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24616: SPENCE, CHRISTOPHER - On Watch: Views from the Lighthouse
1198: SPENCER, LAVYRLE - That Camden Summer
10625: SPENCER, SAMIA I. (EDITOR) - Foreign Languages and International Trade : A Global Perspective
12337: SPENCER, MICHAEL - States of Injustice : A Guide to Human Rights and Civil Liberties in the European Union
13289: SPENCER, DONALD D. - Computer Dictionary for Everyone
15373: SPENCER, CAMIKA C. - When All Hell Breaks Loose : A Novel
36857: SPENCER, DONALD D. - Game Playing with Computers
36863: SPENCER, DONALD D. - Game Playing with Computers
21841: SPENGEMANN, WILLIAM C. - A New World of Words : Redefining Early American Literature
26980: SPERBER, A.M. - Murrow: His Life and Times
37462: SPERBER, A.M. - Murrow: His Life and Times
28898: SPERO, JOAN EDELMAN - The Politics of International Economic Relations
31911: SPERRY, VICCI - The Art Experience
37849: SPETH, JAMES GUSTAVE - Red Sky at Morning : America and the Crisis of the Global Environment
28375: SPIEGEL, SHALOM - The Last Trial: On the Legends and Lore of the Command to Abraham to Offer Isaac As a Sacrifice, the Akedah
31363: SPIEGEL, MURRAY R. - Applied Differential Equations
31590: SPIEGEL, MURRY R. - Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems of Complex Variables with an Introduction to Conformal Mapping and Its Applications
32842: SPIEGEL, MURRAY R. - Statistics
32857: SPIEGEL, MURRAY R. - Statistics
34368: SPIEGEL, MURRAY R. - Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Advanced Chemistry
35155: SPIEGEL, LEONARD;LIMBRUNNER, GEORGE F. - Applied Statics and Strength of Materials
17729: SPIEGELMAN, ART - In the Shadow of No Towers
17731: SPIEGELMAN, ART - In the Shadow of No Towers
20470: SPIELBERG, STEVEN - Close encounters of the third kind
28568: SPIELBERG, STEVEN - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2713: SPIER, LESLIE - Yuman Tribes of the Gila River
35873: SPILLERS, HORTENSE J., ED. ENGLISH INSTITUTE - Comparative American Identities: Race, Sex, and Nationality in the Modern Text
31940: SPINOZA, BARUCH; RATNER, JOSEPH, ED. - The Philosophy of Spinoza
34958: DE SPINOZA, BENEDICT; GUTMANN, JAMES, TRANS. - Ethics, Preceded By On the Improvement of the Understanding
29170: SPINRAD, NORMAN - The Solarians
30639: SPINRAD, NORMAN - The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde
18644: SPIRN, JEFFREY R. - Program Behavior : Models and Measurements
14097: SPIRO, MELFORD E. - Kinship and Marriage in Burma : A Cultural and Psychodynamic Analysis
29014: SPIRO, MELFORD E.;SPIRO, AUDREY G. - Children of the Kibbutz: A Study in Child Training and Personality
33097: SPIRO, MELFORD E. - Kibbutz: Venture in Utopia
14673: SPITZER, ROBERT L. - Psychopathology : A Case Book
32913: SPOONER, MARY HELEN - Soldiers in a Narrow Land: The Pinochet Regime in Chile
23844: SPOTNITZ, HYMAN, M.D. - Modern Psychoanalysis of the Schizophrenic Patient: Theory of the Technique
36383: SPRING, JOEL - The American School, 1642-1985: Varieties of Historical Interpretation of the Foundations and Development of American Education
33395: SPROULL, NATALIE L. - Handbook of Research Methods: A Guide for Practitioners and Students in the Social Sciences
23901: SPURGE, LORRAINE - Money Clips: 365 Tips--From the Simple to the Sophisticated--For Making, Saving and Investing Your Money
22337: SQUIRE, CHARLES - Celtic Myth and Legend
38419: SQUIRE, DAVID - Garden Projects: A Practical and Inspiring Guide to Creating Garden Features
14774: ST. PATRICK; BIELER, LUDWIG (TRANSLATOR) - The Works of St. Patrick : St. Secundinus Hymn on St. Patrick
35883: ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - The Agonizing Choice:Birth Control, Religion and the Law: Birth Control, Religion and the Law
33723: STAAR, RICHARD F. - USSR Foreign Policies After Detente
37189: STACE, WESLEY - By George
12752: STACEY, MICHELLE - Consumed: Why Americans Love, Hate, and Fear Food
35335: STACEY, LYNDON - Cut Throat
31853: STAFF, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Lives in Science
31954: STAFF, "INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY - Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements
23384: STAIR, RALPH M. JR. - Learning to Live with Computers: Advice for Managers
3461: STALLINGS, WILLIAM - Local Networks: An Introduction (Second Edition)
4689: STALLINGS, WILLIAM - Handbook of Computer Communications Standards : Local Network Standards
4690: STALLINGS, WILLIAM - Handbook of Computer Communications Standards : The Open Systems Interconnection Model
37366: STALLINGS, WILLIAM - Operating Systems
17713: STALLMAN, RICHARD - GNU Emacs Manual : Sixth Edition, Version 18, March 1987
17717: STALLMAN, RICHARD - GNU Emacs Manual : Eleventh Edition, Version 19.29, June 1995
17718: STALLMAN, RICHARD - GNU Emacs Manual : Seventh Edition, Version 18, September 1992
22098: STANISLAWSKI, JAN; JASSEM, WIKTOR (EDITOR) - The Great Polish-English Dictionary : 2 Volume Set
22099: STANISLAWSKI, JAN; JASSEM, WIKTOR (EDITOR) - The Great English-Polish Dictionary : 2 Volume Set
23726: STANKUS & LAVINE - Zagatsurvey 1999 Update Boston Restaurants
12351: STAPINSKI, HELENE - Five-Finger Discount : A Crooked Family History
27391: STARKE, P.H.; SHEPHERD, I., TRANS. - Abstract Automata
20472: STARLING, BORIS - Messiah
2250: STAUDOHAR, PAUL D. - Boxing's Best Short Stories
5539: STAULO, JOHN (EDITOR) - Other Voices (Scripta Humanistica, Vol 67)
8889: STAYER, MARCIA S. (EDITOR) - Newton's Dream
34906: STECHER, MELVIN; HOROWITZ, NORMAN; GORDON, CLAIRE - Rock, Rhythm and Rag: Piano Solos
7864: STEELE, ALLEN M. - A King of Infinite Space
15720: STEELE, JONATHAN - Eternal Russia : Yeltsin, Gorbachev, and the Mirage of Democracy
21526: STEELE, ALLEN M. - Coyote
36009: STEEN, LYNN A., ED. - Mathematics Today: Twelve Informal Essays
31466: STEFFENSEN, J.F. - Interpolation
35621: STEFIK, MARK - The Internet Edge: Social, Legal, and Technological Challenges for a Networked World
16221: STEGNER, PAGE - The WPA Guide to the Monterey Peninsula
28236: STEGNER, WALLACE EARLE - Mormon Country
35329: STEGNER, WALLACE - Angle of Repose
20474: STEIN, HARRY - Infinity's Child
31919: STEIN, MAURICE R. - The Eclipse of Community: An Interpretation of American Studies
34363: STEIN, SHERMAN K. - Mathematics: The Man-Made Universe
35036: STEIN, GERTRUDE - What are Masterpieces?
35419: STEIN, HERBERT - The Fiscal Revolution in America
32623: STEINBACH, ALICE - Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman
30765: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication
402: STEINBERGER, PETER J. - Ideology and the Urban Crisis
17145: STEINER, GILBERT YALE - The State of Welfare
21414: STEINGART, IRVING - A Thing Apart: Love and Reality in the Therapeutic Partnership
34710: STEINHEIL, DR. ADOLPH; VOIT, DR. ERNES; FRENCH, JAMES WEIR, TRANS. - Applied Optics: Vol. II, The Computation of Optical Systems
27379: STEINMETZ, ANDREW - History of the Jesuits : From the Foundation of Their Society to Its Suppression By Pope Clement XIV : Volume 1
30252: STEINMETZ, CHARLES PROTEUS; HAYDEN, JOSEPH LEROY, ED. - Radiation, Light, and Illumination: A Series of Engineering Lectures Delivered at Union College
22801: STELMACH, GEORGE, ED. - Motor Control: Issues and Trends
25507: STENDHAL - The Red and the Black
16863: STENGEL, RICHARD - January Sun : One Day, Three Lives, A South African Town
28638: STENHOLM, STIG - Foundations of Laser Spectroscopy
33225: STEPHEN MCCAULEY - The Man of the House
33668: STEPHEN HOLDEN - The New York Times on the Sopranos
34430: STEPHEN, SIR LESLIE - The English Utilitarians in Three Volumes: I, II, III
34101: STEPHENS, AUTUMN - Wild Words from Wild Women: An Unbridled Collection of Candid Observations & Extremely Opinionated Bon Mots
28469: STEPHENSON, JUNE - Women's Roots: Status and Achievements in Western Civilization
10370: STERLING, BRUCE - The Artificial Kid
37828: STERLING, LEON;SHAPIRO, EHUD - The Art of Prolog: Advanced Programming Techniques
8860: STERN, FRITZ - Einstein's German World
12876: STERN, ALFRED - Sartre : His Philosophy and Existential Psychoanalysis
24994: STERN, JANE; STERN, MICHAEL - Dog Eat Dog: A Very Human Book About Dogs and Dog Shows
29978: STERN, GERALD - Lucky Life
18366: STERNLIEB, GEORGE; BURCHELL, ROBERT W. - Residential Abandonment : The Tenement Landlord Revisited
3709: STETSON, OSCAR FRANK - The Art of Ancestor Hunting
30407: STEVENS, C.J. - Storyteller: A Life of Erskine Caldwell
32600: STEVENS, PETER S. - Handbook of Regular Patterns: An Introduction to Symmetry in Two Dimensions
34395: STEVENS, ROBERT B., ED. - Statutory History of the United States: Income Security
17391: STEVENSON, CHARLES L. - The Study of Human Nature: Readings
18676: STEVENSON, LESLIE FORSTER - Seven Theories of Human Nature
31795: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; An Inland Voyage; Travels with a Donkey
35550: STEVENSON, LESLIE - The Metaphysics of Experience
7869: STEWART, JAMES BREWER - Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries
14777: STEWART, B. M. - Theory of Numbers
20476: STEWART, IAN; COHEN, JACK - Wheelers
27188: STEWART, DAVID - Murder Most Academic
34461: STEWART, JAMES B. - Den of Thieves
106: STIEGLER, MARC - Earthweb
29464: STILLINGS, NEIL A.; FEINSTEIN, MARK H., GARFIELD, JAY L., ET AL. - Cognitive Science: An Introduction
16669: STILLMAN, CALVIN W. - Africa in the Modern World
14656: STINE, GERALD J. - The New Human Genetics
19560: STOCK, MICHAEL - AI Theory and Applications in the VAX Environment
2622: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SIPRI) - Armaments and Disarmament in the Nuclear Age
18320: STOCKLEY, CORINNE AND WATTS, LISA - Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon
6313: STOKES, W. ROYAL - Living the Jazz Life: Conversations With Forty Musicians About Their Careers in Jazz
4359: STOLL, CLIFFORD - Silicon Snake Oil : Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
13196: STOLL, CLARICE S. (EDITOR) - Sexism : Scientific Debates
22924: STOLL, CLIFFORD - Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
25145: STOLL, CLIFFORD - Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
36034: STOLL, CLIFFORD - Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
15940: STOLOFF, CAROLYN - Reaching For Honey
12503: STOLZ, MATTHEW F. (EDITOR) - Politics of the New Left
4594: STONE, HAROLD S. - Microcomputer Interfacing
15768: STONE, ABIGAIL - Recipes from the Dump
19555: STONE, LAWRENCE - The Causes of the English Revolution: 1529-1642
19840: STONE, CHARLES F.; SAWHILL, ISABEL V. - Economic Policy in the Reagan Years
22912: STONE, I.F. - The Trial of Socrates
23709: STONE, I.F. - The Trial of Socrates
26365: STONE, MICHAEL - Gangbusters: How a Street Tough, Elite Homicide Unit Took Down New York's Most Dangerous Gang
32314: STONE, GEOFFREY R. - Supplement to Construction Law '91
33543: STONE, ALAN - Public Service Liberalism: Telecommunications and Transitions in Public Policy
36208: STONE, HAROLD S., ED. - Introduction to Computer Architecture
36900: STONE, CLARENCE N - The Politics of Urban Development
37534: STONE, CHARLES F.;SAWHILL, ISABEL V. - Economic Policy in the Reagan Years
28774: STONER, CAROL HUPPING - Producing Your Own Power: How to Make Nature's Energy Sources Work for You
36548: STORACE, PATRICIA - Dinner With Persephone
4919: STOVER, DAVID; ERDMANN, ERIKA - A Mind for Tomorrow : Facts, Values, and the Future
38501: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightengale, Dr. Arnold, General Gordon
26343: STRAGE, MARK - Cape to Cairo: Rape of a Continent
28990: STRANG, BRIAN - A Draft of L Cavatinas (Letters to Ez)
29666: STRANG, MARY I., ED. - Favorite Poetry
32262: STRANG, GILBERT; FIX, GEORGE J. - An Analysis of the Finite Element Method
30305: STRANGE, HEATHER - Rural Malay Women in Tradition and Transition
35388: STRANGIO, CHRISTOPHER E. - Digital Electronics: Fundamental Concepts and Applications
25149: STRATTON, ROBIN L. - So Mote It Be
18228: STRAUB, DEBORAH GILLAN - Asian American Voices
20480: STRAUB, PETER - Koko
20484: STRAUB, PETER - The Throat
22965: STRAUSS, SYLVIA - Traitors to the Masculine Cause : The Men's Campaigns for Women's Rights
26986: STRAUSS, RICHARD; BURGESS, ANTHONY; MAREK, GEORGE RICHARD - Richard Strauss, Der Rosenkavalier: Comedy for Music in Three Acts
34206: STRAUSS, SARAH - Positioning Yoga: Balancing Acts Across Cultures
9509: STREBE, MATTHEW - NT Server 4
15461: STREET, F. LAWERENCE - Law of the Internet : 2000 Edition
21113: STREETER, DONALD N. - The Scientific Process and the Computer
31826: STREETER HILDA E., ED. - Historic Cherry Valley: An Illustrated Booklet with Historical Sketch of a Famous Community
31946: STREETER, EDWARD - The Story of Woodlawn Cemetery
22030: STRICKER, MEREDITH - Tenderness Shore
7872: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Transformation: The Breakthrough
20485: STRIEBER, WHITLEY. - The Forbidden Zone
9014: STRIGEL, W. - Business Cycle Analysis : Papers Presented at the Fourteenth CIRET Conference Proceedings - Lisbon 1979
34407: STROKE, GEORGE W. - An Introduction to Coherent Optics and Holography
33410: STRONG, LEONARD V. - How to Book of Advertising: Creating It, Preparing It, Presenting It
37313: STRONG, SKIP; BRADEN, TWAIN - In Peril: A Daring Decision, a Captain's Resolve, and the Salvage That Made History
33728: STROUPE, NIBS; STROUPE, GIBSON; BOESEL, CHRIS - Where Once We Feared Enemies: Inclusive Membership, Prophetic Vision, And The American Church
17823: STRUYK, RAYMOND J.; MARSHALL, SUE A.; OZANNE, LARRY J. - Housing Policies for the Urban Poor
38342: STRUYK, RAYMOND J.; MAYER, NEIL; TUCCILLO, JOHN A. - Federal Housing Policy at President Reagan's Midterm
31366: STUBBS, MARY LEE; CONNOR, STANLEY RUSSELL - Armor-Cavalry, Part I: Regular Army and Army Reserve
7874: STUCKENBRUCK, LINN C. (EDITOR) - The Implementation of Project Management: The Professional's Handbook
25026: STURGEON, THEODORE - Godbody
27240: STYMNE, BENGT - Values and Processes: A Systems Study of Effectiveness in Three Organizations
28445: SUBTELNY, OREST - Ukraine : A History
35590: SUDKAMP, THOMAS A. - Languages And Machines: An Introduction To The Theory Of Computer Science
36335: SUE, DERALD WING;SUE, DAVID - Counseling the Culturally Different: Theory and Practice
22669: LE SUEUR, MERIDEL - Girl
23847: SUGRUE, FRANCIS - Popes in the Modern World: The Life Stories of the Six Men Who Led the Church Into the Twentieth Century
493: SULIVAN, TIM - Martian Viking
2987: SULLIVAN, STEVE - Selling Made Simple
25926: SULLIVAN, DEAN - Papal Bull
26990: SULLIVAN, MONICA - Videohound's Independent Film Guide
29502: SULLIVAN, MARY ELLEN - Cows on Parade in Chicago
31959: SULLIVAN, WILLIAM D., S.J. - Understanding Evolution
17065: SULLOWAY, FRANK J. - Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives
5603: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J. (EDITOR) - The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage: A Reader's Companion to the Writers and Their Work, from Antiquity to the Present
26341: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J. - Ben Jonson
27361: SUMNER, HELEN L. - Equal Suffrage : The results of an investigation in Colorado made for the Collegiate equal suffrage league of New York State
16575: SUMRALL, AMBER COVERDALE (EDITOR) - Love's Shadow: Stories by Women
9304: SUMSION, MICHAEL - Korn : The Korn Story in Words and Pictures
15811: SUN, RON (EDITOR); ALEXANDRE, FREDERIC (EDITOR) - Connectionist-Symbolic Integration : From Unified to Hybrid Approaches
26202: SUNDERMAN, JAMES F. - World War II in the Air
17829: SUNDQUIST, JAMES L. - Dispersing Population: What America Can Learn from Europe
27446: SUSANN, JAQUELINE - The Love Machine
35481: SUSSER, M.W.; WATSON, . - Sociology in Medicine
32347: SUSSKIND, RICHARD - The Future of Law: Facing the Challenges of Information Technology
34907: SUTHERLAND, JOHN H., ED. - Mr. Spectator's London: Selected Source Materials for College Research Papers
26991: SUTTON, ANN; SUTTON, MYRON - Wilderness Areas of North America
30094: SUTTON, ANN; SUTTON, MYRON - Nature on The Rampage: A Natural History of the Elements
21827: SVERDRUP, ERLING - Laws and Chance Variations : Volume 1 Elementary Introduction
29350: SVERDRUP, ERLING - Basic Concepts in Statistical Inference, Laws and Chance Variations: Vol. I, Elementary Introduction
29351: SVERDRUP, ERLING - Basic Concepts of Statistical Inference, Vol. II: More Advanced Treatment
13056: SVESTKA, Z. F. (EDITOR); JACKSON, B. V. (EDITOR); MACHADO, M. E. (EDITOR) - Eruptive Solar Flares : Proceedings, Iguazu, Argentina 1991
37317: SVOBODA, MELANNIE - Rummaging for God: Seeking the Holy in Every Nook and Cranny
32817: SWANDER, MARY - Out of This World: A Journey of Healing
7877: SWANSON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Anders CD-Rom Guide 1997
7879: SWANWICK, MICHAEL - Vacuum Flowers
17474: SWARTZ, DOROTHY DILTS - Other Times, Other Women: Their Life-Histories and Societies
18823: SWEENEY, NEAL J. - 2000 Wiley Construction Law Update
29047: SWEENEY, PHILIP, ED. - Insight Guides: The Gambia and Senegal
15254: SWEET, SUSAN R. - A Deadly Agent
19108: SWENSON, ROGER - Praying in Time
29203: SWENSON, VALERIE - A Child's Book of Reptiles and Amphibians
10559: SWIERENGA, ROBERT P. - Quantification in American History : Theory and Research
34357: SWIERENGA, ROBERT P., ED. - Quantification in American History: Theory and Research
8819: SWIFT, JONATHAN; STERNE, LAURENCE; HUTCHINS, ROBERT MAYNARD (EDITOR) - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 36 : Swift, Sterne
17692: SWIFT; STERNE - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 36 : Swift, Sterne
12753: SWISHER, KARIN (EDITOR) - Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints (Opposing Viewpoints)
11852: SWYGERT, DOROTHY - The March for Justice : Martin Luther King's Rise to Fame
21713: SYCARA, KATIA - Precedent-Based Reasoning in Expert Labor Mediation : GIT-ICS-85/22
26992: SYKES, HOMER - Mysterious Britain: Fact and Folklore
5004: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON - The Fine Arts (Volume 3 of Renaissance in Italy)
5005: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON - The Revival of Learning (Volume 2 of Renaissance in Italy)
18411: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON. - The age of the despots
10431: SZASZ, GABOR; WIEGANDT, R. (EDITOR); BALKAY, B. (TRANSLATOR); TOTH, G. (TRANSLATOR) - Introduction to Lattice Theory
18181: SZEMAN, SHERRI - The Kommandant's Mistress: A Novel
32606: TABARLY, ERIC - Ocean Racing
14731: TACITUS - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 15 : Tacitus
30144: TAHA, HAMDY A. - Operations Research: An Introduction
309: TAKAKI, RONALD - Iron Cages : Race and Culture in 19Th-Century America
33583: TALBOT, LESLIE - Singular Existence: Because It's Better to Be Alone Than Wish You Were
35337: TALBOT, LAURA - The Gentlewomen
20489: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Reckless Endangerment
34350: TANG, K.Y. - Alternating-Current Circuits
21653: TANGER, WOODY - The Dead Cure
7884: TANIMOTO, STEVEN L. - The Elements of Artificial Intelligence : An Introduction Using LISP
16199: TANNAHILL, REAY. - Sex in History
25141: TANNAHILL, REAY - Sex in History
23931: TANNEN, DEBORAH - You Just Don't Understand
35476: TANNEN, DEBORAH. ED. - Gender and Conversational Interaction
35039: TANNENBAUM, PETER; ARNOLD, ROBERT - Excursions in Modern Mathematics: Test Item File
23048: TANNER, LEE, ED.; KALISS, JEFF, INTRO; LEES, GENE, ESSAY - Dizzy: John Birks Gillespie in His 75th Year
34458: TANSMAN, ALEXANDRE - Happy Time (On S'Amuse Au Piano) Book 1
12017: TANTON, MORGAN (EDITOR) - Women in Management : A Developing Presence
38260: TAORMINO, TRISTAN; CLARKE, CHERYL, EDS. - Best Lesbian Erotica 2003
18450: TAPLEY, LANCE - Ski Touring in New England: [a Complete Cross-Country Ski Book]
13480: TAPSCOTT, DON; TICOLL, DAVID; LOWY, ALEX - Digital Capital : Harnessing the Power of Business Webs
21612: TARASULO, ISAAC J. - Gorbachev and Glasnost: Viewpoints from the Soviet Press
12676: VAN TASSEL, DAVID - American Thought in the Twentieth Century
14997: TATE, JAMES P. - The Army and Its Air Corps : Army Policy Towards Aviation, 191-1941
18666: TAUBES, FREDERIC - Better Frames for Your Pictures
23849: TAUSSIG, F.W. - Principles of Economics: Vols. I and II
30440: TAWNEY, R.H. - The Acquistive Society
18337: TAXATION, RESOURCES, AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMIT - Property Taxation, U. S. A. : Proceedings of the Committee on Taxation, Resources, and Economic Development Symposium, 1967
28220: TAYLER, ALAN B. - Mathematical Models in Applied Mechanics
30290: TAYLER, JEFFREY - River of No Reprieve: Descending Siberia's Waterway of Exile, Death, and Destiny
510: TAYLOR, V. - How to Build Period Country Furniture
1835: TAYLOR, PETER - Presences: Seven Dramatic Pieces
2151: TAYLOR, PETER;MCALEXANDER, HUBERT H. - Conversations with Peter Taylor
5435: TAYLOR, NICK - Ordinary Miracles : Life in a Small Church
8958: TAYLOR, OVERTON H. - A History of Economic Thought : Social Ideals and Economic Theories from Quesnay to Keynes
9626: TAYLOR, JAMES M. - Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
16987: TAYLOR, DAVID; TERHUNE, ALYSE D. - Object-Oriented Information Systems: Planning and Implementation
17621: TAYLOR, HERMAN E. - Faulkner's Oxford : Recollections and Reflections
22355: TAYLOR, TERRY LYNN - Messengers of Light: The Angels' Guide to Spiritual Growth
23330: TAYLOR, TANYA; THOMPSON, PAMELA, EDS. - The Cancer Monologue Project
23935: TAYLOR, TERRY LYNN - Answers from the Angels: A Book of Angel Letters
25416: TAYLOR, DENA; SUMRALL, AMBER COVERDALE - The Time of Our Lives: Women Write on Sex After 40
30474: TAYLOR, GORDON RATTRAY - The Biological Time Bomb
31436: TAYLOR, LLOYD W.; WATSON, WILLIAM W.; HOWE, CARL E. - General Physics for the Laboratory
31891: TAYLOR, CALVIN W.; BARRON, FRANK, EDS. - Scientific Creativity: Its Nature and Development
36404: TAYLOR, PAUL D.; LEWIS, DAVID N. - Fossil Invertebrates
37943: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH R. - The Wedding Group
37949: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH - The Devastating Boys: And Other Stories
3388: TCHEREVKOFF, MICHEL - Tcherevkoff: The Image Maker
10995: TEAGUE, JASON C.; HAYES, SIMON (EDITOR) - DHTML for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guides)
7887: TEDFORD, WILLIAM - Rashanyn Dark
34759: TEELING, WILLIAM - Pope Pius XI and World Affairs
31953: TEEVAN, RICHARD C.; BIRNEY, ROBERT C., EDS. - Theories of Motivation in Learning: An Enduring Problem in Psychology
32235: TELSER, LESTER G.; GRAVES, ROBERT L. - Functional Analysis in Mathematical Economics: Optimization over Infinite Horizons
32449: TEMES, LLOYD - Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems of Electronic Communication
36159: TEMIN, PETER - The Fall of the Bell System : A Study in Prices and Politics
320: TENN, WILLIAM - The Seven Sexes
29083: TENN, WILLIAM - Of All Possible Worlds
21738: TEOLIS, A.; SHAMMA, S. (ADVISOR) - Adaptive Pattern Classitication : University of Maryland, Systems Research Center, M.S. 89-6
7889: TEPPER, SHERI S. - Sideshow
415: TERASHIMA, NOBUYOSHI - Intelligent Communication Systems
38115: TERHORST, JERALD F. - Gerald Ford and the Future of the Presidency
6179: TERKEL, STUDS - The Great Divide : America At This Time
14446: TERKEL, STUDS - Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century by Those Who've Lived It
37242: TERLECKYJ, NESTOR E., ED. - Household Production and Consumption: [Papers]
642: TERRIBILE, MARK A. - Practical C++
6478: TERRIBILE, MARK A. - Practical C++
6486: TERRIBILE, MARK A. - Practical C++
6487: TERRIBILE, MARK A. - Practical C++
23175: TERRILL, ROSS - The Australians
23345: TERVALON, JERVEY - Lita
33857: TETLEY, BRIAN - Mo, the Story of Mohamed Amin, Front-Line Cameraman
36301: TEXEIRA, RUY; ROGERS, JOEL - America's Forgotten Majority: Why the White Working Class Still Matters
7611: TFH - Breeding Budgerigars
5668: THALER, GEORGE J.; BROWN ROBERT G. - Servomechanism Analysis
35756: THAYER, NANCY - The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again
29130: THEISSING, H.H.; CAPLAN, P.J. - Spectroscopic Calculations for a Multielectron Ion
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2773: WAPNICK, JOEL - The Champion's Strategy for Winning at Scrabble Brand Crossword Game
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9824: WELLS-PETRY, MELISSA - Exclusion : Homosexuals and the Right to Serve
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9826: WELLS-PETRY, MELISSA - Exclusion : Homosexuals and the Right to Serve
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18565: WILTENBURG, JOY - Disorderly Women and Female Power in the Street Literature of Early Modern England and Germany
14978: WINBLAD, ANN L.; EDWARDS, SAMUEL D.; KING, DAVID R. - Object-Oriented Programming
12851: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa : The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883
22744: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
30737: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
38387: WIND ENERGY SYSTEMS STAFF - Proceedings of the Wind Energy Systems International Symposium, 2nd, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 3rd-6th, 1978
30565: WINDLEY, BRIAN F. - The Evolving Continents
22994: WINEGARTEN, RENEE - The Double Life of George Sand, Woman and Writer: A Critical Biography
16568: WINGS, MARY. - She Came Too Late
24676: WINGS, MARY - She Came Too Late
24677: WINGS, MARY - She Came Too Late
27041: WINICK, JUDD - Terminal Madness
4099: WINKELMAN, BABE - The Comprehensive Guide to Walleye Patterns
5703: WINN, LOIS KING - Wings in the Sea: The Humpback Whale
11685: WINNY, JAMES - A Preface to Donne
10075: WINOGRAD, TERRY - Procedures as a Representation for Data in a Computer Program for Understanding Natural Language
28855: WINSLOW, CARLETON M.; COFFMAN, TAYLOR; FRYE, NICKOLA L. - The Enchanted Hill: The Story of Hearst Castle at San Simeon
37100: WINSLOW, ALBERT FOSTER - Tuxedo Park: A Journal of Recollections
5227: WINSTON, STUART; HARRIS, HARRIET - Nation of Gamblers : America's Billion-Dollar-A-Day Habit
38262: WINSTON, LADY, ED.; CALIFA, PAT, INTRO. - The Leading Edge: An Anthology of Lesbian Sexual Fiction
12874: WINTER, JOHN - Great Buildings of The World : Modern Buildings
16706: WINTER, DAVID J. - Abstract Lie Algebras
27229: WINTER, MIRIAM THERESE - The Singer & the Song: An Autobiography of the Spirit
36421: WINTER, JAY; BAGGETT, BLAINE - The Great War: And the Shaping of the 20th Century
8145: WINTERICH, JOHN TRACY - Books and the Man
28800: WINTERS, SHELLEY - Shelley II: The Middle of My Century
28801: WINTERS, SHELLEY - Shelley II: The Middle of My Century
33220: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
36562: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
5118: WINTHROP, ELIZABETH - Island Justice
32666: WIORKOWSKI, GABRIELLE; KULL, DAVID - DB2: Design & Development Guide
32670: WIORKOWSKI, GABRIELLE; KULL, DAVID - DB2: Design and Development Guide/Covers Version 2.3

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