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BOOKS268671I: ALDEN, John - Poems in Pamphlet XII
BOOKS142575I: ALDEN, Henry J.C. (ed) - Alden's guide to Oxford (1948)
BOOKS056192I: ALDEN, Douglas W. & THOMPSON, William J.(eds) - French XX bibliography: critical and biographical references for the study of French literature since 1885 Vol.X, No.3,issue 48
BOOKS306809I: ALDEN, D. C. - The horse at the gates
BOOKS107607I: ALDER, John - Effective enforcement of planning control
BOOKS227560I: ALDER, F.E. and others - The Farmer & Stock-Breeder grassland handbook
BOOKS209519I: ALDERMAN, R.B. - Psychological behaviour in sport
BOOKS225881I: ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS, Hugh - World design: Nationalism and globalism in design
BOOKS169043I: ALDERSON, Andrew - The subtle minotaur
BOOKS038314I: ALDERSON, Lawrence - The chance to survive: rare breeds in a changing world
BOOKS028699I: ALDERSON, Frederick - View North: a long look at Northern England
BOOKS248603I: ALDERSON, Frederick - England by bicycle
BOOKS001864I: ALDERSON, William T and McBRIDE, Robert M. (eds) - Landmarks of Tennessee history
BOOKS068682I: ALDERSON, Alexander - The subtle minotaur
BOOKS173323I: ALDERSON, William T & MCBRIDE, Robert (eds) - Landmarks of Tennessee history, & More landmarks of Tennessee history
BOOKS295157I: ALDHOUSE-GREEN, Stephen - Art, ritual and death in prehistory
BOOKS174219I: ALDIN, Cecil - The romance of the road
BOOKS178995I: ALDIN, Cecil - Sleeping partners: a series of episodes
BOOKS199950I: ALDIN, Cecil - Old manor houses
BOOKS101037I: ALDIN, Cecil - Cathedrals and abbey churches of England
BOOKS292355I: ALDIN, Cecil - An artist's models
BOOKS180564I: ALDIN, Cecil - An artist's models
BOOKS044651I: ALDING, Peter - Ransom town
BOOKS189243I: ALDING, Peter - Despite the evidence
BOOKS038609I: ALDINGTON, Richard - Wellington
BOOKS059023I: ALDINGTON, Richard (ed) - Poetry of the English speaking world
BOOKS000351I: ALDINGTON, Richard - D.H. Lawrence
BOOKS186103I: ALDINGTON, Richard - D.H. Lawrence: an appreciation
BOOKS270464I: ALDINGTON, Richard - Portrait of a genius, but... (the life of D.H.Lawrence, 1885-1930)
BOOKS240491I: ALDINGTON, Richard, - Portrait of a genius, but... the life of D.H. Lawrence, 1885 to 1930
BOOKS033797I: ALDINGTON, Richard - The romance of Casanova
BOOKS284422I: ALDINGTON, Richard - Women must work
BOOKS002807I: ALDINGTON, Richard (ed) - Fifty romance lyric poems
BOOKS149171I: ALDINGTON, Richard - Literary studies and reviews
BOOKS052209I: ALDINGTON, Richard - Wellington
BOOKS038195I: ALDISS, Brian - Bury my heart at W.H. Smith's: a writing life
BOOKS002937I: ALDISS, Brian - Forgotten life
BOOKS022251I: ALDISS, Brian W. - The airs of Earth
BOOKS305060I: ALDISS, Brian - Ruins
BOOKS308864I: ALDISS, Brian W. - The eighty-minute hour: a space opera
BOOKS247718I: ALDISS, Brian - Cities and stones: a traveller's Jugoslavia
BOOKS000233I: ALDISS, Brian W. - A soldier erect or Further adventures of the hand-reared boy
BOOKS125978I: ALDISS, Brian W. - Equator
BOOKS285678I: ALDISS, Brian - The Saliva Tree and other strange growths
BOOKS204018I: ALDISS, Brian W. - An age
BOOKS061022I: ALDISS, Brian - Ruins
BOOKS305439I: ALDISS, Brian - Brothers of the head
BOOKS044956I: ALDOUS, Bob - Busker: musical meanderings down memory lane
BOOKS247949I: ALDOUS, Bob - Busker: musical meanderings down memory lane
BOOKS096257I: ALDRED, David H. - Around Bishop's Cleeve and Winchcombe in old photographs
BOOKS101449I: ALDRED, David H. - Around Bishop's Cleeve and Winchcombe
BOOKS269350I: ALDRED, David H. - Around Bishop's Cleeve and Winchcombe in old photographs
BOOKS264307I: ALDRED, David H. - Bishop's Cleeve to Winchcombe in old photographs
BOOKS242036I: ALDRED, David H. - Bishop's Cleeve to Winchcombe in old photographs
BOOKS236763I: ALDRED, David - Around Bishop's Cleeve and Winchcombe in old photographs
BOOKS045464I: ALDRED, Cyril - Tutankhamun's Egypt
BOOKS142907I: ALDRICH, C.Langley - G.E.R. locomotives, 1923, with additions and rebuilds to 1943
BOOKS137237I: ALDRICH, Mildred - On the edge of the war zone: from the Battle of the Marne to the entrance of the Stars and Stripes
BOOKS206309I: ALDRICH, Mildred - A hilltop on the Marne
BOOKS298434I: ALDRICH, Richard J. - British intelligence, strategy and the Cold War, 1945-51
BOOKS206329I: ALDRICH, Mildred - On the edge of the war zone, from the Battle of the Marne, to the entrance of the Stars and Stripes
BOOKS210908I: ALDRICH, Colin Langley - Great Eastern locomotives, past and present, 1862-1944, etc
BOOKS188997I: ALDRIDGE, James - Signed with their honour
BOOKS244354I: ALDRIDGE, James - Heroes of the empty view
BOOKS284271I: ALDRIDGE, Nicholas - Time to spare? A history of Summer Fields
BOOKS004642I: ALDRIDGE, Eileen - Porcelain
BOOKS039544I: ALDWIN, Alfred (Mrs) - The pedlar's pack
BOOKS206826I: ALEC-TWEEDIE, E - My table-cloths: a few reminiscences
BOOKS308543I: ALEGRIA, Ciro. - Broad and alien is the world
BOOKS113076I: ALEITH, R.C. - Bergsteigen: basic rock climbing
BOOKS173245I: ALEKSANDER, Igor - How to build a mind
BOOKS005721I: ALEKSANDER, Igor - Reinventing man: the robot becomes reality
BOOKS280517I: ALES, Mikolas - Kresby a Navrhy: napsala hana volavkova
BOOKS036966I: ALESSI, Alberto - The dream factory: Alessi since 1921
BOOKS303531I: ALESSI, Alberto - The dream factory: Alessi since 1921: 2000
BOOKS303536I: ALESSI, Alberto - The dream factory: Alessi since 1921 (2003)
BOOKS303697I: ALESSI, Alberto - The dream factory: Alessi since 1921
BOOKS303523I: ALESSI, Alberto - The dream factory: Alessi since 1921 [2002 edition]
BOOKS175559I: ALEX, Reinhard - Schlosser und Garten um Worlitz
BOOKS215688I: ALEX, William - Calvert Vaux: Architect & Planner
BOOKS238860I: ALEXANDER, Sheila - A wife's tale
BOOKS231374I: ALEXANDER, Diane - The story of Coberley, Gloucestershire
BOOKS087136I: ALEXANDER, Jo and others (eds) - Intrapartum care: a reasearch-based approach
BOOKS087153I: ALEXANDER, Jo and others (eds) - Postnatal care: a research-based approach
BOOKS288180I: ALEXANDER, Paul - James Dean: boulevard of broken dreams
BOOKS018654I: ALEXANDER, Roy - The cruise of the raider 'Wolf'
BOOKS300510I: ALEXANDER, Catherine M.S & WELLS, Stanley (eds) - Shakespeare and race
BOOKS031542I: ALEXANDER, Dan Dale - Arthritis and common sense
BOOKS170411I: ALEXANDER, James (ed) - Belfast Harbour Commissioners centenary 1847-1947
BOOKS050695I: ALEXANDER, Henry (Sir) - The Cairngorms: the Scottish Mountaineering Club guide
BOOKS156703I: ALEXANDER, Karen (ed) - Baily's Hunting Directory 1994-95
BOOKS179101I: ALEXANDER, James - Road to victory: D-Day, June 1944 to VJ Day, August 1945.
BOOKS034262I: ALEXANDER, Pat (ed) - The Lion encyclopedia of the Bible
BOOKS041900I: ALEXANDER, Robin - Policy and practice in primary education
BOOKS293013I: ALEXANDER, M. Darsie & others - Body language
BOOKS118223I: ALEXANDER, Caroline - The way to Xanadu
BOOKS149197I: ALEXANDER, Nigel - Cheltenham's bloomers II, by Nige
BOOKS212800I: ALEXANDER, James E. - Passages in the life of a soldier, or, military service in the East and West, vol.I
BOOKS200826I: ALEXANDER, Catherine and others - Urban ife in post-Soviet Asia
BOOKS289582I: ALEXANDER, Margaret A. & ENNAIFER, Mongi - Corpus des mosaiques de Tunisie, vol. II, fasc. 1-3, nos. 1-343
BOOKS070546I: ALEXANDER, Caroline - The way to Xanadu
BOOKS176273I: ALEXANDER (Earl of Crawford and Balcarres) - Argo: or, the quest of the Golden Fleece: a metrical tale in ten books
BOOKS246674I: ALEXANDER, Keith N.A. - The beetles of Gloucestershire - their status, ecology and distribution
BOOKS130993I: ALEXANDER, Tom - Project Apollo: man to the Moon
BOOKS032090I: ALEXANDER, Lynne - Safe houses
BOOKS289676I: ALEXANDER, Margaret A & ENNAIFER, Mongi - Corpus de mosaiques de Tunisie, volume 1: region de Ghar et Melh, Fasicule 2: Utique
BOOKS289615I: ALEXANDER, Margaret A & others - Corpus des Mosaiques de Tunisie, volume II: Region de Zaghouan, Fasicule 1: Thurburbo Majus, Region du Forum
BOOKS226840I: ALEXANDER, John - Murder at the eclipse,
BOOKS202366I: ALEXANDER, Michael - Offbeat in Asia: an excursion
BOOKS199077I: ALEXANDER, Ziggi & DEWJEE, Audrey (eds) - The wonderful adventures of Mrs.Seacole in many lands
BOOKS119602I: ALEXANDER, Karen (ed) - Baily's hunting directory 1992-93 (number 86).
BOOKS119815I: ALEXANDER, Paul - Creativity in worship
BOOKS244972I: ALEXANDER, John - Granny's kitchen cupboard
BOOKS204134I: ALEXANDER, George - Souvenir of the Prisoner of Zenda, romantic play adapted by Edward Rose from Anthony Hope's story as presented at the St James Theatre, Jan 7 1896
BOOKS306554I: ALEXANDER, Charles C. - The half-game pennant of 1908: four teams chase victory in the American league
BOOKS162370I: ALEXANDER, Louis C. - Echoes of Whistler
BOOKS156704I: ALEXANDER, Karen (ed) - Baily's Hunting Directory 1995-96
BOOKS197200I: ALEXANDER, Christine - The early writings of Charlotte Bronte
BOOKS285264I: ALEXANDER, Nick - For reasons of space
BOOKS309845I: ALEXANDER, Diane - The story of Coberley, Gloucestershire
BOOKS309306I: ALEXANDER, Bill - British volunteers for liberty: Spain, 1936 - 1939
BOOKS228066I: ALEXANDER, J. J.G. - The decorated letter
BOOKS306074I: ALEXANDER, Diana - The story of Coberley, Gloucestershire
BOOKS077007I: ALEXANDER, Marc - A.E. Stegmann: the life and art of a remarkable artist
BOOKS243290I: ALEXANDER, Diana - The story of Coberley, Gloucestershire
BOOKS300644I: ALEXANDER, Michael - Omai: noble savage
BOOKS014737I: ALEXANDER, Caroline - The way to Xanadu
BOOKS307410I: ALEXANDRA (Queen) - Queen Alexandra's Christmas gift book: photographs from my camera
BOOKS227633I: NOBLE. Alexandra - Words in a box
BOOKS289632I: ALEXANDRAKIS, Maria & MANTZOUFA, Clio - Athens from the Acropolis
BOOKS268174I: ALEXANDRE, Arsene - Jean-Dominique Ingres: Master of Pure Draughtsmanship
BOOKS306345I: CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA (Saint) - Commentary on the Gospel according to S. John, volume IL S.John I-VIII
BOOKS267876I: ALEXANER, Scott & EDWARD, William - Fearless ghost: loves... not fade away
BOOKS293400I: ALEXIOU, Stylianou - Guide to the archaeological museum of Heraclion
BOOKS245623I: ALFEROFF, B. C. (ed) - The Wayfarer's Journal no. 3 1933
BOOKS310132I: ALFIERI, Bruno - Mercedes-Benz S.class
BOOKS310089I: ALFIERI, Bruno - Mercedes-Benz SL 300-300.24 - 500 - 600
BOOKS309876I: ALFIERI, Bruno - Form: Mercedes-Benz: the roots and rationale of beauty
BOOKS239482I: ALFORD, Violet - Dances of France, 3: the Pyrenees
BOOKS113884I: ALFORD, John A. & TAVORMINA, M. Teresa (eds) - The yearbook of Langland studies, volume 1, 1987
BOOKS121612I: ALFORD, B.W.E. and others - Economic planning, 1943-51: a guide to documents in the Public Record Office
BOOKS127231I: ALFORD, John A. & TAVORMINA, M.Teresa (eds) - The yearbook of Langland studies, volume 3, 1989
BOOKS240395I: NOYES Alfred - Collected poems, vol.I
BOOKS291317I: EL-ALFY, Amal M. Safwat - Graeco Roman Museum
BOOKS165678I: ALGE, S. & RIPPMANN, Walter - Dent's second French book
BOOKS178041I: ALGER, Horatio - Ragged Dick and Struggling upward
BOOKS269980I: GRAVES. Algernon (ed) - A dictionary of artists who have exhibited works in the principal London Exhibitions from 1760 to 1893
BOOKS241263I: ALI, Turan - We are family: testimonies of lesbian and gay parents
BOOKS289744I: ALI, S. Nazim & ALI, Naseem N. - Information sources on Islamic banking and economics: 1980-1990
BOOKS043763I: ALI, Ahmed - Plantation to politics: studies on Fiji Indians
BOOKS198775I: ALI, Aamir (ed) - Environment protection of the Himalaya: a mountaineers' view
BOOKS247150I: ALI, Salim - The book of Indian birds
BOOKS180223I: ALI, Tariq - The Nehrus and the Gandhis: an Indian dynasty
BOOKS290198I: ALI, Wijdan (editor) - Contemporary art from the Islamic world
BOOKS292939I: ALICU, Dorin & others - Figured monuments from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa
BOOKS213781I: ALICU, Dorin & PAKI, Adela - Town planning and population in Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International)
BOOKS184554I: DANTE Alighieri - La divine comedie: enfer - purgatorie - paradis: traduction en vers, tome second
BOOKS204557I: DANTE ALIGHIERI - The Vision; or, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise with a life of Dante, chronological view of his age, additional notes, and an index
BOOKS188331I: DANTE ALIGHIERI - The divine comedy of Dante Alighieri
BOOKS310163I: ALIGHIERI, Dante - La Divina Comedia
BOOKS182565I: ALIGHIERI, Dante - Dante's works: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (3 volumes)
BOOKS247611I: ALINE (Countess of Romanones) - The spy went dancing
BOOKS114675I: ALINGTON, C.A. - Blessed blunders
BOOKS191186I: ALINGTON, Cyril - Shrewsbury fables: being addresses given in Shrewsbury School Chapel
BOOKS239195I: ALISON, Filippo - Charles Rennie Mackintosh as a designer of chairs
BOOKS192504I: ALISON, Archibald - History of Europe from the commencement of the French Rvolution in MDCCLXXXIX to the restoration of the Bourbons in MDCCXV, volume the tenth
BOOKS301498I: ALISON, Jane (editor) - Stanley Spencer: the apotheosis of love
BOOKS180754I: UTTLEY. Alison. - Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas.
BOOKS167086I: TAYLOR. Alison G. - The house of women
BOOKS291199I: ALIVERNINI, Eraldo and others - Pompei 1748-1980: i tempi della documentazione
BOOKS009525I: ALKIN, Glyn - TV sound operations
BOOKS051107I: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1967
BOOKS292866I: ALLAG, C. & others - Peintures Romaines: Musee de Vaison-la-Romaine: guide catalogue
BOOKS226634I: ALLAN, Luke - The black opal
BOOKS166807I: HENDERSON Allan J. (ed) - The Henston bovine veterinary vade mecum
BOOKS036813I: ALLAN, Luke - The blue wolf: a tale of the cypress hills
BOOKS307339I: ALLAN, Brian and WOODS, Patrice - Wild orchids of Scotland
BOOKS053448I: ALLAN, Angus P. / HAMPSON, Frank - Dan Dare - pilot of the future
BOOKS069635I: ALLAN, Luke - Blue Pete's dilemma
BOOKS143243I: ALLAN, Ian - Tribute to British steam
BOOKS142091I: ALLAN, Ian - Locospotter's annual 1964
BOOKS267294I: ALLAN, G.A.T - Christ's Hospital
BOOKS172335I: ALLAN, Mea - The family of flowers
BOOKS153583I: ALLAN, W.J.D. & ALEXANDER, William - The observer's handbook on maps, charts and projections
BOOKS285458I: ALLAN, Mabel Esther - Black Forest summer
BOOKS128630I: ALLAN, Tony - Ancient Rome: life, myth and art
BOOKS248531I: ALLAN, Mea - Base rumour
BOOKS164254I: ALLAN, Mea - Weeds: the unbidden guests in our gardens
BOOKS127075I: ALLAN, Mea - Base rumour
BOOKS198319I: ALLAN, D.G.C. - The houses of the Royal Society of Arts: a history and a guide
BOOKS062200I: ALLAN, Luke - Five for one
BOOKS017076I: IAN ALLAN - The abc of British Railway locomotives, Part 3 - nos.40000-59999 and 70000-99999: winter 1960/1 edition
BOOKS128080I: ALLAN, Ian - ABC: British Railways diesels, Winter 1959/60 edition
BOOKS138624I: ALLAN, Luke - The blue wolf: a tale of the cypress hills
BOOKS211529I: ALLAN, Ian (ed) - Studies in steam. No 2
BOOKS211563I: ALLAN, Ian (ed) - Titans of the track: London & North Eastern Railway
BOOKS211569I: ALLAN, Ian - The ABC of L.N.E.R. locomotives
BOOKS211571I: ALLAN, Ian - The ABC of Midland Red vehicles
BOOKS297662I: ALLAN, John R. - Market town
BOOKS194464I: ALLAN, Stella - A mortal affair
BOOKS109256I: ALLAN, John R. - Lowlands of Scotland (About Britain no.11)
BOOKS068199I: ALLAN, Victor (comp) - East Anglian enchantment: an anthology
BOOKS286170I: ALLAN, John (editor) - Devon Archaeological Society: Proceedings No. 60, 2002
BOOKS191509I: ALLAN, Mea - Plants that changed our gardens
BOOKS268147I: ALLAN, Ian - Trains annual 1966
BOOKS244496I: ALLAN, Sonia - Donor conception and the search for information: from secrecy and anonymity to openness
BOOKS163328I: ALLAN-SCOTT, Lesley - The English Setter
BOOKS202713I: ALLAN, Mabel E. and others - Schoolgirls album 1949
BOOKS235991I: ALLAN, James - Clearer horizons
BOOKS243573I: ALLAN, Angus P - The Beatles: their story in pictures
BOOKS309737I: ALLARD, C. Kenneth - Command, control & the common defense
BOOKS062005I: ALLARDICE, Pamela - Lavender
BOOKS189927I: ALLARDICE, Pamela - An A-Z of essential oils: the fragrant art of aromatherapy
BOOKS077534I: ALLARDICE, Pamela - Strawberries
BOOKS226198I: ALLARDYCE, Paula - The Moonlighters
BOOKS223508I: ALLARDYCE, Paula - The man of wrath
BOOKS229336I: ALLASON-JONES, Lindsay - Women in Roman Britain
BOOKS296092I: ALLASON-JONES, Lindsay - Roman woman: everyday life in Hadrian's Britain
BOOKS294573I: ALLASON-JONES, Lindsay & MCKAY, Bruce - Coventina's well: a shrine on Hadrian's Wall
BOOKS182324I: ALLASON-JONES, Lindsay - Roman woman: everyday life in Hadrian's Britain
BOOKS019900I: ALLBEURY, Ted - The seeds of treason
BOOKS291548I: ALLBEURY, Ted - Cold tactics
BOOKS033120I: ALLBEURY, Ted - Consequence of fear
BOOKS020201I: ALLBEURY, Ted - Consequence of fear
BOOKS041317I: ALLBEURY, Ted - The choice
BOOKS247657I: ALLBEURY, Ted - Palomino blonde
BOOKS194368I: ALLBEURY, Ted - The dangerous edge
BOOKS310844I: ALLBURY, A. G. - Bamboo and Bushido
BOOKS290475I: ALLCARD, Edward C. - Voyage alone
BOOKS290453I: ALLCARD, Edward - Temptress returns
BOOKS223300I: ALLCHIN, M.C.V. - A history of Highland locomotives
BOOKS302224I: ALLCHIN, M.C.V. - A history of Highland locomotives
BOOKS152437I: ALLCOCK, Tony - End to end: a year in bowls
BOOKS092346I: ALLCOTT, A. - Pumps
BOOKS209186I: ALLCROFT, A. H. & MASOM, W.F. - Cicero: De Amicitia. Text and notes.
BOOKS046362I: ALLDAY, Jenny - Ice creams, sorbets, mousses & parfaits: the delicious natural way
BOOKS299836I: ALLEN, W.G.B. - Pistols, rifles and machine guns: a straightforward explanation of their mechanism, construction, and role in battle
BOOKS015158I: ALLEN, Oliver E. - Decorating with plants
BOOKS015286I: ALLEN, Janet & HOLDEN, John - The home artist
BOOKS197173I: ALLEN, David Rayvern - Early books on cricket
BOOKS180997I: ALLEN, Jane, and others - Out on the shelves: lesbian books into libraries
BOOKS197033I: ALLEN, Philip A. & ALLEN, John R. - Basin analysis: principles and applications
BOOKS265331I: ALLEN, William Lusk. - Anzio: edge of disaster
BOOKS297856I: ALLEN, Richard Sanders - Covered bridges of the Northeast
BOOKS037175I: ALLEN, G. Freeman (comp) - Eric Treacy: railway photographer
BOOKS308539I: Allen, C.E Titch - Vintage Road Test Journal issues 4,5,6- reprinted: volume 2
BOOKS035362I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Locospotters annual 1970
BOOKS294088I: ALLEN, Rick - The moving pageant: a literary sourcebook on London street life: 1700-1914
BOOKS230160I: ALLEN, Barbara & JOHNSTON-WILDER, Sue (ed) - Mathematics education: exploring the culture of learning
BOOKS209841I: ALLEN, C. Frank - Railroad curves and earthwork
BOOKS202768I: ALLEN, W.G.B. - Pistols, rifles and machine guns: a straightforward explanation of their mechanism, construction and role in battle
BOOKS143011I: ALLEN, Stuart Lee - In the Devil's garden: a sinful history of forbidden food
BOOKS200829I: ALLEN, Robert C. (ed) - To be continued...: soap operas around the world:
BOOKS191861I: ALLEN, A.J. - More Cotswold stories.
BOOKS159155I: ALLEN, Thomas - Foreign parts: a singer's journal
BOOKS287385I: ALLEN, J.W - A history of political thought in the sixteenth century
BOOKS128803I: ALLEN, David Rayvern - Peter Pan and cricket
BOOKS015273I: ALLEN, G. Freeman - Railways: past, present & future
BOOKS012133I: ALLEN, Judy - Song for solo and persistent chorus
BOOKS033487I: ALLEN, Walter - All in a lifetime
BOOKS035312I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Titled trains of Great Britain
BOOKS035309I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - British Pacific locomotives
BOOKS035300I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Titled trains of Great Britain
BOOKS035247I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Titled trains of the Western
BOOKS035245I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Salute to the Great Western
BOOKS041590I: ALLEN, Judy - Between the moon and the rock
BOOKS044618I: ALLEN, Stewart Lee - In the devil's garden: a sinful history of forbidden food
BOOKS160915I: ALLEN, James Lane - A Kentucky cardinal
BOOKS056138I: ALLEN, Judy - The dream thing
BOOKS063970I: ALLEN, David Rayvern - A song for cricket
BOOKS092403I: ALLEN, Bob (ed) - The Blackwell guide to recorded country music
BOOKS213125I: ALLEN, Minna Loftus - Show Pekingese
BOOKS174519I: ALLEN, Joyce E. - Sense and sensitivity in gymnastics
BOOKS248649I: ALLEN, Benedict - Edge of blue heaven: a journey through Mongolia
BOOKS120550I: ALLEN, Richard W. - Memories 1919-1950
BOOKS299585I: ALLEN, Nicholas - Broughton Castle and the Fiennes family
BOOKS198756I: ALLEN, Stan (ed) - Magic Magazine, volume 19, number 2, October 2009
BOOKS160324I: ALLEN, Cecil J - British Atlantic locomotives
BOOKS299214I: ALLEN, Michael (editor) - Seamus Heaney (New Casebooks)
BOOKS299055I: ALLEN, Grant - Charles Darwin
BOOKS140217I: ALLEN, Walter - George Eliot
BOOKS218539I: ALLEN, Gerald - Marine life of Malaysia and the Indo-Pacific
BOOKS237454I: ALLEN, Herbert E. & KRAMER, James R.(eds) - Nutrients in natural waters
BOOKS013188I: ALLEN, Nancy - Film study collections: a guide to their development and use
BOOKS047764I: ALLEN, David Rayvern - Arlott: the authorised biography
BOOKS248767I: ALLEN, E. John B. - The culture and sport of skiing: from antiquity to World War II
BOOKS125787I: ALLEN, Arthur B. - Puppetry for beginners.
BOOKS011465I: ALLEN, Cecil J. - Salute to the Great Western
BOOKS297648I: ALLEN, Cecil J - Titans of the track - L.M.S. no.2
BOOKS017906I: ALLEN, Eric - Prayer is better than sleep
BOOKS197606I: ALLEN, Woody and others - The Playboy book of humor and satire
BOOKS087264I: ALLEN, William - The drawings of William Allen
BOOKS186206I: ALLEN, Alexandra - Travelling ladies
BOOKS289618I: ALLEN, David Rayvern - Jim: the life of E.W.Swanton
BOOKS290895I: ALLEN, Denise and BRYAN, Mike - Roman Britain and where to find it
BOOKS302067I: ALLEN, H.R. - Battle for Britain: the recollections of H.R."Dizzy" Allen, DFC
BOOKS232543I: ALLEN, John R. - Physical processes of sedimentation
BOOKS170830I: ALLEN, Hervey - Anthony Adverse
BOOKS235463I: ALLEN, Johannes - Young love
BOOKS301358I: ALLEN, Eric - Eric Allen's broadcast stories
BOOKS301054I: ALLEN, P.M. & JACKSON, Audrey A - Geological excursions in the Harlech Dome
BOOKS164053I: ALLEN, Gardner W - A naval history of the American Revolution, volume II
BOOKS166461I: ALLEN, Osric - The dark tunnel: a comedy
BOOKS296881I: ALLEN, Eric - Eric Allen's broadcast stories
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BOOKS265064I: ANTHROPOS - Bugail y Cwm
BOOKS306732I: ANTIER, Jean-Jacques - La flotte de saborde: Toulon 1942
BOOKS094534I: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES - Annual report: Proceedings 1992-93
BOOKS293091I: ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM DEPARTMENT OF ANTIQUITIES - A summary guide to the collections
BOOKS249319I: ANTOINE, Claude - Crash a Meythet, 15 Aout 1943, Un bombadier Britannique S'ecrase au pont de Tasset
BOOKS129733I: ANTON, Mary A. - The modern cookery book containing 500 practical and favourite recipes
BOOKS304689I: DE ANTONIO, Emile & TALBOT, Daniel - Point of order!: A documentary of the Army-McCarthy hearings
BOOKS192209I: ANTONOV, Viktor and others - Sergei Sviatchenko: paintings, collages, installations, video, photography, design, fashion, the children's books, texts
BOOKS308451I: ANTONY, Jonquil & WILSON, Lesley - The Robinson family
BOOKS240372I: ANTROBUS, Lola M - The Rural and Industrial Development Authority in Malaysia 1950-1965
BOOKS187162I: AOTHEBY'S - Japanese netsuke and works of art (Dec.1978)
BOOKS293876I: AOUNALLAH, Samir - Pheradi Maius: Sidi Khlifa
BOOKS130335I: APIMONDIA (INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF BEEKEEPERS' ASSOCIATIONS) - The XXXth International Apicultural Congress, Nagoya, Japan, October 10-16, 1985
BOOKS163913I: APLEY, A. Graham & SOLOMON, Louis - Apley's system of orthopaedics and fractures
BOOKS242008I: APLIN, Graeme & others - Global environmental crises: an Australian perspective
BOOKS155142I: APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume - Poemes
BOOKS066650I: APOLLO / HARE, T. Leman (ed) - Apollo: a journal of the arts, Vol 13, No 75, March 1931
BOOKS066652I: APOLLO - Apollo: a journal of the arts, vol 8, No 44, August 1928
BOOKS169752I: APOSTOLO, Giorgio - War birds: military aircraft of the First World War in colour
BOOKS104023I: APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA, Diana - Dictionary of Christian art
BOOKS176850I: R.A.A.F. MEMORIAL APPEAL - They gave their lives
BOOKS180323I: APPEL, Joseph H. - A world cruise log
BOOKS040912I: APPELBAUM, Stanley (ed) - Traditional Chinese designs
BOOKS055252I: APPELO, Tim - Ally McBeal: the official guide
BOOKS305285I: APPERLEY, Charles James (NIMROD) - Nimrod's hunting reminiscences comprising memoirs of Masters of Hounds
BOOKS156338I: APPERLEY, Charles James (NIMROD) - Nimrod's hunting reminscences comprising memoirs of Massters of Hounds, notices of the crack riders and characteristics hunting countries of England
BOOKS208229I: APPERSON, G.L. (ed) - Gleanings after time: chapters in social and domestic history
BOOKS218607I: APPIGNANESI, Lisa - All about love: anatomy of an unruly emotion
BOOKS206608I: APPIGNANESI, Lisa & FORRESTER, John - Freud's Women
BOOKS269149I: APPIGNANESI, Richard (ed) - Fireweed: working class and Socialist arts, No.1, Spring 75
BOOKS304888I: APPIGNANESI, Lisa - The cabaret
BOOKS201039I: APPLE, Michael W. - Official knowledge: democratic education in a Conservative age
BOOKS177462I: APPLEBY, John - The singing cave
BOOKS249633I: APPLEBY, Chris - Chris Appleby: works past and present
BOOKS297844I: APPLEBY, John B - Cheltenham's trams and buses remembered
BOOKS298059I: APPLEBY, John B. - Bristol's trams remembered
BOOKS291559I: APPLEBY, John B. - Bristol's trams remembered
BOOKS303779I: APPLEBY, David & John - The magic boxes: professional photographers and their studios in North Essex: 1845-1937
BOOKS146615I: APPLEBY, Dobs & Barry - The Gambols - Book No. 30
BOOKS306568I: APPLEGATE, Rex - Kill or get killed: riot control techniques, manhandling, and close combat, for police and the military
BOOKS136344I: APPLETON, Victor - Tom Swift and his Jetmarine
BOOKS159097I: APPLETON, Victor - Tom Swift and his sky racer; or, the quickest flight on record
BOOKS184615I: APPLETON, George - The Christian approach to the Buddhist
BOOKS033769I: APPLETON, Douglas H. - The beagle handbook
BOOKS139694I: APPLETON, Victor - The desert of mystery
BOOKS158677I: APPLETON, Marie - Made in Adelaide: the people (including Satchell tapes)
BOOKS071443I: APPLETON, Victor - The desert of mystery
BOOKS182309I: APPLETON, Douglas & APPLETON, Carol - Beagles and beagling
BOOKS298075I: APPLEYARD, H.S. & O'DONOGHUE, K.J. - Hain of St. Ives
BOOKS303723I: APPLIN, Barbara & FELGATE, Mary - Going down Church Street to the Felgate Bookshop
BOOKS180466I: APSLEY (Lady) - Bridleways through history
BOOKS109593I: APTED, M.R. (ed) - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, sessions 1964-65 and 1965-66, volume XCVIII
BOOKS305688I: APTED, M.R. and others (editors) - Ancient monuments and their interpretation: essays presented to A. J. Taylor
BOOKS125935I: APTER, Jeff - Fornication: the Red Hot Chili Peppers story
BOOKS221306I: APULEE (APULIUS) - Les Metamorphoses, ou L'ane d'or [The golden ass]
BOOKS208828I: APULEIUS/ WOODWARD, George Ratcliffe - Cupid & Psyche from the Latin of Apuleius... Done into English verse in nine cantos by the Rev. Geo. Ratcliffe Woodward
BOOKS225974I: AQUILINA, Frederick - Benigno Zerafa (1726-1804) and the Neapolitan Galant style
BOOKS289832I: AQUILUE, Xavier & others - Empuries: guias del Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya
BOOKS110230I: THOMAS AQUINAS - Selected writings
BOOKS188145I: AQUINAS, Thomas - The Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas, vols.I & II
BOOKS163779I: ARAGO, M. - Historical eloge of James Watt
BOOKS290150I: ARAKAWA & GINS, Madeline - The mechanism of meaning
BOOKS308511I: ARAKI, Nobuyoshi - Araki: Tokyo lucky hole
BOOKS245276I: ARAS, Guler & INGLEY, Coral (eds) - Corporate behavior and sustainability: doing well by being good
BOOKS097325I: ARASTEH, A. Reza - Rumi the Persian: rebirth in creativity and love
BOOKS284657I: ARBER, Edward (ed) - The revelation to the monk of Evesham 1196
BOOKS016567I: ARBER, Edward (ed) - The return of Parnassus, or the Scourge of Simony
BOOKS102374I: ARBIB, Helen - The Terrace Times minimum effort maximum effect bicentennial cookbook
BOOKS234367I: ARBIB, Robert S. - Here we are together:.the notebook of an American soldier in Britain
BOOKS249189I: ARBON, Lee - They also flew: the enlisted pilot legacy, 1912-1942
BOOKS196454I: ARBOR, Jane - Far sanctuary
BOOKS289951I: D'ARCAIS, Francesca & others - Gli affreschi nelle Ville Venete dal seicento all'ottocento
BOOKS236165I: ARCAMONE, Dominic - Religion and violence: a dialectical engagement through the insights of Bernard Lonergan
BOOKS141227I: SOCIETY FOR LINCOLNSHIRE HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY - Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Volume 26, 1991
BOOKS152525I: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, vol.XXXIX: forty-seventh session, part 1 to Part 6, nox. CCLXXXV - CCXC, January to November 1917
BOOKS152526I: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, vol.XXIX: thirty-seventh session, Part 1 to 6, nos. CCXV - CCXX
BOOKS303395I: ARCHARD, L. - Richthofen: the Red Baron in old photographs
BOOKS059753I: ARCHARD, Cary (ed) - Poetry Wales 25 years
BOOKS215929I: ARCHER, Jeremy - The old West Country Regiments (11th, 39th and 54th): from Plassey to the Somme
BOOKS266719I: ARCHER, W. F. - In retrospect
BOOKS190512I: ARCHER, Fred - The secrets of Bredon Hill: a country chronicle of the year 1900
BOOKS008515I: ARCHER, Fred - Muddy boots and Sunday suits: memories of a country childhood
BOOKS072609I: ARCHER, Fred - By hook and by crook
BOOKS159152I: ARCHER, Jeffrey - Honour among thieves
BOOKS157747I: ARCHER, Fred - Under the parish lantern
BOOKS096022I: ARCHER, Dan (SMETHURST, William and PARKIN, Anthony) - The Ambridge years
BOOKS236762I: ARCHER, Fred - Evesham to Bredon in old photographs
BOOKS011183I: ARCHER, Dan (William SMETHURST and Anthony PARKIN) - The Ambridge years
BOOKS172964I: ARCHER, Fred - Hawthorn hedge country
BOOKS159143I: ARCHER, Jeffrey - Twelve red herrings
BOOKS018162I: ARCHER, Jeffrey - A twist in the tale: twelve short stories
BOOKS160820I: ARCHER, Thomas - The war in Egypt and the Soudan: an episode in the history of the British Empire, volume III
BOOKS042761I: ARCHER, Fred - By hook and by crook
BOOKS042608I: ARCHER, Jean - Tales of old Buckinghamshire
BOOKS289104I: ARCHER, Fred - Under the parish lantern
BOOKS019963I: ARCHER, Jeffrey - A twist in the tale
BOOKS160877I: ARCHER, Thomas - Our sovereign lady, Queen Victoria: her life and jubilee, vol.III
BOOKS303746I: ARCHER, R.S & others - Molybdenum: steel, irons, alloys
BOOKS050951I: ARCHER, Fred - Under the parish lantern
BOOKS302929I: ARCHER, A.B. and THOMAS, H.G. - Geography first series: book four
BOOKS066361I: ARCHER, Fred - By hook and by crook
BOOKS244057I: ARCHER, Fred - Muddy boots and Sunday suits: memories of a country childhood
BOOKS270095I: ARCHER, Jeffrey - As the crow flies
BOOKS298565I: ARCHER, Derek (ed) - Gloucestershire at war, 1939-45
BOOKS233619I: ARCHER, Fred - When Adam was a boy
BOOKS060697I: ARCHER, Fred - By hook and by crook
BOOKS121303I: ARCHER, Fred - Evesham to Bredon in old photographs
BOOKS231459I: ARCHER, Mary - Rupert Brooke and the Old Vicarage, Grantchester
BOOKS204049I: ARCHER, Derek (ed) - Murray Dowding's pictorial heritage of the Sodburys and a history by Percy A. Couzens

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