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73873: ABBOTT ROBYN - A Kiss To Build A Dream On
13717: ADAMSON WALTER - The Man with the Suitcase
13825: ALLEN ROBERT - Saigon, South of Beyond
23171: ALPEN JOHN - From Millions to Sydney
61530: ALPEN JOHN - From Millions to Sydney
9186: ANDERSON JESSICA - Tirra Lirra by the River
21150: ANDERSON ROBERT ANDREW - The Loves, Laughs and Life of an Amateur Poet
25744: ANDERSON EBEN M. - Key of the Keelson
5502: ANDREW PAT - Edison Thomas, Inventor
25036: ANDREW PATRICK - Kings Cross Swindlers
23814: ANONYMOUS - Superman Pocketbook No. 15
62304: ANONYMOUS - Cricket in Australia: Ten Turbulent Years. Centenary Test, Bicentenary Test
73201: ARMSTRONG GEOFF - Wayne Pearce Presents: The Greatest Game. A Celebration of Rugby League
71688: ARNEIL STAN - One Man's War
56545: AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL OF NATIONAL TRUSTS - Historic Public Buildings of Australia
56534: AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL OF NATIONAL TRUSTS - Historic Houses of Australia
12491: AYLIFFE JOHN STEPHEN - Blind Man's Bluff. Roger's Extraordinary Journey
20362: AYLIFFE JOHN STEPHEN - Blind Man's Bluff. Roger's Extraordinary Journey
70655: BAILLIE ALLAN - Dream Catcher and Other Stories
73559: BAKER GLENN A. - Perpetual Motion
50547: BALDWIN PETER - Curragundi Tales
78040: BALINT CHRISTINE - The Salt Letters
62290: BARCLAY JOHN - The Bloom is Gone
65077: BARER BURL - Man Overboard: The Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne
11460: BARKER A.W. - Dear Robertson: Letters to an Australian Publisher
63762: BARRETT ROBERT G. - The Wind and the Monkey
12059: BARRETT ROBERT G. - The Wind and the Monkey
43636: BATEMAN H.M. - H.M. Bateman By Himself
22734: BAUR GEORGE N. - A Bit About the Bush
22592: BAYLDON ARTHUR ALBERT - Collected Poems. The Only Complete Collection of the Author's Most Characteristic Poems
56217: BEATTY BILL - A Treasury of Australian Folk Tales and Traditions
20357: BEAVER BRUCE - Headlands. Prose Sketches
48479: BENNETT JACK, DENTON KIT, FRANKLIN MILES, GUNN AENEAS - Four Great Australian Books/Four Great Australian Films: Gallipoli, The Breaker, My Brilliant Career, We of the Never-Never and the Little Black Princess. Boxed Set
6292: BINCHY MAEVE - The Copper Beech
23268: BIUSO JULIE - Fresh
55836: BLAIR LIONEL - Lionel Blair: Stage-Struck. An Autobiography
9141: BLEE JILL - The Pines Hold Their Secrets
24077: BLEE JILL - Brigid
25641: BLOFELD HENRY - Wine Women and Wickets
43751: BONE WALTER H. - What Became of Them? Australian Stories for Children
25742: BOWEN JAN - Feminists Fatale. The Changing Face of Australian Feminism
25659: BOYD-BELL ROBERT - New Zealand Television. The First 25 Years
46515: BRADBURY MALCOLM, EDITOR - The Novel Today: Contemporary Writers on Modern Fiction
54352: BRADLEY ROBIN - The Small Wineries of Australia: a Guide to the Best Makers
68202: BRAY GORDON - From the Ruck. A Commentator Tells All
69614: BRAY GORDON - The Spirit of Rugby. A Tribute to Australian Rugby Union
24191: BREEN PETER - Advance Australia Fair. Reforming the Legal System with a Rights and Responsiblities Code
54818: BRIGGINSHAW JIM - Shimpu-San. Healer of Hate. The Life of Father Tony Glynn, S.M.
12317: BROMBY ROBIN, EDITOR - A Century of Ashes. An Anthology
12318: BROMBY ROBIN, EDITOR - A Century of Ashes. An Anthology
23002: BROWN BUD - Coffee with Roses. Miss Brown's Story
22628: BROWN THEO W. - Young Explorers of the Sea and Beyond
10367: BRUCE JOHN - Airscream
22946: BRUCE STEVE - Heading for Victory. An Autobiography
25038: BURNS CONNIE, MCNAMARA MARYGAI - Eclipsed. Two Centuries of Australian Women's Fiction
82083: BURNS IAN - Ranga Plays Australia
43469: BUTLER MARJORIE J. - Time Isn't Long Enough
18034: BUTLER ROWAN - Breaking the Ice: Life and Work in the Frozen Wilderness of Antarctica
6101: BUZO ALEX - The Young Person's Guide to the Theatre and Almost Everything Else
47830: CAIRNS JIM - Reshaping the Future. Liberated Human Potential
23410: CAMPBELL JOAN, HANGER CATHERINE - Bloody Delicious ! A Life with Food
24454: CAMPESE DAVID, MENINGA MAL, JENKINS PETER, FRILINGOS PETER - My Game Your Game. David Campese and Mal Meninga Talk Football
48588: CAMPESE DAVID, MENINGA MAL, JENKINS PETER, FRILINGOS PETER - My Game Your Game: David Campese and Mal Meninga Talk Football
47705: CARMODY ANNA, EDITOR - Bondi Shorts, an Anthology
23635: CARO ANDREW - With a Straight Bat
66942: CARPENTER HUMPHREY, FOSTER ROBERT - J.R.R. Tolkien, A Biography and The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth
74341: CARR JOHNNY - The Cardman
20336: CARROLL BRIAN - The Australian Advertising Album
61196: CARTER JEFF - Wild Animal Farm
8656: CARTER ALAN - Carter Bros. And Dad
69331: CASSIDY MICHAEL - A Witness for Ever. The Dawning of Democracy in South Africa, Stories Behind the Story
56148: CATTS DOROTHY M. - The Crathies of Killara
55627: CAVANOUGH MAURICE, DAVIES MEURIG - The Melbourne Cup. Complete History and Statistics
47732: CHAI ARLENE J. - On the Goddess Rock
25040: CHARLTON ROB - The Slim Book of Bush Verse. A Contemporary Revival
59782: CHICK SUZANNE - Searching for Charmian. The Daughter Charmian Clift Gave Away Discovers the Mother She Never Knew
25619: CHIPP DON, LARKIN JOHN - Don Chipp. The Third Man
48817: CLARK MAVIS THORPE - No Mean Destiny. The Story of the War Widow's Guild of Australia 1945-85
56189: CLAYDON ROBYN - Abbotsleigh: A Walk Through Time
24233: CLIFT KEN - This Magic Land
12098: CLUNE FRANK - All Roads Lead to Rome. A Pilgrimage to the Eternal City, and a Look Around War-Torn Europe
12186: CLUNE FRANK - Flying Dutchmen. Narrative of an Expedition of Discovery from Australia to the Netherlands with the "Flying Dutchmen"
12187: CLUNE FRANK - Castles In Spain. A Flying Trip from Australia to Europe with Some Quixotical Peregrinations in the Iberian Peninsula in Quest of Facts
12266: CLUNE FRANK - Roaming Round Europe. Random Rambles in Paris, Eire, Iceland, Vienna and Belgium
12265: CLUNE FRANK - Hands Across the Pacific. A Voyage of Discovery from Australia to the Hawaiian Islands and Canada, April to June 1950
12267: CLUNE FRANK - Roaming Round New Zealand.The Story of a Holiday Trip
12648: CLUNE FRANK - Captain Melville
20776: CLUNE FRANK - A Tale of Tahiti
20775: CLUNE FRANK - Across the Snowy Mountains, From Goulburn to Kosciusko
24224: CLUNE FRANK - Saga of Sydney. The Birth, Growth and Maturity of the Mother City of Australia
22995: CLUNE FRANK - Saga of Sydney. The Birth, Growth and Maturity of the Mother City of Australia
23523: CLUNE FRANK - Song of India
25694: CLUNE FRANK - Roaming Round the Darling
25697: CLUNE FRANK - Sky High to Shanghai. An Account of My Oriental Travels in the Spring of 1938, with Side Glances the History, Geography and Politics of the Asiatic Littoral. Written with Charity to All and Malice to None
79273: COLE JOHN - As It Seemed To Me. Political Memoirs
55317: COLLINS DORIS - A Woman of Spirit, The Autobiography of One of the Most Gifted Healers and Clairvoyants of Our Time
24672: COLMAN MIKE - Fatty. The Strife and Times of Paul Vautin
920: COLPANI SATYA - Beyond the Black Waters: A Memoir of Sir Sathi Narain
22938: CONDON MATTHEW - The Lulu Magnet
22937: CORBETT J. NANCY - Floating
74613: CORDNER CHERRY - A Mavis Singing. The Story of An Australian Family
76224: CORRIS PETER - The Japanese Job
68252: COTTAM SUSAN - Jillaroo. Station Life in the Outback
12190: COTTEE KAY - First Lady. A History-Making Solo Voyage Around the World
61306: COURTENAY BRYCE - Tommo & Hawk
78375: COURTENAY BRYCE - The Australian Trilogy: The Potato Factory, Tommo & Hawk, Solomon's Song
25688: COWARD MIKE - Caribbean Odyssey. Australia and Cricket in the West Indies
77253: CRESWELL TOBY - Jimmy Barnes: Too Much Ain't Enough
22360: CRITCHLEY JULIAN - Westminster Blues. An Unforgettable Portrait of The House of Commons in the Thatcher Era
71670: CROCKER WALTER - Travelling Back. The Memoirs of Sir Walter Crocker
12666: CROFT JULINA - Their Solitary Way
64950: CRUICKSHANK SU - Bring a Plate to The Mortdale Scout Hall: The Autobiography of a Fat Tart
24700: CUPPAIDGE JUDY - The Balloon Flyers. Tales of An Australian Childhood
57180: CYRILL CHRISTOPHER - The Ganges and Its Tributaries
66958: DAGG FRED - The Fred Dagg Scripts, Daggshead Revisited
57406: DAVIES K., DAVIES K. A. - Old Norfolk Town: The Past in Pictures
47606: DAWE BRUCE - Over Here, Harv! And Other Stories
21910: DAY CHRISTOPHER - Kamahl, An Impossible Dream
14316: DAY MARELE - The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender
45688: DEAN BETH, CARELL VICTOR - Dust For the Dancers
74685: DEAN BETH, CARELL VICTOR - Gentle Genius. A Life of John Antill
63799: DEBENHAM A.E. - The Innocent Victims
51651: DELL'OSO ANNA MARIA, EISENBERG JOSEPH - The King of the Accordion
4702: DILLON GAR - A Delusion of the Australian Culture
47933: DISNEY WALT - Mickey Mouse Annual: Stories, Fun, Verses
54018: DISNEY WALT - Ich Micky Maus. 50 Lustige Jahre Mit Disney
44219: DIXON JEAN - The Riddle of Powderworks Road
78230: DIXON JEAN - The Climber
23409: DODGE JIM, RATNER ELAINE - Baking with Jim Dodge. Simple and Tempting Delights from the American Baker
50713: DOYLE GERALDINE - You Wouldn't Read About It!
12220: DRINKWATER MALCOLM - The German-Australian Called Holtermann. Ein Deutsch-Australier Namens Holtermann
16245: DUNN MARGARET - The Dauntless Bunch. The Story of the YWCA in Australia
73145: DUNNE CLARE - People Under The Skin. An Irish Immigrant's Experience of Aboriginal Australia
77172: DWYER BOB - The Winning Way
47616: ELLIS M.H. - The Torch. A Picture of Legacy
62472: ELLIS I. ELIZABETH - Hey Nurse
43458: ELTON BEN - Gridlock
57304: EMERY ADRIAN - The Art of Nourishment
73800: ENOS APISAI - Kovave: A Journal of New Guinea Literature, Volume 4, Number 2, November 1973
25295: FARLEY SKIP - Our Stralia. Tales of This Country and Its People
23369: FARR-JONES NICK, CUTLER STEVE - Nicks and Cuts. Wallaby Tales
7031: FERGUSON PETER - Crocodile on the Thames
75416: FITZGERALD ROSS - Pushed From The Wings. An Entertainment
74642: FITZSIMONS PETER - Beazley. A Biography
47805: FORREST DAVID - The Hollow Woodheap
23345: FOTHERINGHAM RICHARD, EDITOR - Robbery Under Arms, By Alfred Dampier and Garnet Walch for The National Theatre. From the Novel of Rolf Boldrewood
54907: FOX LEN, EDITOR - Dream at a Graveside. The History of the Fellowship of Australian Writers 1928-1988
7487: FRANCIS CLARE - Requiem
76249: GALLOWAY FREDA - Vida's Child
20000: GAMBLE ALLAN - Setting for a Campus. A Pen Sketch Commentary on the Environs of the University of Sydney
69498: GARDAM JANE - Faith Fox
25720: GARLAND BLUE - The Pitt Street Prospector
23425: GARNE GEOFF - The Furnace for Gold. A Pen Picture of Triumph Over Tragedy in the Disastrous War That Opened Our Blood-Drenched Twentieth Century
24880: GEE CHRISTINE - Hilarious Horrible Holidays!
69317: GHINSBERG YOSSI - Heart of the Amazon. The Harrowing Life and Death Story of Survival in the South American Jungle
53508: GIELGUD VAL - Years of the Locust
25743: GILLEN MOLLIE - Lucy Maud Montgomery. The Wheel of Things
70628: GLEITZMAN MORRIS - Misery Guts
20188: GOLD WILLIAM A. - One Best Seller. A Satire on the Publishing Game
53546: GRAHAM SUSAN - Susan in Springtime. First Chapters in Autobiography
50414: GRANT ARCH - Palmerston to Darwin, 75 Years Service on the Frontier
24329: GRASSBY AL - The Tyranny of Prejudice
23630: GREEN EVAN - Evan Green's World of Motor Sport
22494: GRIFFITHS OWEN - Dhidgerry Dhoo. A Tale Woven Around Fact
22997: GROOM ARTHUR - One Mountain After Another
5657: GUMBERT MARC - Neither Justice Nor Reason, A Legal and Anthropological Analysis of Aboriginal Land Rights
48106: HALL RICHARD V. - A Spy's Revenge
61741: HANNAN MICHAEL - Peter Sculthorpe, His Music and Ideas 1929-1979
45409: HARDING MIKE - Holdens Versus Fords
43484: HARRIS BRET - The Best of Both Worlds. The Michael O'Connor Story
82071: HARRIS BRET - The Best of Both Worlds: The Michael O'Connor Story
74789: HATHORN LIBBY - Better Strangers
79695: HAYES HELEN, DODY SANDFORD - On Reflection. An Autobiography
22480: HEATH PHILLIP J. - Trinity, The Daring of Your Name. A History of Trinity Grammar School, Sydney
32146: HENDERSON SARA - Some of My Friends Have Tails. Stories from the Outback and Beyond
69278: HENDERSON BERYL - Monuments and Memorials. A Tribute to Their Worth
61604: HENDERSON KENNAWAY - Drawings By Kennaway. A Medley in Line and Wash, 12/6
12227: HENSLOWE DOROTHEA I. - Our Heritage of Anglican Churches in Tasmania
43361: HEWISON ROWAN - Salt Pan
49569: HIGHAM CHARLES, MOSELEY ROY - Princess Merle. The Romantic Life of Merle Oberon
75339: HOLBOROW BARBARA, NEVILLE CLIFF AND FIFE-YEOMANS JANET - Those Tracks On My Face. A Mind-Opening Journey Into The World of Children in Trouble
24703: HONEY ENNIES - The Art of Violet Somerset. Australian Singer and Artist Teacher
59527: HONEY ENNIS - Nymphs and Goddesses. The Story of a Girlhood
12905: HOOD ROBERT - Day-Dreaming on Company Time
25745: HOWARD TOM - The Health Farm Murders
58697: HOWARD TOM - The Beach Front Murders
58699: HOWARD TOM - The Last Generation
10580: HOWES JOHN - Second Time Lucky
77302: HOWITT BOB, EDITOR - The Big Black Rugby Book
61510: HUDSON NOEL - Catherine the Great to Wordsworth: 100 Years of Huntingdon Steeplechasing
23634: HUGHES MERV, COVER IAN - Merv and Me On Tour
25243: JAMIESON IAN B. - Bring On the Stuntman!
43578: JELLAY VAL - Maurie Fields: Keep it Funny
10768: JONES GLYN - The Dragon Has Two Tongues. Says on Anglo-Welsh Writers and Writing
33203: JONES CAROLINE - The Search for Meaning
21735: JONES BOB - Prancing Pavonine Charlatans (And Other Follies)
21268: KABAY JOHN J. - Janos Kabay. The Life of an Inventor
24423: KATA ELIZABETH - Kagami
57983: KAYE ERIC G. - The Story of R.A.F. Edgehill Locally Known as Shenington Aerodrome
10628: KEENAN BRIGID - Travels in Kashmir, A Popular History of Its People, Places and Crafts
11394: KEESING NANCY - Garden Island People
24163: KENEALLY THOMAS - Towards Asmara. An African Novel
41405: KENEALLY THOMAS - Woman of the Inner Sea
56221: KENNARD GABY - Solo Woman: Gaby Kennard's World Flight
82633: KENNEDY DOUGLAS - Chasing Mammon
48109: KENNERLEY KERRI-ANNE - Kerri-Anne's Life Energy
64609: KEOGH DAMIAN - Making a Dream Come True: An Autobiography
50212: KERR ANNE - Lanterns Over Pinchgut, a Book of Memoirs
68371: KEYS WILLIAM - Flowers in Winter. Defeating Cancer, A Westerner's Chinese Journey
42275: KIDD PAUL B. - The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told
43584: KIDD PAUL B. - Amazing Fishing Tales
20001: KIDD BARRY - Redlands Illustrated History. The Beauty, Charm and History of the Magnificent Redlands District of Queensland
58861: KIERNAN IAN, JARRATT PHIL - Coming Clean
23585: KIERNAN IAN, JARRATT PHIL - Coming Clean
55957: KIMURA MASATSUGA - Flower Designs in Japan 1988-1989
48237: KIRKWOOD RHETT, MELDRUM BRIAN - Valley of the Kings. A History of the W.S. Cox Plate
24771: KLEIN COLLEEN - A Space for Delight
21270: KLEIN PATSY - Growing Up Spoiled in Beverly Hills
70707: KLEIN COLLEEN - The Pomegranate Tree
68714: KLEIN COLLEEN - Deirdre Kincaid
68927: KLEIN COLLEEN - To Speak of Love. Variations on a Theme
8647: KOPZAN - Conceptions
8648: KOPZAN - Conceptions
47814: KOSTER PIETER - Coming to Australia
8751: KRAUS PAUL - A New Australian, a New Australia
77659: KRAUTH NIGEL - Matilda, My Darling
23408: LALE-DEMOZ JEAN-JACQUES - Jean Jacques Seafood
11902: LAW WINIFRED - Rangers of the Universe
21727: LAWS KEN - The Doug Walters Story
72179: LEWIS JOHN - Savage Exile. A Tale of Courage and Survival
76756: LILLEY MERV - Git Away Back! A Knockabout Life
24855: LINDSAY HILARIE, EDITOR - Culinary Capers
12889: LISLE MARY - The Inlander
55106: LITTLEMORE STUART - The Media and Me
14847: LONG ALEXANDRA - The Year of Christiana Cleaves
58522: LUNN HUGH - Head Over Heels. High-Octane, Girl-Chasing Scoop of a '60s Sequel to Over The Top With Jim
76873: MABEY JOHN - Absalom's Outback
4526: MACCALLUM MUNGO - Plankton's Luck. A Life in Retrospect
22352: MACDOUGALL TONY - Manly-Warringah Sketchbook
11855: MAGOFFIN RICHARD - We Bushies. Modern Australian Ballads
21616: MAGOFFIN RICHARD - Down Another Track and Laugh Your Way Through Queensland
48056: MAIN JIM - Plugger and the Mighty Swans
64805: MAITLAND GORDON L. - Tales of Valour from The Royal New South Wales Regiment
11538: MARRIOTT CHARLES - The Unpetitioned Heavens
67038: MARSDEN JOHN - The Other Side of Dawn.
67496: MARTIN PAUL - Carmen, My Life
24020: MASTERS OLGA - The Home Girls
73892: MATHER JILL - The Betrayal Cycle
58980: MATTE GERARD - The Incredible and Amazing Diary of Nathan Zeitgeist
50279: MCCRAE HUGH - Story-Book Only
9695: MCCUAIG SANDRA - Shooting Through
12118: MCEWING FRASER BEATH - Feel the Width
10081: MCGREGOR MALCOLM - Paul McLean
64929: MCINTYRE DON, MEREDITH PETER - Two Below Zero. A Year Alone in Antarctica
76966: MCLEAN RON - Country Cracks. The Story of NSW Country Tennis
52075: MCNEISH JAMES, MCNEISH HELEN - Belonging: Conversations with Men and Women Who Have Made Israel Their Home
48489: MCNICOLL DAVID - Deal Me In. Sixty Years in Journalism and Never a Dull Moment
1351: MCQUEEN HUMPHREY - Tokyo World: An Australian Diary
71156: MCVITTY WALTER - Innocence and Experience. Essays On Contemporary Australian Children's Writers
44622: MENZIES C. GRAHAME - The Royal Australian Air Force at Temora, Uranquinty and Deniliquin During WWII. A Short History with Personal Recollections
44673: MERSON JOHN - Roads to Xanadu. East and West in the Making of the Modern World
43726: METCALF LAWRIE - The Cultivation of New Zealand Plants
70622: METZENTHEN DAVID - Roadie
20829: MIDLAM AMANDA - Muriel's Wedding. Movie Tie-In
21016: MILLETT JOHN - View from the Turret. World War II
59832: MITCHELL SUSAN - Public Lives, Private Passions. Nine Women Talk About Their Lives and Their Partnerships with Influential Men
52748: MOLOMBY TOM - Spies Bombs and the Path of Bliss. Ananda Marga and the Hilton Bombing
21267: MONCRIEFF GLADYS - My Life of Song
68343: MOORHEAD FINOLA - Still Murder
73890: MORRISSEY MICHAEL - Octavio's Last Invention
21477: MUNDLE ROBERT - Sir James Hardy. An Adventurous Life
65649: MURRAY AGNES ROSS - Looking Down in the Mouth
77244: MURRAY JAMES - Sprung. A Study in Victims
22182: NEGUS GEORGE - By George! Twenty Years Behind the Typewriter
69274: NELLER SHELLEY - Love Letters from Mother Nature. A Meditative Journey
23643: NEUTZE DIANA, BEARDSLEY ERIC - Design for a Century. A History of the School of Engineering, University of Canterbury 1887-1987
22337: NEWELL PETER - Darling Downs Sketchbook
42918: NEWTON BERT, LARKINS JOHN - Bert Newton: My Australia
36758: NOONAN MICHAEL - The Patchwork Hero
23996: NORRIE PHILIP - Vineyards of Sydney. Cradle of The Australian Wine Industry from First Settlement to Today
25102: NORTHCROFT BRENDA GUTHRIE - Roaming at Random
21167: NOSSAL FREDERICK - Dateline-Peking
25683: NUNN KAYTE, EDITOR - 111 Years of the Ashes. Australia v England
12824: O'BRIEN DENIS, MILLER HARRY M - My Story, Harry M. Miller
70421: O'BRIEN RAUD - Little Wing. Eastabout the Southern Oceans
57282: O'CONNOR FATHER MAURICE, OSA - Never a Dull Moment
74699: O'HALLORAN TERENCE P. - If Only Politicians Had Brains
12643: O'REILLY BERNARD - Over The Hills
82013: OLIVIER RICHARD - Inspirational Leadership: Henry V and the Muse of Fire
12: OLLIF LORNA - Women in Khaki
9962: ORCZY BARONESS - Beau Brocade
23340: PARKIN STUART - Trade Secret
47123: PARKINSON MICHAEL - Sporting Lives
49865: PARKINSON MICHAEL - Parkinson: Selected Interviews from the Television Series
75022: PARKINSON MICHAEL - Sporting Profiles. Sixty Heroes of Sport
66966: PATE MICHAEL - An Entertaining War
68435: PATTISON GLEN - The Unbeatable Advantage. The Coaching System for Success in Your Personal, Business and Sporting Life
74693: PAVIOUR ANDIEE - Unchain My Heart. Memoirs of a Modern Wife and Mother
52320: PEARCE WAYNE, HEADS IAN - Local Hero, The Wayne Pearce Story
73736: PEASE ALLAN - The Ultimate Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes
65377: PERNO RICHARD - The Diary of Australia
22861: PHILLIPS WALLACE - Pepper Wallace
20149: PHILLPOTTS EDEN - The Bronze Venus
20567: PICHI SUN PATRICK - Recollections of a Floating Life
52655: PIKE DARRYL - The Apprentice Millionaire
44876: POLLARD JACK, EDITOR - Six and Out. The Legend of Australian and New Zealand Cricket
75599: POULTON JILL - Adelaide Ironside: The Pilgrim of Art
73164: PRATT STEVE - Duty of Care. The Dramatic Personal Story of the Front-Line Aid Worker Controversially Imprisoned for Spying in Serbia
24707: PRETZEL M.M. - By My Own Authority
73002: RANSOM TERESA - Fanny Trollope. A Remarkable Life
71713: RAY CYRIL, EDITOR - The Compleat Imbiber No. 3
50505: READ CARVEATH - Man and His Superstitions
53149: REESON MARGARET - No Fixed Address: The Story of Noreen Towers and Her Friendship with Sydney's Homeless
21306: REID JAMES, EDITOR - The First Hundred Years 1884-1984. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Manly
22507: REID ALAN - The Gorton Experiment: The Fall of John Grey Gorton
25244: RIEMER ANDREW - America With Subtitles
59785: RIEMER ANDREW - Inside Outside. Life Between Two Worlds
46131: RITCHIE MOORE - With Botha in the Field
45082: ROBERTS JAN - Voices from a Lost World. Australian Women and Children in Papua New Guinea Before the Japanese Invasion
1030: ROLAND BETTY - An Improbable Life, Caviar for Breakfast, The Devious Being. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Her Biography
82107: RONAN TOM - Vision Splendid
82109: RONAN TOM - The Pearling Master
82110: RONAN TOM - Deep of the Sky. An Essay in Ancestor Worship
82111: RONAN TOM - Once There was a Bagman
25134: ROSE LYNDON - People in the Sun. The Native People of Australia And the Islands of the South West Pacific
50015: ROUND TABLE WRITERS GROUP - Running with Fire, an Anthology
71128: ROWE PATSY - You Are Leaving Tuesday Aren't You?
11649: RYAN L.D. - Australian Wool Clip Preparation
43470: RYAN JOHN - The Shearers Lament. A Fictional Story of Events
22637: RYAN MICHAEL - Imagine the Possibilities
77050: SALE E.V. - Kelly, The Adventurous Life of Kelly Tarlton
82325: SANDARS MARY F. - The Life and Times of Queen Adelaide
54345: SARGEANT ANNE, MOSSOP BRIAN - Grace and Glory. Anne Sargeant's Netball
71595: SAYLE JEFF, HANDY CHRIS, LAMBIE JOHN - Well I'll Be Ruggered !
20759: SCOTT ROSIE - Lives on Fire
2822: SEWELL ALEC PRENTICE - Tanglefoot Tales, Flickers and Glows, Real Things Like This, Gossamer
17114: SHAWCROSS WILLIAM - Rupert Murdoch. Ringmaster of the Information Circus
64306: SHELLENS JIM - Active Passive Neutral
24810: SHERINGTON GEOFFREY - Australia's Immigrants
64884: SHERWOOD PETER - Voices from the Swamp: The Very Best of His Provocative and Outrageously Funny Sunday Morning Post Columns, 1987-1989
24357: SHILTON LANCE - Speaking Out: A Life in Urban Mission
22859: SHORT SUSANNA - Laurie Short. A Political Life
15451: SIMPSON COLIN - Asia's Bright Balconies: Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines
21233: SIMPSON COLIN - The Viking Circle. Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland
21234: SIMPSON COLIN - Wake Up in Europe. A Book of Travel for Australians and New Zealanders
17810: SIMPSON COLIN - Bali and Beyond
17811: SIMPSON COLIN - Take Me to Russia and Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union
52436: SIMPSON COLIN - Wake Up to New Zealand
56324: SIMPSON COLIN - Pleasure Islands of the South Pacific. Fiji, New Caledonia, Rarotonga, New Hebrides, Fench Polynesia, Easter Island
78134: SIMPSON COLIN - The New Australia. A Continent's Rediscovery in Terms of Its Mineral Wealth. The New Exploration of Australia By Tourists: Where to Go
78132: SIMPSON COLIN - Adam with Arrows. Inside New Guinea
78133: SIMPSON COLIN - Adam in Plumes
21232: SIMPSON COLIN - The Country Upstairs. Japan Today With a Philippine Interlude
21230: SIMPSON COLIN - The New Australia. A Continent's Rediscovery in Terms of Its Mineral Wealth. The New Exploration of Australia By Tourists: Where to Go
49401: SIMPSON COLIN - Six from Borneo. Documentary Drama of the Death Marches
20463: SKELTON KATHY - Miss Gymkhana, R.G. Menzies and Me. Small Town Life in the Fifties
75516: SKRZYNECKI PETER - The Wild Dogs
11242: SLACK-SMITH IAN - Cubbaroo
11243: SLACK-SMITH IAN - The Cubbaroo Tales
12472: SMITH JOYCE STEVENS, SAVIDGE JOYCE - Matilda. Her Life and Legacy
23586: SMITH MARTIN - The Story of Stamford
25509: SMITH BABETTE - A Cargo of Women. Susannah Watson and the Convicts of the Princess Royal
67313: SNELGAR PETER - Lightning Strikes Twice
46384: SPITHILL KERRY - Chairman of the Board and More from the Chairman of the Board
82656: STANNAGE JOHN - Smithy
76869: STAPLETON IAN - Secondhand and Solid. How We Built Wollangarra
21581: STEELE CHARMIAN - The Saddamic Verses. A Personal Sketch in Verse and Prose of the Iraqi Conflict from August 1990
4216: STENMARK MAREA - Mum's the Word
14961: STENMARK MAREA - Dad's The Answer
76301: STIRLING JOYCE - The Best of Joyce Stirling
61107: SULZBERGER C.L. - A Long Row of Candles. Memoirs and Diaries 1934-1954
61687: TASKER NORMAN - McGilvray: Captains of the Game
65385: TASKER NORMAN - McGilvray. The Game Goes On ....
11441: TASKER NORMAN - McGilvray: The Game Is Not The Same...
48319: TAYLOR GEOFF - The Nuremberg Massacre
55298: TAYLOR DIGBY, PARKER ALAN - One Man's Dream.
62508: TAYLOR PETER - Days of Wine and Poseurs
73817: TAYLOR-SMITH SHELLEY, COCKERILL IAN - Dangerous When Wet. The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story
36464: TEMPEST GLENN - Rockclimbing, Getting Started
24799: TEPLITZ JERRY V., ECKROATE NORMA - Switched-On Living. Easy Ways to Use the Mind/Body Connection to
11877: THOMPSON ERIC - Early Colonial Buildings of Australia. A Survey of Styles
25707: THORNLEY WILLIAM, MILLS JOHN, EDITOR - The Adventures of an Emigrant in Van Diemen's Land
48315: THWAITES F.J. - Sky Full of Thunder
48077: THWAITES F.J. - Press on Regardless. By Car Through Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, Etc.
36654: TIMMS E.V. - Shining Harvest
36660: TIMMS E.V. - Pathway of the Sun
36659: TIMMS E.V. - Shining Harvest
36657: TIMMS E.V. - The Fury
11914: TOLCHARD CLIFFORD - The Humble Adventurer. The Life and Times of James Ruse, Convict and Farmer
15795: TOWNSEND HELEN - Heroic Measures. A Story of Love and Sorrow, Hope and Triumph
55853: TOWNSHEND DON - Gland Time
55958: UCHIYAMA KINGO - Flower Designs in Japan 1984-1985
46357: VALENTINE MRS - Cameos of Literature from Standard Authors, Complete 12 Volume Set
67494: VANEZIS P.N. - Makarios: Life and Leadership
20698: VARNEY ANNE - Flywheel
2712: VEYSEY ALEX - Fergie
53869: VOAKE MARTIN - What Next Already. The Life and Times of Kevin Rohrlach
64947: WALKER MAX, JONES MIKE MCCOLL - Ladies and Gentlemen: Tales and Misadventures from the Microphone
72298: WALKER MAX, GLEESON GERRY - The Volunteers. How Ordinary Australians Brought About the Extraordinary Success of The Sydney 2000 Games
12495: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - The Story of Otto or How They Fissioned the Atom
24568: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Of Catalans At Gallipoli and Other Stories
24571: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - No Moonlight for 'Duffers'
24572: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Re-Printed Short Stories
24573: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Berlin 1938 and Malaya Stories
24575: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - The Lo Ho Chow and the First Greek Pharaoh
24576: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Of Catalans At Gallipoli and Other Stories
24577: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Pontius Pilate is Recalled
24578: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - The Executioner
24814: WALLACE-CRABBE K. - Fifth Continent Retrospect
49017: WARD JIM - The Street is Their Home: The Hobos' Manifesto
20890: WARD BARBARA - A Lady in a Thousand: Eliza Davies, a Biography
11963: WHERRETT PETER, WHERRETT RICHARD - Desirelines. An Unusual Family Memoir
48341: WHITE RAY E. - Short Stories of the Australian Outback
76996: WHITFELD J.M. - The Spirit of the Bush Fire, and Other Australian Fairy Tales
68355: WILDING MICHAEL - This is for You
22214: WILDING LYNNE - This Time Forever. A Passionate Australian Tale of Love and Courage
51732: WILDING MICHAEL - The West Midland Underground
17080: WILLIAMS ROBYN - And Now for Something Completely Different. My Life, a Likely Story
43167: WILLIAMS R.M. - I Once Met a Man. True Stories from One of Australia's Greatest Folk Heroes
72398: WILLIAMS KEITH - Letters to Mother From a WWII RAAF Pilot
2867: WILLIAMSON HENRY DARVALL - The Year of the Kangaroo
2869: WILLIAMSON HENRY DARVALL - Fierce Encounter. Life and Death in the Australian Bush
24721: WILLISTED - Woman in a Dressing Gown and Other Television Plays
57075: WILSON H.H. - A Show of Colours. A Selection of Prize-Winning Stories
52910: WISE NERALIE - Cows Don't Have Egos. Ego Bashing in the New Age
76986: WISE BERNHARD R. - The Commonwealth of Australia (The Red Series)
22213: WOLFE RINNA - The Singing Pope. The Story of John Paul II
73186: WRIGHT DON - Mantle of Christ. A History of the Sydney Central Methodist Mission
73882: WYATT BOB - Goose Berry Pie
58011: ZAVOS SPIRO - The Gold and the Black: The Rugby Battles for the Bledisloe Cup, New Zealand VS Australia 1903-94

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