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BOOKS271885I: PENROSE, HARALD - Architect of wings: a biography of Roy Chadwick - designer of the Lancaster Bomber
BOOKS123606I: PENTACOST,HUGH - Death after breakfast
BOOKS113142I: PENTECOST, HUGH - Murder as usual
BOOKS123610I: PENTECOST, HUGH - Remember to kill me: a Pierre Chambrun mystery novel
BOOKS091748I: PENTECOST, HUGH - The creeping hours: a John Jericho mystery novel
BOOKS220153I: PENTECOST, HUGH - The creeping hours
BOOKS237356I: PENTIN, HERBERT (ED) - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, volume XXVII
BOOKS231192I: PENTNEY, JOHN & PENTNEY, JOSEPHINE (EDS) - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History: the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History for 1985/1986 (vol.130)
BOOKS174889I: PENTON, ANNE - Customs and cookery in the Perigord and Quercy
BOOKS138315I: PENUMAKA, NARESH - Religion of Ambedkar: sacred scriptures - commentary
BOOKS270096I: PENZER, N.M. - The Harem: an account of the institution as it existed in the Palace of the Turkish Sultans, with a history of the Grand Seraglio from its foundation to the present time
BOOKS224390I: PENZLER, OTTO (ED) - The Armchair Detective, volume 16, number 1 (1983)
BOOKS231414I: PENZLER, OTTO (ED) - Murder for revenge
BOOKS230080I: PENZLER, OTTO (ED) - The Armchair Detective, volume 14, number 3 (Summer 1981)
BOOKS200712I: PEOU, SORPONG (ED) - Human security in East Asia: challenges for collaborative action
BOOKS242010I: PEP - Nuclear decommissioning: the strategic, practical, and environmental considerations
BOOKS143785I: PEPIN, DAVID - Discovering cathedrals
BOOKS081200I: PEPIN, JACQUES - Today's gourmet: light and healthy cooking for the 1990s
BOOKS102564I: PEPIN, DAVID - Discovering cathedrals
BOOKS026253I: PEPLOW, ELIZABETH & PEPLOW, REGINALD - Herbs & herb gardens of Britain: a comprehensive guide
BOOKS265916I: PEPPE, RODNEY - My surprise pull out word book: Indoors
BOOKS269782I: PEPPER, SIMON - Housing improvement: goals and strategy
BOOKS124703I: PEPPER, JOHN - Cockley Beck: a celebration of Lakeland in Winter
BOOKS245377I: PEPPER, JOAN - Lewis's wife
BOOKS189807I: PEPPER, CHORAL - Zodiac parties: menus and recipes
BOOKS203470I: PEPPER, GORDON T. & OLIVER, MICHAEL J. - Monetarism under Thatcher: lessons for the future
BOOKS209554I: PEPPER, BARRIE - A haunt of rare souls: the old inns and pubs of Yorkshire
BOOKS208385I: PEPPER, JOHN HENRY - The boy's book of metals including personal narratives of visits to coal, lead, copper, and tin mines with a large number of interesting experiments relating to alchemy and the chemistry of the fifty metallic elements
BOOKS272333I: PEPPIATT, MICHAEL & BELLONY-REWALD, ALICE - Imagination's chamber: artidsts and their studios
BOOKS037176I: PEPYS, SAMUEL / LATHAM, ROBERT (ED) - The illustrated Pepys: extracts from the diary
BOOKS162963I: PEPYS, SAMUEL - The diary of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F.R.S. from 1659 to 1669
BOOKS274751I: PEPYS, MARK - All out: the story of Tom Furness's adventure
BOOKS209397I: PEPYS, SAMUEL / BRAYBROOKE, RICHARD (ED) - Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S.,volume II
BOOKS130060I: PEPYS, SAMUEL - The diary of Samuel Pepys, (2 volumes)
BOOKS244611I: PEPYS, SAML. JUNR. - A diary of the great warr
BOOKS208791I: PEPYS, SAML. JNR.(PSEUD) - A diary of the Great Warr by Saml. Pepys, Junr, sometime of Magdalene College in Cambridge and of His Majesty's Navy Office
BOOKS019169I: PERCEVAL, MACIVER - The glass collector
BOOKS165588I: PERCHET, RENE (ED) - Chateaux of France
BOOKS183404I: PERCHIK, SIMON - Touching the headstone
BOOKS200249I: PERCIVAL, JOHN (ED) - Dance & Dancers, no.382, October 1981
BOOKS038205I: PERCIVAL, MACIVER - Old English furniture and its surroundings: from the Restoration to the Regency
BOOKS151002I: PERCIVAL, TONY - Shropshire cricketers, 1844-1998
BOOKS248084I: PERCIVAL, MACIVER - Old English furniture and its suroundings from the Restoration to the Regency
BOOKS247596I: PERCIVAL, ALICIA C. - The English miss to-day & yesterday
BOOKS207131I: PERCIVAL, ALICIA C. - The English miss to-day & yesterday: ideals, methods and personalities in the education and upbringing of girls during the last hundred years
BOOKS254404I: PERCIVAL, JOYCE - Architecture for dolls' houses
BOOKS239848I: PERCIVAL, JOYCE - Architecture for dolls' houses
BOOKS034886I: PERCY,THOMAS - Reliques of ancient English poetry
BOOKS114228I: PERCY, J.C. - Bulls, ancient and modern
BOOKS132530I: PERCY, F.G.H. - Whitgift School: a history
BOOKS137531I: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of ancient English poetry: consisting of old heroic ballads, songs and other pieces (3 volumes)
BOOKS274691I: PERDUE, VIRGINIA - The case of the grieving monkey
BOOKS043964I: PEREIRA, WILFRED - Cottage in the vale
BOOKS135083I: PEREIRA, CARLOS EDUARDO DE BRITTO (ED) - Proceedings of the 15th World Orchid Conference, Rio de Janeiro 1996
BOOKS030646I: PEREIRA, WILFRED - Cottage in the vale
BOOKS061705I: PEREIRA, W.D. - The cauldrons of the storm
BOOKS177187I: PEREIRA, W.D. - Lark ascending
BOOKS209811I: PEREIRA, ARTHUR (ED) - Manual of narrow-gauge cinematography
BOOKS269447I: PEREIRA, W. D - The siege of Gloucester
BOOKS208856I: PEREIRE, EMILE & ISAAC - Oeuvres de Emile & Isaac Pereire rassemblees et commentees par Pierre-Charles Laurent de Villedeuil.
BOOKS208858I: PEREIRE, EMILE & ISAAC - Oeuvres de Emile & Isaac Pereire rassemblees et commentees par Pierre-Charles Laurent de Villedeuil... Series G Documents sur L'origne et le developpement des Chemins De Fer (1832-1870) Volume 3 being 1847-1848
BOOKS208857I: PEREIRE, EMILE & ISAAC - Oeuvres de Emile & Isaac Pereire rassemblees et commentees par Pierre-Charles Laurent de Villedeuil... Series G Documents sur L'origne et le developpement des Chemins De Fer (1832-1870) Volume 1 being 1832-1845.
BOOKS109889I: PEREIRRA, W.D. - Cottage in the country
BOOKS030941I: PERELMAN, S.J. - The ill-tempered clavichord
BOOKS035836I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Keep it crisp
BOOKS189466I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Crazy like a fox
BOOKS132627I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Keep it crisp
BOOKS217900I: PERELMAN, S.J. - The rising gorge
BOOKS030439I: PERELMAN, S.J. - Vinegar Puss
BOOKS119113I: PERET, BENJAMIN - Four years after the dog
BOOKS248875I: PERETTI, BURTON W. - The creation of Jazz: music, race and culture in urban America
BOOKS129072I: PEREZ GALDOS, B. - Fortunata y Jacinta (dos historias de casadas), parte tercera
BOOKS155291I: PERHAM, MARGERY - African apprenticeship: an autobiographical journey
BOOKS161031I: PERHAM, MARGERY - East African journey: Kenya and Tanganyika, 1929-30
BOOKS171574I: PERHAM, M. & SIMMONS, J. - African discovery: an anthology of exploration
BOOKS258957I: PERHAM, MARGERY - Pacific prelude: a journey to Samoa and Australasia, 1929
BOOKS026463I: PERHAM, MOLLY - Wiltshire country recipes
BOOKS161195I: PERICOT-GARCIA, LUIS AND OTHERS - Prehistoric and primitive art
BOOKS232307I: PERKINS, W. TURNER (ED) - Channel Tunnel: Deputation to the Prime Minister: full details of the present scheme - military, engineering, financial
BOOKS265499I: PERKINS, ROGER - The Amritsar legacy: Golden Temple to Caxton Hall, the story of a killing
BOOKS271183I: WARRACK & PERKINS - Catalogue sixty: Aubrey Beardsley
BOOKS134727I: PERKINS, THOMAS - The Cathedral Church of Saint Albans with an account of the fabric & a short history of the Abbey
BOOKS017254I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The American twins of the Revolution
BOOKS017424I: PERKINS, B. - A year in the meadow: the secret landscape
BOOKS180746I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The Pioneer twins
BOOKS149438I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The Spartan twins
BOOKS262384I: PERKINS, JOHN H. - Changing energy: the transition to a sustainable future
BOOKS000176I: PERKINS, ROGER - The Punjab Mail murders: the story of an Indian Army officer
BOOKS238408I: PERKINS, K. (ED) - Weapons and warfare: conventional weapons and the roles in battles
BOOKS243634I: PERKINS, HAROLD - Poultry keeping for all
BOOKS103239I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The pioneer twins
BOOKS270022I: PERKINS, J.W. & OTHERS - Bath Stone: a quarry history
BOOKS180288I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The American twins of the Revolution
BOOKS259586I: PERKINS, GLADYS - Times remembered... a Scillonian's story
BOOKS180260I: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The Japanese twins
BOOKS180261I: PERKINS,LUCY FITCH - The Eskimo twins
BOOKS076539I: PERLE, ART - A new owner's guide to English springer spaniels
BOOKS109348I: PERLES, ALFRED AND DURRELL, LAURENCE - Art and outrage: a correspondence about Henry Miller
BOOKS176062I: PERLES, PAUL - Planning, design, and production of the modern scientific book
BOOKS135584I: PERLOWIN, DAVID - The general care and maintenance of common Kingsnakes
BOOKS064189I: PERMAN, DAVID - Cublington: a blueprint for resistance
BOOKS262233I: PERMIN, IB - Hokus Pokus: rope and scarf tricks
BOOKS004702I: PERNA, SHARON - Country cross-stitch
BOOKS027022I: PERNA, SHARON - Love & friendship samplers
BOOKS048464I: PERNA, SHARON - Cross-stitch a beautiful gift
BOOKS054040I: PERNA, SHARON - Country cross-stitch
BOOKS257395I: PERNOWE, BARRY - I'm no murderer
BOOKS219246I: PEROWNE, L.E.C.M. (ED) - The history of the Tyne Electrical Engineers, Royal Engineers
BOOKS265165I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 99, no. 2584, January 7, 1956
BOOKS265166I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 99, no. 2605, June 2, 1956
BOOKS265171I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 102, no. 2668, August 17, 1957
BOOKS265174I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 103, no. 2705, May 3, 1958
BOOKS235814I: PEROWNE, BARRY - Raffles in pursuit: the amateur cracksman's man hunt
BOOKS217630I: PEROWNE, STEWART - The siege within the walls: Malta 1940-1943
BOOKS201446I: PEROWNE, STEWART - Death of the Roman Republic: from 146 B.C. to the birth of the Roman Empire
BOOKS265173I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 103, no. 2688, January 4, 1958
BOOKS265172I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 102, no. 2682, November 23, 1957
BOOKS265170I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 102, no. 2663, July 13, 1957
BOOKS265167I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 100, no. 2631, December 1, 1956
BOOKS265168I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 100, no. 2635, December 29, 1956
BOOKS265169I: PEROWNE, BARRY & OTHERS - John Bull, vol. 101, no. 2650, April 13, 1957
BOOKS239455I: PERRAULT, GILLES - The Red Orchestra
BOOKS197455I: PERRAULT, CHARLES - Complete fairy tales
BOOKS156374I: PERRAULT, CHARLES - Le Petit Poucet
BOOKS241639I: PERREDES, PIERRE ELIE FELIX - London Botanic Gardens
BOOKS035892I: PERREN, G.E. AND TRIM, J.L.M. (EDS) - Applications of linguistics
BOOKS183704I: PERRET, PAUL - Les Pyrenees Francaises, vols. I, II & III
BOOKS151808I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Iron fist: classic armoured warfare case studies
BOOKS256617I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Canopy of War: Jungle warfare, from the earliest days of forest fighting to the battlefields of Vietnam
BOOKS133733I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Weapons of the Falklands conflict
BOOKS003400I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Knights of the Black Cross: Hitler's Panzerwaffe and its leaders
BOOKS008554I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Knights of the Black Cross: Hitler's Panzerwaffe and its leaders
BOOKS024018I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Weapons of the Falklands conflict
BOOKS059518I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Tank warfare
BOOKS206475I: PERRETT, BRYAN - History of Blitzkrieg
BOOKS184506I: PERRETT, BRYAN - Impossible victories: ten unlikely battlefield successes
BOOKS273936I: PERRETT, BRYAN - German Light Panzers, 1932-42
BOOKS093822I: PERRI 6 AND BRISCOE, IVAN - On the cards: privacy, identity and trust in the age of smart technologies
BOOKS179309I: PERRIN, LES - The mystery of the Leichhardt survivor: the story of the men who sought to solve it
BOOKS247627I: PERRING, F.H. & OTHERS - Wild plants in Glamorgan
BOOKS164469I: PERRING, F.H. (ED) - The flora of a changing Britain
BOOKS270854I: PERRING, FRANKLYN & RANDALL, ROLAND E. - Britain's endangered plants
BOOKS167915I: PERRING. F. H. & WALTERS, S.M. - Atlas of the British Flora
BOOKS133841I: PERROTT, DAVID (EDITOR) - Ordnance Survey guide to the Waterways: 1: South
BOOKS269664I: PERRY, AMOS - Water, bog & moisture-loving plants
BOOKS255619I: PERRY, ANNE - Sins of the wolf
BOOKS148955I: PERRY,R. - Edward the Second: suddenly at Berkeley
BOOKS015834I: PERRY, LINETTE - All the wrong people
BOOKS032607I: PERRY, SARA - The new complete coffee book: a gourmet guide to buying, brewing, and cooking
BOOKS022085I: PERRY, COLIN - Boy in the blitz
BOOKS026001I: PERRY, GEORGE - Life of Python
BOOKS043359I: PERRY, FRANCES - The woman gardner
BOOKS047354I: PERRY, RICHARD - Life in forest and jungle
BOOKS047741I: PERRY, MICHAEL - Psychic studies: a Christian's view
BOOKS060743I: PERRY, GEORGE - The life of Python
BOOKS064097I: PERRY, ANNE - Seven dials
BOOKS076543I: PERRY, FRANCES - Shrubs and trees for the smaller garden
BOOKS080594I: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth I, the word of a prince: a life from contemporary documents
BOOKS274790I: PERRY, HAYDN - The treasure trail
BOOKS002543I: PERRY, GEORGE AND ALDRIDGE, ALAN - The Penguin book of comics: a slight history
BOOKS009279I: PERRY, GEORGE - Life of Python
BOOKS116375I: PERRY, MICHAEL (ED) - Carols for today: Jubilate hymns
BOOKS116885I: PERRY, MICHAEL (ED) - Carols for today
BOOKS198764I: PERRY, RITCHIE - Your money and your wife
BOOKS131517I: PERRY, FRANCES - Beautiful leaved plants
BOOKS028488I: PERRY, RICHARD - Watching sea birds
BOOKS245072I: PERRY, REGINALD - Edward the Second: Suddenly, at Berkeley
BOOKS145574I: PERRY, ANNE - A Christmas journey
BOOKS207234I: PERRY, GEORGE & BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert: a bear's Life
BOOKS153676I: PERRY, RICHARD - At the turn of the tide: a book of wild birds
BOOKS259472I: PERRY, GEORGE - Hitchcock
BOOKS243438I: PERRY, R. - Wotton-under-Edge: times past - time present
BOOKS218418I: PERRY, GEORGE (ED) - The book of the Great Western
BOOKS266162I: PERRY, IAN (THE URPEN CALLER) - Nurdling for beginners: an idiots guide
BOOKS189159I: PERRY,JOHN - The steam engine and gas and oil engines: a book for the use of students who have time to make experiments and calculations
BOOKS111042I: PERRY, RICHARD - At the turn of the tide
BOOKS216712I: PERRY, REGINALD - Ardingly, 1858-1946: A history of the school
BOOKS217561I: PERRY, JULYAN - Hydrogen and oxygen
BOOKS047267I: PERRY, ANNE - Bethlehem Road
BOOKS219617I: PERRY, WARNER - The Emerald Mystery
BOOKS200549I: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth I: the word of a prince: a life from contemporary documents
BOOKS242179I: PERRY, ANNE - Brunswick Gardens
BOOKS069898I: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth I: the word of a prince: a life from contemporary documents
BOOKS210140I: PERRY, GEORGE (ED) - The book of the Great Western
BOOKS064633I: PERRY, A.H. - Environmental hazards in the British Isles
BOOKS269337I: PERRY, GEORGE - The great British picture show
BOOKS170707I: PERRY, RICHARD - Wildlife in Britain and Ireland
BOOKS186412I: PERRY, RICHARD - The polar worlds
BOOKS155090I: PERRY, ANNE - Death of a stranger
BOOKS045861I: PERRY, MICHAEL - Gods within: a critical guide to the New Age.
BOOKS157472I: PERRY, A.H. - Environmental hazards in the British Isles
BOOKS170373I: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth I: the word of a prince: a life from contemporary documents
BOOKS065103I: PERRY, COLIN - Boy in the blitz: the 1940 diary of Colin Perry
BOOKS243432I: PERRY, R - Ardingly 1858-1946: a history of the school
BOOKS264361I: PERRY, JOHN - Practical mechanics (Manuals of technology)
BOOKS272830I: PERRY, PATRICIA (ED) - Everything about sewing pants & jumpsuits from Vogue patterns
BOOKS274157I: PERRY, R.L - General Degree pure mathematics
BOOKS230408I: PERRYMAN, MARK (ED) - Hooligan wars: causes and effects of football violence
BOOKS239247I: PERSAK, NINA (ED) - Regulation and social control of incivilities
BOOKS246959I: JUVENAL & PERSIUS - Juvenal and Persius
BOOKS191974I: PERSKE,ROBERT - Unequal justice: what can happen when persons with retardation or other developmental disabilities encounter the criminal justice system
BOOKS218985I: PERSSON, SHERYL - Smallpox, syphilis and salvation: medical breakthroughs that changed the world
BOOKS116238I: PERSTON, W. - A commentary on the Gospel according to St. John
BOOKS236539I: PERTAMA, CHETAKAN - Ringkasan riwayat Jerman
BOOKS127815I: PERTWEE, RONALD - Early Birds: a sketch in one act.
BOOKS027006I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - A prince of romance
BOOKS036220I: PERTWEE, BILL - Stars in battledress: a light-hearted look at service entertainment in the Second World War.
BOOKS071728I: PERTWEE, INGEBORG - For starters
BOOKS042106I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Four winds
BOOKS132718I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Rivers to cross,
BOOKS008593I: PERTWEE, BILL - Stars in battledress: a light-hearted look at service entertainment in the Second World War.
BOOKS273518I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Little doggerels (being a few initimate moments in the lives of three Pekineses)
BOOKS136297I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Rivers to cross,
BOOKS236955I: PERTWEE, ROLAND - The old card
BOOKS187425I: PERTWEE, BILL - Stars in battledress: a light-hearted look at Service entertainment in the Second World War
BOOKS063259I: PERUCCA, FABIEN & POURADIER, GERARD - The rubbish on our plates
BOOKS149248I: PERUGINI, MARK EDWARD - Victorian days and ways
BOOKS242577I: PESEK, LUDEK - An island for two
BOOKS202898I: PESKETT, S.JOHN - Back to Baal
BOOKS118352I: PESKETT, JOHN S. - Grim, gruesome & grisly
BOOKS101832I: PESKETT, WILLIAM - Survivors
BOOKS037401I: PESKETT, S. JOHN - Strange intelligence: from Dunkirk to Nuremberg
BOOKS170123I: PESSEN, EDWARD - Jacksonian America: society, personality and politics
BOOKS262903I: PESSOA, FERNANDO - Message / Mensagem
BOOKS258184I: PESULA, BHIKKU - The debate of King Milinda
BOOKS054196I: PETCH, C.P. & SWANN, E.L. - Flora of Norfolk
BOOKS169941I: PETELIN, CAROL - The creative guide to dried flowers
BOOKS042837I: PETER, JOHN - Take hands at winter
BOOKS069455I: PETER, MARY - Collecting Victoriana
BOOKS208219I: PETER, MARTA (ED) - Revival styles in the 19th Century: an exhibiiton from the collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, catalogue II: illustration - Catalogue 2
BOOKS245795I: PETERMANS, ANN & KENT, ANTHONY (EDS) - Retail design: theoretical perspectives
BOOKS239103I: PETERS, ELLIS - The grass widow's tale
BOOKS220274I: PETERS, ELLIS - The Potter's field: The Seventeenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS129357I: PETERS, ELLIS - A nice derangement of epitaphs
BOOKS254165I: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The Street of the Five Moons
BOOKS221791I: PETERS, ELLIS - The Rose Rent: the thirteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS024789I: PETERS, ELLIS - Mourning raga
BOOKS129354I: PETERS, ELLIS - By firelight.
BOOKS129356I: PETERS, ELLIS - Flight of a witch
BOOKS220186I: PETERS, ELLIS - The raven in the foregate
BOOKS008134I: PETERS, HARRY T. - Currier & Ives: printmakers to the American people.
BOOKS129350I: PETERS, ELLIS - The raven in the foregate: the twelfth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS016448I: PETERS, ELLIS - The horn of Roland
BOOKS033014I: PETERS, ELLIS - The summer of the Danes
BOOKS032945I: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's penance
BOOKS060312I: PETERS, MARTIN - Mexico 1970
BOOKS068724I: PETERS, ELLIS - The grass widow's tale
BOOKS069852I: PETERS, ELLIS - The horn of Roland
BOOKS072323I: PETERS, ELLIS - Mourning raga
BOOKS074202I: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's penance
BOOKS133375I: PETERS, ELLIS - Rainbow's End
BOOKS081999I: PETERS, MAUREEN - England's mistress
BOOKS178553I: PETERS, ELLIS - The rose rent: the thirteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS093546I: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's penance
BOOKS129292I: PETERS, ELLIS - The Benediction of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS129290I: PETERS, ELLIS AND MORGAN, ROY - Strongholds and sanctuaries: the borderland of England and Wales
BOOKS001103I: PETERS, ELLIS - The raven in the foregate
BOOKS011066I: PETERS, ELLIS - The holy thief
BOOKS220146I: PETERS, ELLIS - The hermit of Eyton Forest
BOOKS207673I: PETERS, ALAN - Pioneering, they call it
BOOKS009431I: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's penance
BOOKS244248I: PETERS, ALEX - Doomsday island
BOOKS006698I: PETERS, ELLIS - The piper on the mountain
BOOKS129288I: PETERS, ELLIS - A rare Benedictine
BOOKS125036I: PETERS, ELLIS - The confession of Brother Haluin
BOOKS125638I: PETERS, ELLIS - The piper on the mountain
BOOKS037960I: PETERS, ELLIS - The holy thief
BOOKS056562I: PETERS, LUDOVIC - Two after Malic
BOOKS237644I: PETERS, CHRISTINE - The Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire
BOOKS129286I: PETERS, ELLIS - Fallen into the pit
BOOKS129287I: PETERS, ELLIS - Death and the joyful woman
BOOKS095692I: PETERS, UWE HENRIK - Studies in German romantic psychiatry
BOOKS065991I: PETERS, IVO - The Somerset and Dorset in the 'sixties, Part 4: 1963-1966
BOOKS114513I: PETERS, ELLIS - Flight of a witch
BOOKS129317I: PETERS, ELLIS - A bloody field by Shrewsbury
BOOKS129320I: PETERS, ELLIS - The grass widow's tale
BOOKS129322I: PETERS, ELLIS - The piper on the mountain
BOOKS129325I: PETERS, ELLIS - The house of green turf
BOOKS240446I: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Night train to Memphis
BOOKS204446I: PETERS, ELLIS - A morbid taste for bones: a Mediaeval whodunnit
BOOKS219764I: PETERS, ELLIS - The heretic's apprentice: the sixteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS129355I: PETERS, ELLIS - The knocker on death's door
BOOKS003936I: PETERS, ELLIS - Black is the colour of my true-love's heart
BOOKS255079I: PETERS, ELLIS - Black is the colour of my true love's heart
BOOKS146444I: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The seventh sinner
BOOKS272198I: PETERS, ELLIS - The potter's field: the seventeenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael
BOOKS147557I: PETERS, ELLIS - The hermit of Eyton Forest
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BOOKS237847I: PILLING, ANN - On the lion's side
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BOOKS005150I: PINNELL (MISS) - Village heritage
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BOOKS153107I: PINTER, HAROLD - Various voices: prose, poetry, politics
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BOOKS069736I: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - Crisis in English poetry, 1880-1940
BOOKS175907I: PINTO, EDWARD H. - The care of woodwork in the home: cleaning, de-worming, repair and surface maintenance of furniture and other movables as well as the protection and treatment of the timber of the structure
BOOKS251582I: PIODI, FRANCO - Towards a single parliament: the influence of the ECSC common assembly on the Treaty of Rome
BOOKS118854I: PIORO, TADEUSZ - Infinite neighbourhood
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BOOKS108984I: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Maschere nude: Il berretto a sonagli; La giara; Il piacere dell'onesta
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BOOKS268148I: PIRT, KEITH R. - Steam colour portfolio: London Midland Region
BOOKS139650I: PIRTLE, KATHRYNE - Performance without pain: a step by step nutritional program for healing pain
BOOKS026747I: PISANO, BEVERLEY - Siberian Huskies
BOOKS271062I: PISANO, DOMINICK A. & VAN DER LINDEN, F. ROBERT - Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis
BOOKS167491I: PISCHEL GINA & LLOYD, NORMAN - The golden history of art & The golden encyclopedia of music; 2 vols
BOOKS140974I: PISPATI, PRAKASH K. (ED) - Manual of rheumatology
BOOKS230211I: PITAKDUMRONGKIT, KAEWKAMOL KAREN - Negotiating financial agreement in East Asia: Surviving the turbulence (Routledge Studies in the growth economies of Asia)
BOOKS246250I: PITCHER, HARVEY - When Miss Emmie was in Russia: English governesses before, during and after the October Revolution
BOOKS200868I: PITCHER, BEN - Consuming race
BOOKS268101I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The Sowreys: a unique and remarkable record of one family's Ssixty-five years of distinguished RAF service
BOOKS243698I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The men behind the medals
BOOKS236317I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - The men behind the medals: actions of 21 aviators during World War Two
BOOKS268099I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - Shot down and on the run: the RAF and Commonwealth aircrews who got home from behind enemy lines, 1940-1945
BOOKS268270I: PITCHFORK, GRAHAM - Men behind the medals: a new selection
BOOKS266831I: PITHER, TONY - Boeing 707, 727 and KC-135
BOOKS247739I: PITKINS - Princess Elizabeth's wedding day
BOOKS233233I: PITLUK, ADAM - Standing Eight: the inspiring story of Jesus "El Matador" Chavez, who became Lightweight Champion of the World
BOOKS233683I: PITMAN, JENNY - On the edge
BOOKS159295I: PITMAN, IAN - And clouds flying: a book of wild fowl
BOOKS165667I: PITMAN, ISAAC - The manual of phonography (being part I of Pitman's Shorthand Instructor'
BOOKS183475I: PITMAN, EMMA RAYMOND - My governess life: or, using my one talent
BOOKS127220I: PITMAN, RICHARD - Good horses make good jockeys
BOOKS034108I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
BOOKS011683I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
BOOKS062690I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Too hot to handle
BOOKS072658I: PITT, FRANCES - Tiny, my terrier: being the story of Tiny and her friends, including Timothy the fox
BOOKS043885I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Journeys to the underworld
BOOKS083054I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - The tower of glass
BOOKS139518I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
BOOKS115695I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Sky ray lolly
BOOKS119824I: PITT, DAVID G - E.J. Pratt: the master years 1927-1964
BOOKS006568I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Journeys to the underworld
BOOKS267627I: PITT, W. - General view of the agriculture of the County of Worcester
BOOKS271198I: PITT, FRANCES; TUNNICLIFFE, C. F. - British wild life (Picture card series)
BOOKS058458I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Journeys to the underworld
BOOKS084959I: PITT, ROXANNE - The courage of fear
BOOKS164228I: PITT, FRANCES (ED) - The romance of nature: wild life of the British Isles in picture and story (volumes I - 4)
BOOKS269729I: PITT, FRANCES - Meet us in the garden
BOOKS062976I: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Private parts
BOOKS200146I: PITT, FRANCES (ED) - The romance of nature: wild life of the British isles in picture and story; volume one
BOOKS270922I: PITT, FRANCES / BROOKE BOND - The Frances Pitt series of British birds: picture card album
BOOKS220637I: PITT, BARRIE - The crucible of war: Western Desert 1941
BOOKS191298I: PITT, WILLIAM - Orations on the French war
BOOKS270533I: PITT, FRANCES - Waterside creatures
BOOKS209056I: PITTMAN, J. & BROWN, COLIN - The songs of Scotland: a collection of one hundred and ninety songs
BOOKS225879I: PITTOCK, JAMIE (ED) - Lessons for climate change adaptation from better management of rivers
BOOKS273513I: PITTS, MICHAEL R. - Poverty Row Studios, 1929-40: an illustrated history of 53 independent film companies, with a filmography for each
BOOKS095417I: PITTY, ALISTAIR F. - Introduction to geomorphology
BOOKS216698I: PIZER, N.H. - A survey of the soils of Berkshire.
BOOKS158931I: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - Field guide to the birds of Australia
BOOKS067923I: PIZZEY, ERIN - The watershed
BOOKS191304I: PIZZEY, ERIN - The wicked world of women
BOOKS062693I: LE PLA, LILLIE - The treasure of Monk's Burn
BOOKS237370I: PLACE, GEOFFREY W. (EDITOR) - Neston at war 1939-1945
BOOKS226609I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Princess of Celle
BOOKS041026I: PLAIDY, JEAN - St Thomas's Eve / Royal road to Fotheringay / The goldsmith's wife / Perdita's prince
BOOKS273381I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Goldsmith's wife
BOOKS204752I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The three crowns
BOOKS173916I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Plantagenet prelude
BOOKS101046I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The shadow of the pomegranate
BOOKS187597I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Queen's husband
BOOKS266690I: PLAIDY, JEAN - The goldsmith's wife
BOOKS115896I: PLAIN, BELVA - Her father's house (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS175660I: PLAISANCE, GEORGES - Le paysage francais a decouvrir et a vivre
BOOKS241171I: PLANINC, ZDRAVKO - Plato's political philosophy: Prudence in the "Republic" and the "Laws"
BOOKS157800I: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING - South Australia's heritage: studying local history
BOOKS222220I: PLANT, MARTIN A. - Drugtakers in an English town
BOOKS096848I: PLANT, OLIVER - Woodturning: step-by-step techniques
BOOKS040272I: PLANT, RUTH - Beyond the nursery window
BOOKS244110I: PLANT, RUTH - Beyond the nursery window
BOOKS117472I: PLANT, TERRY - Nordic journeys
BOOKS119705I: LA PLANTE, LYNDA - Heisser Verdacht: die verlornen kinder von Soho
BOOKS058897I: PLANTER, NIGEL - A good enough Dad: the true confusions of an infant father
BOOKS037674I: VAN DER PLAS, ROBIN - Cycle repair step by step
BOOKS005896I: PLASKOW, DAPHNE - Art with children
BOOKS246702I: PLASTER, ANDREW J - The Unitarian Organ family and their descendants
BOOKS151918I: "PLASTES" - Plastics in industry
BOOKS040466I: PLATE, THOMAS AND DARVI, ANDREA - Secret police: the inside story of a network of terror
BOOKS116015I: PLATH, SYLVIA - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, and other prose writings
BOOKS209664I: PLATH, SYLVIA / KUKIL, KAREN V. (ED) - The journals of Sylvia Plath 1950-1962
BOOKS024201I: PLATH, SYLVIA AND OTHERS - New poetry 1964
BOOKS227136I: PLATH, UWE - Madchenbildung im Luneburg des 19.Jahrhunderts: zur geschichte der Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule
BOOKS198519I: PLATO - The last days of Socrates: Euthyphro; The apology; Crito; Phaedo
BOOKS022880I: PLATO / HAMILTON, W. (TRANS) - Gorgias
BOOKS133072I: PLATO - The Phaedrus, Lysis, and Protagoras of Plato
BOOKS248300I: PLATO - Crito and Phaedo: dialogues of Socrates before his death
BOOKS247798I: PLATO - The Republic of Plato
BOOKS246948I: PLATO / FOWLER, H. N. (TRANSLATED BY) - Plato I: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Phaedrus
BOOKS223642I: PLATO - Two Dialogues of Plato: The first Alcibiades and The Meno
BOOKS275533I: PLATO - The essential Plato
BOOKS173696I: PLATT, CHRISTOPHER - The most obliging man in Europe: Life and times of the Oxford Scouts
BOOKS243850I: PLATT, JOHN T. - Grammatical form and grammatical meaning: a tagmemic view of Fillmore's deep structure case concepts
BOOKS049800I: PLATT, COLIN - The English medieval town
BOOKS054589I: PLATT, R.O. - Letting blood
BOOKS059234I: PLATT, EDWARD - Leadville: a biography of the A40
BOOKS066844I: PLATT, COLIN - The English mediaeval town
BOOKS098084I: PLATT, KIN - The giant kill
BOOKS143835I: PLATT, COLIN - The parish churches of mediaeval England
BOOKS161678I: PLATT, BRYAN - Farming in the South-East
BOOKS172879I: PLATT, KAREN - Plant synonyms: 21,000 plant name changes simplified
BOOKS130886I: PLATT, CHARLES - Your handwriting is you
BOOKS133566I: PLATT, JAMES - Your reserves or mine?
BOOKS176395I: PLATT, COLIN - The parish churches of Mediaeval England
BOOKS152758I: PLATT, CHARLES - Chess: draughts: how to enjoy them
BOOKS128214I: PLATT, R.O - Letting blood
BOOKS036773I: PLATT, COLIN - The atlas of mediaeval man
BOOKS237013I: PLATT, KIN - The screwball king murder
BOOKS256279I: PLATT, STEVE [MS DE MEANER] (ED) - Blairway to heaven: five years of NSS "Humour" 1990-1994
BOOKS255161I: PLATTHY, JENO - Collected poems
BOOKS249614I: PLATTO, CHARLES & HORTON, WILLIAM G (EDS) - Enforcement of foreign judgments worldwide
BOOKS075441I: PLATTS, A. AND HAINTON, G.H. - Education in Gloucestershire: a short history
BOOKS205038I: PLATTS, WILLIAM, CARTER - Modern trout fishing
BOOKS190814I: PLATTS, A. & HAINTON, ARNOLD - Education in Gloucestershire: a short history
BOOKS205439I: PLATTS, W.CARTER - The young angler
BOOKS020030I: PLAUT, JAMES S. - Steuben glass: a monograph
BOOKS126790I: PLAYBOX - Mrs Hippo's anual 1929
BOOKS107225I: PLAYER, LESLEY - My story: the Duchess of York, her father and me
BOOKS066531I: PLAYER, GARY - Gary Player's golf secrets
BOOKS194882I: PLAYFAIR, GILES - The heart of fame
BOOKS154294I: PLAYFAIR, GILES - Kean: the life and paradox of the great actor
BOOKS018365I: PLAYNE, ARTHUR TWISDEN - A history of the parishes of Minchinhampton and Avening
BOOKS261271I: PLAYNE, ALFRED C.(ED) - Nister's Holiday Annual for 1904
BOOKS273034I: PLAYNE, ARTHUR TWISDEN - A history of the parishes of Minchinhampton and Avening
BOOKS142675I: PLEDGE, H.T. - Science since 1500: a short history of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology
BOOKS258532I: DU PLESSIS, HUBERT / FLETCHER, JOHN & WEBSTER, JOHN - Five Invocations for tenor and piano
BOOKS141134I: DU PLESSIS, JEAN - The human caravan: the direction and meaning of history
BOOKS064614I: PLETSCH, OSCAR / HEATON, CHARLES (MRS) - Happy spring-time
BOOKS272639I: PLICKA, KAREL - City of Baroque and Gothic
BOOKS268684I: PLIMPTON, GEORGE A & OTHERS (EDS) - The Paris Review, vol.13, no.52, Summer 1971
BOOKS128098I: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Mad ducks and bears
BOOKS188376I: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Mad ducks and bears
BOOKS274565I: PLIMTON, GEORGE A & OTHERS (EDS) - The Paris Review, vol.12, no.47, Summer 1969
BOOKS110587I: PLINY - Pliny: a self portrait in letters.

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