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BOOKS021641I: BARKER, Pat - The ghost road
BOOKS047587I: BARKER, Frank Granville - The Flying Dutchman: a guide to the opera
BOOKS065899I: BARKER, Ralph - The cricketing family Edrich
BOOKS134542I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower Fairies of the Spring
BOOKS076811I: BARKER, A. - From start to finish: a corporal's view of the RAF
BOOKS083366I: BARKER, Ralph - The blockade busters
BOOKS099633I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower fairies of the autumn with the nuts and berries they bring
BOOKS101859I: BARKER, Nicolas - The Oxford University Press and the spread of learning 1478-1978: an illustrated history
BOOKS159943I: BARKER (Lady) - Station life in New Zealand
BOOKS249483I: BARKER, L. Mary (ed) - Pears cyclopaedia: an everyday work of reference for the home, school, and office: 1954 - 1955
BOOKS134541I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower Fairies of the Autumn.
BOOKS199274I: BARKER, Nicolas - The Oxford University Press and the spread of learning: an Illustrated history, 1478-1978
BOOKS010159I: BARKER, Ralph - The Thousand Plan
BOOKS286212I: BARKER, Sebastian - On the rocks
BOOKS230750I: BARKER, John & others - The cinemas of Portsmouth:
BOOKS288008I: BARKER, Dennis - The clients of Miss May
BOOKS124403I: BARKER, Clive - Everville
BOOKS132164I: BARKER, A.J. - Waffen-SS at war
BOOKS033757I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower fairies of the garden
BOOKS107910I: BARKER, S.G. - Wool: a study of the fibre
BOOKS008671I: BARKER, Malcolm J - Courting disaster
BOOKS289844I: BARKER (Lady) - Station amusements in New Zealand
BOOKS291174I: BARKER, Sydney R. - Vagniacae: the Roman town at Springhead
BOOKS164271I: BARKER, Anthony - Giving and receiving: an adventure in African medical dervice
BOOKS246254I: BARKER, Mary - Station life in New Zealand
BOOKS295666I: BARKER, Ethel Ross - Buried Herculaneum
BOOKS127098I: BARKER, Linda - Contemporary decoupage
BOOKS177652I: BARKER, C. Edward - The Church's neurosis and twentieth century revelations
BOOKS295412I: BARKER, James P. - The log of a lime-juicer: the experiences under sail of James P. Barker
BOOKS286339I: BARKER, Theo (ed) - The long march of Everyman
BOOKS148213I: BARKER, Pat - Border crossing
BOOKS265627I: BARKER, Christine R. & LAST, R.W. - Erich Maria Remarque
BOOKS171272I: BARKER, Nicholas (ed) - The Book Collector, volume 17, number 3, Autumn 1968
BOOKS065810I: BARKER, A.J. - Stuka Ju-87
BOOKS237959I: BARKER, K.F. - Himself
BOOKS192719I: BARKER, Christine & LAST, R.W. - Erich Maria Remarque
BOOKS218288I: BARKER, Graeme & HODGES, Richard (eds) - Archaeology and Italian society: Prehistoric, Roman and Mediaeval studies
BOOKS295131I: BARKER, Philip & others - The Baths Basilica, Wroxeter: Excavations 1966-90
BOOKS074623I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower fairies of the summer
BOOKS157209I: BARKER, Pat - Border crossing
BOOKS242782I: BARKER, Paul - The Triumph and Grace in Deuteronomy
BOOKS224994I: BARKER-MILL, Peter - Peter Barker-Mill: Arnolfini, Bristol, 2nd September - 8th October 1989
BOOKS177730I: BARKER, Dudley - Toby Pinn
BOOKS224563I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower fairies of the Spring
BOOKS049450I: BARKER, Cicely Mary - Flower songs of the seasons (with music)
BOOKS152648I: BARKER, Frank - The cream of alpines
BOOKS181053I: BARKER, Arthur - Squash rackets
BOOKS267606I: BARKER, A.J. - British and American infantry weapons of World War II
BOOKS066352I: BARKER, K.F. - There are tigers about
BOOKS294854I: BARKER, Arthur - Squash rackets
BOOKS291441I: BARKHAM, Patrick - The butterfly isles: a summer in search of our Emperors and Admirals
BOOKS067399I: BARKIN, Elaine - e: an anthology: music texts & graphics (1975-1995)
BOOKS089148I: BARKLEM, Jill - The high hills
BOOKS170106I: BARKSDALE, James Worsham - A comparative study of contemporary white and negro standards in health, education and welfare Charlottesville, Virginia
BOOKS207506I: BARLAY, Stephen - Aircrash detective: the quest for air safety: an international report
BOOKS020052I: BARLAY, Stephen - Tsunami
BOOKS193558I: BARLEY, Nigel - Plague of caterpillars: a return to the African bush
BOOKS039893I: BARLEY, Nigel - The Duke of Puddle Dock: travels in the footsteps of Stamford Raffles
BOOKS296094I: BARLEY, Nigel - Foreheads of the dead: an anthropological view of Kalabari ancestral screens
BOOKS218786I: BARLEY, Maurice - Houses and history
BOOKS004007I: BARLOW, Iola - Dolls in national costume
BOOKS248654I: BARLOW, T.M. & BARLOW, P.B. - A history of the Northern Road Records Association 1890 to 1990
BOOKS108213I: BARLOW, Frank - Durham jurisdictional peculiars
BOOKS050344I: BARLOW, James - The patriots
BOOKS291056I: Barlow, Jill & others - Edward II: his last months and his monument
BOOKS232096I: BARLOW, Jill (ed) - A calendar of the Registers of the Apprentices of the City of Gloucester, 1595-1700
BOOKS163572I: BARLOW, T.D. - Albert Durer: his life and work, being a lecture delivered to the Print Collectors' Club on November 15th,1922
BOOKS052486I: BARLOW, Jane - Ghost-bereft with other stories and studies in verse
BOOKS219693I: BARMAN, T.G. (ed) - Cook's Traveller's handbook to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland (16th edition)
BOOKS131047I: BARNABE, Gilbert - Aquaculture, volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS187710I: BARNABY, Wendy - The plague makers: the secret world of biological warfare
BOOKS266286I: BARNARD, Robert - A little local murder
BOOKS196112I: BARNARD, Peggy - Monkey in the house
BOOKS297552I: BARNARD, D. St Paul - Adventures in mathematics
BOOKS050091I: BARNARD, Anne (Lady) - South Africa a century ago (1797-1801)
BOOKS020397I: BARNARD, Robert - Death and the Princess
BOOKS020106I: BARNARD, Robert - Posthumous papers
BOOKS020077I: BARNARD, Robert - A city of strangers
BOOKS071052I: BARNARD, Mary - Diary of an optimist
BOOKS267433I: BARNARD, Robert - Political suicide
BOOKS005217I: BARNARD, H.C. - A history of English education from 1760
BOOKS285585I: BARNARD, H. C. & TAYLOR, F. N. - Records (1909-1922) of the Ramsgate County School for Boys now known as Chatham House School
BOOKS163023I: BARNARD, G.V. - Paintings of the Norwich School
BOOKS217914I: BARNARD, A.K. & MANSELL, A.L. - Fundamentals of physical chemistry: a unified approach
BOOKS024257I: BARNARD, Robert - Political suicide
BOOKS158203I: BARNARD, C.D. - Barnard on learning to fly
BOOKS127889I: BARNARD, Derek (ed) - An index to Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, 1864-1984
BOOKS285015I: BARNARD, R. W. - Sam and the popski dog
BOOKS209232I: BARNARD, William George - Elementary pathological histology
BOOKS297773I: BARNARD, Sylvia M. - Depraved in Devon: crime, policing, punishment and a nineteenth-century family
BOOKS197180I: BARNARD, Robert - The skeleton in the grass
BOOKS169254I: BARNARD, Eveline - The Rose of Kilimani.
BOOKS206288I: BARNARD, Robert - Out of the blackout
BOOKS287992I: BARNARD, Malcolm (ed) - Fashion theory: a reader
BOOKS263876I: BARNARDO'S - Night and Day: vol.LXIII, no.405, New series, Autumn number 1959
BOOKS193254I: BARNE, Kitty - In the same boat
BOOKS196212I: BARNES, Irene H. - Pip & Co
BOOKS221358I: BARNES, Egbert (Mrs) [ed] - The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, volume 69, 1974, Part A: Natural History
BOOKS288530I: BARNES, Harper - Never been a time: the 1917 race riot that sparked the civil rights movement
BOOKS063878I: BARNES, Simon - Phil Edmonds: a singular man
BOOKS209379I: BARNES, William - Poems of William Barnes: A selection of William Barnes' standard and non-standard English poems, edited, with a critical commentary, by Valerie Shephard
BOOKS089217I: BARNES, John - Footsteps on the backstairs
BOOKS038045I: BARNES, Julian - Staring at the sun
BOOKS043372I: BARNES, T.H. - Catching trout
BOOKS047772I: BARNES, John - The beginnings of the cinema in England
BOOKS069013I: BARNES, John A.G. - The titmice of the British Isles
BOOKS011649I: BARNES, John - Eva Peron
BOOKS111587I: BARNES, Alison - Essex eccentrics
BOOKS269416I: BARNES, Margaret Campbell - The Tudor rose
BOOKS149107I: BARNES, Walley - Captain of Wales
BOOKS291191I: BARNES, Ron - Coronation cups and jam jars: a portrait of an East End family through three generations
BOOKS158263I: BARNES, Trevor - A midsummer killing
BOOKS151006I: BARNES, Jonathan - Aristotle
BOOKS209916I: BARNES, Patricia - The children of Theatre Street
BOOKS296936I: BARNES, Dwight H - Miners, lumberjacks & cowboys: a history of eastern Madera County
BOOKS226893I: BARNES, Stanley - The Birmingham Hospitals Centre
BOOKS236690I: BARNES, B.S. - This righteous war
BOOKS081554I: BARNES, C.J. (compiler) - Sussex (East) census 1851: Index volume 18
BOOKS133230I: BARNES, Stuart - Smelling of roses: a rugby life
BOOKS212256I: BARNES, William. - Hwomely rhymes: a second collection of poems in the Dorset dialect
BOOKS295480I: BARNES, Julia & BAXTER, Jonathan - Barnstaple Yesterday: Over 160 photographs of Barnstaple from the 1860s Onwards
BOOKS189091I: BARNES, Julian - Flaubert's parrot
BOOKS170652I: BARNES, Margaret Campbell - The Tudor rose
BOOKS243194I: BARNES, Malcolm (editor) - The mountain world 1955
BOOKS266101I: BARNES, Derek Gilpin - Cloud cover: recollections of an intelligence officer
BOOKS020102I: BARNES, Linda - Bitter finish
BOOKS145309I: BARNES, John A. - Inquest on the Murngin
BOOKS233080I: BARNES, Stuart - Smelling of roses: a rugby life
BOOKS117067I: BARNES, Arthur Staplyton - Christianity at Rome in the apostolic age: an attempt at reconstruction of history
BOOKS293694I: BARNES, Gordon - Frederick Preedy, architect and glass painter, 1820-1898
BOOKS141069I: BARNESBY, George J. - The canary: its management, habits, breeding, & training with directions for preparing show-birds
BOOKS138354I: BARNETT, Ronald & DI NAPOLI, Roberto (eds) - Changing identities in higher education: voicing perspectives (Key Issues in Higher Education)
BOOKS171125I: BARNETT, Ray and others - The moths of the Bristol region
BOOKS135845I: BARNETT, T.Ratcliffe - Autumns in Skye, Ross and Sutherland
BOOKS059019I: BARNETT, Lincoln - History of the English language
BOOKS184663I: BARNETT, Correlli - Bonaparte
BOOKS207682I: BARNETT, M. G. & GILPIN, H. J. (eds) - A garden century 1863-1963
BOOKS129802I: BARNETT, Stephen (ed) - Marty and the dragon
BOOKS126977I: BARNETT, James - Palmprint
BOOKS067857I: BARNETT, Ratcliffe - Border by-ways & Lothian lore
BOOKS287153I: BARNETT, Correlli - The swordbearers: studies in supreme command in the First World War
BOOKS171084I: BARNETT, Ray and others - The butterflies of the Bristol region
BOOKS225732I: BARNETT, Ratcliffe - Scottish pilgrimage in the land of lost content
BOOKS184104I: BARNETT, Gilbert - VC's of the air: the glorious record of men of the British Empire Air Force awarded the Victoria Cross For Valour
BOOKS293664I: BARNETT, John - Everywhere we go: a history of North Nibley School 1763-1997
BOOKS230935I: BARNETT, T Ratcliffe - The road to Rannoch and the Summer Isles
BOOKS208953I: BARNETT, M.G. & GILPIN, H. J. (eds) - A garden century: the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, 1863-1963
BOOKS245612I: BARNEY, Gina & AL-SHARIF, Lutfi - Elevator traffic handbook: theory and practice
BOOKS246461I: BARNEY, Richard W & LOVELESS, Robert W - How to make knives
BOOKS093454I: BARNHART, Russell - The master palm
BOOKS133738I: BARNISH, Valerie L. - Notes on Thomas Hardy's Under the Greenwood Tree
BOOKS062640I: BARNOUW, Erik - Tube of plenty: the evolution of American television
BOOKS268663I: BARNSLEY, Alan - Poems in Pamphlet 1952: IX
BOOKS143110I: BARNUM, P.T. - Struggles and triumphs: or, the life of P.T.Barnum, written by himself (2 volumes)
BOOKS240859I: BAROCAS, Claudio - Monuments of civilization: Egypt
BOOKS231773I: BAROI, Isaac - Are the Christians in Bangladesh oppressed
BOOKS163844I: BARON, Frank - Cornish yarns
BOOKS104168I: BARON, Frank - Cornish yarns
BOOKS176393I: BARON, Archie - An Indian affair
BOOKS081082I: BARON, Robert and SPITZER, Nicholas R. (eds) - Public folklore
BOOKS190203I: BARON & GRAHAM, Clive - Great horses of the year 1954-55
BOOKS174705I: BARON, Stanley R. - Westward Ho! from Cambria to Cormwall
BOOKS186944I: BARONIAN, Hagop - Honourable beggars: a satire
BOOKS175691I: BARONS, P.A. - To commemorate the presentation of Tottenham's charter
BOOKS294096I: BAROW, Horst - Roads and bridges of the Roman Empire
BOOKS228990I: BARR, Noel - The Conceited Lamb
BOOKS175008I: BARR, William & WILLIAMS, Glyndwr (eds) - Voyages in search of a Northwest Passage, 1741-47, volumes I & II
BOOKS038727I: BARR, Pat - The Deer Cry pavilion
BOOKS106828I: BARR, Murray L. & KIERNAN, John A. - The human nervous system: an anatomical viewpoint
BOOKS287789I: BARR, Noel - The discontented pony
BOOKS287786I: BARR, Noel - Beaky, the greedy duck
BOOKS133248I: BARR, Emily - Backpack
BOOKS211477I: BARR, J and others - Combustion Researches and Reviews, 1955: invited papers presented at the 6th and 7th AGARD Combustion Panel meetings
BOOKS002278I: BARR, James - Ferry across the harbour
BOOKS220993I: BARR, Peter - King of the clouds
BOOKS042392I: BARR, Pat - Chinese Alice
BOOKS149015I: BARR, Peter - King of the clouds
BOOKS168628I: BARR, Robert - Lord Stranleigh abroad
BOOKS287825I: BARR, Noel - Mick the disobedient puppy
BOOKS246815I: BARRACLOUGH, Fabio (ed) - Sculpture International, volume 2, number 3, October 1968.
BOOKS189528I: BARRACLOUGH, Daphne - How to run a good party
BOOKS136076I: BARRACLOUGH, June - First finds: a Yorkshire childhood.
BOOKS229083I: BARRATT, John & others - Accelerated development in Southern Africa
BOOKS169457I: BARRATT, Carrie Rebora - Queen Victoria and Thomas Sully
BOOKS292381I: BARRATT, Antony J. - McTay - a Wirral shipbuilder
BOOKS224277I: BARRATT, Oliver - Breath: sculpture & drawings (30 October - 30 November 1996)
BOOKS055410I: BARRE, Jean - Gather ye rosebuds
BOOKS014621I: BARRE, Jean - Glorious life
BOOKS164772I: BARRE, Jean - The wilful jade
BOOKS288479I: BARRECA, Regina - Don't tell Mama!: the Penguin book of Italian American writing
BOOKS290077I: BARREIRO, Rafael Fontan - Los romanos en Hispania: el nacimiento de nuestra historia
BOOKS186148I: BARRERE, Albert (ed) - Chronicles of war: Aghrim 1691 to Dahomey 1890
BOOKS116172I: BARRETT, C.K. - A commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
BOOKS228548I: BARRETT, Wendell - Traditions of European literature
BOOKS293290I: BARRETT, Anthony - Rome is burning: Nero and the fire that ended a dynasty
BOOKS133922I: BARRETT, Franklin A. & THORPE, David L. - Derby porcelain 1750-1848
BOOKS291429I: BARRETT, David V. - Sects, cults and alternative religions: a world survey and sourcebook
BOOKS208056I: BARRETT, Charles & SHEAD, Isobel - Kooborr the koala
BOOKS044495I: BARRETT, Ruth - Who'll cry for me?
BOOKS047877I: W.H. BARRETT - Barrett's map of Chichester and environs, with two mile circles (scale: half an inch to a mile)
BOOKS057423I: BARRETT, Frank - Where was Wonderland? a traveller's guide to the settings of classic children's books
BOOKS069238I: BARRETT, Neil - The state of the cybernation: cultural, political and economic implications of the internet
BOOKS223467I: BARRETT, M.G. (ed) - Coastal zone planning and management
BOOKS135115I: BARRETT, John and TRELEAVEN, Jennifer (eds) - The clinical practice of stem-cell transplantation (2 vols)
BOOKS193123I: BARRETT, Wayne - Kings Landing: country life in early Canada
BOOKS247574I: BARRETT, Elizabeth - Elizabeth Barrett to Miss Mitford: the unpublished letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Mary Russell Mitford
BOOKS017889I: BARRETT, Monte - Murder at Belle Camille
BOOKS195703I: BARRETT, William and BESTERMAN, Theodore - The divining-rod: an experimental and psychological investigation
BOOKS123724I: BARRETT, Andrea - The voyage of the Narwhal
BOOKS067627I: BARRETT, J.L.M. - Practical jumping and schooling
BOOKS236533I: BARRETT, Anthony A - Livia: primera dama de la Roma Imperial
BOOKS088124I: BARRETT, C.R.B. - Charterhouse 1611-1895 in pen and ink
BOOKS265113I: BARRETT, H. Stanley - Old-World Galleries catalogue of finest reproductions & antique furniture, no.26
BOOKS200855I: BARRETT, Christopher B. (ed) - The social economics of poverty
BOOKS127579I: BARRETT, Nicholas - Fledger
BOOKS287816I: BARRETT, S. M. (ed) - Geronimo's story of his life
BOOKS142901I: BARRETT, David - A M.& S.W.J.R. album: a pictorial history of the Midland and South Western Junction railway, vol.1: 1872-1899
BOOKS296751I: BARRETT-AYRES, Karen - Doric for beginners: Illustrated guide to the Doric dialect spoken in North East Scotland
BOOKS220608I: BARRETT, C.R.B. - Charterhouse 1611-1895 in pen and ink
BOOKS297095I: BARRETT, Annalain & BARRETT, Nick - The Gloster Fancy Canary
BOOKS266691I: BARRETT, Eaton Stannard - Woman: her character and influence: a poem
BOOKS179271I: BARRETT, C.K. - Jesus and the Gospel tradition
BOOKS293463I: BARRETT, Franklin A. - Worcester porcelain and Lund's Bristol
BOOKS265721I: BARRETTO, Elba Siqueira de Sa & ZIBAS, Dagmar M.L. (ed) - Brazilian issues on education, gender and race
BOOKS229249I: BARRIE, J. M; ANSTEY, F; MORRISON, Arthur; ZANGWELL, I; Q and others - Stories by English authors: London
BOOKS285800I: BARRIE, J. M. - M'Connachie and J. M. B.
BOOKS149638I: BARRIE, J.M. - The Admirable Crichton
BOOKS165591I: BARRIE, J.M - A window in Thrums
BOOKS079150I: BARRIE, J.M. - The plays of J.M. Barrie
BOOKS269134I: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter Pan
BOOKS287066I: BARRIE, J. M. - The admirable Crichton
BOOKS298069I: BARRIE, John - North London's tramways, 1938-1952
BOOKS195642I: BARRIE, J.M. - J M Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy, retold by May Byron for boys and girls
BOOKS024759I: BARRIE, Alexander - Operation Midnight
BOOKS188218I: BARRIE, J.M. - The Greenwood hat being a memoir of James Anon 1885-1887
BOOKS263255I: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter and Wendy
BOOKS064756I: BARRIE, J.M. - A window in Thrums
BOOKS265161I: BARRIE, J. M & HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey & others - John Bull, vol. 102, no. 2684, December 7, 1957
BOOKS029784I: BARRIE, J.M. - Quality Street: a comedy in four acts
BOOKS211246I: BARRIE, J.M. - The little minister
BOOKS293848I: BARRINGER, Judith M. - Divine escorts: nereids in archaic and classical Greek art
BOOKS229064I: BARRINGTON, John - Murder in White Pit
BOOKS267850I: BARRINGTON, Pamela - The fourth victim
BOOKS020068I: BARRINGTON, John - The moving finger
BOOKS020875I: BARRINGTON, John - Red sky at night
BOOKS098258I: BARRINGTON, Michael - David Arnot
BOOKS158942I: BARRINGTON, Ken - Playing it straight
BOOKS201409I: BARRINGTON, Ken - Playing it straight
BOOKS195966I: BARRINGTON, G.W. - Broken voyage
BOOKS205488I: BARRINGTON, Michael - Grahame of Claverhouse Viscount Dundee
BOOKS288995I: BARRINGTON, E. J. W. - Invertebrate structure and function
BOOKS196252I: BARRINGTON, E. - The divine lady: a romance of Nelson and Lady Hamilton
BOOKS238246I: BARRINGTON, John - Murder in White Pit
BOOKS234499I: BARRITT, Derek - Abominable Showman and other tales with a twist
BOOKS221357I: BARRON, R.S. (ed) - The Wiltshire Natural History Magazine, Volume 73, 1978
BOOKS104361I: BARRON, Ray (ed) - Shepherds and Kings
BOOKS104482I: BARRON, S.L. and ROBERTS, D.F. (eds) - Issues in fetal medicine: proceedings of the twenty-ninth Annual Symposium of the Galton Institute, London 1992
BOOKS168465I: BARRON, James & TUBBS, Douglas - Vintage cars in colour
BOOKS291493I: BARRON, John - Greek sculpture
BOOKS295534I: BARROSO, Yolanda & MORGADO, Francisco - Merida World Heritage site: historical monuments
BOOKS184847I: BARROW, Joy - Making a nest in the hills
BOOKS267028I: BARROW, John (Sir) - The mutiny & piratical seizure of H.M.S Bounty
BOOKS213589I: BARROW, C.J. - Environmental change and human development: controlling nature?
BOOKS084114I: BARROW, Robin - Injustice, inequality and ethics: a philosophical introduction to moral problems
BOOKS185227I: BARROW, R.H. - The Romans
BOOKS266927I: BARROW, John (Sir) - The life of Richard Earl Howe, K.G.
BOOKS233100I: BARROW, Joe Louis & MUNDER, Barbara - Joe Louis: 50 years an American hero
BOOKS229735I: BARROW, Edmund G. C. - The Drylands of Africa: local participation in tree management
BOOKS293182I: BARRUCAND, Marianne & BEDNORZ, Achim - Moorish architecture in Andalusia
BOOKS155059I: BARRY, F.R. - What has Christianity to say?
BOOKS233677I: BARRY, Angela (ed) - Ken Colyer Trust Magazine, Autumn 2009
BOOKS039283I: BARRY, Michael et al - The second Food & Drink book
BOOKS020104I: BARRY, Jerome - Extreme license
BOOKS098068I: BARRY, R.G. & CHORLEY, R.J. - Atmosphere, weather and climate
BOOKS119905I: BARRY, F.R. - Period of my life
BOOKS155029I: BARRY, Iris - D.W. Griffith: American film master
BOOKS264716I: BARRY, Peter - Erotic lingerie
BOOKS292121I: CUNLIFFE. Barry - Roman Bath
BOOKS157619I: BARRY, R.G. & CHORLEY, Richard J. - Atmosphere, weather and climate
BOOKS267104I: BARRY, Jim - Flying the North Atlantic
BOOKS292296I: BARRY, Roger - Her traitor heart
BOOKS044664I: BARRY, Jerome - Lady of night
BOOKS142026I: BARRYMORE, Michael - Awight now: setting the record straight
BOOKS031949I: BARSALI, Isa Belli - Medieval goldsmith's work
BOOKS194957I: BARSBY, Andrew - Private roads: the legal framework
BOOKS288869I: BARSKAYA, A. - Paul Cezanne
BOOKS050668I: BARSLEY, Michael - The intimate papers of Colonel Bogus
BOOKS295017I: BARSLEY, Michael. - Orient Express: the story of the world's most fabulous train
BOOKS157317I: BARSTOW, Jane Missner - One hundred years of American women writing, 1848-1948: an annotated bio-bibliography
BOOKS020219I: BARSTOW, Phyllida - Glacier run
BOOKS076239I: BARSTOW, Phyllida - Daughters of the regiment
BOOKS045865I: BARSTOW, Diana - Swings and roundabouts
BOOKS263364I: BARTA, Gabor & others - Kurze Geschichte Siebenburgens
BOOKS131452I: BARTELSKI, Konrad - Konrad Bartelski: the autobiography of a skier
BOOKS126674I: BARTENEV, I and FYODPRPV, B. - North Russian architecture
BOOKS194370I: BARTH, Richard - The rag bag clan
BOOKS226103I: BARTH, Fredrik - Balinese Worlds
BOOKS297356I: BARTHEL, K. W. & others - Solnhofen: a study in Mesozoic palaeontology
BOOKS211800I: BARTHOLDY, Felix Mendelssohn - Letters from Italy and Switzerland
BOOKS200707I: BARTHOLOMEUZ, Tessa J. - In defense of Dharma: just-war ideology in Buddhist Sri Lanka (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism)
BOOKS198565I: BARTHOLOMEW'S - Bartholomew's new reduced survey for tourists & cyclists, sheet 29: Berks and Wilts, scale 2 miles to an inch
BOOKS064233I: BARTHOLOMEW'S - Bartholomew's new reduced survey: Sheet 11, North Wales
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BOOKS181647I: BEDINI, Silvio A. (ed) - Christopher Columbus and the age of exploration: an encyclopedia
BOOKS290112I: DE LA BEDOYERE, Guy - Roman Britain: a new history
BOOKS195238I: DE LA BEDOYERE, Michael - Francis: a biography of the Saint of Assisi
BOOKS146842I: DE LA BEDOYERE,Michael - Objections to Roman Catholicism
BOOKS295539I: DE LA BEDOYERE, Guy - Hadrian's Wall: history and guide
BOOKS174504I: DE LA BEDOYERE, Michael - Francis: a biography of the Saint of Assisi
BOOKS290868I: DE LA BEDOYERE, Guy - The finds of Roman Britain
BOOKS063893I: BEDSER, Alec and BEDSER, Eric - Following on
BOOKS142134I: BEDSER, Alec and BEDSER, Eric - Following on
BOOKS146855I: BEDSER, Alec - Cricket choice
BOOKS288460I: DE BEDTS, Ralph F. - Recent American history: 1933 through World War II: volume 1
BOOKS288542I: DE BEDTS, Ralph F. - Recent American history, volume 2: 1945 to the present
BOOKS295854I: BEDWELL, Eric - Looking back: the memoirs of Eric Bedwell
BOOKS173853I: OOI Jin-Bee - Peninsular Malaysia
BOOKS195956I: BEEBE, William - Nonsuch: land of water
BOOKS146159I: BEEBE, William - Jungle peace
BOOKS170649I: BEEBY, K.J. - The wonderful story of leather (information on leather 1)
BOOKS221377I: BEEBY-THOMPSON, Arthur - Oil Pioneer: Selected experiences and incidents associated with sixty years of world-wide petroleum exploration and oilfield development
BOOKS212873I: BEECH, F. W. & POLLARD, A. - Wines and juices
BOOKS154387I: BEECHAM, Sir Thomas - A mingled chime: leaves from an autobiography
BOOKS202890I: BEECHAM,John Charles - The yellow spider
BOOKS297537I: BEECHAM, K. J. - History of Cirencester and the Roman city Corinium
BOOKS153119I: BEECHAM, Thomas - A mingled chime: leaves from an autobiography
BOOKS179658I: BEECHER, Elizabeth - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup
BOOKS117519I: BEECHER, Edward - Narrative of riots at Alton: in connection with the death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy
BOOKS083291I: BEECHEY, Winifred - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS295851I: BEECHEY, Winifred - The rich Mrs Robinson
BOOKS244811I: BEECHING, H.C. - Two lectures introductory to the study of poetry
BOOKS210828I: BEECHING, H. C. (ed) - A book of Christmas verse
BOOKS201727I: BEECHING, Richard - Electron diffraction:
BOOKS063004I: BEEDELL, Suzanne - Windmills
BOOKS064571I: BEEDELL, Suzanne - The wall handbook: a guide to the maintenance, repair and decoration of your inside walls.
BOOKS002205I: BEEDELL, Suzanne - Water in the garden
BOOKS207845I: BEEDELL, Suzanne - Windmills
BOOKS163952I: BEEDELL, Suzanne - Windmills
BOOKS263634I: BEEDING, Francis - The ten holy horrors
BOOKS236783I: BEEDING, Francis - The Norwich victims
BOOKS263214I: BEEDING, Francis - The ten holy horrors
BOOKS263683I: BEEDING, Francis - The Norwich victims
BOOKS286688I: BEEDLE, J. - 43 Squadron Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force: the history of the Fighting Cocks, 1916-1966
BOOKS037893I: BEER, Gretel & DAVIES, Paula - The diabetic gourmet
BOOKS205779I: BEER, Fritz - Hast du auf Deutsche geschossen, Grandpa? Fragmente einer Lebensgeschichte. (Schicksale im 20. Jahrhundert).
BOOKS285901I: BEER, M - A history of British Socialism, volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS296669I: BEER, Edwin J. - The beginning of rayon
BOOKS225339I: DE BEER,Gavin - Charles Darwin: evolution by natural selection
BOOKS015216I: BEERBOHM, Max - Lytton Strachey
BOOKS236410I: BEERBOHM, Max - A Christmas garland
BOOKS040725I: BEERBOHM, Max - Catalogue of a memorial exhibition of drawings by Sir Max Beerbohm (1872-1956)
BOOKS158771I: BEERBOHM, Max - Mainly on the air
BOOKS032095I: BEERBOHM, Max - The happy hypocrite
BOOKS191283I: BEERBOHM, Max - The happy hypocrite
BOOKS193709I: BEERBOHM, Max - More
BOOKS207242I: BEERBOHM, Max - The poets' corner
BOOKS177055I: BEERBOHM, Max - Zuleika Dobson or an Oxford love story
BOOKS148331I: BEERBOHM, Max - Things new and old
BOOKS194041I: BEERBOHM, Max - Max's Nineties: drawings, 1892-1899
BOOKS076326I: BEERBOHM, Max - Lytton Strachey: the Rede Lecture 1943
BOOKS208353I: BEERBOHM, Max - Yet again
BOOKS153612I: BEERBOHM, Max - Observations
BOOKS156047I: BEERBOHM, Max - Seven men
BOOKS056241I: BEERBOHM, Max - And even now
BOOKS204592I: BEERBOHM, Max - Yet again
BOOKS216408I: BEEREN, W.A.L. - Co Westerik: Schilder, peintre, maler, painter
BOOKS084906I: BEERS, H. (ed) - Indonesia: resources and their technological development
BOOKS179681I: BEESLY, A.H. - Ballads and other verse
BOOKS036634I: BEESON, Trevor - Discretion and valour: religious conditions in Russia and Eastern Europe.
BOOKS082008I: BEESON, Trevor - Window on Westminster: a canon's diary, 1976-1987
BOOKS201023I: BEESON, Mark & BELLAMY, Alex J. - Securing Southeast Asia: The politics of security sector reform
BOOKS155264I: BEET, Joseph Agar. - The last things
BOOKS298113I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Beethoven symphony no. 7 In A, op. 92
BOOKS109859I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Trio, D Major for pianoforte, violin and violoncello, Op.70, No.1.
BOOKS110017I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Trio, Eb major for pianotforte, violin and violoncello, Op.70, no.2.
BOOKS110018I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Trio, Bb major for pianoforte, violin and violoncello, Op. 97
BOOKS267248I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - L. van Beethoven's Quartetten fur zwei violinenm viola u. violoncello: partitur-ausgabe (volumes 1-4)
BOOKS137195I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Beethoven's letters: a critical edition with explanatory notes (2 vols)
BOOKS267251I: BEETHOVEN, L. v - Sonates pour piano: deux volumes
BOOKS150210I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Sonatas for pianoforte, vol.II
BOOKS111950I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Beethoven string quartet 7, F Major, Opus 59, no.1
BOOKS111990I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Konzert Nr. 3 c-Moll fur kalvier un orchester, op.37 (ausgabe fur zwei klaviere)
BOOKS151192I: BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Quartett fur klavier, violine, viola und violoncello nr.2 D-dur; Wo0 36 nr.2
BOOKS267078I: BEETHOVEN, L. - Fidelio: Opera, in two acts
BOOKS055582I: BEETON, Isabella - Mrs Beeton's hors d'oeuvre & savouries, including cheese and egg dishes, sandwiches, salads and dressings.
BOOKS226380I: BEETON, S.O. (ed) - Beeton's boy's annual: a volume of fact, fiction, history and adventure
BOOKS146391I: BEETON, Samuel Orchart - Beeton's public speaker: a collection of specimens of British and foreign eloquence, political, ecclesiastical, and miscellaneous
BOOKS116329I: BEETON, Samuel - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, new series, vol.VIII and Vol. IX
BOOKS240698I: BEETON, S.O. (ed) - Beeton's book of English poetry, from Chaucer to Pope
BOOKS197919I: BEETON, Isabella - Mrs Beeton's Dictionary of every-day cookery
BOOKS044758I: BEETON, Isabella - Supper with Mrs Beeton
BOOKS071032I: BEETON - Beeton's new gardening book: a popular exposition of the art and science of gardening
BOOKS184422I: BEETON, Isabella - Mrs Beeton's everyday cookery and housekeeping book
BOOKS225459I: BEETON (Mrs) - The best of Mrs Beeton's British cooking
BOOKS241139I: BEEVER, Julian - Pavement chalk artist: the three-dimensional drawings of Julian Beever
BOOKS201728I: BEEVOR, Antony - Stalingrad
BOOKS186347I: BEEVOR, Antony - Stalingrad
BOOKS187106I: BEEVOR, Edmund, and others - The history and register of Aldenham school
BOOKS181584I: BEEZER, Anne & others (eds) - Literature Teaching Politics, journal no. 6: changing the subject
BOOKS118591I: BEGBIE, Edward Harold - Living water: being chapters from the romance of the poor student
BOOKS173802I: BEGBIE, Harold - In the hand of the potter: a study of Christianity in action
BOOKS243301I: BEGBIE, Joan - Sergeant the Dog
BOOKS039791I: BEGBIE, Joan - Sergeant the dog

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