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50953: - I Strive to Forget Thee, Composed & Dedicated to Val: Morris Esqre
65121: ABBOTT, CLIFFORD - Nine Brilliant Dances
24854: ABERT, HERMANN. - W.A. Mozart. Neubearbeitete und Erweiterte Ausgabe von Otto Jahns Mozart, Vol. 1 1756-1782
65111: ABROMEIT, JOHN. - Max Horkheimer and the Foundations of the Frankfurt School.
65312: ADAMS, JIMMY (ED). - Salo Flohr: Master of Tactics Master of Technique
41239: ADAMS, (H. AND A.) - The Genera of Recent Mollusca arranged according to their organization.
61254: ADAMSON, BARTLETT. - These Beautiful Women
65270: ADER, ROBERT; FELTEN, DAVID; COHEN, NICHOLAS. - Psychoneuroimmunology (Second Edition)
70297: ADLER, SAMUEL - Sight Singing
57022: UNION SYNDICALE DES INDUSTRIES AERONAUTIQUES - Le Materiel Aeronautique: II Equipements et Electronique (Aeronautical Material: 2 Equipment and Electronics)
56177: AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR OVERSEAS AID. - East Timor: Keeping the Flame of Freedom Alive. Development Dossier No. 29
43856: D'ALBERT, CHARLES. - Le Pacha Quadrille.
62720: ALEXANDER HOWARD, CHAMBERS QUENTIN AND DRAEGER DONN F. - Pentjak-Silat: The Indonesian Fighting Art
53475: SUTHERLAND ALEXANDER (ED) - The Penny Poets, No. 50. Some Australian Poets: Selections from the works of Adam Lindsay Gordon, Henry Clarence Kendall, and James B. Stephens. The Masterpiece Library
19962: ALEXANIAN, DIRAN. - The Technique of Violoncello Playing compiled in complete accord with Pablo Casals
79377: ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER - Jeffrey Smart: Unpublished Paintings 1940-2007
65189: ED. HERON-ALLEN - Violin Making As It Was, and Is
65202: ANDERSON, ATHOLL AND BRIAN ALLINGHAM AND IAN SMITH, EDS. - Shag River Mouth. The Archaeology of an Early Southern Maori Village.
79412: ANDERSON, E.P. - Audels Millwrights and Mechanics Guide
61167: ANDERSON, KEITH. - Jensen
79551: ANDREWS ET AL, GAVIN - The Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: Clinician Guides and Patient Manuals : Second Edition
62260: ANGELELLI, IGNACIO. - Studies on Gottlob Frege and tradition philosophy
42598: VARIOUS/ANON. - The Illustrated Book of English Songs from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century
46682: APTOMMAS - The Pilgrim's Progress. Music written to Bunyan's Allegory of the Life of a Christian
70151: D'ARCY, EITHNE. - Irish Crochet Lace: Motifs collected and described by Eithne D'Arcy.
70209: ARMANTROUT, RAE - Necromance
70199: ARTAUD, ANTONIN. - To Deal Once and for all with God's Judgement; followed by The Theatre of Cruelty.
70312: ASHBEE, ANDREW - Records of English Court Music Volume III (1625-1649)
70340: ASHBEE, ANDREW (ED.) - William Lawes 1602-1645 - Essays on his Life, Times and Work
62563: ASTLEY, THEA. - A Boat Load of Home Folk
65352: AULT, LESLIE. - The Genesis of Power Chess: Effective Winning Technique for Strategy and Tactics.
52276: AUSTIN, JOHN S. - Missionary Enterprise and Home Service: A History of Mission Life in Samoa and Circuit Work in New South Wales.
62295: AVANZINI, GIULIANO ET. AL. (EDS.) - The Neurosciences and Music II : From perception to performance
62269: AZZOUNI, JODY. - Metaphysical myths, mathematical practice : the ontology and epistemology of the exact sciences
70182: BABURIN, ALEXANDER. - Winning Pawn Structures.
62282: BACH, EMMON ET. AL. (EDS.) - Quantification in Natural Languages : Vol. I & II
59949: BAINTON, EDGAR - The Pearl Tree
65389: BAKER, RICHARD T., AND SMITH, HENRY G. - A Research on the Eucalypts, especially in regard to their Essential Oils.
55241: BAKER, ERNEST. A. - Moors Crags & Caves of the High Peak and Neighbourhood
65200: BALDWIN, ARTHUR W. - Hector the Helicopter
65363: BALLANTYNE, JULIE AND BARTLEET, BRYDIE-LEIGH (ED.) - Navigating Music and Sound Education
65369: AVERAGE WHITE BAND - Soul Searching
65341: BANFIELD, STEPHEN (ED.) - The Blackwell History of Music in Britain - The Twentieth Century
62056: BARBARAS, RENAUD - L'Ouverture De Monde : Lecture de Jan Patocka (The Opening of the World : Reading Jan Patocka
65275: BARBER, H.G. & HAWORTH, E.Y. - A Guide to the Morphology of the Diatom Frustule: with a key to the British Freshwater Genera.
62722: BARKER, CICELY MARY - The Lord of the Rushie River
65012: BARKER, G. & BELLCHAMBERS, JULIET & INDER, HELEN (?) - Friends and Home & The Spell Is Broken - We Must Part & Flow On Thou Shining River
61931: BARRETT, MARGARET & STAUFFER, SANDRA (EDS.) - Narrative inquiry in musical education: Troubling Certainty
65024: BARTER, M.C. - The Royal Mail Galop. Inscribed to Capt. Triphook.
65122: BATTERHAM, ANDREW - The End of All Journeys
70180: BAUER, KENNETH M. - High Frontiers; Dolpo and the changing world of the Himalayan pastoralists.
65347: BAYEH, JUMANA. - The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora.
70009: BAYER, RONALD. - Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis.
54154: BAZIN, FRANCOIS. - Cours d'Harmonie Theorique et Pratique
70189: BEATON, RODERICK. - From Byzantium to Modern Greece: Medieval Texts and their Modern Reception.
62677: BEAVER, BRUCE - Open At Random
65092: BECK, BODOG F. - The Bible of Bee Venom Therapy
61507: BEDFORD, RUTH. - Who's Who in Rhyme And Without Reason
41653: BELLINI, VINCENZO. - Norma. Tragedia Lirica.
46072: BELLINI. - Do Not Mingle - One Human Feeling from Bellini's Grand Opera of La Sonnambula
65342: BELLMAN, JONATHAN - The Exotic in Western Music
61870: BEN-ZVI, ABRAHAM. - John F. Kennedy and the politics of arms sales to Israel
70149: BENJAMIN, ROGER. - Orientalist Aesthetics: Art, Colonialism, and French North Africa, 1880-1930.
65130: MARGARET BENT (TRANSCRIBER AND EDITOR) - Fifteenth-Century Liturgical Music: II - Four Anonymous Masses
62481: BERANEK, LEO L. - Music, Acoustics & Architecture
70087: BERESON, RUTH. - The Operatic State: Cultural Policy and the Opera House.
20999: BERG, ALBAN - Lulu. Klavierauszug mit Gesang
79415: BERKELEY, MICHAEL - Baa Baa Black Sheep: An Opera in Three Acts : Vocal Score
70230: BERLIOZ, EDITED BY IAN KEMP, HECTOR - Hector Berlioz: New Edition of the Complete Works : Songs for Solo Voice and Orchestra Volume 13
70353: BERNSTEIN, LEONARD - Candide - 1956 Broadway Version (Vocal Score)
61626: BEST, DAVID. - The Rationality of Feeling: Understanding the Arts in Education
70309: BIDDLE, JENNIFER LOUREIDE - Breasts, Bodies, Canvas : Central Desert Art as Experience
54549: BIERCE, AMBROSE. - A Son of the Gods and A Horseman in the Sky
65260: BINGHAM, LORNA. - Tuckonie's Warrior Friend.
44641: BINGHAM, TONY (PUB.) - Patents for Inventions. Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Music and Musical Instruments. A.D. 1694-1866
53817: BIRD, JOHN - Percy Grainger
79414: BIRTWISTLE AND STEPHEN PRUSLIN, HARRISON - Punch and Judy: A Tragical Comedy or A Comical Tragedy : Opera in One Act
35242: BLACKSTON, SYLVIA. - Oralene Waltz. Dedicated by Special Permission to Major & The Hon: Mrs Ferguson.
79380: BLAKE, TOM - Tom Blake Surfing 1922-1932
62106: BLECH, JORG - Inventing Disease and Pushing Pills : Pharmaceutical Companies and the Medicalisation of Normal Life
62646: BLOOMFIELD, LIN. - The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay DELUXE EDITION
79448: BLYTON, G.W. BACKHOUSE (ILLUS), ENID - Shadow the Sheepdog
62057: BOLLACK, JEAN AND WISMANN, HEINZ. - Heraclite ou la Separation (Heraclite or Separation)
70228: BONONCINI, GIOVANNI - Camilla: Royal College of Music, MS 779 (Music for London Entertainment 1660-1800 : Series E Volume I)
65395: BOOTH, EDWIN CARTON. - Australia (2 volumes).
65231: BORGES, JORGE LUIS. - The Aleph and other Stories 1933-1969.
54856: BOSWELL, JAMES. - Life of Samuel Johnson, LLD, An Account of his Studies, and Numerous Works in Chronological Order with his Correspondence and Conversations
65324: BOTVINNIK, MIKHAIL. - Bottvinnik on the Endgame.
65351: BOTVINNIK, M.M. - Achieving the Aim.
70170: BOTVINNIK, MIKHAIL. - Botvinnik on the Endgame.
62353: BOULDING, ELISE. - Building peace in the Middle East: challenges for states and civil society
65247: BRAHMS, JOHANNES - Klaviertrios
65029: BRAHMS. EVANS, EDWIN - Brahms: 2 vols. Chamber and Orchestral Works. Vols.II and III. of the Historical, Descriptive & Analytical Account of the Entire Works of Johannes Brahms.
70310: BRESCIANELLO, GIUSEPPE ANTONIO - Diciotto Partite per chitarra (dagli originali per colascione)
57382: BRETT, EDWIN J. (ED.) - Wedding Bells. A Journal for the Single and Married of the United Kingdom Vol. XVII
61758: BREYER, SIEGFRIED. - Battleships and Battle Cruisers 1905-1970
79426: BRIGHT, ROBERT - Georgie
79385: BRIMFIELD, MEL - This Is Performance Art
61774: BRISSENDEN, R. F. - Poor Boy
65114: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN. - Double Concerto for violin, viola and orchestra: Full Score.
70214: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - The Rape of Lucretia
70320: BROWN, BOB AND NORMAN, JAMES - Bob Brown: Gentle Revolutionary
70339: BROWN, HOWARD MAYER, AND SADIE, STANLEY (ED.) - Performance Practice Music After 1600
79553: BROWN, G. SPENCER - Probability and Scientific Inference
70241: BROWN, R.C. MOSSMAN AND J.H. HARVEY PIRIE (THREE OF THE STAFF), R.N. RUDMOSE - The Voyage of the Scotia : Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration in Antarctic Sea
65374: BRUBECK, DAVE - Points on Jazz (Original Two-Piano Score)
59899: BRYANT, DAN. CONNELLY, MICHAEL, ARR. - FINNIGAN'S WAKE. Comic Irish Song. Sung by Mr. Dan Bryant.
70176: BUCKMASTER, CHARLES. - Charles Buckmaster: Collected Poems
79578: BUCKMASTER, EDITED BY SIMON MCDONALD, CHARLES - Charles Buckmaster: Collected Poems
65378: BUDGEON, SHELLEY. - Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Gender in Late Modernity.
59445: BURGHAUSER, JARMIL (ED.) - Anton Dvorak. Thematicky Katalog (Thematic Catalogue)
70287: BURNETT, HENRY, AND NITZBERG, ROY - Composition, Chromaticism and the Developmental Process - A New Theory of Tonality
70365: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - Pirates of Venus
79593: BUTSON, DENVER - Triptych
70375: CAESAR, ADRIAN - Hunger Games
61472: CAPEK, MILIC. - Bergson and Modern Physics: A Reinterpretation and Re-Evaluation
70359: CAPELLA, JULI - Bravos: Groundbreaking Spanish Design
79429: CAPOUET, SEBASTIEN - Palimpsest
62238: CAREY, PETER. - Theft : a Love Story
62079: CAREY, PETER. - The Tax Inspector
61509: CAREY, PETER. - My Life as a Fake
61240: CAREY, PETER - The Big Bazoohley
70349: CARON, LEON - Victoria Cantata
79596: CARRE, LILY (MATHILDE LUCIE) - On m'appelait la chatte (I Was Called the Cat)
65195: CASTILLO, CATULO ET AL. - Buenos Airs Tiempo Gardel 1905-1935.
65315: CAVALIE, ELSA AND MELLET, LAURENT (EDS) - Only Connect : E. M. Forsters Legacies in British Fiction.
79603: CAVE, NICK - Nick Cave: Stories : Told in Four Chapters Featuring the Nick Cave Collection
62779: CELANT, GERMANO. - Joel-Peter Witkin
62496: JAPAN TEXILE DESIGN CENTER - Textile Designs of Japan I: Designs Composed Mainly in Free Style
79403: CHAKRAVARTTY, RENU - Communists in Indian Women's Movement: 1940 - 1950
62654: CHALLAMEL, M. AUGUSTIN. - The History of Fashion in France: The Dress of Women from the Gallo-Roman Time to the Present Time
62139: CHAPMAN, PHILIP. - Caves and Cave Life
65033: GLOVER CHARLES W. - Jeannette et Jeannot. (The Conscript's Departure).
65219: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY. - More deadly than the Male!
65398: CHEUNG, WILLIAM. - Kung Fu Butterfly Swords.
79580: CHI AND KNUCKLES, JIMMY - Bran Nue Dae : A Musical Journey
70279: CHISHOLM, ALEC, H. - Mateship with Birds
61712: CHITKARA, H. L. - Quick Reference Guide to Repertory of Mind
65334: CHOKSY, LOIS - The Kodály Context
62562: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN. - The Death of Grass
61718: CIARDI, ROBERTO PAOLO; CONTINI, ROBERTO; PAPI, GIANNI - Pittura a Pisa tra Manierismo e Barocco
65059: CLARKE, REV. W.B. - Researches in the Southern Gold Fields of New South Wales 1860
70361: CLAY, ABBOT GEOFFREY EDWARD - The Knights Templar Bible
65077: CLAY, GRADY. - Close Up. How to read the American city.
65368: CLEMENTI, MUZIO - Gradus ad Parnassum
61473: CLIFFORD, COLIN W.G. AND RHODES, GILLIAN. - Fitting the Mind to the World: Adaptation and After-Effects in High-Level Vision
79428: CLIFT, CHARMIAN - Trouble in Lotus Land: Essays 1964-1967
62601: CLINTON, BILL. - Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government For A Strong Economy
65250: THE AUSTRALIAN JOCKEY CLUB. - Rules of Racing.
70169: COETZEE, J.M. - Doubling the Point: Essays and Interviews.
70271: COFFEY AND MARJORIE JEAN MORGAN, HUBERT WILLIAM - Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand: Revised (4 volume set)
59415: COHEN, LYSBETH - Beginning with Esther: Jewish Women in New South Wales from 1788
70142: COLE, DANIEL JAMES & DEIHL, NANCY - The History of Modern Fashion
65308: COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, SAMUEL. - Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha. No. 1. Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
70348: COLIN SLIM, H - A Gift of Madrigals
70335: COLIN SLIM, H - A Gift of Madrigals
65281: COLWELL, RICHARD J. - The Teaching of Instrumental Music
54504: COMENIUS, JOHANN AMOS. HOOLE, CHARLES, (TRANS). - Orbis Sensualium Pictus : Visible World: or A Nomenclature, and Pictures, of all the Chief Things that are in the World, and of Men's Employments Therein
70284: AMHERSTBURG BICENTENNIAL BOOK COMMITTEE - Amherstburg 1796 - 1996 : The New Town on the Garrison Grounds : Book 1
65367: CONTINO, GIOVANNI - Il Primo Libro De' Madrigali a Cinque Voci (1560)
53846: CONYN, CORNELIUS. - Doris Niles, Interpreter of the Spanish Dance. A Brief Summary of the Spanish Dance
61757: COOK, FORD, MCDERMOTT, STANDISH, STEGMAN AND STEGMAN. (EDS.) - The Cobar Mineral Field - A 1996 Perspective
57964: COOKE, W. ERNEST - Perth Observatory Vol 2: Meridian Observations : A Catalogue of 1625 Stars between 39 & 41 degrees South Declination for the Equinox 1900'0. From Observations Made at the Perth Observatory, Western Australia
70308: COOPER, DAVE - Dave Cooper's Pressed Tongue : Number 2 June 1994
65027: COOTE JNR,, CHARLES. - Cornflower. Valse.
19483: COOVER, JAMES (ED). - Music Publishing: Copyright and Piracy in Victorian England
62462: AUSTRALIAN CORPS. - Combined operations : Beach organisation and maintenance
70020: COTTON, BERNARD. - The Chair in the North East Midlands: Regional Styles in the Late 18th and 19th Centuries.
18736: COX-IFE, WILLIAM. - How to Sing Both Gilbert and Sullivan
59239: CRAIG, EDWARD, D (COMPILED BY) - Australian Art Auction Records 1982-1984
79599: CRAKE, A.D. - Fairleigh Hall: A Tale of Oxfordshire During the Great Rebellion
62723: O CRIOMHTHAIN (O'CROHAN), TOMAS - An tOileanach (The Islandman/The Islander)
44979: AUBIN. BEER. CROOK ET AL. - Silver Burdett Music (6 volumes.)
40582: CROUCH, F.N. WORDS BY CRAWFORD, MRS. - Kathleen Mavourneen. Favorite Vocal Music.
70249: CRUMB, ROBERT - ZAP no 1 (Australian Edition)
70250: CRUMB, ROBERT - ZAP no 1 (Australian Edition)
65394: SUSSMILCH CS - An Introduction to the Geology of New South Wales
79408: CUFFARO, CHRIS - Chris Cuffaro: Greatest Hits : South Africa
62408: CUFFLEY, PETER & CARNEY, KEVIN. - A Catalogue and History of Cottage Chairs in Australia
70165: CURDO, JOHN. - Forty Years at the Top: John Curdo's Chess Career.
41829: CUTHBERTSON, MURIEL. - Music for Keep Fit Classes, More Music for Keep-Fit Classes, & New Music for Keep-Fit Classes (3 Volumes.)
70090: DALLEY, GABRIELLE RIFKIND AND KIM TERRY, TESSA - Three Voices of Art Therapy: Image Client Therapist
56942: DANDY, WALTER E. - Benign Tumors in the Third Ventricle of the Brain: Diagonsis and Treatment
65354: DAREISHVILI, G.A. - Jetjud Glazimi Grossmejsterov (Etude Through the Eyes of the Grandmasters)
65355: DAREISHVILI, G.A. - V Poiskah Krasoty (In Search of Beauty)
62502: DAVIDSON, J. H. C. S. - South-East Asian Linguistics
65333: DAVIES, MOLLIE - Movement and Dance in Early Childhood
62707: DAY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Homoeopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle.
20240: DEATHRIDGE, GECK, VOSS. - Wagner Werk-Verzeichnis (WWV). Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke Richard Wagners und ihrer Quellen
61238: DECOEN, JEAN. TRANS. LABARRE, E.J. - Back To The Truth: Two Genuine Vermeers.
79570: DELAMONT, GORDON - Modern Harmonic Technique - Volume II: The Advanced Materials of Harmony
65396: DENTON, WILLIAM AND ELIZABETH M.F. - The Soul of Things or Psychometric Researches and Discoveries (Vol 1).
62504: JACKOMOS ALICK AND FOWELL DEREK - Forgotten Heroes: Aborigines from the Somme to Vietnam
70354: DERING, RICHARD - Secular Vocal Music
70093: DERRIDA, JACQUES. - Glas.
70094: DERRIDA, JACQUES. - Cinders.
65020: DESTENAY, ANNE L. - Nagel's Encyclopedia Guide: China
62718: DETINIS, LUIS. - Mental Symptoms in Homeopathy (Translated from Semiologia Homeopatica by J.N. Churchill)
45358: DIBDIN, THOMAS. - Reminiscences
79401: DICK, PHILIP K. - Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
62461: DICKENS, CHARLES - All the year round : a weekly journal conducted by Charles Dickens
70192: DINNIGAN, COLLETTE - Obsessive Creative
70110: DISNEY, WALT. - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
62491: DOMINGUEZ, RAMóN JOAQUíN. - Diccionario Nacional, , Gran Diccionario Clásico De La Lengua Española (Spanish Edition)
57957: DORWARD, C.H. - Major C.H. Douglas Speaks
57381: DOWD AND J. H. SPENDER, BRENDA E. - People of Importance
79436: DOWLAND, TRANSCRIBED AND EDITED BY DIANA POULTON AND BASIL LAM, JOHN - The Collected Lute Music of John Dowland: Lite tablature and keyboard notation
79591: DRANSFIELD, MICHAEL - The Inspector of Tides
79592: DRANSFIELD, MICHAEL - Streets of the Long Voyage
62288: DRENOWATZ, CLAIRE (ED.) - The Ratite Encyclopedia: Ostrich, Emu, Rhea
70262: DRIVER, ETHEL - A Pathway to Dalcroze Eurythmics
79422: DUKAS, PAUL - Ariane et Barbe-Bleue
55450: DUNN, BOB. - Angling In Australia: Its History and Writings
65136: DVORAK, ANTONIN - The Spectre's Bride Op.69
61352: DVORAK, MAX - Geschichte der Italienischen Kunst im Zeitalter der Renaissance: Akademische Vorlesungen (History of Italian Art in the Age of Renaissance: Academic Lectures)
65311: DVORETSKY, MARK & YUSUPOV, ARTUR. - Attack and Defence: The fifth and final session from the world-famous chess school.
70104: EBES, HANK (COMPILED). - The Florilegium: Cooks - Banks - Parkinson 1768-1771.
55805: EDGE, RUTH & PETTS, LEONARD (COMPILED BY) - A Guide to Collecting His Master's Voice 'Nipper' Souvenirs
62574: REED EDUCATION - History in Photographs, 1900 - 1950 (vol. II)
62575: REED EDUCATION - History in Photographs, 1900 - 1950 (vol. I)
62356: CRAIG EDWARD D. (ED) - Australian Art Auction Records 1991 - 1993 : including New Zealand auctions
70222: EDWARDS, ROBIN - Social Wasps: Their Biology and Control
70036: EDWARDS, MICHAEL. - Perfume Legends. French Feminine Fragrances.
62258: EELLS, ELLERY AND SKYRMS, BRIAN (EDS.). - Probability and conditionals : belief revision and rational decision
65401: EIBER, RICK (ED) - World Trademarks: 100 Yrs. (2 volumes)
28333: STOCKHAUSEN AND EIMERT (EDS). - Die Reihe 2: Anton Webern
65383: COONEY DAVID AND KNIE PAUL AND ELEANOR - Bells of the Australian Bush: The History, the Makers, the Collectors.
62493: ELEWA, ASHRAF M. T. (ED.) - Computational Paleontology
65076: ELLIS, FRANK. - Rural Livelihoods and Diversity in Developing Countries.
65194: ERKINS, HENRY. - NEW YORK PLAISANCE: Number One MDCCCCVIII, an Illustrated Series of New York Plaves of Amusement.
62608: EVANS, LARRY. - The Chess Opening For You: A Complete System For Black and White.
65319: EVANS, EDWIN - Handbook to the Vocal Works of Brahms
61721: EVANS, WILLIAM CHARLES. - Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy : 13th Edition
70347: EZRA, JACK - The Public Service - Believe It or Not!!
62328: FAVARDIN, PATRICK. - Le Style 50 : Un Moment De L'Art Francais
70338: FELLOWES, EDMUND H. - William Byrd
62538: FEROLDI, FRANCO AND RANDOLPH, MAYA (TRANS.) - From Violinmaking to Music: The Life and Works of Simone Fernando Sacconi. The Man and the Maestro as Seen by the Greatest Violinmakers, Experts, and Musicians Who Knew Him
79392: FIDLER, KATHLEEN - The Kathleen Fidler Omnibus
70231: FIELD, EDITED BY FRANK MERRICK, JOHN - Musica Britannica XVII : John Field Piano Concertos 1-3
51679: FIORVANTI, VALENTINO - Le Cantatrici Villane
35145: FITZ-STUBBS, MAUDE. - The Orlando Waltz. Dedicated by kind permission to His Excellency Rear Admiral Bowden-Smith
65287: GIOVAN BATISTA FONTANA - Sonate A 1 2 3 per il Violino, o Cornetto, Fagotto, Chitarone, Violincino o simile altro istromento
79566: FORBES, GRAEME - The Metaphysics of Modality
65119: FORD, ANDREW - Imaginings
65335: FORRAI, KATALIN - Music in Preschool
79450: FORSHAW, JOSEPH M. - Australian Parrots
70008: FRANK, DALE. - So Far: The Art of Dale Frank 2005-1980.
62162: FRASER, DAVID. - The Marches of Hindustan, the record of a journey in Thibet, Trans-Himalayan India, Chinese Turkestan, Russian Turkestan, and Persia
62280: FREGE, G. - Grundgesetze Der Arithmetik (Basic Laws of Arithmetic)
70220: FRESHFIELD, MRS HARRY (JANE) - A Summer Tour in The Grisons and Italian Valleys of The Bernia
70288: FULTON AND SUZANNE GIBBS, MARGARET - The Margaret Fulton Cookbook
70278: GAIMAN, NEIL AND VESS, CHARLES - Stardust; Being a romance within the realms of faerie
70077: GALAMIAN, IVAN. - Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching.
62470: GALLAGHER, P. & CRUICKSHANK, D. W. - God's obvious design: papers from the Spanish Armada symposium, Sligo, 1988
70159: GAMBLE, ALLAN. - Sydney: Drawings by Allan Gamble.
65155: CCP GAMES - The Art of EVE Online
60773: GAMZU, YOSSI. TRANSLATED BY CROWN, DR ALAN. - In the Midst of the Night, In the Midst of Jerusalem
70239: GAZE, HAROLD - The Simple Jaggajay (The Mite Merry Series)
70240: GAZE, HAROLD - The Chewg-um-blewg-um (The Mite Merry Series)
65386: GELL, WILLIAM AND GANDY, JOHN P. - Pompeiana: The Typography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii
79605: GELL, ALFRED - Wrapping in Images: Tattooing in Polynesia (Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology : Cultural Forms)
57527: LECLERC GENERAL - LA 2E D B : General Leclerc, combattants en France presentes par un groupe d'officiers et d'hommes de la division (General Leclerc, combatants in France presented by a group of officers and men of the division)
62036: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT. - New Photo Vision
52284: GERROLD, DAVID. - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Blood and Fire. First Draft Teleplay. May 13, 1987.
52285: GERROLD, DAVID. - ... And Eight Rabid Pigs. Script. March 3, 1992.
52286: GERROLD, DAVID. - A Shaggy Dog Story. September 23, 1991.
70060: GIBBONS, STELLA. - The Shadow of a Sorcerer.
65131: ORLANDO GIBBONS - Full Anthems, Hymns and Fragmentary Verse Anthems
62186: GIBBS, MAY. - Little Obelia
62185: GIBBS, MAY. - Two Little Gum Nuts
62184: GIBBS, MAY. - Little Ragged Blossom
59920: GILBERT, JOHN T. - A History of the City of Dublin (3 vol set)
43648: GILBERT, W.S. - The Bab Ballads: with which are included Songs of a Savoyard
65129: GILES, NATHANIEL - Anthems
62294: RUSKIN JOHN AND VILJOEN HELEN GILL (ED.) - The Brantwood diary of John Ruskin together with selected related letters and sketches of persons mentioned
65099: GIORDANO, UMBERTO. - La Cena delle Beffe.
65183: GIPSON, FRED. - Savage Sam.
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