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BOOKS141361I: BREESE, Gerald (ed) - The city in newly developing countries: readings on urbanism and urbanization
BOOKS110838I: BREESE, Gerald (ed) - The city in newly developing countries: readings on urbanism and urbanization
BOOKS300835I: BREEZE, Paul - While my guitar gently weeps
BOOKS300689I: BREEZE, George and others - P.J.Crook: a retrospective: 1980-1995
BOOKS294748I: BREEZE, David J. - Hadrian's Wall: a souvenir guide to the Roman Wall
BOOKS089019I: BREEZE, Elizabeth and others - General household survey 1989
BOOKS310271I: BREFFORT, Dominique - Lockheed constellation: from Excalibur to Starliner civilian and military variants
BOOKS017369I: BREHM, Jack - That others may live: inside the world's most daring rescue force
BOOKS069197I: BREIHAN, Carl W. - The day Jesse James was killed
BOOKS294554I: BREIHAN, Carl W. - Great lawmen of the West
BOOKS299702I: BREITMAN, George & others - The assassination of Malcolm X
BOOKS309898I: BREITSCHWERDT, Werner and others - Mercedes-Benz in aller welt: 100 jahre automobil: Magazine for the friends of the Three Pointed Star: no. 199 edition 1/1986
BOOKS179798I: BREMER, Stuart - Living in the city: a pictorial record of Australia's cities
BOOKS287782I: BREMNER, G.A (ed) - Ecclesiology abroad: the British Empire and beyond
BOOKS013144I: BREMNESS, Lesley - World of herbs: receipes, remedies and decorative ideas
BOOKS267709I: BRENAN, Gerald - The magnetic moment
BOOKS299999I: BRENCHLEY, Chaz - Dispossession
BOOKS292978I: BRENDEL, Otto J. - Der grosse fries in der villa dei misteri
BOOKS232898I: BRENDEL, Alfred - One finger too many
BOOKS005839I: BRENDON, Piers - Eminent Edwardians
BOOKS081176I: BRENET, Michael - Haydn
BOOKS042498I: BRENNAN, J.H. - Nostradamus: visions of the future
BOOKS006650I: BRENNAN, Richard - The Alexander technique workbook: your personal programme for health, poise and fitness
BOOKS096172I: BRENNAN, Jennifer - Encyclopedia of Chinese & Oriental cookery
BOOKS310853I: BRENNAN, Dan - Never so young again
BOOKS225766I: BRENNAND, George - Halcyon: An angler's memories
BOOKS220377I: BRENNAND, P. G. (ed) - Narrow Gauge News May 1959 - -Dec 1959 & May 1960
BOOKS205463I: BRENNAND, George - The fisherman's handbook
BOOKS133996I: BRENNER, David - Soccer tactics
BOOKS305047I: BRENNER, Barbara - Baltimore Orioles
BOOKS174930I: BRENNER, Felix - 500 recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks
BOOKS210424I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - The Chalet School triplets
BOOKS290977I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Mary-Lou of the Chalet School
BOOKS296616I: BRENT, Madeleine - The long masquerade
BOOKS039569I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor. - Lavender laughs in the Chalet School
BOOKS046250I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Judy, the Guide
BOOKS070652I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Kennelmaid Nan
BOOKS007041I: BRENT, Peter - Far Arabia: explorers of the myth
BOOKS075081I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Trials for the Chalet School / Theodora and the Chalet School
BOOKS145938I: BRENT-DYER,Elinor M. - The Chalet girls in camp
BOOKS285985I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - The Chalet School and Jo
BOOKS015493I: BRENT, Calvin - Justice doesn't die
BOOKS285260I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - The Chalet School and Barbara
BOOKS200894I: BRENT, Madeleine ( Peter O'Donnell) - Tregaron's Daughter
BOOKS309532I: BRENT, Madeleine (Peter O'Donnell) - The long masquerade
BOOKS145902I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - The rivals of the Chalet School
BOOKS212736I: BRENT, Peter - Black Nile: Mungo Park and the search for the Niger
BOOKS302789I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Jo returns to the Chalet School
BOOKS285923I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Gerry goes to school
BOOKS066301I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Eustacia goes to the Chalet School
BOOKS165476I: BRENT-DYER, Elinor M. - Trials for the Chalet School / Theodora and the Chalet School
BOOKS180938I: BRENT, Jim - At the balance: the autobiography of a circus artist
BOOKS235152I: BREON, Emmanuel - Juan Gris à Boulogne
BOOKS209515I: BRERETON, F.S. - Under French's command: a story of the Western Front from Neuve Chapelle to Loos.
BOOKS237395I: BRERETON, F.S. - The great airship: a tale of adventure
BOOKS189591I: BRERETON, Geoffrey - A short history of French literature
BOOKS153964I: BRERETON, F.S. - The hero of Panama: a tale of the great canal
BOOKS158140I: BRERETON, F.S. - The great aeroplane: a thrilling tale of adventure
BOOKS209317I: Automobile club of Brescia & M.W. Veteran Car Club of Brescia (eds) - Mille Miglia 1986
BOOKS124109I: BRESLER, Fenton - Strictly illegal: a further textbook
BOOKS119198I: BRESNAHAN, George & TUTTLE, W.W. - Track and field athletics
BOOKS118908I: BRET, David - Valentino: a dream of desire
BOOKS062406I: BRET, David - Maurice Chevalier: up on top of a rainbow
BOOKS269647I: BRET, David - Diana Dors: hurricane in mink
BOOKS077916I: BRETELER, M. and others - Design manual for pitched slope protection
BOOKS238965I: LE BRETON, Farren - Willowmead: a novel
BOOKS152126I: BRETON, Leon M. and others - Leon Jonczyk
BOOKS166251I: LE BRETON, Thomas - Mr and Mrs May
BOOKS212157I: BRETT, Alan - Canny old Sunderland
BOOKS164808I: BRETT, Rosalind - The Bolambo affair
BOOKS072775I: BRETT, Simon - Murder in the museum: a Fethering mystery
BOOKS307016I: BRETT-JAMES, Antony - 1812: eyewitness accounts of Napoleon's defeat in Russia.
BOOKS235214I: BRETT, Simon - The torso in the town: a Fethering mystery
BOOKS016020I: BRETT, Simon - Corporate bodies
BOOKS016016I: BRETT, Simon (comp) - Take a spare truss: tips for Nineteenth Century travellers.
BOOKS013231I: BRETT, Simon - What bloody man is that ?
BOOKS131285I: BRETT, Guy and others - Mona Hatoum
BOOKS080630I: BRETT, Simon - The witness at the wedding
BOOKS024084I: BRETT, Simon - Bad form: or How not to get invited back.
BOOKS309325I: BRETT-JAMES, Antony - Life in Wellington's army
BOOKS145373I: BRETT, Michael (Miles TRIPP) - Diecast
BOOKS110748I: BRETT, Simon - Murder in the museum: a Fethering mystery
BOOKS121942I: BRETT, Simon - A shock to the system
BOOKS300521I: BRETT, Charles & others - John Brett: a Pre-Raphaelite in Cornwall
BOOKS043536I: BRETT-SMITH, H.F.B. (ed) - Gammer Gvrton's nedle
BOOKS263000I: BRETT-JAMES, Antony - The triple stream: Four centuries of English, French and German literature,1531-1930
BOOKS305739I: BRETT-JAMES, Antony - Life in Wellington's Army
BOOKS302156I: BRETT, Molly - The hare in a hurry
BOOKS286179I: BRETT, Molly - The untidy little hedgehog
BOOKS123638I: BRETT, David - C.R.Mackintosh: the poetics of workmanship
BOOKS157617I: BRETT, Peter - A building craft 'foundation': NVQ:Common Core
BOOKS226117I: BRETT, Vanessa - Guide to pewter
BOOKS167785I: BRETT, Leo - Face in the night
BOOKS302123I: BRETT, Molly - Teddy flies away
BOOKS309822I: BRETT, Leo (a.k.a R.L. FANTHORPE) - The alien ones
BOOKS178605I: BRETT-YOUNG, Francis - The crescent moon
BOOKS223948I: BRETT, Simon (ed) - Forty nudes: an anthology of wood engravings
BOOKS299527I: BRETT, Simon - Not dead, only resting
BOOKS285940I: BRETT, Walter - The lawn: how to make and maintain it
BOOKS299524I: BRETT, Simon - A box of tricks
BOOKS106030I: BRETT, George Sidney - A history of psychology, 3: modern psychology
BOOKS298008I: BRETTELL, Richard R - The Impressionist & the city – Pissarro′s series paintings
BOOKS301565I: BRETTELL, Richard R & PISSARRO, Joachim - The Impressionist and the City: Pissarro′s series paintings
BOOKS189721I: DU BREUIL, M. & GLENNY, George - The scientific and profitable culture of fruit trees
BOOKS286834I: BREW, Alec - Boulton Paul Aircraft (Britain in Old Photographs)
BOOKS266879I: BREW, Alec - A history of Black Country aviation
BOOKS266118I: BREW, Alec & ABRAHAM, Barry - Images of aviation: Shropshire Airfields
BOOKS305404I: BREW, Alec - The defiant file
BOOKS302188I: BREW, Alec - The Turret Fighters: Defiant and Roc
BOOKS310277I: BREW, Alec - The Turret fighters: defiant and roc
BOOKS115439I: BREWER, Sarah - Healing with magnetic therapy
BOOKS228208I: BREWER, Dave - A field guide to the boundary markers on and around Dartmoor
BOOKS181491I: BREWER, Dave - A field guide to the boundary markers on and around Dartmoor
BOOKS020347I: BREWER, Gil - 13 French Street
BOOKS302526I: BREWER, Anthony - Marxist theories of Imperialism: a critical survey
BOOKS228899I: BREWER, Derek - Seatonian Exercises and other verses
BOOKS249526I: BREWER, Mark D. & MAISEL, L Sandy - The parties respond: changes in American parties and campaigns
BOOKS293759I: BREWER, RIchard J. - Great Britain, vol. 1, fascicule 5: Wales
BOOKS212473I: BREWIN, Alan - Enter drum and colours: memories of National Service in the 1950s
BOOKS060244I: BREWIS, Henry - Country dance
BOOKS139075I: BREWIS, Joanna & LINSTEAD, Stephen - Sex, work and sex work: eroticizing organization
BOOKS226020I: BREWSTER, David - India's Ocean: the story of India's bid for regional leadership
BOOKS290863I: BREWSTER, David - The heart's grown brutal
BOOKS242460I: BREYMEYER, Alicia (ed) - Biosphere Reserves in Poland
BOOKS160148I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - Blue at the mizzen
BOOKS013716I: MARTIN Brian P. - British game shooting: roughshooting and wildfowling
BOOKS219302I: BRIAN, Anthea - A tenurial history of Lugg Meadow
BOOKS134556I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - Caesar
BOOKS120093I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - Blue at the mizzen
BOOKS162414I: BRIAN, Peter - Reach for freedom: he hit back against the Hun!
BOOKS226833I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - The Chian wine and other stories
BOOKS132262I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - The nutmeg of consolation
BOOKS133644I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - Collected short stories
BOOKS202917I: O'BRIAN, Conor - Atlantic adventure
BOOKS300064I: BRIAN, Anthea & THOMPSON, Peter - The history and natural history of Lugg Meadow
BOOKS195509I: BRIAN, Havergal - Havergal Brian on music, volume I: British music
BOOKS004585I: O'BRIAN, Patrick - Hussein: an entertainment
BOOKS245659I: BRIANS, Craig Leonard & others - Empirical political analysis: quantitative and qualitative research methods
BOOKS153560I: BRIANT, Keith - Oxford Limited
BOOKS077799I: BRIANT, Clyde L. and others (eds) - Interfacial engineering for optimized properties
BOOKS300348I: BRIASCO, Jesus Romero & HUERTAS, Salvador Mafe - Falklands: witness of battles
BOOKS077875I: BRIBER, Robert M. and others (eds) - Morphological control in multiphase polymer mixtures
BOOKS060634I: BRIBSON, Tom - The story of Pierre
BOOKS298579I: BRICE, A. H. M. - Look upon the prisoner: studies in crime
BOOKS302822I: BRICE, Christopher (ed) - Forgotten Victorian generals: studies in the exercise of command and control in the British Army 1837-1901
BOOKS229035I: BRICHETTI, Pierandrea & others - Uccelli D'Italia
BOOKS207011I: BRICK, Titus A. (ed) / SMITH, Seba - Shaving them / Major Jack Downing
BOOKS260097I: BRICKELL, Christopher & SHARMAN, Fay - The vanishing garden:a conservation guide to garden plants
BOOKS059763I: BRICKELL, Hammond - B&B, H&C.
BOOKS193179I: BRICKELL, Christopher - Pruning
BOOKS301238I: BRICKELL, Herschel (ed) / CAPOTE, Truman / HIGHSMITH, Patricia - O. Henry Memorial Award prize stories. [1946]
BOOKS208535I: BRICKELL, Neville - Ducks, geese and swans of Africa and its outlying islands
BOOKS298653I: BRICKELL, Christopher - Pruning
BOOKS229021I: BRICKHILL, Paul - The dam busters
BOOKS168033I: BRICKHILL, Paul - The deadline
BOOKS039474I: BRICKHILL, Paul - Escape- or die: authentic stories of the RAF Escaping Society
BOOKS299486I: BRICKHILL, Paul - Reach for the sky
BOOKS293220I: BRICKSTOCK, Richard and others - Groundwell Ridge Roman Villa, Swindon: excavations 2003-2005
BOOKS267273I: BRIDCUT, John B - Essential Britten: a pocket guide for the Britten Centenary
BOOKS263996I: BRIDDON, Richard - Cloistered work: a selected poems to 1985
BOOKS238217I: BRIDGE, Ann. - Singing waters
BOOKS195800I: BRIDGE, F. Maynard - The iron band
BOOKS235943I: BRIDGE, Ann - The light-hearted quest
BOOKS013087I: BRIDGE, Tom - The golden age of cookery
BOOKS060860I: BRIDGE, Tom - Bridge on British beef
BOOKS079684I: BRIDGE, Frederick and SAWYER, Frank J. - A course in harmony
BOOKS058829I: BRIDGE, A.C. - Images of God: an essay on the life and death of symbols
BOOKS058348I: BRIDGE, Antony - The Crusades
BOOKS216274I: BRIDGE, Ann - The dangerous islands
BOOKS247553I: BRIDGE, Horatio - Personal recollections of Nathaniel Hawthorne
BOOKS247018I: BRIDGE, Tom - The golden age of cookery
BOOKS060562I: BRIDGE, Tom - The golden age of cookery
BOOKS236829I: BRIDGE, Ann - A place to stand
BOOKS274813I: BRIDGE, Ann - The episode at Toledo
BOOKS268955I: BRIDGE, Ann B - The lighthearted quest
BOOKS145682I: BRIDGE, Ann - The malady in Madeira
BOOKS159446I: BRIDGE, Mark - An encyclopedia of desks
BOOKS269243I: BRIDGE, Ann. - Singing waters
BOOKS296124I: BRIDGE, William C - Fourteen to eighty-four
BOOKS196479I: BRIDGE, Ann - The ginger griffin
BOOKS050062I: BRIDGE, Ann - The light-hearted quest
BOOKS037816I: BRIDGEMAN, Peter - Trees for town & country: a practical guide to planting & care
BOOKS176622I: BRIDGEMAN, Leonard - Aircraft of the British Empire
BOOKS303641I: BRIDGEMAN, Brian & others - Swindon's other railway: the Midland and South Western Junction Railway 1900-1985
BOOKS134139I: BRIDGES, James - Burmese: petitions, letters, and other papers, reproduced by photolithography
BOOKS197379I: BRIDGES, Robert - Achilles in Scyros
BOOKS219777I: BRIDGES, Harold - As I remember: 90 years in the 1900s, 47 years in road transport
BOOKS181634I: BRIDGES, E.M. - Soils and land use of the district north of Derby (sheet 125)
BOOKS064144I: BRIDGES, Robert - Poetry
BOOKS207635I: BRIDGES, William - The landscape deeper in: selected poems 1974-2004
BOOKS246375I: BRIDGES, Joan Chandos & others - Schoolgirls' stories
BOOKS195491I: BRIDGES-ADAMS, W. - The irresistible theatre, volume I: from the Conquest to the Commonwealth
BOOKS196759I: BRIDGES, Robert - The testament of beauty: a poem in four books
BOOKS066828I: BRIDGES, T.C. - Flying to fortune
BOOKS123042I: BRIDGES, Jerry - The pursuit of holiness
BOOKS066234I: BRIDGES-ADAMS, W. / SPEAIGHT, Robert (ed) - A Bridges-Adams letter book
BOOKS309503I: BRIDGETT, R.C. - Tight lines: angling sketches
BOOKS285823I: BRIDGETT, R.C. - Loch fishing
BOOKS101549I: BRIDGEWATER, Alan & BRIDGEWATER, Gill - Stonework for the garden: including 16 easy-to-build projects
BOOKS304878I: BRIDGEWATER, Alan & Gill - Guide to weaving: popular crafts
BOOKS003466I: BRIDGEWATER, Alan and BRIDGEWATER, Gill - The complete guide to decorative woodworking
BOOKS068645I: BRIDGEWATER, Alan & BRIDGEWATER, Gill - The craft of wood carving
BOOKS173513I: BRIDGEWATER, Alan & BRIDGEWATER, Gill - The complete guide to decorative woodworking
BOOKS146717I: BRIDGMAN, G.F.L. (ed) - Justice of the Peace and Local Government Review Reports, 1968
BOOKS270674I: BRIDGMAN, Leonard (ed) - Jane’s All the world's aircraft 1945-46
BOOKS231998I: BRIDGWOOD, Ann & Office for National Statistics - General household survey: Living in Britain - Results from the 1998 survey
BOOKS201109I: BRIDOUX, Jeff & KURKI, Milja - Democracy promotion: A critical Introduction
BOOKS269898I: BRIE, Reginald - The autogiro and how to fly it
BOOKS214984I: BRIEM, Gunnlaugur S.E. (ed) - Sixty alphabets
BOOKS301658I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (ed) - The best British short stories 1934 and the yearbook of the British, Irish, and colonial short story
BOOKS200986I: O'BRIEN, Flann - Myles away from Dublin
BOOKS189784I: O'BRIEN, Edna - A rose in the heart
BOOKS128420I: O'BRIEN, Flann - The hard life: an exegesis of squalor
BOOKS306962I: O'BRIEN, Bill - Guns and ammo: 1991 annual
BOOKS060993I: O'BRIEN, Donough - Miniatures in the XVIIIth & XIXth centuries: an historical and descriptive record
BOOKS307518I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. & COURNOS, John (eds) - The best British short stories of 1924 I: English
BOOKS308066I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (ed) - The best short stories: 1933, I: English
BOOKS097044I: O'BRIEN, Kate - That lady
BOOKS000515I: O'BRIEN, Stephen - Visions of another world: the autobiography of a medium
BOOKS002391I: O'BRIEN, F.T. - Early Solent steamers: a history of local steam navigation
BOOKS004097I: O'BRIEN, Marian Maeve - Make and furnish your own miniature rooms
BOOKS027145I: O'BRIEN, Stephen - Visions of another world: the autobiography of a medium
BOOKS054210I: O'BRIEN, F.T. - Early Solent steamers: a history of local steam navigation
BOOKS084536I: O'BRIEN, Edna - The high road
BOOKS086907I: O'BRIEN, D.H. (Captain) - The escapes of Captain O'Brien, R.N. 1804-1808
BOOKS102911I: O'BRIEN, Stephen - Visions of another world: the autobiography of a medium
BOOKS119391I: O'BRIEN, Gregory - Days beside water
BOOKS307512I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (ed) - The best short stories of 1931 I: English
BOOKS003179I: O'BRIEN, Grace - The golden age of German music and its origins
BOOKS303657I: O'BRIEN, Kate - English diaries and journals
BOOKS157954I: O'BRIEN, P.J. - The Lindberghs: the story of a distinguished family
BOOKS157978I: O'BRIEN, P.J. - The Lindberghs: the story of a distinguished family
BOOKS307522I: O'BRIEN, Edward (ed) - The best short stories of 1932, I: English
BOOKS233007I: O'BRIEN, D.P - The history of Taxation, Volume VIII
BOOKS265799I: O'BRIEN, Deirdre & COUCH, Grace - New girls at Lowmead
BOOKS307504I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (ed) - The best short stories of 1918 and the yearbook of the American short story
BOOKS009960I: O'BRIEN, Stephen - Voices from Heaven: communion with another world.
BOOKS230460I: O'BRIEN, D.P. (ed) - The history of taxation, volume VII [1872-1871]
BOOKS267907I: O'BRIEN, Eoin - The weight of compassion: essays on literature and medicine
BOOKS306201I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (ed) - The best short stories of 1930 I: English
BOOKS230217I: O'BRIEN, D. P. - The history of taxation, Volume V
BOOKS166147I: O'BRIEN, Tom - Cassidy's Cross
BOOKS295805I: O'BRIEN, Edward J (ed) - The best short stories of 1929, II: American
BOOKS230065I: O'BRIEN, D.P. (ed) - The history of taxation, volume VI (1692-1774)
BOOKS230066I: O'BRIEN, D.P. (ed) - The history of taxation, volume III (1816-1820)
BOOKS057614I: O'BRIEN, Stephen - Visions of another world: the autobiography of a medium
BOOKS023299I: O'BRIEN, Pat (ed) - Around Bebington
BOOKS230042I: O'BRIEN, D P - The history of taxation, volume II (1776-18000
BOOKS307550I: O'BRIEN, Edward J & COURNOS, John (eds) - The best short stories of 1925, I: English (with an Irish supplement)
BOOKS194366I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. - No saints on earth
BOOKS194367I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. - The Plutus file
BOOKS301983I: O'BRIEN, Edward J. (editor) - The best British short stories: 1937: and the yearbook of the british, Iriah and colonial short story
BOOKS234331I: O'BRIEN, D.P. (ed) - The history of taxation, volume IV
BOOKS310925I: O'BRIEN, Edward J (ed) - The best short stories of 1927, 2: American (with the Yearbook of the American Short Story)
BOOKS176239I: O'BRIEN, Maire & O'BRIEN, Conor Cruise - A concise history of Ireland
BOOKS154485I: O'BRIEN, Kate - That lady
BOOKS068366I: O'BRIEN, Edna - Casualties of peace
BOOKS295886I: O'BRIEN, Edward J (ed) - The best short stories of 1928, II: American
BOOKS301475I: O'BRIEN, Edward J (ed) - The best short stories of 1928, I: English (with Irish and Colonial stories)
BOOKS042671I: O'BRIEN, Richard - Faith in the City of Birmingham: an examination of problems and opportunities facing a city
BOOKS170545I: O'BRIEN, Gregory - Lands & deeds: profiles of contemporary New Zealand painters
BOOKS295889I: O'BRIEN, Edward J (ed) - The best short stories of 1927, 2: American (with the Yearbook of the American Short Story)
BOOKS298446I: O'BRIEN, Pat - Looking back at maritime Wirral
BOOKS168941I: O'BRIEN, Larry - Introducing quantitative geography: measurement, methods and generalised linear models
BOOKS187397I: O' BRIEN, P.J. - Will Rogers, ambassador of good wiil
BOOKS305023I: O'BRIEN, Edna - August is a wicked month
BOOKS192684I: O'BRIEN, Deirdre - The vagrant heart
BOOKS293672I: O'BRIEN, Mark - When Adam delved and Eve span: a history of the Peasants' Revolt of 1381
BOOKS233492I: BRIER, W. J. - The frightful punishment: Con Orem and Montana's great glove fights of the 1860's.
BOOKS069785I: BRIER, Bob - Egyptian mummies: unravelling the secrets of an ancient art
BOOKS298225I: BRIERLEY, David. - Blood group O
BOOKS222609I: BRIERLEY, Ben - "Ab-o'th-Yate" sketches and other short stories, vol.III
BOOKS036030I: BRIERLEY, Ben - Cast upon the world: the story of a waif (Tales and sketches of Lancashire life)
BOOKS036031I: BRIERLEY, Ben - Tales and sketches of Lancashire life: Treadlepin fold; The new borough; A fight for love
BOOKS036035I: BRIERLEY, Ben - Irkdale (Tales and sketches of Lancashire life)
BOOKS041993I: BRIERLEY, David - Snowline
BOOKS149889I: BRIERLEY, Peter - Prospects for the Nineties: trends and tables from the 1989 English church census
BOOKS149901I: BRIERLEY, Peter (ed) - UK Christian Handbook 1989/90
BOOKS185642I: BRIERLEY, John - Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools: some personal memoirs of a diverse life
BOOKS141377I: BRIERLEY, John - Parking of motor vehicles
BOOKS235996I: BRIERLEY, David - Skorpion's death
BOOKS300193I: BRIERLEY, David. - Blood group O
BOOKS167535I: BRIERS, Frank (ed) - Norwich and its region
BOOKS018081I: BRIERS, Richard - English country churches
BOOKS128177I: BRIEUX, Eugene - Three plays by Brieux
BOOKS135003I: BRIFFETT, Clive - A guide to the common birds of Singapore
BOOKS109358I: MANCHESTER CITY FIRE BRIGADE - Focus on fire, Volume 3: "1001" new questions and answers in practical knowledge required by a modern fireman
BOOKS092643I: MANCHESTER FIRE BRIGADE - Focus on fire: "1001" new questions and answers in practical knowledge required by a modern fireman, volume 2.
BOOKS207852I: BRIGANTI, Giuliano - I vedutisti
BOOKS019832I: BRIGDEN, Susan Jane - Billy Bun
BOOKS310335I: BRIGDEN, John - The sporting Minis: Mini-Cooper, Mini-Cooper S, 1275GT: a collector's guide
BOOKS094804I: BRIGDEN, Susan Jane - Billy Bun
BOOKS082991I: BRIGDEN, Roy (ed) / FOLK LIFE - Folk Life: journal of ethnological studies, volume thirty-six 1997-98
BOOKS036855I: BRIGDEN, Roy - Agricultural hand tools
BOOKS299961I: BRIGGS, Raymond - The Snowman
BOOKS086851I: BRIGGS, Susan - Keep smiling through
BOOKS286815I: BRIGGS, Asa - The age of improvement 1783-1867
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BOOKS295964I: BROWN, Pamela - Blue door venture
BOOKS093424I: BROWN, Christy - My left foot
BOOKS285162I: BROWN, Debbie - Debbie Brown's party cakes
BOOKS160010I: BROWN, Joanna Cullen - A journey into Thomas Hardy's poetry
BOOKS225106I: BROWN, Rajeswary Ampalavanar - Islam in modern Thailand: faith, philanthropy and politics
BOOKS203430I: BROWN, P.D.C. & McWHIRR, Alan - Cirencester 1965
BOOKS049346I: BROWN, Catherine - Scottish regional recipes
BOOKS244199I: BROWN, Craig - Craig Brown's 'Imaginary Friends': parodies 2000-2004
BOOKS240378I: BROWN, Terry & HUNTER, Rob H - The Spur book of cross-country ski-ing
BOOKS162894I: BROWN, Ivor (intro) - Observer profiles.
BOOKS191105I: BROWN, Sandra - The switch
BOOKS169602I: BROWN, Wm.Wells. - My southern home: or the South and its people
BOOKS134103I: BROWN, C.C. - Studies in country Malay
BOOKS295890I: BROWN, J Henry - In the open: sketches in prose of English scenery, &c.
BOOKS310884I: BROWN, Fredric - Project Jupiter
BOOKS308268I: BROWN, Derren - Tricks of the mind
BOOKS189946I: BROWN, Leslie and others - People's Friend annual
BOOKS237358I: BROWN, Fredric & others - Suspense, vol.3, no.4, April 1960.
BOOKS193821I: BROWN, Howard - All too human
BOOKS171885I: BROWN, Ivor - Years of plenty
BOOKS225715I: BROWN, Pamela - Blue Door venture
BOOKS296331I: BROWN - Brown's stranger's handbook and illustrated guide to Salisbury Cathedral: being a full historical and descriptive account of the building and monuments
BOOKS220833I: BROWN, John Russell - Discovering Shakespeare: new guide to the plays
BOOKS185810I: BROWN, A.L. - Bulletins
BOOKS236102I: BROWN, Raymond E. - A Morte do Messias. Comentários das Narrativas da Paixão nos Quatro Evangelhos - Volume 2
BOOKS068152I: BROWN, Christy - A shadow on summer
BOOKS300647I: BROWN, Judith (editor) - The Oxford history of the British Empire: volume IV: the twentieth century
BOOKS307595I: BROWN, Ron - Balls, bikes, bullets & banjos: a Berkshire boy at large
BOOKS308330I: BROWN, Harold G - English city: the story of Bristol
BOOKS300603I: BROWN, G.S. - First steps to golf
BOOKS304082I: BROWNE, Max - Theodor von Holst: his art and the Pre-Raphaelites
BOOKS219606I: BROWNE, G. Waldo - Japan: the place and the people
BOOKS051546I: BROWNE, T.B. - The County Council year book 1891
BOOKS301283I: BROWNE, Howard (ed) - Amazing Stories, volume 1, number 4
BOOKS294847I: BROWNE, Sam - Back from the Front
BOOKS208451I: BROWNE, E.O. (ed) - Fifty years of the Alice Ottley School, Worcester
BOOKS291918I: BROWNE, Howard (ed) - Fantastic Adventures, no.3, 1950 (British edition)
BOOKS114824I: BROWNE, Denis R.H. - Model racing yachts
BOOKS005493I: BROWNE, James - A history of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans: Volume IV
BOOKS034220I: BROWNE, Howard (ed) - Amazing stories, Volume 1, No 4
BOOKS118791I: BROWNE, Douglas G. - The floating bulwark. the story of the fighting ship 1514-1942
BOOKS051237I: BROWNE, Thomas (ed) - Dyeing & printing
BOOKS166798I: BROWNE, Robert - Beyond the Cape of Hope
BOOKS246384I: BROWNE, Clare & WEARDEN, Jennifer - Samplers from the Victoria and Albert Museum
BOOKS296887I: BROWNE, Sylvia and HARRISON, Lindsay - Visits from the afterlife: the truth about ghosts, spirits, hauntings and reunions with lost loved ones
BOOKS289594I: BROWNE, Stephen H. - Edmund Burke and the Discourse of Virtue
BOOKS305990I: BROWNE, T. H. - History of the English turf 1904-1930 (2 vols.)
BOOKS300412I: BROWNE, Frances - The cuckoo and the merry tree with other fairy tales
BOOKS309799I: BROWNE, Phyllis - A year's cookery: giving dishes for breakfast, luncheon, and dinner, for every day in the year...
BOOKS135852I: BROWNE, Harry - For richer, for poorer: shaping U.S.- Mexican integration
BOOKS084723I: BROWNE, T.M. - The Musgrove Ranch: a tale of Southern California
BOOKS157070I: BROWNE, Thomas - Religio medici, Hydriotaphia; and the letter to a friend
BOOKS155021I: BROWNE, Paul - Body work maintenance and repair including interiors
BOOKS293857I: BROWNE, Charles (ed) - CBA Group 13 newsletter: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, no. 115-16, Spring 1992
BOOKS291920I: BROWNE, Howard (ed) - Fantastic Adventures no.11, 1950 (British edition).
BOOKS218608I: BROWNE, Stephen - Aid and influence: do donors help or hinder?
BOOKS202187I: BROWNE, Edgar - Phiz and Dickens
BOOKS187689I: BROWNE, Benjamin Chapman - Selected papers on social and economic questions
BOOKS213721I: BROWNELL, Clarence Ludlow - The heart of Japan: glimpses of life and nature far from the travellers' track in the Land of the Rising Sun
BOOKS230634I: BROWNING, Norma Lee - The psychic world of Peter Hurkos
BOOKS299782I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett - The poetical works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
BOOKS183252I: BROWNING, Robert - The works of Robert Browning (15 vols)
BOOKS269711I: BROWNING, Robert - The poetical works of Robert Browning, volumes 1-6
BOOKS309638I: BROWNING, Peter - Healeys and Austin Healeys: Illustrated history of the marque with Specifications and Tuning Data
BOOKS219345I: BROWNING, H.S. - How to play cards
BOOKS009085I: BROWNING, Robert - La Saisiaz: The two poets of Croisic
BOOKS049372I: BROWNING, Elizabeth / HEYDON, Peter N. & KELLEY, Philip (eds) - Elizabeth Barrett Browning's letters to Mrs David Ogilvy 1849-1861 with recollections by Mrs. Ogilvy
BOOKS099056I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett - Elizabeth Barrett Browning's letters to Mrs.David Ogilvy 1849-1861, with recollections by Mrs.Ogilvy
BOOKS230937I: BROWNING, Robert - The poetical works of Robert Browning, in two volumes with portraits
BOOKS287714I: BROWNING, Robert - The poetical works of Robert Browning (6 volumes)
BOOKS309893I: BROWNING, Peter - The illustrated history of the works Minis: in international rallies and races
BOOKS235805I: BROWNING, Robert - Red Cotton Night-Cap Country or Turf and Towers
BOOKS204273I: BROWNING, Oscar - Life of George Eliot
BOOKS303598I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett. - A selection from the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
BOOKS308777I: BROWNING, Reed - Baseball's greatest season, 1924
BOOKS009078I: BROWNING, Robert - Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, saviour of society
BOOKS152702I: BROWNING, Robert - Pippa passes: a drama
BOOKS156785I: BROWNING, Robert - Dramatic idyls: second series
BOOKS193883I: BROWNING, Robert - A blot in the 'scutcheon and other poetic dramas
BOOKS211629I: BROWNING, Robert - The ring and the book, complete in three volumes
BOOKS145325I: BROWNING, Robert - Songs selected from the works of Robert Browning
BOOKS152987I: BROWNING, Robert - Rabbi Ben Ezra
BOOKS184515I: BROWNING, Robert - Selected poems of Robert Browning
BOOKS156634I: BROWNING, Robert - Balaustion's adventure: including a transcript from Euripides
BOOKS152843I: BROWNING, Robert - The poetical works of Robert Browning, volumes 1-8
BOOKS151874I: BROWNING, Robert - Letters of Robert Browning collected by Thomas J. Wise
BOOKS183486I: BROWNING, Robert - The pied piper of Hamelin
BOOKS286533I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett / KENYON, Frederic G. (ed) - The letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (2 vols.)
BOOKS211628I: BROWNING, Robert - The poetical works of Robert Browning; volumes I-VI
BOOKS211400I: BROWNING, Robert - A selection from the works of Robert Browning
BOOKS164918I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett - Sonnets from the Portuguese
BOOKS216386I: BROWNING, Robert / GREENAWAY, Kate - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
BOOKS181056I: BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett - The letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, volume I
BOOKS298047I: BROWNING, Anthony S E - Glasgow's trams: their history and a descriptive guide to the various types which have been used
BOOKS309320I: BROWNING, Peter - The works: big Healeys: the international competition history of the Austin-Healey 100-six and 3000

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