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042832: CRAWFORD, H. S. - Irish Carved Ornament
031175: CRAWFORD, THOMAS M. (ED.) - Rails Along the Hudson: A Pictorial Reviewof Four Decades on the New York Central between New York City and Albany
041103: CREEDENCE - Creedence Clearwater Revival Complete
041146: CREIGHTON, DAVID - Losing the Empress, a Personal Journey: The Empress of Ireland's Enduring Shadow
022889: CREPEAU, PIERRE - Voyage Au Pays Merveilles: Quatre Autobiographies D'Immigrants
028677: CREPEAU, PIERRE - Pointing at the Wind: The Weather-Vane Collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilisation
043355: CREWE, SARAH - Visionary Spires
043872: CROCE, INGRID - Jim Croce: Time in a Bottle
041150: CROCI, PASCAL - Auschwitz
041351: CROSET, PIERRE-ALAIN (INTRO.) - Yves Lion
040001: CROSS, CHARLES R. - Led Zeppelin: Shadows Taller Than Our Souls
032307: CROTHERS, MARGARET - Gleanings: A History of Campbellford/Seymour
040973: CROUCH, DORA P. - Water Management in Ancient Greek Cities
043196: CROW, THOMAS - Modern Art in the Common Culture
043578: CROWDY, T. E. - Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment
042456: CRUICKSHANK, TOM - Old Ontario Houses: Traditions in Local Architecture (Revised and Expanded)
043015: CRUICKSHANK, TOM - Old Ontario Houses: Traditions in Local Architecture
028200: CRUMB, ROBERT - Hup. No. 1
038025: CRUMP, SPENCER - Henry Huntington and the Pacific Electric: A Pictorial Album
040388: CRYSDALE, CYNTHIA S. W. - Lonergan and Feminism
041167: CSORDAS, THOMAS J. - Language, Charisma and Creativity: Ritual Life in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal
042670: CUA, ANTONIO S. - Human Nature, Ritual, and History: Studies in Xunzi and Chinese Philosophy
017485: CULLEN, MARY - Slate Roofing in Canada
042557: CULVER, BRUCE - Panzer Colors II: Markings of the German Army Panzer Forces, 1939-45
041814: CUMMING, ELIZABETH - Phoebe Anna Traquair, 1852-1936
042493: CUMMING, ELIZABETH - Glasgow 1900: Art & Design
036617: CUNNINGHAM, R. J. - Tall Ships and Master Mariners
028682: CUNNINGTON, E. E. (REV.) - The British Chess Code
040583: CURATOLA, GIOVANNI - Persian Ceramics: From the 9th to the 14th Century
038575: CURRY, JOHN - Richmond: The History Village in the City of Ottawa. Presentation to the St. Paul's United Church Women
035953: CURRY, DON - Fire - Cobalt: May 23,1977
038766: CUSACK, FRANK (SIGNED) - Bendigo: A History
043000: CUSHMAN, THOMAS - Notes from Underground: Rock Music Counterculture in Russia
040893: CUTLER, LAURENCE S. - Maxfield Parrish and the American Imagists
038150: CYMBOROWSKI, BRONISLAW - Insect Endocrinology
039713: CZERSKA - Na Przekor Jesieni (Ukryte W Farbie) / in Spite of Autumn (Hidden in Paint) Autumn 2008
042081: DABNEY, VIRGINIUS - The Last Review: The Confederate Reunion, Richmond, 1932
022891: DAHL, EDWARD H., ET AL - La Ville de Quebec, 1800-1850: Un Inventaire de Cartes Et Plans
030371: DAHL, EDWARD H - La Ville de Quebec, 1800 - 1850: Un Inventaire de Cartes Et Plans
015242: DAIBER, IVAN - Gills & Nipples
043437: DAIGLE, YVON-M. - La Fete Au Quebec Et L'Art Naif
041194: DALY, JOHN (SIGNED) - My Life in and out of the Rough
039714: DALZELL, ROBERT E. JR. - The Good Rich and What They Cost Us
042205: DAMAMME, JEAN-CLAUDE - Les Soldats de la Grande Armee
039006: MCKINNON, DAN & MITCH MANZER - Fantasm: No. 1
040316: FOX, DAN (ED.) & CHARLEY CHRISTIAN - The Art of the Jazz Guitar: Charley Christian
040956: STEELY DAN - The Great Songs of Steely Dan. (Songbook)
043473: DANBY, KEN - Ken Danby: New Paintings
022495: DANIELS, W. J. - Build Yourself a Model Yacht: With Full Size Contructional Plans for a 30-Inch Sharpie and 36-Inch Restrictd Class Yacht
039265: DANIELS, LISA - The Art of Bert Weir with Annotations by Th Artist and a Forward by John Inglis
037151: DANIELSON, BILL - Cape Breton Weather Watching for the Naturally Curious
040674: SHEEHAN, DANNY & WAYNE LAMOTTE - Heads and Tails: The Story of the Kalgoolie Two-Up School
039997: LE DANTEC, DENISE - Reading the French Garden: Story and History
039984: DANTER, SYLVIA L. (ED.) - Dorset 80
042728: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the Pale of History
043344: DANYLEWYCZ, MARTA - Profession: Religieuse Un Choix Les Quebecoises 1840-1920
041179: DARCY, J. B. - Fire Upon the Earth: The Llfe and Times of Bishop Michael Anthony Fleming, O.S. F.
035905: DAROM, DAVID - Art Et Design Des Couteaux Pliants
043379: DARRAGON, ERIC - Ronan Barrot, Denis Monfleur
039510: DAULT, GARY MICHAEL - E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture
042367: BRUBECK, DAVE & DAVID C. OLSEN (ED.) - The Genius of Dave Brubeck, Book 1: Piano Solos
042324: WATENPAUGH. KEITH DAVID - Being Modern in the Middle East: Revolution, Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Arab Middle Class
040736: PROCTOR, DAVID & RICHARD BAKER (ED.) - Music of the Sea
041520: WYNNE, DAVID & T. S. R. BOASE (ESSAY) - The Sculpture of David Wynne, 1949-1967
040902: YOUNG, DAVID & MICHIKO - Introduction to Japanese Architecture
036855: ROME, DAVID & JACQUES LANGLAIS - Les Pierres Qui Paarlent / the Stones That Speak: Two Centuries of Jewish Life in Quebec
042673: MACDOUGALL, DAVID & LUCIEN TAYLOR (ED.) - Transcultural Cinema
042397: DAVIDSON, CYNTHIA C. (ED.) - Anybody
041698: DAVIDSON, ALAN - Mediterranean Seafood: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes
041699: DAVIDSON, ALAN - Seafood of South-East Asia: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes
039909: DAVIES, KEVIN (SIGNED) - The $1,000 Genome: The Revolution in Dna Sequencing and the New Era of Personalized Medicine
038704: DAVIES, ALAN (ED.) - Antisemitism in Canada: History and Interpretation
040627: DAVIES, BLODWEN - The Reesor Family in Canada: Genealogical and Historical Records, 1804-1980
041458: DAVIES, SANDRA - The Japanese People: Music, Instruments, Arts, Crafts. Music in Our Lives
042259: DAVIES, PETER - The Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms from 1500 to the Present
041861: DAVIES, ROBERTSON (SIGNED) - The Cunning Man
042189: DAVIS, JOHN L. - The Texas Rangers: Images and Incidents
034174: DAVIS, DENNIS J. - The Thames Sailing Barge: Her Gear and Rigging
039753: DAVIS, BOB (ED.) - Historic Postcards of Hong Kong
043576: DAVIS, LARRY - P-51 Mustang in Action (Aircraft No. 45)
041454: DAVISON, PETER - Songs of the British Music Hall, Compiled and Edited with a Critical History of the Most Colorful Era in the Histyory of Popular Song
038331: DAVISON, JEAN (ED.) - Agriculture, Women, and Land: The African Experience
028976: DAWE, HELEN - Helen Dawe's Sechelt
039797: MATHESON, DAWN & ROSEMARY ANDERSON (EDS.) - Guelph: Perspectives on a Century of Change, 1900-2000
041790: DAWSON, ALASTAIR G. - Ice Age Earth: Late Quaternary Geology and Climate
041465: DAWSON, LORNE L. (ED.) - Cults and New Religious Movements: A Reader
040811: DAWSON, GRANT - Here Is Hell: Canada's Engagement in Somalia
029232: DAWSON, MICHAEL - The Mountie, from Dime Novel to Disney
041899: O'DEA, JOSEPH C. (SIGNED) - Olympic Vet
039077: DEACON, HARRIET - The Island: A History of Robben Island, 1488-1990
042123: WILLIS-BRAITHWAITE, DEBORAH & RODGER C. BIRT - Vanderzee, Photographer 1886-1983
030912: DEELY, JOHN N. - The Tradition Via Heidegger: An Essay on the Meaning of Being in the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
041651: DEFAULT - Default: The Fallout (Guitar Recorded Versions)
024760: DEHEJIA, VIDYA - Impossible Picturesqueness: Edward Lear's Indian Watercolours, 1873-1875
042771: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Monty's Highlanders: 51st Highland Division in the Second World War
032000: DELAMAR, GLORIA T. - Rounds Re-Sounding: Circular Music for Voices and Instruments, an Eight-Century Reference
041558: DELAMARRE, GILLES - Roland Garros: Le Livre Du Tournoi Du Centenaire
041874: DELISLE, JEAN (SIGNED) - La Traduction Au Canada / Translation in Canada, 1534-1984
042082: DELL, JASON (SIGNED) - Savvy: Fresh, Inspired New Zealand Cuisine
040820: DEMCHINSKY, BRYAN - Montreal: D'Hier a Aujourd / Then and Now
042630: DEMERS, GUYLAINE, ET AL - Playing It Forward: 50 Years of Women and Sport in Canada
042337: DEMORIZI, EMILIO RODRIGUEZ - Milicias de Santo Domingo, 1786-1821
042335: DEMORIZI, EMILIO RODRIGUEZ - Relaciones Geograficas de Santo Domingo. Vol. 1
041075: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - History in Their Blood: The Indian Portraits of Nicholas de Granmaison
029537: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - The Golden Age of the Canadian Cowboy: An Illustrated History
039119: DENDY, WILLIAM (SIGNED) - Toronto Observed: Its Architecture, Patrons, and History
027599: DENDY, WILLIAM - Toronto Observed, Its Architecture, Patrons, and History
040621: DENOIX, JEAN-MARIE - Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse
038379: DENSMORE, FRANCES - Handbook of the Collection of Musical Instruments in the United States National Museum
040303: DENVER, JOHN - The John Denver Songbook
041349: DERBEZ, ALAIN - El Jazz En Mexico: Datos Para Una Historia
036762: DERCSENYI, DEZSO - Romanesque Architecture in Hungary
039263: BESANT, DEREK & DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN - The Sleepless Night
043388: DERFLER, BRANDON - Single-Voice Transformations: A Model for Parsimonious Leading
025947: DERLETH, AUGUST - The Arkham Sampler, Summer, 1948. Volume 1, #3
025945: DERLETH, AUGUST - Books from Arkham House 1947-48
036071: BLOCH-DERMANT, JANINE - The Art of French Glass, 1860-1914
039299: DEROGATIS, JIM - Kaleidoscope Eyes: Psychedelic Rock from the '60s to the '90s
032646: DEROY, HENRI (SIGNED) - Les Hotels Du Credit Foncier
043804: DERRY, MARGARET E. - Georgian Bay Jewel: The Killarney Story
041709: DESAI, CHELNA - Ikat Textiles of India
043649: DESAI, JIGNA - Beyond Bollywood: The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film
008874: DESBARATS, PETER (ED.) - What They Used to Tell About : Indian Legends from Labrador
032480: DESBOULMIERS, JEAN AUGUSTE JULIEN - Histoire Du Theatre de L'Opera Comique (2 Volumes)
031225: DESCHENES, GAETAN - Histoire de L'Horticulture Au Quebec
039594: DESCHNER, GUNTHER - Heydrich: The Pursuit of Total Power
042066: DESCHODT, ANNE-MARIE - Mariano Fortuny: Un Magicien de Venise
038950: DESJARDINS, PAULINE - Pointe-a-Calliere: From Ville-Marie to Montreal
039692: DESJARDINS, ANNE L. - Quebec: A Gastronomic Capital from Portneuf to Charlevoix, 30 Chefs, 60 Producers and 90 Recipes
042732: DESLOGES, YVON - A Tenant's Town
027726: DESMARAIS, ROBERT J. - Randolph Caldecott, His Books and Illustrations for Young Readers
041326: MORRIS, DESMOND & PHILIP OAKES (INTRO.) - The Secret Surrealist: The Paintings of Desmond Morris
035600: DESROCHERS, LUCIE - Oeuvres de Femmes 1860-1961
038123: DESROSIERS, THERESE - Des Musiciens Et Folkloristes de la Region de Matane Se Racontent
033094: DESSUREAULT, PIERRE - Pierre Boogaerts: Reality, Vision, Image
038393: DEVA, KRISHNA - Buddhist Art of India and Nepal
043139: DEVEAUX, SCOTT - The Birth of Bebop: A Social and Musical History
035228: DEVROEY, JEAN-PIERRE - Perrier-Jouet: The Essence of Champagne
020347: DEW, DESMOND - Let's Try It This Way: The Chronicle of a Film Career from Britain to Canada
041255: DEWAN, DEEPALI (ED.) - Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s
016948: DIALDAS, H, YVONNE HUARD, GERMAINE BEAUMOND, ET AL - Tout En Un: Revue D'Art, Publiee En Suisse, No. 2
040709: BARILLARI, DIANA & EZIO GODOLI - Istanbul 1900: Art Nouveau, Architecture and Interiors
041870: BARILLARI, DIANA & EZIO GODOLI - Istanbul 1900: Art Nouveau Architecture and Interiors
043744: NEWELL, DIANNE & RALPH GREENHILL - Survivals: Aspects of Industrial Archaeology in Ontario
013707: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol
026895: DIETRICH, GERHARD UND FRANZ MATHAR - Litfass-Bier: Historische Bierplakate - Sammlung Heinrich Becker
033970: SAN JOSE DIEZ, MARIANO - Fray Antonio Alcalde, Obispo En Indias
011392: DILLON, NEAL B. - A Dying Breed: The True Story of a Ww II Air Combat Crew's Courage, Comradarie, Faith, and Spirit
039115: DILSE, PAUL - Toronto's Theatre Block: An Architectural History
041071: DIMANNO, ROSIE - Pat Burns: L'Homme Qui Voulait Gagner
040453: DIMANNO, ROSIE - Coach: The Pat Burns Story
035760: DION, FRANCOIS - Sylvain Cousineau: Coq-a-L'Ane
022888: DIONNE, HELENE - Les Contrats de Mariage a Quebec (1790-1812)
031730: DIONNE, LYNDA - Des Forets Et Des Hommes 1880-1982: Photographies Du Quebec
030584: DISTANT, W. L. - Insecta Transvaaliensia: A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Entomology of South Africa. Part V
030585: DISTANT, W. L. - Insecta Transvaaliensia: A Contribution to a Knowledge of the Entomology of South Africa. Part IV
043770: DISTURBED - Disturbed - Indestructible (Guitar Tab Edition)
043769: DISTURBED - Disturbed - the Sickness: Guitar-Tab/Bass Edition
034945: DIVIS, JAN - Guide to Gold Marks of the World
013540: DIXON, THOMAS W. JR. - The Chessie Era
034384: DJEDJE, JACQUELINE COGDELL - African Musicology: Current Trends
041254: DOBBS, MAURICE - Theories of Value and Distribution Since Adam Smith: Ideology and Economic Theory
030607: DOBSON, ANNETTE J. - An Introduction to Statistical Modelling
040442: DODGE, PRYOR - The Bicycle
043915: DOEZEMA, MARIAN - The Public Monument and Its Audience
042459: GONTHIER, CHARLES DOHERTY & MICHEL MORIN (ED.) - Responsibility, Fraternity and Sustainability in Law: In Memory of the Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier ( the Supreme Court of Canada Historical Series)
040179: DOI, TSUGIYOSHI - Momoyama Decorative Painting
036055: REICHEL-DOLMATOFF, GERARDO - Goldwork and Shamanism: An Iconographic Study of the Gold Museum
040431: DOLMETSCH, MABEL - Dances of Spain and Italy, from 1400 to 1600
031371: DOLPHIN, LYNETTE - Twelve Songs from Guiana: Second Book
040516: MARQUES, DOMINGOS & MANUELA MARUJO - With Hardened Hands: A Pictorial History of Portuguese Immigration to Canada in the 1950s
035263: DOMONT, PHILIPPE - Histoires D'Arbres: Des Sciences Aux Contes
029393: NICKS, DON & JOHN BRADLEY; TERRY LEVERSEDGE (ED.) - A History of the Air Defence of Canada, 1948-1997
043002: MAC DONALD, LAURA M. - Curse of the Narrow: The Halifax Explosion 1917
037094: DONALD, MARY ELLEN - Mastering Finger Cymbals: Popular Belly Dance Rhythms with Suggested Dance Steps.
037096: DONALD, MARY ELLEN - Arabic Tambourine: A Comprehensive Course in Techniques and Performance for the Tambourine, Tar, and Mazhar
041376: DONALDSON, ENID - The Real Taste of Jamaica
039976: CASANOVA, JACQUES-DONAT & ARMOUR LANDRY - America's French Heritage
041251: GAUDET, DONATIEN & DOLORES BREAU (SIGNED) - Dolores Breau: Portraits D'u Peuple / Portraits of a People
042453: VAN DER DONCK, ADRIAEN - A Description of the New Netherlands
039258: DONEGAN, ROSEMARY - Sudbury: Le Paysage Industriel a / the Industrial Landscape
040633: CUMMING, DONIGAN & PEGGY GALE - Lying Quiet
041258: DONNISON, JEAN - Midwives and Medical Men: A History of Inter-Professional Rivalries and Women's Rights
036275: O'DONOVAN, DONAL - God's Architect: A Life of Raymond Mcgrath
029566: DONSKOV, ANDREW (ED.) - Sergei Tolstoy and the Doukhobors: A Journey to Canada
029567: DONSKOV, ANDREW (ED.) - The Doukhobor Centenary in Canada: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective on Their Unity and Diversity
042047: DOOBIE - The Doobie Brothers: Minute by Minute
043873: DORGEUILLE, CLAUDE - The French Flute School, 1860 - 1950
038316: DORIN, PATRICK C. - Michigan-Ontario Iron Ore Railroads
041770: DORMAN, PETER F. - Th Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egypt and the Ancient East
033333: DOROW, SARA K. - Transnational Adoption: A Cultural Economy of Race, Gender, and Kinship
039298: DORPAT, PAUL - Seattle Now and Then. Volume Two (II)
039841: DOSTAL, WALTER - The Situation of the Indian in South America : Contributions to the Study of Inter-Ethnic Conflict in the Non-Andean Regions of South America
042417: DOUCET, ALAIN - La Litterature Orale de la Baie Sainte-Marie
038874: MACKEY, DOUG & PAUL - The Fossmill Story: Life in a Railway Lumbering Village on the Edge of Algonquin Park
038360: DOUGLAS, WILFRED H. - The Aboriginal Languages of South-West Australia (2nd Edition)
041403: DOUGLAS, ROBERT A. - That Line of Darkness, Vol. II: The Gothic from Lenin to Bin Laden
043893: DOUST, DAVID J. (SIGNED) - The Expert Witness
031958: DOVLO, FLORENCE E. - Cowpeas: Home Preparation and Use in West Africa
043516: DOYLE, ROBERT - Waisted Efforts: An Illustrated Guide to Corset Making
031952: DOYLE, BRIAN (SIGNED) - Mary Ann Alice
035523: DOYON, JACQUES - Le Concept D'Alienation Religieuse Dans Marx
043676: DRAEGER, DONN F. - Classical Hudo: The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan, Volume Two
043677: DRAEGER, DONN F. - Classical Bujutsu: The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan, Volume One
039662: DREGNI, MICHAEL (ED.) - This Old Corvette: The Ultimate Tribute to America's Sports Car
040288: GRIFFITH, R. DREW & BOBERT B. MARKS - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Agora: Ancient Greek and Roman Humour
036037: DREWITZ, INGEBORG (ED.) - The German Women's Movement: The Social Role of Women in the 19th Century and the Emancipation Movement in Germany
042119: DRIBEN, PAUL - Portrait of Humankind: An Introduction to Human Biology and Prehistoric Cultures
042936: DRINKWARER, MALCOLM (SIGNED) - Hill End Gold
031982: DROBAN, KERRIE - Running with the Devil: The True Story of the Atf's Infiltration of the Hells Angels
043914: DRURY, RICHARD - Vaclav Spala, 1885-1946: Selected Work from Czech Gallery Collections
040123: BANERJEE-DUBE, ISHITA - Themes in Indian History: Caste in History
040125: DUBIN, STEVEN C. - Bureaucratizing the Muse: Public Funds and the Cultural Worker
043844: DUBOIS, SARAH - 10 Femmes Et Ma Robe de Mariee / 10 Donne E IL Mio Abito Da Sposa
040342: DUBOIS, LAURENT - Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France
043079: DUBOWITZ, DAN - Wastelands: The Presence of Absence, 1 Ancoats Manchester United Kingdom 2003
039156: DUBREUIL, STEPHAN - Come Quick, Danger: A History of Marine Radio in Canada
033995: DUCHESNE, LAURIER - La Commission Scolaire de Chicoutimi (1860-1998)
042572: DUCHOSSOIR, A. R. - Gibson Electrics (from the Origins Up to 1961) : Volume 1
029343: DUE, JOHN F. - The Intercity Electric Railway Industry in Canada
013616: DUFF, WILSON - The Indian History of British Columbia: Volume 1, the Impact of the White Man
038678: DUFF, ROGER - The Moa-Hunter Period of Maori Culture
042954: DUFF, R. L. DUANE - Waskesiu: Canada's First Frigate
039356: DUFF, STEVEN - In the Land of the People Apart: Being the Journal of Jean-Pierre Dufour Among the Huron Indians, 1634-1650
036812: DUFFEK, KAREN - Robert Davidson: Au Seuil de L'Abstraction
042718: DUFFY, DENNIS - Gardens, Covenants, Exiles: Loyalism in the Literature of Upper Canada / Ontario
039275: DUFOUR, JEAN-FREDERIC (PREF.) - Zenith: Collection 2011 / 2012
041335: DUFOURCQ, M. NORBERT (ED.) - L'Orgue: Technique, Esthetique, Histoire. Juillet-Septembre 1960 (No. 95)
041336: DUFOURCQ, M. NORBERT (ED.) - L'Orgue: Technique, Esthetique, Histoire. Octobre-Decembre, 1960 (No. 96)
042468: DUGDALE, JOHN - Jaguar in America: The Continuing Story Into the 21st Century
028591: DUGUAY, RODOLPHE - Rodolphe Duguay, En Memoire, 1891-1991
039762: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulac's Fairy Book
039000: DUMAIS, RICHARD - Shawangunk Rock Climbing
016735: DUMAS, ANTOINE - A L'Enseigne D'Antan: Apercu Des Enseignes En Aux Xviie, Xviiie Et Xixe Siecles a Quebec Et a Montreal
035220: DUMAS, FRANCOIS-MARIE - Scooters Du Monde: 100 Ans D'Histoire
041747: DUMONT, FERNAND - Genese de la Societe Quebecoise
041503: DUNCAN, BRETT - Lead Guitar Lics (with Cd)
042577: DUNCAN, GEORGE W. J. - Thoreau Macdonald's Sketches of Rural Ontario
041433: DUNCAN, KIRSTY - Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist's Search for a Killer Virus
039323: DUNCAN, KIRSTY (SIGNED) - Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist's Search for a Killer Virus
043083: DUNFORD, FRASER - Municipal Records in Ontario: History and Guide
043876: NGO, DUNG & ERIC PFEIFFER - Bent Ply: The Art of Plywood Furniture
024632: DUNGAN, MYLES - Distant Drums: Irish Soldiers in Foreign Armies
042801: DUNMORE, JOHN - Storms and Dreams: The Life of Louis de Bougainville
042867: DUNN, LINWOOD G. - The Asc Treasury of Visual Effects
043860: DUNNIGAN, BRIAN LEIGH - The British Army at Mackinac, 1812-1815
043861: DUNNIGAN, BRIAN LEIGH - King's Men at Mackinac: The British Garrisons, 1780-1796
043818: DUNNING, JOHN - Your Not Dead Until You'Re Forgotten
037112: DUNNINGTON, ANGUS - The Chigorin Queen's Gambit
042411: DUNSTERVILLE, GALFRID C. K. - Las Orquideas de Venezuela
019728: DUPRE, LONNIE - Greenland Expedition: Where Ice Is Born
041711: DURANT, JOHN - Darwin and Divinity
039414: DURDEN, ROBERT F. - The Dukes of Durham, 1865-1929
031851: DUROV, V. A. - The Orders of Russia
040519: DUSSAULT, GABRIEL - Le Cure Labelle: Messianisme, Utopie Et Colonisation Au Quebec, 1850-1900
036976: DUTEURTRE, VINCENT - Le Havre: En Pleine Lumiere
043686: DUTKIEWICZ, ADAM - A Matter of Mind: An Introduction to the Art of Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz (1919-1999)
030155: DUTTA, SHIBU - The Heritage of Reid
042496: DUVAL, PAUL - Canadian Impressionism
038238: DUVAL, PAUL - The Tangled Garden: The Art of J.E. H. Macdonald
031372: DUVET, JEAN - L'Apocalypse Figuree
040427: YOAKAM, DWIGHT & CAROL CUELLAR - The Complete Dwight Yoakam Songbook: Piano/Vocal/Chords
034672: DWORSKY, ALAN - How to Play Djembe: West African Rhythms for Beginners
038391: DYCK, SANDRA (ED.) - Sanattiaqsimajut: Inuit Art from the Carleton University Art Gallery Collection
042072: DYDO, KRZYSZTOF - Cata Ta Muzyka. Polski Plakat Muzyczny. 1899-2012 / All That Music. Polish Music Posters
037981: DYLAN, BOB - Shot of Love (Songbook)
026162: DYLAN, BOB - The Times They Are a Changin (Words and Music)
038011: DYLAN, BOB - Bob Dylan: Street Legal (Songbook)
043228: FITZGERALD, MARGARET E. & JOSEPH A. KING - The Uncounted Irish in Canada and the United States
041253: GREEN, NANCY E. & JESSIE POESCH - Arthur Wesley Dow and American Arts & Crafts
035716: KIRKMAN, VALERIE E. & HERVE GAGNON - Louis-Francois-George Baby: Un Bourgeois Canadien-Francais Du 19e Siecle (1832-1906)
040278: POZZETTA, GEORGE E. & BRUNO RAMIREZ (EDS.) - The Italian Diaspora: Migration Across the Globe
039883: YI'E, WANG - Taoism in China
039432: HANGA, UKIYO-E & HAROLD P. STERN - Master Prints of Japan
037370: EADIE, JAMES A. (ED.) - Historical Glimpses of Lennox and Addington County
009043: EAGLES - Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975
028194: EARLE, EDWARD W. - Points of View: The Stereograph in America - a Cultural History
028542: EARLE, W. H. (FWD.) - DR. J. OLDS, ET AL - Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital, Twillingate, Newfoundland: 50 Years in the Life of Our Hospital, 1924-1974
037118: EASTON, SUSAN M. - The Problem of Pornography: Regulation and the Right to Free Speech
039471: EATON, GEORGE T. - Conservation of Photographs
031392: EBER, DOROTHY - Cape Dorset Print Collection - Collections de Gravures de Cape Dorset 1970
042217: EBON, MARTIN - Exorcism Past and Present
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036239: ELIAS, MEGAN J. - Stir It Up: Home Economics in American Culture
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041046: ELLEMAN, BARBARA - Tomie Depaola: His Art & His Stories
042584: ELLIOTT, JOHN - The Industrial Development of the Ebbw Valleys, 1780-1914
041836: ELLIOTT, DAVID - Thailand: Origins of Military Rule
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031370: ERTE (SIGNED) - Erte's Costumes and Sets for Der Rosenkavalier in Full Color (Signed)
035037: ERTE - Erte: Exhibition & Sale
039536: ERTE - Erte Fashions
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041266: ETHELL, JEFFREY L. - P-38 Lightning
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043616: HAEFELI, EVAN & KEVIN SWEENEY - Captors and Captives: The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield
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029964: EVANS, PETER (COMP.) - The Who Rock Score
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034978: EVANS, PATRICK M. O. - A Tale of Two Chelseas
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039205: EVANS, BILL - Bill Evans 3
043141: EVANS, MARY LOU (ED.) - Mississauga's Heritage: The Formative Years, 1798-1879
040594: EVANS, DONALD - Spirituality and Human Nature
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039936: FALKENRATH, RICHARD A. - America's Achilles' Heel: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism and Covert Attack
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040051: FAMULARO, DOM (SIGNED) - It's Your Move: Motions and Emotions
040052: FAMULARO, DOM (SIGNED) - It's Your Move: Motions and Emotions
039117: FANCHER, DIANA (ED.) - The Leader & Recorder's History of the Junction
042824: JA'FAR, MUSTAFA - Arabic Calligraphy: Naskh Script for Beginners
042765: FARLEY, JOHN - Bilharzia: A History of Imperial Tropical Medicine
040952: FAROOK, LATHEEF - Nobody's People: The Forgotten Plight of Sri Lanka's Muslims
040323: FARRELL, PATRICK - Through the Light Hole: A Saga of Adirondack Mines and Men
042624: O'FARRELL, PATRICK - The Irish in Australia
029137: FARSI, S. S. - Swahili Sayings from Zanzibar, 2, Riddles and Superstitions
028611: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Mansion
040150: FAUX, PETER J. - The House That Grew: Peel Memorial Hospital
039098: FAVATA, IGNAZIA - Joe Colombo and Italian Design of the Sixties
043249: FAVATA, IGNAZIA - Joe Colombo and Italian Design of the Sixties
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027446: FEDOTOV, S. A.; O. M. VANUKOVA (EDS.) - Active Volcanoes of Kamchatka (2 Volume Set)
035368: FEDOTOV, GEORGE P. - St. Filipp Metropolitan of Moscow - Encounter with Ivan the Terrible
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033263: FEICHTLBAUER, HUBERT - Forced Labor in Austria, 1938-1945
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038363: FELDBRUGGE, F. J. M. - Samizdat and Political Dissent in the Soviet Union
030361: FELS, GEORGE - Matchplay Pool
011602: FERGUSON, HOWARD - Keyboard Interpretation from the 14th to the 19th Century
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034332: FERNANDO, SHANTI - Race and the City: Chinese Canadian and Chinese American Political Mobilization
040653: DE HARO, FERNANDO & OMAR FUENTES - Interiores Mexicanos: Expresion Y Funcionalidad / Expression and Functionality
040580: FERRARA, LUIGI (ED.) - Canada Innovates: Sustainable Building
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043755: FERRE, FELIPE - Paris Architecture Contemporaine, 1955-1995, No. 2
043756: FERRE, FELIPE - Paris Architecture Contemporaine 1955-1995, No. 1
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043286: FETHERLING, GEORGE - The Gentle Anarchist: A Life of George Woodcock
041687: MILLER, ROBIN FEUER & DONNA TUSSING ORWIN (EDS.) - Tolstoy and the Genesis of War and Peace
043458: FEWSTER, KEVIN (ED.) - Gallipoli Correspondent: The Frontline Diary of C.E. W. Bean
028654: FEWSTER, ERNEST P. - My Garden Dreams
037894: FFRENCH, PATRICK - After Bataille: Sacrifice, Exposure, Community
042537: FICHERA, GIUSEPPE - Montegrappa 1912
043763: FICK, CAROLYN E. - The Making of Haiti: The Saint Domingue Revolution from Below
043186: FIDLON, DAVID (TRANS.) - Soviet Volunteers in China, 1925-1945: Articles and Reminiscences
039571: FIELD, DOROTHY - Paper and Threshold: The Paradoxes of Spiritual Connection in Asian Cultures
042004: FIELDING, RAYMOND - The American Newsreel, 1911-1967
040993: FILBY, JAMES - Credit Valley Railway "the Third Giant"
039969: FILEY, MIKE - Passengers Must Not Ride on Fenders, a Fond Look at Toronto: Its People, Its Places, Its Streetcars
039973: FILEY, MIKE - A Toronto Album 2: More Glimpses of the City That Was
041041: FILEY, MIKE - Look at Us Now
043062: FILEY, MIKE - Wish You Were Here: Great Postcards of Early Toronto
027295: FILEY, MIKE - Not a One Horse Town: 125 Years of Toronto and Its Streetcars
017587: FILEY, MICHAEL - I Remember Sunnyside: The Rise & Fall of a Magical Era
039674: FILEY, MIKE - Trillium and Toronto Island
043498: FILION, ROBERT - Raynald Leclerc: Au Coeur Du Vieux-Quebec
041126: FILLEY, BRIAN - Junkers Ju 88 in Action, Part 2
034333: VON FINCKENSTEIN, MARIA - Nuvisavik: La Ou Nous Tissons
035568: VON FINCKENSTEIN, MARIA - Nuvisavik: The Place Where We Weave
041004: FINDON, JOANNE - A Woman's Words: Emer and Female Speech in the Ulster Cycle
038262: FINE, BEN - The World of Consumption
040657: FINKEL, ALVIN - Working People in Alberta: A History
041225: FINKELSTEIN, BERNIE - True North: A Life in the Music Business
027905: FINLAYSON, R. W. - Portneuf Pottery and Other Early Wares
012981: FINLEY, GREGG - On Earth As It Is in Heaven: Gothic Revival Churches of Victorian New Brunswick
039374: FINLEY, GERALD - George Heriot: Painter of the Canadas / Peintre Des Deux Canadas
043156: FINN, JULIO - The Bluesman: The Musical Heritage of Black Men and Women in the Americas
036122: FINNEGAN, TERRENCE J. (COLONEL) - Shooting the Front: Allied Aerial Reconnaissance and Photographic Interpretation on the Western Front - World War I
043372: FINNEY, BEN R. - Interstellar Migration and the Human Experience
011440: FINNIGAN, JOAN - Old Scores, New Goals: The Story of the Ottawa Senators
022526: FINNIGAN, JOAN (SIGNED) - Old Scores, New Goals: The Story of the Ottawa Senators
043329: FIRTH, EDITH G. - Toronto in Art: 150 Years Through Artists' Eyes
039172: FISCHER, BARBARA (CURATOR) SUSAN HARRISON (ED.) - Spilled Edge, Soft Corners
039628: FISCHER, BARBARA - Decalog: Yyz, 1979-1989
031188: FISCHLER, STAN - Next Stop Grand Central: A Trip Through Time on New York's Metropolitan Area Commuter Railroads
043846: FISCHLIN, DANIEL - Rebel Musics: Human Rights, Resistant Sounds, and the Politics of Music Making
040630: FISHER, MILES MARK - Negro Slave Songs in the United States
033634: FISHER, RICHARD B. - Syrie Maugham
037445: FISHER, SIDNEY THOMSON - The Merchant-Millers of the Humber Valley: A Study of the Early Economy of Canada
040386: FISHER, SIDNEY THOMSON - The Merchant-Millers of the Humber Valley: A Study of the Early Economy of Canada
042316: FITZGERALD, DORIS M. - Thornhill, 1793-1963: The History of an Ontario Village
043601: FITZGERALD, JANET EWART - John Ewart, Architect for a New World: Upper Canada's First Architect in York and London
026842: FITZGERALD, JACK (SIGNED) - A Day at the Races: The St. John's Regatta Story
027012: FITZGERALD, OWEN - Cape Breton, a Changing Scene: A Collection of Cape Breton Photographs - 1860 - 1935
041081: FIZ, ALBERTO (ED.) - La Via Della Seta Shafik
041086: ROCCHI, FR. FLAMINIO & FR. MARCO BAGNAROL (TRANS.) - The Exodus of the 350 Thousand Giulians, Fiumians and Dalmatians
043609: FLANAGAN, COLM - Diesel Dawn: Ireland's Contribution to the Development of the Dmu, 1931-1967
039270: FLANAGAN, ROBERT (SIGNED) - Twelve Poems
043910: FLANAGAN, TOM - Beyond the Indian Act: Restoring Aboriginal Property Rights.
034412: FLECHE, ANNE - Mimetic Disillusion: Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, and U.S. Dramatic Realism
043793: FLEISCHMANN, ELLEN L. - The Nation and Its "New" Women: The Palestinian Women's Movement, 1920-1948
040261: FLEMING, R. B. - General Stores of Canada: Merchants and Memories
043178: FLEMING, PATRICIA (ED.) - Traditions in Wood: A History of Wildfowl Decoys in Canada
040115: FLESCH, CARL - Die Kunst Des Violinspiels, II. Band: Kunstlerische Gestaltung Und Unterricht
037889: FLETCHER, KATHARINE - Promenades Historiques Dans le Parc de la Gatineau
040156: FLETCHER, RON (SIGNED) - The Humber: Tales of a Canadian Heritage River
039967: FLINT, BRIAN - Suffolk Windmills
041074: FLOOD, ELIZABETH CLAIR - Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West
042369: FLORA, PAUL - Hungerburger Elegien: Zeichnungen 1943-1975
040458: FLORENCE, GENE - Glass Candlesticks of the Depression Era: Identification and Value Guide
033750: DEFENDI, ROBERT J.; B. D. FLORY ET AL - Spycraft: The 1960s Decade Book
040690: FLOWERS, CLAUDE - New Order + Joy Division: Dreams Never End
041359: PINK FLOYD - Is There Anybody out There? the Wall Live, Pink Floyd 1980-81
043450: O'FLYNN, JOHN - The History of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Canada
039023: FOISY, RICHARD - L'Arche: Un Atelier D'Artistes Dans le Vieux-Montreal
037583: FOLSTER, DAVID - Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate
030162: FONTAINE, FERNANAD - Traite Pratique Du Rythme Mesure
042777: FONTANA, BERNARD L. - The Material World of the Tarahumara
021476: FOOTE, HAZEL (SIGNED) - The Homes of Woodville
042332: FORBES, GERALDINE - Women in Modern India
040402: FORDE, HELEN - Domesday Preserved
039696: FOREMAN, MICHELE - Flavours of a Region, Eastern Townships
036148: FOREMAN, MICHELE - Savour Quebec: Regional Bounty
041192: FORNACIARI, ADELMO - Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari: Music Per Viole... Altro Organi D'Amore (Songbook)
043140: FORRESTER, GEORGE; MARTYN HANSON, FRANK ASKEW - Emerson, Lake & Palmer: The Show That Never Ends. A Musical Biography
043509: FORSANG, HANS-OLAV - Hans-Olav Forsang, Fotografier, 1967-1997
039222: FORSYTH, RENEE - Memories of Dunoon & Cowal
039187: FORSYTH, IAN K. - A Goodly Heritage: Memories of North End Dartmouth, Early 1900s
040228: FORT, ILENE SUSAN - Childe Hassam's New York
036434: FOSTER, CHARLES - Donald Brian: The King of Broadway
037521: FOSTER, DAVID WILLIAM - Mexico City in Contemporary Mexican Cinema
029297: FOSTER, MARGERY SOMERS - Out of Smalle Beginnings: An Economic History History of Harvard College in the Puritan Period
040059: FOSTER, VANDA - A Visual History of Costume: The Nineteenth Century
039425: FOSTER, J. A. - Sea Wings: A Pictorial History of Canada's Waterborne Defence Aircraft
043061: FOURNIER, MARCEL - Rawdon: 175 Ans D'Histoire (English Version Summary Included}
040279: FOWDEN, GARTH - Empire to Commonwealth: Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity
037084: FOWKE, EDITH - Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods
039455: FOWKE, EDITH - Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods
039932: FOX, AUSTIN M. (ED.) - Erie County's Architectural Legacy
038751: FOX, HOWARD N. - A Primal Spirit: Ten Contemporary Japanese Sculptors
042065: IRLBACHER-FOX, STEPHANIE - Finding Dahshaa: Self-Government, Social Suffering, Znd Aboriginal Policy in Canada
039295: FRALEIGH, SONDRA HORTON (ED.) - Researching Dance: Evolving Modes of Inquiry
038844: FRALEY, MAURICE - Introduction to the Carousel: A Personal View of Carousel Art
042181: HOFFMAN, FRANCES & RYAN TAYLOR - Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850
032838: HOFFMAN, FRANCES & RYAN TAYLOR - Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences 1820-1850
040271: DEVLIN, JOYCE FRANCES & CATHERINE SINCLAIR - Joyce Frances Devlin: So Much Beauty - Tant de Beaute
043225: FRANCIS, MARK (ED.) - The Warhol Look: Glamour, Style, Fashion
041441: FRANCK, HELMUT - Jugendstil - Exlibris
042847: FRANCK, FREDERICK - The Book of Angelus Silesius, with Observations by the Ancient Zen Masters
038188: LE CORBUSIER; FRANCOISE DE FRANCLIEU - Le Corbusier Sketchbooks: Volume 4, 1957-1964
039959: DI FRANCO, J. PHILIP - The Movie World of Roger Corman
041858: BAUDOT, FRANCOIS & JEAN DEMACHY - Elle Style: The 1980s
035334: DORNIER, FRANCOIS ET MARIE-CLAUDE JOUBERT - Soldats de la Cote . Le Fusiliers Du St-Laurent: D'Hier a Aujourd'Hui
037610: BURTZ, FRANCOISE & JACQUES BERNARD - Francoise Burtz: L'Evangile de Noel
040787: FRANITS, WAYNE E. - Paragons of Virtue: Women and Domesticity in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art
039140: FRANK, STUART M. - Herman Melville's Picture Gallery: Sources and Types of the "Pictorial" Chapters of Moby-Dick
040525: GOLDMANN, FRANK & KLAUS HILTSCHER - The Gimmix Book of Records: An Almanac of Unusal Records, Sleeves and Picture Discs.
037098: PROTHERO, FRANK & NANCY - How Sweet It Was: Fifty Years at the Stork Club (Port Stanley, Ontario)
042027: FRANKEL, CHARLES - Volcanoes of the Solar System
042521: FRASER, KENNEDY - The Fashionable Mind: Reflections on Fashion, 1970-1982
040729: FRASER, JAMES - The American Billboard: 100 Years
043397: FRASER, HUGH (SIGNED) - 65 Jazz Compositions
034521: FRASER, DONALD A. (SIGNED) - Live to Look Again: Memoirs of a Canadian Pilot with the Raf During Ww II
029935: KENNEDY-FRASER, MARJORY - To Marjory Kennedy-Fraser and Her Songs of the Hebrides, Our Cordial Tributes
033288: WEBSTER, FRED AND MARIE S. - The Road to El Cielo: Mexico's Forest in the Clouds
042605: FREDLI, LUKAS - Repairing the Panzers: German Tank Maintenance in World War 2. Volume 2
040924: FREEDMAN, ADELE (SIGNED) - Sight Lines: Looking at Architecture and Design in Canada
039145: FREEMAN, ROGER A. - 56th Fighter Group (Osprey Aviation Elite - 2)
043281: FREEMAN, DAVID J. - Canadian Warship Names
036782: FRENCH, GOLDWIN - Parsons & Politics: The Role of the Wesleyan Methodists in Upper Canada and the Maritimes from 1780 to 1855
040171: FRENCH, ORLAND (ED.) - Heritage Atlas of Hastings County
039522: FRETZ, J. WINFIELD - The Waterloo Mennonites: A Community in Paradox
040977: FREUNDLICH, AUGUST L. - William Gropper: Retrospective. An Exhibition Catalogue
040558: FREY, R. G. - Rights, Killing, and Suffering: Moral Vegetaranism and Applied Ethics
043055: FRIEDMAN, AVI - Planning the New Suburbia: Flexibility by Design
040145: FRIES, SYLVIA DOUGHTY - The Urban Idea in Colonial America
040573: FRITH, KATHERINE TOLAND - Undressing the Ad: Reading Culture in Advertising
039442: FRITSCHER, JACK - Maplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera
040789: SENN, FRITZ & CHRISTINE O'NEILL (ED.) - Inductive Scrutinies: Focus on Joyce
039307: SCUOLA MOSAICISTI DEL FRIULI - Scuola Mosaicisti Del Friuli: Architecture & Mosaic / Mosaico & Mosaic
038682: FROST, ALAN - Sir Joseph Banks and the Transfer of Plants to and from the South Pacific, 1786-1798
007023: FROST, C. SYDNEY - Once a Patricia (Memoirs of a Junior Infantry Officer in World War II)
033611: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Allan Maclean, Jacobite General: The Life of an Eighteenth Century Career Soldier
035142: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - King's Men: The Soldier Founders of Ontario
039387: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK - Elizabeth Postuma Simcoe, 1762-1850: A Biography
036917: FULFORD, ROBERT - Mashel Teitelbaum: A Retrospective
036132: VAN FULPEN, HAR - Souvenirs Des Beatles
037666: FULTON, HILARY J. M. - The Melting Snowman: The Canadian Indian Residence As a Place for Children to Live and Grow
030392: FURUKAWA, SHOSAKU - Kiseto and Setoguro (Famous Ceramics of Japan 10)
036274: DE FUSCO, RENATO - Le Corbusier, Designer: Furniture, 1929
038712: FUTAGAWA, YUKIO - Ga Architect 8: Tadao Ando
040796: ELSON, LINDA G. & ALAN PONIKVAR (ED.) - Paradox Lost: A Cross-Contextual Definition of Levels of Abstraction
040610: KALLIGAS, ALEXANDROS G. & HARIS A. - Monemvasia (Greek Traditional Architecture)
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038128: GABOURY, PLACIDE; LEONARD - Le Chant D'Une Vie
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023482: GERVAIS, C. H. - The Rumrunners: A Prohibition Scrapbook Revised and Expanded)
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030076: GINN, VICTORIA - Freedom's Edge
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034183: GODBOUT, JACQUES - Auto Biographie
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043839: GOODMAN, SUSAN - Gertrude Bell
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042918: GOODWIN, ANDREW - Dancing in the Distraction Factory: Music Television and Popular Culture
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043232: GOPAL, SHARDA - Step - by - Step Indian Cooking
039465: GORDIN, JEREMY - Zuma: A Biography
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027414: GORDON, DAVID A. - The Stretcher Bearers
039146: GORDON, JAMES; JACK COOPER (ED.) - James Gordon: Pipe Street Songbook
043544: GOREN, ORNA - Traditionelle Handwerksformen Der Beduinen in Israel Und IM Sinai / L'Artisanat Traditionnel Des Bedouins D'Israel Et Du Sinai
039573: GOSSAGE, CAROLYN M. - Forgotten Graces: Travel Sketchbooks of a Victorian Gentlewoman
040092: GOSSELIN, HEATHER - The Urban Outback - Wetlands for Wildlife: A Guide to Wetland Restoration and Frog-Friendly Backyards
041757: GOSSETT, CHARMAINE B. - Captain Tom Ryman: His Life and Legacy
025633: GOUGH, BARRY M. - The Northwest Coast: British Navigation, Trade, and Discoveries to 1812
031150: GOUGH, BARRY - New Dimensions in Ethnohistory
042511: GOUGH, BARRY M. - Hmcs Haida: Battle Ensign Flying
043477: GOULD, GLENN (INTRO.) - Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Volume 1
040101: GOULD, RICHARD A. - Archaeology and the Social History of Ships
026916: GOULDING, JEANNE H. - Fanny Osborne's Flower Paintings
034859: GOURDON, XAVIER - Les Maths En Tete, Mathematiques Pour M' - Analyse
041885: GOURNAY, ISABELLE - Montreal Metropolis, 1880-1930
036935: GOURNAY, ISABELLE - Montreal Metropole 1880 - 1930
042810: GOVE, BILL - Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks
040435: GOWANS, ALAN - The Comfortable House: North American Suburban Architecture, 1890-1930
038907: GRABAR, OLEG - The Mediation of Ornament: The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1989
039842: GRAFF, TERRY - Hot Pop Soup: Neo-Pop Trends in Contemporary New Brunswick Art
043366: GRAHAM, STEPHEN (ED.) - The Cybercities Reader
043485: GRAHAM, ERIC J. - A Maritime History of Scotland, 1650-1790
043672: GRAHAM, ROBERT J. DR. - Pioneer Inns of Ontario, Volume 1: Head of the Lake & Niagara
043184: GRAHAM, W. H. - Greenbank: Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario
018808: GRAHAM, GORDON G. - Suffering from a Want of Communication: A History of Transportation in Pontiac County (Quebec)
041265: GRAHAM, ESTHER E. - One Hundred Years Along the Upper Grand, 1881-1981: A History of East Luther Township
041145: GRAHAM, GERALD G. - Canadian Film Technology, 1896-1986
040300: GRAHAM, BRIAN - In Search of Ireland: A Cultural Geography
035161: GRAINGER, PERCY - Percy Grainger: Piano Album (a Grainger Centennial Edition)
043585: YEATS, GRAINNE & EDWARD BUNTING - The Harp of Ireland: The Belfast Harpers' Festival, 1792 and the Saving of Ireland's Harp Music
040339: GRANACKI, VICTORIA - Chicago's Polish Downtown (Images of America)
042445: GRANATELLI, ANTHONY (ANDY) - They Call Me Mister 500
040373: CSELENYI-GRANCH, LADISLAV - Under the Sign of the Big Fiddle: The R.S. Williams Family, Manufacturers and Collectors of Musical Instruments
036945: GRANGE, ROGER T. - Fosses Des Fortifications Originales de I'Ile Aux Noix, Quebec (2 Volumes, 18a & 18b)
043054: TIGNER, GRANT (SIGNED) & DANIEL TIGNER (TEXT) - The Art of / L'Art de Grant Tigner
038924: GRANT, COLIN - Myths We Live by
037378: GRANT, R. C. M. - The Story of Martinville: A Pioneer Village
039327: GRANT, SHELAGH D. - Arctic Justice: On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923
043890: GRATTAN, PATRICIA - The Power of Place: St. Michael's Printshop and 30 Years of Printmaking in Newfoundland
043848: GRAVAGNUOLO, BENEDETTO - Adolf Loos: Theory and Works
042303: GRAVEL, CLAUDE - La Feministe En Robe Noire: Mere Sainte-Anne-Marie
039815: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Red Coats & Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814
040428: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813
011926: GRAVES, ROBERT - Over the Brazier: The Manuscripts
011920: GRAVES, ROBERT - Over the Brazier
034269: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Nova Scotia Military History: A Resource Guide
034373: GRAVES, DONALD E. - The Human Remains of the Battle of Chippawa, 5 July, 1814: A Preliminary Historical Investigation
042102: GRAVES, DONALD E. - In Peril on the Sea: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle of the Atlantic
040135: GRAVETT, CHRISTOPHER - Towton 1461: England's Bloodiest Battle
041594: GRAY, ANN - Video Playtime: The Gendering of a Leisure Technology
040091: GRAY, WILLIAM M. - 150 Years in the Field: Toronto and North York Hunt 1843-1993
019485: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - House Guests: The Grange 1817 to Today
035833: GRAY, JENNIE - Return to Stony Valley
043733: GRAYSON, L. M. - Paddles & Wheels: Everyday Life and Travel in Canada
043648: GRAYSON, PEGGY - A History of the Cocker Spaniel
041114: GREEN, GAVIN HAMILTON - The Old Log School
043309: GREEN, LEN - Hertford's Past in Pictures
043272: GREEN, H. GORDON - The Silver Dart: The Story of J.A. D. Mccurdy, Canada's First Pilot and the First Airplane Flight in the British Empire
039799: GREEN, ELIZABETH A. H. - The Conductor and His Score
039048: GREENBERG, CARA - Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s
040959: GREENE, KEVIN - Roman Pottery (Interpreting the Past)
043084: GREENE, JOHN CARRICK - Bridging Atlantic Waters: A Commercial and Genealogical History: The Henleys of Devon and Newfoundland and Labrador , 1536-2008
035304: GREENFIELD, NATHAN M. - The Battle of the St. Lawrence: The Second World War in Canada
030921: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - The Crucible of War, 1939-1945: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Volume III
038893: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - C Force to Hong Kong: A Canadian Catastrophe, 1941-1945
036502: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - Dieppe, Dieppe
029731: GREER, ALLAN - Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
043796: GREER, ALLAN - The People of New France
040256: ALLMAN, GREGG & ALAN LIGHT - My Cross to Bear (Proof)
018045: GREINER, ALYSON L. - Anglo-Celtic Australia: Colonial Immigration and Cultural Regionalism
034660: GRENIER, FERNAND - De Ker-Is a Quebec: Legendes de France Et de Nouvelle-France
043049: GRENVILLE, BRUCE (ED..) - The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Cultue
039557: GRESS, JESSE (TRANS.) - Blue Heaven: Great Blues Guitar (Recorded Versions Guitar)
041482: GRETTON, SIR PETER - Former Naval Person: Winston Churchill and the Royal Navy
039346: GREY, MICHAEL - Music for Everyone: The Fifth Collection of Tunes for the Highland Bagpipe
039454: GRIBBON, MICHAEL J. - Walter J. Phillips: A Selection of His Works and Thoughts / Un Choix de Son Oeuvre Et de Ses Reflexions
040226: GRIFFIN, LEONARD - Clarice Cliff: The Bizarre Affair
040560: GRIFFIN, NEIL - Mel Bay's Deluxe Bluegrass Banjo Method
043159: GRIGOR, IAIN FRASER - Mightier Than a Lord: The Highland Crofters' Struggle for the Land
036991: GRIGORESCU, DAN - Brancusi Et Son Siecle
043383: GRISDALE, PETE J. - My Life on the Moon River: The Silent Nighthawks of the 14th Fields Company of the R.C. E. 1st Division
034647: GROBLER, JACKIE - A Decisive Clash? a Short History of Black Protest Politics in South Africa 1875-1976
041708: GROHOVAZ, GIANNI ANGELO (ED.) - The First Half Century / IL Primo Mezzo Secolo. 1932-1982
040748: GROMPI, MARCO - David Crosby: La Storia, le Interviste, I Testi Di Tutte le Canzoni, la Discografia Completa
040084: GROS, CHRISTIAN - Colombia Indigena: Identidad Cultural Y Cambio Social
040085: GROS, CHRISTIAN - Politicas de la Etnicidad: Identidad, Estado Y Modernidad
039049: GROSS, DAVID C. - Teach Yourself Fretless Bass
041020: GROSSMAN, EDITH - The Antipoetry of Nicanor Parra
015409: PONTIAC HERITAGE GROUP - Architectural Heritage of the Pontiac
040521: GROVE, ERIC J. - Vanguard to Trident: British Naval Policy Since World War II
031983: GROVE, ERIC J. - The Price of Disobedience: The Battle of the River Plate Reconsidered
042878: GROVER, KATHRYN - Hard at Play: Leisure in America, 1840-1940
029235: GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON - A.Y. Jackson, Dessins: Un Ete Au Quebec En 1925
031681: GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON (TRANS.) - Fulfilled Moments on a Higher Plane from the German of Ernst Barlach Gluecksmente IM Hoeheren Reich
041523: GRUBER, L. FRITZ (FWD.) - Man Ray, 1890-1976
043673: GRUBISIC, VINKO - Elementary Croation 1
042258: GRUEN, JOHN - The Party's over Now: Reminiscences of the Fifties - New York's Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Their Friends
042235: GRUZINSKI, SERGE - Images at War: Mexico from Columbus to Blade Runner (1492-2019)
031979: GRYGIER, PAT SANDIFORD - A Long Way from Home: The Tuberculosis Epidemic Among the Inuit
037781: GUALTIERI, ANTONIO (SIGNED) - The Ahmadis: Community, Gender, and Politics in a Muslim Society
032195: GUDGEON, CHRIS - An Unfinished Conversation: The Life and Music of Stan Rogers
043486: GUEGAN, YANNICK - Imitation Des Bois
043442: GUERNSEY, BETTY (SIGNED) - Nakash
027034: GUERRAND, ROGER-HENRI - Henri Sellier, Urbaniste Et Reformateur Social
043921: GUERTIN, MARCELLE - De la Lecture a L'Audition D'Un Texte Musical
041712: GUFELD, EDUARD - Bobby Fischer: From Chess Genius to Legend
042729: GUILBAUT, SERGE - How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art: Abstract Expressionism, Freedom, and the Cold War
038655: GUITARD, NICHOLAS - Waterfalls of New Brunswick
042993: GULERSOY, CELIK - The Ceragan Palaces
042292: SCHMITT, GUNTER & CHARLES SCURRELL (TRANS.) - Junkers: Bildatlas Aller Flugzeugtypen / Pictorial Record of All Aircraft
040803: KOCH, GUNTRAM & KAROL WIGHT - Roman Funerary Sculpture: Catalogue of the Collections
043306: GUOMUNDSSON, ARI TRAUSTI (SIGNED) - Volcanoes in Iceland: 10,000 Years of Volcanic History
041766: GUSLER, WALLACE B. - Furniture of Williamsburg and Eastern Virginia, 1710-1790
039638: GUSMAN, JILL - Vegetables from the Sea: Everyday Cooking with Sea Greens
037966: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Sift in an Hourglass
009282: GUSTAFSON, JON - Chroma: The Art of Alex Schomburg
038858: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (SIGNED) - Corners in the Glass
038777: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (SIGNED) - Nine Poems
038776: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (SIGNED) - Soviet Poems. Sept. 13 to Oct. 5, 1976
038775: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (SIGNED) - Ixion's Wheel
039619: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (SIGNED) - Sift in an Hourglass
043779: GUTCHEON, JEFF - Teach Yourself Rock Piano
038384: GUTHRIE, JOHN - Bizarre Ships of the Nineteenth Century
040900: GUTIERREZ, COSME D. CUBA - Machupicchu in Inka History
020344: GUTTERIDGE, ROBERT W. (SIGNED) - Magic Moments: First 20 Years of Moving Pictures in Toronto (1894-1914)
034961: GWIN, MINROSE C. - The Woman in the Red Dress: Gender, Space, and Reading
043569: GWYNN, ROBIN D. - Huguenot Heritage: The History and Contribution of the Huguenots in Britain
043503: MUNSELL, ALBERT H. & FABER BIRREN (ED.) - A Grammar of Color: A Basic Treatise on the Color System of Albert H. Munsell
043761: PURSLEY. LOUIS H. - The Toronto Trolley Car Story, 1921-1962: Interurbans Special 29
040817: MALCOLM, ANDREW H. & THEOREN FLEURY (SIGNED) - Fury: Inside the Life of Theoren Fleury
042305: VERNON, J.A.H. & S.E.H. - Ladywood, 1892-1992
034363: FIELD, MALCOLM H. & JAMES FEGAN - Education Across Borders: Philosophy, Policy, Pedagogy, New Paradigms and Challenges
042379: HAAS, CHRISTOPHER - Alexandria in Late Antiquity: Topography and Social Conflict
039971: HABERFELD, TILL - Gwyneth Jones (Signed)
042822: HADDAD, YVONNE YAZBECK (ED.) - Muslim Communities in North America
034938: HADDAD, YVONNE YAZBECK (ED.) - Muslims in the West: From Sojourners to Citizens
039217: HAESTIE, ELIZABETH - Ferries & Ferrymen in Alberta
040898: HAFNER, KATIE - A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano
038601: HAFNER, DORINDA - A Taste of Africa: With over 100 Traditional African Recipes Adapted for the Modern Cook
041050: VON HAGEN, GUNTHER - Gunteher Von Hagens' Body Worlds: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies
031831: HAGENEY, WOLFGANG - Design & Light: Three-Dimensional Color Effects and Pattern in Abstract Design
041000: HAGHIGHI, EBRAHIM - Calligraphic Paintings
040240: HAGOPIAN, HRAVARD - Miniatures of Artsakh-Utik, XIII - XIV CC.
032703: HAILS, JOHN - Of Mice and Men: A History of Personal Computing
039603: HAINES, MAX (SIGNED) - The Collected Works of Max Haines (Volume 1, 1977-1982)
042299: HALFIN, ROSS - Iron Maiden: What Are We Doing This for, a Photographic History
040244: HALIFAX - Halifax and Its People, 1749-1999: Images from Nova Scotia Archive and Record Management
032978: JELETZKY, HALINA & BARBARA SIBBALD - Faces and Facades: The Renfrew Architecture of Edey and Noffke
041644: HALL, ROGER - A Century to Celibrate / Un Centenaire a Feter, 1893-1993
013892: HALL, FREDERICK A. - Songs 1 to English Texts/Chansons 1 Sur Des Textes Anglais, Volume 3
042464: HALLENDY, NOTMAN - Tukiliit: The Stone People Who Live in the Wind
042735: HALLER, MARGARET - The Book Collector's Fact Book
034601: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Action Stations 4. Military Airfields of Yorkshire
034610: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Action Stations 2. Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands
043638: HALPERN, MONDA - And on That Farm He Had a Wife: Ontario Farm Women and Feminism, 1900-1970
042199: HAMILTON, ANTHONY - Hamilton's Campaign with Moore and Wellington During the Peninsular War
043253: HAMILTON, WILLIAM B. - Place Names of Atlantic Canada
030521: HAMLIN, P. E. (TRANS) - Rosary Cemetery: Monumntal Inscriptions 1819 - 1986 & Burials 1821 - 1837. Norfolk Genealogy, Volume XVIII
033418: HAMMEL, ERIC - Aces Against Japan II: The American Aces Speak, Volume III
030442: HAMMERICH, ANGUL - Das Musikhistorische Museum Zu Kopenhagen: Beschreibender Katalog
037710: HAMMILL, FAYE - Literary Culture and Female Authorship in Canada, 1760-2000
040015: HAMMOND, KENNETH J. (ED.) - The Human Tradition in Modern China
035920: HAMMOND, PERCY (SIGNED) - But - Is It Art
043238: KHAIRUDDIN, NUR HANIM & BEVERLY YONG (EDS.) - Imagining Identities: Narratives in Malaysian Art, Volume 1
032452: HANINGTON, FELICITY - The Lady Boats: The Life and Times of Canada's West Indies Merchant Fleet
041530: HANKS, CAROLE - Early Ontario Gravestones
033314: HANNA, MARTHA - John Massey: The House That Jack Built / la Maison Que Jack a Batie
034488: HANNA, A. J. - The Beginnings of Nyasaland and North-Eastern Rhodesia 1858-95
039717: HANRAHAN, DAVID C. - The Box: A Beginners Guide to the Irish Traditional Button Accordion
032610: HANRATTY, GERALD - Studies in Gnosticism and in the Philosophy of Religion
040414: HOLLEIN, HANS & CATHERINE COOKE (EDS.) - Vienna Dream and Reality
043321: HANS, JAMES S. - The Question of Value: Thinking Through Nietzche, Heidegger, and Freud
043086: HANVELT, MARC - The Politics of Eloquence: David Hume's Polite Rhetoric
040524: O'HARA, DALE - Acres of Glass: The Story of the Dale Estate and How Brampton Became "the Flower Town of Canada"
041156: HARASYM, SARAH (ED.) - Levinas and Lacan: The Missed Encounter
026950: HARBECK, WARREN - GERALD KAQUITTS - TOM SNOW (PHOTOGS.) - Stoney Country 1970-1980: When the New and Old Sang Together
041137: HARBRON, JOHN D. - The Longest Battle: The Rcn in the Atlantic, 1939-1945
041538: HARBRON, JOHN D. - The Longest Battle: The Rcn in the Atlantic, 1939-1945
040181: HARDER, MATTHIAS - Nelly: Dresden, Athens, New York
040642: HIPGNOSIS; GEORGE HARDIE & STORM THORGERSON - An ABC of the Work of Hipgnosis 'Walk Away Rene'
041425: HARDY, EMMELINE - The Siege: The Story of the Defence of Corfe Castle in the Years 1643-46
032263: HARDY, JEAN-PIERRE - La Vie Quotidienne Dans la Vallee Du Saint-Laurent (1790-1835)
029365: HARE, JAN - Good Intentions Gone Awry: Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest Coast
031178: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - British Rail 1948-83: A Journey by Design
039291: HARGREAVES, ANDY - Teaching in the Knowledge Society: Education in the Age of Insecurity
043897: HARKONEN, ELINA - Snow Design from Lapland: Initiating Cooperation
043230: HARMAN, ALEC - The Oxford Book of Italian Madrigals
043632: RAKOWSKA-HARMSTONE, TERESA - Russia and Nationalism in Central Asia: The Case of Tadzhikistan
041532: TOWN, HAROLD & DAVID P. SILCOX - Tom Thomson: The Silence and the Storm
042585: HARPER, FRANCIS - Caribou Eskimos of the Upper Kazan River, Keewatin
008502: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff
043574: HARRINGTON, MARY MILLOY - The Heart of Emily: Downeyville 1825-1960. A History of Downeyville in Poetry
043482: HARRIS, STEVEN D. (SIGNED) - The Kenton Kronicles: A Biography of Modern America's Man of Music, Stan Kenton
041054: HARRIS, MARK - Waterfalls of Ontario
043644: HARRIS, CECIL - Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey
041886: HARRIS, DANIEL G. (SIGNED) - F.H. Chapman: The First Naval Architect and His Work
037102: CRICHTON-HARRIS, ANN (SIGNED) - Seventeen Letters to Tatham: A Ww I Surgeon in East Africa
043864: HARRIS, KRISTINA - Victorian and Edwardian Fashions for Women. 1840 to 1919
041234: HARRISON, JULIA D. - The Spirit Sings: Artistic Traditions of Canada's First Peoples
042602: DILLARD, HARRISON & MICHAEL MCINTOSH (SIGNED) - Bones: The Life and Times of Harrison Dillard
005863: HARRISON, HORACE W, - Canada's Registry System: 1827-1911
039360: HARRISON, MARK - Contemporary Eartraining (Level Two)
039359: HARRISON, MARK - Contemporary Eartraining (Level One)
043123: HALL, HARRY & BLANCHE (GWILLIAM) - Memories of a Place Called Humber Bay , 1900-1950
043324: HART, PATRICIA W. (SIGNED) - Pioneering in North York: A History of the Borough
021958: HART, STEPHEN (SIGNED) - Flint Architecture of East Anglia
039478: HART, JONATHAN (SIGNED) - Explorations in Difference: Law, Culture, and Politics
035283: HART, ELISA J. - Reindeer Days Remembered
020969: HARTLEN, ROBERT - Butterbox Survivors: Life After the Ideal Maternity Home
040821: HARTMAN, JOHN - The Peaceable Kingdom of Gilbert Desrochers / le Royalume Paisible...
042186: HARVEY, VIRGINIA I. - The Techniques of Basketry
040892: HASE, MEGUMI - Fresh Flower Wrapping
042869: HASKELL, BARBARA - Larry Bell: Pasadena Art Museum, April 11 to June 11, 1972
039542: HASKINS, JIM - Snow Sculpture and Ice Carving
041919: HASSAN, JAMELIE - Aldin's Gift
040638: HASTINGS, MACDONALD - Mary Celeste: A Centenary Record
039489: HATFIELD, RAB - Boticelli's Uffizi "Adoration" a Study in Pictorial Content
033358: HAUSER, V. TONY (SIGNED) - The Power of Passion / la Puissance de la Passion
042658: HAUSWIRTH, FRIEDA - Purdah: The Status of Indian Women from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century
039881: HAVEN, MARC (DR.) - Le Tarot: L'Alphabet Hebraique Et Les Nombres
041921: HAVIG, ALAN - Fred Allen's Radio Comedy
041366: HAWKES, ANDREW (SIGNED) - Lifeboatmen Never Turn Back: Poole Lifeboast Service from 1826
039534: HAY, SAMUEL A. - African American Theatre: An Historical and Critical Analysis
039666: HAYES, ALLAN - Southwestern Pottery: Anazazi to Zuni
039831: HAYES, GEOFFREY - Afghanistan Transition Under Threat
029388: HAYNES, GROVER - Songs They Wouldn't Let the Wry Catchers Sing
042916: HAYWARD, PHILIP - Widening the Horizon: Exoticism in Post-War Popular Music
042913: HAYWARD, PHILIP - Music at the Border: Not Drowning, Waving and Their Engagement with Papua New Guinean Culture (1986-96)
028616: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Tenures of Land and Customs of Manors
038598: HEACOCK, WILLIAM - Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Glass: Book 1, Toothpick Holders from a to Z
031329: HEAPE, R. GRUNDY - The Soul of Bath: An Architectural Study
041623: HEBEI - The Three Treasured Objects in Hebei Province
036822: HECHT, BEN - Jazz, and Other Stories of Young Love (Little Blue Book No. 1165)
042126: HEGARTY, DAVE (ED.) - An Piobaire, Vol. 7. No. 4
041052: HEILMAN, SAMUEL C. - The People of the Book: Drama, Fellowship, and Religion
039341: HEIM, JEAN-PIERRE - Jean-Pierre Heim: Architect
043217: HEIMANN, JIM (ED.) - Mexicana: Vintage Mexican Graphics
043068: HEIMANN, JIM - California Crazy & Beyond: Roadside Vernacular Architecture
039845: HEIMANN, JIM (ED.) - California Here I Come: Vintage California Graphics
038466: HEINRICHSOHN, ANDREA - Washi Crafts: Working with Japanese Handmade Paper
041943: HELBO, ANDRE; J. DINES JOHANSEN, ET AL - Approaching Theatre
042504: BRIERTY, HELEN ET ANNETTE FEAR - Totalement Thai
040600: MOBIUS, HELGA AND FRIEDRICH - Mediaeval Churches in Germany: Saxony, Thuringa - Brandenburg, and Mecklenburg
038891: HELGADOTTIR, RAGNHILDUR - The Influence of American Theories on Judicial Review in Nordic Constitutional Law
038616: HELLER, STEVEN (ED.) - Design & Style - 7: Bauhaus 1919-1933
040140: HELWIG, DAVID (ED.) - Love and Money: The Politics of Culture
025905: HEMMING, G. VILLIERS - Moments with Plato
010888: HENDERSON, PAUL (SIGNED) - Shooting for Glory
015557: HENDERSON, PAUL (SIGNED) - Shooting for Glory
032065: HENDERSON, AILSA - Nunavut: Rethinking Political Culture
042791: HENDERSON, PAUL - The Goal of My Life: A Memoir
040703: HENDERSON, PAUL - Shooting for Glory
043627: HENDRIE, ANDREW - Flying Cats: The Catalina Aircraft in World War II
040114: HENDRIKS, MARC - Intervall-Analyse Als Grundlage Der Grifftechnik IM Violinspiel
039289: HENDRIX, JIMI - Hendrix: Are You Experienced? the Complete, Authorative Transcriptions for Guitar, Bass, and Drums (Recorded Versions)
024369: HENLE, MARY (ED.) - Vision and Artifact
037454: HENLEY, BRIAN - The Grand Old Buildings of Hamilton
042606: DOBSON, HENRY & BARBARA - The Early Furniture of Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces
042674: FRASER, HENRY & BOB KISS - Barbados Chattel Houses
042170: WOLLOCOMBE, RICHARD HENRY & CAPTAIN WILLIAM WEBBER - With Guns in the Peninsula: The Peninsula War Journal of Captain William Webber (Napoleonic Library)
027896: DOBSON, HENRY & BARBARA - The Early Furniture of Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces
035083: HENRY, ALAN - Jochen Rindt
041728: HENRY, ROBERT - The Jazz Ensemble: A Guide to Technique
037357: HENRY, ALAN - Mclaren: The Epic Years
030654: HENRY, TOM (SIGNED) - Following the Boulder Train
040856: HEPBURN, A. C. - The Conflict of Nationality in Modern Ireland
024535: HEPENSTALL, ROBERT (SIGNED) - Find the Dragon: The Canadian Army in Korea, 1950-1953
043358: HEPOKOSKI, JAMES - Sibelius: Symphony No. 5
043255: HERGE ( BENOIT PEETERS) - The Making of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Red Rackham's Treasure
043920: BROWDY DE HERNANDEZ, PAULINE (ED.) - African Women Writing Resistance: Contemporary Voices
031120: HERNANDEZ, ANTHONY (SIGNED) - Landscapes for the Homeless
042210: HERNANDEZ, JO FARB - A.G. Rizzoli: Architect of the Magnificent Visions
039590: HERRING, ANN - The World of Chiyogami: Hand-Printed Patterned Papers of Japan
035990: HERRIOTT, TED - The Canadian Heritage Label Collection
041798: HERTZBERGER, HERMAN - Space and the Architect: Lessons in Architecture 2
039112: AMIARD, HERVE & LAURENCE MOUTON - Marokko-Kochbuch: Das Land Und Seine Kuche Mit 85 Rezepten Aus Allen Regionen
043195: HESOID - Hesoid: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield
042844: HESS, ALAN - Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture
031530: HEWER, H. R. - British Seals
035969: HEYLIN, CLINTON - Bob Dylan, Stolen Moments: The Ultimate Reference Book
042117: HEYWOOD, COLIN - A History of Childhood: Children and Childhood in the West from Medieval to Modern Times
037367: HIAM, C. MICHAEL - Eddie Shore and That Old Time Hockey
037662: HICKEN, SOPHI (SIGNED) - Still Standing II: The Grain Elevators of Central & Northern Alberta
033323: HICKEY, GLORIA (ED.) - Common Ground: Comtemporary Craft, Architecture, and the Decorative Arts
041418: HICKS, DAVID SIGNED) - Style and Design
042563: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Streetsville: From Timothy to Hazel : Also Includes: Barberton & Harris Corners
041674: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Meadowvale: Mills to Millennium
039810: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Meadowvale: Mills to Millennium
037290: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Cooksville: From Country to City
043730: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Dixie: Orchards to Industry
041036: HICKS, GEORGE - The Comfort Women: Sex Slaves of the Japanese Imperial Forces
039293: HIDAS, KRISTINA (ED.) - Humberside : The First Century, 1892-1992
043291: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Caribou Song/Atihko Nikamon
040387: HIGHWAY, TOMSON (SIGNED) - Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing
037021: HIGSON, ANDREW - Film Europe and Film America: Cinema, Commerce and Cultural Exchange 1920-1939

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