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75952: MONCRIEFF A R HOPE - Bonnie Scotland
79546: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Big Bear Pond
82113: HOPKINS M L - Geddington a Diary of a Village 1086 - 1914
60750: HOPKINS, GORDON - Wanderings in South Wales Some Curious Adventures and Encounters
68886: HOPKINSON C - Herefordshire Under Arms a Military History of the County
71137: HOPPE E O - The London of George VI
82812: HOPPER, R. J. - Early Greeks
80936: HOPPER, THOMAS - 'Black Tom': Sir Thomas Fairfax and the English Revolution
64444: HOPTON, WILLIAM - Conversation on Mines, & C. , between a Father and Son: To Which Are Added Questions and Answers to Assist Candidates to Obtain Certificates for the Management of Collieries, Etc
73137: HOPTON, WILLIAM - Conversation on Mines, & C. , between a Father and Son: To Which Are Added Questions and Answers to Assist Candidates to Obtain Certificates for the Management of Collieries, Etc
73141: HOPTON, WILLIAM - Conversation on Mines, & C. , between a Father and Son: To Which Are Added Questions and Answers to Assist Candidates to Obtain Certificates for the Management of Collieries, Etc
83713: HOPTON, REV MICHAEL - The Registers of Munsley, Co. Hereford. 1662-1812
71767: FAIRHURST HORACE - Excavations at Crosskirk Broch Caithness
73188: KING HORACE - Before Hansard
68113: HORANYI - The Magnificence of Eszterhaza
65596: DURANT HORATIA - Raglan Castle
65568: DURANT HORATIA - St Cadoc's Church Raglan a Short History of the 15th Century Church and of Raglan Castle with Which It Is Closely Associated
61318: RASSAM HORMUZO - Narrative of the British Mission to Theodore King of Abyssinia with No Titles of the Countries Traversed from Massowah 2 Volumes
60844: HORNE M A C - The Northern Line a Short History
67544: HORNER J G, SPRAGUE E H - Dictionary of Terms Used in the Theory and Practice of Mechanical Engneering Comprising Eight Thousand Definitions
57987: GROVES WILLIAM HORNER - The History of Mansfield
83504: HORNSBY, LAVREISK - The Roman Signal Station at Goldsborough Near Whitby Yorks
81848: HORNSEY, BRIAN - Ninety Years of Cinema North of Hereford a History of the Cinemas of Leominster Ludlow Tenbury Wells and Ledbury
74881: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - All over Patterns for Designers and Craftsmen
83622: HORNUNG E W, CONAN DOYLE [PREFACE] - Old Offenders and a Few Old Scores
051243: HORRABIN J F - An Atlas-History of the Second World War, in Maps & Diagrams with Comment Volume 4, January 1941 to July 1941
051244: HORRABIN J F - An Atlas-History of the Second World War in Maps & Diagrams with Comment , Volume 1 Sept 1939 to Jan 1940
63671: HORRABIN J F - The Noahs on Holiday with Japhet
59087: HORRY, JOHN - The History of Squash Rackets
59602: HORSBURGH E L S - Bromley Kent from the Earliest Times to the Present Century with a Chapter on the Manor and Palace by Philip Norman
65898: TURNER J HORSFALL - The History of Brighouse, Raistrick and Hipperholme with Manorial Notes
68964: TURNER J HORSFALL [ED] - Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal with Notes Comical and Dialetic
68957: TURNER J HORSFALL [ED] - Yorkshire Notes and Queries Volume 1
59384: TURNER J HORSFALL [ED] - Yorkshire Notes and Queries with Which Is Incorporated Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal October 1889
59383: TURNER J HORSFALL [ED] - Yorkshire Notes and Queries with Which Is Incorporated Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal April 1890 Keighley Quaker Register,
62939: HORSFIELD T W - The History and Antiquities of Lewes and Its Vicinity
59509: HORSFIELD T W - The History Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex
68015: HORSLEY P M - Eighteenth Century Newcastle
69067: EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTORS OF THE JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE - The Garden Manual for the Cutlivation and Operation Reqired for the Kitchen Garden, Fruit Garden, Flower Garden, Florists Flowers
65405: HORTON, GRAHAM - Llanishen from Village to Suburb
65200: HORTON, T - An Elegy Written in the Church Yard of Presteign Radnorshire with Admonitory Reflections on the Grave of Mary Morgan Who Was Interred There After Suffering the Awful Sentence of the Law for the Murder of Her Illegitimate Child
81877: HOSFIELD, BILL - A Look at Old Halton, Book 1 from Brokenbeck to Cowband Row
81878: HOSFIELD, BILL - A Look at Old Halton Book Two- from the Tithe Barn to Arra Lane
71189: HOSKINS W G - Chilterns to Black Country
71190: HOSKINS, W G - Chilterns to Black Country
71195: HOSKINS W G - East Midlands and the Peak
71196: HOSKINS W G - East Midlands and the Peak
57738: HOSKINS W G - Leicestershire Yeoman Familes and Their Pedigrees
82340: HOSKINS, W. G. - Leicestershire
055477: HOSKINS W G - Devon and Its People
80729: HOSKINS W G - Provincial England Essays in Social and Economic History
053781: HOSKINS W G - The Midland Peasant the Economic and Social History of a Leicestershire Village
053780: HOSKINS W G - One Man's England
82332: HOSKINS, W G - Midland England
70186: HOSSFIELD, RAYNER, NYE - The Evelyn Silver-Lead Mine Pine Creek District
63557: LARWOOD AND HOTTEN - The History of Signboards
79627: HOUART, VICTOR - Easter Eggs a Collector's Guide
71888: HOUGHTN P S - Press Tool Practice Part 1
83208: HOUGHTON, JOHN - Murders and Mysteries, People and Plots a Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Miscellany
82947: HOUGHTON, JOHN - Twice Upon a Time North Buckinghamshire Tales
57570: HOUGHTON F T S - Worcestershire
57571: HOUGHTON F T S, REISED BY MATLEY MOORE - Worcestershire
64654: HOVEY, TAMARA - Paris Underground
58764: MORRISON DAVE & MILLER HOWARD - Innes & Publick Houses of Temebury [ Tenbury Worcestershire ]
61869: HOWARD, JOSEPHE JACKSON - The Visitation of Suffolke, Made by William Hervey Clarenceux King of Arms 1561 - with Additions Volume 1.
75631: HOWARD, ELIZABETH JANE - Odd Girl out [Signed]
61054: JONES IAN AND HOWARD - The Brecon and Abergavenny Canal
59440: CHAPELLE HOWARD I - The History of the American Sailing Navy the Ships and Their Development
052163: BREEN KIT HOWARD - The Canada Goose
67455: HOWARD-JONES, JILL - A Herefordshire Quiz Book
055522: SENAR HOWARD - Aylesbeare a Devon Parish and Church
66907: JONES HOWARD - Aberystwyth Yesterday
63550: MORRISON DAVE & MILLER HOWARD - Innes & Publick Houses of Temebury [ Tenbury Worcestershire ]
73179: PARKER HOWARD J - View from the Boys a Sociology of Down Town Adolescents
70395: HOWARTH, O J R - The Scenic Heritage of England & Wales
74680: HOWE, ELLIC - Harry Kweller and the Harkwell Press; a Fragment of Biography
79542: HOWE, CHARLES - Gylla's Hometown How a Sxaon Settlement Became an English Town Gillingham
83962: HOWE, DORIS - Story of Holbrook
61464: HOWELL, PETER - Victorian Churches
83182: HOWELL, PETER - Victorian South Wales Architecture, Industry and Society
65406: HOWELL, RAY & KAREN SPRING - Fedw Villages a Lower Wye Valley History
65588: EVANS HOWELL T - Mediaeval Wales
65590: EVANS HOWELL T - Stories from Welsh History Junior Book 1
65581: EVANS HOWELL T - Analysis of Welsh History
65591: EVANS HOWELL T - Stories from Welsh History Junior Book 1
73786: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Farewell the Islands
72787: HOWELLS , ROSCOE - Tenby Old and New
68749: HOWELLS , ROSCOE - Total Community the Monks of Caldey Island
61606: HORTON HARRY HOWELLS - Sutton Park and Other Poems [ Birmingham ]
055404: HOWELLS , ROSCOE - Total Community the Monks of Caldey Island
67131: HOWELLS B E - A Calendar of Letters Relating to North Wales 1533-Circa 1700. From the Llanfair-Brynodol, Gloddaeth, Crosse of Shaw Hill and Rhual Collections in the National Library of Wales.
58916: HORTON HARRY HOWELLS - Birmingham a Poem in Two Parts with Appendix
72380: HORTON HARRY HOWELLS - Birmingham a Poem in Two Parts with Appendix
79456: HOWELLS, EVELYN - Farms of the Valleys
77867: HOWES, FRANK - William Byrd
58009: WYLIE WILLIAM HOWIE - Old and New Nottingham
76155: HOWLETT D K - Cambro Latin Compositions: Their Competence and Craftsmanship
61646: HOWS W A H - A History of Pawnbroking Past and Present
056372: HOWSE W H - Disserth Radnorshire Its Church and the History and Folk-Lore
052909: HOWSE W H - The History and Legend of Stapleton Castle a Tale of the Herefordshire Borderland
80170: HOWSE W H - Presteigne Past and Present Radnorshire
056431: HOWSE W H - Old Time Llandrindod [ Signed ]
056456: HOWSE W H - Radnor 0ld and New
056457: HOWSE W H - Historic Hereford a Short Descriptive Guide to the City
056460: HOWSE W H - School and Bell Four Hundred Years of a Welsh Grammar School [ Signed ]
76766: HOWSE W H - Radnor 0ld and New
79884: HOWSE W H - Radnorshire
76767: HOWSE W H - Radnor 0ld and New
65065: HOWSE W H - Historic Hereford a Short Descriptive Guide to the City [Signed]
68372: HOWSE R M, HAARLEY F H - History of the Mining Engineering Company 1909 - 1959 { Meco }
70860: HOWSE W H - Historic Hereford a Short Descriptive Guide to the City [Signed]
65675: HOWSON J S - The River Dee Its Aspect and History
65705: HOWSON J S - The River Dee Its Aspect and History
66696: HROZNY H - Ancient History of Western Asia, India and Crete
67408: LONDON HS - The Brass at Snodland, Kent, to John, Son of Lancaster King of Arms
83922: ACHIM-HUBEL - Die Glasmalereien Des Regensburger Domes
58900: LEICESTER HUBERT A - Worcester Remembered
054433: CORLETTE HUBERT C - The Cathedral Church of Chichester
054577: LEICESTER HUBERT A - Worcester Remembered
66143: HUBERT, ANDREW & MARIA HUBERT - A Monmouthshire Christmas
59881: HUBERT, MARIA - A Wartime Christmas
72276: BOX HUBERT - The Principles of Canon Law.
65358: COX A HUBERT - The Economic Aspects of Glamorgan Geology
74622: HUCKS J, JONES, ALUN & TYDEMAN WILLIAM [EDS - A Pedestrian Tour Through North Wales in a Series of Letters by J Hucks 1795
054658: HUCKS J, JONES, ALUN & TYDEMAN WILLIAM [EDS - A Pedestrian Tour Through North Wales in a Series of Letters by J Hucks 1795
054955: HUDLESTON, C.ROY & BOUMPHREY, R.S. - Cumberland Families and Heraldry. With a Supplement to an Armorial for Westmorland and Lonsdale
82169: HUDSON, KENNETH - Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Europe
71581: HUDSON, KENNETH - The Bath & West. Bicentenary History
81773: HUDSON, JOHN - Sketches of Grange and Its Neighbourhood
72686: HUDSON P - A Leaf in the Wind, Travels in Africa
63721: MOORE N HUDSON - The Lace Book
65288: HUDSON K - Industrial Archaeology an Introduction
65706: HUDSON A E L - Geography of Wales
83236: HUDSON, KENNETH - Industrial Archaeology an Introduction
72390: HUDSON R - Memorials of a Warwickshire Village Being Papers Mainly Descriptive of the Records of the Parish of Lapworth
67885: BROGAN HUGH - Signalling from Mars the Letters of Arthur Ransome
62223: CONWAY JONES HUGH - Working Life on Severn and Canal: Reminiscences of Working Boatmen
77021: LEWIS HUGH M - Aberdyfi a Chronicle Through the Centuries
60493: DAVIES HUGH - Welsh Botanology...... . . the Native Plants of the Isle of Anglesey Complete in 2 Parts
63311: BODEY HUGH - Twenty Centuries of British Industry
73437: BODEY HUGH - Twenty Centuries of British Industry
056857: MELLER HUGH - The Country Houses of Devon 2 Volumes
72626: MACDIARMID HUGH - A Kist of Whistles
58746: SHORTT HUGH [ED] - City of Salisbury
65773: LEWIS HUGH M - Aberdyfi Through My Window -Reflections of a Welsh Village Boyhood Aberdovey [ Signed ]
70696: DESMOND HUGH - The Jacaranda Murders
65771: LEWIS HUGH M - Aberdyfi Time and Tide [Signed]
57866: PIGOT REV HUGH - Hadleigh the Town, the Church and the Great Men Who Have Been Born in, or Connected with the Parish,
60492: DAVIES HUGH - Welsh Botanology...... . . the Native Plants of the Isle of Anglesey Complete in 2 Parts
67181: LANDER HUGH - A Guide to the Do's and Don'Ts of House and Cottage Conversion
053703: HOWES HUGH - The Struggle for the Cornwall Railway - Fated Decisions
66178: OWEN HUGH J - From Merioneth to Botany Bay
055909: OWEN HUGH J - Merioneth Volunteers and Local Militia During the Napoleonic Wars 1795 - 1816
055714: OWEN HUGH J - From Merioneth to Botany Bay
65604: EVANS HUGH - Y Tyleth Teg
71155: MELLER HUGH - London Cemeteries an Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer
69451: MILLER HUGH - Edinburgh and Its Neighbourhood Geological and Historical with the Geology of the Bass Rock
63045: BARTY KING HUGH - The Worst Poverty a History of Debt and Debtors
73616: TRACEY HUGH - Father's First Car
70964: BRAUN HUGH - Old London Buildings
67893: MONTGOMERY HUGH - The Voyage of the Artic Tern
72720: MCKNIGHT HUGH - Canal and River Craft
58987: MORTON HUGH [EDITOR] - Ion Atkins an Appreciation
65772: LEWIS HUGH M - The Story of Aberdyfi
60151: BALLANTYNE HUGH - Great Western Revival
65777: LEWIS HUGH M - Aberdyfi the Past Recalled, Early Welsh Way of Life in the Dyfi and Dysynni Area
65778: LEWIS HUGH M - Aberdyfi a Chronicle Through the Centuries {Signed }
70646: MELLER HUGH - London Cemeteries an Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer
72930: HUGHES, S.J.S. - Darren Mines British Mining No 40
62329: HUGHES, JANET - The Killing Pens
57388: HUGHES, MALAWS, PARRY & WAKELIN - Collieries of Wales : Engineering and Architecture
82233: HUGHES, ABRAHAM - The History of Music in Sound Vol. II: Early Medieval Music Up to 1300
80836: HUGHES, GERAINT - Penybont and District in World War II
83587: HUGHES, JOSEPH - The History of the Township of Meltham Near Huddersfield in the West Riding of the County of York
83181: HUGHES, QUENTIN - The Building of Malta During the Period of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem 1530-1795
79410: I. T. HUGHES, A. HOWELLS & I. D. JOHN - St. Tysul's Church, Llandysul a Short History and Guide
65677: HUGHES H , NORTH H - The Old Cottages of Snowdonia [1908 ]
72411: HUGHES, A. J. & WILLIAM NOLAN - Armagh History and Society Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County
054888: HUGHES - The Stranger's Handbook to Chester and Its Environs Containing a Short Sketch of Its History and Antiquities a Descriptive Walk Round the Walls, and a Visit to the Cathedral, Castle, and Eaton Hall
61533: HUGHES, GEOFFREY (EDITED BY) - The Gresley Influence
052380: HUGHES A M D, COBBETT WILLIAM - Cobbett Selections: With Hazlitt's Essay and Other Critical Estimates
051818: HUGHES G - Portrait of Snowdonia
054325: HUGHES - Cambridgeshire
052567: HUGHES H - Cheshire and Its Welsh Border
78637: HUGHES, GERAINT - The Diary of Miss Eva Coates a Record of Life in Llandrindod Wells 1912 - 1940
83972: HUGHES, STEPHEN - The Archaeology of an Early Railway System - the Brecon Forest Tramways
83337: HUGHES, ALAN - Tonna It's Village and It's Rugby Club
83064: HUGHES, ALUN - Eglwys Llanymawddwy
66905: HUGHES H S - The Registers of Llantrithyd, Glamorganshire 1571 - 1810
79629: HUGHES, GERAINT - The Life of a Signalman on the Central Wales Line Volume 2 Excerpts from the Diaries of James Smout 1975 -1992
80835: HUGHES, GERAINT - Penybont Ghost Stories
71783: HUGHES, MIKE & L. ROWLEY - Management and Presentation of Field Monuments
70913: HUGHES, HENRY - Sailing Ships and Sailors of Wales
60538: HULBERT C - The Select Museum of the World or One Thousand Descriptions of Remarkable Antiquities Curiosities Beauties and Varieties of Nature and Art Volume 3 America
051842: HULL LISE, LITTLE BIRCH AND KING’S THORN HISTORY GROUP - Little Birch on Aconbury Hill: A History of the Parish and Its People
77152: HULL, F AND WALLIS H M - Catalogue of Estate Maps 1590-1840 in the Kent County Archives Office
76013: HULTEN, PONTUS - The Arcimboldo Effect
81212: HUMBLE, BENJAMIN HUTCHISON - Tramping in Skye
82165: HUME, JOHN R. - Industrial Archaeology of Scotland, the Highlands and Islands
80737: HUME, PHILIP - On the Trail of the Mortimers
81998: HUME, PHILIP - The Welsh Marcher Lordships Central & North : 1
82773: DOUGLAS HUME E - The Globular Jottings of Griselda
57743: SQUIRES A EAND HUMPHREY W - The Medieval Parks of Charnwood Forest
65993: LLOYD HUMPHREY - The Quaker Lloyds in the Industrial Revolution
60975: HUMPHREYS, CHRISTMAS - Both Sides of the Circle Autobiography
63008: HUMPHREYS, PATRICK & TOM GABRIEL - Practically in the Country
053873: HUMPHREYS A L - How to Write a Village History
79415: HUMPHREYS, JOHN - The Wyntours of Huddington and the Gunpowder Plot Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society Transactions 1904
056870: HUMPHREYS A L - Antique Maps and Charts
60479: HUMPHREYS H - Picturesque Scenery in North Wales
70394: HUNNEWELL, JAMES F - The Imperial Island, England's Chronicle in Stone
74540: HUNT, BETTRIDGE, TOPLIS [EDITORS] - Index to Probate Records of the Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham 1483 - 1660 and of the Buckinghamshire Peculiars 1420 - 1660
81939: HUNT, JOHN DIXON - Greater Perfections the Practice of Garden Theory
76242: HUNT J D - The Anglo-Dutch Garden in the Age of William and Mary .
67949: HUNT J H - Indian 'Fakirs'. A Paper Read Before the Osler Club on May 11th, 1934.
59132: HUNT A G - The Story of Baschurch
79500: HUNT, JOHN - Suez - the Hidden Truths
71088: HUNT, LEIGH. - The Town. Its Memorable Characters and Events St. Paul's to St. James's with Portraits and All the Original Illustrations.
75791: HUNT, WYNNELL M. - Cradley [Signed] a Village History
76691: HUNT R D - Henry Townshend's Notes of the Office of a Justice of Peace 1661 - 3
82510: HUNT, JULIAN - Buckinghamshire's Favourite Churches
76598: HUNT, T J - The Medieval Customs of the Manor of Taunton and Bradford on Tone
81413: HUNT, ROBERT AND JACKSON, RUTH - Inkberrow Ways
79537: HUNTER BLAIR, PETER - An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England
58016: BLAIR PETER HUNTER - Northumbria in the Days of Bede
63438: HUNTER JOSEPH, GATTY, ALFRED - Hallamshire the History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York with Historical and Descriptive Notices of the Parishes of Ecclesfield Hansworth Treeton and Whiston and the Chapelry of Bradfield
76060: HUNTER, JOHN & IAN RALSTON - Archaeological Resource Management in the Uk an Introduction
81864: HUNTER, LYNETTE & SARAH HUTTON - Women, Science and Medicine, 1500-1700 Mothers and Sisters of the Royal Society
71562: HUNTER, GAZ - The Shooting Gallery - the Elite Within the Elite - One Man's Secret Wars
61818: HUNTER, JOSEPH. - The Hallamshire Glossary.
70540: HUNTER J R - Fair Isle the Archaeology of an Island Community
58077: HUNTRISS Y S - The Town of Bloxham
67154: MALLALIEU HUON - Understanding Watercolours
054774: LE HURAY - The Bailiwick of Guernsey
054574: HURLE PAMELA, WINSOR JOHN - Portrait of Malvern
052690: HUGHES P AND HURLEY H - The Story of Ross
79119: HURLEY, HEATHER - The Scudamores of Kentchurch and Holme Lacy
74975: HURLEY, F.JACK - Industry and the Photographic Image 153 Great Prints from 1850 to the Present
77889: HURLEY, HEATHER & JON HURLEY - Family Walks in the Wye Valley
69694: HURST [ED] - Wharram a Study of Settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds
054113: ATTON HENRY AND HOLLAND HHENRY HURST - The King's Customs: 2 Volumes
63407: HURST M C - Joseph Chamberlain and West Midlands Politics 1886 - 1895
66118: HUSCROFT, RICHARD - Ruling England, 1042-1217
58135: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Oxford the Colleges and University Buildings
053076: HUSTWICK, IAN - The George of Port Seton
67938: HUTCHESON J C - Picked Up at Sea or the Gold Miners of Minturne Creek
74033: HUTCHINS, MICHAEL & D. JENKINS - Printing at Gregynog Exhibition Catalogue
58100: HUTCHINSON F E - Monumental Inscriptions in All Souls College Oxford
80437: HUTCHINSON H N - Prehistoric Man and Beast.
76524: HUTCHINSON, JOHN - Herefordshire Biographies Being a Record of Such of Natives of This County As Have Attained to More Than Local Celebrity in Literature Art Science Politics and the Likewith Notices of Their Lives and Bibliographical References Togetehr with an Appendix
77998: HUTCHINSON W A - Towns of Character by Hutch
79443: HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH - The Early History of Agriculture a Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy, Organized by Sir Joseph Hutchinson... [Et Al. ]
73439: HUTCHINSON W - An Excursion to the Lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland with a Tour Through Part of the Northern Counties in the Years 1773 and 1774
72810: HUTCHISON, JAMES - Weavers, Miners and the Open Book. A History of Kilsyth.
59067: HUTCHISON, GRAHAM SETON - The British Army
82883: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 7 1976
82885: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 9 1978
82886: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 11 1980
82887: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 10 1979
82888: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 12 1981
82889: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 13 1982
78751: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN - The Church of the Sixth Century
61817: HUTTON W - A Tour to Scarborough in 1803 Including a Particular Survey of the City of York
051760: HUTTON W H - Highways and Byways in Shakespeare's Country Edwardian Warwickshire
82884: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 8 1977
60541: HUTTON W - The Battle of Bosworth Field between Richard the Third and Henry Earl of Richmond August 22 1485
60400: HUTTON W - Remarks Upon North Wales Being the Results of Sixteen Tours Through That Part of the Principality
82881: HUTTON [ED] - Vernacular Architecture, Volume 6 1975
67418: JONES HUW - Patterns of Industry Explained the Midlands
60145: WILLIAMS HUW - The Parish of Llanrug Carnarvonshire with an Account of Restoration of the Parish Churchb
055447: WILLIAMS HUW - They Lived in Flintshire Volume 1 1733 - 1946
64363: WILLIAMS HUW [ED] - Bulwark and Bridge Essays in Memory of Elsie Pritchard of Brecon
82804: HUXLEY, JULIAN - From an Antique Land: Ancient and Modern in the Middle East
68491: HUXLEY, JULIAN , HARDY A C, FORD E B - Evolution As a Process
57169: HUYSHE W - The Royal Manor of Hitchin and Its Lords Harold and the Balliols
051424: THOMPSON HV [ED] - The North Staffordshire Field Club Transactions and Annual Report Volume LXIV, 1929-1930,
051433: THOMPSON HV [ED] - The North Staffordshire Field Club Transactions and Annual Report Volume LXXXI, 1946-1947
051428: THOMPSON HV [ED] - The North Staffordshire Field Club Transactions and Annual Report Volume LXXVI, 1941-1942,
051429: THOMPSON HV [ED] - The North Staffordshire Field Club Transactions and Annual Report Volume LXXVI, 1944-1945,
57612: TOMPKINS HW - Hertfordshire
57591: MACKLIN HW - Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire
055272: HYDE H A - Welsh Timber Trees
055960: HALL EDMUND HYDE - A Description of Caernarvonshire 1809 - 1811
65709: HYDREF, MAIR - Autumn Leaves
56938: HYETT F A - Gloucester in National History
83651: HYLAND, ANN - The Horse in the Middle Ages
68095: HYNDMAN H M - The Economics of Socialism Being a Series of Seven Lectures on Political Economy
68737: DAVIES D HYWEL - Pembroke Priory
75767: ANDERSON IAIN F - Scottish Quest
68083: ZACZEK IAIN - Chronicles of the Celts
66609: TYLER IAN - Force Crag the History of a Lakeland Mine [ Signed ]
63891: RICKARDS IAN - Ferrets and Ferreting
67906: WALKER IAN - Excavations on a Romano-British Site at Astley
70950: NORRIE IAN - Hampstead a Short Guide
58118: BISHOP IAN S - Around Keynsham Including Queen Charlton & Chewton
62705: FOWLER PETER AND BLACKWELL IAN - The Land of Lettice Sweetapple an English Countryside Explored
72730: MACPHERSON IAN - Shepherds' Calendar
051272: HAY IAN - The Battle of Flanders 1940 the Army at War
71015: MOSS DOUGLAS AND MURRAY IAN - Land and Labour in Fourteenth Century Tottenham
053199: FLEMING IAN - Glyndwr's First Victory the Battle of Hyddgen 1401
056058: SKIDMORE IAN - Gwynedd
054804: ABINGTON JOHN AND IAN - Abingtons of Hindlip: The Story of the Abington Family of Hindlip Hall Worcestershire 1515-1923
052247: RAY KEITH AND BAPTY IAN - Offa's Dyke Landscape and Hegamony in Eight Century Britain
052006: ROTHERHAM IAN D - Roman Baths in Britain
055582: MCQUEEN IAN - Bournemouth St Peter's
054304: LANDRY [ED] BARGE IAN - Subversive Verses a Election of Ludlow
70491: WATKINS SARAH AND WHYTE IAN - Floods in North West England a History C 1600 - 2008
053275: MEYRICK IAN - Oxfordshire Cinemas
75984: FOWLER PETER AND BLACKWELL IAN - The Land of Lettice Sweetapple an English Countryside Explored
056516: SMITH IAN - Tin Tabernacles Corrugated Iron Miisson Halls, Churches & Chapels of Britain
056665: JONES IAN - Kington to Ludlow Along the Mortimer Trail a 30 Mile Linear Walk South to North Route Starting from Kington
056666: JONES IAN - Ludlow to Kington Along the Mortimer Trail a 30 Mile Linear Walk North to South Route Starting from Ludlow
053075: HOLBOURNE IAN B - The Isle of Foula
59841: MCDONALD IAN - The Boer War in Postcards
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65744: JONES J IDWAL - Atlas o Gymru Daearyddol
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055781: IFANS DAFYDD, HUGHES KATHLEEN - Two Kilvert Notes ; Kilvert at Aberystwyth, Two Kilvert Letters
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78466: ILLION, THEODORE - In Secret Tibet : In Disguise Amongst Lamas, Robbers and Wise Men a Key to the Mysteries of Tibet
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73417: IMMELMANN F - Immelmann the Eagle of Lille
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56924: HABERLEY IMOGEN - A Memoir of Frederick P Hart [ Chipping Campden Gloucestershire ]
73193: A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE [ MRS STUART MENZIES ] - Further Indiscretions
73051: GREAT BRITAIN: DEPT. OF TRADE & INDUSTRY - Gypsum and Anhydrite
051256: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - The Assurance of Victory
051268: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - Merchantmen at War: The Official Story of the Merchant Navy: 1939-1944
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83069: INGRAM, MALLARD EDWARD - Drypool Being the History of the Ancient Parish of Drypool Cum Southcoates
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58079: INMAN H T, PAINTIN HARRY [REVISED] - Near Oxford a Popular Historical and Architectural Handbook to over a Hundred Places of Interest Within a Radius of About Fifteen Miles
73742: INNES, JOHN - Old Llanelly
051974: INNES - Innes's Exotic Aquarium Fishes
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79947: ASHWICK AND OAKHILL WOMENS INSTITUTE - The Story of Our Villages Ashwick and Oakhill
67687: ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS INSTITUTE - Yearbook and Reference Manual Incorporating a List of Members - Architects and Surveyors Institute 1991
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63816: IDRIESS ION L - Back o' Cairns [Signed ]
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053950: IRESON T - Old Kettering and Its Defenders
59161: IRESON A S - Masonry Conservation and Restoration
61059: BRYCE IRIS - Canals Are My Home
66539: THOMAS IRIS [RODERICK ] - Thanks for the Memories [ Merthyr Tydfil ]
64777: BRYCE IRIS - Canals Are My Home [Signed]
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57625: HUNT IRVINE - The Lakeland Pedlar in Period Photographs
57627: HUNT IRVINE - Old Lakeland Transport
56940: GRAY IRVINE - Antiquaries of Gloucestershire and Bristol
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83725: ISAAC, ALUN - Dolaucothi Gold a Vision Realised
74861: ISAAC, FRANK - English & Scottish Printing Types 1501-35 * 1508-41. Collected and Annotated by Frank Isaac.
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83771: ISAACS, JOHN O. - Aeroplane Affair an Aeronautical Autobiography
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68858: ISENBERG, I - Caesar
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74996: TURNER MARY /LAMBOT ISOBEL [PSEUD] - So Bright a Lady
74985: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Still Waters Run Deadly
74988: LAMBOT ISOBEL - The Queen Dies First
74987: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Point of Death
74994: TURNER MARY /LAMBOT ISOBEL [PSEUD] - The Justice Hunt
74990: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Dangerous Refuge [ Signed ]
74984: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Blood Ties
75908: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Point of Death [Signed]
75095: LAMBOT ISOBEL - Eu Escrevo Romances Policiais
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054098: SPARKES IVAN G - Wycombe in Camera the Town and District
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81969: AKIMUSHKIN & IVANOV - St. Petersburg Muraqqa' Album of Indian and Persian Miniatures from the 16th Century Through the 18th Century and Specimens of Persian Calligraphy by 'Imad Al-Hasani.
055156: IVEY W F - Memories of Old Helston St John's & Loe Pool
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66940: WATERS IVOR - Chepstow Miscellany
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66942: WATERS IVOR - Chepstow Parish Records
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66936: WATERS IVOR - Chepstow Miscellany
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051943: LINDSAY JACK - Arthur and His Times Britain in the Dark Ages
051748: GOULD JACK - Northamptonshire
055475: SIMMONS JACK - A Devon Anthology
050840: LYNN JACK - The Turncoat
054082: WAGSTAFF JACK - A Tale of Two Villages Church with Chapel Brampton a Perambulation [ Buckinghamshire ]
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63106: BOWYER JACK - History of Building
62716: FINEGAN JACK - Light from the Ancient Past: The Archeological Background of the Hebrew- Christian Religion - Volume 1 Only
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69303: JACKMAN S W - Vancouver
77645: JACKSON, M. J. - Bygone Mansfield in Words and Pictures
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82453: JACKSON, K. GORDON - Pause to Remember a History of Glapwell, Derbyshire
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71557: JACKSON, ROBERT - Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes
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73818: JACKSON, G GIBBARD - Airships and Balloons
79126: JACKSON, EDWARD - An Account of the Many and Great Loans, Benefactions and Charities Belonging to the City of Coventry to Which Is Annexed a Copy of the Decretal Order of the Court of Chancery Relating to the Memorable Charity of Sir Thomas White
64281: JACKSON G G - From Track to Highway
81739: JACKSON, MICHAEL JOHN - Edwinstowe the Story of a Forest Village
60376: JACKSON, ROBERT - Liners, Tankers & Merchant Ships
59840: JACKSON R - Air War Flanders 1918
68921: GREGORY JACKSON - The Trail to Paradise
82094: JACKSON, D. A. & ETC. - Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Site at Upton, Northants
59186: JACKSON GEORGINA F , BURNE CHARLOTTE SOPHIA [ED] - Shropshire Folklore a Sheaf of Gleanings. Shropshire Word Book a Glossary of Archaic and Provincial Words Etc Used in the County 2 Volumes
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69242: SCHEIL JACOB - Journey Through the Rocky Mountains and the Humboldt Mountains to the Pacific Ocean
77862: O'CALLAGHAN JACOB - Elgar: A Herefordshire Guide
82830: JACOBS, BERTRAM - The Story of British Carpets
78885: JACOBS, ELSIE - Ludlow and the Mortimer Country
61404: JACQ, CHRISTIAN - L'Egypte Des Grands Pharaons
79128: SIMPSON JACQUELINE - Green Men & White Swans the Folklore of British Pub Names
79262: SIMPSON JACQUELINE - Green Men & White Swans the Folklore of British Pub Names
056493: SIMPSON JACQUELINE - Folklore of the Welsh Border
60904: CAMERON JACQUELINE - Around Leamington Spa a Second Selection
68144: MARITAIN JACQUES - The Dream of Descartes
84023: JACQUES, PETER - Crofton Through the 20th Century, Photographic History of Crofton 1900 to 2000
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65715: JAMES D - Yr Ysgol Gymraeg - the Welsh Ladder
81356: JAMES D H - A Guide to Llanybyther
70515: JAMES, HUGH, BAGOT, ANNETTE AND MUNBY, JULIAN [EDS] - 'All Things Is Well Here' [Signed] Letters from Hugh James of Levens to James Grahme, 1692-5
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65928: ECCLESTON JAMES - An Introduction to English Antiquities
65371: ALLEN JAMES A - The Allen Chronicle a Family in Peace and War
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60318: WOOD JAMES G - The Lordship , Castle and Town of Chepstow , Otherwise Striguil ,with an Appendix on the Lordship of Caerleon
71912: ROOSE EVANS JAMES - The Adventures of Odd and Elsewhere
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73644: INNES JAMES - The Cotton Spinner's Pocket Book Containing Machinery Calculations, Speeds, Productions, Constants, Useful Tables, and General Information Connected with Blowing-Room Machinery, Carding, Preparing and Spinning Machinery
59498: SAVAGE JAMES - History of the Hundred of Carhampton in the County of Somerset
75918: BROWNE JAMES - A History of the Highlands and the Highland Clans Part 26 Only [ Highland Regiments ]
82023: JAMES, RATTUE - Exuviae a Fragmentary Grammar of Gothic
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78339: LOVELOCK JAMES - Caving
78340: LOVELOCK JAMES - Caving
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67067: WOOD JAMES G - The Lordship , Castle and Town of Chepstow , Otherwise Striguil ,with an Appendix on the Lordship of Caerleon
67065: WILLIAMS JAMES - Brecon and Its Neighbourhood Containing Descriptions of the Town, the Roads, Rivers & Rails, Lakes, Waterfalls, Mountains, Fishing, Walks Etc
68755: JAMES C D - The Town and County of Haverfordwest and Its Story
68754: JAMES C D - The Town and County of Haverfordwest and Its Story
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054975: STONE JAMES S - Woods and Dales of Derbyshire
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054798: DAVENPORT JAMES - Notes on the Bishopric of Worcester 1547 - 1559
053820: MACKAY JAMES - Collecting Local History
054745: WILLIAMS JAMES - Give Me Yesterday [ Cardiganshire ] Signed
054731: WILLIAMS JAMES - Give Me Yesterday [ Cardiganshire ]
055725: HOPKIN-JAMES - Old Cowbridge Borough School and Church
62993: HAKEWILL JAMES - The History of Windsor and Its Neighbourhood
051997: MCCLINTOCK JAMES - The Stonehenge Companion
052051: PARRY JAMES - Heathland
71118: BONE JAMES - London Echoing
71575: ARNOLD JAMES - The Farm Waggons of England and Wales
051754: DYER JAMES - Bedfordshire
57459: PHIPPEN JAMES - Colbran's New Guide for Tunbridge Wells Being a Full and Accurate Description of the Wells and Its Neighbourhood Within Twenty Miles and Notices of the London and Dover Railway
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055883: WRIGHT JAMES - The History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland
054578: MCKAY JAMES - The British Camp on the Herefordshire Beacon Fifteen Short Essays on Scennes and Incidents in the Lives of the Ancient Britons
054162: RATTUE JAMES - The Living Stream Holy Wells in Historical Context
055658: WELLDON J E C AND WALL JAMES - The Story of Durham Cathedral
052792: PRICE JAMES - Sharpe, Paley and Austin. A Lancaster Architectural Practice 1836 - 1942
055018: MILNE JAMES - Travels in Hope. A Book of Wayfaring Essays
72628: MORGAN JAMES F - England Under the Norman Occupation
62984: GYLL GORDON WILLOUGHBY JAMES - History of the Parish of Wraysbury Ankerwyche Priory and Magna Charta Island with the History of Horton and the Town of Cowbrook Bucks
71136: SALMON JAMES - Ten Years' Growth of the City of London. Report, Local Government and Taxation Committee of the Corporation, with the Results of the Day-Census, 1891
59180: WRIGHT JAMES - The History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland
63427: CLARKE JAMES - A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland Westmorland and Lancashire Together with an Account Historical and Desriptive of the Adjacent Country to Which I Added a Sketch of the Border Laws and Customs
56935: BENNETT JAMES - The History of Tewkesbury
73793: LUNT JAMES - Famous Regiments 16th/5th the Queen's Royal Lancers
59812: BENNETT JAMES - The History of Tewkesbury
72634: SCHULTZ JAMES A - The Shape of the Round Table Structures of Middle High German Arthurian Romance
62944: ROUSE JAMES - The Beauties and Antiquities of the County of Sussex Forming a General Illustration on One Hundred and Forty Nine Spirited Lithographic Views from Original Drawings Taken on the Spot of Its Ecclesiastical and Castellated Remains Accompanied...... . Notices
84107: JAMES M R - Suffolk and Norfolk. A Perambulation of the Two Counties with Notices of Their History and Their Ancient Buildings.
61833: SHEAHAN JAMES J - History and Topography of the City of York and the North Riding of Yorkshire Volume 1
70963: THORNE JAMES - Handbook to the Environs of London - Containing an Account of Every Town and Village and of All Places of Interest Within a Circle of Twenty Miles Round London
72495: WILLIAMS MARY AND ROTHSCHILD JAMES A DE - A Miscellany of Studies in Romance Languages and Literature Presented to Leon E Kastner
050868: CORNWELL JAMES - A School Atlas
66901: JAMES C D - The Town and County of Haverfordwest and Its Story
72027: CLEUGH JAMES - The Amorous Master Pepys
63761: ASTON MICK AND BOND JAMES - The Landscape of Towns
60751: DUGDALE JAMES - The New British Traveller or Modern Panorama of England and Wales
72363: SAMBROOK JAMES - William Cobbett
79467: JAMES, FRANCIS - Marsh Court the Missing Chapters
68169: CLEUGH JAMES - Prelude to Parnassus Scenes from the Life of Alexander Sereyevich Pushkin [ 1799 - 1837 ]
61764: ELMES JAMES - Metropolitan Improvements or London in the Nineteenth Century Being a Series of Views of the New and Most Interesting Objects in the British Metropolis and Its Vicinity
60534: WHITE JAMES - A Treatise on Veterinary Medicine Vol IV
80981: JAMES, MERVYN EVANS - Society, Politics and Culture Studies in Early Modern England
64434: JONES JAMES P - A History of the Parish of Tettenhall in the County of Stafford
64436: JAMES, ARTHUR & MARGARET COOPER - A Bromsgrove Carpenter's Tale the Early Life and Times of Arthur James 1878-1914
72308: HEWITT JAMES [ED] - Eye-Witness to Ireland in Revolt
58313: BAKER JAMES [ED] - The New Guide to Bristol and Clifton and the Bristol Channel
58668: WAYLEN JAMES - A History , Military and Municipal of the Ancient Borough of Devizes and Subordinately of the Entire Hundred of Potterne and Cannings
65482: BUCKLEY JAMES - Genealogies of the Carmarthenshire Sheriffs from 1539 to 1759
61757: MALCOLM JAMES - A Compendium of Modern Husbandry Principally Written During a Survey of Surrey Illustrative Also of the Best Principles in the Neighbouring Counties Kent Sussex Etc Vol 3
77802: JAMES, DUNCAN - The Historic Buildings of Weobley
79432: JAMES, BRENDA M. - Fond Memories of Talley
73645: PAGE JAMES D - Abnormal Psychology a Clinical Approach to Psychlogical Deviants
79815: JAMES, ARTHUR & MARGARET COOPER - A Bromsgrove Carpenter's Tale the Early Life and Times of Arthur James 1878-1914
69892: KENWARD JAMES - The Roof-Tree
57417: SANDERS JAMES - Of Wind and Water a Kiwi Pilot in Coastal Command
62931: CHAMBERS JAMES - The English House
58676: SMITH JAMES - Wilton and Its Associations with Illustrations on Wood by Wf Tiffin [ Wiltshire ]
75073: JAMES, LOUIS - Print and the People 1819-1851
70092: JAMES, DAVID & STUART BOOTH - New Visions in Celtic Art
053895: JAMESON M B - The Long Day: 1883-1983.
71693: JAMESON P R - The Barometer As the Foot Rule of the Air
052485: OWEN JAMIE - Magic Islands Off the Coast of Wales
70223: OWEN JAMIE - Around Wales by B Roads and Byways
62613: MORRIS JAN [FOREWORD] - Wales from the Air
70856: JANCEY E M - The Royal Charters of the City of Hereford
83125: PENOYRE JOHN AND JANE - Decorative Plasterwork in the Houses of Somerset 1500 - 1700 a Regional Survey
67817: COX JANE - New to Kew ?
57868: HALES JANE - Norfolk Places
053180: PUGH JANE - Welsh Ghostly Encounters
052900: DOLINGER JANE - Gypsies of the Pampa
056295: PUGH JANE - Welsh Ghosts and Phantoms
81052: FAWCETT JANE - General Handbook, British Association Leeds Meeting 1927
59118: SHAW JOAN AND KEAY JANE - A Shropshire Scrapbook.
052625: GRANT FIONA AND PATTON JANE - The Walled Gardens of Herefordshire
052931: MOWL TIMOTHY AND BRADNEY JANE - Historic Gardens of Herefordshire
68154: VANSITTART JANE - Lifelines the Stacey Letters 1836-1858
83002: JANES, ROWLAND - Pensford, Publow and Woollard a Topographical History
70057: ROEBUCK JANET - The Making of Modern English Society from 1850
76551: STEVENSON JANET H - The Durford Cartulary
050685: BECKER M JANET - Rochester Bridge 1387-1856 a History of Its Early Years Compiled from the Wardens's Accounts
055915: GRIERSON JANET - Frances Ridley Havergal
052846: KENNISH JANET - Datchet Past [ Berkshire ]
054470: DUNBAR JANET - A Prospect of Richmond
055557: COOPER JANET - Eastnor - Victoria History of Herefordshire
053266: DIXON JANET - Parish Surveys in Somerset Number 3 Carhampton
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58391: STONEBANKS JOHN A - The Thames Bridges at Walton
60522: AIKIN JOHN [AIKEN] - England Described Being a Concise Delineation of Every County in England and Wales
61164: HUTCHINS JOHN - The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset
69745: HILL JOHN - A Christmas Voyage to the Moon in 1680 Passing a Mighty Comet on the Way. An Allarm to Europe by a Late Prodigious Comet Seen November and December 1680
050799: TRENCH JOHN - Beyond the Atlas
69661: GARRATT JOHN G - Model Soldiers a Collector's Guide
056314: HALSTEAD JOHN - Bronze Age Settlement in the Welsh Marches
049934: PHILIPSON JOHN [EDITOR] - Archaeologia Aeliana or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity 4th Series Volume XLVIII 1970
66713: CARROLL JOHN - The Anatomy of the Harley-Davidson
58463: AIKIN JOHN [AIKEN] - A Description of the Country from Thirty to Forty Miles Round Manchester.
64240: KINROSS JOHN - The Palmerston Forts of the South West . Why Were They Built?
62215: ANDERSON JOHN - Leicestershire Canals Bygones in Camera
64668: SMITH JOHN L - Rails to Tenterden a Pictorial Record of the Kent & East Sussex Railway
57883: BLACKNER JOHN - The History of Nottingham, Embracing Its Antiquities, Trade and Manufactures from the Earliest Authentic Records to the Present Period
050736: WHITE JOHN T - A Country Diary Kent
76526: VAUGHAN JOHN - The English Guide Book C 1780 - 1870
70034: HINNELLS JOHN R - A New Dictionary of Religions
61253: GOODWIN JOHN - Imputatio Fidei
63793: JONES JOHN - The History of the Baptists in Radnorshire with a Sketch of the Nonconformity in the County
57675: HURST JOHN - Lakeland Reporter Recollections of a Cumbrian Newspaperman
64370: FISHER JOHN - Welsh Church Decorations
050582: BURDEN JOHN - Making the Unforgettable. The Arrival, Departure and Return of the Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway { Signed Copy }
70336: BURKE JOHN - Peerage and Baronetage Volume 2. I to Z
70796: PRICE JOHN - An Historical Account of the City of Hereford
62481: MERCER JOHN - Canary Islands Fuerte-Ventura
60324: LEE JOHN E - Isca Silurum or an Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Antiquities at Caerleon
67066: WILSON JOHN - Art and Soceity in Newport: James Flewitt Mullock and the Victorian Achievement
67772: BLAIR JOHN [EDITOR] - Saint Frideswide's Monastery at Oxford : Archaeological & Architectural Studies
58767: AMPHLETT JOHN - A Short History of Clent
60584: BURTON JOHN - Nuneaton Past and Present
59373: OGDEN JOHN - Yorkshire's River Aire
61748: ADAMS JOHN - An Analysis of Horsemanship; Teaching the Whole Art of Riding in the Manege, Military, Hunting, Racing and Travelling System, Together with the Method of Breaking Horses Vol 1
050719: AMPHLETT JOHN [ED] - An Index to Dr Nash's Collections for a History of Worcestershire. Part I. Names of Persons.
81852: HURLEY JOHN - A Ross Anthology Quotations Spanning 1000 Years
73807: WRIGHT JOHN - Buffon's Natural History or the Globe , and of Man Beasts Birds Fishes Reptiles and Insects 4 Volumes

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