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21781: CARL SEIDLER: - Dez anos no Brasil (Biblioteca Historica Brasileira VIII).
42183: WALFORD D SELBY [EDITOR]: - Lancashire and Cheshire Records preserved in the Public Record Office, London, in two parts, part II.
39496: AUBREY DE SELINCOURT: - The Channel Shore [Regional Books series].
30727: EDMUND SELOUS: - Jack's Insects.
48848: CHARLES SELTMAN: - Greek Coins : a History of the Metallic Currency and Coinage down to the Fall of the Hellenistic Kingdoms.
53110: C T SELTMAN: - Athens : its History and Coinage before the Persian Invasion.
55487: CHEAH JIN SENG: - Singapore : 500 Early Postcards.
47987: MICHAEL SENIOR: - Haking, a Dutiful Soldier : Lt General Sir Richard Haking, XI Corps Commander 1915-18, a Study in Corps Command.
19085: D ADKINS & R M SERJEANTSON [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the county of Northampton (Northamptonshire), volume Two (II).
35643: GIORGIO SERRA: - Effetto Serra.
34733: ALDO SESSA: - Argentina; una aventura fotografica.
26216: FREDERICK SESSIONS: - Literary celebrities of the English Lake District.
55578: ANNA SEWELL: - Black Beauty : the autobiography of a horse.
55864: J SEYMOUR LINDSAY, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RALPH EDWARDS: - Iron and brass implements of the English House.
20648: GEORGE T M SHACKELFORD: - Masterpieces of Baroque Painting from the collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation.
51115: REV H E SALTER & C L SHADWELL [EDITOR]: - Oriel College Records.
23415: MARGARET SHAIDA: - Views of Henley-on-Thames; a literary and pictorial selection.
48291: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - Shakespeare's The Tragedie of Julius Caesar, newly printed from the First Folio of 1623.
50283: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - The Sonnets of Shakespeare.
54054: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: - A Midsummer Night's Dream.
32422: KETI SHALAMBERIDZE [ETC].: - Still Life.
50092: ERIC SHANES: - Turner; the masterworks.
50870: PAUL SHANNON: - Diesels in the East Midlands.
47901: E MALCOLM SHARD: - Flying for Ethiopia.
39567: ARVIND SHARMA [EDITOR]: - Perspectives on History and Culture; essays in honour of Professor D P Singhal (1925 - 1986); a memorial volume.
51850: THOMAS SHARP: - Northumberland - a Shell Guide.
35944: PAUL SHARP [EDITOR]: - British Art and Design 1900 - 1960; a collection in the making.
39636: JAMES CLAVELL & GEORGE SHARP: - James Clavell's Thrump-o-Moto [Trump-o-Moto].
55687: TOM SHARPE: - The Wilt Alternative.
54782: NIALL M SHARPLES: - English Heritage Book of Maiden Castle.
51718: R SHARPLEY: - The Thames : a sketch-book.
51715: R SHARPLEY: - Harrogate and District : a sketch-book.
36612: J T R SHARROCK: - Scarce migrant birds in Britain and Ireland.
33660: SIR NAPIER SHAW: - Meteorological Office: the Weather Map, an introduction to modern meteorology.
54306: BYAM SHAW [ILLUSTRATOR]: - The Joys of Books.
5973: SHAW, BERNARD, ILLUSTRATED BY FELIKS TOPOLSKI.: - In good King Charles's golden days.
12221: SHAW, M NOELINE: - The history of the McKay family of Wyndham.
31803: [GEORGE] BERNARD SHAW: - John Bull's Other Island and Major Barbara: also How He Lied to Her Husband.
55957: ROS BYAM SHAW: - Perfect English Farmhouse.
55956: ROS BYAM SHAW: - Perfect English Cottage.
9245: O'SHEA, KATHARINE [MRS CHARLES STEWART PARNELL]: - Charles Stewart Parnell; his love story and political life [2 volumes].
44371: FRANK SHEARDOWN: - The Working Longdog.
25836: W SHEARDOWN: - The Marts and Markets at Doncaster; their rise, progress and sources of supply.
31849: JOHN SHEEHAN: - The Bentley Ballads, comprising the Tipperary Hall Ballads, now first republished from Bentley's Miscellany (1846).
3921: SHEEHY, E J: - Animal Nutrition.
41874: K A SHEETS: - American Maps 1795 - 1895, a guide to values, wall maps, folding maps, atlases & maps from atlases.
47999: H A L, THE OLD SHEKARRY (HENRY ASTBURY LEVESON): - Sport in many lands, volume I.
54635: NORMAN GURNEY & ALBERT SHELDRICK: - Ashwell; village life in war and peace 1939-1975.
27803: HENRY C SHELLEY: - Untrodden English Ways.
55402: ANDREW CARRINGTON SHELTON: - Ingres and his Critics.
55481: ALAN & RITA SHENTON: - Collectable Clocks 1840 - 1940, reference and price guide.
48913: MICHAEL SHEPHARD: - Jack Inge : Biography of a Sportsman.
55937: PETER SHEPHEARD: - Modern Gardens.
48776: KATHARINE SHEPHERD: - The Fish-tailed Monster in Greek and Etruscan Art.
42431: F G SHEPHERD: - The Parish Church of Ludlow; an interpretation.
41574: LLOYD SHEPHERD: - The English Monster, or the Melancholy Transactions of William Ablass.
1503: SHEPHERD, DOUGLAS: - The mermaid and the matador.
25547: F G SHEPHERD: - The Parish Church of Ludlow; an interpretation.
46707: DAVID SHEPHERD: - An Artist in Conservation.
12409: SHEPPARD, FRANCIS: - Robert Baker of Piccadilly hall and his heirs.
5829: SHEPPARD, RICHARD: - Building for the people.
54051: THOMAS SHERATON: - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, in four parts.
18403: THOMAS SHERATON: - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, in four parts.
53115: THOMAS SHERATON: - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, in four parts.
17777: W H SHERCLIFF: - Morality to Adventure; Manchester Polytechnic's collection of children's books, 1840-1939.
45758: RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN: - The Duenna : a comic opera in three acts.
33326: RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN: - The Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan [2 volumes].
25422: MARGARET SHERMAN [EDITOR]: - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1950-51.
49752: DESMOND SHERRY: - Dorset Crafts & Trades.
21604: BASIL SHERWOOD: - The French Poodle; an unintelligent man's guide.
49427: MRS SHERWOOD, RE-TOLD BY AMY STEEDMAN: - Margot and the Golden Fish.
54935: PHILIP SHERWOOD: - The History of Heathrow.
32166: MRS SHERWOOD: - Little Henry and his Bearer Boosy.
55338: PHILIP SHERWOOD: - Heathrow through time.
46359: SHIGEMI KOMATSU & KWAN S WONG, EDITED BY HEINZ GOTZE: - Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy spanning two thousand years : the Heinz Gotze Collection, Heidelberg.
39049: CHARLES AND DORRIE SHINN: - The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China.
23917: JAMES WELLS & ROB SHIPLEY: - Thro' the Glass: an appreciation of Jersey.
45862: RODNEY W SHIRLEY: - Printed Maps of the British Isles 1650- 1750.
54085: RICHARD K MORRIS & RON SHOESMITH [EDITORS]: - Tewkesbury Abbey; history, art & architecture.
54923: JOHN NORTHCUTT & ROY SHOESMITH: - West Ham United : a Complete Record 1900 - 1987, includes Thames Ironworks 1895 - 1900.
46369: RICHARD SHONE: - Sisley.
54979: T W SHORE: - A History of Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight.
50261: ERNEST H SHORT: - A History of Religious Architecture.
42912: NERINA SHUTE: - Malady of Love.
48556: ARTHUR SHUTTLEWOOD: - Warnings from Flying Friends : Flying Saucer Revelations.
52522: JIRI SIBLIK: - Twentieth-Century Prints.
54275: SIDNEY HEATH & ARTHUR L SALMON, ILLUSTRATED BY ERNEST W HASLEHUST (HASLEHURST): - Our Beautiful Homeland; Exeter, Heart of Wessex, Dartmoor, Bath and Wells.
41030: CHRISTOPH RUCKHABERLE & THOMAS SIEMON [EDITORS]: - Lubok 6 (Seichs); Christian Brandl.
51401: HARRY J SIEVERS: - Benjamin Harrison, volume two (books two and three) : Hoosier Statesman, from the civil war to the White House 1865 - 1888 & Hoosier President, the White House and After, 1889 - 1901.
14237: DR JOHN SIGGERS: - Wiltshire and its postmarks.
26800: SIGMUND ENGEL, TRANSLATED BY DR EDEN PAUL: - The elements of child-protection.
15164: P SIGNAC [ILLUSTRATOR]: - P Signac (1863-1935); drawings and watercolours.
44439: ARNOLD SILCOCK: - Chinese Architecture.
31386: L C SILKE: - In Mischief Again.
44998: VAN SILLER: - Sombre Memory.
32878: J SILTO: - The Railway Town; a description of life and events in Swindon from 22 January 1901 to 11 November 1918.
44449: KATHARINE SIM: - Malayan Landscape.
51877: FRANCIS JOHN SIMCOCK: - Lyndford : a story of the Welsh Marches.
55226: W D JOHN & JACQUELINE SIMCOX: - English Decorated Trays (1550-1850).
50281: WILLIAM SIME: - History of the Waldenses from the earliest period till the present time.
28976: LINTON E SIMERL & MARTHA R SIMERL [EDITORS]: - Congregationalists on Quaker Ridge 1827 - 1977; the history of the North Greenwich Congregational Church of Greenwich, Connecticut.
47311: COLIN SIMKIN [EDITOR]: - A Currier & Ives Treasury; eighty prints in full color with an introduction and commentary by the editor.
6843: SIMMONS, N OWEN: - Compound milling and associated subjects.
43664: BARBARA SIMMS: - John Brookes - garden and landscape designer.
48682: ANDRE L SIMON: - Wines and Spirits : the Connoisseur's Textbook.
13441: SIMON, ALFRED: - Reduced Facsimile of the Souvenir Album of the Franco - British Exhibition, London, 1908, presented to the House of Moet & Chandon, Epernay, by Alfred M. Simon, London, 1909.
6846: SIMON, E D: - The physical science of flour milling.
25974: JOSEF SIMON: - Vyvolavac.
20336: LOUIS SIMON: - Taschenbuch der Handelscorrespondenz, mit angmerkungen und worterklarungen zum Selbstunterricht, sowie fur Schulen und Comptoire bearbeitet; die Handels correspondenz in deutscher und englischer sprache.
45754: MARIE SIMON: - Fashion in Art; the Second Empire and Impressionism.
42300: HERMAN SIMPER: - Farmers Guide to Arable Machinery.
49538: A R LITHERLAND & B T SIMPKIN: - Spink's Standard Catalogue of British and associated Orders, Decorations & Medals.
41955: W SPARROW SIMPSON: - Two Inventories of the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, dated respectively 1245 and 1402.
4273: SIMPSON, J Y: - The Cat-Stane, Edinburghshire; is it not the tombstone of the grandfather of Hengist and Horsa?
31689: THOMAS SIMPSON: - Modern Etchings and their Collectors.
47796: HAROLD SIMPSON: - Singers to Remember.
48689: GRANT G SIMPSON [EDITOR]: - Scotland's Medieval Burghs : an archeological heritage in danger.
7823: SIMS, WILLIAM: - "Vize" Verse; a few miscellaneous trifles.
17554: SIR JOHN SINCLAIR: - The code of agriculture; including observations on gardens, orchards, woods and plantations.
47037: CATHERINE SINCLAIR: - Holiday House : a series of tales dedicated to Lady Diana Boyle.
26803: CATHERINE SINCLAIR: - The Kaleidoscope of Anecdotes and Aphorisms.
37369: UPTON SINCLAIR.: - The Metropolis.
37366: UPTON SINCLAIR: - Mountain City.
33593: EMRYS JONES AND D J SINCLAIR: - Atlas of London and the London Region.
53065: ROY SINCLAIR: - Rail : the Great New Zealand Adventure.
51040: L H BERENS & L SINGER: - The Story of my Dictatorship : a new State based neither on Communism nor Fascism.
43608: ESTHER SINGLETON: - Dutch & Flemish Furniture.
47834: C A SINKER, J R PACKHAM, I C TRUEMAN, P H OSWALD, F H PERRING & W V PRESTWOOD: - Ecological Flora of the Shropshire Region.
13746: SINSWORTH, WILLIAM FRANCIS: - A personal narrative of the Euphrates expedition (volume 1).
53630: R HARGIS & S SINTON: - World War II Medal of Honor Recipients (2) - Army & Air Corps [Osprey Elite Series 95].
53629: R HARGIS & S SINTON: - World War II Medal of Honor Recipients (1) - Navy & USMC [Osprey Elite Series 92].
38426: CESLAUS SIPOVIC [EDITOR]: - The Pontifical Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom; a manuscript of the 17th century in the Slavonic text and Latin translation.
54010: SIR GEORGE ROOKE, EDITED BY OSCAR BROWNING: - The Journal of Sir George Rooke, Admiral of the Fleet 1700 - 1702.
41578: SIR MARTIN CONWAY & SIR CHARLES J HOLMES, EDITED BY J A HAMMERTON: - The World's Famous Pictures [2 volumes].
29682: SIR THOMAS MALORY, ILLUSTRATED BY AUBREY BEARDSLEY: - Le Morte D'Arthur: The Birth Life and Acts of King Arthur of His Noble Knights of the Round Table and Their Marvellous Enquests and Adventures The Achieving of the San Greal and in the End Le Morte DArthur [2 volumes].
47744: SIR HENRY HAWKINS, EDITED BY RICHARD HARRIS: - The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins, Baron Brampton [2 volumes].
39101: SIR PAUL LAMBOTTE, TRANSLATED BY HERBERT B GRIMSDITCH: - Flemish Painting before the Eighteenth Century.
12925: SIR GEORGE CAMPBELL, EDITED BY SIR CHARLES E BERNARD: - Memoirs of my Indian career [volume 2].
50623: SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT, WITH TEXT BY HAROLD J L WRIGHT: - Etchings and Dry Points by Sir William Russell Flint.
54110: SIR JOHN SINCLAIR, DONALD J WITHRINGTON & IAN R GRANT [EDITORS]: - The Statistical Account of Scotland 1791 - 1799, volume XI : South and East Perthshire, Kinross-shire.
34394: SIR WILLIAM FRASER, EDITED BY J R N MACPHAIL: - Papers from the collection of Sir William Fraser, K.C.B. L.L.D.
31773: SIR HARRIS NICOLAS, REVISED BY WILLIAM COURTHOPE: - The Historic Peerage of England, exhibiting, under alphabetical arrangement, the origin, descent, and present state of every title of Peerage which has existed which has existed in this country since the Conquest.
50220: SIR EDWARD GREY, EDITED BY MICHAEL WATERHOUSE: - The Cottage Book : the undiscovered country diary of an Edwardian Statesman.
54722: SIR JOHN FISHER, EDITED BY LIEUT-COMMANDER P K KEMP: - The Papers of Admiral Sir John Fisher, volume II.
46796: SIR THOMAS HAGGERSTON, EDITED BY ANN M C FORSTER: - Selections from the Disbursements Book (1691-1709) of Sir Thomas Haggerston, Bart.
54186: SIR JOHN SINCLAIR, DONALD J WITHRINGTON & IAN R GRANT [EDITORS]: - The Statistical Account of Scotland 1791 - 1799, volume XVIII, Caithness and Sutherland.
55678: SIR THOMAS MALORY, ILLUSTRATED BY AUBREY BEARDSLEY: - Le Morte D'Arthur: The Birth Life and Acts of King Arthur of His Noble Knights of the Round Table and Their Marvellous Enquests and Adventures The Achieving of the San Greal and in the End Le Morte DArthur [2 volumes].
49547: PETER J SISAM: - Roots and Branches; the story of the Sisam family.
55624: EDITH SITWELL: - The English Eccentrics.
12826: SITWELL, SIDNEY MARY: - A bright farthing.
55178: EDITH SITWELL: - English Eccentrics.
55011: SACHEVERELL SITWELL: - Southern Baroque Revisited.
47312: R A SKELTON: - County Atlases of the British Isles, a bibliography, volume 1, 1579-1703
54946: JOANNA SKIPWITH [EDITOR]: - The Sitwells and the Arts of the 1920s and 1930s.
3655: [J H S] - SKRINE, J H: - Uppingham by the sea; a narrative of the year at Borth.
25834: PETER R SKUSE: - A history of Whyteleafe
52568: MASAKO SHONO-SLADEK: - The Splendour of Urushi : The Lacquer Art Collection at the Museum of East Asian Art, City of Cologne - Inventory Catalogue with Relexions on Cultural History.
53282: F W L SLADEN: - Queen-rearing in England, with notes on a scent-producing organ in the Worker Bee and how Pollen is collected by the Honey-Bee and Bumble-Bee.
35222: DOUGLAS SLADEN: - The Japs at Home.
46286: EDITH HUMPHRIS & DOUGLAS SLADEN: - Adam Lindsay Gordon and his friends in England and Australia.
36330: DOUGLAS SLADEN: - Egypt and the English, showing British public opinion in Egypt upon the Egyptian Question, with chapters on the success of the Sudan and the delights of travel in Egypt and the Sudan.
54957: JOHN SLADER: - The Red Duster at War : a history of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War.
54462: J HERBERT SLATER: - Round and About the Book-stalls : a guide for the book-hunter.
38064: STEPHEN SLATER: - Living Heraldry; the ancient art and its modern applications.
16959: STUART SLATER: - Dawns and Trumpets; forty-six poems.
25520: F G SLATER: - A Cheshire Parish: being a short history of Ince, drawn from the parish records and other sources.
37080: LINWOOD SLEIGH: - The Tailor's Friends.
34698: LORD JUSTICE SLESSER: - The Pastured Shire, and other poems.
25196: CAMILLE WELLS SLIGHTS: - Shakespeare's Comic Commonwealths.
32686: DORIS SLOLEY: - Bluebells, Rainbows and Sheep: A collection of Poems.
41958: M E BURKETT & J D G SLOSS: - William Green of Ambleside; a Lake District artist (1760-1823).
46743: EDWIN E SLOSSON: - Sermons of a Chemist.
38510: NICOLA SLY: - Oxfordshire Murders.
31350: DAVID SMALL: - Sketches of Quaint Bits of Old Glasgow, still standing in the year Eighteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (1885).
40635: JOHN W SMALL: - Scottish Architectural Details.
53788: VERNON SMALLWOOD: - Bellerophon : Haydock to Haworth.
17770: NORAH SMARIDGE: - Home in the sky.
54555: D V FROST & J G O SMART: - Geology of The Country north of Derby.
53918: OLIPHANT SMEATON: - Edinburgh and its Story.
44200: JOHN SMEATON: - Plumbing, Drainage, Water Supply and Hot Water Fitting.
48974: KONRAD SMIGIELSKI: - Self-supporting co-operative village at Stanford Hall, Nottinghamshire.
53034: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines around Plymouth.
43975: JOHN PARKER & CHARLES SMITH: - Modern Turkey.
41549: FREDERICK E SMITH: - Obsession.
42244: W H SAUMAREZ SMITH: - A History of Baverstock.
49912: C FOX SMITH: - The Thames [Little Guides series].
53025: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines to Alton
41821: MURPHY D SMITH: - Realms of Gold : a catalogue of maps in the Library of the American Philosophical Society.
53678: JOHN RUSSELL SMITH: - A Catalogue of Twenty-Five Thousand Volumes of Choice, Useful and Curious Books, in most classes of literature, English and Foreign, on sale at the reasonable prices affixed.
41969: CHARLES J SMITH: - Historic South Edinburgh, volume one.
54598: JONATHAN RILEY-SMITH: - The Knights of St John in Jerusalem and Cyprus c. 1050 - 1310.
53028: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Kingston and Hounslow Loops, including the Shepperton Branch.
53225: ELEANOR SMITH: - Life's a Circus.
53026: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines to Newport [Isle of Wight].
38374: RUPERT TURBERVILLE SMITH: - Weather Bound.
42390: PETER F SMITH: - The Syntax of Cities.
35574: ANDREW F SMITH [EDITOR]: - Centennial Buckeye Cook Book.
54914: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Waterloo to Windsor via Richmond [Southern Main Lines].
52115: SIMON NOWELL-SMITH: - The House of Cassell 1848 - 1958.
23363: JEAN SMITH [EDITOR]: - Came the Day; memoirs of Kriegsgefangener 7761.
47113: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Woking to Southampton [Southern Main Lines series].
33916: JOHN RUSSELL SMITH: - Bibliotheca Cantiana; or Antiquarian Kentish Books.
40168: JANE SMITH: - The Book of Hilsea; Gateway to Portsmouth.
30471: DONALD C SIEGLA & GEORGE W SMITH [EDITORS]: - Particulate Carbon Formation during Combustion.
15707: BENJAMIN E SMITH [EDITOR]: - The cyclopaedia of names; a pronouncing and etymological dictionary of names in geography, biography, mythology, history, ethnology, art, archaeology, fiction, etc.
41829: CLARA A SMITH: - The Newberry Library: List of Manuscript Maps in the Edward E Ayer Collection.
18334: GEOFF SMITH: - Around Lutterworth in old photographs.
4107: SMITH, ALBERT, ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN LEECH: - The adventures of Mr Ledbury and his friend Jack Johnson.
8240: SMITH, ANNA H: - Claudius Water-colours in the Africana museum.
4394: SMITH, GEORGE: - Fifty years of foreign missions: or the foreign missions of the Free Church of Scotland, in their year of Jubilee 1879-80.
9147: SMITH, JUSTIN H [EDITOR]: - The historie booke; a tale of two worlds and five centuries 1537, 1638, 1903.
12110: SMITH, SYDNEY URE: - Australian art today.
7862: SMITH, T ROGER: - Architecture; ancient, mediaeval and modern, being lectures delivered at the school of military engineering.
9570: SMITH, WILLIAM: - Chronological tables of Greek and Roman history, civil and literary, from the First Olympiad, BC 776, to the fall of the western empire, AD 476, with tables of Greek and Roman measures, weights and money.
53716: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines around Effingham Junction, including the Hampton Courth branch.
21543: KEITH SMITH: - Around Malvern [The Archive Photographs series].
25872: MARTIN SMITH: - The story of Stamford.
53033: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Waterloo to Woking [Southern Main Lines].
33262: THOMAS SMITH: - The Life of a Fox, written by himself, and extracts from the Diary of a Huntsman.
53043: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines around Canterbury.
53757: WILLIAM SMITH: - Deeside Water-colours [watercolours].
49956: EWBANK SMITH: - Victorian Farnham : the story of a Surrey Town 1837 - 1901.
44695: JOHN THOMAS SMITH: - The Streets of London, with anecdotes of their more celebrated residents.
53042: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Line to Bodmin.
44492: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Dorset & Somerset Narrow Gauge.
50871: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Swindon to Gloucester, including the Cirencester and Tetbury Branches [Western Main Lines].
50502: JAMES SMITH: - Lights and Shadows of Artist Life and Character.
40544: JWILLIAM SMITH: - New Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology and Geography.
21712: A H SMITH: - The place-names of Westmorland, part One (1), introduction, bibliography, river and lake names, Kendal Barony.
56082: DODIE SMITH: - I capture the castle.
55973: F W SMITH: - The Irish Linen Trade Hand-book and Directory.
45613: DAVID SMITH: - Victorian Maps of the British Isles.
19143: MRS SMITH: - The Female Economist; or, a plain system of cookery for the use of families, containing upwards of eight hundred and fifty valuable receipts.
44711: JOHN THOMAS SMITH: - The Streets of London, with anecdotes of their more celebrated residents.
38527: B S SMITH & R A LEWIS, REVISED BY A M WHERRY: - The Cloth Industry in Gloucestershire.
53061: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - East Kent Light Railway [Country Railway Routes].
51083: ERIC SMITH: - Striking and Chiming Clocks; their working and repair.
53062: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines to Alton
33715: JOSEPH L SHELLSHEAR & G ELLIOT SMITH: - A Comparativ study of the Endocranial cast of Sinanthropus.
53029: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch lines around Portmadoc, 1923-46; the Welsh Highland and Festiniog railways.
53030: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - South Coast Railways : Eastbourne to Hastings.
52366: MICHAEL E SMITH: - Industrial Derbyshire.
54726: KEITH SMITH: - Practical Silver-Smithing & Jewelry [silversmithing & jewellery].
55704: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Line to Tenterden.
55703: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - South Coast Railways : Chichester to Portsmouth.
29487: DAVID SMITH [INTRODUCTION]: - Panbox Motif Book 2.
30279: WILLIE SMITH: - Billiards in easy syages.
51969: MARTIN SMITH [EDITOR]: - Peto's Register of Great Western Railway Locomotives, volume two, Manor 4-6-0s.
53621: VIC MITCHELL & KEITH SMITH: - Branch Lines to Alton
44275: P H SMITHERMAN: - Uniforms of the Royal Artillery 1716 - 1966.
47882: ZOFIA ROZANOW & EWA SMULIKOWSKA: - The Cultural Heritage of Jasna Gora.
43009: PETER S SMYTH: - Art for Schools and Colleges.
48389: DORIS E SMYTH: - Sixtieth Anniversary of the Order of Women Freemasons 1968 - 1969.
40601: CAROLE AND RICHARD SMYTH: - Beach Pails - classic toys of the surf and sand.
19475: JENNY HAMILTON-SNEATH: - Glimpse of old England; Surrey by the Tillingbourne.
54295: JUDY EGERTON & DUDLEY SNELGROVE: - British Sporting and Animal Drawings 1500 - 1850 [The Paul Mellon Collection, Sport in Art and Books].
55951: DUDLEY SNELGROVE: - British Sporting and Animal Prints 1658 - 1874 [The Paul Mellon Collection, Sport in Art and Books].
54000: EDMUND SNELL: - Calling all Cars.
30152: F J SNELL: - Memorials of Old Devonshire.
53247: J KEIGHLEY SNOWDEN: - Jack the Outlaw.
55129: A KENNETH SNOWMAN: - The Art of Carl Faberge.
17438: JOAO SOARES [INTRODUCTION]: - Botelho; centenario do nascimento.
56153: THE SWINDON SOCIETY: - Swindon in Old Photographs, a fourth selection [Britain in old photographs series].
54663: BICESTER LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY: - Bicester through time.
25359: MARIE SODERBERG: - The Business of Japanese Foreign Aid: five case studies from Asia.
54091: DAVID H SOLKIN: - Richard Wilson; the Landscape of Reaction.
53474: REV JOHN SOLLOWAY: - The Alien Benedictines of York.
14942: M L SOLON: - A brief history of Old English Porcelain and its manufactories; with an artistic, industrial, and critical appreciation of their productions.
40287: M L SOLON: - The Art of the Old English Potter.
13899: SOMAINI, FRANCESCO, A CURA DI ENRICO CRISPOLTI E LUISA SOMAINI: - Somaini, le grandi opere: Realizzazioni, progetti, utopie.
23565: NOBODY & SOMEBODY: - A Nobody's Scrap Book.
52138: WILLIAM SOMERVILLE: - The Chase [Chace].
53813: LENORE SORESBY: - Danny Trains his Puppy.
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51439: ALAN TOWNSIN: - The British Bus Story, the fifties : a Wind of Change.
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11343: TOYNBEE, J M C: - Art in Roman Britain.
33490: ALAN TOYNE: - From the Sands of Dunkirk; the undying story of Britain's Fight for Freedom, told in heroic verse with a critical survey twenty-five years after.
45380: PHILIP TRAGER: - Dancers.
42751: SIR ALAN TRAILL [FOREWORD]: - Musicians of the Millennium - a biographical guide to members of the Worshipful Company of Musicians.
12213: TRANTER, MARGERY [EDITOR]: - The Derbyshire returns to the 1851 religious census.
51013: NIGEL TRANTER: - The Heartland : the alphabetical, place-by-place guide to Stirlingshire, Perthshire and Clackmannanshire [The Queen's Scotland].
46160: BARBARA TRAPIDO: - Noah's Ark : a novel.
46143: BARBARA TRAPIDO: - Brother of the more famous Jack.
39341: DAVID F TRASK: - The United States in the Supreme War Council: American War Aims and Inter-Allied Strategy, 1917 - 1918.
22605: HETTIE TRAVERS: - From an Invalid's window.
54523: RICHARD TRAVERS: - To Paint a War : the lives of the Australian artists who painted the Great War, 1914 - 1918.
32915: WALTER H TREGELLAS: - Some Cornish Worthies; sketches of some eminent Cornish Men and families, volume 1.
55519: LANCE TREGONING: - Bovey Tracey in Bygone Days : a portrait of a Dartmoor Town.
18581: MME TREMBICKA: - Les soirees recreatives et morales.
27074: PAUL TRENT: - The Devil in Her.
27073: PAUL TRENT: - Gold Poison.
14846: MARIE TREVELYAN: - From Snowdon to the Sea; stirring stories of North and South Wales.
52339: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: - England under the Stuarts (A History of England, volume 5).
51517: GEORGE MACAULAY TREVELYAN: - England under the Stuarts (A History of England, volume 5).
52602: WILLIAM TREVOR: - Beyond the Pale & other stories.
41056: GERHARD TRIEB: - The Magic Square (Das Magische Quadrat) - Zeichnung, Skulptur, Architektur (drawing, sculpture, architecture).
17694: PAUL ELLSWORTH TRIEM: - Alias John Doe; a detective story.
35177: ANTHONY TRIGGS: - The Windmills of Hampshire.
56131: TEAL TRIGGS: - Fanzines : the DIY Revolution.
51305: BARRIE TRINDER: - Victorian Banbury.
51190: BARRIE TRINDER: - The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire.
55400: BARRIE TRINDER: - Barges & Bargemen : a social history of the Upper Severn Navigation 1660 - 1900.
51792: W OUTRAM TRISTRAM: - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways.
46679: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Warden.
41286: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Last Chronicle of Barset, volume II, parts I & II.
55381: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Dr Wortle's School.
55419: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Bertrams.
55368: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Golden Lion of Granpere.
55383: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - An Autobiography.
47618: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Complete Short Stories, volume three, Tourists and Colonials.
55378: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Marion Fay; a novel.
55372: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Bertrams.
17522: FRANCES TROLLOPE: - The Widow Barnaby [3 volumes].
43048: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Claverings
46896: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Belton Estate.
47045: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Warden.
55418: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Is He Popenjoy?
48047: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Claverings
46682: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Claverings
46680: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Castle Richmond.
55371: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Is He Popenjoy?
36559: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Belton Estate.
36557: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The American Senator
36553: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Kellys and the o'Kellys; or Landlords and Tenants.
55382: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Vicar of Bullhampton.
55373: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - The Landleaguers.
55365: ANTHONY TROLLOPE: - Linda Tressel.
54733: NICHOLAS TROMANS: - Richard Dadd : the Artist and the Asylum.
53933: LIONEL JAMES TROTTER: - The History of the British Empire in India 1844 to 1862, forming a sequel to Thornton's History of India [2 volumes].
54569: F M TROTTER: - Geology of the Forest of Dean Coal and Iron-Ore Field.
45300: G E TROUTBECK: - Rambles in Florence.
3897: TRUDGETT, RICHARD: - In a time of assassins.
26037: FRANCOISE GOY-TRUFFAUT: - Paris Facade; un siecle de sculptures decoratives.
44017: CHARLES J TRUITT: - Historic Salisbury updated, 1662 - 1982.
42994: ANNA SOMERS COCKS & CHARLES TRUMAN: - Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets de Vertu - the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.
11399: TRUSLER, REVD DR JOHN: - The art of carving, excerpted from a work entitled The honours of the table (1788).
55700: CHIANG FU-TS'UNG [PREFACE]: - Special Exhibition of Horse Painting : T'ang through Ch'ing Dynasties.
48160: G R TSETSKHLADZE, A J N W PRAG & A M SNODGRASS [EDITORS]: - Periplous : Papers on Classical Art and Archaeology presented to Sir John Boardman.
36778: FANI-MARIA TSIGAKOU: - Nicholas Egon.
37754: SAKAE TSUNOYAMA: - A Concise Economic History of Modern Japan.
37913: D B TUBBS: - Horseless Carriages; a 19th Century Album of early designs.
51521: BARBARA TUCHMAN: - The Zimmermann [Zimmerman] Telegram.
49246: BARBARA TUCHMANN: - The Zimmermann Telegram.
46588: WILLIAM JAMES TUCKER: - Life and Society in Eastern Europe.
40203: JOAN TUCKER: - Stroud as it was.
39589: ANDREW R TUER: - Old London Street Cries
5703: TUER, ANDREW W & FAGAN, CHS E: - The first year of a silken reign (1837-8).
40358: JOHN TULLOCH: - Some Facts of Religion and of Life; sermons preached before Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland, 1866-76.
40048: JAMES TUMUSIIME [EDITOR]: - Uganda 30 Years, 1962 - 1992.
52978: SYDNEY ROGERSON & C F TUNNICLIFFE: - Our bird Book.
49067: SYDNEY ROGERSON & C F TUNNICLIFFE: - Our bird Book.
46476: BRIAN TUNSTALL [EDITOR]: - The Byng Papers, selected from the letters and papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington, and of his son, Admiral the Hon John Byng, volume I.
46472: BRIAN TUNSTALL [EDITOR]: - The Byng Papers, selected from the letters and papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington, and of his son, Admiral the Hon John Byng, volume II.
46471: BRIAN TUNSTALL [EDITOR]: - The Byng Papers, selected from the letters and papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington, and of his son, Admiral the Hon John Byng, volume III.
56037: GLADWYN TURBUTT: - A History of Derbyshire, part 4, Modern Derbyshire.
56036: GLADWYN TURBUTT: - A History of Derbyshire, part 3, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian Derbyshire.
49607: ANGELO TURCONI: - Sur les Pistes du Congo / Congo on the Road.
37279: CHARLES TURLEY: - Maitland Major and Minor.
52410: DR STEPHEN TURNBULL: - Samurai Warfare.
47645: MICHAEL T R B TURNBULL: - Mary Garden.
55839: ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS TURNBULL: - Commodore David Porter 1780 - 1843.
21100: BARBARA CARPENTER TURNER: - Hampshire Hogs; the intriguing and exciting stories of nine men and one woman - all true Hampshire Hogs - who achieved so much in their different ways.
21101: BARBARA CARPENTER TURNER: - Hampshire Hogs volume II; yet more fascinating stories of famous Hampshire-born men - and a courageous woman.
4726: TURNER, P M & BAKER, C H COLLINS: - Stories of the French Artists from Clouet to Delacroix.
26625: F R MADDISON & A J TURNER: - University of Oxford Museum of the History of Science; Catalogue 2, Watches.
29923: ETHEL TURNER [MRS CURLEWIS]: - Seven Little Australians..
37721: J TURNER-TURNER: - Three Years' Hunting and Trapping in America and the Great North-West.
55193: SUSAN TURNER: - The Padarn and Penrhyn Railways and their associated systems.
36022: SYLVIE TURNER [EDITOR]: - Printmakers Council Handbook of Printmaking Supplies.
47515: LAURENCE TURNER: - Decorative Plasterwork in Great Britain.
18972: LEWIS TURNOR: - History of the ancient town and borough of Hertford.
33162: GAVIN TURREFF [EDITOR]: - Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire Records.
55325: W B TURRILL [EDITOR]: - Vistas in Botany : a volume in honour of the Bicentenary of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
21962: OTTI WILMANNS & REINHOLD TUXEN: - Epharmonie (Rinteln 9.4. - 11. 4. 1979).
21961: REINHOLD TUXEN: - Vegetation und Fauna (Rinteln 12. - 15. 4. 1976).
55268: MARK TWAIN (SAMUEL L CLEMENS): - The Prince and the Pauper : a tale for young people of all ages.
49940: MRS ALEC-TWEEDIE: - Hyde Park : its History and Romance.
34362: STEPHEN H TWINING: - Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Years in the Strand, 1706 - 1931, being a short history of the firm of Messrs R Twining & co ltd, tea and coffee merchants, 216 Strand, London, and embodying an account of the descendants of Thomas Twining, 1675-1741.
56159: JOHN TWITCHETT: - Derby Porcelain [signed, limited edition].
49539: JOHN MURDOCH & JOHN TWITCHETT: - Painters and the Derby China Works.
54328: "TWO OF HIS KIND", WITH CHAPTERS BY HAROLD H HILTON & H S COLT: - The Six Handicap Golfer's Campanion.
55588: DR GEOFFREY TYACK [EDITOR]: - The Georgian Goup Journal, volume XVIII, 2010.
55970: DR GEOFFREY TYACK [EDITOR]: - The Georgian Group Journal, volume XXV, 2017.
55968: DR GEOFFREY TYACK [EDITOR]: - The Georgian Group Journal, volume XX, 2012.
17247: SAMUEL TYMMS: - The Family Topographer: being a compendious account of the antient and present state of counties of England, volume IV, Oxford Circuit, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire.
21269: KATHARINE TYNAN: - Experiences.
11761: TYRRELL-GILL, FRANCES [EDITOR]: - Wit and wisdom of modern women writers.
54421: KEITH TYSON: - Keith Tyson : Studio Wall Drawings 1997 - 2007.
37287: ANN FRASER TYTLER: - Leila at Home; a continuation of Leila in England.
36083: GOSCINNY & UDERZO: - Asterix and the Great Crossing.
42578: RENE GOSCINNY & ALBERT UDERZO: - Asterix de grote oversteek.
48607: GOSCINNY & UDERZO: - Asterix and the Roman Agent.
49615: A A VAN UFFELEN: - Antwerpen [Antwerp].
56137: JENNY UGLOW: - Hogarth; a life and a world.
7905: UHLER, FRED: - Nouvelle Decouverte de l'Amerique.
41218: PAUL MARTIN & HANS-JOACHIM ULLRICH: - Military Costume : a short history [Le Costume Militaire, Der bunte Rock].
55843: HAROLD A UNDERHILL: - Deep-Water Sail [Deepwater Sail].
33300: GEORGE F UNDERHILL: - In and Out of the Pig-skin (pigskin).
45308: TERRY UNDERWOOD: - Centenary Celebration of Newport Transporter Bridge 1906 - 2006.
46447: BEHCET UNSAL: - Turkish Islamic Architecture in Seljuk and Ottoman times 1071 - 1923.
17447: GEORGE W DANIELS & GEORGE UNWIN: - The early English cotton industry, with some unpublished letters of Samuel Crompton.
35210: CYRIL UPTON: - Musings in Provence and beyond.
1637: URIBE, ANTONIO JOSE: - Cuestiones internacionales, economicas politicas y sociales.
24077: GEORGE WM USILL: - Practical Surveying; a text-book for students preparing for examinations or for survey work in the colonies.
51702: ANDREW LANGLEY & JOHN UTTING [EDITORS]: - The Village on the Hill : Aspects of Colerne History.
53481: ALISON UTTLEY: - A Traveller in Time.
48800: MRS UWINS: - A Memoir of Thomas Uwins R.A.
18592: GEORGES DESPY & ANDRE UYTTEBROUCK: - Inventaire des archives de l'abbaye de la ramee a Jauchelette, facsicule 1, introduction, inventaire, regestes 1204-1501.
18593: GEORGES DESPY & ANDRE UYTTEBROUCK: - Inventaire des archives de l'abbaye de la ramee a Jauchelette, facsicule 2, regestes 1501-1750, tables.
8330: VAIZEY, MRS GEORGE DE HORNE: - Pixie o'Shaughnessy.
7429: VALENTINE, L: - We three boys; or, a year of adventure.
43963: K J VALENTINE: - Neasden; a historical study.
49111: VALENTINI TSELIKA, ILLUSTRATED BY ALBERT MAYER: - Olympic Games 1896 : the Photograph Album of Albert Mayer.
11155: VAN DER VALK, J W: - Handleidung voor zelfonderricht in de maleische taal.
2554: VALLANCE, AYLMER: - The centre of the world.
35463: RODRIGO RIVERO LAKE & ROBERTO VALLARINO: - Rodrigo Rivero Lake: La Vision de un Anticuario.
3140: DE LA VALLIERE, MADAME: - Memoires secrets et inedits sur les cours de France; Memoires de Madame de la Valliere
50476: SAMUEL MARX & JOYCE VANDERVEEN: - Deadly Illusions : who killed Jean Harlow's Husband?
47747: NORMAN VANHOUSE: - BSA Competition History.
49318: JUANITA PEIRSE & FREDERIC VANSON: - Converging Moments & Now Against Winter [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 VII].
11070: VARNEY, BURTON M: - Thirty-year synopsis; meteorological observations made at Berkeley from July 1 1887 to June 30 1917.
53424: JOANA VASCONCELOS: - Joana Vasconcelos : Works.
11870: VASSALL-PHILLIPS, REV O R [TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR]: - The work of St Optatus, Bishop of Milevis, against the Donatists.
9418: VATMARK, LEVANDE: - Levande Vatmark: Hovranomradet.
53713: JOHN VAUGHAN: - Branches & Byways : Sussex and Hampshire.
56035: A VAUGHAN: - A Pictorial Record of Great Western Signalling.
47446: ELIZA VAUGHAN: - These for Remembrance.
51316: L P BROCKETT & MRS MARY C VAUGHAN: - Woman's Work in the Civil War : a record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience.
11261: VAYER, LAJOS: - Master drawings from the collection of the Budapest museum of fine arts, 14th-18th centuries.
53260: LEONARD VEAR: - With Tears and Laughter : An African Experience.
45693: PIERLUIGI DE VECCHI: - Raphael.
49536: HENRY NEWTON VEITCH: - Sheffield Plate; its history, manufacture and art.
37254: EDUARDO VELASCO: - Montanas de Asturias; Paisaje y aventura.
53957: BERNARD VENABLES: - La Peche et les Poissons [Fish and Fishing].
30554: JOHN VENN: - Annals of a Clerical Family, being some account of the family and descendants of William Venn, Vicar of Otterton, Devon, 1600 - 1621.
44863: R H VENNER: - The American West : a list compiled by R H Venner.
33342: VERA AND IGOR STRAVINSKY, EDITED BY ROBERT CRAFT, TRANSLATED BY LUCIA DAVIDOVA: - Dearest Bubushkin: the correspondence of Vera & Igor Stravinsky, 1921-1954, with excerpts from Vera Stravinsky's diaries, 1922-1971. .
51738: DAVID VEREY: - Shell Guide to Wiltshire.
4483: VERITAS, INVINO, ILLUSTRATED BY R E "RICK" JONES: - The Children of San; the story of their wanderings and tribulations in the land of KA-NA-DA.
15198: DR N VERMEER: - Tropendokter; schetsen uit een zendings ziekenhuis op Java.
54452: HENRY STEVENS OF VERMONT: - Recollections of Mr James Lenox of New York, and the Formation of his Library.
47095: JULES VERNE: - Les Enfants du Capitaine Grant : voyage autour du Monde.
39600: DOCTEUR R VERNEAU: - The Men of the Barma-Grande [Baousse-Rousse]; an account of the anthropological and archaeological specimens in the Museum Praehistoricum founded by the late Sir Thomas Hanbury near Mentone [Menton].
31621: KATHERINE E VERNHAM: - Such a Tomboy, and other stories.
25459: T E VERNON: - Notes on the Parish Church of All Saints, Crudwell, Wilts.
40001: H C DARBY & G R VERSEY: - Domesday Gazetteer.
41522: JACQUES VETTIER: - Grandes Chasses d'Asie, d'Afrique et d'ailleurs.
22170: VICENTE BLASCO IBANEZ, TRANSLATED BY CHARLOTTE BREWSTER JORDAN: - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis).
40644: J A VICKERS: - The Religious census of Sussex 1851.
5801: VICKERS, ROY: - Hide those diamonds!
33807: VICTOR BEYER, GENEVIEVE BRESC & DOMENICO LUCCHETTI: - Au Musee du Louvre: la Sculpture Francaise du XVIIe Siecle.
46943: MIGUEL CARLOS VICTORICA: - Miguel Carlos Victorica.
13890: DAVE VIGGERS: - Pembroke supplement (Climbers' Club Guides to Wales).
31147: "VIKING" (R J DUTHIE).: - The Art of Fishcuring.
28526: A VILLAGER (FREDERICK COWGILL): - Still More Adventures.
44296: L VILLARI: - Italian Life in Town & Country.
41465: MANUEL J BORJA-VILLEL: - Fundacio Antoni Tapies.
54444: ALAN J VILLIERS: - Last of the Wind Ships.
35680: VINCENT VAN GOGH, TRANSLATED BY RELA VAN MESSEL: - Letters to an Artist, from Vincent van Gogh to Anton Ridder van Rappard, 1881 - 1885.
35608: ISOBEL ST VINCENT: - Discontented Dickon.
14596: J E VINCENT: - The life of Edward the seventh.
40807: ISOBEL ST VINCENT: - Little Green Fingers.
36923: SWALE VINCENT: - Internal Secretion and the ductless glands.
55420: P A L VINE: - West Sussex Waterways.

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