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BOOKS270254I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - September Roses
BOOKS177851I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS275440I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Fattypuffs and thinifers
BOOKS193159I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Les silences du Colonel Bramble
BOOKS023172I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS214450I: MAUROIS, ANDRE AND OTHERS - Oxford, number 3, volume I, Spring 1935
BOOKS175104I: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: a picture of the Victorian age
BOOKS055923I: MAURYA, VIBHA (ED) - Postmodernism: a discussion
BOOKS049618I: MAVERICK - Maverick comic album No 1
BOOKS246615I: MAVIS, PAUL - The espionage filmography: a complete guide to spy movies whether covert agents, cowboys, cops or clowns
BOOKS039372I: MAVOR, JAMES W. - Voyage to Atlantis
BOOKS247639I: MAWDESLEY, BRUCE - It takes all sorts: a collection of character poems
BOOKS177848I: MAWE, THOMAS & ABERCROMBIE, JOHN - Every man his own gardener; being a new and much more complete gardener's calendar and general directory than any hitherto published
BOOKS034354I: MAWER, IRENE - The art of mime: its history and technique in education and the theatre
BOOKS083681I: MAWHINNEY, BRIAN - In the firing line: politics, faith, power and forgiveness
BOOKS022989I: MAWSON, MONICA - Cooking with herbs and spices
BOOKS042157I: MAWSON, THOMAS H. - An imperial obligation: industrial villages for partially disabled soldiers & sailors
BOOKS075546I: MAXTON, J.P. (ED) - Regional types of British agriculture
BOOKS238714I: MAXWELL, JAMES CLERK - A treatise on electricity and magnetism: Volume 1
BOOKS238715I: MAXWELL, JAMES CLERK - A treatise on electricity and magnetism: Volume 2
BOOKS263220I: MAXWELL, E.A. - Fallacies in mathematics
BOOKS226560I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: fourth series
BOOKS264240I: MAXWELL, WILLIAM EDWARD. - A manual of the Malay language: with an introductory sketch of the Sanskrit element in Malay
BOOKS202166I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Life and times of the Right. Honourable William Henry Smith , M.P., vol.I
BOOKS147871I: MAXWELL DAVIES, PETER - The Martyrdom of St Magnus: a chamber opera in nine scenes
BOOKS130031I: MAXWELL, JOHN - The greatest Billy Cotton Bandshow
BOOKS038926I: MAXWELL, STUART AND HUTCHISON, ROBIN - Scottish costume 1550-1850
BOOKS045052I: GRANT. MAXWELL - Blood red rose
BOOKS046626I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - The making of Scotland: lectures on the war of independence delivered in the University of Glasgow
BOOKS096557I: MAXWELL, GLYN - Out of the rain
BOOKS144213I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Memories of the months, being the pages from the notebook of a field naturalist and antiquary, first series
BOOKS146019I: MAXWELL,CONSTANTIA - Dublin under the Georges 1714-1830
BOOKS250142I: MAXWELL, HENRY (ED) - The Railway Magazine miscellany 1897-1919
BOOKS230027I: MAXWELL, LEONARD - Memories of my village: Solihull in the thirties
BOOKS186488I: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Sixty years a Queen: the story of Her Majesty's reign
BOOKS255299I: MAXWELL, E.A - An analytical calculus for school and university, volume II
BOOKS272407I: MAXWELL, CAROL & JACKSON, PETER - Painswick and the Great War
BOOKS150953I: MAXWELL-DAVIES, PETER - Naxos Quartet No.2 for string quartet: full score
BOOKS205786I: MAXWELL, BALDWIN (ED) - Philogical quarterly. Volume 26, no. 3
BOOKS274365I: MAXWELL, E. A. - The methods of plane projective geometry based on the use of general homogeneous coordinates
BOOKS222190I: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Uncle Arthur's Bible Stories (2 vols)
BOOKS056943I: MAXWELL, A. E. - Experimental design in psychology and the medical sciences
BOOKS096477I: MAXWELL, GLYN - Tale of the Mayor's son
BOOKS174864I: MAXWELL-STUART, P.G. - Witch-hunters: professional prickers, unwitchers & witch-finders of the Renaissance
BOOKS077210I: MAXWELL, LESLIE F. AND MAXWELL, HAROLD W. - Sweet and Maxwell's legal bibliography of the British Commonwealth of Nations, volume 5: Scottish law to 1956
BOOKS226340I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: first series
BOOKS112471I: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Lords of the Atlas: the rise and fall of the House of Glaoua, 1893-1956 (Traveller's)
BOOKS226830I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the months: third series
BOOKS097894I: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories (thirteenth series)
BOOKS265236I: MAXWELL, A.E. - Gatsby's Vineyard
BOOKS038536I: MAXWELL, MARION - A little book of Scottish baking
BOOKS005079I: MAXWELL, HERBERT (SIR) - Memories of the month: being pages from the notebook of a field-naturalist & antiquary: first series
BOOKS123884I: MAXWELL, GORDON S. - Highwayman's heath: the story in fact and fiction of Hounslow Heath in Middlesex
BOOKS264848I: MAXWELL, E. A. - Fallacies in mathematics
BOOKS231936I: MAXWELL, W.B. - The day's journey
BOOKS257848I: MAXWELLL, SIR HERBERT - Inter alia: a Scottish calendar of crime and other historical essays
BOOKS271321I: MAY, HOWARD - A Lancashire border walk, vol.1: Mossley to Whitewell: walking the old Lancashire county boundary
BOOKS234157I: MAY, W.J. - A comprehensive radio valve guide [vol.1]
BOOKS163903I: MAY, ERNEST R. - From Imperialism to Isolationism 1898-1919
BOOKS195960I: MAY, DENNIS H. - Famous racing cars of the world
BOOKS030828I: MAY, CHARLES H. AND WORTH, CLAUD - A manual of diseases of the eye
BOOKS030673I: MAY, IAN J. - The fortunate weed
BOOKS028544I: MAY, BILL AND METCALFE, KATHLEEN - Cake designs and ideas
BOOKS020997I: MAY, DERWENT (ED) - The music of what happens
BOOKS172331I: MAY, EDWARD - Changes & chances of a soldier's life
BOOKS040215I: MAY, MAGGIE - Scrambling for survival
BOOKS018152I: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The croft and the ceilidh
BOOKS176648I: LE MAY, G.H.L. - Black and white in South Africa: the politics of survival
BOOKS096991I: MAY, WILLIAM J. - More about Mary-Martha
BOOKS201163I: MAY, J.LEWIS - Some famous writers, VI: Anatole France: special bibliograhies no 15
BOOKS252489I: MAY, ARTHUR J - The passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy 1914-1918, volume two
BOOKS232919I: MAY, WILLIAM J - More about Mary-Martha
BOOKS187319I: MAY, PETER - A game enjoyed: an autobiography
BOOKS134380I: MAY, J. LEWIS - The Oxford Movement: its history and its future - a layman's estimate
BOOKS165259I: MAY, PHIL - Pictures.
BOOKS083253I: MAY, A.N. AND VAIDYANATHAN, R. - The energy levels of some light nuclei
BOOKS001013I: MAY, ROBIN - Who was Shakespeare? the man - the times - the works
BOOKS171519I: MAY, ROBIN & ROSA, JOSEPH G. - Cowboy: the man and the myth
BOOKS182160I: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The kilt for keeps
BOOKS139945I: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The kilt for keeps
BOOKS114348I: MAY, DERWENT - Feather reports: a chronicle of bird life from the pages of The Times
BOOKS238072I: MAY, PHIL - Sketches from "Punch"
BOOKS172795I: MAY, IDA - The Elizabeth gift book
BOOKS158433I: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The kilt for keeps
BOOKS163680I: MAY, ERNEST R. - American intervention: 1917 and 1941
BOOKS244590I: MAY, DERWENT; PRICE, JAMES (EDS) - Oxford Poetry 1952
BOOKS201164I: MAY, J.LEWIS - Readers' Bulletin: the bi-monthly magazine of the coventry public libraries: January - February 1925
BOOKS206696I: MAY, JACQUES M. - A doctor in Siam
BOOKS012723I: MAYALL, G. - Pigs, pigsties and pork
BOOKS230890I: MAYBERRY, TOM (ED) - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History: the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society for 1992 (vol.136)
BOOKS190701I: MAYDON, MARK (ED) - "The Sun" guide to the Flat 1999
BOOKS190171I: MAYDON, MARK (ED) - The Sun guide to the jumps 1998-99
BOOKS174721I: MAYELL, LESLIE - Further memories of Birmingham
BOOKS174720I: MAYELL, LESLIE - The Birmingham I remember
BOOKS164938I: MAYELL, LESLIE - The Birmingham I remember
BOOKS164939I: MAYELL, LESLIE - Further memories of Birmingham
BOOKS244593I: MAYER, JP. - Sociology of film: Studies and documents
BOOKS001345I: MAYER, SYDNEY L. - MacArthur
BOOKS002072I: MAYER, S.L. - The biography of General of the Army, Douglas Macarthur
BOOKS158597I: MAYER, STEPHEN (ED) - Homemaker, vol.6, no.68, November 1964
BOOKS158589I: MAYER, STEPHEN (ED) - Homemaker incorporating Home Mechanics, vol.7, no.72, March 1965
BOOKS240171I: MAYER, S.L. & TOKOI, MASAMI - "Der Adler": the official Nazi Luftwaffe Magazine
BOOKS153848I: MAYER, TONY - La vie Anglaise
BOOKS182790I: MAYER, STEPHEN (ED) - Homemaker, vol.5, no.52, July 1963
BOOKS271427I: MAYER, SOPHIE - The cinema of Sally Potter: a politics of love
BOOKS244764I: MAYER, EDWARD - Winning at Rubber Bridge
BOOKS044594I: MAYERS, H.V. - Charlie and Sarah: the story of a Suffolk family
BOOKS252760I: MAYERS, JOHN - Sacrifice and remembrance: the story of Frank Raikes: 1893-1915
BOOKS044099I: MAYES, ADRIENNE - The dictionary of nutritional health: a guide to the relation between diet and health
BOOKS012157I: MAYES, ADRIENNE - The dictionary of nutritional health: a guide to the relation between diet and health
BOOKS230492I: MAYFIELD, GEORGE - Green harvest: a straightforward guide to growning sensimilla
BOOKS033096I: MAYHEAD, ROBIN - John Keats
BOOKS236414I: MAYHEW, HORACE / PHIZ - Letters left at the pastrycook's: being the clandestine correspondence between Kitty Clover at school and her "dear, dear friend" in town
BOOKS254158I: MAYHEW, ANN - The rose: myth, folklore, and legend
BOOKS063882I: MAYHEW, RALPH AND JOHNSON BURGES - The funny froggy bubble book
BOOKS054520I: MAYHEW, PATRICK (ED) - One family's war
BOOKS250112I: MAYHEW, HENRY - London street life
BOOKS183127I: MAYHEW, HENRY & MAYHEW, AUGUSTUS - Whom to marry and how to get married! or the adventures of a lady in search of a good husband
BOOKS272329I: MAYHEW, EDWARD - The illustrated horse doctor: being an accurate and detailed account etc.
BOOKS124804I: MAYHEW,LESLIE - Urban hospital location
BOOKS181842I: MAYHEW, SUE (ED) - The Times: The charge of the Light Brigade (Great newspapers re-printed, No. 3)
BOOKS170706I: MAYHEW, LESLIE - Urban hospital location
BOOKS186230I: MAYHEW, JAYNE NETLEY & WHEELER, NICKI - Animals in cross stitch
BOOKS161738I: MAYLE, PETER - Footprints in the butter: the further adventures of Chilly Billy
BOOKS159187I: MAYLE, PETER - A year in Provence
BOOKS259355I: MAYLE, PETER - Toujours Provence
BOOKS031976I: MAYNARD, CARLYLE - East and West of Soho
BOOKS138237I: MAYNARD, TRISHA - Boys and literacy: exploring the issues
BOOKS238945I: MAYNE, CYRIL / PINDAR - The Olympian Odes of Pindar, translated into English verse
BOOKS136230I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Royal Harry
BOOKS136225I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The Jersey shore
BOOKS145742I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Hob and the goblins
BOOKS145745I: MAYNE,WILLIAM - Winter quarters
BOOKS145746I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The member for the marsh
BOOKS145750I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The incline
BOOKS145751I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - All the King's men
BOOKS145754I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The thumbstick
BOOKS275361I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Cathedral Wednesday
BOOKS050690I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The member for the marsh
BOOKS095092I: MAYNE, RICHARD - Channel Islands occupied: unique pictures of the Nazi rule 1940-1945
BOOKS153713I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The fairy tales of London Town, volume 1: Upon Paul's steeple
BOOKS192048I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The thumbstick
BOOKS176828I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Royal Harry
BOOKS246672I: MAYNE, RICHARD - In victory, magnanimity, in peace, goodwill: a history of Wilton Park (Whitehall histories)
BOOKS246590I: MAYNE, JUDITH - Le Corbeau: French film guide
BOOKS145529I: MAYNE, RICHARD - Channel Islands occupied: unique pictures of the Nazi rule, 1940-1945
BOOKS003736I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Gideon Ahoy!
BOOKS233109I: MAYNE, PETER - A year in Marrakesh
BOOKS115025I: MAYNE, RUTHERFORD - The Drone and other plays
BOOKS114894I: MAYNE, JONATHAN - Thomas Girtin (1775-1802)
BOOKS193722I: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Ravensgill
BOOKS083250I: MAYNEORD, W.V. - The physical basis of the biological effects of high voltage radiations
BOOKS249325I: MAYNES, S. W. - The "g" is for guts: an American glider pilot's story
BOOKS186146I: MAYO, JOHN OLIVER - On target
BOOKS007737I: MAYO, LIDA - Bloody Buna: the campaign that halted the Japanese invasion of Australia
BOOKS011323I: MAYO, LIDA - Bloody Buna: the campaign that halted the Japanese invasion of Australia
BOOKS069539I: MAYO, OLIVER - The wines of Australia: new edition
BOOKS112420I: MAYO, KATHERINE - Soldiers what next!
BOOKS085784I: MAYO, ELEANOR R. - Loom of the land
BOOKS239619I: MAYO, GAEL ELTON - The end of a dream
BOOKS268550I: MAYOCHI, ENRIQUE MARIO & OTHERS - Jose de San Martin: libertador de America
BOOKS265045I: MAYOL, JOAN - Birds of the Balearic Islands
BOOKS212104I: MAYOR, SUSAN - Collecting fans
BOOKS216639I: MAYOR, JULIEN & GOMEZ, PABLO (EDS) - Computational models of cognitive processes - Proceedings of the 13th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop
BOOKS254564I: MAYOR, ADRIENNE - Greek fire, poison arrows and scorpion bombs: biological and chemical warfare in the Ancient World
BOOKS249572I: MAYS, NICHOLAS & POPE, CATHERINE (EDS) - Qualitative research in health care
BOOKS153605I: MAYS, JOHN BARRON - The gift of blood: a selection of poems
BOOKS272834I: MAYS, SPIKE - Reuben's corner
BOOKS170626I: MAYS, ROBERT - Henry Doubleday: the Epping naturalist
BOOKS257256I: MAYSON, WALTER H. - Violin making
BOOKS152026I: MAZARS - The Mazars book: roots to our future
BOOKS076049I: MAZER, NORMA FOX - After the rain
BOOKS233650I: MAZERAN-HIRIGOYEN, ALAIN - Sculptures d'Ocean
BOOKS162356I: MAZONOWICZ, DOUGLAS - Voices from the stone age: a search for cave and canyon art,
BOOKS238430I: MAZUMDER, THEODORE - Phonetic Bangla-English English-Bangla dictionary
BOOKS247087I: MAZUR, JOSEPH - What's luck got to do with it?: the history, mathematics, and psychology of the gambler's illusion
BOOKS010965I: MAZZA, IRMA GOODRICH - Herbs for the kitchen
BOOKS124685I: MAZZA, SAMUELE - Armando Pollini: design e affinita elettive
BOOKS115909I: MAZZA, CRIS - Disability: a novella
BOOKS239511I: MAZZARELLA, WILLIAM - Shoveling smoke: advertising and globalization in contemporary India
BOOKS002506I: MAZZARO, JEROME - Transformations in the Rennaissance English lyric.
BOOKS190017I: MAZZINI, GUISEPPI - Giuseppe Mazzini: selected writings
BOOKS180866I: MAZZINI, FRANCO - Turin: the Sabauda Gallery
BOOKS180060I: MAZZOLANI, FEDERICO M. AND GIONCU, VICTOR (EDS) - Behaviour of steel structures in seismic areas: STESSA '94
BOOKS188009I: MAZZOLENI, MARIO - A Catholic priest meets Sai Baba
BOOKS084877I: MBUAGBAW, TANYI - African philosophy of education
BOOKS266962I: MCALEAVY, HENRY (TRANSLATOR) - That Chinese woman: the life of Sai-Chin-Hua 1874-1936
BOOKS249305I: MCALEER, JOSEPH - Call of the Atlantic: Jack London's publishing odyssey overseas, 1902-1916
BOOKS192037I: MCANDREW, IAN - A feast of fish
BOOKS194773I: MCANDREW, J. - Golfing step by step
BOOKS137689I: MCARTHUR, TOM - A foundation course for language teachers
BOOKS207647I: MCARTHUR, EUAN & NAIRNE, ANDREW - Dundee Contemporary Arts
BOOKS263667I: MCARTHUR, COLIN (ED) - Andrzej Wajda: Polish cinema
BOOKS220001I: MCAULAY, ROBERT - Recent paintings (Exhibition at the Sinfield Gallery, June 2008)
BOOKS124118I: MCAULEY, ROB - The liners
BOOKS257778I: MCAULEY, ROBERT - Out of sight: Crime, youth and exclusion in modern Britain
BOOKS198301I: MCBAIN, ED - The Frumious Bandersnatch
BOOKS214049I: MCBAIN, ED - Lady killer: a novel of the 87th Precinct
BOOKS192587I: MCBAIN, ED - The mugger
BOOKS275554I: MCBAIN, ED - Tomorrow and tomorrow
BOOKS120870I: MCBAIN, ED - Another part of the city
BOOKS200260I: MCBAIN, ED - So long as you both shall live: an 87th Precinct mystery
BOOKS207880I: MCBAIN, ED - Lightning: An 87th Precinct novel
BOOKS132747I: MCBAIN, ED (HUNT COLLINS) - Tomorrow and tomorrow
BOOKS194897I: MCBAIN, ED - Lightning
BOOKS198919I: MCBAIN, ED - Guns
BOOKS198302I: MCBAIN, ED - Another part of the city
BOOKS212380I: MCBAIN, ED (HUNT COLLINS) - Tomorrow and tomorrow
BOOKS199993I: MCBAIN, ED - Hail, hail, the gang's all here!
BOOKS190074I: MCBAIN, ED - 'Til death
BOOKS240216I: MCBAIN, ED - Give the boys a great big hand
BOOKS241072I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Behaviour problems in horses
BOOKS263787I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Behaviour problems in horses
BOOKS034194I: MCBANE, SUSAN (ED) - The horse and the bit
BOOKS057002I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Effective horse and pony management: a failsafe system
BOOKS065073I: MCBANE, SUSAN - The competition horse: breeding, production and management
BOOKS240770I: MCBANE, SUSAN - How to cure behavior problems in horses
BOOKS237021I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Keeping a horse outdoors
BOOKS124552I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Keeping a horse outdoors
BOOKS111298I: MCBANE, SUSAN & MCCARTHY, GILLIAN - The competition horse: breeding, production and management
BOOKS193999I: MCBANE, SUSAN - The horse in winter: his management and work
BOOKS137866I: MCBANE, SUSAN - How your horse works
BOOKS206126I: MCBANE, SUSAN - Modern horse breeding: a guide for owners
BOOKS146180I: MCBANE, SUSAN - The illustrated guide to horse tack
BOOKS193043I: MCBEATH, NORMAN - Oxfordshire
BOOKS028608I: MCBRIDE, JOHN & VANGELISTI, PAUL - Invisible city, number Twelve, May 1974.
BOOKS165830I: MCBRIDE, ANNE - Rabbits and hares
BOOKS271492I: MCBRIDE, JOSEPH - Orson Welles
BOOKS146663I: MCBURNEY, C.B.M. - The Stone Age of Northern Africa
BOOKS239444I: MCCABE, MARYANN (ED) - Collaborative ethnography in business environments
BOOKS187156I: MCCABE, BOB - Ronnie Barker: the authorised biography
BOOKS261261I: MCCABE, CAMERON - The face on the cutting-room floor
BOOKS064566I: MCCABE, BOB - Ronnie Barker: the authorised biography
BOOKS210588I: MCCABE, LOUIS - Air Pollution. Proceedings of the United States Technical Conference on Air Pollution. Sponsored by the Interdepartmental Committee on Air Pollution
BOOKS221563I: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The absurdities of Christian Science
BOOKS241466I: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Life and letters of George Jacob Holyoake [Complete in Two Volumes]
BOOKS241046I: MCCAFFREY, STEPHEN C. - The law of international watercourses: non-navigational uses
BOOKS082212I: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The renegades of Pern
BOOKS083046I: MCCAFFREY, ANNE AND OTHERS - Futurelove: a science fiction triad
BOOKS124564I: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Decision at Doona
BOOKS194279I: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Pegasus in flight
BOOKS031970I: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Crystal line
BOOKS257117I: MCCAHILL, MIKE - The surveillance web: the rise of visual surveillance in an English city
BOOKS018001I: MCCAIRN, JAMES - Oh mucky Nell!
BOOKS231635I: MCCALL, IAN - Your shoot: gamekeeping and management
BOOKS202408I: MCCALL, ALEXANDER & MCCALL. WILLIAM - The historic Artur, Gwenwhyvawr and Myrddin: ancient Brythons of the North
BOOKS268916I: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
BOOKS010213I: MCCALL, ANDREW - The Medieval underworld
BOOKS169063I: MCCALL, ANDREW - The medieval underworld
BOOKS235399I: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The forgotten affairs of youth
BOOKS231056I: MCCALL, DUKE K. (ED) - Review and Expositor: a Baptist theological journal, vol. LXXII (72), no.4: The Book of Hosea (Fall 1975)
BOOKS192992I: MCCALL, PETER - The Greyfriars guide: a comprehensive who's who, what's what and where's where
BOOKS180996I: MCCALLUM, KAREN T. & GRANOVETTER, PAMELA - The Copperfield checklist of mystery authors
BOOKS025485I: MCCANN, SEAN (ED) - The story of the Abbey Theatre
BOOKS037908I: MCCANN, SEAN - Miniature roses for home and garden
BOOKS246604I: MCCANN, BEN - Le Jour Se Leve: French film guide
BOOKS110819I: MCCANN, TIMOTHY J. (ED) - Restricted grandeur: impressions of Chichester, 1586-1948
BOOKS040076I: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Dad's Army: the story of a classic television show
BOOKS179577I: MCCANN, L.D. (ED) - Heart and hinterland: a geography of Canada
BOOKS263322I: MCCANN, JOHN & MCCANN, PAMELA - The dovecotes and pigeon lofts of Wiltshire
BOOKS230723I: MCCARRAHER, JAMES - A glass of champagne: the official "Sailor" story
BOOKS245770I: MCCARRAHER, LUCY - Blood and water
BOOKS224580I: MCCARRY, CHARLES - The last supper
BOOKS195196I: MCCARTHY, MARY - Birds of America
BOOKS271394I: MCCARTHY, ALBERT J. - The directory of recorded Jazz and swing music (including Blues, Gospel and Rhythm and Blues) - Volume six
BOOKS215160I: MCCARTHY, PATRICIA (ED) - Dwelling Places: an appreciation of John Burnside [Agenda, vol.45 no.4/vol.46 no.1]
BOOKS229055I: MCCARTHY, MARY - On the contrary
BOOKS128131I: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN H. - Nurse Benson
BOOKS077997I: MCCARTHY, RICHARD C. - Designing better libraries: selecting and working with building professionals
BOOKS085665I: MCCARTHY, PATRICIA (ED) - Agenda, volume 39, No. 4: celebratory issue for William Cookson
BOOKS163164I: MCCARTHY, WILLIAM BERNARD - The ballad matrix: personality, milieu and the oral tradition
BOOKS033333I: MCCARTHY, LEE - Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hair
BOOKS187851I: MCCARTHY, M.F. - Five years in Ireland 1895-1900
BOOKS256361I: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - Reminiscences, volume 1
BOOKS162554I: MCCARTHY, MARY - A charmed life
BOOKS110116I: MCCARTHY, WINSTON - Haka! the All Blacks story
BOOKS268695I: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - The Somme: The day-by-day account
BOOKS269472I: MCCARTHY, MURIEL - All graduates and gentlemen: Marsh's Library
BOOKS228493I: MCCARTHY,ALBERT - Dance band era: The dancing decades from ragtime to swing, 1910-50
BOOKS163402I: MCCARTHY, MARY - A charmed life
BOOKS198428I: MCCARTHY, SUSAN CAROL - Lay that trumpet in our hands
BOOKS268304I: MCCARTHY, COLIN & MCCARTHY, DAVID - Railways of Britain: Kent and Sussex
BOOKS255382I: MCCARTHY, MARY & MANNA, PHILIP - Making books by hand
BOOKS237682I: MCCARTNEY, LINDA - Linda McCartney's Sixties: portrait of an era
BOOKS200991I: MCCARTNEY, MATTHEW - India - The political economy of growth, stagnation and the state, 1951-2007
BOOKS215845I: MCCARTNEY, KEVIN & FORD, BRIAN - Practical solar heating: a d-i-y guide to solar water heating
BOOKS251426I: MCCARTNEY, TOM - Recording studio technology, maintenance, and repairs: everything you need to properly care for your equipment
BOOKS055835I: MCCASHIN, A. - Lone mothers in Ireland: a local studies
BOOKS159933I: MCCASKILL, L.W. - Molesworth
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BOOKS195176I: MCGUIGAN, DERMOT - Small scale wind power
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BOOKS212232I: MEE, ARTHUR (ED) - Dorset: Thomas Hardy's country
BOOKS163929I: MEE, ARTHUR - Canterbury: the shrine and cradle of our faith
BOOKS212278I: MEE, ARTHUR (ED) - The Lake Counties: Cumberland, Westmorland
BOOKS211932I: MEE, ARTHUR - Chester
BOOKS271587I: MEE, ARTHUR (REVISED BY E.T. LONG) - Gloucestershire
BOOKS119187I: MEE, ARTHUR - Hampshire with the Isle of Wight
BOOKS096509I: MEE, A.J. - Volumeric analysis
BOOKS197338I: MEE, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Hertfordshire, London's country neighbour
BOOKS185942I: MEE, ARTHUR (ED) - The Children's Newspaper and Children's Pictorial: the story of the world today for the men and women of tomorrow, number 549, September 28 1929
BOOKS273751I: MEE, ARTHUR (ED) - The King's England: Gloucestershire: the glory of the Cotswolds
BOOKS035682I: MEEHAN, ADRIAN - Celtic design: a beginner's manual
BOOKS072476I: MEEK, DAVID (ED) - The Manchester United football book No. 4
BOOKS137639I: MEEK, DAVID - Anatomy of a football star: George Best
BOOKS116431I: MEEK, MARGARET AND MILLS, COLIN (EDS) - Language and literacy in the primary school
BOOKS223865I: MEEK, M.R.D. - Postscript to murder (A Lennox Kemp mystery)
BOOKS204741I: MEEK, M.R.D. - A worm of doubt
BOOKS163096I: MEEK, VICTOR - Private enquiries: a handbook for detectives
BOOKS171082I: MEEK, MARION - The book of Wells
BOOKS265342I: MEER, ROSENDA - Memoire, Recit de voyage dans l'art textile de l'Inde
BOOKS221700I: MEERES, FRANK - Norfolk in the First World War
BOOKS274046I: MEERES, FRANK - Dorothy Jewson: Suffragette and Socialist
BOOKS140626I: MEETHAM, A.R. - Atmospheric pollution: its history, origins and prevention
BOOKS216258I: MEGGS,P.B. - A history of graphic design, second edition
BOOKS199615I: MEGROZ, R.L. - Modern English poetry 1882-1932
BOOKS033234I: MEGROZ, R.L. - Thirty-one bedside essays
BOOKS174664I: MEGROZ, R.L. - The real Robinson Crusoe, being the life and strange surprising adventures of Alexander Selkirk of Largo, Fife, Mariner
BOOKS005304I: MEHDEVI, ANNE SINCLAIR - From pillar to post
BOOKS230372I: MEHDI, RUBYA - The Islamization of the law in Pakistan
BOOKS223104I: MEHISTO, PEETER & GENESEE, FRED (EDS) - Building bilingual education systems
BOOKS272814I: MEHLTRETTER, J.M - Lok 3 dauer-kalender (Lcomotive 3 perpetual calendar)
BOOKS259747I: MEHTA, MOHAN LAL - Jaina psychology: a psychological analysis of the Jaina doctrine of Karma
BOOKS242290I: MEHTA, LYLA & MOVIK, SYNNE - Shit matters: the potential of community-led total sanitation
BOOKS221047I: MEHTA, RUSTAM JEHANGIR - Masterpieces of Indian temples
BOOKS235138I: MEIER-GRAEFE, J - Auguste Renoir, avec 100 reproductions
BOOKS166922I: MEIER, PEG - Bring warm clothes: letters and photos from Minnesota's past
BOOKS182548I: MEIER-GRAEFE, J (ED) - Drucke der marees-gessellschaft: vierte reihe
BOOKS182236I: MEIER, C.A. - Die bedeutung des traumes
BOOKS169476I: MEIER, AUGUST & RUDWICK, ELLIOTT M. - From plantation to ghetto: an interpretive history of American Negroes
BOOKS268430I: MEIER, BARBARA - Robert Schumann
BOOKS170248I: MEIER, RICHARD L - Science and economic development: new patterns of living
BOOKS255700I: MEIGH, EDWARD - The story of the glass bottle
BOOKS104320I: MEIGH, FRANCES - The Jack Preger story
BOOKS041095I: MEIGHAN, ROLAND - A sociology of educating
BOOKS254406I: MEIGHAN, ROLAND - Theory and practice of regressive education
BOOKS014029I: MEIGS, CORNELIA - Louisa M. Alcott and the American family story
BOOKS014062I: MEIGS, CORNELIA - Louisa M. Alcott and the American family story
BOOKS138781I: MEIGS, CORNELIA - Louisa M. Alcott and the American family story
BOOKS217100I: MEIHUIZEN, DOROTHEA - Jane Austen: "Pride and Prejudice" (Close readings)
BOOKS014371I: MEIJERING, PIET HEIN - Signed with their honour: the story of chivalry in air warfare 1914-1945
BOOKS154852I: MEIK, VIVIAN - The curse of Red Shiva
BOOKS218753I: MEIKLE, HENRY W. (ED) - Scotland: A description of Scotland and Scottish life
BOOKS207576I: MEIKLE, HENRY W. - Scotland and the French Revolution
BOOKS232167I: MEILACH, DONA Z. - Contemporary Batik and tie-dye; Methods, inspiration, dyes,
BOOKS224773I: MEILING, WOLFGANG & STARY, FRANZ - Nanosecond pulse techniques
BOOKS083073I: MEIN, MARGARET - A foretaste of Proust: a study of Proust and his precursors
BOOKS136854I: MEINERTZHAGEN, DAN & HORNBY, R. P. - Bird life in an Arctic Spring
BOOKS140277I: MEINERTZHAGEN, R. - Pirates and predators: the piratical and predatory habits of birds
BOOKS240641I: MEIRION-JONES, GWYN I. (ED) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society Vol 35 1991
BOOKS067009I: MEISEL, MARTIN - Shaw and the Nineteenth Century theater
BOOKS170752I: MEISSNER, HANNA H (ED) - Poverty in the affluent society
BOOKS257106I: MEKERSA, DAVID - Create 2D mobile games with Corona SDK: For iOS and Android
BOOKS106313I: MEKJAVIC, IGOR B. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Environmental ergonomics: sustaining human performance in harsh environments
BOOKS146144I: MELBOURNE, IVOR - Secret agents all
BOOKS244656I: MELBOURNE, HINEANI - Maori sovereignty: the Maori perspective
BOOKS253929I: MELCHART, RUDOLF (ED) - 100 jahre Wiener Schubertbund 1863-1963
BOOKS082418I: MELCHER, CAROL R. - Elements of stable management: an illustrated guide
BOOKS201827I: MELCHIOR, IB & BRANDENBURG, FRANK - Quest: searching for Germany's Nazi past - a young man's story
BOOKS054554I: MELCK, ELIZABETH - Finding out about specific learning difficulties / Dyslexia
BOOKS181315I: MELDRUM, ROY - An English technique
BOOKS061827I: MELEGARI, VEZIO - The world's great regiments
BOOKS021902I: MELFORD, MICHAEL - After the interval
BOOKS180612I: MELFORD, MICHAEL & WIMBUSH, WENDY - The Daily Telegraph cricket yearbook 88
BOOKS269072I: MELFORD, MICHAEL - Denham described: a history of Denham Golf Club, 1910-92
BOOKS273461I: MELHUISH, MARTIN - The Supertramp book
BOOKS188079I: MELIDES, NICHOLAS - Buns from the gutter
BOOKS072008I: MELISSA - The harlot's room
BOOKS232006I: MELISSEN, MATTHIJS - Game theory and logic for non-repudiation protocols and attack analysis
BOOKS130187I: MELITZ, LEO - The opera goers' complete guide, comprising two hundred and seventy opera plots with musical numbers and casts
BOOKS236107I: MELLALIEU, STEPHEN D & HANTON, SHELDON (EDS) - Advances in applied sport psychology: a review
BOOKS133754I: MELLANBY, KENNETH - Farming and wild life
BOOKS158859I: MELLAND, FRANK & YOUNG, CULLEN - African dilemma
BOOKS104926I: MELLARD, TREVOR - Automotive electronic systems
BOOKS271417I: MELLEN, JOAN (ED) - The world of Luis Bunuel: essays in criticism
BOOKS115790I: MELLER, HUGH - Exeter architecture
BOOKS147748I: MELLERS, WILFRID - Music and society: England and the European tradition
BOOKS063029I: MELLERS, WILFRID - Man and his music, part IV: Romanticism and the Twentieth Century
BOOKS149316I: MELLERS, WILFRID - Man and his music: the story of music experience in the West, volume 4: Romanticism and the twentieth century
BOOKS231968I: MELLERS, WILFRID - Vaughan Williams and the Vision of Albion
BOOKS016518I: MELLERSH, KATE - He, she and it: a story for children
BOOKS181092I: MELLING, PIPPA AND OTHERS (EDS) - New Spider-man Comics Weekly, 27 issues, 1973 (British edition)
BOOKS181093I: MELLING, PIPPA M (ED) - New Spider-man Comics Weekly, nos. 3,5,6 and 7, 1973 (British edition)
BOOKS189692I: MELLING, ELIZABETH - History of the Kent County Council 1889-1974
BOOKS143364I: MELLING, ELIZABETH (ED) - Kentish sources III: aspects of agriculture and industry
BOOKS072247I: MELLING, LEONARD - First man on Mars
BOOKS087318I: MELLING, ELIZABETH (ED) - Kentish sources, V: some Kentish houses
BOOKS020850I: MELLOR, ISHA - Touch wood: superstitions.
BOOKS219750I: MELLOR, EDNA - Education through experience in the infant school years
BOOKS251377I: MELLOR, J.H. AND OTHERS - A century of British fabrics 1850-1950
BOOKS200630I: MELLOR, DAVID (ED) - Cecil Beaton:
BOOKS169728I: MELLOR, C - The airman: experiences while obtaining a brevet in France
BOOKS158145I: MELLOR, C. - The airman: experiences while obtaining a Brevet in France
BOOKS245463I: MELLOR, ENID B. - The People's Bible Commentary: Proverbs
BOOKS255346I: MELLOR, TONY - Machine Gunner.
BOOKS187386I: MELLY, GEORGE - Owning up
BOOKS017944I: MELLY, GEORGE - Mellymobile 1970-1981
BOOKS028030I: MELLY, GEORGE - Rum, bum and concertina
BOOKS237592I: MELLY, GEORGE - Owning Up: the trilogy (Scouse Mouse; Rum, Bum and Concertina; Owning Up)
BOOKS228333I: MELLY, GEORGE - Rum, bum and concertina
BOOKS099024I: MELROSE, GEORGIANA - A strange occupation
BOOKS153642I: MELSOME, W.S. - The Bacon - Shakespeare anatomy
BOOKS237475I: MELTON, IAN - From Quainton to Brill: a history of the Wotton Tramway
BOOKS111774I: MELVILLE, ROBERT - Moore, Picasso, Sutherland: drawings, watercolours, gouaches
BOOKS234484I: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Footsteps in the blood
BOOKS197347I: MELVILLE, LEWIS - An injured queen, Caroline of Brunswick, volumes I & II
BOOKS162095I: WHYTE-MELVILLE G.J. - Riding recollections
BOOKS273346I: MELVILLE-MASON, GRAHAM (ED) - The Galpin Society: an exhibition of European musical instruments
BOOKS251755I: MELVILLE, JOY & LEWIS-JOHNSON, ANGELA - Hythe (Archive Photographs)
BOOKS020931I: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Listen to the children
BOOKS069076I: MELVILLE, JAMES - A haiku for Hanae
BOOKS249609I: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Come home and be killed

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