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BOOKS170867I: HOUSEHAM, Clive (ed) - Street Machine, vol. 5, no. 10, February 1984
BOOKS289911I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - A time to kill
BOOKS235280I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - The Europe that was
BOOKS059143I: HOUSEHOLD, Humphrey - Gloucestershire railways in the Twenties
BOOKS032735I: HOUSEHOLD, Humphrey - Gloucestershire railways in the twenties
BOOKS247876I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - The high place
BOOKS264982I: HOUSEHOLD, Humphrey - Gloucestershire railways in the Twenties
BOOKS043059I: HOUSEHOLD, G.A. (ed) - To catch a sunbeam: Victorian reality through the magic lantern
BOOKS236851I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - The terror of Villadonga
BOOKS186976I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - Hostage: London: the diary of Julian Despard
BOOKS186973I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - Olura
BOOKS199877I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - Arabesque
BOOKS065232I: HOUSEHOLD, Geoffrey - Fellow passenger
BOOKS195498I: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - Good Housekeeping's book of good recipes
BOOKS045619I: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - Good Housekeeping book of wine
BOOKS033595I: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - Desserts and puddings
BOOKS022996I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - The comments of Juniper: six plays from the life and legend of St.Francis of Assisi
BOOKS030256I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Angels and Ministers and other Victorian plays
BOOKS137023I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Ironical tales
BOOKS151185I: HOUSMAN, A.E. - Last poems
BOOKS052460I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - False premises: five one act plays
BOOKS052462I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Bethlehem: a nativity play; The pageant of Our Lady & other poems
BOOKS020505I: HOUSMAN, Laurence and BARKER, H.Granville - Prunella, or love in a Dutch garden
BOOKS140224I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Little plays of Saint Francis, volume I
BOOKS197168I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - The little land with songs from its four rivers
BOOKS124837I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - The life of H.R.H.the Duke of Flamborough by Benjamin Bunny: a footnote to history, arranged, expurgated, and edited
BOOKS051472I: HOUSMAN, A.E. - More poems
BOOKS159923I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Palestine plays
BOOKS068738I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Possession: a peep-show in paradise
BOOKS204448I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Back words and fore words, an author's year book, 1893-1945
BOOKS134831I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Stories from the Arabian Nights
BOOKS156693I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Gods and their makers
BOOKS056834I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Dethronements: imaginary portraits of political characters, done in dialogue
BOOKS285127I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Strange ends and discoveries, Tales of this world and the next
BOOKS180619I: HOUSMAN, Laurence - Gracious Majesty
BOOKS140166I: HOUSMAN, A.E. - The collected poems of A.E. Housman
BOOKS203462I: HOUSMAN, Laurence and others - The Oxford Historical Pageant, June 27 - July 3, 1907: Book of Words with Illustrations
BOOKS052740I: HOUSMAN, A.E. - Last poems
BOOKS203826I: HOUSMAN, A.E. - Last poems
BOOKS149856I: HOUSSAYE, Arsene - Les Grandes Dames,1: Monsieur Don Juan
BOOKS105013I: HOUSTON, J.W. and PRESTWICH, J.P. - Chinchilla care
BOOKS048472I: HOUSTON, Pam - Cowboys are my weakness
BOOKS264801I: HOUSTON, Christopher - Kurdistan: crafting of national selves
BOOKS218944I: HOUSTOUN, R.A. - A treatise on light
BOOKS197789I: HOUT, Wil - EU development policy and poverty reduction: enhancing effectiveness (The International Political Economy of New Regionalisms Series)
BOOKS196772I: HOVELL, Mark & TOUT T.F. (ed) - The Chartist movement.
BOOKS208257I: HOVELL - THURLOW, Thomas John - Trade unions abroad and hints for home legislation: Reprinted from a report on the Amsterdam exhibition of domestic economy for the working classes
BOOKS163731I: HOVER, Otto (intro) - An encyclopaedia of ironwork: examples of hand wrought ironwork from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th Century
BOOKS043704I: HOVEY, Allen Beecher - The hidden Thoreau
BOOKS231915I: HOVLAND, Martin & JUDD, A.G. - Seabed pockmarks and seepages: impact on geology, biology and the marine environment
BOOKS040265I: HOW, F.D. - Oxford
BOOKS145270I: HOW, Frederick Douglas - The Marquis of Salisbury
BOOKS248841I: HOW, F.D. & HASLEHUST, E.W - Oxford
BOOKS060316I: HOW, R.W. - The friendly farm
BOOKS100209I: HOWARD, Paul - Riding high: shadow cycling the Tour de France
BOOKS187850I: HOWARD, M.F. & HOUGHTON, G.C. - The handbook and directory of the Leys School 1984
BOOKS249173I: HOWARD, Robert E. - The Sowers of the Thunder
BOOKS104348I: HOWARD-WILLIAMS, Jeremy - The complete crossword companion
BOOKS130294I: HOWARD, Lance - The Devil's peacemaker
BOOKS232063I: HOWARD, Tony - Troll wall
BOOKS219852I: HOWARD, F.E. & SALTER, H.E. - Old houses in Oxford
BOOKS102768I: HOWARD, George - Lady Jane Grey and her times
BOOKS238480I: HOWARD, Constance - Pastry-cook and confectioner: a handy guide on what to buy, with recipes and hints for preparing all kinds of puddings, pies, jellies, etc.
BOOKS047573I: HOWARD, Philip - Words fail me
BOOKS172641I: HOWARD, Philip - The state of the language: English observed
BOOKS054179I: HOWARD, Elizabeth Jane - Falling
BOOKS066839I: HOWARD-BENNETT, Rosemary - I choose the cloister
BOOKS076704I: HOWARD, Carole & MATHEWS, Wilma - On deadline: managing media relations
BOOKS086192I: HOWARD, Constance - Twentieth-century embroidery in Great Britain from 1978
BOOKS115301I: HOWARD, Michael and others - Israel, Palestine and the Arab world (Adelphi Papers)
BOOKS099704I: HOWARD, Michael - Monet
BOOKS174759I: HOWARD, Robert E. - Tigers of the sea
BOOKS173556I: HOWARD, Godfrey & LEGRAND, Francoise - Boatopia
BOOKS112120I: HOWARD-WILLIAMS, Jeremy - The complete crossword companion
BOOKS125309I: HOWARD, Peter (ed) - Asian Affairs: journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, vol. 62 (new series vol.VI) part I, February 1975
BOOKS125321I: HOWARD, Peter (ed) - Asian Affairs: journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, vol.62 (new series vol.VI) part III, October 1975
BOOKS125323I: HOWARD, Peter (ed) - Asian Affairs: journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, vol. 62 (new series vol.VI) part II, June 1975
BOOKS267647I: HOWARD-WILLIAMS, Jeremy - Night intruder: A personal account of the radar war between the RAF and Luftwaffe night fighter forces
BOOKS232391I: HOWARD, Robert E - The hand of Kane
BOOKS232392I: HOWARD, Robert E - The hand of Kane
BOOKS091640I: HOWARD, Mark - One jump ahead: the top NH horses to follow for 2000/2001
BOOKS170327I: HOWARD, Keble - Miss Charity: a tale from my heart
BOOKS267986I: HOWARD, Leigh - Johnny's sister
BOOKS181018I: HOWARD, Patricia - C. W. von Gluck: Orfeo
BOOKS236370I: HOWARD-JONES, Jill - The spirit of Herefordshire
BOOKS182079I: HOWARD, Bruce - A nostalgic look at Australian sport
BOOKS161314I: HOWARD, Robert & VILLIERS, George - The country gentleman
BOOKS064080I: HOWARD, Keble - The comedy of it
BOOKS005431I: HOWARD, Winifred - The vengeance of Fu Chang
BOOKS007842I: HOWARD, Robert E. - Marchers of Valhalla
BOOKS173179I: HOWARD, Frank & GUNSTON, Bill - The conquest of the air
BOOKS217117I: HOWARD, F.E. & SALTER, H.E. - Old houses In Oxford,
BOOKS189290I: HOWARD, Mark - Ahead on the Flat: top flat horses to follow for 1999
BOOKS240559I: HOWARD, Grant - Portrait of the Royal New Zealand Navy: a fiftieth anniversary celebration
BOOKS025805I: HOWARD, Tony - Countdown to a Grand Prix
BOOKS047537I: HOWARD, Philip - A word in time
BOOKS287931I: HOWARD, Deborah (ed) - Architectural Heritage, II: Scottish architects abroad
BOOKS204535I: HOWARD, Edward - Rattlin the Reefer
BOOKS048216I: HOWARD, Philip - A word in your ear
BOOKS264855I: HOWART, Herbert & SHUKRALLAH, Ibrahim - Images from the Arab world: fragments of Arab literature translated and paraphrased with variations and comments
BOOKS046156I: HOWARTH, Sheila - Grow, freeze and cook: your garden on a plate
BOOKS194407I: HOWARTH, Anthony B. - Africar: the development of a car for Africa
BOOKS006699I: HOWARTH, David - Dawn of D-Day
BOOKS015418I: HOWARTH, David - Sovereign of the seas: the story of British sea power
BOOKS016341I: HOWARTH, David and HOWART, Stephen - The story of P&O: the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.
BOOKS021140I: HOWARTH, David - Trafalgar: the Nelson touch
BOOKS031140I: HOWARTH, Sheila - With my body...
BOOKS023124I: HOWARTH, David - Trafalgar: the Nelson touch
BOOKS006185I: HOWARTH, David - Trafalgar: the Nelson touch
BOOKS110456I: HOWARTH, Peter H. and others (eds) - Airway remodeling
BOOKS038979I: HOWARTH, Lesley - The pits
BOOKS080213I: HOWARTH, Stephen - August '39: the last four weeks of peace in Europe
BOOKS097959I: HOWARTH, David and HOWARTH, Stephen - The story of P&O: the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
BOOKS009819I: HOWARTH, David - Dawn of D-Day
BOOKS038885I: HOWARTH, Lesley - Maphead 2
BOOKS029505I: HOWARTH, David - Trafalgar: the Nelson touch
BOOKS078407I: HOWARTH, Lesley - Maphead 2
BOOKS173981I: HOWARTH, David - The story of P & O: the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
BOOKS240707I: HOWARTH, Patrick - Intelligence Chief extraordinary: the life of the Ninth Duke of Portland
BOOKS223779I: HOWAT, Gerald - Stuart and Cromwellian foreign policy
BOOKS157522I: HOWAT, G.M.D. - Stuart and Cromwellian foreign policy
BOOKS284460I: HOWAT, Gerald - Stuart and Cromwellian foreign policy
BOOKS284274I: HOWE, Muriel - Barbican
BOOKS248708I: HOWE, Sarah & RIORDAN, Maurice (eds) - The Poetry Review, volume 106:4, Winter 2016
BOOKS202978I: HOWE, P.P. - The life of William Hazlitt
BOOKS046032I: HOWE, Robin - The pasta cook book
BOOKS124334I: HOWE, Charles W. - Natural resource economics: issues, analysis and policy
BOOKS195621I: HOWE, Robin - A cook's tour.
BOOKS245125I: HOWE, Irving - Sherwood Anderson
BOOKS135118I: HOWE, Irving and others - The literature of America (2 volumes)
BOOKS189403I: HOWE, Robin - Rice cooking
BOOKS066880I: HOWE, T. - The owner groom: a guide to horse management by amateurs
BOOKS101384I: HOWELL, Anthony - Why I may never see the walls of China
BOOKS284949I: HOWELL; Mark & MORRISON, Tony - Steps to a fortune, adventure in the Andes
BOOKS033668I: HOWELL, Sarah - The seaside
BOOKS045605I: HOWELL, Michael and FORD, Peter - The true history of the Elephant Man
BOOKS116101I: HOWELL, Anthony - Notions of a mirror: poems previously uncollected, 1964-82
BOOKS067662I: HOWELL, Barbara - Balancing act
BOOKS098225I: HOWELL, Anthony - First time in Japan
BOOKS105171I: HOWELL, John (ed) - Recurrent costs and agricultural development
BOOKS121179I: HOWELL, Anthony - Dancers in daylight: poems 1995-2002
BOOKS121202I: HOWELL, Anthony - Howell's law
BOOKS091227I: HOWELL, Jude and MULLIGAN, Diane (eds) - Gender and civil society: transcending boundaries
BOOKS005232I: HOWELL, Michael and FORD, Peter - The true history of the elephant man
BOOKS003016I: HOWELL, Michael and FORD, Peter - The true history of the Elephant Man
BOOKS215466I: HOWELL, John M. - Settlement and economy in Neolithic Northern France
BOOKS210077I: HOWELL, George - Labour legislation, labour movements and labour leaders, volumes I & II
BOOKS235784I: HOWELL, Danny - Yesterday's Warminster: an album of memories and curiosities
BOOKS284283I: HOWELL, Chris - No thankful village: the impact of the Great War on a group of Somerset villages - a microcosm
BOOKS231419I: HOWELL, David - Taking Stock: the Centenary history of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
BOOKS291066I: HOWELL, Patrick - Consistently brilliant on a breezy hilltop: the history of the Cotswold Players - the first hundred years
BOOKS287506I: HOWELL, Peter & SAINT, Andrew (eds) - Butterfield revisited
BOOKS221656I: HOWELL, David C. - Fundamental statistics for the behavioral sciences
BOOKS141049I: HOWELL, Jane - Rearing a foal
BOOKS171005I: HOWELLS, William Dean - A modern instance
BOOKS011333I: HOWELLS, William D. - Doctor Breen's practice
BOOKS172941I: HOWELLS, John - A guide to clematis: choosing - planting - propagation - training
BOOKS132870I: HOWELLS, T. & HOWELLS, J. Milwyn - Drama: Enoc Huws (seiliedig ar Ffug-chwedl enwog Daniel Owen)
BOOKS152591I: HOWELLS, Coral Ann - Private and fictional words: Canadian women novelists of the 1970's and 1980's
BOOKS290569I: HOWELLS, John - Trouble-free Clematis: the Viticellas
BOOKS015383I: HOWELLS, Marion - Fondue and tabletop cookery
BOOKS174396I: HOWELLS, Roscoe - Caldey
BOOKS239559I: HOWES, Frank - Folk music of Britain...and beyond
BOOKS269094I: HOWES, John W - Memories of High Street, Walthamstow Historical Society
BOOKS055578I: HOWES, Michael - Amulets
BOOKS285595I: HOWES, William J. - Fly-fishing for coarse fish
BOOKS124511I: HOWES, Christopher K. - Value maps: aspects of land and property values
BOOKS285827I: HOWES, William J. - Dace: how to catch them
BOOKS289759I: HOWES, Edith - The cradle ship
BOOKS193333I: HOWES, John - Trials of a tour leader
BOOKS284341I: HOWGRAVE-GRAHAM, R.P - The Wells Clock
BOOKS189147I: HOWIE, J.W. & O'HEA, A.J. (eds) - Mechanisms of microbial pathogenicity: fifth symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
BOOKS168918I: HOWITT, William - Homes and haunts of the most eminient British poets, in two volumes
BOOKS204783I: HOWITT, Margaret - Mary Howitt, an autobiography, edited by her daughter, volumes I & II
BOOKS266346I: HOWITT, William - Visits to remarkable places
BOOKS004310I: HOWITT, William - The rural and domestic life of Germany: with characteristic sketches of its cities and scenery
BOOKS003556I: HOWKER, Janni - Badger on the barge and other stories
BOOKS164715I: HOWKER, Janni - Isaac Campion
BOOKS114232I: HOWKINS, Chris - A dairymaid's flora
BOOKS181279I: HOWKINS, Chris & SAMPSON, Nick - Searching for hornbeam: a social history
BOOKS043166I: HOWKINS, F. - An introduction to the development of private building estates and town planning
BOOKS048087I: HOWKINS, Christopher - Royal tapestry
BOOKS290696I: HOWKINS, Chris - Over Early Saxon fields: 5th and 6th Century Surrey and Beyond
BOOKS003096I: HOWKINS, Chris - Daisy chains: plants of childhood
BOOKS231668I: HOWLAND, Andy & HOWLAND, Roger - Oxford United: a complete record 1893-1989
BOOKS117650I: HOWLETT, Colin - Heligan wild: a year of nature in the lost gardens
BOOKS206503I: HOWLETT, Robert - The Royal pastime of cockfighting
BOOKS066417I: HOWLEY, Rob - Number nine dream: an autobiography
BOOKS143241I: HOWSE, Christopher - How we saw it: 150 years of the Daily Telegraph 1855 - 2005
BOOKS076023I: HOY, Tom - The poems of Smudge, book 1
BOOKS166017I: HOY, Molly & HOY, Alfred - They met in a barn: the story of Congregationalism in Stroud 1687-1987
BOOKS098235I: HOYEM, Andrew - Articles: poems: 1960-1967
BOOKS042333I: HOYER, M.A. and HEPPEL, M.L. - The Welsh border: its churches, castles and dyke
BOOKS067661I: HOYLAND, Michael - A love affair with war
BOOKS245060I: HOYLAND, Graham - Yeti: an abominable history
BOOKS172560I: HOYLAND, John - John Hoyland: Mysteries
BOOKS289913I: HOYLE, Andrew - Silver Buck
BOOKS053022I: HOYLE, Fred and others - The planets today: a symposium on planetary science
BOOKS242324I: HOYLE, Edmond / JONES, Charles - Hoyle's games improved consisting of practical treatises
BOOKS204010I: HOYLE, Fred & ELLIOT,John - A for Andromeda: a novel for tomorrow
BOOKS244048I: HOYLE, Fred & HOYLE, Geoffrey - The Inferno
BOOKS164114I: HOYLE, Edmond - Hoyle's games modernized
BOOKS211005I: HOYLE, Fred & Geoffrey - Seven steps to the sun
BOOKS020361I: HOYLES, J. Arthur - Punishment in the Bible
BOOKS264282I: HOYNES, Richard Elliott - Great Jersey musicians
BOOKS218241I: HOYS, Dudley - Ecstasy
BOOKS228221I: HOYT, Edwin P. - Defeat at the Falklands: Germany's East Asia Squadron 1914
BOOKS160729I: HOYT, Edwin P. - Warlord: Tojo against the world
BOOKS001580I: HOYT, Edwin P. - The Kamikazes
BOOKS189980I: HOYT, Edwin P. - The invasion before Normandy: the secret battle of Slapton Sands
BOOKS001610I: HOYT, Edwin P. - The kamikazes
BOOKS226431I: HOYT, Edwin P. - The invasion before Normandy: the secret battle of Slapton Sands
BOOKS226241I: HOYT, Murray - 30 miles for ice cream
BOOKS159895I: HOYT, Katherine - The many faces of Sandinista democracy
BOOKS224312I: HOYT, Richard - Fish story: a John Denson mystery
BOOKS246498I: HOYT, Erich - Orca: the whale called killer
BOOKS002312I: HOYT, Edwin P. - Mutiny on the Globe
BOOKS153427I: HOYT, Edwin P. - The Kamikazes
BOOKS179324I: HOZIER, H.M. - The invasions of England: a history of the past with lessons for the future, vol.I
BOOKS085722I: HRDINA, Miroslav - Watercolour painter's handbook: step by step
BOOKS159426I: HRDLICKA, Zdenek & HRDLICKOVA, Venceslava - The art of Japanese gardening
BOOKS144549I: HRDLICKA, Zdenek - The art of Japanese gardening
BOOKS138480I: HRICKO, Mary - The genesis of the Chicago Renaissance: Theodore Dreiser, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, and James T. Farrell
BOOKS241837I: HRISTOV, Hristo & others - The Rila Monastery: history, architecture, frescoes, wood-carvings
BOOKS242883I: The Lynn & Stonnall C&HS - Discovering Stonnall
BOOKS232076I: HSIA, John S. & others - Proceedings of the Conference on Orders, Group Rings and Related Topics (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
BOOKS114176I: HSU, Robert C. - The MIT encyclopedia of the Japanese economy
BOOKS193704I: HSU, Al - The single issue
BOOKS288939I: HSU, Kenneth J. - Physical principles of sedimentology: a readable textbook for beginners and experts
BOOKS200388I: HU, Juan - The development of the Chinese legal profession since 1978
BOOKS120037I: HUAILU, Qin - Ninth heaven to ninth hell: the history of a noble Chinese experiment
BOOKS245250I: HUANG, An-Bin & MAYNE, Paul. W (eds) - Geotechnical and geophysical site characterization
BOOKS266170I: HUANG, Yunte - Inseparable: the original Siamese Twins and their rendezvous with American history
BOOKS160613I: HUANG, Joseph - The enigma of Japan
BOOKS267908I: HUANG, Thomas S. & PARKER, Ronald R. - Network theory: an introductory course
BOOKS234231I: HUARD, C.-L - Livre d'Or de L'Exposition sous la direction de C-L Huard, tome II
BOOKS076167I: HUASHI, Shilan and HUASHI, Peng (eds) - Terra-cotta warriors and horses at the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China
BOOKS287219I: HUBBARD, L. Ron & others - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. VII (7), no. 6, October 1950 (British edition)
BOOKS284958I: HUBBARD, Clifford L.B. - The Bullmastiff (a handbook)
BOOKS025143I: HUBBARD, Wynant Davis - Ibamba
BOOKS037785I: HUBBARD, Hesketh - Some Victorian draughtsmen
BOOKS142449I: HUBBARD, Clifford L.B. - An introduction to the literature of British dogs: five centuries of illustrated dog books
BOOKS188966I: HUBBARD, Elbert - Little journeys to the homes of great teachers, vol.22, no.5: King Alfred
BOOKS107555I: HUBBARD, T.L.W. - A baton for the conductor
BOOKS248609I: HUBBARD, Elbert - Little journeys to the homes of great teachers,Vol. 22, June 1908, No. 6 : Friedrich Frobel.
BOOKS248325I: HUBBARD, P.M. - Rat Trap Island
BOOKS224292I: HUBBARD, Sue (intro) - Colin Crumplin: Paintings 1990-1997
BOOKS243508I: HUBBARD, R.H. - L'evolution de l'art au Canada
BOOKS213302I: HUBBARD, Tom (editor) - Rudyard Kipling; lives of Victorian literary figures VII, volume 3
BOOKS188965I: HUBBARD, Elbert - Little journeys to the homes of reformers, vol.XX, no.6: John Knox
BOOKS189779I: HUBBARD, Elbert. - Little journeys to the homes of English authors, volume six, new series
BOOKS233737I: HUBBARD, Edward & SHIPPOBOTTOM, Michael - A guide to Port Sunlight Village including two tours of the village
BOOKS286922I: HUBBARD, L. Ron & others - Astounding Science Fiction, vol. VII (7), no. 3, May 1950. British edition
BOOKS203090I: HUBEL, Reinhard - The book of carpets
BOOKS178034I: HUBERMAN, Edward - War: an anthology
BOOKS097524I: HUBERT, Michel and others (eds) - Sexual behaviour and HIV / AIDS in Europe: comparisons of national surveys
BOOKS231942I: HUBRAL, Peter & KREY, Theodor - Interval velocities from seismic reflection time measurements
BOOKS287450I: HUBRECHT, A. V. M. & GERHARTL-WITTEVEEN, A. M. - Noviomagus: auf den Spuren der Romer in Nijmegen
BOOKS215696I: HUC, Regis-Evariste - Lamas of the Western Heavens
BOOKS242256I: HUC, Regis-Evariste - Lamas of the Western Heavens
BOOKS169378I: HUCHON, Rene - George Crabbe and his times 1754 - 1832: a critical and biographical study
BOOKS132288I: HUCKABY, Lisa Hall - Pot-bellied pigs and other miniature pet pigs
BOOKS271162I: HUCKE, George H - Forty progressive studies for the Mandoline: a series of melodious exercises, well graduated and carefully fingered throughout
BOOKS265186I: HUCKLESBY, Anthea & HAGLEY-DICKINSON, Lystra (eds) - Prisoner resettlement: policy and practice
BOOKS172025I: HUDDLESTONE, Linden (ed) - Cheltenham poets
BOOKS196593I: HUDDY, Delia - Blackbirds' barn
BOOKS196584I: HUDDY, Delia - No place like Tricketts Green
BOOKS154253I: HUDLESTON, Roger (ed) - The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi
BOOKS200902I: HUDSON, Roger (ed) - The Jubilee years 1887-1897
BOOKS100213I: HUDSON, Noel - Catherine the Great to Wordsworth: 100 years of Huntingdon steeplechasing
BOOKS207375I: HUDSON, Kenneth - Working to rule: railway workshop rules: a study of industrial Discipline
BOOKS203373I: HUDSON, W.H. - El OmbĂș
BOOKS228853I: HUDSON, William Henry - Johnson & Goldsmith & their poetry
BOOKS270518I: HUDSON, Kenneth - The archaeology of industry
BOOKS175536I: HUDSON, Roy Leigh - The pruning handbook
BOOKS138055I: HUDSON, Roy L. - The pruning handbook
BOOKS183080I: HUDSON, Kenneth - The Bath & West: a bicentenary history
BOOKS030612I: HUDSON, Christopher - Playing in the sand
BOOKS037783I: HUDSON,Stephen - A true story
BOOKS044399I: HUDSON, Stephen - Tony
BOOKS074364I: HUDSON, Roy L. - The pruning handbook
BOOKS076483I: HUDSON, Andy and LAMBERT, David (eds) - Exploring futures in initial teacher education.
BOOKS003033I: HUDSON, William Henry - The study of English literature: an address to young men and women
BOOKS119535I: HUDSON, W.H. - Nature in Downland
BOOKS058551I: HUDSON, Roger (comp) - The Jubilee years 1887-1897
BOOKS064500I: HUDSON, W.H. - The naturalist in La Plata
BOOKS112020I: HUDSON, W.H. - British birds: with a chapter on structure and classification by Frank E. Beddard F.R.S.
BOOKS227485I: HUDSON, Noel - Catherine the Great to Wordsworth: 100 years of Huntingdon steeplechasing
BOOKS238378I: HUDSON, Derek - Lewis Carroll: an illustrated biography
BOOKS124278I: HUDSON, Ray & WILLIAMS, Allan W. - Western Europe: economic and social studies: United Kingdom
BOOKS004628I: HUDSON, David - The roughshooter's handbook
BOOKS246990I: HUDSON, W.H - Dead Man's Plack, An Old Thorn & Poems
BOOKS246762I: HUDSON, Kenneth - Towards precision shoemaking: C & J.Clark Limited and the development of the British shoe industry
BOOKS016670I: HUDSON, Kenneth - The archaeology of industry
BOOKS289043I: HUDSON, Nicholas - A political biography of Samuel Johnson
BOOKS034956I: HUDSON, Kenneth - Patriotism with profit: British agricultural societies in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.
BOOKS171086I: HUDSON, Kenneth - The Bath and West: a bicentenary history
BOOKS168438I: HUDSON, Roger (ed) - Nelson and Emma
BOOKS005012I: HUDSON, W.H. - Afoot in England
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BOOKS117150I: HYDE, Norman - Four faces of British music
BOOKS036911I: HYDE, H. Montgomery - Norman Birkett: the life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston
BOOKS197826I: HYDE, H.Montgomery - Mr. and Mrs. Beeton
BOOKS119610I: HYDE, James Wilson - The post in grant and farm
BOOKS000025I: HYDE, H. Montgomery - The atom bomb spies
BOOKS013919I: HYDE, H. Montgomery - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS246206I: HYDE, Neil and others - 100 - celebrating the centenary of the Old Patesians RFC 1912/13 - 2012/13
BOOKS264222I: HYDE, Milford & others - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, Vol. I, No. 7, November 1935
BOOKS163829I: HYDE, Victor - Freelance journalism: a practical guide to success
BOOKS217871I: HYDER, Alan - Prelude to blue mountains
BOOKS233411I: HYE, Hasnat Abdul (ed) - Governance: South Asian perspective
BOOKS096519I: HYETT, Francis Adams and BAZELEY, William (Rev.) - The bibliographer's manual of Gloucestershire literature, being a classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed matter relating to the County of Gloucester or to the City of Bristol, with descriptive and explanatory notes, vol.I.
BOOKS139972I: HYETT, Francis Adams & BAZELEY, William - The bibliographer's manual of Gloucestershire literature being a classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed matter relating to the county of Gloucester or to the city of Bristol, with descriptive and explanatory notes, vol.I.
BOOKS056351I: HYLAND, Ann - Riding long distance
BOOKS130086I: HYLAND, Garth - Desert images of Saudi Arabia
BOOKS041154I: HYLAND, Ann - Beginner's guide to endurance riding
BOOKS220076I: HYLAND, L. (ed) - The Irish Railfans' News, vol. 3, no. 1, January 1957
BOOKS231136I: HYLANDS, George J. - Fifty years on British bikes
BOOKS196167I: HYLSON-SMITH, Kenneth - The churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, volume I: 1558-1688
BOOKS232765I: HYLSON-SMITH, Kenneth - The Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, Volume 1, 1558-1688
BOOKS191981I: HYLTON, Stuart - Reading places, Reading people: an illustrated history of the town
BOOKS012667I: HYLTON, William and others - Handcrafted shelves & cabinets
BOOKS185091I: HYMAN, P.S. - U.K. nature conservation, no.3: a review of the scarce and threatened Coloptera of Great Britain
BOOKS033346I: HYMAN, Alan - The Gaiety years
BOOKS235534I: HYMAN, Anthony - Charles Babbage: pioneer of the computer
BOOKS107971I: HYMAN, Mac - No time for sergeants
BOOKS114926I: HYMERS, Paul - Converting to an eco-friendly home: the complete handbook
BOOKS169621I: HYNE, Cutcliffe - The filibusters
BOOKS127107I: HYNE, C.J. Cutcliffe - Captain Kettle K.C.B. (the last adventures).
BOOKS129392I: HYNE, C.J. Cutcliffe - The Rev. Captain Kettle
BOOKS202732I: HYNES, H.B.N. - The biology of polluted waters
BOOKS226390I: HYNES, Samuel - Flights of passage: reflections of a World War II aviator
BOOKS176837I: HYNES, Samuel - Flights of passage: reflections of a World War II aviator
BOOKS290013I: HYPERKIT - Life Size
BOOKS160815I: HYSLOP, Theo B. - The great abnormals
BOOKS076500I: HYTONEN, Marjatta (ed) - Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries
BOOKS078240I: HYTONEN, Marjatta (ed) - Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries
BOOKS185520I: IACARUSO, Pino - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS182674I: IACARUSO, Pino - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS139598I: IACARUSO, Pino - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS221850I: IANUSHKOV, V. and others - The businessman's Russian- English dictionary Volume 2 of 2.
BOOKS267852I: IATRIDIS, Yanoukos - Flowers of Crete
BOOKS227703I: IBANEZ, Tomas & INIGUEZ, Lupicinio (eds) - Critical social psychology
BOOKS009300I: IBBERSON, Mary - For joy that we are here: rural music schools 1929-1950
BOOKS152149I: IBBERSON, David - Corsham p.p.c's
BOOKS245198I: IBBETSON, John Holt - Specimens in eccentric circular turning: With practical instructions for producing corresponding pieces in that art (Classic Reprint)
BOOKS197209I: IBBETT, William J. - Chosen poems of William J. Ibbett
BOOKS290940I: IBELINGS, Hans - 20th Century architecture in the Netherlands
BOOKS242648I: IBELL, Brigid - Malerei und Ordnung / Painting and Order
BOOKS157502I: WOMEN & GEOGRAPHY STUDY GROUP OF THE IBG - Geography and gender: an introduction to feminist geography
BOOKS173230I: IBOU, Paul (ed) - Banking symbols collection: international collection of trademarks and symbols of banking and saving companies all over the world, volume 2
BOOKS290549I: IBRAGIMOV, Mirza (ed) - Azerbaijanian prose: an anthology
BOOKS149587I: IBSEN, Henrik - Ghosts; The Warriors at Helgeland; An Enemy of the People.
BOOKS249625I: IBSEN, Henrik - John Gabriel Borkman: a play in four acts
BOOKS147209I: IBSEN, Henrik - Nora: a play
BOOKS289512I: IBSEN, Henrik - A Doll's House: and two other plays
BOOKS147296I: IBSEN, Henrik - Three plays: The pillars of the comunity; The wild duck; Hedda Gabler
BOOKS243729I: IBSEN, Henrik - A Doll's House and two other plays
BOOKS103787I: IBSEN, Henrik / LE GALLIENNE, Eva (trans) - The Master Builder
BOOKS104089I: IBSEN, Henrik - The Pillars of Society, and other plays
BOOKS188486I: IBSEN, Henrik - Six plays
BOOKS180543I: ICELY, H.E.M - Blockley through twelve centuries: annals of a Cotswold parish
BOOKS008915I: ICKIS, Marguerite - The standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS003359I: ICKIS, Marguerite - The standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS066490I: ICKIS, Marguerite - Standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS168443I: ICKS, Robert J. - AFV weapons profile No. 52: M47 Patton
BOOKS047385I: ICUMSA (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNIFORM METHODS OF SUGAR ANALYSIS) - Report of the proceedings of the twentieth session held in Colorado Springs 3-8 June 1990
BOOKS201015I: IDA, Takonori - Broadband economics: Lessons from Japan
BOOKS048982I: AN IDEALIST (Mary WILKINSON) - Shattered dreams
BOOKS290145I: IDEN, Peter & others - Zero Deutschland 1960 und Heute
BOOKS117739I: IDLE, Christopher - Christmas carols and their stories
BOOKS285138I: "THE IDLER" (Allan Gordon BEE) - Rolling home
BOOKS205329I: "IDSTONE" (Thomas Pearce) - The ''Idstone'' papers, a series of articles and desultory observations on sport and things in general
BOOKS205227I: "IDSTONE" (Thomas Pearce) - The "Idstone" papers: a series of articles and desultory observations on sport and things in general
BOOKS238982I: IDZIAK, Pawet & PERZANOWSKI, Jerzy (eds) - Reports on mathematical logic, no.34
BOOKS238995I: IDZIAK, Pawet & PERZANOWSKI, Jerzy (eds) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.29
BOOKS239006I: IDZIAK, Pawel M & PERZANOWSKI, Jerzy (eds) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.33
BOOKS239009I: IDZIAK, Pawel M & PERZANOWSKI, Jerzy (eds) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.42
BOOKS239022I: IDZIAK, Pawel M & others (eds) - Roports on Mathematical Logic, no.43
BOOKS030126I: CH'IEN, Hsiao - Traveller without a map
BOOKS226135I: IERLEY, M. - With charity for all: Welfare and society, ancient times to the present
BOOKS048646I: DE LA IGLESIA, Maria Elena - The catalogue of American catalogues: how to buy practically everything by mail in America
BOOKS159215I: IGNATIEFF, Michael - Isaiah Berlin: a life
BOOKS033879I: CONTEM IGNOTUS - The golden decade of a favoured town
BOOKS286023I: CONTEM IGNOTUS - The golden decade of a favoured town, being the biographical sketches and personal recollections of the celebrated characters who have been connected with Cheltenham from 1843 to 1853
BOOKS170796I: IGORT - 5 is the perfect number (1994-2002)
BOOKS142161I: JOHN PAUL II - Crossing the threshold of hope
BOOKS106275I: IISS - Politics and conflict in the Middle East, volume II (Adelphi papers)
BOOKS160365I: IKE, Nobatuka - A theory of Japanese democracy

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