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BOOKS309670I: CLEW, Jeff - Lucky all my life: the biography of Harry Weslake
BOOKS216073I: CLEW, Jeff - Haynes: the first 40 years
BOOKS302890I: CLEW, Kenneth R. - The Kennet and Avon Canal: an illustrated history
BOOKS308548I: CLEW, J.R. - The best twin: the story of the Douglas Motor Cycle
BOOKS110609I: CLEWES, Dorothy - Guide Dogs for the Blind
BOOKS228093I: CLEWES, Dorothy - Storm over Innish
BOOKS173063I: CLEWS, Brian and others - Where to watch birds in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Oxfordshire
BOOKS269794I: LE CLEZIO, J.M.G. - Fever
BOOKS053844I: CLIBBON, Joan (ed) - Film world album
BOOKS046554I: CLIFFE, Roger W. - Table saw techniques
BOOKS069331I: CLIFFE, Peter - Somewhere a voice is calling...: the golden age of concert ballads
BOOKS297247I: CLIFFE, Roger - Table saw: workshop bench reference
BOOKS176845I: CLIFFE, Gary - The white badger: a true story
BOOKS080680I: CLIFFE, Peter - Somewhere a voice is calling... the golden age of concert ballads
BOOKS185301I: CLIFFORD, Helen M. - Behind the Acanthus: the NADFAS story
BOOKS219143I: CLIFFORD, W.K. - Love-letters of a worldly woman
BOOKS228560I: CLIFFORD, James L. - Young Samuel Johnson
BOOKS139367I: CLIFFORD, Aurelia - The Paradise garden
BOOKS290717I: CLIFFORD, Brian & ILLINGWORTH, Neil - The voyage of the Golden Lotus
BOOKS171829I: CLIFFORD, Johnathon - Vanity press & the proper poetry publishers
BOOKS133077I: CLIFFORD, Paul Rowntree - Interpreting human experience: a pholosophical prologue to theology
BOOKS046535I: CLIFFORD, Johnathon - Vanity press & the proper poetry publishers
BOOKS050495I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The rebel of St. Jim's
BOOKS052850I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - Gay dogs of St Jim's
BOOKS060369I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - Tom Merry's weekly
BOOKS060370I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - A Cockney at St Jim's
BOOKS065256I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The japers of St.Jim's
BOOKS065255I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The plotters of St. Jim's
BOOKS084373I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The boys of St Jims
BOOKS084414I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - Tom Merry's party
BOOKS305727I: CLIFFORD, Arthur - Collectanea Cliffordiana, in three parts
BOOKS242825I: CLIFFORD, W. G. - Billiards for the beginner
BOOKS113823I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - Tom Merry's enemy
BOOKS058336I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The St Jim's Christmas barring-out
BOOKS054088I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - Tom Merry & Co. of St. Jim's
BOOKS175752I: CLIFFORD, Gay - Poems
BOOKS267202I: CLIFFORD, Martin - Tom Merry's enemy
BOOKS153364I: CLIFFORD, Francis - The hunting-ground
BOOKS237672I: CLIFFORD, Francis - Another way of dying
BOOKS021708I: CLIFFORD, Francis - Drummer in the dark
BOOKS267200I: CLIFFORD, Martin & RICHARDS, Frank - The Boys of St Jim's
BOOKS290204I: CLIFFORD, Harold B. - Charlie York: Maine Coast fisherman
BOOKS305750I: CLIFFORD, Derek and Timothy - John Crome
BOOKS209156I: CLIFFORD, Anne - The diaries of Lady Anne Clifford
BOOKS265189I: CLIFFORD, Arthur - Smoky arena
BOOKS298925I: CLIFFORD, J.H - An unusual German electric railway
BOOKS055007I: CLIFFORD, Martin (Frank RICHARDS) - The house-master's home coming!
BOOKS197420I: CLIFFORD, Anne - The diaries of Lady Anne Clifford
BOOKS202269I: CLIFFORD, James L. and others - English Institute essays, 1946: the critical significance of biographical evidence; the methods of literary studies
BOOKS122432I: CLIFFORD, Martin - The Toff of St.Jim's
BOOKS228160I: CLIFFORD, Johnathon - Metric feet and other gang members: 25 years of the poetry world
BOOKS054350I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec / MORIARTY, Denis (ed) - Alec Clifton-Taylor's buildings of delight
BOOKS227502I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec - Cirencester
BOOKS263330I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec - Six more English towns
BOOKS290487I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec - The pattern of English building
BOOKS176577I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec - Chichester
BOOKS179967I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec - Tewkesbury
BOOKS014468I: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, Alec / MORIARTY, Denis (ed) - Alec Clifton-Taylor's buildings of delight
BOOKS294136I: CLIFTON, Paul - The fastest men on earth
BOOKS180539I: CLIMIE, David (ed) - Mad Magazine (British edition): no. 161
BOOKS292291I: CLIMIE, David (ed) - Mad Magazine (British edition): 59 issues
BOOKS138494I: CLINCH, Rosemary - Unknown Bristol
BOOKS149207I: CLINCH, Rosemary - Curious Bristol
BOOKS009495I: CLINCH, Rosemary & WILLIAMS, Michael - King Arthur in Somerset
BOOKS304271I: CLINCH, George - Bloomsbury and St.Giles's: past and present
BOOKS090126I: CLINCH, Rosemary & WILLIAMS, Michael - King Arthur in Somerset
BOOKS305713I: CLINE, Sally - Radclyffe Hall: a woman called John
BOOKS299841I: CLINE, Emma - The guest: a novel
BOOKS056540I: CLINE, Sally - Just desserts: women and food
BOOKS233169I: CLINKER, C.R. - The West Somerset Railway: a history in pictures with an account
BOOKS217767I: CLINKER, C.R. (intro) - The Railway Clearing House handbook of railway stations 1904
BOOKS142700I: CLINKER, C.R. - The West Somerset Railway
BOOKS286104I: VON CLINKERHOFFEN, Stephan - The hidden city of Chelldrah-ham: Belas Rift
BOOKS286101I: VON CLINKERHOFFEN, Stephan - The hidden city of Chelldrah-ham: Stig's flight of encounters
BOOKS286073I: von CLINKERHOFFEN, Stephan - The hidden city of Chelldrah-ham: War of chaos
BOOKS130907I: M'CLINTOCK (Captain) - The voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas: a narrative of the discovery of the fate of Sir John Franklin and his companions
BOOKS220432I: CLINTON-BADDELEY, V. C. - Only a matter of time
BOOKS110627I: CLISSOLD, Paul - Prisms of prayer
BOOKS246873I: CLISSOLD, Stephen - Saints of South America
BOOKS040073I: CLITANDRE, Pierre - Cathedral of the august heat
BOOKS218580I: CLITHEROE, John - A guide to conducting a criminal defence
BOOKS288776I: CLITHEROE, Ricky - Away from the bombs
BOOKS300983I: ClLEEVES, Ann - A bird in the hand
BOOKS167581I: CLODD, Edward - Pioneers of evolution: from Thales to Huxley
BOOKS311009I: CLOETE, Stuart - A Victorian son: an autobiography: 1897 - 1922
BOOKS020073I: CLOETE, Stuart - Mamba
BOOKS023183I: CLOETE, Stuart - The honey bird and other African stories
BOOKS023443I: CLOETE, Stuart - Congo song
BOOKS267916I: CLOETE, Stuart - 'A life to share' in John Bull, no.2680, November 9, 1957
BOOKS020231I: CLOETE, Stuart - The soldiers' peaches & other African stories
BOOKS192662I: CLOETE, Stuart - The looking glass and other African stories
BOOKS116001I: CLOGG, F. Bertram - The Christian character in the early church
BOOKS246422I: CLOHERTY, John P. & others - Manual of neonatal care
BOOKS147592I: CLOKE, Paul J. - Key settlements in rural areas
BOOKS159079I: CLOKE, Paul, and others - Lifestyles in rural England
BOOKS150028I: CLOKE, Paul J. & PARK, Chris C - Rural resource management
BOOKS150193I: CLOKE, P - Lifestyles in rural England
BOOKS149732I: CLOKE, Paul (ed) - Rural planning: policy into action?
BOOKS141140I: CLOSE, Paul Dunham - How to insulate homes and farm buildings
BOOKS233183I: CLOSE, Brian - Close on Cricket
BOOKS225760I: CLOSE, Brian - Close to cricket : An autobiography
BOOKS031246I: CLOSS, August (ed) - Twentieth century German literature
BOOKS289166I: CLOSS, Hannah Priebsch - Art & life
BOOKS309174I: CLOSTERMANN, Pierre - The big show: some experiences of a French figher pilot in the R.A.F.
BOOKS309163I: CLOSTERMANN, Pierre - Flames in the sky
BOOKS190245I: CLOTFELTER, James - The military in American politics
BOOKS306553I: CLOUD, Stanley & OLSON, Lynne - The Murrow Boys: pioneers on the front lines of broadcast journalism
BOOKS128468I: CLOUGH, Bryan & MUNGO, Paul - Approaching Zero
BOOKS060150I: CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh / BEER, John (ed) - Arthur Hugh Clough
BOOKS085896I: CLOUGH, Robert T. - The lead smelting mills of the Yorkshire Dales: their architectural character, construction and place in European tradition
BOOKS116544I: CLOUGH, E.A. - A short-title catalogue arranged geographically of books printed and distributed by printers, publishers and booksellers in the English provincial towns and in Scotland and Ireland up to and including the year 1700
BOOKS263755I: CLOUGH, Robert - A treatise on the exploitation of mines: Antoine Grimoald Monnet, a forgotten French chemist and metallurgist 1734-1817
BOOKS145988I: CLOUSTON, D. - From the Orcades to Ind
BOOKS223179I: CLOUSTON, Joseph Storer - Simon
BOOKS024304I: CLOUSTON, J. Storer - Count Bunker
BOOKS095418I: CLOUT, Hugh D. - Rural geography: an introductory survey
BOOKS102784I: CLOUT, Hugh (ed) - Europe's cities in the late twentienth century
BOOKS308492I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to 1900: vol. 2
BOOKS231812I: CLOWES, G.S. Laird - Sailing ships: their history & development as illustrated by the colection of ship-models in the Science Museum, part 1: Historical notes
BOOKS308497I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to 1900, vol. 4
BOOKS308598I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to 1900, vol. 6
BOOKS308483I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy, a history from the earliest times to the present, vol. 3
BOOKS299661I: CLOWES, G S Laird - Sailing ships: their history and development, part I: historical notes
BOOKS305396I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to 1900, vol. 1
BOOKS298667I: CLOWES, G.S Laird - British fishing and coastal craft: historical review and descriptive catalogue
BOOKS308593I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to 1900, vol. 5
BOOKS305948I: CLOWES, William Laird - The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to the death of Queen Victoria, vol. 7
BOOKS054317I: CLOWNEY, Paul and CLOWNEY, Tessa - Exploring churches
BOOKS308577I: MANX MOTOR CYCLE CLUB - Senior and junior 1952 Manx Grand Prix: supplementary regulations
BOOKS286851I: CYCLISTS' TOURING CLUB - The C.T.C route book, nos. 1-5
BOOKS060718I: ROYAL CALCUTTA TURF CLUB - The racing calendar from 1st April 1917 to 31st March 1918, Vol XXX
BOOKS013063I: JOCKEY CLUB - Compendium of international classifications 1977-1991
BOOKS039803I: KENNEL CLUB - The Kennel Club Stud Book for the year 1965: vol. XCIII
BOOKS038191I: KENNEL CLUB - The Kennel Club Stud Book for the year 1967: Vol.XCV
BOOKS049690I: PORTLAND CLUB - Laws of duplicate contract bridge 1963: the international code
BOOKS230513I: KENT COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Kent County Cricket Club, 1922: rules, list of subscribers, matches played in 1922, balance sheet, report, list of pictures & ornaments, &c.
BOOKS204305I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Summary of papers read before the Shakespeare Club 1909-10
BOOKS269969I: Royal and Ancient Golf Club - Golf rules illustrated
BOOKS267948I: Royal Air Force Manston History Club - RAF Manston in old photographs
BOOKS204304I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Annual report of the Shakespeare Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, for the session 1931-32 together with a summary of papers read before the Club, and the Shakespeare Sermon
BOOKS263303I: BARBARIAN FOOTBALL CLUB - Barbarians v South Africa, Cardiff Arms Park, Saturday 4th February 1961: official programme
BOOKS247229I: BRITISH CALL DUCK CLUB - Call Duck standard & non standard colours
BOOKS199339I: CLARICE CLIFF COLLECTORS CLUB - Clarice Cliff Collectors Club Review, edition 2 1990
BOOKS242563I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.X (10) [1867-1868]
BOOKS266634I: WORCESTERSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - Worcestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1964
BOOKS232581I: BRITISH RACING & SPORTS CAR CLUB - Racing Car Show, January 22nd - 30th, 1965: souvenir catalogue and guide
BOOKS168349I: ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Marlboro British Grand Prix , Sunday July 18th 1982, Brands Hatch
BOOKS151708I: ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Programme of the Royal Automobile Club British Grand Prix and "500"c.c. National race at the R.A.C. Silverstone Circuit, 14th May, 1949
BOOKS285703I: THE BRITISH RACING & SPORTS CAR CLUB - The 5th annual racing car show
BOOKS113227I: ALLINGTON CLASSIC BOAT CLUB - The classic boats of Allington
BOOKS242327I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Marylebone Club cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.XI [1869-1870]
BOOKS204303I: SHAKESPEARE CLUB - Summary of papers read before the Shakespeare Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, during the session 1918-19 together with the Shakespeare Sermon, 1919
BOOKS178104I: THE VINTAGE MOTOR CYCLE CLUB - 24th annual Banbury Run and Concours d'Elegance, June 18th, 1972: official programme
BOOKS165367I: BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB - The Venetian School: pictures by Titian and his contemporaries
BOOKS242339I: MARYLEBONE CLUB - Marylebone Club cricket scores and biographies from 1855 to 1875, vol.IX [1865-1866]
BOOKS047614I: ART DIRECTORS CLUB - Twelfth annual of advertising art
BOOKS285354I: THE LAGOS YACHT CLUB - The Lagos Yacht Club: Fifty years of sailing in Lagos 1932-1982
BOOKS111341I: CAIRNGORM CLUB - The Cairngorm Club Journal, vol.XVI, no.88, 1951-52
BOOKS284982I: THE SUSSEX COUNTY GOAT CLUB - Goat keeping: a booklet for beginners
BOOKS164287I: CLUBB, Stacey - Ready and willing
BOOKS065126I: CLUCAS, Helen & LINDSAY, Alan - The real food of China
BOOKS176584I: CLUCAS, Philip - Britain: the landscape below
BOOKS104201I: CLUDERAY, Terence M. - Under Yorber Scar: a selection of Dales verse
BOOKS234685I: CLUER, Andrew & WINRAM, Ron - Plymouth and Plymothians: photographs and memories
BOOKS163452I: CLUNE, Frank - The incredible outback adventure of Burke & Wills
BOOKS215185I: CLUSTER, Dick - Repulse monkey
BOOKS292002I: CLUTTERBUCK, Richard - Protest and the urban guerrilla
BOOKS287811I: CLUTTON, Cecil & NILAND, Austin - The British organ
BOOKS208731I: CLUTTON, Cecil and others - The racing car: development & design
BOOKS244917I: CLUTTON-BROCK, Oliver - RAF Evaders: the comprehensive story of thousands of escapers and their escape lines, Western Europe, 1940-1945
BOOKS216603I: CLUTTON-BROCK, Juliet & GRIGSON, Caroline (eds) - Animals and archaeology 3: early herders and their flocks
BOOKS292303I: CLYDE, Ameryl - A heart's awakening
BOOKS041727I: CLYNES, Michael - The White Rose murders
BOOKS089066I: CMHC - Canadian wood-frame house construction
BOOKS239362I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO - Austin Twelve series H.S.1 and Sixteen series B.S.1 service manual
BOOKS188560I: HOUGHTON & CO. - The Birmingham Post Office directory for 1882
BOOKS135785I: FREEMAN & CO. - Hinges, locks, ironfoundry, list no.TC/3, 1st May, 1933
BOOKS293599I: EDISON SWAN ELECTRIC CO. - The catalogue of electrical accessories (1927)
BOOKS150894I: L. SMIT & Co. - L Smith & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst, Rotterdam
BOOKS103205I: PIGOT & Co. - Pigot & Co's British atlas comprising the counties of England
BOOKS092836I: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of valuable atlases, Americana, travel and navigation
BOOKS175016I: RUSSELL & CO - Russell's walks and rambles in the Isle of Wight
BOOKS183654I: ROWNTREE & CO. - Rowntree's Table Jelly delights and how to make them
BOOKS142845I: RUBERY OWEN & CO. - Handbook on structural steelwork: properties and safe loads
BOOKS029400I: BRITISH FERROGRAPH RECORDER CO. - The manual of the "Ferrograph"
BOOKS131208I: OFFER WATERMAN & CO. - Modern British art
BOOKS185861I: G.W.BACON & CO - Bacon's large-print (5 miles to 1 inch) motor map: the Midlands (sheet 5 of England)
BOOKS040987I: SINGER MANUFACTURING CO. - Illustrated list of parts for class 16K machines
BOOKS077116I: FORD MOTOR CO. - Anglia Prefect (sales brochure)
BOOKS185911I: FORD MOTOR CO - The exciting new '5-star' Escort (sales brochure)
BOOKS185901I: STANDARD MOTOR CO - "Built to the highest measure of excellence...": the 1939 Flying Standard range: dedicated to economy! (sales brochure)
BOOKS084515I: STANDARD MOTOR CO. - Practical hints for the maintenance of the Standard "Atlas" van & pick-up
BOOKS084520I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO. - Austin A90 'Six' & A105 models: running and maintenance instructions
BOOKS035571I: FORD MOTOR CO. - The "De Luxe" Ford instruction book
BOOKS112001I: RUSSELL & CO. - Russell's graphic guide to the Isle of Wight
BOOKS217252I: IRANOL CO. - Iranol products data sheets, April 2007
BOOKS090179I: STANDARD MOTOR CO. - Instruction book: Standard "Eight" saloon 1954-5
BOOKS308526I: Sotheby & Co. - Sotheby's: The Rudolf Just Collection and Utz 3 Volumes
BOOKS263125I: JOHN KIDD & CO - "Fleetset" (quick-setting) Letterpress Inks
BOOKS121413I: ROCHESTER OPTICAL CO. - The Premo camera, Rochester Optical Co., 1898: cameras, lenses, accessories: illustrated catalog and historical introduction
BOOKS308015I: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of a collection of Victorian fiction and autograph letters
BOOKS104100I: EDGAR VAUGHAN & CO - A handbook on leather packings for hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms
BOOKS176049I: GRANGE FIBRE CO - Bob the Binder's progress
BOOKS196964I: HALFORD CYCLE CO - Halford Cycle Co Motorists 1929 catalogue
BOOKS229640I: Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co - Ballet, theatre and music-hall material, Sale catalogue Thursday 29th October 1981
BOOKS188729I: G.W.BACON & CO - Bacon's county map and guide: Gloucester with parts of adjoining counties
BOOKS184989I: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian manuscripts
BOOKS200423I: G.A. HARVEY & CO - Perforated metals for any screening grading, cleaning, sorting and filtering requirement, catalogue 464
BOOKS244856I: NOVELLO & CO - Selection of anthems and carols for all seasons
BOOKS185345I: MORRIS MOTOR CO. - Deze wagen is werkelijk een success: Morris Minor 1000
BOOKS092250I: SAALFIELDS PUB. CO. - Three little kittens
BOOKS185931I: WAKEFIELD & CO - Ford 24 h.p and 14 h.p lubrication chart
BOOKS181614I: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of fine and valuable printed books
BOOKS185754I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO - Austin: in front again this year
BOOKS270738I: R.A. LISTER & CO - Lister pumps for household and estate duties (1939)
BOOKS248495I: John Bartholomew & Co - Bartholomew's new reduced survey sheet 19 Huntingdon, Cambridge, etc., scale 2 miles to an inch: coloured, for tourists and cyclists
BOOKS270617I: BASS & CO - A glass of pale ale and a visit to Burton (1880)
BOOKS193551I: SOTHEBY & Co - The Parkinson collection: catalogue of highly important English Porcelain, parts 1, 2 & 3
BOOKS219776I: PAUL CLIVE & CO - Conjuring Catalogue
BOOKS237507I: H.T. GADDUM & CO - Silk: how and where it is produced
BOOKS168205I: HILLMAN MOTOR CAR CO. - Owner's handbook for the Hillman Mark VII
BOOKS181593I: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of modern French and German illustrated books
BOOKS183170I: R.A. SKELTON & CO. - Handbook no.16: Structural steel, July 1915
BOOKS231868I: HOOPER & CO - Hooper's Gardening guide: flower gardening, kitchen gardening, calendar og garden operations, &c., &c.
BOOKS185343I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO. - Brand sparkling new... the Big Austin A40
BOOKS185341I: FORD MOTOR CO - Consul 'n wagen uit de 5 sterren serie
BOOKS185339I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO. - The Austin A95 and A105 saloons: sales leaflet
BOOKS172674I: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of important coins and medals
BOOKS123414I: FRANCIS WHITE & CO. - General and commercial directory and topography of the Borough of Birmingham, with Aston, Edgbaston, Handsworth, Smethwick, West Bromwich, Hill Top, &c.
BOOKS185683I: LATHAM & CO - Recipes for "OMA" food products: Cakeoma, Spongeoma, Queen cakes, Pudding mixture; Corn flour, Custard powder, Jelly crystals, Self-raising flour, Table salt
BOOKS084406I: FORD MOTOR CO. - Instruction book for V8-30 h.p. industrial units
BOOKS207676I: COAD, N.E. - New Zealand - From Tasman to Massey
BOOKS290273I: COAD, Jonathan - Dover Castle (English Heritage)
BOOKS293475I: COALDRAKE, William H. - Architecture and authority in Japan
BOOKS144832I: COALES, K. Wallis - The Wharfbury watch-dogs: a Scouting story
BOOKS176425I: COALES, K.Wallis - The Wharfbury Watch-Dogs: a Scouting story
BOOKS160068I: COARD, Peter - Portraits of Glastonbury & Wells
BOOKS299150I: COARD, Peter - Vanishing Bath, part two
BOOKS291570I: COARELLI, Filippo. - Rome: monuments of civilization
BOOKS181312I: COATES, Ken (ed) - How to win? democratic planning and the abolition of unemployment
BOOKS233990I: COATES, Donald R - Environmental geomorphology and landscape conservation, volume III: non-urban regions
BOOKS234159I: COATES, Donald R (ed) - Environmental geomorphology and landscape conservation: vol.2: urban areas
BOOKS309641I: COATES, John - Linda
BOOKS051697I: COATES, Doris E. - Tuppenny rice and treacle: cottage housekeeping (1900-20)
BOOKS303619I: COATES, Richard - Hampshire place names
BOOKS143930I: COATES, Jennifer - Women, men and language: a sociolinguistic account of sex differences in language
BOOKS101636I: COATES- SMITH, Wendy (ed) - Illustrators 1980-83, nos. 30-46.
BOOKS270908I: COATES, Tim - R101: the airship disaster, 1930
BOOKS228804I: COATES, D.M. - Bradford City Tramways, 1882-1950
BOOKS305428I: COATES, Richard - Shirehampton sketches: people, places, buildings, times
BOOKS155299I: COATS, Peter - Flowers: the story of flowers, plants and gardens through the ages
BOOKS291086I: COATSWORTH, Elizabeth - Cave of ghosts
BOOKS062437I: COATSWORTH, Elizabeth - The sailing hatrack
BOOKS143521I: COATTS, Rita - Flying escape: an exciting adventure for girls
BOOKS034999I: COATTS, Rita - Lots of pluck
BOOKS025018I: COATTS, Rita - The silent house - which held a secret!: a story for girls
BOOKS026578I: COB - Scotland guy'd
BOOKS300464I: COBAIN, Ian - The history thieves: secrets, lies and the shaping of a modern nation
BOOKS202413I: COBB, Thomas - The little clown
BOOKS265495I: COBB, Humphrey - Paths of glory
BOOKS061332I: COBB, Ruth - Travellers to the town: stories of East Sussex
BOOKS309346I: COBB, Ruth - A Sussex highway
BOOKS307438I: COBB, Belton - Critical years at the Yard: the career of Frederick Williamson of the Detective Department and the C.I.D
BOOKS307439I: COBB, Belton - The first detectives and the early career of Richard Mayne, Commissioner of Police
BOOKS309881I: COBB, James F. - Watchers on the Longships; a tale of Cornwall in the last century
BOOKS129477I: COBB, James F. - The watchers on the Longships: a tale of Cornwall in the last century
BOOKS265895I: COBB, Thomas - The crime without a clue
BOOKS234425I: COBB, Irvin S - Paths of glory: impressions of war written at and near the front
BOOKS177408I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol. LI, no. 172, June 1966
BOOKS177407I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol.LI, no.171, February 1966
BOOKS177406I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol. XLV, no.155, October 1960
BOOKS177404I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association,vol.LII. no.175, June 1967
BOOKS203877I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association:, vol.XLII, no.144 - vol.XLV, no.153, February 1957- February 1960 (10 issues)
BOOKS177403I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol. LII (nos. 174-176) 1967
BOOKS177397I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol.XLVI (nos.156-158), 1961
BOOKS177398I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol XLVII (nos. 159-161), 1962
BOOKS177399I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol.XLVIII (nos.162-164), 1963
BOOKS177400I: COBBAN, Alfred (ed) - History: the journal of the Historical Association, vol. XLIX (nos.165-167), 1964
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BOOKS090374I: O CONCHUIR, Breandad - Clar lamhscribhinni Gaeilge cholaiste ollscoile chorcai: chuasach ui mhurchu
BOOKS293348I: CONDI, Dhimiter - Buthrot : Butrinti
BOOKS053726I: CONDIE, Allan T. - Buses remembered: Alexanders, Vol 3. Bodywork 1943-1960
BOOKS235902I: CONDIT, Kenneth W & others - A brief history of Headquarters Marine Corps staff organization
BOOKS013378I: CONDON, Richard - Prizzi's glory
BOOKS047543I: CONDON, Paul and SANGSTER, Jim - The complete Hitchcock
BOOKS211428I: CONDON, Geneal - The complete book of flower preservation
BOOKS244651I: CONDOSTA, Luca - Natuzzi: the Italian harmony maker
BOOKS047640I: CONDRY, William - Birds & wild Africa
BOOKS100753I: CONDRY, William M. - The New Naturalist: the natural history of Wales
BOOKS170511I: CONDRY, William M. - Wildflower safari: the biography of Mary Richards
BOOKS300812I: CONDRY, William M. - Woodlands (Collins countryside series)
BOOKS301261I: CONDRY, W. M. - The Snowdonia National Park.
BOOKS143712I: CONDUIT, Brian - Walking through history
BOOKS294434I: CONDURACHI, Emil and DAICOVICIO, Constantin - Romania
BOOKS247814I: CONE, J. G. - Make and do the woodcraft way
BOOKS294611I: O'CONELL, Charles C. - The vanishing island
BOOKS200385I: CONEY, Judith - Sahaja Yoga
BOOKS291954I: CONFALONIERI, Luigi - Pompeii and its tragedy
BOOKS233310I: Conservation Commission of the World Energy Conference - Energy 2000-2020: world prospects and regional stresses
BOOKS193017I: CONFUCIUS - The Analects or the conversations of Confucius with his disciples and certain others
BOOKS302042I: CONGDON, Don ( Editor) - Combat: Pacific theater: World War II
BOOKS046302I: CONGREVE, William - Incognita, or Love and duty reconcil'd
BOOKS288863I: CONGREVE (Colonel) - The details of the rocket system: shewing the various applications of this weapon, both for sea and land service, and its different uses in the field and in sieges
BOOKS147464I: CONGREVE, William; DRYDEN, John; VANBRUGH, John - Plays
BOOKS155688I: CONGREVE, William / BATESON, F.W. (ed) - The works of Congreve: comedies, incognita, poems.
BOOKS049770I: CONGREVE, William - The comedies of William Congreve in two volumes
BOOKS004409I: CONIL, Jean - French fish cuisine
BOOKS045821I: CONIL, Jean / MacCARTHY, Daphne (ed) - Oriental cookery
BOOKS039393I: CONIL, Christopher - The country bakehouse: traditional baking from the country kitchen
BOOKS103187I: CONIL, Jean - French fish cuisine
BOOKS088514I: CONIL, Jean / MacCARTHY, Daphne (ed) - Oriental cookery
BOOKS191523I: CONKIN, Paul K. - The New Deal
BOOKS297101I: CONKLIN, Groff (ed) - Enemies in space
BOOKS297111I: CONKLIN, Groff (ed) - Possible tomorrows
BOOKS091660I: CONLEY, Kevin - Stud: adventures in breeding
BOOKS139180I: CONLEY, Kevin - Stud: adventures in breeding
BOOKS247914I: CONLEY, Tom - Film hieroglyphs: ruptures in classical cinema
BOOKS184763I: CONLON, Kathleen - Apollo's summer look
BOOKS133080I: CONN, Martha Orr - Crazy to fly
BOOKS292487I: CONNAH, Graham - 'Of the hut I builded': the archaeology of Australia's history
BOOKS302802I: CONNELL, John - The return of Long John Silver: being a sequel to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
BOOKS310005I: CONNELL, Brian - The plains of Abraham
BOOKS269388I: CONNELL, John - Time and chance
BOOKS194546I: CONNELL, F. Norreys (Conal O'RIORDAN) - In the Green Park or half-pay deities
BOOKS170764I: O'CONNELL, Shaun - Remarkable, unspeakable New York: a literary history
BOOKS049593I: CONNELL, Vivian - The hounds of Cloneen
BOOKS050348I: CONNELL, G.G. - Jack's war: lower deck recollections from World War II
BOOKS022823I: CONNELL, John - Wavell: scholar and soldier: to June 1941
BOOKS101785I: O'CONNELL, Carol - Killing critics
BOOKS129161I: O'CONNELL, Kevin J. (ed) - The Batsford chess yearbook
BOOKS111994I: CONNELL, Janice T. - Meetings with Mary: visions of the Blessed Mother
BOOKS245675I: O'CONNELL, John - The Baskerville legacy: a confession
BOOKS286407I: CONNELL, G.G. - Mediterranean maelstrom: H.M.S. Jervis and the 14th Flotilla
BOOKS236179I: O'CONNELL, Patrick (trans) - The love & service of God-infinite love, containing a message from Our Divine Lord for the clergy of the world
BOOKS001469I: CONNELL, John - The most important country: the true story of the Suez crisis and the events leading to it.
BOOKS137461I: CONNELL, Brian - Return of the tiger
BOOKS191469I: CONNELL, F. Norreys (Conal O'RIORDAN) - The pity of war
BOOKS308771I: CONNELL, G. G. - Mediterranean Maelstrom: H. M. S. "Jervis" and the 14th Flotilla
BOOKS285725I: O'CONNELL, Geoffrey - Southwick: the D-Day village that went to war
BOOKS171613I: CONNELLEY, William Elsey - Wild Bill and his era: the life & adventures of James Butler Hickok
BOOKS295567I: CONNELLY, Joan Breton - Votive sculpture of Hellenistic Cyprus
BOOKS304638I: CONNELLY, Michael - Echo Park
BOOKS185815I: CONNELLY, Charlie - Attention all shipping: a journey round the shipping forecast
BOOKS169615I: CONNELY, Willard - Laurence Sterne as Yorick
BOOKS191084I: CONNER, Valerie Jean - The national war labor board: stability, social justice, and the voluntary state in World War I
BOOKS066434I: CONNER, Patrick - Michael Angelo Rooker, 1746-1801
BOOKS288602I: CONNER, Valerie J. - "The mothers of the race" in World War I: the National War Labor Board and women in industry
BOOKS289999I: CONNER, Bruce - 2000 BC: the Bruce Conner story part II
BOOKS214045I: CONNINGTON, J.J. - Nemesis at Raynham Parva
BOOKS110560I: M'CONNOCHIE, Alex. Inkson (ed) - Cairngorm Club Journal, vol. IV, no.21, July 1903
BOOKS073717I: CONNOCK, Stephen - HR vision: managing a quality workforce
BOOKS005687I: CONNOISSEUR / FELL, H. Granville (ed) - The Connoisseur year book, 1951
BOOKS038516I: CONNOISSEUR / RAMSEY, L.G.G. (ed) - The Connoisseur new guide to English painting and sculpture: Tudor - Early Victorian
BOOKS040485I: CONNOISSEUR - The Conoisseur: an illustrated magazine for collectors, Vol VI (May-August 1903)
BOOKS040464I: CONNOISSEUR - The Conoisseur: an illustrated magazine for collectors, vol XVI (Sept-Dec 1906)
BOOKS040487I: CONNOISSEUR - The Conoisseur: an illustrated magazine for collectors, vol X (September-December 1904)
BOOKS131514I: CONNOLD, Edward T. - British vegetable galls: an introduction to their study
BOOKS172752I: CONNOLD, Edward T - British vegetable galls: an introduction to their study
BOOKS199987I: CONNOLLY, Joseph - Modern first editions: their value to collectors
BOOKS188773I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon, volume XI, no.61, January 1945
BOOKS223488I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) / CAPOTE, Truman - Horizon, vol.XIX, no. 109, January 1949
BOOKS042052I: CONNOLLY, Joseph - Modern first editions: their value to collectors
BOOKS269016I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon: a review of literature and art, vol.XIII, no.78, June 1946
BOOKS269012I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon: a review of literature and art, 25 issues, 1943 - 1949
BOOKS269013I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon: a review of literature and art, vol.X, no.57, September 1944
BOOKS006368I: CONNOLLY, Hugh (Dom) - Some dates and documents for the early history of our House, I: our establishment as a community at Douay
BOOKS269015I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon: a review of literature and art, vol.IX, no.51, March 1944.
BOOKS290629I: CONNOLLY, Peter - Pompeii
BOOKS310071I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (chosen by) - Horizon stories
BOOKS207551I: CONNOLLY, Joseph - P.G.Wodehouse: An illustrated biography with complete bibliography and collector's guide
BOOKS234107I: CONNOLLY, Harry - Heading home: growing up in baseball
BOOKS294784I: CONNOLLY, Peter - The Roman army
BOOKS229836I: CONNOLLY, Joseph - Winter breaks
BOOKS223511I: CONNOLLY, Cyril (ed) - Horizon 110. Vol XIX February MCMXLIX
BOOKS306399I: O'CONNOR, Bill - The trekking peaks of Nepal
BOOKS106091I: O'CONNOR, William Van (ed) - Forms of modern fiction: essays collected in honor of Joseph Warren Beach
BOOKS029452I: O'CONNOR, Ulick - Biographers and the art of biography
BOOKS064569I: O'CONNOR, Kaori - Creative dressing: the unique collection of top designer looks that you can make yourself
BOOKS032996I: O'CONNOR, J.D. - Phonetics
BOOKS153581I: O'CONNOR, Lillian - Pioneer women orators: rhetoric in the Ante-Bellum Reform Movement
BOOKS055363I: O'CONNOR, Joseph - The last of the Irish males
BOOKS059261I: O'CONNOR, Joseph - Star of the sea: farewell to old Ireland
BOOKS085870I: O'CONNOR, Fitzgerald - Storm
BOOKS100403I: O'CONNOR, Gary - Sean O'Casey: a life
BOOKS163223I: O'CONNOR, Garry - The pursuit of perfection: a life of Maggie Teyte
BOOKS249041I: O'CONNOR, Deryn - Miao costumes from Guizhou Province, south west China
BOOKS227467I: CONNOR, Russell & HICKS, Warren W. - BG on the record: a bio-discography of Benny Goodman
BOOKS025634I: O'CONNOR, T.P. - The phantom millions: the story of the great French fraud, being incidents in the career of Madame Humbert and others.
BOOKS000799I: CONNOR, Steve and KINGMAN, Sharon - The search for the virus
BOOKS280217I: O'CONNOR, J. C. & HAYES, C. F. - English-Esperanto dictionary
BOOKS264795I: O'CONNOR, Kevin - Ironing the land: the coming of the railways to Ireland
BOOKS034741I: O'CONNOR, Garry - Campion's ghost
BOOKS170651I: CONNOR, Betty and others - Times past: Bulletin of the Bolton W.E.A Local History Study Group, no.3
BOOKS305763I: O'CONNOR, John E. and JACKSON, Martin A. (editors) - American history/American film: interpreting the Hollywood image
BOOKS128264I: CONNOR, Tony - Spirits of the place: new poems
BOOKS131393I: O'CONNOR, Garry - Ralph Richardson: an actor's life
BOOKS264775I: O'CONNOR, David A. / HARVEY, Ian - Troubled waters: the great Cheltenham water controversy
BOOKS188256I: CONNOR, Scott - Return to Black Rock
BOOKS059043I: O'CONNOR, Garry (ed) - Olivier: in celebration
BOOKS194999I: CONNOR, Patricia (ed) - The Grand National: 150 years of Aintree's steeplechase
BOOKS299932I: O'CONNOR, David Anthony - The hole in the ground: the story of the Battledown Brickworks
BOOKS294132I: CONNOR, Cyril - Saint Patrick's Church 1868-1958, Diocese of Connor, Parish of Jordanstown
BOOKS297907I: CONOLLY, W. Philip - British railways pre-grouping atlas and gazetteer
BOOKS233690I: CONOLLY, Brian & VAJDA, Steven - A mathematical kaleidoscope: applications in industry, business and science
BOOKS040948I: CONOLLY, Violet - Siberia today and tomorrow: a study of economic resources, problems and achievements
BOOKS304988I: CONORD, Fabien - Le Tour de France à l'heure nationale: 1930-1968
BOOKS177628I: CONQUEST, Owen - The rivals of Rookwood School
BOOKS186400I: CONQUEST, Owen - The rivals of Rookwood School
BOOKS303896I: CONQUEST, Robert - The last empire
BOOKS302047I: CONRAD, Joseph - Two tales of the Congo
BOOKS290558I: CONRAD, Joseph - Lord Jim: a tale

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