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BOOKS052723I: Appleton, Victor II, - Tom Swift and His Rocket Ship #3.
BOOKS045617I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Air Scout or Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky.
BOOKS045611I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His House on Wheels or a Trip to the Mountain of Mystery.
BOOKS045601I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures or The Greatest Invention on Record.
BOOKS042815I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon.
BOOKS043541I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle or Daring Adventures in Elephant Land.
BOOKS043542I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures or The Greatest Invention on Record.
BOOKS045117I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Air Glider or seeking the platinum treasure.
BOOKS055146I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift and His Sky Racer and Tom Swift and His Airline Express.
BOOKS054689I: Appleton, Victor, - Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters or Battling with Flames from the Air.
BOOKS018665I: Applewhite, Ashton, - Cutting Loose: why women who end their marriages do so well.
BOOKS049036I: Apthorp, William F., translated by (Hector Berlioz), - Hector Berlioz: selections from his letters and aesthetic, humorous, & satirical writings, preceded by biographical sketch.
BOOKS048240I: Aquarius, Rex, - Solid Gold Dream Book: 1001 dreams interpreted..
BOOKS012117I: Aradi, Zsolt, - Shrines to Our Lady around the world.
BOOKS044586I: Arago, Francois and Barral, J. A., - Astonomie Populaire par Francois Arago (Popular Astronomy) (in French), Volumes 1-4..
BOOKS007146I: Araskog, Rand V., - The ITT Wars: a CEO speaks out on takeovers.
BOOKS018522I: Araskog, Rand V., - The ITT Wars: a CEO speaks out on takeovers.
BOOKS012058I: Arata, Esther Spring & Nicholas John Rotoli, - Black American Playwrights, 1800 to the present: a bibliography.
BOOKS003266I: Arax, Mark, - In My Father's Name: a family, a town, a murder.
BOOKS011427I: Arbib, Robert & Tony Soper, - The Hungry Bird Book: how to make your garden their haven on earth.
BOOKS018127I: Arboretum, Harvard University, - The Woman's Day Book of House Plants.
BOOKS053491I: Marie Arce, - The Next Big Story: my journey through the land of possibilities.
BOOKS045362I: Archangel, Russia & Greater Portland, Mainie, Sister City Committees, - Flavors of the Russian North.
BOOKS018741I: Archbold, Rick, - Deep-Sea Explorer: the story of Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic.
BOOKS012036I: Archer, Jeffrey, - The Prodigal Daughter.
BOOKS017546I: Archer, Jeffrey, - Twelve Red Herrings.
BOOKS034822I: Archer, Fred, - Crime and the Psychic World.
BOOKS045990I: Archer, William, - The Peace-President: a brief appreciation.
BOOKS053565I: Archer, Jeffrey, - The First Miracle.
BOOKS051707I: Double Bull Archery, - Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Ground Blind Hunting.
BOOKS037062I: Archibald, William, - The Magic Blot.
BOOKS053237I: Archilla, Raul Grau, - Noche, Tu Poema, dibujo de Ismael d'Alsina (in Spanish).
BOOKS052957I: Cape Elizabeth Building Committee (John Calvin Stevens - AIA Architect, - Proposed Cape Elizabeth Middle School (Maine).
BOOKS037568I: Architect & Landscape Architect, - Garden Planning and Building.
BOOKS021043I: Ardagh, John, - Writers' France: a regional panorama.
BOOKS026957I: Arden, Harvey and Steve Wall, - Wisdomkeepers: meetings with Native American spiritual elders.
BOOKS043062I: Arden, William, - The Mystery of the Headless Horse: # 26 the three investigators mystery series.
BOOKS054581I: Arden, Harvey, editor, co-author and compiler, - Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Matthew King.
BOOKS013763I: Ardrey, Robefrt, - African Genesis: a personal investigation into the animal origins and nature of man.
BOOKS040594I: Arensberg, Conrad, - The Irish Countryman: an anthropological study.
BOOKS038699I: Arey, James A., - The Sky Pirates.
BOOKS055951I: Arey, Weston, - Caring for your Pet Lobster: a complete guide.
BOOKS040091I: Arfmann, Florence, compiled by, - The Time Reader's Book of Recipes.
BOOKS022131I: Argan, Giulio Carlo, - The Europe of the Capitals 1600-1700.
BOOKS040264I: Argow, Waldemar, pastor The People's Church, Cedar Rapids, IA, - The Case for Liberal Religion.
BOOKS055639I: Argraves, Hugh Oliver, et al, - The Cafe Review volume 5 fall 1994.
BOOKS011630I: Argueta, Manlio, translated from Spanish by Bill Brow, - One Day of Life.
BOOKS020978I: Argyle, Michael, - The Social Psychology of Work.
BOOKS022607I: Aris, Ernest, - Wee Peter Pug.
BOOKS041323I: Ariyoshi, Rita, - Maui on My Mind featuring the images of Hawaii's finest photographers.
BOOKS043191I: Arkin, Frieda, - The Cook's Companion: a dictionary of culinary tips and terms.
BOOKS035509I: Arlen, Alice, - In the Maine Woods: an insiders' guide to traditional Maine sporting camps.
BOOKS045306I: Arlen, Alice, - In the Maine Woods: an insiders' guide to traditional Maine sporting camps.
BOOKS049980I: Arlen, Alice, - The Maine Sporting Camp Cookbook.
BOOKS050249I: Arlen, Alice (Auchmoody Johnson), - A Taste of Hallowell (signed by author).
BOOKS055945I: Arlen, Alice (Auchmoody Johnson) (signed by author), - A Taste of Hallowell - 25th Anniversary Commemorative cookbook.
BOOKS046401I: Arlott, John and Arthur Daley, - Pageantry of Sport from the age of chivalry to the age of Victoria - OS.
BOOKS004216I: Arlow, Jacob A., - The Legacy of Sigmund Freud.
BOOKS014546I: Van Arman, Derek, - Just Killing Time.
BOOKS014417I: Armitage, M. Teresa, - Laurel Songs: unchanged voices: students edition.
BOOKS047704I: Armitage, Susan and Elizabeth Jameson, edited and with introductions by, - The Women's West.
BOOKS009651I: Armour, Tommy, - How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time.
BOOKS047394I: Armour, - Meat Selection Preparation and 100 Ways to Serve.
BOOKS037546I: Arms, John Taylor & Dorothy Noyes Arms, - Design in Flower Arrangement.
BOOKS004435I: Armstrong, William H., - The Tale of Tawny and Dingo.
BOOKS005688I: Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, - We or They: two worlds in conflict.
BOOKS008167I: Armstrong, Richard, - The Discoverers.
BOOKS008168I: Armstrong, Richard, - The Early Mariners.
BOOKS020013I: Armstrong, William H., - Sounder.
BOOKS024865I: Armstrong, Nell, - Doreen Dolls: easy to make (vol. 102).
BOOKS034523I: Armstrong, Warren (pseudonym of William Bennett), - Fire Down Below: true stories of the most disastrous fires aboard ship.
BOOKS047147I: Armstrong, Arnold B., - Parched Earth.
BOOKS036298I: Armstrong, Carol A., - Legible on Snow and other New England haiku.
BOOKS040467I: Armstrong, Jennifer, - Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: Shackleton's amazing voyage.
BOOKS043343I: Armstrong, Moses K., - The Early Empire Builders of the Great West: compiled and enlarged from author's early history of Dakota Territory 1866.
BOOKS043900I: Armstrong, Karen, - Islam: a short history.
BOOKS055468I: Armstrong, Robert H., - Guide to the Birds of Alaska.
BOOKS054684I: Army, - Survival.
BOOKS054685I: Army, - Army Medical Service Planning Guide.
BOOKS001126I: Department of the U.S. Army, - American Military History: 1607-1953, Dept. of Army ROTC manual: ROTCM 145-20.
BOOKS005231I: U.S. Army, - Army Forces in Amphibious Operations (The Army Landing Force) FM 31-12.
BOOKS005232I: U.S. Army, - Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment Rigging Maintenance Contact Set FM 10-549.
BOOKS005251I: U.S. Army, - Combat Engineer Vehicle Operations TC 5-117.
BOOKS054680I: Army, - The Soldier's Guide.
BOOKS054679I: Army, - Manual for the Full-Track Vehicle Driver.
BOOKS018044I: U.S. Army, - Visual Aircraft Recognition: field manual 44-30.
BOOKS046552I: Captain in the National Army, - Italy at War and the Allies in the West: the war on all fronts.
BOOKS030650I: U.S. Army, - Marine Crewman's Handbook: TM 55-501.
BOOKS031838I: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento Division, - Mission Accomplished: Hamilton Army Airfield.
BOOKS041638I: U.S. Army, - American Military History 1607-1953: ROTC Manual no. 145-20.
BOOKS047795I: U.S. Army, - Field Service Regulations 1914.
BOOKS047807I: U.S. Army, - Regulations for the Army of the United States 1895.
BOOKS043511I: U. S. Army, - Field Service Regulations 1914 with War Department changes.
BOOKS045593I: Army, retired, - The Vietnam War: the illustrated history of the conflict in Southeast Asia.
BOOKS043740I: U.S. Army, - Infantry Drill Regulations 1904.
BOOKS044729I: U.S. Army, - Handbook on Soviet Ground Forces FM 30-40.
BOOKS050757I: Army, - Basic Theory and Application of Transistors (TM 11-690).
BOOKS047796I: U.S. Army, - Infantry Drill Regulations 1911 (corrected to December 31, 1917).
BOOKS027207I: Salvation Army, - Rochester (NY) Heritage Cookbook.
BOOKS054787I: ARMY, - Tactical Motor Vehicle Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Services.
BOOKS027027I: Arneson, D. J., - The Original Preppy Jokebook.
BOOKS002661I: Arnett, Peter, - Live from the Battlefield: from Vietnam to Baghdad, 35 years in the world's war zones.
BOOKS012813I: Arno, Peter, - Lady in the Shower.
BOOKS008274I: Arnold, Tedd, - Green Wilma.
BOOKS017184I: Arnold, June, afterword by Jane Marcus, - Sister Gin.
BOOKS023096I: Arnold, Eve, et al, introduction by Taylor Hackford, - Portrait of a Film White Nights.
BOOKS048541I: Arnold, Edwin, - Light of Asia; or, The Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana) being the life and teaching of Gautama, Prince of India....
BOOKS030637I: Arnold, Edwin, from the Sanskrit of The Mahabharata, - Indian Idylls.
BOOKS031992I: Rev. A. N. Arnold, - Historical Evidences of Truth of Scripture Records stated anew, w/special reference to doubts & discoveries modern times.
BOOKS036169I: Arnold, Sarah Louise, foreword by Lou Henry Hoover, - The Way of Understanding.
BOOKS052169I: Arnold, Lloyd R., - Hemingway High on the Wild.
BOOKS046919I: Arnold, Carrie with B. Timothy Walsh, M.D., - Next to Nothing: a firsthand account of one teenager's experience with an eating disorder.
BOOKS010303I: Arnold, Arnold, collected by, - The Big Book of Tongue Twisters & Double Talk.
BOOKS050867I: Arnoldi, Mary Jo and Christine Mullen Kreamer, - Crowning Achievements: African arts of dressing the head.
BOOKS050516I: Arnosky, Jim, - Sketching Outdoors in Autumn.
BOOKS050506I: Arnosky, Jim, - Secrets of a Wildlife Watcher.
BOOKS029775I: Arnot, Dr. Bob, - The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet: the powerful foods, supplements & drugs that can save your life.
BOOKS042221I: Arnot, Dr. Bob, - The Breast Health Cookbook.
BOOKS041271I: Arnoult, Darnell, - Sufficient Grace.
BOOKS033899I: Arnow, Harriette, - Hunter's Horn.
BOOKS036986I: Arnow, Harriette, - Hunter's Horn.
BOOKS036987I: Arnow, Harriette, - Hunter's Horn.
BOOKS050615I: Arnow, Harriette, - Hunter's Horn.
BOOKS054267I: Aronovitz, David (inscribed by author), - A Crayola Odyssey (1001) or House of Wax: two.
BOOKS002404I: Aronson, Steven M. L., - Hype: the names and faces you know so well will never look so good to you again..
BOOKS035094I: Aronson, Joseph, - The Book of Furniture and Decoration: period and modern.
BOOKS046810I: Aronson, Joseph, - The Book of Furniture and Decoration Period and Modern.
BOOKS042094I: Arow, Harriette Simpson, - The Weedkiller's Daughters.
BOOKS011880I: Arpel, Adrien & Ronnie Sue Ebenstein, - How to Look Ten Years Younger.
BOOKS052160I: Arpy, Jim, - The Magnificent Mississippi: legends of our land.
BOOKS010565I: arrangement (Uke in D), - After I See the Sandman (sheet music).
BOOKS056701I: Arrington , Leoanrd J. and Davis Bitton, - The Mormon Experience: a history of the Latter-day Saints.
BOOKS057267I: Arsenault, Emly, - Miss Me When I'm Gone.
BOOKS054876I: Terra Museum of American Art, - Woman.
BOOKS019457I: Metropolitan Museum of Art, - Wonderful Things: the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.
BOOKS044307I: Metropolitan Museum of Art, - Costumes Late XVIII-XIX Centuries European and American: Costume Institute Cards: set III.
BOOKS052305I: Portland Museum of Art, - Maine Gallery & Studio Guide.
BOOKS055173I: Portland Museum of Art, - The Maine Collection: a cookbook.
BOOKS057382I: Toledo Museum of Art, - El Greco of Toledo.
BOOKS055016I: Arthur, Robert, - Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators in The Mystery of the Fiery.
BOOKS019980I: Arthur, Kay, - How to Study Your Bible: the last rewards of the inductive approach.
BOOKS055675I: Arthur, Eric and Dudley Witney, - The Barn: a vanishing landmark in North America.
BOOKS030024I: Arthur, T. S., - Three Years in a Man-Trap.
BOOKS032057I: Arthur, Elizabeth, - Island Sojourn: a memoir.
BOOKS039218I: Arthur, T. S., - The Lights and Shadows of Real Life comprising the ruined family, the distiller's dream, wine on the wedding night, etc..
BOOKS052760I: Arthur, Eric and Dudley Witney, - The Barn: a vainishing landmark in North America.
BOOKS054344I: Bemade. Arthur H., - Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics.
BOOKS017365I: Arthurs, Peter, foreword by Arthur C. Clarke, - With Brendan Behan: a personal memoir.
BOOKS043302I: MGM/United Artists, - MGM/UA Entertainment Co. Film Catalog.
BOOKS056171I: A Corps of Competent Authors and Artists, - Wild Life on the Plains and Horrors of Indian Warfare - A complete history of Indian Life, Warfare and Adventure...America.
BOOKS005974I: Artley, A.S. and Lillian Gray, stories by Ruth Wagner, - We Three: reading for independence.
BOOKS006477I: Artley, A. Sterl & Lillian Gray, - What Next?: reading for independence.
BOOKS027474I: Artley, A.S. and Lillian Gray, stories by Ruth Wagner, - We Three: reading for independence.
BOOKS028991I: Leisure Arts, - O Christmas Tree.
BOOKS030894I: New Hampshire Council for the Arts, - Art in Unexpected Places.
BOOKS034123I: Leisure Arts, - Timeless Ornaments.
BOOKS037554I: Leisure Arts, - It's in the Bag: tasty gifts in crafty sacks.
BOOKS048158I: Collection of Fine Arts, - George Caleb Bingham 1811-1879.
BOOKS044054I: Leisure Arts, - Fabulous Ideas for Flea Market Finds.
BOOKS055601I: Council for English Language Arts, - Maine Speaks: an anthology of Maine Literature.
BOOKS036360I: Arundel, Jocelyn, - Shoes for Punch.
BOOKS045480I: Arvin, Newton, edited by (Nathaniel Hawthorne), - The Heart of Hawthorne's Journals.
BOOKS049441I: Arvois, Edmond, - Making Mosaics.
BOOKS036353I: Asbjornsen, P.C., - The Squire's Bride.
BOOKS028046I: Asch, Sholem, - A Passage in the Night.
BOOKS054311I: Asch, Sholem, translated by Milton Hindus, - One Destiny: an epistle to the Christians.
BOOKS052692I: Ascher, Carol, Louise DeSalvo, and Sara Ruddick, - Between Women: biographers, novelists, critics, teachers and artists write about their work on women.
BOOKS056070I: Ascherson, Neal, - The Struggles for Poland.
BOOKS031786I: Ash, Maureen, - The Story of Harriet Beecher Stowe: Cornerstones of Freedom.
BOOKS037956I: Ash, Russell & Brian Lake, - Bizarre Books.
BOOKS041662I: Ash, Caroline, - The Garden Planner and Record Book.
BOOKS046830I: Ashanti, - Foolish/unfoolilsh: reflections on love.
BOOKS055949I: Ashbaugh, Regan C, - In the Red.
BOOKS051065I: Ashbery, John, - A Wave: poems by John Ashbery.
BOOKS026693I: Ashbrook, Frank G., - The Green Book of Birds of America: warblers, chickadees, kinglets, nuthatches, tanagers, thrushes, waxwings, vireos, etc..
BOOKS036781I: Ashbrook, Frank G., - The Red Book of Birds of America: gulls, terns, ducks, herons, sandpipers, hawks, eagle, owl, etc..
BOOKS043458I: Ashby, Thompson Eldridge, D.D., edited by Louise R. Helmreich, - A History of the First Parish Church in Brunswick, Maine.
BOOKS048259I: Ashby, Robert H., - Guidebook for the Study of Psychical Research.
BOOKS011613I: Ashcroft, Mary Ellen, - Temptations Women Face: honest talk about jealousy, anger, sex, money, food, pride.
BOOKS018583I: Ashe, Arthur, - Arthur Ashe: portrait in motion.
BOOKS049782I: Asher, Cash, introduction by, Chief Red Fox, - Memoirs of Chief Red Fox.
BOOKS041317I: Asherman, Allan, - Star Trek Compendium.
BOOKS054481I: Asheron, Sara, - The Surprise in the Story Book.
BOOKS016905I: Asheron, Sara, - The Surprise in the Story Book (easy reader).
BOOKS029634I: Ashford, Daisy, preface by J. M. Barrie, - The Young Visiters, or, Mr. Salteena's Plan.
BOOKS023812I: Ashley, Mike, - Who's Who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction.
BOOKS025067I: Ashley, Bernard, - Cleversticks.
BOOKS055955I: Ashley, Alta, - Under the Grey Gull's Wing.
BOOKS042676I: Ashley, Alexandra, - The Dairy Book of Family Cookery: over 700 recipes for every occasion.
BOOKS046157I: Ashley, Mike, edited by, - Shakespearean Whodunnits: murders and mysteries based on Shakespeare's plays.
BOOKS048070I: Mike Ashley, - Mammouth Book of Short Horror Novels.
BOOKS055952I: Ashley, Aita, - Hark to the Bell Buoys' Song: Letters from Monhegan Island 1976 to 1985.
BOOKS052702I: Ashley, Alta, - Under the Grey Gull's Wing (Monhegan Island).
BOOKS012851I: Ashman, Charles R., - The Finest Judges Money Can Buy and other forms of judicial pollution.
BOOKS052996I: Ashman, Linda, - Maxwell's Magic Mix-Up.
BOOKS041381I: Ashmun, Barbara, - The Garden Design Primer.
BOOKS030168I: Ashour, Linda Phillips, - Sweet Remedy.
BOOKS029046I: Ashrawi, Hanan, - This Side of Peace: a personal account.
BOOKS015834I: Ashton, Helen, - Belinda Grove.
BOOKS029165I: Ashton-Warner, Sylvia, - Spinster.
BOOKS033880I: Ashton, Helen, - The Half-Crown House.
BOOKS043786I: Ashton, Barbara, - Of Men and Money and The Fall River National Bank 1825-1975.
BOOKS047874I: Ashton, Helen, - William and Dorothy (Wordsworth).
BOOKS049504I: Ashworth, Sue, et al, - Classic Vegetarian Recipes.
BOOKS043951I: Asia Institute, NY, - El Greco (Domenicos Theotocopoulos).
BOOKS002896I: Asimov, Isaac and Robert McCall. Foreword by Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., - Our World in Space.
BOOKS005094I: Asimov, Isaac, - Buy Jupiter and other stories.
BOOKS005304I: Asimov, Isaac, - More...Would You Believe?.
BOOKS006985I: Asimov, Isaac, - The Gods Themselves.
BOOKS021226I: Asimov, Isaac, - Asimov on Astronomy.
BOOKS029250I: Asimov, Isaac, - Tomorrow's Voices: 15 original science-fiction stories.
BOOKS046020I: Asimov, Isaac, - The Human Brain: its capabilities and functions.
BOOKS030543I: Asistent, Niro Markoff with Paul Duffy, foreword by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, - Why I Survive AIDS.
BOOKS012477I: Aslett, Don, - Who Says It's a Woman's Job to Clean?.
BOOKS018198I: Aslett, Don, - Is There Life after Housework?: a revolutionary approach that will free you from the drudgery of housework.
BOOKS021306I: Marguerite Aspinwall, - The Adventures of Chicchi.
BOOKS017430I: Asquith, Cynthia, - Portrait of Barrie.
BOOKS033898I: Asquith, Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith, - Octavia.
BOOKS035410I: Asquith, Herbert, - Pillicock Hill.
BOOKS041251I: Asquith, Margot, - Margot Asquith: an autobiography: volume two only.
BOOKS048890I: Asselin, E. Donald, - New England Laughs.
BOOKS056244I: Assimakopoulos,Pat, - Search for Sanity.
BOOKS055115I: Assistant, - New Hampshire: Part I (only) Physical Geography: a report comprising results of explorations ordered by the legislature.
BOOKS004157I: Players Assn, - Players' Choice: great tales of the gridiron.
BOOKS010233I: National School Public Relations Assn, - The First Big Step: a handbook for parents whose child will soon enter school.
BOOKS050316I: Pipe Spring National Monument: Zion Natural History Assn., - Pipe Spring Cook Book: original pioneer recipes.
BOOKS050239I: Cast Iron Pipe Assn, - Handbook of Cast Iron Pipe for water, gas, sewerage and industrial service.
BOOKS034153I: Essex County Historical Assn, - Chronicles of Old Salem (Massachusetts): a history in miniature.
BOOKS040214I: U.S. Trout Farmers Assn, - Tackle Talk and Trout.
BOOKS055551I: Maine Island Trail Association, - Stewardship Handbook & Guidebook 2002.
BOOKS050005I: Paseo del Rio Association, - Savory Memories of San Antonia.
BOOKS004676I: American Automobile Association, - 1965 Travel Guide to Europe.
BOOKS012977I: American Diabetes Association, - Diabetes: a positive approach.
BOOKS016311I: American Library Association & British Library Association, - Catalog Rules: author & title entries.
BOOKS020005I: Automobile Legal Association, - ALA Automobile Green Book road reference and tourists' guide of all states east of Mississippi River, Eastern Ontario, Quebec.
BOOKS020006I: Automobile Legal Association, - ALA Automobile Green Book road reference and tourists' guide vol one New England states, Canada & Trunk Lines west & south.
BOOKS020728I: American Psychiatric Association, - Benzodiazepine: dependence, toxicity, and abuse: a task force report.
BOOKS023875I: Association, - Light Horses.
BOOKS024324I: United States Trotting Association, - The Story of Harness Racing Coloring Book.
BOOKS027005I: Manchester Historic Association, - 1988 Historic Manchester (NH) calendar.
BOOKS030811I: Northwest Mining Association & Colorado Mining Association, - Environmental Compliance - solutions that work: 1990 seminar.
BOOKS030817I: Environmental Assessment Association, - The Basic Guide to Environmental Inspections.
BOOKS031025I: International Pipe Line Contractors Association, - Pipe Line Construction.
BOOKS031141I: Environmental Assessment Association, - Environmental Acronyms.
BOOKS031318I: Evaporated Milk Association, - Tested Recipes...for 50 and 100 servings.
BOOKS031418I: Southern Pine Association, - Southern Yellow Pine Timbers including definition of the "Density Rule".
BOOKS034144I: American Ordnance Association, - Civil War Ordnance - I: an American Ordnance Association historical armament series reprint.
BOOKS036173I: Maine Island Trail Association, - 2004 Guidebook & Stewardship Handbook.
BOOKS052066I: Maine Island Trail Association, - 2006 Guidebook & Stewardship Handbook.
BOOKS037714I: Maine Island Trail Association, - The Maine Island Trail Guidebook.
BOOKS037716I: Maine Island Trail Association, - 2003 Guidebook & Stewardship Handbook.
BOOKS037922I: Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association, - Flavours of the Garden: the Vandusen Cookbook.
BOOKS038090I: Great Outdoors Association, - Dictionary of Shells.
BOOKS041594I: Automobile Legal Association, - ALA Automobile Green Book road reference and tourists' guide vol one New England states, Canada & Trunk Lines west & south.
BOOKS041999I: Sandwich Town and Grange Fair Association, - Forty-Ninth Annual Sandwich Fair in Center Sandwich, N.H. October 12, 1959.
BOOKS042694I: American Dairy Association, - Let's Eat Outdoors.
BOOKS047251I: Automobile Legal Association, - ALA Automobile Green Book official guide book of American Legal Association: New England states and trunk lines west and south.
BOOKS043489I: Fall River Trade and Industry Association, - Fall River Massachusetts, a city of opportunity 1911.
BOOKS054141I: Maine Camp Directors Association, - The Art of Living Out of Doors in Maine: Junior Maine Guides.
BOOKS044246I: Swedish Traffic Association, - A Book about Sweden.
BOOKS045961I: American Booksellers Association, - A Manual on Bookselling: how to open and run your own bookstore.
BOOKS051333I: New England Antiquities Research Association, - NEARA Journal Summer 1998 vol. XXXII, no 1.
BOOKS049006I: University of New Hampshire Alumni Association, - Thy Sons and Daughters Ever: a history of the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association.
BOOKS052314I: Massachusetts Forest and Park Association, - Trees of Massachusetts Bulletin 176: revision of Bulletin 169 January 1955.
BOOKS052776I: White House Historical Association, - Christmas 1997 ornament.
BOOKS055893I: American Motorcycle Association, - American Motorcyclist.5 maagazines July 2019, October 2019, August 2019, November 2019.
BOOKS050227I: Maine Island Trail Association, - 2005 Stewardship Handbook & Guidebook.
BOOKS047068I: Maine Municipal Association, - Maine Townsman: April 1987 Vol. 49 no. 4.
BOOKS048435I: American Quarter Horse Association, - Selecting Training & Feeding American Quarter Horses; and Judging American Quarter Horses.
BOOKS053582I: Higgins Hospital Aid Association, - What's Cooking?.
BOOKS048581I: American Diabetes Association, - Family Cookbook volume II.
BOOKS052324I: American Medical Association, - Moderation Theory out of Plumb with Scientific Fact about Alcohol of special interest to beer drinkers.
BOOKS032919I: Association, foreword by George Comtois, - Childish Things: the reminiscence of Susan Baker Blunt (1828-1924).
BOOKS054701I: New England Summer Resort Association, - New England Tourist: Penobscot Bay (volume 2, no. 2).
BOOKS037396I: Astaire, Fred & Ginger Rogers, - Swing Time movie video.
BOOKS017936I: Astley, Thea, - Two by Astley: A Kindness Cup & The Acolyte.
BOOKS033889I: Astley, Thea, - Beachmasters.
BOOKS001658I: Aston, James and Edward B. Story, - Wrought Iron: its manufacture, characteristics, and applications.
BOOKS012089I: Aston, Kevin, - Candid Photographic Portraiture.
BOOKS046815I: Aston, James and Edward B. Story, - Wrought Iron: its manufacture characteristics and applications.
BOOKS046791I: Aston, James and Edward B. Story, - Wrought Iron: its manufacture characteristics and applications.
BOOKS045954I: Aston, W. G., - A History of Japanese Literature.
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BOOKS011023I: Barry, Dave, - Stay Fit & Healthy until you're dead.
BOOKS013999I: Barry, Stephen P., former valet to Prince Charles, - Royal Secrets: the view from downstairs.
BOOKS019373I: Barry, Dorothy Osborn, - From the Hilltop.
BOOKS023494I: Barry, Desmond, - The Chivalry of Crime.
BOOKS025919I: Barry, William David, - The History of Sweetser-Children's Home; a century and a half of service to Maine children.
BOOKS026561I: Barry, Rebecca B. & Susan A. Engebretson, - The Voyageurettes: theirs tales and legends.
BOOKS027123I: Barry, Ann H., - Time Apart: a collection of spiritual thoughts.
BOOKS028423I: Barry, William David, research & editing by, - L. L. Bean, Inc.: outdoor sporting specialities.
BOOKS031633I: Barry, William David, - The History of Sweetser-Children's Home; a century and a half of service to Maine children.
BOOKS035442I: Barry, Charles A., Supervisor of Drawing, Public Schools, Boston, - Primer of Design.
BOOKS055685I: Barry, William E., - Sketch of an Old River with an illustrated essay Shipbuilding on the Kennebunk.
BOOKS048285I: Barry, Desmond A. with John E. Rasco, - Too Hot to Handle (signed).
BOOKS045895I: Barry, P., - Barry's Fruit Garden.
BOOKS046277I: Barry, William David, - A Vignetted History of Portland Business 1632-1982.
BOOKS046250I: Barry, John, - Somewhere in Time sheet music.
BOOKS055942I: Barry, William David and Frances W. Peabody, - Tate House - Crown of the Maine mast trade (inscribed).
BOOKS050090I: Barry, William David and Frances W. Peabody, - Tate House crown of the Maine mast trade.
BOOKS055825I: Barry, Peter, - Beginning Theory: an introdution to literary and cultural theory.
BOOKS048662I: Barry, Joseph, - The Strange Story of Harper's Ferry with legends of the surrounding country.
BOOKS041762I: Barry, Etheldred B., - Little Dick's Christmas.
BOOKS055565I: Barry, William David, signed by author and Frances W. Peabody, - The History of Sweetser-Children's Home: a century and a half of service to Maine children.
BOOKS013650I: Barrymore, Lionel, - Mr. Cantonwine: a moral tale.
BOOKS052728I: Barson, Michael, selected by, - Born to Be Bad volume II: postcards from the great trash films.
BOOKS013412I: Barstow, Charles L., - Famous Sculpture.
BOOKS050879I: Barstow, Robbins, - Meet the Great Whales: an illustrated introduction to the marvels of Cetaceans.
BOOKS006286I: Barth, Edna, - Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights: the story of the Christmas symbols.
BOOKS009381I: Barth, Edna, - Jack-O-Lantern.
BOOKS028031I: Barth, John, - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor.
BOOKS036036I: Barth, Edna, compiled, - A Christmas Feast: poems, sayings, greetings, and wishes.
BOOKS040900I: Barth, John, - Sabbatical.
BOOKS041507I: Barth, Vanessa & Doreen Conboy, - Renascence: Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet: video.
BOOKS029141I: Bartholdy, Felix Mlendelssohn, fingering by Hugo Leonhard, - Mendelssohn's Songs without Words composed for piano.
BOOKS028709I: Bartholomae, David & Anthony Petrosky, - Ways of Reading: an anthology for writers.
BOOKS055181I: Bartke, Hal, Ambulance Driver Paramedic 1967-2005, - I'll Go With You.
BOOKS010105I: Bartkowski, Renee, - My Home.
BOOKS023272I: Bartkowski, Renee, - My Home.
BOOKS002270I: Bartlett, Arthur C., - Gumpy-son of Spunk: the story of a little sled dog with a big heart.
BOOKS016553I: Bartlett, Arthur C., - Game-Legs: the biography of a horse with a heart.
BOOKS055956I: Bartlett, Susan, - Seal Island School.
BOOKS032580I: Bartlett, Linda Provus & Gretchen Sandin Jordan, - Feast for Life.
BOOKS035227I: Bartlett, A. Eugene, - The Joy Maker: a guide to happiness.
BOOKS040069I: Bartlett, Zoe Tibbetts, - Songs of the Heart.
BOOKS042327I: Bartlett, E. L. (Bob), introduction by Alaska's delegate to Congress, - Alaska, the 49th state, in pictures.
BOOKS042706I: Bartlett, Robert Merrill, - A Boy's Book of Prayers.
BOOKS041280I: Bartlett, Des & Jen, - The Flight of the Snow Geese.
BOOKS056816I: Bartlett, Sharon Anne (signed by author), - An Adventure in the Maine Woods.
BOOKS052802I: Bartlett, John Henry, - Folks Is Folks.
BOOKS055870I: Bartlett, Norman, - Australia At Arms.
BOOKS026456I: Bartley, Regina, - The Joy of Machine Embroidery.
BOOKS010810I: Bartman, Joeffrey, - Habit Blue.
BOOKS035295I: Bartolomeo, Christina, - Cupid and Diana.
BOOKS049456I: Bartolomew, Mel, - Square Foot Gardening.
BOOKS036267I: Barton, Wayne, - Chip Carving: techniques & patterns.
BOOKS050906I: Barton, Clara, - The Red Cross: a history of this remarkable international movement in the history of humanity.
BOOKS007458I: Bernard M. Baruch, - The Lessons of History: lectures on modern history and the French & American revolutions.
BOOKS010621I: Barush, Dorothy & Elizabeth Montgomery, - The Girl Next Door.
BOOKS022482I: Baruth, Philip E., - The Dream of the White Village.
BOOKS007286I: Barwick, Dee Banner, - The Sea: a photographic voyage with various writings.
BOOKS048873I: Basch, Marty, - Above the Circle.
BOOKS056225I: Basch, Marty (Inscribed by author), - Above the Circle.
BOOKS056224I: Basch, Marty (Post it note with inscription by Author), - Against the Wind: A Maine to Alaska Bicycling Adventure.
BOOKS048438I: Baschet, Rene, Directeur-Gerant, - L'Illustration Journal Universel Hebdomadaire Fevrier 17, 1917 (in French): Tableau d'Honneur de la Guerre - OS.
BOOKS008915I: Bascom, Willard, - The Crest of the Wave: adventures in Oceanography.
BOOKS010075I: Base, Graeme, - The Eleventh Hour: a curious mystery.
BOOKS018799I: Base, Graeme, - The Sign of the Seahorse: a tale of greed & high adventure in two acts.
BOOKS034209I: Base, Graeme, - Animalia.
BOOKS054693I: Base, Graeme, - The Eleventh Hour: a Curious Mystery.
BOOKS020625I: Bashline, L. James, edited by, - The Eastern Trail.
BOOKS055203I: Basho, translated from Japanese with an introduction by Nobuyuki Yuasa, - Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches.
BOOKS016814I: Basilone, Joe, - White Noise: poems 1961-1981.
BOOKS011362I: Baskett, Mickey, - Glass Painting in an afternoon.
BOOKS034947I: Baskett, Mickey, editor, - Glass Art: the easy way to a stained glass look.
BOOKS051711I: Baskett, Kaye Evans, Cindy Gorder, Vicki Payne, Connie Sheerin, - Encyclopedia of Craft Projects in an Afternoon.
BOOKS049314I: Baslett, Mickey, - Tranquility Fountains: projects for a serene lifestyle.
BOOKS024573I: Bason, Lillian, - Pick a Raincoat, Pick a Whistle.
BOOKS015315I: Bass, Milton, - Mister Jory.
BOOKS027586I: Bass, Ellen & Laura Davis, - The Courage to Heal: a guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse.
BOOKS028500I: Bass, Ellen & Laura Davis, edited by, foreword by Florence Rush, - I Never Told Anyone: writing by women survivors of child sexual abuse.
BOOKS031130I: Bass, Medora H., compiled, - Ski Touring Guide to New England.
BOOKS043109I: Bass, Patrik Henry, - Like a Mighty Stream: the march on Washington August 28, 1963.
BOOKS043243I: Bass, Dr. Bill and Jon Jefferson, introduction by Patricia Cornwell, - Death's Acre: inside the legendary forensic lab, the Body Farm, where the dead do tell tales.
BOOKS032747I: Bassett, Sara Ware, - Within the Harbor and Girl in the Blue Pinafore.
BOOKS032749I: Bassett, Sara Ware, - Echoes of the Tide and Shifting Sands.
BOOKS038861I: Bassett, Sara Ware, - Shifting Sands.
BOOKS055936I: Bassett, Sara Ware, - The Girl in the Blue Pinafore.
BOOKS025863I: Basso, Hamilton, - The View from Pompey's Head.
BOOKS010981I: Bast, Henry, - The Lord's Prayer.
BOOKS019365I: Bastedo, Jamie, - Reaching North: a celebration of the Subarctic.
BOOKS044980I: Bastian, George C., revised by Leland D. Case, - Editing the Day's News: an introduction to newspaper copyreading, headline writing, illustration, makeup etc..
BOOKS041829I: Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio, - Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen.
BOOKS054178I: Batchelder, Ann, Food Editor of the Ladies' Home Journal, - Start to Finish.
BOOKS032146I: Batchelor, Mary, - The Everyday Book: 366 stories, themes & quotations, making every day of the year special.
BOOKS005374I: Bate, Lucy, - Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth.
BOOKS038999I: Bateman, C. T., - Noah, and other poems.
BOOKS001310I: Bates, Joseph D. Jr., - Spinning for American Game Fish.
BOOKS053755I: Bates, Daniel W., - Ballad of the Beantowne Bosox.
BOOKS008079I: Bates, H. E., - The Vanished World: an autobiography, volume one.
BOOKS021582I: Bates, J. Douglas, - Gift Children: a story of race, family, and adoption in a divided America.
BOOKS023239I: Bates, H. E., - The Feast of July.
BOOKS023240I: Bates, H. E., - Fair Stood the Wind for France.
BOOKS024301I: Bates, Barbara S., - The Happy Birthday Present.
BOOKS026625I: Bates, Joseph D. Jr., - Spinning for American Game Fish.
BOOKS034846I: Bates, marston, introduction by David Rains Wallace, - The Forest and the Sea: a look at the economy of nature and the ecology of man.
BOOKS038052I: Bates, Daniel W., - Ballad of the Beantowne Bosox.
BOOKS048775I: Bates, L. Miss, - Netherclift: the story of a merchant told by himself.
BOOKS045311I: Bates, Joseph D. Jr., - Spinning for American Game Fish.
BOOKS006718I: Bateson, Mary Catherine, - With a Daughter's Eye: a memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson.
BOOKS049761I: Batey, Mavis, - Alice's Adventures in Oxford: story of Alice Liddell.
BOOKS023531I: Bathurst, Bella, - The Lighthouse Stevensons: the extraordinary story of building of Scottish lighthouses by ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson.
BOOKS023757I: Bati, Anwer & Simon Chase, foreword by Marvin R. Shanken, - The Cigar Companion: a connoisseur's guide.
BOOKS050195I: Batignani, Karen Wentworth, - Exploring the Spirit of Maine: a seeker's guide.
BOOKS038078I: Batten, H. Mortimer, - Whispers of the Wilderness: tales of wild life in the Canadian forests.
BOOKS012928I: Battenhouse, Henry M., - This Seed of Faith.
BOOKS035931I: Batterberry, Ariane & Michael, - Bloomingdale's Book of Entertaining.
BOOKS052381I: Batterson, Anne, - The Black Swan: memory, midlife, and migration.
BOOKS010943I: Battle, Florence, - Jerry Goes to the Circus.
BOOKS052689I: Baudelaire, Charles, - Les Fleurs du Mal, in French and English, new translation by Richard Howard.
BOOKS051005I: Bauer, Bruce, - The Sextant Handbook: adjustment, repair, use and history.
BOOKS007774I: Bauer, Erwin A., - Outdoor Photography.
BOOKS009733I: Bauer, Margaret Jean, Chicago Natural History Museum, - Animal Babies.
BOOKS017997I: Bauer, Marion Dane, - A Taste of Smoke.
BOOKS024958I: Bauer, Erwin, - Erwin Bauer's Horned and Antlered Game.
BOOKS033734I: Bauer, Clyde Max, - Yellowstone Geysers.
BOOKS034522I: Bauer, Erwin A., - Whitetails: behavior, ecology, conservation.
BOOKS045909I: Bauer, Fred, - How Many Hills to Hillsboro?.
BOOKS037717I: Bauer, Marion Dane, - A Writer's Story: from life to fiction.
BOOKS038349I: Bauer, Fred, edited by, - EV: the man and his words (Senator Everett Dirksen).
BOOKS039281I: Bauer, Douglas, - Prairie City, Iowa: three seasons at home.
BOOKS043766I: Bauer, Cathy & Juel Andersen, - The Tofu Cookbook.
BOOKS056045I: Bauer, Helen, - California Indian Days.
BOOKS013177I: Baugh, John, - Black Street Speech: its history, structure, & survival.
BOOKS048093I: Baughen, Michael, - Breaking the Prayer Barrier: getting through to God.
BOOKS013324I: Baum, L. Frank, new introduction by Martin Gardner, - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS014557I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Magic of Oz.
BOOKS017205I: Baum, L. Frank, - The New Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS018341I: Baum, L. Frank, - Ozma of Oz.
BOOKS018411I: Baum, L. Frank, retold by William Furstenberg, - The Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS019509I: Baum, L. Frank, introduction by Donald Wollheim, - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS023189I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS023978I: Baum, Vicki, - Clarinda (in Dutch).
BOOKS024604I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Wizard of Oz (condensed from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz).
BOOKS032002I: continuing the famous Ox stories of L. Frank Baum, - The Enchanted Apples of Oz.
BOOKS036615I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Marvelous Land of Oz.
BOOKS040358I: Baum, L. Frank, - The New Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS051652I: Baum, Herbert II and Kathi Preble, managing editors, - Salt Bicentennial Maine: volume 3, nos 1 & 2, June, 1976.
BOOKS046777I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.
BOOKS036618I: Baum, L. Frank, - The Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS044864I: Baum, Herbert III, - Salt: vol II no 1 February 1975.
BOOKS051713I: Baum, L. Frank, - Ozma of Ozma.
BOOKS045542I: Baum, L. Frank, - The New Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS045543I: Baum, L. Frank, new introduction by Martin Gardner, - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
BOOKS053346I: Baum, Vicki, - The Christmas Carp: a story.
BOOKS007218I: Baumann, Richard, translated by John M. Oestevveicher, - To See Peter: a Lutheran minister's journey to the Eternal City.

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