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048983: HRYCYK, THOMAS - Storylandia Issue 18
012615: HSU, ADAM - The Sword Polisher's Record: The Way of Kung-Fu
053281: HU, HUIXIN - Yan Xin Qigong Collectanea Volume 9
002945: HU, SHIH-CHANG; BURNS, PAUL Y. - Green Ash (Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Marsh. ): A Bibliography, 1897-1987
002946: HU, SHIH-CHANG; LINNARTZ, NORWIN E.; BURNS, PAUL Y. - American Sycamore (Platanus Occidentalis L. ): A Bibliography, 1911-1987
052152: HUBBARD, L. RON - Self Analysis
048356: HUBBARD, L. RON - The Magic Quirt; Stacked Bullets; the Gunner from Gehenna (Western Short Stories, Volume 12)
034497: HUBBARD, L. RON - Manual Basico de Estudio
006341: HUBBARD-BURRELL, JOAN - What Really Happened? Jfk: Five Hundred One Questions and Answers
032348: HUBMANN, FRANZ - The Jewish Family Album: The Life of a People in Photographs
040303: HUCKABEE, MIKE - A Simple Government : Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don't!)
040667: HUDSON, JOHN C. - Making the Corn Belt: A Geographical History of Middle-Western Agriculture
041343: HUESMANN, L. ROWELL (ED) - Aggressive Behavior: Current Perspectives
025208: HUESMANN, L. ROWELL (ED) - Aggressive Behavior : Current Perspectives
044877: WINFRED ARTHUR JR.; WINSTON BENNETT JR.; ALLEN I. HUFFCUTT - Conducting Meta-Analysis Using Sas (Multivariate Applications Series)
009885: HUGHES, MERRITT Y. - Ten Perspectives on Milton
019346: HUGHES, ARTHUR MIDDLETON - Strategic Database Marketing: The Masterplan for Starting and Managing a Profitable, Customer-Based Marketing Program
053612: HUGHES, LANGSTON AND MILTON MELTZER - Black Magic a Pictorial History of Black Entertainers in America
007386: HUGHES, LINDA - Business Etiquette: How to Be Correct and Confident in Every Situation [Audiobook]
052568: HUGHES, RICHARD T.; ALLEN, LEONARD - Illusions of Innocence: Protestant Primitivism in America, 1630-1875
011397: HUGHES, KENT & BARBARA - Common Sense Parenting [Audiobook]
041100: HUGHES, EAMONN (ED) - Culture and Politics in Northern Ireland, 1960-1990
019986: HUGHSON, BETH; GOSTICK, ODA - In Foreign Lands: An Exploratory Language Course and Cultural Introduction to Rome, Italy, France, Spain, Germany
007567: HULFISH, DAVID S. - Motion Picture Work: A General Treatise on Picture Taking, Picture Making, Photo-Play, and Theater Management and Operation
047884: HULME, JANET A. - Beyond Kegels: Fabulous Four Exercises and More - to Prevent and Treat Incontinence
046646: HULSE, MICHAEL - Essays in Honor of Elias Canetti
047550: HUME, CHRISTOPHER - From the Wild; Portfolios of North America's Finest Wildlife Artists
009181: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF; HUNGRY WOLF, BEVERLY - Indian Tribes of the Northern Rockies
010589: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF - Rails in the Mother Lode
002238: HUNT, DAVE - Sanctuary of the Chosen
002239: HUNT, DAVE - The Archon Conspiracy
051854: HUNT, KEEL - Coup: The Day the Democrats Ousted Their Governor, Put Republican Lamar Alexander in Office Early, and Stopped a Pardon Scandal
053488: HUNT, JUNE - How to Defeat Harmful Habits: Freedom from Six Addictive Behaviors (Counseling Through the Bible Series)
027526: HUNT, ANNE - The Trinity and the Paschal Mystery: A Development in Recent Catholic Theology
052705: HUNT, LINDA - Loaves and Fishes
049816: HUNT, JOHNNY - The Dirtracer's Bible (Nasb New Testament)
041703: HUNT, LEIGH - Captain Sword and Captain Pen: An Anti-War Poem
010871: HUNT, FRANCIS P - The Orchid
051511: HUNTER-HENIN, MYRIAM - Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe (Cultural Diversity and Law)
021280: HUNTING, GARDNER - Great Reward
046670: HUNTLEY, MARY - Celebrating the First Fifty Years : An Interpretive Essay - Minnesota State University Mankato Division of Nursing/School of Nursing 1953-2003
053451: HUPCHICK, DENNIS P. - Culture and History in Eastern Europe
000776: HURD, DOUG - Brain Rot, Shopping at Costco and Other Joys of Middle Age
053213: HUSSAIN, ASAF - Islamic Movements in Egypt, Pakistan and Iran: An Annotated Bibliography
053627: HUSSERL, EDMUND - Cartesian Meditations: An Introduction to Phenomenology
040210: HUSSEY, ANDREW - Paris : The Secret History
042366: HUTCHINS, PAMELA FAGAN - Leaving Annalise (Katie and Annalise) (Volume 2)
051751: HUTCHINSON, ANN - Labanotation: The System of Analyzing and Recording Movement
025711: HUTCHINSON, DUANE - Storytelling Tips: How to Love, Learn, and Relate a Story
015620: HUTCHISON; WILLIAM S., JR.; EMENER, WILLIAM G. (EDS) - Employee Assistance Programs: A Basic Text
000567: HUYGHE, RENE - Larousse Encyclopedia of Modern Art: From 1800 to the Present Day
030206: HUYSMANS, J. K.; D'AUREVILLY, BARBEY; LORRAIN, JEAN; MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - The Decadent Reader : Fiction, Fantasy, and Perversion from Fin-de-Siècle France
046067: HYMA, ALBERT - Luther's Theological Development from Erfurt to Augsburg
044194: HYNES, H. B. N.;HYNES, HUGH BERNARD NOEL - The Ecology of Running Waters
019449: HYPES, GEORGE P.; HYPES, CAROL L. - The Stair-Step Exposure System for Color Slide Photography: A Practical Approach to Accurate Color Slide Exposure
033248: IBARRA ESCOBAR, GUILLERMO;RUELAS, ANA LUZ - Inmigrantes Y Economia Informal En Los Angeles: Atrapados En la Tierra Prometida
032497: NASUS; IDUJI - Reflections of Friendship: Gentle Words in Haiku
043024: IGNATIUS, ADI - Time: President Obama the Path to the White House
050746: IGRAM, CASSIM; INGRAM, CASS - The Longevity Solution: Compelling Proof That Royal Jelly Has the Power to Eliminate Fatigue, Provide Greater Energy and Extend Life
035731: IHIMAERA, WITI - Dear Miss Mansfield: A Tribute to Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp
052013: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Vol. 5
052014: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Vol. 11
052015: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution: Volume 6
053102: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Volume 10
053100: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Volume 12
053099: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Volume 15
052134: IKEDA, DAISAKU - The New Human Revolution, Volume 4
052135: DAISAKU IKEDA - The New Human Revolution, Vol. 7
048185: ILES, FRANCIS - Before the Fact
045982: ILLICH, IVAN - Une Société Sans école
008308: ILLICK, JOSEPH S. - An Outline of General Forestry
021694: IMBIORSKI, WALTER (ED) - The New Cana Manual, 1957
021291: IMBOURG, PIERRE - Van Dyck
006960: INCE, W. N. - Heredia
047502: THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF INDIA - Meditation in a Sickbed: The Word of God Given to the Patients
013718: INGERSON, EARL; BRAGG, WAYNE, G.; UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN - Science, Government, and Industry for Development: The Texas Forum
033520: INGRAM, RICK E.;SEGAL, ZINDEL V.;MIRANDA, JEANNE - Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
052954: THREE INITIATES - The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
019797: INMAN, BRYCE (ED) - Quiet Moments (33 Songs of Devotion and Reflection) Medium Voice Range (Vocal/Solo)
008577: INNIS, MARY QUAYLE (ED) - Mrs. Simcoe's Diary
048327: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - China, Violations of Human Rights: Prisoners of Conscience and the Death Penalty in the People's Republic of China
015787: INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL UNION; MECKELEIN, WOLFGANG - Desertification in Extremely Arid Environments
051732: IONESCO, EUGENE - Amedee, the New Tenant, Victims of Duty: Three Plays (Ionesco, Eugene)
048851: IPLEY, ALEXANDRA - Scarlett (German Edition)
052645: IRVIN, HELEN DEISS - Women in Kentucky (the Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf)
016402: IRVIN, JOHN M. - Ed Lee... Adventures of an Uncommon Man
000334: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Apes, Angels, and Victorians
006659: IRWIN, JOHN L. - Finns and the Lapps: How They Live and Work
016659: IRWIN, HALE - Play Better Golf with Hale Irwin
048321: DE ISASI, ENRIQUE - Con Una Copa de Jerez
000620: ISAY, DAVID - Holding on : Dreamers, Visionaries, Eccentrics and Other American Heroes
048856: ISENSTEIN, JAMIE - Jamie Isenstein: Will Return
049697: MAHARISHI SADASIVA ISHAM - Der Erste Donner: Ein Abenteuer Voller Entdeckungen
021775: AL-ISSA, IHSAN; TOUSIGNANT, MICHEL - Ethnicity, Immigration, and Psychopathology
037811: IVANKO, JOHN;KIVIRIST, LISA - Ecopreneuring: Putting Purpose and the Planet Before Profits
046851: IVES, HOWARD CHAPIN - Natural Trigonometric Functions to Seven Decimal Places for Every Ten Seconds of Arc
050423: IVEY, BILL - Handmaking America: A Back-to-Basics Pathway to a Revitalized American Democracy
049789: IWAMOTO, HAJIME - Japanese Aesthetic Sense Through Zen
053599: IWANADE, YASUHIKO - The Beauty of the 'Burst: Gibson Sunburst Les Pauls from '58 to '60
051949: IYENGAR, B. K. S. - Light on Yoga
018739: JABLONSKY, DAVID - Churchill: The Making of a Grand Strategist
050708: JACK, ALEX - Biowisdom: Using Diet and Lifestyle to Strengthen Natural Immunity, Develop Your Intuition, and Radiate Clarity and Peace
007461: JACK, JOHN - The Way of the Transgressor
051753: JACKSON, JOHN W. - Philadelphia Maritime Museum 1961-1986
001288: JACKSON, TONY - Hunter Point Retriever : The Continental Dog
045021: JACOBS, GEORGE J. - Russian-English: English-Russian Dictionary of Vertebrate Zoology
052854: JACOBS, CINDY - Legendary Locals of Moorseville, North Carolina
014494: JACOBS, BARBARA; JACOBS, LEONARD - Cooking with Seitan : The Delicious Natural Foods from Whole Grain
040186: JACOBS, MICHAEL - The Privilege & the Responsibility: Working in a Nursing Home
036831: JACOBS, MELVILLE - The Content and Style of an Oral Literature : Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales
002698: JACOBSON, C. I.; MANNHEIM, L. A. - Enlarging: A Focal Manual of Photo Technique
039127: JACOBSON, ALAN - Velocity
051145: JAFFE, BEN; KAMMEN, JACK - Israeli & Jewish Song Hits for the Piano
002747: JAFFE, MARJORIE; COOPER, STEPHANIE - Get Your Back in Shape
045898: JAHRESBEGLEITER, EIN - Mit Martin Luther Von Tag Zu Tag Ein Jahresbegleiter
052716: JAKI, STANLEY L. - Brain, Mind, and Computers
025864: JAMES, HAROLD - The Roman Predicament: How the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire
049716: JAMES, CHRIS EDWARD - The Odds Against U.S. : Urban Statistics
043629: JAMISON, JANE - The Wolf Within [Men of Passion, Colorado 3]
007126: JANISKEE, BRIAN - Webquester: American Government
010949: JANITCH, MICHAEL - A Source Book of Twentieth-Century Warships
009082: JANSKY, ROBERT CARL - Interpreting the Aspects
052257: JANSSEN, HORST; ROETTIG, PETRA; MEYER, STEFANIE (EDS.) - Horst Janssen: Meisterzeichnungen
052263: JANSSEN, HORST - Hanno's Tod: Zur Eroffnung Des Kabinetts Horst Janssen--Zeichnungen Und Druckgraphik, 'Galerie Der Gegenwart' in Der Hamburger Kunsthalle (German Edition)
021399: JANTZEN, MARK - The Wrong Side of the Wall: An American in East Berlin During the Peaceful Revolution
013575: JAPRISOT, SEBASTIEN - A Very Long Engagement [Cd Audiobook]
044687: JAQUES, EDNA - The Best of Edna Jaques
050866: JARDINE, LISA - Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory
013695: JARROW, ROBERT A. - Option Pricing
053186: JASSAL, SMITA TEWARI - Daughters of the Earth
019211: JAY, PETER - Crisis for Western Political Economy, and Other Essays
027066: JAYNE-STANES, SARA - Chocolate : The Definitive Guide
053515: JAZMIK, MARIAN - Textures from Nature in Textile Art: Natural Inspiration for Mixed-Media and Textile Artists
042762: JEFSON, CHRISTY - Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues for Middle School Students (Student Edition)
047643: JENKINS, BRUCE - Goodbye: In Search of Gordon Jenkins
052985: JENKINS, TOMMY E. - A Graphic History of St. Simons Island
030693: JENKINS, LYLE - Biolinguistics: Exploring the Biology of Language
025672: JENNY, HANS - South West Africa: Land of Extremes
005328: JENSEN, BERNARD - Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East : A Food Algae for a Nutritionally-Hungry World (Dr. Jensen's Health Handbooks Ser. , Vol. 3)
032483: JENSEN, CORALIE HUGHES - Passup Point
039568: JENSEN, FLORENCE A. - He Cares
052755: JENSEN, DWIGHT E. (ED) - West Branch: The First 150 Years (1851 - 2001)
020552: JENSEN, EVE - A Memoir of a Life in Progress: A Memoir of a Life in Progress
017093: JENSEN, CORALIE HUGHES - Lety's Gift
010056: JERDAN, WILLIAM (ED) - Rutland Papers: Original Documents Illustrative of the Courts and Times of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Selected from the Private Archives of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, &C. &C. &C.
041910: SERGIUSZ; JESIENIN - Poezje
044642: DAVID GRAHAM;LLOYD D. JESSEE - African Theater (Gear Krieg, Dp9-502)
009598: JESSEL, GEORGE - Halo over Hollywood
042850: JESSER, JODY DUNCAN - A Selection of Imagery from the Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy
021800: JESSUP, JOHN KNOX - The Third Estate: Selections from the Writing of John Knox Jessup
047334: JEWELL, ALLISON J. - Shine on
004494: JEWELL, F. BRIAN - Model Car Collecting
010684: JEWETT, CLAUDIA L. - Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss
050779: JHA, RADHIKA - New Delhi, New Wave
052563: JOBE, JOSEPH (ED) - Great Tapestries: The Web of History from the 12th to the 20th Century
017228: JOCKEL, NILS; MUSEUM FUR KUNST UND GEWERBE HAMBURG; DARIUS, VERONIKA; SUHL, VIVIAN J. - Design Dasein: Ausgewahlte Objekte Zum Sitzen, Stellen Und Leben Museum Fur Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg
016123: JOERES, ERHARD F. - Buying a Better Environment: Cost-Effective Regulation Through Permit Trading
003867: JOHANN, ERNST; MULLER-ALFELD, THEODOR (ED) - Germany: The Federal Republic, a Contemporary Portrait
035259: JOHNSON, STEPHEN V. - Nebraska Insects
051749: JOHNSON, MAYME H. - A Treasury of Tennessee Churches
053056: JOHNSON, OLLIE; THOMAS, FRANK - The Disney Villain
049585: JOHNSON, HELEN KENDRICK - Our Familiar Songs and Those Who Made Them
016112: JOHNSON, AMPAH G. - Growth, Equity, and Self-Reliance: Private Enterprise and African Economic Development
020148: JOHNSON, PHILLIP - Darwin on Trial
022630: JOHNSON, FRANCES - Aluminum Giftware
049181: JOHNSON, ROY F. - In the Old South with Brer Rabbit and His Neighbors
000144: JOHNSON, ROBERT A - We : Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
011002: JOHNSON, LINDA - Teaching Beginning Reading: A Balance Approach
037147: JOHNSON, TIMOTHY S. - Searching for Sam : A Father's Quest for Meaning and Purpose
002133: JOHNSON, SILAS - From One Light, Many Colors
016128: JOHNSON, PHILLIP - Darwin on Trial
049283: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Campfire and Battlefield: A History of the Campaigns and Conflicts of the Great CIVIL War in the United States, the Spanish-American War, the War in the Philippines, the Boxer War in China
053646: BRIAN JOHNSON - The 10-Series Companion
038124: JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.;RICE, MARK;WILLIAMS, CARLA - Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada
047416: JOHNSON, JAMES - The Economy of Health; or, the Stream of Human Life, from the Cradle to the Grave. With Reflections Moral, Physical, and Philosophical, on the Septennial Phases of Human Existence.
024891: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM DAVIDSON - Happy 4th of July! the Words of Theodore Roosevelt
053645: JOHNSTON, RANDOLPH WARDELL - Artist on His Island: A Study in Self-Reliance
050642: JOHNSTON, MILUS E. - The Sword of 'Bushwhacker' Johnston
000660: JOLLY, DAVID E. - Knowledge Beyond Understanding
011683: JONAS, RAYMOND ANTHONY; JONAS, RAYMOND - The Tragic Tale of Claire Ferchaud and the Great War
044847: JONES, MARK; KROEBER, KARL - Wordsworth Scholarship and Criticism, 1973-1984. An Annotated Bibliography with Selected Criticism, 1809-1972
051579: JONES, J. WILLIAM - Personal Reminiscences of General Robert E. Lee
053416: JONES, STEVE - Nottingham... The Sinister Side
007224: JONES, J. CYNDDYLAN - Primeval Revelation: Studies in Genesis I. -VIII.
047105: JONES, MARGARET E. W. - The Contemporary Spanish Novel, 1939-1975 (Twayne's World Authors Series)
024653: JONES, OWEN BENNETT - Pakistan: Eye of the Storm
005003: JONES, CANDY; MCGEE, LEA - Story Kits
052411: JONES, REV. J. WILLIAMS - Southern Historical Society Papers. Volume XI
015164: JONES, ROSEMARY; JONES, DIANE MCCLURE - Collector's Guide to Children's Books: 1950-1975 Identification and Values. Volume 3
015165: JONES, ROSEMARY; JONES, DIANE MCCLURE - Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850 to 1950: Identification & Values
052412: JONES, REV. J. WILLIAMS - Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume X, January to December 1882
051551: JONES, CINDI - Squirrel Cage
003457: JONES, DIONE C - Collector's Information Bureau's Directory to Collectible Retailers : Where to Shop for Collectibles
046010: JONES, ROBERT C. - These Valiant Dead: Renewing the Past in Shakespeare's Histories
044981: JONES, THERESE (ED) - Sharing the Delirium
053551: JONES, ANTHONY ELTON - Brain Pain: Our Invisible Wounds
011060: JONES, OWAIN; CLOKE, PAUL J.; CLOKE, PAUL - Tree Cultures: The Place of Trees and Trees in Their Place
009195: JONES, TOM B. - The Silver-Plated Age
006968: JONES, S. - Endless Winter
040595: JONES, EDGAR DEWITT - The Tender Pilgrims
003322: JONGSOON, CHUNG - A Traveler on the Angry Waves: Sooney
051731: JONSON, BEN - Ben Jonson's: Sejanus (Yale Ben Jonson)
031176: JONSSON, KIMIKO SUGANO - Cooking with Kimiko-San: Japanese
048919: JORDAN, ALICE - An American Suite for Violin and Piano
043207: JORDAN, LAWRENCE J. - The Catholic Church in Newton, Iowa: 1856-1976
021246: JORGENSEN, KARL R. - My West: Pastoral Seasons
021665: JORGENSON, NATHAN - Waiting for White Horses
038078: JORIS, DAVID - The Anabaptist Writings of David Joris 1535-1543
012269: JOSEPH, JAMES C. - Debt Issuance and Management: A Guide for Smaller Governments
027743: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS; WHISTON, WILLIAM (TRANS.) - The Works of Flavius Josephus, Comprising the Antiquities of the Jews; a History of the Jewish Wars; and Life of Flavius Josephus, Written by Himself
030722: DE JOUVENEL, BERTRAND - The Ethics of Redistribution
031697: JUDGE, WILLIAM Q. - The Ocean of Theosophy
031309: JUDGE, HARRY; LEMOSSE, MICHEL; PAINE, LYNN - University and the Teachers : France, the United States, England
021530: JUNG, WOO JIN - Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams
051616: JUNG, WOO JIN - Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams
051621: JUNG, WOO JIN - Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams
052364: JUNO, A. - Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist (People Series)
036325: JURY, PAUL - States of Confusion : My 19,000-Mile Detour to Find Direction
052523: KÄÄRIÄINEN, KIMMO; NIEMELÄ, KATI; KETOLA, KIMMO - Religion in Finland: Decline, Change and Transformation of Finnish Religiosity
017798: KAGAN, ROBERT - Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order
028148: KAHN, BRIAN - Computers in Science: Using Computers for Learning and Teaching
020428: KAHN, RANDOLPH; BLAIR, BARCLAY T. - Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance
037387: KAKINOUCHI, NARUMI - Vampire Princess Miyu, Vol. 2: Encounters
037388: KAKINOUCHI, NARUMI - Deja Vu (Vampire Princess Miyu, Vol. 3)
037386: KAKINOUCHI, NARUMI;HIRANO, TOSHIHIRO - New Vampire Miyu Episode 1: The Shinma Menace
032823: KALESNIKO, MARK - S.O. S.
029817: KALLAM, CLAY - Girls' Basketball: Building a Winning Program
002976: KALLESTAD, CHARLENE (ED) - From St. Anne's with Love
026427: KALLIR, JANE - The Folk Art Tradition: Naive Painting in Europe and the United States - Catalogue to an Exhibition
014487: KALLIR, JANE - The Folk Art Tradition: Naive Painting in Europe and the United States
032842: KALSTONE, SHIRLEE - The Kalstone Guide to Grooming All Toy Dogs
046778: KAMALADASA, BHADRA (ED) - Water for People and Nature: Arumugam Commemoration Volume (History of Water Conservation, Vol. 2)
028344: KAMINSKI, MITCHELL V. - Hyperalimentation: A Guide for Clinicians
050613: KANE, HARNETT T. - Gone Are the Days: An Illustrated History of the Old South
050480: QIAN REN KANG - Liszt Art Song Selection (with Piano Accompaniment and Songs Notes) (Paperback)
021429: KANN, ROBERT A. - A Study in Austrian Intellectual History: From Late Baroque to Romanticism
047723: KANNARD, BRIAN - Skullduggery: 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead
027497: KANTONEN, T. A. - The Christian Interpretation of Race
021774: KANTOR, MARTIN - The Human Dimension of Depression: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis, Understanding, and Treatment
001374: KAPELOVITZ, LEONARD H - To Love and to Work
011837: KAPERA, PATRICK; WILSON, KEVIN - Shadowforce Archer
033121: KAPLAN, MARION A. - The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany
035037: KAPLAN, HENRY S. - Hodgkin's Disease
049738: KAPUR, DARYAI LAL - Heaven on Earth
007616: KARCH, ROBERT A. - King and Pawn Endings I: An Instructor Guide for the Teaching of Small Groups
045983: KARCHMAR, IRVING - Master of the Jinn
037969: KARLINS, DAVID - Adobe Illustrator Cs4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques
002794: KARLMAN, ROLAND - Evidencing Historical Classifications : In British and American Historiography 1930-1970
047162: KAROUZIS, GEORGE - Proposals for a Solution to the the Cyprus Problem
033313: KARP, ROBERT B. - Advances in Cardiac Surgery, Volume 7
048437: KARR, STEVE; LEVINE, JEFF - Tennessee Motorcycle Handbook
013641: KARTESZ, JOHN T.; KARTESZ, ROSEMARIE - A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland. Volume II, the Biota of North America
040835: KASE, RON - Ramsey (Nj) (Images of America)
046153: KASTEN, KATE - Ten Small Beds
050648: KASTNER, L. E.; ATKINS, H. G. - A Short History of French Literature
038194: KASUBA, ALEKSANDRA - Child Ticking: A Memoir
052036: KASULIS, THOMAS P. - Zen Action / Zen Person
013114: KATO, GENSHI; HOSHINO, HIKOSHIRO (EDS) - Kogoshui: Gleanings from Ancient Stories
018947: KATZ, JON - Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet out of Idaho
002006: KATZ, RICHARD - Straight Path : A Story of Healing and Transformation in Fiji
047674: KAUFMAN, S. JAY - Dance Madness: A Story of Love's Final Conquest
038335: KAUFMANN, KLAUS;SCHONECK, ANNELIES - The Cultured Cabbage: Rediscovery the Art of Making Sauerkraut
045432: KAUPP, PETER - Toynbee Und Die Juden. Eine Kritische Untersuchung Der Darstellung Des Judentums IM Gesamtwerk Arnold J. Toynbees
026715: KAVANAGH, DENNIS - British Politics: Continuities and Change
046579: KAVANAUGH, JAMES J - There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves
003596: KAY, TERRY - Shadow Song
043820: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Christus Wordt Weer Gekruisigd
027658: KEALEY, GREGORY S.; PALMER, BRYAN D. - Dreaming of What Might Be: The Knights of Labor in Ontario, 1880-1900
005803: KEARNEY, A. M. - Profiles in Literature: Samuel Richardson
026891: KEAST, JOHN - The Story of Fowey
002186: KEEBLE, JOHN - Out of the Channel : The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound
027830: KEEGAN, NICOLA - Swimming
049701: KEEN, S. A. - Praise Papers: A Spiritual Autobiography
049359: KEENAN, JOE - A Joyful Journey
050836: KEENEY, CONNOR - Shamans of the World: Extraordinary First-Person Accounts of Healings, Mysteries, and Miracles
053475: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Leaving Home: A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories; Limited Edition
053255: KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Land Below the Wind
038283: KELLAMS, DAN - A Coach's Life : Les Hipple and the Marion Indians
045629: KELLEHER, VICTOR - Africa and After
000792: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Sanctuary
002410: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Butcher's Theater
052018: KELLEY, WILLIAM N., M.D. - Textbook of Rheumatology. Two Volume Set.
053482: KELLOGG, HARRY, JR. - Sincerely Yours: Poems
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007893: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007894: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007895: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007896: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007900: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007880: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007869: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007871: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007872: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007891: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
007892: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Puck of Pook's Hill
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002952: KITTLESON, RAY; SNIDER, RICK - Health Secrets of the Rich and Famous : How to Stay Sexy, Youthful and Vibrant
002949: KITTLESON, RAY; SNIDER, RICK - Health Secrets of the Rich and Famous : How to Stay Sexy, Youthful and Vibrant
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001874: KIZER, CAROLYN - Picking and Choosing : Essays on Prose
001875: KIZER, CAROLYN - Picking and Choosing : Essays on Prose
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044615: KNEIDEL, SALLY - Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More Than 100 Hands-on Science Experiments for Children
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053315: KRZISNIK, ZORAN - Males (Miha Males)
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029552: KUESTER, HAROLD - Remedy: D.E. T.O. X.X. America
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041310: LAMARR, TOM - Hallelujah City
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027329: LAWRENCE, T.L.J.;FOWLER, V.R. - Growth of Farm Animals
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036816: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable About Destroying the Barriers That Turn Colleagues Into Competitors
036817: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable About Destroying the Barriers That Turn Colleagues Into Competitors
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005320: LIQUN, YE (ED) - Let Children Observe the World (2)
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007414: LOHR, DICK - How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right [Audiobook]
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011143: LONERO, JOSEPH P. - The Result of World War III and Other Poems and Writings
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002047: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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023460: LONSETH, ELIZABETH - Leave It with Him
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001554: LOOMIS, MARY P. - God's Pencil : Survival Poetry for Today's World
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012497: LOVE, ROBERTUS - Poems All the Way from Pike
033640: LOVE, KATHRYN; LOVE, BONNIE - Play It Again, Kathryn: 80 Years of Writing
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038098: LOVELESS, AVRIL - The Role of Ict
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039533: LOVETT, C. S. - What to Do When Your Friends Reject Christ
034107: LOVING, CAROL - My Son, My Sorrow: A Mother's Plea to Dr. Kevorkian
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015745: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
031623: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
027268: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
033500: LUNDEBERG, MARY A. (ED) - Who Learns What from Cases and How?: The Research Base for Teaching and Learning with Cases
029629: LUPINO, STEPHAN - Lupino Photo Book
046015: LUSCOMBE, EDWARD - Hands Across the Sea: The Scots Contribution to the Church of England in America During the Colonial Period
042381: LUSTED, MARCIA - Time's Passage
018635: LUTZ, TOM - Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears
014337: LUTZE, KARL E. - Forgive Our Forgettings, Lord!: Reflections on Gifts and Promises
014335: LUTZER, ERWIN W. - Coming to Grips with Heaven
045266: LUXEMBURG, ROSA - Comrade and Lover: Rosa Luxemburg's Letters to Leo Jogiches
007336: LYDDON, SISTER EILEEN - Door Through Darkness: John of the Cross and Mysticism in Everyday Life
039772: LYDGATE, TONY - Po Shun Leong: Art Boxes
009850: LYNCH, J. M. - Soil Biotechnology : Microbiological Factors in Crop Productivity
053127: LYNCH, KATHLEEN M. - The Symposium in Context: Pottery from a Late Archaic House Near the Athenian Agora
050349: LYNCH, WILLIAM F. - An Approach to the Metaphysics of Plato Through the Parmenides.
002423: LYNN, J. C. - The Veiling Society
042940: LYONS, BILL - Precious Metals: New and Selected Poems
047538: LYONS, B. J. - Thrills and Spills of a Cowboy Rancher
007351: LYONS, GENE M. (ED) - America: Purpose and Power
051742: LYTLE, ANDREW NELSON - Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company
052443: LYTLE, ANDREW - Stories: Alchemy and Others
051405: LYTTELTON, GEORGE - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis (V. 1)
047019: MACADAM, ALFRED - Modern Latin American Narratives
006382: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON; LAVELL, CECIL FAIRFIELD (ED) - The Life and Writings of Addison; Samuel Johnson
003479: MACAULEY, ROBIE; ZIFF, LARZER - America and Its Discontents
042174: MACBRIDE, THOMAS H. - On the Campus: Addresses Delivered at Various Times Before University and College Audiences
029994: MACCANN, RICHARD DYER - To Save Us from Ourselves: The Vision of a Future President
012124: MACCLANCY, JEREMY (ED) - Sport, Identity and Ethnicity
033709: MACDONALD, MARION;ROGERS-GORDON, SUE - Action Plans: 80 Student-Centered Language Activities
008691: MACDONALD, DONALD L - Know the Anatomy of the Horse
049194: MACDOUGALL, H. - Island of Kerrera. Mirror of History
019357: MACEDA, TERESITA - Marcel M. Navarra: Mga Piling Kuwentong Sebuwano
035941: MACGREGOR, ELLEN - Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea
052837: MACHAN, TIBOR R. - Ayn Rand
051813: MACHEN, J. GRESHAM - New Testament Greek for Beginners
016688: MACHT, CAROL - Classical Wedgwood Designs
028449: MACINTYRE, A. C. - The Unconscious: A Conceptual Analysis
032386: MACK, WAYNE A. - The Saga of the Saints: An Illustrated History of the First 25 Seasons
032318: MACK, WAYNE A. - The Saga of the Saints: An Illustrated History of the First 25 Seasons
020945: MACKAY, GEORGE - Celtic First Names
052600: MACKAY-SMITH, ALEXANDER - American Foxhunting: An Anthology
051513: MACKE, AUGUST - August Macke Und Die Rheinischen Expressionisten : Gemalde, Zeichnungen, Graphik 1906-1930
008572: MACKENROTH, DONALD R. & SANDS, LEO G.; SANDS, LEO G.; PARKER, GEORGE E. - Illustrated Encyclopedia of Solid State Circuits and Applications
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045737: MACNEILL, MORAG - Everyday Gaelic
046979: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
046980: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
026054: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
035268: MADDEN, FREDERIC W. - History of Jewish Coinage and of Money in the Old and New Testament
025933: MADDEN, JULIE ANN (ED) - Echoes--Westfield, Iowa, Sesquicentennial: 1856 - 2006
023837: MADDOX, DONALD; STURM-MADDOX, SARA (EDS) - Parisian Confraternity Drama of the Fourteenth Century: The Miracles de Nostre Dame Par Personnages
008255: MADDOX, FLETCHER (ED) - The Codes and Statutes of Montana in Force July 1st, 1895, Vol. II
051690: MADHUBUTI, HAKI R - Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: The Afrikan American Family in Transition
041028: MADIER, MONIQUE;PEYRAMAURE, MICHEL - Poitou-Charentes, Limousin
032352: MAGARSHACK, DAVID (TRANS) - The Storm and Other Russian Plays
053137: EDITORS OF HOT ROD MAGAZINE - Hot Rod Chassis Construction
005701: MAGEE, ETHEL B. (ED) - A Brief Review of English Grammar with Supplementary Exercises
052030: MAGEE, DAVID - Moonpie: Biography of an out-of-This-World Snack
049510: MAGRITTE, RENE - Magritte Retrospective Loan Exhibition, October-November 1973
051087: MAGUIRE, DANIEL C. - Death by Choice
053558: MAHER, NEIL M. - Nature's New Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Roots of the American Environmental Movement
035211: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
038039: MAHLER, A. J. - Money (the Betty Chronicles)
041009: MAHLER, A. J. - Money (the Betty Chronicles)
032697: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
037068: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
045593: ANGELICA KAUFFMANN / WALTRAUD MAIERHOFER(HRSG.): - Mir Träumte Vor Ein Paar Nächten, Ich Hätte Briefe Von Ihnen Empfangen . Gesammelte Briefe in Den Originalsprachen.
053269: MAILER, NORMAN; NAAR, JON - The Faith of Graffiti
052776: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
034634: MAKUCK, PETER - Costly Habits: Stories
014555: MAKUMBE, JOHN MW - Democracy and Development in Zimbabwe: Constraints of Decentralisation
038149: MALACHUK, KATIE - You'Re Accepted : A Stress-Free and Proven Approach to Getting Into College
052692: MALCOLM, NORMAN - Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Memoir
031857: MALCOLM, DOROTHEA C. - Design: Elements and Principles
028909: MALENSEK, SCOTT - The Secret War in South Asia
014814: MALERBA, LUIGI; SINISCALCO, CARMINE (EDS) - Fifty Years of Italian Cinema
015823: MALEY, DONALD - The Maryland Plan: The Study of Industry and Technology in the Junior High School
053283: MALIK, NORBERT R. - Electronic Circuits: Analysis, Simulation and Design (and Clinical Aspects), Part B, Chapters 9-14
007315: MALLAN, LLOYD - Secrets of Space Flight
005038: MALLEY, WILLIAM J. - Socrates of Athens: Exemplar for Christian Educators (the Challenge of Becoming Christian Men and Women for Others, No. 1)
042562: MALLGRAVE, JOAN - Secrets on St. Croix: A Woman's Mystery Novel
048998: MALLISON, GEORGE - Color at Home and Abroad
053410: MALLOW, JUDY MOFIELD - Pine Needle and Nut Crafting, Book One
052640: MALONE, BILL C. - Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers: Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music (Mercer University Lamar Memorial Lectures Ser. )
051545: MALONEY, KELLIE - Frankly Kellie: Becoming a Woman in a Man's World
052995: MALTSEV, YURI N. - Requiem for Marx
042961: MAMATAS, NICK - Spicy Slipstream Stories
048797: MAN, JA - The Healer Book 1: The Phantom Limb
053106: MAN, KIM BOK - Practical Taekwon-Do: Weapon Techniques, Art of Self-Defense. A Text Book for Advanced Students
048478: MAN, JA - The Healer Book 1: The Phantom Limb
032797: MANARA, MILO - Butterscotch #2
034864: MANCINI, NICHOLAS - A Hairdresser's Revenge
045347: MANDALIOS, JOHN - Nietzsche and the Necessity of Freedom
041060: MANEA, NORMAN - The Fifth Impossibility
014635: MANFREDI, VITTORIO - Novissimo Dizionario Tascabile Della Lingua Italiana
027661: MANFREDINI, VINCENZO - Regole Armoniche: A Facsimile of the 1775 Venice Edition
008934: MANGELSDORFF, RICH - Selected Essays of Rich Mangelsdorff
046047: MANGINI, LISA - Bird Watching at the End of the World
029705: MANKELL, HENNING - Danslararens Aterkomst
053115: MANLEY, GINGER T. (ED) - Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection
053114: MANLEY, GINGER T. (ED) - Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection
026202: MANNING, HEATHER;CURKENDALL, JULIE - Managing Health Services: Cases in Organization Design and Decision Making
043628: MANNING, SHERMAN D. - American Dream: A Search for Justice
013443: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - Seaside England
035312: MANSELL, JOHN S.; PARKER, ALLENE M. - Voices Crying in the Wilderness: Scripture-Based Dramas for Church Life and Worship
037080: MANSKER, AUGUST - Dead People Don't Excercise: Nor Do Those Whose Emotions Enthusiasm and Determination Is Near Death
053183: MANTELL, DUTCH - Tales from a Dirt Road
038453: MAO, SAN - Wan Shyi Qian Shan Zou Bian [Chinese]
051578: MARANISS, ANDREW - Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the Collision of Race and Sports in the South
044221: MARANISS, DAVID - When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi
028176: MARCANO GUEVARA, ARTURO J.;FIDLER, DAVID P.;GUEVARA, ARTURO J. MARCANO - Stealing Lives: The Globalization of Baseball and the Tragic Story of Alexis Quiroz
050475: MA TI DE ?MA GAI SI (MATHILDE MARCHESI) - Bel Canto Classical Music Vocalization and 2 (with Disk) (Paperback)
003992: MARCHINI, G. - Italian Stained Glass Windows
003633: MARCIANO, FRANCESCA - Rules of the Wild
032735: MARCONDES, MARCOS ANTONIO - Enciclopedia Da Musica Brasileira Popular, Erudita E Folclorica
035742: MARCONI, JOE - Shock Marketing: Advertising, Influence and Family Values
040449: MARCUS, ADRIANNE - Lying, Cheating & Stealing
053214: MARCUS, GREIL (ED.) - Rock and Roll Will Stand
010567: MARCUS, DAVID (ED) - Body and Soul
007362: MARDORF, JUDY - When a Drunk Driver Kills : A Widow's Survival
047329: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Love
013400: DE MARE, ERIC - The Canals of England
047037: MARIAS, FERNANDO - Col-Leccio Thyssen-Bornemisza : Monestir de Pedralbes
035772: MARIMAN, HENK - Attacking Down the Center
050121: MARINARO, VINCENT C. - A Modern Dry-Fly Code
043089: MARINELLI, CARLO - Opere in Disco: Da Monteverdi a Berg
014140: MARKOW, JACK - Drawing Funny Pictures
005871: MARKS, FRED M.; ANGLE, BURR (EDITOR) - Getting the Most from Radio Control Systems
028116: MARKSTEIN, DAVID L. - How to Chart Your Way to Stock Market Profits
003409: MARKUS, GILBERT (EDITOR) - The Radical Tradition : Revolutionary Saints in the Battle for Justice and Human Rights
038707: MAROTO, CARLOS DIAZ;DIAZ, CARLOS - King Kong: El Rey Del Cine/ the King of the Theater
038635: MARSH, HORACE WILMER - Constructive Text-Book of Practical Mathematics: Volume I: Industrial Mathematics
037097: MARSH, DIANN - Galena, Illinois: A Brief History
006957: MARSHALL, JEANETTE - Thorsons Guide to Entertaining with Wholefood
052019: MARSHALL , JAMES WILSON; BUFFRUM, EDWARD GOULD - From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush: Memoirs of James Wilson Marshall and Edward Gould Buffrum Who Grew Up with California
038218: MARSHALL, MARVIN - Discipline without Stress Punishments or Rewards: How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning
012229: MARSHALL, NATALIA - Funky Style: Creative Ideas for the Contemporary Home
016879: MARSTEN, BARBARA; BLISS, TINA - Dollhouse Dolls and Their Clothes
053095: MARSZALEK, JON F. - Sherman's Other War: The General and the CIVIL War Press
002451: MARTIN, NORA - A Perfect Snow
047542: MARTIN, GEORGE R.R. - Dying of the Light
003912: MARTIN, HAROLD - Close-Up Photography with Your Camera
039429: MARTIN, MICHAEL - Spike Island: Saints, Felons and Famine
046743: MARTIN, MICHAEL GERHARD - Easiest If I Had a Gun
052299: MARTIN, CATHERINE - Kumihimo: Japanese Silk Braiding Techniques (Basic Marudai Braids)
005288: MARTIN, GLEN; MARTIN, BETTY - To Alaska on a Tractor : 9500 Miles in 126 Days!
052554: MARTIN, VAN JONES; MITCHELL, WILLIAM ROBERT, JR. - Landmark Homes of Georgia 1733-1983
047815: MARTIN, PEGGY - Quick-Strip Paper Piecing
011616: MARTIN, GENEVIEVE A.; BERTRAM, THEODOR - Common Usage Dictionary: German-English, English-German
005129: MARTIN, GABRIEL J. - Liberty and Understanding
031119: MARTIN, HELEN (REIMENSNYDER) - Sabina a Story of the Amish
048409: MARTIN, FRANCIS A - Full Life: A Workbook for the Spiritual Recovery of Addictions
049134: MARTIN, JERRY L. - Henry L. Brunk and Brunk's Comedians: Tent Repertoire Empire of the Southwest
032641: MARTIN, WILLIAM, JR. - Annapolis
051276: MARTINE, JAMES J. - The Crucible: Politics, Property, and Pretense (Twayne's Masterwork Studies)
018640: MARTINEZ, SUSAN ERLING - Last Call for Alcohol: Healing a Marriage Harmed by Alcohol Abuse
034529: MARTONOSI, ANTHONY N. - The Enzymes of Biological Membranes, Volume 1
035653: MARUBINI, ETTORE;VALSECCHI, MARIA GRAZIA - Analyzing Survival Data from Clinical Trials and Observational Studies
044852: MARUISH, MARK E. - Handbook of Psychological Assessment in Primary Care Settings
052479: MARVIN, SHIRLEY; MARVIN; RICH; MARVIN, TEE - Our Journey to the Discovery of Rockmore
037131: MARWIL, JONATHAN L. - A History of Ann Arbor
043269: MARX, JEFFREY - Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood
021592: MARYSMITH, JOAN - The Philosopher's House
053257: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Dream and Other Poems
004108: MASH, ERIC J. (EDITOR); TERDAL, LEIF G. (EDITOR) - Behavioral Assessment of Childhood Disorders : Selected Core Problems (Behavioral Assessment Ser. )
052403: HIROYUKI MASHIT - The Muslim World: Middle East History, Geography, and Travel: Royal Asiatic Society Classics of Islam (V. 1)
044198: MASLAND, R.;PORTERA-SANCHEZ, A. - Neuroplasticity: A New Therapeutic Tool in the Cns Pathology
051644: MASON, ROBERT L. - History of Cannon County Schools / a Project of the Cannon County Retired Teachers Association
020790: MASON, DIANE; JENSEN, GAYLE; RYZEWICZ, CAROLYN - How to Grow a Parents Group
008049: MASON, NANCY (ED) - The Chinook, 1949. 50th Anniversary Yearbook of State College of Washington
020469: MASSELOS, JIM - Indian Nationalism : A History
049947: MASSEY, ROSS - Nashville Battlefield Guide
018880: MASSIE, WINFIELD - Jungle Tales: Adventures in Meat Inspection
051703: MAST, LOIS ANN - The Peter Leibundgutt Journal
052788: MASTERTON, GRAHAM - The Devils of D-Day
052781: MASTERTON, GRAHAM - The Devils of D-Day
021151: MATAR, HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Om)
051938: MATHER, BERKELY - The Midnight Gun
020406: MATHEW, NINAN T. - Handbook of Headache
048920: MATHEWS, W. S. B. - Mathews Graded Materials Comprising the Required Work in Passage Playing and Expression, Vol. 1 (Grades 1 & 2)
051329: MATHIS, CLEOPATRA - After the Body: New & Selected Poems
029103: MATHISEN, RALPH - People, Personal Expression, and Social Relations in Late Antiquity, Volume II: Selected Latin Texts from Gaul and Western Europe
050876: MATTHEWS, GARETH B. - Philosophy and the Young Child (Harvard Paperbacks)
053406: MATTHEWS, DONALD R.; PROTHRO, JAMES W. - Negroes and the New Southern Politics
027548: MATTHEWS, W. R. - The Thirty-Nine Articles: A Plea for a New Statement of the Christian Faith As Understood by the Church of England
006269: MATTHEWS, VINCE; ROBERTS, NICK; HILL, SIMON; LAPWORTH, WARREN; BRUMLEY, DOUGLAS R. - Playstation Game Secrets Unauthorized: The Unauthorized Edition
045602: MATTHEWS, C. J. - The Titanic and Its Captain--John Smith of Hanley

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