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BOOKS006262I: Stone, David, - Yank Brown Miler.
BOOKS006428I: Stone, I. F., - The Trial of Socrates.
BOOKS007913I: Stone, Abigail, - Recipes from the Dump.
BOOKS008349I: Stone, Irving, - Lust for Life: a novel of Vincent Van Gogh.
BOOKS010476I: Stone, Clarence R., - Joyful Trails (Joyful Readers) 3rd level: the new Webster series.
BOOKS011186I: Stone, Pat, as told to, - Real Gardeners' True Confessions.
BOOKS011278I: Stone, John, - In the Country of Hearts: journeys in the art of medicine.
BOOKS012785I: Stone, Janet & Jane Bachner, - Speaking Up: a book for every woman who talks.
BOOKS014858I: Stone, Roger D., - The Voyage of the Sanderling: exploring the ecology of the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Rio.
BOOKS017895I: Stone, Edward F., - Tommy Goes Shopping and Nancy Cooks Breakfast.
BOOKS018667I: Stone, Arlene, - Old Age in the New Age: irreverent reflections on millennial madness.
BOOKS019299I: Stone, Witmer, - Bird Studies at Old Cape May: volumes I & II.
BOOKS023205I: Stone, Irving, - Two Faces of Love: Lust for Life; Immortal Wife.
BOOKS025103I: Stone, I. F., - The Trial of Socrates.
BOOKS025518I: Stone, Deobrah J. & Christopher Manion, - "Slick Willie" II: why America still cannot trust Bill Clinton.
BOOKS027267I: Stone, William L., - Life of Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea) (2 vols) including border wars of American Revolution & sketches of Indian campaigns etc..
BOOKS027505I: Stone, Abigail, - Recipes from the Dump.
BOOKS030573I: Stone, Eugenia, - Sagebrush Filly.
BOOKS031564I: Stone, Irving, - Depths of Glory: a biographical novel of Camille Pissarro.
BOOKS034745I: Stone, Robert, - A Flag for Sunrise.
BOOKS040752I: Stone, Gene, - Little Girl Fly Away.
BOOKS042049I: Stone, Dr. Lee Alexander, edited by, - Sex Searchlights and Sane Sex Ethics: an anthology of sex knowledge.
BOOKS042476I: Stone, John C. & James F. Millis, - Elementary Geometry Plane.
BOOKS053464I: Stone, Gertrude and M. Grace Fickett, - Every Day Life in the Colonies.
BOOKS043382I: Stone, Irving, - The Origin.
BOOKS050835I: Stone, Thomas T., of Bolton, - Sermon.
BOOKS054992I: Stone, Irving, - Love Is Sternal: a novel of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln.
BOOKS055761I: Rolling Stone, - Rolling Stone magazine single issue November 2019.
BOOKS052360I: Stone, Eric, - Grave Imports.
BOOKS055910I: Stone, Irving, - The President's Lady: a novel about Rachel and Andrew Jackson.
BOOKS007622I: Stoner, Carol Hupping, editor, - Producing Your Own Power: how to make nature's energy sources work for you.
BOOKS009911I: Stoner, Carroll & Jo Anne Parke, - All Gods Children: the cult experience - salvation or slavery.
BOOKS015131I: Stoner, Carroll, - Weddings for Grownups: everything you need to know to play your wedding your way.
BOOKS018170I: Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming & Carol Stoner, - Stocking Up: how to preserve the foods you grow, naturally.
BOOKS038637I: Stoner, Carol Hupping, edited by, - Producing Your Own Power: how to make nature's energy sources work for you.
BOOKS030477I: Stong, Phil, - Buckskin Breeches.
BOOKS008514I: Stookey, Richard, - A Still and Woven Blue.
BOOKS022885I: Stoothoff, Ellenor, - The Nightingale: a lark.
BOOKS034824I: Stoppard, Tom, - Arcadia: a play in two acts.
BOOKS054949I: Stoppard, Tom, - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead: a play.
BOOKS052561I: Wellesley College Book Store, - Wellesley College.
BOOKS026124I: Staynes and Storey, - Grave Responsibility.
BOOKS035780I: retold from the stories by, - Big Big Story Book: Black Beauty; Heidi; Peter Pan; Hans Brinker: modern abridged versions.
BOOKS016939I: Storm, Katharine & Arthur, introduction by Walter Beebe Wilder, - The Small Garden.
BOOKS024744I: Storm, Theodor, - Immenfee.
BOOKS035033I: Storm, Katharine & Arthur, introduction by Walter Beebe Wilder, - The Small Garden.
BOOKS020218I: Storms, Martin T., - Divers Verses.
BOOKS034186I: Storms, Martin T., - Divers Verses.
BOOKS049928I: Storms, Martin T., - Divers Verses.
BOOKS049826I: Storms, Roger C., - A History of Three Corners.
BOOKS056089I: Storozynski, Alex, - The Peasant Prince - Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution.
BOOKS055254I: Storr, Anthony, - Solitude: a return to the self.
BOOKS051194I: Storrer, William Allin, - The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: a complete catalog.
BOOKS047966I: Storrick, W. C., - Battle of Gettysburg: the country, the contestants, the results.
BOOKS009160I: Stortz, Diane, - Santa Has the Sniffles!.
BOOKS028484I: Story, William L. & Robert E. Cahill, - Salem's Secret: fiction based on fact: introducing Helen Highwater - Book 1.
BOOKS054055I: Story, William K. & Robert E. Cahill, - Salem's Secret: book I: fiction based on fact.
BOOKS053072I: Story, William L., - True Stories of Courage and Defiance from the Salem witchcraft hysteria of 1692.
BOOKS012990I: Stott, Bill, - The Crazy World of Marriage.
BOOKS054242I: Stott, Jim, Jonathan King and Kathy Gunst, - Stonewall Kitchen Harvest.
BOOKS008660I: Stotz, Charles Morse, - The Architectural Heritage of Early Western Pennsylvania.
BOOKS052667I: Stout, Rex, - The Silent Speaker: a corpse talks to Nero Wolfe.
BOOKS019104I: Stout, Rex, - The Doorbell Rang (A Nero Wolfe mystery).
BOOKS025545I: Stout, Rex, - Double for Death: a Tecumseh Fox mystery.
BOOKS036220I: Stout, Wesley W., - "Tanks Are Mighty Fine Things".
BOOKS043263I: Stout, Marilyn, - Vermont Walks: village and countryside: walking tours of 43 Vermont villages and their surroundings.
BOOKS055139I: Stout, Jay A., - Vanished Hero: the life, war, and mysterious disappearance of America's World War II strafing king.
BOOKS047022I: Stout, Rex, - The Doorbell Rang.
BOOKS044813I: Stovall, Steve and Jody Feldman, - A Fisherman's Night before Christmas.
BOOKS018450I: Stover, Marjorie Filley, - Chad and the Elephant Engine.
BOOKS047348I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, introduction by Raymond Weaver, - Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, life among the lowly.
BOOKS051976I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, introduction by Josepph S. Van Why, - Poganuc People.
BOOKS022601I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, - Uncle Tom's Cabin: young folks edition.
BOOKS029944I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, - Uncle Tom's Cabin or life among the lowly arranged for young readers.
BOOKS046329I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, - My Wife and I; or, Harry Henderson's history.
BOOKS047608I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher and Prof. Charles Morris, - Uncle Tom's Cabin plus essays by Morris on How Henry Ward Beecher Sold Slaves; life of Harriet Stowe; story of the book....
BOOKS043403I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, - The Pearl of Orr's Island.
BOOKS046128I: Stowe, Lyman E., - What is Coming: a wonderful exposition of the prophecies and comparison with ancient and modern historical and political....
BOOKS054575I: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, - The Pearl of Orr's Island: a story of the coast of Maine.
BOOKS038211I: Stowell, Hal, - Country Crossings.
BOOKS031934I: Stowers, Carlton, - The Story of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
BOOKS046829I: Stowers, Carlton, - Scream at the Sky: five Texas murders and one man's crusade for justice.
BOOKS014973I: Stracher, Cameron, - The Laws of Return.
BOOKS017150I: Strachey, Lytton, - Portraits in Miniature and other essays.
BOOKS035193I: Strachey, John St. Loe, - The River of Life.
BOOKS040665I: Strachey, Lytton, - Queen Victoria.
BOOKS047740I: Strachey, Lytton, - Elizabeth and Essex: a tragic history.
BOOKS018167I: Straight, Susan, - Blacker than a Thousand Midnights.
BOOKS023195I: Straight, Susan, - I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out all the Pots.
BOOKS030084I: Straight, Susan, - The Gettin Place.
BOOKS023750I: Straley, John, - The Curious Eat Themselves: an Alaskan mystery.
BOOKS030566I: Strand, Mark, - Selected Poems.
BOOKS053106I: Strand, Mark, - Reasons for Moving (signed).
BOOKS006772I: Strange, Curtis, foreword by Arnold Palmer, with Kenneth Van Kampen, - Win and Win Again!: techniques for playing consistently great golf.
BOOKS008237I: Strange, John Stephen, - Catch the Gold Ring.
BOOKS038462I: Stranger, Joyce, - Breed of Giants.
BOOKS038479I: Stranger, Joyce, - Zara.
BOOKS010183I: Strasser, Todd, - Free Willy 2: the adventure home.
BOOKS031900I: Strathmore, - Strathmore's Who's Who 1998-1999.
BOOKS031901I: Strathmore, - Strathmore's Who's Who 1999-2000.
BOOKS008309I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - The White Flag.
BOOKS051675I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - At the Foot of the Rainbow.
BOOKS013065I: Stratton, Joanna L., introduction by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., - Pioneer Women: voices from the Kansas frontier.
BOOKS014730I: Stratton, Joanna L., introduction by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., - Pioneer Women: voices from the Kansas frontier.
BOOKS015721I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Freckles.
BOOKS017797I: Stratton, Royal B., - Captivity of the Oatman Girls.
BOOKS018630I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - The Keeper of the Bees - A Romance.
BOOKS021464I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Michael O'Halloran.
BOOKS022524I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - At the Foot of the Rainbow.
BOOKS049252I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Freckles.
BOOKS033563I: Parker. Cornelia Stratton, - More Ports, More Happy Places: further adventures of an American mother and her children in Europe.
BOOKS053934I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - A Daughter of the Land.
BOOKS036200I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - A Girl of the Limberlost.
BOOKS037302I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Michael O'Halloran.
BOOKS039712I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Michael O'Halloran.
BOOKS042985I: Stratton-Porter, Gene, - Freckles.
BOOKS045458I: Stratton, Ella H., - All the World Over or at home and abroad.
BOOKS016091I: Stratz, Rudolph, - Where Snow Is Sovereign: a romance of the glaciers.
BOOKS035629I: Strausbaugh, John, - Rock Til You Drop: the decline from rebellion to nostalgia.
BOOKS019049I: Strauss, Darin, - Chang and Eng.
BOOKS031281I: Strauss, Roberta, Editor, - The Illustrated Story of the FBI: #6 Feb 1959: the world around us.
BOOKS031282I: Strauss, Roberta, Editor, - The Illustrated Story of Railroads: #4 Dec 1958: the world around us.
BOOKS048871I: Strawbery Banke, Beck, Nancy R., editor, - Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: official guidebook and map.
BOOKS054207I: Strawinsky (Stravinsky), Igor, - Dumbarton Oaks Concerto pour Orchestre de chambre (in German).
BOOKS030448I: Streatfeild, Noel, - Theater Shoes.
BOOKS045217I: Streatfeild, Noel, - Theater Shoes.
BOOKS046390I: Street, Myra, - Mixer and Blender Cooking.
BOOKS003430I: Street, Donald. Introduction by Carleton Mitchell., - The Ocean Sailing Yacht..
BOOKS019317I: Street, Myra, edited & adapted by, & Serena Sutcliffe, - La Cucina: the comple book of Italian cooking, with section on Italian wines.
BOOKS026867I: Street, Myra, - Casserole Cooking.
BOOKS048726I: Street, - Andrew Wyeth.
BOOKS034663I: Street, Myra, - The Pasta & Pizza Cookbook: fast food Italian style.
BOOKS035587I: Street, Oliver Day, - Symbolism of the Three Degrees.
BOOKS043203I: Street, Picabo, with Dana White, - Picabo: nothing to hide.
BOOKS019553I: Streeter, Daniel W., - Camels!!.
BOOKS054184I: Streeter, Edward, - Father of the Bride.
BOOKS048301I: Streeter, Daniel W., - An Arctic Rodeo.
BOOKS047412I: Streeter, Edward, - Father of the Bride.
BOOKS050843I: Streeter, Edward, - Same Old Bill, eh, Mable.
BOOKS045111I: Streisand, Barbra, director, - The Mirror Has Two Faces video.
BOOKS045256I: Streisand, Barbra, based on play by Tom Topor, directed by Martin Ritt, - Nuts VHS video.
BOOKS047077I: Streitmatter, Rodger, editor, - Empty Without You: the intimate letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok.
BOOKS016355I: Streshinsky, Shirley, - Audubon: life & art in the American wilderness.
BOOKS041193I: Strevens, Steve, - The Things We Do: journeys through Australian life.
BOOKS012239I: Strickland, Stephanie, edited by, - Poems of Family at Century's end: what's become of Eden?.
BOOKS025982I: Strickland, Brad & Thomas E. Fuller, - Riddle of the Wayward Books: Wishbone Mysteries.
BOOKS053253I: Strickland, Carol, Ph.D., - The Annotated Mona Lisa: a crash course in art history from prehistoric to post-modern.
BOOKS006439I: Strieber, Whitley, - Transformation: the breakthrough.
BOOKS022080I: Strieber, Whitley, - Transformation: the breakthrough.
BOOKS025418I: Strieber, Whitley, - Wolf of Shadows.
BOOKS024182I: Striker, Fran, - The Clue of the Inca Luck Piece: a Tom Quest adventure.
BOOKS028245I: Striker, Fran, - The Lone Ranger at the Haunted Gulch.
BOOKS023474I: Stringer, Arthur, - The Gun Runner.
BOOKS017219I: Strode, Hudson, - South by Thunderbird.
BOOKS010560I: Strohm, John, editor, - The Ford Almanac 1962 for farm, ranch and home.
BOOKS049409I: Strombeck, Janet and Richard, - Making Timeless Toys in Wood: the Strom toys and plans.
BOOKS056080I: Stromberg, Loyl (signed by author), - Exhibiting Poultry for Pleasure and Profit.
BOOKS005367I: Strong, Tracy B. and Helen Keyssar, - Right in Her Soul: the life of Anna Louise Strong.
BOOKS012077I: Strong, Donald E., - The Classical World: Landmarks of the World's Art.
BOOKS019975I: Strong, William M. & A. Milton Runyon, - How to Travel without Being Rich.
BOOKS034388I: Strong, June, - My Little Journey.
BOOKS037998I: Strong, Cliffie, - Strong Survival: the life and times of a mountain woman.
BOOKS042998I: Strong, Patience, - Give Me a Quiet Corner.
BOOKS046139I: Stroop, Jurgen, Prof. B. Mark, introduction and notes by, - Report of Jurgen Stroop concerning the uprising in the ghetto of Warsaw and the liquidation of the Jewish residential area.
BOOKS054402I: Strose, Susanne, - Candle-Making.
BOOKS031107I: Strothmann, R. O. & Z. A. Zasada, - Silvical Characeristics of Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides): station paper no. 49.
BOOKS041396I: Stroud, Jonathan, - The Amulet of Samarkand: the Bartimaeus Trilogy: book one.
BOOKS055588I: Strout, Elizabeth, - Olive Kitteridge.
BOOKS041459I: Struby, Cynthia J., edited by, - Hurricane Hugo and the Grand Strand.
BOOKS029862I: Strung, Norman & Sil, - Camping in Comfort: a guide to modern outdoor vacations.
BOOKS020161I: Struther, Jan, - Mrs. Miniver.
BOOKS014403I: Stuart, Gordon, - B P Ranch.
BOOKS023417I: Stuart, Jesse, - The Year of My Rebirth.
BOOKS024994I: Stuart, Jane, - Land of the Fox.
BOOKS025009I: Stuart, Gloira with Sylvia Thompson, - Gloria Stuart I Just Kept Hoping.
BOOKS028116I: Stuart, Jesse, - The Year of My Rebirth.
BOOKS028979I: Stuart, Dabney, - The Diving Bell.
BOOKS031938I: Stuart, Richard B. & Barbara Jacobson, - Weight, Sex & Marriage.
BOOKS048282I: Stuart, Jesse, - The Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge (signed).
BOOKS044694I: Stuart, Alexander, - The War Zone.
BOOKS049839I: Stuart, Jesse, - The Thread That Runs So True.
BOOKS023251I: Stubbs, Jean, - The Painted Face.
BOOKS045407I: Stuckey, Sterling, - Going through the Storm: the influence of African American art in history.
BOOKS016662I: Studebaker, John W. & Gordon Studebaker, - Self-Teaching Arithmetic: third book.
BOOKS020576I: Studebaker, J. W., W. C. Findley & William S. Gray, - Number Stories: book one.
BOOKS038010I: Portland High School Students, - The Totem 1924: Portland High School, Portland, Maine yearbook.
BOOKS051453I: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, - Salt: telling Maine stories, 2004/2005, no. 59/60.
BOOKS036446I: Kooler Design Studio, - Gifts of Love: an American sampler.
BOOKS004667I: Mirage Studios, - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Greetings from the sewer (24 postcards.
BOOKS012635I: Disney studios, - Baby Mickey's Book of Sounds (Disney Babies).
BOOKS034869I: Studley, Vance, - The Woodworker's Book of Wooden Kitchen Utensils.
BOOKS050995I: Stuermer, Gordon & Nina, - Deep Water Cruising.
BOOKS043271I: Stuhaug, Dennis, - Sit-on-Top Kayaking: basic essentials: a Falcon guide.
BOOKS050635I: Stuhlmueller, Carroll, - New Paths through the Old Testament.
BOOKS036560I: Stull, Ruth, - Sand and Stars: missionary adventure on the jungle trail.
BOOKS027813I: Stump, Joseph, - An Explanation of Luther's Small Catechism: a handbook for the catechetical class.
BOOKS013218I: Sturges, Lena E., editor, - Breads Cookbook.
BOOKS018070I: Sturgis, Russell, - The Appreciation of Sculpture.
BOOKS055168I: Sturgis, Matthew, - Aubrey Beardsley: a biography.
BOOKS048354I: Sturholm, Larry & John Howard, - All for Nothing: the true story of the last great American train robbery.
BOOKS016193I: Sturrock, Sue, - All of It Was Fun.
BOOKS046894I: Sturtevant, Arnold & Leda, - Cradle to Next: Home Nest Chronicles Book 3.
BOOKS008316I: Styron, William, - Darkness Visible: a memoir of madness.
BOOKS024184I: Styron, William, - A Tidewater Morning: three tales from youth.
BOOKS002954I: Suares, J. C., - The Who's Who of Famous Felines: everything you want to know about all the cats you ever loved from books, movies, TV..
BOOKS034648I: Suares, Jean-Claude, - The Indispensable Cat.
BOOKS013077I: Suba, - Spots by Suba from the New Yorker.
BOOKS023258I: Suberman, Stella, - The Jew Store.
BOOKS035634I: Sucher, Dorothy, - The Invisible Garden.
BOOKS037658I: Suchlicki, Jaime, edited & with introduction by, - Cuba, Castro, and Revolution.
BOOKS054454I: Sucitto, Ajahn and Nick Scott, foreword by Stephen Batchelor, - Rude Awakenings: two Englishmen on foot in Buddhism's Holy Land.
BOOKS017153I: Suckow, Ruth, - Some Others and Myself.
BOOKS053858I: Sudlow, Lynda L. (signed by author), - A Vast Army of Women: Maine's uncounted forces in the American Civil War.
BOOKS051653I: Sudlow, Lynda L., compiled by, McArthur Public Library, Biddeford, Maine, - Notable Maine Children's Authors and Illustrators.
BOOKS009809I: Le Sueur, Meridel, - The Girl.
BOOKS009589I: Suff, David, - City Green: a portfolio.
BOOKS003556I: Sufrin, Mark, - To the Top of the World: Sir Edmund Hillary and the Conquest of Everest.
BOOKS033773I: Louis Sugarman, - Love's Own Sweet Song (sari waltz) sheet music.
BOOKS050431I: Sugerman, Danny, - The Doors: the complete lyrics.
BOOKS010474I: Suhrie, Ambrose L., & Myrtle Garrison Gee, - Story-Adventures: fourth book (Story-World Readers).
BOOKS036535I: Suib, Leonard & Muriel Broadman, - Marionettes Onstage!.
BOOKS022975I: Suleiman, Susan Rubin, - Budapest Diary: in search of the motherbook.
BOOKS037497I: Sulitzer, Paul-Loup, translated from French by Denise Raab Jacobs, - The Green King.
BOOKS054709I: Sullenberger, Capt. Chesley "Sully" with Jeffrey Zaslow, - Highest Duty: my search for what really matters.
BOOKS047343I: Sullivan, Edward Sir, described by, - The Book of Kells.
BOOKS002941I: Sullivan, Eleanor and Chris Dorbandt (editors), - Murder in New England: tales of passion, murder and detection.
BOOKS005275I: Sullivan, Eleanor & Chris Dorbandt, editors, - Tales of Espionage: stories of international intrigue, murder & mayhem from the masters of suspense.
BOOKS006455I: Sullivan, Walter, Science Editor of The New York times, - We Are Not Alone: search for intelligent life on other worlds.
BOOKS011967I: Sullivan, Faith, - The Cape Ann.
BOOKS013063I: Sullivan, Ruth, edited & introduction by, - Fine Lines: the best of Ms. Fiction.
BOOKS013186I: Sullivan, Evelin, - The Correspondence.
BOOKS013498I: Sullivan, Walter, - We Are Not Alone: the search for intelligent life on other worlds.
BOOKS017819I: Sullivan, Mark, - The Education of an American.
BOOKS018008I: Sullivan by, - H.M.S. Pinafore.
BOOKS046359I: Sullivan, Kay, edited by, - McCall's Book of Wonderful One-Dish Meals.
BOOKS025323I: Sullivan, Kay, edited by, - McCall's Book of Wonderful One-Dish Meals.
BOOKS028610I: Sullivan, Eddie, - Radio Patrol.
BOOKS030077I: Sullivan, Mark, - Our Times: the United States 1900-1925 III Pre-war America.
BOOKS030170I: Sullivan, Gordon R., former Army Chief of Staff, & Michael V. Harper, - Hope Is Not a Method: what business leaders can learn from America's Army.
BOOKS030453I: Sullivan, Clayton, - Jesus & the Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church: a fable.
BOOKS030766I: Sullivan, Charles, - Circus: an adventures in art book.
BOOKS033257I: Sullivan by, - H.M.S. Pinafore.
BOOKS035169I: Sullivan, Eleanor & Chris Dorbandt, edited by, - Murder in New England.
BOOKS036060I: Sullivan, Eleanor & Chris Dorbandt, edited by, - Murder in New England.
BOOKS036583I: Sullivan, Evelin, - The Correspondence.
BOOKS042142I: Sullivan, George, - Wind Power for Your Home: the first complete guide that tells how to make the wind's energy work for you.
BOOKS042993I: Sullivan, Steve, - Unquenchable Thirst.
BOOKS043122I: Sullivan, Marilyn C. & Eugene T., - Wilton Shows You How to Create Dramatic Tier Cakes.
BOOKS051535I: Sullivan, Denise, - R.E.M. Talk about Passion: an oral history.
BOOKS056121I: Mary Sullivan, - Cambridge.
BOOKS051354I: Sullivan, J. Courtney, - Maine: a novel.
BOOKS054782I: Sullivan, Charles, edied by, - American Beauties: women in art and literature.
BOOKS012290I: Sultan, Faye & Teresa Kennedy, - Over the Line: a Portia McTeague novel of suspense.
BOOKS021023I: Sulzby, Elizabeth, et al, - Fill the Sky: McGraw Hill reader.
BOOKS002285I: Summerhays, Reginald S., - The Problem Horse.
BOOKS002595I: Summers, Anthony, - Goddess: the secret lives of Marilyn Monroe.
BOOKS046848I: Summers, Gerald, - An African Bestiary.
BOOKS036786I: Summers, Gerald, - The Lure of the Falcon.
BOOKS037870I: Summers, Gerald, - The Lure of the Falcon.
BOOKS044305I: Summers, Anthony, - Goddess: the secret lives of Marilyn Monroe.
BOOKS030030I: Sumner, G. Lynn, - Meet Abraham Lincoln: a warmly human picture of the many-sided Lincoln.
BOOKS037087I: Sumner, Charles, - Recent Speeches and Addresses.
BOOKS050359I: Sumner, David, - Colorado.
BOOKS002429I: Sundman, Per Olof, translated from the Swedish by Mary Sandbach, - The Flight of the Eagle.
BOOKS024765I: Sunset, - Menus & Recipes for Vegetarian Cooking.
BOOKS028727I: Sunset, - Sunset French Cook Book.
BOOKS028733I: Sunset, - Sunset Favorite Recipes.
BOOKS028783I: Sunset, - Planting Ideas for Your Northern California Garden.
BOOKS028784I: Sunset, - New Western Garden Book.
BOOKS028789I: Sunset, - Western Garden Book.
BOOKS028790I: Sunset, - Western Garden Book.
BOOKS042135I: Sunset, - Homemade Soups.
BOOKS044207I: Sunset, - Christmas Treasury.
BOOKS053498I: Sunset, - Thirty (30) Minutes or Less Cookbook.
BOOKS041866I: Sunstein, Cass R., - Radicals in Robes: why extreme right-wing courts are wrong for America.
BOOKS048811I: personal supervision of, - History of the World's Columbian Exposition - OS.
BOOKS042960I: supplement, Mabel Foster Bainbridge & Lenore Wheeler Williams, - The Practical Book of American Antiques exclusive of furniture.
BOOKS054464I: Sur, William R., Mary R. Tolbert, William R. Fisher & Adeline McCall, - This Is Music 2.
BOOKS051379I: Surratt, Tereasa, - A Very Modest Cottage: a Country Living book.
BOOKS034537I: Surtees, R. S., - Hillingdon Hall or the cockney squire: a tale of country life.
BOOKS011119I: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission & U.S. Geological Survey, - Prospecting for Uranium.
BOOKS017646I: U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, - United States Coast Pilot: Atlantic Coast: part III: from Cape Ann to Point Judith & 1899 Supplement to first edition.
BOOKS032288I: U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, - United States Coast Pilot: Atlantic Coast: Eastport to Cape Cod: corrected through NM-14/65: April 3, 1965.
BOOKS041915I: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission & U.S. Geological Survey, - Prospecting for Uranium.
BOOKS045751I: Das, Lama Surya, - Natural Radiance: awakening to your great perfection.
BOOKS003315I: Susanne, - Danish Cookery.
BOOKS037525I: Susanne, - Danish Cookery.
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BOOKS056357I: Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall (inscribed by author), - The Animal Wife: a novel by the author of Reindeer Moon.
BOOKS054572I: Thomas, Eben, - Canoeing Maine #1: a revised edition of No Horns Blowing.
BOOKS050043I: Thomas, P., - Epics, Myths and Legends of India: a comprehensive survey of the sacred lore of the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.
BOOKS056954I: Thomas, Gordon, - Gideon's Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad.
BOOKS051334I: Thomas, Lowell, - Thrilling Moments in Thrilling Lives.
BOOKS052123I: Thomas, Reuen, - The Kinship of Souls: a narrative.
BOOKS056347I: Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall (Inscribed by author), - The Harmless People.
BOOKS054641I: Davis Thomas editor, - Down East Magazine: December 1984 and September 1985 vol. 32 no. 2.
BOOKS056822I: Thomas, Eben, - Pocket Guide to the Maine Outdoors.
BOOKS024729I: Thomas's Almanack, - Concise Calendar for Young Farmers & Gardeners.
BOOKS057053I: Thomashaner, Regena, - Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: Using the power of pleasure to have you way with the world.
BOOKS041599I: Thomashauer, Regena, - Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts.
BOOKS030416I: Thomen, August A., M.D., foreword by Harlow Brooks, M.D., - Don't Believe It! Says the Doctor: false notions, errors, misconceptions & misinformation pertaining to health, etc..
BOOKS051063I: Thompson, Lawrance, - Robert Frost: the years of triumph, 1915-1938.
BOOKS051282I: Thompson, Sheila Swett, - Perley: the true story of a New Hampshire hermit.
BOOKS003756I: Thompson, Sylvia, - Portrait by Caroline.
BOOKS005057I: Thompson, Jacqueline, - The Very Rich Book: America's supermillionaires and their money - where they got it, how they spend it.
BOOKS006360I: Thompson, Harold W., - Body, Boots & Britches.
BOOKS007485I: Thompson, Jennifer Trainer, - Jump Up and Kiss Me Spicy Vegetarian Cooking.
BOOKS007516I: Thompson, Flora, - Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford, abridged by Julian Shuckburgh.
BOOKS008149I: Thompson, Jean, - Don't Forget Michael.
BOOKS051472I: Thompson, Francis, - Poems by Francis Thompson.
BOOKS047300I: Thompson, Wayne L., edited by, - Enjoying Birds in Michigan: a guide and resource book for finding, attracting and studying birds in Michigan.
BOOKS055546I: Thompson, Dr. Philip, - My Life and Times in Medicine.
BOOKS018615I: Thompson, Hunter S., - Generation of Swine: Gonzo papers vol. 2: tales of shame & degradation in the '80's.
BOOKS018835I: Thompson, Judge D. P., - The Green Mountain Boys: a historical tale of the early settlement of Vermont.
BOOKS055676I: Thompson, Deborah, editor, - Maine Forms of American Architecture.
BOOKS023557I: Thompson, Hunter, - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas video.
BOOKS023880I: Thompson, Sylvia Vaughn, - The Budget Gourmet.
BOOKS024417I: Thompson, Holland, editor-in-chief, - Lands and Peoples: part 3 only.
BOOKS025683I: Thompson, Arthur A., Jr. & A. J. Strickland, III, - Strategic Management: concepts and cases.
BOOKS025975I: Thompson, Hunter S., - Generation of Swine: Gonzo papers vol. 2: tales of shame & degradation in the '80's.
BOOKS027268I: Thompson, Vance, - The Life of Ethelbert Nevin from his letters and his wife's memories.
BOOKS027648I: Thompson, Brian, - The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon.
BOOKS028178I: Thompson, Kay, - Eloise (in French).
BOOKS028669I: Thompson, Karen & Julie Andrzejewski, - Why Can't Sharon Kowalski Come Home?.
BOOKS031017I: Thompson, Larry S., - Overhead Transmission Lines: impact on wildlife.
BOOKS031097I: Thompson, Larry, - The Effects of Large-diameter Underground Crude-Oil Pipelines on Wildlife with emphasis on...Montana: report no.2.
BOOKS033584I: Thompson, Grace E., - The Prince of Scandal: the story of George the Fourth, of his amours and mistresses.
BOOKS035754I: Thompson, Ruth Plumly, - The Cowardly Lion of Oz.
BOOKS051466I: Thompson, Principal State Normal School, Fitchburg, MA, - Lest We Forget: World War (I) Stories.
BOOKS036402I: Thompson, Fred, - Lemonade.
BOOKS038368I: Thompson, Jacqueline, - Future Rich: the people, companies, and industries creating America's next fortunes.
BOOKS050358I: Thompson, Courtney, - Maine Lighthouses: a pictorial guide.
BOOKS041018I: Thompson, R. W., - D-Day: spearhead of invasion: battle book no. 1.
BOOKS044001I: Thompson, C. J. W., - The Mysteries of Sex: women who posed as men and men who impersonated women.
BOOKS056675I: Thompson, Sue Ellen (inscribed by author), - The Wedding Boat.
BOOKS052251I: Thompson, Kay, - Eloise in Paris.
BOOKS050978I: Thompson, Joseph E., - Celestial Navigation: Captain Joe Thompson's Cookbook Method.
BOOKS046663I: Thompson, Francis, - Complete Poetical Works of Francis Thompson.
BOOKS047730I: Thompson, Sylvia Vaughn, - The Budget Gourmet.
BOOKS055274I: Thompson, Julian E., - Discontinued.
BOOKS045293I: Thompson, Flora, - Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford, abridged by Julian Shuckburgh.
BOOKS056681I: Thompson, Rosamond (inscribed by author), - Saco-Belle the swimming lamb.
BOOKS047197I: Thompson, Merton, compiled by, - Poetic Ramblings: a lifetime's assortment of poems for various occasions.
BOOKS050457I: Thompson, Lawrance and R. H. Winnick, edited by Edward Connery Lathem, - Robert Frost: a biography: one volume edition.
BOOKS018202I: Thomson, Betty Flanders, - The Changing Face of New England.
BOOKS019127I: Thomson, David, - Warren Beatty and Desert Eyes: a life and a story.
BOOKS033458I: Thomson, Professor J. Arthur, - The New Natural History: the romance of nature's wonderland: first volume complete in itself.
BOOKS036141I: Thomson, James & Thomas Gray, - The Poetical Works of Thomson and Gray.
BOOKS036219I: Thomson, William O., - Life As It Was 1900-1950: New England reflections.
BOOKS037093I: Thomson, Betty Flanders, - The Changing Face of New England.
BOOKS044324I: Thomson, Virgil, - Virgil Thomson.
BOOKS049713I: Thomson, William O., - Life As It Was 1900-1950: New England reflections.
BOOKS045456I: Thomson, introductory note by E. M. Forster, - Twenty Years A-Growing: rendered from the original Irish.
BOOKS050245I: Thomson, Sarah L., - Mercy: the last New England vampire.
BOOKS048806I: Thomson, William O., - Patriots of the Sea Lighthouse Legacies.
BOOKS053205I: Thoreau, Henry David, introduction by Henry Beston, - Cape Cod.
BOOKS002039I: Thoreau, Henry David, - The Works of Thoreau selected and edited by Henry Seidel Canby.
BOOKS013539I: Thoreau, Henry David, introduction by Norman Holmes Pearson, - Walden & on the duty of civil disobedience.
BOOKS029175I: Thoreau, Henry Davaid, edited by Owen Thomas, - Walden and Civil Disobedience: a Norton critical edition: authoritative texts, background, reviews & essays in criticism.
BOOKS046341I: Thoreau, Henry David, edited with introduction by Patricia Horan, - Selections from Walden.
BOOKS044132I: Thoreau, Henry David, introduction by Basil Willey, - Walden.
BOOKS055162I: Thoreau, Henry David, introduction by Basil Willey, - Walden.
BOOKS050939I: Thorndike, Russell and Reginald Arkell, introductory essay by Max Beerbohm, - The Tragedy of Mr. Punch: a fantastic play in prologue and one act.
BOOKS056680I: Thorndike, Virginia L., - Maine Lobsterboats: builders and lobstermen speak of their craft.
BOOKS055702I: Thorndike, Virginia L., - How We Got There from Here: remembering the days of steamers, trolleys & Model T's to Maine.
BOOKS008472I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch: her first trip on a houseboat.
BOOKS008870I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch: her first little circus.
BOOKS017323I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch: her first visit to the seashore.
BOOKS023380I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch: Her First Visit to the City.
BOOKS043088I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch: Her First Days in Camp.
BOOKS045838I: Thorndyke, Helen Louise, - Honey Bunch and Norman Take a Tour of Toy Town.
BOOKS009684I: Thorne, Alice, abridged by, - Kate Douglas Wiggins' Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
BOOKS051232I: Thorne, James Ward (Mrs.), - American Rooms in Miniature.
BOOKS029986I: Thorne, Diana & Albert Payson Terhune, - The Dog Book.
BOOKS031928I: Thorne, Julie, - You Are Not Alone: words of experience & hope for the journey through depression.
BOOKS055169I: Thorne, John with Matt Lewis Thorne, - Pot on the Fire: further exploits of a renegade cook.
BOOKS051172I: Thornton, Sarah, - Seven Days in the Art World.
BOOKS011528I: Thornton, Lawrence, - Ghost Woman.
BOOKS027958I: Thornton, Henry & Freda, foreword by Dr. Harry Benjamin, - How to Achieve Sex Happiness in Marriage.
BOOKS047636I: Thorp, Margaret Farrand, - Neilson of Smith.
BOOKS037784I: Thorp, N. Howard (Jack) in collaboration with Neil M. Clark, - Pardner of the Wind: story of the Southwestern cowboy.
BOOKS041636I: Thorp, Gary, - Sweeping Changes: discovering the joy of zen in everyday tasks.
BOOKS056201I: Thorp, Raymond W., - Spirit Gun of the West - the story of Doc W. F. Carver Plainsman trapper, buffalo hunter, medicine Chief of the Santee.
BOOKS047397I: Camp Creek Threshers, - Favorite Recipes 10th Anniversary 1977-1986.
BOOKS019889I: Throckmorton, Burton H., Jr., edited by, - Gospel Parallels: a synopsis of the first three gospels with alternative readings, revised standard version.
BOOKS008965I: Thubron, Colin, - Jerusalem.
BOOKS046382I: Thurber, Nancy & Gretchen Mead, - Keeping the Harvest: home storage of vegetables & fruits.
BOOKS008048I: Thurber, James, introduction by Peter de Vries, - Lanterns and Lances.
BOOKS014498I: Thurber, James, - Many Moons.
BOOKS017985I: Thurber, James, - Alarms & Diversions.
BOOKS023855I: Thurber, James, - The Thurber Album: a collection of pieces about people.
BOOKS044358I: Thurber, James, - The Wonderful O.
BOOKS054993I: Thurber, James, - The Beast in Me and other animals.
BOOKS036754I: Thurlow, Dave & C. Ralph Adler, compiled & edited by, - Soul of the Sky: exploring the human side of weather.
BOOKS011551I: Thurm, Marian, - Henry in Love.
BOOKS057054I: Thurman, Judith, - Secrets of the Flesh: a life of Colette.
BOOKS009543I: Hazlewood & John Thurman, - Some Training Ideas for Scouts: scouters' book no. 12.
BOOKS049207I: Thurston, Katherine Cecil, - The Fly on the Wheel.
BOOKS016173I: Thurston, E. Temple, - The Patchwork Papers.
BOOKS019907I: Thurston, Doris, - Read Me a Story: for ages 3-5.
BOOKS027150I: Thurston, Kathreine Cecil, - The Masquerader.
BOOKS050383I: Thurston, Doris, - Beloved Brick House (signed).
BOOKS038490I: Thurston, Ernest L., - Tongues of Flame: The Black Shadow Series.
BOOKS038527I: Thurston, Ernest L., - The Young Boss of Camp Eighteen: The Black Shadow Series.
BOOKS045066I: Thurston, Ernest L., - The Young Boss of Camp Eighteen: The Black Shadow Series.
BOOKS045067I: Thurston, Ernest L., - Tongues of Flame.
BOOKS056676I: Thurston, Doris, - Read Me a Story (for ages 3-5).
BOOKS056677I: Thurston, Doris (signed by author), - Beloved Brick House.
BOOKS013394I: Thwaites, Reuben Gold, - The Colonies 1492-1750 (Epochs of American History).
BOOKS056418I: Tibballs, Geoff, - The Titanic: the extraordinary story of the unsinkable ship.
BOOKS006509I: Tick, Edward, - The Shopkeeper's Tale.
BOOKS036193I: Tickle, Phyllis, - The Shaping of a Life: a spiritual landscape.
BOOKS032368I: Ticknor, George, - Life of William Hickling Prescott.
BOOKS018574I: Tieger, Pauld D. & Barbara Barron-Tieger, - Do What You Are: discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type.
BOOKS014128I: Tierney, Tom, - Bill Clinton and His Family Paper Dolls.
BOOKS051571I: Tierney, Colleen B. (granddaughter), - The Weight of Coal & Lace: the story of Andras and Sophie Kuchta (signed by the author Tierney).
BOOKS056077I: Tietjens, Eunice, editor, - Poetry of the Orient-An Anthology of the Classic Secular Poetry of the Major Eastern Nations.
BOOKS035927I: Tiffany, - Tiffany Table Settings.
BOOKS009764I: Tiger, Lionel & Robin Fox, - The Imperial Animal.
BOOKS051167I: by Harlow Tighe, - Leonardo the Last Supper.
BOOKS028516I: Tilberis, Liz, - No Time to Die.
BOOKS026251I: Tilghman, Christopher, - In a Father's Place.
BOOKS006067I: Tilgner, Linda, - Tips for the Lazy Gardener.
BOOKS039826I: Tilgner, Linda, - Tips for the Lazy Gardener.
BOOKS017501I: Tillett, Leslie, foreword by Rose Kennedy, - American Needlework 1776/1976: needlepoints & crewel patterns adapted from historical American images.
BOOKS048401I: Tilley, Elizabeth, - The Mayflower Quarterly: vol. 68 no. 3 September, 2002 and vol. 70 no. 4 December, 2004.
BOOKS018536I: Tillich, Paul, - The Courage to Be.
BOOKS017447I: Tillman, Lynne, - Cast in Doubt.
BOOKS053927I: Tillman, Peggy, - Clicking with Your Dog: step-by-step pictures.
BOOKS052958I: Tilston, G. Edwin, - The Methuselah Inheritance (inscribed).
BOOKS037128I: Tilton, Buck, - How to Die in the Outdoors: 100 interesting ways.
BOOKS004505I: Time, - Time Annual 1996: the year in review.
BOOKS005514I: Time, - 70th Anniversary Celebration 1923-1993.
BOOKS009147I: Time, - Time Annual 1994: the year in review.
BOOKS014106I: Time, - Time Annual 1993: the year in review.
BOOKS014107I: Time, - Time Annual 1994: the year in review.
BOOKS051578I: Maine Times, - Maine Almanac and Book of Lists.
BOOKS001183I: York Times, - Gun Dog: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method.
BOOKS043879I: New York Times, - The New York Times Page One: one hundred years of headlines as presented in The New York Times.
BOOKS052816I: New York Times, - Pictorial Portfolio of the World.
BOOKS036697I: Timilty, Joseph, - Prison Journal: an irreverent look at life on the inside.
BOOKS055990I: Timmerman, Kenneth, - Countdown to Crisis: the coming nuclear showdown with Iran.
BOOKS014905I: Timmermans, Felix, translated from Flemish, - The Perfect Joy of St. Francis.

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