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86518: BREYTENBACH, JAN, - The Buffalo Soldiers: The Story of South Africa 's 32 Battalion 1975-1993
83067: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - Treason's Harbour
12597: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - The Ionian Mission
5459: O' BRIAN, PATRICK, - H.M.S Surprise
17789: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - Lying in the Sun
205: O'BRIAN, PATRICK., - Post Captain.
31167: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - H.M.S. Surprise
86661: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - The Surgeon's Mate
11353: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - Desolation Island
86660: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - Master and Commander
62264: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - Master and Commander
76036: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - H.M.S. Surprise
78486: O'BRIAN, PATRICK, - The Letter of Marque
77844: BRICE, MARTIN H., - The Royal Navy and the Sino-Japanese Incident, 1937-41
76527: BRICE, BEATRIX, - The Battle Book of Ypres
73388: BRICKELL, NEVILLE, - Introduction to South African Cage and Aviary Birds. VOLUME 2: Seed Eating Birds
79607: BRICKELL, NEVILLE, - Ducks, Geese, and Swans of Africa and Its Outlying Islands
73488: BRICKHILL, PAUL, - Reach for the Sky
2691: BRIDGEMAN, WILLIAM, - The Lonely Sky
69032: BRIDGEMAN, HARRIET & DRURY, ELIZABETH, - Needlework. An illustrated history.
58320: BRIDGES, F. LUCAS, - Uttermost Part of th Earth
59182: BRIDGES, E. LUCAS, - The Uttermost Part of the Earth.
392: BRIDGES, ROBERT., - Britannia Victrix.
67896: BRIDGES, LLOYD, - Mask and Flippers. The Story of Skin Diving.
79145: BRIDGES, TOM (FOREWORD BY WINSTON CHURCHILL), - Alarms & Excursions: Reminiscences of a Soldier
72706: BRIDGES, T.C., - Adventures Under Ground
71573: BRIDGES, ROBERT; GRAVES, ROBERT; FRY, ROGER (AND MANY OTHERS), - S.P.E. Tracts 1 - XL (in 4 vols)
77472: BRIDGLAND, FRED, - The War for Africa: 12 Months That Transformed a Continent
55836: BRIDGLAND, FRED, - Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa
64492: BRIDGLAND, FRED, - The War for Africa. Twelve Months That Transformed a Continent
60797: BRIDGLAND, FRED, - The War for Africa. Twelve Months That Transformed a Continent
11473: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD, - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1953-54
84634: BRIDGMAN, OLIVE R., - The Heritage
84633: BRIDGMAN, OLIVE R., - On Beuty's Trail (Through the Cango Caves)
58648: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD (EDITED AN COMPILED BY), - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1943-44
58650: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD (EDITED AN COMPILED BY), - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1948
81883: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD (EDITED BY), - Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1945-46
84362: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD, - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1957 - 1958
58649: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD (EDITED AN COMPILED BY), - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1941
82310: BRIDIE, JAMES, - Colonel Wotherspoon or the Fourth Way of Greatness.// What it is to be Young // The Dancing Bear // The Girl Who Did Not Want to go to Kuala Lumpur
81527: BRIDIE, JAMES (PSEUD. OSBORNE HENRY MAVOR.), - The Baikie Charivari
68367: O'BRIEN, T.P., - The Prehistory of Uganda Protectorate
56139: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE, - To Katanga and Back. A UN Case History.
52370: O'BRIEN, CHARLES P. & JAFFE, JEROME H. (EDITED BY), - Addictive States
51604: O'BRIEN, D.P. & SWANN, D., - Information Agreements Competition and Efficiency
49478: O'BRIEN, EDNA, - A Scandalous Woman. Stories
77375: O'BRIEN, E. (DRAWN BY), - The Caltex Road Map SECTIONS 1-4
74159: O'BRIEN, GEORGE, - The Economic History of Ireland in the Seventeenth Century.
6503: O'BRIEN, TERENCE, H, - Milner: Viscount Milner of St Jame's And CapeTown 1854-1925
77656: O'BRIEN, R. BARRY, - The Life of Lord Russell of Killowen
59559: O'BRIEN, EDNA, - The Lonely Girl
74011: O'BRIEN, GEORGE (EDITED BY), - The Bank of Ireland 1783-1946
70091: O'BRIEN, TERENCE, - Out of the Blue - A Pilot with the Chindits
57319: BRIERE, O., - Fifty Years of Chinese Philosophy 1898-1950
56665: BRIERLY, JAMES LESLIE (EDITED BY HERSCH LAUTERPACHT & WALDOCK, C.H.M.), - The Basis of Obligation in International Law and Other Papers
78412: VAN BRIESSEN, FRITZ, - The Way of the Brush: Painting Techniques of China and Japan
73431: BRIGANTI, GIULIANO, - The View Painters of Europe
80202: BRIGGS, LADY, - The Staff Work of the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1901, Embodying Some of the War Letters Sent to the Morning Post from South Africa
63241: BRIGGS, D.E.; HOUGH, J.S.; STEVENS, R.; YOUNG, T.W., - Malting and Brewing Science. VOLUME 1: Malt and Sweet Wort; VOLUME 2: Hopped Wort and Beer.
47076: BRIGGS, MARTIN, - Puritan Architecture and Its Future
33979: BRIGGS, RICHARD, - The English Art of Cookery According to the Present Practice Being a Complete Guide to All Housekeepers on a Plan Entirely New; Consisting of Thirty-Eight Chapters.....with Bills of Fare for Every Month of the Year, Neatly Engraved on Twelve Copperplates
61122: BRIGGS, MARTIN, - Puritan Architecture and Its Future
84566: BRIGGS, STEPHEN & PRATCHETT, TERRY, - The Streets of Ankh-Morpork. Being a Concise and Possibly Even Accurate Mapp of the Great City of the Discworld. Including Unseen University and Environs! Also Finest Assortment of Avenues, Lanes, Squares and alleys for your walking Pleasure
70787: BRIGGS, JULIA, - Night Visitors. The Rise and Fall of the English Ghost Story
1644: BRIGGS, ASA., - Essays in the History of Publishing.
82489: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M., - The Vanishing People A Study of Traditional Fairy Beliefs
62174: BRIGHAM, E. ORAN, - The Fast Fourier Transform
52786: BRIGHT, JOHN (EDITED BY JAMES E. THOROLD ROGERS), - Speeches on Questions of Public Policy
71035: BRIGHT, HENRY A., - A Year in a Victorian Garden.
56379: BRIGHTON, ANDREW, - David Hockney Prints 1954-77
10083: BRIGHTON, ANDREW, - David Hockney Prints 1954-1977
85422: BRIJBHUSHAN, JAMILA, - Masterpieces of Indian Jewellery
63564: BRILL, W.G., - Tight Line Tips for Anglers
63330: BRILL, JOEL (TRANSLATED BY) (HAGADAH), - Hagadah Shel Pesach
60585: BRILL, DR., - The Teaching of the Dutch Language in South Africa. A Paper Read at a Conference of Government Schools in the Orange River Colony.
10767: BRILL, W.G, - Tight Line Tips for Anglers
62192: BRILLINGER, DAVID R., - Time Series. Data Analysis and Theory
80980: BRIMACOMBE, J.K., MACKEY, P.J, KOR, G.J.W., BICKERT, C., RANADE, M.G., (EDITED BY), - Savard/Lee International Symposium on Bath Smelting
9373: BRINDLE MELBOURNE & MAY, PHIL, - Twenty Silver Ghosts : The Incomparable Pre-World War 1 Rolls Royce . 1907 - 1914
20766: BRINDLEY, MARIANNE, - Western Coloured Township. Problems of an Urban Slum
40219: BRINES, RUSSELL, - The Indo-Pakistani Conflict
37945: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Die Wyn Van Bowe
70186: BRINK, A. B. A., - Engineering Geology of Southern Africa. VOLUME 3: The Karoo Sequence
73493: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Fado. 'n Reis Deur Noord-Portugal
68646: BRINK, ANDRE, - An Instant in the Wind
37948: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Waarom Literatuur?
86541: BRINK, ANDRE P., - 'N Droe Wit Seisoen
65829: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Die Meul Teen Die Hang
24413: BRINK, J.N., - Ceylon En De Bannelingen
46964: BRINK, ANDRE, - Die Verhaal Van Julius Caesar
27029: BRINK, ANDRE P, - A Portrait of Woman as a Young Girl
65832: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Midi
62486: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Oom Kootjie Emmer En Die Nuwe Bedeling
83514: BRINK, ANDRE, - Philida
37949: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Aspekte Van Die Nuwe Drama
56953: BRINK, A.B.A., - Engineering Geology of Southern Africa. VOLUME 1: The First 2 000 Million Years of Geological Time.
37950: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Aspekte Van Die Nuwe Prosa
83358: BRINK, ANDRE, - Bidsprinkaan
66798: BRINK, ANDRE, - Houd Den Bek
83360: BRINK, ANDRE, - Anderkant Die Stilte
44323: BRINK, ANDRE, - Die Poesie Van Breyten Breytenbach
76370: BRINK, ELSABE, - 1899: The Long March Home - A Little-known Incident in the Anglo-Boer War
60779: BRINK, ANDRE, - The Wall of the Plague
83359: BRINK, ANDRE, - Ander Lewens
44324: BRINK, ANDRE, - Jan Rabie Se 21
59654: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Orde En Chaos; 'n Studie Oor Germanicus En Die Tragedies Van Shakespeare.
76809: BRINK, ANDRE, - 'N Oomblik in the Wind
46729: BRINK, HERCULES, - Die Skildklier En Metamorphose By Die Amphibia
79019: BRINK, ANDRE P., - 'N Oomblik in Die Wind
78383: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Die Muur Van Die Pes
8708: BRINK,ANDRE, - The Wall of the plague
73494: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Lobola Vir Die Lewe
37946: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Voorlopige Rapport. Beskouings Oor Die Literatuur Van Sewentig
79685: BRINK, ANTHONY (FOREWORD MARTIN WELZ), - Debating AZT: Mbeki and the AIDS Drug Controversy
83222: BRINK, ANDRE, - The Other Side of Silence
86353: BRINK, P. A. M. (TRANSLATED BY), - Uilspieel. 'n Vrye Vertaling Van Tyl Uilenspiegel.
86349: BRINK, P.A.M. (TRANSLATED BY), - Verhale Uit Arabiese Nag Stories
86348: BRINK, P.A.M. (TRANSLATED BY), - Jakkalstreke. 'n Vrye Vertaling Van "Reinaart De Vos"
86347: BRINK, P.A.M. (TRANSLATED BY), - Die Awonture van Baron von Munchhausen
24637: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Bagasie. Triptiek Vir Die Toneel
61824: BRINK, ANDRE P., - Orgie
78411: BRINK, A.B.A., - Engineering Geology of Southern Africa Volume 3 The Karoo Sequence
84786: BRINK, ANDRE, - Mal En Ander Stories
46515: BRINK, ANDRE F., - The Ambassador
30885: BRINKLEY, F., - Japan. Its History Arts and Literature
49899: BRINKMAN, L.H., - The Breath of the Karroo. a Story of Boer Life in the Seventies
47729: BRISAC, CATHERINE, - A Thousand Years of Stained Glass
40173: BRISCOE, E.E., - Byways of London. Picturesque Nooks and Corners Sketched and Described
35734: BRISSON, BARNABE, - De Verborum Quae Ad Ius Civile Pertinent Significatione Opus Praestantissimum
51652: BRISTOW, ROBERT, - Cochin Saga: A History of Foreign Government and Business Adventures in Kerala South India By Arabs, Romans, Venetians, Dutch and British, Together with the Personal Narrative of the Last Adventurer and an Apilogue.
50738: BRISTOW, ALLEN P., - The Search for an Effective Handgun
61233: BRISTOW, PHILIP, - Through the Dutch Canals
76739: BRISTOW, C.R. & BAZLEY, R.A., - Geology of the Country Around Royal Tunbridge Wells
69937: BRISTOW, H.F., - A Man. In Memoriam of the H.M.S. Good Hope and H.M.S. Monmouth, Under the Command of Rear-admiral Sir C. Cradock, Lost with All Hands in the Battle Off the Chilean Coast on Sunday, November 1st 1914.
59507: BRITNOR, L.E., - The History of the Sailing Packets to the West Indies
32762: BRITS, J.P., - Piet Retief 1883-1983
80386: BRITS, J.P. (EDITED BY), - Diary of a National Scout P.J. du Toit 1900 -1902.
79136: BRITT, EDGAR, - Post Haste
76932: BRITTAIN, A. & MORTON, P., - Engraving on Precious Metals
79970: BRITTAIN, VERA AND HANDLEY-TAYLOR., GEOFFREY, - Selected Letters of Winifred Holtby and Vera Brittain. (1920-1935).
76503: BRITTEN, F. J., - Watch and Clockmaker's Handbook, Dictionary and Guide
76423: BRITTON, JOHN & SHEPHERD, THOMAS H., - Modern Athens Displayed in a Series of Views: or Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century, Illustrated by a Series of Views from Original Drawings by Thomas H. Shepherd with Historical, Topographical & Critical Illustrations by John Britton
70449: BRITTON, JOHN (1771-1857), - A One Page Autograph Letter to John Thompson, Signed and Dated November 14, 1853
65704: BRITTON, FRANK L., - Behind Communism
84326: BRITTON, P.L., - Birds of East Africa Their Habitat, Status and Distribution
49452: BRITZ, E.C.; KANNEMEYER, J.C.; PHEIFFER, R.H. (EDITED BY), - Skanse Teen Die Tyd. Bundel Aangebied Aan W E G Louw By Geleentheid Van Sy Vyf En Sestigste Verjaardag Op 31 Mei 1978
68440: BRIVIC, SHELDON, - Joyce the Creator
86139: BRIVIO, ERNESTO, - The Duomo: Art - Faith - History of the Cathedral of Milan
82121: BROAD, C.D. (EDITED BY DAVID CHENEY), - Broad s Critical Essays in Moral Philosophy.
66914: BROADBENT, E.H., - The Pilgrim Church: Being Some Account of the Continuance Through Succeeding Centuries of Churches Practising the Principles Taught and Exemplified in the New Testament
53153: BROADBENT, J.B., - Poetic Love
78610: BROADBENT, GEOFFREY, - Emerging Concepts in Urban Space Design
66913: BROADBENT, E.H., - The Pilgrim Church: Being Some Account of the Continuance Through Succeeding Centuries of Churches Practising the Principles Taught and Exemplified in the New Testament
78702: BROADBENT, GEOFFREY & WARD, ANTHONY (EDITED BY), - Design Methods in Architecture (Architectural Association. Paper no. 4)
77825: BROADBENT, GEOFFREY, - Design in Architecture: Architecture and the Human Sciences
85699: BROADLEY, DONALD G., - Fitzsimons Snakes of Southern Africa
79643: BROADMAN, HARRY, - Africa's Silk Road: China and India's New Economic Frontier
49100: BROCH, HERMANN, - The Unknown Quantity
79083: BROCH, EINQAR; ROHDE, JAN K. G.; HOPE, JOHANNES (EDITED BY), - Norwegian Underground Storage.
81268: KAISER SALES BROCHUE, - New '53 Kaiser. New Henry J. World's Favorite New Cars
81281: FIAT SALES BROCHURE, - Unbeatable Fiat: The Car of International Reputation
81251: MORRIS SALES BROCHURE, - The New Morris Twelve-Four SERIES II (Export Edition)
74746: MOTORING BROCHURE, - Morgan First of the Real Sports Cars
81277: BMW SALES BROCHURE, - BMW 700 Coupe
76022: SPORT BROCHURE, - Sigma Feesspele / Festival Games 1981 // S A Games / S A Spele 1981
71177: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Holden Vir 'n Land Soos Ons Land Gemaak.
71172: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - The New Vauxhall Victor
81213: AUBURN SALES BROCHURE, - Auburn Your Next Car
71180: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Not Only Elegance....
71179: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Triumph 2000 Saloon and Estate Car
71178: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Triumph 2000 Saloon and Estate Car
71176: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - BMC Presents the New Austin 1800. The Isogonis Concept with the Pininfarina Line.
71175: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - New Hillman Super Minx Station Wagon
71173: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Vauxhall Victor. The Clean Line of Good Design.
71169: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Citroen ID 1965
71167: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - MG 1100. Safety First!
74983: BROCHURE, - Queen's Hotel Oudtshoorn. South Africa's Winter Resort
77761: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - 1970 Lincoln Continental and Continental Mark III
68317: MG BROCHURE, - Safety MG Fast. In Action
68319: MG BROCHURE, - Safety MG Fast! New MG Series "T.F."Brochure, Publication No. E. 549
81279: HILLMAN SALES BROCHURE, - The Double Duty Hillman Husky
71168: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Citroen DS 19 / ID 19
72576: BROCHURE, - The New One: VW Transporter,: Panel Van, Kombi and Microbus.
77768: MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - 1971 Oldsmobile
81272: RILEY SALES BROCHURE, - New Riley One Point Five
75419: RUGBY TOUR BROCHURE, - All Blacks in S.A. 1970: Am Official Publication.
81600: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Four Cylinder 30HP Type 30/T4
81601: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Single Cylinder 10HP 15cwt Delivery Van Type D 1908 model.
81602: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Single Cylinder 10HP Type R2 and Type R3 1908 Models
81603: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Single Cylinder 10hp 1908 Model Mail Phaeton
81604: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Single Cylinder 10hp 1908 Model Dog Cart
81605: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Single Cylinder 10hp 1908 Model "Patent Gear"
81606: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Two Cylinder 14hp 1908 Model Type T2 and Type L.
81607: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Two Cylinder 12-14hp 1908 Model Type T2 and Type L.
81608: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Four Cylinder 18HP 1909 Model
81609: ADAMS MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Adams Self Starter 16HP 30cwt Commercial Chassis
81254: FIAT SALES BROCHURE, - Fiat Cars of Today from the "500C" and "1100E" to the Very Latest Fiat "1400"
68320: CAR SALES BROCHURE, - Jaguar 1939 Models
77767: MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Cadillac 1972. Out of a Tradition of Excellence
61152: RUGBY TOUR BROCHURE, - All Blacks in S.A. 1970.
62808: SOUVENIR BROCHURE, - Shangani Patrol. Help Our Soldiers Souvenir Brochure / Help Ons Soldate. Prag Brosjure.
81274: PEUGEOT SALES BROCHURE, - 203 Peugeot
81273: PEUGEOT SALES BROCHURE, - 403 Peugeot 1960
71174: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - New Chevy !!
74747: MOTORING BROCHURE, - Mercedes Benz Type 190
81253: FALCON-KNIGHT SALES BROCHURE, - Flacon Knight Sleeve Valve Six
81271: MORRIS SALES BROCHURE, - Together.... You'll Choose the New Morris Oxford
81270: MORRIS SALES BROCHURE, - The Quality First Morris Oxford Traveller Series VI
81269: MORRIS SALES BROCHURE, - Morris 1100: The Big Breakthrough in Suspension
80739: LASALLE BROCHURE, - Lasalle. A Companion Car to Cadillac.
81275: PEUGEOT SALES BROCHURE, - 203 U Station Waggon / 203 L Family Limousine
81280: RENAULT SALES BROCHURE, - Renault 4 "750"
67811: ADVERTISING BROCHURE, - Cognacs De La Moldavie
77766: MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Cadillac 1972. Out of a Tradition of Excellence
80930: CRICKET TOUR BROCHURE, - Australian Cricket Tour Of South Africa / Australiese Krieket Toer 1949-50
77762: MOTORING SALES BROCHURE, - Your Buick 1972
81246: PEUGEOT SALES BROCHURE, - 203 Peugeot Production 1951
81255: DKW SALES BROCHURE, - DKW Junior: A Car Designed to Match Your Taste
77764: MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - The Continental Mark IV
77765: MOTOR SALES BROCHURE, - Cadillac 1971
81248: CHRYSLER SALES BROCHURE, - The Chrysler '62' (No.622x)
80740: CHEVROLET BROCHURE, - The New Chevrolet "6"
74477: SHIPPING BROCHURE, - P & O Ships of the Fleet. Your Run Away to Sea Resorts
46940: BROCK, R.C., - The Life and Work of Astley Cooper
47072: BROCK, A.J., - Greek Medicine
14553: BROCK, B.B & B.G, - Historical Simon's Town
60073: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL, - Brockbank's Grand Prix
24748: BROCKEDON, WILLIAM & FINDEN, E., - Finden's Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord Byron, with Original and Selected Information on the Subjects of the Engravings
62126: BROCKETT, ROGER W., - Finite Dimensional Linear Systems
54463: BROCKIE, KEITH, - The Silvery Tay. Paintings and Sketches from a Scottish River.
68024: BROCKIE, KEITH, - One Man's Island: Paintings and Sketches from the Isle of May
74432: BROCKMAN, ERIC, - The Two Sieges of Rhodes 1480-1522.
54640: BROCKMAN, JOHN, - Digerati. Encounters with the Cyber Elite.
77273: BROD, HARRY (EDITED BY), - The Making of Masculinities: The New Men's Studies
51050: BROD, MAX, - Heinrich Heine
68654: BROD, MAX, - The Redemption of Tycho Brahe
83836: BROD, MAX, - Israel's Music
58632: BRODE, WALLACE R., - Chemical Spectroscopy
82100: BRODIE, ISRAEL, - The Strength of My Heart. Sermons and Addresses 1948-1965
69745: BRODIE, NECHAMA (EDITED BY), - The Joburg Book. A Guide to the City's History, People and Places.
58911: BRODRIBB, CONANT, - Drawing Archeological Finds for Publication
71859: BRODRICK, A., - A Wanderer's Rhymes
54097: BRODRICK, ALAN HOUGHTON, - Little China. The Annamese Lands
77679: BRODRICK, M. AND A. A. MORTON., - A Concise Dictionary of Egyptian Archaeology. A Handbook for Students and Travelers.
40076: BRODSKY, ALYN, - Madame Lynch & Friend. The True Account of an Irish Adventuress and the Dictator of Paraguay Who Destroyed the American Nation.
77414: BRODY, J.J., - Pueblo Indian Painting Tradition and Modernism in New Mexico, 1900-1930
58622: BRODY, ANNEMARIE, - The Face of the Centre: Papunya Tula Paintings 1971-1984
63232: BRODZKY, HORACE (EDITED BY), - Gaudier-Brzeska Drawings
80848: BROEKMAN, MARCEL, - The Complete Encyclopedia of Practical Palmistry
34585: BROEMBSEN, S.E. VON, - The Story of Men. A Brief History of the Regt. De La Rey and the Witwatersrand Rifles and Their Association.
50989: BROGAN, D.W., - American Foreign Policy
48597: BROGAN, PATRICK & ZARCA, ALBERT, - Deadly Business. The Story of Sam Cummings
83466: BROGGER, W.C. & ROLFSEN, N., - Fridtjof Nansen. 1861-1896.
59028: DE BROGLIE, MAURICE, - X-Rays
43842: DE BROGLIE, LOUIS, - L'Electron Magnetique (Theorie De Dirac)
43841: DE BROGLIE, LOUIS, - Theorie De La Quantificatiom Dans La Nouvelle Mecanique
60069: BROKENSHA, MILES & KNOWLES, ROBERT, - The Fourth of July Raids
66213: BROKENSHA, MILES & KNOWLES, ROBERT, - The Fourth of July Raids
86644: BROKENSHA, DAVID, - Brokie's Way: An Anthropologist's Story: Love and Work in Three Continents
82620: BROLL, MAURICE, - Mud Blood and Laughter
85982: BROMILOW, CLIVE, - Problem Plants of South Africa
65282: BROMLEY, JOHN & CHILD, HEATHER, - The Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London A Record of the Heraldry of the Surviving Companies
77491: BROMLEY, BEATRICE M., - Our Track in the Storm
78949: BRONGERS, GEORG, - Nicotiana Tabacum The History of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoking in the Netherlands
79921: BRONSON, WILLIAM, - Homestake: The Centennial History of America's Greatest Gold Mine
80219: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE; BRONTE, EMILY; BRONTE, ANNE (ALSO MRS. GASKELL), - The Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte and Her Sisters. THE HAWORTH EDITION
77107: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE & BRONTE, BRANWELL, - The Poems of Charlotte Bronte & Patrick Branwell Bronte
76852: BRONTE, EMILY, - Wuthering Heights
51532: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON, - The Last Habsburg
47762: BROOK, IAN, - The Black List
77127: BROOK, GARTH & FRASER, KAREN, - The Colt Trout Experience Including Southern African Venues & Recipes
60831: BROOK, GARTH, - The Colt Book On Saltwater Flyfishing in Southern Africa
68550: BROOK, BARRY S. (EDITED BY, WITH INTRODUCTION AND INDEXES), - The Breitkopf thematic Catalogue. The six parts and sixteen supplements 1762-1787.
70756: BROOK, G.L., - The Language of Dickens
64550: BROOK, STEPHEN, - A Bibliography of the Gehenna Press 1942-1975
54238: BROOKE, IRIS, - Pleasures of the Past. A Light Hearted Commentary on the Enjoyments of Past Generations.
53549: BROOKE, RUPERT (EDITED GEOFFREY KEYNES), - Democracy and the Arts. A Hitherto Unpublished Essay, with a New Portrait.
61085: BROOKE, MICHAEL, - The Limelight Casting Directory / Rolverdelingsgids VOL 8 1980/81
69105: BROOKE, BRIAN, - My Own Personal Star: An Autobiography
60403: BROOKE, RUPERT, - 1914 and Other Poems
73884: BROOKE, GEOFFREY A., - The Way of a Man with a Horse: A Practical Book on Horsemanship.
64746: BROOKES, EDGAR, - The Political Future o South Africa
63578: BROOKES, EDGAR H., - The Bantu in South African Life
77637: BROOKES, KENNETH J. A., - World Directory and Handbook of Hardmetals: And Hard Materials
57303: BROOKES, WILFRED H. (EDITED BY), - John Wisden's Cricketers Almanck for 1936. Full Scores and Bowling Analyses of All Important Matches Played in 1935.
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49283: BURN, WALTER ADAM, - Claims Against the Military, or the Requisitioning of Supplies, Etc., Under Martial Law During the South African War Considered in Relation to International and Municipal Law and the Customs of War, to Which is Added the Full Text of the Hague Convention.
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56314: BURROWS, DICK (EDITED BY), - Traditional Furniture Projects
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57700: BURROWS, GEORGE T., - All About Bowls. A Manual for Novice and Expert Players
3082: BURROWS, E.H., - Captain Owen of the African Survey. The hydrographic surveys of admiral W.F.W. Owen on the coast of Africa and the Great Lakes of Canada. His fight against the African slave trade. His life in Campobello Land, New Brunswick 1774-1857.
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71119: BURTON, R.F. (TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY), - The Lands of Cazembe: Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798. Also Journey of the Pombeoros: P.J. Baptista and Amaro José, Across Africa from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze. And a Résumé of the Journey of MM. Monteiro and Gamitto
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85503: BURTON, A.W., - The Highlands of Kaffraria: A Review of Outstanding Incidents in Kaffirland and British Kaffraria Leading Up to the Rise of King William's Town, Keiskama Hoek and East London, with Special Reference to the History and Situation of Fort Stokes
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41898: BURTON, A.W., - Sparks from the Border Anvil.
68961: BURTON, S.H. & CHACKSFIELD, C. J. H., - African Poetry in English : An Introduction to Practical Criticism
82852: BURTON, ROBERT, - The Anatomy of Melancholy, what it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostics, and several cures of it. By Democritus Junior.
56876: BURWITZ, NILS (INTRODUCTION NADINE GORDIMER), - Auf der Messers Schneide, On the Razor's Edge.
5398: BURY, ADRIAN, - Jon Varley Of The Old Society
77426: BURY, J.B. & MEIGGS, RUSSEL, - A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great
67781: BURY, J.B.; COOK, S.A.; ADCOCK, F.E.. (EDITED BY), - Macedon 401-301 B.C. (Cambridge Ancient History VOLUME VI)
70749: BUSCH, WILHELM, - Max und Moritz. Eine Bubengeschichte in Sieben Streichen.
84273: BUSCH, TED, - Proposal for Commercial Range Design Guide
66716: BUSCH, FRANZ-OTTO, - The Drama of the schaRNHORST
83683: BUSCH, HEATHER & SILVER, BURTON, - Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
66305: BUSCH, WILHELM, - Max et Moritz puerorum facinora scurilla septem fabellis quarum matariam repperit depinxitque Guilelmus Busch demonstrata isdem versibus quibus auctor Latine reddidit Ervinus Steindl.
86564: BUSCH, BRIGITTA; BUSCH, LUCIJAN; PRESS, KAREN (EDITED BY), - Interviews With Neville Alexander: The Power of Languages Against the Language of Power
69972: BUSCH, MARIE & PICK, OTTO (TRANSLATED BY), - Selected Czech Tales
82488: BUSCH, WILHELM (AFRIKAANSE BERYMING DEUR VICTOR HIEMSTRA), - Max En Moritz. 'n Kwajongverhaal in Sewe Streke
81362: BUSH, CHRISTOPHER, - The Case of the Dead Shepherd
24455: BUSH, ELIZA C., - My Pilgrimage to Eastern Shrines
85629: BUSH, ALAN, - Music in the Soviet Union
86477: BUSH, RONALD (EDITED BY), - T. S. Eliot: The Modernist in History
81309: BUSHELL, RAYMOND, - Collectors' Netsuke
81310: BUSHELL, RAYMOND, - The Inro Handbook Studies Of Netsuke, Inro, And Lacquer.
75613: BUSK, DOUGLAS, - The Delectable Mountains
22607: BUSKES, J.J. (TRANSL. A.W.BLAXALL), - South Africa's Apartheid Policy -- Unacceptable
78025: BUSKES, J.J., - Suid Afrika's Apartheidsbeleid Onaanvaarbaar!
69256: BUSONI, FERRUCCIO, - The Essence of Music and Other Papers
2103: BUSS, W.M & VINCENT, - The Lure of the Stone : The Story of Henrietta Stockdale.
62925: BUSSAGLI, MARIO, AND CALEMBUS SIVARAMAMURTI., - 5000 Years of the Art of India
68776: BUSSCHAU, W.J.; MAUD, JOHN; KOCH, H.C.; DONGES, T.E.;; DIEDERICHS, N.; HARVIE-WATT, GEORGE S., - Gold Fields of South Africa Speeches Given at the Seventy-fifth Aniversary Banquet Held at the Wanderers Club, Johannesburg, on Friday 9th February 1962
83672: BUSSCHAU, W.J., - Gold and International Liquidity: The Flow of Credit in Relation to Gold in the International Monetary System
58854: BUSSELL, JAN, - Through Wooden Eyes.
50945: BUSSON, PAUL, - Azrael
47405: BUSTARD, ROBERT, - Kay's Turtles

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