Women in Times of Conflict
040227: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Religions and the Death Penalty: The Case for Abolition
039044: ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL - Campaign Against the Exploitation of Child Labour in the Carpet Industry
038285: FEDERATION ABOLITIONNISTE INTERNATIONALE: COMITE INTERNATIONAL - Revue Abolitionniste: Abolir L'exploitation de la Prostitution No. 31 Troisieme Semestre 1978
038284: FEDERATION ABOLITIONNISTE INTERNATIONALE: COMITE INTERNATIONAL - Revue Abolitionniste: Abolir L'exploitation de la Prostitution No. 29 Premier Semestre 1978
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012577: KALANT, ORIANA JOSSE - The Amphetamines and Related Drugs: Toxicity and Addiction
017928: KALANT, ORIANA JOSSEAU (EDITOR) - Alcohol and Drug Problems in Women: Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems Volume 5
042052: KALDOR, NICHOLAS - Essays on Value and Distribution (Collected Economic Essays)
018797: KALDOR, NICHOLAS - Reports on Taxation II: Reports to Foreign Governments
034762: KALDOR, MARY; SMITH, DAN; VINES, STEVE (EDITORS) - Democratic Socialism and the Cost of Defence
037656: KALE, SUSAN - The Fire Escape
034340: KALICK, J.H. - The Pattern of Sino-American Crises: Polical-Military Interactions in the 1950s
039283: KALLBERG, STURE - Off the Middle Way: Report From a Swedish Village
030991: KALLEN, HORACE M. - Utopians at Bay
040919: KAMEN, R.H. - British and Irish Architectural History: A Bibliography and Guide to Sources of Information
016246: KAMINSKI, ANDREA - Mind-Altering Drugs: A Guide to the History, Uses and Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
020597: KAMINSKY, OLGA - De Gesel van de Zweep
020096: KAMINSKY, OLGA - Xandra, de Sado-Masochiste
003949: KANE, KEN - Pact of Pain
015981: KANE, ALEX - Golden Years
040515: KANNE, CINDY (EDITOR) - Contemporary Swinger Volume 1 Number 4
040517: KANNE, CINDY (EDITOR) - Contemporary Swinger Volume 2 Number 2
016761: KANTO, PETER - Glamour Boy
016755: KANTO, PETER - Matinee in Three Scenes
016748: KANTO, PETER - The Girl with the Action
022054: KANTO, PETER - The World Where Sex Was Born
024038: KANTO, PETER - Rosy Cheeks
029922: KANZA, THOMAS NSENGA - Evolution and Revolution in Africa
041703: KAPITAN, RONALD - Forbidden Paths
041463: KAPLAN, HELEN SINGER - Making Sense of Sex: The New Facts About Sex and Love for Young People
005107: BELEN (NELLY KAPLAN) - Le Reservoir des Sens
017984: KAPLAN, MORTON A. (EDITOR) - The Revolution in World Politics
012725: KAPLIN, ROSE - The Roman Way
026051: KAPLOUN, URI (EDITOR) - The Synagogue
038700: KAPP, RICHARD M. - The Scandals of Helen: Volume II
004344: KAPPELER, SUSANNE - The Pornography of Representation
034130: KAPUR, DR. PROMILLA - The Indian Call Girls
006258: KARDINER, ABRAM - Sex and Morality: A Study of Their Relations to the Problems of Modern Marriage, the Changing Family, Inhibitions in the Sexual Life of the Individual, Feminism and the Flight from Masculinity
042450: BORCH, KARL AND MOSSIN, JAN (EDITORS) - Risk and Uncertainty. Proceedings of a Conference held by the International Economic Association
039088: BECKSON, KARL AND MUNRO, JOHN M. (EDITORS) - Arthur Symons: Selected Letters 1880-1935
022429: KARLEN, DELMAR - Appellate Courts in the United States and England
029900: KARLEN, ARNO - Sexuality and Homosexuality
000968: KARLEN, ARNO - Sexuality and Homosexuality: The Definitive Explanation of Human Sexuality, Normal and Abnormal
007901: KARLIN, RICK (EDITOR) - Gay Chicago Magazine August 15, 1985 Vol.VIII, No.33
032933: KARLINS, MARVIN & ANDREWS, LWIS M. - Biofeedback: Turning on the Power of Your Mind
014282: LAMBERG-KARLOVSKY, C.C. (EDITOR) - Old World Archaeology: Foundations of Civilization Readings from Scientific American
043822: KARMEL, ALEX, AND RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE - My Revolution: Promenades in Paris, 1789-1794, being the lost diary of Restif de la Bretonne
039573: KARN, VALERIE A. - Retiring to the Seaside
037146: KAROL, K.S. - Guerrillas in Power: The Course of the Cuban Revolution
042804: KAROL, K.S. - The Second Chinese Revolution
003324: KARP, LILA - The Queen is in the Garbage
031765: KARP, IVAN - Fields of Change Among the Iteso of Kenya
001728: KARP, THEODORE - Dictionary of Music
009131: KARPMAN, BENJAMIN - The Alcoholic Woman
013798: KARPMAN, BENJAMIN - The Alcoholic Woman: Case Studies in the Psychodynamics of Alcoholism
011997: KARSTEN, RAFAEL - The Civilization of the South American Indians with Special Reference to Magic and Religion
005197: KARWATH, CARY VON - Die Erotik in der Kunst: Die Renaissance
034316: KASSOF, ALLEN - Prospects for Soviet Society
032210: KASSORLA, DR. IRENE - Nice Girls Do! - And Now You Can Too!
043577: MORE, KATE AND WHITTLE, STEPHEN (EDITORA) - Reclaiming Genders: Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecle
025628: KATZ, ELIHU & GUREVITCH, MICHAEL - The Secularization of Leisure: Culture and Communication in Israel
043954: KATZ, JERROLD J. - Semantic Theory
036351: KATZ, ILAN - The Construction of Racial Identity in Children of Mixed Parentage: Mixed Metaphors
044057: KATZ, BERNARD - The Social Implications of Early Negro Music in the United States
000381: KATZENELBOGEN, SOLOMON - Analyzing Psychotherapy
002591: KAUFFMAN, REGINALD WRIGHT - The Free Lovers
017390: KAUFMAN, IRVING - Art and Education in Contemporary Culture
041428: KAUFMAN, WILMA - Our Scene
012703: KAUFMAN, PAULA - Brotherly Love
030125: KAUFMAN, DANIEL - Ireland: Presences
038707: KAUR, PRUNELLA - Go Fourth and Multiply: The British Left in 1983
042890: KAUSHIK, DEVENDRA - Soviet Relations with India and Pakistan
009904: DANIELS, KAY AND MARY MURNANE (EDITORS) - Uphill all the Way: A Documentary History of Women in Australia
036245: KAY, MYRLE - Daddy's Warm Bedroom
044571: KAY, ELVIE - Kay's Tales
044642: KAY, EVIE - Second Chance
017342: KAYE, DAVID - Veteran & Vintage Public Service Vehicles
044023: KAYE, H.R. - Perverse Driehoek
024934: LISTER-KAYE, JOHN - The White Island
024041: KAYE, H.R. - The Hitchhiker
016838: KEAN, ROBERT W (CHAIRMAN) - The Nation and Its Older People, Report of the White House Conference on Aging-January 9-12, 1961
020241: KEANE, DONNA - Motel for Mistresses #2
003744: KEARNEY, PATRICK J. - Geschiedenis van de Erotische Literatuur
003743: KEARNEY, PATRICK J. - A History of Erotic Literature
037786: KEARNEY, MILO - The Indian Ocean in World History
011074: KEARNEY, PATRICK J. - A History of Erotic Literature
005503: KEARY, CHARLES FRANCIS - Outlines of Primitive Belief Among the Indo-European Races
028135: KEAY, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Jubilee: A Celebration of the Queen's Silver Jubilee 1952-1977
041608: KEAY, DIANA - Needle Crafts 5: Smocking
025493: KECSKEMETI, PAUL - Meaning, Communication, and Value
026950: KEDDIE, NELL [EDITOR] - Tinker, Tailor: The Myth of Cultural Deprivation
035793: KEE, ALISTAIR - Nietzsche Against the Crucified
004651: KEEGAN, JANETTE - Ruritania
040401: KEEGAN, JOHN - The First World War
036903: KEELEY, BARBARA - 1,020 Playgroups: A survey of playgroups in the Pre-school Playgroups Association at the beginning of 1968
005202: KEELING, FRED - Der Galgenbaum
028898: KEEN, MAURICE - The Outlaws of Medieval England
019768: KEEN, M.H. - England in the Later Middle Ages: Political History
040045: KEENAN, JIM - Glasgow Forever
042137: KEETON, G.W. - The Elementary Principles of Jurisprudence
041028: KEETON, GEORGE W. - Trial by Tribunal: A Study of the Development and Functioning of the Tribunal of Enquiry
005190: KEETON, GEORGE W. - Trial by Tribunal: A Study of the Development and Functioning of the Tribunal of Enquiry
005172: KEETON, G.W. - Trial for Treason
006884: KEETON, G.W. - Guilty But Insane: Four Trials for Murder
020433: KEISTER, BART - Bertha
020244: KEISTER, BART - La Meilleure des Blondes
023379: SPALDING, KEITH AND BROOKE, KENNETH - An Historical Dictionary of German Figurative Usage: Fascicle 32 Kleben-kopf

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