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BOOKS263713I: NEWTON, Richard - The Light of the World: lessons from the Life of Our Lord
BOOKS013535I: NEWTON, D.B. - Stagecoach guard
BOOKS176455I: NEWTON-SMITH, W.H. - Logic: an introductory course
BOOKS290083I: NEWTON, Eric & NEIL, William - The Christian faith in art
BOOKS248252I: NEWTON, D.B. - Triple trouble (Rainbow Rider; Panhandle Beef; and, Guns Buy this Grass)
BOOKS160920I: NEWTON, Arthur Percival (ed) - Select documents relating to the unification of South Africa, volumes I & II
BOOKS240879I: NEWTON, A.P. - A hundred years of the British Empire
BOOKS299432I: NEWTON (Lord) - Lord Lyons: a record of British diplomacy, volumes I & II
BOOKS036660I: NEWTON, Eric - European painting and sculpture
BOOKS147301I: NEWTON, Eric - The romantic rebellion
BOOKS309421I: NEWTON, Dennis - A few of 'the Few': Australians and the Battle of Britain
BOOKS207692I: NEWTON, Peter - Wayleggo
BOOKS137682I: NEWTON, Ian - Finches
BOOKS245706I: NEWTON, Steven H. - McPherson's Ridge
BOOKS203209I: NEWTON, J.D. (ed) - Racehorses of 1985
BOOKS302252I: NEWTON, James - The deserted village: the diary of an Oxfordshire Rector James Newton of Nuneham Courtenay 1736-86
BOOKS309136I: NEWTON, H. Chance - The Old Vic and its associations
BOOKS307667I: NEWTON, Don and HAMPSHIRE, A. Cecil - Taranto
BOOKS175877I: NEWTON, H. Chance - Crime and the drama or dark deeds dramatized
BOOKS070527I: NEWTON, Douglas - The red Judas
BOOKS041353I: NEWTON, D.B. - Stagecoach guard
BOOKS214348I: NEXT - Next Directory Spring/ Summer 1993
BOOKS234278I: NEYAZI, Taberez Ahmed & others (eds) - Democratic transformation and the vernacular public arena in India
BOOKS200869I: NG, Cecilia and others - Feminism and the women's movement in Malaysia: an unsung (r)evolution
BOOKS234087I: TAK-WING NGO - Hong Kong: state and society under colonial rule (China Information, volume XII, nos.1/2, Summer/Autumn 1997)
BOOKS234307I: NI DHEA, Eilis & others (eds) - Teangacha Neamhfhorleathana Agus Oiluint Mhuinteoiri - Ag Diuru ar an Ngn Eorpach: Lesser Used Languages and Teacher Education - Towards the Promotion of the European Dimension
BOOKS310663I: NIALL, Ian - Wild life of moor and mountain
BOOKS309391I: NIALL, Ian - Trout from the hills: the confessions of an addicted fly-fisherman
BOOKS172550I: NIALL, Ian - Portrait of a country artist: Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901-1979
BOOKS302238I: NIALL, Ian - Trout from the hills: the confessions of an addicted fly-fisherman
BOOKS294299I: NIALL, Ian - Fresh woods.
BOOKS295679I: NIBLETT, Rosalind - Verulamium: the Roman City of St Albans
BOOKS226717I: NIBLETT, H. Morton - A short history of Redmarley D' Abitot
BOOKS265229I: NICHOL, John - Francis Bacon: his life and philosophy, part II: Bacon's philosophy with a sketch of the history of previous science an method
BOOKS056455I: NICHOL, John - Bites & stings: the world of venomous animals
BOOKS232909I: NICHOL, L.W. & WINZOR, D.J. - Migration of interacting systems (Monographs on Physical Biochemistry)
BOOKS302211I: NICHOL, John - After the flood: what the Dambusters did next
BOOKS111259I: NICHOLAS, B. Melville - When I hid in the marsh
BOOKS267741I: NICHOLAS, Anna Katherine - The Dalmatian
BOOKS024803I: NICHOLAS, Anna Katherine - The Maltese
BOOKS037997I: NICHOLAS, Anna Katherine - Weimaraners
BOOKS118451I: NICHOLAS, Jerome - The widow's peak
BOOKS308183I: HUMPHREYS. Nicholas - Missionary in South Africa
BOOKS200821I: NICHOLAS, Howard & STARKS, Donna - Language education and applied linguistics: bridging the two fields
BOOKS302570I: NICHOLAS, John & REEVEW, George - Main line to the West: the Southern Railway route between Basingstoke & Exeter, part 3: Yeovil to Exeter
BOOKS193062I: NICHOLAS, H.G. - Violence in American society: Sarah Tryphena Lecture in American Literature and Society, 7 May 1969
BOOKS291919I: NICHOLAS, Beverley - A village in a valley
BOOKS286094I: NICHOLAS, Beverley - A village in a valley
BOOKS299956I: NICHOLAS, F.W & NICHOLAS, J.M - Charles Darwin in Australia
BOOKS070526I: NICHOLAS, Jerome - The widow's peak
BOOKS306942I: NICHOLL, Charles - The reckoning: the murder of Christopher Marlowe
BOOKS190456I: NICHOLL, Theodore - Sung before the bridal: a play in eight scenes
BOOKS089189I: NICHOLLS, Fred - Master under God
BOOKS152514I: NICHOLLS, Horatio - 3rd monster album of Horatio Nicholls' successes (words and music)
BOOKS310906I: NICHOLLS, Mark - Investigating Gunpowder Plot
BOOKS124375I: NICHOLLS, William and others - The Pelican guide to modern theoogy, volumes 1-3
BOOKS151479I: NICHOLLS, Paul - Lucky break: the autobiography
BOOKS304670I: NICHOLLS, Adam R. - Psychology in sports coaching: theory and practice
BOOKS182051I: NICHOLLS, Rosemary - Maldon cookbook
BOOKS185789I: NICHOLLS, C.S. (ed) - The dictionary of national biography, 1986-1990
BOOKS143272I: NICHOLS, Lourdes - Mexican cookery
BOOKS060793I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Men do not weep
BOOKS060817I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Uncle Samson
BOOKS308395I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The tree that sat down: The stream that stood still
BOOKS050467I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Cats' A-Z
BOOKS169734I: NICHOLS, Richard (ed) - Custom Car, August 1980
BOOKS284743I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Men do not weep
BOOKS310941I: NICHOLS, Robert - Ardours and endurances - also a faun's holiday & poems and phantasies
BOOKS021304I: NICHOLS, Peter - Chez nous: a domestic comedy in two acts
BOOKS024577I: NICHOLS, Richard - American sportscars: a survey of the classic marques
BOOKS169733I: NICHOLS, Richard (ed) - Custom Car, March, April & October 1981
BOOKS304759I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The art of flower arranging
BOOKS049461I: NICHOLS, Peter - Piedmont and the English
BOOKS269577I: NICHOLS, John - The history and antiquities of Witherley in the County of Leicester including the Hamlet of Atterton in the same County
BOOKS074835I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The star-spangled manner
BOOKS096893I: NICHOLS, Wallace - Two days of the devil and other stories
BOOKS115344I: NICHOLS, Clive & HATTATT, Lance - New shoots
BOOKS169731I: NICHOLS, Richard - Custom Car; May, August, September & October 1982
BOOKS110599I: NICHOLS, Beverley - A pilgrim's progress
BOOKS247583I: NICHOLS, Bowyer (ed) - Words and days: a table-book of prose and verse
BOOKS086053I: NICHOLS, Annie - Potatoes: from gnocchi to mash
BOOKS193626I: NICHOLS, George Ward. - The story of the Great March, from the diary of a staff officer
BOOKS222817I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The Moonflower
BOOKS235792I: NICHOLS, Peter - Italia, Italia
BOOKS269661I: NICHOLS, Robert Cradock - Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols
BOOKS115099I: NICHOLS, Stephen J. - An absolute sort of certainty: the Holy Spirit and the Apologetics of Jonathan Edwards
BOOKS148701I: NICHOLS, Peter - Piedmont and the English.
BOOKS284745I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The star-spangled manner
BOOKS215117I: NICHOLS,Peter - Chez Nous
BOOKS230667I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Women and children last
BOOKS169735I: NICHOLS, Richard (ed) - Custom Car, June 1982
BOOKS068636I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The fool hath said
BOOKS094477I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The fool hath said
BOOKS239977I: NICHOLS, Richard S. - Robert Hooke and the Royal Society
BOOKS307888I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The mountain of magic: a romance for children
BOOKS157412I: NICHOLS, Roger L. - General Henry Atkinson: a Western military career,
BOOKS225082I: NICHOLS, Beverley - The star-spangled manner
BOOKS219330I: NICHOLS, Peter - Forget-me-not Lane: humorous, serious and dramatic selections
BOOKS244797I: NICHOLS, John - The sterile cuckoo
BOOKS077286I: NICHOLS, Beverley - Men do not weep
BOOKS136396I: NICHOLSON, E.M. - The New Naturalist: Birds and men: the bird life of British towns, villages, gardens & farmland
BOOKS189045I: NICHOLSON, Daphne - Symbolism, colour and embroidery in Hereford Cathedral
BOOKS142118I: NICHOLSON, Geoffrey - Tony Doyle: six day rider
BOOKS053459I: NICHOLSON, Emma - Secret society: inside - and outside - the Conservative Party
BOOKS218039I: NICHOLSON, Paul T. - Iron Age pottery production in the Hunsruck-Eifel Kultur of Germany: a world-system perspective
BOOKS165311I: NICHOLSON, C.B. - England's greater churches: a pictorial survey
BOOKS041249I: NICHOLSON, Geoff - The food chain
BOOKS048409I: NICHOLSON, A.P. - The sweepstake prize
BOOKS057489I: NICHOLSON, Susan Brown - Teddy bears on paper
BOOKS137641I: NICHOLSON, E.M. - Birds and men: the bird life of British towns, villages, gardens & farmland (Collins New Naturalist Series)
BOOKS134271I: NICHOLSON, Geoffrey - Touchdown and other moves in the game
BOOKS120723I: NICHOLSON, Ernest W. - The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 26-52
BOOKS068966I: NICHOLSON, Meredith - The port of missing men
BOOKS244996I: NICHOLSON, Claire (ed) - The women aesthetes: British writers, 1870–1900, volume I: 1870-1900
BOOKS301251I: NICHOLSON, Hubert - No cloud of glory
BOOKS006142I: NICHOLSON, Emma - Secret society: inside - and outside - the Conservative Party
BOOKS164178I: NICHOLSON, Williiam - The Bible companion, scripture pronouncer, and expositor
BOOKS117705I: NICHOLSON, Graham and FAWCETT,Jane - The village in history
BOOKS058199I: NICHOLSON, Richard - School management: the role of the secondary headteacher
BOOKS305652I: NICHOLSON, Steve - The censorship of British drama 1900-1968 (4 volumes)
BOOKS297666I: NICHOLSON, William & others (illus) - Mr. Dooley's philosophy
BOOKS303647I: NICHOLSON, Susan M. - Catalogue of the prehistoric metalwork in the Merseyside County museums
BOOKS309485I: NICHOLSON, Harold - Good behaviour: being a study of certain types of civility
BOOKS196844I: NICHOLSON, R.T. (Mrs) - The Cravenshaws: a story for young readers
BOOKS242396I: NICHOLSON, Arthur Pole - Urge of life
BOOKS061241I: NICHOLSON, Mavis - Martha Jane & me: a girlhood in Wales
BOOKS269639I: NICHOLSON, E.M - Birds and men: the bird life of British towns, villages, gardens & farmland
BOOKS293111I: NICHOLSON, Felicity - Greek, Etruscan and Roman pottery and small terracottas: a brief guide for the small collector, with a note on Greek dress
BOOKS014714I: NICHOLSON, Jon and HAMILTON, Maurice - Pole position: the inside story of Williams-Renault.
BOOKS076996I: NICKELS,Martin K. and others - The study of physical anthropology and archaeology
BOOKS227991I: NICKSON, Arthur - Arizona gun feud
BOOKS238045I: NICOL, Jean - Hotel Regina
BOOKS232974I: NICOL, Janni (ed) - Kindling: the journal for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Care and Education (9 issues)
BOOKS294762I: NICOL, Jean - Bertioni's Hotel
BOOKS181589I: NICOL, Stuart - Mid North and Yorke Peninsula
BOOKS181590I: NICOL, Stuart - Flinders Ranges
BOOKS128256I: NICOLAISEN, W.F.H. - Scottish place names: their study and significance
BOOKS307040I: NICOLAOU, Stéphane - Santos-Dumont: dandy et genie de l'aeronautique
BOOKS178336I: NICOLAS, Eugene - Veterinary and comparative opthalmology
BOOKS267407I: NICOLAY, John G & others - Campaigns of the Civil War, vols. 1-8
BOOKS220605I: NICOLE - Albertine in the lions' den
BOOKS210940I: NICOLE - Albertine in the lions' den
BOOKS249893I: NICOLET, C.C - Death of a bridge expert
BOOKS263349I: NICOLET, C.C - Death of a bridge expert
BOOKS304133I: NICOLIN, Pierluigi - Mario Botta: buildings and projects, 1961 - 1982
BOOKS269462I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare Survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production
BOOKS186540I: NICOLL, Allardyce - A history of early nineteenth century drama 1800-1850, volumes I & II
BOOKS030380I: NICOLL, Allardyce - British drama
BOOKS044063I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production, 5
BOOKS044065I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production, I
BOOKS044072I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production, 3
BOOKS044074I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production, 4
BOOKS044082I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production, 2
BOOKS139703I: NICOLL, Watt - Twisted knickers and stolen scones
BOOKS186775I: NICOLL, Allardyce - Late eighteenth century drama, 1750-1800
BOOKS297443I: NICOLL, Allardyce - The development of the theatre: a study of theatrical art from the beginnings to the present day
BOOKS000448I: NICOLL, Allardyce (ed) - Shakespeare survey: an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production 16
BOOKS214823I: NICOLL, W. Robertson - The problem of 'Edwin Drood': a study in the methods of Dickens
BOOKS206394I: NICOLL, W. Robertson - A bookman's letters
BOOKS301826I: NICOLLE, David - The Crusades
BOOKS142236I: NICOLLE, David - The history of Medieval life
BOOKS209708I: NICOLSON, Ian - Omnibus: Log of the "Makon"; Sea-saint; Building the "St.Mary"
BOOKS182439I: NICOLSON, Ian - Marinize your boat
BOOKS039047I: NICOLSON, Iain and MOORE, Patrick - Black holes in space
BOOKS041355I: NICOLSON, Nigel - Mary Curzon
BOOKS000167I: NICOLSON, Nigel - Portrait of a marriage
BOOKS007935I: NICOLSON, Nigel - Portrait of a marriage
BOOKS102436I: NICOLSON, Ian - The log of the Maken
BOOKS008281I: NICOLSON, Nigel - Portrait of a marriage
BOOKS268045I: NICOLSON, Adam - Perch Hill: a new life
BOOKS103441I: NIDERMAYER, Oskar and SINNOTT, Richard (eds) - Beliefs in Government, volume two: Public opinion and internationalized governance
BOOKS050090I: NIDETCH, Jean - Weight Watchers programme cookbook
BOOKS237850I: NIEBUHR, Alta Dodds - Herbs of Greece
BOOKS236430I: NIECKS, Frederick - Frederic Chopin as a man and musician (volume II)
BOOKS214329I: NIECKS, Frederick - Frederick Chopin as a man and musician -Volume 1
BOOKS202432I: NIELD, Denzil - Walls and wall facings
BOOKS087033I: NIELSEN, Greg and POLANSKY, Joseph - Pendulum power: a mystery you can see, a power you can feel.
BOOKS005968I: NIELSEN, Greg and POLANSKY, Joseph - Pendulum power: a mystery you can see, a power you can feel
BOOKS054843I: NIELSEN, Helen - Darkest hour
BOOKS138336I: NIELSEN, H. Dean & CUMMINGS, William K. (eds) - Quality education for all: community-oriented approaches
BOOKS123998I: NIEMAN, David C. - The sports medicine fitness course
BOOKS309890I: NIEMANN, Harry - Wilhelm Maybach: König der Konstrukteure: Zum 150. Geburtstag (Kleine Schriftenreihe des Archivs der Stadt Heilbronn)
BOOKS170203I: NIEMIETZ, Kristian - A new understanding of poverty
BOOKS168759I: NIERENBERG, Juliet & ROSS, Irene S. - The secrets of successful negotiation
BOOKS168835I: NIERENBERG, Juliet & ROSS, Irene S. - The secrets of successful negotiation
BOOKS214087I: NIESEL, Wilhelm - The theology of Calvin
BOOKS046202I: NIETLISPACH, F. - Pies, pastries, puddings and sweets
BOOKS193665I: NIETLISPACH, F. (Madame) - Vegetable and fruit dishes: the healthy diet, rich in vitamines
BOOKS189667I: NIETLISPACH, F. - Egg, flour, rice and cheese dishes
BOOKS191412I: NIETZSCHE, Friedrich - The case of Wagner: Nietzsche contra Wagner: The twilight of the idols: The antichrist
BOOKS214680I: NIEVELT, G. (ed) - Flexible roads
BOOKS088621I: NIGE (Nigel Alexander) - Cheltenham's bloomers II
BOOKS173767I: CALDER. Nigel - Violent universe: an eye-witness account of the new astronomy
BOOKS028896I: NIGHTINGALE, Michael - Acupuncture
BOOKS048477I: NIGHTINGALE, Florence - Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not
BOOKS080787I: NIGHTINGALE, M. - Nursery lays of nursery days
BOOKS208949I: NIGHTINGALE, Geoffrey - Dinghy ownership, mainly for the non-racing man.
BOOKS270433I: NIJBOER, Donald - Gunner: an illustrated history of World War II aircraft turrets and gun positions
BOOKS284486I: NIKLITSCHEK, A. - Water lilies and water plants
BOOKS194743I: NIKOLA, Louis - Magical masterpieces
BOOKS308731I: NIKULINSKY, Philippa & HOPPER, Stephen D. - Soul of the desert
BOOKS288900I: NILA, Gary & ROLFE, Robert A. - Japanese special naval landing forces: uniforms and equipment 1932-45
BOOKS058104I: NILSON, Bee - Herb cookery
BOOKS046597I: NILSON, Bee - Deep freeze cooking
BOOKS107504I: NILSON, Bee - Bee Nilson's slimming cookbook
BOOKS191480I: NILSON, Bee - Cooking with yogurt, cultured cream and soft cheese
BOOKS189521I: NILSON, Bee - Bee's blender book
BOOKS066266I: NILSON, Bee - Deep freeze cooking
BOOKS189004I: NILSSON, Ola G. - Growth and function of chrolinergic neurons transplanted to the hippocampus: an anatomical, behavioural and microdialysis study in the rat
BOOKS173426I: NILSSON, Sven - Orchids of Northern Europe
BOOKS242864I: NILSSON, Goran B - Grundaren
BOOKS157266I: NILSSON, Sven - Orchids of Northern Europe
BOOKS300554I: NILSSON, Sven & PERSSON, Olle - Fungi of Northern Europe 1: larger fungi (excluding gill-fungi)
BOOKS143123I: NIMMO, Walter S. & SMITH, Graham - Anaesthesia (vols.1 & 2)
BOOKS037296I: NIMMO, Derek - Not in front of the servants! Humour with class.
BOOKS286905I: NIMMO, William P. - The story of the Indian Mutiny, 1857-58
BOOKS303236I: NIMOCKS, Walter - Milner's young men: the 'kindergarten' in Edwardian Imperial Affairs
BOOKS305508I: NIMROD - The chase (chace), the turf, and the road
BOOKS270039I: NIMROD (Charles Apperley) - The life of a sportsman
BOOKS163128I: NIMROD (Charles APPERLEY) - The life of a sportsman
BOOKS056382I: NIMROD - Memoirs of the late John Mytton, Esq of Halston, Shropshire
BOOKS061062I: NIMROD - Nimrod's hunting reminiscences
BOOKS156892I: NIMROD - The chase, the turf, and the road
BOOKS308590I: NIN, Anais - Delta of Venus
BOOKS200033I: NIN, Anais - Under a glass bell
BOOKS306791I: NIN, Anais & STUHLMANN, Gunther (ed) - The journals of Anais Nin 1939-1944
BOOKS213863I: Ninan, K.N - The economics of biodiversity conservation: Valuation in tropical forest ecosystems
BOOKS290894I: NINOU, Kate (editor) - Treasures of ancient Macedonia
BOOKS073458I: NISBET, Norah - Thirty poems
BOOKS097899I: NISBET, Hume - The revenge of Valerie: a romance of British Columbia
BOOKS144339I: ERNEST NISTER - Nister's comic menagerie
BOOKS290722I: NISTER, Ernest - Playtime surprises
BOOKS071983I: NISTER, Ernest - My nursery tale book
BOOKS291151I: NITTI, Francesco S. - Catholic socialism
BOOKS189597I: NITYANAND (Swami) - Symbolism in Hinduism
BOOKS044752I: NIVEN, Larry - A gift from earth
BOOKS059451I: NIVEN, Larry - Destiny's road
BOOKS202443I: NIVEN, Frederick - Queer fellows
BOOKS304461I: NIX, Michael & MYERS, Mark R. - Hartland Quay: the story of a vanished port
BOOKS309860I: NIXON, Chris - The Robert Fellowes collection: Grands Prix 1934-1939
BOOKS153287I: NIXON, David - David Nixon's magic cooking cards: Fish dishes
BOOKS197145I: NIXON, Daphne - The journey of the heart
BOOKS228438I: NIXON, Edna - Mary Wollstonecraft: Her life and times
BOOKS031443I: NIXON, Ivor Gray - The rise of the Dorians
BOOKS310834I: NIXON, Gilbert - The world of bees
BOOKS309686I: NIXON, Chris and ROSEMEYER, Ellie Beinhorn - Rosemeyer!
BOOKS034768I: NIXON, Jon - A teacher's guide to multicultural education
BOOKS075659I: NIXON, Alan - Item 7
BOOKS245330I: NIXON, Marion & LLEFROY, R.F.B. - The road to the Murchison: an illustrated story of the district and its people
BOOKS298613I: NIXON, Richard - The real war
BOOKS309869I: NIXON, Chris - Shooting star: the life of Richard Seaman
BOOKS146608I: NOAKE, J. - Noake's guide to Worcestershire
BOOKS305526I: NOAKES, Aubrey - The world of Henry Alken
BOOKS237613I: NOAKES, Aubrey - The County Fire Office, 1807-1957: a commemorative history
BOOKS160039I: NOAKES, Vivien - Edward Lear: the life of a wanderer
BOOKS158582I: NOAKES, Aubrey - London Pride
BOOKS227085I: NOAKES, Aubrey - London Pride
BOOKS298763I: NOAKES, Vivien - Edward Lear 1812-1888
BOOKS129511I: NOALL, Cyril - St. Ives (Yesterday's Town)
BOOKS267277I: NOALL, Cyril - The story of St.Ives
BOOKS072487I: NOBBS, David - I didn't get where I am today... an autobiography
BOOKS228007I: NOBILE, A.A. - Miscellaneous translations and lectures
BOOKS306812I: NOBILE, Umberto - L'Italia al Polo Nord
BOOKS242506I: NOBILE, Philip - The CON III controversy: the critics look at the greening of America
BOOKS227981I: NOBLE, Roy - Noble ways: lay-bys in my life
BOOKS046932I: NOBLE, Peter & LANDEAU, Penny - How to win the wine game
BOOKS173494I: NOBLE, David Grant - Ancient ruins of the Southwest: an archaeological guide
BOOKS013363I: NOBLE, Peter - Ivor Novello
BOOKS246198I: NOBLE, Edward - The lady navigators and incidentallyThe man with the nubbly brow
BOOKS269985I: NOBLE, Arthur - Doing one's best
BOOKS135611I: NOBLE, Edward - The sea of the sunken lands
BOOKS309602I: NOBLE, David - A pictorial and text presentation of community life from the 1900's to 1990's in Oldland Common, North Common, Bridgeyate and Bitton in Bristol Avon
BOOKS191114I: NOBLE, Peter - The Negro in films
BOOKS227403I: NOBLE, Richard & TREMAYNE, David - Thrust: the remarkable story of one man's quest for speed
BOOKS309831I: NOBLE, Dudley - Milestones in a motoring life
BOOKS246244I: NOBLE,Edward - The Vicar of Normanton: the story of a South-country Parsonage
BOOKS309605I: NOBLE, David - An Oldland boy looks back
BOOKS006894I: NOBLE, Montague Alfred - Gilligan's men: a critical review of the MCC tour of Australia, 1924-25
BOOKS301867I: NOBLE, Richard & TREMAYNE, David - Thrust: through the sound barrier
BOOKS164893I: NOBLE, Thomas - The Persian hunters; or the Rose of Gurgistan and other plays and operas
BOOKS246195I: NOBLE, Edward - The edge of circumstance: a story of the sea
BOOKS116552I: NOBLE, M.A. - Gilligan's men - a critical review of the M.C.C. tour of Australia 1924-25
BOOKS166982I: NOBLE, Tim (ed) - The Climbers' Club Journal, vol.XXIII, no.3 (new series), no.118, 1999-2000
BOOKS246191I: NOBLE, Edward - The Mandarin's bell
BOOKS198281I: NOBLE, Dudley - Teach yourself motor cycling and scootering for beginners
BOOKS294916I: NOBLECOURT, Christiane Desroches - The great Pharaoh Ramses II and his time: an exhibition of antiquities from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
BOOKS015270I: NOCK, O.S. - Great British trains: an evocation of a memorable age in travel
BOOKS210549I: NOCK, O.S. - The Railways of Britain: Past and present,
BOOKS234662I: NOCK, O.S. - British trains, past and present
BOOKS008529I: NOCK, O.S. - Railways at the zenith of steam 1920-1940
BOOKS288897I: NOCK, O. S. - Railways of Asia and the Far East
BOOKS103448I: NOCK, O.S. - A history of the LMS III: the war years and nationalisation, 1939-48
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BOOKS010566I: OPIE, Iona and OPIE, Peter - The treasures of childhood: books toys and games from the Opie collection
BOOKS113236I: OPIE, Iona & OPIE, Peter - Three centuries of nursery rhymes and poetry for children
BOOKS025982I: OPIE, Iona and OPIE, Peter - A nursery companion
BOOKS114714I: OPIE, Iona & OPIE, Peter - A nursery companion
BOOKS301571I: OPIE, Robert - Rule Britannia. trading on the British image
BOOKS099345I: OPIE, Peter - Having held the nettle
BOOKS246356I: OPIE, Iona & OPIE, Peter - Children's games in street and playground: volume 1: chasing, catching, seeking
BOOKS301322I: OPIE, Iona (ed) - Ditties for the nursery
BOOKS303175I: OPIE, James - The great book of Britains: 100 years of Britains' toy soldiers, 1893-1993
BOOKS226996I: OPIE, Robert - Sweet memories: a selection of confectionery delights
BOOKS070508I: LONDON OPINION - London Opinion and the Humorist, July 1944
BOOKS024761I: OPITZ, Karlludwig - The General
BOOKS230067I: OPOKU, Alex & AHMED, Vian (eds) - Leadership and sustainability in the built environment
BOOKS268740I: OPPEL, Frank (edit). - Early flight: from balloons to biplanes
BOOKS307702I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Ask Miss Mott : a series of stories
BOOKS235199I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The world's great snare
BOOKS307554I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips & others - The Weekly Telegraph, 1906 (52 issues, nos.2282-2333)
BOOKS114744I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - The secret
BOOKS301196I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Ask Miss Mott: a series of stories
BOOKS150682I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - Advice limited: a series of stories
BOOKS289313I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Curious happenings to the Rooke Legatees
BOOKS284913I: OPPENHEIM, E Phillips - The seven conundrums
BOOKS285084I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The Milan grill room: further adventures of Louis, the manager, and Major Lyson, the raconteur
BOOKS301207I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The long arm
BOOKS280199I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Inspector Dickins retires
BOOKS049392I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The governors
BOOKS052701I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The treasure house of Martin Hews
BOOKS052703I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The wrath to come
BOOKS065173I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The traitors
BOOKS071415I: OPPENHEIM, Carey - Poverty: the facts
BOOKS072290I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - The master mummer
BOOKS072291I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - A millionaire of yesterday
BOOKS083118I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The million pound deposit
BOOKS114650I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Pulpit in the grill room
BOOKS114684I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The secret
BOOKS059080I: OPPENHEIM, Ralph - A barbarian in India
BOOKS108119I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The betrayal
BOOKS280186I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Cray
BOOKS280087I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The little gentleman from Okehampstead and a few of the adventures in which he became involved
BOOKS053634I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The betrayal
BOOKS307510I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips. - The pool of memory
BOOKS299499I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Chronicles of Melhampton
BOOKS054584I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The traitors
BOOKS198994I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - The double traitor
BOOKS280219I: OPPENHEIM, Edward Phillips - Ambrose Lavendale, diplomat
BOOKS284976I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Michael's evil deeds
BOOKS026483I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - A pulpit in the grill room: a series of stories
BOOKS308233I: OPPENHEIM, James - Doctor Rast
BOOKS213823I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - Exit a dictator
BOOKS114598I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The man and his kingdom
BOOKS068685I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - Exit a dictator
BOOKS213857I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The Great Prince Shan
BOOKS242479I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The Spymaster
BOOKS207051I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - The colossus of Arcadia
BOOKS029518I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - The world's great snare
BOOKS198951I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - Exit a Dictator
BOOKS207056I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - Curious happenings to the Rooke legatees
BOOKS056201I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The devil's paw
BOOKS307555I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips & others - The Weekly Telegraph, 1904 (52 issues, nos. 2177-2229)
BOOKS301265I: OPPENHEIM, E Phillps - The adventures of Mr. Joseph P Cray
BOOKS302024I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The Milan Grill Room: further adventures of Louis, the Manager, and Major Lyson, the raconteur
BOOKS052648I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - The world's great snare
BOOKS093494I: OPPENHEIM, E.Phillips - What happened to Forester
BOOKS301461I: OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips - Nicholas Goade, detective
BOOKS003492I: OPPENHEIMER, Ernst M - Goethe's poetry for occasions
BOOKS162088I: OPPENHEIMER, Joan L. - The coming-down time
BOOKS294652I: OPPER, Thorsten - Nero: the man behind the myth
BOOKS294820I: OPPER, Thorsten - Hadrian: empire and conflict
BOOKS269454I: OPPERBY, Preben - Leopold Stokowski
BOOKS211998I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Tramways remembered: South & South East England
BOOKS069295I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Tramways remembered: East Anglia, East Midlands & Lincolnshire
BOOKS238189I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Lost railways of East Anglia
BOOKS111740I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Lost tramways of East Anglia
BOOKS162512I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Surrey railways remembered
BOOKS017225I: OPPITZ, Leslie - Cheshire railways remembered
BOOKS111717I: OPPO, G.-L. and others (eds) - Quantum dynamics of simple systems: the forty fourth Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, Stirling, August 1994
BOOKS135165I: ORAM, H.P.K. - Ready for sea
BOOKS037486I: ORAM, John - The man from U.N.C.L.E. No 3: the Copenhagen affair
BOOKS266530I: ORANGE, Vincent - Winged promises: history of No.14 Squadron, RAF 1915-1945
BOOKS308536I: ORBELL, John - From Cape to Cape: the history of Lyle Shipping
BOOKS267897I: ORBELL, John (Dr.) - From Cape to Cape: the history of Lyle Shipping
BOOKS308576I: ORCHARD, Chris & MADDEN, S. J. - British Forces motorcycles, 1925-45
BOOKS286380I: ORCHARD, W.G. (ed) - A glossary of mining terms
BOOKS190206I: ORCHARD, Vincent - The Derby Stakes: a complete history from 1900 to 1953
BOOKS209833I: ORCHARD, R.J. - Vitrified clay pipes in areas of mining subsidence
BOOKS229065I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Castles in the air: being the adventures of M. Hector Ratichon
BOOKS222402I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The bronze eagle
BOOKS039116I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Eldorado: a story of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS003458I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Pimpernel and Rosemary
BOOKS004231I: ORCZY (Baroness) - A true woman
BOOKS012110I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The way of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS029964I: ORCZY (La Baronne) - La capture du Mouron Rouge
BOOKS039608I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The Scarlet pimpernel
BOOKS046829I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The tangled skein
BOOKS006155I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The divine folly
BOOKS033155I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Sir Percy leads the band
BOOKS118167I: ORCZY (Baroness) - A joyous adventure
BOOKS061506I: ORCZY (Baroness) - His Majesty's well-beloved
BOOKS039232I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS200082I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The uncrowned King: a true romance of the '60s.
BOOKS217145I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Sir Percy leads the band
BOOKS295734I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The man in grey
BOOKS304703I: ORCZY, (Baroness) - Eldorado: a story of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS059861I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS152766I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Eldorado: a story of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS122454I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Lady Molly of Scotland Yard
BOOKS031781I: ORCZY (Baroness). - Sir Percy leads the band
BOOKS226140I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS111639I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS266301I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The honourable Jim: a romance
BOOKS125757I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Leatherface: a tale of Old Flanders.
BOOKS229316I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Castles in the air: being the adventures of M. Hector Ratichon
BOOKS266139I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
BOOKS122455I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Castles in the air
BOOKS225595I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The first Sir Percy
BOOKS229711I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The man in grey: being episodes of the Chouan conspiracies in Normandy during the First Empire
BOOKS151904I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The tangled skein: a romance
BOOKS225413I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The celestial city
BOOKS299692I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The man in grey: being episodes of the Chouan conspiracies in Normandy during the First Empire
BOOKS162739I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The elusive Pimpernel
BOOKS162736I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The elusive Pimpernel
BOOKS200075I: ORCZY (Baroness) - The divine folly
BOOKS200112I: ORCZY (Baroness) - Leatherface: a tale of Old Flanders.

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