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BOOKS035057I: MORTON, Anthony (John CREASEY) - Burgle the Baron
BOOKS063964I: MORTON, Stella - Listen beloved
BOOKS065494I: MORTON, J.B. - Enchanter's nightshade
BOOKS084215I: MORTON, Anthony (CREASEY, John) - Burgle the Baron
BOOKS030987I: MORTON, Stella - Jan
BOOKS035075I: MORTON, Anthony (John CREASEY) - The Baron and the unfinished portrait
BOOKS057617I: MORTON, Stella - "Out of tomorrow -"
BOOKS263694I: MORTON, Jelly Roll - Jelly Roll Morton, 1885-1941
BOOKS175060I: MORTON, J.B. - The cow jumped over the moon: a story
BOOKS002710I: MORTON, James - Bent coppers: a survey of police corruption.
BOOKS290268I: MORTON, Harry - The wind commands: sailors and sailing ships in the Pacific
BOOKS247677I: MORTON, Dolly - The memoirs of Dolly Morton from the rare Carrington edition of 1899
BOOKS189931I: MORTON, H.V. - The spell of London
BOOKS172869I: MORTON, J.B. - Pyrenean: being the adventures of Miles Walker on his journey from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
BOOKS010748I: MORTON, Stella - The strong are bound
BOOKS217758I: MORTON, H.V. - In search of South Africa.
BOOKS293481I: MORTON, Andrew - 17 carnations: the Windsors, the Nazis and the cover-up
BOOKS027214I: MORTON, Brenda - Sleeve puppets
BOOKS209268I: MORTON, H.V. - In search of England
BOOKS209266I: MORTON, H.V. - I saw two Englands: the record of a journey before the war, and after the outbreak of war, in the year 1939
BOOKS222830I: MORTON, Stella - Source of the river
BOOKS268060I: MORTON-JACK, George - The Indian Empire at war: from jihad to victory, the untold story of the Indian Army in the First World War
BOOKS284698I: MORTON, A. L. - When the people arose: the peasants' revolt of 1381
BOOKS231383I: MORTON, Anthony - Versus the Baron
BOOKS007545I: MORTON, Stella - The unchanging shore
BOOKS293156I: MORTON, A.L. & TATE, George - The British Labour Movement: 1770-1920: a history
BOOKS167392I: MORTON, J.B. - Penny Royal
BOOKS265801I: MORTON, William - The murderer
BOOKS225290I: MORTON, Lyn - Tatting patterns
BOOKS284696I: MORTON, Arthur Leslie - The life and ideas of Robert Owen
BOOKS291629I: MORTON, H. V. - The fountains of Rome
BOOKS127024I: MORUM, William - The Gabriel
BOOKS294907I: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE CONSERVATION OF MOSAICS - Les mosaïques: conserver pour présenter? / Mosaics: conserve to display?
BOOKS124290I: MOSBACHER, Michael & ANDERSON, Digby (eds) - Another country
BOOKS207231I: MOSCA, Luca / MELEGA, Gianluigi - Signor Goldoni: dramma giocoso in due atti
BOOKS233982I: MOSCROP, Caroline L. - Fairy records, six in number
BOOKS150241I: MOSELEY, Malcolm & PARKER, Gavin - The joint provision of rural services
BOOKS160745I: MOSELEY, Malcolm J. & SANT, Morgan E.C. - The industrial development of East Anglia
BOOKS222840I: MOSELY, Martin E. - Insect life and the management of a trout fishery
BOOKS223034I: MOSER, Stephanie and others - Antiquity, volume 66, no.253, December 1992
BOOKS241184I: MOSER, Charles A. - The Cambridge history of Russian literature
BOOKS001667I: MOSES, Julian Morton - Collectors' guide to American recordings 1895-1925
BOOKS004087I: MOSESSON, Gloria R. and ELBERT, Virginie Fowler - Jewelry craft for beginners
BOOKS143145I: MOSEY, Don - Best job in the world
BOOKS182166I: VON MOSHEIM, John Laurence - Institutes of ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern, volumes I-IV
BOOKS202250I: MOSIMANN, Anton - Anton Mosimann's fish cuisine
BOOKS245658I: MOSK, Carl - Capitalism and religion in world history: purification and progress
BOOKS066220I: MOSKIN, J. Robert - The story of the United States Marine Corps
BOOKS037076I: MOSLEY, Nicholas - Assassins
BOOKS291853I: MOSLEY, W. H. & BUNGEY, J. H. - Reinforced concrete design
BOOKS286811I: MOSLEY, Leonard - The last days of the British Raj
BOOKS198194I: MOSS, Roberta - The school on the precipice
BOOKS215437I: MOSS, Emily H. - The functional analysis of flint implements: Pincevent and Pont d'Ambon: two case studies from the French final Paleolithic
BOOKS209868I: MOSS, Murray - George Jensen: Reflections
BOOKS184925I: MOSS, Nancy - The Cliff House monster
BOOKS053186I: MOSS, Eric - Solvitur ambulando (saved by walking)
BOOKS005804I: MOSS, Roberta - Mystery at Gull's Nest
BOOKS005863I: MOSS, Nancy - The riddle of Cliff House
BOOKS024875I: MOSS, W. Stanley - Ill met by moonlight: the classic story of wartime daring
BOOKS028547I: MOSS, Jean - Designer knits collection
BOOKS040384I: MOSS, Nicholas - BBC TV presents: a fiftieth anniversary celebration
BOOKS051739I: MOSS, Robert - Moscow rules
BOOKS062055I: MOSS, Roberta - Jenny of the Fourth
BOOKS074876I: MOSS, Jean - Designer knits collection
BOOKS188766I: MOSS, Roberta - Jenny's exciting term
BOOKS086888I: MOSS, Stephen / BRIDGEWATER, Alan & Gill - Bird boxes and feeders: featuring 11 step-by-step woodworking projects
BOOKS107824I: MOSS, Roberta - Jenny's exciting term
BOOKS005432I: MOSS, Stirling - The Scottie book of motor racing
BOOKS294363I: MOSS, W.Stanley - Ill met by moonlight
BOOKS189834I: MOSS, Robert and others - Ideal book for boys
BOOKS290255I: MOSS, Frank T. - Successful striped bass fishing
BOOKS238065I: MOSS, W. Stanley - Ill met by moonlight: the classic story of wartime daring
BOOKS218444I: MOSS, Les - Live and learn: a life and struggle for progress
BOOKS065895I: MOSS, T. - Lawn tennis for teachers and players
BOOKS064596I: MOSS, Nancy - The Cliff House monster
BOOKS290397I: MOSS, H.W. - The elements of fly fishing for trout and grayling
BOOKS162655I: MOSS, William Stanley - Ill met by moonlight
BOOKS158974I: MOSS, Graham - Britain's wasting acres: land use in a changing society
BOOKS167377I: MOSS, C.E. - Vegetation of the Peak District.
BOOKS295853I: MOSS, Brian - Ecology of fresh waters: man and medium, past to future
BOOKS204047I: MOSS, Sidney P. - Charles Dickens' quarrel with America
BOOKS005797I: MOSS, Roberta - Mystery at Gull's Nest
BOOKS245468I: MOSS, Fletcher - Pilgrimages to old homes, mostly on the Welsh Border
BOOKS292228I: MOSS, Kenneth - Encounter in St Ives: and other stories of Cornwall
BOOKS215632I: MOSSE, Irene Forbes - Don Juan's daughters
BOOKS286201I: MOSSE, W.E. - Liberal Europe: the age of bourgeois realism, 1848-1875
BOOKS037980I: MOSSMAN, Keith - The Shell book of rural Britain
BOOKS228479I: MOSSOP, George - Running the gauntlet: Some recollections of adventure
BOOKS225419I: MOSTAFANEZHAD, Mary and others (eds) - Political ecology of tourism: community, power and the environment
BOOKS234224I: MOSTAFANEZHAD, Mary & others (eds) - Political ecology of tourism: community, power and the environment
BOOKS004723I: MOSTAGHIMI, Lynette - Countryside needlecraft source book
BOOKS009752I: MOSTAGHIMI, Lynette - Countryside needlecraft source book
BOOKS288409I: MOTH, J. - The city of Birmingham baths department: 1851-1951
BOOKS086127I: The Snow Baby and her mother - Children of the Arctic
BOOKS294682I: MOTHERSOLE, Jessie - Hadrian's Wall
BOOKS074119I: MOTION, Andrew - Dangerous play: poems 1974-1984
BOOKS098385I: MOTION, Andrew - In the blood: a memoir of my childhood
BOOKS234600I: MOTION, Andrew - Keats
BOOKS083082I: MOTION, Andrew - Dangerous play: poems 1974-1984
BOOKS286037I: MOTLEY, Mary - Devils in waiting
BOOKS266992I: MOTLEY, John Lothrop / CURTIS, George William (ed) - The correspondence of John Lothrop Motley, D.C.L (2 volumes)
BOOKS165606I: MOTLEY, John Lothrop - The rise of the Dutch republic, a history: Vols l-III
BOOKS140649I: MOTLHABI, Mokgethi - The theory and practice of Black resistance to apartheid: a social-ethical analysis
BOOKS209017I: THE MOTOR - The Motor repair manual: a practical handbook for owner-drivers and amateur mechanics
BOOKS244361I: "THE MOTOR" - Thirty-first edition of The Motor Manual: a practical handbook for the motorisy (civilian or service)
BOOKS101963I: COMPANY OF VETERAN MOTORISTS - Official handbook of the Company of Veteran Motorists 1936-37
BOOKS151218I: VAUXHALL MOTORS - E Model Vauxhall Velox & Cresta operation and maintenance instructions, May, 1956
BOOKS293598I: MORRIS MOTORS - Operation manual for the Morris Eight (Series "E") (1948 edition)
BOOKS008171I: VAUXHALL MOTORS - A souvenir of Vauxhall
BOOKS297963I: MOTT-SMITH, Geoffrey - Mathematical puzzles for beginners and enthusiasts
BOOKS227536I: MOTT, George & AALL, Sally Sample - National Trust follies and pleasure pavilions
BOOKS297902I: MOTT, R. A. & GREENFIELD, G. J. (Eds) - The history of coke making and of the Coke Oven Managers' Association
BOOKS208926I: MOTT, R.A. & WHEELER, R.V. - Coke for blast furnaces, being the first report of the Midland Coke Research Committee
BOOKS230378I: MOTTERSHEAD, Lee - Persian Punch: the authorised tribute
BOOKS227490I: MOTTERSHEAD, Lee - Persian Punch: the authorised tribute
BOOKS062162I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Poems new and old
BOOKS240836I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Old England: illustrated by English paintings of the 18th and early 19th centuries
BOOKS242297I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Early morning
BOOKS065053I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The boroughmonger
BOOKS034049I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The glories of Norwich cathedral
BOOKS042025I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Poems new and old
BOOKS287903I: MOTTRAM, J.C - Fly-fishing: some new arts and mysteries.
BOOKS061912I: MOTTRAM, V.H. - Human nutrition
BOOKS152200I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Time's increase
BOOKS056541I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - Success to the mayor
BOOKS005204I: MOTTRAM, John - Practical treatise on building a cop
BOOKS267035I: MOTTRAM, R. H. - If these stones could speak
BOOKS071623I: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The glories of Norwich Cathedral
BOOKS240468I: MOTTRAM, R.H - To Hell, with Crabb Robinson,
BOOKS215257I: MOUDIOTIS, George - Traditional Greek cooking: the food and wines of Greece
BOOKS043741I: MOUER, Ross. E & SUGIMOTO, Yoshio (eds) - The MFP debate: a background reader
BOOKS038820I: MOUER, Ross E. & SUGIMOTO, Yoshio (eds) - The MFP debate: a background reader
BOOKS010572I: MOULDER, M.B. - The creative use of clay in First and Middle schools
BOOKS071317I: MOULDS, A.J. and others - Emergencies in general practice
BOOKS141245I: MOULE,Thomas - The North of England (Moule's County Maps)
BOOKS165141I: MOULES, Leonard - Some want it tough
BOOKS287096I: MOULIN, Annie - Peasantry and society in France since 1789
BOOKS294667I: MOULIS, D. & FRANC, M. - Laissez-vous conter le musee lapidaire
BOOKS293393I: MOULIS, D. - Laissez-vous conter l'Horreum
BOOKS035837I: MOULT, Ted - Down to earth
BOOKS085427I: MOULT, Thomas (ed) - The best poems of 1934
BOOKS243470I: MOULTON, Janice & ROBINSON, George M - The organization of language
BOOKS002393I: MOULTON, J.L. - The Royal Marines
BOOKS002683I: MOULTON, J.L. (ed) - Brassey's annual: defence and the armed forces 1972
BOOKS165146I: MOULTON, Harold K. - Colossians, Philemon and Ephesians
BOOKS067911I: MOULTRIE, John - Poems by John Moultrie
BOOKS054653I: MOUNT, Andrew & STAVERS, Peter - Form breakers for the flat
BOOKS293935I: MOUNT, Sally. - The price guide to 18th century Engliah pottery
BOOKS084922I: MOUNT EDGCUMBE, J.A. (Countess of) - 'The fox's hole': a tale of adventure long ago
BOOKS217240I: MOUNTAIN, Edgar D. - Geology of Southern Arica
BOOKS066750I: MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA (Earl) / ZIEGLER, Philip (ed) - From shore to shore: the tour diaries of Earl Mountbatten of Burma 1953-1979
BOOKS008564I: MOUNTBATTEN, Louis / ZIEGLER, Philip (ed) - The diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten 1920-1922
BOOKS159060I: MOUNTENEY-JEHPSON, A J. - Emin Pasha and the rebellion at the Equator: a story of nine months' experiences in the last of the Soudan provinces
BOOKS007678I: MOUNTEVANS (Lord) - From husky to sno-cat: a short survey of polar exploration yesterday and today
BOOKS141546I: MOUNTEVANS, Edward Ratcliffe - Arctic solitudes
BOOKS161715I: MOUNTFIELD, David - A history of African exploration
BOOKS174228I: MOUNTFIELD, David - A history of Polar exploration
BOOKS219587I: MOUNTFORD, Colin E. - The Bowes Railway: Formerly the Pontop & Jarrow Railway. Signed copy
BOOKS217292I: MOUNTFORD, James - Keele: an historical critique
BOOKS016403I: MOUNTFORD, Eric R. - Swindon GWR reminiscences
BOOKS066856I: MOUNTFORD, A.R. and CELORIA, F. - Some examples of sources in the history of 17th century ceramics
BOOKS210625I: MOUNTFORD, Eric R. - Swindon GW.R. reminiscences
BOOKS124998I: MOUNTFORT, Guy - Portrait of a desert: the story of an expedition to Jordan.
BOOKS062912I: MOUSNIER, Roland - The assassination of Henry IV
BOOKS231738I: MOUTON, Laurence & others - A taste of Morocco
BOOKS245094I: MOUTRAY, Tonya J. - Refugee nuns, the French Revolution, and British literature and culture
BOOKS219825I: MOUTSOPOULOS, Nikos - Architecture traditionelle des Balkans: Grece
BOOKS231809I: MOUTTER, Ian - Imitative fly tying: techniques and variations
BOOKS245056I: MOUZAT, Virginie & PRINGLE, Colombe - Roger Vivier
BOOKS089437I: WORLD RAINFOREST MOVEMENT - The endangered rainforests and the fight for survival, volume 1
BOOKS280169I: The Irish Freedom Movement - Irish War: Irish Freedom Movement Handbook
BOOKS218562I: IRISH FREEDOM MOVEMENT - The Irish War: Irish Freedom Movement handbook
BOOKS238243I: MOWAT, Farley - The curse of the Viking grave
BOOKS041516I: MOWAT, R.B. - Gibbon
BOOKS267919I: MOWAT, Farley - 'Stranger in Blallalay', in John Bull, no.2664, July 20, 1957
BOOKS284544I: MOWAT, James Oliver - Things and happenings from gate to gate on Berkeley Castle Estate, April 1939 - February 1990
BOOKS101408I: MOWAT, R.C. - Ruin and resurgence 1939-1965
BOOKS208323I: MOWBRAY, John (Sir) - Seventy years at Westminster with other letters and notes
BOOKS201346I: MOWBRAY, John - Feversham's fag
BOOKS061847I: MOWBRAY, John - Dismal Jimmy of the Fourth
BOOKS208241I: MOWBRAY, John - Seventy years at Westminster with other letters and notes
BOOKS162713I: MOWERY, William Byron - Challenge of the North
BOOKS066493I: MOWFORTH, Martin and MUNT, Ian - Tourism and sustainability: new tourism in the Third World
BOOKS297374I: MOWL, Tim - To build the second city: architects and craftsmen of Georgian Bristol
BOOKS236986I: MOWL, Tim - To build the second city: architects and craftsmen of Georgian Bristol
BOOKS288630I: MOWRY, George E. - The twenties: Fords, flappers and fanatics
BOOKS289078I: MOXON, P.R.A. - Training the roughshooter's dog
BOOKS213399I: MOYAL, Ann - 'A bright and savage land': scientists in Colonial Australia
BOOKS023796I: MOYE, Catherine - Asleep at the wheel
BOOKS288797I: MOYE, J. Todd - Freedom flyers: the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II
BOOKS265361I: MOYER, Laurence - Victory must be ours: Germany in the Great War, 1914-1918
BOOKS035335I: MOYES, Patricia - Night ferry to death
BOOKS061138I: MOYES, Patricia - Night ferry to death
BOOKS167818I: MOYES, Patricia - Black girl, white girl
BOOKS006276I: MOYES, Patricia - Angel death
BOOKS167689I: MOYES, Patricia - Johnny under ground
BOOKS204784I: MOYES, A.G. - The fight for the ashes 1950-1951: A critical account of the English tour in Australia
BOOKS206250I: MOYES, Patricia - Night ferry to death
BOOKS058191I: MOYLE, Donald - The teaching of reading
BOOKS176510I: MOYLE, J.B. - Imperatoris Iustiniani Institutionum: libri quattuor
BOOKS093913I: MOYLE, Donald - The teaching of reading
BOOKS033309I: MOYNAHAN, Brian - The claws of the bear: a history of the Soviet Armed Forces from 1917 to the present
BOOKS236934I: MOYNAHAN, Brian - The Faith: a history of Christianity
BOOKS238786I: MOYNIHAN, Michael (ed) - A place called Armageddon: letters from the Great War
BOOKS026215I: MOYNIHAN, Michael (ed) - People at war, 1939-1945
BOOKS064042I: MOYNIHAN, John - The West Ham story
BOOKS178503I: MOYNIHAN, John - The West Ham story
BOOKS231733I: MOYO, Gugulethu & SHURST, Mark (eds) - The day after Mugabe: prospects for change in Zimbabwe
BOOKS292384I: MOYSE-BARTLETT, H. - Nolan of Balaclava: Louis Edward Nolan and is Influence on the British Cavalry
BOOKS286134I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Mozart's Quintets in score (miniature score)
BOOKS023230I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Il Seraglio: an opera in three acts
BOOKS073969I: MOZART, W.A. / SALTER, Lionel - W.A. Mozart: Die Zauberflote / Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Cassell Opera Guides)
BOOKS109854I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony G Minor: K.-V.550
BOOKS109856I: MOZART, W.A. - Concerto pour piano, K.491, Ut mineur - C minor - c moll.
BOOKS109857I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet Eb major for 2 violins, 2 violas and violoncello; Kochel no.614
BOOKS110030I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet, G Major for 2 violins, 2 violas and violoncello, Kochel no.516.
BOOKS110032I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto pour clarinette, K.622, la majeur - A Major - A Dur
BOOKS111985I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Mozart - his greatest piano solos: a comprehensive collection of his world famous works
BOOKS247995I: MOZART, Wolfgang A. - Le Nozze Di Figaro
BOOKS108479I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Briefe
BOOKS294441I: MOZART, W.A. and JACOB, Gordon (editor) - Mozart Symphony no 40 in G minor
BOOKS267247I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - W.A Mozart's Quartetten fur zwei violinenm viola und violoncello [score edition]
BOOKS238190I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Nineteen sonatas for the piano, book II [nos.11-19] (Epstein)
BOOKS286159I: MOZART, W. A. - A succinct thorough-bass school
BOOKS268115I: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Operas, Masses & other works of Mozart: vocal scores with accompaniment (3 volumes)
BOOKS204013I: MOZLEY, Anne - Essays from " Blackwood "
BOOKS097026I: MPOMPOLAS, J. - The bus to Terminus: J. Ralton
BOOKS029453I: MUCHALL-VIEBROOK, T.W - Flemish drawings of the seventeenth century
BOOKS085818I: MUCK, Hans-Dieter - Mozart in art, 1900-1990
BOOKS288124I: MUCKELROY, Keith - Maritime archaeology
BOOKS246182I: MUDD, David - Cornish sea lights
BOOKS014742I: MUDD, David - The Cornish Edwardians
BOOKS043896I: MUDD, David - Around & about the smugglers' ways
BOOKS036383I: MUDD, David - Cornish sea lights
BOOKS267811I: MUDD, David - The Cornish Edwardians
BOOKS235636I: MUDD, David - The cruel Cornish sea
BOOKS235165I: MUDDOCK, J.E. Preston - For God and the Czar!
BOOKS102307I: MUDFORD, Peter - Birds of a different plumage: a study of British-Indian relations from Ajbar to Curzon
BOOKS036381I: MUDGE, D.E. - Road building in the Twenties
BOOKS000474I: MUDIE, P. Laurence K. - Scott and the lure of the road
BOOKS206737I: MUDIE, Ian - River boats
BOOKS289985I: MUEHLBERGER, James P. - The lost cause: the trials of Frank and Jesse James
BOOKS240164I: MUELLER, Edwina L - Doll Castle News, vol.XVII, no.IV, September & October 1977.
BOOKS169701I: MUELLER, Bruno H C - Flugmedizin fur die arztliche praxis: leitfaden fur fiegerarzte
BOOKS115453I: MUELLER, Andrew - Rock and hard places: travels to backstages, frontlines and assorted sideshows
BOOKS220611I: VON MUFFLING, Carl (Baron) - The memoirs of Baron Von Muffling: a Prussian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars
BOOKS296233I: MUGGERIDGE, R.A.H. - Molly: the years at Ends Place
BOOKS031110I: MUGGERIDGE, Malcolm - Muggeridge ancient & modern
BOOKS284522I: MUGGERIDGE, Malcolm - Something beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
BOOKS213599I: MUGHAL, Tariq I & GOLDMAN, John M (eds) - Chronic myeloproliferative disorders
BOOKS219031I: MUGRIDGE, Ian - The view from Xanadu: William Randolph Hearst and United States foreign policy
BOOKS291944I: MUHAMMAD MELAYONG, Muhammad Hadi Bin (Dr) - The catalyst towards victory
BOOKS238923I: MUHLBERG, Helmut - The complete guide to water plants
BOOKS245025I: MUHLEIS, Volkmar - Girl with Dead Bird: intercultural observations
BOOKS217764I: MUIR, John - The life and achievements of Captain James Cook: Explorer, navigator, surveyor and physician
BOOKS264003I: MUIR, P.H. - Book-collecting as a hobby, in a series of letters to Everyman
BOOKS289662I: MUIR, John R. - Messing about in boats
BOOKS264986I: MUIR-FERGUSON, Ronald & others - Chambers's Journal, part 10 (8th series), October 1932
BOOKS195454I: MUIR, Barbara - P H Muir: a check list of his published work, together with the 1985 Supplement
BOOKS195379I: MUIR, Percy - Victorian illustrated books
BOOKS014814I: MUIR, Richard - Riddles in the British landscape
BOOKS202414I: MUIR, A.L. & WALL, Harry - Havoc
BOOKS059747I: MUIR, Frank - A book at bathtime
BOOKS087677I: MUIR, Richard and MUIR, Nina - The National Trust: rivers of Britain
BOOKS116828I: MUIR, Ward - When we are rich: a callow chronicle of frivolous affairs
BOOKS101180I: MUIR, Richard and MUIR, Nina - Rivers of Britain
BOOKS033674I: MUIR, Richard - Barleybridge: the chronicles of Herbert Postlethwaite
BOOKS002381I: MUIR, Ian W. - Dinosaur down below
BOOKS246348I: MUIR, Richard - The lost villages of Britain
BOOKS223035I: MUIR, John - The Devil's Post Office
BOOKS225915I: MUIR, Richard & COLBECK, Maurice - Yorkshire Dales stonewaller
BOOKS178867I: MUIR, Augustus (ed) - How to choose and enjoy wine
BOOKS213931I: MUIR, Edwin / NOBLE, Andrew (ed) - Edwin Muir: uncollected Scottish criticism
BOOKS295963I: MUIR, Lynette - The unicorn window
BOOKS295443I: MUIR, Ramsay - Philips' New historical atlas for students
BOOKS177563I: MUIR, Richard - History from the air
BOOKS245235I: MUIR, Kenneth (ed) - King Lear: critical essays
BOOKS286526I: MUIR, Ian & MANNING, Pat - The book of Monks Orchard and Eden Park
BOOKS186922I: MUIRHEAD, J.A.O. (ed) - Clifton College register, 1862-1947
BOOKS105784I: MUIRHEAD, J.H. (ed) - Contemporary British philosophy: personal statements, volume I
BOOKS114823I: MUIRHEAD, James Thorburn - Strange to relate,
BOOKS126329I: MUIRHEAD, Campbell - The diary of a bomb aimer
BOOKS288101I: MUIRHEAD, Colin - The complete English Springer Spaniel
BOOKS184993I: MUKERJI, S.N. (ed) - Education and Psychology Review, vol.III, no.I, January 1963
BOOKS100408I: MUKERJI, Dhan Gopal - Chitra: the story of a pigeon
BOOKS288054I: MUKHERJEA, Saurabh - Syndicated lending: a handbook for borrowers in emerging markets
BOOKS141802I: MUKHIN, Vyacheslav - The church culture of Saint Petersburg
BOOKS292895I: MULAS, Antonia (photographer) - Eros in antiquity
BOOKS211117I: MULFORD, Clarence E. - Mesquite Jenkins, Tumbleweed
BOOKS211118I: MULFORD, Clarence E. - The coming of Cassidy
BOOKS295410I: MULFORD, Clarence - Hopalong Cassidy and the eagle's brood
BOOKS180485I: MULFORD, Clarence E. - The coming of Cassidy
BOOKS018090I: MULFORD, Clarence E. - Bar 20 days
BOOKS211119I: MULFORD, Clarence E. - The orphan
BOOKS058022I: MULHERIN, Jenny - Presentation techniques for the graphic artist: how to sell your ideas effectively
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BOOKS041087I: NEAUM, Sally & TALLACK, Jill - Good practice in implementing the pre-school curriculum
BOOKS024176I: NEAVE, Airey - They have their exits
BOOKS248712I: NEAVE, S.A. - The history of the Entomological Society of London, 1833-1933
BOOKS296063I: NEAVE, Nick & LYNN, Susan - Blaydon & Winlaton through time
BOOKS129244I: BRAHMS Caryl and SHERRIN Ned - Rappel 1910
BOOKS287413I: NEDERGAARD-HANSEN, Leif - Bayle's & Leibniz': Droftelse af Theodice-Problemet, II Del: Leibniz
BOOKS284986I: NEE, Watchman - A table in the wilderness
BOOKS218122I: NEEDHAM, Dorothy - Adventures in Ruyton XI Towns
BOOKS157882I: NEEDHAM, Stuart and others - The Antiquaries Journal, volume LXX (70), part II ( 2), 1990
BOOKS046946I: NEEDHAM, Violet - The woods of Windri
BOOKS057622I: NEEDHAM, Violet - Pandora of Parrham Royal
BOOKS165264I: NEEDHAM, Violet - Richard and the golden horse shoe
BOOKS074784I: NEEDHAM, Dennis - North West waterway walks, volume 3: north of the Mersey
BOOKS228676I: NEEDS, Kris (ed) - Zigzag Monthly: April 1980, April 1981 & June 1982
BOOKS113391I: NEEL, Janet - Death of a partner
BOOKS123615I: NEEL, Janet - Death of a partner
BOOKS292259I: NEEL, Janet - A timely death
BOOKS263836I: NEEL, Janet - Death's bright angel
BOOKS062643I: NEELY, K. - Marion's Sundays, or Stories on the Ten Commandments
BOOKS145622I: NEESAM, Malcolm - Harrogate (Pocket Images)
BOOKS153574I: NEFF, Wanda F. - Victorian working women: an historical and literary study of women in British industries and professions,1832-1850
BOOKS138053I: NEGUS, Arthur & PRICE, Bernard - A life among antiques
BOOKS091729I: NEHRLING, Arno and NEHRLING, Irene - Flower growing for flower arrangement
BOOKS287474I: NEHRU, Jawaharlal - The discovery of India
BOOKS247063I: NEIBAUR, James L. - Tough Guy: the American movie macho
BOOKS092157I: NEIKIRK, Mabel - Oscar on the radio
BOOKS267541I: NEIL, John - The man of mystery
BOOKS245535I: NEIL, Barbara - Someone wonderful
BOOKS099708I: O'NEIL, Charles - The military adventures of Charles O'Neil
BOOKS084540I: NEIL, C.Lang (ed) - South Africa in peace and war
BOOKS207247I: O'NEIL,Paul - Barnstormers & speed kings
BOOKS291805I: O'NEIL, Helen E & TOYNBEE, J.M.C - Sculptures from a Romano-British well in Gloucestershire
BOOKS170724I: O'NEIL, Paul - The epic of flight: Barnstormers & speed kings
BOOKS233182I: NEIL, William - The epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians
BOOKS165276I: O'NEIL, Charles - The military adventures of Charles O'Neil
BOOKS297776I: NEIL, Samuel - The art of reasoning: a popular exposition of the principles of logic
BOOKS188499I: O'NEILL, Eugene - Four plays
BOOKS287813I: O'NEILL, Richard - Suicide squads: Axis and allied special attack weapons of World War II- their development and their missions
BOOKS136102I: O'NEILL,Eugene - The Great God Brown, including The fountain, The dreamy kid, and Before breakfast
BOOKS214131I: NEILL, Stephen - Interpretation of the New Testament, 1861-1961 (Firth Lectures)
BOOKS041847I: O'NEILL, Eugene - The Hairy Ape and other plays
BOOKS007856I: O'NEILL, Richard - Suicide squads
BOOKS031416I: O'NEILL, Gilda - My East End: memories of life in Cockney London
BOOKS060934I: O'NEILL, Richard - Suicide squads
BOOKS092444I: O'NEILL, C. - A modern pilgrimage
BOOKS161953I: O'NEILL, Terry & SNOW, Peter - "Look ahead", pack A: self-study set
BOOKS165724I: NEILL, John (ed) - The Climbers' Club Journal, vol.XIV, no.2 (new series) no.89,1964
BOOKS165725I: NEILL, John (ed) - The Climbers' Club Journal, vol.XV no.1 (new series) no.91, 1966
BOOKS051408I: O'NEILL, Eugene - The moon of the Caribbees and six other plays of the sea
BOOKS111469I: O'NEILL, William F. - Selected educational heresies: some unorthodox views concerning the nature and purposes of contemporary education
BOOKS132128I: NEILL, A.S. - A dominie dismissed
BOOKS234549I: O'NEILL, James - Garrison tales from Tonquin
BOOKS293750I: NEILL, Robert - Moon in Scorpio
BOOKS173362I: O'NEILL, William L. - A bubble in time: America during the interwar years, 1989-2001
BOOKS008212I: O'NEILL, Eugene - The Hairy Ape and other plays
BOOKS100650I: O'NEILL, Hannah Cox - Devonshire idyls
BOOKS037389I: O'NEILL, Brian D. - Half a wing, three engines and a prayer: B-17s over Germany
BOOKS169862I: O'NEILL, Richard - Suicide squads: Axis and allied special attack weapons of World War II: their development and their missions
BOOKS288533I: O'NEILL, William L. - Coming apart: an informal history of America in the 1960's
BOOKS180816I: O'NEILL, Patrick - Gunter Grass: a bibliography, 1955-1975
BOOKS269923I: O'NEILL, Elizabeth - The war 1914-15: a history and an explanation for boys and girls
BOOKS000429I: NEILLANDS, Robin - By sea and land: the story of the Royal Marines Commandos
BOOKS004505I: NEILLANDS, Robin - The conquest of the Reich: from D-Day to VE-Day: a soldiers' history
BOOKS268206I: NEILLANDS, Robin - Attrition: the Great War on the Western Front - 1916
BOOKS247133I: NEKA, Suteja - The development of painting in Bali: published in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the Neka Museum, 1982-1989
BOOKS235755I: NEKA, Suteja - The development of painting in Bali: selections from the Neka Art Museum
BOOKS223450I: NELKON, Michael - Mechanics and properties of matter
BOOKS066169I: NELLENS, Roger - Roger Nellens: new works
BOOKS188770I: NELSON, Byron - Winning golf
BOOKS232263I: NELSON, Horatio - The dispatches and letters of Lord Nelson, vol.3: January 1798 to August 1799
BOOKS201009I: NELSON, Lee and others (eds) - Research methods in sports coaching
BOOKS001079I: NELSON, Truman - The old man: John Brown at Harper's Ferry
BOOKS085679I: NELSON-SMITH, A. - Oil pollution and marine ecology
BOOKS210097I: NELSON, Thomas - Nelson's dictionary of dates
BOOKS023704I: NELSON, Arty - Technicolor pulp
BOOKS238062I: NELSON, Thomas B. & LOCKHOVEN, Hans B. - The world's submachine guns (machine pistols) volume I: developments from 1915 -1963
BOOKS170786I: NELSON, Lars-Erik and others - After Clinton
BOOKS133169I: NELSON, Christine - Contemporary British quilt art
BOOKS041490I: NELSON, Michael - Captain Blossom soldiers on, or Run away, someone's coming
BOOKS295759I: NELSON, James (ed) - The complete murder sampler
BOOKS269290I: NELSON, Harold D. (ed) - Costa Rica, a country study
BOOKS169441I: NELSON, Bruce - Divided we stand: American workers and the struggle for Black equality
BOOKS223579I: NELSON, Horatio - The dispatches and letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, volume II: 1795 to 1797
BOOKS266755I: NELSON, William E. - Black Atlantic politics: dilemmas of political empowerment in Boston and Liverpool
BOOKS288298I: NELSON, Robert H. - An introduction to feeding farm livestock
BOOKS046988I: NELSON, Garry - Left foot in the grave: a view from the bottom of the Football League
BOOKS288564I: NELSON, Keith L. (ed) - The impact of war on American life: the Twentieth Century experience
BOOKS115184I: NEMEROFF, Charles B. & SCHATZBERG, Alan F. - Recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders: a psychopharmacology handbook for primary care
BOOKS012673I: NEMEROV, Howard - The winter lightning: selected poems
BOOKS182429I: NEMOURS, Aurelie - Haiti o Erzulie
BOOKS263525I: SMITH & NEPHEW - Elastoplast technique: a classified reference to the uses of Elastoplast in modern surgery
BOOKS122636I: NERUDA, Pablo - Love
BOOKS166703I: NERUDA, Pablo - We are many
BOOKS292965I: NERUDA, Pablo - Residence on Earth (Residencia en la tierra)
BOOKS297245I: NERZIC, Chantal - La sculpture en Gaule Romaine
BOOKS031815I: NESBIT, E. - The Wouldbegoods, being the further adventures of the Treasure Seekers.
BOOKS109378I: NESBIT, E. / NEWNES, George (ed) - The Strand Magazine, volume 18, No. 104, August 1899
BOOKS287104I: NESBIT, E. - The phoenix and the carpet
BOOKS189881I: NESBIT, E. - Five children and It
BOOKS001689I: NESBIT, Roy Conyers - The RAF in camera: archive photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence 1903-1939
BOOKS007287I: NESBIT, E. - The story of the treasure seekers
BOOKS096210I: NESBIT, E. - The town in the library
BOOKS189218I: NESBIT, J.C. - On agricultural chemistry and the nature and properties of Peruvian guano
BOOKS245788I: NESBIT, E. - Long ago when I was young
BOOKS207884I: NESBIT, Ray Conyers & VAN ACKER, Georges - Rudolf Hess
BOOKS204844I: NESBIT, E. - Wet magic
BOOKS174579I: NESBIT, Roy Conyers - The Battle of Britain
BOOKS290389I: NESBIT, Edith - The phoenix and the carpet
BOOKS268281I: NESBIT, Roy Conyers - The strike wings: Special anti-shipping squadrons, 1942-45
BOOKS128908I: NESBIT, E. and others - Windsor Magazine: an illustrated monthly for men and women, vol. X, June to November 1899
BOOKS290404I: NESBIT, E. - The story of the treasure seekers being the adventures of the Bastable children in search of a fortune
BOOKS246202I: NESBIT, Roy Conyers - RAF in action, 1939-1945
BOOKS087738I: NESBIT, E. - The town in the library
BOOKS268698I: NESBIT, Roy Conyers - The RAF in camera: 1946-1995: Archive photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
BOOKS211620I: NESBIT, A. - A treatise on practical mensuration in ten parts
BOOKS182065I: NESBIT, E and others - Longman's Magazine, vol. VII, November 1885 to April 1886
BOOKS143429I: NESBITT, Gemma - Garden graphics: how to plan and map your garden
BOOKS270651I: NESBITT-DUFORT, John - Open cockpit: flying pre-war fighting and training aircraft
BOOKS213480I: NESJE, Atle & DAHL, Svein Olaf - Glaciers and environmental change
BOOKS133327I: NESSER, Hakan - Borkmann's Point
BOOKS037375I: NETHERTON, Les - Aero modellers' handbook: the guide to the hobby
BOOKS199218I: NETHERWOOD, Bryan A. (ed) - Medley macabre: an anthology of stories of the supernatural , being ghosts, psychical phenomena, uncanny mysteries
BOOKS280093I: NETT, Roger - Thorntree Meadows
BOOKS218462I: NETTEL, Reginald - Christmas and its carols
BOOKS268869I: NETTELL, Stephanie (ed) - Guardian angels: Fifteen new stories by winners of the Guardian Children's Fiction Award
BOOKS236560I: NETTLETON, Arthur - All about filing negatives and prints
BOOKS225218I: NETTON, Ian Richard - A popular dictionary of Islam
BOOKS294949I: NETZER, Ehud - Die Paläste der Hasmonäer und Herodes' des Großen
BOOKS293237I: NETZER, Ehud - The architecture of Herod, the great builder
BOOKS155833I: NETZER, Remigius (ed) - Kunstwerke der Welt: aus dem offentlichen Bayerischen Kunstbesitz
BOOKS290052I: NETZER, Ehud & WEISS, Zeev - Zippori
BOOKS106422I: NEUBURG, Victor E. - Popular literature: a history and guide, from the beginning of printing to the year 1897

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