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BOOKS086851I: BRIGGS, SUSAN - Keep smiling through
BOOKS274850I: BRIGGS, PHILIP - Orchid Island
BOOKS118331I: BRIGGS, JULIA - A woman of passion: the life of E.Nesbit, 1858-1924
BOOKS273403I: BRIGGS, HARVEY - A harvest of memories: a lifetime in Manx farming
BOOKS039091I: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - The English farmhouse
BOOKS041261I: BRIGGS, H.B. - Elements of plainsong
BOOKS194259I: BRIGGS, ROBERT - A funny kind of war
BOOKS109853I: BRIGGS, PHILIP - The silent planet
BOOKS162757I: BRIGGS, ASA - 1851
BOOKS241183I: BRIGGS, ROBIN - Communities of belief: cultural and social tensions in early Modern France
BOOKS248698I: BRIGGS, PHYLLIS - The keeper of the lake
BOOKS059534I: BRIGGS, SUSAN - Keep smiling through
BOOKS247447I: BRIGGS, ASA - Victorian cities
BOOKS232642I: BRIGGS, PHYLLIS - The keeper of the lake
BOOKS249951I: BRIGGS, VICTOR - The village
BOOKS259532I: BRIGGS, JOHN - Before the deluge: photographs of Cardiff's Docklands in the Seventies
BOOKS083239I: BRIGGS, G.H. - A determination of the absolute velocity of the alpha-particles from radium C'
BOOKS223096I: BRIGGS, PHYLLIS - Wolf of the North
BOOKS175526I: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - Men of taste from Pharaoh to Ruskin.
BOOKS027263I: BRIGGS (MISS) - Cookery book and general axioms for plain cookery
BOOKS067365I: BRIGGS, GEOFFREY - Civic and corporate heraldry: a dictionary of impersonal arms of England, Wales & N.Ireland
BOOKS141629I: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - Everyman's concise encylopaedia of architecture
BOOKS231346I: BRIGGS, PHYLLIS - The Keeper of the Lake
BOOKS191329I: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Fungus the bogeyman
BOOKS238626I: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M - A dictionary of British folk-tales in the English language incorporating the F.J. Norton collection, part A: folk narratives, volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS241366I: BRIGGS, ASA (ED) - Essays in the history of publishing: in celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the House of Longman 1724-1974
BOOKS180473I: BRIGGS, ALICE J. - Donald's ambition
BOOKS258721I: BRIGHAM, E.ORAN - Fast Fourier Transform and its applications
BOOKS152551I: BRIGHT, JAMES W. - An outline of Anglo-Saxon grammar
BOOKS203476I: BRIGHT, JOHN - The public letters of the Right Hon. John Bright, M.P.
BOOKS079035I: BRIGHT, HENRY A. - A year in a Victorian garden
BOOKS100343I: BRIGHT, HENRY A. - A year in a Victorian garden
BOOKS248565I: BRIGHT, SUSIE & OTHERS - A century of lesbian erotica
BOOKS233849I: BRIGHT, ROBERT - Georgie to the rescue
BOOKS140995I: BRIGHT, LAURENCE - Paul II: 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
BOOKS233848I: BRIGHT, ROBERT - Georgie
BOOKS255097I: BRIGHT, ALREDE - The golden earnest
BOOKS118773I: BRIGHT, ROBERT - The spirit of the chase
BOOKS192339I: BRIGHT, WILLIAM - The Roman See in the early Church and other studies in Church history
BOOKS275170I: BRIGHTWELL, ROBERT - Flashman's escape
BOOKS203480I: BRIGHTWELL, C.L. - The story of Palissy, the potter
BOOKS274842I: BRIGHTWELL, ROBERT - Flashman in the Peninsula
BOOKS011999I: BRILL, EDITH - Old Cotswold
BOOKS204874I: BRILL, EDITH - Portrait of the Cotswolds (The portrait series)
BOOKS026306I: BRILL, EDITH AND TURNER, PETER - The minor pleasures of Cotswold
BOOKS026694I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold crafts
BOOKS097856I: BRILL, EDITH AND TURNER, PETER - The minor pleasures of Cotswold
BOOKS040867I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold ways
BOOKS129662I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold crafts
BOOKS055678I: BRILL, EDITH - Portrait of the Cotswolds
BOOKS173430I: BRILL, EDITH & TURNER, PETER - The minor pleasures of Cotswold
BOOKS153996I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold ways
BOOKS188222I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold crafts
BOOKS169330I: BRILL, EDITH - Cotswold Crafts
BOOKS139936I: BRILLAT-SAVARIN, JEAN ANTHELME - The physiology of taste
BOOKS243445I: BRILLAT-SAVARIN, JEAN ANTHELME - The physiology of taste, or, meditations on transcendental gastronomy
BOOKS185570I: BRILLAT-SAVARIN, JEAN - The physiology of taste
BOOKS187526I: BRIMBLE, L.J.F. - Flowers in Britain: wild, ornamental and economic, with some relatives in other lands
BOOKS144253I: BRIMBLE, L.R.F. - Reference book to Enid Blyton Nature Readers.
BOOKS272564I: BRIMBLE, L. J. F. - Trees in Britain
BOOKS266267I: BRIMM, DANIEL J. - Seaplanes: maneuvering, maintaining, operating.
BOOKS265515I: BRIMPSFIELD (PARISHIONERS) - A history of Brimpsfield Parish: a series of essays compiled by interested parishioners for Brimpsfield parish council to celebrate the millenium
BOOKS077350I: BRIMSON, DOUGIE - Barmy army: the changing face of football violence
BOOKS115880I: BRIMSON, DOUGIE - March of the hooligans: soccer's bloody fraternity
BOOKS238282I: BRINDID, MICHAEL - I din't say nothin''in!
BOOKS155412I: BRINDLEY, W.H. (ED) - The soul of Manchester
BOOKS267619I: BRINDLEY, JOHN F. - Wings for the World; Les Ailes Du Monde; Alas Para El Mundo
BOOKS008995I: BRINE, LINDESEY - The ancient earthworks and temples of the American Indians
BOOKS144143I: BRINE, MARY D. AND OTHERS - Our little men and maidens.
BOOKS130825I: O'BRINE, MANNING - Killers must eat
BOOKS038279I: BRINE, LINDESEY - The ancient earthworks and temples of the American Indians
BOOKS198510I: BRINEY, ROBERT E. & WOOD, EDWARD - SF bibliographies; an annotated bibliography of bibliographical works on science fiction and fantasy fiction
BOOKS012074I: BRINK, ANDRE - A dry white season
BOOKS033822I: BRINK, WILLIAM & HARRIS, LOUIS - The negro revolution in America
BOOKS253225I: BRINK, A.B.A - Engineering geology of South Africa, volume 4: Post-Gondwana deposits
BOOKS216242I: BRINKHUIZEN, D.C. & CLASON, A.T. - Fish and archaeology: studies in osteometry, taphonomy, seasonality and fishing methods
BOOKS218467I: BRINKWORTH, BRIAN J. - Solar energy for man
BOOKS154614I: BRINKWORTH, E.R.C. (ED) - Episcopal visitation book for the Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1662
BOOKS273082I: BRINKWORTH, E.R.C. - Old Banbury: a short popular history
BOOKS197553I: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - Beau Voyage: life aboard the last great ships
BOOKS260178I: BRINSMEAD, EDGAR - The history of the pianoforte with an account of the theory of sound and also of the music and musical instruments of the ancients
BOOKS272375I: BRINTON, MAURICE - The Bolsheviks and workers' control: 1917 to 1921: the state and counter-revolution
BOOKS020378I: BRINTON, HENRY - An apple a day
BOOKS006152I: BRION, MARCEL - Pompeii and Herculaneum: the glory and the grief
BOOKS032947I: BRION, MARCEL - Cezanne
BOOKS198058I: BRION, MARCEL - The Medici: a great Florentine family
BOOKS256086I: BRISCO, VIRGINIA - Let's collect cottagewares
BOOKS256084I: BRISCO, VIRGINIA - Torquay commemoratives and advertising wares
BOOKS098253I: BRISCOE, T.W. - Orchids for amateurs
BOOKS188914I: BRISCOE, T.W. - Orchids for amateurs
BOOKS093975I: BRISCOE, A. DALY - A Marian Lord Mayor: Sir Thomas White
BOOKS026283I: BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER - More of Milly-Molly-Mandy
BOOKS009692I: BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER - Milly-Molly-Mandy stories
BOOKS219323I: BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER - More of Milly-Molly-Mandy
BOOKS192102I: BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER - The Milly-Molly-Mandy storybook
BOOKS153251I: DE BRISSAC (DUC) - La Venerie: etude
BOOKS263193I: BRISTOL, KERRY (ED) - Church Monuments: journal of the Church Monuments Society, volume XXVI for the year 2001
BOOKS245533I: PORSCHE CARS GREAT BRITAIN - Christophorus 384: Porsche Magazine 5/2017
BOOKS245523I: PORSCHE CARS GREAT BRITAIN - Christophorus 383: Porsche Magazine 4/2017
BOOKS181708I: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - British sporting painting, 1650-1850
BOOKS235629I: AMERICAN MUSEUM IN BRITAIN - Inspirations: the textile tradition then and now
BOOKS268455I: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - Bernard Cohen, paintings and drawings 1959-71
BOOKS149974I: BAPTIST UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Baptist Union directory for 1988-89
BOOKS245487I: PORSCHE CARS GREAT BRITAIN - Christophorus 382: Porsche Magazine 3/2017
BOOKS063389I: BRITISH TOY & HOBBY ASSOCIATION / WEBB, GORDON (ED) - The toy industry in the United Kingdom (1992)
BOOKS201945I: BRITISH MUSEUM, . - Guide to the Mollusca exhibited in the Zoological Department, British Museum (Natural History)
BOOKS220757I: BRITLAND, DAVID - Sherlock Holmes and the Mayfair murders
BOOKS255173I: BRITNELL, J. E. (ED) - Transactions of the Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society volume 93
BOOKS255182I: BRITNELL, J. E. (ED) - Transactions of Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society volume 92 2017
BOOKS066630I: BRITT, STAN - The jazz guitarists
BOOKS234273I: BRITT,. MATTHEW (ED) - The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal
BOOKS239577I: BRITTAIN-CATLIN, TIMOTHY (ED) - True Principles: the journal of the Pugin Society, vol.iv, no.ii, Winter 2010-11
BOOKS018194I: BRITTAIN, VERA - Account rendered
BOOKS061895I: BRITTAIN, VERA - England's hour
BOOKS063989I: BRITTAIN, VERA - Account rendered
BOOKS247673I: BRITTAIN-CATLIN, TIMOTHY - Churches: explore the symbols, learn the language of architecture, and discover the history
BOOKS240294I: BRITTAIN, VERA - Testament of youth: an autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925
BOOKS166473I: BRITTAIN, HARRY - Wings of speed
BOOKS109239I: BRITTAIN, VERA - Literary testaments
BOOKS023210I: BRITTEN, EDGAR T. - A million ocean miles
BOOKS275310I: BRITTEN, EDGAR T. (SIR) - A million ocean miles
BOOKS267508I: BRITTEN, FREDERICK JAMES - Old clocks and watches and their makers
BOOKS167648I: BRITTEN, JAMES & BOULGER, GEORGE S. - A biographical index of British and Irish botanists
BOOKS167647I: BRITTEN, JAMES & BOULGER, GEORGE S. - A biographical index of deceased British and Irish botanists
BOOKS271686I: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - String Quartet No.3, Op.94
BOOKS182832I: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - Sacred and profane: eight medieval lyrics, Op.91 for unaccompanied voices
BOOKS161488I: BRITTON, JOHN - The history and antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury
BOOKS130229I: BRYANT & BRITTON - Cobbler's tale
BOOKS172930I: BRITTON, NATHANIAL LORD & BROWN, ADDISON - An illustrated flora of the northern United States and Canada; 3 vols
BOOKS094893I: BRITTON, JOHN - Chronological history and graphic illustrations of Christian architecture in England
BOOKS172944I: BRITTON, VANESSA - Basic tack
BOOKS205182I: BRITTON, JOHN - The history and antiquities of the See and Cathedral Church of Lichfield: illustrated by a series of engravings of views, elevations, plans and details of the architecture of the church
BOOKS196249I: BRITTON, H.T.S. AND OTHERS - Physical science: man's conquest of matter and space
BOOKS255092I: BRITTON, SUMNER C. - Dreamy Hollow
BOOKS263499I: BRIVATI, BRIAN & JONES, HARRIET (EDS) - What difference did the war make?
BOOKS063655I: BROAD, CHRIS - Home truths from abroad
BOOKS017255I: BROAD, LEWIS - The friendship and follies of Oscar Wilde
BOOKS126020I: BROAD, LEWIS - Winston Churchill: the years of achievement
BOOKS272307I: BROAD, LEWIS - Sir Anthony Eden: the chronicles of a career
BOOKS184815I: BROADBENT, PAUL & ALLEN, ANDY - Master the game: mid-fielder
BOOKS057268I: BROADBENT, ARTHUR T. & MINOPRIO, ANTHONY - The minor domestic architecture of Gloucestershire, series one
BOOKS190506I: BROADBENT, ALFRED - Songs of life and hope
BOOKS174813I: BROADBENT, ARTHUR T. & MINOPRIO, ANTHONY - The minor domestic architecture of Gloucestershire, series one
BOOKS242962I: BROADBENT, ALBERT - Salads: their uses as food & medicine, with 50 useful salad recipes
BOOKS208551I: BROADBENT, WILLIAM AND OTHERS - The Practitioner: a medical journal, July-December 1906
BOOKS086260I: BROADHURST, THOMAS W. - Blow the man down
BOOKS249323I: BROADNAX, SAMUEL L. - Blue skies, black wings: African American pioneers of aviation
BOOKS021553I: BROADY, BILL - Swimmer
BOOKS194911I: BROCH, JENS TRAMPE - The application of B&K measuring systems to acoustic noise measurements
BOOKS241252I: BROCHNER, J & OTHERS (EDS) - Construction economics and organization
BOOKS242341I: BROCHNER,GEORG - A wayfarer in Denmark
BOOKS266793I: BROCK, E & OTHERS. (EDS.) - Hydropower '97: Third International Conference: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference, Trondheim, Norway, 30 June-2 July 1997
BOOKS235115I: BROCK, RAYMOND - Bridge quiz: slam play
BOOKS243924I: BROCK, DERIC - Wings over Carew
BOOKS075783I: BROCK, PATRICK - Don't preach at me like that! a handbook for preachers: a summons to the preached-at
BOOKS173471I: BROCK, KENNETH JOHN - A history of Christ Church, High Harrogate
BOOKS190964I: BROCK, WILLIAM R. - Conflict and transformation: the United States 1844-1877
BOOKS097629I: BROCK, ANN - Riding and stable safety
BOOKS197159I: BROCKBANK, WINIFRED - A Warwickshire meadow
BOOKS042763I: BROCKBANK, WINIFRED - A Warwickshire meadow
BOOKS152285I: BROCKETT, PAUL S. - Bibliography of seronautics 1930
BOOKS152286I: BROCKETT, PAUL S. - Bibliography of seronautics 1929
BOOKS152287I: BROCKETT, PAUL S. - Bibliography of aeronautics 1928
BOOKS151355I: BROCKETT, PAUL - Bibliography of aronautics 1924
BOOKS151356I: BROCKETT, PAUL - Bibliography of aeronautics 1923
BOOKS151357I: BROCKETT, PAUL - Bibliography of aeronautics 1922
BOOKS151359I: BROCKETT, PAUL - Bibliography of aeronautics 1931
BOOKS217744I: BROCKHURST, FRANCES M. AND OTHERS - Gloucestershire: the holiday, sporting and industrial facilities of the county
BOOKS224613I: BROCKIE, KEITH - One man's island: Paintings and sketches from the Isle of May
BOOKS212058I: BROCKLEBANK, JOAN - Victorian stone carvers in Dorset churches, 1856-80
BOOKS230380I: BROCKLEHURST, ANN - A little bird told me ... and I listened
BOOKS228005I: BROCKLESBY, H.N. (ED) - The chemistry and technology of marine animal oils with particular reference to those of Canada (Bulletin no.LIX)
BOOKS219743I: BROCKMAN, H.A.N. - British architect in industry, 1841-1940
BOOKS273520I: BROCKWAY, FENNER - Socialism over sixty years: the life of Jowett of Bradford (1864-1944)
BOOKS155896I: BROD, MAX - Franz Kafkas Glauben und Lehre: Kafka und Tolstoi
BOOKS247691I: BROD, D.C. - Error in judgement
BOOKS111664I: BRODA, PAUL - Plasmids
BOOKS170924I: BRODER, PATRICIA JANIS - Great paintings of the old American West
BOOKS204122I: BRODERIP, FRANCIS FREELING - Tiny tadpole, and other tales
BOOKS256812I: BRODERSEN, ELIZABETH; GLOCK, MICHAEL - Jungian perspectives on rebirth and renewal
BOOKS258674I: BRODERSEN, ELIZABETH - Laws of inheritance: a post-Jungian study of twins and the relationship between the first and other(s)
BOOKS195951I: BRODETSKY, MARTIN - Oxford United: the complete record
BOOKS245163I: BRODIE, PETER R / VLASSOPULOS, JOHN S. (TRANS) - Dictionary of shipping terms: Greek-English & English-Greek
BOOKS215901I: BRODIE, ALLAN; DAVIES, JAMES O. ; CROOM, JANE - Behind bars: The high architecture of England's prisons
BOOKS103097I: BRODIE, M.B. - On thinking statistically
BOOKS136589I: BRODRIBB, GERALD - Hit for six
BOOKS067518I: BRODRIBB, C.W. - Poems
BOOKS066556I: BRODRIBB, GERALD - Hit for six
BOOKS143856I: BRODRICK, ALAN HOUGHTON (ED) - The people's France: Normandy
BOOKS047264I: BRODY, SYLVIA AND SIEGEL, MIRIAM G. - The evolution of character: birth to 18 years - a longitudinal study
BOOKS243342I: BRODY, BARUCH A. - Identity and essence
BOOKS169426I: BRODY, DAVID (ED) - The American labor movement
BOOKS169414I: BRODY, DAVID - In Labor's cause: main themes on the history of the American worker
BOOKS197025I: BROEKER, PETER W. - Olympic coins, from antiquity to present.
BOOKS190505I: BROGAN, HUGH - Tocqueville
BOOKS256885I: BROGAN, D. W. - French personalities and problems
BOOKS182660I: BROGAN, HUGH (ED) - The Times reports: the American Civil War: extracts from The Times 1860-1865
BOOKS163751I: BROGAN, D.W. - The American political system
BOOKS157253I: BROGAN, D.W. - The development of modern France (1870-1939)
BOOKS211590I: BROGAN, COLM - The alternatives
BOOKS045492I: BROGDEN, JOANNE - Fashion design
BOOKS262192I: BROGDEN, MIKE - Crime, abuse and the elderly
BOOKS100936I: BROKAW, TOM - The greatest generation
BOOKS212750I: BROKAW, IRVING - The art of skating: Its history and development with oractical directions and instantaneous action photographs of celebrated skaters of many nationalities
BOOKS047837I: BROKENSHA, PETER & TONKS, ANN - Culture and community: expectations and economics of the arts in South Australia
BOOKS180376I: BROKENSHA, PETER - The Pitjantjatjara and their crafts
BOOKS006150I: BROMAGE, BERNARD - Tibetan yoga
BOOKS198308I: BROMBERG, RUTH - Colnaghi: Master prints - fifteenth to nineteenth century
BOOKS045384I: BROMBERT, BETH ARCHER - Cristina: portraits of a princess
BOOKS071608I: BROMBERT, BETH ARCHER - Cristina: portraits of a Princess
BOOKS007036I: BROMBERT, BETH ARCHER - Cristina: portraits of a princess
BOOKS003548I: BROMBERT, BETH ARCHER - Cristina: portraits of a Princess
BOOKS045840I: BROME, VINCENT - H.G. Wells: a biography
BOOKS194848I: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Pleasant Valley
BOOKS242621I: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Until the day breaks
BOOKS018188I: BROMILEY, MARY - Equine injury and therapy
BOOKS261358I: BROMLEY, PETER - My most memorable races
BOOKS232341I: BROMLEY, A. NELSON - A fly fisher's reflections 1860-1930
BOOKS237390I: BROMLEY, JOHN. - The Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London: a record of the heraldry of the surviving companies with historical notes
BOOKS230236I: BROMWICH, RACHEL - Medieval Celtic literature, a select bibliography
BOOKS062373I: BRON, ELEANOR & FORTUNE,JOHN - Is your marriage really necessary?
BOOKS256620I: BRONGERS, J.A - 1833: reuvens in drenthe
BOOKS229157I: BRONSON-HOWARD, GEORGE - Norroy, Diplomatic Agent
BOOKS265807I: BRONSON-HOWARD, GEORGE - The Devil's Chaplain
BOOKS257161I: BRONSON-HOWARD, GEORGE - Slaves of the lamp: being the adventures of Yorke Norroy in his quest of the four jade plates: a Manhattan nights' entertainment
BOOKS230647I: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
BOOKS050051I: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - The search after hapiness
BOOKS140015I: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - The complete poems of Charlotte Bronte
BOOKS000310I: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE AND OTHERS - The Brontes: an illustrated selection of prose and poetry
BOOKS255798I: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
BOOKS158748I: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - The Professor
BOOKS224126I: BRONZINI, BILL - Cat's-paw
BOOKS188573I: BROOK, STEPHEN - The Club: the Jews of modern Britain
BOOKS115138I: BROOK, STEPHEN - Liquid gold: dessert wines of the world
BOOKS048920I: BROOK, STEPHEN - The Dordogne
BOOKS074620I: BROOK, FRED - The industrial archaeology of the British Isles, 1: the West Midlands
BOOKS260506I: BROOK, D. & OTHERS - Northern Caves, volume One: Wharfedale and Nidderdale
BOOKS260731I: BROOK, FRED BROOK & ALLBUTT, MARTIN - The Shropshire lead mines
BOOKS013400I: BROOK, DONALD - The romance of the English theatre
BOOKS268543I: BROOK, G.L (ED) - The Harley Lyrics: the Middle English lyrics of M. S. Harley 2253
BOOKS185013I: BROOK, DONALD - Composers' gallery: biographical sketches of contemporary composers
BOOKS267337I: BROOK, G.L - English sound-changes
BOOKS193076I: BROOK, RICHARD - New cyclopædia of botany and complete book of herbs: forming a history and description of all plants British or foreign: vol II
BOOKS139028I: BROOK, JAMES A. - Jim of the seven seas: a true story of personal adventure
BOOKS148513I: BROOK, DUDLEY AND OTHERS - Ancient hills: a brief guide to the geology and natural history of the Malverns
BOOKS075169I: BROOK, FRED AND ALLBUTT,MARTIN - The Shropshire lead mines
BOOKS265781I: BROOK, PETER - Fatal shadows
BOOKS191243I: BROOKBANK, JIM - Before the dawn
BOOKS251670I: BROOKE, JOCELYN - Aldous Huxley
BOOKS108452I: BROOKE, STOPFORD A. (ED) - Life and letters of Fred W.Robertson, M.A. incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton, 1847-53
BOOKS274609I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - Alice & Combined Training: a tale of two horses
BOOKS226397I: BROOKE, IRIS - English costume in the Age of Elizabeth: the sixteenth century
BOOKS256920I: BROOKE-CAWS, R - Notes on the origin and history of Coutts & Company
BOOKS151489I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - Training young horses to jump
BOOKS188565I: BROOKE, RUPERT - Twenty poems
BOOKS193127I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - Horsemanship: the way of a man with a horse
BOOKS038129I: BROOKE, RUPERT - John Webster & the Elizabethan drama
BOOKS019541I: BROOKE, LESLIE - The story of the Three Bears
BOOKS019538I: BROOKE, L. LESLIE - The golden goose
BOOKS054216I: BROOKE, IRIS - English costume in the age of Elizabeth: the Sixteenth Century.
BOOKS056315I: BROOKE, MERIEL - Pot of gold
BOOKS068648I: BROOKE, RUPERT - Rupert Brooke: the collected poems
BOOKS251360I: BROOKE, JOCELYN - The Dog at Clambercrown: an excursion
BOOKS135057I: BROOKE, L.LESLIE (ILLUS) - The Golden Goose book: being the stories of The golden goose, The three bears, The 3 little pigs, Tom Thumb
BOOKS099100I: BROOKE,DERRICK - Gone to Pott
BOOKS156432I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - Horsemanship: the way of a man with a horse, a practical book on horsemanship
BOOKS100735I: BROOKE, JAMES - The Dukinfield I knew 1906-1930
BOOKS144673I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - 'Alice' & 'Combined training': a tale of two horses
BOOKS264850I: BROOKE-TAYLOR, TIM & OTHERS - The Gooodies book of criminal records
BOOKS251928I: BROOKE, JOCELYN - Private view
BOOKS058296I: BROOKE, L. LESLIE (ILLUS) / SEWAL, ROBERTA (ED) - The golden goose and other favourites
BOOKS238444I: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Augustan books of modern poetry: Rupert Brooke
BOOKS265816I: BROOKE, HUGH - Man made angry
BOOKS259490I: BROOKE, RUPERT & ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Two plays: Lithuania, and, The End of the World
BOOKS056611I: BROOKE, MERIEL - Pot of gold
BOOKS198191I: BROOKE, RUPERT - 1914 & other poems
BOOKS264987I: BROOKE-TAYLOR, TIM & OTHERS - The Goodies file.
BOOKS211780I: BROOKE, RUPERT - Letters from America
BOOKS126260I: BROOKE, RUPERT - The poetical works of Rupert Brooke
BOOKS010018I: BROOKE, IRIS - Pleasures of the past: a light-hearted commentary on the enjoyments of past generations
BOOKS227976I: BROOKE, GEOFFREY / SEARIGHT, PAMELA - Horsemen all: for parents of the rising generation and young aspiring horsemen
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BOOKS204568I: BRUYNINCKX, W. - Modern big band discography: Volume 2 Ke-Z
BOOKS170488I: BRUYNINCKX, W - Swing discography: jazz, swing 1920-1985: swing, dance bands & combos, vol.1: A-Ba
BOOKS170487I: BRUYNINCKX, W - Swing discography: jazz; swing 1920-1985; swing, dance bands & combos, vol.7 Jo-Ma
BOOKS170490I: BRUYNINCKX, W - Swing discography: jazz, swing 1920-1985: swing, dance bands & combos, vol.8: Ma-Po
BOOKS168889I: BRUYNINCX, W. - Traditional discography: Traditional jazz,1897-1985: origins / New Orleans / Dixieland / Chicago styles, volume 5: Ro - Ye
BOOKS168887I: BRUYNINCX, W. - Traditional discography: Traditional jazz,1897-1985: origins / New Orleans / Dixieland / Chicago styles, volume 1, A -Cr
BOOKS168888I: BRUYNINCX, W. - Traditional discography: Traditional jazz,1897-1985: origins / New Orleans / Dixieland / Chicago styles, volume 2: Cr -Hu
BOOKS210702I: BRYAN, TIM AND OTHERS - Swindon's finest: an album of locomotive photographs
BOOKS246306I: BRYAN, CHRISTOPHER - Night of the Wolf
BOOKS267873I: BRYAN, TIM - The Great Western Railway: A celebration
BOOKS214115I: BRYAN, M. T. (ED) - The Children's Punch
BOOKS202185I: BRYAN, MICHAEL - A biographical and critical dictionary of painters and engravers
BOOKS079382I: BRYANS, E. - Sicut Columbae: a history of S.Peter's College, Radley 1847-1924
BOOKS106852I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Historian's holiday
BOOKS197138I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - King Charles II
BOOKS237115I: BRYANT, WILLIAM D. - International conflict and cyberspace superiority: theory and practice
BOOKS149624I: BRYANT, SARA CONE - How to tell stories to children, and some stories to tell
BOOKS036115I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The age of chivalry
BOOKS004126I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Samuel Pepys: the saviour of the Navy
BOOKS157508I: BRYANT, C.R. AND OTHERS - The city's countryside: land and its management in the rural-urban fringe
BOOKS187260I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - King Charles II
BOOKS043393I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The fire and the rose
BOOKS043376I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Protestant island
BOOKS043357I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The lion and the unicorn
BOOKS021837I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The fire and the rose
BOOKS048827I: BRYANT, MARK - The complete lexicat: a cat name compendium
BOOKS200865I: BRYANT, EDWIN F. & PATTON,LAURIE L. (EDS) - The Indo-Aryan controversy: evidence and inference in Indian history
BOOKS025357I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The story of England
BOOKS074508I: BRYANT, MARK (ED) - The church cat: clerical cats in story and verse
BOOKS249730I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The lion and the unicorn
BOOKS008425I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Makers of the realm
BOOKS188401I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Postman's horn: an anthology of the letters of latter seventeenth century England
BOOKS004086I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Spirit of England
BOOKS246533I: BRYANT, GEOFFREY F. - Domesday Book: how to read it & what its text means - the example of Waltham, Lincolnshire & district
BOOKS195489I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The age of elegance, 1812-1822
BOOKS240322I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Samuel Pepys:the man in the making
BOOKS259604I: BRYANT, JOHN - The marathon makers
BOOKS183843I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Postman's horn: an anthology of the letters of latter seventeenth century England
BOOKS272847I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Triumph in the west, 1943-1946. based on the diaries and autobiographical notes of Field Marshal the Viscount Alanbrooke
BOOKS197048I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Historian's holiday
BOOKS180721I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The age of chivalry: the story of England & The age of elegance 1812-1822 (2 volumes)
BOOKS037742I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Postman's horn: an anthology of the letters of latter Seventeenth Century England
BOOKS183158I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Great Duke or the invincible general
BOOKS197292I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The medieval foundation
BOOKS197318I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - King Charles II
BOOKS070240I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Historian's holiday
BOOKS272069I: BRYANT, RALPH CLEMENT - Logging: the principles and general methods of operation in the United States
BOOKS197298I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Age of Chivalry (The story of England 2)
BOOKS256861I: BRYANT, JACQUELINE K. - The foremother figure in early black women's literature: Clothed in my right mind
BOOKS215675I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Historian's holiday
BOOKS035974I: BRYANT, J. - Amongst other things antiques
BOOKS197311I: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Protestant Island
BOOKS249168I: BRYCE, JAMES R - Liaison pilot
BOOKS208158I: BRYCE, JAMES - Impressions of South Africa.
BOOKS274730I: BRYCE, W. A. & DE VERE STACPOOLE, H. - The golden astrolabe
BOOKS023523I: BRYCE, DEREK AND WAGENAAR, ARABELLA - Grassland smallholding
BOOKS125274I: BRYCE, DEREK & WAGENAAR, ARABELLA - Grassland smallholding
BOOKS208258I: BRYCE, JAMES - Impressions of South Africa
BOOKS235369I: BRYCE, JAMES - Impressions of South Africa
BOOKS166762I: BRYCE, IRIS - Canals are my world
BOOKS130487I: BRYDEN, DEAN - Palmistry for pleasure
BOOKS230294I: BRYDEN, COLIN (ED) - Mutual & Federal South African Cricket Annual 1999
BOOKS169791I: BRYDEN, H.G. (ED) - Wings: an anthology of flight
BOOKS239000I: BRYDGES, CHARLES JOHN - The letters of Charles John Brydges: Hudson's Bay Company Land Commissioner
BOOKS186096I: BRYDSON, JOHN C. - The composition of melody
BOOKS271856I: BRYER, ROBIN (ED) - Roving commissions no.24
BOOKS078466I: BRYMER, ROBERT A. - Hospitality management: an introduction to the industry
BOOKS090563I: BRYSKIER, A.J. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Macrolides: chemistry, pharmacology and clinical uses
BOOKS045425I: BRYSON, HECTOR - Doctors, bodies and snatchers
BOOKS047652I: BRYSON, JOHN - To the death, amic
BOOKS201083I: BRYSON, COLIN (ED) - Understanding and developing student engagement
BOOKS136588I: BRYSSON, JOHN (ED) - Plain sailing: a sea-going anthology
BOOKS200866I: BRZOSKA, MICHAEL & LAW, DAVID (EDS) - Security sector reconstruction and reform in peace support operations
BOOKS214833I: BUBER, MARTIN - Die Gesellschaft
BOOKS248439I: BUCERIUS, SANDRA M. - Unwanted: Muslim immigrants, dignity and drug dealing
BOOKS242612I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume 1: from the beginning of the war to the fall of Namur
BOOKS196098I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The moon endureth: tales and fancies
BOOKS189553I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Castle Gay
BOOKS168627I: BUCHAN, JOHN - John Burnet of Barns: a romance
BOOKS242253I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's history of the war, volume XX: the Summer Campaigns of 1917
BOOKS241360I: BUCHAN, JOHN & OTHERS - Chambers's Journal, Part 29 (8th series), May 1934
BOOKS274091I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The long traverse
BOOKS242542I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume IX (9): the Italian War, the Campaign at Gallipoli, and the Russian Retreat from the Warsaw Salient
BOOKS242556I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume V (5): the war of atrition in the West, the campaign in the Near East, and the fighting at sea down to the Blockade of Britain
BOOKS242373I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume X: the Russian stand and the Allied offensive in the West
BOOKS027620I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle
BOOKS020420I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The massacre of Glencoe
BOOKS020396I: BUCHAN,JOHN - The free fishers
BOOKS136675I: BUCHAN, WILLIAM - Helen all alone
BOOKS116827I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Poems Scots and English
BOOKS105004I: BUCHAN,JOHN - A lost lady of old years: a romance
BOOKS095367I: BUCHAN, URSULA AND COLBORN, NIGEL - The classic horticulturist
BOOKS146281I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The clearing house: a survey of one man's mind
BOOKS200946I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The last secrets: The final mysteries of exploration
BOOKS242566I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume VII (7): from the Second Battle of Ypres to the beginning of the Italian Campaign
BOOKS118776I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The thirty-nine steps
BOOKS265067I: BUCHAN, JOHN. - Mr. Standfast
BOOKS237996I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The thirty-nine steps
BOOKS169306I: BUCHAN, WILLIAM - The blue pavilion
BOOKS242827I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume XV: Brussilov's Offensive and the intervention of Rumania
BOOKS058457I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The last secrets: the final mysteries of exploration
BOOKS262428I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Castle Gay
BOOKS266096I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Huntingtower
BOOKS256203I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Runagates Club
BOOKS144370I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The northern muse: an anthology of Scots vernacular poetry
BOOKS126031I: BUCHAN, CHARLES - Charles Buchanan's soccer gift book 1967-68
BOOKS126032I: BUCHAN, CHARLES - Charles Buchanan's soccer gift book 1968 - 69
BOOKS123428I: BUCHAN, WILLIAM - The rags of time
BOOKS256278I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The power-house
BOOKS264993I: BUCHAN, JOHN / WALSH, MAURICE - Chambers's Journal, part 30 (8th series), June 1934
BOOKS242195I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Castle Gay
BOOKS193113I: BUCHAN, JOHN - John MacNab
BOOKS242590I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume II (2): from the Battle of Mons to the German retreat to the Aisne
BOOKS234861I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Island of Sheep
BOOKS168969I: BUCHAN, PERDITA - Girl with a zebra
BOOKS225582I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle
BOOKS189554I: BUCHAN, JOHN - The free fishers
BOOKS261792I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Mr. Standfast
BOOKS149470I: BUCHAN, CHARLES - Soccer gift book for 1958-59
BOOKS149849I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Salute to adventurers
BOOKS242598I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Nelson's History of the war, volume IV (4): the great struggle in West Flanders, the two attacks on Warsaw, and the fighting at seadown to the Battle of the Falkland Islands
BOOKS127254I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Sick Heart River
BOOKS201980I: BUCHAN, JOHN - Castle Gay

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