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BOOKS220205I: - Oxoniensia. Volume LX1X. 2004
BOOKS220206I: - Oxoniensia. Volume LXV. 2000
BOOKS151221I: - The Australasian stamp catalogue (21st edition)
BOOKS062182I: - Rupert: autumn adventures (Adventure book no.38)
BOOKS264270I: - Joan Miro 1893-1993:
BOOKS174013I: - An handbook of American private schools: an annual survey (1924-1925).
BOOKS243651I: - Star Wars: the Clone Wars Ultimate Sticker Collection
BOOKS242375I: - The Caldedonian Railway (No.1) Act, 1883 [47 & 48 Vict.- Sess,1884]
BOOKS242185I: - Railway Working and Management Company Act, 1882 [45 & 46 Vict.] [ Ch.clxxvii.]
BOOKS242184I: - The Caledonian Railway (additional powers) Act, 1875 [38 & 39 Vict. sess.1875]
BOOKS242143I: - The Professionals annual [1980]
BOOKS241889I: - The Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Line Act, 1875
BOOKS241887I: - The North British Railway (Additional Powers) Act, 1876
BOOKS241888I: - The North British Railway Dundee and Arbroath Joint Line Act 1879
BOOKS239389I: - The Turnbridge News, volume 17, no.1, Winter 1971-72
BOOKS239268I: - Mary Elizabeth Townley (in religion Sister Marie des Saints Anges): a memoir
BOOKS239125I: - Human rights in Bangladesh: a study of standards & practices
BOOKS238926I: - The budget and the poor: a study commissioned by IDPPA, PROSHILA and conducted by Shamunnay
BOOKS238656I: - Monthly Army List for August 1914 (volume 2)
BOOKS289778I: - Dicionario de motivos geometricos no mosaico Romano
BOOKS084389I: - The Public General Acts and General Synod Measures 1996: tables and index
BOOKS167534I: - Popular stories for boys
BOOKS295368I: - Heraclea Lyncestis
BOOKS160151I: - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1951-1952, 1952-1953 (volume 27)
BOOKS151621I: - Rupert at the camp
BOOKS092382I: - The Sermon on the Mount
BOOKS186863I: - Scotland: owners of lands and heritages, 17 & 18 Vict., Cap.91: 1872-73 Return I & II
BOOKS062272I: - Rupert Annual 1958
BOOKS062285I: - Hermes: revista del pais Vasco
BOOKS062288I: A.H.M. (Alan H. MILNE) - Ulysses or de Rougemont of Troy
BOOKS268164I: - The Dandy Book 1976
BOOKS267456I: - The annals of England: an epitome of English history, from cotemporary writers, the rolls of parliament and other public records, vols. 1-3
BOOKS166296I: - Steamboating, issue nos. 53 - 56, 1994: steamboater's handbook volume IV
BOOKS184835I: - Horticultural show handbook: for the guidance of organisers, schedule-makers, exhibitors and judges
BOOKS185099I: - Boxing News: world's premier fight weekly, 107 issues, 1960-1965
BOOKS185096I: - The Model Engineer, vol.100 nos 2485-2510 (25 issues)
BOOKS055555I: A.A. (Anthony ARMSTRONG) - Livestock in barracks
BOOKS055603I: - Emil Nolde
BOOKS054808I: - The trapper and other stories
BOOKS185210I: - Some festival dainties for Easter
BOOKS185208I: - Tarts and tartlets cooked in the New World gas cooker
BOOKS185200I: - The Loner
BOOKS185195I: - The story of Whitbread's
BOOKS185190I: - Notes on building construction, part I: First stage or elementary course
BOOKS243854I: - The Dandy book 1982
BOOKS229969I: - The story of King Edward VIII, told in pictures
BOOKS229572I: - Princess Tina and Penelope, 5 consecutive issues from: week ending 20th 1969 to 17th January 1970
BOOKS229558I: - Ivory hammer 4: The year at Sotheby's & Parke-Bernet 1965-66
BOOKS247463I: - Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office (vols. I - III)
BOOKS263524I: - Listen to your heart'....
BOOKS199755I: - International automobile parade, vol II
BOOKS199746I: - The Harmonium Cabinet: sacred and secular pieces easily arranged for the harmonium or pianoforte, volume one
BOOKS269575I: - The buildings of Birmingham past & present, seconf series: sketched & described
BOOKS292186I: - The story of the Fleet Air Arm
BOOKS194271I: - Tourist's guide to the Royal Route: Oban to Inverness via the Caledonian Canal
BOOKS296819I: - Bugatti type 57 maintenance and overhaul manual (57 - 57C - 57S - 57SC)
BOOKS185286I: - Rupert Annual 1965
BOOKS185305I: - The life, political and official, of John, Earl of Eldon, late Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, &c, &c
BOOKS185261I: - Family menus
BOOKS132008I: - Voyages of discovery round the globe
BOOKS185365I: - Gerd Winner 1968-72
BOOKS191645I: - The book of nursery tales
BOOKS295341I: - Roteiros da arqueologia Portuguesa 2: ruinas de Conimbriga: guides archeologiques / archaeological guides
BOOKS295342I: - Saint John the Baptist Church Reedham Norfolk historical notes
BOOKS295348I: - Lycia
BOOKS295349I: - The Bible in archaeology / La Bible dans l'archeologie
BOOKS185258I: - Tea-time favourites cooked the New World way!
BOOKS162235I: - Chambers's Journal, part 22 (8th series), October 1933
BOOKS162236I: - Chambers's Journal, part 34 (8th series), October 1934
BOOKS186962I: - Anno decimo Georgii III Regis, Cap.V: an Act for continuining and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy
BOOKS163247I: - The wonder book of aircraft
BOOKS144529I: - Bookbindings and rubbings of bindings in the National Art Library, South Kensington, II: catalogue
BOOKS183043I: - Fight for peace
BOOKS285356I: - Khaki and green: with the Australian army at home and overseas
BOOKS160883I: - Your club
BOOKS295354I: - Acropolis of Athens
BOOKS289120I: - The Times House of Commons 1959
BOOKS225834I: - Pilot's notes: Vampire T. 11 (with ejection seats)
BOOKS233642I: - Witherite (natural Barium Carbonate) and its industrial uses
BOOKS183403I: - Fourth leaders from The Times, 1949: a selection from the past twelve months
BOOKS292646I: - Pat Albeck: queen of the tea towel
BOOKS188874I: - Hymns ancient and modern for use in the services of the Church with accompanying tunes
BOOKS232117I: - The Universal British Directory 1793-1798, volume 4, part1: N-S
BOOKS133047I: - The Dandy Book 1974
BOOKS286288I: - Galaxy Science Fiction no. 46
BOOKS173303I: - Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, 148th & 149th Sessions (October 1935 to May 1936 & October 1936 to May 1937.
BOOKS030297I: - Old English easances
BOOKS132585I: - The Hungarian chemical industry
BOOKS229623I: - A picture book of merry tales
BOOKS134538I: - Squeeze play
BOOKS194222I: - "The Cinema" buyers' guide 1939
BOOKS168536I: - Windmill Land
BOOKS287989I: - Fairyland tales
BOOKS184691I: - Rupert and the ruined garden (pop-up)
BOOKS289908I: - Ephesus Museum catalogue
BOOKS244720I: - Northumberland County Cricket Club year book 1964
BOOKS208673I: - Mallard '88 Special; 16 page souvenier special celebrating the great days of steam on Britain's railways and the unique contribution of the Mallard
BOOKS236425I: - Real life: writers from nine countries illuminate the life of the modern woman
BOOKS236416I: - 50 views of Oxford and pocket guide
BOOKS236405I: - Classic cocktails of the world
BOOKS236393I: - The technique of circuit breaker protection: a study of the design performance and application of miniature and moulded-case circuit breakers
BOOKS236085I: - The technique of circuit breaker protection: a study of the design, performance and application of small circuit breakers
BOOKS236071I: - Tractor "Belarus" models MT3-50 and MT3-50L: instructions for operating and maintenance
BOOKS030106I: - Alden's Oxford guide: with notes on the district and rivers, key-plan of the University and City, map of central Oxford and numerous illustrations.
BOOKS218793I: - Harley-Davidson Sportster models owner's manual
BOOKS167535I: - Norwich and its region
BOOKS188992I: - Chatterbox 1930
BOOKS220369I: - Archaeologica Cantiana: being contributions to the archaeology of Kent, Volume LXXXIX (89), 1974
BOOKS220370I: - Archaeologica Cantiana: being contributions to the archaeology of Kent, Volume LXXXVIII (88), 1973
BOOKS189605I: - Thru' fire and water
BOOKS211732I: - Looking back at Pembrokeshire: an anthology of memories and photographs
BOOKS233894I: - Setting up enterprises in Japan [5th edition]
BOOKS243060I: - Poultry houses and appliances
BOOKS240202I: - The Agpeya: the book of the seven hours
BOOKS064234I: - Extracts from the court rolls of the Manor of Wimbledon (Part III) and extracts from miscellaneous manuscripts
BOOKS174578I: - The Oxford annual for baby
BOOKS285490I: - The Kennel Club stud book for the year 1974, vol. 102
BOOKS160175I: - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1990-1991 (volume 55)
BOOKS229668I: - Diana, the paper for girls who love good stories; 1968-1971
BOOKS240731I: - Nobel lectures: Physiology or medicine 1942-1962
BOOKS265935I: - XIII Squadron 90th anniversary 1915-2005
BOOKS217704I: - A concise guide to Winchcombe (Gloucestershire) The ancient capital of Mercia
BOOKS169739I: - The Model Engineer, Vol. 81, 1939 (4 issues only)
BOOKS293045I: - Guida di Albano Laziale
BOOKS184075I: - Aero-Club de France Annuaire 1947
BOOKS287146I: - Mr. Punch's golf stories told by his merry men
BOOKS267208I: - John Soane
BOOKS240195I: - Teddy Tail Annual: further adventures with the famous children's character from the Daily Mail
BOOKS290785I: - A guide to the Palace of Nestor
BOOKS186453I: - Erziehungskunst: monatsschrift zur padagogik Rudolf Steiner, Janrgang XXXII, Heft 3/4, Marz/April 1968
BOOKS181669I: - "His Master's Voice": recorded music containing details of 78 r.p.m. records issued up to and including June 1952 (Supplement no.5206).
BOOKS181670I: - Lehrerrundbrief 15, 1977,1
BOOKS170145I: - Drama: the journal of the British Drama League, vols.17, no.2 -10, November 1938 - July/September 1939
BOOKS173611I: - The Model Engineer, vol. 87, no. 2158, Sept. 17 1942
BOOKS225919I: - Arte bajo la ciudad / Art beneath the city: Murales cerámicos, cementos, relieves y esculturas de los Subterráneos de Buenos Aires / Ceramic murals, ... System
BOOKS200236I: - New Dance: no 22: June '82
BOOKS187283I: - Rathmines School: the school roll from the beginning of the school in 1858 till its close in 1899
BOOKS237491I: - Location of hospitals and casualty clearing stations, British Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919.
BOOKS115622I: - Scots kith and kin
BOOKS286589I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. XII (12), no. 12, December 1956 British Edition
BOOKS220276I: - Oxoniensia: a journal dealing with the archeology, history and architecture of Oxford and its neigbourhood. Volume LXIII 1998
BOOKS292603I: - Severn snippets from Oldbury-on-Severn and neighbouring communities
BOOKS209272I: - Falmouth Official Guide, 1961 edition
BOOKS210310I: - The Country Home, volume I: May to October 1908
BOOKS289859I: - Baelo Claudia: official guide to the archeological complex
BOOKS297893I: - Problems of ship management and operation 1870-1900
BOOKS188862I: - The "Kodak" magazine for amateur photographers, vol.II, nos.1-9, 11-12 January - December 1924 (11 issues only)
BOOKS188863I: - The "Kodak" magazine for amateur photographers, vol.IV, nos.1-12, January - December 1926
BOOKS188317I: - The new book of Christmas carols (words and music)
BOOKS188196I: - Permanence / durability of the book (5 parts)
BOOKS188165I: - Model engineer 1961 (12 issues)
BOOKS181134I: - The Railway Magazine, vol.100, nos.633-644, January-December 1954 (12 issues)
BOOKS181137I: - The Railway Magazine, vol.91, nos.555-560, January-December 1945 (6 issues)
BOOKS181140I: - The Manchester Genealogist, volume 44, Numbers 1-4, 2008
BOOKS181142I: - Stichcraft, April 1950 - January 1952 (22 issues)
BOOKS183274I: - The Living Bird, issues 1-19 (1962-1981), bound in 10 volumes (1962-1891)
BOOKS226604I: - The pilgrim's guide to the royal and ancient city of Canterbury
BOOKS235131I: - Rothmans test cricket almanack: 1965 England - South Africa
BOOKS235284I: - The Modern Boy's annual 1933
BOOKS238496I: - A hand-book for visitors to Oxford
BOOKS293616I: - Guide to the Archaeological Park of Syracuse
BOOKS270090I: - The Church pulpit commentary: Jeremiah to Malachi
BOOKS033493I: - The apostle of liberty: a life of La Fayette
BOOKS161711I: - Kai salak phak phollamai yāng ngāi (vegetable carving & garnishes)
BOOKS173706I: - Art treasures for the nation: fifty years of the National Art-Collections Fund
BOOKS170297I: - Model Engineer, the magazine for the mechanically minded, vol.128 (4 issues)
BOOKS232195I: - Marine Corps aircraft 1913-1960
BOOKS232265I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, December 2013 issue
BOOKS232266I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, October 2013 issue
BOOKS232267I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, September 2013 issue
BOOKS232268I: - Wallpaper* The stuff that refines you, August 2013 (The handmade issue)
BOOKS133300I: - The life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the lives of the Holy Apostles and Evangelists with commentaries, chronological and historical facts, data, occurrences, etc., etc.
BOOKS265457I: - Redcap annual
BOOKS295376I: - The Roman Villa: Bignor, West Sussex: illustrated guide book
BOOKS266016I: - The Automobile Association touring map of England and Wales 12 miles to an inch 1935
BOOKS266022I: - The big Rupert gift book
BOOKS166212I: - Folklore of Australia
BOOKS206164I: - Galvano therapy
BOOKS264204I: - Speeding along
BOOKS294679I: - Sicily: the island in the sun
BOOKS161060I: - Furniture, as interpreted by the Century Furniture Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan
BOOKS186470I: - Anno Quarto: Georgii IV Regis, CAP. XCVII: An Act for the regulation of the Court of the Commissaries of Edinburgh; and for altering and regulating the Jurisdiction of Inferior Commissaries in Scotland (19th July 1823)
BOOKS186471I: - Anno primo Victoriae Reginae, Cap.22: An Act to enable the tutors and curators of Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart Baronet to grant feu rights of the Estate of Greenock and other lands in the County of Renfrew [30th June 1837]
BOOKS045430I: - New Kids on the Block: the whole story, by their friends
BOOKS290566I: - Portugal from its origins through the Roman era
BOOKS287223I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. VII (7), no. 5, August 1950 (British edition)
BOOKS111541I: - Jackanory stories: the Pedlar of Swaffham
BOOKS288683I: - Journal of American Studies, vol. 14, no. 1, April 1980
BOOKS268998I: - The British Museum Quarterly: index to volumes XXI-XXX 1957 - 1966
BOOKS175114I: - Pakistan facts and figures
BOOKS178839I: - Cassell's history of England, special edition, vol.V: from the Peninsular War to the death of Robert Peel
BOOKS231854I: - The Tottenham Hotspur Club handbook 1933-1934
BOOKS182863I: - Royal Doulton Potteries
BOOKS164583I: - A collection of old ballads corrected from the best and most ancient copies extant with introductions historical and critical, vol.III
BOOKS220454I: - Victorian poetry, a critical journal of Victorian literature, volume X, number 3, March 1967
BOOKS220457I: - Victorian Studies, volume VIII, number 1, September 1964
BOOKS286498I: - Black's guide to North and South Wales
BOOKS164905I: - The Connoisseur: a magazine for collectors, December 1901 - December 1902, vol.I no.4 - vol.IV no.16
BOOKS189530I: - Tasty dishes; made from tested recipes showing what we can have for breakfast, dinner, tea and supper
BOOKS286262I: - Galaxy Science Fiction no. 54
BOOKS068022I: Q (QUILLER-COUCH, Arthur) - Foe-Farrell
BOOKS286816I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. XII (12), no. 6, June 1956 - British Edition
BOOKS296573I: - L'experimentation archeologique des fours de potiers au musee de Saint-Romain-en-Gal
BOOKS036906I: - Velasquez
BOOKS291038I: - The new Rupert book [1946]
BOOKS214365I: - Picture Show Annual 1930
BOOKS266410I: - Film Fun annual, 1960
BOOKS185314I: - Buster and Cor!!, 1975 (6 issues)
BOOKS185319I: - Buster, 7 issues (1983 & 1984)
BOOKS297145I: - Parlour magic: a manual of amusing experiments, transmutations, sleights and subtleties, legerdemain &c. for the instruction and amusement of youth
BOOKS172001I: - Roy Rogers cowboy annual
BOOKS237615I: H.M.V. - Instructions for operating and installing H.M.V. model 1132 seven-valve A.M.-F.M. table receiver for A.C. mains
BOOKS237618I: - Journal of the Textile Institute, vol.XVII - 1926: Proceedings and index
BOOKS145824I: - The York readers: infants reader
BOOKS198104I: - Master prints - fifteenth to nineteenth century
BOOKS291101I: - Veronese: gods, heroes and allegories
BOOKS152583I: - Peru durch die Jahrtausende: kunst und kultur im lande der Inka
BOOKS146903I: - MAD, No.100
BOOKS289777I: - Alanya Museum
BOOKS268993I: - The British Museum Quarterly, vol.XXVIII, nos.1/2 & 3/4, Summer & Autumn 1964
BOOKS178854I: - Schriftenreihe fur landschaftspflege und naturschutz, heft 1
BOOKS187201I: - Anno octavo Georgii III Regis, Cap.IV: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight
BOOKS148175I: - The Connoisseur, vol.XIII, no.49 - 56, September 1905 - April, 1906
BOOKS183646I: - 101 prize recipes for Bisto
BOOKS264450I: - Amazing Stories of Suspense, no. 171.
BOOKS289743I: - Dentin & dentogenesis vol. 1
BOOKS003270I: - Newnes complete needlecraft
BOOKS287005I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. VII (7), no. 11, August 1951
BOOKS203391I: - Pickwick portrait gallery, from the pens of divers admirers of the illustrious members of the Pickwick Club, their friends and enemies
BOOKS177546I: - Museo Correr di terisio pignatti
BOOKS184652I: - National Gallery Trafalgar Square: catalogue (86th edition)
BOOKS226669I: - The Egyptian Struwwelpeter, being the Struwwelpeter Papyrus
BOOKS225078I: - Concise encyclopaedia of Australia and New Zealand
BOOKS290142I: - Emergence 4: transmutations European architecture
BOOKS162205I: - Buffalo Bill's raid of death or, the border Robin Hood, plus, The James Boys in Minnesota
BOOKS291522I: - Tappeti di pietra: i mosaici di Taranto romano
BOOKS156500I: A.L.O.E . - Life in the eagle's nest: a tale of Afghanistan
BOOKS237606I: - The Journal of the Textile Institute, vol.XVII, 1926: abstracts and index
BOOKS237596I: - The Journal of the Textile Institute, vol.XV (15) - 1924: proceedings and index
BOOKS187290I: - The Queen's College register 1970
BOOKS170622I: - Transactions of Newbury District Field Club, vol. X, no. 2
BOOKS204350I: - MAD Monsters No. 5 (British Edition)
BOOKS201162I: - Saint George's Place; a study in depth of Cheltenham's most historic thoroughfare with proposal for its restoration
BOOKS175903I: - The arc welding of aluminium
BOOKS130433I: - The milkmaid
BOOKS291040I: - Archaologische gesellschaft Koln: jahresgabe 1973/74: Kolner jahrbuch fur von-und fruhgeschichte
BOOKS219739I: - Railroad Maps. The Midwest. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia
BOOKS248262I: - The Camarthenshire Antiquary: the Transactions of the Camarthenshire Antiquarian Society, Volume 38 2002
BOOKS181718I: - The Scottish nation, divis. I: Ab - Barc
BOOKS177946I: - English-Chinese / Chinese-English dictionary of law
BOOKS157406I: - Realm of the senses: the Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva
BOOKS152644I: - Athletic Review: Great Britain's leading monthly on amateur athletics, vol.4, no.5, September 1950
BOOKS175013I: - The Northlands saying book
BOOKS115322I: - The compleat tutor for the harpischord or spinnet
BOOKS217955I: - Architecture et industrie: passé et avenir dun mariage de raison: [exposition ... présentée dans la grande galerie du 27 octobre 1983 au 23 Janvier ... Industrielle, Centre Georges Pompidou
BOOKS156201I: - Pen and pencil pictures from the poets
BOOKS156199I: - Religious life III: Obedience
BOOKS228828I: - The Saturday Evening Post, April 1,1942, volume214, no.41
BOOKS263603I: - Maverick: television story book
BOOKS269621I: - Gallium Arsenide, proceedings of the International Symposium, Institute of Physics and Physical Society conference series No. 3
BOOKS184664I: - Phaidon encyclopaedia of art and artists
BOOKS266951I: - Graphis: the international magazine of design and communication, Volume 48, 1992
BOOKS234867I: - The book of the "Spitfire"
BOOKS178112I: - The book about aircraft
BOOKS107540I: - Graphis, volume 51, issues no.293-300, 1995
BOOKS290109I: - The book of the martyrs of Tolpuddle, 1834-1934 - the story of the Dorsetshire labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation for forming a trade union
BOOKS220373I: - The Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society - broken run from June 1955 - December 1959
BOOKS226096I: - Pigot's directory for Northumberland 1822. Limited facsimile edition
BOOKS176497I: - Vietnamese
BOOKS126186I: - Loco Script Professional
BOOKS099848I: Y.M.C.A. - Told in the huts: the Y.M.C.A. gift book
BOOKS184744I: - The Albatross cookery book
BOOKS135312I: - Our native land: its scenery and associations: a series of water-colour sketches after Rowbotham, Read, Needham, and other eminent artists with descriptive notes.
BOOKS268472I: - Palaeontology, vol. 32 part 1, February 1989
BOOKS270890I: - The Aeroplane Spotter, vol.V, nos.101-126, 13 January - 28 December 1944
BOOKS296004I: - The 'uniquefold' map of Cornwall
BOOKS234904I: - Roy Rogers Cowboy Annual
BOOKS287016I: - Astounding Science Fiction September 1952. British Edition
BOOKS064279I: M.G. (Margaret GRANT) - Viewpoints in and around Wimbledon
BOOKS270541I: - Rudolf Steiner and the Modern Age: a brief introduction to his mind and work
BOOKS196379I: - The form and Order of Service of the Service that is to be performed and the ceremonies that are to be observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Abbey Church od S.Peter, Westminster, on Wednesday the 12th day of May 1937
BOOKS149674I: - London Opinion and the Humorist, Xmas number, December 1945
BOOKS154513I: - The church pulpit commentary: Ezra to Isaiah
BOOKS154514I: - The church pulpit commentary: Corinthians to Ephesians
BOOKS209838I: - International Conference on Optical Methods and Data Processing in Heat and Fluid Flow
BOOKS049717I: - Tyneside songster
BOOKS297720I: - Galaxy Science Fiction no. 35
BOOKS286496I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. XII (12), no. 8, August 1956 British edition
BOOKS186017I: - The New Rupert Book
BOOKS136287I: - Timber seasoning
BOOKS136280I: - Light fare recipes for corn flour and "Raisley" cookery
BOOKS194802I: - Our counting book
BOOKS170076I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, Vols.120 & 121, 1959 (28issues)
BOOKS170080I: - The Model Engineer, vol.104, no. 2601, Mar 29 1951
BOOKS170079I: - The Model Engineer, Vol. 102, No. 2540, Jan 26 1950 & No. 2560, June 15 1950; 2 vols
BOOKS170085I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, vol.119, no.2998, 6 November 1958
BOOKS226694I: - Dotted circle postmarks of Scotland (Handbooks no.1)
BOOKS170082I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded, vols. 116 & 117, 1957 (4 issues)
BOOKS184688I: - My A.B.C book
BOOKS086257I: - D.Carnegie & Co 1803-1953
BOOKS225764I: - Pilot's notes for Dakota 1V, two twin wasp R1830-90C engines
BOOKS221359I: - The Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society, Volume 66, 1971, Part A: Natural History
BOOKS169741I: - The Model Engineer, Vol. 89, Nos. 2204 and 2209
BOOKS154029I: - Jolly Jack's annual 1935
BOOKS291298I: - Funde und ausgrabungen im bezirk Trier 31: 1999
BOOKS280155I: - Best SF three
BOOKS187285I: - College of S. Columba: the register from 1843 to 1926
BOOKS211651I: R.E.H. - The story of the childhood of Christ
BOOKS210552I: - The medical annual 1952
BOOKS286491I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. XIV (14), no. 9, September 1958 British edition
BOOKS210730I: - Football Picture Story Monthly No. 9: The invisible manager
BOOKS236637I: - History's Midwives: Including a C17th and C18th Yorkshire Midwives Nominations Index
BOOKS235971I: - Challenge to Lassie : the story of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Technicolor film Challenge to Lassie based on Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson
BOOKS235956I: - Journal of the Department of English (formerly Bulletin of the Department of English) vol.XVII, no2. 1981-82
BOOKS127352I: - The wonder book of the Army
BOOKS089533I: - PNL-91: parachute recovery system: descriptions and operations manual
BOOKS141753I: - Eucharistic devotion: renewing a timeless tradition
BOOKS268944I: - Fleet Air Arm
BOOKS296006I: - Section d'antiquites: Cluj, str. Emil Isac nr. 2
BOOKS296005I: - Romains de Hongrie: Ier-Ve siecles apres J.-C.
BOOKS291297I: - Musee Archeologique de Nice-Cimiez
BOOKS114029I: - English-Chinese dictionary of international economics and trade
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BOOKS159061I: - The aircraft picture book
BOOKS143346I: - Reigate and Redhill
BOOKS108010I: - Krupp 1812-1912: zum 100 jahrigen bestehen der Firma Krupp und der gussstahalfabrik zu Essen-Ruhr
BOOKS029167I: - Hen battery management
BOOKS182146I: - Travelling along the trail: Stroud Valleys cycle trail, Nailsworth valley: a collection of stories for the people of Nailsworth
BOOKS055831I: - Report by the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force
BOOKS056031I: - An Englishwoman's love-letters
BOOKS143312I: - Unity in service with the Palestinians: consultation on service to palestinian refugees
BOOKS056763I: - Swaziland national bibliography, 1994-1997
BOOKS207420I: - The Felix annual
BOOKS185537I: - English mechanic and world of science; vol XLII; 1885; 4 issues
BOOKS057592I: - The concise planetary ephemeris for 1900 to1950 A.D. at noon
BOOKS057730I: - Stories of old
BOOKS219615I: - Party Magic Birthday Book
BOOKS175915I: - Technical pamphlets of Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen, session 1951-1952 (vol. XXXII)
BOOKS058906I: - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley: a reprint from "The Spectator"
BOOKS115062I: - The Stage year book 1960
BOOKS115068I: - The Stage year book 1962
BOOKS152643I: - Reichskarte Einheitsblatt 100 (Chemnitz - Altenburg - Dobeln): 1:100000
BOOKS148292I: - Proceedings of the British Academy, volume LV, 1969
BOOKS159640I: - Masterpieces of Italian art lent by the Royal Italian Government
BOOKS297502I: - Leonardo da Vinci
BOOKS061291I: - Guide to Winchester Cathedral, the College, St.Cross, King's Castle, City Cross &c
BOOKS186191I: - Die Christengemeinschaft (24 issues)
BOOKS061990I: - Picture postcard annual, 1990 edition
BOOKS061991I: - Picture postcard annual 1984: the postcard collector's handbook
BOOKS061992I: - Picture postcard annual, 1986 edition
BOOKS217521I: - The animal picture book
BOOKS002087I: - Sepecat Jaguar (Super profile)
BOOKS062438I: - Rupert adventure book No. 43
BOOKS062441I: - Mischief day
BOOKS062916I: - Channel Pilot: the Isles of Scilly and the south coast of England. From Cape Cornwall to Selsey Bill.
BOOKS063097I: - The Rugby Football Annual 1935-36
BOOKS063158I: - The children's friends in field and farm
BOOKS063170I: A.L.O.E. (TUCKER, Charlotte M.) - Fairy know-a-bit (a nutshell of knowledge)
BOOKS063175I: - Echoes of Exmoor, second series
BOOKS141335I: - A manual of green manuring
BOOKS141424I: - The Tewkesbury Yearly Register and Magazine, vol.I containing the numbers from 1830 to 1839 inclusive
BOOKS064714I: - Wimbledon Common: plan showing inclosures near the windmill and Keeper's Cottage
BOOKS202241I: - Beauties and wonders of vegetable life; or, ramables in parks, forests, conservatories, orchards, gardens, fields, and heaths
BOOKS065660I: - An address presented to Andrew George Little with a bibliography of his writings
BOOKS064031I: - Teddy Tail' s Annual, 1935
BOOKS188045I: - Poems of to-day: second series
BOOKS066462I: - Mamma's Bible stories for little boys and girls
BOOKS067339I: - Woman's world
BOOKS111193I: - Strategic importance of oil and gas technology: Proceedings of the 5th EC Hydrocarbons Symposium held in Edinburgh 26-28 November 1996
BOOKS069793I: Q (Arthur QUILLER-COUCH) - Poison Island
BOOKS181641I: - The Scottish Nation, divis IV: Dale - Ford
BOOKS211420I: - Chatterbox
BOOKS172715I: - James William Helenus Trail: a memorial volume
BOOKS071286I: - Who's Who in Norwich
BOOKS142955I: - The Royal North Devon Golf Club: a centenary anthology 1864-1964
BOOKS186961I: - Anno uncecimo Georgii III Regis, Cap.II: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-one
BOOKS178806I: - Motor Sport, vol, XLV (65), no.9, September 1969
BOOKS073554I: - Longman's domestic economy readers, standards VI and VII
BOOKS073692I: - Designing solution architectures
BOOKS074415I: - Archivo Espanol de Arqveologia, 70, 1997, Nos.175-176
BOOKS220513I: - The Bookman Christmas double number 1914 (no.279, vol.XLVII December 1914)
BOOKS165909I: - Geiriadur prifysgol Cymru (Dictionary of the Welsh language)- 2 volumes
BOOKS074608I: - Catalogue of exhibitions of British coloured books, 1738-1898
BOOKS144286I: - BP Collector and Baxter Times, No.2, Volume V (new series), July 10th, 1927
BOOKS129258I: LEGIONNAIRE 17889 - In the Foreign Legion
BOOKS185535I: - English mechanic and world of science; vol XXXVII; no 943 & 946; 2 issues
BOOKS076068I: - A new description of York containing some account of its antiquities, public buildings &c particularly the Cathedral
BOOKS220601I: - Records of the Indian Museum, Vol. 60, parts 1 & 2 June 1962 Pages 1-124
BOOKS040035I: - Rupert activity book 2
BOOKS188179I: - France: Albert (combined sheet), scale 1:40,000
BOOKS079603I: - Mrs Bunny's forest school
BOOKS079604I: - Twinkle-Toes and the Brownies
BOOKS079896I: - Modern English-Thai dictionary
BOOKS181865I: - Onward and Upward: the journal of the Haddo House Association, volume 1 - 1891
BOOKS081467I: - The story of the Dorchester labourers
BOOKS083398I: - A book of simples
BOOKS048454I: - Italian drawings from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
BOOKS188775I: - The games book for boys and girls: a volume of old and new pastimes with original illustrations.
BOOKS084756I: - The album of Chester views
BOOKS084795I: - Flora Malesiana bulletin, volume 11: index 1992-1997
BOOKS216522I: - Next Directory 5: Spring/ Summer 1990
BOOKS152650I: - Golden hours of selections from the operas for the piano, book 6
BOOKS088623I: - Gloucestershire 1889-1989: one hundred years in words and pictures
BOOKS088957I: O.P.C.S. - General household survey 1980
BOOKS089055I: - The Van Dean skin care supplement
BOOKS245197I: - The journal of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District, Vol. 1, no.3
BOOKS089976I: - Router projects for the woodworker
BOOKS090413I: - Crash rescue from aircraft fitted with Martin-Baker ejection seats
BOOKS090505I: - Current research in Britain: Biological Sciences, part II: Indexes
BOOKS091438I: - Guitar essentials: is a practical guide to the techniques and fundamentals of guitar playing
BOOKS092220I: - Artistry in cold food preparation
BOOKS092222I: - Funny animals
BOOKS092243I: - The Three Bears fairy tale magic drawing book for boys and girls
BOOKS092247I: - Young Folks annual
BOOKS268579I: - The Bookman, no.440, vol.LXXIV, February 1911
BOOKS092979I: - Dick Turpin Library, no.58: The Mystic Clue
BOOKS092980I: - Dick Turpin Library, no.30: Link-boys to the rescue
BOOKS092981I: - Dick Turpin Library, no.74: The luck of the road
BOOKS092983I: - Dick Turpin Library, no.82: Queen of the Rumpads
BOOKS092984I: - Dick Turpin Library, no.84: The Rumpad escort
BOOKS041487I: - Road map of India
BOOKS093811I: - Views of monastic abbeys in Teviotdale
BOOKS094730I: - Excerpta e Statutis, Universitatis Oxoniensis
BOOKS094771I: - Gammer Gurton's nedle
BOOKS116830I: - How to sell goods: the knack of selling: a handbook for the successful salesman
BOOKS094982I: - The Keighley Visitor and General Advertiser: a monthly magazine of instruction & amusement, 1858-1859
BOOKS095083I: - Bill Boyd Western Comic Annual No. 5
BOOKS192086I: - Church laces
BOOKS095660I: - Superman bumper edition
BOOKS096334I: - A festival service of nine lessons and appropriate music for the seasons of the Church's year
BOOKS096377I: - Eight madrigals by Elizabethan composers
BOOKS047624I: - US naval vessels, 1943
BOOKS195598I: - British orations from Ethelbert to Churchill
BOOKS099773I: - Missing friends: being the adventures of a Danish emigrant in Queensland (1871-1880)
BOOKS180536I: H.B. (BELLOC, Hilaire) - The bad child's book of beasts
BOOKS133879I: - 1899 Bliadhn' A' Gheallaidh / The history of Grenitote through the ages: the year of promise 1899
BOOKS293053I: - Rules of the Gloucester Co-Operative and Industrial Society, Limited (1922)
BOOKS141854I: - The Vatican and Christian Rome
BOOKS101441I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1995
BOOKS159505I: - A Christmas carol service book
BOOKS190296I: - Form horses 1989 Flat edition
BOOKS156608I: - Nicknames & traditions in the army
BOOKS104791I: - Gotherington: a village appraisal 1994
BOOKS289636I: - Your holiday in Turkey
BOOKS105108I: - Mickey Mouse annual (1946)
BOOKS105199I: - The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine for 1845 (an abridged edition).
BOOKS105681I: - Cathedrals
BOOKS198140I: - Burroughs, Welcome & Co-Digoxin
BOOKS208200I: - New Zealand Meat Grade Book
BOOKS145696I: - The Irish Genealogist, Volume 5, No. 3, November 1976
BOOKS272294I: - The Illustrated Weekly of India, vol.LXIII, no.40, October 4, 1942
BOOKS192314I: - Cairo: Series N.5 Sepia: 24 detachable phototype post cards
BOOKS120023I: - C.S.D. ; the life and works of St. Denys', Warminster to 1979
BOOKS108280I: - Woodworker annual, volume 82, nos.1010-1021, January-December 1978
BOOKS213137I: - The Rover Book for boys 1930
BOOKS153401I: - Cambridge University Press: notes on its history and development
BOOKS109214I: - The new Rupert Book
BOOKS158949I: - The Oxford library of words and phrases: quotations, proverbs, word origins
BOOKS109604I: - Exercises at the dedication of the statue of the Hon. George Frisbie Hoar, Worcester, June 26th, 1908
BOOKS188141I: - Electric growing
BOOKS109776I: - The Malvernian Society (incorporated) and O.M. Club: list of members 1954
BOOKS134868I: - Famous sporting prints, V: Henry Alken
BOOKS006605I: - Father Douglass of Behala: by some of his friends
BOOKS024663I: - The Film-Lovers annual
BOOKS032634I: - The automobile handbook 1908
BOOKS032913I: - Privy purse expenses of Elizabeth of York; Wardrobe accounts of Edward the Fourth
BOOKS143249I: - The third book of Blue Peter
BOOKS033218I: - Master Tyll Owlglass: his marvellous adventures and rare conceits.
BOOKS143623I: - Monster book for children
BOOKS135074I: - Proceedings of the World Orchid Hiroshima Symposium, 23rd - 25th March, 1987
BOOKS143284I: - Friction materials for engineers: a design manual compiled by the technical staff of Ferodo Limited
BOOKS146001I: - Recovery of bioproducts: European Federation of Biotechnology study report of working party on Downstream Processing
BOOKS113194I: - Painting with words: an anthology of art and poetry
BOOKS039621I: - Woman's Own book of cake decorating and cake making
BOOKS114132I: - English-Chinese dictionary of economics & international trade
BOOKS114143I: - English-Chinese Chinese-English chemistry and chemical engineering dictionary
BOOKS131851I: - The Modern Law Review: Index to Volumes 1-50
BOOKS114394I: - A comprehensive English-Chinese dictionary of science & technology
BOOKS114392I: - An English-Chinese dictionary of electronics
BOOKS114523I: - A Chinese-English colloquial dictionary of foreign trade
BOOKS159069I: - The state of the countryside 2007
BOOKS114903I: - L' Architecture, volume XXXIX, no.1-24 (1926)
BOOKS018934I: - English historical documents 1815-70
BOOKS116255I: - Furniture repair and renovation
BOOKS213135I: - The Rover Book for boys 1934
BOOKS213136I: - The Rover Book for boys 1933
BOOKS117160I: - Bush ballads of Australia: an anthology drawn from traditional sources
BOOKS117199I: - The Mothers Friend , volume I - new series
BOOKS119373I: - The North
BOOKS221118I: - The Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine, Volume 70/71 for 1975 / 1976
BOOKS213134I: - The Rover Book for boys 1935
BOOKS213133I: - The Rover Book for boys 1936
BOOKS146816I: - Moscow
BOOKS147571I: - The English Bible, translated out of the original tongues by the commandment of King James the First, anno 611, volumes I-V (of VI)
BOOKS177832I: - Citibank Photography Prize 2003: J. Hanzlova, B. Van Manen, S. Norfolk, J. Teller
BOOKS208825I: - Proceedings of the 1983 conference on coal science. August 15-19, 1983, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
BOOKS173689I: - British Commonwealth forest terminology, parts 1 & 2
BOOKS267425I: - Daughter of Indra
BOOKS146728I: - Your Falco electrical cookery book
BOOKS146916I: - Our jolly show
BOOKS147699I: - Switzerland: the traveller's illustrated guide
BOOKS147725I: - The farmyard picture book
BOOKS147728I: - The Woodworker, volume LV (55). nos.686-697, January - December 1951
BOOKS189279I: - The Form Book: Flat 1995.
BOOKS226802I: - R.A.F. Parade: a war record of achievement.
BOOKS270522I: - Bomber Aircraft of to-day
BOOKS213116I: - The Rover Book for boys 1932
BOOKS213115I: - The Rover Book for boys 1939
BOOKS286996I: - Astounding science fiction, vol. VIII (8), no. 5, May 1952
BOOKS188098I: - The land we live in: a pictorial and literary sketch-book of the British Empire, vol II
BOOKS200575I: - History of Adelaide Central Market
BOOKS012317I: - Dial 999: P.C. Thirteen investigates
BOOKS182372I: - Souvenir of the first centenary of the Xaverian Brothers, 1839-1939
BOOKS192032I: - Rupert and Tigerlily's magic
BOOKS119181I: - Die Deutsche Ephemeride, band II: 1890-1930
BOOKS185909I: - Joe Louis, champion of champions, no.2
BOOKS292073I: - Furniture beetles: their life-history and how to check or prevent the damage caused by the worm
BOOKS198086I: - Bartholomew's quarter inch automobile map of Great Britian, complete in 23 sheets, sheet 17, Cardigan to Cardiff
BOOKS121328I: - Traces and Omens 2005: Noorderlicht
BOOKS147330I: - New ways of managing services in rural areas
BOOKS147334I: - Loss of H.M. Ships Prince of Wales and Repulse
BOOKS147419I: - A.B.C. British Rail motive power 1982
BOOKS147424I: - Swiftiana, vol.II
BOOKS147425I: - The Edinburgh Review or Critical Journal: for Oct. 1802..... Jan.1803, vol.I
BOOKS147478I: - The Jubilee book of the Newport High School for Girls 1896 - 1946
BOOKS294365I: - Olympic Games London, 1948: official souvenir
BOOKS241424I: - Saffron in Europe: problems and strategies for improving the quality and strenghten competitiveness (White Book)
BOOKS187127I: - Anno tricesimo nono Georgii III Regis, Cap.II: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety [17th December 1798]
BOOKS218504I: - The Journal of the T. E.Lawrence Society, volume X1X (2009/10) No.2
BOOKS182575I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol. CXII (112) & vol.CXIII (113), 1897
BOOKS290017I: - Habitat 1977/78 catalogue
BOOKS290773I: - Interchangeable threaded work: a limit gauging system embodying the essential principle of effective diameter control, for screws, taps and other threaded parts
BOOKS266699I: - The Quest annual
BOOKS249886I: - The Wide World Magazine, vol.LXXII, no.429, December 1933. (Christmas number)
BOOKS249741I: - How to nurse sick children
BOOKS249723I: - A picture book of Stowe
BOOKS220120I: - Old Cornwall, 8 Issues: Winter 1933 - Winter 1936 & Winter 1938
BOOKS249486I: - Catalogue of 272 works by Vincent van Gogh belonging to the collection of the State Museum Kroller-Muller,
BOOKS249291I: - A Century of change: 1914-2014, Life in the Parish of St Margaret of Antioch, Ilford
BOOKS249275I: - The triumph of the Royal Scot 1933: North American tour of the Royal Scot train of the London Midland and Scottish Railway
BOOKS249257I: - The reckoning (Commando no.1521)
BOOKS249223I: - Once upon a time, or the boy's book of adventure
BOOKS249224I: - To the rescue! (Commando no.1297)
BOOKS249217I: - Brennan's Brigands (Commando no.1814)
BOOKS248916I: - Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, no.569, vol.LXXXVIII, July 1907
BOOKS248638I: - The house, the garden, and the steeple: a collection of old mottoes
BOOKS120034I: - Rocky Lane western comic annual no.4
BOOKS120035I: - Wagon train comic album no.1
BOOKS219832I: - Railway Centenary 1825-1925
BOOKS219841I: - Sleights
BOOKS295025I: - Guide illustre des sculptures Grecques, Romaines et Byzantines
BOOKS293420I: - Arabian Nights Entertainments: consisting of one thousand and one stories, vol. IV
BOOKS119591I: - Baily's hunting directory 1976-77
BOOKS144538I: - Who killed Cock Robin?
BOOKS120556I: - The Magnet companion: a collective biography, index and directory
BOOKS269879I: - The Twenty Third Indian Division: an illustrated story telling of the Division's exploits and achievements from 1942 until 1945
BOOKS119702I: - The first prayer-book as issued by the authority of the Parliament of the second year of King Edward VI
BOOKS296112I: - Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy, volumes 1 & 2 (B.R. 229 & 230)
BOOKS248616I: - Germinations 1983-1984: exhibition of art students from France, Great Britain and Federal Republic of Germany
BOOKS248608I: - The Royal and ancient city of Canterbury
BOOKS242824I: - The Dandy book 1975
BOOKS180908I: - The Navy year book and diary 1957
BOOKS248593I: - The Illustrated London News, Christmas number 1971
BOOKS296589I: - Corinth: a brief history of the city and a guide to the excavations
BOOKS285590I: - The kennel club stud book for the year 1968
BOOKS292974I: - Ephesos
BOOKS248592I: - The pick of 'Punch': an annual selection
BOOKS119862I: - Great thoughts from master minds, vol. X, July to December 1888
BOOKS119864I: - Great thoughts from master minds, vol. XXXII, October 1899 to March 1900
BOOKS152476I: - Wonderful Australia in pictures
BOOKS285791I: - The sociological review, vol. 5, no. 4, October 1912
BOOKS149742I: F.M.S. - King Jack of Haylands: a tale of school life
BOOKS149801I: - 'English Electric' cooker book
BOOKS149818I: - Regional policy in EFTA: an examination of the growth centre idea
BOOKS149819I: - National settlement strategies: a framework for regional development
BOOKS182671I: - The wonder book of the R.A.F.
BOOKS208192I: - New Zealand
BOOKS293831I: - English city: the growth and the future of Bristol
BOOKS248573I: - The Scottish Mountaineering Club journal Vol. XXX, no. 163, May 1972
BOOKS248575I: - The Cartulary of Chatteris Abbey
BOOKS285494I: - Ukulele from the beginning
BOOKS120363I: - Scottish country dance books XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV, (the pocket edition)
BOOKS248566I: - Superman story book annual 1970
BOOKS248571I: - The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 29, No. 2, June 1988
BOOKS181655I: - The Scottish nation, divis IX: Smith - Zet
BOOKS181656I: - The Scottish nation, diivis II: Barc - Burn
BOOKS057868I: - Reparing and restoring antiques
BOOKS171535I: - Quiggin's illustrated guide and visitors' companion through the Isle of Man
BOOKS295823I: - Archeo-thema: revue d'archeologie et d'histoire, hors-serie no. 2, novembre 2010
BOOKS203294I: - Rupert story puzzle: Rupert and the little river
BOOKS050871I: - Favourites of ours
BOOKS268643I: - Richard Jefferies: a tribute by various writers
BOOKS186481I: - Official catalogue of the exhibition and parades of ancient and historic vehicles and description of the old-tile Meet of the Royal Buck Hounds
BOOKS296797I: - Pure Bentley: the stories behind the story: a motoring journal from Crewe, England, edition 1, September 2009
BOOKS181489I: - 'Illustrated' souvenir issue: the coronation in wonderful pictures: overseas enlarged number, 13 June 1953
BOOKS290680I: - The Saturday Magazine, 1841
BOOKS168905I: - Protected wild flowers of the Cape Province (parts 1,2 &3)
BOOKS191574I: - Weighted Words
BOOKS186159I: - The hay and cattle measurer: a series of tables, showing by measurement the wight of hay & corn in round or oblong stacks and the live and dead weight of cattle, sheep, and swine
BOOKS204832I: - The minstration of publick baptism of infants to be used in St. Mary's Frampton
BOOKS129816I: - Who's who in Show Biz
BOOKS292634I: - David Mellor: master metalworker
BOOKS270611I: - De Havilland Gazette, issues 30-124 (94 issues bound in 7 volumes)
BOOKS286147I: - Gloucestershire Golf Union 1906-2006 centenary county year book
BOOKS181516I: - Erziehungskunst: monatsschrift zur Pädagogik Rudolf Steiners, 4, April 1973
BOOKS185666I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CCXXX, no.6026, February 29th 1956
BOOKS185667I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CCXXX, no.6018, January 4th 1956
BOOKS185213I: - Milk recipes
BOOKS190932I: - Complete home cookery
BOOKS127384I: - Chinese jades: archaic and modern, from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
BOOKS175970I: - The National Geographic Magazine, vol.LVI, no.1-6, July - December 1929
BOOKS247777I: - The Motor, vol. CXIII (113), no. 2926, April 23, 1958
BOOKS184869I: - The Times, no.50,137, Tuesday May 8 1945: End of war in Europe
BOOKS178809I: - Motor Sport, vol.LIX (59) nos. 1 & 2, Jan. & Feb., 1983
BOOKS178810I: - Motor Sport, vol.LVIII (58), nos.1 & 5, January & May 1982.
BOOKS178811I: - Motor Sport, vol.XLVI (46), nos. 4, 9 & 11, April, September & November 1970
BOOKS178812I: - Motor Sport, vol XLIX (49), 1973 (5 issues only)
BOOKS178813I: - Motor Sport, vol.LII (52), 1976 (6 issues only)
BOOKS178814I: - Motor Sport, vol.LIII (53), 1977 (5 issues only)
BOOKS293810I: - Punch, volume CLVI, January - June 1919
BOOKS292430I: - The life and explorations of David Livingstone
BOOKS202952I: - The golden string: a new collection of fairy stories
BOOKS201120I: - Annuaire d'art decoratif du "Studio": revue des plus recents progres dans l'art de construire de decorer et de meubler les maisons, 1912
BOOKS201119I: - Annuaire d'art decoratif du "Studio" (8e annee), 1913
BOOKS201111I: - "The Studio" yearbook of decorative art 1914
BOOKS249658I: - New English-Chinese dictionary of mechanical engineering
BOOKS200834I: - The Newcomen Society for the Study of the History of Engineering and Technology: transactions, volume 70, no.2, 1998-99
BOOKS201139I: - Burrow's guide to the Thames Valley
BOOKS182775I: - Motor Sport, vol.LXI, no.9, September 1983
BOOKS182776I: - Motor Sport, vol.XLIX, no.5, May 1973
BOOKS182777I: - Motor Sport, vol.LVI, no.2, February 1980
BOOKS293025I: - The New Penny Magazine, volumes 7 & 8 (no.87, vol.VII - no.104m vol. VIII)
BOOKS235051I: - Everyday, with which is incorporated 'Sunday', volume XLIX: a long serial, stories, pictures, puzzles, and interesting articles, etc.;, etc.
BOOKS120647I: - Songs of Fellowship for praise and worship, book two
BOOKS296567I: - Model boat, car & radio control plans handbook
BOOKS264974I: Q (Quiller-Couch, A) - Ia
BOOKS150708I: - Bus Stop: the story of the film starring Marilyn Monroe
BOOKS197730I: - International bibliography of the social sciences (IBS), 2007: International bibliography of sociology, volume LVII (57)
BOOKS079323I: - The collection of old Worcester porcelain formed by the late Mr. Robert Drane, F.L.S.
BOOKS155435I: - Nelson's concordance to the Bible: dictionary of proper names and subject index
BOOKS182460I: - Treasures of the Louvre, volumes 1 and 2
BOOKS114129I: - English-Chinese dictionary of optics
BOOKS114131I: - English-Chinese dictionary of molecular biology and biotechnology
BOOKS114195I: - Chinese-English-French fundamental lexicon of science and Technology
BOOKS114197I: - Concise English-Chinese technology trade dictionary
BOOKS120879I: - New songs for praise & worship: the 1986/7 music book
BOOKS059533I: - Saint Paul's Girls' School book (1904-1925)
BOOKS057462I: - A natural history of Loch Lomond
BOOKS286245I: - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. XV (15), no. 1, January 1959
BOOKS292921I: - Americans
BOOKS130239I: - Photograms of the year 1959
BOOKS121559I: - A Chinese-English dictionary
BOOKS121933I: - A current Chinese-English dictionary
BOOKS121937I: - Rothamsted Experimental Station guide
BOOKS114528I: - A Chinese-English dictionary of international trade and finance
BOOKS268584I: - The Bookman, no.473, vol.LXXIX, February 1931
BOOKS053843I: - The new film star album
BOOKS053860I: - The Film Show annual
BOOKS053863I: - The Film Show annual

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