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13138: - Television and the Public
21458: A.R.R.L. - Firfty Years of A.R.R.L. : A Reprint of Historical Articles from the 1964 Issues of QST
27985: - Accents of God: Selections from the World's Sacred Scriptures
28133: - Heralds of the Storm
31338: N/A - A Manual of Abhidhamma, Being Abhidhammattha Sangaha
31496: N/A - Man Ray: An Exhibition Organized By the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
31511: MR. "J" - More of the World's Best Dirty Jokes
31607: N/A - Sturm Und Drang: Dramatische Schriften, Band I
31608: N/A - Sturm Und Drang: Dramatische Schriften, Band II
31686: MR. "J" - The World's Best Dirty Jokes
31775: N/A - Blick Nach Vorn Und Blick Zuruck/Looking Back and Looking Ahead
31776: N/A - Blueprint Reading and Sketching
31825: N/A - Hammond's Complete World Atlas
31945: N/A - The Reception of 'The Lisle Letters' 1982-1983
31948: N/A - The Teaching of Buddha
32252: N/A - Harvard Business Review on Management
33672: N/A - The One Show: Judged to Be Advertising's Best Print, Radio, TV, Vol. 16
33838: N/A - Annual Editions: Readings in Economics '73/'74
36901: N/A - The Photography Book
36972: N/A - Travel Photography
37022: N/A - Israel Pocket Library: Geography
37103: N/A - Amino-Acids, Peptides and Proteins, Vol. 15
37104: N/A - Amino-Acids, Peptides and Proteins, Vol. 16
37111: N/A - Ying Han Kuai Ji Ci dian/An English-Chinese Accounting Dictionary
37117: N/A - Robotics Today '82 Annual Edition
37271: N/A - European Paintings an Illustrated Summary Catalogue
37363: N/A - The TTL Data Book, Volume 3: Advanced Low-Power Schottky, Advanced Schottky
37380: N/A - Twenty Great Paintings: An Introductory Tour
37734: N/A - The Essential Guide to Maui
38398: N/A - Me and My Shadows: A Complete Shadow Show at Your Fingertips
26456: AAAI - Proceedings of the Fourteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Ninth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference: July 27-31, 1997, Providence, Rhode Island
17825: AARON, HENRY J. - Why Is Welfare So Hard to Reform?
31450: AARONSON, HUBERT I.; ANSELL, GEORGE S., EDS. - High-Temperature High-Resolution Metallography, Vol. 38
14208: ABBEY, LYNN - Soul of the City (Thieves World Book, No 8)
18002: ABBOTT, SHIRLEY - Love's Apprentice
28219: ABBOTT, LEONARD DALTON, ED. - Masterworks of Economics, Vol. 2
30012: ABBOTT, LEONARD DALTON, ED. - Masterworks of Economics, Vol. 3
30324: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER; ZIM, HERBERT S. - Sea Shells of the World
32249: ABBOTT, M.M.; VANNESS, H. C. - Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems ofThermodynamics
3069: ABEGGLEN, JAMES C.; STALK, GEORGE JR. - Kaisha: The Japanese Corporation
14117: ABEL, PETER - IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming
35651: ABERNETHY, FRANCIS E., ED. - Tales from the Big Thicket
22893: ABINADER, ELMAZ - Children of the Roojme: A Family's Journey
11116: ABLAN, DAN - LightWave Power Guide
32605: ABLOW, KEITH - Psychopath
22128: D'ABOVILLE, GERARD - Alone/the Man Who Braved the Vast Pacific and Won
37670: D'ABOVILLE, GERARD; SEAVER, RICHARD, TRANS.; THEROUX, PAUL, INTRO. - Alone/the Man Who Braved the Vast Pacific and Won
6188: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Last of the Dixie Heroes : A Novel of Suspense
34525: L. M. ABRAMOV, V. S. CERNJAVSKII, V. A. EFREMOVIC, A. L. GARKAVI, A. I. MAL'CEV, S. I. MEL'NIK, V. I. PONOMAREV, V. A. ROHLIN, JA. G. SINAI, E. G. SKLJARENKO, E. S. TIHOMIROVA, AND B. A. TRAHTENBROT - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 39 : Fifteen Papers on Topology and Logic
34530: L. M. ABRAMOV, V. G. EGOROV, I. C. GOHBERG, R. Z. HAS'MINSKII, V. P. IL'IN, M. A. NAIMARK, V. P. PALAMODOV, V. A. ROHLIN, AND P. E. SOBOLEVSKII - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 49 : Ten Papers on Functional Analysis and Measure Theory
33669: ABRAMS, IRWIN - The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: An Illustrated Biographical History, 1901-1987
36020: ABU-JABER, DIANA - Crescent
31003: ACCOCE, PIERRE; QUET, PIERRE; SMITH, A.M. SHERIDAN, TRANS. - A Man Called Lucy: 1939-1945
11023: ACETO, LUCA (EDITOR) - Computer Science Aalborg University : Research Evaluation 1996-2000
30165: ACHINSTEIN, PETER - Particles and Waves: Historical Essays in the Philosophy of Science
26457: ACKERLEY, J. R. - My Father and Myself
29985: ACKLEY, GARDNER - Macroeconomic Theory
7641: ACM SIGMOD; MICHAEL CAREY - SIGMOD 95: International Conference on Management of Data
32671: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Probability 1: Why There Must Be Intelligent Life in the Universe
32680: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Fermat's Last Theorem: Unlocking the Secret of an Ancient Mathematical Problem
6238: ADAMS, ANSEL; ALINDER, MARY STREET (EDITOR) - Ansel Adams: Letters 1916-1984
7132: ADAMS, SCOTT - It's Obvious You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone: A Dilbert Book
11304: ADAMS, CHARLOTTE; KERR, ALVIN - The Family Cookbook : Italian
30989: ADAMS, ANSEL - Yosemite Valley
33070: ADAMS, JAMES - The Next World War, The: Computers are the Weapons and the Front Line is Everywhere
35086: ADAMS, DANIEL J. - Always to be Reformed: Systematic Theology
38344: ADAMS, CARRIE - The Godmother: A Novel
3618: ADDIS, T. R. - Designing Knowledge-based Systems
32270: ADDISON, MARTIN - Painter IX for Photographers: Creating Painterly Images Step by Step
10082: ADELAIDA LOPEZ DE MARTINEZ (EDITOR) - Letras Femeninas : Volumen XXII : Numeros 1-2 : Primavera - Otono 1996
10083: ADELAIDA LOPEZ DE MARTINEZ (EDITOR) - Letras Femeninas : Volumen XVII : Numeros 1-2 : Primavera - Otono 1991
10085: ADELAIDA LOPEZ DE MARTINEZ (EDITOR) - Letras Femeninas : Volumen XVIII : Numeros 1-2 : Primavera - Otono 1992
14051: ADELI, HOJJAT - Knowledge Engineering Vol. 2 : Applications
14052: ADELI, HOJJAT - Knowledge Engineering Vol. 1 : Fundamentals
38290: ADELMAN, MARCY, ED. - Long Time Passing: Lives of Older Lesbians
34601: ADIAN, SERGEI; NERODE, ANIL (EDS.) - Logical Foundations of Computer Science: 4th International Symposium, LFCS'97, Yaroslavl, Russia, July, 6 - 12, 1997, Proceedings
17664: AESCHYLUS, SOPHOCLES, EURIPES, ARISTOPHANES - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 5 : Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripes, Aristophanes
11406: AGGARWAL, RAJ K. - Capital Budgeting under Uncertainty
18137: AGRAWALA, ASHOK K. (EDITOR) - Machine Recognition of Patterns
29017: AHLFORS, LARS V. - Complex Analysis: An Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions of One Complex Variable
16026: AHMAD, ANJAIL RASHIDA - Necessary Kindling: Poems
14262: AHO, C. MICHAEL - After Reagan: Confronting the Changed World Economy
21029: AHO, ALFRED V.; BOOK, RONALD V. - Currents in the Theory of Computing
36778: AIDAROUS, SALAH; PLEVYAK, THOMAS, EDS. - Telecommunications Network Management into the 21st Century: Techniques, Standards, Technologies, and Applications
15550: AIGNER, DENNIS J. - Basic Econometrics
24452: AIKATH-GYALTSEN, INDRANI - Daughters of the House
28509: AINSLIE, TOM - Ainslie's Complete Hoyle: Rules, Strategies, Scoring, Bidding, Betting Systems
3089: AIZERMAN, M. A.; GANTMACHER, F. R.; POLAK, E. (TRANSLATOR) - Absolute Stability of Regulator Systems
34545: M. A. AIZERMAN, I. A. BAHTIN, V. M. BOROK, È. M. BRAVERMAN, JA. V. BYKOV, M. L. CETLIN, L. D. ÈSKIN, I. M. GEL'FAND, G. N. GESTRIN, JU. F. KOROBEINIK, V. G. LINENKO, S. A. MAKSIMOV, A. S. MARKUS, S. M. NIKOL'SKII, I. I. PJATECKII-ŠAPIRO, S. Z. RAFAL'SO - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 87 : Sixteen Papers on Differential and Difference Equations, Functional Analysis, Games and Control
27204: AJAMILA; A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA - Second Chance: The Story of a Near-Death Experience
28706: AKERBLOM, SIDNEY - Life Can Begin At Forty
5460: AKERS, MICHAEL J. - Parenteral Quality Control : Sterility, Pyrogen, Particulate and Package Integrity Testing
19168: AKERS, CHARLES W.; HANDLIN, OSCAR - Abigail Adams: An American Woman
21404: AKILLIAN, MICHAEL H. - The Eating of Names: Poems
24691: AKST, DANIEL - St. Burl's Obituary
35914: ALAGIC, SUAD; ARBIB, MICHAEL A. - The Design of Well-Structured and Correct Programs
35800: ALBERT, ALEXA - Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women
35095: ALDER, HENRY L.; ROESSLER, EDWARD B. - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
7137: ALDISS, BRAIN - New Arrivals, Old Encounters
26140: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY - The Story of a Bad Boy
3713: ALDRIDGE, ROBERT C. - The Counterforce Syndrome: A Guide to U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Strategic Doctrine
18455: ALEITH, R. C. - Basic Rock Climbing
17222: ALEKSANDER, IGOR; HANNA, F. KEITH - Automata Theory : An Engineering Approach
34539: A. D. ALEKSANDROV, M. G. GASYMOV, S. N. KRUžKOV, B. M. LEVITAN, M. A. NAIMARK, L. A. SAHNOVIC, AND JA. G. SINAI - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 68 : Ten Papers on Differential Equations and Functional Analysis
34527: ALENICYN, JU. E.; ARAKELJAN, N. U.; BARI, N. K.; DRAGILEV, M. M.; FEDOROV, V. S.; HAVINSON, S. JA.; IBRAGIMOV, I. I.; LINNIK, JU. V.; MOREV, I. A.; OLEVSKII, A. M.; PJATECKII-ŠAPIRO, I. I.; TALALJAN, A. A.; UL'JANOV, P. L.; VLADIMIROV, V. S.; ZIZA, O. A. - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 43 : Fifteen Papers on Series and Functions of Complex Variables
32228: D'ALESSANDRO, DAVID - Career Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It
19084: ALEXANDER, MEENA - The Shock of Arrival: Reflections on Postcolonial Experience
27360: ALEXANDER, J. W.; HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 62ND CONGRESS - Proceedings of the Committee on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries in the Investigation of Shipping Combinations under House Resolution 587
29330: ALEXANDER, DALE - Arthritis and Common Sense
36999: ALEXANDER, EDWARD - Isaac Bashevis Singer
20970: ALFARO, M.; DEHESA, J. S.; MARCELLAN, F.J.; DE FRANCIA, J.L. RUBIO; VINUESA - Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Applications: Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in Segovia, Spain, Sept. 22-27, 1986
27439: ALGER, HORATIO JR. - Shifting for Himself: Or Gilbert Greyson's Fortune
12708: ALI, SYED A. - Quran Fundamental Law: Text, Translation and Commentary Vol 7
32850: ALIBER, ROBERT Z. - The International Money Game
36365: ALIBER, ROBERT Z. - The International Money Game
17224: ALIOTO, ANTHONY M. - A History of Western Science
28457: ALLAND, ALEXANDER - When the Spider Danced: Notes from an African Village
5451: ALLEN, DICK - Science Fiction : The Future
7141: ALLEN, DICK (EDITOR); ALLEN, LORI (EDITOR) - Looking Ahead : The Vision of Science Fiction
15168: ALLEN, J. EDWARD - Beat the Odds: How to Win at Gambling! (Basics of Winning)
15973: ALLEN LINDA BUCHANAN - Short Hikes and Ski Trips Around Pinkham Notch
25681: ALLEN, ROBERT CLYDE - Channels of Discourse: Television and Contemporary Criticism
28497: ALLEN, CHRIS T.; JOHN, DEBORAH ROEDDER, EDS. - Advances in Consumer Research : Vol. XXI
28532: ALLEN, J. EDWARD - Basics of Winning Craps
28534: ALLEN, J. EDWARD - Beat the Odds: How to Win at Gambling!
34161: ALLEN, KATE - Tell Me What You Like
37790: ALLEN, WILLIAM H., ED. - Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use
38087: ALLEN, DON - Finally Truffaut: A Film-by-Film Guide to the Master Filmmaker's Legacy
38534: ALLEN, REGINALD - W.S. Gilbert: An Anniversary Survey and Exhibition Checklist with Thirty-five Illustrations
18609: ALLENBAUGH, KAY - Chocolate For A Woman's Soul: 77 Stories To Feed Your Spirit And Warm Your Heart
3483: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Eva Luna
17478: ALLENDE, ISABEL; PEDEN, MARGARET SAYERS - Daughter of Fortune
36374: ALLENDE, ISABEL - The Stories of Eva Luna
37154: ALLENOV, M. M ;EVANGULOVA, O. S.;LIFSHITS, L. I. - Russkoe Iskusstvo X-Nachala XX Veka: Arkhitektura, Skulptura, Zhivopis, Grafika
21084: ALLGOWER, E. L. (EDITOR); GLASHOFF, K. (EDITOR); PEITGEN, H.-O. (EDITOR) - Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations: Proceedings, Bremen, 1980
7015: ALLISON, GRAHAM T. (EDITOR); URY, WILLIAM L. (EDITOR) - Windows of Opportunity : From Cold War to Peaceful Competition in U.S.-Soviet Relations
18186: ALLISON, DOROTHY - Cavedweller
23427: ALLISON, DOROTHY - Cavedweller
27542: ALLISON, DOROTHY - Cavedweller
31576: ALMOND, JOYCE, ED. - Proceeding of the Second International Symposium of the Theory of Road Traffic Flow, London 1963
13712: ALMQUIST, ELIZABETH M. - Minorities, Gender and Work
6560: ALROY, GIL CARL. - Behind the Middle East Conflict: The Real Impasse Between Arab and Jew
36591: ALSTON, PHILIP, ED. - The International Library of Essays in Law & Legal Theory: Human Rights Law
12647: ALTICK, RICHARD D.; WRIGHT, ANDREW H. - Selective Bibliography for the Study of English and American Literature
31419: ALVARE, MARIA JOSE; GORDILLO, CLAUDIA - Estampas Del Caribe Nicaraguense
29033: AMADO, JORGE - Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon
29989: D'AMATO, ROBERT; SNYDER, JOAN - Macular Degeneration: The Latest Scientific Discoveries and Treatments for Preserving Your Sight
28426: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. JR. - The Victors: Eisenhower and His Boys The Men of World War II
31417: AMBROSE, ALICE - Essays in Analysis
33016: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. JR. - The Victors: Eisenhower and His Boys The Men of World War II
36948: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. JR. - Citizen Soldiers: The U.S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of G Ermany, June 7, 1944 - May 7, 1945
37038: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E - Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
8022: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION - Readings in the Social Control of Industry
8159: AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY - Unix System V Release 4: Programmer's Guide : XWIN Graphical Windowing System the X Toolkit
14173: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION; ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY - Surveys of Economic Theory : Volume II : Growth and Development
34028: AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ARTS; HOWAT, J.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.); HARRY N. ABRAMS, INC - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
8489: AMES, JENNIFER M.; HOFMANN, THOMAS F. - Chemistry and Physiology of Selected Food Colorants
24674: AMICHAI, YEHUDA; MITCHELL, STEPHEN; BLOCH, CHANA - Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichai
26082: AMIS, MARTIN - The Information
33116: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Lucky Jim
6323: AMMANN, ARTHUR J. (EDITOR); RUBINSTEIN, ARYE (EDITOR) - Prevention and Treatment of HIV Infection in Infants and Children
17723: AMSTUTZ, ARNOLD E. - Computer Simulation of Competitive Market Response
25746: ANDERS, ISABEL - Faces of Friendship
8592: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Bill and Hillary : The Marriage
10343: ANDERSEN, A. F.; BOHR, HARALD; PETERSEN, RICHARD - Laerebog i Matematisk Analyse : Afsnit III
23121: ANDERSEN, BENNY E. - Let's Start a Puppet Theatre
28942: ANDERSEN, IAN - Turning the Tables on Las Vegas: How to Win at Blackjack, Poker, and Life's Games.
5156: ANDERSON, MATTHEW SMITH - Europe in the Eighteenth Century, 1713-1783 (Third Edition)
11666: ANDERSON, POUL - Harvest of Stars (Harvest of Stars Ser.)
17321: ANDERSON, POUL. - Strangers from Earth
17747: ANDERSON, DAVID A.; MITCHELL, JOHN B.; GILLIES, ROBIN R.; ERICKSON, KAREN MORGAN - Remaking Health Care in America: Building Organized Delivery Systems
18051: ANDERSON, POUL. - Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire
18493: ANDERSON, POUL; DICKSON, GORDON R. - Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!
19865: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm
19868: ANDERSON, PAUL - Dialogue With Darkness
19872: ANDERSON, POUL. - The Stars Are Also Fire
19874: ANDERSON, POUL. - Starfarers
19876: ANDERSON, POUL. - Past Times
24443: ANDERSON, DANIEL; BENJAMIN, BRET; PAREDES-HOLT, BILL - Connections: A Guide to On-Line Writing
24920: ANDERSON-DARGATZ, GAIL - A Recipe for Bees
26466: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - Ruins
27472: ANDERSON, BONNIE S; ZINSSER, JUDITH P. - A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present
27473: ANDERSON, BONNIE S; ZINSSER, JUDITH P. - A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present
28937: ANDERSON, POUL - Trader to the Stars
29145: ANDERSON, POUL - The Day of Their Return
30901: ANDERSON, F.M. - Upper Cretaceous of the Pacific Coast: Geological Society of America, Memoir 71
32309: ANDERSON, ROLPH E.; HAIR, JOSEPH F., JR. - Sales Management: Text With Cases
36957: ANDERSON, JEAN - Dinners in a Dish or a Dash: 275 Easy One-Dish Meals Plus Tons of Time-Saving Tips
35461: ANDORS, PHYLLIS - The Unfinished Liberation of Chinese Women, 1949-1980
31074: ANDREANO, RALPH L., ED. - Superconcentration/Supercorporation: A Collage of Opinion on the Concentration of Economic Power
23600: ANDREW MONK - Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction
12108: ANDREWS, CHARLOTTE; NICHOLSON, SUSAN T. - 48 Precious Moments from George Bush's Perfect Little War
23842: ANDREWS, ALLEN - Intensive Inquiries: Seven Chief Constables Open CID Files on Their Most Remarkable Murder Investigations
28179: ANDREWS, RAYMOND - Jessie and Jesus and Cousin Clarke
28635: ANDREWS, PETER J. - For Winners Only: The Only Casino Gambling Guide You'll Ever Need
34126: ANDREWS; AUSTIN - Combust the Sun
34537: A. N. ANDRIANOV, V. A. DEM'JANENKO, S. P. DEMUšKIN, N. V. EFIMOV, N. I. FEL'DMAN, M. I. GRAEV, S. A. JUZVINSKII, A. I. KOSTRIKIN, A. I. LAPIN, S. P. NOVIKOV, V. P. PLATONOV, T. A. TUšKINA, AND R. T. VOL'VACEV - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 66 : Thirteen Papers on Group Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Topology
31189: ANDRUS, VINCENT D.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Early American Silver : A Picture Book
34600: ANGELINE, P.J.; REYNOLDS, R.G.; MCDONNELL, J.R.; EBERHART, R. (EDS.) - Evolutionary Programming VI: 6th International Conference, EP 97, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, April 13-16, 1997, Proceedings
13639: ANGELL, MARCIA - Science on Trial: The Clash of Medical Evidence and the Law in the Breast Implant Case
18382: ANGELL, DAVID - DSL for Dummies
36571: ANGELL, ROGER - Late Innings: A Baseball Companion
34617: ANGELOV, SERGEI, TRANS - Magnus 12-16 Chord Organ Book: The Best of Popular Music
35004: N/A; ANGELOV, SERGEI, TRANS - Tanki I Samokhodnie Ustanovki
38276: ANGIER, NATALIE - Woman: An Intimate Geography
38460: ANIKIN, V.P., ED. - Skazki Narodov Mira: Tom II, Skazki Russkih Pisatel'ei
27609: ANNE CHAPMAN - Feminist Resources for Schools and Colleges: A Guide to Cirriculum Materials
28483: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., ED.; CRIST, JUDITH, INTRO. - A Flask of Fields: Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of J.C. Fields
34791: ANOUILH, JEAN - Ardele, Ou La Marguerite; La Valse Des Toreadors
24822: ANSAY, A. MANETTE - Vinegar Hill
19878: ANSCOMBE, RODERICK - The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula
25140: ANSHAW, CAROL - Seven Moves
29178: ANSON, ROBERT SAM - They've Killed the President! --The Search for the Murderers of John F. Kennedy
38526: ANSON, M.L.; EDSALL, JOHN T., EDS. - Advances in Protein Chemistry, Vol. IV
11995: ANSPRENGER, FRANZ - Politische Geschichte Afrikas im 20. Jahrhundert
114: ANTHONY, PIERS - The Mercycle
11190: ANTHONY, PIERS - Juxtaposition
11222: ANTHONY, PIERS - Politician
17979: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Mercenary
18514: ANTHONY, PIERS; MARGROFF, ROBERT E. - Dragon's Gold
19883: ANTHONY, PIERS - BLUE ADEPT (Apprentice Adept (Paperback))
19884: ANTHONY, PIERS - Dead Morn
19886: ANTHONY, PIERS - God of Tarot (Tarot, Book I)
19888: ANTHONY, PIERS - Robot Adept
19890: ANTHONY, PIERS - Wielding a Red Sword
24941: ANTHONY, PIERS - Bio of an Ogre: The Autobiography of Piers Anthony to Age 50
36126: ANTHONY, PIERS - God of Tarot: Book One of the Tarot Sequence
31788: ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE - Danger: Extremism: The Major Vehicles and Voices of America's Far-Right Fringe
37210: ANTOGNETTI, P.; PEDERSON, D.O.; DE MAN, H. - Computer Design AIDS for VLSI Circuits
29607: ANTON, HOWARD - Elementary Linear Algebra
30081: ANTON, HOWARD - Multivariable Calculus
26165: APPELFELD, AHARON - To the Land of the Cattails
36110: APPIAH, KWAME ANTHONY; GATES, HENRY LOUIS, JR. - The Dictionary of Global Culture
3672: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR); GORDON, A. D. (BOOK REVIEW EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 7, Number 2, 1990
3673: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 6, Number 1, 1989
3674: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 2, Number 2/3, 1985
3675: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 2, Number 1, 1985
3676: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 5, Number 2, 1988
3677: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR); GORDON, A. D. (BOOK REVIEW EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 9, Number 1, 1992
3678: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 5, Number 1, 1988
3679: ARABIE, PHIPPS (EDITOR); GORDON, A. D. (BOOK REVIEW EDITOR) - Journal of Classification Volume 8, Number 1, 1991
24869: ARAKI, HUZIHIRO (EDITOR); KADISON, RICHARD V. (EDITOR) - Mappings of Operator Algebras
24870: ARAKI, HUZIHIRO (EDITOR); KADISON, RICHARD V. (EDITOR) - Mappings of Operator Algebras
7147: ARANY, LYNNE - The Reel List: A Categorical Companion to over 2,000 Memorable Films
35625: ARBATOV, ALEXEI (EDITOR); CHAYES, ABRAM (EDITOR); CHAYES, ANTONIA HANDLER (EDITOR); OLSON, LARA (EDITOR) - Managing Conflict in the Former Soviet Union: Russian and American Perspectives
19895: ARCHER, JEFFREY - Honor Among Thieves
20788: ARENDELL, TERRY - Mothers and Divorce: Legal, Economic, and Social Dilemmas
31000: ARENTEWICZ, GERD; SCHMIDT, GUNTER, EDS.; TODD, TOM, TRANS. - The Treatment of Sexual Disorders: Concepts and Techniques of Couple Therapy
31049: ARFKEN, GEORGE - Mathematical Methods for Physicists
15170: ARIES, PHILIPPE (EDITOR); DUBY, GEORGES (EDITOR) - A History of Private Life: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium
36546: ARISTOTLE; ROSS, W.D. ED. - Aristotle: Selections
32199: ARKIN, HERBERT; COLTON, RAYMOND R. - Statistical Methods
35489: ARMES, ROY - Critical History of the British Cinema
23987: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
38014: ARNHEIM, DANIEL D.; SCHLAICH, JOAN - Dance Injuries, Their Prevention and Care
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26510: BRAND, STEWART - The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT
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932: O'BRIEN, ROBERT C. - Z For Zachariah
17442: O'BRIEN, WILLIAM V. - Law and Morality in Israel's War With the Plo
30006: BRIGHAM, EUGENE F.; PAPPAS, JAMES L. - Managerial Economics
14470: BRIGHT, JOYCE E. - Sunday's Child
32146: BRIGHT, SUSIE - Full Exposure: Opening Up to Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression
23030: BRILL, EDITH - Portrait of the Cotswolds
36314: BRIMSON, JAMES; ANTOS, JOHN - Activity-Based Management for Service Industries, Government Entities, and Nonprofit Organizations
7212: BRIN, DAVID - Startide Rising
17047: BRIN, DAVID. - The Uplift War
19964: BRIN, DAVID - Otherness
19965: BRIN, DAVID - Earth
19966: BRIN, DAVID. - Infinity's Shore: Book Two
19971: BRIN, DAVID. - The Practice Effect
31381: BRINK, RAYMOND W. - College Algebra
35793: BRINKLEY, DAVID - Brinkley's Beat: People, Places, and Events That Shaped My Time
30476: BRISBANE, ROBERT H. - The Black Vanguard: Origins of the Negro Social Revolution 1900-1960
37605: BRISCOE, D. STUART - Mastering the New Testament: Romans (Vol. 6)
36915: BRISK, MARIA ESTELA; HARRINGTON, MARGARET M. - Literacy and Bilingualism: A Handbook for All Teachers
24397: BRISSENDEN, ROSEMARY - Asia's Undiscovered Cuisine
35581: BRITISH ACADEMY STAFF - Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol. LXIX, 1983 : Lectures and Memoirs
37521: BRITTAIN, FREDERICK - Illustrated Guide to Cambridge
20771: BRIZZI, ENRICO; LUCZKIW, STASH - Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band: A Love Story--With Rock 'N' Roll
350: BROAD, LEWIS - Dictionary to Plays & Novels of Shaw
34937: BROAD, WILLIAM J. - Star Warriors : The Weaponry of Space: Reagan's Young Scientists
28798: BRODEUR, PAUL - Secrets: A Writer in the Cold War
27380: BRODY, BORUCH A. (EDITOR); CAPALDI, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Science : Men, Methods, Goals
38418: BRODY, HUGH - Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland
23024: BROEHL, WAYNE G. JR. - Tuck & Tucker: The Origin of the Graduate Business School
31402: BROER, MARION R. - Efficiency of Human Movement
34817: DE BROGLIE, LOUIS; JOHNTSTON, W.H., TRANS. - Matter and Light: The New Physics
23111: BROIDO, VERA - Apostles into Terrorists: Women and the Revolutionary Movement in the Russia of Alexander II
27218: BROKAW, TOM - The Greatest Generation
27249: BROKAW, TOM - An Album of Memories: Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation
35803: BROKAW, TOM - A Long Way from Home: Growing Up in the American Heartland
24814: BRONFENBRENNER, URIE - Two Worlds of Childhood
32427: BRONSON, RICHARD - Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems of Modern Introductory Differential Equations
31687: BRONWELL, ARTHUR B.; BEAM, ROBERT E. - Theory and Application of Microwaves
36318: BRONWELL, ARTHUR B., ED.` - Science and Technology in the World of the Future.
28524: BROOKE, AVERY; DARROW, ALEX - As Never Before
14201: BROOKINGS INSTITUTION STAFF - The Economic Payoff from the Internet Revolution
5989: BROOKNER, ANITA - Hotel du Lac
12325: BROOKS, JOHN - Telephone : The First Hundred Years
15057: BROOKS, JOHN - The Great Leap : The Past Twenty-Five Years in America
17329: BROOKS, TERRY. - Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!
19974: BROOKS, TERRY. - Running With the Demon
30862: BROOKS, THOMAS R.; RASKIN, A.H., FOREWORD - Toil and Trouble: A History of American Labor
38423: BROOKS, EDWY SEARLES - Nelson Lee Books, Vol. No. 2 : Expelled!
26521: BROPHY, ANNETTE; FAULKNER, MARA - Born of Common Hungers: Benedectine Women in Search of Connections
7217: BROSNAHAN, TOM - Lonely Planet New England (1st Ed.)
21075: BROUWER, DIRK; CLEMENCE, GERALD M. - Methods of Celestial Mechanics
5994: BROWDER, WILLIAM - Algebraic Topology and Algebraic K-Theory
7218: BROWN, ALAN - Audrey Hepburn's Neck: A Novel
7221: BROWN, RITA MAE - Six of One
10361: BROWN, PHILIP M.; REID, MARJORIE S. - Geologic Evaluation of Waste-Storage Potential in Selected Segments of the Mesozoic Aquifer System Below the Zone of Fresh Water, Atlantic Coastal Plain, North Carolina Through New Jersey
12064: BROWN, DAVID G. - Leadership Vitality
12622: BROWN, GORDON S.; CAMPBELL, DONALD P. - Principles of Servomechanisms : Dynamics and Synthesis of Closed-Loop Control Systems
16584: BROWN, FOSTER LLOYD - Statistical Concepts: A Basic Program
17821: BROWN, H. JAMES; GINN, J. ROYCE; JAMES, FRANKLIN J.; KAIN, JOHN F.; STRASZHEIM, MAHLON R. - Empirical Models of Urban Land Use : Suggestions on Research Objectives and Organization
18301: BROWN, JAMES A. - Television Critical Viewing Skills: A Survey and Evaluation of Major Media Literacy Projects in the U. S. and Selected Countries
18378: BROWN, RITA MAE. - In Her Day
18824: BROWN, SANDRA - The Alibi
19975: BROWN, DALE - Silver Tower
19979: BROWN, JIM - 24/7
24989: BROWN, DAN - Digital Fortress
27151: BROWN, DALE - Day of the Cheetah
28098: BROWN, DUANE; BROWN, DUANNE PH.D. - Flying Without Fear
28814: BROWN, LESTER R. - State of the World, 1990
28835: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Sign Language
29230: BROWN, R. H. - A Poetics for Sociology : Toward a Logic of Discovery for the Human Sciences
31927: BROWN, THOMAS BENJAMIN, ED.-IN-CHIEF - The Lloyd William Taylor Manual of Advanced Undergraduate Experiments in Physics
31928: BROWN, THOMAS BENJAMIN, ED.-IN-CHIEF - The Lloyd William Taylor Manual of Advanced Undergraduate Experiments in Physics
33937: BROWN, ANDREA - Frösche und Prinzen
35742: BROWN, ROSELLEN - The Autobiography of My Mother
36037: BROWN, DAN - The Da Vinci Code
36578: BROWN, DAN - Angels & Demons
37101: BROWN, ROLAND WILBUR - Composition of Scientific Words: A Manual of Methods and a Lexicon of Materials for Practice of Logo Technics
37731: BROWN, WESLEY - Darktown Strutters
37757: BROWN, MICK - The Spiritual Tourist: A Personal Odyssey Through the Outer Reaches of Belief
21913: BROWNE MILLER, ANGELA PH.D. - Embracing Death: Riding Life's Transitions into Power and Freedom
34939: BROWNE, MICHAEL E. - A Study Guide to Accompany Blatt's Principles of Physics
7223: BROWNING, ROBERT; SMALLEY, DONALD (EDITOR) - Poems of Robert Browning
16339: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Femininity
24479: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Femininity
27246: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape
32266: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - In Our Time : Memoir of a Revolution
36509: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Femininity
21798: BROWNSTON, LEE; FARRELL, ROBERT; KANT, ELAINE; MARTIN, NANCY - Programming Expert Systems in OPS5 : An Introduction to Rule-Based Programming
25790: BROX, JANE - Here and Nowhere Else: Late Seasons of a Farm and Its Family
15754: BRUCKHEIMER, LINDA - Dreaming Southern : A Novel
37746: BRUCKNER, CHRISTINE - Jauche Und Levkojen
28499: BRUCKS, MERRIE; MACINNIS, DEBORAH J., EDS. - Advances in Consumer Research : Vol. XXIV
29204: BRUDO PRESS, EDS. - A Completely New History of Wayne County, Pennsylvania: History & Up-to-Date Facts of Honesdale and Wayne County, Pennsylvania
27442: BRUGGEMAN, WILLIAM B. - Tax Reforms, Tax Incentives, and Investment Returns on Rental Housing
30498: BRUGHERE, C. F. - The Children of Dipsea
4642: BRUMBER, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - Poland : Genesis of a Revolution
1867: BRUMBERG, BRUCE;AXELROD, KAREN - Watch it Made in the U.S.A.
22771: BRUNO, W.; BOSLUND, L. - CICS : Mastering Command Level Coding Using COBOL
31009: BRUNS, ROBERT A.; SAUNDERS, ROBERT M. - Analysis of Feedback Control Systems: Servomechanisms and Automatic Regulators
31766: BRUNS, ROBERT A.; SAUNDERS, ROBERT M. - Analysis of Feedback Control Systems; Servomechanisms and Automatic Regulators
14422: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Choking Doberman: And Other Urban Legends
21603: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - Curses! Broiled Again!: The Hottest Urban Legends Going
21627: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Mexican Pet
21650: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Choking Doberman: And Other "New" Urban Legends
32003: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends
36085: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends
24903: LA BRUYERE, JEAN DE - Les caractères de la Bruyère, suivis des caractères de Théophraste, traduits du grec par le Meme
21844: BRYAN, G. H. - Thermodynamics : An Introductory Treatise Dealing Mainly with First Principles and Their Applications
36921: BRYSON, BILL - I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After 20 Years Away
33349: BUBER, MARTIN - Ecstatic Confessions: The Heart of Mysticism
31426: BUCCIANTI, LUCA - Foto Fuori Campo: Test Di Paolo Maccherini
30283: BUCHAN, ELIZABETH - Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman
19980: BUCHANAN, BILL - Virus
31812: BUCHANAN, JANE - English, Expository Writing I
31813: BUCHANAN, JANE - English--Expository Writing I
35296: BUCHANAN, JAMES E. - Signal and Power Integrity in Digital Systems: TTL, CMOS, and BiCMOS

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