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BOOKS241335I: SHERIDAN, Kyoko - The firm in Australia: a theoretical and empirical study of size, growth and profitability
BOOKS285365I: SHERIDAN, Michael - Rowton Houses 1892-1954
BOOKS239325I: SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley - The Duenna: a comic opera in three acts
BOOKS287446I: SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley - The school for scandal
BOOKS235986I: SHERIF, Maurice - The American Wall: from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico
BOOKS168553I: SHERLOCK,R.L. - British regional geology: London and Thames Valley
BOOKS041398I: SHERLOCK, John - The ordeal of Major Grigsby
BOOKS037053I: SHERLOCK, John - The ordeal of Major Grigsby
BOOKS148959I: SHERLOCK, R.L. and others - Regional geology of Southern England
BOOKS180889I: SHERMAN, Kenneth and others (eds) - Large marine ecosystems: stress, mitigation, and sustainability
BOOKS175348I: SHERMAN, Carol & SMITH, Andrew - Highlights: the illustrated history of cannabis
BOOKS206348I: SHERMAN, Stuart (ed) - Johnsonian News Letter, volume LII, nos.2,3 & 4, and Volume LIII, no.1 & 2
BOOKS117582I: SHERMAN, Michael E. and others - Adelphi Papers: North America
BOOKS117592I: SHERMAN, Michael, E. and others - Adelphi Papers: North America
BOOKS200681I: SHERMAN, Anthony C. - The Gilbert Mosaic Collection
BOOKS093588I: SHERMAN, Roger - Tricky stuff
BOOKS188970I: SHERMAN, F.J. (illus) - From far away lands
BOOKS221389I: SHERMAN, V. (Captain) - Scouting the Balkans in a motor boat or, An escape from the Dardanelles
BOOKS076676I: SHEROWER, Abbott William - Emperor of the centuries, volume I: Napoleon in the making: Heir Imperial
BOOKS075329I: SHERRACOMBE, Will - Devon Exmoor
BOOKS175237I: SHERRARD-SMITH, Walter - Wine-making in earnest
BOOKS088760I: SHERRATT, A.F.C. (ed) - Experience of energy conservation in buildings
BOOKS150428I: SHERRELL, Ted - Kingdom of Cain
BOOKS294779I: SHERRIFF, Clare - The Oxford College barges: their history and architecture
BOOKS214738I: SHERRILL, Charles Hitchcock - A stained glass tour in Italy
BOOKS036103I: SHERRILL, Charles Hitchcock - Stained glass tours in England
BOOKS039347I: SHERRIN, Ned - Ned Sherrin's theatrical anecdotes: a connoisseur's collection of legends, stories and gossip
BOOKS033984I: SHERRIN, Ned - Scratch an actor
BOOKS117374I: SHERRIN, Ned (ed) - The Oxford dictionary of humorous quotations
BOOKS111686I: SHERRY, Eugene and others (eds) - Trauma
BOOKS153542I: SHERRY, Edna - Backfire
BOOKS175002I: SHERRY, Stanley Percy - The black wattle (Acacia Mearnsii de Wild)
BOOKS110258I: SHERWIN-WHITE, A N - Racial prejudice in Imperial Rome
BOOKS213583I: SHERWOOD, John - The hour of the Hyenas
BOOKS016638I: SHERWOOD, John - The half hunter
BOOKS124817I: SHERWOOD, Martha Mary (Mrs) - How to please
BOOKS212070I: SHERWOOD, Martha Mary (Mrs) - Henry Milner: the story of a boy who was not brought up according to the fashion of this world
BOOKS116477I: SHERWOOD, Roy - The court of Oliver Cromwell
BOOKS110876I: SHERWOOD, John - The hour of the hyenas
BOOKS112886I: SHERWOOD, John - The limericks of Lachasse
BOOKS247427I: SHERWOOD, Martin - Survival
BOOKS170288I: SHERWOOD (Mrs) - Lucy Clare
BOOKS234137I: SHERWOOD, Simon - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS168122I: SHERWOOD, Shirley (ed) - Contemporary botanical artists: the Shirley Sherwood Collection
BOOKS170567I: SHERWOOD (Mrs) - The juvenile forget me not
BOOKS182720I: SHERWOOD (Mrs) - The little woodman and his dog Caesar, and The orphan boy
BOOKS117394I: SHERWOOD, Simon - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS204931I: SHERWOOD (Mrs) [Mary Martha BUTT] - The history of Susan Gray, as related by a clergyman: designed for the benefit of young women when going to service, &c
BOOKS206363I: SHERWOOD, Philip - The history of Heathrow
BOOKS203218I: SHERWOOD,John - The mantrap garden
BOOKS206433I: SHERWOOD, Philip - Heathrow: 2000 years of history in old photographs
BOOKS168087I: SHERWOOD, Simon - Nine out of ten: an autobiography
BOOKS071720I: SHERWOOD, Margaret - Daphne: a pastoral of Italy
BOOKS110856I: SHERWOOD, John - A botanist at bay
BOOKS011330I: SHEVCHENKO, Arkady N. - Breaking with Moscow
BOOKS284464I: SHEVELOW, Kathryn - Charlotte: A true account of an actress's extraordinary adventure in Eighteenth-Century London's theatre world
BOOKS080964I: LU YI SHI - Party games for two or, First past the post!
BOOKS189358I: SHIDA, R. - On the number of electrostatic units in the electromagnetic unit
BOOKS204419I: SHIEL, M.P. - The lord of the sea
BOOKS293516I: SHIELD, Alice. - Henry Stuart: Cardinal of York and his times.
BOOKS218598I: SHIELDS, Paul C. - Linear algebra
BOOKS135286I: SHIELDS, Cornelius - Cornelius Shields on sailing
BOOKS002468I: SHIELDS, Cornelius - Cornelius Shields on sailing
BOOKS027220I: SHIELDS, Tom - Tom Shields too: more Tom Shields diary
BOOKS168332I: SHIELDS,Mary - Sled dog trails
BOOKS099083I: SHIELDS, David & GIBSON, Mary Ellis (eds) - Chicago Review, volume 48, number 4, Spring 1972
BOOKS138077I: SHIELDS, Thomas W. - General thoracic surgery (2 volumes)
BOOKS157170I: SHIELDS, Rodney - Margarita's olive press
BOOKS005187I: SHIELDS, G.O. ("Coquina") - Cruising in the Cascades
BOOKS243640I: SHIFF, Norman A - Diary of a nymph
BOOKS111701I: SHIGERU, Nakayama and others (eds) - Science and society in modern Japan: selected historical sources
BOOKS264062I: SHILL, Ray - South Staffordshire ironmasters
BOOKS219002I: SHILLINGBURG, Herbert T. & KESSLER, James C. - Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
BOOKS143776I: SHILTON, Peter - Natural areas of Queensland
BOOKS268319I: SHIMMON, Ross (ed) - The Colonel: the quarterly journal of the Colonel Stephens Society, nos. 81-102 (2005-2011)
BOOKS291126I: SHIMOSATO, Yukio & others (eds) - Morphogenesis of lung cancer: vol. 2
BOOKS291134I: SHIMOSATO, Yukio & others (eds) - Morphogenesis of lung cancer: vol. 1
BOOKS059259I: SHINDLER, Colin - Fathers, sons and football
BOOKS065083I: SHINDLER, Colin - Manchester United ruined my life
BOOKS014587I: SHINE, Betty - My life as a medium
BOOKS214205I: SHIP, Reuben - The investigator: A narrative in dialogue
BOOKS264920I: SHIPLEY, D.E & others - B.C.U.R.A Monthly Bulletin, volume XXVI, 1962 (abstracts 13760-15525)
BOOKS084838I: SHIPLEY, D.G. and MEE, C.B. (eds) - The annual of the British School at Athens, no.92 1997
BOOKS249648I: SHIPMAN, John J. - Mnemonics and tactics in surgery and medicine
BOOKS209810I: SHIPMAN, David - Movie talk: who said what about whom in the movies
BOOKS132972I: SHIPP, Robert H. (ed) - Glenn Draper: his music changed lives
BOOKS292120I: SHIPP, Horace (Ed) - The book of antiques 1928.
BOOKS156226I: SHIPP, Horace - The French masters: a survey and guide
BOOKS112847I: INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF SHIPPING - International safety guide for oil tankers & terminals
BOOKS198900I: LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING - Register of ships, 1977-78, A-L
BOOKS115934I: SHIPSIDES, Frank - Bristol impressions
BOOKS202733I: SHIPSIDES, Frank & WALL, Robert - Quayside Bristol: the city and its port in recent years
BOOKS247323I: SHIPSIDES, Frank - Bristol impressions
BOOKS186363I: SHIPTON, Russ - The complete guitar player
BOOKS238771I: SHIPTON, Russ - The complete guitar player: Book 1
BOOKS247399I: SHIPTON, Alyn - Fats Waller: the cheerful little earful
BOOKS147376I: SHIPWAY-BLACKWELL, Nancy - From rags to riches
BOOKS049503I: SHIRALI, Vishnudass - Hindu music and rhythm
BOOKS284852I: SHIRAS, Wilmar H. - Children of the atom
BOOKS202159I: SHIRAZI, J.K.M. - Life of Omar al-Khayyámi
BOOKS212980I: SHIRLAW, David - A criticism on "certain aspects" of "art criticism"
BOOKS245364I: SHIRLEY, Frances A. (ed) - King John and Henry VIII: critical essays
BOOKS031803I: SHIRLEY, Phil - Where is the winning post? the biography of Mikie Heaton-Ellis
BOOKS294586I: SHIRLEY, Elizabeth - Building a Roman legionary fortress
BOOKS289595I: SHIRLEY SMITH, Richard - Trophies & cartouches: recent paintings, murals & line drawings
BOOKS030294I: SHOBERL, Frederic (ed) - Forget me not: a Christmas, New Year's, and birthday present for MDCCCXXXIX
BOOKS287929I: SHOESMITH, Ron & RICHARDSON, Ruth (eds) - A definitive history of Dore Abbey
BOOKS291983I: SHOLOKHOV, Mikhail - Virgin soil upturned
BOOKS267448I: SHOLTO, Anne - Return again: a novel
BOOKS284270I: SHOLTO, Anne - The Christmas ring
BOOKS238329I: SHONE, Anna - Come away death
BOOKS008581I: SHONE, Anna - Come away death
BOOKS110447I: SHONE, Ronald - Creative visualization
BOOKS236817I: SHONE, Anna - Secrets in stones
BOOKS298005I: SHONE, Richard - Sisley
BOOKS297671I: SHOOSMITH, F. H. - Science and magic
BOOKS107414I: THE POSTER SHOP - Poster art: a catalogue of fine art posters
BOOKS121537I: SHORE, T. Teignmouth & PLUMTRE, E.H. - St.Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians
BOOKS066561I: SHORE, Saxon / GILROY, J.T. - Rough island story: news reel (and unreal) of the Depression 1931-1935
BOOKS294537I: SHORE, C. - With British snipers to the Reich
BOOKS172292I: SHORE, Bruce M. (ed) - Face to face with giftedness
BOOKS004531I: SHORES, Christopher - Ground attack aircraft of World War II
BOOKS006820I: SHORES, Christopher and WILLIAMS, Clive - Aces high: the fighter aces of the British and Commonwealth Air Forces in World War II
BOOKS297423I: SHORES, Christopher - Ground attack aircraft of World War II
BOOKS268176I: SHORES, Christopher - Air Aces
BOOKS265712I: SHORRICK, N - Lion in the sky: the story of Seletar and the Royal Air Force in Singapore
BOOKS265867I: SHORRICK, N - Lion in the sky
BOOKS119747I: SHORT, Thomas Vowler - A sketch of the history of the Church of England to the Revolution, 1688
BOOKS048545I: SHORT, Eirian - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS143085I: SHORT, Constance & CARROLL, Tony (eds) - Eddie's own Aquarius
BOOKS188419I: SHORT, Robert L - The parables of peanuts
BOOKS298155I: SHORT, Michael - Gustav Holst: the man and his music
BOOKS288103I: SHORT, Dan & others - Hope and resiliency: understanding the psychotherapeutic strategies of Milton H. Erickson
BOOKS290971I: SHORT, Michael - Windmills in Lambeth: an historical survey
BOOKS029079I: SHORT, Eirian - Quilting: technique, design and application
BOOKS104135I: SHORT, Ernest - Fifty years of vaudeville
BOOKS263317I: SHORTEN, Monica - Wonders of animal life
BOOKS174626I: SHORTEN, Monica - Wonders of animal life
BOOKS138418I: SHORTER, Dora Sigerson - The country-house party
BOOKS224705I: SHORTHOUSE, John Henry - John Inglesant: A romance - Volume 2 of 2
BOOKS151302I: SHOTEN, Kadokawa (ed) - A pictorial encyclopedia of the Oriental arts: Japan, parts 1 - 4
BOOKS293089I: SHOTTER, David & WHITE, Andrew - The Romans in Lunesdale
BOOKS291813I: SHOTTER, David & WHITE, Andrew - The Roman fort and town of Lancaster
BOOKS157599I: SHOTTON, F.W. (ed) - British Quaternary studies: recent advances
BOOKS137644I: SHOTWELL, David JH - Glass A to Z
BOOKS205277I: LI JICHENG & KU SHOUKANG - The Realm of Tibetan buddhism
BOOKS012908I: SHOUMATOFF, Alex - In Southern light: trekking through Zaire and the Amazon
BOOKS008904I: SHOUSHEN, Jin - Beijing legends
BOOKS193411I: SHOVLAR,Steve - Dorset shipwrecks: a comprehensive guide to the shipwrecks of Purbeck and Poole Bay
BOOKS077465I: SHOWALTER, Elaine - Inventing herself: claiming a feminist intellectual heritage
BOOKS106463I: SHOWALTER, Elaine - A literature of their own: British women novelists from Bronte to Lessing
BOOKS193991I: SHOWELL, Charles - Shakespeare's Avon from source to Severn
BOOKS172426I: SHOWELL, Jak Mallmann - Wolfpacks at war
BOOKS162693I: STYLES. Showell - The Malta frigate
BOOKS048507I: SHRAPNEL, Norman - A view of the Thames
BOOKS094628I: SHREEVE, Caroline and SHREEVE, David - The healing power of hypnotism: what it is and what it does
BOOKS005349I: SHREEVE, James - The Neandertal enigma: solving the mystery of modern human origins
BOOKS201576I: SHREVE, Anita - Sea Glass
BOOKS112885I: SHRIBER, Ione Sandberg - Invitation to murder
BOOKS226158I: SHROPSHIRE, Kenneth L. & DAVIS, Timothy - The business of sports agents
BOOKS094654I: SHROUT, R.N. - Modern scientific hypnosis: from ancient mystery to contemporary science
BOOKS190816I: SHRUBSOLE, Edgar S. - The land of lakes: being the Midland Railway Company's illustrated guide to the sporting and touring grounds of County Donegal
BOOKS011121I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS017411I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS145863I: SHTEMENKO, S.M. - The last six months: Russia's final battles with Hitler's armies in World War II
BOOKS171327I: SHUCKBURGH, Evelyn S. - Lysiae orationes XVI with analysis, notes, appendices, & indces
BOOKS117325I: SHUGHART, Cooksey and others - Complete price guide to watches, no.22, 2002
BOOKS246748I: SHUKLA, P.R. & others (eds) - Climate change and India: issues, concerns and opportunities
BOOKS218045I: SHUKMAN, Henry - Travels with my trombone: A Caribbean journey
BOOKS221681I: SHUKMAN, Henry - Sons of the Moon: a journey in the Andes
BOOKS266406I: SHUKMAN, Henry - Travels with my trombone: a Caribbean journey
BOOKS231363I: SHULIMSON, Jack - Marines in Lebanon 1958
BOOKS230457I: SHULKA, V. & BAKER, P.A. (eds) - Sedimentology and geochemistry of Dolostones: based on a symposium
BOOKS088629I: SHULMAN, Martha Rose - Garlic cookery
BOOKS057033I: SHULMAN, Martha Rose - Garlic cookery
BOOKS162866I: SHULMAN, Milton - Defeat in the West
BOOKS034895I: SHULMAN, Martha Rose - Chez Martha Rose: pleasures of Parisian eating
BOOKS154789I: SHULMAN, Neville - Zen explorations in remotest New Guinea: adventures in the jungles and mountains of Irian Jaya
BOOKS061436I: SHULMAN, Martha Rose - Herb and honey cookery
BOOKS074379I: SHULMAN, Neville - Zen explorations in remotest New Guinea: adventures in the jungles and mountains of Irian Jaya
BOOKS137135I: SHUMAKER, Wayne - Perspectives in criticism 1: Elements of critical theory
BOOKS289192I: SHUNG, Zhang - Drawing mountains and water
BOOKS049697I: SHURLOCK, H.M. - The laws of contract bridge explained
BOOKS227147I: SHURT, Theodore / CHAPMAN, K.F - Lindsey
BOOKS136034I: SHUSTER, George Nauman - The Catholic spirit in modern English literature
BOOKS286833I: SHUTE, Nevil - Slide rule: the autobiography of an engineer
BOOKS227980I: SHUTE, Nevil - Marazan
BOOKS031864I: SHUTE, Nevil - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS235196I: SHUTE, Nevil - On the beach
BOOKS241571I: SHUTE, Nevil - Marazan
BOOKS270853I: SHUTE, Nevil - Slide rule: the autobiography of an engineer
BOOKS050425I: SHUTE, Nevil - Beyond the black stump
BOOKS038299I: SHUTE, Nevil - The far country
BOOKS098495I: SHUTE, Nevil - Requiem for a Wren
BOOKS098565I: SHUTE, Nevil - The rainbow and the rose
BOOKS098568I: SHUTE, Nevil - The far country
BOOKS247697I: SHUTE, Nevil - The Chequer Board
BOOKS241305I: SHUTE, Nevil - What happened to the Corbetts
BOOKS189461I: SHUTE, Nevil - Vinland the Good
BOOKS288506I: SHUTE, Nevil - The chequer board
BOOKS200065I: SHUTE, Nevil - The chequer board
BOOKS240266I: SHUTE, Nevil - A town like Alice
BOOKS144136I: SHUTE, E.L. - Over the hills
BOOKS241317I: SHUTE, Nevil - Pied Piper
BOOKS241322I: SHUTE, Nevil - So disdained
BOOKS229872I: SHUTE, Nevil - Pied Piper
BOOKS175782I: SHUTE, Nevil - Most secret
BOOKS265197I: SHUTE, Nevil & others - John Bull, vol. 99, nos. 2595-2599, March 24, 1956-April 21, 1956 (5 issues)
BOOKS296122I: SHUTE, Henry - My Lord Pembroke's Manor of Netherhampton
BOOKS265200I: SHUTE, Nevil & others - John Bull, vol. 104, nos. 2714-2719, July 5, 1958-August 9, 1958 (6 issues)
BOOKS244193I: SHUTE, Nevil - A town like Alice
BOOKS116131I: SHUTTLE, Penelope - A leaf out of his book
BOOKS193564I: SHUTTLE, Penelope - Nostalgia neurosis and other poems
BOOKS265188I: SHUTTLE, Penelope - Photographs of Persephone
BOOKS003294I: SHUTTLEWOOD, Nina and BIGGS, Janet - Designer knitting from handspun yarns
BOOKS003299I: SHUTTLEWOOD, Nina - Stylish knitting: from handspun or commercial yarns
BOOKS280185I: SHYMANSKY, Les - Escape to the tropics
BOOKS195776I: SIBBALD, M. & SOUTER, Helen Greig - More dainty work for busy fingers: a second book of needlework, lace, crochet, and knitting
BOOKS161124I: SIBERGELD, Jerome - Contradictions: artistic life, the Socialist state and the Chinese painter Li Huasheng
BOOKS035790I: SIBLEY, Brian - The land of Narnia: Brian Sibley explores the world of C.S. Lewis
BOOKS040806I: SIBLEY, Patricia - Discovering the Isle of Wight
BOOKS158449I: SIBLEY, Brian - Three cheers for Pooh: the best bear in all the world
BOOKS054124I: SIBLEY, Brian - Chicken Run: hatching the movie
BOOKS296715I: SIBLEY, Brian - The Thomas the Tank Engine man: a biography
BOOKS076057I: SIBLEY, Brian - Shadowlands: the love story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham
BOOKS115315I: SICHEL, Allan - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS113872I: SICHEL, Allan. - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS006433I: SICHEL, Allan - The Penguin book of wines
BOOKS210525I: SICHEL, Edith - Women and men of the French Renaissance
BOOKS138353I: DIODORUS SICULUS - The Bibliotheca historica of Diodorus Siculus, translated by John Skelton, volume I: Text
BOOKS239129I: SIDDIQUI, Kamal - Land management in South Asia: a comparative study
BOOKS060630I: SIDER, Ronald J. - Rich Christians in an age of hunger: a Biblical study
BOOKS215424I: SIDERA, Isabelle - Un complement des donnees sur les societes rubanees: l'industrie osseuse a Cuiry-les-Chaudardes
BOOKS191148I: SIDEY, Hugh - John F. Kennedy: portrait of a president
BOOKS203452I: SIDEY, Tessa (ed) - Paul Shelving (1888-1968) Stage designer
BOOKS144057I: SIDGWICK, Frank (ed) - Legendary ballads
BOOKS196882I: SIDGWICK, Ethel - Restoration: the fairy-tale of a farm
BOOKS137188I: SIDGWICK, N.V. - The chemical elements and their compounds, volumes I and II
BOOKS144138I: SIDGWICK, Frank (ed) - Ballads and lyrics of love
BOOKS159511I: SIDGWICK, Frank (ed) - Old ballads
BOOKS188070I: SIDNEY, Philip - The Countesse of Pembroke's Arcadia
BOOKS297698I: SIDNEY, Philip / DRINKWATER, John (ed) - The poems of Sir Philip Sidney
BOOKS150805I: SIDNEY, Phillip - An apologie for poetrie (from Olney's text of 1595)
BOOKS187343I: SIDNEY, Philip - The Defence of poesie, Political discourses, Correspondence , Translations
BOOKS152290I: SIDNEY, Philip - Sidney's Apologie for poetrie
BOOKS234109I: SIDORENKO, Alexander V (ed) - Soviet Journal of Remote Sensing, 1982, no.1 (September)
BOOKS121486I: SIDWALL, Ake - Bäckströms bilder!: Professor Helmer Bäckströms fotografihistoriska Samling i Fotografiska Museet
BOOKS182524I: SIEBENHAAR, Klaus & HAARMANN, Hermann (eds) - Preis der Vernunft: literature und Kunst zwischen Augklarung, Widerstand und Anpassung; festschrift fur Walter Huder
BOOKS291806I: SIEBLER, Michael - Troia: Geschichte - Grabungen - Kontroversen
BOOKS234308I: SIEFKES, Dirk - Decidable theories 1: Buchi's monadic second order successor arithmetic
BOOKS032387I: SIEGEL, Jan - Prospero's children
BOOKS138449I: SIEGEL, David J. - Organizing for social partnership: higher education in cross-sector collaboration
BOOKS106900I: SIEGEL, Alan H. - Breakin* in to the music business
BOOKS180625I: SIEGEL, Bryna - The world of the autistic child: understanding and treating autism spectrum disorders
BOOKS149320I: SIEGMUND-SCHULTZE, Friedrich - Die Ueberwindung des Hasses
BOOKS008194I: VON SIEMENS, Werner - Inventor and entrepreneur: recollections
BOOKS185601I: VON SIEMENS, Werner - Inventor and entrepreneur: recollections of Werner von Siemens
BOOKS202536I: SIEMONS, J. (ed) - Surveys in Combinatorics, 1989: invited papers at the Twelfth British Combinatorial Conference
BOOKS293313I: SIENKIEWICZ, Henryk - Quo Vadis?
BOOKS226214I: SIEPMANN, Jeremy - The piano
BOOKS209454I: SIEPMANN, Harry - Echo of the guns: recollections of an Artillery officer, 1914-18
BOOKS121091I: SIEVEKING, Vera - Galante Mode: mode - graphik aus zwei jahrhunderten
BOOKS208391I: SIEVER, Robert S. (ed) - The Winning Post winter annual 1923
BOOKS200317I: SIEVERNICH, Gereon & BUDDE, Hendrik (eds) - Europa und der Orient 800-1900
BOOKS238308I: SIEVIER, Robert Standish - The autobiography of Robert Standish Sievier
BOOKS286218I: SIGAL, Clancy - Weekend in Dinlock
BOOKS290624I: SIGANIDOU, Maria and LILIMPAKI- AKAMATI, Maria (Dr) - Pella: capital of Macedonians
BOOKS210435I: NATIONAL SIGNALMAN'S MOVEMENT - The 3-5-5: offical organ of the National Signalman's Movement, vol.1, no.1 - no.12, April 1924.May 1923 -
BOOKS058005I: SIGNY, Dennis - The Tottenham Hotspur football book No. 3
BOOKS111670I: SIKORA, Axel - Wireless personal and local area networks
BOOKS246877I: SIKORA, Jan & WOJTOWICZ, Stefan (eds) - Industrial and biological tomography: theoretical basis and applications
BOOKS295530I: SILBER, Evelyn - The sculpture of Epstein, with a complete catalogue
BOOKS242077I: SILBERMAN, Howard & EISENBERG, Daniel - Parenteral and enteral nutrition for the hospitalized patient
BOOKS099888I: SILBERSTANG, Edwin - Winning poker for the serious player
BOOKS198423I: SILBERT,Leslie - The Intelligencer
BOOKS270884I: SILCOCK, Robin - The Martha Mine, a brief history of the Martha Hill Mine in Waihi
BOOKS204077I: SILJESTROM, P.A. - The educational institutions of the United States: their character and organisation
BOOKS207505I: SILKIN, Jon (ed) - Stand, volume four, 3: the war poets
BOOKS268961I: SILKIN, Jon (ed) - Stand: vol.4, no.3: The War Poets
BOOKS106692I: SILKIN, Jon (ed) - Stand, volume 4, 3: the war poets
BOOKS101701I: SILKIN, Jon - Poems new and selected
BOOKS022266I: SILKIN, Jon - Selected poems
BOOKS268936I: SILKIN, Jon & SMITH, Ken (eds) - Stand: incorporating the Three Arts Quarterly, vol.6, no.3
BOOKS295526I: SILKIN, Jon - Testament without breath
BOOKS269156I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand: quarterly of the arts, volume 11, no.4, 1970
BOOKS269157I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand: quarterly of the arts, volume 12, nos 2-4, 1971 (3 issues)
BOOKS269161I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand, volume 13, no.1, 1971-2
BOOKS269162I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand, volume 13, no.2, 1972 (Fiftieth issue)
BOOKS269163I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand, volume 15, no.3, 1974
BOOKS269164I: SILKIN, John & others (eds) - Stand: volume 15;,no.4, 1974
BOOKS269166I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand: quarterly of the arts. volume 9, no.3, 1968
BOOKS269167I: SILKIN, Jon & others - Stand Quarterly 8, no.1, 1966
BOOKS269168I: SILKIN, Jon & others (eds) - Stand: quarterly of the arts 8, no.2, 1966
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BOOKS143151I: SMITH, S.C. Kaines - Greek art and national Life
BOOKS176358I: SMITH-MASON, Catherine - The stones of Laxey
BOOKS230764I: SMITH, Maxwell A - Knight of the air: the works and life of Antoine de Saint-Exupery
BOOKS297642I: SMITH, M.G - The records generated by the procedures of the Church Courts
BOOKS270869I: SMITH, H. G. - Minerals and the microscope
BOOKS292869I: SMITH, A. H. - A catalogue of sculpture in the department of Greek and Roman antiquities, British Museum, vol. 1
BOOKS183666I: SMITH, Horace - The Tor Hill, volumes II & III
BOOKS215587I: SMITH, Linda Joan - Smith & Hawken: Garden ornament
BOOKS104665I: SMITH, J.C. - A study of Wordsworth
BOOKS295385I: SMITH, D. J. - Hadrian's Wall in models
BOOKS202308I: SMITH, R. B. - Communist Indochina
BOOKS124739I: SMITH, William Jay - Celebration at dark: poems
BOOKS155734I: SMITH, Brian & RALPH, Elisabeth - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS170139I: SMITH, George Barnett (ed) - Illustrated British ballads, old and new, vols. 1 & 2
BOOKS101591I: SMITH, David (ed) - Welfare, work and poverty: lessons from recent reforms in the USA and UK
BOOKS291359I: SMITH, D. J. - Roman mosaics at Hull
BOOKS160545I: SMITH, Howard (ed) - Inside Japan
BOOKS179931I: SMITH, Bradley - Mexico: a history in art
BOOKS216743I: SMITH, Clive R. - Flying at Hendon: a pictorial record
BOOKS189267I: SMITH, H. & PEARCE, J.H. (eds) - Microbial pathogenicity in man and animals: twenty-second symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
BOOKS112741I: SMITH, M.A.. - From Christ to Constantine
BOOKS003914I: SMITH, Godfrey (ed) - How it was in the war: an anthology
BOOKS036310I: SMITH, Harriet Lummis - Pollyanna of the orange blossoms
BOOKS008172I: SMITH, Martin - The Gresley legacy: a celebration of innovation
BOOKS010120I: SMITH, Martin - Great Western express passenger locomotives
BOOKS144500I: SMITH, B. S. & HERBERT, N.M. (eds) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1979, volume XCVII (97)
BOOKS011001I: SMITH, Peter - Hard lying: the birth of the destroyer 1893-1913
BOOKS014958I: SMITH, P.R. - Shorts 330 and 360 (Air Portfolios 2)
BOOKS017395I: SMITH, Peter - Hard lying: the birth of the destroyer `1893-1913
BOOKS195809I: SMITH, Eric - Repairing antique clocks
BOOKS143244I: SMITH, Terry (ed) - Benson & Hedges snooker year 1992
BOOKS149167I: SMITH, Lillian - Strange fruit
BOOKS025100I: SMITH, Frederick E. - The Grotto of Tiberius
BOOKS038583I: SMITH, Peter C. - Impact! The dive bomber pilots speak
BOOKS030299I: SMITH, Brian and RALPH, Elizabeth - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS031823I: SMITH, Marie - The President's lady: an intimate portrait of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson.
BOOKS031933I: SMITH, Alan (ed) - Virginia 1584-1607: the first English settlement in North America: a brief history with a selection of contemporary narratives
BOOKS030536I: SMITH, Peter - Sea angling in Southern England
BOOKS032778I: SMITH, B. - Merchant ship design since 1945
BOOKS035339I: SMITH, Stevie (ed) - Favourite verse
BOOKS034419I: SMITH, Trevor - Homoeopathic medicine: a doctor's guide to remedies for common ailments
BOOKS035143I: SMITH, Edgar W. (ed) - The Baker Street Journal: an irregular quarterly of Sherlockiana
BOOKS035223I: SMITH, David Norman - The railway and its passengers: a social history
BOOKS037588I: SMITH, Brian S. and RAPLH, Elizabeth - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS038062I: SMITH, M.A. - The Church under siege
BOOKS038865I: SMITH, Eleanor - Tzigane
BOOKS039750I: SMITH, Ashley - Greece: moments of grace
BOOKS040256I: SMITH, Michael - Michael Smith's new English cookery
BOOKS005198I: SMITH, Edwin / HUTTON, Graham - English parish churches
BOOKS129389I: SMITH, Hazel - Nicaragua: self-determination and survival
BOOKS006172I: SMITH, Donald - Metalwork: an introductory historical survey
BOOKS037582I: SMITH, Brian S. and RALPH, Elizabeth - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS042597I: SMITH, Martin Cruz - Stallion Gate
BOOKS046006I: SMITH, A.C.H. - Extra cover
BOOKS135416I: SMITH, Ruth - Ledbury past and present
BOOKS036606I: SMITH, Stan - The complete watercolour course
BOOKS047456I: SMITH, Dodie - Look back with gratitude
BOOKS064426I: SMITH, Michael - Station X: the codebreakers of Bletchley Park
BOOKS049806I: SMITH, Delia (ed) - The Food Aid cookery book
BOOKS047149I: SMITH, Ken - Inside time
BOOKS050185I: SMITH, John - The Benny Hill story
BOOKS050512I: SMITH, Michael - Michael Smith's new English cookery
BOOKS138818I: SMITH, Peter C. - The design and construction of stables and ancillary buildings
BOOKS159095I: SMITH, K.Langford - Sky pilot
BOOKS055929I: SMITH, Geoffrey A. - Reflections of a fisherman
BOOKS058026I: SMITH, Sandy & STOKES, Kath / NEWSOME, Roy (ed) - The Brass Band Annual 1990
BOOKS058294I: SMITH, Roger - The Penguin book of orienteering
BOOKS061960I: SMITH, Frederick E. - 633 Squadron: Operation Crucible
BOOKS141086I: SMITH, Frank - The Cheltenham Philharmonic Society 1895-1995
BOOKS067098I: SMITH, Michael - Station X: the code breakers of Bletchley Park
BOOKS068334I: SMITH, Stevie / BARBERA, Jack & McBRIEN, William (eds) - Me again: uncollected writings of Stevie Smith
BOOKS069341I: SMITH, Brian S. and RALPH, Elizabeth - A history of Bristol and Gloucestershire
BOOKS073239I: SMITH, E.D. - Wars bring scars
BOOKS074412I: SMITH, Tim Bayliss and OWENS, Susan (eds) - Britain's changing environment from the air
BOOKS079054I: SMITH, James G. and DUNCAN, Acheson J. - Sampling statistics and applications: fundamentals of the theory of statistics
BOOKS080352I: SMITH, Alexander McCall - The Sunday Philosophy Club
BOOKS081573I: SMITH, Claire and WOBST, H. Martin (eds) - Indigenous archaeologies: decolonizing theory and practice
BOOKS082335I: SMITH, Malcolm - Bunyips & bigfoots: in search of Australia's mystery animals
BOOKS086724I: SMITH, J.E. & RAY, G.H. - Financial aspects of supervisory management
BOOKS087478I: SMITH-MASTERS, Margaret - The red umbrella
BOOKS048110I: SMITH, Arthur - The game of Go, the national game of Japan
BOOKS089047I: SMITH, Norman & VIGOR, Hilary - People in organizations
BOOKS090388I: W.H.SMITH - W.H. Smith & Son's new railway map of Great Britain with part of Ireland
BOOKS144065I: SMITH, Jessie Willcox (illus) - A child's book of stories
BOOKS092317I: SMITH, Alexander McCall - The Sunday Philosophy Club
BOOKS092494I: SMITH, Mark - Henna body art
BOOKS094912I: SMITH, Roger S. - The use of land classification in resource assessment and rural planning
BOOKS013496I: SMITH, Ronald L. - Cosby
BOOKS095109I: SMITH, Mary-Ann Tirone - Girls of tender age: a memoir
BOOKS095348I: SMITH, Keith - Water in Britain: a study in applied hydrology and resource geography
BOOKS097106I: SMITH, Ellen - Memories of a country girlhood
BOOKS098215I: SMITH, Stevie - Our Bog is Dood: selected poems for young readers
BOOKS099974I: SMITH, Anthony - Wilderness
BOOKS100814I: SMITH, Gordon - Spirit messenger
BOOKS213083I: SMITH, Thyrza R. - Mycenaean trade and interaction in the west central Mediterranean, 1600-1000 B.C
BOOKS105055I: SMITH, Guy N. - Profitable fishkeeping
BOOKS137287I: SMITH, F.R. - Bookbinding
BOOKS105630I: SMITH, Brian - Memory
BOOKS109513I: SMITH, Richard T. & atkinson, K. - Techniques in pedology: a handbook for environmental and resource studies
BOOKS143246I: SMITH, Terry (ed) - Benson & Hedges snooker year
BOOKS033260I: SMITH, Terry et al - Business jets international 2001
BOOKS140323I: SMITH, Gusse Thomas - Birds of the southwestern desert
BOOKS111840I: SMITH, John Holland - Francis of Assisi
BOOKS112019I: SMITH, Bernard and GEORGE, T. Neville - British regional geology: North Wales
BOOKS114690I: SMITH, J.C. - A book of modern verse

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