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034305: - Tres Libros de Jineta de Los Siglos XVI Y XVII
039551: BAKER, CATHLEEN A. & JOHN DEPOL - Endgrain Designs & Repitition: The Patten Papers of John Depol
035111: ABADIE, DANIEL - Hans Hartung: Fetes D'Automne, 17 Septembre - 23 Octobre 1988
041849: D'ABBADIE, J. VANDIER - Catalogue Des Objets de Toilette Egyptiens
043143: ABBATE, CAROLYN - Unsung Voices: Opera and Musical Narrative in the Nineteenth Century
044014: ABED, SHUKRI B. - Focus on Contemporary Arabic: Conversations with Native Speakers (with Cd)
037050: ACKERMAN, GERALD - The History of Cheesemaking in Prince Edward County
040337: KHAN, ALI ADIL & ASMA ARSHAD MAHMOOD (CUR.) - Bazgasht, Traditional Methods & Modern Practices: The Revival of Miniature Paintings from the Sub-Continent
043853: ADNES, ANDRE - Shakespeare Et la Pathologie Mentale
044007: AGER, MILTON - Happy Days Are Here Again (Songbook)
027695: AGOSTI, JEAN-PAUL - Agosti - Suite D' Orphee
039147: CRAIG, BRUCE ALAN & KENNETH ROSS CRAIG - Blades on the Bay: One Hundred Years of Hockey in North Bay and Area. Part One: 1897-1947
029589: ALDEN, JILL - Contemporary American Indian Beadwork: The Exquisite Art
040629: BALL, ALEX & JUSTIN HAMMOND (CURATOR) - An Unspoken Arrangement
038438: ALEXANDER, JOHN K. - Render Them Submissive: Responses to Poverty in Philadelphia, 1760-1800
040804: TZONIS, ALEXANDER & LIANE LEFAIVRE (EDS.) - Santiago Calatrava's Creative Process (2 Volumes)
033326: ALFORD, JONATHAN - Greece and Turkey: Adversity in Alliance (Adelphi Library 12)
041696: GOPNIK, ALISON & ANDREW N. MELTZOFF - Words, Thoughts, and Theories
032268: ALLEN, ROBERT S. - His Majesty's Indian Allies: British Indian Policy in the Defense of Canada, 1774-1815
029053: AMMIRATI, JOSEPH F. - Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada, Including Other Inedible Fungi
042547: ANDERSON, THOMAS - Vorwarts Immer, Ruckwarts Nimmer! an Illustrated Guide to History and Fate of the German Assault Artillery in Ww II: Volume 1, the Early Years.
043215: KERTESZ, ANDRE & ROBERT ENRIGHT (INTRO.) - Stranger to Paris: Photographs by Andre Kertesz, 1894-1985
040990: GEDALGE, ANDRE & FERDINAND DAVIS (ED.) - Treatise on the Fugue
043129: MAUROIS, ANDRE & PAUL HARTMANN (ED.) - A Propos de Andre Maurois Patapoufs & Filifers
041171: GUTSCHE, ANDREA; ET AL. - Alone in the Night: Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel
043983: BAILEY, ANDREW & PETER FOSS (EDS.) - George Formby Complete, with Contributions by Alan Randall
038137: OKO. ANDREW - Moon Nibbler: The Art of Pat Strakowski
038756: DONSKOV, ANDREW & JOHN WOODSWORTH EDS.) - Lev Tolstoy and the Concept of Brotherhood
044078: ANDREWS, CAROL - Amulets of Ancient Egypt
037533: O'BRIEN, ANDY & JACQUES PLANTE - The Jacques Plante Story
039695: ANGUS, JAMES T. (SIGNED) - Mills and MILL Villages of Severn Township
043992: GIGON. ANNETTE & MIKE GUYER - Museum Linear Appenzell: Gigon & Guyer
039608: ANON. - Arctic Quebec 1973 Nouveu-Quebec: Prints / Estampes
043939: GENGARELLY, ANTHONY & CAROL DERBY - The Prendergasts & the Arts & Crafts Movement: The Art of American Decoration and Design 1890 - 1920
039793: BANERJI, ANUPAM & MICHAEL ELMITT - Between Lines: From Doodles to Composition
035420: APRA, ADRIANO (COORD.) - The Fabulous Thirties: Italian Cinema 1929-1944
039617: ARGANIAN, LILLIAN - Stan Kenton: The Man and His Music
031440: DE ARMOND, DALE BURLISON - Raven: A Collection of Woodcuts by.
038552: ARMSTRONG, JOHN GRIFFITH - The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue
034202: ARMSTRONG, DAVID - Russian Lacquer Boxes, with Index of Subjects and Cyrillic Key.
020081: ARNEY, ADA - Here Come the Khaki Skirts. The Women Volunteers: A Pictorial Review of the Canadian Women's Army Corps During the Second World War
039818: ARPALY, NOMY - Merit, Meaning, and Human Bondage: An Essay of Free Will
034554: ASHTON, E. D. TAYLOR (SIGNED) - On the Edge of History: Dorland's Creek and the Mills
043821: EL-ASMAR, FOUZI - To Be an Arab in Israel
041095: ASSEILY, NOUHAD - La Cuisine Libanaise Familiale: 227 Recettes Faciles
041011: KAHIN, AUDREY & VIRGINIA M. BARKER (EDS.) - Indonesia: The Role of the Indonesian Chinese in Shaping Modern Indonesian Life
031389: AYRE, ROBERT - Eskimo Graphic Art - Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1967
041687: FEUER, KATHRYN B. & ROBIN FEUER MILLER (ED.) - Tolstoy and the Genesis of War and Peace
039420: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Luttrell Psalter (Medieval Manuscripts in the British Library)
043988: BALDWIN, PETER - Toy Theatres of the World
006509: BARBEAU, MARIUS (SIGNED) - Roundelays: Dansons a la Ronde
040875: BARBIER, GEORGE - Art Deco Costumes
031315: BARCA, ANA - The Wooden Architecture of Maramures
042078: BARNES, MICHAEL (SIGNED) - Kirkland Lake Ontario (Looking Back)
039527: BARNES, MICHAEL (SIGNED) - Haliburton: Memories of Past Years
030221: BARRETTE, BILL - Eva Hesse: Sculpture
039641: BATTEN, JACK - The Annex: The Story of a Toronto Neighborhood
042439: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - Art Deco Fashion: French Designers, 1908-1925
042150: BATTESTI, MICHELE - La Bataille D'Aboukir, 1798: Nelson Contrarie la Strategie de Bonaparte
042218: BAUHAUS - 50 Years, Bauhaus - German Exhibition
041080: KRAMER, TITIA; EDITH BAUTZ & ADA WYNSTON (EDS.) - Personal Histories: War Memories of a Dutch Canadian Generation
038693: BAYTOP, TURHAN - The Istanbul Tulip
010223: BEAUDET, PIERRE - Under the Boardwalk in Quebec City : Archaeology in the Courtyard and Gardens of the Chateau Saint-Louis
042038: BELAYNEH, ASTER KETSELA - The Recipe of Love: An Ethopian Cookbook
023037: BELIVEAU, JEAN (SIGNED)), CHRYS GOYENS, ALLAN TUROWETZ - Jean Beliveau: Une Epoque, Un Regard
040250: BELLAVANCE, MARCEL - Compton in Retrospect, 1880-1950
040914: BENJAMIN, ANDREW (ED.) - Philosophy and Architecture (Journal of Philosophy and the Visual Arts)
042145: BERAUD, SREPHANE - Bonaparte En Italie: Naissance D'Un Stratege
041499: BERNAR, GABRIELA; RUFINO DIAZ, ET AL - To the Totem Shore: The Spanish Presence on the Northwest Coast (World Exposition, Vancouver 1986 Pavilion of Spain )
044115: LINDSTROM-BEST, VARPU (SIGNED - Terveisia Ruusa-Tadilta: Kanadan Suomalaisten Sukupolvi
041997: BETANCOURT, PHILIP P. - The Aeolic Style in Architecture: A Survey of Its Development in Palestine, the Halikarnassos Peninsula, and Greece, 1999-500 B.C.
034342: BICKERTON, CARMAN - A History of the Canadian Fisheries in the Georges Bank Area
044103: BINNIE, G. M. - Early Victorian Water Engineers
044139: BIRD, LOUIS - The Spirit Lives in the Mind: Omushkego Stories, Lives, and Dreams
044110: BISHOP, CHARLES A. - The Northern Ojibwa and the Fur Trade: An Historical and Ecological Study
044030: LEVESQUE, JOANNE; GUY BLAIN & ANDREA HEILINBRUNNER - Recettes Venant Des / Recipes from the Kitchen of L'Oree Du Bois & Formiderable
038365: LE BLANC, CHARLES - Le Complexe D' Hermes: Regards Philosophiques Sur la Traduction
042350: BLANC, ROBERT - Un Pasteur Du Temps Des Lumieres: Benjamin-Sigismond Frossard (1754-1830)
039393: BLODGETT, JEAN - Strange Scenes: Early Cape Dorset Drawings
023955: HULL, BOBBY (SIGNED) & ROY G. NELSON - Bobby Hull's Hockey Made Easy
037700: BOICEL, ROUE-DOUDOU - L'Histoire Du Rising Sun Et Ses Legendes Jazz & Blues
038758: BOLOGNA, GIULIA - Leggende Lombarde, Aimo E Vermondo Di Meda / Leggenda Di Aimo E Vermondo . IL Codice Trivulziano 509
043381: BONELLO, GIOVANNI - Nostalgias of Malta: Images by Modiano from the 1900s
034904: BONGA, DIEUWKE WENDELAAR (SIGNED) - Eight Prison Camps: A Dutch Family in Japanese Java
042140: BOPPE, P. - Les Espagnols a la Grande-Armee
043931: BORLASE, TIM (ED.) - Songs of Labrador
041613: BORLASE, TIM - Labrador Studies: The Labrador Inuit (Revised Edition)
034674: BOX, HILARY O. - Mammalian Social Learning: Comparative and Ecological Perspectives
044063: BOYD, BILL - Exploring Jazz Scales for Keyboard
038159: BOYER, JEAN-PIERRE - Picture This! 659 Posters of Social Movements in Quebec, 1966-2007 (Bilingual Edition)
044049: BRENDER A BRANDIS, G. (SIGNED) - Wood, Ink & Paper: Wood Engravings
008236: BRASSER, TED J. - Bo'Jou, Neejee! Profiles of Canadian Indian Art
042887: O'BRIEN, RICHARD - The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1937-1945
043843: BROWN, DON - Down Memory Lane: A Glimpse of Hagersville's Past
027890: BROWN, QUENTIN (ED.) - This Green & Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township
044009: BROWNE, JACKSON - The Best of Jackson Browne: Piano - Voice - Guitar
044006: BROWNE, JACKSON - I'm Alive (Songbook)
044141: BRUENS, LOUIS - Les Dessus, Les Dessous Du March de L'Art
026827: BRUNIARD, MELE - Bestiario Grabado
038987: BRUNK, HARRY W. - Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge: Modeling the Colorado & Southern
042508: BRUSILA, JOHANNES - Local Music, Not from Here: The Discourse of World Music Examined Through Three Zimbabwean Case Studies: The Bhundu Boys, Virginia Mukwesha and Sunduza
044093: BRYANT, CHAD - Prague in Black: Nazi Rule and Czech Nationalism
042523: BSERANI, BACHIR (SIGNED) - Authentic Arabian Horse Names: A Collection of Arabic Names with Translations and Pronounciations Especially for the Arabian Horse Lover
042400: KONG, BUCKSAM & EUGENE H. HO - Hung Gar Kung-Fu
044126: RICH, BUDDY & HENRY ADLER & HENRI KLICKMAN - Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments
044128: RICH, BUDDY & HENRY ADLER & TED MACKENZIE - Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments (2-Dvd Edition)
039511: BUDNEY, JEN - Jayce Salloum: History of the Present
043413: BUELL, RICHARD - The Glory of the Game: Hockey Heroes, History and Heritage from the Mile of Gold
040377: BUNN, DON - Classic Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks, 1948-1956
038908: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Prussian Society and the German Order: An Aristocratic Corporation in Crisis C1410-1466
031785: BURLES, PETER - Bernard Darwin and Aberdovey: A Collection of Bernard Darwin's Classic Writings About Golf at Aberdovey
034789: BUSH, EDWARD FORBES - Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961
043696: SPONG, HENRY C. & RICHARD H. OSBORNE - Shaw, Savill & Albion: A Fleet History
044017: CALLAHAN, WILLIAM R. - Joseph Roberts Smallwood: Journalist, Premier, Newfoundland Patriot
044041: CAMFIELD, WILLIAM A. - Francis Picabia
044029: CAMPBELL, JAMES - Peter Krausz: Landscape and Memory / Entre Chien Et Loup , 1997
044058: CANOBBIO, ERIC - Geopolitique D'Une Ambition Inuite: Le Quebec Face a Son Destin Nordique
044107: BAUM, CAROL & BETTY MINAKER - Sailing Canadian Waters: An Exhibition Held at the Canadiana Gallery of the Royal Ontario Museum
043462: CARROLL, MICHAEL K. - Pearson's Peacekeepers: Canada and the United Nations Emergency Force, 1956-67
040301: CASSIDY, CAROL (SIGNED) - Beyond Tradition: Lao Textiles Revisited. The Handwoven Textiles of Carol Cassidy
043452: CATHCART, RUTH (SIGNED) - Jacques & Hay: 19tth Century Toronto Furniture Makers
027668: CAZORT, MIMI (SIGNED) - The Ingenious Machine of Nature: Four Centuries of Art and Anatomy
041391: CELANT, GERMANO - Giovanni Gastel (Signed)
028653: CHALMERS, JAMES - The Channel Railway Connecting England & France
041824: CHAMBERS, JACK - Bouncin' with Bartok: The Incomplete Works of Richard Twardzik
039758: CHANDRA, SMITA - Indian Grill: The Art of Tandoori Cooking at Home
044081: CHAPIN, HARRY (SIGNED) - Looking... Seeing
033040: CHAPMAN, FREDRIK HENRIK AF - Architectura Navalis Mercatoria
026743: CHARBONNEAU, ANDRE - Quebec, the Fortified City: From the 17th to the 19th Century
039419: ANGUS, CHARLIE & LOUIS PALU - Mirrors of Stone: Fragments from the Porcupine Frontier
028305: CHARLTON, PETER (ED.) - Certified Serviceable - Swordfish to Sea King: The Technical Story of Canadian Naval Aviation by Those Who Made It So.
041318: CHEMIAKIN, MIHAIL - Mihail Chemiakin, May-June, 1994
043562: CHETAIL, ROGER - Modeles de Marqueterie: Boites Et Tableasux
038849: CHOKO, MARC H. - The Major Squares of Montreal
041416: CILIPKA, DOROTHY - The Holland Marsh: The Heart of Canada's Vegetable Industry (Revised Edition)
043961: CIRULES, ENRIQUE - The Mafia in Havana: A Caribbean Mob Story
038911: CLARK, EMMA - Underneath Which Rivers Flow: The Symbolism of the Islamic Garden
022217: CLARKE, R. M. - Jaguar E Type 1971-1975
044085: CLINGMAN, STEPHEN - Bram Fischer: Afrikaner Revolutionary
044021: COGGON, CHRISTOPHER (SIGNED) - The Space Tranportation Systems Reference
043174: COHEN, RONALD D. - Wasn't That a Time: Firsthand Account of the Folk Music Revival
044040: COHEN, JEAN-LOUIS - Scenes de la Vie Future: L'Architecture Europeenne Et la Tentstion de L' Amerique 1893-1960
037709: COHEN, LEONARD - Book of Longing
041018: COLLINS, MAYNARD - Lightfoot: If You Could Read His Mind
033955: CONNOR, EDRIC - Songs from Trinidad
039978: CORREA, CHARLES - Housing and Urbanisation
041392: COWLEY, STEWART - Spacewreck: Ghostships and Derelicts of Space
022909: COX, GORDON S. A. - Folk Music in a Newfoundland Outport
043131: CRANDALL, DONALD R. - A Military History of Montserrat, W.I. : Attacks Fortifications, Cannons, Defenders, 1632-1815
040973: CROUCH, DORA P. - Water Management in Ancient Greek Cities
022891: DAHL, EDWARD H., ET AL - La Ville de Quebec, 1800-1850: Un Inventaire de Cartes Et Plans
044013: DAMAS, DAVID - Arctic Migrants / Arctic Villagers: The Transformation of Inuit Settlement in the Central Arctic
039265: DANIELS, LISA - The Art of Bert Weir with Annotations by Th Artist and a Forward by John Inglis
042324: WATENPAUGH. KEITH DAVID - Being Modern in the Middle East: Revolution, Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Arab Middle Class
044095: LEIGHTON, DAVID AND PEGGY - Artists, Builders and Dreamers: 50 Years at the Banff School
042673: MACDOUGALL, DAVID & LUCIEN TAYLOR (ED.) - Transcultural Cinema
039753: DAVIS, BOB (ED.) - Historic Postcards of Hong Kong
024760: DEHEJIA, VIDYA - Impossible Picturesqueness: Edward Lear's Indian Watercolours, 1873-1875
043388: DERFLER, BRANDON - Single-Voice Transformations: A Model for Parsimonious Leading
025947: DERLETH, AUGUST - The Arkham Sampler, Summer, 1948. Volume 1, #3
043804: DERRY, MARGARET E. - Georgian Bay Jewel: The Killarney Story
043649: DESAI, JIGNA - Beyond Bollywood: The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film
038950: DESJARDINS, PAULINE - Pointe-a-Calliere: From Ville-Marie to Montreal
027726: DESMARAIS, ROBERT J. - Randolph Caldecott, His Books and Illustrations for Young Readers
041255: DEWAN, DEEPALI (ED.) - Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s
041870: BARILLARI, DIANA & EZIO GODOLI - Istanbul 1900: Art Nouveau Architecture and Interiors
044124: FISCHER-DIESKAU, DIETRICH - Wagner & Nietzsche (Zerka T. Moreno Letter)
034384: DJEDJE, JACQUELINE COGDELL - African Musicology: Current Trends: Volume II
037094: DONALD, MARY ELLEN - Mastering Finger Cymbals: Popular Belly Dance Rhythms with Suggested Dance Steps.
037096: DONALD, MARY ELLEN - Arabic Tambourine: A Comprehensive Course in Techniques and Performance for the Tambourine, Tar, and Mazhar
041251: GAUDET, DONATIEN & DOLORES BREAU (SIGNED) - Dolores Breau: Portraits D'u Peuple / Portraits of a People
040633: CUMMING, DONIGAN & PEGGY GALE - Lying Quiet
044052: WICE, DONNA & GAIL LUCAS - Innisfil Veterans: Their Lives and Memoirs
029566: DONSKOV, ANDREW (ED.) - Sergei Tolstoy and the Doukhobors: A Journey to Canada
043873: DORGEUILLE, CLAUDE - The French Flute School, 1860 - 1950
038316: DORIN, PATRICK C. - Michigan-Ontario Iron Ore Railroads
044024: TUER, DOT & ELLIOTT KING (EDS.) - Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting
038874: MACKEY, DOUG & PAUL - The Fossmill Story: Life in a Railway Lumbering Village on the Edge of Algonquin Park
043985: DOWNEY, JAMES - Lord Beaverbrook and the Kennedys
043516: DOYLE, ROBERT - Waisted Efforts: An Illustrated Guide to Corset Making
043914: DRURY, RICHARD - Vaclav Spala, 1885-1946: Selected Work from Czech Gallery Collections
040123: BANERJEE-DUBE, ISHITA - Themes in Indian History: Caste in History
043079: DUBOWITZ, DAN - Wastelands: The Presence of Absence, 1 Ancoats Manchester United Kingdom 2003
038678: DUFF, ROGER - The Moa-Hunter Period of Maori Culture
036812: DUFFEK, KAREN - Robert Davidson: Au Seuil de L'Abstraction
035220: DUMAS, FRANCOIS-MARIE - Scooters Du Monde: 100 Ans D'Histoire
043876: NGO, DUNG & ERIC PFEIFFER - Bent Ply: The Art of Plywood Furniture
040519: DUSSAULT, GABRIEL - Le Cure Labelle: Messianisme, Utopie Et Colonisation Au Quebec, 1850-1900
043686: DUTKIEWICZ, ADAM - A Matter of Mind: An Introduction to the Art of Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz (1919-1999)
031372: DUVET, JEAN - L'Apocalypse Figuree
040427: YOAKAM, DWIGHT & CAROL CUELLAR - The Complete Dwight Yoakam Songbook: Piano/Vocal/Chords
042072: DYDO, KRZYSZTOF - Cata Ta Muzyka. Polski Plakat Muzyczny. 1899-2012 / All That Music. Polish Music Posters
041253: GREEN, NANCY E. & JESSIE POESCH - Arthur Wesley Dow and American Arts & Crafts
044134: EAGLES - Eagles: Their Greatest Hits (Songbook)
044109: EATOCK, COLIN - Remembering Glenn Gould: Twenty Interviews with People Who Knew Him
031392: EBER, DOROTHY - Cape Dorset Print Collection - Collections de Gravures de Cape Dorset 1970
043978: EBER, DOROTHY HARLEY - Encounters on the Passage: Inuit Meet the Explorers
035913: ECO, UMBERTO (SIGNED) - The Island of the Day Before
032404: EDISON - Pictorial History of the Edison Lamp
039391: EDISON, MARGARET E. - Thoreau Macdonald: A Catalogue of Design and Illustration
043582: DOSS-QUINBY, EGLAL; ET AL. - Songs of the Women Trouveres
040575: MCLUHAN, ELIZABETH & TOM HILL - Norval Morrisseau and the Emergence of the Image Makers
044026: SINGLETON, ELLEN & ANIKO VARPALOTAI - Pedagogy in Motion: A Community of Inquiry for Human Movement Studies
044137: TOULET, EMMANUELLE & CHRISTIAN BELAYGUE - Cinememoire 3e Festival International
044123: ENGLISH, JOHN A. - A Perspective on Infantry
044140: ENGLISH, JOHN A. - The Canadian Army and the Normandy Campaign: A Study of Failure in High Command
030764: ENNS, F. G. - Gretna: Window on the Northwest
025387: LEDRU, ERIC & GERALD GUETAT - Yachting Et Progres Technologiques a Monaco 1904-1914, Canoys Automobiles, Glisseurs, Hydroaeroplanes Et Yachting a Voile
044008: DOFLEIN, ERICH & ELMA - The Doflein Method, the Violinist's Progress, Volume IV, Further Technique in Bowing and Fingering (Ed4754)
044065: HEDLER, ERNST & RALF ULRICH - Ddr Design: East German Design / Design de la Rda, 1949-1989
031370: ERTE (SIGNED) - Erte's Costumes and Sets for Der Rosenkavalier in Full Color (Signed)
034978: EVANS, PATRICK M. O. - A Tale of Two Chelseas: Quebec
039610: EVANS, JOHN (INTRO.) - Baker Lake Prints / Estampes, 1979
039087: LEEDS. P. F. - The Development of Public Transport in Hong Kong ( an Historical Review, 1841-1974 )
039137: FAIRLEY, JAMES - Irish Whales and Whaling
039117: FANCHER, DIANA (ED.) - The Leader & Recorder's History of the Junction
042765: FARLEY, JOHN - Bilharzia: A History of Imperial Tropical Medicine
043859: FEENEY, MARIE - The Cleggan Bay Disaster: An Account of the Savavge Storm in October, 1927 That Devastated the Connemara Communities of Inishbofin and Rossadilisk
038363: FELDBRUGGE, F. J. M. - Samizdat and Political Dissent in the Soviet Union
038556: FERGUSON, PATRICIA F. - Cobalt Treasures: The Robert Murray Bell and Ann Walker Bell Collection of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
040430: FERN, YVONNE - Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation (Signed by Majel Roddenberry)
044028: FERRISS, HUGH - The Metropolis of Tomorrow
037894: FFRENCH, PATRICK - After Bataille: Sacrifice, Exposure, Community
042537: FICHERA, GIUSEPPE - Montegrappa 1912
043186: FIDLON, DAVID (TRANS.) - Soviet Volunteers in China, 1925-1945: Articles and Reminiscences
039571: FIELD, DOROTHY - Paper and Threshold: The Paradoxes of Spiritual Connection in Asian Cultures
034333: VON FINCKENSTEIN, MARIA - Nuvisavik: La Ou Nous Tissons
036122: FINNEGAN, TERRENCE J. (COLONEL) - Shooting the Front: Allied Aerial Reconnaissance and Photographic Interpretation on the Western Front - World War I
044092: FISCH, MARIA - The Caprivi Strip During the German Colonial Period, 1890-1914 (with a Chapter on the Boundry Dispute Up to the Present)
039628: FISCHER, BARBARA - Decalog: Yyz, 1979-1989
033634: FISHER, RICHARD B. - Syrie Maugham
043609: FLANAGAN, COLM - Diesel Dawn: Ireland's Contribution to the Development of the Dmu, 1931-1967
040156: FLETCHER, RON (SIGNED) - The Humber: Tales of a Canadian Heritage River
040690: FLOWERS, CLAUDE - New Order + Joy Division: Dreams Never End
043986: FOAKES, R. A. (ED.) - Coleridge on Shakespeare: The Text of the Lectures 0f 1811-12
043225: FRANCIS, MARK (ED.) - The Warhol Look: Glamour, Style, Fashion
035334: DORNIER, FRANCOIS ET MARIE-CLAUDE JOUBERT - Soldats de la Cote . Le Fusiliers Du St-Laurent: D'Hier a Aujourd'Hui
040787: FRANITS, WAYNE E. - Paragons of Virtue: Women and Domesticity in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
042149: SPRUNGLIN, EMMANUEL-FREDERIC & G. DESDEVISES DU DEZERT - Souvenirs Des Guerres D'Espagne Et de Portugal
038682: FROST, ALAN - Sir Joseph Banks and the Transfer of Plants to and from the South Pacific, 1786-1798
030392: FURUKAWA, SHOSAKU - Kiseto and Setoguro (Famous Ceramics of Japan 10)
036274: DE FUSCO, RENATO - Le Corbusier, Designer: Furniture, 1929
040796: ELSON, LINDA G. & ALAN PONIKVAR (ED.) - Paradox Lost: A Cross-Contextual Definition of Levels of Abstraction
044071: BOURASSA, ANDRE-G.& JEAN-MARIE LARRUE - Les Nuits de la Main: Cent Ans Spectacles Sur le Boulevard Saint-Laurent (1891-1991)
042280: SKELTON, ELEANOR G. & EMERSON W. - Haliburton Flora: An Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of the County of Haliburton, Ontario
038193: GAGE, ELIZABETH - The Unconventional Gage
032825: RIOPELLE, JEAN-PAUL; FRANCOIS-MARC GAGNON; ET AL - Riopelle: Un Lieu de Liberte / a Space of Freedom
040444: PRATTE, FRANCE GAGNON & ERIC ETTER - The Chateau Frontenac: One Hundred Years in the Life of a Legendary Hotel
000102: GALVIN, JOHN (ED.) - Western America in 1846-1847: The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J.W. Abert Who Mapped New Mexico for the United States Army
032837: GARD, ANSON A. - Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and the Humours of the Valley
042017: LONG, GARY & RANDY WHITEMAN - When Giants Fall: The Gilmour Quest for Algonquin Pine
043993: GATBONTON, ESPERANZA B. - Bastion de San Diego
044012: FAIRFIELD. GEORGE (SIGNED) - Ashbridge's Bay: An Anthology of Wildlife Writings by Those Who Knrew and Loved Ashbridge's Bay
044131: TELLEZ, GERMAN & BENJAMIN VILLEGAS (ED.) - Casa Colonial: The Domestic Architecture of New Granada
043981: GERZINA, GRETCHEN HOLBROOK (ED.) - Black Victorians / Black Victoriana
041878: GILBERT, ALMA M. - Parrish and Photography
043979: GILI, GUSTAVO (ED.) - Peret: E Pericoloso Sporgersi
043803: CHATEAU, GILLES & SAM RAPALLO - Led Zeppelin: The Montreau Concerts
034883: GILLMOR, ALAN M. (ED.) - Eagle Minds: Selected Correspondence of Istvan Anhalt and George Rochberg (1961-2005)
033777: GLASSMAN, ELIZABETH - Cliche-Verre: Hand-Drawn, Light-Painted. A Survey of the Medium from 1839 to the Present
042972: GLEDHILL, CHRISTINE (ED.) - Stardom: Industry of Desire
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042681: ROBBINS, LIZ & FRANK LEAHY (FWD.) - Don Messer's Violin: Canada's Fiddle
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042433: PRONOVOST, MARCEL & BOB DUFF (SIGNED) - Marcel Pronovost, a Life in Hockey
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044023: MARTINEAU, CHANTAL - How the Gringos Stole Tequila: The Modern Age of Mexico's Most Traditional Spirit
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043579: MCKAY, DAVID P. - William Billings of Boston: Eighteenth Century Composer
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041119: MCKITTERICK, DAVID (ED.) - The Making of the Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge
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044077: MCLAUCHLAN, MURRAY - Murray Mclauchlan: Whispering Rain (Songbook)
042747: MCLEAN, RUARI - The Reminiscences of Edmund Evans, Wood-Engraver & Colour-Printer, 1826-1905
000160: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Bibliography of Mississippi Imprints, 1798-1830
000162: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS - Early Printing in Wisconsin with a Bibliography of the Issues of the Press
000161: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Bibliography of Chicago Imprints 1835-1850
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033057: MICHAUD, WILLIAM - Pioneer Railways of Central Ontario from the Past to the Present: Rideau Area of Canadian National Railways
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039345: MORRISON, FRED - The Fred Morrison Collection
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044053: MUNASINGHE, VIRANJINI - Callaloo or Tossed Salad? East Indians and the Cultural Politics of Identity in Trinidad
040613: MURPHY, HUBERT - From the Danes to the Delvin: Fingal
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043419: MURRAY, JOAN - Northern Lights: Masterpieces of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
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043780: NEWMAN, RANDY - Little Criminals (Songbook)
042409: NGIEN, DENNIS (SIGNED) - Apologetic for Filioque in Medieval Theology
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037938: VULPE, NICOLA & MAHA ALBARI - Sealed in Struggle: Canadian Poetry & the Spanish CIVIL War: An Anthology
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042461: MORRISSEAU, NORVAL & TRUDY NICKS (CURATOR) - Norval Morrosseau: 2010 Retrospective, October 16 - November 20, 2010)
042462: MORRISSEAU, NORVAL & PAUL C. H. ROBINSON - Norval Morrisseau: A Retrospective, November 6 - 29, 2008
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027839: ONTARIO - Ontario Elections, 1883, Facts for the People. Should Be Read by Every Elector
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044038: RICKARDS, MAURICE - Posters of Protest and Revolution
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043973: RIOPELLE, JEAN-PAUL - Riopelle
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044094: RUSHDIE, SALMAN (SIGNED) - Joseph Anton: A Memoir
043468: RUSHING, W. JACKSON - Robert Houle: Troubling Abstraction
042375: COOPER, RUSS & GARRY WILTON (SIGNED) - Brampton Firefighters: 140 Years of Dedicated Service, 1853-1993
043469: RUWEDEL, MARK - Columbia River: The Hanford Stretch
042381: GORRIE, RYAN & RACHAEL LEMIEUX - Aboriginal Architecture
043749: RYAN, TERRY - Dorset 77
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044045: SAKOLSKY, RON (ED.) - Sounding Off! Music As Subversion / Resistance / Revolution
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043660: SBATTELLA, PAOLO - Pietro Zazzetta: Canto Cromatico
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027651: SENIOR, HEREWARD - The Loyalist of Quebec, 1774-1825: A Forgotten History
035384: SHADBOLT, DORIS - Bill Reid
041756: SHADBOLT, JACK (SIGNED) - Act of Art: The Image-Making Process
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043265: SHANNON, BILL - An Illustrated History of Collingwood Township
041820: SHARP, ANDREW (ED.) - The English Levellers
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030449: SHIRALI, VISHNUDASS - Hindu Music and Rhythm
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041205: MONETTE, PAUL (SIGNED & LIMITED - West of Yesterday, East of Summer: New and Selected Poems (1973-1993)
043026: DA SILVA, LADIS - An Island Kingdom: The History of the Omani Arab Dynasty in East Africa
040019: SIMMINS, GEOFFREY - Fred Cumberland: Building the Victorian Dream
038899: SIMPSON, LESLEY BYRD - The Laws of the Burgos of 1512 - 1513
044011: MARTIN, DEAN; FRANK SINATRA & SAMMY DAVIS JR. - The Very Best of the Rat Pack
044066: SJOGREN, GUNNAR A. - The Saab Way: The First 35 Years of Saab Cars, 1949-1984
033705: SKIADAS, ELEFTHERIOS G. - Trade and the Olympic Games: Contribution to Their Revival (1834-1896)
040883: SLOWEY, GABRIELLE - Navigating Neoliberalism: Self-Determination and the Mikisew Cree First Nation
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041801: FORD-SMITH, HONOR (SIGNED) - 3 Jamaican Plays: A Post Colonial Anthology (1977-1987)
025943: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON - Tales of Science and Sorcery
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039473: SORENSEN, LORIN - Famous Ford Woodies
044044: SOTHEBY'S - Important Japanese Swords: May 5. 1981, Sale 4596y
043882: SOUCOUP, DAN - Mccully's New Brunswick: Historic Aerial Photographs, 1931-1939
044099: SPARTI, PEPA - Cinema E Mondo Contadino Due Esperienze a Confronto: Italia E Francia
042063: SPILLIUS, ELIZABETH BOTT (ED.) - Melanie Klein Today, Development in Theory and Practice, Volume 2: Mainly Practice
042062: SPILLIUS, ELIZABETH BOTT (ED.) - Melanie Klein Today, Developments in Theory and Practice, Volume 1: Mainly Theory
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041831: BRODNIEWICZ-STAWICKI, MARGARET (SIGNED) - For Your Freedom and Ours: The Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War
040645: STEWARD, HAL D. - Thunderbolt: The History of the Eleventh Armored Division
044119: STOCKIN, JIMMY (SIGNED) - On the Cobbles: The Life of a Bare Knuckle Gypsy Warrior
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042287: STYLES, DAVID G. - As Old As the Industry, Riley, 1898-1969
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042568: AZZI, MARIA SUSANA & SIMON COLLIER - Le Grand Tango: The Life and Music of Astor Piazzolla
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027357: SWART, PAULA - Rafraichissement de L'Esprit, Recipients a Vin Et a the D'Orient / Refreshment of the Spirit: Oriental Wine and Tea Vessels
044120: SYKES, AL - Pulp & Paper Fleet: A History of the Quebec and Ontario Transportation Company
040237: KEE-TAE, CHUNG - Hap Ki Do: The Complete Art of Self-Defense
041920: TARABORRELLI, J. RANDY - Motown: Hot Wax, City Cool & Solid Gold
044025: TAYLOR, DEREK - As Time Goes by: Living in the Sixties with John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein, Allen Klein, Mae West, Brian Wilson, the Byrds, Danny Kaye, the Beach Boys, One Wife and Six Children in London, Los Angeles,...
042923: PARKE-TAYLOR, MICHAEL - Andre Masson, Inside Outside Surrealism: Prints and Illustrated Books from the Gotlieb Collection
042285: TAYLOR, JAMES - Riley Rm-Series: 1 1/2-Litre, 2 1. 2-Litre and Pathfinder
036852: TAYLOR, D. R. FRASER (DR.) - Policy Issues in Modern Cartography
044010: TAYLOR, JAMES - Hourglass
043929: THANH, TO NGOC - Musical Instruments of Vietnam's Minorities (Partial Introduction)
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042401: THERRIEN, MICHELE - Le Corps Inuit (Quebec Arctique)
039944: CLAYTON-THOMAS, DAVID - Blood, Sweat and Tears
039357: SMALLWOOD, THOMAS & RICHARD ALMONTE (ED.) - A Narrative of Thomas Smallwood (Coloured Man)
042302: THOMPSON, ROBERT D. - Coinage of Kwangtung China
041662: THORLEY, NIGEL - Jaguar Mk I and Mk II: The Complete Companion
040096: TOEPFER, KARL - Empire of Ecstasy: Nudity and Movement in German Body Culture, 1910-1935
016032: TOWN, HAROLD - Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes, His Life, Times & Work
039144: TRACY, NICHOLAS (ED.) - The Naval Chronicle: The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, Volume IV, 1807-1810
039266: TREPANIER, ESTHER - Peintres Juiff Et Modernite / Jewish Painters and Modernity: Montreal 1930-1945
039709: TYLER, JAMES - The Early Guitar: A History and Handbook (Early Music Series 4)
042479: VANDERMEY, ALBERT - To All Our Children: The Story of the Postwar Dutch Immigration to Canada
044004: VANDROS, LUTHER - Never Let Me Go (Songbook)
039404: VAN VEEN, ANNEKE - The First Photographs of Amsterdam, 1845-1875
014112: VERDET, ANDRE (TEXT) - Bijoux de Braque; Realises Par/Executed by Heger de Lowenfeld
041629: VESPA - Corradino D'Ascanio Dall'Elicottero Alla Vespa: Mosta Doncumentaria
044142: VIDEON, BARRY J. - Air Training Corps
028839: VIGIL, RALPH H. - Spain and the Plains: Myths and Realities of Spanish Exploration and Settlement on the Great Plains
021713: VILLENEUVE, RENE - Quebec Silver from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada
042703: ST. VINCENT - St. Vincent, a Beautiful Land: An Illustrated Township History
042169: ABAD, VINCENTE & VICTORIA LICERAS FERRERES - The Golden Fruit: The Spanish Citrus Industry 1781-1995
016316: VIOLANI, CARLO - Un Bestiario Barocco: Quadri Di Piume Del Seicento Milanese
042115: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL - Back of the Big House: The Architecture of Plantation Slavery
035998: VOLLMER, JOHN E. - Dressed,to Rule: 18th Century Court Attire in the Mactaggart Art Collection
039073: MACNUTT, JAMERS W. & ROBERT TUCK - Heritage Houses of Prince Edward Island: Two Hundred Years of Domestic Architectural Styles
037587: WADA, EMI - My Costumes
043687: WAGNER, MARGARET E. - Maxfield Parrish & the Illustrators of the Golden Age
038130: WAISER, BILL - Portraits of an Era: The Aerial Photography of Howdy Mcphail
044076: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - David Bowie: Theatre of Music
036067: WALKER, STEPHANIE KIRKWOOD - This Woman in Particular: Contexts for the Biographical Image of Emily Carr
040546: WALL, BILL - 500 Scotch Miniatures
040543: WALL, BILL - 500 French Miniatures: Collection II
035278: WALLACE, WILLIAM E. - Michelangelo at San Lorenzo: The Genius As Entrepreneur
040737: WALLS, ARCHIE G. - Geometry and Architecture in Islamic Jerusalem: A Study of the Ashrafiyya
042726: WALTER, CHRIS (SIGNED) - Personality Crisis: Warm Beer & Wild Times
028029: WALTON, JAMES E. - Model Yachts and Model Yact Sailing. How to Build, Rig, and Sail a Self-Acting Model Yacht
038674: WARDS, IAN - The Shadow of the Land: A Study of British Policy and Racial Conflict in New Zealand, 1832-1852
043367: WARDWELL, ALLEN - Ancient Eskimo Ivories of the Bering Strait
042485: WARREN, JIM (SIGNED) - Painted Worlds
028351: WARRILOW, BETTY - Nabob: The First Canadian-Manned Aircraft Carrier
039817: WATENPAUGH, KEITH DAVID - Being Modern in the Middle East: Revolution, Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Arab Middle Class
002423: WATSON, PETER - The Great Gorge Route
030954: WATZL, ANTON - Anton Watzl: Painting and Graphic
027506: WAYMAN, EASTEN - Saskatoon's Electric Transit: The Story of Saskatoon'e Streetcars and Trolley Buses
031163: WEBB, WILLIAM - The Southern Railway System: An Illustrated History
042926: WEBSTER, D. B. - The Brantford Pottery, 1849-1907
042927: WEBSTER, D. B. - The William Eby Pottery, Conetogo, Ontario 1855-1907
041066: WEEKS, VERNA MAE - Cooksville, Village of the Past
042194: WEIL, ZARINE - Building a Legacy: The Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park Home and Studio
044047: WEIR, DR. JEAN B. - The Lost Craft of Ornamental Architecture: Canadian Architectural Drawings, 1850-1930
043646: WELLS, HERB - Under the White Ensign: Volume 1: A History of Newfoundland Naval Seamen in the Second World War.
030414: WEN, ERIC - Hebrew Melodies for Violin and Piano
040230: WENXIANG, GONG - Food in Chinese Culture
040602: WERNER, BETTE CHARLENE - Blake's Vision of the Poetry of Milton: Illustrations to Six Poems
044100: WHITE, ELLEN - Kwulasulwut: Stories from the Coast Salish
029974: WHITE, EILEEN - Feeding a City: York. The Provision of Food from Roman Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
039777: WHITE, DAVID L. (ED.) - Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Sandys
040897: WHITESNAKE - Whitesnake Anthology (Songbook)
042839: WICKSON, TED - Reflections of Toronto Harbour: 200 Years of Port Activity and Waterfront Development
039332: WILCOX, GLADYS (MILLER) - From a London Pub to Mine Finder, Silver Miller Mines: Harry and Lillian Miller (Signed)
044046: WILDING, FAITH - By Our Own Hands: The Women Artist's Movement Southern California, 1970-1976
041149: WILKINS, NIGEL - Music in the Age of Chaucer
036364: WILKINSON, ALAN G. (SIGNED) - Barbara Hepworth: Sculptures from the Estate
041263: WILLIAMS, MELISSA S. (ED.) - Toleration and Its Limits
044121: WILLIAMSON, ALAIN - Le Calepin de David Marteens: Notes Et Observations Sur la Vie
044097: WILSON, NELLY - Bernard-Lazare: Antisemitism and the Problem of Jewish Identity in Late Nineteenth-Centry France
043453: WILSON, LELA - York Wilson: His Life and Work, 1907 - 1984
042758: WILSON, LIZ (ED.) - Family in Buddhism
038861: WENDERS, WIM & DONATA - Buena Vista Social Club (Spanish Edition)
039017: WINEARLS, JOAN - Art on the Wing: British, American, and Canadian Illustrated Bird Books from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century
042564: WINNINGER, MICHAEL - Okh Toy Factory: The Nibelungenwerk: Tank Production in St. Valentin
043732: WITT, BERT (INTRO.) - Holman Island 1984, Prints/Estampes
035927: WONG, MARJORIE - The Dragon and the Maple Leaf: Chinese Canadians in World War II
018598: WOODS, SHIRLEY E. JR. - Cinders & Saltwater: The Story of Atlantic Canada's Railways
035561: WORTHINGTON, LARRY - The Spur and the Sprocket
000263: WRIGHT, BARTON - The Unchanging Hopi. An Artists Interpretation in Scratchboard Drawing and Text (Ltd. Edition of 100)
042460: WYATT, GARY - Seekers and Travellers: Contemporary Art of the Pacific Northweswt Coast
040635: YANEZ, AGUSTIN (SIGNED) - Fray Bartolome de Las Casas: El Conquistador Conquistado (Tercera Edicion)
042059: YATES, ANN WATSON - Bygone Barbados
043237: YEFU, YING & STACEY DUFF (INTRO.) - Sweet & Sour
040649: YORK - 200 Years Yonge: A History
041726: AMANO, YOSHITAKA & HIROSHI UNNO - Yoshitaka Amano / Colloction (Sic) of His Paintings: A Fantasia
044005: YOUNG, NEIL - Sleeps with Angels (Songbook)
044083: YOUNG, NEIL - Neil Young: Guitar Anthology Series (Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition)
039623: YOUNG, PETER (SIGNED) - Let's Dance: A Celebration of Ontario's Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions
040160: YUZYK, PAUL - The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, 1918-1951
028255: ZHENG, HAN (PREF.) - Tracing Back: The Excellent Architecture of Modern Times in Shanghai
044043: HOHENDAHL-ZOETELIEF, I. M. - Manners in the Homeric Epic
010931: ZUCCHI, JOHN E. - The Little Slaves of the Harp: Italian Street Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Paris, London and New York
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