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54052: LINDA PARRY: - William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement : a source book.
53004: LINDA PARRY: - William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement : a source book.
51206: CHRISTOPHER PARRY: - English through Drama : a way of teaching.
40178: LINDA PARRY: - William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement; a Source Book.
45954: LINDA PARRY: - William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement : a source book.
42888: JUDGE EDWARD ABBOTT PARRY: - Katawampus, its treatment & cure, and the First Book of Krab.
25488: BARTHOMOMEW PARSONS: - The First Fruits of the Gentiles in three sermons preached in the cathedral church at Salisbury [complete in 3 parts].
55271: ANGELA PARTINGTON: - The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations [deluxe leatherbound edition].
55760: SUSANNA PARTSCH: - Franz Marc 1880 - 1916.
22584: BLAISE PASCAL: - Lettres provinciales et pensees, par Blaise Pascal [2 tomes].
32625: ARTHUR T PASK: - The Eyes of the Thames.
52743: JOHN PASSMORE: - Man's Responsibility for Nature : Ecological Problems and Western Traditions.
55959: CHIARA PASTI: - Venezia Interni Contemporanei (Venice Interiors, Contemporary Homes).
39516: GEORGE PASTON: - Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century.
48712: DEREK PATMORE: - I Decorate my Home.
12318: PATON, J NOEL: - Spindrift.
21405: PATREEN O'NIELL: - The Pets Party, attended by real live pussies, puppies, bunnies and chicks.
26125: EMILY PATRICK: - Emily Patrick; Recent Paintings.
26124: EMILY PATRICK: - Emily Patrick; paintings finished between 2005-2007.
37607: PATRICK ET VIVIANE BERKO, ET PHILIPPE CRUYSMANS: - Georges Lemmers 1871 - 1944.
36865: PATRICK O'BRIAN: - Post Captain.
34266: MARGUERITE PATTEN: - The Country Life Book of Good Cooking.
28354: ROBERT B PATTERSON [EDITOR]: - The Haskins Society Journal, studies in medieval history, volume 1.
49511: JERRY E PATTERSON: - The City of New York : a History Illustrated from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York.
38686: ROBERT B PATTERSON [EDITOR]: - Original Acta of St Peter's Abbey, Gloucester c. 1122 - 1263.
21206: R STEWART PATTERSON: - Romanian songs and ballads.
24891: ROBERT B PATTERSON [EDITOR]: - Original Acta of St Peter's Abbey, Gloucester c. 1122 - 1263.
54559: J PATTISON, N G BERRIDGE, J M ALLSOP & I P WILKINSON: - Geology of The Country around Sudbury (Suffolk).
23337: PAUL-MARIE COUTEAUX, ABRIDGED AND TRANSLATED BY IAN MILNE: - Europe's Road to War - the Balkanisation of Europe, the failure of collective security.
53343: PAUL R MATT, EDITED BY BRUCE ROBERTSON: - United States Navy and Marine Corps Fighters 1918 - 1962.
55605: PAUL GAUGUIN, EDITED BY BERNARD DENVIR: - Gauguin : Letters from Brittany and the South Seas - the search for paradise.
13560: PAUL, R W: - An account of some of the incised & sepulchral slabs of north-west Somersetshire.
9590: PAUL, R W: - An account of some of the incised & sepulchral slabs of north-west Somersetshire.
24486: HUBERTUS ADAM & JOCHEN PAUL: - Architecture Highlights.
35727: PAUL LAMBOTTE, ET UN GROUPE DE SPECIALISTES: - Tresor de l'Art Flamand du Moyen Age au XVIIIme Siecle, memorial de l'exposition d'art Flamand ancien a Anvers, 1930 [2 tomes].
55460: PAUL HEINEY, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE SOPER: - George Soper's horses; a celebration of the English working horse.
55907: CHARLES OSCAR PAULLIN: - Commodore John Rodgers : Captain, Commodore, and Senior Officer of the American Navy.
48798: RONALD PAULSON: - Rowlandson : a new interpretation.
53962: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Timeless Living 2008 - 2009 [Maisons Intemporelles. Tijdloos Wonen].
50657: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Private Mansions [Maisons de Maitre, Herenwoningen].
50658: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Seaside Living.
50663: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Exclusive Country Houses [Demeures de Campagne Exclusives, Exclusieve Landhuizen].
50815: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Prive : Passions et Addresses preferees des Maitres de l'art de vivre.
50775: WIM PAUWELS [EDITOR]: - Classical Living.
43023: SYDNEY H PAVIERE: - A dictionary of British Sporting Painters.
34262: JANE PAVITT [EDITOR]: - Brand New.
25337: F W PAVY: - A treatise on the function of digestion; its disorders, and their treatment.
53130: MARTIN PAWLEY: - Buckminster Fuller.
5956: PAYNE, FFRANSIS G: - Crwydro Sir Faesyfed (rhan 1 & rhan 2 - complete in 2 volumes).
54881: CHRISTIANA PAYNE: - Toil and Plenty : Images of the Agricultural Landscape in England 1780 - 1890.
45167: D B PEACE: - A Historic Building Map of the Peak District and Sherwood Forest, designed and embellished with heraldic emblems.
45168: D B PEACE, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOHN BETJEMAN: - Historic Buildings of North Wales ; a map & guide illustrating 400 buildings.
8977: PEACH, R E: - Historic houses in Bath and their associations; second series.
54222: RONALD PEACOCK: - Holderlin.
40396: LUCY PEACOCK: - The Visit for a Week.
54475: TIM PEARCE: - Then & Now : an anniversary celebration of Cheltenham College 1841 - 1991.
51828: HILARY BINDING & BRIAN PEARCE: - Exmoor Village : celebrating the enduring landscape of Exmoor and its people over fifty years.
42720: ERNEST HAROLD PEARCE: - Thomas de Cobham, Bishop of Worcester 1317 - 1327, some studies drawn from his register with an account of his life.
47213: CHAS PEARS: - Yachting on the Sunshine Coast.
54964: PHYLLIS PEARSALL: - A - Z Maps; the personal story from bedsitter to household name.
9657: PEARSON, JANE: - Memoir of the life and religious experiences of Jane Pearson, extracted from her own memorandums.
25863: FRANK PEARSON: - From a Quarry to a Park; Hexthorpe Flatts Discovery Trail.
48836: R COLEMAN-SMITH & T PEARSON: - Excavations in the Donyatt Potteries.
45734: ROBERT E PEARY: - The North Pole.
39947: RICHARD EVANS SCHULTES & ARTHUR STANLEY PEASE: - Generic Names of Orchids; their origin and meaning.
31120: NEVILLE PEAT: - Cascade on the Run; a season with the Whitebaiters of South Westland.
55617: PROFESSOR JAROMIR PECIRKA: - Edgar Degas : Drawings.
40911: GRAHAM PECK: - Through China's Wall.
26725: DR ANDRE PECKER: - Veme Congres International de Transfusion Sanguine.
35184: JACQUES PECNARD: - Bouquets d'Artiste et Fleurs Sauvages.
35183: JACQUES PECNARD: - Bouquets d'Artiste et Fleurs Sauvages.
47979: CARLO PEDRETTI: - Leonardo da Vinci : Art and Science.
13686: PEEL, H M: - Law of the wild.
22602: RICHARD PEERS: - A Companion for the Aged, consisting of meditations, devotions and proper instructions for the use of those who, by the infirmities of old age or otherwise, are disabled from attending the public service of God.
38934: MARTIN PEGLER: - US Cavalryman, 1865 - 1890.
44549: HENRI PELLAPRAT: - La Cuisine de tous les jours.
16705: CAROLINE H PEMBERTON: - Your Little Brother James.
48420: RONALD PEMBERTON: - Guy Fredrick Andrew : One Man's War.
50282: AN UNIVERSITY PEN: - Extracts from the Spiritual Bee, or a miscellaney of spiritual, historical, natural observations, and occasional occurencyes applyed in divine meditations.
35777: MARY L PENDERED: - John Martin, Painter; his life and times.
50579: GROUP CAPTAIN GERALD PENDRED: - A Vicar, A Racehorse and a Bishop : the story of the Reverend John William King MA BD, of Ashby-de-la-Launde, Lincolnshire.
36090: PHILIP KNOWLING & LEE PENGELLY: - Devon's Beautiful Buildings.
30740: AARON PENLEY: - Sketching from Nature in Water-colours (watercolours).
41866: WILLIAM PENN: - Coleman's re-print (reprint) of William Penn's original proposal and plan for the founding & building of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, America in 1683.
55589: K J PENN: - Historic Towns in Dorset.
44304: STAFF-COMMANDER JAMES PENN: - The South America Pilot, part I, East Coast of South America from Cape St Roque to Cape Virgins, including Falkland, South Georgia, Sandwich and South Shetland Islands, also the North Coast from Cape St Roque to Cape Orange.
44657: THOMAS PENNANT: - A Tour in Wales, volume I.
50431: JOSEPH PENNELL: - The Work of Charles Keene, with an introduction & comments on the drawings illustrating the artists's methods, to which is added a bibliography of the books Keene illustrated and a catalogue of his etchings.
44608: ALAN PUCKETT & WARREN PENNEY: - Classic Motorbikes.
55478: JOHN MARCH-PENNEY: - The Masters' Book of Ikebana.
43982: NICHOLAS PENNY [EDITOR]: - Reynolds.
37878: PATRICIA PENNY: - Golf with a view; Broadway Golf Club 1895 - 1995.
47380: PENNY HOUSDEN, WITH TEXT BY MARY HOUSDEN: - Down Dartymoor Way : pen and ink drawings of Devon's National Park.
55125: BOIES PENROSE: - Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance 1420 - 1620.
47736: N M PENZER: - The Book of the Wine-label.
23681: A C PERCIVAL: - Samplers.
47760: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of oak [first edition].
45212: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of mahogany [first edition].
47759: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of walnut [first edition].
47758: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of satinwood [first edition].
45211: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of satinwood [first edition].
45213: PERCY MACQUOID, ILLUSTRATED BY SHIRLEY SLOCOMBE: - A history of English furniture - the age of walnut [first edition].
54426: PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY, EDITED BY EDWARD DOWDEN: - The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
3766: PEREZ, JUAN & GALLO, DE GUZMAN Y: - Bajo los Austrias; la mujer Espanola en la Minerva literaria Castellana.
13157: PERIA, VINCENZO: - Case di Campagna.
49016: E S PERKINS, PETER HANSELL & RONALD F MARSH: - Atlante delle Malattie dell'occhio.
24649: LUCY FITCH PERKINS: - The Pioneer Twins.
24645: LUCY FITCH PERKINS: - The Cave Twins.
49015: E S PERKINS & PETER HANSELL, REVISED BY DAMIAN O'NEILL: - Perkins and Hansell's Atlas of Diseases of the Eye.
50420: JOCELYN PERKINS: - Westminster Abbey : its worship and ornaments, volume I.
48226: ROGER PERKINS: - Pathfinder Pilot : the Search for Selwyn Alcock DFC.
34952: ANGELA PERKINS: - The Book of Sonning.
33189: BRYAN PERRETT: - Tank Warfare: combat development in World War Two.
48496: MARTHA PERRIAM: - A Century of Somerset Ladies Golf : Somerset County Ladies Golf Association 1901 - 2001.
53261: R PERRY: - The Woollen Industry in Gloucestershire to 1914.
39559: MIKE PERRY: - Beach.
20113: J TAVENOR-PERRY: - Dinanderie; a history and description of mediaeval art work in copper, brass and bronze.
54123: R PERRY: - Wotton-under-Edge : times past - times present.
47348: T M PERRY: - The Discovery of Australia : the charts and maps of the Navigators and Explorers.
33388: FRANK HILL PERRYCOSTE: - Religion and Moral Civilisation, being the prolegomena to an historical enquiry into the influence of religion upon moral civilisation.
55599: PETER DREWETT, DAVID RUDLING & MARK GARDINER: - The South-East to AD 1000 (a regional history of England).
47801: PETER LE PAGE RENOUF, EDITED BY KEVIN J CATHCART: - The Letters of Peter le Page Renouf (1822 - 1897), complete in four volumes.
36168: PETER ORLANDO HUTCHINSON, EDITED BY JEREMY BUTLER: - Travels in Victorian Devon; the illustrated journals and sketchbooks of Peter Orlando Hutchinson, Devon Antiquary, 1810 - 1897.
55873: PETER R.G. HORNSBY, ROSEMARY WEINSTEIN & RONALD F. HOMER: - Pewter : A Celebration of the Craft 1200-1700.
50443: PETER BIEGEL, WITH A FOREWORD BY FRED WINTER: - Peter Biegel's Racing Pictures.
55063: PETER REID, EDITED BY HUGH MONTGOMERY-MASSINGBERD: - Burke's & Savills guide to country houses volume II; Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire & Worcestershire.
29479: PETER O'CONNOR: - Walking Good; travels to music in Romania and Hungary.
34610: BENGT PETERSEN: - Delicious Fish Dishes.
37189: GEORG PAYSEN PETERSEN: - Till Eulenspiegels; lustige Streiche.
54738: MAUD & MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Christ Child as told by Matthew and Luke.
48544: MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Story Book of Rice.
48545: MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Story Book of Silk.
48542: MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Story Book of Wheat.
48549: MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Story Book of Corn.
48547: MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM: - The Story Book of Sugar.
48991: ALVAH PETERSON: - A Manual of Entomological Equipment and Methods, parts I and II.
56027: INES VILLELA-PETIT: - Le Breviaire de Chateauroux.
50153: SIR CHARLES PETRIE [EDITOR]: - The Household Brigade Magazine, Coronation Number 1953.
53384: PETRONIUS: - The Satyricon of Petronius.
10489: PETTIGREW, JOHN & PORTMAN, JAMIE: - Stratford, the first thirty years [2 volumes].
26015: PETULENGRO, EDITED BY W B O'HANLON: - Gypsy Fiddler.
50890: W D PEYTON: - Old Oman.
50377: ERNST-ERIK PFANNSCHMIDT: - Fountains and Springs.
37531: RUDOLF PFEFFERKORN: - Cesar Klein.
47489: HUMPHREY PHELPS: - The Forest in old Photographs.
42918: RICHARD PHIBBS: - Abram Brown.
47454: PHIL MAY, EDITED BY AUGUSTUS M MOORE: - The Phil May Album.
3076: PHILELPHE, TRANSLATED BY I BAUDOIN: - Fables heroiques; les fables de Philelphe, poete Latin, traduites et moralisees par I Baudoin.
45528: PHILIP JAMES, EDITED BY C GEOFFREY HOLME: - Children's books of yesterday.
25934: G D & J PHILIP: - Villages of the Hamble Valley.
55759: PHILIP LONG, WITH ELIZABETH CUMMING: - The Scottish Colourists 1900 - 1930 : F C B Cadell, J D Fergusson, G L Hunter, S J Peploe.
36258: PHILIP CALLOW, RONALD HALL, LEONARD KENDALL, ROYE MCCOYE & EDWARD STOREY: - Five: new poems by Philip Callow, Ronald Hall, Leonard Kendall, Roye McCoye & Edward Storey.
32781: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Devonshire Parish Regiesters, marriages, volume I.
49715: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 3, III [The Index Library, volume 6].
39147: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index to Wills proved and administrations granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652 [The Index Library, volume 8].
31793: W P W PHILLIMORE: - Gloucestershire Parish Registers, marriages, volume VIII; Painswick, Kingscote & Cam.
39143: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - An Index to Bills of Privy Signet, commonly called Signet Bills, 1584 to 1596 and 1603 to 1624, with a calendar of Writs of Privy Seal, 1601 to 1603. [The Index Library, volume 4].
51134: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index to Wills proved and administrations granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652 [The Index Library, volume 8].
39144: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 2, II [The Index Library, volume 5].
39142: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Index Nominum to the Royalist Composition Papers, first and second series, volume 1, A to F. [The Index Library, volume 3].
39141: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 1, I [The Index Library, volume 2].
49714: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 2, II [The Index Library, volume 5].
39145: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 3, III [The Index Library, volume 6].
39172: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY & W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITORS]: - A Calendar of Wills proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Gloucester, volume II, 1660 to 1800 [The Index Library, volume 34].
50189: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Shropshire Parish Register Society, Indexes March 1900: Albrighton, Cressage, Ford, Hanwood, More, Moreton Corbet, Pitchford, Sheinton.
50190: W P W PHILLIMORE [EDITOR]: - Shropshire Parish Register Society, Indexes January 1903: Chelmarsh, Neenton, Billingsley, Bitterley, Uppington, Adderley.
22026: JOHN PHILLIPS: - Agriculture and Ecology in Africa; a study of actual and potential development south of the Sahara.
46578: H E HURST & P PHILLIPS: - The Nile Basin, volume 1; general description of the basin, meteorology, topography of the White Nile basin.
17660: MR PHILLIPS: - Speech of Mr Phillips, delivered in the Court of Common-Pleas, Dublin, in the case of Guthrie versus Sterne.
12106: PHILLIPS, HELEN & PHILLIPS, F EMILY, WITH A PREFACE BY KATHARINE PHILLIPS: - The grammar of painting: or, first studies in painting, arranged in a course of brush-work for young students [volume 2 only].
12482: PHILLIPS, THOMAS & HULBERT, CHARLES: - The history and antiquities of Shrewsbury, including also the history and description of the county of Salop [2 volumes].
29744: CLAUDE PHILLIPS: - Frederick Waller and his works.
42450: JOHN PHILLIPS: - Free Spirit in a Troubled World [A Photo-reporter for LIFE 1936 - 1959].
55634: G M PHILLIPS: - You ... and the Horse.
27544: DEREK PHILLIPS: - The Cathedral of Archbishop Thomas of Bayeux; excavations at York Minster, volume II (Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England).
45499: GILES PHILLIPS: - On Fenner's Sward : a history of Cambridge University Cricket Club.
41832: P LEE PHILLIPS: - Virginia Cartography : a Bibliographical Description.
49929: BRIAN PHILP: - Excavations in West Kent, 1960-1970; the discovery and excavation of 30 prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval sites, mainly in the Bromley area and in the Darent valley.
24742: BRIAN PHILP: - Archaeology in the Front Line; 50 years of Kent Rescue, 1952-2002.
53300: STUART F PHILPOTT: - Modern Electric Clocks : Principles, Construction, Installation and Maintenance.
44378: POWNOLL W PHIPPS: - Chalfont St Files past and present, with the parish church, Milton's Cottage and Jordans, the Quakers' Burial Ground.
55998: DOCTOR ROSEN : "FOREIGN PHYSICIAN": - The Reformed Practice of Medicine : a practical treatise on the prevention and cure of disease, without the use of mineral or vegetable poisons.
53885: ALAN VILLIERS & HENRI PICARD: - The Bounty Ships of France : the story of the French Cape Horn Sailing Ships.
31834: JEAN DANIEL PICARD: - Voyage vers le Apothicaireries Francaises.
44177: LIZA PICARD: - The Life of London [Elizabeth's London, Restoration London, Dr Johnson's London, Victorian London].
34353: B PICKERING PICK [EDITOR]: - The Sherborne Register, 1550-1950.
52776: DOUG PICKFORD: - Lost Peakland : Historic Views in and around the Peak District.
39010: PIERRE ROSENBERG, TRANSLATED BY CATHERINE JOHNSTON: - French Master Drawings of the 17th & 18th centuries in North American collections (Dessins francais du 17eme & du 18eme siecles des collections americaines).
28795: JOSE PIERRE: - Surrealism (History of Painting).
16543: J H BERNARDIN DE SAINT PIERRE: - Paul and Virginia, translated from the French.
40060: PIERRE GUERIN, ANNE-MARIE PIAULET & NOELLE GUIBERT: - Comedie-Francaise; Theatres et Decors, XVIIe, XVIIIe, XIXe siecles.
3765: PIERSON, DONALD: - Survey of the literature on Brazil of Sociological significance, published up to 1940.
44769: GIACINTO DI PIETRANTONIO [PIETR ANTONIO]: - Guerra & Pace [War & Peace].
35384: FRITZ PIETZSCHKE [EDITOR]: - English-Portuguese & Portuguese-Engish: The New Michaelis Illustrated Dictionary, Ingles-Portugues Novo Michaelis Dicionario Ilustrado (Brockhaus Picture Dictionary, 2 volumes).
45961: STUART PIGGOTT: - The earliest wheeled transport from the Atlantic coast to the Caspian Sea.
54807: STUART PIGGOTT: - Antiquity Depicted : aspects of archaeological illustration.
49569: ]J PIGOT]: - Pigot and Co's National Commercial Directory : Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire.
13209: PIHLENS, HUGH: - The story of Hungerford.
54669: TIM OWEN & ELAINE PILBEAM: - Ordnance Survey; Map Makers to Britain since 1791.
36776: GEORGES PILLEMENT: - Les pre-Impressionnistes.
36714: JOHN C PILLING: - Oxfordshire Houses.
51179: RICHARD PINE [EDITOR]: - All for Hecuba : an exhibition to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Edwards - macLiammoir partnership, and of the Gate Theatre 1928 - 1978.
37507: E C G PINHEY: - Butterflies of Rhodesia, with a short introduction to the insect world [Look Around You series, no. 2].
40616: WM PINNOCK: - Pinnock's Comprehensive Grammar of Modern Geography and History, for the use of schools and for private tuition.
53299: R W PIPE: - The Automatic Watch.
54236: JOHN PIPER: - A Painter's Camera : Buildings and Landscapes in Britain 1935 - 1985.
36339: JOHN PIPER: - John Piper: September - October 1975.
49737: F P PITFIELD: - Purbeck Parish Churches.
49736: F P PITFIELD: - Dorset Parish Churches A - D.
24476: W HAYWARD PITMAN: - The Worshipful Company of Painters, otherwise Painter-Stainers; its hall, pictures and plate.
48349: ISAAC PITMAN [EDITOR]: - A Plea for Spelling Reform.
1944: PITT, MICHAEL: - Mad dogs and Englishmen - a Bengal adventure.
42163: BARRIE PITT: - Coronel and Falkland.
55355: RICHARD VAN EMDEN & VICTOR PIUK: - Famous 1914 - 1918.
20233: PAUL PLANAT: - Construction et amenagement des salles d'Asile et des Maisons d'Ecole [3 volumes bound in one].
48342: J R PLANCHE, EDITED BY T F DILLON CROKER & STEPHEN TUCKER: - The Extravaganzas of J R Planche, esq, (Somerset Herald), 1825 - 1871, volume V.
41741: J R PLANCHE: - History of British Costume from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.
53680: MARJORIE PLANT: - The English Book Trade : an economic history of the making and sale of books.
9287: PLANTAGENET-HARRISON, MARSHAL-GENERAL: - The history of Yorkshire; Wapentake of Gilling West.
44381: CAPT ERNEST PLATT: - Sark as I found it.
42966: A J PLATT: - A short history of the Lodge of Honor and Generosity no. 165, 1767 - 1967.
36836: JOHN T PLATTS: - A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English.
45816: PLAUTUS, TRANSLATED BY PAUL NIXON: - Plautus, volume II, Casina, The Casket Comedy, Curculio, Epidicus, The Two Menaechmuses [Loeb Classical Library].
50699: A C PLAYNE [EDITOR]: - Nister's Holiday Annual.
46042: JACQUES ETIENNE DU PLESSIS: - Compulsion and Restitution : a historical and comparative study of the treatment of compulsion in Scottish private law, with particular emphasis on its relevance to the law of restitution or unjustified enrichment.
46200: SARAH PLIMPTON: - Single Skies.
49535: CHARLES PLUMMER: - Elizabethan Oxford : reprints of rare tracts.
19263: E H PLUMPTRE: - The life of Thomas Ken, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells.
38476: IRENE L PLUNKET: - Princess Natalie's Adventure.
54605: T H WHITEHEAD & R W POCOCK: - [Geology of the Country around] Dudley and Bridgnorth.
12866: PODESTA, ATTILIO: - Seventeenth century Dutch painting.
42142: EDGAR ALLAN POE: - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe, with a notice of his life and genius by James Hannay.
54142: FORREST C POGUE: - George C Marshall : Education of a General 1880 - 1939.
27443: WILLIAM POLE: - The Philosophy of Whist; an essay on the scientific and intellectual aspects of the modern game, in two parts, (I) the philosophy of whist play, (II) the philosophy of whist probabilities.
4427: POLIAKOFF-LITOVTZEFF, S [EDITOR]: - The Russian Commonwealth, published by the Union "Russian Commonwealth" ("Narodopravsto"), issues 1 - 14.
44943: ELIZA F POLLARD: - A Gentleman of England : a romance of the time of Sir Philip Sidney.
27656: JOHN HUNGERFORD POLLEN [EDITOR]: - Universal Catalogue of Books on Art [3 volumes].
5771: POMFRET, JOHN: - The poetical works of John Pomfret.
15553: NELLO PONENTE: - Moderne Malerei; zeitgenossische stromungen.
44062: ARTHUR PONSONBY: - The Priory and Manor of Lynchmere and Shulbrede : being records of Shulbrede Priory, the Village of Lynchmere and the surrounding neighbourhood.
21227: JOS DE PONT: - de Opening.
51441: KENNETH G PONTING: - The Woollen Industry of South-west England.
36751: EDWIN POOLE: - Old Welsh Chips, January to December 1888.
54728: STANLEY LANE-POOLE: - Mediaeval India under Mohammedan Rule (AD 712 - 1764).
47346: REGINALD LANE POOLE: - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought in the Departments of Theology and Ecclesiastical Politics.
51114: MRS REGINALD LANE POOLE [EDITOR]: - Catalogue of Portraits in the University, Colleges, City and County of Oxford, volume II: portraits in the colleges and halls, volume 1.
51116: MRS REGINALD LANE POOLE [EDITOR]: - Catalogue of Portraits in the University, Colleges, City and County of Oxford, volume III: portraits in the colleges and halls, volume 2.
21605: RAY POOLE: - Yesterday's Town; Leek, some aspects of bygone days.
18570: STANLEY LANE-POOLE [EDITOR]: - Coins and medals; their place in history and art.
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11060: RUSSELL, R J: - Climates of California.
11131: RUSSELL, RICHARD JOEL: - Dry climates of the United States; II - frequency of dry and desert years, 1901-20.
5359: RUSSELL, THE RIGHT HON GEORGE W E: - The varying year.
47167: WILLIAM HOWARD RUSSELL: - A Diary in the East during the Tour of the Prince and Princess of Wales, volume I.
54383: LEONARD RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - The Saturday Book, eleventh year [11,11th].
53709: LEONARD RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - The Saturday Book 3 (three, third).
41290: JOHN EARL RUSSELL: - Recollections and Suggestions 1813 - 1873.
54382: LEONARD RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - The Saturday Book, eighth year [8, 8th].
53710: LEONARD RUSSELL [EDITOR]: - The Saturday Book, sixth year [6, 6th].
28544: RAYMOND RUSSELL: - Victoria and Albert Museum; Catalogue of Musical Instruments, volume 1, Keyboard Instruments.
50437: ALAN RUSSETT: - George Chambers 1803 - 1840 : his life and work, the sailor's eye and the artist's hand.
33895: GUIDO GREGORIETTI & FRANCO RUSSOLI: - Poldi Pezzoli: la Pinacoteca.
43241: GRAHAM RUST: - The painted house - over 100 original designs for mural and tromple l'oeil decoration (first edition, hardback).
41759: DORIS RUST: - Secret Friends : simple stories for the young.
8590: RUTHERFORD, CONSTANCE: - The Lily Field.
20821: ROGER RYAN: - A history of the West Lancashire Yacht Club, 1894-1994; a centenary history.
14514: JIM RYAN: - The Bludgeon.
52267: EDWARD RYAN: - Paper Soldiers : The Illustrated History of Printed Paper Armies of the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries.
50311: L W (RIDD) RYDER: - Seven by Seven : an anthology with comments.
53676: REGINALD ARTHUR RYE: - The Libraries of London: a Guide for Students.
12930: RYLAND, J E, WITH A CRITICAL ESTIMATE OF DR KITTO'S LIFE AND WRITINGS BY PROFESSOR EADIE: - Memoirs of John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A., editor of "The pictorial bible" and "The cyclopaedia of biblical literature", author of "Daily bible illustrations", etc.
42182: J PAUL RYLANDS: - Lancashire Inquisitions returned into the Chancery of the Duchy of Lancaster and now existing in the Public Record Office, London - Stuart Period, part 1, I to II James I.
46933: J R DE SA CARVALHO, EDITED BY C R ENOCK: - Brazilian El Dorado.
28772: MARIANNE SAABYE: - Hirschsprung kunstsamler og maecen.
12379: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA: - El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha.
50277: SERGE SABARSKY: - George Grosz : Les Annees Berlinoises, Dessins et Aquarelles de 1912 a 1931.
52199: JOHN SADDEN: - Portsmouth : in Defence of the Realm.
33105: SANDRA SAER: - Jostling with the Pears.
35153: SANDRA SAER: - More From Pear Tree Cottage, with "From Pear Tree Cottage".
1590: LE SAGE, A: - Atlante storico, letterario, biografico, archeologico, dai secoli omerici ai giorni nostri o repertorio delle principali nozioni.
2446: LE SAGE, ILLUSTRATED BY JEAN GIGOUX: - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane.
1589: LE SAGE, M A: - Atlante storico, geografico, genealogico, cronologico e letterario, in ogni sua parte coretto, ampliato e proseguito sino all'anno corrente.
51678: BRYAN L SAGE: - A History of the Birds of Hertfordshire.
22921: JOHN SAINTSBURY: - A man in many streets.
6611: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE [EDITOR]: - Political verse.
55949: SAKI (H H MUNRO): - The Best of Saki (H H Munro).
34407: ADOLFO SALDIAS: - Historia de Rozas y de su Epoca (tomo II).
53104: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
38687: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
24888: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
30002: A J H SALE [EDITOR]: - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740.
36455: JOSE SANCHO COMINS Y EMILIO CHUVIECO SALINERO: - Iberoamerica desde el Espacio.
9752: SALISBURY, HARRISON [FOREWORD]: - China, from the long march to Tiananmen Square.
8975: SALLASKA, GEORGIA: - Priam's daughter.
53838: VIRGINIA SUTTON SALLEY & GEORGE H SALLEY: - Royal Bayreuth China.
56005: FELIX SALTEN: - Fifteen Rabbits.
56004: FELIX SALTEN: - Renni the Rescuer : a dog of the battlefield.
51111: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Oxford City Properties.
51112: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Mediaeval Archives of the University of Oxford, volume II.
51129: REV G C RICHARDS & REV H E SALTER [EDITORS]: - The Dean's Register of Oriel, 1446 - 1661.
51130: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Registrum Annalium Collegii Mertonensis 1483 - 1521.
56142: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Chapters of the Augustinian Canons.
56141: REV G C RICHARDS & REV H E SALTER [EDITORS]: - The Dean's Register of Oriel, 1446 - 1661.
51110: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Oxford Council Acts 1583 - 1626.
51128: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Cartulary of the Abbey of Eynsham, volume II.
51113: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Snappe's Formulary, and other records.
51139: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Cartulary of the Abbey of Eynsham, volume I.
40089: MARY JO SALTER: - Henry Purcell in Japan; poems by Mary Jo Salter.
51106: REV H E SALTER [EDITOR]: - Chapters of the Augustinian Canons.
53328: JASPER SALWAY: - Cornwall : a sketch-book.
18087: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume one (I).
18088: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Cambridgeshire [Cambridge] and the Isle of Ely, volume two (II).
45984: L F SALZMAN [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Sussex, volume 3.
40318: L F SALZMANN [EDITOR]: - An Abstract of Feet of Fines relating to the County of Sussex from 1 Edward II to 24 Henry VII.
54392: AYLWIN SAMPSON: - Laid Out with Taste and Judgement : the Landscape, Architecture and Social History of the Park and its environs in Cheltenham.
53314: MIKE SAMPSON: - A History of Blundell's School.
25868: MARK SAMPSON: - Brighton; history and guide.
4447: SAMSON, SMADAR: - Only one toy.
50944: SAMUEL PEPYS, EDITED BY R G HOWARTH: - Letters and the Second Diary of Samuel Pepys.
8284: SAMUEL, EDWIN: - See how they run; the administration of venerable institutions.
51172: JUDITH SAMUEL: - Jews in Bristol : the History of the Jewish Community in Bristol from the Middle Ages to the Present Day.
47089: GEORGE SAND: - Journal d'un Voyageur pendant la Guerre.
53433: ALAN G SANDALL: - Going, Going, Gone! - the history of Frome's Livestock Market.
28088: MARY F SANDARS: - Louis XVIII.
53655: JAMES SANDERS: - Celluloid Skyline : New York and the Movies.
3898: SANDERSON, C R: - Contrast; poems.
54227: H K ST J SANDERSON: - Utraque Lingua.
36159: EUGENE FISK & JEREMY SANDFORD: - Hey Days in Hay (Llawenddydd yn Y Gelli); an affectionate record.
55816: GEOFF SANDLES: - South Cotswold Pubs through time.
55331: HENRY SANDON: - Royal Worcester Porcelain from 1862 to the present day.
51018: HENRY SANDON: - Royal Worcester Porcelain from 1862 to the present day.
53840: HENRY SANDON: - Royal Worcester Porcelain from 1862 to the present day.
21690: KARL INGE SANDRED: - The place-names of Norfolk, part Three (3), the Hundreds of North and South Erpingham and Holt.
37780: EMANUEL SANDREUTER: - Lucian Freud.
34678: TRENT ELWOOD SANFORD: - The story of Architecture in Mexico, including the work of the ancient Indian civilizations, and that of the Spanish colonial empire which succeeded them.
35433: HENRY J SANGER: - Ringing a Bell.
9538: SANSOM, CHRISTOPHER, ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM MCLAREN: - Aurora's Glade [limited edition].
55543: REYNALDO DOS SANTOS: - Nuno Goncalves : the great Portuguese Painter of the Fifteenth Century and his Altar-Piece for the Convent of St Vincent.
1635: SANZ, CARLOS: - Hacia el descubrimiento del verdadero sentido de la historia?
44784: SARAH BRAY, LESLEY FOXCROFT, MARIA LALIC & YUKO SHIRAISHI: - A Sense of Purpose : new work by Sarah Bray, Lesley Foxcroft, Maria Lalic & Yuko Shiraishi.
48524: SARAH GREENOUGH & NANCY K ANDERSON, WITH LINDSAY HARRIS & RENEE ATER: - Tell it with Pride : the 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial.
3998: SARGEANT, HELEN: - Seventeen come Sunday.
44927: W T SARGEAUNT: - Reservoir and Gravel Pit Trout : How to Catch Them.
17275: A W SARGENT: - Voices, pipes and pedals; the story of a life in music.
37587: ROSARIO CAPUTO & GAETANO SARNELLI: - Federico Rossano.
48111: MICHAEL EDWARD NOTCUTT & MARIAN PHYLLIS SARTIN: - The Notcutt family history, 1515 - 1989.
11067: SAUER, CARL O: - Basin and range forms in the Chiricahus area.
42543: SAUL LEVY, TESTO CON NOTE DI G MORAZZONI: - Il Mobile Veneziano del Settecento, vol I.
44876: EILEEN SAUNDERS: - Wagtails Book of Fuchsias [volume I, 1].
44875: EILEEN SAUNDERS: - Wagtails Book of Fuchsias [volume II, 2].
55655: MRS BAILLIE SAUNDERS: - The Great Folk of Old Marylebone.
48515: GILL SAUNDERS: - Floral Borders [The Victoria and Albert Colour Books].
34174: EILEEN SAUNDERS: - Wagtails Book of Fuchsias [5 volumes].
51489: ANDY SAUNDERS: - Convoy Peewit : August 8 1940 - the first day of the Battle of Britain?
51524: JAMES SAUNDERS: - The Field Flowers of Bedfordshire.
31370: L A NECKER DE SAUSSERE: - A Voyage to the Hebrides, or Western Isles of Scotland, with observations on the manners and customs of the Highlanders.
31369: L A NECKER DE SAUSSERE: - Travels in Scotland; descriptive of the state of manners, literature and science.
32306: GEORGE SAVAGE: - English Pottery and Porcelain.
8971: SAVAGE, GEORGE: - Ceramique Anglaise; poteries, faiences, faiences fines, gres, porcelaines.
53532: ERNEST A SAVAGE: - The Story of Libraries and Book-Collecting.
45698: GEORGE SAVAGE: - English Pottery and Porcelain.
55360: ROBIN SAVAGE: - D-Day - the Last of the Liberators : some of the last veterans of the Normandy landings retrace their steps seventy years later.
4502: SAVILE, HELEN, ILLUSTRATED BY NANCY RUXTON: - A poor buffer; a story for young people.
14088: SAVILL, F M: - Hettie, or Not Forsaken.
54907: ANN SAVOURS: - The South Polar Times : Commentary Volume.
21542: JOHN SAWYER: - Cheltenham Parish Church; its architecture and its history.
21340: JOHN GODFREY SAXE: - Leisure-day Rhymes.
5407: SAYE, JULIAN, ILLUSTRATED BY WALLACE WOOD: - Moonflower and Pellinore.
45434: SYLVIA SAYER: - Wild Country.
17696: DOROTHY L SAYERS: - The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club.
2477: SAYERS, DOROTHY L: - The Devil to pay.
24446: LUCA SCACCHETTI: - Architetti Italiani, a cura di Luca Scacchetti.
50737: MARIO SCALINI: - L'Arte Italiana del Bronzo 1000 - 1700 : toreutica monumentale dall'alto medioevo al barocco.
45938: MARIO SCALINI: - L'Arte Italiana del Bronzo 1000 - 1700 : toreutica monumentale dall'alto medioevo al barocco.
53717: GERALD SCARFE: - Gerald Scarfe's People.
53718: GERALD SCARFE: - Monsters - how George Bush saved the world and other stories.
46618: GERALD SCARFE: - Monsters - how George Bush saved the world and other stories.
52899: GERALD SCARFE: - Gerald Scarfe.
53721: SCARFE: - Line of Attack.
47846: WILLIAM H SCHAB: - Monuments of Book Illustration : five centuries of art, literature & science, catalogue forty-seven.
46561: LEO JELITTO & WILHELM SCHACHT: - Hardy Herbaceous Perennials [2 volumes : A-K & L-Z].
55988: SOPHIE DE SCHAEPDRIJVER: - Bastion : Occupied Bruges in the First World War.
14675: WILLIAM M WELCH & JAY F SCHAMBERG: - Acute contagious diseases.
23312: GODFREY SCHEELE: - The Weimar Republic; overture to the Third Reich.
23276: HEINZ SCHEFFEL: - Vom Baum des Lebens, Gedichte.
54336: HENK VAN OS & SJENG SCHEIJEN: - Ilya Repin : Russia's Secret.
28694: LEO SCHIDROWITZ: - Geschichte Des Fußballsportes (Fussballsportes) in Österreich.
38529: NANCY SCHIFFER: - The best of Costume Jewelry.
6030: SCHILL, AD [EDITOR]: - The art-workman; a monthly journal of design for the artist, artificer and manufacturer: IV series.
13985: SCHILLER: - William Tell, translated from the German of Schiller, with illustrative notes.
44805: SIMONE SCHLEIFER [EDITOR]: - Dream Apartments / Appartements de Reve / Traumwohnungen.
50686: ISABELLE SCHLIENGER: - Splendeur des Jardins d'Ile-de-France.
44541: FRANK SCHLOESSER: - The Cult of the Chafing Dish.
17582: OTTO SCHMITT: - Barock-Plastik.
56136: DR FRANZ SCHMITT: - Miniatures of the Life of Our Lady, from the collection of medieval manuscripts in the Baden State Library, Karlsruhe, West Germany.
26076: HERMANN SCHMITZ: - Berliner Baumeister vom Ausgang des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts.
27119: SIGRID SCHNEIDER: - Bildberichte aus den Ruhrgebiet der Nachkriegszeit, Ruhrlandmuseum, Essen.
51006: S MICHAEL SCHNESSEL: - Icart.
32356: W BAUMER & J SCHNORR: - Magasin des Arts et de L'Industrie, premiere annee et deuxieme annee.
40349: CHRISTIAN SCHOEN [EDITOR]: - Osram Seven Screens.
52799: SCHOFIELD, JOHN: - The wet processes of the wool industries.
13439: FREDRIC WERNER & JOHN HENRI SCHRODER: - Upsala Domkyrka med Dess Markvardigheter Tecknade och Beskrifne.
41462: TORSTEN OLAF ENGE & CARL FRIEDRICH SCHROER: - Garden Architecture in Europe 1450 - 1800; from the villa garden of the Italian Renaissance to the English landscape garden.
55748: HENRY SCHUMACHER: - The Fair Enchantress : a romance of Lady Hamilton's early years.
2620: SCHUMANN, ILLUSTRATED BY H WILLEBEEK LE MAIR: - Schumann album of children's pieces for piano.
45968: FRANCIS M KELLY & RANDOLPH SCHWABE: - Historic Costume : a chronicle of Fashion in Western Europe 1490 - 1790.
29632: DR JACOB SCHWARTZ: - 1100 obscure points; the bibliographies of 25 English and 21 American authors.
31090: DR HERMANN SCHWEITZER: - Die Skulpturen-Sammlung (Skulpturensammlung) des Stadtischen Suermondt-Museums zu Aachen [2 bande].
36502: KARL SCHWIND: - Michael Triegel: Im Spiegel die Welt, The World in the Mirror.
50007: MAJOR I H MACKAY SCOBIE: - The Statuettes from the Scottish Naval & Military Museum, Edinburgh Castle, C d'O Pilkington Jackson Sculptor.
18127: MASSIMO SCOLARI: - Gustav Peichl
52231: RICHARD SCOLLINS: - An Almost Totally Insane Derbyshire Look at British History in Pictures.
21481: H BERKELEY SCORE: - Sparks of Light from a fabulist's Diamond Mine; a series of 240 original fables, with short morals.
32523: THE SCOTSMAN: - Festival City: A pictorial history of the Edinburgh Festivals.
54456: TEMPLE SCOTT [EDITOR]: - Book Sales of 1896 : a record of the most important books sold at auction, and the prices realized.
41090: ANTHONY SCOTT: - Anthony Scott : New Sculptures.
47363: ERIC TAVERNER & JOCK SCOTT: - Salmon Fishing.
37683: JOHN SCOTT: - Agricultural Surveying; a practical treatise.
39509: CLEMENT SCOTT [EDITOR]: - The Theatre; a monthly review of the Drama, Music and the Fine Arts, new series, volume I, January to June 1883.
7468: SCOTT, CRAIG: - Cheltenham & Gloucester; a tradition of change - 150 years of C&G, 1850-2000.
22480: CHARLES HENRY SCOTT: - The Danes and the Swedes; being an account of a visit to Denmark, including Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish Islands, with a peep into Jutland and a journey across the peninsula of Sweden.
55918: ADMIRAL SIR PERCY SCOTT: - Fifty Years in the Royal Navy.
55245: SIR WALTER SCOTT: - The Bride of Lammermoor.
39510: CLEMENT SCOTT [EDITOR]: - The Theatre; a monthly review of the Drama, Music and the Fine Arts, new series, volume II, July to December 1883.
55086: SIR WALTER SCOTT: - The Bride of Lammermoor.
47151: ERNEST SCRIVENER: - The Haunted House at Huxtable.
21903: SCRUTATOR: - The Master of the Hounds [volume 1].
53156: SEAN D O'REILLY: - Irish Churches and Monasteries : an historical and architectural guide.
53929: ADRIAN SEARLE: - Churchill's Last Wartime Secret : the 1943 German Raid airbrushed from history.
13310: SEARLE, WESTON: - The Honeyfall.
41288: ALEX ATKINSON & RONALD SEARLE: - Escape from the Amazon !
9079: SEARSON, MRS M A: - Bathsheba Montserrat; or, the exile's return; a link for the disunited chain of Israel and Judah.
51794: C DE SECONDAT, BARON DE MONTESQUIEU: - The Temple of Gnidus ; followed by Cephisa and Cupid, and Arsaces and Ismenia.
42632: JEAN SECRET: - L'art en Perigord.
45608: CAPTAIN F R SEDGWICK: - The Indian Mutiny of 1857 : a sketch of the principal military events.
15659: O SEEMANN, EDITED BY G H BIANCHI: - The mythology of Greece and Rome, with special reference to its use in art.
6725: SEESODIA, THAKUR SHRI JESSRAJSINGHJI, WITH A FOREWORD BY GENERAL SIR O'MOORE CREAGH: - The Rajputs; a fighting race - a short account of the Rajput race, its warlike past, its early connections with Great Britain and its gallant services at the present moment at the Front.
40046: ADAM SEFTEL [EDITOR]: - Uganda; the rise and fall of Idi Amin, from the pages of Drum.
40049: ADAM SEFTEL [EDITOR]: - Uganda; the Bloodstained Pearl of Africa and its struggle for peace, from the pages of Drum.
54338: SAM SEGAL: - A Fruitful Past : a Survey of the Fruit Still Lifes of the Northern and Southern Netherlands from Brueghel till Van Gogh.
50711: SAM SEGAL: - Flowers and Nature : Netherlandish Flower Painting of Four Centuries.
46722: ARTHUR SEGAL: - Arthur Segal 1875 - 1944 : a collection of Woodcuts.
10711: DE SEGOVIA, IOANNIS: - Septem Allegationes et totidem avisamenta pro informatione patrum concilii basileensis.

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