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Qx429: JOMMELLI, NICCOLŇ; GOEBELS, FRANZPETER - Sonate C-dur für Klavier zu 4 Händen
Gx1461: JONAS, OSWALD (SELECTED AND EDITED) - Turk's Pieces for Piano Study
Fx1823: JONAS, PATRICIA;BROOKLYN BOTANIC GARDEN - Japanese-Inspired Gardens: Adapting Japan's Design Traditions for Your Garden
Ax1001: JONES, J. B. - A rebel war clerk's diary at the Confederate States capital vol. 1
Ax1002: JONES, J. B. - A rebel war clerk's diary at the Confederate States capital (Two Volumes I & II Complete)
Mx503: JONES, LLOYD KENYON - Healing forces
Lx562: JONES, G. WILLIAM - Landing Rightside up in TV and Film: An Unusual Experience in Screen Media Readiness for Teachers, Churchmen, and Youth-Serving Agencies
Nx622: JONES, SALLY - The Lights Burn Blue
Tx328: JONES, ELIZABETH B. - When You Need a Special Story
Sx64: JENNIFER GEORGE; GARETH JONES - Understanding & Managing Organizational Behavior (a Custom Edition, 2005)
Jx562: JONES, PRESTON - Santa Fe Sunshine
Jx364: JONES, ANN - Next Time, She'll Be Dead: Battering & How to Stop It
Tx166: JONES, W. PAUL - The Recovery of Life's Meaning: Understanding Creation and the Incarnation
Gx457: JONES, CAROLYN - The Family of Women
Fx1735: JONES, ERNEST - The Life and Work of Sigmund Freund
Bx1397: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH; J.M. STEIN (ENGLISH); IFOR JONES (EDITOR) - The Lamb That for Us Was Slain for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices SATB with Piano or Organ Accompaniment
Hx414: JONES, BILL (EDITOR) - Political Issues in Britain Today
Ex416: JONSON, BEN; PARFITT, GEORGE A. E. - The Complete Poems
Ix1144: JOPLIN, SCOTT; GUNTHER, PHYLLIS (ARRANGEMENT) - cott Joplin's The Entertainer: Arranged for 2 Pianos, 4 Hands (With Second Piano Part)
Ix1148: JOPLIN, SCOTT; BARBOSA-LIMA, CARLOS - Joplin - Complete Rags for Piano (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics) Vol. 2020
Ix1127: JOPLIN, SCOTT; BARBOSA-LIMA, CARLOS - Scott Joplin for Guitar
Ex1012: JOPLIN, SCOTT; LAWRENCE, VERA BRODSKY (EDITOR) - Scott Joplin Complete Ragtime Piano Solos Pbn R045
Rx63: JORDAN, G. RAY - Beyond Despair: When Religion Becomes Real
Hx430: JORDAN, BARBARA LESLIE - Comfort the dreamer: [Poems]
Px282: JORDAN, WEYMOUTH T. - Ante-Bellum Alabama: Town and Country
Lx491: JOSEPH , STEPHEN - The Story of the Playhouse in England
Ex740: JOSH WILNER (TEXT), BILL BARRETTE (IMAGES) - Bill Barrette: Mirror, lens, and Memory February 29 - March 23, 1988
Lx832: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - Saint-Pol-Roux
OSx27: FRANCIS JOURDAIN - Renoir le Moulin de la Galette
Rx520: JOYAUX, ALAIN G.; TULLY, JUDD; CHERRY, HERMAN - Herman Cherry: a Retrospective
Bx187: JUDD, ELLEN R. - Gender and Power in Rural North China
Qx747: JUDY COLLISCHAN VAN WAGNER (CURATOR); ZIMMER, WILLIAM (ESSAY) - Judith Murray: Painting; Ursula Von Rydingsvard: Sculpture
Nx97: JULIAN, ALLEN PHELPS - MacArthur,: The Life of a General
Hx905: JUMP, JOHN (EDITOR) - Marlowe: Doctor Faustus: a Casebook
Ix1209: KABALEVSKY, DMITRI; GRETCHANINOFF, A. - 24 Little Pieces for Children Opus 39 For Piano
Hx267: KAFKA, FRANZ - Selected Stories of Franz Kafka. With an Introduction By Philip Rahv
0x758: KAGAN, HENRY ENOCH - Six Who Changed the World: Moses Jesus Paul Marx Freud Einstein
Fx554: KAGAN, NORMAN - Greenhorns: Foreign Filmmakers Interpret America
Sx733: KAHN, WOLF - WOLF KAHN New York 1987-1989
Bx467: KAHN, SHOLOM J. - Whole Loaf : Stories from Israel
Ox1035: KAHN, EMIL - Conducting, the Complete Guide to the Elements of Conducting Orchestras, Bands and Choruses-basic Instructions and Over 200 Exercises
Ox109: KAIL, ROBERS (COMPILED BY) - Columbia Classic Library Vol. 16: Selected Piano Pieces of Johannes Brahms
Jx591: SHIN NIHON SEITETSU KABUSHIKI KAISHA - Essays on Japan from Japan (Nihon no kokoro: Bunka, dento to gendai)
Ix1101: KALA, E. JAMES - Cathedral Music Press Presents Christmas Music for Guitar from the 16th & 17th Centuries
Jx1159: KALAT, JAMES W. & NORTON, THOMAS T. (EDITORS) - From Brains to Behavior:Some Recent and Classical Contributions: Some Recent and Classical Contributions
Fx843: RICHARD STRAUSS (MUSIC); HUGO VON HOFMANNSTHAL (LIBRETTO); ALFRED KALISCH (ENGLISH VERSION) - Der Rosenkavalier (The Rose-Bearer) ; Comedy for Music in Three Acts (Metropolitan Opera)
Px329: KALLIR, JANE - Grandma Moses: The Artist Behind the Myth
Ix354: KALTENMARK, ODILE - Chinese Literature
Gx1234: KAMENETSKY, RABBI MORDECHAI - Parsha Parables the 4th
Mx720: KAMPF, AVRAM - Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century
Ax496: IMMANUEL KANT - The Metaphysical Principles of Virtue, Part II of the Metaphysics of Morals
Lx632: KANT, IMMANUEL; ELLINGTON, JAMES (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - Fundamental Principals of the Metaphysic of Morals
Lx506: KAPLAN, TEMMA - Crazy for Democracy: Women in Grassroots Movements
Qx23: KAPTCHUK, TED J. - The Web That Has No Weaver : Understanding Chinese Medicine
Bx633: KARASEK, HELLMUTH - Go West!: Eine Biographie Der Funfziger Jahre
Nx101: KARL, FREDERICK - Modern and Modernism: The Sovereignty of the Artist, 1885-1925
Hx138: EDITED BY SIMON KARLINSKY - The Nabokov-Wilson Letters Nineteen Forty to Nineteen Seventy-One
Dx278: JOSEPH BEN EPHRAIM KARO - The Traditional Jewish Law of Sale: Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat Chapters 189-240
Ox579: ROMAN KARST - Drogi Samotnos'ci Rzecz O Franzu Kafce
Gx1404: KASSCHAU - Concerto in C Major for Piano (With Second Piano Part)
Kx1084: KASTEN, HANS F. W. - Fried Jugendjahre Eines Frankfurter Malers
Gx1727: KASTNER, MACÁRIO SANTIAGO (EDITOR) - Silva Ibérica; Musik Für Tasteninstrumente Aus Dem 16, 17 Un 18 Jahrhundert / Keyboard Music (Piano, Harpsichord, Clavichord, Organ) of the XVI, XVII, XVIII Century from Italy, Portugal and Spain Band I / Volume I
Gx1728: KASTNER, MACÁRIO SANTIAGO (EDITOR) - Silva Ibérica; Musik Für Tasteninstrumente Aus Dem 16, 17 Un 18 Jahrhundert / Keyboard Music (Piano, Harpsichord, Clavichord, Organ) of the XVI, XVII, XVIII Century from Italy, Portugal and Spain Band II / Volume II
Bx1286: DAVIS< KATHERIN K. - God So Loved the World for SATB with Piano Accompanimnent
Gx495: KATRINA DE HIRSCH, JEANNETTE JEFFERSON JANSKY, WILLIAM S. LANGFORD - Predicting Reading Failure; A Preliminary Study of Reading, Writing, and Spelling Disabilities in Preschool Children
Lx536: KATZ, ELIHU - The Secularization of Leisure: Culture and Communication in Israel
Mx578: KATZ, JERROLD - The Philosophy of Language
Fx2312: KATZ, SAMUEL M. - Israel's Armor Might
Bx582: KATZENELBOGEN, SOLOMON - Analyzing Psychotherapy
Px172: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - Persons of the Drama: Theater Criticism and Comment
Px204: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - Figures of Light: Film Criticism and Comment
Nx854: KAUFMAN, SCHIMA - Mendelssohn: "A Second Elijah"
Jx63: KAUL, A.N. - Hawthorne: A Collection of Critical Essays
Jx339: KAVANAGH, DENNIS - British Politics: Continuities and Change
Px1145: AIDAN KAVANAGH - Elements of Rite: A Handbook of Liturgical Style
Rx266: KAY, HELEN - Picasso's World of Children
Px634: KAY, MARGUERITE - The Colour Library of Art: Bruegel
Ax170: SHERRY BRITTON & PATRICIA KAY - Great Overall Coverup
Px254: KAYIRA, LEGSON - The Looming Shadow
Bx447: KAZIN, ALFRED - The Inmost Leaf: A Selection of Essays
Gx130: KAZIN, ALFRED - An American Procession: The Major American Writers from 1830-1930
Sx379: KEATING, LAWRENCE (MUSIC); YALE, ELSIE DUNCAN (WORDS) - While Shepherds Watched;A Christmas Cantata for The Volunteer Choir
Rx928: KEATS, JOHN AND COLVIN, SIDNEY - Letters Of John Keats To His Family And Friends
Ox925: KECKEMET, DUSKO - Ivan Mestrovic
Sx4: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA; STIEGLITZ, ALFRED - Two Lives: A Conversation in Paintings and Photographs
Hx31: KEENEY, ARTHUR & VIRGINIA KEENEY - Dyslexia; diagnosis and treatment of reading Disorders
Sx251: KELAHER, THOMAS (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Saint Peter's College Yearbook (Peacock Pie) 1954
Gx499: KELLENBERGER, JAMES - The Cognitivity of Religion: Three Perspectives
Gx1484: KELLER, OSWIN - Quatre Petites Valses Op. 7 pour Piano
Sx1097: KELLER, ROBERT S. (ARRANGMENT) - Songs for Children (everybody's Favorite Series No. 5)
Tx88: KELLER, PHILLIP - Lessons from a Sheep Dog
Px1040: KELLER, HERMANN - The Organ Works of Bach: A Contribution to their History, Form, Interpretation and Performance
Mx171: KELLETAT, ALFRED - Hölderlin
Mx204: KELLETT, E.E. - A Short History of Religions
Nx397: KELLEY, NORMAN - The Big Mango
Ax1060: KELSEY, D. M. - Deeds of Daring by Both Blue and Gray: Thrilling Narratives of Personal Adventure, Exploits of Scouts and Spies, Forlorn Hopes, Heroic Bravery, Patient Endurance, Imprisonments and Hair-Breadth Escapes, Romantic Incidents...During the Great Civil War
Ox836: KEMP, HARRY - The Golden Word
Px1071: KEMP, HELEN - Canons, Songs and Blessings A Kemp Family Collection
Sx356: KEMPER, JOHN DUSTIN - Introduction to the Engineering Profession
Kx1204: KENAAN, N. (EDITOR) - Assaph: Studies in Art History (Vol.1)
Hx50: KENDALL, PHILIP C. - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Impulsive Children
Dx808: KENDALL, RICHARD - Drawn to Painting
Gx1347: ALAN KENDALL - Tender Tyrant: Nadia Boulanger A Life Devoted to Music
Gx85: KENEALLY, THOMAS - To Asmara
Gx1627: KENNAN, KENT WHEELER - Counterpoint Workbook Second Edition
Sx581: KENNEDY, JOHN; WILLETTE, JSM (ESSAY) - John Kennedy Bronzes
Gx582: KENNEDY, SUSAN - Dancing With The Dog
Hx1039: KENNY, YALE - Kisses for Maxine
Ax331: KENNY, JOHN B.; KENNY, CARLA - Design in Papier Mache (Creative Crafts Ser.)
Tx243: KENRICK, BRUCE - Come Out of the Wilderness: the Story of the East Harlem Protestant Parish
Nx395: KENYON, MAGIE - A walking tour of the Village
Mx393: KENYON, KATHLEEN M. - Archaeology in the Holy Land
Ax1058: KENYON, JOHN - A Day At Tivoli: With Other Verses
Gx1213: KENYON, KATHLEEN M. - Amorites and Canaanites; The Schweich Lectures of the British Academy 1963
Fx664: KERJAN, LILIANE - Le Theatre d'Edward Albee
Hx502: KERR, NIGEL AND MARY - A Guide to Medieval Sites in Britain
Ax416: JANE W. KESSLER - Psychopathology of childhood (Prentice-Hall series in psychology)
Bx634: KETTENBACH, HANS W. - Davids Rache
Rx1318: KEVEREN, PHILLIP - Christmas Pops: 18 Holiday Hits Arranged by Phillip Keveren
Gx1623: KEYS, TIM - Resurrexi an Easter Oratorio for 4 Part Chorus of Mixed Voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baratone Solo and Orchestra
Gx1702: KHACHATURIAN, ARAM; LEVANT, OSCAR (TRANSCRIBED FOR PIANO) - Sabre Dance - Aram Khachaturian From Gayne Ballet
Fx285: RAMA KIRN SINGH KHALSA - Healing the healer: A holistic/transpersonal perspective on burn-out prevention for the health Professional
Hx1033: KHOSLA, G. D.; NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL (FOREWORD) - Himalayan Circuit; The Story of A Journey In The Inner Himalayas
Ix43: NIKITA SERGEYEVICH KHRUSHCHEV - Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev;: The occasion of his visit to the United States
Hx935: KIDD, DUDLEY - Kafir Socialism and the Dawn of Individualism
Ox22: KIEINMICHEL, RICHARD - Gavotten Album - Berühmter Gavotten für Pianoforte Solo No. 1884
Xx29: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X. - Body Count
Sx1318: KILLINGER, JOHN - The Greatest Teachings of Jesus
Mx252: KILNER, JOHN F. - Life on the Line: Ethics, Aging, Ending Patients' Lives, and Allocating Vital Resources
Ex1066: KIMBALL, EDWARD ANCEL; SMITH, CLIFFORD PABODY; HANNA, SEPTIMUS J. - Christian Science and Legislation: the Endeavor to Handicap Truth; Civil and Religious Liberty
Sx1316: KIMBERLY J. VRUDNY (EDITOR), WILSON YATES (EDITOR) - Arts, Theology, And The Church: New Intersections
Gx1296: KINCH, RICHARD - Wingspread, the Building
Gx1400: KING, CAROLE - Carole King, Ten Years of Music: Piano, Vocal, Guitar
Gx1401: KING, CAROLE - Carole King Anthology From Then to Now Piano Vocal Organ Chords
Hx981: KING, CAROL - Carol King Song Album Piano/Vocal
Mx196: KING, JAMES - William Blake: His Life
Gx600: KING, JOHN L. - On the Brink of Great Depression II
Hx297: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN - Dolls and dolls' houses
Kx277: KINGSLAND, WILLIAM - The Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures: Or, The Wisdom in a Mystery
Setsx7: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Novels And Poems Of Charles Kingsley (14 Volumes Complete)
Gx1096: KINGSLEY, HENRY - The Hillyars and the Burtons, a Story of Two Families
Fx698: KINNISH, MARY KAY; RUBIN, PAMELA HERBERT - 50 Urgent Questions Horsemen Ask: With Answers Provided by Leading Equine Health-Care Authorities
Mx150: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Story of the Gadsbys
Ox519: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Stalky et Cie
Gx1378: KIRBY, WALTER - Merry Christmas (A Baker's Dozen of Christmas Carols) for the Piano
Ix980: KIREILIS, RAMON - Master Solos Intermediate Level - Clarinet: Book/CD Pack
Hx302: KIRK, DONALD - Tell It to the Dead: Memories of a War
Ax1393: KIRK, T. W. - Key to sight reading for all voices (Pro Art choral books)
Cx145: KIRKE, EDMUND - Among the Pines or South in Secession-Time
Px75: KISMARIC, CAROLE - The Rumor of Pavel and Paali: A Ukrainian Fairy Tale
Qx476: KITAJ, R. B. - R. B. Kitaj Recent Pictures February 8 March 4, 1995
Jx135: KITCHEN, HELEN (EDITOR) - Footnotes to the Congo Story: an "African Report" Anthology
Fx2216: KITOV, ELIYAHU; BULMAN, NACHMAN (TRANSLATOR) - The Book of Our Heritage; The Jewish Year and Its Days of Significance; Special Edition The Eight Days of Pesach
Bx561: KITT, HOWARD P. - Selected Antitrust Cases: Landmark Decisions
Mx868: KITTO, JOHN - The History of Palestine from the Patriarchal Age to the Present Time with Introductory Chapters on the Geography and Natural History of the Country, and on the Customs and Institutions of the Hebrew
Ax1298: KJELSON, LEE; MCCRAY, JAMES - The Singer's Manual of Choral Music Literature
Bx1142: KJERULF, HALFDAN; MARZIALS, T. (TRANSLATOR) - Halfdan Kjerulf's Album of SOngs
Fx2117: KLAPERMAN, GILBERT & LIBBY - The Story of the Jewish People: From Creation to the Second Temple
Jx8: PAUL KLEE - Paul Klee, 1879-1940 Haus Der Kunst
Gx756: KLEEBLATT, NORMAN L. - Painting a Place in America: Jewish Artists in New York 1900-1945
Ox1132: JILL GABRIELLE KLEIN - We Got the Water: Tracing My Family's Path Through Auschwitz
Ex61: FELIX KLEIN - Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint: Arithmetic, Algebra, Analysis
Tx397: KLEINHANS, T. J. - Printer's Devil from Wittenberg
Gx372: EDITED BY E.D. KLEMKE - Studies in the Philosophy of G.E. Moore
Dx1464: DE KLERK, ALBERT - Twelve Images for Organ Original Compositions New Series
Px105: KLIMAS, JOHN E. JR. - Wild Flowers of New Jersey
Ex798: KLIMASEWISKI, MARSHALL N. - The Cottagers: A Novel
Ax1286: JAN KLOCEK (ARRANGEMENT) - Polish Folk Songs and Dances Arranged for Accordion
Gx1306: HANS KLOTZ - The Organ Handbook
Bx201: KLUVER, ALAN R. - Legitimating the Chinese Economic Reforms : A Rhetoric of Myth and Orthodoxy (SUNY Series in Speech Communication)
Rx1093: KNAPP, JENNIFER - Jennifer Knapp - Kansas (Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook)
Qx346: KNAPTON, ERNEST - Empress Josephine
Px1041: KNEEREAM, RALPH - Marcel Dupre Recollections
Ex235: WILLIAM S. KNICKERBOCKER - Classics of Modern Science (Copernicus to Pasteur)
Dx1523: KNIGHT, GERALD H. - Accompaniments for unison Hymn-Singing
Kx545: KNIGHT, PAUL - The problems of insect study. Second Edition
Ix1055: WHITEHILL & FOGO KNOWLES - Chet Atkins Guitar for All Seasons
Fx1113: KNUT EBELING, HANNE LORECK - Susanne Paesler Ausstellung 30 April Bis 5 Juni 2005
Px999: KOCH, FREDERICK - Five Sacred Solos for Worship Service
Px1067: KOCHAVI-LEVENTER, RACHEL (EDITOR) - Israeli Songs for Choir, 40th Anniversary Zimriya
Ix643: KOCK, SIGMUND - Psychology: A Study of a Science (Study 1: Conceptual and Systematic, Volume 2 General Systematic Formulations, Learning, and Special Processes)
Gx1368: KODALY, ZOLTAN - 7 Klavierstücke / 7 Pičces Pour Le Piano / 7 Pieces for Piano Op. 11 Piano Solo
Qx538: KODALY, ZOLTAN; YOUNG, PERCY M. (EDITED AND ANOTED BY) - Bicinia Hungarica. Choral Method II
Ox294: KOEHLER, LOUIS (EDITORS) - Sonaten Fur Pianoforte Solo Von Ludwig Van Beethovan Volume 2
Sx1437: HENRY KOEHLER - Henry Koehler Sporting Reflections November 2010
Dx749: KOEPER, FREDERICK - American Architecture, 1860-1976
Gx1480: KOHLMANN, CLARENCE - Silent Night Transcription for the Pianoforte
Ox536: KOHN, HAROLD - Thoughts Afield, Meditations through the Seasons
Gx1068: KOLATA, GINA; COHEN, JESSE (EDITORS) - The Best American Science Writing 2007
Ix117: KOLKO, GABRIEL - Wealth and power in America;: An analysis of social class and income distribution
Px1122: V. A. KOLVE - Play Called Corpus Christi
Sx306: KOMROFF, MANUEL (EDITOR) - Travels of Marco Polo
Mx533: ES WAREN ZWEI KÖNIGSKINDER - Eine Auswahl deutscher Volkslieder
Rx1257: BERT KONOWITZ - Teach Yourself to Play Jazz at the Keyboard
Xx129: KONRATH, J. A. - Rusty Nail: A Jacqueline Jack Daniels Mystery
Mx397: KONSALIK, HEINZ G. - Eine Sünde zuviel : Roman
Ox995: (DE KOONING, WILLEM HESS, THOMAS - The Lost Chord Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Rx259: WILLEM DE KOONING - Willem de Kooning; Nyere Verker 30. Mars - 13. Mai
Qx732: (DE KOONING, WILLEM HESS, THOMAS - Passion & Reverence: Joseph Stella and The Natural World
Sx18: KOOY, T. VAN DER. - De taal van Hindeloopen. Grammaticaal overzicht en woordenboek met een bloemlezing van Hindelooper proza en poëzie
Rx423: KOPEIKINA, LUDA - The Right Decision Every Time: How to Reach Perfect Clarity on Tough Decisions
Dx16: KOPPER, PHILIP - The National Museum of Natural History
Sx321: KORN, NATR (COMPILER); HASTINGS, ROSS (EDITOR) - 54 Famous Marches for Piano
Mx713: KORN, IRENE - A Celebration of Judaism in Art
Bx1244: NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade, Op. 35; Kalmus Miniature Scores No. 82
Cx112: D. C. A. K. (KORTUM, CARL ARNOLD - Die Jobsiade. Ein grotesk komisches Heldengedicht
Ex972: KOSCHINSKY, FRITZ - Die Christnachtigall. 25 alte Weihnachtslieder für Sopran-Blockflöte. The Christmas Nightingale. 25 old Christmas Corols. For Soprano Recorder
Hx439: KOSHAR, RUDY - German Travel Cultures
Jx378: KOSSLYN, STEPHEN MICHAEL - Image and Mind
Qx674: KOSSOFF, LEON - Leon Kossoff
Ex11: KOSTENEVICH, ALBERT GRIGOR'EVICH - Hidden Treasures Revealed : Impressionist Masterpieces and Other Important French Paintings Preserved by the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Dx613: KOSTER, D. A. - Ocean Salvage
Px467: KOTKER, NORMAN - The Earthly Jerusalem
Qx262: KOTLER, PHILIP; ARMSTRONG, GARY - Rethinking Marketing: Sustainable Market-Ing Enterprise in Asia Text and Cases
Rx493: VOSE GALLERIES; POLLY THAYER (STARR); DOROTHY KOVAL [ESSAY] - Poetry of Hand & Spirit: paintings & drawings of Polly Thayer (Starr)
Ox943: RUDYARD KIPLING (WORDS); REGINALD DE KOVEN (MUSIC) - Recessional for Women's Chorus SSA
Lx624: KOVEN, RABBI RALPH DE (EXPLANATORY NOTES) - A Prayer Book with Explanatory Notes
Dx754: KOZLOFF, MAX - RENDERINGS Critical Essays on a Century of Modern Art
Gx1479: KRAGANOFF, GÉNARI (GENNARY KORGANOV, GENNARI OSSIPOWITSCH KARGANOW) - Album Lyrique 12 Pieces Pour Piano Op 20 Cahier I No 1-6
Gx1478: KRAGANOFF, GÉNARI (GENNARY KORGANOV, GENNARI OSSIPOWITSCH KARGANOW) - Album Lyrique 12 Pieces Pour Piano Op 20 Cahier II No 7-12
Setsx5: KRÄHE, DR. LUDWIG; ZEITLER, DR. JULIUS - Lessings gesammelte Werke, 6 Bände
Rx1096: DIANA KRALL - Songs Recorded By Diana Krall: Rare Jazz and Popular Songs from the American Songbook (Music of the Stars)
Gx1509: KRAMER, A. WALTER - Op.40 No.1 Intermezzo No. 2 A. Fragment "When the sun goes Down" Piano Solo
Sx292: KRAMM, JOSEPH - The Shrike
Fx1871: KRANZLER, DAVID - To Save a World
Kx126: KRAUS, ROBERT; ARUEGO, JOSE; DEWEY, ARIANE - Come Out and Play, Little Mouse
Ox124: KRAUSE, ERNST - Richard Strauss, the Man and His Work
Qx729: KRAUSS, ROSALIND E. - Beverly Pepper: Sculpture in Place
Rx1076: KRAUSS, ALISON - So Long So Wrong: Guitar/Banjo/Vocal
Ox392: KRENS, THOMAS - Jim Dine Prints: 1970-1977
Gx581: KREPF, MARYLIN (EDITOR) - Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry Volume III
Tx528: KREUTZER, RODOLPHE; SINGER, EDMUND (EDITOR) - Kreutzer Forty-Two Studies or Caprices for the Violin
Ax1255: KREUTZER, RODOLPHE; SINGER, EDMUND (EDITOR) - Kreutzer Forty-Two Studies or Caprices for the Violin
Kx1038: KRIGER, BRUCE - LILLI-Bunny and the Secret of a Happy Life
Dx1163: KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR - Renaissance Thought II: Papers on Humanism and the Arts
Gx987: KROGH, DAVID - Biology: a Guide to the Natural World
Ox152: KROHA, TYLL - Sparbüchsen. Ein Brevier
Qx320: KROHN, PAYSACH J. - Around the Maggid's Table: More Classic Stories and Parables from the Great Teachers of Israel
Fx2313: KROLIKIEWICZ, TADEUSZ - Polski Samolot I Barwa
Nx938: KROPOTKIN, P. A. - Selected Readings on Anarchism and Revolution
Ex643: KRUEGER - Gallery of American Samplers: The Theodore H. Kapnek Collection
Qx219: KRULL, KATHLEEN; BANTAM DOUBLEDAY DELL PUBJUV - Wish You Were Here: Emily's Guide to the 50 States
Ix111: KUCZYNSKI, JURGEN - Germany: Economic and Labor Conditions Under Fascism
Bx248: KULICK, ELLIOTT; WILSON, DICK - Thailand's Turn: Profile of a New Dragon
Ix960: KULLAK, THEODOR - The School of Octave-Playing Section 11: Seven Octave Study
Dx130: KUMAR, PANKAJ - J2EE Security for Servlets EJBS and Web Services
Fx566: KUMIN, MAXINE W. - The Retrieval System: Poems
Fx500: KUNG, HANS - Freud and the Problem of God
Dx625: KUNG, HANS (EDITOR) - Apostolic Succession: Rethinking a Barrier to Unity (Concilium Vol. 34)
Lx596: KURTZ, PAUL - Decision and The Condition of Man
Gx1261: KURTZ, JOHN HENRY; SCHAEFFER, CHARLES F. (TRANSLATOR) - Manual of sacred history: A guide to the understanding of the divine plan of salvation according to its historical Development
Fx2037: KURTZ, PAUL AND KARR, BARRY (EDITORS) - Science and Religion: Are They Compatible?
Ox717: KURUTZ, STEVEN - Like A Rolling Stone: The Strange Life of A Tribute Band
Kx214: KUSHI, MICHIO - Das Buch der Makrobiotik : Der universale Weg zu Gesundheit, Glück und Frieden
Qx775: KUSHNER, ROBERT - Robert Kushner: New Bronze Sculptures; March 19-April 11,1987
Qx761: KUSPIT, DONALD; REED, JOSEPH (ESSAYS) - Ian Harvey: Recent Paintings
Jx376: KUSPIT, DONALD - The New Subjectivism: Art in the 1980s
Sx629: KUSPIT, DONALD (ESSAY) - Al Held New Paintings March 2 - 25, 1989
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Kx261: LANGRE, JACQUES DE - Do-In 2 : Die Kunst der Verjüngung durch Selbstmassage und Atemübungen
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Lx46/2: LAZER, HANK - Opposing Poetries: Readings
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Dx1387: SOWERBY. LEO - Symphony in G major, for Organ
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Dx796: LOSHADKIN, N.A. & SMIRNOV, V. V. - A Review of Modern Literature on The Chemistry and Toxicology of Organosphorus Inhibitors of Cholinesterases
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Sx863: LOUYS, PIERRE - Le Chansons De Bilitis
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Fx635: LUMB, JOHN REGINALD - The Children's Pulpit: Second Series. Thirty-Five Sermons for the Children's Service
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Gx783: LUNENFELD, PETER - Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures
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Lx53: LYONS, DANIEL - The Last Good Man
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Gx1221: MALLISON, W. THOMAS - Palestine Problem in International Law and World Order
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Dx295: MALONEY, PAT, SR. - Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
Nx341: MALONEY, SHANE - Stiff
Nx339: SHANE MALONEY - The Brush Off
Px644: MALOUF, DAVID - The Conversations at Curlow Creek
Ix1037: HENRY MANCINI - Acoustic Masterclass: Henry Mancini -- Pink Guitar (Book & CD)
Qx122: MANET, EDOUARD - Edouard Manet, 1832-1883: A retrospective loan exhibition for the benefit of the French Hospital and the Lisa Day Nursery, March 19 through April 17, 1937
Hx238: MANFRED, FREDERICK - Conquering Horse
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Px741: MANKIW, N. GREGORY - New Keynesian Economics: Coordination Failures and Real Rigidities, Vol 2
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Fx1775: MANUS, MORTON - Basix , Tab Guitar Method, Book 2 with CD
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Px145: MARCUS, GEORGE E. - Corporate Futures: The Diffusion of the Culturally Sensitive Corporate Form
Nx1008: MARDER, HERBERT - Feminism & Art. A Study of Virginia Woolf
Dx282: MARDER, HERBERT - Feminism and Art : A Study of Virginia Woolf
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Px46: MARGOLIS, SETH - Closing Costs
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Lx462: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume VI) Iconographical Index to Volume 1 - 5
Lx463: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume IV)
Lx459: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume III)
Lx460: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume X)
Lx461: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume XIX) General Index
Lx465: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume VIII)
Px438: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting (Volume V)
Rx990: BOB MARLEY - Robert Nesta Marley: 1945-1981
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Dx616: MARR, ANDREW AND NEWSON,ABRAHAM - Singing God's Praises the First 60 Years
Ix1084: LUIGI MARRACCINI - Mel Bay Flamenco Guitar Solos
Ix876: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN - Mr. Midshipman Easy
Ix145: MALCOLM M MARSDEN - If you really want to know: a Catcher Casebook
Sx1289: RICHARD K. AVERY; DON MARSH - Soaring Where Christ Has Led: Innovative Worship Ideas for the 21st Century
Fx421: MARSHALL, BRUCE - Vespers in Vienna
Fx121: MARSHALL, SUSAN E. - Splintered Sisterhood: Gender and Class in the Campaign Against Woman Suffrage
Sx99: MARSILIUS - Defensor Pacis
Ax67: MARTEN, MICHAEL - The Radiant Universe: Electronic Images from Space
Ox290: MARTENS, FREDERICK H - Little Biographies, Brodine
Ox291: MARTENS, FREDERICK H - Little Biographies, Brodine
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Hx800: MARTIN, MICHAEL CRAIG - Aspects of Modern Art New Interpretation
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Qx589: G. S. MARTIN - 52 Sacred Songs You like to Sing
Rx1251: DEAN MARTIN - Dean Martin - Songs Recorded By
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Px358: MARTIN, TIM - Surrealists
Fx851: JACQUES OFFENBACH (MUSIC) JULES BARIER AND MICHEL CARRÉ (LIBRETTO); RUTH AND THOMAS MARTIN (ENGLISH VERSION) - Les Contes D'Hoffmann; Opera in Three Acts Prologue and Epilogue - Libretto (Metropolitan Opera)
Ex99: REX MARTIN - Historical Explanation: Re-Enactment and Practical Inference
Dx274: MARTIN, JAMES; LEBEN, JOE; CHAPMAN, KATHLEEN KAVANAGH - DB2: Concepts, Design, and Programming
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Ox442: ANTON MARTINEAU - Anton Martineau
Bx596: MARTINET, ANDRE - Eléments de linguistique Générale
Dx1481: MARTINI, GIAMBATTISTA; FUSER, IRENEO (EDITOR) - 20 Venti Composizioni Originali Per Organo / 10 Original Compositions for Organ
Gx1536: MARTUCCI, GIUSEPPE - Scherzo Per Pianoforte Op. 53 N. 2
Hx906: MARTY, MARTIN E. - Modern American Religion: The Noise of Conflict 1919-1941
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Fx2284: MARX, ANNE - The Second Voice
Sx1037: PETER PAUL AND MARY - Recorded Hits of Peter Paul and Mary In Concert
Bx747: MARY O'HARA - L'Herbe Verte Du Wyoming
Bx748: MARY O'HARA - Le Fils De Flicka
Ex766: PETER MARZIO (INTO) - Lolo Sarnoff
Jx581: MASON, MADELINE - The Challengers
Ax1134: GIOVANNI P DA PALESTRINA; GEOFFREY M. MASON (EDITOR) - O Lovely Splendor (O Che Splendor) for SATB
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Ex1077: MASON, FRANK E. - Articles and Bible lessons: Published in the Christian Science Journals during the years 1887-1888
Ex635: MASSERMAN, JULES H. - Theory and Therapy of Dynamic Psychiatry
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Fx2001: MATAR, N. I.;MATAR, NABIL - Turks, Moors, and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery
Sx1309: MATHISON, JOHN ED - Every Member in Ministry _Involving Laity and Inactives
Sx1313: MATHISON, JOHN ED - Tried and True: Eleven Principles of Church Growth from Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church
Hx989: MATTEA, KATHY - Kathy Mattea: Good News
Sx1301: MATTHAEI, SONDRA HIGGINS - Faith Matters: Faith-Mentoring in the Faith Community
Jx1173: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM HENRY - Mazes & Labyrinths, Their History and Development
Bx1319: MATTHEWS, H. ALEXANDER & MILLER, WILLIAM O. - Ho! A Goblet of Wine! Part Song for Men's Voices TTBB
Ax1186: JEAN SIBELIUS; H. ALECANDER MATTHEWS (TEXT & ARRANGEMENT) - O Morn of Beauty Anthem for Easter or General Use Mixed Voices Four-Part SATB with Piano or Organ Accompaniment
16_U2: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Men's Lives: The Surfmen and Baymen of the South Fork
Zx16: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Men's Lives: The Surfmen and Baymen of the South Fork
Zx16_U: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Men's Lives: The Surfmen and Baymen of the South Fork
Sx1030: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY; COLET, ROGER (TRANSLATOR) - Guy de Maupassant Stories
Ex711: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Short Stories (Immortal Masterpieces of Literature, XI)
Ax515: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Eight Short Stories
Qx777: MAURER , ALFRED H.; SALANDER, LAWRENCE B. ( - Alfred H. Maurer (1868-1932), Modernist Paintings
Ax649: MAURICE BRIANCHON, FINDLAY GALLERIES - Maurice Brianchon May 14 - June 7,1975
Gx1621: MAW, NICHOLAS - Scenes and Arias. for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto and Orchestra. Full Score
Sx558: MAXWELL, DOUGLAS (ESSAY); CAROL K. BROWN - Carol K. Brown Pedestrian
Nx593: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - Over by the River and Other Stories
Ax959: MAY, ROLLO - Symbolism in religion and Literature
Rx459: MAYER, ARNO J. - Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: The Final Solution in History
Gx1453: MAYKAPAR, SAMUEL MOISEYEVICH - Deux Reveries pour Piano Op. 10
Sx438: MAYNARD, WILLIAM BENZ - The Centennial history of Glen Rock, New Jersey : Glen Rock centennial, 1896 to 1996
Sx439: MAYNARD, WILLIAM BENZ - The Centennial history of Glen Rock, New Jersey :1894 to 1994
Gx1409: MAYO, GLADYS (ARRANGEMENT) - Gladys Mayo piano book; 28 pieces for piano - grades 2, 2 1/2, 3. Music of the people of Eire, China, Peru, Equador, Serbia, Scotland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, U.S.A.
Fx733: MAYORGA, MARGARET (EDITED BY) - Twenty Short Plays On a Royalty Holiday Vol 3 (1947 to 1950)
Ax948: MAYORGA, MARGARET (EDITED BY) - Twenty Short Plays on a Royalty Holiday Volume III (1947 to 1950)
Kx1175: MAYR, ERNST - Evolution and the Diversity of Life: Selected Essays
Jx141: MBOYA, TOM - Freedom and After
Ix666: MC MURTRIE, DOUGLAS - The Book: The Story of Printing and Bookmaking
Tx557: MCBEY, JAMES - The Early Life of James McBey. An Autobiography 1883-1911
Px230: MCBRIDE, TRICIA - Two Hearts
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Ax566: MCCARTHY, MARY - Mary McCarthy's Theatre Chronicles: 1937-1962
Fx2141: MCCASKEY, J. P. - Flag of the Free." Collection No. 2; Song of the Million
Nx130: JERRY/JERRI MCCLAIN - To Be a Woman
Ox101: MCCLANAHAN, RICHARD - The Cadence: Key To Expressive Playing; A Simple and Practical Approach to Clear Phrasing
Ox259: MCCORD, WILLIAM MAXWELL; PRICE-WILLIAMS, DOUGLASS; NORBECK, EDWARD (EDITORS) - The Study of Personality an Interdisciplinary Appraisal
Bx231: MCCORMICK, BARRETT L. (EDITOR); UNGER, JONATHAN (EDITOR) - China after Socialism : In the Footsteps of Eastern Europe or East Asia? (Socialism and Social Movements Ser.)
Mx555: MCCORMICK, THOMAS J. - China Market: America's Quest for Informal Empire, 1893-1901
Dx959: MCCOY, DREW R. - The Elusive Republic: Political Economy in Jeffersonian America
Xx32: MCCRACKEN, ELIZABETH - Niagara Falls All Over Again [UNABRIDGED]
Nx981: MCCREADY, KAREN - Art Deco and Modernist Ceramics
Dx457: MCCRINDLE, JOSEPH F. (EDITOR) - Stories from the Transatlantic Review
Nx45: MCCRONE, GUY - Charlotte and Dr. James.
Gx1294: CARSON MCCULLERS - The Member of the Wedding: The Play (New Edition) (New Directions Paperbook)
Mx298: MCCULLY, EMILY ARNOLD - The Amazing Felix
Ex598: MCCUNE, CALMAR A. - The Wharf at Port Townsend Bay
Ox733: MCDERMOTT, BETTY - Violin Pieces Country Style
Fx2059: MCDEVITT, JACK - Ancient Shores
Bx1003: MCDONALD, FORREST, AND SHAPIRO MCDONALD,ELLEN (EDITORS) - Confederation and Constitution 1781 to 1789
Sx489: MCDONOUGH, TOM - Winston Roeth
Bx82: PAMELA MCDOWALL - Pressed Flower Collages and Other Ideas
Bx81: PAMELA MCDOWALL - Pressed flower pictures: A Victorian art revived
Ox751: MCELDERRY, BRUCE R (EDITOR) - Shelleys Critical Prose
Ax1004: MCELROY, ROBERT;SMITHMARK PUB - Jefferson Davis: The Unreal and the Real
Lx73: MCELROY, PAUL S. - The Meditations of My Heart
Dx6: MCEWEN, TODD - Who Sleeps With Katz
Fx2236: MCGAFFEY, ERNEST - Poems
Tx332: MCGEE, MAURICE - Collected Stories
Qx15: MCGUINNESS, FRANK - Someone Who'll Watch over Me
Sx313: MCINTOSH, EDITH - Theory and Musicianship; Lessons in the Rudiments of Music with Work Sheets
Sx315: MCINTOSH, EDITH - Theory and Musicianship; Book 2 Part 2; The Minor Mode Keys - Scales - Triads - Arpeggios Lessons with Work Sheets
Px1090: EDITH MCINTOSH - Theory and Musicianship - Piano - Book
Tx445: MCINTYRE, KOKKINAKIS, ATHENAGORAS AND J. FRANCIS CARDINAL - Contemporary Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Communications: Correspondence in English and Greek
Ax833: MCKAY, HILARY - Saffy's Angel
Px1018: BILL MCKIBBEN - The End of Nature
Mx511: MCKNIGHT, HARRY - Silva Mind Control: Key to Inner Kingdoms Through Psychorientology (the New Science)
Ix6: MCLAUGHLIN, STEVEN D. - The Changing Lives of American Women
Mx767: MCLEAN, DON - Songs of Don McLean
Nx811: MCMAHAN - 9 Short Novels by American Women
Mx383: MCMURTRY, JOHN MURRAY - The Structure of Marx's World-View
Rx1036: MARIAN MCPARTLAND - The Artistry of Marian McPartland: Piano Solos
Mx377: MCPHARLIN, PAUL - The Sayings of Confucius
Sx302: MCPHERSON, SANDRA - Year of Our Birth
Mx326: MCQUADE, DONALD, AND HARPER & ROW, PUBLISHERS - Harper American Literature
Jx341: MCQUAIN, JEFF - Never Enough Words: How Americans Invented Expressions As Ingenious, Ornery, and Colorful As Themselves
Bx526: MCSHINE, KYNASTON; FLUEGEL, JANE; MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.); BEE, HARRIET SCHOENHOLZ - An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture
Mx718: MEADE, GEORGE; COLLIGAN, KIP - John Gambling Presents George Meade's New York
Sx464: MEDLICOTT, SUE (PRODUCER) - Frankenthaler Lighthouse Series I-XIV
Ex379: VON DER MEHDEN, FRED R. - South-East Asia, 1930-1970; The Legacy of Colonialism and Nationalism
Px1109: MEHEGAN, JOHN - The Jazz Pianist in Three Books, Book One
Sx764: MEHLMAN, JANICE - Photographs Dal 28 Giugno al 27 Luglio 1997
Nx1000: MEHTA, VED PARKASH - Face to Face
Fx2179: MEIGS, CHARLES HARDY - The Man of Uz a Drama in Three Acts
Rx65: MEINARDUS, OTTO F. A. - In the steps of the Holy Family: From Bethlehem to Upper Egypt
Fx855: MEINHARD, HERMINE - Bright Turquoise Umbrella
Rx954: MEIRER-GRAEFE, JULIUS; HOLROYD-REECE, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Vincent van Gogh: A Biographical Study
Ox40: MEISEL, JAMES H. (EDITOR) - Pareto & Mosca
Px857: MEISELS, RABBI DOVID D.; FINKEL, RABBI AVRAHAM YAAKOV (TRANSLATOR) - The Essence Of Rosh Hashanah; Insights & Inspiration
Tx11: MELAND, BERNARD E. - The Realities of Faith: the Revolution in Cultural Forms
Ox187: MELLERS, WILFRID - Francois Couperin and the French Classical Tradition
Dx931: MELLERS, WILFRID - Man and His Music : Story of Musical Experience in the West
Dx930: MELLERS, WILFRID - Man and His Music : Romanticism and the Twentieth Century
Bx720: MELLERS, WILFRID - Man and His Music III : The Sonata Principle
Px31: MELMAN, YOSSI - The Master Terrorist
Hx419: MELTZE, DANIEL J.; SHAPIRO, DAVID L. - The Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts
Sx802: MELTZER, MILTON - Taking Root: Jewish Immigrants in America
Sx1417: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX; KULLAK, THEODORE - Songs without Words Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy complete works for pianoforte in 5 volumes Vol 1 Schirmer's library of Musical Classics Vol.58
Ax1510: MENDELSSOHN - Konzert für Zwei Klaviere und Orchester E-Dur Solostimme Für Klavier I und II
Ax1508: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX BATHOLDY; BAYMON, ARTHUR ((2 PIANO ARRANGEMENT) - Scherzo in E Minor Op. 16 No. 2 The Fairy Trumpets Arranged for Two Pianos
Ax1441: MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, FELIX; KULLAK, THEODORE (EDITOR) - Mendelssohn Miscellaneous Compositions For the Piano
Ax1515: MENDELSSOHN - Konzert für Zwei Klaviere und Orchester E-Dur Solostimme Für Klavier I und II
Ax1496: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Mendelssohn Original Compositions for Piano 4 Hands Op. 83a, Op. 92
Kx573: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Saint Paul An Oratorio: For Full Chorus of MIxed Voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass; Soli with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1218: MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, JACOB LUDWIG FELIX; CARLYLE, ROSA (ADAPTATION) - I waited for the Lord (Lobgesang) for Piano and High Voices
Fx818: PROF. HERMANN MENGE - Langenscheidts Taschenworterbuch der lateinischen und deutschen sprache. Erster Teil : Lateinisch-Deutsch
Rx558: MENNELL, STEPHEN - All Manners of Food: Eating and Taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the Present
Dx1308: MENOTTI, GIAN CARLO (COMPOSER) - Ricercare and Toccata < on a theme from " The Old Maid and the Thief "
Sx163: MENTZ, GEORG - Handschriften der Reformationszeit
Kx432: MERCIER, VIVIAN - Beckett-Beckett
Fx2193: MERESCHKOWSKI, DIMITRI - Ewige Gefährten. Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg. Mit 11 Porträts.
Lx583: MERINOFF, LINDA - The Savory Sausage: A Culinary Tour Around the World
Dx1217: MERLEAU-PONTY, MAURICE - Eloge De La Philosophie Et Autres Essais
Ex179: DAVID MERMELSTEIN (COMPILED BY) - Economics:Mainstream Readings and Radical Critiques: Mainstream Readings and Radical Critiques
Ex285: MERRIAM, EVE - Family Circle
Ix316: MERRICK, JANNA C. - The Politics of Pregnancy: Policy Dilemmas in the Maternal-Fetal Relationship
Ex371: MERRILL, CHARLES - The Journey : Massacre of the Innocents
Rx996: MIMI MERTON - The Soul of an Island: Photographs and Writings of Nantucket Island
Ex34: EDITORS WALTER AND RUTH MESERVE - Modern Literature from China
Ax628: MESQUARE - Guns N Roses: Lowlife in the Fast Lane
Dx1469: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Messe De La Pentecote Pour Orgue
Gx1679: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Apparition de l'Eglise eternelle pour Orgue
Dx1476: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - La Nativite Du Seigneur Neuf Meditations Pour Orgue / The Nativity of the Lord Nine Meditations for Organ Vol 3
Dx1475: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - La Nativite Du Seigneur Neuf Meditations Pour Orgue / The Nativity of the Lord Nine Meditations for Organ Vol 2
Rx323: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Île de Feu 1 pour Piano
Dx1472: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - L'Ascension Quatre Meditations Symphoniques Pour Orgue / Ascension Day Four Symphonic Meditations for Organ
Dx1473: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Livre D'Orgue: Sept Pieces Pour Orgue / Organ Book Seven Pieces for Organ
Dx1474: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Le Banquet Celeste pour Orgue / The Celestial Banquet for Organ
Dx1477: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - La Nativite Du Seigneur Neuf Meditations Pour Orgue / The Nativity of the Lord Nine Meditations for Organ Vol 4
Dx1479: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Les Corps Glorieux Vol. 2 Sept Visions brevs De la Vie des Ressuscites : Pour Orgue
Dx1480: MESSIAEN, OLIVIER - Les Corps Glorieux Vol.3 Sept Visions brevs De la Vie des Ressuscites : Pour Orgue
Kx437: MESZAROS, ISTVAN - Work of Sarte, Volume 1: Search for Freedom
Gx1363: FRANK METIS - Rock Modes and Moods for the Pianist
Ex983: METLITZKI, DOROTHEE - The Matter of Araby in Medieval England
Sx443: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.);BEAN, JACOB;TURCIC, LAWRENCE - 15th-18th Century French Drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nx755: METZ, JOHANNES B. (EDITOR) - Moral Evil Under Challenge
Px366: MEUHSAM, GERD, COMP - French Painters and Paintings from the Fourteenth Century to Post-Impressionism
Dx757: MEUHSAM, GERD, COMP - French Painters and Paintings from the Fourteenth Century to Post-Impressionism
Dx962: MEYER, LEONARD B. - Music, the Arts, and Ideas
Dx87: MEYER, JOHN - Kids Talking: Learning Relationships and Culture With Children
Dx135: MEYER-KNAPP, HELENA - Dangerous Peace-Making
Gx1335: LEONARD B. MEYER - Emotion and Meaning in Music (Phoenix Books)
Tx468: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Die kleine Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach
Ix115: GORHAM. MICHAEL - Real Book About Abraham Lincoln
Ex776: MICHAEL, SAMI; LOTAN, YAEL - A Trumpet in the Wadi
Rx755: MICHAUX,HENRI - Poetes d'aujourd'hui 5
Ax605: MICHEL-HENRY, WALLY F GALLERIES - Michel-Henry Recent Paintings October 7 - November 4, 1970
Dx1321: MIDDLETON, ROBERT E. - Harmony in Modern Counterpoint
Mx845: MIDDLETON, RUTH - Alexandra David-Neel: Portrait of an Adventurer
Ex400: JOHN MIDDLETON EDITOR - Gods and Rituals: Readings in Religious Beliefs and Practices
Ax553: MIDDLETON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Myth and Cosmos: Readings in Mythology and Symbolism
Ax554: MIDDLETON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Myth and Cosmos: Readings in Mythology and Symbolism
Ax555: MIDDLETON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Gods and Rituals: Readings in Religious Beliefs and Practices
Gx275: EDITED BY PAUL BOHANNAN AND JOHN MIDDLETON - Marriage, family, and Residence
Gx486: MIDGLEY, MARY - Wickedness: A Philosophical Essay
Tx62: MIEGGE, GIOVANNI; NEILL, STEPHEN (TRANSLATOR) - Christian Affirmations in A Secular Age
Ax427: MIESEL, VICTOR H. - Voices of German Expressionism
Qx666: MIGUEL ANGEL CAMPANO, OLMO, SANTIAGO B. - Miguel Angel Campano Pinturas 1993 Septiembre - Octubre 1993
Ax188: MIKAMI, TAKAHIKO; MCDOWELL, JACK - The Art of Japanese Brush Painting
Sx614: MILDER, JAY AND HENRY,MARTHA (ESSAY) - J. Milder: "Messiah on the IND and other Biblical tales" Paintings from 1966: September 9 to October 17, 1987
Nx140: MILES, KEITH - Not for Glory Not for Gold
Rx862: MILHAUD, DARIUS; CLAUDEL, PAUL (WORDS); TORREY, HELEN H. (ENGLISH TEXT) - Les Deux Cites (The Two Cities); Babylon for Mixed Voices SATB
Ax1500: MILHAUD, DARIUS - Carnaval al la nouvelle Orleans Two pianos Four Hands (2 Score set)
Xx43: MILHAUSER, STEVEN - Martin Dressler
Hx279: MILL, JOHN STUART - John Stuart Mill on Politics and Society
Hx278: JOHN STUART MILL - On the Logic of the Moral Sciences
Ex258: MILLAU, CHRISTIAN - Dining in France
Ax1128: KURT WEILL; CARL MILLER (ARRANGED BY) - Final Chorus from 'Down in the Valley' for Full Chorus of Mixed Voices (SATB) with Piano Accompaniment
Sx465: MILLER, ARNOLD S. - Ise Env Sci W/Cd/Info 11e
Jx489: MILLER, DEREK - Americans 1963
Bx462: MILLER, HENRY - Henry Miller's Book of Friends: A Tribute to Friends of Long Ago ; [Brooklyn Photos by Jim Lazarus]
Kx1073: MILLER, ZANE L. - Boss Cox's Cincinnati: Urban Politics in the Progressive Era
Gx579: MILLER, JOHN (EDITOR) - San Francisco Stories: Great Writers on the City
Ix94: MILLER, JUDITH - God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East
Ox300: MILLER, RAY; MILLER, JO - Hawaii Wish You Were Here
Gx345: MILLER, JOHN - Voices Against Tyranny: Writings of the Spanish Civil War
Fx884: MILLER, SNOWDEN - Roy Rogers and the Raiders of Sawtooth Ridge
Ex290: RUTH MILLER - Backgrounds to Blackamerican Literature
Ex115: EDGAR G. MILLER JR - Standard Book of American Antique Furniture abridged from the two-volume edition of "American Antique Furniture"
Dx140: MILLER, MARK - Internetworking : A Guide to Network Communications LAN to LAN; LAN to WAN
Cx19: ERNESTINE G. MILLER - The Art of Advertising
Bx1124: MILLER, KENNETH R. - Finding Darwin's God : A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution
Hx292: MILLER, HENRY - Crazy Cock
Ex979: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Crucible;: Text and Criticism
Px774: MILLER, D. - Facing Apocalypse
Nx821: MILLER, NEAL E. - Selected Papers on Learning, Motivation & Their Physiological Mechanisms
Gx197: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - Thomas Hardy
Ax619: MILLS, KAY - Something Better for My Children: The History and People of Head Start
Tx306: MILLS, BRUCE E. (EDITOR) - Help in Troubled Times
Ax927: MINDESS, HARVEY - The Chosen People: A Testament, Both Old and New, to the Therapeutic Power of Jewish Wit and Humor
Nx116: MINER, VALERIE - The Low Road: A Scottish Family Memoir
Ax1050: MINNIGERODE, FITZHUGH LEE - Arrows In The Twilight
Tx396: MINSHALL, VERA - I was a stranger
Bx1122: MINTZ, RUTH FINER (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - Modern Hebrew Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology
Qx493: MIROVITCH, ALFRED (SELECTED AND EDITED) - Introduction to the Romantics - For Piano
Qx118: DR. ERNST MIRVILLE - Siwolin: Leson Kreyol Pou Etranje Ki Pale Franse Tome 2
Hx215: MIRVISH, EDWIN AND DAVID - Toronto: the World Within a City
Ix478: MISTRAL, G. - Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral
Fx2300: MITFORD, NANCY - Frederick the Great
Ix1046: BILL MIZE - Bill Mize: Tender Explorations for Fingerstyle Guitar (Guitar Tablature, Cd Package)
Sx748: HIRSCHL & ADLER MODERN - Lead: December 3, 1987-January 16, 1988
Jx330: MUSEE NATIONAL D'ART MODERNE - Lapicque Musee National d'Art Modern
Tx338: MOFFETT, CHARLES S. - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dx886: MOHR, MARIAN M. - Revision: The Rhythm of Meaning
Fx1105: MOINE, MARIE-PIERRE - French Country Crafts
Cx161: DE MOISSY, ALEXANDRE GUILLAUME MOUSLIER - Les Jeux de la petite Thalie, ou nouveaux petits drames dialogués sur des proverbes, propres ŕ former les mœurs des enfants et des jeunes personnes, depuis l'âge de cinq ans jusqu'ŕ Vingt
Gx598: MOISY, CLAUDE - L'Amerique En Marche Arriere
Px403: MOLIČRE - Classiques de l'Arbre. Collection dirigée Par Auguste Viarre
Ox509: MOLIERE - L'ecole Des Femmes
Px404: MOLIČRE - Classiques de l'Arbre. Collection dirigée Par Auguste Viarre
Lx217: MOLINARO, URSULE - Thirteen: Stories
Ax1191: J. B. MOLITOR - Ave Maria SATB
Fx819: MOLSER, WALTER - Tod Eines Kritikers
Gx1104: MONAHAN, MICHAEL - The Road to Paris, Being the Chronicl of a Three-Months Holiday in France and Italy
Kx478: MONOD, THEODORE - Le Chercheur D'Absolu
Mx484: M. F. ASHLEY MONTAGU - Culture: Man's Adaptive Dimension
Fx2153: MONTAGUE, MARGARET PRESCOTT - The Great Expectancy
Dx1192: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE - Essais De Montaigne Tome 2
Px392: MONTALE, EUGENIO - Selected Poems
Mx633: MONTANARI, EVA - Carlo Cstlecrusher
Ax1178: G, P. DA PALESTRINA; NICOLA A MONTANI ( ADAPTED AND ARRANGED) - Panis Angellicus Canon for Chorus of Sopranos or Solo and Chorus with Organ or Piano Accompaniment
Ax1188: WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART; NICOLA A MONTANI ( - Hymn of Praise for Unison, Two Three or Four-Part Chorus with Piano Accompaniment SATB, SSA, TTB
Dx1315: MAURICE HINSON; JUNE C. MONTGOMERY - Meet the Great Composers, Bk 1: Short Sessions on the Lives, Times and Music of the Great Composers (Learning Link)
Ox1108: MONTGOMERY, ROBERT L. - The Lopsided Spread of Christianity: Toward an Understanding of the Diffusion of Religions
Hx500: MONTGOMERY, RUTH - Here and Hereafter
Ex457: MOODY, A. DAVID - Cambridge Companion to T. S. Eliot, The
Mx169: MOODY, EDNA WASDWORTH - We are here--why?: A study of life's Meaning
Bx239: MOON, MARILYN - Medicare Now and in the Future
Ox150: MOORE, W E & COOK, R M - Readings on Social Change
Rx1207: MOORE, LARRY (ARRANGEMENT) - Worship Solos for Flute Book & Cd
Sx731: MOORE, JOHN - John Moore; November 2-27, 1985
Kx532: MOORE, R. LAURENCE - The Emergence of an American Left:Civil War to World War I: Civil War to World War I
Qx216: MOORE, JULIA - While You Sleep
Ox531: MOORE, JAMES; SLATER, WAYNE - The Architect : Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power
Ax1246: IRWIN M. CASSEL (LYRICS); MANA-ZUCCA (MUSIC); FRANCIS MOORE (ARRANGEMENT) - I Love Life Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1105: MOORE, WESLEY - A Reckoning
Ox898: MOORE, GEORGE - Avowals
Nx597: MOOREY, P. R. S. - Excavation in Palestine

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