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038886: ARBOUR, ROSE MARIE; ET AL. - Art Et Feminisme
029972: PERUCCA-RAMIREZ, MARIE & JULIO J. RAMIREZ (SIGNED) - The Turtle Bay Cookbook: A Feast of Flavors from Latin America and the Caribbean
032894: COUILLARD, MARIE ET PATRICK EMBERT - Les Discours Du Nouveau Monde Au Xixe Siecle Au Canada Francais Et En Amerique Latine
040102: MARIN, ROBERTO - Secretos de la Cocina Chilena (Bilingual Edition)
040681: MARION, NORMAND (ED.) - Camp Borden: Birthplace of the Rcaf
042608: DEL VECCHIO, MARISA & GIANNI GUADALUPI - Lunga Vista/in View: The Telescopes of the Luxottica Museum
042655: MARISSEN, MICHAEL - Lutheranism, Anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion
036357: MARIZ, VASCO (SIGNED) - Villa-Lobos: Life and Work
043777: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE & BAKER, E. B. (SIGNED) - No Compromise: The Story of Colonel Baker and the C.N. I.B.
043766: REID, MARK & JOAN K. MURRAY - The Hudson's Bay Company
040005: MARKEL, HOWARD - An Anatomy of Addiction: Sigmund Freud, William Halsted, and the Miracle Drug Cocaine
037265: MARKERT, LAWRENCE W. - The Bloomsbury Group: A Reference Guide
042490: MARKL, JOSEF - Violintechnik Intensiv: Band 3
042502: MARKL, JOSEF - Violintechnik Intensiv: Band 1, Konditionstraining
040675: MARKS, CAROLE C. (ED.) - A History of African Americans of Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore
043613: MARKS, RICHARD (FWD.) - Les Ballets 1933
041112: MARKS, COPELAND - The Great Book of Couscous: Classic Cuisines of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
039939: MARKS, COPELAND - The Exotic Kitchens of Indonesia: Recipes from the Outer Islands
043680: EPP, MARLENE;ET AL. - Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History
040008: MARLEY, BOB - Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers (Recorded Versions Guitar)
040153: DE VILLIERS, MARQ & SHEILA HIRTLE - A Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins and Curious History of Sable Island
041498: MARRELLI, NANCY - Stepping out: The Golden Age of Montreal Night Clubs
042054: MARROCCO, W. THOMAS - Inventory of 15th Century Bassedanze, Balli & Balletti
043558: MARSAN, JEAN-CLAUDE - Montreal: Une Esquisse Du Futur. Essai
042266: MARSH, ZOE - East Africa Through Contemporary Records
040794: MARSH, DAVE - Bruce Springsteen on Tour, 1968-2005
043508: WALDIE, MARSHA & JACK CHARLTON - Historic Homes and Buildings of Milton: Volume II
042601: MARSHALL, J. D. - The Lake Counties from 1830 to the Mid-Twentieth Century : A Study in Regional Change
042958: MARSHALL, DEAN - The Fiddle Club 3 (Piano and Guitar Accompaniments)
040280: MARSHALL, RICHARD - Emerging Urbanity: Global Urban Projects in the Pacific Rim
037368: MARTCHENKO, BORYS - La Famine-Genocide En Ukraine, 1932-1933
043643: MARTEINSON, JOHN - The Governor General's Horse Guards: Second to None
040078: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios and Other Stories
034099: MARTIN, LINDA - City Parks of Canada
039155: MARTIN, MICHAEL T. - New Latin American Cinema: Theory, Practices, and Transcontinental Articulations
042142: MARTIN, EMM. - La Gendarmerie Francaise En Espagne Et En Portugal (Campagnes de 1807 a 18140
041361: HARRISON, MARTIN & DAVID BAILEY - David Bailey: Birth of the Cool, 1957-1969
032345: EIDELBERG, MARTIN & EVA ZEISEL - Eva Zeisel: Designer for Industry
024549: MARTIN, WENDY - Once Upon a Mine: Story of Pre-Confederation Mines on the Island of Newfoundland
041734: MARTIN, ROBERT K. - Hero, Captain, and Stranger: Male Friendship, Social Critique, and Literary Form in the Sea Novels of Herman Melville
043169: MARTINEZ, HECTOR LOPEZ - El Peru Y El Mar Una Relacion Ancestral / Peru and the Sea, and Ancestral Relationship
022683: MARTINEZ, ERNESTO ALVA - Bienal Tercera Arquitectura Mexicana
041622: MARTINEZ, SCAPE - Graff: The Art & Technique of Graffiti
041621: MARTINEZ, SCAPE - Graff 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques
041292: MARTINO, ARCANGELO - Italian Roots and Canadian Blossoms: A History of Branford's Italian-Canadian Community, 1880-1999
038051: MARTY, SID - Une Grande Et Noble Idee, Les Parcs Nationaux: Un Siecle D'Histoire
041829: MARTYN, KATHARINE - J.B. Tyrrell: Explorer and Adventurer. The Geological Years, 1881-1898
039397: MARTYN, LUCY BOOTH - Original Toronto: The Fabric of York/Toronto Circa 1834
040987: SPAULDING, MARY & PENNY WELCH (SIGNED) - Nurturing Yesterday's Child: A Portrayal of the Drake Collection of Paediatric History
040539: MOORE, MARY & PETER MOORE (ED.) - The Mary Moore Cookbook
033336: STRANG, MARY & ARLENE REDMOND (EDS.) - Turkey and the European Community: A Forum Europe Confrence
039090: MARZAHL, PETER - Town in the Empire: Government, Politics, and Society in Seventeenth Century Popayan
043614: MASON, ROGER BURFORD - A Grand Eye for Glory: A Life of Franz Johnston
038111: MASON, CHRIS - Uphill Racers: The History of British Speed Hill Climbing
032631: MASSARI, ROBERTO (SIGNED) - Che Guevara: Grandeza Y Tiesgo de la Utopia (3a Edicion)
040286: MASSEY, JOHN - John Massey
021428: MASSICOTTE, EDMOND-J. - Les Canadiens D'Autrefois: 23 Grandes Compositions . Presentation de Benoit Lacroix, O.P.
042172: MASSON, FREDERIC - Cavaliers de Napoleon
039355: MASTROPAOLO, GIOVANNI - Musicotherapie Et Flutes de Bambou
039421: TREMBLAY-MATTE, CECILE - La Chanson Ecrite Au Feminin: De Madeleine de Vercheres a Mitsou 1730-1990
043223: MATTEI, LUIGI E. - Ianua Mundi: La Porta Del Mondo/the Door of the World
041133: HALE, SIR MATTHEW & CHARLERS M. GRAY (ED.) - The History of the Common Law of England
043334: MATTHEWS, BARRY - Fender Bass for Britain: The History of the 1966 Slab-Bodied Precision Bass
042175: MAUDE, F. N. - The Ulm Campaign, 1805
034994: MAUNG, MAUNG (DR.) - The 1988 Uprising in Burma
043792: MAURY, WILLIAM M. - Kensington (Maryland): A Picture History
033163: MAX, PETER - Peter Max: Poster Book
041905: MAXWELL, ROBERT; WILFORD SCHUPP - Michael Wilford: Selected Buildings and Projects, 1992-2012
042646: BATES, MAXWELL (SIGNED) & ILLINGWORTH KERR - Illingworth Kerr: Fifty Years a Painter
030908: MAXWELL, GORDON S. - The Romans in Scotland
039736: MAY, JOHN R. (ED.) - Religion in Film
039673: WOODS, MAY & ARETE WARREN - Glass Houses: A History of Greenhouses, Orangeries and Conservatories
042032: HALLMUNDSSON, MAY & HALLBERG - Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales
039380: MYERS, MAYBELLE (ED.) & TIVI ETOOK - Tivi Etook: Whispering in My Ears and Mingling with My Dreams
038635: MAYER, CAROL E. - Transitions of a Still Life: Ceramic Work by Tam Irving
040906: MAYEROVITCH, HARRY - How Architecture Speaks and Fashions Our Lives
040634: MAYES, PHILIP - Port Royal Jamaica: Excavations 1969-70
036943: MAYSON, RICHARD - Port and the Douro
023751: MAZUMDAR, PAULINE M. H. (ED.) - Immunology 1930-1980: Essays on the History of Immunology
040656: MBACKE, KHADIM - Sufism and Religous Brotherhoods in Senegal
040169: MCAFEE, MICHAEL J. - Billy Yank: The Uniform of the Union Army, 1861-1865
039151: MCALLISTER, BRUCE - Wings Above the Arctic: A Photographic History of Arctic Aviation
036504: MCANDREW, BILL - Liberation: The Canadians in Europe
031668: MCANDREW, BILL - Normandie 1944: L'Ete Canadien
028945: MCANDREW, BILL (SIGNED) - Canadians and the Italian Campaign, 1943-1945
042499: MCAULAY, LEX (SIGNED) - We Who Are About to Die: The Story of John Lerew - a Hero of Rabaul, 1942
043422: MCBRIDE, WILL - Knips: Berliner Bilder Aus Den 50er Jahren
041248: MCCAGG, WILLIAM O. JR. - A History of Habsburg Jews, 1670-1918
041478: MCCALL, WALTER P. - American Fire Engines Since 1900
039596: MCCARNEY, HAL - Chess with Violence: Rum-Running in the 1000 Islands
041284: MCCARTHY, DORIS - Celebrating Life: The Art of Doris Mccarthy
039558: MCCARTHY, TOM - Auto Mania: Cars, Consumers, and the Environment
036704: MCCARTHY, MIKE (SIGNED) - Yuletide Yarns: Stories of Newfoundland and Labarador Christmases Gone by
042104: MCCARTHY, A. J. - Bay of Chaleur Forgotten Treasures
039269: MCCARTNEY, STELLA - Stella Mccartney: Pre Spring 2008
033652: MCCARTY, FRANKIE - Land Grant Disputes Began More Than 250 Years Ago (New Mexico)
032867: MCCAULEY, ELIZABETH ANNE - Likenesses: Portrait Photography in Europe 1850-1870
029715: MCCLURE, STEVE - Nipponpop
028044: MCCOMAS, TOM - Lionel: A Collector's Guide & History. Vol. 4, 1970 -1980
028045: MCCOMAS, TOM - Lionel: A Collector's Guide & History. Vol. V, the Archives
039248: MCCORMICK, JENNIFER - Writing in the Asylum: Student Poets in City Schools
039244: MCCOWAN, D. BRUCE - Neigh the Front: Exploring Scarboro Heights
039544: MCCRACKEN, GRANT - Plenitude: Culture by Commotion. Book One
039913: MCCRAW, BRUCE - See You Next Summer: Postcard Memories of Sparrow Lake
040777: MCCREERY, CHRISTOPHER - Commemorative Medals of the Queen's Reign in Canada, 1952-2012
041952: MCCUAIG, RUTH H. - Our Pointe Au Baril: Stories of Our Past for a New Generation
029749: MCCULLOUGH, W. STEWART - The History and Literature of the Palestinian Jews from Cyrus to Herod, 550 Bc to 4 Bc
030402: MCCULLOUGH, W. S. - Jewish and Mandaean Incantation Bowls in the Royal Ontario Museum
041527: MCDONALD, DONNA - Illustrated News: Juliana Horatia Ewing's Canadian Picturers, 1867-1869
040003: MCDONALD, CORNELIA PEAKE - A Woman's CIVIL War: A Diary, with Reminiscences of the War, from March 1862
040270: MCDONALD, LYNN - The Early Origins of the Social Sciences
026422: MCDONALD, JOHN (SIGNED) - Halton Sketches Revisited : Historical Tales of People and Events in North Halton
040826: MCDONNELL, GREG - U-Boats
043396: MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - A Narrative of War: From the Beaches of Sicily to the Hitler Line with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 1943-1944
036454: MCDOWALL, DUNCAN - The Sum of the Satisfactions: Canada in the Age of National Accounting
043778: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Jean Paul Gautier
040355: MCDOWELL, ERNEST R. - The P-40 Kittyhawk
042793: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Forties Fashion and the New Look
040033: MCELNEY, BRIAN SHANE - The Museum of East Asian Art Inaugural Exhibition, Volume I - Chinese Ceramics
040034: MCELNEY, BRIAN SHANE - The Museum of East Asian Art Inaugural Exhibition, Volume 2 - Chinese Metalwares and Decorative Arts
043645: MCFADDEN, DAVID W. (SIGNED) - An Innocent in Scotland: More Curious Rambles and Singular Encounters
038520: MCFADDEN, SYBILL (SIGNED) - Fawn Zeller's Porcelain Dollmaking Techniques
040528: MCFARLAND, H. NEILL - Daruma: The Founder of Zen in Japanese Art and Popular Culture
042057: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - Australian Cinema, 1970-1985
040965: MCGARRY, FEARGHAL - The Rising, Ireland: Easter 1916
040912: MCGAUGH, SCOTT (SIGNED) - Midway Memories: The Official Photo Collection of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum
039136: MCGHEE, RROBERT - Beluga Hunters: An Archaeological Reconstruction of the History and Culture of the Mackenzie Delta Kittegaryumiut
042550: MCGILLIVRAY - Mcgillivray Township Remembers, 1842-1992
042225: MCGOWAN, MARK G. - Death or Canada: The Irish Famine Migration to Toronto, 1847
041755: MCGREGOR, PATTY - Don't Forget to Write: A Look at the Canadian Ymca Through Historical Postcards
040946: MCHALE, JOHN - R. Buckminster Fuller (Makers of Contemporary Architecture)
041745: MCILWRAITH, THOMAS F. - Looking for Old Ontario: Two Centuries of Landscape Change
042322: MCINNES, VAL AMBROSE - To Rise with the Light: The Spiritual Odyssey of Jack Chambers
028982: MCINTOSH, ROBERT - Boys in the Pits: Child Labour in Coal Mines
039715: MCINTYRE, W. JOHN - Children of Peace
040510: MCIVER, JACK ALEXANDER (ED.) - All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages
043579: MCKAY, DAVID P. - William Billings of Boston: Eighteenth Century Composer
040029: MCKAY, WILLIAM A. - The Pickering Story
026611: MCKAY, KENNETH B. (SIGNED) - Puppetry in Canada : An Art to Enchant
040708: MCKEE, FRASER - The Armed Yachts of Canada
038482: MCKEE, FRASER M. - Sink All the Shipping There: The Wartime Loss of Canada's Merchant Ships and Fishing Schooners
037928: MCKENDRY, JENNIFER - With Our Past Before Us: Nineteenth-Century Architecture in the Kingston Area
011754: MCKENNA, M. OLGA - Micmac by Choice: Elsie Sark - an Island Legend
033103: MCKEOWN, BILL - Ottawa's Streetcars: An Illustrated History of Electrical Railway Transit in Canada's Capital City
041111: MCKEVITT, DREW (ED.) - Vallum, 9: 1. Winter 2012, Poets from Pakistan
039402: MCKILLOP, A. B. - A Disciplined Intelligence: Critical Inquiry and Canadian Thought in the Victorian Era
041119: MCKITTERICK, DAVID (ED.) - The Making of the Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge
038699: MCLAREN, NORMAN (SIGNED) - The Drawings of / Les Dessins de Norman Mclaren
040425: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Illegitimacy
039194: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - Wills Before 1858
029289: MCLAUGHLIN, DENNIS - For My Country: Black Canadians on the Field of Honour
042747: MCLEAN, RUARI - The Reminiscences of Edmund Evans, Wood-Engraver & Colour-Printer, 1826-1905
043387: MCLEAN, STUART (SIGNED) - Extreme Vinyl Cafe
040222: MCLEOD, W. H. (ED.) - Textual Sources for the Study of Sikhism
042762: MCLUHAN, ERIC (ED.) - The Book of Probes:
042831: MCMAHON, SARAH-MARIE (ED.) - Worn Fashion Journal, Issue 18: The Underwear Issue
039128: MCMULLAN, JAMES - The Theaster Posters of James Mcmullan
041320: MACMILLAN, CARRIE; LORRAINE MCMULLEN & ELIZABETH WATERSTON - Silenced Sextet: Six Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women Novelists
039463: MCMURRY, RICHARD M. (SIGNED) - Two Great Rebel Armies: An Essay in Confederate Military History
000160: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Bibliography of Mississippi Imprints, 1798-1830
000162: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS - Early Printing in Wisconsin with a Bibliography of the Issues of the Press
000161: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Bibliography of Chicago Imprints 1835-1850
042120: MCNAB, DAVID T. - Circles of Time: Aboriginal Land Rights and Resistance in Ontario
039632: MCNAB, ROBERT - Ghost Ships: A Surrealist Love Triangle
042865: MCNEILL, F. MARIAN - The Scots Kitchen, Its Traditions and Lore with Old-Time Recipes
043118: MCNEILL, ROSS - Royal Air Force Costal Command Losses of the Second World War: Volume 1, Aircraft and Crew Losses 1939-1941
043765: MCNORGAN, PAT (ED.) - 402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron History
040419: MCPHEE, ALAN E. (ED.) - Ford, 100 Years in Canada. Collector's Edition
035039: MCPHERSON, ANNE - Miro: Playing with Fire
042449: MCROBERT, LAURIE - Char Davies' Immersive Art and the Essence of Spatiality
041554: MEAGHER, TIMOTHY J. - The Columbia Guide to Irish American History
038496: MEASOR, H. P. (REV.) - The Antiquities of Kingston: A Lecture
043050: MEDLEY, MARGARET - The Chinese Potter: A Practical History of Chinese Ceramics
039740: MEDRES, ISRAEL - Between the Wars: Canadian Jews in Transition
042488: MEHDAWY, MAGDA - Modern Egyptian Cooking
040132: MEHTA, UDAY SINGH - The Anxiety of Freedom: Imagination and Individuality in Locke's Political Thought
040964: MEISSNER, W. W. - Psychonalysis and Religious Experience
039044: MELLALIEU, W. NORMAN - The Clarendon Song Books: For Boys with Changing Voices, Book I
039043: MELLALIEU, W. NORMAN - The Clarendon Song Books: For Boys with Changing Voices, Book II
035352: MELLARS, PAUL - The Neanderthal Legacy: An Archaeological Perspective from Western Europe
041010: MELTZER, MILTON - The Eye of Social Conscience: Photographers and Social Change
039918: MELVIN, ANDREW - William Morris: Wallpapers & Designs
039832: MEMON, MUHAMMAD UMAR (ED.) - The Annual of Urdu Studies 25
042699: MENCHINE, RON - Tuff Stuff's Baseball Postcard Collection
039208: MENNANDER, ARI - Jari Kurri
020721: MENTASTI, ROSA BAROVIER - Glass in Murano
043435: MENZHAUSEN, INGELORE - Early Meissen Porcelain in Dresden
033381: MERCURE, DOM G. - Rythmique Gregorienne
043313: MEREWETHER, CHARLES (ED.) - The Archive: Documents of Contemporary Art
039451: MERIDETH, LEE W. (SIGNED) - Grey Ghost: The Story of the Aircraft Carrier Hornet
043119: MERINERO, ANTONIO - Collages
028387: MERRIMAN, MARGARITA - A New Look at 16th-Century Counterpoint
030316: GOTHOT-MERSCH, CLAUDINE (DIR.) - Narration Et Interpretation
039659: MERSKY, PETER - Rf-8 Crusader Units over Cuba and Vietnam
035761: BUTOVSKY, MERVIN AND ODE GARFINKLE (SIGNED) - The Journals of Yaacov Zipper, 1950-1982: The Struggle for Yiddishkeit
041031: DE MESQUITA, BRUCE BUENO - The War Trap
043264: MESQUITA, IVO - Cartographies
042438: MESQUITA, JULIO - A Guerra (1914-1918): Boletins Semanais Do Segundo Ano Da Guerra, Volume 2
042561: METALLICA - Metallica: St. Anger (Guitar-Vocal)
021557: METZ, KATHARINA - European Textile Design of the 1920s
034844: MEURISSE, PIERRE-JEAN - Riopelle: Laves Emaillees
041479: MEYER, MARVIN W. (ED.) - The Ancient Mysteries: A Sourcebook of Sacred Texts
041260: K'MEYER, TRACY ELAINE - Interracialism and Christian Community in the Postwar South: The Story of Koinonia Farm
042706: MEYRICK, HELEN - Frank Hyder: Poet of a Threatened Eden
042024: SHYKULA, MICHAEL & BERNARD KORCHINSKI (EDS.) - Pioneer Bishop: The Story of Bishop Nicetas Budka's 15 Years in Canada
040890: BYRD, W. MICHAEL & LINDA A. CLAYTON - An American Health Dilemma: Race, Medicine, and Health Care in the United States, 1900-2000
040317: LEVIN, DR. MICHAEL & TAMAR GOLDSCHMIDT - The City a Museum: Modern Art and Architecture in Jerusalem
041844: GOTTHARDT, MICHAEL & RUTH; PAMELA ROY & ZENON STRZELZYCK - Heritage of York: A Bibliographical Study Related to the History of the Township of York, 1793-1840
039262: MATTHEWS, MICHAEL & ASHLEY JOHNSON - Dasart Colonial Mutations
043231: BATEMAN MICHAEL - Street Cafe Brazil
041410: MICHAEL, JOHN - Silver Spectrum
043219: O'KEEFFE, MICHAEL & TERI THOMPSON - The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Storiy of History's Most Desired Baseball Card
040305: WITZEL, MICHAEL & GYVEL YOUNG-WITZEL - Soda Pop! from Miracle Medicine to Pop Culture
033057: MICHAUD, WILLIAM - Pioneer Railways of Central Ontario from the Past to the Present: Rideau Area of Canadian National Railways
043674: COULOMBE, MICHEL & MARCEL JEAN - Le Dictionnaire Du Cinema Quebecois
036528: MARTIN, MICHEL & GASTON SAINT-PIERRE - La Sculpture Au Quebec 1946-1961: Naissance Et Persistance
030317: PICONE, MICHELANGELO ET AL - La Nouvelle: Genese, Codification Et Rayonnement D'Un Genre Medieval
040926: SAEE, MICHELE & THOM MAYNE - Michele Saee: Buildings + Projects
034242: ROCK, MICK & NAOKI TACHIKAWA (TEXT) - Tamashii: Mick Rock Meets Kanzaburo
040436: MIDDELBORG, JORN (ED.) - Dinh Quan: Lacquer Paintings
042924: MIDDLETON, RICHARD - Studying Popular Music
042644: MIGHTON, JOHN (SIGNED) - Half Life
036490: BOTTINI, MIKE & RUTH FORMANEK - The Walking Dunes: East Hampton's Hidden Treasure
043618: MIKEL, ROBERT C. - Zero Fighter
042526: MIKEL, ROBERT - Ontario House Styles: The Distinctive Architecture of the Province's 18th and 19th Century Homes
029912: MIKI, ROY - Justice in Our Time: The Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement
040474: MIKLOWITZ, PAUL S. - Metaphysics to Metafictions: Hegel, Nietzsche, and the End of Philosophy
035255: MILBERRY, LARRY - The Wilf White Propliner Collection
040693: FRIEDMAN, MILDRED (ED.) & FRANK O. GEHRY - Gehry Talks: Architecture Process
038455: MILES - The Ramones
039708: MILES, JOAN (SIGNED) - West Toronto Junction Revisited
040544: MILES, TONY - Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack
038489: MILKOWSKI, JERZY - Encyklodedia Sztuk Walki
035985: MILKS, ROBERT E. (SIGNED) - 75 Years of Scouting in Canada
042967: MILLAR, WYN (ED.) - The Simcoe Legascy: The Life and Times of Yonge Street
035024: MILLAR, NANCY - Remember Me As You Pass by: Stories from Prairie Graveyards
039922: MILLARD, PETER (SIGNED) - Stryjek: Tying the Colors
040109: MILLER, RAY Y. C. (SIGNED) - From Coal Oil Lights to Satellites: Memoirs of a Haliburton County Redneck
023213: MILLER, DUNCAN (DUSTY) E, & SHARON HOBSON - The Persian Excursion: The Canadian Navy in the Gulf War
042715: MILLER, MICHAEL B. - The Bon Marche: Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store, 1869-1920
042567: MILLER, ORLO - Ship 22: Her Birth, Life and Death
040024: MILLER, JAMES - Koori: A Will to Win . The Heroic Resistance, Survival & Triumph of Black Australia
038079: MILLER, PETER - Meditation at Noon
028447: MILLER, JONATHAN - Nowhere in Particular
039569: MILLER, JULIA (ED.) - Suave Mechanicals: Essays on the History of Bookbinding. Volume 1
040927: MILLER, DAVID - The World of Jack Aubrey: Twelve-Pounders. Frigates, Cutlasses, and Insignia of His Majesty's Royal Navy
022607: MILLER, CARMAN - Canada's Little War: Fighting for the British Empire in Southern Africa, 1899-1902
042532: MILLER, MARK (SIGNED) - High Hat, Trumpet and Rhythm: The Life and Music of Valaida Snow
043455: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Edwin Mullhouse: The Iife and Death of an American Writer, 1943-1954
043495: MILLS, ERIC L. - 100 Years of Oceanography: Essays Commermorating the Visit of H.M. S. Challenger to Halifax, May 9 - 19, 1873
033932: MILLS, CARL (SIGNED) - Banshees in the Royal Canadian Navy
039622: MILLS, EDWARD R. R. - The Story of Stony Mountain and District
042776: MILNE, DAVID - David Milne: The Toronto Yerar, 1939-1940
040925: MILNER, JOHN - Russian Revolutionary Art
043382: MILNER, MARC - D-Day to Carpiquet: The North Shore Regiment and the Liberation of Europe
027796: MILNES, GERALD (SIGNED) - Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance, and Folklore in West Virginia
042256: MILROD, GLENDA - Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract
043038: MILSOM, C. H. - The Coal Was There for Burning
030541: MILSTEIN, SEYMOUR W. - Klezmerantics: A Musical Heritage, Volume 1 (Arranged for Three Violins, Bass and Guitar)
039607: LANYON, MILTON & LAURENCE BULMORE - Cinnabar Hills: The Quicksilver Days of New Almaden
038442: MINARD, ROBIN - Sound Environments: Music for Publis Spaces / Klangwelten: Musik Fur Den Offentlichen Raum
030612: STANCU-MINASIAN, I. M. - Stochastic Programming with Multiple Objective Functions
041557: MINDENHALL, DOROTHY - Unbuilt Victoria
042025: JWING-MING, DR. YANG - Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form and Qigong
043187: MINGAY, G. E. (ED.) - The Rural Idyll
043189: MINGAY, G. E. (ED.) - The Unquiet Countryside
040620: MIRVISH, ED (SIGNED) - How to Build an Empire on an Orange Crate or 121 Lessons I Never Learned in School
041003: MITCHELL, E. D. - Bibliography of Whale Killing Techniques
042358: CRITES, MITCHELL & AMEETA NANJI - Indiacolor: Spirit, Tradition. And Style
031218: MITCHELL, MICHAEL (MAJOR) - Ducimus: The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry
043799: MITCHELL, BARBARA - Mapmaler: Philip Turnor in Rupert's Land in the Age of Enlightenment
042044: MITCHELL, J. F. - Caribbean Crusade
039071: MITCHELL, KENNETH (ED.) - The Flavour of Malaysia
040418: CRITES, MITCHELL & AMEETA NANJI - Indiacolor: Spirit, Tradition, and Style
040235: MITCHELL, J. F. - Caribbean Crusade: A Series of Speeches
042100: MITCHELL, CLAUDIA - Researching Children's Popular Culture: The Cultural Spaces of Childhood
042987: MITSUI, TORU (ED.) - Popular Music: Intercultural Interpretations
041901: MITTAG, GABRIELE - Es Gibt Verdammte Nur in Gurs: Literatur, Kultur Und Alltag in Einem Franzosischen Internierungslager, 1940-1942
035189: MIZUO, HIROSHI - Folk Kilns I (Famous Ceramics of Japan 3)
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043419: MURRAY, JOAN - Northern Lights: Masterpieces of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
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043705: HAILEYBURY MUSEUM - The Great Fire of 1922
042661: NIAGARA HISTORICAL MUSEUM - 100 Years - 100 Artifacts: Niagara-on-the-Lake
036638: NICKLE ARTS MUSEUM - Ancient Peru Unearthed: Golden Treasures of a Lost Civilization
042096: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN (SIGNED) - Forcing the Narcissus
041970: GREEN NOTE MUSIC - Improvising Blues Guitar: A Programmed Manual of Instruction
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013423: O'NEILL, PAUL - The Seat Imperial: Bay Bulls Past and Present
025027: O'NEILL, ELEANOR - Irishtown, a Community
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039028: NEMIROFF, DIANA - Roland Poulin Sculpture
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039395: NERVI, PIER LUIGI - Aesthetics and Technology in Building
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043780: NEWMAN, RANDY - Little Criminals (Songbook)
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039999: THOMAS, NHUNG & THILAKA BASKARAN (ED.) - Vietnamese Cuisine for India
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041426: NICHOLSON, G. W. L. - Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919
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004069: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - Canada's First Railway: Champlain & St. Lawrence Railroad
041289: MIKA, NICK & HELMA - Splendid Heritage: Historical Buildings of Ontario
031189: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - The Grand Junction Railway
010178: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - Belleville Portrait of a City (Signed)
036467: MIKA, NICK & HELMA - United Empire Loyalists: Pioneers of Upper Canada
042821: HORN, NICO & ANTON BOSL - Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Namibia
038762: NICOL, BILL - Timor: The Stillborn Nation
037938: VULPE, NICOLA & MAHA ALBARI - Sealed in Struggle: Canadian Poetry & the Spanish CIVIL War: An Anthology
043605: NICOLIN, PIERLUIGI (ED.) - Lotus International 104: Revista Trimestrale Di Architettura
039284: NICOLIN, PIERLUIGI (ED.) - Sight Architecture. Navigator 04
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039747: NIESOBSKI, MARIUSZ - Popularny Herbarz, Rodzin I Rodow Polskich
041902: WEST, NIGEL & OLEG TSAREV (EDS.) - Triplex: Secrets from the Cambridge Spies
040778: ARCH, NIGEL & JOANNA MARSCHNER - Splendour at Court: Dressing for Royal Occasions Since 1700
039256: GARFINKEL, NINA & JOHN MARGOLIES - John Margolies's Miniature Golf
040668: NIRVANA - Nirvana in Utero (Recorded Versions-Guitar)
041148: NISHIDA, MIEKO - Slavery and Identity: Ethnicity, Gender, and Race in Salvador, Brazil, 1808-1888
038506: NIVER, KEMP R. - In the Beginning: Program Notes to Accompany One Hundred Early Motion Pictures
043476: NOBLE, ALEXANDRA - Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
043250: NOBLE, DAVID F. - Progress without People: New Technology, Unemployment, and the Message of Resistance
037520: NOBLE, ANDREA - Mexican National Cinema
043165: NOCK, O. S. - The Royal Scots and Patriots of the Lms
040183: NOCK, O. S. - Algoma Central Railway
043527: HAREUVENI, NOGAH & HELEN FRENKLEY (SIGNED) - Tree and Shrub in Our Biblical Heritage
038497: NOLAN, BRIAN (SIGNED) - Champagne Navy: Canada's Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War
042242: NOLAN, STEPHEN - Leaving Newfoundland: A History of out-Migration
041178: NOLAN, BRIAN - Champagne Navy: Canada's Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War
042234: NORBERG, MARC - Black & Blues
043545: NORGAARD, MARTIN - French Tangos for Violin
039134: NORLING, LISA - Captain Ahab Had a Wife: New England Women and the Whalefishery, 1720-1870
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038145: BAILLARGEON, NORMAND ET CHRISTIAN BOISSINOT - La Vraie Durete Du Mental: Hockey Et Philosophie
038794: FRYE, NORTHROP & ALFREDO RIZZARDI (TRANS.) - IL 'Cortegiano' in Una Societa Senza Cortigiani
041506: NORTON, WAYNE - Women on Ice: The Early Years of Women's Hockey in Western Canada
040454: NORTON, WAYNE - Women on Ice: The Early Years of Women's Hockey in Western Canada
034281: NORTON, F, J, - Two Spanish Verse Chap-Books, Romance de Amadis (C. 1515-19) Juyzio Hallado Y Trobado (C. 1510)
042461: MORRISSEAU, NORVAL & TRUDY NICKS (CURATOR) - Norval Morrosseau: 2010 Retrospective, October 16 - November 20, 2010)
042462: MORRISSEAU, NORVAL & PAUL C. H. ROBINSON - Norval Morrisseau: A Retrospective, November 6 - 29, 2008
037336: NOSEWORTHY, DAPHNE - Blue Ice: The Sealing Adventures of Artist George Noseworthy
041431: NOURMAND, TONY (ED.) - Film Posters of the 60s from the Reel Poster Gallery Collection
035693: NOVOTNY, ANN - Alice's World: The Life and Photography of an American Original: Alice Austen, 1866-1952
042761: NOWELL, IRIS - Harold Town
026621: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Wind in a Rocky Country
035321: NOWLAN, ALDEN (SIGNED) - Bread, Wine and Salt
039847: NUNN, JOHN - Tactical Chess Endings
040515: NYE, DOUG - Mclaren: The Grand Prix, Can-Am and Indy Cars
039965: NYKOR, LYNDA MUSSON - Mennonite Furniture: The Ontario Tradition in York County
041668: OAKLEY, DEREK - The Commandos: World War Two to Present (Uniforms Illustrated No. 20)
042556: OBERLEITNER, GERHARD - You Up There - We Down Here: Aa Assistants Vs. Allied Bomber Crews
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042560: ODATE, TOSHIO - Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use.
041411: ODENS, PETER - The Desert Trackers: Men of the Border Patrol
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033293: OGASAWARA, NAGAYASU - Textbook of Judo, for Beginners, Competitors, and Instructors
042524: OGDEN, JACK - Ancient Jewellery (Interpreting the Past)
043233: OGILVIE, CARL - Rhymes on the Rising Tide
029212: OGILVIE, HENEAGE (SIR) - Favourite Prescriptions
016338: OGILVIE, GARFIELD - Once Upon a Country Lane: A Tribute to a Gaelic Community
043497: OKKONEN, MARC - Baseball Memories, 1950-1959: An Illustrated Scrapbook of Baseball's Fabulous 50's
026363: OKUN, MILTON (ED.) - Def Leppard (Songbook)
030363: OKUN, MILTON (ED.) - Crowded House: Temple of Low Men (Piano/Vocal/Guitar)
031649: OKUN, MILTON (ED.) - Judas Priest (Songbook)
031097: OKUYAMA, SEIHEI (ED.) - The Kabuki Stage of Japan
041847: ELIASSON, OLAFUR & KJETIL THORSEN - Serpentine Gallery Pavillion 2007
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024081: OLIVER, DEAN F. - Canvas of War: Painting the Canadian Experience, 1914 to 1945
024539: MILLS, OLIVIA & RENEE SMITH - Burritt's Rapids 1793 - 1993: A Scrapbook
039664: OLOFSSON, JAN - My 60s
043465: OLRIK, BALDER - Continuum Obscura, Studies of the Visual Cortex
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042756: OLTON, CHARLES - Artesans for Independence: Philadelphia Mechanics and the American Revolution
035820: OMOHUNDRO, JOHN T. - Rough Food: The Seasons of Subsistence in Northern Newfoundland
040741: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL (SIGNED) - The English Patient
039555: ONTARIO - Documenting a Province: The Archives of Ontario at 100 / Chronique D'Une Province: Le Centenaire Des Archives Publiques de L'Ontario
003508: ONTARIO - A History of Peel County: To Mark Its Centenary 1867-1967
038594: OPIE, JENNIFER HAWKINS - Scandinavia Ceramic & Glass in the Twentieth Century
027681: OPP, JAMES - The Lord for the Body: Religion, Medicine, & Protestant Faith Healing in Canada, 1880-1930
033654: OPPENHEIMER, ALAN J. - The Historical Background of Albuquerque New Mexico
035461: OPREA, PETRE - C. Brancusi
038796: ORBELL, MARGARET - Hawaiki: A New Approach to Maori Tradition
038450: OREL, LIDIA - Painted Wood: Naive Art of the Ukrainian Village
037824: OREM, PRESTON WARE - Manual of Fugue: Including Canon, Imitation, and Double Counterpoint
021208: FAIR ORGAN - Organ Parade
038717: LANYON-ORGILL, PETER A. - Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies
032176: ORIGAMI - Origami Dolls: Representing Japanese Tradition (457)
042804: ORLOVA, ALEXANDRA - Musorgsky Remembered
028776: ORMOND, SUZANNE (SIGNED) - Louisiana's Art Nouveau: The Crafts of the Newcomb Style
042882: ORR, BOBBY - Oshawa Bobby Orr Day, August 23, 1979 Souvenir Programme
012327: ORR, SANDRA - Huron: Grand Bend to Southampton
036022: ORR, JOHN (ED.) - Post-War Cinema and Modetrnity: A Film Reader
033377: ORTTUNG, ROBERT W. - The Republics and Regions of the Russian Federation: A Guide to Politicfs, Policies, and Leaders
038793: OSAKA - Hideyoshi and Osaka Castle: A Look Into Its History and Mystery
036376: OSBALDESTON, MARK - Unbuilt Toronto: A History of the City That Might Have Been
039164: OSBORNE, MARGOT - Nick Mount: Incandescence
043268: OSBORNE, JERRY - Blues Rhythm & Soul Blues (Original Record Collectors Guide)
040469: OSBORNE, EDGAR - A Token for Friends: Being a Memoir of Edgar Osborne, an Appreciation of the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books... .
043345: OSOLSOBE, JIRI - Zbylo Nas Devet
042058: OSTRIKER, ALICIA SUSKIN (SIGNED) - The Nakedness of the Fathers: Biblical Visions and Revisions
032220: OUIMET, RAYMOND (SIGNE) - Une Ville En Flammes
039663: O'SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Shelbourne and Its People
042749: O'SULLIVAN, JUDITH - The Art of the Comic Strip
039910: OUTHWAITE, WILLIAM - Habermas: A Critical Introduction
039633: OUZOUNIAN, RICHARD - Boulevard Club: One Hundred Years on the Shore, 1905-2005
041015: OVENDEN, MARK - Transit Maps of the World
038332: OVERHILL, DAPHNE - Sound the Trumpet: The Story of the Bands of Perth, 1852-2002
028453: OVERHILL, DAPHNE - Sound the Trumpet: The Story of the Bands of Perth, (Ontario) 1852-2002
027920: OWEN, E. A. - Pioneer Sketches of Long Point Settlement
039418: OWSLEY, HARRIET CHAPPELL (SIGNED) - Frank Lawrence Owsley: Historian of the Old South
043441: OZAWA, HIROSHI - Kendo: The Definitive Guide
032084: OZORAK, PAUL - Abandoned Military Installations of Canada, Volume 1: Ontario
042166: NASH, ERIC P. (SIGNED) & RANDALL C. ROBINSON - Mimo: Miami Modern Revealed
042507: AGRAWAL, O. P. & SHASHI DHAWAN (EDS.) - Biodeterioration of Cultural Property: Proceedings of the International Conference, Februrary 20-25, 1989, Lucknow, India
039075: PACEY, ELIZABETH (ED.) - The Prince and Hollis Buildings
043602: PACK, ROBERT (SIGNED) - Collectors Guide to Canadian Souvenir Spoons
043056: PACK, JAMES - Nelson's Blood: The Story of Naval Rum
040330: PADFIELD, PETER - Donitz, the Last Fuhrer: Portrait of a Nazi War Leader
039207: PADILLA, MARK - Caribbean Pleasure Industry: Tourism, Sexuality, and Aids in the Dominican Republic
035921: PADOVANI, ANDREA - Andrea Padovani
043604: PAGE, CHRISTOPHER - The Owl and the Nightengale: Musical Life and Ideas in France 1100-1300
042143: PAGE, F. C. G. - Following the Drum: Women in Wellington's Wars
040586: PAIN, HOWARD - The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture: A Study in the Survival of Formal and Vernacular Styles from Britain, America and Europe, 1780-1900
039450: PAINTER, SIDNEY - William Marshasll: Knight-Errant, Baron, and Regent of England
043308: PAKENHAM, VALERIE - The Big House in Ireland
015061: PALARDY, JEAN - The Early Furniture of French Canada
039796: PALIERI, RIK "TOTEM POLE" (SIGNED) - The Road Is My Mistress: Tales of a Roustabout Songster
043347: PALIOTTI, VITTORIO - Toto: IL Principe Del Sorriso
043243: PALLARES, AMALIA - From Peasant Struggles to Indian Resistance: The Ecuadorian Andes in the Late Twentieth Century
043590: PALMER, ROBERT - Deep Blues
041382: HICKMAN, PAMELA & JEAN SMITH CAVALLUZZO - Righting Canada's Wrongs: Italian Canadian Internment in the Second World War
041332: PAN, LYNN - Shanghai: A Century of Change in Photographs, 1843-1949
039827: PANT, PUSHPESH - Hindu Soul Recipes
040105: PANTERA - Pantera: Selections from Vulgar Display of Power and Cowboys from Hell (Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition)
043635: PAPANDREOU, ANDREAS - Democracy at Gunpoint: The Greek Front
015763: PAPANONIOU, IOANNA - Greek Costumes
020433: PAPANTONIOU, IOANNA - Greek Traditional Costumes
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039585: PARDOE, F. E. - John Baskerville of Birmingham: Letter-Founder & Printer
038829: PARENT, MARY NEIGHBOUR - The Roof in Japanese Buddhist Architecture
040810: ODETTE SCULPTURE PARK - Sculpture by the River: A Museum without Walls
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042391: PARKER, GEOFFREY - The Geopolitics of Domination
043703: PARKER, JOHN P. - Sails of the Maritimes
043697: PARKER, JOHN P. - Cape Breton Ships and Men.
033550: PARKER, MIKE ( SIGNED) - Historic Digby: Images from Our Past
039386: PARKER, GEORGE L. - The Beginnings of the Book Trade in Canada
038152: PARKS, ARVA MOORE - George Merrick's Coral Gables "Where Your Castles in Spain Are Made Real!"
041203: PARMELEE, ROBERT D. - Pioneer Sonoma
039927: PARSONS, LEE A. - Pre-Columbian America: The Art and Archeology of South, Central and Middle America
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043008: FOLKES, PATRICK & NANCY PENNY - Cassocks, Doublets, and Deerskins: Religious and Secular Costume on the Mission Frontier of New France in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century.
038850: PATTERSON, ANN - Landmark Buildings: Arizona's Architectural Heritage
029527: PATTERSON, GRAEME - History and Communications: Harold Innis, Marshall Mcluhan, the Interpretation of History
036853: PATTERSON, JAMES E. - Pearl Inlay: An Instruction Manual for Inlaying Abalone and Mother-of-Pearl
040400: PATTON, SALLY - A Teaching Guide for Gifted/Talented Students
030095: FEDELI, PATTY & EDNA SCOTT - North Bay Heritage Carousel
040403: NELSON, PAUL & TONY GLOVER - The Festival Songbook (Woodstock)
041733: PAUL, E. JAIWANT - Arms and Armour: Traditional Weapons of India
043145: DODINGTON, PAUL; ET AL - The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat
041676: DAY, PAUL & WALTER CARTER - The Ultimate Gibson Book
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043608: PAUL, J. ANN - 3000 Strangers: Navvy Life on the Kettering to Manton Railway
040936: ROHATGI, PAULINE & PHEROZA GODREJ - India: A Pageant of Prints
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042144: PAWLY, RONALD - The Red Lancers: Anatomy of a Napoleonic Regiment
032895: PAYMENT, DIANE PAULETTE - The Free People - Otipemisiwak: Batoche, Saskatchewan 1870-1930
040172: PAYNE, JIM - Funk Drumming
041946: PAYNE, TREVOR - The Red Ringers: Toronto Canoe Club / Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, 1880-1980
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037010: PEACE, WALTER G. - From Mountain to Lake: The Red Hill Creek Valley
042966: PEACOCK, GRAHAM - Graham Peacock: A Retrospective
039410: PEACOCK, KENNETH - Songs of the Doukhobors
040798: PEARSON, GORDON - Tides of Misfortune: Maritime Memories from Hull and Grimsby
040040: PEARSON, DAVID - Freewheeling Homes: The House That Jack Built
030422: PEARSON, KARL - Karl Pearson's Early Statistical Papers
039484: PEARSON, VERONICA - Women in Hong Kong
043758: PECK, MARY - The Bitter with the Sweet: New Brunswick, 1604-1984
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038290: PEDDLE, WALTER W. - The Traditional Furniture of Outport Newfoundland
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041913: PELLETIER, EMILE - A Social History of the Manitoba Metis
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043533: PENNINGTON, BRUCE - Eschatus: Future Prophecies from Nostradamus' Ancient Writings
042484: PENTON, M. JAMES - Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses
038839: MORLEY, LEWIS; TERENCE PEPPER AND DAVID MELLOR - Lewis Morley, Photographer of the Sixties
040663: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Red Blood, Hot Sugar, Chili Sex, Peppers Magik (Recorded Versions - Guitar)
040666: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Red Hot Chili Peppers: By the Way (Recorded Versions-Guitar)
042246: PEREIRA, JOANNES DE SOLORZANO - Emblemata Regio Politica Incenturiam Unam Redacta...
042818: PEREZ, ARIEL ALONSO - Biological Warfare Against Cuba
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033790: PETRESCU, PAUL - Creatia Plastica Taraneasca
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043536: PETRY, BOB - Bracebridge: An Early Settlement in Muskoka. A Pictorial Study of Bracebridge from the Late 1800s
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042118: BANGE, PETTY; ET AL - Saints and She-Devils: Images of Women in the 15th and 16th Centuries
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043098: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - The Bologna Cookbook
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039644: PICK, ZUZANA M. - The New Latin American Cinema: A Continental Project
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040555: PICKETT, L. M. - Sicilian Defence 9: Rossolimo Variation
030171: PIEHLER, PAUL - The Visionary Landscape: A Study in Medieval Allegory
030572: PIELOU, E. C. (SIGNED) - Ecological Diversity
041222: PIERCE, PATRICIA - Canada, the Missing Years: The Lost Images of Our Heritge, 1895-1924
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039867: TARUFFI, PIERO & JUAN MANUEL FANGIO (FWD.) - The Technique of Motor Racing
035879: GRIMAL, PIERRE & G. MICHAEL WOLOCH (ED.) - Roman Cities: Les Villes Romaines
042874: ALECHINSKY, PIERRE & EUGENE IONESCO (FWD.) - Pierre Alechinsky
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035803: PIETKIEWICZ, KAZIMIERZ - Haft I Zdobienie Stroju Ludowego
039764: PIETO, CARLOS - The Adventures of a Cello
009871: PIKE, G. HOLDEN - Among the Sailors During the Life and Reign of the Queen
033538: PIKE, GEOFFREY; JOHN CANN; ROGER LAMBERT - Oysters & Dredgermen
042223: PILGRIM, EARL B. - The Day of Varick Frissell
043051: PILON, ANDRE - The 20th Century Adventurer: Hunting and Trapping Across Canada
024581: PINARD, GUY (SIGNED) - Montreal, Son Histoire, Son Architecture
036640: PINARD, GUY - Montreal: Son Histoire Son Architecture, Tome 3
036754: PINARD, GUY - Montreal: Son Histoire Son Architecture
036755: PINARD, GUY - Montreal: Son Histoire Son Architectrure. Tome 2
033875: PINEAU, JEAN-PIERRE - Histoires, Chansons & Legends de la Gaspesie
041680: PINEL, STEPHEN L. - The Bicentennial of the Pipe Organ in Vermont, 1814-2014
040053: PINK, SARAH - Women and Bullfighting: Gender, Sex and the Consumption of Tradition
041888: PINKARD, SUSAN - A Revolution in Taste: The Rise of French Cuisine, 1650-1800
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043561: PIPER, LEANNE - Fingerprints Through Time: A History of the Guelph Police
042327: PIPOLO, TONY (ED.) - Persistence of Vision (Number 10): Film and Psychoanalysis
035476: PIPPIDI, D. M. - Scythica Minora: Recherches Sur Les Colonies Grecques Du Littoral Roumain de la Mer Noire
039681: PITMAN, BRIAN - Fencing: Techniques of Foil, Epee and Sabre
040790: PITRE, ANDRE - De Memoire, D'Homme
036322: PITTS, LEONARD JR. - Papa Joe's Boys: The Jacksons Story
043280: PLAIN, DAVID D. (SIGNED) - 1300 Moons
041743: PLEASANTS, HENRY (ED.) - The Musical Journeys of Louis Spohr
029862: PLEIJEL, BENGT (ED.) - Tradition and Progress in Swedish Music
042501: PLOWDEN, DAVID - Commonplace
013632: PLOWDEN, E. R. - Progressive Studies and Other Designs, for Wood-Carvers
028170: PODNOS, THEODOR - Intonation for Strings, Winds, and Singers: A Six Month Course
041791: POIGER, UTA G. - Jazz, Rock and Rebels: Cold War Politics and American Culture in a Divided Germany
039495: POLAK, ADA - Glass, Its Makers and Its Public
033637: POLATSEK, TAMMY - Aristocratic Fruits: The Art of Transforming Fruits Into Art
032850: POLING, JIM SR. - The Decoy
041073: POLK, BENJAMIN - Building for South Asia: An Architectural Autobiography
036377: POLMAR, NORMAN - Pt Boats at War: World War II to Vietnam
037403: POLO, MARCO (SIGNED) - The Prix de Rome in Architecture: A Retrospective
039533: POLONSKY, ANTONY (ED.) - Polin: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, Volume 4
008122: POMER, VIC - A Guide for Teachers Preventing Physical Problems in Violin Playing
035944: POMER, VIC - A Guide for Teachers: Preventing Physical Problems in Violin Playing
040830: NECIOSUP, HECTOR "PONCHO" & JOSE ROSA - Beyond "the Secret Hand" (Despues de "la Mano Secreta"): A Comprehensive Guide for Hand Drummers
040107: ADOPT-A-POND - For the Love of Frogs, Build a Pond
040296: PONTY, JEAN-LUC - Jean Luc Ponty : Anthology. Transcribed for Piano by the Composer
042820: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD P. - Pictorial History of the German Navy in World War II
042359: PORTEOUS, J. DOUGLAS - Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home
042653: PORTER, CECIL - The Light of Other Days
038975: PORTER, TOM - The Architect's Eye: Visualization and Depiction of Space in Architecture
027675: PORTER, WHITWORTH - History of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Volume 1
042444: PORTOGHESI, PAOLO - After Modern Architecture
038436: PORTOGHESI, PAOLO - Le Post-Moderne: L'Architeture Dans la Societe Post-Industrielle
043409: PORTOGHESI, PAOLO (INTRO.) - Silver and Architects in the Cleto Munari Collectio (Italy on Stage)
043794: GOEBEL PORZELLANFABRIK - Goebel: Hande Machen Goebel
039400: POSOHKIN, MIKHAIL - Towns for People:
038295: POSTERARO, PINO (SIGNED) - Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill: A Lifetime of Excellence in the Kitchen
042353: POTGIETER, HERMAN - The South African Air Force: The Poster Book
043800: POTTER, RUSSELL A. - Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search
042835: POTVIN, JOHN (ED.) - The Places and Spaces of Fashion, 1800-2007
041357: POULIGNY, BEATRICE - Peace Operations Seen from Below: Un Missions and Local People
040426: POULIOT, J MARC - Regards Du Quebec: Un Album de Familile
039064: POWELL, ROBERT - The Tropical Asian House
039046: POWELL, ROBERT - The Tropical Asian House
034921: POWER, ROSALIND - A Narrow Passage: Shipwrecks and Tragedies in the St, John's Narrows
041941: POWERS, ALAN - Front Cover: Great Book Jacket and Cover Design
042011: PRACHT, KLAUS - Woodturning
027549: PRAETORIUS, MICHAEL; HAROLD BLUMENFELD (ENGLISH TRANS.) - The Syntagma Musicum of Michael Praetorius: Volume Two, de Organographia, First and Second Parts
026944: PRAH, KWESI KWAA - Knowledge in Black and White: The Impact of Apartheid on the Production and Reproduction of Knowledge
041049: PRATT, NICOLA - Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Arab World
041569: PRATT, T. K. - Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English
039234: PRATTE, FRANCE GAGNON - The Fairmont Banff Springs: The Castle in the Rockies
042531: O'PRAY, MICHAEL - Andy Warhol: Film Factory
043360: PRAZMOWSKI, B. D. E. (SIGNED) - Eagle's Brood: A Life in the Polish Resistance
040905: PRELINGER, ELIZABETH - Kathe Kollwitz
039760: PRESLEY, VESTER (SIGNED) - The Presley Family Cookbook
038036: PRESTON, PAUL - The Politics of Revenge: Fascism and the Military in Twentieth-Century Spain
019875: PRESTON, RICHARD ARTHUR - Canada's Rmc: A History of the Royal Military College
034905: DU PREY, PIERRE DE LA RUFFINIERE (SIGNED) - Ah, Wilderness! Resort Architecture in the Thousand Islands
030504: PRICE, FRANCIS - The British Carpenter: Or, a Treatise on Carpentry. Containing the Most Concise and Authentik Rules of That Art, in a More Useful and Extensive Method, Than Has Been Made Publick. (Fourth Edition)
037224: PRIM, JOE (CAPATAIN) - Men Against the Sea: Ships Lost in the Newfoundland Foreign Trade
033571: PRINKE, RAFAL T. - Poradnik Genealoga Amatora
024960: PROBERT, CHRISTINA - Shoes in Vogue Since 1910
002857: PROCTOR, ROBERT N. - The Nazi War on Cancer
038102: PRONOVOST, GILLES - Temps Sociaux Et Pratiques Culturelles
028477: PROULX, GILLES - Between France and New France: Life Aboard the Tall Sailing Ships
039076: PRUDEK, WOLFGANG M. - Carrying the Message: An Introduction to Iroquois Stone Sculpture
041127: PRUSSIN, LABELLE - Architecture in Northern Ghana: A Study of Forms and Function
031033: PRYMAK, THOMAS M. - Mykhailo Hrushevsky: The Politics of National Culture
039518: PUGLIA, LUIGINA DE VITO - La Cocumella: Da Insediamento Gesuitico a Grande Albergo, with English Text
043488: LE PUIL, ROGER - Patines Et Matieres
018441: PULLEN, HUGH F. - The Sea Road to Halifax: Being an Account of the Lights and Buoys of Halifax Harbour
043028: PUPELLA, EUFEMIA AZZOLINA - Cooking in Sicily: The Authentic Flavors of the Mediterranean Garden
043016: SHADOW PUPPETS - Shadow Puppet Everlasting Glory: Collection of Chinese Shadow Play Art Works
019864: PURCELL, FATHER EDWARD F. - Unsung Heroes of War: Our Catholic Chaplains
043499: PURDY, AL (SIGNED) - A Splinter in the Heart
042097: PURDY, AL - Purdy Selected
039123: PURDY, ALFRED (SIGNED) - The Cariboo Horses
028440: PURITZ, ELIZABETH - The Teaching of Elizabeth Schumann
041195: PURSELL, CARROLL - Technology in Postwar America: A History
040509: PHILLIPS DE PURY - Phillips de Pury & Company: 2010 Year in Review
043440: PUTNAM, DAVE - The Working American Bulldog
042366: AL QASSIMI, SULTAN BIN MOHAMMED - The Gulf in Historic Maps (15th-19th Centuries) a Private Collection of His Highness... .
028701: QUATAERT, JEAN H. - Reluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy, 1885-1917
014286: QUATTLANDER, PETER U. - Heilbronn, Planung Des Wiederaufbaues Der Altstadt: Dokumentation Zur Ausstellung Des Stadtplanungsamtes 1994
042346: QUEBBEMAN, FRANCES E. - Medicine in Territorial Arizona
040715: QUEEN - Queen: Greatest Hits (Guitar Recorded Version)
039582: QUEEN - Classic Queen. Recorded Versions Guitar (Songbook)
040805: QUENBY, RON - Bala, Lake of Beauty: The Story of Llyn Tegid
036287: QUEROL, MIQUEL - La Musica En El Teatro de Calderon
022921: QUINBY, E. J. (CDR.) - Interurban Interlude: A History of the North Jersey Rapid Transit Company
041785: QUINEY, ANTHONY - Period Houses: A Guide to Authentic Architectural Features
032510: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Gloria Swanson
040969: FORMAN,WERNER & STEPHEN QUIRKE - Hieroglyphs and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
040885: POPPER, KARL R. & W. W. BARTLEY III (ED.) - The Open Universe: An Argument for Indeterminism
008888: PORTER, JOHN R. & JEAN TRUDEL - The Works of Joseph Legare 1795-1855
042477: JEWITT, JOHN R. & HILARY SREWART - The Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt, Captive of Maquinna
043699: SAUNDERS, SHELLEY R. & ANN HERRING (EDS.) - Grave Reflections: Portraying the Past Through Cemetary Studies
042893: PETERSON, R. & GRANT PETERSON - The Racial Origins of the Founders of America: Extracted from the Works of Madison Grant and Ales Hrdlicka
038965: RABBANI, G. M. - Ancient Kashmir: A Historical Perspective
031093: RADECKI, HENRY - A Member of a Distinguished Family: The Polish Group in Canada
039458: RADICK, GREGORY - The Simian Tongue: The Long Debate About Animal Language
043190: RADICS, BILL (ED.) - The Songs of Stevie Wonder
040072: RAETSKY, ALEXANDER - Mikhail Tal, Tactical Genius
042965: RAFF, EDITH DORSEY - Insights: A Collection O Photographs by E D Raff
042782: BUTLER, MICHAEL; GEROME RAGNI & JAMES RADO - Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical
038963: RAHMAN, FAZLUR - Islam & Modernity: Transformation of an Intellectural Tradition
035262: VIA RAIL - A Trail of Steel: 150 Years of Passenger Train History
027419: RAIM, ETHEL - A Folksinger's Guide to Grass Roots Harmony
041183: RAIZEN, ESTHER - Modern Hebrew for Beginners: A Multimedia Program for Students at the Beginning and Intermediate Levels
041285: RAJABI, PAYAM - Influential Typographers: Seventeen Individuals Who Shaped Typography As We Know It.
041995: RAMAZZOTTI, EROS - Le Piu Belle Canzoni
023080: RAMBOLL, B. J. - The Criss-Cross Web
042638: RAMIREZ, AURELIA PAREDEZ - Comidas Tradicionales Del Peru / Traditional Food Peruvian: Spanish - English
039814: RAMOS, MARCOS A. - Protestantism and Revolution in Cuba
038464: RANDALL, DAVID - The Search for Old Wirral: A Historical Guide to Wirral's Buildings and Sites from Roman Times to the CIVIL War
039691: RANDLESOME, GERALDINE - Techniques in Cake Design
040828: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY & TOM BENFORD - Corvette: Fifty Year History
039070: RANGER, TERENCE - Peasant Consciousness and Guerilla War in Zimbabwe: A Comparative Study
006224: RANKIN, JOAN E. - Meet Me at the Chateau: A Legacy of Memory
029489: RANSOM, AMY J. - The Feminine As Fantastic in the Conte Fantastique: Visions of the Other
041264: RAPP, GEORGE JR. (ED.) - Hominid Sites: The Geologic Settings
039433: ABRIL, RAQUEL & GEORGE HUNT - Great Songs of Mexico. Accordian/Piano/Play by Number/Guitar
040861: RASKY, HARRY - The Song of Leonard Cohen: Portrait of a Poet, a Friedsip and a Film
038113: RASMUSSEN, HENRY - Aston Martin: The Postwar Road Cars
040432: RATCLIFFE, RONALD V. - Steinway
043801: RATT, SOLOMON - Maci-Nehiyawewin - Begininng Cree
038697: RAVEN, SUSAN - Rome in Africa (Third Edition)
040647: RAVVIN, NORMAN - A House of Words: Jewish Writing , Identity, and Memory
040484: RAWJI, TABERA - Simply More Indian: More Sweet and Spicy Recipes from India, Pakistan and East Africa
039839: RAWLYK, G. A. - Champions of the Truth: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and the Maritime Baptists
027235: RAWLYK, G. A. - Champions of the Truth: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and the Maritime Baptists
040747: RAWLYK, GEORGE A. - Yankees at Louisbourg: The Story of the First Siege 1745
038278: RAWSON, PHILIP S. (INTRO.) - Tantra
043007: RAWSON, CORKY DEIR - Border City Sketches (Windsor, Ontario)
042545: COWDERY. RAY & JOSPEHINE - Papers Please! Indentity Documents, Permits and Authorizations of the Third Reich
033731: CRONIN, RAY & ADRIAN GOLLNER - Adrian Gollner: Win-Win / Gagnant-Gagnant
043599: THOMS, RAY & KATHY PEARSALL - Sudbury
041955: THOMS, RAY & KATHY PEARSALL - Sudbury
039995: RAYMOND, MARGUERITE A. - Tales of the Old Town: A History, Fort Erie, Ontario
041535: RAYMOND, AL - Swinging Big Bands Into the 90's
028827: RAYMOND, J. S. - Primitive Art and Technology
039724: RAZACK, SHERENE H. - Dark Threats and White Knights: The Somalia Affair, Peacekeeping, and the New Imperialism
043412: READ, COLIN - The Rising in Western Upper Canada, 1837-8: The Duncombe Revolt and After
041505: READE, LESLIE (INTRO.) - The Cunard White Star Quadruple-Screw North Atlantic Liner Queen Mary. No. 6 in a Series of Reprints from "the Shipbuilder & Marine Engine-Builder"
041603: READE, BRIAN - Ballet Designs and Illustrations, 1581-1940
040781: READER, IAN - Religion in Contemporary Japan
040066: READER, TED - The Sticks & Stones Cookbook: The Art of Grilling on Plank, Vine and Stone
038831: READING, ANTHONY - Hope & Despair: How Perceptions of the Future Shape Human Behavior
043162: REAMAN, G. ELMORE - A History of Vaughan Township
039171: BELMORE, REBECCA & DOT TUER - Rebecca Belmore: 33 Pieces
037582: MANCUSO, REBECCA & BODIL JELHOF JENSEN (ED.) - Faces of Change: The Danish Comunity of Montreal
029824: MULLENHEIM-RECHBERG, BURKARD VON (SIGNED) - Slagskeppet Bismarck
041198: RECK, DAVID - Music of the Whole Earth
041373: RECUPERO, JACOPO - Paolo D'Agostino, Maggio - Giugno, 1987
034525: REDDICK, DON - Dawson City Seven
039629: REDDING, JUDITH M. - Film Fatales: Independent Women Directors
042759: REDDY, AYATRI - With Respect to Sex: Negotiating Hijra Identity in South India
037740: REDOUTE, PIERRE-JOSEPH - Fleurs Et Fruits
039859: REECE, DAVID - Special Trust and Confidence: Envoy Essays in Canadian Diplomacy
040138: REED, MICHAEL - The Landscape of Britain: From the Beginnings to 1914
043591: REED, SUSAN A. - Dance and the Nation: Performance, Ritual, and Politics in Sri Lanka
026867: REFORD, ALEXANDER - Des Jardins Oublies 1860-1960
038270: REFORD, ALEXANDER (SIGNED) - Au Rythme Du Train 1859-1970
042827: REFORD, ALEXANDER - Treasures of the Reford Gardens: Elsie's Floral Legacy
041724: REICH, NANCY B. - Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman
041526: REID, DENNIS - Le Groupe Des Sept / the Group of Seven
039268: REID, DENNIS - Canadian Jungle: The Later Work of Arthur Lismer Art Gallery of Ontario
043725: REID, LEONARD - Sons of the Hector
043651: REID, STUART - Wellington's Highland Warriors: From the Black Watch Mutiny to the Battle of Waterloo , 1743-1815
041961: REID, DENNIS - Krieghoff: Images of Canada
033269: REID, WILLIAM D. - Death Notices of Ontario
039013: REID, DENNIS - The Maccallum Bequest of Paintings by Tom Thomson and Other Canadian Painters & the Mr. And Mrs. H.R. Jackman Gift of Murals from the Late Dr. Maccallum's Cottage Painted by Some of the Members of the Group of Seven
042597: REIFF, CAROLE - Nights in Birdland: Jazz Photographs, 1954-1960
035978: REIMER, MAVIS (ED.) - Home Words: Discourses of Children's Literature in Canada
043426: REINER, JAN - Architect Designed Florida Homes with Hints on Solar Energy
039802: REITZENSTEIN, REINHARD & LAUREN PRATT (ED.) - Reinhard Reitzenstein: Escarpment, Valley, Desert
041784: REMPEL, BYRON - No Limits: The Amazing Life Story of Rhona and Rhonda Wurtele (Signed)
038896: RENAULT, CHRISTOPHE - Chansons D'Edith Piaf En Bandes Dessinees
043684: RENCORET, FRANCISCO JAVIER - New York City: The Edge of Enigma
040252: RENKIEWICZ, FRANK - The Polish Presernce in Canada and America
041138: RENNERT, JACK - Matchless Posters
036021: RENNIE, KAREN - Moon Magic: Gail Grant and the 1920's Dance in Regina
039053: RENOUF, M. A. P. (SIGNED) - Ancient Cultures, Bountiful Seas: The Story of Port Au Choix
041447: RENOV, MICHAEL (ED.) - Theorizing Documentary
042897: GRACIE, RENZO & JOHN DANAHER - Mastering Jujitsu
026985: DE REPENTIGNY, ALAIN - Maurice Richard
040881: KISHK ANAQUOT HEALTH RESEARCH - Final Report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, Volume II, Measuring Progress: Program Evaluation
042211: RESHEF, YONATON - Unions in the Time of Revolution: Government Restructuring in Alberta and Ontario
037845: NAKIAN, REUBEN & MARGUERITE STROP - Reuben Nakian: Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian Centro de Arte Moderna
043037: COWAN, REX & JOHN LE CARRE (FWD.) - A Century of Images: Photographs by the Gibson Family
042158: REYNAUD, JEAN-LOUIS - Contre-Guerilla En Espagne (1808-1814): Suchet Pacifie L'Aragon
041163: REYNOLDS, BARRIE (ED.) - Ethnology Division (Paper No. 4)
040833: REYNOLDS, BARBARA J. (ED.) - The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers, 1899-1936: The Making of a Detective Novelist
032327: REYNOLDS, LLOYD G. - The British Immigrant: His Social and Economic Adjustment in Canada
036100: REYNOLDS, KEN (SIGNED) - Ken Reynolds Presents Sixty Years in Canadian Country Music
043287: REYNOLDS, NILA - Dream of Excellence
040291: REYNOLDS, LEONARD C. (SIGNED) - Dog Boats at War: Royal Navy D Class Mtbs and Mgbs, 1939-1945
037973: REZAZADEH, FRED - Costume Jewelry: A Practical Handbook & Value Guide
034033: RHEAULT, RAYMOND - Mademoiselle Merquem de George Sand
036671: RHEAUME, CHARLES (SIGNED) - Sakharov: Science, Morale Et Politique
039803: POYNER, RICH & NIGEL COATES - Nigel Coates: The City in Motion
041776: TAYLOR, RICHARD & IAN CHRISTIE - The Film Factory: Russian and Soviet Cinema in Documents, 1896-1939
041661: DOYLE, RICHARD & RODNEY ENGEN - Richard Doyle and His Family
042405: GREEN, RICHARD & CELIA FISHER - The Three Flower Painters: An Exhibition of Works by Harold Clayton, Gerald Cooper and Cecil Kennedy
027666: RICHARD, PIERRE - Le Montmartre de Poulbot
038586: RICHARD, RENE - Rene Richard
040268: BENSON, RICHARD & JOHN SZARKOWSKI - A Maritime Album: 100 Photographs and Their Stories
040562: OWEN, RICHARD & JAMES - Gangsters and Outlaws of the 1930s: Landmarks of the Public Enemy Era
039444: ROTH, RICHARD & SUSAN KING ROTH - Beauty Is Nowhere: Ethical Issues in Art and Design
039026: RICHARDS, D. S. - The Peninsula Veterans
042860: RICHARDS, JEFFREY - Swordsmen of the Screen from Douglas Fairbanks to Michael York
040625: RICHARDS, PAUL - King's Lynn
026257: RICHARDSON, A. J. H. - Quebec City: Architects, Artisans, and Builders (the Mercury Series)
024863: RICHER, CLAUDE - Rusticite Et Croissance de Plantes Ligneuses Ornamentales Au Quebec, Tome III
027982: RICHESON, D. R. - Western Canadian History: Museum Interpretations
026133: RICHMOND - Richmond '150', Yesterday and Today 1818 - 1968
039636: RICHTER, LYDIA - Baby Dolls with Heads Made of Bisque from 1909 Until Circa 1930 Character Baby Dolls
042009: RICHTER, STEPHAN - Progressive Country Bass Method
043421: VURKOVITSKY, RICIETL & GERMAN ARCINIEGAS (INTRO.) - Ricietl Vurkovitsky Dha: Escultura
037016: RICKARD, JOHN NELSON - The Politics of Command: Lieutenant-General A.G. L. Mcnaughton and the Canadian Army, 1939-1943
041147: RIDEOUT, F. DAVID - History of Pentecostal Schools in Newfoundland and Labrador
008923: RIENDEAU, ROGER E. - Mississauga an Illustrated History
007511: RIGAN, OTTO - James Hubbell's Palace Doors of Abu Dhabi
042122: RILEY, TERENCE (INTRO.) - Emilio Ambasz, Arquitectura Y Diseno, 1973-1993
033400: BRODIE, RIMA (SIGNED) & CHRIS WAHL (TEXT) - The World of Rima Brodie
030477: RINALDI, MARIO - Catalogo Numerico Tematico Delle Composizioni Di Antonio Vivaldi
041060: RINDER, LAWRENCE - Search Light: Consciousness at the Millennium
039491: RING, DAN - From Regionalism to Abstraction: Mashel Teitelbaum and Saskatchewan Art in the 1940s
037942: RIOPELLE, JEAN-PAUL - Riopelle (Connaissance Des Arts)
041270: RIOPELLE, YSEULT - Riopelle: Memoires D'Ateliers
038962: RIOPELLE, JEAN-PAUL; FRANCOIS-MARC GAGNON - Riopelle: Un Lieu de Liberte / a Space of Freedom
040067: RIPLEY, S. DILLON - A Systematic and Ecological Study of Birds of New Guinea
039505: RIPLEY, S. DILLON - Rails of the World: A Monograph of the Family Rallidae
043036: RIPPON, P. M. - Evolution of Engineering in the Royal Navy, Volume 1: 1827-1939
036470: RISTAINO, MARCIA REYNDERS - Port of Last Resort: The Diaspora Communities of Shanghai
036676: RITCHIE, DON - North Toronto
041278: RIVERS, ISABEL - Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry
040446: RIVIERE, CLAUDE - Guinea: The Mobilization of a People
042090: KERR, ROB & RANDY MOORE - Duart... It's About Time: The Story of a Village from the Ice Age to the New Millennium
039409: ROBB, JAMES H. - Working-Class Anti-Semite: A Psychological Study in a London Borough
038156: ROBBINS, DANIEL - Joaquin Torres-Garcia, 1874 - 1949
042681: ROBBINS, LI - Don Messer's Violin: Canada's Fiddle
037727: ROBBINS, CHRISTOPHER - The Ravens: Pilots of the Secret War of Laos
042618: SHERMAN, ROBERT & ALEXANDER SHERMAN - Nadia Reisenberg: A Musician's Scrapbook
042383: MANGURIAN, ROBERT & MARY-ANN RAY - Wrapper: 40 Possible City Surfaces for the Museum of Jurassic Technology :
041822: FULFORD, ROBERT & FRANK GEHRY - Frank Gehry in Toronto: Transforming the Art Gallery of Ontario
036944: BAIRD, ROBERT ET GISELE HALL - Beaconsfield Et Beaurepaire
042006: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT (SIGNED) & LORNA REYNOLDS - The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada (2 Volume Set )
040174: AMOS, ROBERT & KILEASA WONG - Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World
040765: ROBERTS, DAVID - La Terre Sainte Que J'Aime: Lithographies de David Roberts
043235: ROBERTS, SIOHHAN - King of Infinite Space: Donald Coxeter, the Man Who Saved Geometry
043040: ROBERTSON, PAMELA - Flowers: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
041666: ROBERTSON, CLIVE - Policy Matters: Adminisrations of Art and Culture
033614: ROBERTSON, J. ROSS - The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe, Wife of the First Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, 1792-6
042599: ROBESON, PAUL - Let Paul Robeson Sing: A Celebration of the Life of Paul Robeson and His Relationship with Wales
022516: ROBIDAS, ISABELLE (RECHERCHES) - Musique Et Danse - 1: Les Sortileges
041115: SMITH, ROBIN & RON FIELD - Uniforms of the CIVIL War
040448: ROBINSON, CHRIS - Stole This from a Hockey Card: A Philosophy of Hockey, Doug Harvey, Identity & Booze
041672: ROBINSON, DUNCAN - Stanley Spencer: Visions from a Berkshire Village
040322: ROBINSON, J. DENNIS (SIGNED) - Strawbery Banke: A Seaport Museum 400 Years in the Making
024365: ROBINSON, C. N. - The Transvaal War Album: The British Forces in South Africa
034447: ROBINSON, DEAN - Howie Morenz: Hockey's First Superstar
043325: ROBINSON, PIERS - The Cnn Effect: The Myth of News, Foreign Policy and Intervention
038578: ROBITAILLE, MARC - Des Histoires D'Hiver, Avec Des Rues, Des Ecoles Et Du Hockey: Recit
037883: ROCHFORT, DESMOND - Lines of Site: Ideas, Forms and Materialities
043586: RODRIGUEZ, SYLVIA - The Matachines Dance: Ritual Symbolism and Interethnic Relations in the Upper Rio Grande Valley
036966: RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO - David Alfaro Siqueiros: Pintura Mural
040963: REMINGTON, R. ROGER & BARBARA J. HODIK - Nine Pioneers in American Graphic Dersign
040851: DEAN, ROGER & COLIN GREENLAND - Magnetic Storm
043403: EMERSON, ROGER; ET AL - The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightment
021968: MARIS, ROGER & JIM OGLE - Roger Maris at Bat
032267: TAILLIBERT, ROGER & MARC EMERY - Roger Taillibert: Architecte - Architect
042931: ROGER, N. A. M. - The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy
036175: ROGERS, ARTHUR W. - Macleodsaga / Maccrimmonsaga
040215: ROGERS, CAROLE - Penny Banks: A History and a Handbook
039598: ROHMER, RICHARD - The Building of the Cn Tower: An Illustrated History of the Building of Canada's National Tower - Our Wonder of the World
043788: CHRISJOHN, ROLAND & SHERRI YOUNG - The Circle Game: Shadows and Substance in the Residential School Experience in Canada (Revised Edition (
035367: ROLAND, CHARLES G. (SIGNED) - Courage Under Siege: Starvation, Disease, and Death in the Warsaw Ghetto
040383: ROLEFF, TAMARA L. (ED.) - The Atom Bomb
042976: ROLLINS, MARK (ED.) - Danto and His Critics
040061: ROMAN, IEROMONAH - Izbrannoe
042406: VIESULAS, ROMAS & PAUL DUVAL (FWD.) - Telesforas Valius
041211: ROMPKEY, RONALD (ED.) - Labrador Odyssey: The Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second Voyage of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893
033528: ROMPKEY, WILLIAM (ED.) - From the Coast to Far Inland: Collected Writings on Labrador

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