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59783: CORDELL, DENNIS D. & GREGORY, JOEL W. (EDITED BY), - African Population and Capitalism Historical Perspectives
23102: CORDER, HUGH, - Judges at Work. The Role and Attitudes of the South African Apellate Judiciary 1910 - 1950
83406: CORDER, HUGH, - Democracy and the Judiciary
39888: CORDER, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Essays on Law and Social Practice in South Africa
81133: CORDERO, H.G. & TARRING, T.J. (EDITED BY), - Non-ferrous Metal Works of the World 1967
69688: CORDESMAN, ANTHONY H., - The Gulf and the Search for Strategic Stability : Saudi Arabia, the Military Balance in the Gulf, and Trends in the Arab-Israeli Military Balance
73234: LE CORDEUR, B.A., - Robert Godlonton and the Newspaper Press of South Africa
67056: LE CORDEUR, BASIL (EDITED BY), - The Journal of Charles Lennox Stretch
67819: LE CORDEUR, BASIL & SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER, - The War of The Axe. 1847. Correspondence Between the Governor of the Cape Colony, Sir Henry Pottinger, and the Commander of the British Forces at the Cape, Sir George Berkeley and Others.
19465: LE CORDEUR, BASIL & SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER, - The Kitchingman Papers, Missionary Letters and Journals 1817 to 1848 from the Brenthurst Collection Johannesburg
64440: CORDINGLEY, PATRICK, - In the Eye of the Storm. Commanding the Desert Rates in the Gulf War
68656: CORELLI, MARIE, - Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten
85006: COREMANS, P.B., - Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers and De Hooghs: A Scientific Examination
65736: COREN, MICHAEL, - Gilbert, The Man Who Was G. K. Chesterton.
49444: COREY, DEBORAH JOY, - Losing Eddie
55939: CORMACK, MALCOLM, - Bonington
72757: CORMACK, ROBIN, - Writing in Gold: Byzantine Society and Its Icons.
47624: CORMICK, DINA, - Bernard Gcwensa and Ruben Zulu. Christian Artists of Natal.
37130: CORNABY, W. ARTHUR, - A String of Chinese Peach-Stones
82783: CORNEAU, ERNEST N., - The Hall of Fame of Western Film Stars
67644: CORNELL, FRED C., - The Glamour of Prospecting. Wanderings of a South African Prospector in Search of Copper, Gold, Emeralds, and Diamonds.
44808: CORNELL, FRED C., - The Glamour of Prospecting
131: CORNELL, FRED. W., - A Rip van Winkle of the Kalahari and Other Tales of South West Africa.
56552: CORNELL, FRED C. (INTRODUCTION T COUZENS), - The Glamour of Prospecting : Wanderings of a South African Prospector in Search of Copper, Gold, Emeralds and Diamonds
78974: CORNELL, FRED W., - A Rip Van Winkle of the Kalahari.and Other Tales of South West Africa.
82982: CORNET, J. (TRANLSLATED BY A. G. CLAERHOUT), - Kunst van zwart Afrika in het land aan de Zaïre
75712: CORNFORD, F. M., - Parmenides' Way of Truth and Plato's Parmenides Translated with an Introduction and a Running Commentary
70762: CORNFORD, FRANCES, - Collected Poems
72925: CORNWALL, I.W., - Bones for the Archaeologist
84839: CORNWALLIS-WEST, GEORGE, - Edwardian Hey-days or a Little About a Lot of Things
76604: CORNWELL, H. J. CAMPBELL, - Forty Years of Caledonian Locomotives, 1882-1922
49753: CORNWELL, JOHN, - Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light. Travels in Search of the Miraculous and the Demonic.
47558: CORNWELL, H.J. CAMPBELL, - William Stroudley Craftsman of Steam.
27348: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's Company
2292: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's Eagle
11950: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's Gold
15241: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's Regiment
75782: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's tiger : Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Seringapatam, 1799
71015: CORNWELL, BERNARD, - Sharpe's Revenge
73800: CORNWELL, PATRICIA & BROWN, MARLENE, - Food to Die for. Secrets from Kay Scarpetta's Kitchen
85078: CORNWELL, BE4RNARD, - Sharpe's Devil
49618: COROMINAS, JOAN, - Breve Diccionario Etimologico De La Lengus Castellana
73050: DODGE CORPORATION, - Office Buildings, an Architectural Record Book
73469: SOUTH AFRICAN TOURIST CORPORATION, - South Africa (AND) Colourful Natal South Africa (AND) The Fairest Cape (AND) The Garden Route South Africa
83671: ANGLO AMERICAN CORPORATION, - A Description of the New Headquarters for the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Limited 44 Main Street Johannesburg
67920: CORREDOR-MATHEOS, J;, - Miro's Posters
48279: TIMES SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT, - Letters from South Africa
23290: THE CAPE ARGUS SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT, - The Nation on Guard. An Exposition of South Africa's Defence Policy
58975: CORRIGAN, MARK, - Why Do Women.......?
58976: CORRIGAN, MARK, - Lady of China Street
58991: CORRIGAN, MARK, - The Riddle of the Spanish Circus
75924: CORSA, RICHARD T., - Cottage and Cathedral A Narrative of the Taiwan Episcopal Church
51932: CORSI, EDWARD C., - Poland Land of the White Eagle.
65904: CORSINI, EDOARDO, - De Minnisari Aliorumque Armeniae Regum Nummis et Arsacidarum epocha Dissertatio
59614: CORT, LOUISE ALLISON, - Shigaraki Potters' Valley
53290: CORTAZAR, JULIO, - End of the Game and Other Stories.
49626: CORTES, LUIS, - Salamanca. Libro Fotografico.
63280: CORTI, EGON, - The Downfall of Three Dynasties.
66946: CORTOT, ALFRED (SET DOWN BY JEANNE THIEFFRY), - Alfred Cortot's Studies in Musical Interpretation
80644: CORY, GEORGE, - The Rise of South Africa. Vols 1 to 6. A History Of The Origin Of South African Colonisation And Of Its Development Towards The East From The Earliest Times To 1857.
8553: CORY, DESMOND, - Sunburst
76181: CORY, GEORGE (EDITED BY), - Old Cape Colony Catalogue
33696: CORY, GEORGE AND OTHERS., - Souvenir in Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1820 Settlers of Albany April 1820 - April 1920
74757: CORY, G. (EDITED BY), - The Diary Of The Rev Francis Owen Missionary With Dingaan In 1837-38 Together With Extracts From The Writings Of The Interpreters In Zulu Messrs Hulley And Kirkman
22923: CORYAT, THOMAS, - Coryat's Crudities. Hastily Gobled Up in Five Months Travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia Commonly Called the Grisons Country, Helvetia Alias Switzerland, Some Parts of High Germany and the High Netherlands; Newly Digested in the Hungry Aire ......
53368: CORYN, MARJORIE, - Ridiculous Dictator
16444: COSENTINO, DONALD, - Defiant Maids and Stubborn Farmers. Tradition and Invention in Mende Story Performance.
85387: COSSINS, GEORGE, - Isban-Israel A South African Story
53527: COSSONS, NEIL & TRINDER, BARRIE, - The Iron Bridge: Symbol of the Industrial Revolution
61517: COST, CURTIS, - Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community
40158: D'COSTA, GAVIN (EDITED BY), - Christian Uniqueness Reconsidered. The Myth of a Pluralistic Theology of Religions.
19106: COSTA, GIANCARLO, - Figureheads. Carving on Ships from Ancient Times to Twentieth Century
83972: COSTAKIS, GEORGE, - The Russian And Soviet Avant-Garde Works From The Collection Of George Costakis.
59527: COSTELLO, JOHN & HUGHES, TERRY, - The Battle of the Atlantic
39798: COSTELLO, DAWN, - Not Only for Its Beauty. Beadwork and Its Cultural Significance Among the Xhosa-speaking Peoples
78268: COSTELLO, JOHN & FINNEGAN, PAT, - Tapestry of Turf: The History of New Zealand Racing
72752: DE COSTER, CHARLES, - Tyll Ulenspiegel. Nach der ältesten Ausgabe neu bearbeitet von Friedrich Freksa. Mit 10 handkolorierten Bildern von Ludwig Bock.
64078: COSTIN, MICHAEL & PHIPPS, DAVID, - Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design
31112: COSTIN, MICHAEL & PHIPPS, DAVID, - Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design
85587: COTT, JONATHAN & DALTON, DAVID, - Thee Beatles Get Back
67848: COTTERILL, ERICA, - Form of Diary
80837: COTTINGHAM, NOCKALLS J.(1823-1854), - A 2pp. Autograph Letter, to Wm. Dickinson, Signed and Dated April 21st 1849.
74273: COTTON, HENRY, - Golf: Being A Short Treatise For The Use Of Young People Who Aspire To Proficiency In The Royal And Ancient Game
55403: COTTON, HENRY, - This Game of Golf
48233: COTTON, A. CALVELEY, - Town Halls
59229: COTTON, EVAN (EDITED BY CHARLES FAWCETT), - East Indiamen. The East India Company's Maritime Service
65688: COTTON, DONALD, - Doctor Who the Gunfighters
67838: COTTRELL, TOM; LAXTON, IAN; WILLIAMS, DAVID, - Comrades Marathon, Highlights and Heroes 1921-1999
75885: COTTRELL, RICHASRD (EDITED BY), - Weight Control. The Current Perspective.
76144: COTTRELL, KENT, - Sunburnt Africa in Pencil, Paint and Prose
47746: COUFOUDAKIS, VAN (EDITED BY), - Essays on the Cyprus Conflict
49628: COUGHLIN, CON, - Saddam. The Secret Life.
57835: COULDRIDGE, ALAN, - The Hat Book
65390: COULON, GERARD, - La Réunion Ile De L'ocean Indien
73956: COULON, ROSINE MAZIN-GERARD & LAGESSE, MARCELLE, - Mauritius from the Air
52407: COULSON, DAVID, - Namib
37312: COULSON, DAVID & CLARKE, JAMES, - Mountain Odyssey in Southern Africa
78896: COULTER, FRED R. (BIBLE), - The New Testament In Its Original Order: A Faithful Version with Commentary. From the Stephens Text of 1550
85906: COULTER, H. DAVID, - Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
86841: COULTER, HARRIS L., - Divided Legacy: A History of the Schism in Medical Thought; Vol IV, Twentieth-Century Medicine, The Bacteriological Era.
53145: COULTON, G.C., - Medieval Panorama. The English Scene from Conquest to Reformation.
83839: NATURAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (PREPARED BY T.J.D. FAIR), - A Regional Survey of the Orange Free State Goldfield
62731: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, - Vetiver Grass. A Thin Line Against Erosion.
24885: COUPER, J.R., - Mixed Humanity: A Story of Camp Life in South Africa
20147: COUPLAND, R., - East Africa and Its Invaders from the Earliest Times to the Death of Seyyid Said in 1856
2743: COUPLAND, REGINALD, - Zulu Battle Piece :Isandhlwana
82629: DE COURCELLES, DAVID CORNELIUS, - Icones Musculorum Plantae Pedis eorumque Descriptio.
55275: COURREGES, GEORGES, - Masques & Danses de Côte-d'Ivoire
61027: COURT, W.H.B., - The Rise of the Midland Industries 1600-1838
6720: COURT, DOREEN, - Succulent Flora Of Southern Africa
35991: COURTENAY, BRYCE S., - The Power of One
80450: COURTNEY, G.B., - SBS in World War Two: The Story of the Original Special Boat Section of the Army Commandos
55923: COURTNEY-CLARKE, MARGARET, - Ndebele. The Art of an African Tribe.
75510: COURTNEY, ROGER, - Claws of Africa. Experiences of a Professional Big-game Hunter
45242: COURTNEY-CLARKE, MARGARET (INTRO. MAYA ANGELOU), - African Canvas. The Art of West African Women.
77000: COUSTEAU, JACQUES & RICHARDS, MOSE, - Jacques Cousteau's Amazon Journey
72035: COUSTEAU, JACQUES & RICHARDS, MOSE, - Jacques Cousteau's Amazon Journey
16561: COUTINHO, B. XAVIER, - Camoes e as Artes Plasticas. Subsidios Para a Iconografia Camoneana
82299: COUZENS, TIM, - Tramp Royal. The True Story of Trader Horn......
65971: COUZENS, TIM, - Tramp Royal: The True Story of Trader Horn
65839: COUZENS, TIM, - There's Luck in chastity": The True Story of Trader Horn Vols I and II .
57194: COUZENS, TIM, - Murder at Morija
68194: COUZENS, TIM, - Tramp Royal. The True Story of Trader Horn.
86461: COUZENS, TIM, - The New African : A Study of the Life and Work of H. I. E. Dhlomo
69176: COUZYN, JENNIE, - Christmas in Africa
67731: COUZYN, HEATHER, - The Cosmic Microbe. Towards a Becoming Life on Planet Earth
55853: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL, - Indian Art of Mexico and Central America
15338: WALTER OF COVENTRY (EDITED WILLIAM STUBBS), - Memoriale Fratris Walteri De Coventria. The Historical Collections of Walter of Coventry
8098: COVEVTRY, FRANCIS, - The history of Pompey The little or the life and adventures of a Lap -Dog
54007: COWAN, JAMES G., - Myths of the Dreaming. Interpreting Aboriginal Legends
51543: COWAN, G.I. (EDITED BY), - Wetlands of South Africa.
50633: COWAN, JAMES, - The Tongariro National Park New Zealand. Its Topography, Geology, Alpine and Vol,canic Features, History and Maori Folklore.
63515: COWAN, NAT & BENSUSAN, A.D. (EDITED BY), - The Springbok Annual of Photography 1947
18957: COWARD, NOEL, - Sirocco
76421: COWARD, NOEL, - Future Indefinite
62530: COWARD, SYLVIA, - The South African Book of Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft
83820: COWARD, SYLVIA, - Cake Decorating & Sugar Art Step by Step
69080: COWARD, NOEL, - Present Indicative
63165: COWDEROY, DUDLEY & NESBIT, ROY C., - War in the Air. Rhodesian Air Force 1935-1980
51358: COWEN, DENIS VICTOR, - Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Entrenched Sections of the South Africa Act.
76179: COWEN, D.V., - Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Entrenched Sections of the South Africa Act.
69019: COWEN, D.V., - Freedom of Thought and Its Expression in South Africa.
58710: COWEN, CHARLES, - Charles Tennant Jones, Esq., M.L.A. For Port Elizabeth. a Biographical Sketch of the Successful Man of Business, with Prefatory Notes on Our Government: Its Failure, Our Danger, and What to Do
70254: COWEN, D.V., - Constitution-Making for a Democracy: an Alternative to Apartheid
69576: COWEN, D.V., - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Today. (Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial Lecture 1961)
86805: COWIE, MARGARET J., - The London Missionary Society in South Africa. A Bibliography.
12549: COWIN, J.N., - The Story of the Ninth. a Record of the 9th Field Company South African Engineer Corps July 1939 - July 1943
10944: COWIN, J.N, - The Story of the Ninth : A Record of The Ninth Field Company South African Engineer Corps July 1939-july 1943
52932: COWLEY, ABRAHAM, - The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley, Consisting of Those Which Were Formerly Printed, and Those Which he Design'd for the Press. Now Published Out of the Author's Original Copies.
82448: COWLEY, J. W., - Bophuthatswana the Land and Its People
70107: COWLEY, JEAN & VALKHOFF, M., - Highlights of the Ernest Oppenheimer Portuguese Collection in the Library
78791: COWLEY, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, - Urban Settlement and Development Patterns in the Eastern Cape.
71934: COWLING, RICHARD & RICHARDSON, DAVE, - Fynbos : South Africa's Unique Floral Kingdom
87320: COWLING, R.M. (EDITED BY), - The Ecology of Fynbos: Nutrients, Fire and Diversity
34902: COWPER, WILLIAM (EDITED ROBERT SOUTHEY), - The Works of William Cowper Comprising His Poems, Correspondence and Translations, with a Life of the Author.
68868: COWPER, FRANK, - Yachting and Cruising for Amateurs: Being Practical Directions Upon All Matters Connected with Fore-and -Aft Sailing Craft
84851: COWPER, WILLIAM, - Poetical Works. [Edited, with a memoir, by Nicolas Harris Nicholas. In two volumes]
84469: COX, GEORGE W., - The Life of John William Colenso, D.D. Bishop of Natal.:
61496: COX, EARNEST SEVIER, - White America: Special Edition 1937
16305: COX, HAROLD & CHANDLER, JOHN E., - The House of Longman with a Record of Their Bicentenary Celebrations 1724 - 1924
64067: COX, C.B. & DYSON, A.E. (EDITED BY), - Four (Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement Number 9)
49036: COX-IFE, WILLIAM, - The Elements of Conducting.
47725: COX, WARREN E. (EDITED BY), - The Homelovers Book. Etchings, Engravings and Colour Prints for Home Decoration.
16340: COX, MORRIS, - Whirligig and Other Poems
67769: COX, D.R., - Renewal Theory
79399: COX, IAN & EMSLEY, IAN, - Utilisation of Borrowed Gold By the Mining Industry: Development and Future Prospects
76392: COX, E. H. M. (EDITED BY), - The New Flora and Silva VOL.1 - VOL.6
60935: COX, HARVEY, - The Seduction of the Spirit. The Use and Misuse of People's Religion.
64069: COX, C.B. & DYSON, A.E. (EDITED BY0, - New Poetry 1964 (Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement Number 5)
64070: COX, C.B. & DYSON, A.E. (EDITED BY0, - New Poems 1966 (Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement Number 5)
70304: COX, GEOFFREY, - Defence of Madrid
9615: COX, REGINALD, H.W, - Military Badges Of The British Empire 1914-1918
64071: COX, C.B. & DYSON, A.E. (EDITED BY0, - Poetry 1967 (Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement Number 8)
67835: COX, DANIEL J. & OZOGA, JOHN, - Whitetail Country: The Photographic Life History of Whitetail Deer
62145: COX, D.R. & SNELL, E.J., - Analysis of Binary Data
21249: COX, R. HIPPISLEY, - The Green Roads of England
62148: COX, D.R. & LEWIS, P.A.W., - The Statistical Analysis of Series of Events
64227: COX, S.HERBERT, - Mines and Minerals: A Guide for the Australian Miner
16306: COX, CATHERINE, - Handmade Paper in Tuckenhay Devon
67537: COX, S. HERBERT, - Prospecting For Minerals A Practical Handbook For Prospectors, Explorers, Settlers, and All Interested in the Opening of and Development of New Lands
74750: COX, TALBOT, - Senior Moments. The Story of Seniors' Golf in South Africa
47200: CR$UIKSHANK, GEORGE, - Scraps and Sketches
22120: CRABB, GEORGE, - The History and Postal History of Tristan Da Cunha
66486: CRABTREE, R., - The Luxury Liner from Steam to Diesel
53788: CRACE, JIM, - Continent
59681: CRACE, JOHN GREGORY (FOREWORD AND COMMENTS BY SUGDEN, A.V. & ENTWISLE, E.A.), - The Crace Papers". Two Lectures on the History of Paperhangings Delivered to Royal Institute of British Architects on 4th and 18th, 1839
24012: CRACKANTHORPE, HUBERT, - Sentimental Studies
49817: CRACKNELL, JAMES & FOLGLE, BEN, - The Crossing. Conquering the Atlantic in the World's Toughest Rowing Race.
49507: CRAFT, ROBERT, - Current Convictions. Views and Reviews.
54070: CRAGGS, DOUGLAS, - Ventriloquism from A to Z. A Complete Treatise on the Art of Voice Throwing and Doll Manipulation.
74112: CRAIB, CHARLES, - Geophytic Pelargoniums: Field and Cultivation Studies of the Section Hoarea
77809: CRAIB, CHARLES, - The Sarcocaulons Of Southern Africa. (HYSTRIX Vol. 1 No. 3 May 1995)
77810: CRAIB, CHARLES, - The Natural Habitat & Cultivation Of Some Southern African Geophytic Pelargoniums Part One (HYSTRIX: Vol. 1 No. 2 November 1993 )
76229: CRAIB, CHARLES, - Grass Aloes in the South African Veld.
15882: CRAIG, EDWARD GORDON, - Ellen Terry and Her Secret Self
65204: CRAIG, DENNIS B., - Lost Opportunity. A History of the Federal Movement in South Africa
49199: CRAIG, JOHN D., - Danger is My Business
48437: CRAIG, AILSA, - The Design and Spacing of Lettering.
80321: CRAIG, DARRYL MAX, - The Heart of Kendo: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of the Art of the Sword
79335: CRAIG, JOHN, - The Mint: A history of the London Mint from A.D. 287 to 1948
82047: CRAIG, ELIZABETH, - Cookery and Household Management
75489: CRAIG, ALAN K. & PSUTY, NORBERT P., - The Paracas Papers, Vol I, No. 2, Reconnaissance Report
63368: CRAIG, ELIZABETH, - Beer and Vittels
75994: CRAIG, R/T/, - The Mammillaria Handbook: With Descriptions, Illustrations, and Key to the Species of the Genus Mammillaria of the Cactaceae
54617: CRAIGIE, W.A.; BUCHAN, JOHN; GILES, PETER; BULLOCH, J.M., - The Scottish Tongue. A Series of Lectures on the Vernacular Language of Lowland Scotland.
51378: CRAIK, DIANA MULOCK, - Studies from Life
56132: CRAINE, J.H., - Ship Modelling Hints and Tips.
74761: CRAIS, CLIFTON & SCULLY, PAMELA, - Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus
70881: CRAIS, CLIFTON C., - The Making of the Colonial Order. White Supremacy and Black Resistance in the Eastern Cape, 1770-1865
82272: CRAMER, GÉRALD / ALISTAIR GRANT / DAVID MITCHINSON., - Henry Moore : The Graphic Work / L'oeuvre gravé / Das Graphische Werk 1976-1979
48250: CRAMER, LUCIEN, - Une Famille Genevoise Les Cramer, Leurs Relations Avec Voltaire, Rousseau et Benjamin Franklin-Bache. Documents Inedits.
48411: CRAMER, RAYMOND, - The Psychology of Jesus and Mental Health
70951: CRAMER, GÉRALD / ALISTAIR GRANT / DAVID MITCHINSON., - Henry Moore. Catalogue of the Graphic Work. 1931-1972.
62193: CRAMER, HARALD & LEADBETTER, M.R., - Stationary and Related Stochastic Processes. Sample Function Properties and Their Applications.
76989: CRAMER, GÉRALD / ALISTAIR GRANT / DAVID MITCHINSON., - Henry Moore : The Graphic Work / L'oeuvre gravé / Das Graphische Werk 1931 - 1972
84921: CRAMPTON, NANCY, - Writers
75749: CRAMPTON, HAZEL, - The Sunburnt Queen A True Story
76195: CRAMPTON, PATRICK, - Stonehenge of the Kings: A People Appear
66493: CRANE, EVA, - The Archaeology of Beekeeping
77560: CRANE, WASLTER (AESOP), - The Baby's Own Aesop: Being The Fables In Rhyme With Portable Morals Pictorially Pointed
28742: CRANE, EDWARD A & SODERHOLTZ, E.E., - Examples of Colonial Architecture in South Carolina and Georgia
7015: CRANE, R.S, - The idea of the Humanities and other Essays Critical and Historical
47789: CRANMER, ARTHUR, - The Art of Singing
79334: CRANSTON, ROSS (EDITED BY), - Legal Issues of Cross-Border Banking
82186: CRARY, A.P. (EDITED BY), - Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies II
49368: CRASS, R.S., - Freshwater Fishes of Natal.
53443: CRASS, BOB, - Trout in South Africa
61994: CRAUFURD, C.E.V., - Treasure of Ophir
79773: CRAVEN, PATRICIA & MARAIS, CHRISTINE, - Damaraland Flora: Spitkoppe, Brandberg, Twyfelfontein.
68835: CRAVEN, D.H., - The Evolution of Major Games
52334: CRAVEN, DAVID, - Mapolisa. Some Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Policeman.
47703: CRAVEN, DANIE, - Die Verhaal Van Rugby
11474: CRAVEN, DANIE & JORDAAN, PIER, - Met Die Maties of Die Rugbyveld 1880-1955
68592: CRAVEN, D.H. (INTRODUCTION BY), - S.A. Rugby Year Book / Jaarboek 1968 Lions Tour Leeus Toer. National Souvenir Programme
59003: CRAVEN, (EDITED BY), - THE SPORTING REVIEW A Monthly Chronicle of the Turf, the Chase, and Rural Sports in all Their Varieties VOL. VIII July-Dec 1842
59004: CRAVEN, (EDITED BY), - THE SPORTING REVIEW A Monthly Chronicle of the Turf, the Chase, and Rural Sports in all Their Varieties VOL. VI July-Dec 1841
75874: CRAVEN, B.D., - Control and Optimization
84138: CRAVEN, DANIE & VAN ROOYEN, QUINTUS (EDITED BY), - Rugby VOL. 1 No.2 Mei 1974
66878: CRAWFORD, R.M.M., - Plants at the Margin: Ecological Limits and Climate Change
49104: CRAWFORD, IAIN, - The Profumo Affair. A Crisis in Contemporary Society.
61942: CRAWFORD, J.R. (EDITED BY), - Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 1 1968
6931: CRAWFORD, O.G.S, - The Eye Godess
61960: CRAWFORD, MABEL SHARMAN, - Life in Tuscany
59459: CRAWFORD, W.J., - The Reality of Psychic Phenomena. Raps Levitations Etc.
67254: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Anthropological Genetics. Theory, Methods and Applications
8245: CRAWLEY, ERNEST, - Sudies of Savages and Sex
49521: CRAWLEY, JANE (EDITED BY), - Sotheby's Guide Antiques and Their Prices Worldwide. 1986 Edition Volume 1.
50401: CRAWLEY, JACYNTHA, - The Biorhythm Kit. Plan for the Ups and Downs in Your Life.
38576: CRAWLEY, W.G., - Is it Genuine? A Guide to the Identification of Eighteenth Century Furniture.
80024: CRAWSHAW, C.J., - A First Kafir Course
15325: CREALOCK, JOHN NORTH (ED. R.A.BROWN), - The Road to Ulundi. The Water Colour Drawings of John North Crealock (The Zulu War of 1879)
52341: CREASEY, JOHN, - Death in Cold Print.
49363: CREASEY, JOHN, - The Toff Goes Gay
49420: CREASEY, JOHN, - Death of a Racehorse
24652: CREASEY, JOHN, - The Toff and the Dead Man's Finger
16739: CREASEY, JOHN, - Holiday for Inspector West
40227: CREASEY, JOHN, - The Toff in New York
76575: CREASEY, JOHN, - The Island in Peril
66828: CREASEY, JOHN, - Two for Inspector West
70134: CREASEY, JOHN, - Murder - London / South Africa: A New Story of "Roger West" of the Yard
70619: CREASEY, JOHN, - Murder on the Line - A New Story of 'Handsome' West of the Yard
76574: CREASEY, JOHN, - A Case For Inspector West
81130: CREASEY, JOHN, - The Toff and the Dead Man's Finger
76576: CREASEY, JOHN, - Death of a Racehorse - A New Story of 'Handsome' West of the Yard
78888: CREASY, EDWARD, - The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World: From Marathon to Waterloo
66989: CREDE, CARL S. F., - Die Verhütung der Augen- entzündung der Neugeborenen
58175: CREE, JOHN, - Training the German Shepherd Dog.
76013: CREELEY, ROBERT, - The Charm: Early and Uncollected Poems
65795: CREEWEL, JOHN, - 90 Glorious Years: A History of the Victoria Falls Hotel
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2076: DEFOE, DANIEL, - A true collection of the writings of the author of the true -bokai Englishman
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83815: DEIBERT, RONALD J., - Parchment, Printing and Hypermedia: Communication and World Order Transformation
66681: DEIGHTON, LEN, - Horse Under Water (Secret File No.2)

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