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68488: HUDSON KENNETH - A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Europe
68343: MAJOR J KENNETH - Fieldwork in Industrial Archaeology
68246: MACKSEY KENNETH - Tank Versus Tank the Illustrated Story of Armoured Battlefield Conflict in the Twentieth Century
68060: PONTING KENNETH G - The Woollen Industry of South-West England
66628: HARE-SCOTT KENNETH - For Gallantry the George Cross
66276: MAJOR J KENNETH - Fieldwork in Industrial Archaeology
66007: HOLDEN BRYAN & LEECH KENNETH - Portraits of Western 4-6-0s
65770: BIRCH HENRY KENNETH - The Pages of Time a Brief History of the Aberdovey Literary Institute 1882 - 1982
64227: CAMERON KENNETH - English Place Names
60162: HOLDEN BRYAN & LEECH KENNETH - Portraits of Western 4-6-0s
59664: FARRIES KENNETH G - Essex Windmills Millers & Millwrights: Volume 5, a Review by Parishes, S-Z.
59663: FARRIES KENNETH G - Essex Windmills Millers & Millwrights: Volume 3, a Review by Parishes, a - E
59662: FARRIES KENNETH G - Essex Windmills Millers and Millwrights Volume 1
59661: FARRIES KENNETH G - Essex Windmills Millers & Millwrights Volume Two a Technical Review
59152: GRIFFITH KENNETH - Thank God We Kept the Flag Flying: The Siege and Relief of Ladysmith 1899-1900
58989: DEAN KENNETH J - Town & Westminster a Political History of Walsall
57967: RICKARD KENNETH - The Book of St Dennis and Goss Moor a Moorland History
57724: HILLIER KENNETH - The Boook of Ashby de la Zouch
055902: MORGAN KENNETH - David Lloyd George Welsh Radical As World Statesman
055779: CLEW KENNETH R - Kilvert's Bredwardine
054732: MORGAN KENNETH O - Wales in British Politics 1868 - 1922
052903: SOUTHALL KENNETH H - Our Quaker Heritage -- Early Meeting Houses Built Prior to 1720 and in Use Today
051976: DAWSON MAJOR KENNETH - Two Anglers - Practical Advice from Major to Minor
050846: DOCTON KENNETH - Lancaster As It Was
050656: NEALE KENNETH - Victorian Horsham: The Diary of Henry Michell 1809-1874
056876: BEECHAM KENNETT J - Notes on Cirencester History
78457: KENT - Archaeologia Cantiana Volume 62 for 1949
74547: SAGENDORPH KENT - Stevens Thomson Mason Misunderstood Patriot
71748: HALL A R AND KENWARD H K - Environmental Archaeology in the Urban Context
86324: KENWARD, JEAN - Percy Stone Ltd a Century of Milling 1871 to 1971
62129: HUDSON AND KENWRIGHT - Lancashire Registers for the Genealogist
87211: KENYON, KATHLEEN - Archaeology in the Holy Land
65382: KENYON, JOHN R. & RICHARD AVENT - Castles in Wales and the Marches Essays in Honour of D.J. Cathcart King
83240: L, KEPPIE - Roman Distance Slabs from the Antonine Wall a Brief Guide
70263: KER N R [ED] - Medieval Libraries of Great Britain a List of Surviving Books
72582: KERFOOT, J B - American Pewter
71023: KERLING - A Seventeenth Century Hospital Matron: Margaret Blague
71016: KERLING - A Seventeenth Century Hospital Matron: Margaret Blague
80957: KERMODE, JENNY - Medieval Merchants York, Beverley and Hull in the Later Middle Ages: 38
80894: KERMODE, J. I. & GARTHINE WALKER - Women, Crime and the Courts in Early Modern England
85751: PHILIP MOORE CALLOW KERMODE - List of Manx Antiquities... Extract from Yn Lioar Manninagh
61494: KERMODE P M A - Catalogue of the Manks Crosses with the Runic Inscriptions and Various Renderings Compared
86319: KERR, DEREK - Railway Sleeper Buildings a Study of Examples in the Badenoch and Strathspey District in the Highland Region
81911: KERR, JOHN - A Most Dangerous Method
75739: CAMERON DAVID KERR - The Cornkister Days a Portrait of the Land and Its Rituals
73021: KERR, J. WILLIAM - Frank Slide
85895: R. G. P. KERRIDGE - A History of Lancing
85355: KERRY, LIZ & JEAN JACKSON & JEAN SCOTT SMITH & KEN NOBLE & SHAP LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY & LIZ AMOS - Mardale Echoes and Reflections of a Lost Lakeland Community
72289: KERSHAW A - Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen. Publications of the Technical the Choice of Electric Motors and Control Gear
62832: CHADWICK N KERSHAW - An Early Irish Reader
054081: FOWLER J KERSLEY - Records of Old Times Historical Social Political Sporting and Agricultural
053839: KERSWELL R - The Bennets of Tresillian
84163: KETTERINGHAM, LESLEY - The History of Lairg
67533: GUYER H AND KETTIGER E - Mobel & Wohnraum, Meubles Et Amenagements Interieurs, Furniture and Rooms.
85421: KEVILL-DAVIES, SALLY - Yesterday's Children, the Antiques and History of Childcare
59088: LEVY DAVID AND O'CONNELL KEVIN - Korchnoi's Chess Games
056686: ALLEN KEVIN - Elgar the Cyclist a Creative Odyssey
056663: JONES KEVIN - Walks You Will Enjoy with East Radnor Ramblers
051822: FITZGERALD KEVIN - The Chilterns
70065: KEYES, SIDNEY & MICHAEL MEYER - Minos of Crete
86816: EL-KHOURI, LAMIA - Roman Settlements in the Region of Northwest Jordan Archaeological Studies : 353 (Alter Orient Und Altes Testament)
80558: KIBBLE, JOHN - Charming Charlbury, Its Nine Hamlets and Chipping Norton
66025: KICHENSIDE G M - Railway Carriages 1839 - 1939
66016: KICHENSIDE G M - The Restaurant Car a Century of Railway Catering
60231: KICHENSIDE G M - Railway Carriages 1839 - 1939
63645: KIDNER R W - The Cambrian Railways
60820: BORLEY H V AND KIDNER R W - The West London Railway and the W L E R
053732: KIDNER R W - The Narrow Gauge Railways of Wales
85031: KIGHTLY, CHARLES & DAVID M. ROBINSON - A Mirror of Medieval Wales Gerald of Wales and His Journey of 1188
87475: KILBY, JOHN - Diary of a Hundred Years or " What Happened in Birstall between 1900 and 2000 " : Random Jottings of the 20th Century
87476: KILBY, SCOTT, SMITH AND THOMAS - Bygone Birstall a Century of Change V. 1
69387: KILLEFFER D H - Two Ears of Corn Two Blades of Grass
84375: KILROY, THOMAS - Big Chapel
055790: KILVERT - Kilvert's Cornish Holiday Further Extracts from Kilvert's Diary July 19th to August 6th 1870
055777: PLOMER WILLIAM /KILVERT - Kilvert's Dagbog
055776: KILVERT - Francis Kilvert the Diary of a Country Curate
055765: KILVERT - Ardizzone's Kilvert Selections from the Diary of Rev Francis Kilvert 1870 - 79
056195: FLOTTUM KIM - The Complete and Easy Guide to Beekeeping
73277: KIMBALL, FISKE - Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies and of the Early Republic
87061: KIMBER, MIKE - A Tale of Two Priories in Ewyas
74233: KINDERSLEY, DAVID - Mr Eric Gill,
78648: KING R - Tresco Englands Island of Flowers
74570: KING, MAUDE EGERTON - Round About a Brighton Coach Office
85035: KING, JILL E - Four Houses Ashbank, the Old MILL House, White Lodge, the Round Tower
73101: KING, JOSEPH E. - Mine to Make a Mine-Financing the Colorado Mining Industry 1859-1902
70267: KING J.E. (EDITED) - Inventory of Parochial Documents in the Diocese of Bath & Wells & the County of Somerset.
70056: KING-HALL, MAGDALEN - The Story of the Nursery
69764: KING H C - Exploration of the Universe
69304: KING R - Sicily
68959: KING J.E. (EDITED) - Inventory of Parochial Documents in the Diocese of Bath & Wells & the County of Somerset.
67411: KING, FREDERICK M - What Is Gravity,
63121: KING, GEOFFREY - Portrait of Knutsford
62482: KING R - Sicily
57413: KING-HALL, STEPHEN - The World Since the War
84289: KING E J - The Grand Priory of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
84103: KINGABY, JEFF - The Book of Morchard Bishop: A Devonshire Heartland Parish Volume II
64435: KINGS, BILL & MARGARET E. COOPER - Glory Gone Story of Nailing in Bromsgrove
57787: KINGSFORD M R - The Mersey Mission to Seamen 1856 - 1956 with a Reprint to a Cruise on the Mersey by Whg Kingston Written 1856-1857
81229: KINGSLAND, WILLIAN - The Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures: Or the Wisdom in a Mystery
69166: KINGSLEY - Charles Kingsley His Letters and Memories of His Life Edited by His Wife 2 Volumes
66994: KINGTSTON, CHARLES - The Marriage Market
80373: KINNES, IAN A - British Bronze Age Metalwork: A17-30 : Beaker and Early Bronze Age Grave Groups
77052: KINROSS, JOHN - Churches of the Marches
69162: KINROSS - The Battlefields of Britain
85872: KINROSS, JOHN - Country Houses of the Marches
64241: KINROSS, JOHN - Battlefields of England and Scotland
64240: KINROSS - The Palmerston Forts of the South West . Why Were They Built?
82075: KINVIG R H - The Isle of Man and Atlantic Britain - a Study in Historical Geography.
69866: KINZBRUNNER C - Continuous Current Armatures Their Winding and Construction
80838: KIPFER, BARBARA ANN - The Archaeologist's Fieldwork Companion
055014: KIPLING R - East of Suez Being a Selection of Eastern Verses from the Poetical Works of Rudyard Kipling,
83716: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Just So Stories for Little Children
85961: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Rewards and Fairies
85963: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
87066: KIRBY, JOYCE - A History of Hampsthwaite Book 5 Walkers History and Topography of Hampsthwaite and Mid-Nidderdal
84845: KIRBY, EILIS - The Dormouse in Herefordshire
87065: KIRBY, JOYCE - A History of Hampsthwaite Book 1. Villagers' Reminiscences
76587: KIRBY, J L[ED] - The Hungerford Cartulary a Calendar of the Ealr of Radnor's Cartulary of the Hungerford Family
87067: KIRBY, JOYCE - A History of Hampsthwaite Book 4 Village Buildings on the Eve of the Great War
84532: KIRBY, SHEELAH - The Yeats Country
87068: KIRBY, JOYCE - A History of Hampsthwaite Book 3 School Memories
70855: KIRBY A J - On a Herefordshire Farm in 1900
58678: KIRBY J L - The Estates of Edington Priory
83282: CORDER P & KIRK J L - A Roman Villa at Langton, Near Malton, E. Yorkshire, Roman Malton & District Report No. 4
67309: KIRK VIV, HAWTHORNE RAN [ED] - Memories of St Giles' Fair
64971: KIRK , G E - The Yorkshire Archaeological Society : Catalogue of Maps and Plans 1937
64970: KIRK , G E - The Yorkshire Archaeological Society : Catalogue of Printed Books and Pamphlets 1932 Parts I & II [2 Volumes]
58302: KIRK, BRIAN W - A History of Taunton Urc [ United Reform Church ] the Frst Pauls Meeting 1672 - 1797 [ Signed ]
83704: KIRK, DAVID - Snowdonia, a Historical Anthology
83887: KIRK, ROGER - Trimingham a Singular Village
78023: EDWARD THOMAS. MICHAEL KIRKHAM - The Imagination of Edward Thomas
75193: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - Quarry a Collection in Lieu of Memoirs of Lincoln Kirstein
80805: KIRTLAND, CHARLES - Brief Memorials of the Early History of Chipping Norton with an Appendix Containing Notices of Remarkable Antiquities in the Neighbourhood Bound with the Rollright Stones
61177: CROMBLEHOME AND KIRTLAND - Steam British Isles . The Complete Guide to Railway Preservation and Miniature Railways
80850: KISHLANSKY, MARK A. - Parliamentary Selection Social and Political Choice in Early Modern England
87004: KISSACK, KEITH - Lordship, Parish and Borough of Monmouth
85767: KISSACK, M. ELIZABETH - The Life of Thomas Hayton Mawson, Landscape Architect 1861-1933
60285: KAPP KIT S - Printed Maps of Central America Up to 1860 Volumes 1 and 2 Map Collectors' Series 103 and 106
60268: KAPP KIT S - The Early Maps of Columbia Up to 1850
60265: KAPP KIT S - The Early Maps of Panama Up to 1865
80007: KITCHIN, G W, STEPHENS W R W - The Great Screen of Winchester Cathedral.
65336: KITCHIN L D - Bus Operation
85436: GERD-KITTEL - Bad Homburg V.D. Höhe.
64462: KITZINGER, ERNST - Studies in Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Western Art. Vol 1: (Paperback)
63838: KLAPPER C F - The Golden Age of Tramways
87289: KLARA, POCZY - Közmuvek a Római Kori Magyarországon
83325: KLEINER, FRED S. - Greek and Roman Coins in the Athenian Agora 15
76396: KLEMPERER, WILLIAM D , SILLITOE, PAUL J - James Brindley at Turnhurst Hall
73571: KLIMKE, REINER - Cavallletti Schooling of Horse & Rider over Ground Rails
66972: KLOSE, ODO - Autodesign Mercedes Benz S-Class
86873: KNAPMAN, MARGARET - Langtree Parish History and Memories
81891: KNIGHT, CLIFF V - The New Pillgwenlly
85777: KNIGHT, DENNIS - Harvest of Messerschmitts the Chronicle of a Village at War, 1940 Based on the Diary of Mary Smith of Elham
74779: KNIGHT, CHARLES - The Old Printer and the Modern Press (Cambridge Library Collection - History of Printing, Publishing and Libraries)
72753: KNIGHT F - Captain Cook and the Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771
61682: KNIGHT T A - A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple and the Pear and on the Manufacture of Cider and Perry with an Appendix
57846: KNIGHT R D - A History of the Swansea Art Society 1886 - 1986
57401: KNIGHT, JEREMY - Blaenavon from Iron Town to World Heritage Site
87097: KNIGHT, CLIFF V. - Pillgwenlly Newport
60712: KNIGHTON, C S - Pepys's Later Diaries
66165: KNITTER, PAUL F. & JOHN HICK - The Myth of Christian Uniqueness
86513: KNOBLOCH, EDGAR - Beyond the Oxus Archaeology, Art and Architecture of Soviet Central Asia
85042: KNOWLDEN, PATRICIA & JOYCE WALKER - West Wickham Past Into Present
71238: KNOWLDEN, PATRICIA AND WALKER, JOYCE - West Wickham Past Into Present
82589: KNOWLES, DAVID - The Religious Orders in England Volume II the End of the Middle Ages
80708: KNOWLES, VAL - A History of Stanton St Bernard Wiltshire
59853: LAUGHTON T KNOX - British Sailor Heroes from Howard to Nelson
76988: KOCH, JOHN - John Koch 1909 - 1978 a Memorial Exhibition
72298: KOEBEL W H - Argentina Past and Present
75429: KOELBL, HERLINDE - Men. Photographs of Herlinde Koelbl. Texts by Klaus Honnef and Cora Stephan.
76181: KOENIG, RICHARD - Getting to America
81064: KOHN, MAREK - As We Know It Coming to Terms with an Evolved Mind
76017: KOLB - Postmodern Sophistications Philosophy, Architecture and Tradition
84442: KONDRATIEV, ALEXI - Celtic Rituals an Authentic Guide to Ancient Celtic Spirituality
67253: NOSSOV KONSTANTIN - Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons a Fully Illustrated Guide to Siege Weapons and Tactics
75507: KOREN, ANNA - Secret Self Self-Help Guide to Graphology
74970: KOTKER, NORMAN & JANE SUGDEN - New England Past
86563: KOTTARIDI, ANGELIKI - From Heracles to Alexander the Great Treasures from the Royal Capital of Macedon, a Hellenic Kingdom: Treasures from the Royal Capital of Macedon, an Hellenic Kingdom in the Age of Democracy
82506: KRAAY, COLIN M. - Coins of Ancient Athens
59461: KRACAUER S - Orpheus in Paris - Offenbach and the Paris of His Time
87240: KRASKOVSKA, LUDMILA - Gerulata Rusovce. Rimske Pohrebisko 1 & 2
75170: KRAUSS, JOHANN ULRICH & EDWARD A. MASER - Baroque Cartouches for Designers and Artists
81424: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - You Are the World
81419: KRISHNAMURTI, J. & D. RAJAGOPAL - Commentaries on Living from the Notebooks of J Krishnamurti
83432: , KRISZT (GYORGY). - Kozepkori Templomaink. Mittelalterliche Kirchen in Ungarn. Medieval Churches of Hungary.
76340: KRIZ, VILEM - Sirague City
87105: KRON, RICHARD - Talking About the Weather
74256: KUEHL, JOHN & JACKSON R. BRYER - Dear Scott/Dear Max the Fitzgerald-Perkins Correspondence
86154: KUHN, JOY - Elephant Man the Book of the Film
74716: KUMLIEN - Akke Kumlien Som Bokkonstnär
81990: KUNSTALLE - Richard Paul Lohse
79750: KUPFER, MARCIA - Romanesque Wall Painting in Central France the Politics of Narrative
69292: BOHNER. KURT - Die Fränkischen Altertümer Des Trierer Landes 1 Teil Textband Mit Einem Mineralogischen Beitrag Von J Frechen
82219: KUSHI, MICHIO - On the Greater View Collected Thoughts and Ideas on Macrobiotics and Humanity
75809: KUSIN, VLADIMIR V. - The Intellectual Origins of the Prague Spring the Development of Reformist Ideas in Czechoslovakia 1956-1967
73592: GRAHAM KWESI - A Study of Cape Cod a Reconstruction of the Social Life and Organisation of Cape Cod Before 1900
85923: KYD, JAMES GRAY - The Drove Paths and Bridle Paths Around Braemar
71614: KYFFIN, MAURICE - The Blessedness of Brytaine or a Celebration of the Queenes Holyday
65630: FLETCHER J. KYRLE - Cardiff . Notes : Picturesque and Biographical
58035: FLETCHER J. KYRLE - Cardiff . Notes : Picturesque and Biographical
73804: LABARGE M W - Women in Medieval Life
055355: LACEY W S - Welsh Wildlife in Trust
57248: SHAW MR LACHLAN - The History of the Province of Moray
84431: LACK, KATHERINE - Herefordshire Farming Through Time Fellers, Tillers and Cider Makers
87200: LAFLIN, SUSAN - History of the Everall Family from the Beach , More
76474: LAGO, MARY - Burne-Jones Talking: His Conversations 1895-1898 Preserved by His Studio Assistant Thomas Rooke
68512: YING LAI - The Thirty-Sixth Way a Personal Account of Imprisonment and Escape from Red China
83698: LAIN, L R - Medieval Pottery from Coldingham Priory, Berwickshire
71705: LAING S - Human Origins
65908: LAING, SAMUEL, AND HUXLEY, THOMAS - Pre-Historic Remains of Caithness with Notes on Human Remains
73163: LAISTNER M L W - A History of the Greek World 479 to 322 B C
68263: LAKE, KEVIN & DAVID POYNER - 50 Years of Mine Exploration Proceedings of the 2011 Namho Conference
67498: LAKE, JEREMY - Historic Farm Buildings an Introduction and Guide
79611: LAKER, IAN A. - Catalogue of Trade Card and Post-1945 Cigarette Card Issues
79607: LAKER, IAN A. & Y. BERKTAY - Catalogue of Trade Card Issues 1996
74455: LAMB C M - The Calligrapher's Handbook: Essays by M C Oliver, W Bishop, J Woodcock, Etc.
69370: CASTRILLO EILENE LAMB - A Pan American Journey
67257: LAMB L H - Winchester College - a Register for the Years 1915-1960
78305: LAMBERT F W - Typos a Journal of Typography Autumn 1981
75088: LAMBERT, ISOBEL - Rooney's Gold
74166: LAMBERT, J.W. & MICHAEL RATCLIFFE - The Bodley Head, 1887-1987
83216: LAMBERT AND O'GRAM - Allerthorpe & Waplingont 400 B C - 2000 a D
73631: LAMBORN E A - Berkshire
75090: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - The Queen Dies First
75089: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - The Queen Dies First
75086: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Watcher on the Shore
75087: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Blood Ties
75085: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Come Back and Die
75084: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Still Waters Run Deadly
75083: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Deadly Return
75082: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Grip of Fear
79959: LAMBRICK, GEORGE - An Illustrated Guide to the Rollright Stones
81874: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Book of Superstitions
79544: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - East Anglian Epitaphs
052757: LAMPLOUGH, EDWARD. - Yorkshire Battles
80817: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Ominous Cracks
67752: LANCASTER, OSBERT - The Littlehampton Bequest
68035: SMITH LANCE - Investigating Old Buildings
73820: HOGBEN LANCELOT - The Signs of Civilisation
67779: LAWTON LANCELOT - Contemporary Russia and Her Relations with Her Neighbours Vol 2 Number 2 Winter 1938
85986: LAND, NEVILLE - Victorian Workhouse History of the Bromsgrove Workhouse
83371: LANDAU, TYRONE - William Butterfield 1814-1900 Pioneer of High Victorian Gothic Revival Architecture
71706: LANDAY, JERRY M. - Silent Cities, Sacred Stones Archaeological Discovery in the Land of the Bible
87145: LANDELS, J. G. - Engineering in the Ancient World
70049: LANDER J R - English Justices of the Peace
67972: LANDER, J.R. - Wars of the Roses
75579: LANDOR , WALTER NOBLE - Staffordshire Incumbents and Parochial Records 1530 - 1680. Collections for a History of Staffordshire 1915
76267: POOLE AUSTIN LANE - Medieval England Two Volume Set
73034: LANE, DAVE - Pit Brow Lasses
68673: LANE, JANE - The Escape of the Duke
63801: LANE, PETER - Norman England
58264: LANE J TREMAYNE , CITY TREASURER - A Schedule of Property Belonging to the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the City of Bristol
73539: LANEUVILLE L - Le Parfait Jardinier
85943: LANFEAR, JOYCE - Story of the Parish and People of North Bradley Told in Pictures and Newspaper Cuttings
61237: LANG, JEAN - North and South of Tweed - Stories and Legends of the Borders
050677: LANG AND LANG - Highways and Byways in the Border
86066: LANGDON, ANDREW - Stone Crosses in West Penwith No. 4
59506: LANGFORD J A, MACKINTOSH C S AND TILDESLEY J - Staffordshire and Warwickshire Past and Present
84773: LANGFORD, MARIE - Cattistock a Dorset Village
79079: LANGSTAFF, J BRETT - Oxford-1914
70935: LARGE R - Passenger Tramways of Pontypridd
84509: LARKIN, PHILIP - The Whitsun Weddings
80360: LARSSON, THOMAS B - The Bronze Age Metalwork in Southern Sweden Aspects of Social and Spatial Organization 1800-500 B. C
74972: LARSSON, GOSTA H - Ramstilar
052723: LARTER C E - Minehead Porlock and Dunster the Seaboard of Exmoor
67483: WILLIAMS JOHN LASARUS - The Land of the Long Long Name North West Wales Companion [ Signed ]
60824: LASCELLES T S - The City & South London Railway
85979: LATHAM, FRANK A (ED) - Tattenhall the History of a Cheshire Village
86289: LATHAM [TRANSLATOR] - The Travels of Marco Polo
83916: LATHAM, FRANK A - Christleton the History of a Cheshire Village
71703: LATHAM, RONALD - In Quest of Civilization
71524: LATHAM - Victoriana
85213: LATHAM, JOYCE - Whistling in the Dark Forest of Dean Girlhood in the 1940s
85724: LATHAM, FRANK A - Farndon the History of a Cheshire Village
82308: LATOUCHE, ROBERT - Caesar to Charlemagne Beginnings of France
87330: LAUDER, ROSEMARY ANNE - Market Towns of North Devon
57273: LAUDER THOMAS DICK, PRICE UVEDALE - Sir Uvedale Price on the Picturesque: With an Essay on the Origin of Taste, and Much Original Matter, by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart.
85438: THORNTON AND MS LAUGHLIN - The Fothergills of Ravenstonedale: Their Lives and Their Letters
61501: LAUGHTON J B - Johnson's Historical, Topographical and Parochial Illustrated Guide and Visitors Companion Through the Isle of Man
65989: KNIGHT LAURA - Contraband
84086: LAURENCE, ALASTAIR & ETC. - Horsforth History Guides the Green No. 5
84088: LAURENCE, ALASTAIR & ETC. - Horsforth History Guides Horsforth Mixture No. 6
80934: LAURENCE, ALASTAIR - A History of Abbey House Kirkstall
79260: SMITH LAURENCE - New Radnor the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace 1827-1886
72464: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy with a Memoir of the Author by E L Blanchard
70970: GOMME SIR LAURENCE - London
65796: ECHARD LAURENCE - The Gazetteer's or News-Man's Interpreter Being a Geographical Index. Of All the Considerable Provinces, Cities, Patriarchships,............... . . In Europe. 1751
60533: LAURENCE E - The Duty and Office of a Land Steward... To Which Is Added an Appendix Shewing the Way to Plenty Proposed to the Farmers
58623: GOMME GEORGE LAURENCE [ED] - Topographical History of Warwickshire Westmoreland and Wiltshire
58114: HUTTON LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of Oxford
056537: MAIN LAURENCE - Family Walks in Mid Wales
056313: MEREDITH LAURENCE - Herefordshire in the News
056268: MEREDITH LAURENCE - Herefordshire in the News
054640: GOMME GEORGE LAURENCE [ED] - Topographical History of Warwickshire Westmoreland and Wiltshire
84727: LAURENCE S HARLEY, F. S. A. - The Church and Parish of Polstead Suffolk
054225: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Great Men of Staffordshire
052314: VULLAIMY LAURENCE - William Cobbett's Rural Rides Revisited
75108: LAURENCIN, MARIE - Marie Laurencin à la Galerie Daniel Malingue. Exhibition Catalogue 1986
87187: LAVAN, MYLES - Slaves to Rome Paradigms of Empire in Roman Culture
68942: LAVATER JOHN CASPER, HOLCROFT THOMAS - Essays on Physiognomy-Designed to Promote the Knowledge and the Love of Mankind-to Which Are Added-One Hundred Physiognomonical Rules-and Memoirs of the Life of the Author Volume 2
69287: LAVELLE, DES - Skellig Island Outpost of Europe
054580: JONES LAVENDER - Contented with Time
77669: LAVER, JAMES - Love's Progress or the Education of Araminta
67542: LAVER J - English Sporting Prints
66061: LAVIN, PATRICK - The Celtic World an Illustrated History 700 B.C. To the Present
84331: LAVIS-JONES, VIVIEN - A History of Bangor Isycoed
81613: LAVRIN, JANKO - Dostoevsky and His Creation: A Psycho-Critical Study
80011: LAW, LESLIE - The History of Upham
79357: LAW - The Parish of Cefnllys with Llandrindod
60042: LAW, A & TONKIN, W - The Walthamstow Windmill and Essex Windmills Today
056439: LAW - The Parish of Cefnllys with Llandrindod
84734: LAW, R. J. - The Steam Engine a Brief History of the Reciprocating Engine.
86601: LAWALL, MARK L. & JOHN LUND - Pottery in the Archaeological Record Greece & Beyond : 1
83890: LAWIE, KIT & MICHAEL RICHARDSON - East Keal the Story of a Village : From Prehistory to the Present Day
70527: LAWLY, MARK - The Bygone Botanists of Herefordshire
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051743: GARNER LAWRENCE - Gwynedd
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76996: LEA, JOHN - Down the Cobbled Stones Memories of a Cheshire Farmer
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59696: LEIGH - Leigh's Guide to Wales & Monmouthshire: Containing Observations on the Mode of Travelling, Plans of Various Tours, Sketches of the Manners and Customs, Notices of Historical Events, a Description of Every Remarkable Place, and a Minute Account of the Wye
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053657: LEIGHTON W A - A Flora of Shropshire
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73385: RITCHIE LEITCH - Travelling Sketches in the North of Italy, the Tyrol, and on the Rhine
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61589: RITCHIE LEITCH - The Wye and Its Associations a Picturesque Ramble
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051790: LEMPRIERE R - Portrait of the Channel Islands
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80633: LENNIE, STUART - Semer Water in Wensleydale Landscape, Legends and People
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59681: SYSON LESLIE - The Watermills of Britain
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050546: JAMES LESLIE - Americans in Glasshouses
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76466: LEVEY, MICHAEL - The Later Italian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
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052432: PURCHAS AND LEY - A Flora of Herefordshire
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63343: LHOYD H - The History of Cambria Now Called Wales
59034: LHOYD H, POWEL DAVID - The History of Cambria Now Called Wales a Part of the Most Famous Yland of Brytaine Written in the Brytish Language About Two Hundreth Yeares Past Translated Into English
84585: LIAMMOIR, MICHEAL MAC - Theatre in Ireland
86038: HARRY LIBBY - The Mixture Mumbles and Harry Libby
70683: HAMMERSMITH AND FULHAM LIBRARIES - How We Used to Travel the Development of Public Transport in Fulham and Hammersmith
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86467: LIDDLE, PETER - Leicestershire Archaeology to the End of the Roman Period V. 1: The Present State of Knowledge
86471: LIDDLE, PETER - Leicestershire Archaeology to the End of the Roman Period V. 1: The Present State of Knowledge
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79232: LIEBERMAN, MAX - The March of Wales, 1067-1300 a Borderland of Medieval Britain
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80104: LIGHTBODY, SHEILA - Book of Callington
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79587: LEONARD LILLIAN - Alsations for the Novice
62020: LILLIPUT - Lilliput Magazine Volume 19 Number 6 December 1946
62006: LILLIPUT - Lilliput Magazine Volume 19 Number 6 December 1946
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84359: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - The Unicorn and Other Poems 1935-1955.
84365: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - North to the Orient
84364: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - North to the Orient
84362: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Earth Shine
84363: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Listen! the Wind
76962: LINDLAHR, ANNA & HENRY LINDLAHR M. D. - The Nature Cure Cook Book and ABC of Natural Dietetics
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65098: SEARLE LINDLEY - Britain in Verse and Sketch
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85131: LINES, CHARLES - Solihull in Old Photographs
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87207: LING - Pompeii History, Life & Afterlife
73059: LINGENFELTER, RICHARD E. - Hardrock Miners History of the Mining Labour Movement in the American West, 1863-93
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052875: LINNELL B - Tewkesbury Battles and Soldiers
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69074: BEAZLEY ELISABETH AND BRETT LIONEL - North Wales a Shell Guide. Caernarvonshire, Anglesey, Denbighshire & Flintshire
68094: LESTON GEORGE LIONEL - Land and Mining Surveying As Applied to Collieries and Other Mines
67942: CUST LIONEL - Van Dyke
67577: LIPPMANN, FR - Engraving and Etching, a Handbook for the Use of Students and Print Collectors
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78757: LISLE, EDWARD - Observations in Husbandry Volume 2
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79709: LISTER, RAYMOND - Great Works of Craftsmanship
73522: LISTER R - Antique Maps and Their Cartographers
81682: LITCHFIELD, PASK [ED] - Beckingham & Sutton
72814: LITTLE B - The Building of Bath 47-1947, an Architectural and Social Study
69528: LITTLE, BRYAN - Thoughts on Tintern
67879: COTTERILL AND LITTLE - Ships and Sailors Ancient and Modern a Sketch of the Progress of Naval Art with Historical Illustrations
61620: LITTLE A G, JAMES M R, BANNISTER H M - Collectanea Franciscana Hereford
58962: LITTLEBURY - Littlebury's Illustrated Guide to Worcester Containing a Description of the City - Its Cathedral, Churches, Chapels, Public Schools, Historical Buildings Etc
58823: LITTLEBURY - 1879 Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Worcester & District Containing a Topographical and Statistical Account of the City of Worcester, Towns of Kidderminster Malvern Evesham Pershore Droitwich Bromsgrove Bewdley Stourport Bromyard Upton on Severn
86134: B. LITTLER. - Wheelock in Times Past
69644: LIVEING E - A Century of Insurance [ Commercial Union Group of Companies] 1861-1961
72502: LIVERSEDGE J - Everyday Life in the Roman Empire
82294: LIVERSIDGE, JOAN - Roman Provincial Wall-Painting in the Western Empire
57454: FRAMPTON AND LIVETT, - West Hythe [ Kent]
74966: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Duane Hanson
052964: PITMAN LIZ - Pigsties and Paradise Lady Diarists and the Tour of Wales 1795 - 1860
68730: DAVIES W LL [EDITOR] - Aberystwyth Souvenir 1933 [Signed]
59694: LLEWELLYN C - The MILL's Life from Domesday Book to the Millennium [ Essex]
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62802: JEWITT LLEWELLYNN - Grave Mounds and Their Contents a Manual of Archaeology
86886: LLOWARCH - More Weird Wonders of Wales
84109: LLOWARCH - More Weird Wonders of Wales
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056191: MAFF - Bee Keeping Bulletin No 9 of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
85065: CUMBRIA MAGAZINE - Keswick and Northern Lakeland, a Complete Guide
052400: COLWELL MAGGIE - West of England Market Towns
76339: MAGGS - Arnaud Maggs an Exhibition of Selected Works 1981 -1983
71460: MAGGS, COLIN G - Steam Tales from the Footplate
84814: INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS. - International Brotherhood of Magicians 20th Annual Convention, Brighton 1953
72851: MAGNIER - Exposition Peche de Boulonge
82077: MAHANY, CHRISTINE - The Story of Stamford Number Two: The Archaeology of Stamford
83792: O'MAHONY, MARSHA - The Scratch of the Hop Hop Picking in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire
75902: O'MAHONY, MARSHA - River Voices Extraordinary Stories from the Wye
79377: MAILLART, ELLA K - Turkestan Solo One Woman's Expedition from the Tien Shan to the Kizil Kum.
82465: MAIN , LAWRENCE AND COATES, NEIL - Mid Wales and the Marches Walks Pathfinder Guide
79541: MAIS S P B - Sussex
58633: MAIS S P B - Arden and Avon
58634: MAIS S P B - Arden and Avon
054445: MAIS S P B - Arden and Avon
054286: MAIS [INTRO] - Shropshire a Beautiful English County Its Scenery Its History Its Industries
87206: MAISELS, CHARLES KEITH - The Emergence of Civilization from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture, Cities and the State in the Near East
86297: MAIURI, AMEDEO - Pompeii the New Excavations the Villa Dei Misteri, the Antiquarium
65374: SALT MAJOR A E W - The Borough and Honour of Weobley
60048: MAJOR J K - Wanted Water Wheels
056820: YOUNG MAJOR - Bicycle and Tricycle Rides in Gloucestershire and the Adjoining Counties
69724: MAJUMDAR D N - Races and Cultures of India
86182: MAKEPEACE, W. RIDLEY. - Goathland Walks Being a Guide to All Who Are Visiting This Yorkshire Land of Moor and Waterfall.
053027: MAKIN W J - Smugglers of Today
66525: RODEN BRYAN AND THOMAS MALCOLM - Pictorial Memories of Old Abersychan Including Talywain, Garndiffaith and Varteg
86739: FARE MALCOLM - The Hanleys: A History of Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan
75233: HAYNES CLIVE AND MALCOLM - Old Worcester As Seen Through the Camera [ Signed ]
74752: THURLBY MALCOLM - The Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture
65247: THOMAS MALCOLM - Brynmawr Beaufort & Blaina in Photographs
70903: THURLBY MALCOLM - The Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture
62665: TODD MALCOLM - Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire Volume LXXIII 1969 [ the Roman Settlement at Margidunum ]
61611: THURLBY MALCOLM - Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture in Wales
60908: GRAHAM MALCOLM - Oxfordshire at School
59603: MALCOLM J P - Excursions Into Kent, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Somersetshire
58772: HAYNES CLIVE AND MALCOLM - Old Worcester As Seen Through the Camera
57961: SCOTT MALCOLM - The Second Book of Leigh and Bransford
57725: ELLIOTT MALCOLM - Leicester: A Pictorial History
57467: JOHN MALCOLM - Rochester: A Sketch in Pen and Verse
57465: JOHN MALCOLM - Bygone Maidstone Volume One
053607: SCOTT MALCOLM - Portrait of Herefordshire
053309: MASON MALCOLM - Leominster in Living Memory
73462: MALDEN, R H - The Story of Wells Cathedral
71863: MALIN, JOHN - Magical Moments and Milestones the Life Story of John Malin of Blockley
60275: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland. Part VII Map Collectors' Circle No 86. Part VII Final with Index
60199: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland. Part 6. Map Collectors' Circle No 86. Part 1 Map Collectors' Series No 25
60194: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland. Part 2 Map Collectors' Series No 31
60187: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Part III
60175: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Part IV
60174: MALINOWSKI H - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Part V
60356: MALKIN B H - The Scenery , Antiquities and Biography of South Wales from Materials Collected During 2 Excursions in the Year 1803
051617: MALKIN B H - The Scenery , Antiquities and Biography of South Wales from Materials Collected During 2 Excursions in the Year 1803
61865: MASTERS GEORGE MALLARY - Medieval and Renaissance Studies
76096: MALONE, STODDART [EDS] - Antiquity Volume 71 Number 271 March 1997
76095: MALONE, STODDART [EDS] - Antiquity Volume 73 Number 282 December 1999
85994: MALONEY, BRYAN - A History of Awsworth
73327: GULLY JAMES MANBY - The Water Cure in Chronic Disease: An Exposition of the Causes, Progress, and Terminations of Various Chronic Diseases of the Digestive Organs, Lungs, Nerves, Limbs, and Skin; and of Their Treatment by Water, and Other Hygienic Means
69673: MANCHEE W H - The Westminster City Fathers (the Burgess Court of Westminster) 1585-1901. Being Some Account of Their Powers and Domestic Rule of the City Prior to Its Incorporation in 1901.
71927: WHITE JON MANCHIP - Everyday Life of the North American Indian
70843: MANDERS - Peter J Mander's Herefordshire Scene a Pictorial Tour of the County
70841: MANDERS - Herefordshire Our Heritage a Pictorial Tour of the County Volume 2
86019: MANDERS, HENRY - The History of the Church of Crosthwaite, Cumberland.
73116: MANGIN, ARTHUR - Earth and Its Treasures: A Description of the Metallic and Mineral Wealth of Nature.
79597: MANGO, ANDREW - Turkey
050051: MANGOIAN L & H A - The Island of Cyprus an Illustrated Guide and Handbook
83612: MANLEY, JOHN - Archaeology of Clwyd
82814: MANLEY, BILL - The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt
87140: MANLEY, JOHN - Manxman Captain Henry Corrin of the Mosquito Shore 1752-1769
73114: MANLEY E R - Meet the Miner the Yorkshire Miner at Work, at Home and in Public Life
57555: MANLEY, ERICA AND COTTERELL, ALEXANDRA - A Recipe for Life, in Memory of Carolyn [1955 - 1999]
81254: MANN, DAVID - Psychotherapy an Erotic Relationship - Transference and Countertransference Passions
69029: MANN, T - 6 Schr- Z
69028: MANN, T - Katalog Der Thomas - Mann - Sammlung Der Universitätsbibliothek Düsseldorf. 5 Med-Schr
58496: MANN E L - The Battle of Lewes 1264
80280: MANN, JENNY E. - Clay Tobacco Pipes from Excavations in Lincoln, 1970-74.
83436: MANNING, C - Irish Field Monuments

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