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BOOKS018556I: Pepper, Elizabeth & John Wilcock, prepared & edited by, - The Witches' Almanac: Spring 1995 - spring 1996.
BOOKS034510I: Pepper, Choral, - Walks in Oscar Wilde's London.
BOOKS042171I: Pepper, Jeffrey, - The Golden Retriever.
BOOKS027430I: Peppers, Don & Martha Rogrs, Ph.D., - The One to One Manager: real-world lessons in customer management.
BOOKS004280I: Pepys, Samuel, edited by Willis L. Parker, - Samuel Pepys' Diary.
BOOKS031133I: Perala, Donald A., - Manager's Handbook for Aspen in the North-Central States.
BOOKS039792I: Perard, Victor, - Drawing Flowers.
BOOKS014445I: Percelay, Bruce A. & Peter Arnold, foreword by Robert Allen, - Packaging Your Home for Profit.
BOOKS014621I: Percy, Douglas C., - Flight to Glory.
BOOKS025147I: Percy, Walker, - The Thanatos Syndrome.
BOOKS052567I: Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited by Ernest Thompson, - Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822: The Augustan Books of English Poetry.
BOOKS044578I: Percy, L. Helen, - Adoniram Judson: apostle of Burma.
BOOKS010796I: Perdue, H. Avis, - How Other Children Live.
BOOKS050798I: Perelman, S. J., Richard Rovere, edited by Fred L. Israel, - Sears Roebuck Catalogue 1897 (facsimile.
BOOKS006500I: Peres, Shimon with Arye Naor, - The New Middle East.
BOOKS010021I: Peretti, Frank E., - This Present Darkness.
BOOKS027557I: Peretti, Frank, - The Visitation.
BOOKS026574I: Perez-Reverte, Arturo, - The Club Dumas.
BOOKS028068I: Perez-Reverte, Arturo, - The Seville Communion.
BOOKS042408I: Perez-Reverte, Arturo, - The Club Dumas.
BOOKS050952I: Perez, Antonio Alvarez, M. Escobar Alpuy, Fiorentino Quiroz, - The Truth about Argentina: the opinions of trade unionists, authorities and intellectuals who have visited Argentina.
BOOKS051958I: Perillo, Lucia, - The Oldest Map with the Name America.
BOOKS052024I: Perkins, Benjamin, - At the Water's Edge: a fisherman's progress around Britain.
BOOKS006451I: Perkins, Spencer and Chris Rice, forewords by Tony Evans & John Guest, - More than Equals.
BOOKS010107I: Perkins, Wilma Lord, - The Fannie Farmer Junior Cook Book.
BOOKS029808I: Perkins, S. M., edited by, - Kerl's Language Lessons: an elementary text-book of English grammar.
BOOKS031284I: Perkins, Lucy Fitch, - The Dutch Twins.
BOOKS036979I: Perkins, Stan, - We're from Duffield.
BOOKS037925I: Perkins, Wilam Lord, - The Fannie Farmer Junior Cook Book.
BOOKS038539I: Perkins, Frederic, - Star-Dreams.
BOOKS048287I: Perkins, Stan, - Itinerate Auctioneering (signed).
BOOKS040160I: Perkins, J. R., - A Thin Volume.
BOOKS042863I: Perkins, Stan, - Itinerate Auctioneering.
BOOKS043534I: Perkins, Lucy Fitch, - The Eskimo Twins.
BOOKS048360I: Perkins, Robert, - Talking to Angels: a life spent in high latitudes (review copy).
BOOKS052365I: Perkins, Lucy Fitch, - The Filipino Twins.
BOOKS056689I: Perkins, John, - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
BOOKS012003I: Perkoff, Stuart Z., - Only Just above the Ground: (special issue #28).
BOOKS013008I: Perl, Jed, - Gallery Going: four seasons in the art world.
BOOKS017093I: Perl, Lila, - That Crazy April.
BOOKS046274I: Perl, Lila, - Hunter's Stew and Hangtown Fry: what pioneer America ate and why.
BOOKS011548I: Perle, Ruth Lerner, - The Rainy-Day Picnic (Minnie Mouse).
BOOKS029498I: Perlis, Vivian, foreword by Aaron Copland, - Charles Ives Remembered: an oral history.
BOOKS024948I: Permut, Joanna Baumer, - Embracing the Wolf: a Lupus victim and her family learn to live with chronic illness.
BOOKS019283I: Perna, Sharon, - Cross-Stitch a Beautiful Gift.
BOOKS006050I: Perrault, Charles, based on fairy tale by, - Beauty and the Beast.
BOOKS056474I: Perrin, Noel (signed by the author), - Second Person Rural" more esssays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS056451I: Perrin, Noel (Inscribed by author), - Giving up the Gun - Japan's Reversion to the Sword, 1543-1879.
BOOKS008747I: Perrin, Ursula, - The Looking-Glass Lover.
BOOKS009066I: Perrin, Noel, - First Person Rural: essays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS009398I: Perrin, Ursula, - Unheard Music.
BOOKS010174I: Perrin, Ursula, - Ghosts.
BOOKS026027I: Perrin, Ursula, - Heart Failures.
BOOKS048933I: Perrin, Noel, - Third Person Rural: further essays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS046334I: Perrin, Noel, - First Person Rural: essays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS046333I: Perrin, Noel, - Amateur Sugar Maker.
BOOKS019164I: Perrin, Noel, - Amateur Sugar Maker.
BOOKS056431I: Perrin, Noel (inscribed by author), - Third Person Rural: Further essays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS056430I: Perrin, Noel (signed by author), - First Person Rural: essays of a sometime farmer.
BOOKS056450I: Perrin, Noel (Signed by author), - A Reader's Delight.
BOOKS010576I: Perrone, Lisbeth, - Country Christmas Cross-Stitch.
BOOKS022005I: Perrone, Lisberth, - Handmade Baby Clothes.
BOOKS038409I: Perrone, Lisbeth Ransjo, - The New World of Crewel.
BOOKS019697I: Perrotta, Louise, foreword by Ferdinand G. Mahfood, - All You Really Need to Know about Prayer you can learn from the poor.
BOOKS022513I: Perrotta, Tom, - The Wishbones.
BOOKS048400I: Perry, Katy, - Only One Icebox to Fill signed.
BOOKS003493I: Perry, Paul, - Fear and Loathing: the strange and terrible saga of Hunter S. Thompson.
BOOKS050408I: Perry, Frances, edited by, - Simon and Schuster's Complete Guide to Plants and Flowers.
BOOKS008024I: Perry, Margaret, - Christmas Magic: the art of making decorations and ornaments.
BOOKS015761I: Perry, Anne, - A Breach of Promise.
BOOKS017196I: Perry, Anne, - Traitors Gate.
BOOKS023426I: Perry, Rick, - The Integration of Natural Foods in an Institutional Setting.
BOOKS028386I: Perry, Bliss, - And Gladly Teach: reminiscences.
BOOKS028408I: Perry, Thomas, - Dance for the Dead: a Jane Whitefield novel.
BOOKS029236I: Perry, Mark, - Lift Up Thy Voice: the Grimke family's journey from slaveholders to civil rights leaders.
BOOKS029810I: Perry, Bliss, & Henry Van Dyke, edited by, - The Pocket University: vols. IV, V, VII, VIII, XV, X, XXII, XIII, XIV, XX, XXI, XXII,.
BOOKS035700I: Perry, Margaret, - The New Christmas Magic: the art of making decorations and ornaments.
BOOKS037814I: Perry, Richard, - Life in Forest and Jungle: The Many Worlds of Wildlife Series.
BOOKS038042I: Perry, Rae, - Wild Friends: a true story of life with animal orphans.
BOOKS053014I: Perry, L. Day, - Seat Weaving.
BOOKS042062I: Perry, Rev. Trueman S., - The Poetical Writings of Rev. Trueman S. Perry with a short sketch of his life.
BOOKS042685I: Perry, Sara, - Great Gingerbread.
BOOKS044067I: Perry, Laurie, - Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair.
BOOKS036490I: Perry, Katy, - Mad Tuesdays.
BOOKS052559I: Perry, Bliss, edited with an introduction and notes by, - The Heart of Emerson's Essays: selection from his complete works.
BOOKS046249I: Perry, George, - The Complete Phantom of the Opera.
BOOKS050007I: Perry, George, - The Complete Phantom of the Opera.
BOOKS050060I: Perry, Edward Delavan, - A Sanskrit Primer.
BOOKS055453I: Perry, Bliss (personal note by author Perry on front endpaper), - Salem KIttredge and other stories.
BOOKS046920I: Perry, Katy, - Mad Tuesdays.
BOOKS046859I: Perry, Richard, - The Watcher and the Red Deer.
BOOKS053324I: Perry, Ralph Barton, - A Defence of Philosophy.
BOOKS052124I: Perry, Nora, - That Little Smith Girl.
BOOKS051603I: Perry, Katy, - Only One Icebox to Fill.
BOOKS027239I: Person, Tom, - Sedge-Hill Setter.
BOOKS042413I: Bureau of Naval Personnel, - Seamanship.
BOOKS042161I: Pescio, Claudio, - New Complete Guide of the Uffizi.
BOOKS018486I: Pesetsky, Bette, - The Late Night Muse.
BOOKS005792I: Pessin, Deborah, - History of the Jews in America.
BOOKS049356I: Pessin, Deborah, - History of Jews in America.
BOOKS021564I: Peter, Mary, - Collecting Victoriana.
BOOKS040420I: Peter Jackson, based on story by Merian C. Cooper etc., - The Making of King Kong: the official guide to the motion picture.
BOOKS056543I: Peterkin, Julia, - Black April.
BOOKS056539I: Peterkin, Julia, - Scarlet Sister Mary (Pulitzer Prize winner).
BOOKS027526I: Peterkin, Julia, - Scarlet Sister Mary.
BOOKS056565I: Peterkin, Julia, - Scarlet Sister Mary (Pulitzer Prize winner).
BOOKS027787I: Peterman, John, - Peterman Rides Again: adventures continue with the real "J. Peterman" through life & the catalog business.
BOOKS000530I: Peters, Margot, - Bernard Shaw and the Actresses.
BOOKS001178I: Peters, Elizabeth, - Legend in Green Velvet.
BOOKS005542I: Peters, Tom, - Liberation Management: necessary disorganization for the nanosecond nineties.
BOOKS007565I: Peters, Tom, - Thriving on Chaos: handbook for a management revolution.
BOOKS017824I: Peters, Ellis, - The Confession of Brother Haluin.
BOOKS018244I: Peters, Ellis, - The Potter's Field.
BOOKS018245I: Peters, Ellis, - The Hermit of Eyton Forest.
BOOKS018246I: Peters, Ellis, - Flight of a Witch.
BOOKS018247I: Peters, Ellis, - The Confessions of Brother Haluin.
BOOKS018248I: Peters, Ellis, - The Heretic's Apprentice.
BOOKS018249I: Peters, Ellis, - The Summer of the Danes.
BOOKS018250I: Peters, Ellis, - A Rare Benedictine: the advent of Brother Cadfael.
BOOKS021658I: Peters, Tom, - Liberation Management: necessary disorganization for the nanosecond nineties.
BOOKS022251I: Peters, Tom, - The Circle of Innovation: you can't shrink your way to greatness.
BOOKS025292I: Peters, Sharon, - The Goofy Ghost.
BOOKS025555I: Peters, Sharon, - Here Comes Jack Frost.
BOOKS025994I: Peters, Ellis, - The Piper on the Mountain.
BOOKS030158I: Peters, Andrew, - Salt Is Sweeter Than Gold.
BOOKS043926I: Peters, Harry T., - Currier & Ives: printmakers to the American people.
BOOKS054125I: Peters, Elizabeth, - Night Train to Memphis.
BOOKS015446I: Peters, Margot, - May Sarton: a biography.
BOOKS057107I: Peters, Kimbely Joy, - Painting Caitlyn.
BOOKS027061I: Peters, Ellis, - A Rare Benedictine (The Advent of Brother Cadfael).
BOOKS051483I: Petersen, William "Bill", - Arizona Recipes for You.
BOOKS017183I: Petersen, Evelyln R.& J. Allan Petersen, edited by, - For Women Only: the fine art of being a woman.
BOOKS031317I: Petersen, Alice & Ella Elvin, - The Sunday News Family Cook Book.
BOOKS041564I: Petersen, Mary & Laurence, - A Collection of New Hampshire Stories.
BOOKS055844I: Petersen, Herman, - Country Chronicle.
BOOKS040603I: Petersham, Maud & Miska, - The Story Book of Ships.
BOOKS040604I: Petersham, Maud & Miska, - David from the Story told in the first book of Samuel and the first book of Kings.
BOOKS040608I: Petersham, Maud & Miska, - Ruth from the Story told in the book of Ruth.
BOOKS048757I: Peterson, Roger Tory, edited by Bill Thompson III, - All Things Reconsidered: my birding adventures.
BOOKS007089I: Peterson, John, - The Littles.
BOOKS007090I: Peterson, John, - The Littles Give a Party (formerly titled "The Littles' Surprise Party").
BOOKS007096I: Peterson, John, - The Littles and the Trash Tinies.
BOOKS009971I: Peterson, Meg, - Mel Bay presents the Complete Method for Autoharp or Chromaharp.
BOOKS018532I: Peterson, Charles B., annotated by & introduction by, - The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia 1786 Rule Book.
BOOKS023839I: Peterson, John, - The Littles Take a Trip.
BOOKS025156I: Peterson, John, - The Littles.
BOOKS025157I: Peterson, John, - The Littles Go Exploring.
BOOKS025158I: Peterson, John, - The Littles and the Trash Tinies.
BOOKS025159I: Peterson, John, - The Littles and the Terrible Tiny Kid.
BOOKS025160I: Peterson, John, - The Littles Have a Wedding.
BOOKS026405I: Peterson, Roger Tory & Margaret McKenny, - A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern & North-central North America.
BOOKS029308I: Peterson, Ivars, - The Mathematical Tourist: snapshots of modern mathematics.
BOOKS031190I: Peterson, Roger Tory, - Western Birds: Peterson field guides.
BOOKS048722I: Peterson, Lyn, - Real Life Renovating.
BOOKS034549I: Peterson, Gail, - The Last Laugh: a completely new collection of funny old epitaphs.
BOOKS035314I: Peterson, James, - Sauces: classical and contemporary sauce making.
BOOKS036793I: Peterson, Roger Tory, - The Bird Watcher's Anthology.
BOOKS041275I: Peterson, Roger Tory, - How to Know the Birds: an introduction to bird recognition.
BOOKS043334I: Peterson, Merrill D., - Adams and Jefferson: a revolutionary dialogue.
BOOKS044736I: Peterson, Hans, translated by Marianne Turner, - Magnus and the Wagon Horse.
BOOKS049910I: Peterson, Harold L., - Round Shot and Rammers.
BOOKS054043I: Peterson, John, - The Littles' Surprise Party.
BOOKS004804I: Peterson, Roger Tory, - The Bird Watcher's Anthology.
BOOKS045403I: Peterson, Roger Tory, - A Field Guide to the Birds giving field marks of all species found east of the Rockies.
BOOKS046943I: Peterson, James, - Vegetables: the most authoritative guide to buying, preparing, and cooking.
BOOKS053444I: Peterson, John, - The Littles and the Trash Tinies.
BOOKS053628I: Petkevich, John Misha, - Figure Skating: championship techniques.
BOOKS046740I: Petrarch, editor Thomas G. Bergin, - Selected Sonnets, Odes and Letters.
BOOKS009495I: Petras, Ross and Kathryn, - The 776 Stupidest Things Ever Said.
BOOKS054409I: Petri, Alexandra, - A Field Guide to Awkward Silences.
BOOKS037424I: Petrino, Elizabeth A., - Emily Dickinson and Her Contemporaries: women's verse in America 1820-1885.
BOOKS050006I: Petroni, Paolo, - Complete Book of Florentine Cooking.
BOOKS023004I: Petroski, Henry, - The Book on the Bookshelf.
BOOKS044833I: Petrosky, Anthony, - Jurgis Petraskas: poems.
BOOKS045001I: Petrov, Vadim, Igor Lysenho, and Georgy Egurov, - The Escape of Alexei: son of Tsar Nicholas II.
BOOKS023773I: Pettengill, Amos, - The White-Flower-Farm Garden Book.
BOOKS028415I: Pettengill, Samuel B., - Smoke Screen.
BOOKS023029I: Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr & Richard B. Anderson, edited by, - Enjoying Maine Birds: an aid to finding, studying and attracting birds in Maine.
BOOKS026565I: Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr & Richard B. Anderson, edited by, - Enjoying Maine Birds: an aid to finding, studying and attracting birds in Maine.
BOOKS050508I: Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr & Richard B. Anderson, edited by, - Enjoying Maine Birds: an aid to finding, studying and attracting birds in Maine.
BOOKS037959I: Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr & Richard B. Anderson, edited by, - Enjoying Maine Birds: an aid to finding, studying and attracting birds in Maine.
BOOKS054280I: Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr & Richard B. Anderson, edited by, - Enjoying Maine Birds: an aid to finding, studying and attracting birds in Maine.
BOOKS036209I: Pettit, Jayne, - A Place to Hide: true stories of Holocaust rescues.
BOOKS043215I: Pettit, Jan, introduction by Eddie Box, - Utes: the mountain people.
BOOKS045501I: Peyser, Herbert F., - The New York Philharmonic Symphony Society Presents Schubert and His Work.
BOOKS008339I: Peyton, Jim, - Zions Cause (1920-1950).
BOOKS016433I: Peyton, Father Patrick, - All for Her: the autobiography of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C..
BOOKS041351I: Pfaltzgraff, - Pfaltzgraff Collector's Cookbook.
BOOKS054698I: Pfaltzgraff, - Pfaltzgraff Collector's Cookbook.
BOOKS011931I: Pfeiffer, Andrew, - Creating Style: the pleasure of gardening.
BOOKS041529I: Pfeiffer, Michelle, - Callie & Son DVD.
BOOKS025267I: Pferrer, Susan Beth, - Kid Power Strikes Back.
BOOKS011794I: Pfingston, Roger, - Stoutes Creek Road.
BOOKS011796I: Pfingston, Roger, - The Circus of Unreasonable Acts.
BOOKS032332I: Pfister, Marcus, translated by Rosemary Lanning, - Hopper Hunts for Spring.
BOOKS010857I: Pflum, Richard, - A Dream of Salt.
BOOKS017261I: PG&E, - PG&E Progress: Vol. XXVIII, No. 3: February 1951.
BOOKS054189I: Phaidon, - Boring Postcards.
BOOKS048013I: Pham, Andrew X., - Catfish and Mandala: a two-wheeled voyage through the landscape and memory of Vietnam.
BOOKS016848I: Phang, Ruth & Susan L. Roth, - We Build a Climber.
BOOKS000714I: Phelan, James D. Former US Senator of California, - Travel and Comment.
BOOKS010242I: Phelan, Nancy & Michael Volin, - Yoga over Forty.
BOOKS032865I: Phelan, James, - Howard Hughes: the hidden years.
BOOKS034159I: Phelan, Laurel, - Guinevere.
BOOKS045567I: Pheland, PauL H., - Scents of Humor.
BOOKS004888I: Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, - Walled In.
BOOKS009080I: Phelps, William Lyon, - The Advance of the English Novel.
BOOKS025266I: Phelps, William Lyon, - Autobiography with Letters.
BOOKS026590I: Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, - The Gates Ajar.
BOOKS035739I: Phelps, William Lyon, - Memory.
BOOKS040165I: Phelps, William Lyon, - Autobiography with Letters.
BOOKS040947I: Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, - Jonathan and David.
BOOKS045150I: Phelps, Humphrey, collected by, - The Heart of Suffolk (England) in Old Photographs.
BOOKS046118I: Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, - Beyond the Gates.
BOOKS054712I: Phelps, M. William, - The Devil's Rooming House: the true story of America's deadliest female serial killer.
BOOKS030683I: Beta Sigma Phi, - The Best of Beta Sigma Phi Cookbook.
BOOKS055221I: Beta Sigma Phi, - Cook Light Cookbook.
BOOKS047458I: Philbin, Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford with Barbara Albright, - Entertaining with Regis & Kathie Lee: Year-Round Holiday Recipes, Entertaining Tips and Party Ideas.
BOOKS001236I: Philbin, Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford with Barbara Albright, - Entertaining with Regis & Kathie Lee: Year-Round Holiday Recipes, Entertaining Tips and Party Ideas.
BOOKS006838I: Philbin, Regis, with Bill Zehme, - I'm Only One Man.
BOOKS027125I: Philbin, Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford with Barbara Albright, - Cooking with Regis & Kathie Lee: Quick & Easy Recipes.
BOOKS001216I: Philbrick, Herbert A., - I Led 3 Lives: Citizen, "Communist", counterspy.
BOOKS027694I: Philbrick, Nathaniel, - In the Heart of the Sea: the tragedy of the whaleship Essex.
BOOKS051157I: Philbrick, Louise, Macomber, Inc., - Dodge & Burn: wild Maine Blueberry Hot Sauce recipe book.
BOOKS054294I: Philbrick, Nathaniel, - In the Heart of the Sea: the tragedy of the whaleship Essex.
BOOKS056898I: Philbrick, Nathaniel, - In the Heart of the Sea: the tragdy of the Whaleship Essex.
BOOKS043878I: Philip, Lotte Brand, - Hieronymus Bosch: a fantastic world of saintliness and surrealism.
BOOKS048732I: Philip Vainker, John Julius Norwich, introduction by, - The Burrell Collection.
BOOKS054831I: Philips, George Morris, LL.D.and Robert F. Anderson, SC.D., - Silver-Burdett Arithmetics Complete Book.
BOOKS040087I: Phillipps, Evelyn March, - Tintoretto.
BOOKS046699I: Phillips, Stephen, - Poems.
BOOKS052853I: Phillips, Charles and Alan Axelrod, foreword by Brian C. Pohanka, - My Brother's Face: portraits of the Civil War in photographs, diaries, and letters.
BOOKS006888I: Phillips, Jayne Anne, - Shelter.
BOOKS046368I: Phillips, Michael and Judith Pella, - Stranger at Stonewycke: The Stonewycke Legacy #1.
BOOKS017889I: Phillips, Kevin, - Arrogant Capital: Washington, Wall Street, & the frustration of American politics.
BOOKS053912I: Phillips, Kevin, - American Dynasty: aristocracy, fortune, and the politics of deceit in the house of Bush.
BOOKS019793I: Phillips, Lil, - With Pen in Cheek.
BOOKS028815I: Phillips, Michael J., - Neon Dolls.
BOOKS030225I: Phillips, D. F. & F. K. Pearson, - The Tram that Went to America.
BOOKS032374I: Phillips, David Graham, - White Magic.
BOOKS034930I: Phillips, Stephen, - Herod: a tragedy and Paolo & Francesca.
BOOKS036654I: Phillips, Alexander M., - The Mislaid Charm.
BOOKS040524I: Phillips, Wendell, introduction by Frank Altschul, - Toussaint l'Ouverture.
BOOKS040930I: Phillips, Jayne Anne, - Machine Dreams.
BOOKS041781I: Phillips, Charles, - The Lost History of Aztec and Maya.
BOOKS043908I: Phillips, J. B., - Appointment with God: some thoughts on Holy Communion.
BOOKS046689I: Phillips, Stephen, - Marpessa.
BOOKS050113I: Phillips, Lance, - Yonder Comes the Train: the story of the iron horse and some of the roads it travelled.
BOOKS045552I: Phillips, Kathryn, - Paradise by Design: native plants and the new American landscape.
BOOKS053154I: Phillips, Barty, - The Country House Book.
BOOKS057355I: Phillips, Richard with Stephan Talty, - A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and dangerous days at Sea.
BOOKS052290I: Phillips, Mackenzie, - High on Arrival.
BOOKS052230I: Phillpotts, Eden, - Children of the Mist.
BOOKS046115I: Philpot, Joseph Charles, - Letters and Memoir of Joseph Charles Philpot.
BOOKS045155I: Philpot, Joseph Charles, - Letters and Memoir of Joseph Charles Philpot.
BOOKS047076I: Philpott, Gordon M., - Daring Venture: the life story of William H. Danforth.
BOOKS056732I: Phippen, Sanford, edited by Charles Waugh and Martin Greenberg, - The Best Maine Stories: a century of short fiction by Sarah Orn Jewett, Ben Ames Williams, Carolyn Chute and others.
BOOKS052545I: Phippen, Sanford, edited and introduction by, - Sturge a Memoir (signed by Phippen).
BOOKS019569I: Phippen, Sanford, introduction by Edward M. Holmes, - The Police Know Everything: Downeast stories.
BOOKS028963I: Phippen, Sanford, edited by, - The Best Maine Stories: the marvelous mystery.
BOOKS023196I: Phippen, Sanford, introduction by Edward M. Holmes, - People Trying to Be Good: Downeast stories.
BOOKS053725I: Phippen, Sanford, edited by, Charles Waugh, and Martin Greenberg, - The Best Maine Stories: the marvelous mystery.
BOOKS044770I: Phippen, Sanford, introduction by Edward M. Holmes, - People Trying to Be Good: Downeast stories.
BOOKS056736I: Phippen, Sanford, edited by Charles Waugh and Martin Greenberg, - The Best Maine Stories: a century of short fiction by Sarah Orn Jewett, Ben Ames Williams, Carolyn Chute and others.
BOOKS053040I: Phoenix, Jessie, - The Road to Home: Maine lakes.
BOOKS050606I: Phoenix, Jessie, - Sweet Remembered Fragrance of the Soul.
BOOKS030876I: American Society of Photogrammetry, - Manual of Photographic Interpretation.
BOOKS031550I: Photographers (75), - Sunday in America.
BOOKS047487I: co-director and director of photography, - The Forgotten Village from film of the same name.
BOOKS047351I: PI, - Best-Loved Cookies.
BOOKS010293I: Piaget, Jean, translated by Arnold Rosin, - The Child & Reality: problems of Genetic Psychology.
BOOKS033423I: Piaget, Jean, translated by G. N. Seagrim, - The Mechanisms of Perception.
BOOKS001281I: Piatt, Jean, - Adventures in Birding, Confessions of a Lister.
BOOKS045512I: Piave, introduction by Gary Schmidgall, Giuseppe Verdi, - La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi: Metropolitan Opera Classics Library.
BOOKS053760I: Picasso, - Picasso Lithographs.
BOOKS044026I: Picasso, edited by Alfred H. Barr, Jr., - Picasso 75th Anniversary Exhibition: May 22- September 3, 1957 MOMA, October 29- December 8 1937, Art Institute of Chicago.
BOOKS055513I: Pick, John, - Gerard Manley Hopkins: priest and poet.
BOOKS006749I: Pickard, Nancy, - Bum Steer: a Jenny Cain mystery.
BOOKS023931I: Pickard, Nancy, based on characters & story created by Virginia Rich, - The 27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders.
BOOKS055100I: Pickard, Samuel T., - Whittier-Land: a handbook of North Esser containing many anecdotes of and poems by John Greenleaf Whittier....
BOOKS020212I: Pickard, Nancy, based on characters & story created by Virginia Rich, - The 27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders.
BOOKS040294I: Picken, Mary Brooks & Doris White, - Needlepoint Made Easy: classic and modern.
BOOKS026718I: Pickens, T. Boone, Jr., - Boone.
BOOKS044839I: Pickford, Louise, - Vegetarian Cooking step by step.
BOOKS052730I: Pickles, Sheila, edited, - The Fragrant Garden.
BOOKS035981I: Pickles, Sheila, edited by, - Love: Penhaligon's scented treasury of verse and prose.
BOOKS030298I: Pickoff, Louise, - You Can Cook for One (or even two).
BOOKS037813I: Pickow, Peter, - The Penny Whistle Primer.
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BOOKS041013I: Protheroe, Ernest, - New Illustrated Natural History of the World.
BOOKS057369I: Proulx, Annnie, - Close Range: Wyoming Stories.
BOOKS011007I: Proulx, E. Annie, - Accordion Crimes.
BOOKS022870I: Proulx, Earl, - Yankee Magazine's Make It Last: over 1,000 ingenious ways to extend the life of everything you own.
BOOKS022871I: Proulx, Earl, - Yankee Home Hints: from stains on the rug to squirrels in the attic, 1,500 ingenious solutions to everyday household problems.
BOOKS047202I: Proulx, Earl, and editors of Yankee Magazine, - Make It Last: over 1,000 ingenious ways to extend the life of everything you own.
BOOKS056470I: Proulx, E. Annie, - Accordion Crimes.
BOOKS051829I: Prouty, Olive Higgins, - Home Port.
BOOKS015300I: Provensen, Alice & Martin, - The Glorious Flight: across the channel with Louis Bleriot.
BOOKS054449I: Province, revised by Daniel J. Sullivan, - The Summa Theologica: volumes I & II.
BOOKS043238I: Prowler, Donald, - Modest Mansions: design ideas for luxurious living in less space.
BOOKS022219I: Prudden, T. M., - About Lobsters.
BOOKS047845I: Prudden, T. M., - About Lobsters.
BOOKS039669I: Prudden, T. M., - About Lobsters.
BOOKS041872I: Prudden, Suzy, - Meta-Fitness: your thoughts taking shape.
BOOKS046040I: Prudden, Bonnie, foreword by Dr. Desmond Tivy, - Pain Erasure: the Bonnie Prudden way.
BOOKS042219I: Prudhomme, Paul, - Chef Paul Prudhomme's Seasoned America.
BOOKS047336I: Pruitt, Frank O. with 40th Division 1952-1953, - Reminiscence of a Forgotten War: the memoirs of Frank O. Pruitt.
BOOKS037629I: Pryce-Jones, David, - The Strange Death of the Soviet Empire.
BOOKS028117I: Pryde, Anthony & R. K. Weekes, - The City of Lilies.
BOOKS037162I: Pryde, Duncan, - Nunaga: ten years of Eskimo life.
BOOKS041947I: Pryde, Anthony, - Clair de Lune.
BOOKS051861I: Pryde, Anthony and R. K. Weekes, - The City of Lilies.
BOOKS017518I: Pryor, Karen, introduction by Konrad Lorenz, - Lads before the Wind.
BOOKS052462I: Pryor, Jerry (signed by author), - Southwest Missouri Mining.
BOOKS045504I: Public Schools of Mansfield, Ohio, - Grange Melodies.
BOOKS052807I: James Dwyer publisher, - Album of Salt Lake City Utah.
BOOKS054703I: Forbes Publisher, - The Vermonter October 1899.
BOOKS019506I: Publishers of the City Directory, compiled by, - Boston Arrow Street Guide.
BOOKS055303I: International Masters Publishers, - Gardening Made Easy: step-by-step to a beautiful garden.
BOOKS003842I: Tabernacle Publishing, - Tabernacle Hymns number four.
BOOKS004063I: Scott Publishing, - United States Stamp Catalogue Specialized.
BOOKS032376I: Anniversary Publishing, - Shreve's Magazine.
BOOKS049642I: Storey Publishing, - Perfect Fruit Pies: award-winning recipes from across America.
BOOKS055353I: Parragon Publishing, - Images of Marilyn.
BOOKS054331I: FC&A Medical Publishing, - Ordinary Ailments, Extraordinary Cures.
BOOKS014281I: Pucci, Eugenio, translatedby Nancy Wolfers Mazzoni, - All Rome: the Vatican & the Sistine Chapel.
BOOKS019668I: Puccini, G., music by, - The Girl of the Golden West: an opera in three acts from the drama by David Belasco.
BOOKS051925I: Pudlowski, Gilles, recipes The Scotto Sisters, - France the Beautiful Cookbook.
BOOKS017065I: Puig, Manuel, - Kiss of the Spider Woman & two other plays.
BOOKS055802I: Puleo, Stephen, - Due to Enemy Action The True World War II, Story of the USS EAGLE based largely on research by Naval Historian Paul M. Lawto.
BOOKS030671I: Puleston, Captain W. D., U.S.N. (Retired), - The Influence of Sea Power in World War II.
BOOKS036029I: Puleston, Dennis, - A Nature Journal: a naturalist's year on Long Island.
BOOKS048621I: Pullen, John J., - The Twentieth Maine: a volunteer regiment in the Civil War.
BOOKS050702I: Pullen, John J., - The Twentieth Maine: a volunteer regiment in the Civil War.
BOOKS019265I: Pulleyn, Rob, - The Wreath Book.
BOOKS028989I: Pulleyn, Rob & Claudette Mautor, - Everlasting Floral Gifts: more than 100 beautiful projects to make.
BOOKS034999I: Pulleyn, Rob, - The Wreath Book.
BOOKS053571I: Pulleyn, Rob, edited by, - The Basketmaker's Art: contemporary baskets and their makers.
BOOKS022388I: Pulliam, Tom & Clare Grundman, - The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.
BOOKS024748I: Pulliam, Tom & Clare Grundman, - The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.
BOOKS025079I: Punches, Laurie, - How to Simply Cut Children's Hair: a step-by-step guide to cutting, perming & highlighting children's hair.
BOOKS035239I: Pupin, Michael, - The New Reformation.
BOOKS023327I: Purcell, L. Edward, - The Shakers.
BOOKS028345I: Purcell, Ann & Carl, - The Traveling Photographer: how to shoot professional travel pictures.
BOOKS045300I: Purcell, L. Edward, - The Shakers.
BOOKS011648I: Purdy, Ken W., - Motorcars of the Golden Past: 100 rare vehicles from Harrah's automobile collection in Reno, Nevada.
BOOKS040017I: Purdy, susan G., - The Family Baker: 150 never-let-you-down basic recipes.
BOOKS044519I: Purdy, Susan G., - Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too.
BOOKS054694I: Purdy, Claire Lee, - He Heard America Sing: the story of Stephen Foster.
BOOKS019648I: Purinton, Herbert R. & Carl Everett Purinton, - Literature of the New Testament.
BOOKS055298I: Pursis, Miller, - Poultry Breeding: a complte guide for keepers of poultry.
BOOKS038392I: Pushkin, Alexander, from tale by, - The Golden Cockerel.
BOOKS050240I: Pushko, Stanley, - American Boy's Omnibus.
BOOKS003138I: Putnam, David Binney, - David Goes Voyaging.
BOOKS004713I: Putnam, Nina and Gretchen Williams, - Hurry, Scurry.
BOOKS033100I: Putnam, William Lowell, - Mountain Leadership.
BOOKS039089I: Putnam, H. E., - Bottle Identification.
BOOKS040799I: Putnam, Eleanor, edited by Arlo Bates, - Old Salem.
BOOKS042750I: Putnam, Curly, words and music by, - Green Green Grass of Home recorded by Tom Jones on Parrot Records.
BOOKS053529I: Putney, Mary Jo and Jo Beverley, - The Last Chance Christmas Ball.
BOOKS038781I: Pyenson, Louis, Ph.D., - Keep Your Garden Healthy.
BOOKS041379I: Pyke, Felicity, - Soul Thoughts.
BOOKS026252I: Pyle, A. M., - Pure Murder: a Detective Cesar Franck mystery.
BOOKS030164I: Pyle, Ernie, - Here Is Your War.
BOOKS032157I: Pyle, Ernie, - Here Is Your War.
BOOKS032719I: Pyle, Howard, - Otto of the Silver Hand.
BOOKS038887I: Pyle, Ernie, - Brave Men.
BOOKS039056I: Pyle, Ernie, - Brave Men.
BOOKS043730I: Pyle, Howard, - The Story of the Champions of the Round Table.
BOOKS043731I: Pyle, Howard, - The Story of Kng Arthur and His Knights.
BOOKS044128I: Pyle, Howard, - The Garden Behind the Moon.
BOOKS052258I: Pyle, Howard with verses by Katharine Pyle, - The Wonder Clock or four & twenty marvelous tales, being one for each hour of the day;.
BOOKS047349I: Pym, Barbara, - Civil to Strangers and Other Writings.
BOOKS026944I: Pym, Barbara, - A Very Private Eye: an autobiography in diaries and letters.
BOOKS026945I: Pym, Barbara, - Crampton Hodnet.
BOOKS047764I: Pym, Barbara, - A Very Priate Eye: an autobiography in diaries & letters.
BOOKS045101I: Pynchon, Thomas, - Mason & Dixon.
BOOKS004776I: Pynchon, Thomas, - Vineland.
BOOKS023259I: Pyper, Andrew, - Lost Girls.
BOOKS006231I: Quackenbush, Robert, - Piet Potter's First Case: a Piet Potter mystery.
BOOKS010597I: Quackenbush, Robert, - Henry Babysits.
BOOKS018776I: Quackenbush, Robert, - Henry's Important Date.
BOOKS034178I: Qualey, Martin, told by, - Stories.
BOOKS034179I: Qualey, Martin, - A Story ..or 2, for You!!! (or back to the ducky chair again!).
BOOKS041856I: Qualman, Al, - Blood on the Half Shell.
BOOKS048653I: Quarstein, John V., - The Civil War on the Virginia Peninsula: Images of America.
BOOKS048161I: Quat, Helen, - Wonderful World of Freezer Cooking.
BOOKS008772I: Quayle, Marilyn Tucker and nancy Tucker Northcott, - The Campaign.
BOOKS010511I: Quayle, Dan, - Standing Firm.
BOOKS035880I: Quayle, William A., - A Hero and Some Other Folk.
BOOKS043372I: Quayle, William A., - God's Calendar.
BOOKS038638I: Queal, Morgan, edited by, - A Guide to Ski Touring: covering Colorado, Southern Wyoming and New Mexico.
BOOKS008402I: Queen, Ellery Jr., - The Green Turtle Mystery.
BOOKS041124I: The Queen's Gallery, - Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII.
BOOKS053534I: de Queiroz, Rachel, translated by Dorothy Scott Loos, - Dora, Doralina.
BOOKS019815I: Quennell, Marjorie & C. H. B., - A History of Everyday Things in England: the age of production: 1851-1934.
BOOKS030288I: Quick, Vivien & Clifford, - Everywoman's Wholefood Cook Book.
BOOKS002068I: Quigley, Joan, - "What Does Joan Say?": my seven years as White House astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan.
BOOKS035177I: Quigley, Hugh, - The Land of the Rhone: Lyons and Provence.
BOOKS045009I: Quigley, Martin S., foreword by T. Ryle Dwyer, - A U.S. Spy in Ireland.
BOOKS036693I: Quilici, Folco, - The Blue Continent.
BOOKS046597I: Quillen, Jim, - Alcatraz from Inside.
BOOKS049249I: Quiller-Couch, A. T., - The Mayor of Troy: "Daily Mail" Sixpenny Novels.
BOOKS053718I: Quiller-Couch, Arthur, Sir, chosen and edited by, - The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1918.
BOOKS041377I: Variable Star Quilters, - The Quiltie Ladies' Scrapbook.
BOOKS030301I: Quilty, Glen, - Food for Men: a treasury of hearty & tasty cookery, together with adventures in dish hunting, anecdotes & glimpses into ....
BOOKS026516I: Quimby, Myron J., - Scratch Ankle, U.S.A.: American place names and their derivation.
BOOKS033459I: Quimby, Myron J., - The Devil's Emissaries.
BOOKS054107I: Quinard, Claude, - Le Loup de Gubbio or Le Miracle de Saint Francois D'Assisi (in French) The Miracle of St. Francis of Assissi.
BOOKS006696I: Quindlen, Anna, - Thinking Out Loud: on the personal, the political, the public and the private.
BOOKS020278I: Quindlen, Anna, - A Short Guide to a Happy Life.
BOOKS033644I: Quindlen, Anna, - A Short Guide to a Happy Life.
BOOKS001213I: Quine, Judith Balaban, - The Bridesmaids: Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and Six Intimate Friends.
BOOKS052496I: Quiner, Krista, foreword by Steve Nunno, - Shannon Miller: America's most decorated gymnast.
BOOKS014415I: Quinlan, Susan E., - The Case of the Mummified Pigs and other mysteries in nature.
BOOKS046041I: Quinlan, Joseph & Julia with Phyllis Battelle, - Karen Ann: the Quinlans tell their story.
BOOKS001128I: Quinn, Mary J., - Planning and Furnishing the Home.
BOOKS005529I: Quinn, Arthur, - The Rivals: William Gwin, David Broderick, and the birth of California.
BOOKS011413I: Quinn, Jane Bryant, - Making the Most of Your Money.
BOOKS011900I: Quinn, Vernon, - 50 Card Games for Children: with an easy lesson in contract bridge & complete layouts for playing.
BOOKS017705I: Quinn, John R., - The Winter Woods.
BOOKS023661I: Quinn, Brian P., C.S.W., Ph.D., - The Depression Sourcebook.
BOOKS027588I: Quinn-Andry, Terri & Kitty Haller, - Designing Campus Networks: a complete & practical resource for campus network design.
BOOKS029758I: Quinn, Gary, - May the Angels Be with You: a psychic helps you find your spirit guides and your true purpose.
BOOKS042481I: Quinn, Arthur Hobson, Albert Croll Baugh & Will David Howe, edited by, - The Literature of America 2 volumes: an anthology of prose and verse.
BOOKS048912I: Quinn, John, edited by, foreword by Seamus Heaney, - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl.
BOOKS043706I: Quinn, William P., - Shipwrecks along the Atlantic Coast: a chronology of maritime accidents and disasters from Maine to Florida.
BOOKS044862I: Quinn, William P., - Shipwrecks around New England: a chronology of marine accidents and disasters from Grand Manan to Sandy Hook.
BOOKS052036I: Quinn, John, edited by, foreword by Seamus Heaney, - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl.

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