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Fx2494: YEARBOOK STAFF - Belleville Township East High School Yearbook 1985 Belleville, IL
Bx1464: YEARBOOK STAFF - Santa Paula High School Yearbook 1997 Santa Paula, CA (El Solano)
Fx2474: YEARBOOK STAFF - Framingham South High School Yearbook 1989 Framingham, MA (Philomath)
Fx2476: YEARBOOK STAFF - La Jolla High School Yearbook 1988 La Jolla, CA (Viking)
Bx1432: YEARBOOK STAFF - Keene High School Yearbook 1990 Keene, NH (Salmagundi)
Fx2479: YEARBOOK STAFF - Framingham South High School Yearbook 1990 Framingham, MA (Philomath)
Fx2481: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mogadore High School Yearbook 1973 Mogadore OH (Wildcat)
Fx2482: YEARBOOK STAFF - Belleville Township West High School Yearbook 1980 Belleville, IL (Bellevinois)
Fx2483: YEARBOOK STAFF - Belleville Township West High School Yearbook 1989 Belleville, IL (Bellevinois)
Fx2485: YEARBOOK STAFF - Highland High School Yearbook 1970 Highland, IL (Iris)
Fx2486: YEARBOOK STAFF - Northwest High School Yearbook 1990 House Springs, MO (Liontrac)
Fx2487: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lafayette High School Yearbook 1990 Ballwin, MO (Legend)
Fx2489: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lafayette High School Yearbook 1991 Ballwin, MO (Legend)
Fx2465: YEARBOOK STAFF - Marlington High School Yearbook 1979 Alliance, OH (Scenario)
Fx2466: YEARBOOK STAFF - Buchholz High School Yearbook 1981 Gainesville, FL (Bobcat)
Fx2510: YEARBOOK STAFF - Antigo High School Yearbook 1991 Antigo, Wi
Fx2460: YEARBOOK STAFF - Ventura High School Yearbook 1974 Ventura , CA (Black-Gold)
Fx2458: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lubbock High School Yearbook 1973 Lubbock, TX (Westerner)
Fx2456: YEARBOOK STAFF - Columbia High School Yearbook 1996 Maplewood, NJ (Mirror)
Fx2457: YEARBOOK STAFF - Forest High School Yearbook 1983 Ocala, FL (Americana)
Fx2454: YEARBOOK STAFF - Columbia High School Yearbook 1998 Maplewood, NJ (Mirror)
Fx2455: YEARBOOK STAFF - Columbia High School Yearbook 1997 Maplewood, NJ (Mirror)
Fx2453: YEARBOOK STAFF - Stephen F. Austin High School Yearbook 1976 Austin, TX (The Comet)
Fx2452: YEARBOOK STAFF - Downey High School Yearbook 1971 Downey, CA (Volsung)
Fx2450: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lakeshore High School Yearbook 1973 College Park, GA (Accolade)
Fx2449: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oceana High School Yearbook 1995 Pacifica, CA (Tiburon)
Fx2428: YEARBOOK STAFF - Addison Trail High School Yearbook, 1993 Addison, IL (Attribute)
Fx2429: YEARBOOK STAFF - Milford High School Yearbook, 1971 Milford, MA (Oak, Lily, and Ivy)
Fx2430: YEARBOOK STAFF - Westborough High School Yearbook, 1981 Westborough, MA
Fx2431: YEARBOOK STAFF - Westford Academy Yearbook, 1983 Westford, MA (Clarion)
Fx2432: YEARBOOK STAFF - Westford Academy Yearbook 1987 Westford, MA (Clarion)
Fx2653: YEARBOOK STAFF - Highland Park High School Yearbook 1991 Highland Park, IL (Gaint)
Fx2435: YEARBOOK STAFF - William Fremd High School Yearbook 1990 Palatine, IL (Valhallan)
Fx2437: YEARBOOK STAFF - Skyline High School Yearbook 1989 Idaho Falls, ID (Behemoth)
Fx2438: YEARBOOK STAFF - Muhlenberg High School Yearbook 1987 Laurendale, PA (Muhltohi)
Kx1250: YEARBOOK STAFF - Fairfield High School Yearbook 1980 Fairfield, CA (Talon)
Bx1474: YEARBOOK STAFF - Charles M Russell High School Yearbook 1984 Great Falls, MT (Russellog)
Fx2441: YEARBOOK STAFF - Auburn High School Yearbook 1971 Auburn, NY (Images)
Fx2442: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pilgrim High School Yearbook 1988 Warwick, RI (Heritage)
Fx2444: YEARBOOK STAFF - St. Francis High School Yearbook 1980 Mountain View, CA (Poverello)
Fx2445: YEARBOOK STAFF - Delton Kellogg High School Yearbook 1992 Delton, MI (Deltonian)
Fx2446: YEARBOOK STAFF - Delton Kellogg High School Yearbook 1991 Delton, MI (Deltonian)
Fx2447: YEARBOOK STAFF - Delton Kellogg High School Yearbook 1990 Delton, MI (Deltonian)
Fx2448: YEARBOOK STAFF - Delton Kellogg High School Yearbook 1989 Delton, MI (Deltonian)
Bx1439: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oshkosh West High School Yearbook 1989 Oshkosh, WI (Notebook)
Fx2635: YEARBOOK STAFF - Dulaney High School Yearbook, 1975 Timonium, MD (Heritage)
Lx1036: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mountain High School Yearbook 1979 West Orange,NJ (Aries)
Fx2663: YEARBOOK STAFF - William Fremd High School Yearbook 1977 Palatine, IL (Valhallan)
Lx1102: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hilton Central High School Yearbook 1993 Hilton, NY (Hiltorial)
Fx2706: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lake Forest High School Yearbook 1993 Lake Forest, IL
Bx1460: YEARBOOK STAFF - La Jolla High School Yearbook 1988 La Jolla, CA
Lx1106: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hinsdale High School Yearbook 1994 Hinsdale, IL (El Diablo)
Fx2639: YEARBOOK STAFF - Governor Livingston Regional High School Yearbook, 1971 Berkeley Hights, NJ (Claymore)
Ex882: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pike High School Yearbook 1989 (Pike's Peek)
Ex886: YEARBOOK STAFF - Franklin High School Yearbook 2000 (Oskey)
Ex883: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pike High School Yearbook 1992 (Pike's Peek)
Ex878: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pike High School Yearbook 1996 (Pike's Peek)
Ex880: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pike High School Yearbook 1990 (Pike's Peek)
Kx1234: YEARBOOK STAFF - Perrysburg High School Yearbook 1979 Perrysburg, OH (Black & Gold)
Fx2512: YEARBOOK STAFF - Antigo High School Yearbook 1975 Antigo, Wi (Hi-light)
Kx1251: YEARBOOK STAFF - Fairfield High School Yearbook 1981 Fairfield, CA (Talon)
Bx1457: YEARBOOK STAFF - Washington Community High School Yearbook 1996 Washington, IL
Kx1236: YEARBOOK STAFF - Central Valley High School Yearbook 1990 Veradale, WA (Voyager)
Bx1484: YEARBOOK STAFF - Ironwood High School Yearbook 1995 Glendale, AZ (The Eagle)
Lx1101: YEARBOOK STAFF - Corona High School Yearbook 1997 Corona, CA (Coronal)
Bx1491: YEARBOOK STAFF - Red Bluff High School Yearbook 1995 Red Bluff, CA
Fx2717: YEARBOOK STAFF - Grosse Point North High School 1998 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI (Valhalla)
Fx2530: YEARBOOK STAFF - Campus High School Yearbook 1975 Wichita, Ks (The Yearling)
Lx1082: YEARBOOK STAFF - Big Sky High School Yearbook 1995 Missoula, Mo (Sunrise)
Fx2416: THE YEARBOOK STAFF - Kamiakin High School Yearbook 1979 Kennewick, WA
Fx2623: YEARBOOK STAFF - Sabino High School Yearbook 1990 Tucson, AZ (Vista)
Bx1476: YEARBOOK STAFF - Joel E Ferris High School Yearbook 1986 Spokane, WA (Exeter)
Bx1466: YEARBOOK STAFF - Canoga Park High School Yearbook 1980 Canoga Park, CA (Utopian)
Kx1258: YEARBOOK STAFF - Highland High School Yearbook 1979 Highland, IL (Iris)
Ax259: LEISURE ARTS STAFF - Crafts in Minutes
Fx2650: YEARBOOK STAFF - McDowell High School Yearbook 1992 Erie, PA (Kaldron)
Ax673: ECONOMIST STAFF - Economist Style Guide
Fx2670: YEARBOOK STAFF - William Fremd High School Yearbook 1991 Palatine, IL (Valhallan)
Fx2736: YEARBOOK STAFF - Warren High School Yearbook 1988 Downey, CA (El Oroso)
Fx2735: YEARBOOK STAFF - Chesapeake High School Yearbook 1981 Pasadena, MD
Bx1483: YEARBOOK STAFF - Bakersfield High School Yearbook 1992 Bakersfield, CA (Oracle)
Lx1095: YEARBOOK STAFF - West High School Yearbook 1982 Torrance, CA California (Chieftain)
Fx2687: YEARBOOK STAFF - John Hersey High School Yearbook 1975 Arlington Heights, IL (Endeavor)
Fx2631: YEARBOOK STAFF - Northview High School Yearbook 1984 Sylvania, OH Ohio (Wyandotte)
Bx1184: YEARBOOK STAFF - Clifford J. Scott High School Yearbook; East Orange,NJ (Tartan)
Bx1187: YEARBOOK STAFF - Rutherford High School Yearbook1971 (Rutherfordian)
Bx1191: YEARBOOK STAFF - Governor Livingston Regional High School Yearbook 1989 Berkeley Hights, NJ (Claymore)
Bx1192: YEARBOOK STAFF - Governor Livingston Regional High School Yearbook 1990 Berkeley Hights, NJ (Claymore)
Bx1193: YEARBOOK STAFF - Boonton High School Yearbook 1982
Bx1194: YEARBOOK STAFF - Boonton High School Yearbook 1981
Bx1196: YEARBOOK STAFF - Boonton High School Yearbook 1983
Bx1468: YEARBOOK STAFF - Prospect High School Yearbook 1979 Mount Prospect, IL (Crest)
Fx2624: YEARBOOK STAFF - Bella Vista High School Yearbook 1993 Fair Oaks, CA (La Remuda)
Lx1087: YEARBOOK STAFF - Reseda High School Yearbook 1989 Reseda, CA (Talisman)
Fx2708: YEARBOOK STAFF - Concord High School Yearbook 1994 Concord, NH (Crimson)
Fx2526: YEARBOOK STAFF - Woodway High School Yearbook 1971 Edmonds, WA (Sinn Fein)
Fx2524: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lindberg Senior High School Yearbook 1971 St. Louis,MO (Spirit)
Bx1449: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lower Cape May Regional High School Yearbook 1992 Cape May, NJ
Fx2689: YEARBOOK STAFF - John Hersey High School Yearbook 1974 Arlington Heights, IL (Endeavor)
Fx2605: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hazen High School Yearbook 1982 Renton, WA (Lonach)
Fx2506: YEARBOOK STAFF - Shawnee Mission East High School Yearbook 1980 Prairie Village, Kansas (Hauberk)
Fx2507: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lockport Township High School Yearbook 1970 Lockport, IL (The Lock)
Fx2508: YEARBOOK STAFF - Lockport Township High School Yearbook 1971 Lockport, IL (The Lock)
Tx752: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mead High School Yearbook 2009 Spokane, WA (Pantera)
Fx2344/2: YEARBOOK STAFF - North Eugene High School Yearbook 1987 Eugene, OR (Tartan)
Kx1249: YEARBOOK STAFF - Jay County High School Yearbook 1984 Portland, IN
Gx714: CHANTICLEER PRESS STAFF - Encyclopedia of American Art
Fx2669: YEARBOOK STAFF - William Fremd High School Yearbook 1990 Palatine, IL (Valhallan)
Fx2598: YEARBOOK STAFF - University High School Yearbook 1994 Spokane, WA (Kronos)
Lx1083: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mira Costa High School Yearbook 1979 Manhattan Beach, CA (Hoofprints)
Kx1357: YEARBOOK STAFF - Pacifica High School Yearbook 1996 Garden Grove, CA (The Reef)
Lx1097: YEARBOOK STAFF - West High School Yearbook 1985 Torrance, CA California (Chieftain)
Kx1260: YEARBOOK STAFF - Whitehall High School Yearbook 1979 Whitehall, PA
Fx2724: YEARBOOK STAFF - Highland Park High School Yearbook 1999 Highland Park, IL (Gaint)
Ex888: YEARBOOK STAFF - Evergreen High School Yearbook 1993 Evergreen, Co
Lx1000: YEARBOOK STAFF - Memorial High School Yearbook 1971 (Talon) Joplin,MO
Lx1001: YEARBOOK STAFF - Memorial High School Yearbook 1972 (Talon) Joplin,MO
Tx756: YEARBOOK STAFF - North East High School Yearbook 1995 Pasadena, MD (Fore N Aft)
Tx755: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mt. Hebron High School Yearbook 1992 Ellicott City, MD (Valhalla)
Kx1304: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mead High School Yearbook 1992 Spokane, WA (Pantera)
Lx1103: YEARBOOK STAFF - Grace M. Davis High School Yearbook 1981 Modesta, CA (Olympian)
Kx1281: YEARBOOK STAFF - Joseph A. Craig High School Yearbook 1970 Janesville, WI (Phoenix)
Sx420: YEARBOOK STAFF - Columbia Central High School Yearbook 1985
Fx2543: YEARBOOK STAFF - Buena High School Yearbook 1983 Ventura, CA (Conquistador)
Fx2552: YEARBOOK STAFF - Perrysburg High School Yearbook 1983 Perrysburg, OH (Black & Gold)
Bx1433: YEARBOOK STAFF - Keene High School Yearbook 1994 Keene, NH (Salmagundi)
Bx1478: YEARBOOK STAFF - Joel E Ferris High School Yearbook 1988 Spokane, WA (Exeter)
Lx965: YEARBOOK STAFF - Edgemont High School Yearbook 1966, Scarsdale, NY
Kx1286: YEARBOOK STAFF - Nicolet High School Yearbook 1981 Glendale, WI (Variations)
Fx2531: YEARBOOK STAFF - Van Wert Hight School Yearbook 1989 Van Wert, OH (Excalibur)
Bx1440: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oshkosh West High School Yearbook 1991 Oshkosh, WI (Notebook)
Lx1079: YEARBOOK STAFF - Reynolds High School Yearbook 1990 Winston-Salem, NC (Black and Gold)
Fx2574: YEARBOOK STAFF - Grossmont High School Yearbook 1977 La Mesa, CA (El Recuerdo)
Kx1299: YEARBOOK STAFF - West Aurora High School Yearbook 1984 Aurora, IL (EOS)
Lx976: YEARBOOK STAFF - Seaton Hall Prep School Yearbook 1974 (Tower) South Orange, NJ
Kx1325: YEARBOOK STAFF - Duluth East High School Yearbook 1983 Duluth, MN (Birch Log)
Ox791: YEARBOOK STAFF - Joel E. Ferris High School Yearbook 2003
Fx2696: YEARBOOK STAFF - Governor Livingston High School Yearbook 1986 Berkeley Hights, NJ (Claymore)
Tx753: YEARBOOK STAFF - Winston Churchill High School Yearbook 1977 Oregon, OR
Kx1283: YEARBOOK STAFF - Georgetown High School Yearbook 1982 Georgetown, MA (Georgian)
Fx2709: YEARBOOK STAFF - Concord High School Yearbook 1993 Concord, NH (Crimson)
Fx2675: YEARBOOK STAFF - New Trier East High School Yearbook 1977 Winnetka, IL (Echoes)
Bx1447: YEARBOOK STAFF - San Luis Obispo High School Yearbook 1985 San Luis Obispo, CA (Tiger Tales)
Lx1122: YEARBOOK STAFF - Thomas S. Wootton High School Yearbook 1992 Rockville, MD (Fife and Drum)
Kx1366: YEARBOOK STAFF - Sehome High School Yearbook 1979 Bellingham, WA (Windjammer)
Kx1301: YEARBOOK STAFF - Moline High School Yearbook 1990 Moline, IL
Tx725: YEARBOOK STAFF - Talawanda High School Yearbook 1988 Oxford, OH
Lx1075: YEARBOOK STAFF - South Whidbey High School Yearbook 1990 Langley, WA (Falcon)
Lx1063: YEARBOOK STAFF - Northern Valley Regional High School Year Book Old Tappan, NJ 1993 Old Tappan, NJ (Excalibur)
Bx1492: YEARBOOK STAFF - Highland High School Yearbook 1994 Palmdale, CA (Paragon)
Kx1307: YEARBOOK STAFF - Kentridge High School Yearbook 1983 Kent, WA (Accolade)
Bx1454: YEARBOOK STAFF - Great Falls High School Yearbook 1998 Great Falls, MT (Roundup)
Tx702: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oswego Community High School Yearbook 1990 Oswego, IL (Reflector)
Tx700: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oswego Community High School Yearbook 1987 Oswego, IL (Reflector)
Tx701: YEARBOOK STAFF - Oswego Community High School Yearbook 1988 Oswego, IL (Reflector)
Kx1331: YEARBOOK STAFF - Churchill High School Yearbook 1975 Eugean, OR
Tx703: YEARBOOK STAFF - John F Kennedy High School Yearbook 1996 La Palma, CA (Eternal Flame)
Fx2649: YEARBOOK STAFF - McDowell High School Yearbook 1991 Erie, PA (Kaldron)
Lx1104: YEARBOOK STAFF - Manheim Central High School Yearbook 1983 Manheim,PA (Stiegel Rose)
Kx1354: YEARBOOK STAFF - Damascus High School Yearbook 1997 Damascus, MD (Scimitar)
Tx721: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hoffman Estates High School Yearbook 1995 Hoffman Estates, IL (Halcyon)
Lx1085: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mira Costa High School Yearbook 1981 Manhattan Beach, CA (Hoofprints)
Lx1086: YEARBOOK STAFF - Mira Costa High School Yearbook 1982 Manhattan Beach, CA (Hoofprints)
Tx644: YEARBOOK STAFF - Roxana High School Yearbook 1988 Roxana, IL (The Rox)
Fx2647: YEARBOOK STAFF - McDowell High School Yearbook 1989 Erie, PA (Kaldron)
Fx2575: YEARBOOK STAFF - Grossmont High School Yearbook 1978 La Mesa, CA (El Recuerdo)
Fx2576: YEARBOOK STAFF - Grossmont High School Yearbook 1979 La Mesa, CA (El Recuerdo)
Bx1458: YEARBOOK STAFF - Washington Community High School Yearbook 1995 Washington, IL
Fx2648: YEARBOOK STAFF - McDowell High School Yearbook 1990 Erie, PA (Kaldron)
Lx1068: YEARBOOK STAFF - Crown Point High School Yearbook 1993 Crown Point, IN (Excalibur)
Lx1069: YEARBOOK STAFF - St Thomas Aquinas High School Yearbook 1982 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Veritas)
Tx769: YEARBOOK STAFF - Seaholm High School Yearbook 1992 Birmingham, MI (Piper)
Bx1481: YEARBOOK STAFF - New Trier High School East Yearbook 1975 Winnetka, IL (Echoes)
Lx1105: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hinsdale High School Yearbook 1995 Hinsdale, IL (El Diablo)
Lx1074: YEARBOOK STAFF - Cortland Senior High School Yearbook 1976 Cortland, NY (Co-Hi-An)
Kx1358: YEARBOOK STAFF - Wallenpaupack Area High School Yearbook 1993 Hawley, PA
Lx1108: YEARBOOK STAFF - Hinsdale High School Yearbook 1992 Hinsdale, IL (El Diablo)
Fx788: STAIKOS, ANDREAS - Les Liaisons Culinaires
Bx1399: FREDERIC YORK (EDITOR); JOHN STAINER - O Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices SATB with Organ Accompaniment
Kx555: STALBERG, ROBERTA HELMER - China's Crafts: The Story of How They're Made and What They Mean
Ix630: STALK, GEORGE; HOUT, THOMAS M. - Zeitwettbewerb : Schnelligkeit entscheidet auf den Märkten der Zukunft
Qx5: STAMP, DAVID - Market Prophets: Can Forecasters Predict the Financial Future?
Dx1539: STANFORD, C. V. - Six Occasional Preludes. Book I 1) At Christmastide 2) Occasional 3) At Eastertide
Dx1397: STANFORD, C. V. - Six Short Preludes and Postludes for Organ Set 1 Op. 101
Dx1398: STANFORD, C. V. - Six Short Preludes and Postludes for Organ Set 2 Op. 105
Mx474: STANGE, G. ROBERT - Matthew Arnold: the Poet as Humanist
Dx760: STANGOS, NIKOS - Concepts of Modern Art
Px182: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History: On Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
Mx874: STANTON, EVAN - Ruhainah: A Story of Afghan Life
Rx325: STARK, LUDWIG - Solfeggien-Album. 70 auserlesene und bewährte Gesangsetüden von Concone, Mazzoni, Aprile und anderen progressiv geordnet und für den Unterricht bearbeitet. Ausgabe für Sopran oder Tenor
Bx1214: GEORGE HARRISON & RICHARD STARKEY - The Beatles: Songs by George Harrison & Richard Starkey
Ox770: STARR, CHESTER - The Roman Empire, 27 Bc-Ad 476: A Study in Survival
Tx130: START, CLARISSA - Look Here, Lord Meditations for Today's Woman
Fx1151: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 16
Fx1152: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 18
Fx1153: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 20
Nx60: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 5
Nx59: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 4
Nx58: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 2
Jx1196: STATHAM, F. REGINALD - South Africa as It is
Dx1486: GEORGE H. RITCHIE; GEORGE B. STAUFFER - Organ Technique: Modern and Early
Sx539: STAYTON, JANET; STEIN, DONNA (ESSAY) - Janet Stayton Paintings 1983-1985
Gx1098: STEAD, CHRISTINA - For Love Alone
Ax504: C. K. STEAD (EDITOR) - New Zealand Short Stories
Jx1127: STEARNS, PETER N. - World Civilizations : The Global Experience (Vol. 2) Third Edition
Dx1391: STEARNS, PETER PINDAR - Tender Thoughts Six More Preludes on Early American Hymns for Organ
Dx1392: STEARNS, PETER PINDAR - Organ Suite on "Land of Rest" (Jerusalem, My Happy Home)
Ex648: STEARNS, MAGGIE; WILLIAMS, SALLIE Y. - The Hay Day Cookbook/Recipes, Menus and Fresh Cooking Ideas from the Fabulous Hay Day Country Farms Markets
Gx1459: STECHER, MELVIN; HOROWITZ, NORMAN; GORDON, CLAIRE - Rock, Rhythm and Rag - Book I: Piano Solo (Stecher & Horowitz Piano Library)
Gx1384: STECHER, MELVIN; HOROWITZ, NORMAN; GORDON, CLAIRE - Learning to Play for Young Pianists Book Four
Sx1328: STEERE, DOUGLAS VAN - Prayer in the contemporary world
Tx165: STEGGERDA, ORVILLE - Tall Against the Sky
Ox521: STEIG, WILLIAM - Le vrai Voleur
Nx787: STEIN, JOSEPH - Effective Personality: a Humanistic Approach
Setsx3: STEIN, PHILIPP (HERAUSGEBER/EDITOR) - Goethe-Briefe. Mit Einleitungen und Erläuterungen. In 8 Bänden.
Dx684: STEIN, MAURICE R. - The Eclipse of Community; an Interpretation of American Studies
Ex500: STEIN, SCOTT - Lost
Dx375: STEINBERG, RAFAEL - The Cooking of Japan
Jx1149: STEINBOCK, BONNIE - Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine
Rx438: STEINER, ERIC - Steiner Solo and Duet Album for Piano: Folk Tunes & Classic Melodies for the Young Pianist
Ax671: STEINER, VERENA - Exploratives Lernen
Bx630: STEINHÖFEL, ANDREAS - Der mechanische Prinz.
Kx1077: STEINMANN, MARTIN (EDITOR) - New Rhetorics
Lx818: STEINSALTZ, ADIN RABBI - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Part Iii, Tractate Bava Metzia Volume 3
Lx819: STEINSALTZ, ADIN RABBI - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Part Ii, Tractate Bava Metzia Volume II (2)
Cx149: STEINSALTZ, ADIN - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Tractate Ta'Anit, Part 1; Volume XIII
Rx1063: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; MITTEL, PHILIPP (EDITOR) - First Pupil's Concerto No 1 in D for Violin and Piano Op. 7 (First-Seventh Position)
Tx560: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; HEILBRON, SIMON (FINGERED AND REVISED) - Student's Concerto for Violin And Piano No. 3 in G. Minor Op. 12 First to Fifth Position
Rx1067: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; MITTEL, PHILIPP (EDITOR) - Third pupil's concerto in G min. (First-third position) for violin and piano, op. 12
Dx223: STELTZER - Inuit
Dx868: STENDAL - Lucien Leuwen: Book II-The Telegraph
Sx824: STENGER, VICTOR J. - Timeless Reality: Symmetry, Simplicity, and Multiple Universes
Ox976_2: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - My Old Kentucky Home Good Night Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Ox978: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - Open the Gates of the Temple Arranged for Chorus of Male Voices with Piano Accompaniment TTBB
Ox977: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - An Even Song Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Ox976: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - My Old Kentucky Home Good Night Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Px304: STEPHENS, JAMES - Desire: And other Stories
Rx930: STERN, PHILIP - The Oppenheimer Case; Security on Trial
Gx995: STERN, STEVE - Harry Kaplan's Adventures Underground
Jx396: DICK STERN & PAMELA STERN (COMPILED BY) - It's Love...That's All
Hx101: STERN, DANIEL - The Girl With the Glass Heart
Bx1077: STERN, FRITZ - The Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present
Gx1326: CHAIM STERN - Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayer Book (Weekends, Sabbaths, and Festivals)
Hx43: STERN, DANIEL - Who Shall Live, Who Shall Die: A Novel
Px1038: STERNFELD, F. W. - Music in SHakespearean Tragedy
Ox759: STEVENS, MARTIN & MANDEL, JEROME (EDITOR) - Old English Literature: Twenty-two Analytical Essays
Gx1399: STEVENS, CAT - Cat Stevens' Buddha and the Chocolate Box
Jx533: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Beach of Falesa
Kx633: STEVENSON, CHARLES A. - The End of Nowhere: American Policy toward Laos since 1954
Qx227: STEWART, ANITA - Great Canadian Cuisine : The Contemporary Flavors of Canadian Pacific Hotels
Bx1350: HY ZARET (LYRICS); ALEX NORTH (MUSIC); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Unchained Melody for Four-Part Mixed Voices (SATB) with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1390: LEONARD BERNSTEIN (MUSIC); STEVEN SONDHEIM (WORDS); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Tonight For Four-Part Chorus Of Mixed Voices SATB with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1391: LEONARD BERNSTEIN (MUSIC); STEVEN SONDHEIM (WORDS); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Tonight For Three-Part Chorus of Women's Voices SSA with Piano Accompaniment
Ex674: STIELER, KARL, WACHENHUSEN, H., & HACKLENDER, F. W. (TRANSLATED BY G. C. T. BARTLEY) - The Rhine From It's Source to the Sea; 2 Volumes
Nx5: STILGOE, JOHN - Common Landscape of America, 1580 to 1845
Qx575: ROSE N. RUBIN AND MICHAEL STILLMAN (EDITORS) - A Russian Song Book; 44 Popular Songs with Lyrics in Russian and English; Piano Arrangements and Guitar Chords
Bx524: STILLMAN, WILLIAM J. - Poetic Localities: Photographs of Adirondacks, Cambridge, Crete, Italy, Athens
Gx730: STIMPSON, MIRIAM F. - A Field Guide to Landmarks of Modern Architecture in the United States
Ix1000: STING - Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales
Dx1262: STEIN & VAN STOCK - The Motown Era; 112 Songs Arranged for Voice, Piano, Guitar
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Jx2: TAYLOR, HENRY D. - Layman's View of History
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Fx2078: TAYLOR, THOMAS - The Life of William Cowper, Esq., Compiled From His Correspondence, and Other Authentic Sources of Information : Containing Remarks on His Writings and on the Peculiarities of His Interesting Character
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Ix337: TEICH, MIKULAS - The National Question in Europe in Historical Context
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Fx766: TETSOLA, JOHN - Understanding the Time Zones of God
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Fx1182: THOMAS, KATRINA - PHOTOGRAPHS; HAMOND, PENNY - VERSES. - My Skyscraper City. A Child's View Of New York
Fx347: THOMASON, LINDA BLOODWORTH - Liberating Paris
Hx613: THOMMEN, JEAN-PAUL - Die Lehre Der Unternehmungsführung
Px622: THOMPSON, CHARLES J - Alchemy Source of Chemistry and Medicine
Hx9: THOMPSON, BOB - California Wine
Lx128: THOMPSON, ARTHUR W. - The Uncertain Crusade: America and the Russian Revolution of 1905
Gx1374: THOMPSON, JOHN - Technic for the First Year: 30 Choice Technical Examples in the First Grade
Gx1372: THOMPSON, JOHN - Syncopation Made Easy (Book Two) First Studies in Varied Syncopated Rhythms
Dx1400: THOMPSON, RANDALL - Twenty Chorale-Preludes, Four Inventions and a Fugue for Organ
Fx2189: THOMPSON, MARY WOLFE - A Summer's Adventure on the Morris Canal (Early 1900's)
Fx1286: THOMPSON, JOHN - John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course Part Two
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Ex410/2: WILLIAM IRWIN THOMPSON EDITOR - Gaia : A Way of Knowing
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Px1105: THOMPSON, RANDALL - The Nativity According to Saint Luke: A Musical Drama in Seven Scenes
Nx353: THOMPSON, PAUL - The Structure of Biological Theories
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Kx148: THOMSON, WILLIAM A. R. M.D. - Medicines from the Earth: A Guide to Healing Plants
Dx1343: THOMSON, VIRGIL - Stabat Mater. For Soprano and String Quartet. Reduction for Voice and Piano
Dx1452: THOMSON, VIRGIL - Variations On Four Sunday School Tunes
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Cx55n: THOMSON, VIRGIL - Music Right and Left
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Fx1516: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers
Jx137: TIBBLE, ANN (EDITOR) - African English Literature
Ox821: TIGHE, REV. JOHN J. - Essays, Lectures, Addresses, Sermons and Miscellaneous and Descriptive Pieces: Including a Discussion on Education
Nx1025: TIGUNAIT, PANDIT RAJMANI - The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters
Bx10: TILESTON, MARY W. - Complete Origami Course
Px379: TILLICH, PAUL - The Courage to Be
Rx357: TILLYARD, E.M.W. - Milton. Writers and Their Work: No. 26
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Sx701: BOB TIMBERLAKE - Bob Timberlake Selected Paintings 1970-1984
Ex20: TIMM, JOAN S; TIMM, HENRY C. - Athenas Mirror
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Gx1270: TIPPETT, MICHAEL - A Child of Our Time Oratorio for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra with Text and Music
Tx373: TIPPY, WORTH MARION - Frontier Bishop: The Life and Times of Robert Richford Roberts
Dx768: TIRRELL, DAVID A.; DONARUMA, L. GUY; TUREK, ANNE B. - Macromolecules As Drugs and As Carriers for Biologically Active Materials
Dx578: TIRVASSEN, RADA - Communication Et Developpement : Le Cas De Maurice
Dx1379: TISNÉ, ANTOINE; BILLAUDOT, GÉRARD - Luminescences: Cites De Lumière Pour Orgue
Dx1375: TITELOUZE, JEAN - Complete Organ Works in Two Volumes, Volume I
Dx1376: TITELOUZE, JEAN - Jean Titelouze Complete Organ works (In two volumes) vol. II Magnificats of The 1st Through 8th Tone
Gx615: TITMUSS, CHRISTOPHER - Fire Dance and Other Poems
OSx21: TIUL'PANOFF, IGOR - Tiul'panoff; Triumph of Equals
Ax1514: TLETT, ETHEL & ROBERTSON, RAE (EDITORS); HOWE, MARY (ARRANGEMENT) - Bach: Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden (Sheep May Safely Graze) for Two-Pianos (Two Copies)
Ex923: LOUIS TOCABEN - The Most Popular Selections from the Grand Operas for Violin and Piano
Ox76: PLAY TODAY - The Index-Way to Play the Chords
Ax193: TODD, ALEXANDRA D. - Double Vision : An East-West Collaboration for Coping with Cancer
Kx1051: TOE, RAYMOND & FONG, SHARON - Maximising Profits: The Customer Centric Approach
Px195: TOFTS, DARREN ; JONSON, ANNEMARIE AND CAVALLARO, ALESSIO - Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History
Qx107: TOHER, JENNIFER - Beyond the Plane: American Constructions, 1930-1965
Dx989: TOLSTOY, ALEXEI - Road to Calvary Volume II
Gx191: TOLSTOY, LEO - Sebastopol
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Hx518: TOMINAGA, MINORU - Die kundenfeindliche Gesellschaft : Erfolgsstrategien für Dienstleister
Rx922: TOMLINSON, IRVING C.; EDDY, MARY BAKER - The Revelation of St. John : An Open Book
Gx1346: ANTHONY TOMMASINI - Virgil Thomson: Composer on the Aisle
Gx1437: TORJUSSEN, TRYGVE; - Norwegian Songs and Dances for the Pianoforte. Op. 16. First Series
Gx1438: TORJUSSEN, TRYGVE; - From Fjord and Mountain: Norwegian Suite No. 2 for the Pianoforte
Gx1439: TORJUSSEN, TRYGVE; - Norwegian Suite ... for the Pianoforte. Op. 3. (No. 1.) Dedication. (No. 2.) Legend. (No. 3.) At the Fjord. Barcarolle. (No. 4.) Vision. (No. 5.) Peasants' March. (No. 6.) In the Night
Gx1436: TORJUSSEN, TRYGVE; - In Italy. Suite for the pianoforte. Op. 37
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Tx121: TORREY, R. A. - The Uplifted Christ
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Qx451: TSR. - Buck Rogers Game Comic, No 5 (Role-Playing Game Comics)
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Gx1497: VARIOUS - Seller Image Songs of 2 World Wars for Piano and Voice with Guitar Chords
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Ix1179: VARIUS - New Broadway Songbook
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Fx1091: VASARELY, VICTOR - Vasarely
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Gx1504: VENEZIA, FRANCO DA - Six Compositions pour le Pano. Op. 22. No. 1 Air de Danse
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Fx1324: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/3 Caboclinha - A boneca de barro (Petite indigene du bresil - La pouree en argile)/ For Piano.
Fx1325: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/4 Mulathina - A boneca de Borracha ( Petite mulatresse - La poupee en caoutchouc / For Piano.
Fx1326: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/5 Negronha - A boneca de pao (Petite negresse - La poupee en caoutchouc) / For Piano.
Fx1327: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/6 A Pobresinha - A boneca de trapo (Petit pauvre - La poupee de chiffons)/ For Piano.
Fx1328: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/8 Bruxa - A boneca de panno (Sorciere - La poupee de drap)/ For Piano
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Dx1441: RUDOLF LUDWIG KARL VIRCHOW - Disease, Life and Man: Selected Essays
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Hx469: WAGNER, RICHARD - Gotterdammerung : Libretto; Music Drama in Three Acts (five Scenes) and Prologue
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Bx1340: WAGNER, ROGER (ARRANGEMENT) - He is Born (SATB) for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices: A Cappella
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Gx1210: WAITE, HENRY RANDALL (COMPILER) - College Songs with New and Valuable Additions
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Ex214: WALDENFELS, BERNHARD; BROEKMAN, JAN M.; PAZANIN, ANTE - Phenomenology and Marxism
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Tx148: WALKER, ALAN - How Jesus helped People
Mx660: WALKER, JOHN R. PH.D. - French Paintings From the Collections of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon and Mrs. Mellon Bruce
Nx966: WALKER, REV. CORNELIUS D. D. - The Life and Correspondence of Rev. William Sparrow, D.D.
Fx2317: STUART H. WALKER - The Techniques of Small Boat Racing by the "International 14" Sailors of North America
Dx671: WALKER, HUGH - The O'Keefe Centre: Thirty Years of Theatre History
Ax802: WALKER, SAMUEL - In Defense of American Liberties: A History of the Aclu
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Hx227: EDITED BY ALBERT PERRY WALKER - Select Minor Poems of John Milton
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Gx1545: THOMAS "FATS" WALLER - The Genius of Thomas "Fats" Waller: Piano Arrangements
Fx525: WALLER, IRENE - Fine-Art Weaving: A Study of the Work of Artist Weavers in Britain
Px253: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - Africa, the Politics of Independence: an Interpretation of Modern African History
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Ex380: WALSH, ANDREA - Women's Film and Female Experience, 1940-1950
Sx437: WALSH, GERTRUDE MARGARET - Cuentos Criollos
Hx864: WALTER, JAMES J.; SHANNON, THOMAS A. - Quality of Life: The New Medical Dilemma
Hx66: WALTER, CAROLE - Great Cakes
Ix706: WALTERS, KERRY S. - The Sane Society Ideal in Modern Utopianism
Dx1399: WALTHER, JOHANN GORRFRIED ; AULE, WOLFGANGR (EDITOR) - Orgelkonzerte nach verschiedenen Meistern (Organ Concertos Based On Old Masters)
Mx256: WALTON, DOUGLAS - Ethics of Withdrawal of Life Support Systems: Case Studies in Decision Making in Intensive Care
Gx1731: WALTON, WILLIAM; MURRILL, HERBERT (ARRANGEMENT) - Crown Imperial: A Coronation March (1937): Organ solo Version
Qx133: M. WAMBACH - La Pedagogie Convergente A L'ecole Fondamentale ; Guide Théorique
Ax1451: WANATABE, - Treasury of Four-Handed Piano Music
Ax679: WANG, AN; LINDEN, EUGENE - Mut zum Risiko
Rx1265: DEBRA WANLESS - Classy Intermidiate Piano Pieces
Rx1092: DEBRA WANLESS - Boogie and Jazz Piano Styles (Easy Big Note Piano Solos)
Nx8: WANN, T. W. - Behaviorism and Phenomenology
Mx309: WARD, HELEN - The Moonrat and the White Turtle
Hx755: WARD, BARBARA - Spaceship Earth
Ix621: WARD, MRS. HUMPHRY - Mating of Lydia, The
Fx502: WARE, SISTER ANN PATRICK - Spinning a Sacred Yarn
Gx1149: WARNER, EMILY SMITH WITH DANIEL, HAWTHORNE - The Happy Warrior the Story of My Father, Alfred E. Smith
Mx809: WARNOCK, MARY - Imagination
Nx374: WARNOD, JEANINE - Washboat Days: Montmarte, Picasso and the Artists Revolution
Qx781: WARREN, BETTY (COMPILED AND ARRANGED BY) - Fair Haven Junior Choir and Duet Book ( Soprano and ALto)
Sx141: WARREN, FRANK Z.&FISCHMAN, WALTER I.; FISCHMAN, WALTER I. - Handbook of Medical Acupuncture
Ox1021: WARREN, GEORGE WILLIAM - The Magdalene (Easter Duett) with Piano/Organ Accompaniment
Lx683: WARREN, H. C. - Buddhism in Translations
Fx481: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Flood, a romance of our time
Rx1271: WARTBERG, KERSTIN - My Trio Book (Mein Trio-Buch) (Suzuki Violin Volumes 1-2 arranged for three violins): Score
Fx1174: WÄSCHER, HERMANN - Das deutsche illustrierte Flugblatt. Von den Anfängen bis zu den Befreiungskriegen Band 1
Dx773: WASER, PETER GAUDENZ - Cholinergic Mechanisms
Gx1344: STAN WASHBURN - The True Account of the Death by Violence of George's Dragon
Kx1089: WASSERMANN, JACOB - Laudin und die Seinen
Ex777: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD - Israelis And Palestinians: Why Do They Fight? Can They Stop?
Jx1044: WASSING, RENE S. - African Art
Gx1300: D. DEWITT WASSON - Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes Volume II
Ax401: WASZYNSKI, MICHAL - Kult Ciala; Dziennik Czlowieka Samotnego
Tx215: WATERINK, DR. JAN - Leading Little Ones to Jesus;: A Book for Mothers
Dx564: WATNEY, SIMON - Practices of Freedom: Selected Writings on HIV/AIDS
Ix175: WATSON, BRAD - The Heaven of Mercury: A Novel
Kx1053: WATSON, JAMES D. - The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
Lx691: WATSON, BEN - Art, Class & Cleavage: A Quantulumcunque Concerning Materialistic Esthetics
Bx1310: WATSON, M.; COWAN, S. K. (WORDS) - Anchored (UNISON) Part Songs for Mixed Voices
Gx337: WATTENBERG, WILLIAM W. - Mental Hygiene in Teaching
Rx1275: CHRISTINE WATTS - Mel Bay Cello Method
Rx84: WATTS, MARY S. - The Rudder: A Novel with Several Heroes
Jx594: WATTS, ALAN; WATTS - Instant Wind Forecasting
Ix499: WAUGH, AUBERON - The Foxglove Saga
Gx1455: WAXMAN, DONALD - Pageants for Piano; Progressive Pieces for the Early Years of Piano Study; First Year Pageant
Gx1402: WAXMAN, DONALD - Pageants for Piano. Second Year Pageant
Bx1289: WAXMAN, DONALD - The Ballad Singer SATB with Piano
Gx1397: WAXMAN, DONALD - Pageants For the Piano: First Folk Song Pageant
Ex429: WEALE, ROBERT ALEXANDER - Focus on Vision
Tx360: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE DIXON - Jesus and ourselves; With a questionnaire for group discussion.
Jx447: WEAVER, MIKE - The Photographic Art: Pictorial Traditions in Britain and America
Fx2058: WEAVER, JEFFERSON HANE - The World of Physics: A Small Library of the Literature of Physics from Antiquity to the Present The Evolutionary Cosmos and the Limits of Science
Rx1021: WEBBER, ANDREW LLOYD (MUSIC) - The Phantom of the Opera Full Score and Parts
Gx1546: WEBER, ANDREW LLOYD - The Essential Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection
Kx1018: WAYNE DOUGLAS; FRED WEBER (EDITED) - Belwin Band Builder Part-2 for E Flat Alto Saxophone
Kx1019: WAYNE DOUGLAS; FRED WEBER (EDITED) - Belwin Band Builder Part-3 for E Flat Alto Saxophone
Tx605: WEBER, SCHUMANN, MENDELSSOHN, AND BRAHMS; SIMON, ERIC (EDITOR) - Masterworks for Clarinet and Piano
Rx1166: WEBSTER, PAUL FRANCIS - The Songs Of Paul Francis Webster : The Greatest Standards Piano Vocal Guitar
Dx966: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - A Walk Through the Garden of Science
Sx736: WECHSLER, JEFFREY (EDITOR) - Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970
Gx1274: WEDGE, GEORGE ANSON - Applied Harmony Book II: Chromatic
Ox119: WEHR, GERHARD - Jung
Sx511: LILLY WEI (ESSAYS) - Herman Cherry: Sixties Ferment
Bx279: WEI, WILLIAM - The Asian American Movement : A Social History (Asian American History and Literature Ser.)
Kx645: WEIDNER, STEPHAN - Mohammedanische Versuchungen.
Hx900: WEIGEL, GEORGE - Building the Free Society: Democracy, Capitalism, and Catholic Social Teaching
Nx124: WEIGLE, MARTA - Creation and Procreation: Feminist Reflections on Mythologies of Cosmogony and Parturition
Ix100: WEIL, ROBERT - Red Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of Market Socialism
Hx6: WEIL, A. - Contes et légendes d'Israël
Gx1189: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE;BERENSTAIN, MICHAEL - K'tonton on an Island in the Sea
Sx42: WEINBERG, HENRY - The Myth of the Jew in France, 1967-1982
Ox397: WEINBERG, ADAM D. - John Newman: On The Other Hand : Sculpture Multiples ; Second Thoughts
Dx606: WEINER, IRVING B. - Psychological Disturbance in Adolescence
Ox172: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Tchaikovsky
Gx740: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - The Last Great Cause: The Intellectuals and the Spanish Civil War
Ox314: WEIR, PETER F. - Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
Ix1153: GLENN WEISER - Celtic Harp Music of Carolan and Others for Solo Guitar
Sx51: WEISS-ROSMARIN, TRUDE - Highlights of Jewish History
Ix122: WEISS, JOHN - Moses Hess Utopian Socialist
Gx1215: WEISS-ROSMARIN, TRUDE (EDITOR) - Jewish Expressions on Jesus (An Anthology)
Rx1138: WEISS, STEPHAN & BAUM, BERNIE (LYRICS); GREG GILPIN (ARRANGED) - Music! Music! Music! Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) SATB, accompanied, with optional Bass, guitar and Drums
Hx126: WEITZ, JOHN - Friends in High Places
Px474/2: WELCH, WALACE - How to Become a Winner In Your Relationship
Sx1443: WELCH, STUART CARY - Flower from Every Meadow: Indian Paintings from American Collections
Ax933: WELCH, ROBERT - Through All the Days to Be
Ax934: WELCH, ROBERT - Republics and Democracies
Px474: WELCH, WALACE - How to Become a Winner In Your Relationship
Hx619: WELGE, MARTIN K.; VERBAND DER HOCHSCHULLEHRER FUR BETRIEBSWIRTSCHAFT - Globales Management: Erfolgreiche Strategien Fur Den Weltmarkt
Ax1088: WELLS, H. G.; ROCA, FRANCOIS - In The Fourth Year, anticipations of a World Peace
Nx294: WELTNER, PETER - In a Time of Combat for the Angel: Three Short Novels
Gx285: WENKE, ROBERT J. - Patterns in Prehistory: Humankind's First Three Million Years
Hx1017: WENTWORTH, ELMER E. - Washington Irving The Sketch Book
Px628: WENTZ, HENRY S. M.D - Patients Are a Virtue: Practicing Medicine in the Pennsylvania Amish Country
Bx631: WERFEL, FRANZ - Eine Blassblaue Frauenschrift
Ex19: PAUL C WERMUTH - Modern Essays on Writing and Style
Hx175: WESCHLER, LAWRENCE - Shapinsky's Karma, Bogg's Bills, and Other True-Life Tales
Dx552: WESLEY, VALERIE W. - Always True to You in My Fashion
Hx96: WEST, NATHANAEL - Miss Lonelyhearts
Cx30: WEST, PAUL - James Ensor & Paul West
Gx1738: WESTERING, PAUL CHR. V. - Muziek voor de eredienst Koraalwerk Orgel (Choral Work for Organ) manualiter Door
Gx1396: WESTERVELT, MARIE (ARRANGEMENT) - A Child's Book of Hymn Tunes
Sx633: WESTFALL, STEPHEN (ESSAY) - Clinton Hill: Recent Work, March 10 - April 7, 1988
Sx644: WESTFALL, STEPHEN (ESSAY) - Martha Keller: 1993 Paintings October 22 - November 20 1993
Bx552: WESTMAN, JACK C. - Individual Differences in Children
Dx744: WESTON, NEVILLE - The Reach Of Modern Art;: A Concise History
Px367: WESTON, NEVILLE - The Reach Of Modern Art;: A Concise History
Gx992: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - The Blond Baboon
Gx1494: WEYBRIGHT, JUNE - Braziliana for Two Pianos Four Hands
Gx305: WEYGANDT, JERRY J. - Financial Accounting 2e Slipcase
Sx993: WHEELER, BILLY EDD - 25 Great Folk Songs
Ox1011: WHEELER, RUTH WINANT - Road Song: Poems
Fx1649: WHEELER, TONY - Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands
Ex862: WHEELER, MONROE - The Prints of Georges Rouault
Bx31: V.L. WHEELER - I Like Me
Bx511: WHEELOCK, JOHN HALL - The Human Fantasy
Ix1020: BILL WHELAN - Selections From Riverdance Arranged For Fingerstyle Guitar
Rx1192: WHISTLER, HARVEY S. - Introducing The Positions for Cello Vol 1 The Fourth Position ...
Sx1057: WHITCOMB, IAN - Titanic Tunes; Songs from Steerage
Tx554: WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Elephant and the Kangaroo
Tx334: WHITE, PAUL - Doctor of Tanganyika
Px696: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN - A Puritan in Babylon: the Story of Calvin Coolidge
Gx1724: WHITE, LOUIE L. - Reflections on Southern Hymn Tunes for Organ
Gx1723: WHITE, LOUIE L. - Sonata for Organ
Gx1656: WHITE, LOUIE L. - Gloria in Excelsis / Praise the Lord (Full Score)
Fx1506: WHITE, JAMES BOYD - The Edge of Meaning
Bx1380: MICHAEL WHITE (ARRANGEMENT) - Steal Away To Jesus for Four-Part Chorus Of Mixed Voices SATB A Cappella with Piano Accompaniment
Ax38: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - Old California in Picture and Story
Bx1070: WHITE, CURTIS - An Illuminated History of the Future
Gx1722: WHITE, LOUIE - Introduction and Chorale for Organ and Brass Ensemble
Px1033: EDMUND WHITE - Sacred Monsters
Px1022: LESLIE IRENE COGER; MELVIN R. WHITE - Readers Theatre Handbook: A Dramatic Approach to Literature
Gx1364: WHITEFIELD, BERNARD - Beginner's Modern Swing Method for Piano Book I
Rx372: WHITESIDE, ANNA - On Referring in Literature
Sx1019: WHITFIELD, CLOVIS - Colnaghi: Views from the Grand Tour May 25 - June 30, 1983
Ax1247: LADY NAIRNE; ARTHUR WHITING (ARRANGEMENT) - The Hundred Pipers Voice for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB with 2 Piano Accompaniment
Fx1566: WHITTAKER, W. GILLIES ; WISEMAN, HERBERT; WISHART, JOHN (EDITORS) - The Clarendon Song Books II; Piano Edition
Fx1568: WHITTAKER, W. GILLIES ; WISEMAN, HERBERT; WISHART, JOHN (EDITORS) - The Clarendon Song Books III; Piano Edition
Qx547: WHITTAKER, W. GILLIES; WISEMAN, HERBERT; WISHART; JOHN - The Clarendon Song Books; Volume V; Piano Edition
Fx1564: WHITTAKER, W. GILLIES (EDITOR); WISEMAN, HERBERT; WISHART, JOHN - The Clarendon Song Books I; Piano Edition
Fx1567: WHITTAKER, W. GILLIES ; WISEMAN, HERBERT; WISHART, JOHN (EDITORS) - The Clarendon Song Books IIA; Piano Edition
Ex231: REED WHITTEMORE - From Zero to the Absolute: a Penetrating Analysis of the State of Poetry
Ix554: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The poetical works of John Greenleaf Whittier (Volume 2)
Nx387: WHYBRAY, R. N. - The Succession Narrative: A Study of II Samuel 9-20; I Kings 1 and 2
Px205: WHYTE, LANCELOT LAW - Everyman looks Forward
Kx152: WIBBELSMAN, CHARLES; MCCOY, KATHY PH.D. - The Teenage Body Book
Kx484: WICKHAM, JOHN - Casuarina Row
Hx955: WIDEMAN, JOHN EDGAR - Fever: Twelve Stories
Bx1323: WIDENER, STANLEY F. - Information Wanted for Comic Quartet or Chorus
Bx1324: WIDENER, STANLEY F. - Carmena Waltz Song Duet or Two Part Chorus (For Treble Voices)
Rx866: WIEAND, CHARLES H. (COMPILER) - Living Gospel Songs & Choruses A Little Book To Meet A Big Need, Expressly Adapted To Evangelistic Meetings, Sunday Schools, and Young People's Meetings (Published in Round And Shaped Notes)
Ix603: WIENCKE, WOLFGANG; KOKE, DOROTHEE - Cards & Clubs : Der Kundenclub als Dialogmarketing-Instrument
Mx811: WIENER, NORBERT - The Fourier Integral and Certain of Its Applications
Gx1725: WIENHORST, RICHARD - Variations on Creator of Infinities for Organ
Ox1087: WIENIAWSKI, HENRI; LICHTENBERG, LEOPOLD (EDITOR) - Polonaise Brillante Op 4 for Violin and Piano
Tx577: ALBERT E. WIER (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - The Days of Sarasate and Wilhelmj: Thrity-Seven Works By Composers of All Nationalities in the Period From 1840 to 1845 (The Violinist's Music Shelf, Vol. 7)
Qx717: WIESENFELD, PAUL - Paul Wiesenfeld. 17.12.1980 - 8.2.1981
Hx514: WIESNER, ROBIE DARCHE - Voices from the Couch
Hx99: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Tx6: WIGHT, FRED HARTLEY - Manners and Customs of Bible Lands
Sx619: WIGMORE, DEEDEE (INTRODUCTION) - American Scene Painting: Dominant Style of the 1930's and 1940's.
Ex177: WIGODER, GEOFFREY - Jewish Art & Civilization 2 Volumes Set
Ax773: WIGODER, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - Jewish Art and Civilization
Jx167: WILBER, DONALD N. - Pakistan: Yesterday and Today (Contemporary Civilizations Series)
Hx995: WILBERG, MARK - Cindy S.A.T.B. with Piano (Four-Hands)
Jx99: WILBUR, MARGUERITE EYER - Thomas Jefferson Apostle of Liberty
Gx487: WILBUR, RICHARD - The Poems of Richard Wilbur
Ix180: WILD, JOHN (EDITOR - Spinoza Selections
Bx793: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Rx484: WILENTZ, DAVID T, (CHAIRMAN CONFRENCE) - New Jersey Conference on Crime: Abstracts of Addresses and Discussions With Resolutions
Hx839: WILENTZ, AMY - I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen : Coming to California in the Age of Schwarzenegger
Fx2042: WILFRIED VAN DER WILL, EVA KOLINSKY (EDITORS) - The Cambridge Companion to Modern German Culture
Ax697: WILHELM, HANS - A Cool Kid-- Like Me!
Kx1212: WILKEN, ROBERT L. - The Land Called Holy: Palestine in Christian History and Thought
Tx363: WILKERSON, DAVID - The little People
Rx258: WILKIN, KAREN - Frankenthaler; The Darker Palette; Exhibit April 16 - June 7, 1998
Jx379: WILKINSON, SIMON - The Child's World of Illness: The Development of Health and Illness Behaviour
Jx375: WILKINSON, JAMES D. - The Intellectual Resistance in Europe
Ox174: WILKINSON, NORMAN B. - E. I. du Pont, Botaniste : The Beginning of a Tradition
Dx1420: WILLAN, HEALEY - Six Chorale Preludes Set II
Dx1419: WILLAN, HEALEY - Six Chorale Preludes Set I
Gx1655: WILLCOCKS, DAVID - Variations On Breslau for Organ
Dx916: WILLETT, FRANK - African Art, An Introduction
Ix1146: WILLIAMS, JOHN (COMPOSER), - John Williams -- Anthology: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Hx917: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE - Royal Homes of the United Kingdom
Gx1290: PETER WILLIAMS - The Organ Music of J. S. Bach: Volume 1, Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias, Fugues, Sonatas, Concertos and Miscellaneous Pieces (BWV 525-598, 802-805 etc) (Cambridge Studies in Music)
Gx1291: PETER WILLIAMS - The Organ Music of J. S. Bach: Volume 2 (Cambridge Studies in Music)
Kx1055: WILLIAMS, SARA - Financial Times Guide to Personal Tax
Tx80: WILLIAMS, ROBERT R. - Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church Fathers
Dx1358: WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHAN - Prelude and Fugue in C Minor for Organ
Dx1359: WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHAN - Three Preludes, founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes. i. Bryn calfaria. ii. Rhosymedre. iii. Hyfrydol. For the Organ
Gx1710: WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHAN; MORRIS; CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - A Vaughan Williams Organ Album
Fx577: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Summer and Smoke
Dx1203: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - In the Winter of Cities: Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams
Bx1386: ROBERT BURN (WORDS); R. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (ARRANGEMENT) - Ca' the Yowes for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices SATB and Tenor Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Bx538: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The Image of the City and Other Essays
Rx1029: WILLIAMS, JOHN; - Music from The Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition (Alto Sax)
Px900: WILLIAMS, GEORGE - Mark Twain: His Adventures at Aurora and Mono Lake
Ax1154: R. VAUGHN WILLIAMS - The Turtle Dove for Mixed Voices SATB
Gx1717: WILLIAMSON, MALCOLM - Vision of Christ-Phoenix for Organ

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