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007635: POLLARD, LANCASTER - A Check List of Washington Authors
044780: POLLARD, C. V. - The Practical Solution to German Translation
050554: POLLOCK, J. C. - The Keswick Story
012556: POLZIN, STUART K - Frustrated: Selected Poems 1981-1990
034822: POMA, HUAMAN - Letter to a King: A Peruvian Chife's Account of Life Under the Incas and Under Spanish Rule
036116: POMERANCE, ANITA H. (ED) - Adult Literacy Handbook for Students and Tutors
006373: POOL, WILLIAM C.; CRADDOCK, EMMIE; CONRAD, DAVID E. - Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Formative Years
009486: POOLE, GARRY - How Does Anyone Know God Exists?
043019: POOLE, ROBERT - My Uncle Sam Needs a House-Call: The Faltering Health of a Great Nation
020989: POPELL, CHARLES WILLIAM - Bitter Water for the Unborn Jesus: An Intriguing Historical Novel of the Life and Times of Mary
041693: POPP, ROBIN T. - Mas Alla de la Noche/ Father Than the Night
006167: PORAD, FRANCINE - Pen and Inklings: Haiku, Senryu, and Sketches, Volume 2
026425: PORRO, ANTHONY L. - Before the Keys: A Confident Buyer - an Educated Seller
009102: PORTER, GEORGE; LANE-PETTER, W. (EDS) - Notes for Breeders of Common Laboratory Animals (Aka 'Breeding Laboratory Animals')
051472: PORTER, DAVID - The Practical Christianity of Malcolm Muggeridge
050363: PORTER, RUFUS L. - The Saga of Dynamite Dan: And Other Tales of 'the World's Greatest Gold Camp'
010443: PORTILLO, CHANTAL - Petite Punaise Blanche
051413: POSNER, HELAINE - Kiki Smith
048891: POTEET, RAYMOND - How to Get Rich Financing Your Cars: Private Family Financing
019348: POTTER, GREG PH.D. - Winning the War with Self
049603: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Story of Peter Rabbit / Dick Whittington and His Cat
034579: POTTERBAUM, GERARD A. - The Rites of People: Exploring the Ritual Character of Human Experience
034725: POULIN, JACQUES - La Traduction Est Une Histoire D'Amour: Roman
004669: POUND, EZRA (TRANSLATOR) - The Classic Anthology Defined by Confucius
048680: POVO, KELLY - Roadsides: Images of the American Landscape
050429: POVO, KELLY - Roadsides: Images of the American Landscape
040863: POWELL, JERRY & JUNE - Marathon, Heart of the Florida Keys
050954: POWELL, ERIC F W - Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs (Health in the Home)
050989: POWELL, ARDAL - The Flute
050688: POWERS, ANNIE - The Karaoke Queen: And Her Year of Yes (Adventures of the Karaoke Queen) (Volume 1)
026680: POWERS, J. M.; STOUT, L. M. - Loose Screws
049605: POWERS, JAMES T. - Twinkle Little Star: Sparkling Memories of Seventy Years
019978: PRABHAKAR, ERIC - The Way to Athletic Gold: A Training Manual for Indian Athletic Excellence
050489: PRABHUPADA, A C BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - Sri Caitanya Caritamrita: Madhya Lila, V. 4
042220: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Equal Rites (Hebrew Edition)
040058: PRATER, BURT - Family Masonic Education Workbook: Using Masonic Symbolism in Daily Life
012471: PRATT, SHANNON P.; ROSS, LAWRENCE R. - Investing in the Great Northwest: A Layman's Guide to Northwest Stocks and Bonds
012628: PRATT, ORVILLE C. - The Story of Spokane
037691: PRCHAL, TIM (ED) - Visions and Divisions: American Immigration Literature, 1870-1930
032693: PRENTISS, STAN - Troubleshooting and Repairing Tvro Systems
034666: PRESCOTT, JOHN - In Flanders Fields: The Story of John Mccrae
021270: PRESCOTT, H. F. M. - The Man on a Donkey
042812: PRESLEY, ELVIS - Elvis Presley Anthology, 2 Volume Set
038331: PRESTON, ANTONY - The World's Worst Warships
042079: PRETYMAN, E. R. - Some Notes on the Penal Settlement at Port Arthur Tasmania - Port Arthur Tasmania's Convict Settlement 1830 to 1877
029664: PRIAPEA; PARKER, W. H. (TRANS) - Priapea: Poems for a Phallic God
007063: PRICE, JOHN - Democracy in Industry: The Problem of Workers' Control (W.E. A. Study Outlines. No. 11)
032082: PRICE, JOHN - Man Killed by Pheasant: And Other Kinships
021688: PRICE, DANIEL O. - The 99th Hour: The Population Crisis in the United States
000050: PRIDEAUX, TOM - The World of Delacroix
033007: PRIEST, GORDON; COBB, PAMELA - The Fight for Bristol : Planning and the Growth of Public Protest
050414: PRIESTLEY, R.; PIRINEN, T. - Warhammer Armies: Realm of Chaos
042201: PRIESTLY, JOSEPH - Jesus and Socrates Compared
046926: PRIETO, MARIA HELENA - Euphrosyne: Revista de Filologia Classica. Nova Serie. Volume IX
007546: PRIGGEE, MILT - Some Priggee Good Stuff
007548: PRIGGEE, MILT - Some Priggee Good Stuff
028482: PRIMORATZ, IGOR - Terrorism: The Philosophical Issues
030395: PRINCE, LEN - About Glamour
040654: PRINCIPE, SANDRA - Murder at Galena Stables: A Karen Prince Mystery
005992: DI PRISCO, JOSEPH - Poems in Which
049391: PROCTOR, IRENE ADAMS - Adams Family: Kith and Kin--from Halifax County, Virginia to Yellow Creek Valleyand Grices Creek, Houston County, Tennessee
008279: PROCTOR, KENNETH F. - Successful Baseball
051106: PROKEFIEV, SERGEI - Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles and Reminiscences
014018: PROMENSCHENKEL, MARLYS - Million Menus Cookbook
002347: PRUESS, JOANNA - The Supermarket Epicure : Great Recipes and Smart Shopping for Today's Lifestyle
014423: AMERICAN BOARD OF MEDICAL PSYCHOTHERAPISTS - Advances in Medical Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis: Volume 11 2002-2003
014432: AM BOARD MED PSYCHOTHERAPISTS - Advances in Medical Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis 1999-2000
050355: PTOLEMY - Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, or Quadripartite: Being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars; Newly Translated from the Greek Paraphrase of Proclus, with... The Almagest of Ptolemy, and the Whole of His
048214: S. PUANGSOMBAT, Y.PUANGSOMBAT GEORGE GEN - English-Thai the Fun Way to Learn the Language
021354: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Giacomo Puccini: Arias for Soprano
047367: PULLEN, DELBERT E. - Notes on Falling
039079: PURCELLA, GUY - Do It Yourself Guide to Biodiesel: Your Alternative Fuel Solution for Saving Money, Reducing Oil Dependency, Helping the Planet
026095: PURDUM, STAN - Roll Around Heaven All Day: A Piecemeal Journey Across America by Bicycle
031026: PURUCKER, G. DE - Wind of the Spirit: A Selection of Talks on Theosophy As Related Primarily to Human Life and Human Problems
051401: PURVIS, WILLIAM - Lichens (Smithsonian's Natural World Series)
046705: PUSHMAN, GARABED T. - Art Panels from the Handlooms of the Far Orient As Seen by a Native Rug Weaver
005434: PUTNAM, ALAN; PUTNAM, SANDY - Wine Magic : The Wine Guide for Funloving People
050971: PUTNEY, SNELL; PUTNEY, GAIL J. - The Adjusted American: Normal Neuroses in the Individual and Society
007818: PUTT, S. GORLEY - The Fiction of Henry James
013988: PUTTICK, BETTY - Hertfordshire Tales of Mystery and Murder
034610: PUZZLEWELL, PETER - Home Amusements : A Choice Collection of Riddles, Charades, Rebuses, Conundrums, Parlor Games, Forfeits, Etc. (1859)
016805: QU, LEI LEI; QUI, LEI LEI - The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy: Create Your Own Chinese Characters and Symbols for Good Fortune and Prosperity
027822: QUANDT, RICHARD E. (ED) - The Demand for Travel: Theory and Measurement
044815: QUANDT, GUILELMUS (ED) - Orphei Hymni
031919: QUARTON III, WILLIAM BARLOW - Lucky Man: Memories of a Life in Communications
041388: QUEEN, CAROL (ED) - Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality
005269: QUENNELL, C. H. B. - The Cathedral Church of Norwich a Description of Its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcopal See
050693: QUENTIN, PATRICK - Puzzle for Puppets
045919: QUIBLE, RENNIE G. - Walking-Talking: A Navajo Code Talker Story
028862: QUILES, CARLOS - A Grammar of Modern Indo-European: Language & Culture, Writing System & Phonology, Morphology and Syntax
049691: QUILTER, ROGER - Four Shakespeare Songs Third Set Op. 30 (High Voice)
049836: QUINBY, LAURIE J. - Natural Basis of Morals and Ethics
038869: QUINCY, KEITH - Hmong
008042: QUINN, NIALL - Voyovic and Other Stories
042765: QUINN, BARBARA;MALONE, ANTHONY - Pervasive Developmental Disorder an Altered Perspective
010892: QUINN, PAULINE - The Flower Garden
012114: QUIRING, VIVIAN - Building and Maintaining High Energy [Audiobook]
047261: QUIRK, MARIANNE; QUIRK, ROBERT E. - When You Come Home: A Wartime Courtship in Letters, 1941-45 (Great Lakes Books Series)
003745: RABBAS, EUGENIA (TABY) - Pearls of Wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson with Comments by Eugenia (Taby) Rabbas
000059: RABOFF, ERNEST - Paul Gauguin (Trophy Nonfiction Art for Children Ser. )
050921: RAD, GERHARD VON - Wisdom in Israel
032909: RADCLIFFE, SARAH;WESTWOOD, SALLIE - Remaking the Nation: Place, Identity and Politics in Latin America
024847: RADER, BENJAMIN G. - Baseball: A History of America's Game
044983: RADIGUES, MAX DE - L'âge Dur
036286: RADIN, PAUL - The Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology
049828: RADZIWILL, LEE - Happy Times
049461: RAE, SCOTT B. - Brave New Families: Biblical Ethics and Reproductive Technologies
032994: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
032975: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
020536: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
012956: RAGUSA, OLGA - Listen and Learn Italian [Audiobook]
024857: RAHEJA, DEV - Zen and the Art of Breakthrough Quality Management
033341: RAHMAN, MUHAMMAD HABIBUR - On Rights and Remedies: A Collection of Opinions
050976: RAHNER, KARL - The Church After the Council
047001: RAINE, DAVID S. - Ten-Minute Theatre
049207: RAINEY, BUCK - The Fabulous Holts
050110: RAISCH, ROGER - Turkey Hunting Secrets: Your Guide to Bowhunting Success and Advanced Gun Hunting Tactics
024437: RAIZEN, SENTA A.;LOUCKS-HORSLEY, SUSAN;KASER, JOYCE S.; BOUREXIS, PATRICIA S. - Enhancing Program Quality in Science and Mathematics
027408: RAJCHMAN, JOHN;WEST, CORNEL - Post-Analytic Philosophy
045998: RAJNAI, MIKLOS - Norwich School of Painters (Cotman House)
030002: RAJU, P. - The Philosophical Traditions of India
035240: RAMACHARAKA, YOGI - A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yogi
050323: RAMAN, BANGALORE VENKATA - A Hindu in America
042370: RAMIREZ, GABRIEL - Musicos Y Pintores
042369: RAMIREZ, GABRIEL - Escritores: Dibujos Y Textos
048025: RAMSAY, W. M. - St. Paul the Traveller and the Roman Citizen
035847: RAMSAY, ALLAN;FERGUSSON, ROBERT - Poems by Allan Ramsay and Robert Fergusson
000657: RAMSEY, ROBERT H - Men & Mines of Newmont : A Fifty Year History
039938: RAMSEY, JAROLD - Dermographia
050483: JIA DI RAN - Po Saier Song 40 (Treble Only) (with Tray) (Paperback)
051360: RAND, AYN - The Romantic Manifesto: A Philosophy of Literature
042417: RANDALL, W. DAVID; ROSS, WILLIAM M. - The Official Pullman-Standard Library, Vol. 5: Southern Pacific Prewar Cars
035672: RANDIER, JEAN - Nautical Antiques for the Collector
037368: RANDOLPH, PAUL HERBERT;MEEKS, HOWARD D. - Applied Linear Optimization
046026: RANKIN, IAN - Exit Music (Inspector Rebus)
051014: RANSFORD, OLIVER - The Rulers of Rhodesia: From Earliest Times to the Referendum
033630: RANSOME, B. C. M. - Doing Business in French
019241: RAO, P. R. RAMACHANDRA - The Art of Nagarjunikonda
041279: RAO, SAILESH - Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies
031759: RAPF, MAURICE - All About the Movies: A Handbook for the Movie-Loving Layman
049323: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Popper: The Great Philosophers (the Great Philosophers Series)
050685: RAPOPORT, ANATOL - Clausewitz: On War (the Great Commanders)
018160: RASPE, RALPH ERICH - The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen
009346: RATH, MATTHIAS - America's Most Successful Cardiovascular Health Program: Vitamin Program
051251: RATHBUN, MARK 'MARTY' - Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior
029947: RATNER, ELLEN - 101 Ways to Get Your Progressive Issues on Talk Radio
022312: RATZINGER, CARDINAL JOSEPH - The Ratzinger Report: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church
004161: RAVIN, EDWARD J. - I.K. S. Canine Training Course: A Home Study Course in Dog Training, 6 Sessions
044936: RAVITCH, DIANE - Troubled Crusade: American Education, 1945-80
005076: RAWSON, CLAUDE - Order from Confusion Sprung: Studies in Eighteenth Century Literature from Swift to Cowper
043776: RAY, AIMEE - Aimee Ray's Sweet & Simple Jewelry: 17 Designers, 10 Techniques & 32 Projects to Make
044680: RAY, DAVID - Farm in Calabria & Other Poems
047533: RAYMOND, ALEX - Rip Kirby: The Cormorant (Daily Strips: June 14, 1948 Thru December 4, 1948)
049905: RAYMOND, HAROLD R.; KEMPSKI, TED - The Delaware Wing T: The Running Game (the Art & Science of Coaching Series)
044737: RAYMOND, ALEX - Rip Kirby: Gunpowder Dreams
046078: RAYMOND, ALEX - Jungle Jim, Volume 5--Weekly 12-3-1939 - 6-8-1941
036157: RAYMOND, ALEX - Rip Kirby: Death Comes to Blackwater-Farm (Dailies from October 28, 1948 to March 3, 1950)
046077: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon: Sunday Dailies--1942 (Fuga Nel Deserto; the Usurper)
005704: REA, DOMINICO; GIORDANO, CARLO - Naples and Pompeii: The City, the Islands, the Gulf, Vesuvius, Excavations
022761: REA, JAMES EDGAR - The Winnipeg General Strike
042138: READ, CHARLES H., JR. - This Navy Doctor Came Ashore
045443: REAGE, PAULINE - The Story of O
038713: REBELLO, DR. LEO; THWAHIR, DR. A. B. - Free, Fair, Fearless: Ailwa Silver Jubilee Compilation
043437: REBOLLEDO, TEY D.; REBOLLEDO - Women Singing in the Snow : A Cultural Analysis of Chicana Literature
032120: BUREAU DES ETUDES ET RECHERCHES - Le Dictionnaire Francais - Arabe: Dictionnaire General, Linguistique Technique, Et Scientifique
020253: REDEKOP, COREY - Shelf Monkey
048654: REDHEAD, ALICE CRAIG - The Last Battalion
051000: REDON, ODILON - To Myself: Notes on Life, Art and Artists (English and French Edition)
037576: REDONNET, MARIE - Mobie-Diq
033056: REDPATH, FREDERICK, L. (ED) - '39 in '89 - Princeton University 50th Yearbook
049926: REEBENACKER, NOEL - How to Develop a Successful High School Passing Attack
037541: REED, CECIL A.; DONOVAN, PRISCILLA - Fly in the Buttermilk: The Life Story of Cecil Reed
040138: REED, MARY HUTCHINGS - Courting Kathleen Hannigan
033005: REES, DOUGLAS - Vampire High: Sophomore Year
040386: REES, ANTHONY R.;WETZEL, RONALD;STERNBERG, MICHAEL J.E. - Protein Engineering: A Practical Approach
043567: REESE, TERENCE - Story of an Accusation
002845: REEVES, BELLE - Washington, 'the Evergreen State': Its People, Products and Resources
019858: REEVES, LAURETTA - Zaps: The Norton Psychology Labs Workbook
015812: REGENSBURG, JEANETTE - Toward Education for Health Professions
038998: REHBOCK, PHILIP F. (ED) - At Sea with the Scientifics : The Challenger Letters of Joseph Matkin
050962: REICH, CHARLES A. - The Greening of America
003629: REID, JENNINGS B - Jesus : God's Emptiness, God's Fullness: The Christology of St. Paul
005793: REID, HOWARD - The Way of the Warrior
009985: REID, JOHN G. - Acadia, Maine, and New Scotland: Marginal Colonies in the Seventeenth Century
031834: REID, ANTHONY DAVID - Seed of Hope
050796: REIF, JENNIFER - Mysteries of Demeter : Rebirth of the Pagan Way
047187: REIGER, BARBARA - The Zane Grey Cookbook
050592: REILLY, HELEN - The Dead Can Tell
011493: REIMERS, HENRY - The Abrams Story
001878: REITER, THOMAS - Crossovers : Poems
001879: REITER, THOMAS - Crossovers : Poems
005286: REITER, SYDNEY - Industrial and Commercial Heat Recovery Systems
037808: RELF, COLIN - Scrap Metal Recovery: An Experience of Intermediate Technology in Papua New Guinea
037803: REMIC, ANDY - Biohell
013464: REMIE, C.H.W. - Canada on the Threshold of the 21st Century: European Reflections Upon the Future of Canada Selected Papers of the First All-European Canadian Stu
013543: REMIE, C.H.W. - Canada on the Threshold of the 21st Century: European Reflections Upon the Future of Canada Selected Papers of the First All-European Canadian Stu
008223: REMINGTON, FRANK J.; ET AL. - Criminal Justice Administration: Materials and Cases
028313: REMUS, TIMOTHY - How to Customize Your Harley-Davidson
032109: RENDLEMAN, RON - A Fistful of Dust
031521: RENOUARD, MICHEL - A New Guide to Brittany
009613: REPPY, WILLIAM A. JR.; SAMUEL, CYNTHIA A. - Community Property in the United States
050347: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Galen and the Syllogism
031466: SOCIETY FOR AMERICAN BASEBALL RESEARCH - The Baseball Research Journal (Brj), Volume 38 #1
031465: SOCIETY FOR AMERICAN BASEBALL RESEARCH - The National Pastime, Volume 28: A Review of Baseball History
051432: RETI, RUDOLPH - Tonality in Modern Music
050459: REY, MARGARET & H. A. - Curious George Photograph Album Set
001978: REYHER, REBECCA - The Fon and His Hundred Wives
003975: REYNOLDS, DONALD M. - Monuments and Masterpieces
004412: REYNOLDS, CAROLINE - Strength for the Storm : Spiritual Lessons from Chinese Preachers
012233: REYNOLDS, MARGARET - The Sappho History
027712: REYNOLDS, JAMES - Baroque Splendor
007527: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Victoria and Albert Museum: Catalogue of the Constable Collection
034488: RHEMAN, KATHLEEN B. (ED) - Ancestors of the Members of the Present Blair Society for Genealogical Research (Volume 1)
025483: RHENISCH, HAROLD - Out of the Interior: The Lost Country
001997: RHODES, SONYA; SCHNEIDER, SUSAN - Second Honeymoon : A Pioneering Guide for Reviving the Midlife Marriage
013563: RIBANT, MIKE (ED) - The U.S. Trout Atlas: Over 5,000 of America's Best Trout Fishing Spots in the Great 48 States
028782: RIBEIRO, AILEEN - Ingres in Fashion: Representations of Dress and Appearance in Ingres's Images of Women
043172: RIBEIRO, BRANCA TELLES - Coherence in Psychotic Discourse
002294: RICCHIUTI, PAUL B.; WOOLSEY, RAYMOND H. (EDITOR) - The End-of-the-World-Man and Other Stories
003122: RICE, ANNE - Vittorio the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampire
003124: RICE, ANNE - Servant of the Bones
004256: RICE, ANNE - Pandora (Audiobook)
042104: RICE, CRAIG - Yesterday's Murder
047172: RICE, CHARLOTTE - My Heroes Have Always Been Dead
033498: RICE, DALE H.;SCHAEFER, STEVEN D. M.D.;CALVER, LEWIS E. - Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus Surgery
016103: RICH, ROBERT F. - The Knowledge Cycle
050161: RICH, E. E. (ED) - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1679-1684: First Part, 1679-82 (Hudson's Bay Records Society, Volume VIII)
050162: RICH, E. E. (ED) - Moose Fort Journals, 1783-85
002168: RICHARDS, LARRY - Wisdom for the Graduate (for the Graduate Ser. )
039408: RICHARDS, DONNA - Blue: Little Cat Come Home to Stay
038796: RICHARDS, BARRY - Disciplines of Delight: The Psychoanalysis of Popular Culture
040278: RICHARDS, ANN - Straight from the Heart: My Life in Politics and Other Places
047703: RICHARDS, HARVEY D. - Sorak of the Malay Jungle or How Two Young Americans Face Death and Win a Friend
027031: RICHARDSON, JOHN E. - Annual Editions Marketing 08/09, 2009 Update
027784: RICHARNAUD, EZRA DE - The Small Rooms of Paris
033323: RICHMAN, ELLIOT - Walk on, Trooper
051363: RICKENBACKER, EDWARD V. - Rickenbacker an Autobiography
044689: RICKENBACKER, WILLIAM F. - The Twelve-Year Sentence
047287: RIDER, FREMONT - Melvil Dewey (the Library Reference Series)
020022: RIEDESEL, C. ALAN; CALLAHAN, LEROY G. - Elementary School Mathematics for Teachers
030465: RIEDL, RUPERT - Biology of Knowledge: The Evolutionary Basis of Reason
011123: RIEGEL, ROBERT DEE - Birth of a Radical
040545: THE RIFTER - The Rifter 33
038704: RIGG, GARNETT M. - West of the Mechesebe: The First 100 Years of Kaaba Temple
040059: RIGG, GARNETT M. - West of the Mechesebe, Kaaba Temple's First 100 Years
041375: RIGHTER, CHARLES BOARDMAN - Then and Now: A Century of Change
049982: RILEY, LAURA - You and Your Baby Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide
047699: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Lekture Fur Minuten: Gedanken Aus Seinen Buchern Und Briefen (German Edition)
049883: RILLEAU, SONYA M. (ED) - Improvisations, Vol. VII. Bal Fantastique Masquerade, May 18, 1956
049569: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS - The Red Lamp
035073: RINGGOLD, NICOLETTE PERNOT - Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Vision Loss in Later Life
035072: RINGGOLD, NICOLETTE PERNOT - Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Vision Loss in Later Life
001196: RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA - Scarlett : The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind
040626: RIPPMANN, WALTER (RIPMAN); VIETOR, PROF. - Elements of Phonetics: English, French, and German
015992: RIST, RAY C. - Earning and Learning: Youth Employment Policies and Programs
040363: RISTAU, SCOTT C. - Death Brand
022232: RITCHIE, JIM - Best of Missouri Farms: A Taste of Rural Missouri
035456: RITCHIE, J.C. - Post-Glacial Vegetation of Canada
050326: RITMEYER, LEEN; RITMEYER, KATHLEEN - Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D.
024932: RITTER, MONIKA - Die Ideale Wirbelsäulen- Gymnastik
043827: RIVERO, ISEL - Night Rained Her: Poems
048778: RIZVI, SAYYID MUHAMMED - An Explanatory Translation of the Qur'an, Volume II
004386: ROBB, MAGGIE - Stepmom (Audiobook)
009339: ROBBINS, HAROLD - The Predators [Audiobook]
028833: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard. Volume One. War in the Orient. Daily Strips 5 Jun 44 to 31 May 45.
029671: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard: War in the Orient, Daily Strips June 5, 1944 to May 31, 1945
029672: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard: Side-Pocket Sam, Daily Strips June 1, 1945 to May 16, 1946
046608: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard - Danger a la Carte
027478: ROBER FRASER, AND PH.D.;FRASER, ROBERT;JOHNSON, KURT;KRAFT, GEORGE M.D.;DAWN EHDE, PH.D. - The Ms Workbook: Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis
032591: NICHOLAS ROBERT L. - Repase Y Escriba: Curso Avanzado de Gramática Y Composición (Workbook)
000458: ROBERTS, MERVIN F - Teddy Bear Hamsters
003535: ROBERTS, STEPHEN L. AND KAREN A. - Programs for the Christian School, Volume One
009649: ROBERTS, ARCHBISHOP THOMAS D. - Contraception and Holiness: The Catholic Predicament
011005: ROBERTS, JAN; ROBERTS, GEORGE - Discover Historic Washington State: A Travel Guide to Hundreds of Historical Places in the Evergreen State
011006: ROBERTS, JAN; ROBERTS, GEORGE - Discover Historic Washington State: A Travel Guide to Hundreds of Historical Places in the Evergreen State
011007: ROBERTS, JAN; ROBERTS, GEORGE - Discover Historic Washington State: A Travel Guide to Hundreds of Historical Places in the Evergreen State
011009: ROBERTS, JAN; ROBERTS, GEORGE - Discover Historic Washington State: A Travel Guide to Hundreds of Historical Places in the Evergreen State
027966: ROBERTS, JAMES P. - Darkling I Listen, and for Many a Time-- and Other Imaginations
014063: ROBERTS, BRENDA - The Companion Guide to Roberts' Ultimate Encyclopedia of Hull Pottery/with Price Guide
016567: ROBERTS, ALLEN F. (ED) - Staffs of Life, Rods, Staff, Scepters and Wands from the Coudron Collection of African Art
040444: ROBERTS, HAROLD E. - When a Penny Was Important: Growing Up During the Depression in Creston, Iowa
040362: ROBERTS, ALLEN E.; MCLEOD, WALLACE - Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution in North America
039662: ROBERTS, NORA - Dance of Dreams [Audiobook]
032785: ROBERTS, ADELE - September 11, 2001 Remembered. Have We Forgotten?
028150: ROBERTS, LYDIA J. - Nutrition Work with Children
037373: ROBERTS, NORA - Blue Smoke [Audiobook]
035031: ROBERTS, LOUIS - Integrinomics: For a Better Life by Doing for Yourself What Others Cannot Do for You
051268: ROBERTSON, MARC - Critical Ages in Adult Life: The Transit of Saturn
000024: ROBERTSON, BRYAN; ALLEY, RONALD - David Carr: The Discovery of an Artist
051309: ROBERTSON, MARC - Using the Birth Chart Planets to Find Sex Mind & Habit and Other Relationships : Compatibility
017560: ROBERTSON, BRUCE - Representing America: The Ken Trevey Collection of American Realist Prints
043226: ROBERTSON, HOWARD S. (ED) - The Song of Roland: La Chanson de Roland
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051441: ROGERS, EVELYN CARROLL-MCLEMORE - Georgia Cooking with Sweet Vidalia Onions
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038285: ROTH, JOEL - The 20% Solution: A Practical Guide to Dramatic Cost Reduction in Mrop Procurement
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051270: RUDHYAR, DANE - An Astrological Study of Psychological Complexes
039027: RUDOLPH, IVAN - Flynn's Outback Angels : Casting the Mantle: 1901 to World War II, Volume 1
025290: RUGGIERO, GUIDO - The Boundaries of Eros: Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaissance Venice
013531: RUHLE, GEORGE R. - Along Crater Lake Roads: A Road Guide to Crater Lake National Park Oregon
051372: RUHLMAN, MICHAEL - Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking
043786: RUMAKER, MICHAEL - Gringos and Other Stories: A New Edition
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049912: RUNYAN, JOHN - Tom Barnes and the Substitute Second Baseman
041746: RUOXI, CHEN - The Old Man and Other Stories
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046627: RUSHING, FELDER - Gardening Southern Style
006471: RUSHKOFF, DOUGLAS - Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism
032176: RUSHMORE, SUSAN - Blue Ribbon
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038706: RUSSELL, MAXINE K. - Leaves from a Greenhouse
012494: RUSSELL, REV. M. - Life of Oliver Cromwell, Volume One
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050957: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The Principles of Mathematics
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043194: RUTKOSKY, NITA - Microsoft Office 2010
031685: RUTZ, D. SUSAN - The Fifteenth Scarecrow
041616: VON RUVILLE, ALBERT - Humility, the True Talisman: A Study of Catholicism
002048: RUWART, MARY J. - Healing Our World : The Other Piece of the Puzzle
051051: RYALS, LYNETTE; MCDONALD, MALCOLM - Key Account Plans: The Practitioners Guide to Profitable Planning
048403: RYBOLT, J L - Nest of Hope
008941: RYDEN, EINAR R. - Spoken Swedish: Including a Basic Word List
020168: RYDEN, VASSULA - True Life in God: Conversations with Jesus, Volume I
016425: RYLANDS, PHILIP (ED) - Umberto Boccioni: Dynamism of a Speeding Horse & Houses (Dinanismo Di Un Cavallo in Corsa & Case): A Catalogue
033529: RYLE, ANTHONY;KERR, IAN - Introducing to Cognitive Analytic Therapy: Principles and Practice
004021: RYMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL - Dark Reign - the Future of War Strategies and Secrets (Unofficial)
020573: SAADAH, HANNA A. - Vast Awakenings
000626: SAAL, ROLLENE - New York Public Library Guide to Reading Groups
031293: SABATIER, ROBERT - Les Fillettes Chantantes
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005537: SACKETT, ERNEST L. - The Endless Scheme of Life and Other Poems
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049045: DE SADE, DONATIEN-ALDONSE-FRANCOIS - Dialogue Entre Un Pretre Et Un Moribond Suivi D'Une Pensee
049709: SADLER, HENRY - Masonic Facts and Fictions: A New Theory of the Origin of the Ancient Grand Lodge (Masonic Classics)
027838: SADOFF, IRA - A Northern Calendar
040003: SADOVSKII, L.E.;MAKAR-LIMANOV, S. - Mathematics and Sports (Mathematical World, Volume 3)
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016375: SAFEBLADE, EVELYN - The Brownstone
024155: SAHN, DAVID E.;DOROSH, PAUL A.;YOUNGER, STEPHEN D. - Structural Adjustment Reconsidered: Economic Policy and Poverty in Africa
010437: SAINT-PHALLE, CATHERINE DE - Nous Sommes Tous Des Carthaginois
021136: SAINT PIERRE, MICHEL DE - The New Priests
037658: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - A History of English Prose Rhythm
012336: SAKLOFSKE, DONALD H.; EYSENCK, SYBIL B. (EDS) - Individual Differences in Children and Adolescents
011434: SAKS, EDGAR V. - Aestii: An Analysis of an Ancient European Civilization. Studies in the Ur-European History (Part I)
051193: SAKYA, JAMYANG - Princess in the Land of Snows: The Life of Jamyang Sakya in Tibet
019716: SALABERT, JUANA - El Bulevar Del Miedo/ the Boulevard of Fear
050413: SALAM, DR.SAYED JUMAA - Noor Al Bayan
051015: SALE, FLORENTIA WYNCH, LADY - A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan: A Firsthand Account by One of the Few Survivors
009674: SALEH, DOLAH - Dating & the Pursuit of Happiness
009925: SALEH, DOLAH - Dating & the Pursuit of Happiness
021720: SALINGER, HERMAN - A Sigh Is the Sword
014620: SALISBURY, RALPH J. - Ghost Grapefruit, and Other Poems
044427: SALOMON, SHAY - Little House on a Small Planet: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities
039897: SALOMON, BROWNELL - Critical Analyses in English Renaissance Drama: A Bibliographic Guide
037643: SAMMET, GEORGE JR. - The Story Behind the Stories
024947: SAMPSON, GEOFFREY - Educating Eve: The Language Instinct Debate
030901: SAMUELSON, SHEILA; WILLIAMS, ED - The Feel-Good Heat: Pioneers of Corn and Biomass Energy
026296: SAMUELSON, SHEILA; WILLIAMS, ED - The Feel-Good Heat: Pioneers of Corn and Biomass Energy
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045711: SANDERS, CAROL (ED) - The Cambridge Companion to Saussure
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013742: SANDIFUR, C. PAUL, SR. - Just Give Me Real Estate: A Personal History of Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities
046966: SANDINO, A. C. - 1981, Debe Encontrar a Una Clase Obrera Unida, Alrededor de Sus Intereses Y Posiciones Fundamentales
017581: SANDOZ, PHILIP - Kyoto & Nara: The Soul of Japan
021593: SANECKI, KAY N. - The Fragrant Garden
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020191: SANSOM, CHARLES - Not Easy But Simple: How to Develop Your Portrait Drawing
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050907: SARASON, SEYMOUR BERNARD - Caring and Compassion in Clinical Practice (Jossey Bass Social and Behavioral Science Series)
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048604: SAREM, LANI - Handbook for Mortals: Book One of the Series
051320: SARGENT, LOIS HAINES - How to Handle Your Human Relations: Comparison Astrology
018362: SARKOZY, NICOLAS - Testimony: France in the Twenty-First Century
040394: SASSE, FRED A. - The Story of the Great Dan Patch
047657: SATRIANI, JOE - J Satriani Great Hits
037419: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Doubter's Companion: A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense
045400: SAUNDERS, CAPTAIN DON - Temple Bells in the Pagan Dells: Historical, Mythical and Pictorial Review of the Beautiful Wisconsin Dells
016538: SAUNDERS, JOHN W., JR. - Animal Morphogenesis
049669: SAUNDERS, DON - When the Moon Is a Silver Canoe
013741: DE SAUSMAREZ, MAURICE - Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form
051317: SAVALAN, KAREN OBER - Suicide
050850: SAVIANO, TAMARA - The Most Beautiful Girl: A True Story of a Dad, a Daughter and the Healing Power of Music
038691: SAVILLE, ARTHUR G. - Poems: Sonnetwise and Otherwise, Book IV
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048735: SAWYER, PAUL - Philadelphia Connection
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051002: SCALES, ROBERT H., III - God's Grace Explained
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049869: SCHACHT, JOSEPH - Introduction to Islamic Law
017174: SCHACHT, JOHN N.; CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE RECENT HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES (IOWA CITY, IOWA) - Three Progressives from Iowa: Gilbert N. Haugen, Herbert C. Hoover, Henry A. Wallace
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048224: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - A Christian View of the Bible As Truth (the Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer, Vol. 2)
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014894: SCHAUMANN, MAUREEN; BARKER, JUDY; GREIG, JOY - Australian Daisies for Gardens and Floral Art
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049899: SCHEIBER, BARBARA - Fulfilling Dreams: A Handbook for Parents of People with Williams Syndrome
011824: SCHEID, KAREN - Helping Students Become Strategic Learners: Guidelines for Teaching
044005: SCHENSE, DEB - Extended Vacation: Home Never Looked So Good
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033435: SCHIEFELBUSCH, RICHARD L. - Language Perspectives: Acquisition, Retardation, and Intervention
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049764: SCHILPP, PAUL ARTHUR (ED) - The Philosophy of George Santayana
043369: SCHINDLER, STEVEN - On the Bluffs
007501: SCHJELDAHL, PETER; SHAW, REESEY - Myths & Magical Fantasies
051164: SCHLUTTER, MORTEN; TEISER, STEPHEN F. (EDS) - Readings of the Platform Sutra (Columbia Readings of Buddhist Literature)
038187: SCHMEAL, JACQUELINE ANDRE - Patchwork: Iowa Quilts and Quilters
032490: SCHMEAL, JACQUELINE ANDRE - Patchwork: Iowa Quilts and Quilters
015328: SCHMIDT, LOUIS BERNARD - Whither Agrarian Economy in the United States
015329: SCHMIDT, LOUIS BERNARD - Whither Agrarian Economy in the United States
015330: SCHMIDT, LOUIS BERNARD - Topical Studies and References on the History of American Agriculture
049186: SCHMIDT, WILLIAM - Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages, by the Only William
033268: SCHMIDT, CHRISTOPHER - The Next in Line
044762: SCHMIDT, GEORG - Aquarelle Von Paul Cezanne
041298: SCHMITZ, NEIL - White Robe's Dilemma: Tribal History in American Literature
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024802: SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL J. - The Secret of Sangre de Cristo
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038725: SCHOENFELD, ROBERT - Coffee Consumption in the United States, 1920-1965
050557: SCHOFIELD, A. T. - Modern Spiritism: Its Science and Religion
015250: SCHONBERG, HAROLD C. - Chamber and Solo Instrument Music - the Guide to Long-Playing Records
042885: SCHONBORN, CHRISTOPH CARDINAL - Who Needs God?: Barbara Stockl in Conversation with Christoph Cardinal Schonborn
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004753: GRALAND COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL - Bytes: Colorado's Family-Friendly Cookbook
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027900: MARSHALLTOWN HIGH SCHOOL - Marshalltown High School Alumni Directory 2000
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003766: SCHOONENBERG, PIET - The Christ
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043793: SCHRAMM, WILBUR L. - The Story Workshop
033561: SCHRANCK, BOB - Wild in the Kitchen: Fish and Wild Game Recipes
051467: SCHRANK, JEFFREY - Snap, Crackle, and Popular Taste: The Illusion of Free Choice in America
015430: SCHROTH, RANDALL - Camels of the Vieux Carre
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005236: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Franz Schubert's Werke. Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe. Serie 5. Quartette Fur Streichinstrumente. Violine I.
005237: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Franz Schubert's Werke. Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe. Serie 5. Quartette Fur Streichinstrumente. Violine II.
050616: SCHUBERT - Schubert Easiest Piano Pieces
033475: SCHUERMAN, SHARM - Step Up Your Game: A Playbook for the Next Generation Hero
010288: SCHUHBÖCK, GEBHARD - Call to Life: Poems
027107: SCHULER, SUSANNE - Back of Beyond : A Memoir of the North Woods
000127: SCHULKE, FLIP; MCPHEE, PENELOPE O. - King Remembered
050165: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL (ED) - First Thought: Conversations with Allen Ginsberg
009336: SCHUMACHER, AILEEN - Engineered for Murder [Audiobook]
051354: SCHUR, NORMAN W. - 1000 Most Challenging Words
050239: SCHURLE, ARLO W. - Topics in Topology
045769: SCHURR, D. RAP - In Barb/Wired Anasazi Band Time & Busted Chain-Links
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039199: SCHWALM, MAURICE - Mo-Kan Ghosts: The Casebook of a Kansas City Psychic Investigator
009623: SCHWARTZ, MARTIN A.; KIRKLIN, JOHN E. - Section Nineteen Eighty-Three Litigation : Claims, Defenses, and Fees
018013: SCHWARTZ, INGRID - Dachshund (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
041201: SCHWARTZ, DEAN (ED) - Paddled Tails from Tattled Tales: An Autobiography of a Family
014190: SCHWARZSCHILD, STUART; ZUBAY, ELI A. - Principles of Life Insurance, Volume II
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010558: SCOFIELD, RUTH - Americans Behind the Buckskin Curtain
049632: SCOFIELD, LEVI T. - The Retreat from Pulaski to Nashville, Tennessee; Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30th, 1864 (1909)
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041396: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Misalliance
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048398: SHAW-DOCKERY, JENNIFER M. - A Blessing Is in Sight
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024737: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024754: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024755: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
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045748: SIFFORD, HARLAN - Alcock Collection of Silver Plate in the University of Iowa Museum of Art
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004731: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret S'Amuse
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021512: SIMONIAN, CHARLES - Fundamentals of Sports Biomechanics
041732: SIMPSON, MONA - My Hollywood
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003487: SIMPSON, ROSS W. - The Fires of '88 : Yellowstone Park and Montana in Flames
033344: SIMPSON, A. W. BRIAN - Cannibalism and the Common Law: The Story of the Tragic Last Voygage of the Mignonette and the Strange Legal Proceedings to Which It Gave Rise
022563: SIMS, DARLA - Jackets to Knit or Crochet
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042619: SINCLAIR, HUGH - Confessions of a Microcredit Heretic : How Microlending Lost Its Way and Betrayed the Poor
023171: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - Behind the Scenes at a Horse Show
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044173: SINGH, GOPAL (TRANS) - Thus Spake the Tenth Master
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008647: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
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010252: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
010253: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
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010255: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010256: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010257: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010258: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010259: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010260: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010261: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010262: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010263: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010264: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010265: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010266: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010267: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010268: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010270: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010271: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
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010283: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010284: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010285: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010286: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
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051442: SMILEY, MAMIE - Mamie Smiley's Cookbook
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042552: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
042554: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
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046713: SMITH, CHARLES M. - The Catholic Burial Service
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048217: SMITH, MARK LANDON - The Really Hip Adventures of Go-Go Girl
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038267: SMITH, DON - What I See : A New Prescription for Thought
035886: SMITH, ANTHONY D. - Explorers of the Amazon
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046559: SMITH, ANNE DAY - Interior Design in Miniature: Brooke Tucker Originals (Limited Ed)
000935: SMITH, BRADLEY - The U.S. A. : A History in Art
051055: SMITH, MALCOLM - Forgiveness
036581: SMITH, MICHAEL A. - The Inheritors
050093: SMITH, LORI JILL - Tennessee State Parks (Postcard History Series)
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036537: SMYTH, LARRY D. - Client's Manual for the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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043733: SNODGRASS, W. D. - Heart's Needle
036249: SNODGRASS, W. D. - Heart's Needle
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037414: WRENTHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Homestead Country, Wrentham and Area
013601: CUYUNA COUNTRY HERITAGE PRESERVATION SOCIETY - Cuyuna Country: A Peoples' History. Volume 1
051093: TROUSDALE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Remembrances and Reflections a Pictorial Collection of Trousdale County (Tennessee)
046908: DEKALB COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Memories from Polk Township (Missouri)
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051042: SOKOL, DAVID M. - Otto Neumann: His Life and Work
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004158: SOLIDAY, GEORGE W. (COMPILED BY PETER DECKER) - A Descriptive Check List Together with Short Title Index Describing Almost 7500 Items of Western Americana
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003891: SOMMER - British Columbia
047543: SOMMER, FERDINAND - Vergleichende Syntax Der Schulsprachen
030009: SONG, EUREE - Aufstieg Und Abstieg Der Seele: Diesseitigkeit Und Jenseitigkeit in Plotins Ethik Der Sorge
047065: SONNENBLICK, JORDAN - Notes from the Midnight Driver
044624: SOPKA, KATHERINE RUSSELL - Physics for a New Century (History of Modern Physics, 1800-1950)
041499: SOUEIF, AHDAF - The Map of Love
011447: SOULE, WILLIAM D. - The Law of Attainment: A Textbook of Instruction in the Art of Living
045268: SOUTHWELL, ROBERT - The Triumphs over Death
038617: SOYINKA, WOLE - Los Interpretes
038710: SOYINKA, WOLE - Death and the King's Horseman
039128: SPANGLER, ANN - Praying the Names of God: A Daily Guide
017265: SPARKE, PENNY - Furniture
017566: SPARKS, ESTHER - Universal Limited Art Editions: A History and Catalogue the First Twenty-Five Years
051180: SPATARO JR. PHD, LUCIAN - The Long Ride: The Record-Setting Journey by Horse Across the American Landscape
013877: SPATZ, GREGORY - Wonderful Tricks
043676: SPAZIANI, EUGENE - The Hormone Sourcebook : How Hormones Dominate Your Life from Before Birth Through Old Age
037950: SPEARS, RICHARD A. - Common American Phrases in Everyday Contexts: A Detailed Guide to Real-Life Conversation and Small Talk
037173: SPEER, RALPH - The Voice of the Middlewest
026137: SPENCE, KARL L. - Troopers, Indians and Buttes: From the Files of the Northwest Nebraska News
003269: SPENCER, MILTON H. - Contemporary Macroeconomics
043263: SPENCER-BROWN, G. - Laws of Form
042795: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - All Mortal Flesh
032639: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - I Shall Not Want
049019: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Edge of Being
048721: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Poems of Dedication
049652: SPERRY, GIL - Mariachi for Gringos: Unlocking the Secrets of Mexico's Macho Music
005312: SPEZZANO, LENCY - Make Way for Love : A Story to Open Your Heart
039288: SPICER, CHRIS - No Perfect Fathers Here
039287: SPICER, CHRIS - No Perfect Fathers Here
024010: SPICKA, MARK E. - Selling the Economic Miracle: Economic Reconstruction and Politics in West Germany, 1949-1957
005754: SPIEGEL, DIXIE L. - Reading for Pleasure : Guidelines (Reading Aids Ser. )
049847: SPIEGELBERG, HERBERT - The Phenomenological Movement: A Historical Introduction (Phaenomenologica)
029674: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: The Comic Strip, Volume 2
047061: SPILLEBEEN, GEERT - Kipling's Choice
048284: SPINRAD, NORMAN - Bug Jack Barron
040378: SPITZER, CARY R. (ED) - Avionics: Development and Implementation
051330: SPOELMAN, COLIN; HASKELL, DAVID - Dead Distillers: A History of the Upstarts and Outlaws Who Made American Spirits
020462: SPORNS, OLAF; TONONI, GIULIO (EDS) - International Review of Neurobiology: Selectionism and the Brain
020271: SPORNS, OLAF; TONONI, GIULIO (EDS) - Selectionism and the Brain
042932: SPREIREGEN, PAUL D. - The Architecture of William Morgan
012209: SPRICK, RANDALL S. - Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Problem-by-Problem Survival Guide
040209: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - The Life and Work of Our Lord. Three Volumes Set
037973: VAN DER SPUY, REX - Foundation Game Design with Flash
048249: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
013432: ST. BERNARD; YUSE, FRANK (ED) - Honey in the Mouth: Meditations from St. Bernard
027179: ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, ATHENS - International Cookery: From Personal Recipes in English and Greek
024399: STAAB, JO - Marriage As an Economic Partnership: How One State Made It Happen
024419: STAAB, JO - Marriage As an Economic Partnership: How One State Made It Happen
017451: STAATSGALERIE STUTTGART; HAUFF, RENATE - Radierungen IM 20. Jahrhundert: Sammlung Gunther Und Renate Hauff
050741: STABLER, KEN - Snake
001233: STACEY, SUSANNAH - Grave Responsibility : A Superintendent Bone Mystery
051428: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - They Met at Gettysburg
050151: DE STAEL, MADAME - Corinne Ou L'Italie
001057: HONOR BOOKS PUBLISHING STAFF - Mac Attack! : The Road to 62!, Collectors Ed
002273: LONDON RAPE CRISIS CENTRE STAFF - Sexual Violence : A Reality for Women
002739: CHILTON AUTOMOTIVE EDITORIAL STAFF - Chilton Toyota Celica Supra, 71-81
003284: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003289: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003290: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003295: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003303: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003304: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003308: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003310: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
003311: TRIUMPH BOOKS STAFF - Pojo's Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh : The Complete Player and Collector's Guide to Every Card and Character
008375: LIBRARY OF AMERICA STAFF (EDITOR) - Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1969
009841: CHEK-CHART STAFF - Automotive Brake Systems--Shop Manual
044942: LEISURE ARTS STAFF - Flea Market Finds: Before and After (Leisure Arts #15916)
018015: CHILTON AUTOMOTIVE EDITORIAL STAFF - Ford Thunderbird and Cougar, 1983-97
020024: INDO-AMERICAN CENTER STAFF - Asian-Indians of Chicago (Images of America Ser. : Illinois)
021196: CHINESE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION STAFF - Essays on Chinese Education in the United States
028053: MONKS OF NEW SKETE STAFF - In the Spirit of Happiness
011552: STAFF, BUREAU OF MINES - Precious Metals Recovery from Low-Grade Resources. Proceedings: Bureau of Mines Open Industry Briefing Session at the National Western Mining Conference, Denver, Co, February 12, 1986
025700: AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION STAFF - Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
017487: STAFFORD, BARBARA MARIA - Visual Analogy: Consciousness As the Art of Connecting
034004: STAGNER, LLOYD E. - Rock Island Motive Power, 1933-1955
031072: STAHL, DICK - Mr. Farnam's Guests
002056: STAMP, GAVIN - Telephone Boxes
001230: STANLEY, CHARLES F - Confronting Casual Christianity
051288: STANLEY, ELLEN MAY - Early Lane County Development
033018: STANTON, DOMNA C. - Feminisms in the Academy
038268: STAR, LILLY - Fighting the System : A Foster Mother's Journal
038440: STAR+A;STARR, WILLIAM - To Learn with Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents
050906: STARCK, PATRICIA L. (ED) - The Hidden Dimension of Illness: Human Suffering
050873: STARCK, PATRICIA L.; MCGOVERN, JOHN P. (EDS) - The Hidden Dimension of Illness: Human Suffering
006320: STARK, SANDRA L. - Returning to Work: A Planning Book for Women
042477: STARR, LEONARD - Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins on Stage, Volume 3
042753: STARRAK, J. A. - Problems of Beginning Farmers in Iowa
049579: STATON, THOMAS FELIX - Relation of Selected Factors to Individual Prestige Achieved in Seminars

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