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005743: SMITH, H. T. U. - Aerial Photographs and Their Applications
005892: SMITH, ROY L. - Writing Scripture Under Dictators (Know Your Bible Series, Study Number Three)
005898: SMITH, ROY L. - The Bible and the First World State, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah (Know Your Bible Series, Study Number Two)
006432: SMITH, FAITH E. (ED) - Our Spokane Carrousel: Research Articles, Stories, and Poems by Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Children of Balboa School, Spokane, Washington
007294: SMITH, ANTHONY D. - The Concept of Social Change: A Critique of the Functionalist Theory of Social Change
008176: SMITH, WILBUR A. - Eye of the Tiger
012072: SMITH, M. G - The Plural Society in the British West Indies
030098: SMITH, NORMAN E. - Write Your Own Programming Language Using C++
034557: SMITH, SOULE - The Mint Julep: The Very Dream of Drinks
050105: SMITH, LORI JILL - Tennessee State Parks (Postcard History Series)
042553: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
052664: SMITH, KEN ; HALL, JOHN - The Goring Gambit Accepted & Declined
040587: SMITH, DIANE - Letters from Yellowstone
051214: SMITH, TROY D.; TYRELL, CHUCK; WILLIAMS, LES; CHAMBERLAIN, R. E.; THORN, STEPHEN; WOOD, TOM - Weird Western Yarns (Weird Western Tales) (Volume 1)
043847: SMITH, WILLIAM - A Smaller History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Death of Trajan
042552: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
042554: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
050555: SMITH, NOEL - There'LL Always Be Moonlight on the Wabash and Other Editorials from the First 23 Years of the Baptist Bible Tribune
052556: SMITH, J. FRAZER - White Pillars: The Architecture of the South
049537: SMITH, REED - South Carolina Ballads with a Study of the Traditional Ballad to-Day
050612: SMITH, AUSTIN WHEELER - The Dickson-Mcewen and Allied Families Genealogy
046713: SMITH, CHARLES M. - The Catholic Burial Service
027798: SMITH, BERNARD; SMITH, SUSAN DAVIS - Cedar Rapids: Prologue & Promise: 150 Years
041349: SMITH, JESSIE CARNEY (ED) - Images of Blacks in America Culture: A Reference Guide to Information Sources
037717: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Armand Marseille Dolls, 1865-1928
026181: SMITH, LEWIS WORTHINGTON - The Mechanism of English Style
052786: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - The Indians Won
048217: SMITH, MARK LANDON - The Really Hip Adventures of Go-Go Girl
046780: SMITH, REID - Magestic Middle Tennessee
043697: SMITH, J. - Basic Karate Katas, Vol 2: Pinan 1-2-3-4-5
038267: SMITH, DON - What I See : A New Prescription for Thought
035886: SMITH, ANTHONY D. - Explorers of the Amazon
046793: SMITH, NILA BANTON - Bill and Susan (Learning to Read: A Basic Reading Program, Pre-Primer I)
048732: SMITH, NEIL - Chomsky: Ideas and Ideals
000935: SMITH, BRADLEY - The U.S. A. : A History in Art
051672: SMITH, GUY LINCOLN, III - A House for Joshua: The Building of the Knoxville Zoo
051055: SMITH, MALCOLM - Forgiveness
036581: SMITH, MICHAEL A. - The Inheritors
050093: SMITH, LORI JILL - Tennessee State Parks (Postcard History Series)
006393: SMITH-ROSENBERG, CARROLL - Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America
029595: SMITLEY, MIKE - Implied Contract
052092: SMULLYAN, RAYMOND M. - The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights
036537: SMYTH, LARRY D. - Client's Manual for the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
013767: SMYTH, JULIAN K. - Christian Certainties of Belief: The Christ, the Bible, Salvation, Immortality
049099: SNEIDER, CASSIE J. - Fine Fine Music
042480: SNELL, BRUNO - Griechische Metrik Von Bruno Snell 3. , Erweiterte Auflag
043733: SNODGRASS, W. D. - Heart's Needle
036249: SNODGRASS, W. D. - Heart's Needle
047525: SNODGRASS, W. D.; MCGRAW, DELOSS - W.D. 's Midnight Carnival
045401: SNYDER, LOUIS L. (ED) - The Imperialism Reader: Documents and Readings on Modern Expansionism
046409: SNYDER, C. R. (ED) - Handbook of Positive Psychology
042761: SNYDER, JEFFREY B. - Romantic Staffordshire Ceramics
051203: SNYDER, CARLA - One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers: More Than 70 Weeknight Meals for Two (Cookbook for Vegetarian Dinners, Gifts for Vegans, Vegetarian Cooking)
020375: SOBER, HERBERT A. - Handbook of Biochemistry Selected Data for Molecular Biology
048842: SOBY, JAMES T. - Giorgio de Chirico (Museum of Modern Art)
008674: FRENCHTOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Frenchtown Valley Footprints
010973: EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE UNIVERSITY SOCIETY - The Child Welfare Manual: A Handbook of Child Nature and Nurture for Parents and Teachers, Volume Two
037414: WRENTHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Homestead Country, Wrentham and Area
013601: CUYUNA COUNTRY HERITAGE PRESERVATION SOCIETY - Cuyuna Country: A Peoples' History. Volume 1
051093: TROUSDALE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Remembrances and Reflections a Pictorial Collection of Trousdale County (Tennessee)
052451: INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Illustated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana 1876
046908: DEKALB COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Memories from Polk Township (Missouri)
038911: SOEDER, J. H. - Haddie's in Our Closet!
051042: SOKOL, DAVID M. - Otto Neumann: His Life and Work
052691: SOLA, JULIE - Run Fast Milo!
052201: SOLA-MORALES, IGNASI DE - Antoni Gaudi
046354: SOLARZ, JACEK - No. 154 - Francja 1944 Vol. I
024407: SOLDOFSKY, ROBERT M. - Retire Richer with Tiaa-Cref: Applicable to All 403(B) and 401(K) Retirement Plans
004158: SOLIDAY, GEORGE W. (COMPILED BY PETER DECKER) - A Descriptive Check List Together with Short Title Index Describing Almost 7500 Items of Western Americana
040679: SOLOVEVA, L. N. - Easter Eggs
050990: SOLUM, JOHN - The Early Flute (Early Music)
003891: SOMMER - British Columbia
030009: SONG, EUREE - Aufstieg Und Abstieg Der Seele: Diesseitigkeit Und Jenseitigkeit in Plotins Ethik Der Sorge
047065: SONNENBLICK, JORDAN - Notes from the Midnight Driver
044624: SOPKA, KATHERINE RUSSELL - Physics for a New Century (History of Modern Physics, 1800-1950)
041499: SOUEIF, AHDAF - The Map of Love
011447: SOULE, WILLIAM D. - The Law of Attainment: A Textbook of Instruction in the Art of Living
045268: SOUTHWELL, ROBERT - The Triumphs over Death
038617: SOYINKA, WOLE - Los Interpretes
038710: SOYINKA, WOLE - Death and the King's Horseman
039128: SPANGLER, ANN - Praying the Names of God: A Daily Guide
017265: SPARKE, PENNY - Furniture
017566: SPARKS, ESTHER - Universal Limited Art Editions: A History and Catalogue the First Twenty-Five Years
051180: SPATARO JR. PHD, LUCIAN - The Long Ride: The Record-Setting Journey by Horse Across the American Landscape
013877: SPATZ, GREGORY - Wonderful Tricks
043676: SPAZIANI, EUGENE - The Hormone Sourcebook : How Hormones Dominate Your Life from Before Birth Through Old Age
037950: SPEARS, RICHARD A. - Common American Phrases in Everyday Contexts: A Detailed Guide to Real-Life Conversation and Small Talk
037173: SPEER, RALPH - The Voice of the Middlewest
026137: SPENCE, KARL L. - Troopers, Indians and Buttes: From the Files of the Northwest Nebraska News
003269: SPENCER, MILTON H. - Contemporary Macroeconomics
052395: SPENCER, DOROTHY - Found Object Art (Schiffer Art Books)
043263: SPENCER-BROWN, G. - Laws of Form
042795: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - All Mortal Flesh
032639: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - I Shall Not Want
049652: SPERRY, GIL - Mariachi for Gringos: Unlocking the Secrets of Mexico's Macho Music
005312: SPEZZANO, LENCY - Make Way for Love : A Story to Open Your Heart
039288: SPICER, CHRIS - No Perfect Fathers Here
039287: SPICER, CHRIS - No Perfect Fathers Here
024010: SPICKA, MARK E. - Selling the Economic Miracle: Economic Reconstruction and Politics in West Germany, 1949-1957
005754: SPIEGEL, DIXIE L. - Reading for Pleasure : Guidelines (Reading Aids Ser. )
052490: SPIEGELBERG, H. - The Phenomenological Movement: A Historical Introduction, Second Edition, Volumes 1 & 2 (Phaenomenologica, Books 5 & Book 6)
052063: SPIES, WERNER - Max Ernst-Loplop: The Artist in the Third Person
029674: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: The Comic Strip, Volume 2
047061: SPILLEBEEN, GEERT - Kipling's Choice
040378: SPITZER, CARY R. (ED) - Avionics: Development and Implementation
020462: SPORNS, OLAF; TONONI, GIULIO (EDS) - International Review of Neurobiology: Selectionism and the Brain
020271: SPORNS, OLAF; TONONI, GIULIO (EDS) - Selectionism and the Brain
042932: SPREIREGEN, PAUL D. - The Architecture of William Morgan
012209: SPRICK, RANDALL S. - Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Problem-by-Problem Survival Guide
040209: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - The Life and Work of Our Lord. Three Volumes Set
037973: VAN DER SPUY, REX - Foundation Game Design with Flash
048249: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
013432: ST. BERNARD; YUSE, FRANK (ED) - Honey in the Mouth: Meditations from St. Bernard
027179: ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, ATHENS - International Cookery: From Personal Recipes in English and Greek
024399: STAAB, JO - Marriage As an Economic Partnership: How One State Made It Happen
024419: STAAB, JO - Marriage As an Economic Partnership: How One State Made It Happen
017451: STAATSGALERIE STUTTGART; HAUFF, RENATE - Radierungen IM 20. Jahrhundert: Sammlung Gunther Und Renate Hauff
050741: STABLER, KEN - Snake
001233: STACEY, SUSANNAH - Grave Responsibility : A Superintendent Bone Mystery
051428: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - They Met at Gettysburg
050151: DE STAEL, MADAME - Corinne Ou L'Italie
001057: HONOR BOOKS PUBLISHING STAFF - Mac Attack! : The Road to 62!, Collectors Ed
002273: LONDON RAPE CRISIS CENTRE STAFF - Sexual Violence : A Reality for Women
002739: CHILTON AUTOMOTIVE EDITORIAL STAFF - Chilton Toyota Celica Supra, 71-81
003284: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003289: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003290: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003295: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003303: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003304: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003308: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003310: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003311: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
008375: LIBRARY OF AMERICA STAFF (EDITOR) - Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1969
009841: CHEK-CHART STAFF - Automotive Brake Systems--Shop Manual
044942: LEISURE ARTS STAFF - Flea Market Finds: Before and After (Leisure Arts #15916)
020024: INDO-AMERICAN CENTER STAFF - Asian-Indians of Chicago (Images of America Ser. : Illinois)
021196: CHINESE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION STAFF - Essays on Chinese Education in the United States
028053: MONKS OF NEW SKETE STAFF - In the Spirit of Happiness
011552: STAFF, BUREAU OF MINES - Precious Metals Recovery from Low-Grade Resources. Proceedings: Bureau of Mines Open Industry Briefing Session at the National Western Mining Conference, Denver, Co, February 12, 1986
025700: AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION STAFF - Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
017487: STAFFORD, BARBARA MARIA - Visual Analogy: Consciousness As the Art of Connecting
051969: STAGG, BARBARA - Historic Rugby (Tn) (Images of America)
052246: STAGGS, JANIS - Wiener Werkstätte Jewelry
034004: STAGNER, LLOYD E. - Rock Island Motive Power, 1933-1955
031072: STAHL, DICK - Mr. Farnam's Guests
002056: STAMP, GAVIN - Telephone Boxes
001230: STANLEY, CHARLES F - Confronting Casual Christianity
051288: STANLEY, ELLEN MAY - Early Lane County Development
033018: STANTON, DOMNA C. - Feminisms in the Academy
038268: STAR, LILLY - Fighting the System : A Foster Mother's Journal
038440: STAR+A;STARR, WILLIAM - To Learn with Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents
050906: STARCK, PATRICIA L. (ED) - The Hidden Dimension of Illness: Human Suffering
050873: STARCK, PATRICIA L.; MCGOVERN, JOHN P. (EDS) - The Hidden Dimension of Illness: Human Suffering
052430: STARK, ED - Zeenarchs
006320: STARK, SANDRA L. - Returning to Work: A Planning Book for Women
042477: STARR, LEONARD - Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins on Stage, Volume 3
042753: STARRAK, J. A. - Problems of Beginning Farmers in Iowa
052392: STARZECKA, D. C. (ED) - Maori: Art and Culture
049579: STATON, THOMAS FELIX - Relation of Selected Factors to Individual Prestige Achieved in Seminars
049590: STATON, KATE E. (ED) - Old Southern Songs of the Period of the Confederacy: The Dixie Trophy Collection
008182: STAUBRINGER, ZVONKO - Tito: Gradanin Sveta
042983: STEARNS, BEN W. - Arthur Collins Radio Wizard
010579: STEBER, RICK - Indians (Oregon Country Series)
052508: STEEL, DANIELLE - Neighbors: A Novel
049385: STEEL, DANIELLE - Fairytale: A Novel (Random House Large Print)
049967: STEELE, DAMARIS WITHERSPOON - First Church, Volume I: A 19th Century History of First Presbyterian Church of Nashville
043526: STEFANIAK, MARY HELEN - The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia
043084: FOSSI GIORDANO; PALLANTI STEFANO - Psichiatria Elementare
013740: STEFFY, BETTY E. - Career Stages of Classroom Teachers
016199: STEHR, NELL - Apples, Brie & Chocolate
027071: STEIN, ROBERT H. - The Chase
033193: STEIN, BEN;DEMUTH, PHIL - Yes, You Can Supercharge Your Portfolio!: Six Steps for Investing Success in the 21st Century
025768: STEIN, ROBERT LOUIS - The French Sugar Business in the Eighteenth Century
038402: STEIN, ROBERT H - The Vengeance Equation
051094: STEIN, ARLENE C. - My Eye of the Apple: An Epistolary Reflection
052784: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Long Valley: Fourteen Great Short Stories
051066: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Long Valley
041228: STEINBECK, JOHN - Viva Zapata!: The Original Screenplay
023454: STEINBERG, DAVID (ED) - Erotic by Nature: A Celebration of Life, of Love, and of Our Wonderful Bodies
046623: STEINER, CHARLES V.; DAVIS, RICHARD B. - Caged Bird Medicine: Selected Topics
049776: STEINER, RUDOLF - Truth, Beauty and Goodness
010763: STEINHARDT, JACINTO - Science and the Modern World
018028: STEINKE, JAY - Gunflint Territory
005497: STEITZ, EDWARD S. - Illustrated Basketball Rules
020128: STELLA, SR. - Out of a Dark & Narrow Tunnel: A Struggle to Be
037098: STELLA, PILAR;BLAKE, CYNTHIA ALIZA - Being the Present: 101 Ways to Inspire Living and Giving
023967: STELLINGA, MARK - Phonetical Imagery: A New Approach to an Old Friend
005785: STENEBERG, WILHELM - Handwörterbuch Des Finanzwesens in Deutscher Und Englischer Sprache. (Financial Dictionary in English and German, Part II)
008023: STENSRUD, MARY MCCONVILLE - Quimper S.D. #3254 : A Saskatchewan Potpourri
051305: STENT, GUNTHER S. (ED) - Papers on Bacterial Viruses
030617: STEPAN, PETER - Icons of Photography: The 20th Century
004392: STERN, HAROLD - Doctor Dolittle
007337: STERN, GERALD - Not God After All
052235: STERN, MARIANNE - Early Glass of the Ancient World
046677: STERN, GERALD - Paradise Poems
042698: STERN, EPHRAIM - Dor--Ruler of the Seas
002008: STERNFIELD, JONATHAN - The Look of Horror : Scary Moments from Scary Movies
051598: BASSM STEVE - One Step at a Time
010613: STEVENS, GEORGIANA G. - Egypt: Yesterday and Today
046558: STEVENS, JENNIFER ANNE - From Masculine to Feminine
052408: STEVENS, MARK A; PEOPLES, A J - The Clinchfield No. 1: Tennessee's Legendary Steam Engine
047042: STEVENS, L. CLARK - Est: The Steersman Handbook, Charts of the Coming Decade of Conflict
013122: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped. Limited Editions Club
022347: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [Limited Editions Club]
052538: STEVENSON, ROBERT LEWIS - Treasure Island
008625: STEWART, STAN; HUBNER, PAULINE - Talking About Something Important
033183: STEWART, JOHN (ED) - Beyond the Symbol Model: Reflections on the Representational Nature of Language
007481: STIDGER, WILLIAM L. - Giant Hours with Poet Preachers
047609: STIERLE, CYNTHIA - Brave: Disney Wonderful World of Reading
047608: STIERLE, CYNTHIA - The Tigger Movie: Disney Wonderful World of Reading
047605: STIERLE, CYNTHIA - Cinderella: Disney Wonderful World of Reading
047606: STIERLE, CYNTHIA - The Incredibles: Disney Wonderful World of Reading
047607: STIERLE, CYNTHIA - Pinocchio: Disney Wonderful World of Reading
025247: STIKA, NICK J. - Bag of Knives
037309: STIKS, IGOR;VALENTINO, RUSSELL SCOTT - A Castle in Romagna
031393: STILLS, STEPHEN - Stephen Stills: Illegal Stills [Songbook]
005010: STIMSON, WILLIAM L. - Going to Washington State : A Century of Student Life (Centennial Histories Ser. )
032609: STINE, R. L. - Goosebumps Horror Land 2 Pack [Audiobook]
052385: STIRN, AGLAJA; VAN HAM, PETER - The Hidden World of the Naga: Living Traditions in Northeast India and Burma
051256: STOBER, CAROL - Cowboy Tunes for Autoharp
051776: STOBIE, JANE GRAY - Jonbenet's Gift: A Miracle for the Millennium
010881: STODDARD,WILLIAM LEAVITT - The Shop Committee: A Handbook for Employer and Employee
051071: STODDARD, ALEXANDRA - Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life
014142: STOKER, FRED - Shrubs for the Rock Garden
017669: STOKSTAD, MARILYN; STANNARD, JERRY - Gardens of the Middle Ages
005738: STONE, HOWARD - Cuentos de Villarrica: A New Reading Approach
023049: STONE, LARRY A.; STRAVERS, JON W. - Sylvan T. Runkel: Citizen of the Natural World
036901: STONE, LYNN - Sanibel Island
050072: STONE, KATE; ANDERSON, JOHN Q. (ED) - Brokenburn: The Journal of Kate Stone, 1861-1868
052405: STONEY, SAMUEL GAILLARD - Plantations of the Carolina Low Country
017545: STOOSS, TONI; LOUIS, ELEONORA; KUNSTHALLE WIEN - Doubletake: Kollektives Gedachtnis & Heutige Kunst, Kunsthalle Wien, 8. Janner-28. Februar 1993
022366: STOPPARD, TOM - The Dog It Was That Died and Other Plays
009969: STORK, B. C. 'RAWHIDE SHORTY' - Told Around the Campfire: True Tales of the Old West
031349: STOTZ, CHARLES MORSE - Point of Empire: Conflict at the Forks of the Ohio
049348: STOUT, LOUIS J. - Heart's Desire: Horn of Plenty
043144: STOUT, DONALD FRANKLIN; STOUT, DOROTHY JEAN MILLER - Cedar Chronicles 1836-1996: Our Salute to the Iowa Sesquicentennial
021668: STRAIGHT, SUSAN - I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked out All the Pots
052065: STRAIN, MARGARET (ED) - Doodling Around the Ozarks: Stories of Real Ozark Folk
023296: STRANGE, THOMAS ARTHUR - English Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork & Allied Arts During the Last Half of the Seventeenth Century, the Whole of the Eighteenth Century, and the Earlier Part of the Nineteenth : A Guide to Collectors (. )
043992: STRANGE, SUSAN - The Retreat of the State: The Diffusion of Power in the World Economy
011279: STRAUB, LAVONNE A. - Rural Health Care: Innovation in a Changing Environment
052718: STRAUSS, JAMES D. - The Seer, the Saviour, and the Saved: A Study of the Book of Revelation
052488: STRAWSON, P. F. - The Bounds of Sense: An Essay on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
037702: STRAZZ, P. L. - Chicago Mountain Bike Trails Guide: A Dirt-Lover's Escort to the Best Off-Road Bike Trails in Northeastern Illinois and Beyond
024489: STREAN, HERBERT S. - Resolving Counterresistances in Psychotherapy
023808: STREET, MYRA - The Complete Rice Cookbook : The New Illustrated Guide to Ritzy Rice Recipes
000915: STREGE, JOHN - Tiger : A Biography of Tiger Woods
013687: STREIT, MANFRED E. - Futures Markets: Modelling, Managing and Monitoring Futures Trading
015889: STREITMATTER, RODGER - Mightier Than the Sword : How the News Media Have Shaped American History
051707: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?
001157: STRINDBERG, AUGUST; SPRINCHORN, EVERT (TRANSLATOR) - Selected Plays : The Pre-Inferno Period (Selected Plays Ser. , Vol. 1)
001159: STRINDBERG, AUGUST; SPRINCHORN, EVERT (TRANSLATOR) - Selected Plays : The Post-Inferno Period (Selected Plays Ser. , Vol. 2)
010856: STRINDBERG, AUGUST - Svenska Folket
047625: STRINDBERG, AUGUST - The Inferno
049690: STRONG, ROBERT - The Story of Man: Sermons Preached in 1970 in Trinity Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama
001744: STROOT, MICHEL - The Golden Door Cookbook : 175 Recipes from the World's Most Luxurious Spa
003860: STROUD, MARION - Gift of Years
046682: STRUTHERS, ANN - Stoneboat (Iowa Poets)
021823: STRUTHERS, NANCY J. (ED) - Gender in the Workplace
044768: STRUTHERS, ANN - Stoneboat (Iowa Poets)
045203: FRITZ DRURY; JOANNE STRYKER - Drawing: Structure and Vision
003524: STUART, DOUGLAS - Old Testament Exegesis
028192: STUART-HAMILTON, IAN - Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment: Includes Key Terms in Statistics, Psychological Testing, Experimental Methods and the
003719: STUBBS, KENNETH RAY - Sacred Orgasms: Teachings from the Heart
023855: STUBBS, KENNETH RAY - The Sensuous Lovers' Guide
051586: STUBBS, REBECCA HARRIS - J. Percy Priest and His Amazing Race: A Biography
038566: STUCKER, BILL - Ever Westward
039956: STUEMPFLE, STEPHEN - The Steelband Movement: The Forging of a National Art in Trinidad and Tobago
052620: STURGEON, THEODORE - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
052613: STURGEON, THEODORE - Some of Your Blood
044875: DONALD T. STUSS - Principles of Frontal Lobe Function
008045: SUARES; HAMERMAN, DON - Snoopy Collection
008305: SUHOR, CHARLES; SUHOR, BERNARD - Teaching Values in the Literature Classroom: A Debate in Print a Public School View a Catholic School View
016512: SULERI, SARA - Meatless Days
043255: SULLIVAN, JOHN F. - The Externals of the Catholic Church
037942: SULLIVAN, E. THOMAS - Antitrust Law, Policy and Procedure: Cases, Materials, Problems Sixth Edition
028099: SULLIVAN, FRANCIS A. - Creative Fidelity: Weighing and Interpreting Documents of the Magisterium
052696: SULZBY, JAMES F., JR. - Arthur W. Smith: A Birmingham Pioneer, 155-1944
050234: SULZER, ELMER GRIFFITH - Ghost Railroads of Tennessee
051630: SULZER, ELMER GRIFFITH - Ghost Railroads of Tennessee
051605: SUMIRA, SYLVIA - The Art and History of Globes
049920: SUMMERS, ANDY - Throb
003809: SUMNER, ROBERT L. - Balaam: The World's First Ecumenical Evangelist
043251: SUMULONG, LAWRENCE - Gawain Ng Diyos / God's Work
015350: SUN, GRACE Y. (EDITOR); RUDEEN, P. KEVIN (EDITOR); WOOD, W. GIBSON (EDITOR); YAU HUEI WEI (EDITOR); SUN, ALBERT Y. (EDITOR) - Molecular Mechanisms of Alcohol : Neurobiology and Metabolism (Experimental Biology and Medicine Ser. , Vol. 21)
052737: SUNDBORG, PIERRE - Tragic Truth: Oswald Shot Kennedy by Accident
047236: SUNDÉN, D. A. - Ordbok öfter Svenska Språket Under Medverkan Utgifven D.A. Sundén. Förra Delen a-K. Senare Delen L-ô. (in Einem Band / in One Volume).
046861: SUNDQUIST, JOSH - A Leg Up
042888: SUNG, CHANKYUNG - Translucency: Selected Poems of Chankyung Sung
024796: SUNSTEIN, BONNIE S. - Composing a Culture: Inside a Summer Writing Program for High School Teachers
048160: SURIKOV, VASILII IVANOVICH - Vasilii Ivanovich Surikov: Zhivopis: Portrety I Peizazhi Iz Muzeinykh I Chastnykh Sobranii : Katalog Vystavki
033574: SUSKIND, PATRICK - El Perfume Historia de Un Asesino
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001894: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001895: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001896: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001897: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
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014480: TRUMPOLD, CLIFF - Now Pitching: Bill Zuber from Amana
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007273: TRUNK, CARL H. - History of the City of Spokane. From 1880 to the Lilac Parades
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003442: TUCHMAN, PHYLLIS - George Segal (Modern Masters Ser. )
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050949: TWAIN, MARK - Pudd'Nhead Wilson, and Pudd'Nhead Wilson's Calendar
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050946: TWAIN, MARK - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs' Court
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045130: MS. UNDERSTOOD - The Struggle
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011403: VALLE, CHARLES (TAKEBOKI) - The Joy of Just Enough: The Haiku Poetry of Charles Valle (Volume Seven)
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006596: VANDERWOOD, JOHN - Be My Guest
011314: VANDERWOOD, JOHN - Be My Guest
013332: VANDRE, CARL W. - Four-Part Sight Reading Fun
009335: VANSTEENWEGEN, ALFONS; VERSTAETEN, DANIELLE (EDS) - Partnerrelatie En Therapie
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052341: VARLEY, PETER - Frederick H. Varley
052192: VARLEY, PETER - Frederick H. Varley
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042096: WACHAL, ROBERT - Novembering: Poems from Late in Life
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045049: WALLACE, KATHERINE;BEZANSON, 'ELAINE - Celebrate! Gifts of Time with Grandma: Over 200 Delightful Activities to Enjoy with Your Grandchild
043589: WALLACE, KATHERINE;BEZANSON, 'ELAINE - Celebrate! Gifts of Time with Grandma: Over 200 Delightful Activities to Enjoy with Your Grandchild
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051581: WATERS, SONIA E. - Addiction and Pastoral Care
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052550: WATSON, MR ROLAND HUGH - The Water Horses of Loch Ness: An Inquiry Into the Kelpie or Water Horse of Loch Ness and Elsewhere and How the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie Arose from... Supernatural and Paranormal Creature of Evil.
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045842: WATSON, ROSIE - New Holland Professional: Manicure and Pedicure: The Complete Guide to Professional Results
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043750: WELCH, KAREN - Hearts Unfold
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021327: WELK, MARY V. - A Deadly Little Christmas: A Caroline Rhodes Mystery
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027374: WELSH, DORIS VARNER - A Second Checklist of French Political Pamphlets 1560-1653 in the Newberry Library
000385: WELTER, ANNI - Child of the Reich: How We Lived and Survived
020991: WENDLER, TERRI HOYLAND PH.D. - Wise Words Inspirational Thoughts for Those Diagnosed with Cancer
008818: WENDLETON, KATE; ROTHMAN, WENDY ALFUS - Targeting the Job You Want
008819: WENDLETON, KATE - Getting Interviews
050417: WENDT, TERRY KARL - The Early Days: An Inside Story of Nashville's Country Music Biz
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042028: WENGER, AMY;WENGER, AMY LANT - Around Nappanee: Hometowns of the Heritage Trail
051975: WENSINK, PATRICK - Everything Was Great Until It Sucked: One Man's Journey from Fake Ids and Bbq Sauce Sales to Stay-at-Home-Dad and Bestselling Author
008641: WENTWORTH, MARION CRAIG - Iridescent Days
010895: WERBIN, I. VERNON - Legal Phases of Construction Contracts
046140: WERFEL, FRANZ - Hearken Unto the Voice
016190: WERNEKE, DIANE; LEVITAN, SAR A. & WERNEKE, DIANE - Productivity--Problems, Prospects, and Policies
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003246: WEST, EDWARD N. - Outward Signs : The Language of Christian Symbols
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007703: WESTCOTT, JOAN C. - Bits of Chaff
010819: WESTWOOD, ETHEL PAGE - Footloose
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021769: WHEELER, DOUGLAS L.; PÉLISSIER, RENÉ - Review of Personality and Social Psychology.
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050267: WHITE, GREGORY LEE - Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils for Beauty, Health, and Spirituality
041949: WHITE, T. H. - The Godstone and the Blackymor
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013405: WHITE, BRIAN - Historic Guernsey
015428: WHITE, MIKE - This Water: Poems
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040531: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN - The Court of Boyville
052325: WHITE, SUSANNE - Psychedelic Collectibles of the 1960s and 1970s: An Illustrated Price Guide
051655: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE - George Whitefield's Letter to Wesley on Election
036439: WHITEHEAD, MIKE - Brute Squad Rpg
049540: WHITEHEAD, JESSUP - Hotel Meat Cooking. Seventh Edition.
038684: WHITEHILL, WILLIAM NELSON - Ups and Downs of Iowa's Railroads
051419: WHITING, MARVIN YEOMANS - Vestavia Hills, Alabama: A Place Apart
049286: WHITLEY, EDYTHE JOHNS RUCKER - Sam Davis: Confederate Hero, 1842-1863
052456: WHITLEY, EDYTHE RUCKER - Marriages of Sumner County, Tennessee, 1787-1838
052442: WHITMAN, JAMES Q. - The Origins of Reasonable Doubt: Theological Roots of the Criminal Trial (Yale Law Library Series in Legal History and Reference)
042363: WHITNEY, NATHANIEL R. - The Sale of War Bonds in Iowa
046786: WHITNEY, MARY (ED) - Shuttleworths Across America (Shuttleworth Genealogy)
004508: WHITSON, ROBLEY E. - Poeming Elusions
008245: WHITSON, ROBLEY - Lotus Sutra Poems
010745: WHYTE, WILLIAM FOOTE - Pattern for Industrial Peace
043772: WICK, KRISTAL - Metal Clay 101 for Beaders: Create Custom Findings, Beads, Embellishments & Charms
039305: WICKER, LISA J. LINDSAY - The Winning Spirit: Building Employee Enthusiasm
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039388: WIER, DELIGHT BOBILYA - I Married a Farmer
049512: WIGHT, FREDERICK S. - Hans Hofmann
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042981: WILDASIN, HENRY - Henry Wildasin's Revised History of Wilton, Iowa: Containing a Complete Reprint of Wilton History, 1854-1876
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016202: WILKINSON, JOHN; CHICHESTER, MICHAEL - British Defence: A Blueprint for Reform
050109: WILKINSON, JOHN M. - Rock Bottom: An American Heartland Farm-Town and Family from Settlement Through the Great Depression
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026664: WILL, DR. MILLER;SPARKS, DR. GLEN - Refrigerator Rights: Why We Need to Let People Into Our Hearts, Our Homes (and Our Refrigerators). And How to Bring Even More Close Relationships Into Our Lives
004308: WILLCOX, WENSLEY - Poorman Oranges: Stories of Women in Community Houses in Auckland
051560: WILLERS, HERMANN - 30 Stunden Italienisch Für Anfänger
023785: WILLIAM, V. A. - It's Fun to Make Creations with Primitives
049007: WILLIAMS, BOB - Music City Macabre: The Low Lying Lands Vol. 1 (Volume 1)
011380: WILLIAMS, LUKE G. - Luke G. Williams: An American Entrepreneur an Autobiography
013277: WILLIAMS, BOB - Now You'Re Cookin' with Bob Williams for Governor
013455: WILLIAMS, W. B. - Stratford-Upon-Avon: An Illustrated Guide
013456: WILLIAMS, GEORGE G. - Guide to Literary London
048390: WILLIAMS, GARRETT - Misguided Notions: The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Publicly Funded Education in America
050502: WILLIAMS, KENT - Kent Williams: Drawings & Monotypes
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049005: WILLIAMS, BOB - Music City Macabre: The Low Lying Lands Vol. 1 (Volume 1)
038281: WILLIAMS, LARRY R.;WILLIAMS, JUANITA H. - Treasure of the Dry Tortugas
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012924: WILLIAMS-BOOK, GRACE - The Shadow of Thy Wings
002459: WILLIAMS-GARCIA, RITA - No Laughter Here
002625: WILLIAMS-GARCIA, RITA - No Laughter Here
001445: WILLIAMSON, MARIANNE; NAPLES, MARY A. /(EDITOR/) - Healing the Soul of America : Reclaiming Our Voices As Spiritual Citizens
008059: WILLIAMSON, CLARK M. - When Jews and Christians Meet: A Guide for Christian Preaching and Teaching
052623: WILLIAMSON, JACK - The Trial of Terra
039591: WILLIAMSON, JOHN (ED) - Accidents in North American Mountaineering (2012)
043698: WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL T. - Frank Gannett: A Biography
042777: WILLIS, CONNIE - Daisy, in the Sun
009517: WILLNER, DOROTHY - Nation-Building and Community in Israel
005198: WILLOUGHBY, STEPHEN S. - How Deep Is the Water?
016452: WILLS, GARRY - Saint Augustine
051966: WILLS, RIDLEY, II - The Hermitage at One Hundred: Nashville's First Million-Dollar Hotel
052000: WILLS, RIDLEY - Nashville Pikes Volume Six: 150 Years Along Gallatin and Vaughn Pikes
052637: WILLS, RIDLEY, II - Nashville Pikes, Volume Eight--the Hub of the Wheel: The Old City 1780-1889
040889: WILLSON, BECKLES - Lord Strathcona: The Story of His Life
049320: WILMAN, STANLEY V. - Games for Playtime & Parties: With & without Music for Children of All Ages
013797: WILMS, H.J. - Plant Sperm Cells As Tools for Biotechnology
052239: WILSON, CHARIS - Edward Weston: Nudes
000618: WILSON, A. N - Penfriends from Porlock : Essays and Reviews, 1977-1986
002103: WILSON, WILLIAM P - The Grace to Grow
002270: WILSON, DAMON - The Mammoth Book of Nostradamus and Other Prophets
005797: WILSON, HOWARD - A Glossary of Economic Terms
037091: WILSON, BERNARD R. - Meditations for Tough and Testing Times
047413: WILSON, CHARIS - Edward Weston: Nudes
017964: WILSON, EUNICE; GILE, JOANNE - Fashion Bags
052293: WILSON, ROBERT A. - Natural Law or Don't Put a Rubber on Your Willy
052435: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - The Illuminati Papers
052039: WILSON, LEE - All I Have to Do Is Dream: The Boudleaux and Felice Bryant Story
051706: WILSON, SHIRLEY (ED) - The Ancestors and Descendants of James Glasgow Martin of Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tennessee
050736: WILSON, H. A. - Haggerston Catechism - Part Four: The Lord's Prayer
052280: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits
052741: WILSON, WOODROW - The Papers of Woodrow Wilson Vol 50 (the Complete Press Conferences 1913-1919)
018157: WILTON-ELY, JOHN - Piranesi As Architect and Designer
027108: SCOTT; WINATA - Indonesian Cookery
001079: WINCHESTER, DAVID F. - The Innocent Corpse (B.A. Cole Mysteries Ser. )
001733: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman : A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
002275: WINCHESTER, DAVID F. - The Innocent Corpse (B.A. Cole Mysteries Ser. )
012523: WINDLE, WILLIAM F. (ED) - Biology of Neuroglia
050424: WING, JANET LENORA - The Rogue and Rosie Jones
041082: WINGFIELD, GARTH - Dating Games (a Collection of Short Plays)
020533: WINKLER, ANTHONY C. - The Lunatic
029020: WINKLER, MARTIN A. - Classics and Cinema
040022: WINNE, MARK - Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners, and Smart-Cookin' Mamas : Fighting Back in an Age of Industrial Agriculture
007296: WINSTON, CLARA; WINSTON, RICHARD - The Horizon Book of Daily Life in the Middle Ages
044772: WINTER, WILLIAM - Shakespeare on the Stage, Second Series
048717: WINTER, GORDON - The Horseman's Week-End Book
026942: WINTER, LEON DE - Supertex.
028165: WINTERMUTE, MARTHA - Eleven Women and Thirteen Men and Other Works
036855: WINTERS, ROBERT W. (ED) - The Salicylate-Poisoned Patient
038976: WIRTZ, H. ALLEN - Please Don't Paint the Daisies
042490: WIRTZ, H. ALLEN - Please Don't Paint the Daisies
006595: WISE, HERBERT H.; TOLLEY, EMELIE - Kitchen Detail
034794: WISMER, FRANK E. III - War in the Garden of Eden: A Military Chaplain's Memoir from Baghdad
026855: WISONG, STUART R. - Angel Come Home
047973: WITHERINGTON III, BEN - Jesus, Paul and the End of the World
004376: WITHERS, BUD - Bravehearts : The Against-All-Odds Rise of Gonzaga Basketball
052419: WITT, SAM - The Quintessential Psion
050330: WITTENBERG, DAVID - Philosophy, Revision, Critique: Rereading Practices in Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Emerson
038158: WOELK, ULRICH - Ruckspiel (German Edition)
021365: VAN WOERKOM, DOROTHY; CUMMINS, JIM - The Lands of Fire and Ice: How Christianity Came to Hawaii and Iceland
052157: WOJCIK, JENNY M. - Poems
035597: WOJTYLA, KAROL - Whole-School Success and Inclusive Education: Building Partnerships for Learning, Achievement, and Accountability
035596: WOLCOTT, HARRY F. - The Man in the Principal's Office
014525: WOLF, DENNIE PALMER - Reading Reconsidered: Literature and Literacy in High School (Academic Preparation Series Supplements)
016374: WOLF, MARTIN L. - Dictionary of the Arts
026290: WOLF, ROBERT (ED) - An American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk
040981: WOLF, ROBERT (ED) - Heartland Portrait : Stories and Essays of Rural Life
029580: WOLF, FREDERICK - Sparrow
051487: WOLF, TOM - The Maverick: Hervey White's Colony of the Arts
051362: WOLF, DONALD - What Sign Is Your Pet?
036321: WOLF, TOM - Ice Crusaders: A Memoir of Cold War and Cold Sport
012887: WOLFE, EUGENE NOEL - Wind Along the Waste
016798: WOLFE, ART; HILL, MARTHA - Rhythms from the Wild
021401: WOLK-SIMON, LINDA - Italian Old Master Drawings from the Collection of Jeffrey E. Horvitz
036970: WOLLAEGER, MARK A. - Joseph Conrad and the Fictions of Skepticism
016132: WOLLER, RUDOLF - Warsaw Pact Reserve Systems: A White Paper
032643: WOLSTENCROFT, DAVID - Good News, Bad News
000525: WOLTER, DWIGHT L.; NOLAND, JANE T. /(EDITOR/) - My Child, My Teacher, My Friend : Parenting in Recovery
019395: WOLTERS, RICHARD - Water Dog: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method
039392: WOOD, MICHAEL, J. - Rise Up the Phoenix
052757: WOOD, MATTHEW - Seven Herbs: Plants As Teachers
046605: WOOD, WALLACE - Sally Forth #3
021618: WOOD, JAMES PLAYSTED - Poetry Is; Thoughts About the What, Why, and Who of Poetry
041958: WOOD, ERNEST E. - Practical Yoga, Ancient and Modern
032809: WOOD, WALLACE - Sally Forth #2
032808: WOOD, WALLACE - Sally Forth #3
046618: WOOD, WALLACE - The Wallace Wood Treasury
046619: WOOD, WALLACE - Wallace Wood Portfolio
003569: WOODARD, CHARLAYNE - Pretty Fire
037542: WOODARD, FREDRICK; HOBBS, ROBERT CARLETON - Human Rights/Human Wrongs: Art and Social Change Essays by Members of the Faculty of the University of Iowa
019202: WOODARD, FREDRICK; HOBBS, ROBERT CARLETON - Human Rights/Human Wrongs: Art and Social Change Essays by Members of the Faculty of the University of Iowa
050800: WOODBRIDGE, SALLY BYRNE - Bernard Maybeck: Visionary Architect
009615: WOODBURY, CHARLES J. - Bibliography of the Cotton Manufacture
049499: WOODHOUSE, A. S. P. - The Minor English Poems (a Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton, Volume 2 [Part 3])
040030: WOODHOUSE, KAY - Unexpected Blessings
049501: WOODHOUSE, A. S. P. - The Minor English Poems (a Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton, Volume 2 [Part 1])
008040: WOODRESS, JAMES - Dissertations in American Literature, 1891-1966
007404: WOODRING, SUSAN FOWLER - Overcoming Procrastination [Audiobook]
007323: WOODROFFE, GORDON - Wildlife Conservation and the Modern Zoo
044010: WOODRUFF, LEE; WOODRUFF, BOB - In an Instant
012825: WOODS, JOHN - Keeping out of Trouble (Poetry Ser. )
014893: WOODS, CHRISTOPHER - Encyclopedia of Perennials: A Gardener's Guide

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