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039094: - Country Blues: Country Blues Musicians, John Lee Hooker, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Mctell, Son House, Lead Belly.
038035: - Morea, Tome 2 - L'Echine Du Dragon
039302: - Auld Scots Songs with Music. Volume One
031516: - Medieval Structure: The Gothic Vault
019977: - The Art of the Goldsmith & the Jeweler
020261: - The U.S. Army in Alaska: Papmhlet 360-5
022899: - Notes on Naval History - B.R. 607
025387: - Yachting Et Progres Technologiques a Monaco 1904-1914, Canoys Automobiles, Glisseurs, Hydroaeroplanes Et Yachting a Voile
026276: - A Guide to the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals
039142: - Italy in Canada 1990/1991 Italie Au Canada a Programme of Music, Theatre, Dance, Cinema and Art
027839: - Ontario Elections, 1883, Facts for the People. Should Be Read by Every Elector
028155: - Package Design in Japan, Vol. 2
028888: - Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada and the Gwich'in As Represented by the Gwich'in Tribal Council: Volume 1
029717: - The Art of Japanese Packages
032404: - Pictorial History of the Edison Lamp
033222: - Art Fashion
033282: - Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Middlesex, Ont.
034305: - Tres Libros de Jineta de Los Siglos XVI Y XVII
034362: - Libro-Homenaje a Antonio Perez Gomez (2 Volumes)
033450: - Maritime Dykelands: The 350 Years Struggle
042876: (ANON.) - So Ein Tag... Das Grosse Stimmungslieder-Album: Alle Singen Mit Achtzig Beliebte Lieder Fur Feier, Fete, Party (Ed. Nr. 432)
039605: - Rock Movie Hits
039608: - Arctic Quebec 1973 Nouveu-Quebec: Prints / Estampes, Arctic Quebec 1973
040439: AKIMOV, A. (ED.) & G. GOLYNETS (INTRO.) - Gennady Rayshev: The Khanty Legends
039530: IVERACH, JOHN A. & DON AIKEN (ED.) - Chronicles of a Nervous Navigator
040136: LEITH, JAMES A. & ANDREA JOYCE - Face a Face: French and English Caricatures of the French Revolution and Its Aftermath
037003: CARTER, MORRIS A. & JAMES E. HOSTETLER - Ontario Soda Water Bottles, Including Price Guide
042374: AALEN, F. H. A.; ET AL. - Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape
041467: GALIPEAU, JOHN A & PATTIE WHITEHOUSE - Peewees on Parade: Wartime Memories of a Young (and Small) Soldier
038503: THOMAS, DAVID A. & PATRICK HOLMES - Queen Mary and the Cruiser: The Curacoa Disaster
029140: NASIR, SAYYID ABDALLAH A. & WILLIAM HICHENS (ED.) - Al-Inkishafi: The Soul's Awakening
034584: MARCH, WILLIAM A. & ROBERT H, THOMPSON - The Evolution of Air Power in Canada: 1916 to the Present Day and Beyond (2 Volumes)
037483: STYLIANOU, A. AND J. (ED.) - The History of the Cartography of Nicosia
039551: BAKER, CATHLEEN A. & JOHN DEPOL - Endgrain Designs & Repitition: The Patten Papers of John Depol
041504: STANG, AARON & COLGAN BRYAN - Pantera Guitar Anthology Series (Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition)
034842: ABADIE, DANIEL - Andre Masson / Automatismes: Fetes D'Automne 1987
035111: ABADIE, DANIEL - Hans Hartung: Fetes D'Automne, 17 Septembre - 23 Octobre 1988
041849: D'ABBADIE, J. VANDIER - Catalogue Des Objets de Toilette Egyptiens
043143: ABBATE, CAROLYN - Unsung Voices: Opera and Musical Narrative in the Nineteenth Century
029620: ABBOTT, ROLAND W. (SIGNED) - Three Seas
034075: ABBOTT, BILL - Herder Memorial Trophy
039344: ABBOTT, BERENICE - The World of Atget
020554: ABE, TOKIHARU - Keys to the Japanese Fishes Fully Illustrated in Colors. Second Edition
039153: ABERT, HERMANN - Mozart's Don Giovanni
020444: ABLEY, MARK - The Ice Storm: An Historic Record in Photographs of January 1998
041962: ABRAHAM, THOMAS - Twenty-First Century Plague: The Story of Sars
043854: ABRAMSON, BEVERLEY - Bawdy Language, Exotic Dance
034152: ACATOS, SYLVIO - Claire Nicole: Passing Through Forms
037050: ACKERMAN, GERALD - The History of Cheesemaking in Prince Edward County
042077: ACLAND, JAMES H. - Medieval Structure: The Gothic Vault
025794: ACOSTA, LEONARDO - From the Drum to the Synthesizer
041157: ADAIR, GILBERT - Flickers: An Illustrated Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
041271: ADAM, HANS CHRISTIAN - Karl Blossfeldt, 1865-1932
041297: ADAM, EDWARD B. - Korean Folk Art & Craft
040735: ADAMS, JOHN A. - If Mahan Ran the Great Pacific War: An Analysis of World War II Naval Strategy
040451: ADAMS, ANN-CHARLOTTE GAVEL (ED.) - Stage and Screen: Studies in Scandinavian Drama and Film. Essays in Honor of Brigitta Steene
041489: ADAMS, MICHAEL C. C. - The Great Adventure: Male Desire and the Coming of World War I
042774: ADAMS, FRED - Potpourri of Old St. John's
031176: ADAMS, STEPHEN (SIGNED) - R. Murray Schafer (Canadian Composers 4)
036709: ADAMS, FRED - Interesting People of Newfoundland
040799: ADAMSON, PETER - The Great Whale to Snare: The Whaling Trade of Hull
036277: ADAMSON, ALAN H. - Mr Charlotte Bronte: The Life of Arthur Bell Nicholls
041762: ADAMSON, GLENN - Gord Peteran: Furniture Meets Its Maker
041487: ADENEY, MARCUS - Tomorrow's Cellist: Exploring the Basis of Artistry
034285: ADEY, LIONEL - Class and Idol in the English Hymn
040337: KHAN, ALI ADIL & ASMA ARSHAD MAHMOOD (CUR.) - Bazgasht, Traditional Methods & Modern Practices: The Revival of Miniature Paintings from the Sub-Continent
043853: ADNES, ANDRE - Shakespeare Et la Pathologie Mentale
037459: AFETINAN, PROF. DR. - A History of Turkish Revolution and Turkish Republic
043087: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO - Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life
039024: FARIAS, AGNALDO & DANIEL SENISE - Daniel Senise 2000/2006
041781: AGNEESSENS, SEBASTIEN - Remastered Fifty-Five Contemporary Artists Revist the Masters
027694: AGOSTI, JEAN-PAUL - Agosti: Jardin Hieroglyphique
027695: AGOSTI, JEAN-PAUL - Agosti - Suite D' Orphee
031160: AHRENS, CORA B. - Hints on Harmony: A Catechism for Students in the Study of Harmony
038354: AIRHART, PHYLLIS D. - Serving the Present Age: Revivalism, Progressivism, and the Methodist Tradition in Canada
038902: AITKEN, GENEVIEVE - Artistes Et Theatres D'Avant-Garde: Programmes de Theatre Illustres Paris, 1890-1900
029318: AKENSON, DONALD HARMAN - If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, 1630-1730
032856: AKENSON, DONALD HARMAN - The Irish in Ontario: A Study in Rural History
042730: AKENSON, DONALD H. - Canadian Papers in Rural History. Volume I
041600: ALAMUDDIN, NAJIB - The Flying Sheikh
039147: CRAIG, BRUCE ALAN & KENNETH ROSS CRAIG - Blades on the Bay: One Hundred Years of Hockey in North Bay and Area. Part One: 1897-1947
041592: DWORSKY, ALAN & BETSY SANSBY - Conga Drumming: A Beginner's Guide to Playing with (Cd Included)
042607: ALBARDA, JAN H. - Wood, Wire and Quill: An Introduction to the Harpsichord (Second Edition)
039926: ALBURGER, JAMES R. - The Art of Voice Acting (Second Edition): The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice-over
029589: ALDEN, JILL - Contemporary American Indian Beadwork: The Exquisite Art
041058: FALLAI, ALDO & AKIHIKO MIYANAGA (ED.) - Aldo Fallai: Almost One Year
022797: ALDRICH, JOHN E. (ED.) - A New Kind of Ray: The Radiological Sciences in Canada - Les Sciences Radiologiques Au Canada 1895-1995
042959: ALDRIDGE, ALAN (ED.) - The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
041210: ALEJANDRO, REYNALDO G. - Authentic Recipes from the Philippines
042365: BARRIS, ALEX & TED (SIGNED) - Making Music: Profiles from a Century of Canadian Music
038438: ALEXANDER, JOHN K. - Render Them Submissive: Responses to Poverty in Philadelphia, 1760-1800
040804: TZONIS, ALEXANDER & LIANE LEFAIVRE (EDS.) - Santiago Calatrava's Creative Process (2 Volumes)
040063: ALEXANDRE, NOEL - The Unknown Modigliani: Drawings from the Collection of Paul Alexandre
039980: ALEXANDRIAN - Marcel Duchamp
043060: ALFOLDI, ANDREW - A Conflict of Ideas in the Late Roman Empire: The Clash between the Sernate and Valentinian I
033326: ALFORD, JONATHAN - Greece and Turkey: Adversity in Alliance (Adelphi Library 12)
041696: GOPNIK, ALISON & ANDREW N. MELTZOFF - Words, Thoughts, and Theories
038685: MACDUFF, ALISTAIR & GEEORGE M. GALPIN (SIGNED) - Lords of the Stone: An Anthology of Eskimo Sculpture
001414: ALLADIO, M. - Histoire Des Armes D'Epaule
040643: ALLAN, WALTER D. (ED.) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Bank Notes (3rd Edition)
038930: D'ALLANCE, MIREILLE - Les Plus Belles Chansons Du Temps Passe
040568: ALLEN, PATRICIA - Metepenagiag: New Brunswick's Oldest Village
039236: ALLEN, GLYNFORD P. - Applewood: A Historic Etobicoke House and the Birthplace of James Shaver Woodsworth
041691: ALLEN, PHILLIP E. (SIGNED) - One Came Late: Over the Gold Trails of '98 to the Klondike
032268: ALLEN, ROBERT S. - His Majesty's Indian Allies: British Indian Policy in the Defense of Canada, 1774-1815
037543: HERON-ALLEN, ED - Violin Making: As It Was, and Is
040684: JAFFE. NIGEL ALLENBY - Folk Dance of Europe
038453: HARROP-ALLIN, CLINTON - Norman Eaton: Architect. A Study of the Work of the South African Architect Norman Eaton, 1902-1966
040362: ALLINSON, SIDNEY (SIGNED) - The Bantams: The Untold Story of World War 1
028928: CORT, LOUISE ALLISON & JAN STUART - Joined Colors: Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain
043029: ALLISON, GARRY - The Prairie Boys: Southern Albertans Wartime Experiences
026823: ALMALIAH, GAD - Jerusalem Three Thousand Years: Posters
041159: ALMEIDA, BIRA - Capoeira, a Brazilian Art Form: History, Philosophy, and Practice
041153: ALMEIDA, BIRA "ACORDEON - Agua de Beber Camara: Um Bate-Papo de Capoeira
021116: HEFNER-ALTENECK, DR. J. H. VON - Ornamental and Decoreative Wood Carvings in the Bavarian National Museum, 1450-1820
042134: ALTHOFF, WILLIAM F. - Sky Ships: A History of the Airship in the United States Navy
018194: ALVAREZ, JOSE GUADALUPE RAMIREZ - Cerro de Las Campanas
039940: ALVAREZ, ANA MARIA LOPEZ - A Guide to Jewish Toledo
024705: AMANO, YOSHITAKA - Imagine
039583: WALLACH, AMEI & AMADA CRUZ - Ilya Kabakov: 1969-1998
030068: AMERY, H. M. - Shaping the Gulf: In Search of Order. Readings and Documents on the Iraq-Kuwait Crisis
040782: AMES, KENNETH L. - Death in the Dining Room and Other Tales of Victorian Culture
043031: AMIN, ASH (ED.) - Post-Fordism: A Reader
041002: ALI, SYED AMJAD & MUNIRA ALAM - Ustad Bashir Ud Din: The Last Master from Lahore School of Painters (the Great Masters Series)
029053: AMMIRATI, JOSEPH F. - Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada, Including Other Inedible Fungi
036633: AMOS, ROBERT - An Introduction to Japanese Art
026575: AMTMANN, WILLY - Music in Canada, 1600-1800
037106: AMTMANN, BERNARD - Contributions to a Dictionary of Canadian Pseudonyms and Anonymous Works Relating to Canada
029242: AMYOT, CHANTAL - Le Courrier Est Arrives! la Poste Rurale Au Canada de 1880 a 1945
039214: ANDERSON, CAROL - Lunch with Lady Eaton: Inside the Dining Rooms of a Nation
042547: ANDERSON, THOMAS - Vorwarts Immer, Ruckwarts Nimmer! an Illustrated Guide to History and Fate of the German Assault Artillery in Ww II: Volume 1, the Early Years.
041713: ANDERSON, KIM - Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine (Advanced Reading Copy)
042691: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - The World of the Trapp Family (Autographed Copy)
042457: ANDERSON, GARY (SIGNED) - Atlantic Salmon & the Fly Fisherman
026523: ANDERSON, JUNE - Return to Tradition: The Revitalization of Turkish Village Carpets
034392: ANDERSON, EUGENE NEWTON - Nationalism and the Cultural Crisis in Prussia, 1806-1815
034328: ANDERSON, KAY J. - Vancouver's Chinatown: Racial Discourse in Canada, 1875-1980
034372: D'ANDOQUE, NICOLAS - 1955-1962 Guerre Et Paix En Algerie: L'Epopee Silencieuse Des Sas
043215: KERTESZ, ANDRE & ROBERT ENRIGHT (INTRO.) - Stranger to Paris: Photographs by Andre Kertesz, 1894-1985
040990: GEDALGE, ANDRE & FERDINAND DAVIS (ED.) - Treatise on the Fugue
043129: MAUROIS, ANDRE & PAUL HARTMANN (ED.) - A Propos de Andre Maurois Patapoufs & Filifers
041171: GUTSCHE, ANDREA; ET AL. - Alone in the Night: Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel
040028: CHRISTENSEN, ANDREE & JACQUES FLAMAND (SIGNED) - Lithochronos Ou le Premier Vol de la Pierre
033198: ANDREE, PETER - Genetically Modified Diplomacy: The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment
037495: ANDRES, CARLOS - 43 Temas Sobre El Vino: Manual Completo Para El Aficionado
038137: OKO. ANDREW - Moon Nibbler: The Art of Pat Strakowski
043691: JONES, ANDREW & CLIVE GEORGE - Stick Making: A Complete Course
038756: DONSKOV, ANDREW & JOHN WOODSWORTH EDS.) - Lev Tolstoy and the Concept of Brotherhood
042277: ANDREW, F. W. - The Story of Klinker, a Country Doctor's Dog
041122: ANDREWS, TIM - Raku: A Review of Contemporary Work
037533: O'BRIEN, ANDY & JACQUES PLANTE - The Jacques Plante Story
039497: ANGELL, CALLIE - Andy Warhol Screen Tests: Tghe Filmns of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne . Volume 1
042907: PRINCIPE, ANGELO & OLGA ZORZI PUGLIESE - Rekindling Faded Memories: The Founding of the Famee Furlane of Toronto and Its First Years )1933-41)
041404: ANGLIN, LISE - Birder Extraordinaire: The Life and Legacy of James L. Baillie (1904-1970)
025810: ANGULO, HECTOR - Toque: Homenaje a Amadeo Roldan
039695: ANGUS, JAMES T. (SIGNED) - Mills and MILL Villages of Severn Township
034841: DAVIS, ANN & PATRICIA E. BOVEY - Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald: L'Evolution D'Un Artiste
038216: DE SANT ' ANNA, AFFONSO ROMANO - Baroque, the Soul of Brazil
042534: WISHART, ANNE (ED.) & CORDELIA OLIVER - The Society of Scottish Artists; the First 100 Years
042020: MICHAELS, ANNE & BERNICE EISENSTEIN - Correspondences: A Poem
031232: WYSE, ANNE & ALEX - The One to Fifty Book
041719: VEZIN, ANNEETTE & LUC - The 20th Century Muse
040685: ANON. - 359th Fighter Group. 1943-1945
036254: ANON. - La Chaise: Un Objet de Design Ou D'Architecture ?
026533: ANON. - Violin Series 2, 2nd Edition
038885: ANON. - Buddhist Deities of Sanjusangen-Do: Rengeo-in Sanjusangen-Do Temple
034090: ANON. - La Pensee Esthetique En France Au Xviiie Siecle (1700-1800) / French Aesthetic Thought in the Xviiith Century (1700-1800)
026135: ANON. - The Now Sound of Folk Music
026538: ANON. - Violin Series 1, 2nd Edition
038633: ANON. - Reflections, 1889-1980: History of the Ottawa Contruction Association
032229: ANON. - The Forest Beckoned: Reminiscences and Historical Data of the Town of Grand Falls Newfoundland from 1905 to 1960
032322: ANON. - Chinese Civilian Dwelling
032399: ANON. - The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps 1639-1952: Volume V, the Empire in North America
034867: ANON. - Musique Populaire Bresilienne (Texte Du Bresil, No. 11)
038108: ANON. - Le Livre Des Confitures Et Des Confiseries
036629: ANON. - The Egyptian-Israeli Treaty: Text and Selected Documents
037038: ANON. - Postage Stamp Catalogue Republic of China, 1878-1986
043299: ANON - The Rural and Native Heritage Cookbook
042809: BORRA, ANORA (SIGNED) & LUCIE CABANES (TEXTE) - Anora Borra: Le Sens Longitudinal
020909: ANOYANAKIS, FIVOS - Greek Popular Musical Instruments
043939: GENGARELLY, ANTHONY & CAROL DERBY - The Prendergasts & the Arts & Crafts Movement: The Art of American Decoration and Design 1890 - 1920
042891: ELLIOTT, ANTHONY & BRYAN S. TURNER - Profiles in Contemporary Social Theory
042570: CLEGG, ANTHONY & OMER LAVALLEE - Catenary Through the Counties: The Story of the Montreal Southern Counties Railway
040390: ANTHONY, DOROTHY MALONE (SIGNED) - World of Bells No. 2
041865: ANTIQUARIAAT - From Prolemy to Stuyvesant: One Hundred Fine Printed Books, Atlases, Bindings, Manuscripts, Drawing & Miniatures (Catalogue 109)
038691: MAILLET, ANTOINNE; ET AL. - Les Acadiens: Pietons de L'Atlantique
039793: BANERJI, ANUPAM & MICHAEL ELMITT - Between Lines: From Doodles to Composition
043568: ANZAGHI, L. O. - Antologia Per Chitarra, Volume 1
037429: APEL, EMMANUEL (SIGNED) - Central Banking Systems Compared: The Ecb, the Pre-Euro Bundesbank, and the Federal Resertve System
041442: MAKRAKIS, APOSTOLOS & D. CUMMINGS (TRANS.) - The Political Philosophy of the Orthodox Church
040466: APPELGATE, RAY D. - Trolleys and Streetcars on American Picture Postcards.
033291: APPLEBY, EDNA (HILL) - Canmore: The Story of an Era
040433: APPLEBY, DEE (ED.) - From Land and Sea: Nova Scotia's Contemporary Landscape Artists
035420: APRA, ADRIANO (COORD.) - The Fabulous Thirties: Italian Cinema 1929-1944
040462: AQUIN, STEPHANE (ED.) - Global Village: The 1960s
043795: ARAGAKI, SAYAKO - Agam: Beyond the Visible
039229: ARBIQUE, LOUISE - Mont Tremblant: Following the Dream
012204: ARBUCKLE, GRAEME - Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Navy
043741: ARCHER, LUCY - Raymond Erith: Architect
039127: BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM - Toronto Modern Architecture, 1945-1965
042696: ARENDS, BERGIT (ED.) - Expressions: From Darwin to Contemporary Arts
039617: ARGANIAN, LILLIAN - Stan Kenton: The Man and His Music
043127: D'ARGENCOURT, LOUISE - Puvis de Chavannes, 1824-1898
032638: ARMATAGE, KAY - The Girl from God's Country: Nell Shipman and the Silent Cinema
042448: ARMINJON, CATHERINE - De la Cremaillere a la Table
031440: DE ARMOND, DALE BURLISON - Raven: A Collection of Woodcuts by.
032714: DE ARMOND, DALE BURLISON - Raven: A Collection of Woodcuts by.
038702: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER - Southern Exposure: Canadian Promoters in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1896-1930
041650: ARMSTRONG, JULIAN - A Taste of Quebec
042031: ARMSTRONG, JOE C. W. - From Sea Unto Sea: Art & Discovery Maps of Canada
040297: ARMSTRONG, GARTH (SIGNED) - Northward: A Retrospective
040995: ARMSTRONG, FREDERICK H. - City in the Making: Progress, People & Perils in Victorian Toronto
019330: ARMSTRONG, DOUG (SIGNED) - Wild Bill Davison: A Personal Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Favourite Musician
038552: ARMSTRONG, JOHN GRIFFITH - The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue
034202: ARMSTRONG, DAVID - Russian Lacquer Boxes, with Index of Subjects and Cyrillic Key.
032178: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER - The Revenge of the Methodist Bicycle Company: Sunday Streetcars and Municipal Reform in Toronto, 1888-1897
042794: ARNETT, JANET - Skunks and Scholars: Memories of Growing Up in Innisfil Township Before 1940
020081: ARNEY, ADA - Here Come the Khaki Skirts. The Women Volunteers: A Pictorial Review of the Canadian Women's Army Corps During the Second World War
040677: ARNOTH, JOSEF: - Achate: Bilder IM Stein
039362: ARNUP, JOHN D. (SIGNED) - Middleton: The Beloved Judge
039818: ARPALY, NOMY - Merit, Meaning, and Human Bondage: An Essay of Free Will
037337: KAZAK FOLK ART - A Collection of the Kazak Folk Art Designs
043375: RACKHAM, ARTHUR & ALFONSO NADAL - El Libro de Hadas de Arthur Rackham
037339: HERALDIC ARTISTS - A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland
038944: ARVON, HENRI - Feuerbach: Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre Avec Un Expose de Sa Philosophie
025907: ASCHER, GRANCOIS - Metapolis, Ou L'Avenir Des Villes
028415: ASHE, ROBERT - Halifax Champion: Black Power in Gloves
034554: ASHTON, E. D. TAYLOR (SIGNED) - On the Edge of History: Dorland's Creek and the Mills
042603: ASHURST, DENIS - The History of South Yorkshire Glass
041933: ASLUND, JEAN - Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture
043821: EL-ASMAR, FOUZI - To Be an Arab in Israel
041095: ASSEILY, NOUHAD - La Cuisine Libanaise Familiale: 227 Recettes Faciles
041609: ASSINIWI, BERNARD - Indian Recipes
040326: ATKEY, MEL (SIGNED) - Broadway North: The Dream of Canadian Musical Theatre
042319: ATMER, ANN KATRIN - 100 Ar I Lagenhet / the Swedish Flat: Urban Housing in Sweden, 1870 to Today
043597: ATTERBURY, PAUL - Moorcroft Pottery: A Guide to the Pottery of William and Walter Moorcroft,1897-1986
043004: ATTERBURY, PAUL - Moorcroft: A Guide to Moorcroft Pottery 1897-1993
038681: ATTO, KATHLEEN H. - Lennoxville. Volume 1
026046: AUDET, DANIELE, ET AL. - Inventaire Architectural de Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures
042355: AUNG, MAUNG HTIN - A Kingdom Lost for a Drop of Honey and Other Burmese Folktales
041595: AUSTIN - The Austin Devon Sedan: Running and Maintenance Instructions
040760: AUSTIN, LLOYD - Poetic Principles and Practice: Occasional Papers on Baudelaire, Mallarme and Valery
041256: AUTUMN, VIOLETA - A Russian Jew Cooks in Peru
040381: AVERY, KEVIN J. (ED.) - Hudson River School Visions: The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford
039152: AVERY, DEREK - Antoni Gaudi
027139: AVNON, DAN (ED.) - Liberalism and Its Practice
041697: AXELROD, HERBERT R. (ED.) - Heifetz
031389: AYRE, ROBERT - Eskimo Graphic Art - Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1967
040142: AL-AZMEH, AZIZ - Islams and Modernities
040344: TOWNSEND, ROBERT B. & C.H.J. SNIDER - When Canvas Was King: Quinte and Prince Edward
042652: GREEN, DOUGLAS B. & GEORGE GRUHN - Roy Acuff's Musical Collection at Opryland
043330: YOUNG, MARILYN B.; ET AL - The Vietnam War: A History in Documents
040938: MORDOCK, JOHN B. & WALTER L. ADAMS - Pattern Glass Mugs
040315: KING, B. B. & HARVEY VINSON (ED.) - B.B. King (the Personal Instructor 4)
041352: GALLAGHER, DENNIS B. & ANDREW SHARP - Edinburgh Tobacco Pipemakers and Their Pipes
041214: HIEATT, CONSTANCE B. & SHARON BUTLER - Pleyn Delit: Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks
040343: TOWNSEND, ROBERT B. (SIGNED) & C. H. J. SNIDER - The Battle of the Thousand Islands: The Last Naval Battle for the North American Continent between the French and the English.
041787: MEGGS, PHILIP B. & DAVID CARSON (SIGNED) - Fotografiks: An Equilibrium between Photography and Design Through Graphic Expression That Evolves from Content.
040340: TOWNSEND, ROBERT B. & C. H. J. SNIDER - Who Was Canada's Greatest Yachtman? Yachtsmen of the Millennium Past,
043317: BACCHI, CAROL LEE - Liberation Deferred: Ideas of the English-Canadian Suffragists, 1877-1918
036465: BACHINSKI, WALTER (SIGNED) - Oeuvres Recentes, Walter Bachinski, Recent Work
042254: BACHMANN, PETER - Mennoniten in Kleinpolen, 1784-1934: Gedenkbuch Zur Erinnerung an Die Einwanderung Der Mennoniten Nach Kleinpolen (Galizien) Vor 150 Jahren
042877: BACKHOUSE, CONSTANCE - Colour-Coded: A Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900-1950
039420: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Luttrell Psalter (Medieval Manuscripts in the British Library)
041393: BACON, ROY - Norton Commando: All Models
030696: BADGER, GERRY - Eugene Atget (Masters of Photography)
043581: MEYER-BAER, KATHI - Music of the Spheres and the Dance of Death: Studies in Musical Iconology
035179: BAGLIN, DOUGLASS - The Australian Verandah
039925: BAGWE, ANJALI - Of Woman Caste: The Experience of Gender in Rural India
042274: BAHAMON, ALEJANDRO - Sketch Houses: How Architects Conceive Residential Architecture
038340: BAILEY, T. MELVILLE (ED.) - Dictionary of Hamilton Biography. Volume II, 1876-1924
038754: BAILEY, RONA - Shanties by the Way: A Selection of New Zealand Popular Songs & Ballads
039385: BAILEY, MATTHEW (ED.) - La Mocedades de Rodrigo: The Youthful Deeds of Rodrigo, the Cid
036884: BAILLIE, JOAN PARKHILL - Look at the Record: An Album of Toronto's Lyric Theatres 1825-1984
043163: BAIN, D. M. - Canadian Pacific Air Lines: Its History and Aircraft
040592: BAINE, CELESTE - The Musical Engineer: A Music Enthusiat's Guide to Careers in Engineering and Technology
043316: BAK, RICHARD - The Css Hunley: The Greatest Undersea Adventure of the CIVIL War (Updated Edition)
042666: BAKER, MARILYN - Symbol in Stone: The Art of Politics of a Public Building. Manitoba's Third Legislative Building
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043653: BARLAS, ASMA - Believing Women in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an
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021944: BERCUSON, DAVID J. - The Valour and the Horror Revisited
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043429: BETSKY, AARON - Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles
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042231: BICKET, JAMES - The Canadian Curler's Manual; or an Account of Curling, As Practised in Canada: With Remarks on the History of the Game
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043001: BIDINI, DAVE - Writing Gordon Lightfoot: The Man, the Music, and the World of 1972
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041346: BINNEY, MARCUS - Town Houses: Urban Houses from 1200 to the Present Day
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042998: BLEE, KATHLEEN M. - Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s
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042598: BLOTZER, BOBBY & JIM CLAYTON - Tales of a Ratt: Things You Shouldn't Know
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019914: BOISSONNAULT, CHARLES-MARIE - Histoire Du Royal 22e Regiment
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039065: BOLIN, JAMES DUANE - Bossism and Reform in a Southern City: Lexington, Kentucky, 1880-1940
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042637: BOOTH, MARK - Camp
042140: BOPPE, P. - Les Espagnols a la Grande-Armee
043025: BORDELEAU, ANDRE G. - Flags of the Night Sky: When Astronomy Meets National Pride
040441: BORDWELL, DAVID - Narration in the Fiction Film
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043704: BOWKER, ALAN - On the Front Line of Life: Stephen Leacock: Memories and Reflections, 1935-1944
041979: BOWMAN, PHYLIS - Whiistling Through the West
041379: BOWRON, EDGAR PETERS - Best in Show: The Dog in Art from the Renaissance to Today
034674: BOX, HILARY O. - Mammalian Social Learning: Comparative and Ecological Perspectives
039226: BOYADJIAN, N. - From Holy Pictures. To the Healing Saints: Faith and the Heart
039735: BOYCE, BETSY DEWAR - The Rebels of Hastings
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040944: BOYD, ROBIN - Kenzo Tange (Makers of Contemporary Architecture)
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040041: BRAMADAT, PAUL - Religion and Ethnicity in Canada
043454: BRANCH, DANIEL PAULK - Folk Architecture of the East Mediterranean
043832: BRAND, LAURIE A. - Palestinians in the Arab World: Institution Building and the Search for State
042512: BRANDWOOD, GEOFF - Licensed to Sell: The History and Heritage of the Public House
043319: LUKIC, BRANKO & BARRY M. KATZ (TEXT( - Nonobject
027958: BRANT, VERA - A Solidao Dos Outros (2a Edicao)
040283: BRASSAI - Letters to My Parents
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031910: BRASSER, TED J. - A Basketful of Indian Culture Change
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040275: BRAUNFELS, WOLFGANG - Urban Design in Western Europe: Regime and Architecture, 900-1900
038953: BRAWNE, MICHAEL - The Museum Interior: Temporary and Permanent Display Techniques
042854: BRAZ, ALBERT - The False Traitor: Louis Riel in Canadian Culture
012123: BRAZAO, EDUARDO - The Corte-Real Family and the New World
035317: BRAZAO, EDUARDO - La Decouverte de Terre-Neuve
041189: BRAZIL - 10 Brazilian Artists / 10 Artises Bresiliens
029259: BREAKWELL, WILMA (ED.) - Markdale and Flesherton: A Written Heritage
043887: BRENNER, ROBERT - Celluloid: Collectibles from the Dawn of Plastics
042627: BRENUIL (COMP.) - Peruvian Dishes/Platos Peruanos
027772: BREWER, MARY (ED.) - Exclusions in Feminist Thought: Challenging the Boundaries of Womanhood
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042680: BREYER, SIEGFRIED - Battleship "Tirpitz: : with Special Section "Current Naval Information"
039915: CLARKE, BRIAN & TONY SHAFRAZI (ED.) - Brian Clarke: Projects
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041308: JOHNSON, TONI O'BRIEN & DAVID CAIRNS - Gender in Irish Writing
042887: O'BRIEN, RICHARD - The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1937-1945
040538: O'BRIEN, STEVE - The Canadian Football League: The Phoenix of Professional Sports Leagues
034992: BRIERE, ELAINE (SIGNED) - East Timor: Testimony
042109: BRISTOL, MICHAEL D. - Big-Time Shakespeare
009886: BRITNOR, L. E. - Montserrat. Paper No. 4
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039693: BRONSON, WILLIAM - Homestake: The Centennial History of America's Greatest Gold Mine
042991: BROOKER, PETER - New York Fictions: Modernity, Postmodernism, the New Modern
041286: BROOKES, IVAN S. - The Lower St. Lawrence
039074: BROOKES, A. A. (ED.) - The Country Town in Rural Ontario's Past
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034708: BROOKS, C. J. (DR.) - Designed for Life: Lifejackets Through the Ages
041567: BROPHY, ALFRED L. - Reconstructing the Dreamland: The Tulsa Riot of 1921, Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation
039108: CLANCY BROTHERS - The Clancy Bothers and Tommy Makem Song Book
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041092: BROWN, TERENCE - Ireland: A Social and Cultural History, 1922 to the Present
042881: BROWN, BABE - A History of the Oshawa Generals
043843: BROWN, DON - Down Memory Lane: A Glimpse of Hagersville's Past
042541: BROWN, ESTHER SLANEY - Labours of Love: Midwives of Newfoundland and Labrador
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027890: BROWN, QUENTIN (ED.) - This Green & Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township
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042834: BROWN, R. BLAKE - Arming and Disarming: A History of Gun Control in Canada
041556: BROWN, RON - The Train Doesn't Stop Here Any More: An Illustrated History of Railway Stations in Canada
039631: BROWN, CECIL - Stagolee Shot Billy
040958: BROWNE, JACKSON - Jackson Browne: Running on Empty (Songbook)
042420: BROWNE, CLARE (ED.) - Silk Designs of the Eighteenth Century, from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
039493: BROWNING, ANTHONY S. E. - Descriptive Catalogue of Ship Models: Part 1, Ocean Going Steamers
042760: MCALLISTER, BRUCE & PETER CORLEY-SMITH - Wings over the Alaska Highway: A Photographic History of Aviation on the Alaska Highway
039313: BRUCE, J. M. - Nieuport Aircraft of World War One (Vintage Warbirds No 10)
041239: BRUGGEMANN, LEWIS WILLIAM - A Supplement to the View of the English Editions, Translations and Illustrations of the Ancient Greek and Latin Authors with Remarks by... , Vol. II
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043271: BRUNET, MATHIAS - Robert Bedard: Le Champion Meconnu
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026827: BRUNIARD, MELE - Bestiario Grabado
038987: BRUNK, HARRY W. - Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge: Modeling the Colorado & Southern
042508: BRUSILA, JOHANNES - Local Music, Not from Here: The Discourse of World Music Examined Through Three Zimbabwean Case Studies: The Bhundu Boys, Virginia Mukwesha and Sunduza
041053: BRY, DORIS - Alfred Stieglitz: Photographer
042237: BRYDON, ANNE - Patrick Mahon: Water Structures, Printed Sculptural Works, 2012-2014
037104: BRYNEN, REX (ED.) - Echoes of the Intifada: Regional Repercussions of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
042523: BSERANI, BACHIR (SIGNED) - Authentic Arabian Horse Names: A Collection of Arabic Names with Translations and Pronounciations Especially for the Arabian Horse Lover
032764: BUCHWALD, DONALD - Tales from the Cold War: The 13th Armored Infantry Battalion on Freedom's Frontier
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043413: BUELL, RICHARD - The Glory of the Game: Hockey Heroes, History and Heritage from the Mile of Gold
040609: BUISSON, DOMINIQUE - Japan Unveiled: Understanding Japanese Body Culture
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042544: BUKOWSKI, DOUGLAS - Big Bill Thompson, Chicago, and the Politics of Image
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042654: BULLOCH, ANGELA - Prime Numbers
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042509: BUNNELL, PAUL J. - The New Loyalist Index
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042430: BURDEN, ERNEST - Illustrated Dictionary of Architectural Preservation: Restoration, Renovation, Rehabilitation, Reuse
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043927: BURKE, PATRICK - Come in and Hear the Truth: Jazz and Race on 52nd Street
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040865: BURNESS, TAD - Cars of the Early Twenties
042750: BURNETT, DAVID - Iskowitz
039748: BURNETT, J. ALEXANDER - A Passion for Wildlife: The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service
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041039: BURNS, ROBERT I (ED.) - Las Siere Partidas, Volume 5: Underworlds, the Dead, the Criminal and the Marginalized
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039430: BURR, RACHEL - Vietnam's Children in a Changing World
040966: BURRILL, WILLIAM - Hemingway: The Toronto Years
042711: BURRY, EDMUND - Clinch: The Pillar of Trinity
041605: BURSTYN, HELEN - Eleven out of Ten: The Life and Work of David Pecaut
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041565: BURTON, ART T. - Black, Buckskin, and Blue: African-American Scouts and Soldiers in the Western Frontier
041994: BUSCAGLIONE, FRED - Fred Buscaglione: Criminalmente Fred
034789: BUSH, EDWARD FORBES - Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961
036216: BUSHELL, RAYMOND - The Wonderful World of Netsuke: With One Hundred Masterpieces of Miniature Sculpture in Color
038367: BUTLER, JOHN WESLEY (MRS.) - Historic Churches in Mexico with Some of Their Legends
041199: BUTLER, JOHN - The Quest for Becket's Bones: The Mystery of the Relics of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury
039539: BUTT, GERALD - History in Th Arab Skies: Aviation's Impoact on the Middle East
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043030: CAMILLERI. JOSEPH C. - A Taste of Maltese Folklore Tradition and Heritage
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041873: CABARGA, LESLIE - Progressive German Graphics, 1900-1937
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041057: CALDWELL, JOHN - Richard Deacon
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041440: CALLINICOS, CONSTANTINE - The Foundations of the Faith: An in--Depth Explanation of the Eastern Orthodox Creed
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041706: CAMP, CHRISTOPHER - How to Play Ragtime Guitar
042261: CAMPBELL, JONATHAN - Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll
043122: CAMPBELL, COLIN - Design of Racing Sports Cars
043888: CAMPBELL, JAMES D. - David Urban "the Constructor"
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040021: CAMPBELL, JAMES D. - The Thought from Outside: An Inquiry Into the Art and Artifacts of John Heward
011480: CAMPBELL, IAN - Abbaye D'Ardenne June 1944: Twenty Canadian Prisoners of War/Abbaye D'Ardenne Juin 1944: 20 Prisonniers de Guerre Canadiens
043077: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - A Molly Maguire Story
038544: CAMPBELL, R. B. (BOB) - Lords & Ladies (Mackenzies, Stewarts-Stuarts & Other Scots)
041515: CAMPBELL, JULIAN - The Irish Impressionist: Irish Artists in France and Belgium, 1850-1914
043750: CAMPBELL, BRIAN - Tracks Across the Landscape: The S&L Commemorative History
043451: CAMPBELL, MARIAN - Decorative Ironwork
039173: CAMPBELL, MARY - Historical Walking Tour of Kew Beach
042609: CAMPEN, RICHARD N. - Architecture of the Western Reserve, 1800-1900
043120: CAMPS, NORA (SIGNED) - To Thine Own Self Be True - Body Image Redefined
027570: CAMU, PIERRE - Le Saint-Laurent Et Les Grand Lacs, Au Temps de la Voile, 1608-1850
042487: CAMUFFO, GIORGIO - New Pop, Illustrazione Americana
043363: CANADA - Canada Indian Treaties and Surrenders: Volume I, Treaties 1-138
041456: LAW COMMISION OF CANADA (ED.) - What Is Crime? Defining Criminal Conduct in Contemporary Society
042334: CANDELIER, BRUNO ROSARIO - El Anfora Del Lenuaje: Temas Y Estudios Lexicograficos
043776: FRANKEL, CANDIE & BEVERLY KARCHER - Making Old-Fashioned Santas
042619: CANGUILHEM, GEORGES - Writings on Medicine
041365: CANIFF, MILTON - Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon, 1955
043866: CANNIZZO, JEANNE - Into the Heart of Africa
043718: CAPCOM - The Art of Resident Evil 5
039840: CAPRIGLIONE, RAFFAELE - U L'Uteme Sabbete D'Abbrile Ed Altre Feste Popolari a Santa Croce Di Magliano (Poesie Dialettali)
031330: CARDINAL, HAROLD - Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan
042925: CARDUCCI, JOE - Rock and the Pop Narcotic: Testament for the Electric Church (Revised Edition)
041030: CAREAGA, GABRIEL - Mitos Y Fantasias de la Clase Media En Mexico
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040249: CAREY, FRANCES (ED.) - The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come
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042955: CARLINE, RICHARD - Pictures in the Post: The Story of the Picture Postcard
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032398: CARLSON, J. W. (ED.) - The Muzzleloading Rifle Handbook
043740: CARLSON, ROY L. - Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast
042617: CARMICHAEL, TREVOR A. (SIGNED) - Passport to the Heart: Reflections on Canada Caribbean Relations
042886: BROWN, CAROL & BTUCE W. FERGUSON - Un-Natural Traces: Contemporary Art from Canada
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039611: CARP, ROGER - 101 Classic Toy Trains: Best of the Postwar Years
040988: CARPENTER, CAROLE HENDERSON - Many Voices: A Study of Folklore Activitiers in Canada and Their Role in Canadian Culture
035587: CARPENTIER, DIDIER - Jouets En Bois
039556: CARR, DAVID - William Neilson, Ltd. /Ltee: The First 100 Years
041596: CARR, DEBORAH - Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka (Signed)
038505: CARR, FRANK G. G. - Sailing Barges (Revised Edition)
039034: CARRER, PINUCCIA - L'Altra Olimpiade: Pietro Metastasio & Antonio Vivaldi
038300: CARRIERE, BERTRAND - Dieppe: Paysages Et Installations / Landscapes and Installations
039032: CARRIERE, BERTRAND - Lieux Memes
040878: CARROLL, LEWIS - Phantasmagoria and Other Poems
041928: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Psychological Origins
042971: CARROLL, NOEL - A Philosophy of Mass Art
043462: CARROLL, MICHAEL K. - Pearson's Peacekeepers: Canada and the United Nations Emergency Force, 1956-67
039371: CARSON, ANDREA - Gunilla Josephson: Resistance
041298: COVELL, DR. JON CARTER & ALAN COVELL - Korean Impact on Japanese Culture: Japan's Hidden History
041810: CARTER, ROBERT E. - Becoming Bamboo: Western and Eastern Explorations of the Meaning of Life
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041437: CARTER, E. F. CATO - Order out of Chaos: A History of the Loss Adjusting Profession. Part 1, Evolution and Early Development
032864: CARTER, WILLIAM HARRY - Medical Practices and Burial Customs of the North American Indians
034110: CARTER, W. H. - New World Indians, Traders and Settlers
041851: CARTER, RONALD - Little Ships: The Story of the Birth and Growth of New Zealand's Yachting Fleet from the Earliest Recorded Events to the Year 1940
030248: CARTIER - The Cartier Vision of Watches
035136: CASSAR, GEORGE - Beyond Courage: The Canadians at the Second Battle of Ypres
040301: CASSIDY, CAROL (SIGNED) - Beyond Tradition: Lao Textiles Revisited. The Handwoven Textiles of Carol Cassidy
041553: CASTAGNARI, GIANCARLO - La Citta Della Carta: Ambiente Societa Cultura Nella Storia Di Fabriano
040880: CASTELLANO, MARLENE BRANT - Final Report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, Volume I, a Healing Journey: Reclaiming Wellness
038828: CASTIGLIONI, PIERO - Lux: Italia 1930-1990. L'Architettura Della Luce / the Architecture of Lighting / L'Architecture de la Lumiere
042167: CASTILLO, FABIO - La Coca Nostra
040698: CASTLE, CHARLES - The Folies Bergere
040593: CASTONGUAY, CLAUDE - Sante: L'Heure Des Choix
043452: CATHCART, RUTH (SIGNED) - Jacques & Hay: 19tth Century Toronto Furniture Makers
040264: SINCLAIR, CATHERINE & JEN BUDNEY - Pat Durr: Persistence of Chaos, Chaos Persistant
039485: POTVIN, CATHERINE; ET AL (EDS) - Protecting Biological Diversity: Roles and Responsibilities
011466: FENNER, CATHY & ARNIE FENNER - Spectrum 5: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
036089: FENNER, CATHY & ARNIE FENNER - Spectrum 8: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
034299: CAVELL, EDWARD - Legacy in Ice: The Vaux Family and the Canadian Alps
043735: CAWKER, RUTH - Viewpoints: One Hundred Years of Architecture in Ontario
028830: CAWKER, RUTH - Contemporary Canadian Architecture: The Mainstream and Beyond
041951: CAWTE, JOHN - Healers of Arnhem Land
041656: CAZELAIS, NORMAND - Ma Cabane Au Quebec
027668: CAZORT, MIMI (SIGNED) - The Ingenious Machine of Nature: Four Centuries of Art and Anatomy
038982: CAZORT, MIMI - The Ingenious Machine of Nature: Four Centuries of Art and Anatomy
041391: CELANT, GERMANO - Giovanni Gastel (Signed)
036061: CELANT, GERMANO - Giorgio Armani
038087: CENTLIVRES, PIERRE - Les Bouddhas D'Afghanistan
040081: CEPEDA, IVAN Y JORGE ROJAS - A Las Puertas de El Eberrimo
040814: CHAGALL, MARC - Marc Chagall, Dziela Z Lat 1925-1983 / Les Oeuvres Des Annees 1925-1983
038266: AL-CHALABI, M. - Popular Mural Art in Venezuela
043071: CHALIAND, GERARD - Mirrors of a Disaster: The Spanish Military Conquest of America
034741: CHALIFOUX, CHARLES (INTRO.) - Souvenirs: Saint Vincent 1906-1981
043630: CHALMERS, BEVERLEY - African Birth: Childbirth in Cultural Transition
028653: CHALMERS, JAMES - The Channel Railway
041705: CHAMBERS, IAIN - Urban Rhythms: Pop Music and Popular Culture
041824: CHAMBERS, JACK - Bouncin' with Bartok: The Incomplete Works of Richard Twardzik
040508: CHAN, ARLENE (SIGNED) - The Chinese in Toronto from 1878: From Outside to Inside the Circle
042249: CHANDLER, MIKE - Westbound: A Portfolio of Western Railroading
043063: KIRWIN, CHANDLER & MEAGHAN CLARKE - Please Touch / Toucher S.V. P. : Recent Sculptures of Andreas Drenters, 1990-1994
006729: CHANDRA, SMITA - From Bengal to Punjab: The Cuisines of India
039758: CHANDRA, SMITA - Indian Grill: The Art of Tandoori Cooking at Home
039900: DORJI, REZIN; OU CHAOGUI & YISHI CHAOGUI - Tibetan Thangas
039188: CHAPMAN, HARRY (ED.) - The Mustard Seeds: The Journey of Darmouth Churches
042244: CHAPMAN, HARRY - Crossings: Fifty Years of the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge
033242: CHAPMAN, PAT - Pat Chapman's Curry Bible
018588: CHAPMAN, PAT - Pat Chapman's Curry Bible
033040: CHAPMAN, FREDRIK HENRIK AF - Architectura Navalis Mercatoria
041206: CHAPMAN, KENNETH G. - The Rules of the Green: A History of the Rules of Golf
038803: CHARASSON, HENRIETTE (SIGNED) - Dix Comedies: A Une Voix
026743: CHARBONNEAU, ANDRE - Quebec, the Fortified City: From the 17th to the 19th Century
035333: LESSARD, CHARLES ET BRIGITTE CARRIER - La Gazette Officielle Du Quebec: 125 Ans D'Edition Gouvernmentale
035432: ANGUS, CHARLIE & LOUIE PALU (SIGNED) - Industrial Cathedrals of the North / Les Cathedrales Industrielles Du Nord
028305: CHARLTON, PETER (ED.) - Certified Serviceable - Swordfish to Sea King: The Technical Story of Canadian Naval Aviation by Those Who Made It So.
039790: SOLOMON, CHARMAINE & REUBEN - The Curry Cookbook
039050: CHARTRAND, RICHARD - L'Histoire Des Gardiens de But Au Hockey (la Lutte Pour le Trophee Vezina)
022517: CHARTRAND, PIERRE (DESSIN) - Musique Et Danse 2
041104: CHARTRES, JOHN - Westland Sea King (Modern Combat Aircraft 18)
040835: CHARYK, JOHN C. - The Biggest Day of the Year: The Old-Time School Christmas Concert
042988: CHATTERTON, PAUL - Changing Our 'Toon' Youth, Nightlife and Urban Change in Newcastle
040076: CHAVICH, CINDA - High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine
041318: CHEMIAKIN, MIHAIL - Mihail Chemiakin, May-June, 1994
040079: CHEN, JEAN - The Interior Design World of Kenneth Ko: II, House and Office
031917: CHENIER, REMI - Quebec: A French Colonial Town in America, 1660-1690
027648: CHENON, MME. LA CSSE DESMIERS DE - Les Mille Et Une Nuits
041023: CHERRY, DEBORAH - Painting Women: Victorian Women Artists
035577: CHERRY, DEBORAH - Beyond the Frame: Feminism and Visual Culture, Britain 1850-1900
042880: CHERRY, DON (SIGNED) - Don Cherry Hockey Stories, Part 2
040097: CHESTNUTT, R. E.; H. GEISERT, J. RAVE, P. ZILLICH (EDS.) - Architekturpreis Des Bda Berlin, 1992
043562: CHETAIL, ROGER - Modeles de Marqueterie: Boites Et Tableasux
041765: CHETTLEBURGH, MICHAEL C. (SIGNED) - Young Thugs: Inside the Dangerous World of Canadian Street Gangs
039911: CHIA, SANDRO - Sandro Chia
034059: CHIARAMONTE, LOUIS J. - Craftman-Client Contracts: Interpersonal Relations in a Newfoundland Fishing Community
028223: CHIARO, DELIA - The Language of Jokes: Analysing Verbal Play
042463: CHIASSON, ANSELME - Les Legendes Des Iles de la Madeleine
002260: CHIASSON, PERE ANSELME - L'Histoire Des Tapis (Hookes) de Cheticamp Et de Leurs Artisans
043436: CHICAGO - Chicago- the Heart of Chicago 1967-1997
042956: CHIESA, GUIDO - Sonic Life: The Story of Sonic Youth
041301: CHILTON, MERIDITH (SIGNED) - A Taste of Elegance: Eighteeth Century English Porcelain from Private Collections in Ontario
043654: CHIMENTI, ANTONIA - Veronica Gambara: Gentildonna Del Rinascimento Un Intreccio Di Poesia E Storia
030911: CHITNIS, ANAND C. - The Scottish Enlightenment & Early Victorian English Society
041805: CHO, LILY (SIGNED) - Eating Chinese: Culture on the Menu in Small Town Canada
038158: CHOINIERE, FRANCE (ED.) - Shock Waves: Photography Rocks Representation / Ondes de Choc: La Representation Secouee Par la Photographie
038849: CHOKO, MARC H. - The Major Squares of Montreal
012849: CHOKO, MARC H. - Canadian Pacific Posters 1883-1963
043658: CHOUINARD, FRANCOIS-XAVIER - La Ville de Quebec: Histoire Municipale. 1 - Regime Francais
042520: SALEWICZ, CHRIS & ADRIAN BOOT - Reggae Explosion: The Story of Jamaican Music
041045: DERCON, CHRIS; ET AL - Avery Preesman
042909: HYNDMAN, CHRIS & STEVEN SABADOS (SIGNED) - Designerguys: Finding Your Personal Style
040542: BENTHAM, CHRISRIE & KATHARINE HOOKE - From Burleigh to Boschink: A Community Called Stony Lake
040506: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's South Kensington: Oriental Costume and Textiles, Wednesday, 21 June, 2000
040870: CHRISTIE'S - Indian & Islamic Works of Art & Textiles: Monday, 6 October 2008.
043681: CHRISTIE'S - Hollywood Posters VI
043682: CHRISTIE'S - Hollywood Posters II
042084: CHAPMAN, CHRISTOPHER & OSUITOK IPEELEE - Indigenous People - a New Partnership (Exhibition Catalogue)
041446: CHRISTOPHER, A. J. - The Atlas of Changing South Africa
040680: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER & A. H. BULLEN (ED.) - The Tragical Histoy of Doctor Faustus
043702: BREWARD, CHRISTOPHER; ET AL (EDS.) - Swinging Sixties Fashion in London and Beyond, 1955-1970
040601: GOYENS, CHRYS & FRANK ORR - Maurice Richard: Reluctant Hero
042326: CHOY, ARMANDON; GUSTAVO CHUI & MOISES SIO WONG - Our History Is Still Being Written: The Story of Three Chinese-Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution
041796: BOSAH, CHUKWUEMEKA & GEORGE EDOZIE - 101 Nigerian Artists: A Celebration of Modern Nigerian Art
039767: CHURCHER, MEL - Acting for Film: Truth 24 Times a Second
039240: CIANCHI, MARCO - Leonardo Da Vinci's Machines
039588: HICKEY, CIARAN & KADIR KIR - Sultan;S Table of the Turkish Cuisine
040673: CICOTERO, AMILCARE - Palazzo Cisterna a Torino
038419: CIFERRI, ORIO E PAOLA - Sculture Galleggianti / Bird Decoys of Italy
041416: CILIPKA, DOROTHY - The Holland Marsh: The Heart of Canada's Vegetable Industry (Revised Edition)
043124: CINTI, FULVIO - Auto & Design 87 Settembre 1994 (Italiano - English)
043867: FRANKLAND, CLAIRE; ET AL - Southampton Blitz, the Unofficial Story
042481: CLAIRMONT, DONALD H. - Africville: The Life and Death of a Canadian Black Community (Revised Edition)
040955: CLAPTON, ERIC - Eric Clapton: Another Ticket (Songbook)
040976: CLARK, T. J. - The Absolute Bourgeois: Artists and Politics in France, 1848-1851
040188: CLARK, ROY - Complete Bluegrass Banjo Bible
040908: CLARK, CATHERINE; ALISON BING; ELEANOR HEARTNEY, ET AL - Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka , 1966-2006
041165: CLARK, WENDEL - Wendel: My Life in Hockey
038911: CLARK, EMMA - Underneath Which Rivers Flow: The Symbolism of the Islamic Garden
042875: CLARKE, GEORGE FREDERICK - Someone Before Us: Our Maritime Indians
043721: CLARKE, MARTIN - Pearl Jam & Eddie Vedder: None Too Fragile
038428: CLARKE, ROSS - Led Zeppelin: Making and Breaking Records
022217: CLARKE, R. M. - Jaguar E Type 1971-1975
042558: CLARKE, R. M. - Avro Lancaster Portfolio
039352: CLARKSON, BETTY - Credit Valley Gateway: The Story of Port Credit
004910: CLARY, DAVID A. - Fortress America: The Corps of Engineers, Hampton Roads, and United States Coastal Defense
035026: CLASH - The Story of the Clash: Volume 1 (Songbook)
037699: PELOQUIN, CLAUDE & ZILON - Le Cadeau
043623: CLAVELIN, MAURICE - La Philosophie Naturelle de Galilee
037499: CLAYSON, ALAN - Keith Moon, Instant Party: Musings, Memories and Minutiae
040763: CLEEREMANS, AXEL - Mechanisms of Implicit Learning: Connectionist Models of Sequence Processing
039061: CLELLAND, DOUG (ED.) - Berlin, an Archtectural History
041330: CLEVENGER, PATSY - The Collector's World of M&M's: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide
039183: CLINE, BEVERLY FINK - Louisa Clark's Annual 1843: Life and Literature in British North America
037315: MARIN, CLIVE & FRANCES - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 1945 - 1978
043247: CLORFENE, CHAIM - The Messianic Temple: Understanding Ezekiel's Prophecy
034004: CLOSE, SUSAN - Framing Identity: Social Practices of Photography in Canada (1880-1920)
039271: CULTURE CLUB - Culture Club: Colour by Number. Piano / Vocal / Chords
036016: CLYNE, MICHAEL - The German Language in a Changing Europe
039479: MILLER, GENE; JUDI COBURN; ET AL - City of York: A Local History
042039: DI COCCO, CAROLINE; CLAUDIO HOLZER, ET AL. - One by One... Passo Dopo Passo: History of Italian Community in Sarnia-Lambton, Storia Della Comunita Italiana Di Sarnia-Lambton, 1870-1990
036399: COCHRANE, JEAN - Kensington
040929: COCKAYNE, EMILY - Hubbub: Filthh, Noise & Stench in England, 1600 - 1770
041925: COCKBURN, JACQUELINE - The Spanish Song Companion
038859: CODIGNOLA, LUCA - Terre D'America E Burocrazia Romana: Simon Stock, Propaganda Fide E la Colonia Di Lord Baltimore a Terranova, 1621-1649
038752: CODIGNOLA, LUCA - De Propaganda Fide in Rome, 1622-1799
042498: COE, SOPHIE D. - America's First Cuisines
039019: COGHLAN, NICHOLAS - The Saddest Country: On Assignment in Colombia
043826: COHEN, HILLEL - Good Arabs: The Israeli Security Agencies and the Israeli Arabs, 1948-1967
043174: COHEN, RONALD D. - Wasn't That a Time: Firsthand Account of the Folk Music Revival
037097: COHEN, DAVID - Blues / Rock Piano
030995: COHEN, MATT - Too Bad Galahad
037709: COHEN, LEONARD - Book of Longing
035124: COKE, VAN DEREN - Avant Garde Photography in Germany 1919 - 1939
041972: COLCORD, JOANNA C. - Songs of American Sailormen
043093: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON - Emigrants from England to the American Colonies, 1773-1776
043103: COLE, DORIS (SIGNED) - Candid Reflections: Letters from Women in Architecture, 1972 & 2004
042562: COLE, STROMA - Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in East Indonesia
042723: COLE, A. O. C. - A Victorian Snapshot: The Denne Collection of Old Peterborough Prints
040517: COLES, ROBERT - Doing Documentary Work
033169: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada
040596: COLLI, LAURA DELLI - The Taste of Italian Cinema in 100 Recipes
040868: COLLINGHAM, LIZZIE - Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors
041213: COLLINS, ROBERT O. - Problems in African History: The Precolonial Centuries
039737: COLLINS, ROBERT O. - Historical Problems of Imperial Africa
039237: COLLINS, PHIL - Phil Collins Anthology
038957: COLLINS, GARY (SIGNED) - Soulis Joe's Lost Mine: A Newfoundland Memoir
043747: COLLINS, JUDITH - The Omega Workshops
043121: COLVILLE, GEORGE M. (SIGNED) - Five Open Champions and the Musselburgh Golf Story
039457: COLVIN, H. M. - A History of Deddington, Oxfordshire
039111: COLWELL, RENE (ED.) - Preludes and Voluntaries for Treble Recorder Solo, 1708
041624: COMEAU, LOUIS V. - Historic Kentville
039837: COMINO, MARY - Gimson and the Barnsleys: Wonderful Furniture of a Commonplace Kind
043011: ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Buon Appetito Toronto! the Impact of Italian Food on the City
038563: HISTORIC MONUMENTS COMMISION - Old Manors, Old Houses: First Series
037836: CARDINAL HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - The History of Cardinal (Ontario)
042620: CONBOY, KEN - Kopassus: Inside Indonesia's Special Forces
043399: CONE, EDWARD T. - Berlioz Fantastic Symphony
038648: CONNAH, ROGER (ED.) - The Ark of Architecture: Selected Writings of Malcolm Quantrill
041516: CONNELLY, BRENT A. - Holy Old Whistlin' : Yarns About Algonquin Park Loggers
038932: CONNOLLY, JOCELYNE - Joelle Morosoli: Architecturerle Temps - Architecturalizing Time
039381: CONNOLLY, WAYNE, ET AL - Ten Historic Towns: Heritage Architecture in Newfoundland . Volume II
033955: CONNOR, EDRIC - Songs from Trinidad
039824: O'CONNOR, ALAN - Raymond Williams: Writing, Culture, Politics
041612: CONROD, W. HUGH - Athene, Goddess of War: The Canadian Women's Army Corps, Their Story.
035976: CONWAY, ALISON - Private Interests: Women, Portraiture, and the Visual Culture of the English Novel, 1709-1791
043262: COOGAN, TIM PAT - 1916: The Morning After , from the Courts Martial to the Tribunals
041551: COOK, GRAEME - Silent Marauders: British Submarines in the Two World Wars
040216: COOK, D. GLENN (SIGNED) - Vignettes of a Canadian Naval Aviator, 1955-1983
040203: COOK, PATRICK (ILLUS.) - The All-Time Favourite Australian Song Book
021973: COOK, CLAYTON D. - Tales of the Rails, Volume III: The Newfoundland Railway (Special Souvenir Edition)
039255: COOKE, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Parish and Cathedral of St James', Toronto 1797-1997
033894: COOKSLEY, PETER G. - Luftwaffe Bomber Camouflage & Markings 1940, Heinkel He111 - Junkers Ju88 - Dornier Do17 (No. S10, Vol. 1)
039443: COOLING, NENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Forts Henry and Donelson: The Key to the Confederate Heartland
039703: COONTZ, STEPHANIE - The Social Origins of Private Life: A History of American Families, 1600-1900
039723: COOPE, A. E. - Malay-English, English-Malay Dictionary
043220: COOPER, EMMANUEL - Lucie Rie: The Life and Work of Lucie Rie, 1902-1995
038023: COOPER, ILAY - Traditional Buildings of India
035774: COOPER, SUSAN - Staging Dance
043213: COOPER, LEONARD - British Regular Cavalry, 1644-1914
040595: COOPER, DAVID E. - Illusions of Equality
033361: COPP, TERRY - Maple Leaf Route: Falaise
041282: COPSON, RAYMOND W. - Africa's Wars and Prospects for Peace
038960: CORBEIL, DANIELLE - Claude Tousignant
032728: CORBETT, RON - One Last River Run
041859: CORBURN, JASON - Toward the Healthy City: People, Places, and the Politics of Urban Planning
040385: CORDOBA, MARIANO - Flamenco Guitar / Guitarra Flamenca
041105: CORFIELD, WILLIAM E. - The Honourable Printer, 1882/1982
039297: MC CORMACK, W. J. - Roger Casement in Death: Or Haunting the Free State
043834: CORNELIUS, CAROL - Iroquois Corn in a Culture-Based Curriculum
043891: CORNELL, JOHN A. - Pioneers of Beverly: Series of Sketches (Centennial Edition)
040128: CORR, GERARD H. - The War of the Springing Tigers
039978: CORREA, CHARLES - Housing and Urbanisation
042352: CORRIGAN, SUSAN V. - The Art of the Book
042048: CORRIGAN, TIMOTHY - New German Film: The Displaced Image
030958: CORRIVEAU, PAUL (LT.-COL.) - Le Royal 22e Regiment: 75 Ans D'Histoire, 1914-1989
043850: CORSE, SARAH M. - Nationalism and Literature: The Politics of Culture in Canada and the United States
039099: LANGLEY, DICK; DON COSENS; ET AL - Memories of St. Thomas and Elgin, Volume Two
033394: COSTELLE, DANIEL - Eva Braun: Dans L'Intimite D'Hitler
039994: COTTINGHAM, JOHN (ED.) - Rene Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy, with Selections from the Objections and Replies
023141: COUNTRYMAN, BARRY - R100 in Canada
037616: COURTADE, FRANCIS - Fritz Lang
036138: COUSTEAUX, FERNAND - The Wine of Gaillac: 2000 Years of History
039704: COUSTILLAS, PIERRE (ED.) - George Gissing, Essays & Fiction
039902: COUTTS, IAN - Brew North: How Canadians Made Beer and Beer Made Canada
039086: COWAN, JAN - Heritage Structures Manitoba
039731: COX, IAN - Royal Crown Derby Paperweights (Second Edition)
022909: COX, GORDON S. A. - Folk Music in a Newfoundland Outport
034622: COX, EDMUND C. (SIR) - Police and Crime in India
043289: CRADOCK, MRS. H. C. - Josephine's Christmas Party
043053: CRAM, W. BARTLETT - Picture History of New England Passenger Vessels
043131: CRANDALL, DONALD R. - A Military History of Montserrat, W.I. : Attacks Fortifications, Cannons, Defenders, 1632-1815
040415: CRAPANZANO, VINCENT - The Hamadsha: A Study in Moroccan Ethnopsychiatry
041981: CRASTER, J. M. - Fifteen Rounds a Minute: The Grenadiers at War, August to December 1914
041710: CRAWFORD, STEVE - The U.S. Marine Corps in World War II: The Stories Behind the Photos

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