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043500: MATTHEWS, JACK - Collecting Rare Books for Pleasure and Profit
043795: MATTHEWSON, JUSTIN - The Magical, Mystical Cat
046654: MATUSSEK, PAUL - Internment in Concentration Camps and Its Consequences
053251: MATZ, TREAN BENFER - Tapestry of Time: Poems
046691: MAUREL, PIERRE - 3 Declinaisons (French Edition)
034183: MAUSBACH, M.J. - Spatial Variabilities of Soils and Landforms: Proceedings of an International Symposium Sponsored by Dividion S-5 of the Soil Science of America and
053497: MAXEY, LIBBY - I Am Liberty: One Mind's Journey Through Ascension
017930: MAY, DAWN - Aboriginal Labour and the Cattle Industry: Queensland from White Settlement to the Present
047601: MAYER, JONATHAN - Mistakes-R-Us
006849: MAYFIELD, SARA - Mona Lisa: The Woman in the Portrait
047285: MAYHEW, ELIZABETH - Flip! for Decorating: A Page-by-Page, Piece-by-Piece, Room-by-Room Guide to Transforming Your Home
005458: MAYNARD, THEODORE - Not Even Death: A Book of Poems
051302: MAYNARD-REID, PEDRITO U. - Poverty and Wealth in James
047689: MAYO, MARGARET - The Love Thief: A Story of Love and Adventure. Based on the Motion Picture
024176: MAYR, OTTO - Deutsches Museum: German Museum of Masterworks of Science and Technology, Munich
035629: MAYS, TONY - Getting Practical : About Classroom-Based Teaching for the National Curriculum Statement
017269: MAZZOCCHI, GIANNI - Poltrone E Divani: 100 Oggetti Di Produzione Contemporanea
044856: MAZZONI, GIULIANA; NELSON, THOMAS O. (EDS) - Metacognition and Cognitive Neuropsychology: Monitoring and Control Processes
026719: MC CORMACK, W.J. - Ferocious Humanism: An Anthology of Irish Poetry from Before Swift to Yeats and After
014136: MCAFEE, JOSEPH ERNEST - College Pioneering
021436: MCALLISTER, LESTER G.; TUCKER, WILLIAM E. - Journey in Faith : A History of the Christian Church
051418: MCANDREW, BILL - Liberation: The Canadians in Europe
053509: JOHN D. MCAULAY - CIVIL War Pistols: A Survey of Handguns of the American CIVIL War
053276: MCBRIDE, ROBERT M. - Oaklands: A Veerable Host; a Renewed Welcome
053038: MCCABE, LARRY - 101 Three-Chord Country & Bluegrass Songs for Guitar, Banjo and Uke
018665: MCCAFFREY, DONALD W. - Assault on Society : Satirical Literature to Film
045551: MCCALL, THOMAS S.; LEVITT, ZOLA - The Bible Jesus Read
013631: MCCALLA, WILLIAM COPELAND - Wild Flowers of Western Canada
006449: MCCALLUM, JOHN - Six Roads from Abilene: Some Personal Recollections of Edgar Eisenhower
013795: MCCALLUM, EVA B. - The Nursery Class of the Church School: Stories, Rhymes and Songs
049593: MCCALLUM, PADDY - Parable Beach
013537: MCCAMERON, FRITZ A. - Fortran Logic and Programming
048194: MCCANN, MICHAEL - Health Hazards Manual for Artists
026551: MCCARTHY, CAMERON - The Uses of Culture: Education and the Limits of Ethnic Affiliation
050852: MCCARTNEY, GLADYS; KLEE, JOHN - Park Lake Through the Years (Kentucky)
026017: MCCARTY, JIM AND MARGIE - Anchors Away: Wisdom from the Captain's Table
009782: MCCAULEY, WILLIAM - Need
046694: MCCLEAN, WILL - Go Bluey Go!
036849: MCCLELLAND, NORMAN - Forensic Nursing and Mental Disorder in Clinical Practice
047429: MCCLOSKEY, DEBORAH; SINOR, BARBARA - Addiction--What's Really Going on?: Inside a Heroin Treatment Program
021147: MCCLOSKEY, WILLIAM - Highliners
052855: MCCLURE, HARLAN EWART - South Carolina Architecture, 1670-1970
038868: MCCLYMER, JOHN - The Birth of Modern America: 1919 - 1939
049925: MCCOMBIE, IAN - The Piano Handbook
006844: MCCONKEY, F. PAUL - The Ebony Jewel Box and Other Sermons
003101: MCCONNELL, JON PATRICK - Law and Business: Patterns and Issues in Commercial Law
050261: MCCORD, CHRIS - Metaprogramming Elixir: Write Less Code, Get More Done (and Have Fun!)
049653: MCCORD, CHARLINE R.; TUCKER, JUDY H. (EDS) - A Very Southern Christmas: Holiday Stories from the South's Best Writers
029550: MCCORD, DARLENE - Living Well at One Hundred
034984: MCCOY, ROBBI - Not Every River
034660: MCCOY, ROBBI - Waltzing at Midnight
033237: MCCOY, MELANIE; DIGEORGIO-LUTZ, JOANN (EDS) - The Woman-Centered University: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
009917: MCCOY, DON L. - Thunder and Lightning
022858: MCCUBBIN, CHRIS - Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander: Prophecy
037606: MCCULLOUGH, KEN - Creosote
038555: MCCULLOUGH, KEN - Sycamore-Oriole
045684: MCDANIEL, WALTON BROOKS - Conception, Birth and Infancy in Ancient Rome and Modern Italy
049943: MCDERMOTT, R. E. - Deadly Coast
027117: MCDONALD, JULIE J. - Scottish Proverbs
027113: MCDONALD, JULIE J. - Scottish Proverbs
027114: MCDONALD, JULIE J. - Scottish Proverbs
053505: MCDONALD, HELEN - Erotic Ambiguities : The Female Nude in Art
037077: MCDONALD, JULIE JENSEN - Forever Danish
026398: MCDONALD, BILL - At the Oasis
006976: MCDONALD, ROGER - Reflecting Labor: Images of Myth and Origin over 100 Years
028347: MCDONALD, WALTER - Principles of Moral Science (1904)
043687: MCDONNELL, MADELINE - Penny, N.
052492: MCELROY, CHARLES FOSTER - Ministers of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Springfield, Illinois, 1833-1962
051523: MCEWAN, KIRSTIE - Just One Letter
025875: MCFALL, GARDNER - The Pilot's Daughter: Poems
043677: MCFARLAND, ANDREW S. - Neopluralism: The Evolution of Political Process Theory
051725: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Pilgrims of Adversity
021482: MCGEE, TERESA RHODES - Jim's Last Summer [Korean]
000122: MCGRADY, DON - Firewater and Gas
049615: MCGRADY, DON - Flash of Time
049433: MCGUFFIN, GARY; MCGUFFIN, JOANIE - Paddle Your Own Canoe: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing
010780: MCGUINNESS, STEPHEN (ED) - Zhuweidiary
041476: MCHATTIE, ANDREW - Andrew Mchattie on Covered Warrants: New Opportunities in an Exciting New Market
025823: MCHENRY, DEAN E. - Ujamaa Villages in Tanzania: A Bibliography
010383: MCHUGH, TIM - The Poet Chronicles
037953: MCIERNEY, DENNIS M.;VAN ETTEN, SHAWN - Big Theories Revisited: Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning
053556: MCINERNEY, JAY - Story of My Life
053557: MCINERNEY, JAY - Ransom
013424: MCINTIRE, WALTER T. - Guide to Carlisle and Neighbourhood
041658: MCKAY, NAN - A Guide to Assisted Housing Management
040984: MCKAY-FLEMING, MICHAEL - Forsooth! Methinks Yon Lass Hath a Screw Loose Within Her Addled Skull! (Alice!)
010657: MCKEE, PAUL - Reading and Literature in the Elementary School
006974: MCKENZIE, VALERIE; MCKENZIE, TIM - The Scent of Gum Leaves: Early Australian Gardens
029792: MCKILLIP, J. - My Biography in Poetry: A Doorway to My Soul
035348: MCKINNEY, KATHLEEN - Sexuality in Close Relationships
038579: MCKINNON, TIMOTHY J. - Never: Jens Pulver and the Wednesday Grou
042139: MCLEAN, HULDA HOOVER - Uncle Bert: A Biographical Portrait of Herbert Hoover
053400: MCLEOD, KEMBREW - Downtown Pop Underground: New York City and the Literary Punks, Renegade Artists, Diy Filmmakers, Mad Playwrights, and Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Queens Who Revolutionized Culture
030486: MCLEOD, WALLACE - The Quest for Light
049143: MCLEOD, GROVER S. - Sub Sailor: A Novel
044405: MCLEOD, WALLACE - The Quest for Light
029133: MCMAHON, DAVID;TOPA, DANIEL M. - A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica
031473: MCMILLAN, JAMES H. - Essential Assessment Concepts for Teachers and Administrators
048798: MCMORROW, NANCY - Clear: Seven Seeds for Growing Sustainable, Co-Creative, and Productive Workplaces
051723: MCMURTRY, J. C. - History of Trousdale County (Trousdale, a Constitutional County)
002360: MCNAIR, JAMES - Chicken
046867: MCNAIRN, ALAN - The Young Van Dyck
043524: MCNALLY, JOHN - The Book of Ralph
019335: MCNAMEE, JOHN P. - Diary of a City Priest
015505: MCNERENY, KATHRYN - Antique Iron: Identification and Values
023083: MCNULTY, DR. EDWARD - Films and Faith
049158: MCNUTT, RANDY - Cal Stewart, Your Uncle Josh
036981: MCPHEE, JOHN A. - A Sense of Where You Are: A Profile of William Warren Bradley
040669: MCPHERSON, JAMES ALAN - Crabcakes
026601: MCPHERSON, ANNE - Walking to the Saints
040227: MCQUAIG, LINDA; BROOKS, NEIL - Billionaires' Ball: Gluttony and Hubris in an Age of Epic Inequality
053603: MCRAE, WALLACE - Cowboy Curmudgeon and Other Poems
022482: MCSHANE, JOHN - Heath Ledger: His Beautiful Life and Mysterious Death
052797: MCWHIRTER, KATHLEEN C. - Fierce Rivalries and Enduring Friendships: 75 Years of the Iroquois Steeplechase
029574: MCWHORTER, GEORGE T. - Burroughs Dictionary: An Alphabetical List of Proper Names, Words, Phrases and Concepts Contained in the Published Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs
010866: MCWILLIAMS, BERNARD F. (ED) - Our Family Prayer Book
041959: MEAD, G. R. S. - The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in Western Tradition: An Outline of What the Philosophers Thought and Christians Taught on the Subject
028220: MEAD, LYNDA - The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality
051597: MEADOR, CLIFTON K. - Symptoms of Unkown Origins (a Medical Odyssy)
050774: MEADOWS, CECIL A. - Trade Signs and Their Origin
047036: MEALY, TRUONG - Conquer Our Destiny: A Living Witness to the Cambodian Tragedy
050855: MEDFORD, W. CLARK - The Early History of Haywood County
007304: MEE, CHARLES L. - The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Renaissance Italy
007303: MEE, CHARLES L. - The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Renaissance Italy
016952: MEE, ARTHUR - Shropshire: County of the Western Hills
039135: MEHTA, SONALI - Millennium Mums and the Art of Chakki Peesing
027828: MEIER, RICHARD L. - Developmental Planning
049261: MEISER IX, GEORGE M.; MEISER, GLORIA JEAN - The Passing Scene, Photographs of Old-Time Reading and Berks, Volume 3
049258: MEISER IX, GEORGE M.; MEISER, GLORIA JEAN - The Passing Scene, Stories of Old-Time Reading and Berks, Volume 2
017327: MEISTERWERKE AUS DER SAMMLUNG MAX KADE, IN 2 BDN. - Erzählkunst Der Graphik; IM Dienste Der Menschheit. Max Kade 1882-1967, Industrieller, Sammler, Mäzen. Katalog Zur Ausstellung Des Hällisch-Fränkischen Museums Zum 25. Todesjahr Von Max Kade 1992/93
051344: MELLENCAMP, JOHN - Nothing Like I Planned: The Art of John Mellencamp
009688: MELNYK, T. W. - Canadian Flying Operations in South East Asia, 1941-1945
046906: MELODY, ROSE - All My Troubles Were Little Ones
051877: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick
044920: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee
048522: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick (Cyber Classics)
012984: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SPOKANE MEMBERS - Gold 'n Delicious : Recipes Hand-Picked from the Great Northwest
005605: MENACKER, JULIUS - School Law : Theoretical and Case Perspectives
041715: MENANDER - Menander's Dyskolos: Text
034778: MENO, JOE - Demons in the Spring
021353: MENOTTI, GIAN CARLO - Landscapes and Remembrances: For Soloists, Chorus, and Orchestra. Vocal Score
047675: MERA, JUAN LEÓN - Cumandá (O Un Drama Entre Salvajes)
037213: MERCER, F. A.; HAY, ROY (EDS) - Gardens & Gardening 1950
043038: MERCOLA, DR. JOSEPH - Sweet Deception: Why Splenda, Nutrasweet, and the Fda May Be Hazardous to Your Health
047665: MEREDITH, OWEN; SEITZ, LEE - A History of the American Red Cross in Nashville, Tennessee: 82 Years of History
053469: MERGL, JAN; PLOIL, ERNST; RICKE, HELMUT - Lötz: Bohemian Glass 1880-1940
043101: MERIAN, MARIA SIBYLLA - Maria Sibylla Merian. : 1647 - 1717. Künstlerin Und Naturforscherin.
030754: MERRILL, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - 7 Poets, 4 Days, 1 Book
017192: MERRILL, CHRISTOPHER - Brilliant Water
050961: MERTON, THOMAS - Emblems of a Season of Fury
050974: MERTON, THOMAS - The Nonviolent Alternative
047544: MERTON, HOLMES WHITTIER - How to Judge Mental Ability
049636: MERWIN, FANNIE SPAITS - The Eye Single
020038: MESCHONNIC, HENRI - Celebration de la Poesie
004492: MESMER, PHILIPPE - Cigarscapes : For the Refined Pleasures of Cigar-Lovers (Temptation Collection)
007170: MESNARD, HOWARD A. - Spaniel Training
052524: MESSENGER, ALEX - The Twenty-Ninth Day: Surviving a Grizzly Attack in the Canadian Tundra
042565: MESSENT, PETER; BUDD, LOUIS J. (EDS) - A Companion to Mark Twain
019927: MESSENT, DAVID - Sydney's Northern Beaches
053162: MESSER, MARY JUDITH - Moonshiner's Daughter
010140: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010141: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010132: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010133: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010134: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010135: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010136: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010138: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010139: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
041254: MESSIAH, ALBERT - Quantum Mechanics, Vol. 2
008084: MESSMER, MAX - 50 Ways to Get Hired [Audiobook]
010673: METCALF, ROBERT C.; BRIGHT, ORVILLE T. - Language Lessons: Part One
053471: METCALFE, EDNA - The Trees of Christmas
048064: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.) - Highlights of the Untermyer Collection of English and Continental Decorative Arts
006979: MEYBURG, B.-U.; CHANCELLOR, R. D. (EDS) - Raptors in the Modern World
026218: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon
030373: MEYER, PHILIP - Newspaper Ethics in the New Century: A Report to the American Society of Newspaper Editors
002693: MEYER, KATHY (EDITOR) - Reach for the Stars' - Success Secrets'
051601: MEYERSON, HAROLD; HARBURG, ERNIE - Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz?: Yip Harburg, Lyricist
053424: MEYN, SUSAN LABRY - Henry Farny Paints the Far West
052735: MEYN, SUSAN LABRY - More Than Curiosities: A Grassroots History of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board and Its Precursors, 1920-1942
010619: MEZERIK, A. G - The Revolt of the South and West
049941: MICHAEL, RUSS - Success Formula
012639: MICHAEL, CAROLYN - Enchanted Companions: Stories of Dolls in Our Lives
028026: MICHAELSON, GREG - An Introduction to Functional Programming Through Lambda Calculus
036559: MICHALKA, WOLFGANG - Deutsche Geschichte 1918 - 1933. Dokumente Zur Innen- Und AußEnpolitik
010407: MICHEL, NATACHA - Circulaire a Toute Ma Vie Humaine: Roman
032509: MICHELSON, BRUCE - Literary Wit
005341: MICK, LAWRENCE E. - Penance : The Once and Future Sacrament
050707: MIEDZYRZECKI, FEIGELE PELTEL - On Both Sides of the Wall: Memoirs from the Warsaw Ghetto. By Vladka Meed. Introd by Elie Wiesel. Tr by Steven Meed. Tr of Fun Beyde Zaytn Geto-Moyer
038611: MIFSUD, MARIE - Temples-Malta Seven Women - Seven Temples
042389: MIKA, NICK & HELMA - Railways of Canada: A Pictorial History
028525: MILES, MARGARET R. - Carnal Knowing: Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West
014321: MILLARD, THOMAS F. - America and the Far Eastern Question: An Examination of Modern Phases of the Far Eastern Question, Including the New Activities and Policy of Japan, the Situation of China, and the Relation of the United States of America to the Problems Involved
036315: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Murder of Lidice
019420: DE MILLE, JAMES - A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
043739: MILLER, MERLE - The Sure Thing
002653: MILLER, JOHN A. - Tropical Heat
016783: MILLER, ELSA; HENRY, LEONARD - Creative Bahamanian Cooking and Menus
053305: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 4: Understanding the Fingerboard and Moving Up-the-Neck
053306: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 3: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes
053307: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 5: Improvisation and Style Studies
053308: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 8: Improvisation (Part III) & Intro to Swing & Jazz Soloing
002732: MILLER, ELSA; HENRY, LEONARD - Creative Bahamanian Cooking and Menus
053304: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 7: Advanced Rhythm & Cord Structures
053301: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 2: Learning How to Solo - Carter Syle and Beyond
053480: MILLER, JORDAN - Poets, Martyrs, and Satyrs: New and Selected Poems, 1959-2001
047682: MILLER, JOAQUIN, ET AL. - Happy Days: A Selected Series of Entertaining Stories and Rhymes for Home, School and Kindergarten
052654: MILLER, REX - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
053609: MILLER, FRANK - Daredevil: Love and War (Marvel Graphic Novel)
020920: MILLER, JOHN (ED) - Fish Tales: Stories from the Sea
044678: CHUCK MILLER - How in the Morning: Poems 1962-1988 (Outstanding Author Series, No 5)
021228: MILLER, MARK ELLIOTT - The Husband's Guide to Cancer Survival
037452: MILLER, MARY SUSAN - No Visible Wounds: Identifying Nonphysical Abuse of Women by Their Men
053303: MILLER, DAN - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 6: Improvisation (Part II) & Advanced Technique Studies
036213: MILLER, MERLE - On Being Different: What It Means to Be a Homosexual
035317: MILLER, SUE - The Story of My Father: A Memoir
050816: MILLER, VERNON E. (ED) - The Progressive Farmer's Handy Device Book (303 Handy Devices)
033544: MILLER, EDWIN - Beachy Family History and Descendants of Benjamin & Anna (Kauffman) Beachy
009675: MILLER, SUSAN - Games, Giggles, and Giant Steps
015431: MILLER, SAMUEL - A Better Life: How to Live It According to the Epistle to the Hebrews
006978: MILLER, CHRISTOPHER - Simon Silber: Works for Solo Piano
009916: MILLET, CATHERINE - The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
019850: MILLETT, LARRY - The Curve of the Arch: The Story of Louis Sullivan's Owatonna Bank
027788: MILLS, GEORGIA - West of the River
052997: MILNER-GULLAND, ROBIN - The Russians
010862: MILTON, JOHN /(ED/) - American Indian Speaks
051517: MILTON, JOHN - Odes, Pastorals, Masques (Cambridge Milton Series for Schools and Colleges)
043067: MINAI, ASGHAR TALAYE - Aesthetics, Mind, and Nature: A Communication Approach to the Unity of Matter and Consciousness
007275: MINER, ROBERT G.; EARLY AMERICAN SOCIETY STAFF; WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F. (EDITOR); BROWN, FRANK C. (EDITOR) - Early Homes of Rhode Island: From Material Originally Published As the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, Edited by Russell F. Whitehead and Frank Chouteau Brown
031968: MINER, JOHN B. - The 4 Routes to Entrepreneurial Success
049553: MINOR, CYNTHIA A. - Tricked: A Novel
015813: MIRZA, MOHAMMAD MUZAFFAR - The Leader of Leaders
013702: MISHRA, S. N.; BEYER, JOHN - Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Case Study of the Ratnagiri Fisheries Project
031733: MISRA, MOHIT K. - Ponder Awhile
027988: MISSLER, CHUCK - Stretching the Heavens and the Dilation of Time (Audiobook)
051647: MITCHELL, ELI; HOOVER, JOHN - The Elders Speak: Two Psychologists Share Their Lifetimes of Experience
053007: MITCHELL, NAHUM - The History of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
030104: MITCHELL, N. J. W.˘˘˘˘ - Moon-Daughters, War-Daughters, and Wizards
052555: MITCHELL, WILLIAM R., JR. - J. Neel Reid Architect: Of Hentz, Reid & Adler & the Georgia School of Classicists
027824: MITCHELL, ALLAN - Human Elements Training for Emergency
047186: ELAINE N. MARIEB; SUSAN J. MITCHELL - Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manula
003595: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Lost Laysen
022920: MITFORD, T. B. - The Inscriptions of Kourion
039401: MITHELAVAGE, MICK - Deceiving Loyalties
050867: MITRI, TAREK (ED) - Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim Discussion
030744: MITTON, MICHAEL - The Soul of Celtic Spirituality: In the Lives of Its Saints
038985: MITTRA, SWAPNAJIT - Principles of Verilog Pli
053548: MODI, SATISH - In Love with Death
018926: MOELLER, BERND - Imperial Cities and the Reformation: Three Essays
048841: MOEN, SHARON - Superior Science: Stories of Lake Superior Research
047297: MOIR, ALAN - David and the Goliaths
039432: MOLIERE - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
041720: MOLINA, JUAN MOLINA - Hendidura E Hiperbole Del Cuerpo
048338: MOLINARO, VINCE - The Leadership Contract: The Fine Print to Becoming an Accountable Leader
012067: MONACO, JAMES; BASELINE (FIRM) - The Movie Guide
041086: MONAHON, CYNTHIA - Children and Trauma: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
044909: MONES, ARTHUR - Artists in Photographs
007791: MONSON, J. BRUCE - All the Marbles: A Novel
046862: MONTALBAN, MANUEL VAZQUEZ - Quinteto de Buenos Aires
031930: MONTANELLI, INDRO; GERVASO, ROBERTO - Italy in the Golden Centuries
046139: MONTESSORI, MARIA - The Child in the Family
021375: MONTET, PIERRE - Everyday Life in Egypt in the Days of Ramesses the Great
006821: MONTGOMERY, JAMES W. - The Men of the Crescent
000713: MOODY, RAYMOND A., JR - Reunions : Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones
050862: MOOLENBURGH, H. C. - Engelen (Als Beschermers En Als Helpers Van de Mensheid)
015481: MOON, ROSEMARY (ED) - Classic French Cuisine
053360: MOONEY, JAMES - Cherokee History, Myths and Sacred Formulas
045835: MOOR, FRED B. - Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage
053575: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Blood: A Southern Fantasy
004982: MOORE, GEORGE - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Automotive Technicians
001962: MOORE, M. - Planetary Brother (I Come As a Brother Ser. , Bk. 4)
053240: MOORE, DOROTHY - The Oriental Method of Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking
053444: MOORE, FARRIS - Pleading for Righteousness: Seven Sermons by Reverend Farris Moore
049112: MOORE, WAYNE C - Looking Back at Tennessee: A Photographic Retrospective
027744: MOORE, F. FRANKFORT - The Conscience of Coralie
051953: MOORE, CHARLES WILLARD - Moore Ruble Yudell
018433: MOORE, DARYL JOSEPH - Design and the Creative Process
000752: MOORE, CLEMENT C - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
010597: MOORE, GARRY - Garry Moore's Favorite Christmas Songs
002363: MOORE-BETTY, MAURICE - Cook It Now, Serve It Later
015523: MOREY, LLOYD; HACKETT, - Fundamentals of Governmental Accounting
035266: MOREY, JANET;DUNN, WENDY - Famous Asian Americans
046989: MORGAN, BARTON - Golden Nuggets of Thought
021595: MORGAN, RUSSELL VAN DYKE; MORGAN, HAZEL NOHAVEC (ED) - Music: A Living Power in Education--a Compendium of the Writings of Russell Van Dyke Morgan
010713: MORGAN, RUSSELL H.; GEHRET, EDWARD F. - Gonad Exposure in Medical Radiography: A Handbook of Scatter/Primary Exposure Ratios
037207: MORGAN, WILLIAM GERRY - The American College of Physicians: Its First Quarter Century
052630: MORGSN, JUDITH A. - My Name Was Elmwood
048727: MORIER, JAMES - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
047005: MORKOVSKY, JAN LUDVYK - Novym Svetem: Cesta Kardinala Josefa Berana Do Spojenych Statu Americkych a Kanady
030767: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - Pictures from the Water Trade
038554: MORLEY, PATRICIA A. - The Mystery of Unity: Theme and Technique in the Novels of Patrick White: Theme and Technique in the Novels of Patrick White
037940: MOROZOV, IVAN V. - Virginia Tech: Cut in Stone
053226: MORRICE, PHILIP - Schweppes Guide to Scotch
020521: MORRILL, CLAIRE - A Taos Mosaic: Portrait of a New Mexico Village
002550: MORRIS, KEITH LEE - The Greyhound God (Western Literature Ser. )
002775: MORRIS, KEITH LEE - The Greyhound God (Western Literature Ser. )
032391: MORRIS, DAVID B. - Locating Trophy Whitetails
001950: MORRIS, CORLISS - Letters on a Summer Night
052499: MORRIS, GEORGE S. - Lynchburg in the CIVIL War: The City--the People--the Battle (the Virginia CIVIL War Battles and Leaders Series)
046497: MORRIS, DESMOND - Horsewatching
032333: MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR - The Wild Goose
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052761: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC - Rivers of Rhythm: African Americans and the Making of American Music
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015429: MYERS, D. H. - Letters from a Beast
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011611: NICOL, ERIC - An Uninhibited History of Canada
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031070: NUTTALL, MARSHA NEWMAN - Stitching Memories: A Guide to Scrapbooking Using Your Sewing Machine
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001920: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001921: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001923: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001918: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001924: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001917: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001916: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
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028104: O'KEEFE, MARK - Priestly Prayer: Reflections on Prayer in the Life of the Priest
052024: O'NEAL, HANK - The Ghosts of Harlem: Sessions with Jazz Legends
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051714: ORR, FRANK (ED) - Notable Nashville Architecture 1930-1980
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051357: OSHO - The Secret of Secrets: The Secrets of the Golden Flower
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048971: OWINGS, HAROLD - The Right Turn: An Edge of Your Seat Murder Mystery
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001706: PAPINEAU, ANDRE - Jesus on the Mend : Healing Stories for Ordinary People
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043138: PARANJAPE, PRAKASH K. - Easier Done Than Said: Brilliancy at the Bridge Table
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010343: PARK, FRANCES - When My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon
053263: PARKER, DOROTHY - The Best of Dorothy Parker
002416: PARKER, THEODORE - The World of Matter and the Spirit of Man: Latest Discources of Religion
052599: PARKER, DOROTHY - Enough Rope
035844: PARKER, DOROTHY;EVANS, ROSS - The Coast of Illyria: A Play in Three Acts
009337: PARKER, ROBERT B - Sudden Mischief: A Suspense Novel [Audiobook]
051043: PARKES, MICHAEL - Michael Parkes: Stone Lithographs-Bronze Sculptures 1982-1996
003078: PAROS, LAWRENCE - The Erotic Tongue
032274: PARR, SCOTT;GUINNESS, RUPERT;VELO PRESS - Tales from the Toolbox: Inside a Pro Cycling Team
053539: PARSLEY, ROD - Renamed and Redeemed: Operating in the Name of Jesus ; a Teaching Syllabus
049955: PARTHASARATHY, A. - Choice Upanishads
026071: PARTNOY, FRANK - Fiasco: Blood in the Water on Wall Street
013906: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - A Dictionary of Catch Phrases
053287: DR GENE PASCUCCI - What If We'Re Him? There's Something Going on Here... The Transformation of Spirituality
010897: PASSWATER, RICHARD A. - Guide to Fluorescence Literature
003539: PASTERNACK, BRUCE A.- VISCIO, ALBERT J - The Centerless Corporation: A New Model for Transforming Your Organization for Growth and Prosperity
030406: PATCH, DIANA CRAIG - Reflections of Greatness: Ancient Egypt at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
053578: PATCHETT, ANN - The Shop Dogs of Parnassus
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007548: PRIGGEE, MILT - Some Priggee Good Stuff
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014432: AM BOARD MED PSYCHOTHERAPISTS - Advances in Medical Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis 1999-2000
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052860: RAE, NOEL - The Great Stain: Witnessing American Slavery
020536: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
032975: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
032994: RAGHAVAN, VIJAY - Twice Born
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033341: RAHMAN, MUHAMMAD HABIBUR - On Rights and Remedies: A Collection of Opinions
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053048: RAND, AYN - The Fountainhead
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005076: RAWSON, CLAUDE - Order from Confusion Sprung: Studies in Eighteenth Century Literature from Swift to Cowper
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046077: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon: Sunday Dailies--1942 (Fuga Nel Deserto; the Usurper)
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052875: REASOR, LLOYD; COOK, TRILLA MARLENE (LINTON) - The Lytle Family and Allied Families
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033005: REES, DOUGLAS - Vampire High: Sophomore Year
043567: REESE, TERENCE - Story of an Accusation
002845: REEVES, BELLE - Washington, 'the Evergreen State': Its People, Products and Resources
019858: REEVES, LAURETTA - Zaps: The Norton Psychology Labs Workbook
015812: REGENSBURG, JEANETTE - Toward Education for Health Professions
038998: REHBOCK, PHILIP F. (ED) - At Sea with the Scientifics : The Challenger Letters of Joseph Matkin
050962: REICH, CHARLES A. - The Greening of America
052315: REICH, WILHELM - Bion Experiments
005793: REID, HOWARD - The Way of the Warrior
009985: REID, JOHN G. - Acadia, Maine, and New Scotland: Marginal Colonies in the Seventeenth Century
003629: REID, JENNINGS B - Jesus : God's Emptiness, God's Fullness: The Christology of St. Paul
047187: REIGER, BARBARA - The Zane Grey Cookbook
011493: REIMERS, HENRY - The Abrams Story
053123: REINDERS, H. REINDER; PRUMMEL, WIETSKE (EDS) - Housing in New Halos: A Hellenistic Town in Thessaly, Greece
053179: REISMAN, GEORGE - Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, Vol. 1
001878: REITER, THOMAS - Crossovers : Poems
001879: REITER, THOMAS - Crossovers : Poems
005286: REITER, SYDNEY - Industrial and Commercial Heat Recovery Systems
037808: RELF, COLIN - Scrap Metal Recovery: An Experience of Intermediate Technology in Papua New Guinea
037803: REMIC, ANDY - Biohell
013464: REMIE, C.H.W. - Canada on the Threshold of the 21st Century: European Reflections Upon the Future of Canada Selected Papers of the First All-European Canadian Stu
013543: REMIE, C.H.W. - Canada on the Threshold of the 21st Century: European Reflections Upon the Future of Canada Selected Papers of the First All-European Canadian Stu
008223: REMINGTON, FRANK J.; ET AL. - Criminal Justice Administration: Materials and Cases
028313: REMUS, TIMOTHY - How to Customize Your Harley-Davidson
032109: RENDLEMAN, RON - A Fistful of Dust
031521: RENOUARD, MICHEL - A New Guide to Brittany
009613: REPPY, WILLIAM A. JR.; SAMUEL, CYNTHIA A. - Community Property in the United States
050347: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Galen and the Syllogism
031465: SOCIETY FOR AMERICAN BASEBALL RESEARCH - The National Pastime, Volume 28: A Review of Baseball History
031466: SOCIETY FOR AMERICAN BASEBALL RESEARCH - The Baseball Research Journal (Brj), Volume 38 #1
001978: REYHER, REBECCA - The Fon and His Hundred Wives
004412: REYNOLDS, CAROLINE - Strength for the Storm : Spiritual Lessons from Chinese Preachers
027712: REYNOLDS, JAMES - Baroque Splendor
007527: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Victoria and Albert Museum: Catalogue of the Constable Collection
003975: REYNOLDS, DONALD M. - Monuments and Masterpieces
034488: RHEMAN, KATHLEEN B. (ED) - Ancestors of the Members of the Present Blair Society for Genealogical Research (Volume 1)
025483: RHENISCH, HAROLD - Out of the Interior: The Lost Country
001997: RHODES, SONYA; SCHNEIDER, SUSAN - Second Honeymoon : A Pioneering Guide for Reviving the Midlife Marriage
013563: RIBANT, MIKE (ED) - The U.S. Trout Atlas: Over 5,000 of America's Best Trout Fishing Spots in the Great 48 States
002294: RICCHIUTI, PAUL B.; WOOLSEY, RAYMOND H. (EDITOR) - The End-of-the-World-Man and Other Stories
003122: RICE, ANNE - Vittorio the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampire
003124: RICE, ANNE - Servant of the Bones
004256: RICE, ANNE - Pandora (Audiobook)
033498: RICE, DALE H.;SCHAEFER, STEVEN D. M.D.;CALVER, LEWIS E. - Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus Surgery
047172: RICE, CHARLOTTE - My Heroes Have Always Been Dead
016103: RICH, ROBERT F. - The Knowledge Cycle
050161: RICH, E. E. (ED) - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1679-1684: First Part, 1679-82 (Hudson's Bay Records Society, Volume VIII)
050162: RICH, E. E. (ED) - Moose Fort Journals, 1783-85
052517: RICHARD, ALLAN C.; RICHARD, MARY MARGARET HIGGINBOTHA - The Defense of Vicksburg: A Louisiana Chronicle (Volume 90) (Williams-Ford Texas a&M University Military History Series)
038796: RICHARDS, BARRY - Disciplines of Delight: The Psychoanalysis of Popular Culture
047703: RICHARDS, HARVEY D. - Sorak of the Malay Jungle or How Two Young Americans Face Death and Win a Friend
039408: RICHARDS, DONNA - Blue: Little Cat Come Home to Stay
040278: RICHARDS, ANN - Straight from the Heart: My Life in Politics and Other Places
002168: RICHARDS, LARRY - Wisdom for the Graduate (for the Graduate Ser. )
053295: RICHARDSON, ROBERT - Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Embracing a View of the Origin, Progress and Principles of the Religious Reformation Which He Advocated, Volume I and II
027031: RICHARDSON, JOHN E. - Annual Editions Marketing 08/09, 2009 Update
027784: RICHARNAUD, EZRA DE - The Small Rooms of Paris
033323: RICHMAN, ELLIOT - Walk on, Trooper
052002: RICHTER, DAVID H. - The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends
052230: RICKE, HELMUT - Italian Glass: Murano Milan 1930-1970 : The Collection of the Steinberg Foundation
044689: RICKENBACKER, WILLIAM F. - The Twelve-Year Sentence
047287: RIDER, FREMONT - Melvil Dewey (the Library Reference Series)
020022: RIEDESEL, C. ALAN; CALLAHAN, LEROY G. - Elementary School Mathematics for Teachers
030465: RIEDL, RUPERT - Biology of Knowledge: The Evolutionary Basis of Reason
011123: RIEGEL, ROBERT DEE - Birth of a Radical
051589: RIEMANN, BERNHARD - Uber Die Hypothesen, Welche Der Geometrie Zu Grunde Liegen (1921) (German Edition)
040545: THE RIFTER - The Rifter 33
040059: RIGG, GARNETT M. - West of the Mechesebe, Kaaba Temple's First 100 Years
038704: RIGG, GARNETT M. - West of the Mechesebe: The First 100 Years of Kaaba Temple
052923: RIGGS, RANSOM - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Hebrew Edition)
049982: RILEY, LAURA - You and Your Baby Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide
035073: RINGGOLD, NICOLETTE PERNOT - Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Vision Loss in Later Life
035072: RINGGOLD, NICOLETTE PERNOT - Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Vision Loss in Later Life
001196: RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA - Scarlett : The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind
040626: RIPPMANN, WALTER (RIPMAN); VIETOR, PROF. - Elements of Phonetics: English, French, and German
015992: RIST, RAY C. - Earning and Learning: Youth Employment Policies and Programs
035456: RITCHIE, J.C. - Post-Glacial Vegetation of Canada
022232: RITCHIE, JIM - Best of Missouri Farms: A Taste of Rural Missouri
024932: RITTER, MONIKA - Die Ideale Wirbelsäulen- Gymnastik
043827: RIVERO, ISEL - Night Rained Her: Poems
048778: RIZVI, SAYYID MUHAMMED - An Explanatory Translation of the Qur'an, Volume II
051936: RIZZO, STEVE - Becoming a Humor Being: The Power to Choose a Better Way
004386: ROBB, MAGGIE - Stepmom (Audiobook)
009339: ROBBINS, HAROLD - The Predators [Audiobook]
029672: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard: Side-Pocket Sam, Daily Strips June 1, 1945 to May 16, 1946
028833: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard. Volume One. War in the Orient. Daily Strips 5 Jun 44 to 31 May 45.
046608: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard - Danger a la Carte
029671: ROBBINS, FRANK - Johnny Hazard: War in the Orient, Daily Strips June 5, 1944 to May 31, 1945
027478: ROBER FRASER, AND PH.D.;FRASER, ROBERT;JOHNSON, KURT;KRAFT, GEORGE M.D.;DAWN EHDE, PH.D. - The Ms Workbook: Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis
052615: ROBERSON, JEFF - Midnight Train
032591: NICHOLAS ROBERT L. - Repase Y Escriba: Curso Avanzado de Gramática Y Composición (Workbook)
011005: ROBERTS, JAN; ROBERTS, GEORGE - Discover Historic Washington State: A Travel Guide to Hundreds of Historical Places in the Evergreen State
027966: ROBERTS, JAMES P. - Darkling I Listen, and for Many a Time-- and Other Imaginations
000458: ROBERTS, MERVIN F - Teddy Bear Hamsters
014063: ROBERTS, BRENDA - The Companion Guide to Roberts' Ultimate Encyclopedia of Hull Pottery/with Price Guide
028150: ROBERTS, LYDIA J. - Nutrition Work with Children
037373: ROBERTS, NORA - Blue Smoke [Audiobook]

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