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38444: WEST - West's Massachusetts Criminal Law and Procedure 2007
33804: WESTFALL, PATRICIA TICHENOR - Real Farm: Encounters With Perception
30007: WESTON, J. FRED; BRIGHAM, EUGENE F. - Managerial Finance
10986: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - The Butterfly Hunter
27219: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - The Hollow-Eyed Angel
35718: WETHERBE, JAMES C. - Systems Analysis and Design
20548: WEVERKA, ROBERT - The Sting
4627: WEXELBLAT, ALAN (EDITOR) - Virtual Reality : Applications and Explorations
14100: VAN DE WEYER, ROBERT - 366 Readings from Buddhism
31876: WEYER, EDWARD, JR. - Primitive Peoples Today
32494: WEYGANT, PETER; HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY - Clusters for High Availability: A Primer of Hp-Ux Solutions
34504: WEYL, HERMANN; HELMER, OLAF, TRANS. - Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science
34917: WEYL, HERMANN; HELMER, OLAF, TRANS. - Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science
36927: WHARTON, EDITH - House Of Mirth
12096: WHEAT, LEONARD F.; CROWN, WILLIAM H. - State-Per-Capita Income Change Since 1950 : Sharecropping's Collapse and Other Causes of Convergence
19296: WHEAT, JEFFREY; TUCKER, JACKIE; HISER, RANDY; NEELY, ALICIA - Designing a Wireless Network
19297: WHEAT, JEFFREY; TUCKER, JACKIE; HISER, RANDY; NEELY, ALICIA - Designing a Wireless Network
17656: WHEATLAND, DAVID P.; CARSON, BARBARA - The Apparatus of Science at Harvard 1765-1800
6438: WHEELER, JOHN HARVEY - Beyond the Punitive Society: Operant Conditioning: Social and Poltical Aspects
8419: WHEELER, RAYMOND HOLDER; PERKINS, FRANCIS THEODORE - Principles of Mental Development
8785: WHEELER, KEITH - The Railroaders
15688: WHEELER; BENNETT, J. W. - Munich : Prologue to Tragedy
18312: WHEELER, HAROLD (EDITOR) - The Book of Facts
20549: WHEELER, J. CRAIG - The Krone Experiment
29078: WHEELER, RURIC E.; PEEPLES, W.D., JR. - Modern Mathematics for Business Students
34466: WHEELER, HARVEY - A Center Occasional Paper: Democracy in a Revolutionary Era
34719: WHEELER, POST - The Sacred Scriptures of the Japanese
37663: WHEELER, JAMES O. - The Urban Circulation Noose
29259: WHELAN, RICHARD; - Alfred Stieglitz: A Biography
8421: WHISKER, JAMES B. - The Right to Hunt
34720: WHISTLER, HARVEY S.; HUMMEL, HERMAN A. - First Steps in Band Playing: B-Flat Clarinet
2906: WHITE, JOHN KENNETH - The Fractured Electorate: Political Parties and Social Change in Southern New England
7946: WHITE, BAILEY - Mama Makes Up Her Mind: And Other Dangers of Southern Living
7950: WHITE, RON - Asi funciona su ordenador por dentro
12501: WHITE, PATRICK C. (EDITOR) - Critical Years : American Foreign Policy, 1793-1823
15993: WHITE, LAWRENCE W. - Free Banking in Britain : Theory, Experience, and Debate 1800-1845
17913: WHITE, MERRY - The Japanese Educational Challenge: A Commitment to Children
21058: WHITE, ROBERT M. (EDITOR) - Introduction to Magnetic Recording
21766: WHITE, MARSH W.; MANNING, KENNETH V. - Experimental College Physics
23484: WHITE, RAY LEWIS - Gore Vidal
24658: WHITE, THOMAS; O'DONNELL, DESMOND - Renewal of Faith: Adult Instruction in the Catholic Faith
26405: WHITE, EDMUND - States of Desire: Travels in Gay America
28641: WHITE, JOHN E., ED. - Frontiers of Consciousness: The Meeting Ground Between Inner and Outer Reality
28684: WHITE, THEODORE H. - In Search of History: A Personal Adventure
28880: WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Making of the President, 1972
28997: WHITE, JOHN E. - American Vignettes: A Collection of Footnotes to History
29134: WHITE, ROBERT W. - The Abnormal Personality
29152: WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Making of the President 1964
33389: WHITE EAGLE - Golden Harvest: How to Become a Centre of Love
36182: WHITE, RICHARD N.;GERGELY, PETER;SEXSMITH, ROBERT G. - Structural Engineering: Vol. 1, Introduction to Design Concepts and Analysis
36727: WHITE, JOHN KENNETH - Challenges to Party Government
21537: WHITELEY, RICHARD C. - Customer Centered Growth
32496: WHITELEY, RICHARD C. - The Customer Driven Company: Moving from Talk to Action
23173: WHITESIDE, LESLEY - The Book of Saints
37830: WHITHAM, G. B. - Linear and Nonlinear Waves
6171: WHITING, CHARLES - '44 : In Combat From Normandy to the Ardennes
16587: WHITSON, JAMES A. - 500 Electronic Ic Circuits With Practical Applications
8347: WHITTAKER, JAMES K. - Social Treatment : An Approach to Interpersonal Helping
15276: WHOULEY, KATE (EDITOR); MILLER, LINDA (EDITOR); HAWKINS, ROSEMARY (EDITOR) - Manual on Bookselling : Practical Advice for the Bookstore Professional
35961: WHYNOTT, DOUGLAS - A Unit of Water, a Unit of Time: Joel White's Last Boat
35519: WHYTE, MARTIN K.; PARISH, WILLIAM L. - Urban Life in Contemporary China
38524: WHYTE, WILLIAM FOOTE - Street Corner Society: The Social Structure of an Italian Slum
12312: WICKER, TOM - On Press
22908: WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA - Cosmic Dragons: Life and Death on Our Planet
17518: WIDMAN, ANNELIESE PH.D. - Rage at God: Ascending to Reunion
29147: WIDMER, KEMBLE - The Geology and Geography of New Jersey
7951: WIENCEK, HENRY - The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America Southern New England
24073: WIESE, MICHAEL - The Independent Film & Videomaker's Guide
36105: WIESEL, ELIE - A Jew Today
36382: WIESEL, ELIE - Dawn
36517: WIESEL, ELIE; WIESEL, MARION, TRANS. - The Fifth Son: A Novel
36528: WIESEL, ELIE; WIESEL, MARION, TRANS. AND ED. - Sages and Dreamers: Biblical, Talmudic, and Hasidic Portraits and Legends
37161: WIESEL, ELIE - L'oublie: Roman
16771: WIGGINTON, ELIOT (EDITOR) - I Wish I Could Give My Son a Wild Raccoon
32772: WIGHT, HEWITT GLENN - Preparation for General Chemistry
31652: WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM P.D. - The Growth of Scientific Ideas
35260: WIGODER, GEOFFREY - Dictionary of Jewish Biography
34722: WILBUR, JOHN BENSON; NORRIS, CHARLES HEAD - Elementary Structural Analysis
19203: WILDAVSKY, AARON - The Nursing Father: Moses As a Political Leader
29202: WILDE, IRMA - A Child's Book of Flowers in Woods and Fields
32764: WILDE, OSCAR - Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays
34402: WILDE, DOUGLAS J.; BEIGHTLER, CHARLES S. - Foundations of Optimization
7653: WILDER, THORNTON - Three Plays
3566: WILENSKY, ROBERT - Planning and Understanding: A Computational Approach to Human Reasoning
29955: WILENSKY, ROBERT - Lispcraft
35440: WILES, TIMOTHY - Mormonism and the American Experience
13632: WILFORD, JOHN NOBLE - Mars Beckons : The Mysteries, the Challenges, the Expectations of Our Next Great Adventure in Space
36112: WILFORD, JOHN NOBLE - The Mapmakers
15259: WILHELM, PETER - The mask of freedom
23877: WILHELM, DONALD - Writing for Profit, a Manual of Professional Patterns and Procedures
35749: WILKES, PAUL - The Good Enough Catholic: A Guide for the Perplexed
36241: WILKES, M. V. - A Short Introduction to Numerical Analysis
25209: WILKINSON, ANDREW M. - The Foundations of Language: Talking and Reading in Young Children,
36938: WILKOMIRSKI, BINJAMIN; JANEWAY, CAROL BROWN, TRANS. - Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood
6152: WILLARD, NANCY - Sister Water
339: WILLEFORD, CHARLES - The Burnt Orange Heresy
7957: WILLEFORD, CHARLES - The Black Mass of Brother Springer
24034: WILLEFORD, CHARLES RAY - Miami Blues
30346: WILLEFORD, CHARLES - Sideswipe
5023: WILLEY, BASIL - The Seventeenth Century Background : The Thought of the Age in Relation to Religion and Poetry
6211: WILLEY, BASIL - The Eighteenth Century Background : Studies on the Idea of Nature in the Thought of the Period
5606: WILLI, JURG - Dynamics of Couples Therapy: The Uses of the Concept of Collusion and Its Application to the Therapeutic Triangle
33263: WILLIAM HARLAN HALE - Ancient Greece Revealed
7959: WILLIAMS, OTIS - Temptations
14085: WILLIAMS, MICKEY - Essential Visual C Plus Plus 4
14244: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL - Weasel's Luck (DragonLance Heroes Trilogy, Vol. 3)
15345: WILLIAMS, JAMES G. - Women Recounted : Narrative Thinking and the God of Israel
15782: WILLIAMS, NIALL - As It Is in Heaven
17309: WILLIAMS, ROBIN; BARON, CYNTHIA - Windows for Mac Users
18489: WILLIAMS, MARTIN - The Jazz Tradition
25500: WILLIAMS, J.D. - The Compleat Strategyst
25701: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Conversations With Tennessee Williams
28042: WILLIAMS, AMANDA KYLE - Club Twelve
28302: WILLIAMS, JANA - Scuttlebutt: A Novel
29419: WILLIAMS, JOHN - Cardiff Dead
30549: WILLIAMS, TAD - The Dragonbone Chair
31085: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM APPLEMAN - The Great Evasion
31555: WILLIAMS, AGNES - Playhouse for Swingers
33000: WILLIAMS, C. GLYN - Labor Economics
33266: WILLIAMS, JOHN F. - Anzacs, the Media and the Great War
35048: WILLIAMS, KENNETH P. - College Algebra
5837: WILLIAMSON, S. T.; HARRIS, HERBERT - Trends in Collective Bargaining : A Summary of Recent Experience
12892: WILLIAMSON, J. A. - The Evolution of England : A Commentary on the Facts
20552: WILLIAMSON, JACK - Terraforming Earth
20553: WILLIAMSON, JACK - The Silicon Dagger
22064: WILLIAMSON, MARTHA; SHEETS, ROBIN - Touched by an Angel
28998: WILLIAMSON, BENJAMIN - An Elementary Treatise on The Differential Calculus, Containing the Theory of Plane Curves, With Numerous Examples
13723: WILLIE, CHARLES V. - Race, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status : A Theoretical Analysis of Their Interrelationship
34174: WILLIE, CHARLES V.; EDWARDS, RALPH J.; ALVES, MICHAEL - Student Diversity, Choice and School Improvement
29702: WILLINGHAM, THERESA - Food Allergy Field Guide: A Lifestyle Manual for Families
14856: WILLIS, WILLIAM - MCSE Windows 2000 Directory Services Exam Prep (Exam Prep Ser.)
22390: WILLIS, JULIA - Who Wears the Tux the Great American Dyke Quiz
22373: WILLS, GARRY - The Kennedy Imprisonment: A Meditation on Power
23386: WILLS, CHRISTOPHER - Exons, Introns, and Talking Genes: The Science Behind the Human Genome Project
30995: WILLS, JOHN E. - 1688: A Global History
32586: WILLS, GARRY - Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit
33958: WILLS, PAULINE - Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour in Healing
37127: WILPERT, GERO VON - Goethe-Lexikon
7962: WILSON, MARY - Dreamgirl: My Life As a Supreme
8216: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD - A Preface to Restoration Drama
8797: WILSON, CHARLES (EDITOR); PARKER, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - Introduction to the Sources of European Economic History, 1500-1800
14828: WILSON, JOHN M. - Inside Hollywood : A Writer's Guide to the World of Movies and TV (Behind the Scenes Ser.)
15813: WILSON, J. G. (EDITOR); WOUTHUYSEN, S. A. (EDITOR) - Progress in Elementary Particle and Cosmic Ray Physics : Volume IV
15992: WILSON, GEORGE WILTON - Inflation--Causes, Consequences, and Cures
17907: WILSON, VINCENT - Book of Distinguished American Women
18185: WILSON, ROBERT - The Company of Strangers
18633: WILSON, SUSAN - The Fortune Teller's Daughter
22631: WILSON, RODNEY C. - Software Rx: Secrets of Engineering Quality Software
23728: WILSON, LANFORD - 5th of July
25160: WILSON-HASHIGUCHI, CLO - Stealing the Dragon's Fire, a Personal Guide and Handbook for Dealing With Breast Cancer
27037: WILSON, BARBARA - Sisters of the Road
27039: WILSON, HAROLD K. - Grain Crops
27211: WILSON, COLIN - The Black Room
27400: WILSON, ELIZABETH J.; BLACK, WILLIAM C. - Developments in Marketing Science, Vol. XVII 1994
27531: WILSON, LANFORD - Burn This
28076: WILSON, J. HOLTON; WILSON, CATHY R. - Economics in American Society: An Introduction to Economic Issues
28908: WILSON, EDMUND; DABNEY, LEWIS M.., ED. - The Sixties: The Last Journal, 1960-1972
28913: WILSON, COLIN - The Tower: A History of the Tower of London from 1078 to the Present
28914: WILSON, EDMUND; EDEL, LEON, ED. - The Twenties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period
29400: WILSON, LANFORD - Burn This
29884: WILSON, TOM - It's a Ziggy World
30582: WILSON, COLIN - The Glass Cage
30712: WILSON, COLIN - The Outsider
31587: WILSON, COLIN - Religion and the Rebel
34189: WILSON, LAURA - Ein reines Herz.
35861: WILSON, CECIL L.;WILSON, DAVID W., EDS. - Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Vol. IID, Coulometric Analyis
36343: WILSON, COLIN - Order of Assassins : The Psychology of Murder
36445: WILSON, EDWARD O. - The Diversity of Life
37113: WILSON, PETER - America's Urban Capital Stock, Vol. Four: The Future of Dallas's Capital Plant
18565: WILTENBURG, JOY - Disorderly Women and Female Power in the Street Literature of Early Modern England and Germany
14978: WINBLAD, ANN L.; EDWARDS, SAMUEL D.; KING, DAVID R. - Object-Oriented Programming
16940: WINBLAD, ANN L.; EDWARDS, SAMUEL D.; KING, DAVID R. - Object-Oriented Software
12851: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa : The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883
22744: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
27040: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
29915: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
30737: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
38387: WIND ENERGY SYSTEMS STAFF - Proceedings of the Wind Energy Systems International Symposium, 2nd, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 3rd-6th, 1978
30565: WINDLEY, BRIAN F. - The Evolving Continents
22994: WINEGARTEN, RENEE - The Double Life of George Sand, Woman and Writer: A Critical Biography
35161: WING, OMAR - Circuit Theory with Computer Methods
34092: WINGATE, ANNE; CHASE, ELAINE RACO - Amateur Detectives: A Writer's Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases
16568: WINGS, MARY. - She Came Too Late
24676: WINGS, MARY - She Came Too Late
24677: WINGS, MARY - She Came Too Late
38304: WINGS, MARY - She Came in a Flash
27041: WINICK, JUDD - Terminal Madness
4099: WINKELMAN, BABE - The Comprehensive Guide to Walleye Patterns
5703: WINN, LOIS KING - Wings in the Sea: The Humpback Whale
33870: WINN, RALPH - Hypnotism Made Easy
11685: WINNY, JAMES - A Preface to Donne
10075: WINOGRAD, TERRY - Procedures as a Representation for Data in a Computer Program for Understanding Natural Language
28855: WINSLOW, CARLETON M.; COFFMAN, TAYLOR; FRYE, NICKOLA L. - The Enchanted Hill: The Story of Hearst Castle at San Simeon
37100: WINSLOW, ALBERT FOSTER - Tuxedo Park: A Journal of Recollections
5227: WINSTON, STUART; HARRIS, HARRIET - Nation of Gamblers : America's Billion-Dollar-A-Day Habit
38262: WINSTON, LADY, ED.; CALIFA, PAT, INTRO. - The Leading Edge: An Anthology of Lesbian Sexual Fiction
12681: WINTER, WILLIAM - Chess for Match Players
12874: WINTER, JOHN - Great Buildings of The World : Modern Buildings
16706: WINTER, DAVID J. - Abstract Lie Algebras
27229: WINTER, MIRIAM THERESE - The Singer & the Song: An Autobiography of the Spirit
36421: WINTER, JAY; BAGGETT, BLAINE - The Great War: And the Shaping of the 20th Century
8145: WINTERICH, JOHN TRACY - Books and the Man
28800: WINTERS, SHELLEY - Shelley II: The Middle of My Century
28801: WINTERS, SHELLEY - Shelley II: The Middle of My Century
33220: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
36562: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
5118: WINTHROP, ELIZABETH - Island Justice
32666: WIORKOWSKI, GABRIELLE; KULL, DAVID - DB2: Design & Development Guide
32670: WIORKOWSKI, GABRIELLE; KULL, DAVID - DB2: Design and Development Guide/Covers Version 2.3
4407: WIRTH, NIKLAUS - Programming in Modula-2
12685: WISE, SIDNEY (EDITOR); SCHIER, RICHARD F. (EDITOR) - The Presidential Office
11547: WISENTHAL, J. L. - The Marriage of Contraries : Bernard Shaw's Middle Plays
19657: WISER, WILLIAM; WISER, CHARLOTTE - Behind Mud Walls, 1930-1960: With a Sequel The Village in 1970
25653: WISER, WILLIAM; WISER, CHARLOTTE - Behind Mud Walls, 1930-1960: With a Sequel The Village in 1970
15771: WITCHEL, ALEX - Me Times Three : A Novel
37153: WITMER, DENNIS - Far to the North: Photographs from the Brooks Range
16117: WITT, SCOTT - How to Be Twice As Smart: Boosting Your Brainpower and Unleashing the Miracles of Your Mind
31456: WIWA, KEN - In the Shadow of a Saint: A Son's Journey to Understand His Father's Legacy
13039: WODIN, NATASCHA - Die gläserne Stadt : Eine Erzählung
34415: WOLBARST, JOHN, ED. - Polaroid Portfolio 1
5967: WOLD, HERMAN (EDITOR) - Theoretical Empiricism : A General Rationale for Scientific Model-Building
9017: WOLD, HERMAN; JUREEN, LARS - Demand Analysis : A Study in Econometrics
8050: WOLF, ABRAHAM; MCKIE, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - A History of Science, Technology and Philosophy in the 16th and 17th Centuries
19233: VAN DER WOLF, PETER - CAD Framerworks : Principles and Architecture
27301: WOLF, FRED ALAN - Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds
28116: WOLF, MICHELLE A. - Gay People Sex and the Media
31577: WOLF, E., ED. - Progress in Optics : Vol. II
36961: WOLF, HELMUT F. - Handbook of Fiber Optics: Theory and Applications
7968: WOLFE, ALAN - The Mind's Eye
16297: WOLFE, SUSAN - The Last Billable Hour
27044: WOLFE, TOM - The Bonfire of the Vanities
28931: WOLFE, BERTRAM D. - Three Who Made a Revolution: A Biographical History
29164: WOLFE, TOM - The Pump House Gang
29712: WOLFE, TOM - From Bauhaus to Our House
33642: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Good Child's River
35709: WOLFE, TOM - I Am Charlotte Simmons
36363: WOLFE, TOM - A Man in Full: A Novel
36848: WOLFE, LESLIE R. - Women, Work, and School: Occupational Segregation and the Role of Education
14445: VAN WOLFEREN, KAREL - The Enigma of Japanese Power : People and Politics in a Stateless Nation
24292: VAN WOLFEREN, KAREL - The Enigma of Japanese Power : People and Politics in a Stateless Nation
7970: WOLFF, KLAUS - Hildebrand's Travel Guide
12886: WOLFF, ROBERT P. (EDITOR) - Styles of Political Action in America
21922: WOLFF, JANET - Feminine Sentences: Essays on Women and Culture
27803: WOLFF, PHILIPPE - The Awakening of Europe
36821: WOLFFLIN, HEINRICH; MURRAY, PETER AND LINDA, TRANS. - Classic Art: An Introduction to the Italian Renaissance
35585: WOLFRAM, STEPHEN - Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer
28390: WOLGEMUTH, KEN - The Old Marlborough Road: A Journey into Wonder
37683: WOLGEMUTH, KEN - The Old Marlborough Road: A Journey into Wonder
7971: WOLITZER, HILMA - Tunnel of Love
30477: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL - The Bonanza Trail: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West
30437: WOLLHEIM, DONALD. A., ED. - The 1977 Annual World's Best SF
33875: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY; MAZEL, ELLA - Ahead of Her Time: A Sampler of the Life and Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft
27464: WOMAN'S DAY - Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery: Vol. 1, Aba-Avo
27045: WOMBWELL, FELICITY - Goddess Changes: A Personal Guide to Working With the Goddess
16738: WONGAR, B. - Babaru
29878: WONNACOTT, THOMAS J.; WONNACOTT, RONALD J> - Introductory Statistics
9549: WONS, ANTHONY - Tony's Scrapbook : 1934-1935 Edition
25863: WOOD, N. LEE - Looking for the Mahdi
27049: WOOD, GARTH - The Myth of Neurosis: Overcoming the Illness Excuse
34346: WOOD, ALEXANDER - Acoustics
38001: WOOD, ROB - Teach Yourself How to DJ
23276: WOODBERRY, GEORGE EDWARD - Makers of Literature: Being Essays on Shelley, Landor, Browning, Byron, Arnold, Coleridge, Lowell, Whittier, and Others
37771: WOODROW, TERRY - Lesbian Bedtime Stories
19578: WOODRUFF, ROBERT A.; GOODWIN, DONALD W. M.D.; GUZE, SAMUEL B. - Psychiatric Diagnosis
37083: WOODS, NANCY FUGATE - Human Sexuality in Health and Illness
38390: WOODS, EDITH DEJONGH - The Royal Three Quarters of the Town of Charlotte Amalie
27434: WOODSTOCK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Publications of the Woodstock Historical Society, August 1932, No. 8
5607: WOODWARD, BOB - Maestro: Greenspan's Fed and the American Boom
7973: WOODWARD, BOB - Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987
14532: WOODWARD, BOB - Commanders
30327: WOODWARD, BOB - Secret Man, The: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat
34044: WOODWARD, JEFF - Teach Yourself Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS
29647: WOODWORTH, ROBERT S. - Experimental Psychology
11278: WOOLDRIDGE, POWHATAN; SKIPPER, JAMES K.; LEONARD, ROBERT C. - Behavioral Science, Social Practice, and the Nursing Profession
27051: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Three Guineas
4336: WOOTON, WILLIAM; DROOYAN, IRVING - Elementary Functions (First Edition)
22616: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Lexicon of Psychiatric and Mental Health Terms
25939: WORONOFF, J. - Politics the Japanese Way
15100: WORTHINGTON - C Programming
12060: WORTHY, JAMES C.; NEUSCHEL, ROBERT P. - Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance
17148: WORTMAN, LEON A.; SIDEBOTTOM, THOMAS O. - The C Programming Tutor
27516: WOS, LARRY - Automated Reasoning: Introduction and Applications
17971: WREDE, PATRICIA - Star Wars : Episode I : The Phantom Menace
6519: WRIGHT, STEVE - Uniqueness of the Injective III1 Factor
8276: WRIGHT, DAVID MCCORD - Capitalism
10451: WRIGHT, G. FREDERICK - Man and the Glacial Period
14034: WRIGHT, PETER - ADO.NET: From Novice to Pro, Visual Basic .NET Edition
20556: WRIGHT, T. M. - The Last Vampire
23841: WRIGHT, C.H.C. - French Classicism
25648: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - Barefoot in Arcadia Memories of a More Innocent Era
29354: WRIGHT, D. FRANKLIN - Basic Mathematics for College Students
30868: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - Tradition and the Founding Fathers
35969: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents: The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
36690: WRIGHT, SARAH BIRD; MORGAN, ROSEMARIE, FOREWORD - Thomas Hardy A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work
35194: WUORIO, EVA-LIS - To Fight in Silence
35301: WURMAN, RICHARD SAUL - Access Florence, Venice & Milan
30519: WUTHNOW, ROBERT - The Consciousness Reformation
22073: WYATT, ALLEN L. - Using Assembly Language
9486: VAN WYK, KENNETH R.; FORNO, RICHARD - Incident Response
27166: WYKES, ALAN - Gambling
7977: WYND, OSWALD - The Ginger Tree
28450: WYNKOOP, STEPHEN - Using Microsoft SQL Server 7 Special Edition
31018: WYNNE, GREVILLE - Contact on Gorky Street
34762: WYNNE-WILLSON, MICHAEL F. - Before I Forget: Book One, A Memoir
23509: XINXIN, ZHANG; YE, SANG; DAVIN, DELIA; JENNER, W.J.F. - Chinese Lives: An Oral History of Contemporary China
16313: YAFFE, JAMES - Mom Among the Liars
23206: YAGI STUDIO; HOUSER, PRESTON L., TRANS. - Cyberscapes: Computer Graphics from the Yagi Studio
29719: YAHYA, S. M. - Fundamentals of Compressible Flow
14563: YALOM, MARILYN - A History of the Wife
35079: YAMADA, SADAMI - Complete Sumi-e Techniques : (Japanese Edition) Complete Instructions for Painting over 200 Subjects, Including Flowers, Trees, Animals, Fish and Landscapes
20921: YAMAGUCHI, FUJIO - Curves and Surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design
13670: YANAGIDA, HIROAKI (EDITOR) - Technology's New Horizons : Conversations with Japanese Scientists
28268: YANCEY, PHILIP - Praying With the KGB: A Startling Report from a Shattered Empire
31410: YANG, CHEN NING - Elementary Particles: A Short History of Some Discoveries in Atomic Physics
36731: YANICK, PAUL JR.; FREIFELD, STEPHEN, M.D., EDS. - The Application of Signal Processing Concepts to Hearing Aids: Proceedings of the First Symposium on the Application of Signal Processing Concepts to Hearing Aids, Summit, New Jersey, September 10-11, 1977
11496: YANKEE, HERBERT W. - Manufacturing Processes
28793: YANKEE MAGAZINE - Second Great Annual New England Cook-Off Cookbook
30988: YANKEE MAGAZINE - Yankee's Main Dish Church Supper Cookbook
21681: YAP, CHEE-KENG - Fundamental Problems of Algorithmic Algebra
4332: YAQUB, ADIL; MOORE, HAL G. - Elementary Linear Algebra With Applications
15780: YARBROUGH, STEVE - The Oxygen Man : A Novel
31768: YATES, ROBERT C. - Analytic Geometry with Calculus
16022: YBARRA, RICARDO MEANS - A Framing Job
7979: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Selected Poems and Two Plays of William Butler Yeats
21706: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Selected Poems and Two Plays of William Butler Yeats
32068: YEATS, W. B. - Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland
15709: YEE, LEE (EDITOR) - The New Realism : Writings from China after the Cultural Revolution
21795: YEH, RUI ZONG - Modern Probability Theory
33827: YEH, RAYMOND T.; YEH, STEPHANIE H. - The Art of Business: In the Footsteps of Giants
26311: YESHE, LAMA; RINPOCHE, LAMA ZOPA - Advice For Monks and Nuns
32941: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY; THOMAS, D.M., TRANS. - A Dove in Santiago: A Novella In Verse
26360: YLLO, KERSTI; BOGRAD, MICHELE, EDS. - Feminist Perspectives on Wife Abuse
34919: YODER, PAUL - Rubank Elementary Method: Drums
33571: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA; YOGANANDA - Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda
34742: YOSHIFUMI NAKAMURA - Residential Reader (in Japanese)
12336: YOUNG, CLAIBORNE S. - Cruising Guide to Coastal South Carolina and Georgia
23328: YOUNG, ELEANOR A., ED. - Nutrition, Aging, and Health
24556: YOUNG, JOHN V. - Kokopelli Cassanova of the Cliff Dwellers: The Hunchbacked Flute Player
27958: YOUNG, LOY - Why Am I Here?: The Meaning of God in the Aquarian Age
36785: YOUNG, MICHAEL - Microsoft Step by Step XML
38081: YOUNG, E. H. - The Misses Mallett (The Bridge Dividing)
38238: YOUNG, E.H. - Jenny Wren
38325: YOUNG-BRUEHL, ELISABETH - Anna Freud : A Biography
8895: YOUNGS, J. W. T. - The Representation Problem for Frechet Surfaces
17797: YOUNGSON, A. J. - Possibilities of economic progress
5905: YOURDON, EDWARD - Rise & Resurrection of the American Programmer
13846: YOURDON, EDWARD - Techniques of Program Structure and Design
23624: YOURDON, EDWARD - Managing the Structured Techniques
32317: YOURDON, EDWARD - Modern Structured Analysis
35377: YOURDON, EDWARD - Modern Structured Analysis
3604: YOURGRAU, WOLFGANG; VAN DER MERWE, ALWYN; RAW, GOUGH - Treatise on Irreversible and Statistical Thermophysics: An Introduction to Nonclassical Thermodynamics
25934: YUAN, HUNG-TAO - Pilgrim of the Clouds: Poems and Essays from Ming China by Yuan Hung-Tao and His Brothers
34920: YUILL, M. - Finger Frolics: Sixteen Recreational Studies For the Piano
15395: ZABYTKO, IRENE - The Sky Unwashed
38503: ZAEHNER, R.C. - The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism
7655: ZAGAT SURVEY - Zagat Survey 1998 New York City Restaurants
4008: ZAGORIA, DONALD S. (EDITOR) - Soviet Policy in East Asia
16250: ZAHM, JOHN AUGUSTINE - Woman in Science: With an Introductory Chapter on Woman's Long Struggle for Things of the Mind
303: ZAHN, TIMOTHY - The Icarus Hunt
18685: ZAHN, C.T. - C Notes, a Guide to the C Programming Language
20557: ZAHN, TIMOTHY. - Conquerors' Heritage
20559: ZAHN, TIMOTHY. - Conquerors' Pride
20560: ZAHN, TIMOTHY. - Conquerors' Legacy
35258: ZAHN, LISA; DINEEN, TERENCE H., ET AL. - Network Computing Architecture
15262: ZAID, GABRIEL - So Many Books: Reading and Publishing in an Age of Abundance
23022: ZAMORA, ANDREW J. - Bank Contingency Financing: Risks, Rewards, and Opportunities
6151: ZANDRI, VINCENT - As Catch Can
36012: ZANER, RICHARD; IHDE, DON - Phenomenology and Existentialism
33051: ZANICHKOWSKY, STEPHEN - Fourteen: Growing Up Alone in a Crowd
37122: ZAPF VON HESSE, GUDRUN - Gudrun Zapf Von Hesse : Bindings, Handwritten Books, Typefaces, Examples of Lettering and Drawings
16550: ZARATIAN, BECK - Microsoft Visual C++ Owner's Manual: Version 5.0
16485: ZAREMBA, EVE. - Reason to Kill
37717: ZAREMBA, EVE - Beyond Hope: A Helen Keremos Thriller
29933: ZARNOWSKI, MYRA - Learning About Biographies: A Reading-And-Writing Approach for Children
34376: ZEITLIN, MAURICE, ED. - American Society, Inc.: Studies of the Social Structure and Political Economy of the United States
12610: ZELAZNY, ROGER - The Changing Land
23691: ZELAZNY, ROGER - The Guns of Avalon
27690: ZELAZNY, ROGER - Madwand
8495: ZEMANIAN, ARMEN H. - Transfiniteness for Graphs, Electrical Networks, and Random Walks
31445: ZEMANSKY, MARK W. - Heat and Thermodynamics: An Intermediate Textbook for Students of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering
24369: ZEPATOS, THALIA - A Journey of One's Own: Uncommon Advice for the Independent Woman Traveler
34099: ZEPATOS, THALIA - Adventures in Good Company: The Complete Guide to Women's Tours and Outdoor Trips
23138: ZERMAN, MELVYN BERNARD - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
16222: ZERNOVA, RUTH - Mute Phone Calls and Other Stories
20561: ZETTEL, SARAH - Fool's War
20562: ZETTEL, SARAH - Reclamation
24449: ZIGMAN, LAURA - Dating Big Bird
18445: ZIGROSSER, CARL; GAEHDE, CHRISTA - A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints
29118: ZIM, HERBERT S.; SHAFFER, PAUL R. - Rocks and Minerals: A Guide to Minerals, Gems, and Rocks
36240: ZIMAN, JOHN - The Force of Knowledge: The Scientific Dimension of Society
22764: ZINBERG, NORMAN E., ED. - Alternate States of Consciousness
16634: ZINK, WILLIAM - Ballad of the Confessor
6441: ZNANIECKI, FLORIAN - Cultural Sciences: Their Origin and Development
3214: ZOBRIST, GEORGE W. - Network Computer Analysis
37819: ZOE VALDES - I Gave You All I Had
27363: ZOLA, EMILE - Love's Chase
36955: ZOLKOS, RODD, ED. - Bosses & Other Reptiles
38096: ZUBIN, JOSEPH; MONEY, JOHN, ED. - Contemporary Sexual Behavior: Critical Issues in the 1970's
36226: ZUBOFF, SHOSHANA - In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power
37222: ZUECH, NELLO, ED. - Gaging With Vision Systems
33228: ZUKAV, GARY - The Seat of the Soul
29675: ZWARG, CHRISTINA - Feminist Conversations: Fuller, Emerson, and the Play of Reading
24602: ZWERLING, PHILLIP; MARTIN, CONNIE - Nicaragua: A New Kind of Revolution
384: ZWERMAN, WILLIAM L. - New Perspectives on Organization Theory
38119: ZWICKY, ELIZABETH D.; COOPER, SIMON; CHAPMAN, D. BRENT - Building Internet Firewalls

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