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69068: BLIGNAULT, AUDREY, - Met Ligter Tred
69071: BLIGNAULT, AUDREY, - Die Wind Van Die See Af
70405: BLIGNAUT, J. & DE WIT, M., - Sustainable Options: Development Lessons from Applied Environmental Economics
76186: BLIGNAUT, JOHN & BOTHA, MARTIN, - Movies Moguls Mavericks. South African Cinema 1979-1991
85606: BLIGNAUT, CHRIS, - Die Chris Blignaut Sangbundel
79811: BLIGNAUT, J.J.G.; FURTER, F.J.J.; SAVAGE, W.H.D., - The Northern Natal Coal Field (Area No.2): The Utrecht Newcastle Area
63986: BLIGNAUT, AEGIDIUS JEAN, - My Friend Herman Charles Bosman
46200: BLIGNAUT, AEGIDIUS JEAN, - My Friend Herman Charles Bosman
45580: BLIGNAUT, AEGIDIUS JEAN (INTRODUCTION BY LIONEL ABRAHAMS), - Dead End Road. Including the Original Introduction to "The Hottentot's God" (1931) By Herman Charles Bosman
52851: BLINK, H., - Eenige Bladzijden Uit De Geschiedenis Van Den Vryheidsstrijd Der Transvaalsche Boeren.
12288: BLISH, JAMES, - Startrek 6
52041: BLIXEN, KAREN, - The Illustrated Out of Africa.
20852: BLIXEN, KAREN, - Out of Africa
78997: BLOCH, GEORGES, - Pablo Picasso. Catalogue de l'oeuvre grave et lithographie 1904-1967 / Catalogue of the printed graphic work 1904-1967 / Katalog des graphischen Werkes 1904-1967. VOLUME 1.
81591: BLOCH, MICHAEL, - F.M.: The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander: Founder of the Alexander Technique
55185: BLOCH, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Wallis & Edward . Letters 1931-1937
51759: BLOCH, MARC, - The Royal Touch. Sacred Monarchy and Scrofula in England and France.
46948: BLOCH, ROBERT, - Psycho
56505: BLOCH, GEORGES, - Pablo Picasso. Tome III. Catalogue De L'oeuvre gravé Céramique. 1949 - 1971. Volume III. Catalogue of the Printed Ceramics. 1949 - 1971. Des Graphischen Keramikwerkes.
62887: BLOCH, IWAN, - Odoratus Sexualis. A Scientific and Literary Study of Sexual Scents and Erotic Perfumes.
52991: BLOCH, IVAN, - Sexual Life in England Past and Present
84778: BLOCH, GRAEME, - The Toxic Mix What's Wrong with South Africa's Schools and How to Fix It
80444: BLOCH, ABRAHAM B., - The Biblical and Historical Background of Jewish Customs and Ceremonies
86142: BLOCH, GEORGES, - Picasso. Catalogue of the Printed Graphic Work, 1970-1972 & Supplements. VOL 4.
86143: BLOCH, GEORGES, - Picasso. Catalogue of the Printed Graphic Work, 1966-1969
63681: BLOCHMAN, LAWRENCE G., - Recipe for Homicide
61164: BLOCK, LAWRENCE, - The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep
84931: BLOCK, LAURENCE, - A Long Line of Dead Men
60865: BLOCK, LAWRENCE, - Ronald Rabbit is a Dirty Old Man
84995: BLOCK, SEYMOUR, - Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation
81285: BLOCK, LAWRENCE, - Ronald Rabbit is a Dirty Old Man
35799: BLOCKX, JACQUES, - A Compendium of Painting
55590: BLODGETT, OMER W., - Design of Welded Structures
55589: BLODGETT, OMER W., - Design of Weldments
51538: BLOEM, WALTER, - Der Weltbrand. Deutschlands Tragodie 1914-1918.
65723: BLOEMERTZ, GUNTHER, - Heaven Next Stop. Impressions of German Fighter Pilot.
21563: BLOFELD, JOHN, - The Way of Power. A Practical Guide to the Tantric Mysticism of Tibet
69009: BLOGG, SAL. EPHR., - Binjan Shelomoh. Aedificium Salomonis, enthaltend eine vollstndige Geschichte der hebrischen Sprache, des Thalmuds und vieler merkwrdiger Begebenheiten des Alterthums, die bis dahin gnzlich unbekannt geblieben; nebst einem Anhange die Targumen Betref
86412: BLOK, THOS & WESSELS, W.G., - Klein Jannie. Stories Vir Die Sub-Standerds
55335: BLOK, THOS., - Die Adendorff Trek
86411: BLOK, THOS, - Oom Willem Boek 1 Standerd 1 (Ons Eie Geskiedenis series)
86410: BLOK, THOS, - Die Afrikanerkind Resitasieboek Vir Laer Standerds
66180: BLOKKER, ROY & DEARLING, ROBERT, - The Music of Dmitri Shostakovich : The Symphonies
40054: BLOM, FRANS & LA FARGE, OLIVER, - Tribes and Temples. A Record of the Expedition to Middle America Conducted By the Tulane University of Louisiana in 1925
61084: BLOM, ERIC, - Beethoven's Sonatas Discussed
10116: BLOMFIELD, REGINALD, - The Touchstone Of Architecture
79180: BLOMMAERT, W. & GIE, S.F.N., - Uit Ou Reisbeskrywinge. Dagverhale En Ander Letterkundige Bronne Oor Die Kaap
85353: BLOMMAERT, W.; KRUGER, D.W.; VENTER, P.J., - Archives Year Book for South African History //Argief-jaarboek Vir Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedenis FIRST YEAR PART 1
42244: BLOMMAERT, W. & WIID, J.A. (ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY J L M FRANKEN & IAN M MURRAY, - Die Joernaal Van Dirk Gysbert Van Reenen 1803
74759: BLOMMAERT, W. & WIID, J.A. (ENGLISH VERSION BY J.L.M. FRANKEN & MURRAY, IAN M. ), - Die Joernaal Van Dirk Gysbert Van Reenen 1803
69563: BLONDEL, ALAIN & LAMB, SHENA, - The Parrot's Egg
75766: BLOOD-RYAN, H. W., - Goring Iron Man of Germany
51960: BLOOM, JOSEPH (AND OTHERS), - Jeppestown and Eastern Districts Hebrew Congregation 90th Anniversary Celebration Souvenir Brochure.
50653: BLOOM, LOIS & LAHEY, MARGARET., - Language Development and Language Disorders
50694: BLOOM, LOIS, - Language Development. Form and Function in Emerging Grammars.
50805: BLOOM, HAROLD (EDITED BY), - Joseph Conrad (Modern Critical Views)
48025: BLOOM, HAROLD (EDITED BY), - William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!
83014: BLOOM, KEVIN, - Ways of Staying
66713: BLOOM, JACK BRIAN, - Black South Africa and the Disinvestment Dilemma
66846: BLOOM, ALAN, - 250 Years of Steam
66967: BLOOM, URSULA, - The A B C of Authorship
65808: BLOOM, HAROLD (EDITED BY), - Edward Albee
83603: BLOOM, JACK, - Out of Step: Life-story of a Politician - Politics and Religion in a World at War
82780: BLOOM, JACK BRIAN, - Black South Africa & the Disinvestment Dilemma
74424: BLOOMAN, PERCY A. (EDITED BY), - 1955-1956 Blue Book of South African Business
74280: BLOOMAN, PERCY & BOTHA, F.M. (EDITED BY), - 1959-60 Blue Book of Southern African Business
65566: BLOOMBERG, CHARLES (EDITED BY SAUL DUBOW), - Christian Nationalism and the Rise of the Afrikaner Broederbond in South Africa, 1918-48
66086: BLOOMER, W.H. & BLOOMER, K.D., - Scottish Regimental Badges 1793-1971 ; Including Commonwealth Forces : An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors.
46807: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT, - Rural Tales, Ballads and Songs
82453: BLOSER, PARKER ZANER, - Alphabet Antics for Cursive Handwriting
82452: BLOSER, PARKER ZANER, - Alphabet Antics for Manuscript Writing
63153: BLOT, JOSETTE (EDITED BY), - Cultures of Peace in Africa (African Geopolitics #28 October-December 2007)
63722: BLUCHER, EVELYN, PRINCESS, - An English Wife in Berlin: A Private Memoir of Events, Politics, and Daily Life in Germany Throughout the War and the Social Revolution of 1918
59472: BLUM, LAWRENCE A. & SEIDLER, VICTOR J., - A Truer Liberty. Simone Weil and Marxism.
73325: BLUMBERG, MARCIA & WALDER, DENNIS (EDITED BY), - South African Theatre As/and Intervention.(Cross/Cultures 38)
69253: BLUMENTHAL, ROY, - Portraits of an African Landscape (Poetry in the Flamenco Ballet By Trevor Green)
59097: BLUMENTHAL, WALTER HART, - A Charm of Books
26924: BLUMENTHAL,JEDEDIAH (ED. GINSBERG, C.J.), - Adventurous Life in Political Zionism
85661: BLUNDELL-JONES, PETER, - Ahrends Burton and Koralek (Architectural Monographs No 15)
53680: BLUNDELL, R.H. & SEATON, R.E. (EDITED BY), - Trial of Jean Pierre Vaquier
47027: BLUNDELL, SUE, - Women in Classical Athens
84276: BLUNDELL, PETERR, - Mr Podd of Borneo
65792: BLUNDELL, AGNES, - In Peril for the King
54691: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, - Keat's Publisher: A Memoir of John Taylor
23049: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, - Christ's Hospital. A Retrospect.
1205: BLUNDEN, EDMUND., - Dead Letters(T.L.H).
56799: BLUNDEN, MARGARET, - The Countess Ofwarwick
1204: BLUNDEN, EDMUND., - Dead Letters(T.L.H)
78400: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, - A Few Not Quite Forgotten Writers
39379: BLUNT, JOHN JAMES, - Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Customs Discoverable in Modern Italy and Sicily
84170: BLUNT, DAVID ENDERBY, - Elephant
71284: BLUNT, WILFRID, - The Golden Road to Samarkand
62822: BLUNT, WILFRID & STEARN, WILLIAM T., - The Art of Botanical Illustration.
61306: BLUNT, J.J., - Undesigned Coincidences in the . Old Testament and New Testament, an Argument of Their Veracity: With an Appendix Containing Undesigned Coincidences Between the Gospels and Acts, and josephus
59998: BLUNT, WILFRID & RAPHAEL, SANDRA, - The Illustrated Herbal
83004: BLYTON, ENID, - Knikkie En Stampie (Noddy and the Bumpy Dog)
74701: BLYTON, ENID, - Five on a Secret Trail
66107: BLYTON, ENID, - Pas Tog Op, Knikkie! (Do Look Out, Noddy)
77760: BMW, - BMW M1
55167: BMW, - Kunst am Automobil / Automobile Art. BMW Art Collecvtion.
77759: BMW, - BMW Meinungs-Bilder
35115: BOADEN, JAMES, - The Life of Mrs. Jordan Including Original Private Correspondence and Numerous Anecdotes of Her Contemporaries.
35103: BOADEN, JAMES, - Memoirs of the Life of John Philip Kemble, Esq., Including a History of the Stage from the Time of Garrick to the Present Period.
85995: BOAL, AUGUSTO, - The Rainbow of Desire: The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy
61099: BOALCH, DONALD, - Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord 1440-1840
54985: HOME ECONOMISTS OF THE MEAT BOARD (COMPILED BY), - The Complete South African Meat Cookbook
53824: JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE BUILDING RESEARCH BOARD....., - Fire Grading of Buildings. Part 1: General Principles and Structural Precautions (Post War Building Studies No.20)
53825: THE HEATING AND VENTILATION COMMITTEE OF THE BUILDING RESEARCH BOARD....., - Heating and Ventilation of Dwellings (Post War Building Studies No.19)
53826: THE ACOUSTICS COMMITTEE OF THE BUILDING RESEARCH BOARD....., - Sound Insulation and Acoustics. (Post War Building Studies No.14)
50832: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of a Line of Railway Between Fochville and Houtkop
50833: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of a Line of Railway from Delmas to a Terminus on the Farm Middelburg No.39
50835: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of a New Railway Line from Empangeni to Richard's Bay
50836: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of New Railway Lines (1) From Kensington (Cape) to a Terminus at Montague Gardens, Near Milnerton, and (2) from Chiselhurst to East London Harbour.
50837: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of New Railway Lines (1) From Reunion to the Umlazi Bantu Residential Area; (2) from Merebank to the Chatsworth Indian Residential Area; (3) Between Allanridge and Ancona; and (4) ...
50838: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of New Railway Lines (1) Between Vryheid and Empangeni; (2) Between Metsi and Kaapmuiden; and (3) Between Stoffberg and Roossenekal
50839: RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS BOARD, - Report of the Railways and Harbours Board Relative to the Construction of a New Line of Railway Between Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa.
65450: ATOMIC ENERGY BOARD, - Safari 1
87038: BOARD OF PUBLIC EXAMINERS IN LITERATURE AND SCIENCE, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Certificate from the Board of Public Examiners in Literature and Science Granted to Michael James Bedford on the 9th Day of March 1861, Appointed to H. M. Customs Cape Town on 9th April 1861
27541: BOARDMAN, JOHN & LA ROCCA, EUGENIO, - Eros in Greece
54924: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Engraved Gems. The Ionides Collection
63340: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - The Diffusion of Classical Art in Antiquity (A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts,)
71219: BOARDMAN, JOHN & POPE, MAURICE, - Griekse Vase in Kaapstad
38228: BOARDMAN, J.; FOSTER, I.D.L.; DEARING, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Soil Erosion on Agricultural Land
37640: BOAS, FRANZ, - Primitive Art
78306: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - American Scenes, Tudor to Georgian, in the English Literary Mirror
61688: BOAS, WILLIAM (INTRO BY), - Canada in World War II: post-war possibilities.
51371: BOASE, T.S.R., - English Art 1100 - 1216
48516: BOASE, ROGER, - The Troubadour Revival. A Study of Social Change and Traditionalism in Late Medieval Spain.
68894: BOASE, ALAN M., - The Fortunes of Montaigne: A History of the Essays in France, 1580-1669
57111: UNCLE BOB, - How to Strengthen the Heart
57308: "UNCLE BOB", - How to Strengthen the Heart
70868: BOBBIO, NORBERTO, - The Philosophy of Decadentism. A Study in Existentialism
83511: BOBBITT, PHILIP, - The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace, and the Course of History
75517: BOCCACCCIO, GIOVANNI, - Amorous Fiammetta
59376: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - Decameron
33140: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI (TRANSLATED BY JOHN PAYNE), - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio (Il Boccaccio) Now First Completely Done Into English Prose and Verse
73468: BOCCIA, LIONELLO G.; ROSSI, FRANCESCO; MORIN, MARCO, - Armi e Armature Lombarde
80949: BOCK, GREGORY R. & GOODE, JAMES A. (EDITEDBY), - Evolution of Hydrothermal Ecosystems on Earth (and Mars) - No. 202 (CIBA Foundation Symposia )
50485: BOCKUS, WILLIAM, - Advertising Graphics
65800: BODART, ROGER & HARROY, JEAN PAUL, - Clement Sernels or the Pleasure to Live.
84388: BODDAM, L.M. (COMPILED BY), - C.S.A. Railway Map of South Africa
72980: BODDINGTON, CRAIG, - Make It Accurate: Get the Maximum Performance From Your Hunting Rifle
11386: BODDY, WILLIAM, - History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1940
50035: BODE, WILHELM, - Rembrandt Und Seine Zeitgenossen.
59291: VON BODE, WILHELM & KUHNEL, ERNST, - Antique Rugs from the Near East
78276: BODE, W.,& VON KUHNEL, E.,, - Antique Rugs from the Near East
86148: BODELL, JAMES (EDITED BY KEITH SINCLAIR), - A Soldier's View of Empire: The Reminiscences of James Bodell, 1831-92
62448: BODENSTEIN, H.D.J., - Engelse Invloeden Op Het Gemeen Recht Van Zuid Afrika.
73563: BODIN, ENA, - Goodbye Covent Garden
63482: BODU, ROBERT, - Les Secrets Des Cuves D'attaque. 40 Ans De Traitment Des Minerais D'uranium
59294: BODY, GEOFFREY, - British Paddle Steamers
83062: BOECK, WILHELM & SABARTES, JAIME, - Pablo Picasso
50959: BOEGNER, M.A. (PREFACE BY), - Livre D'or De La Mission Du Lessouto. Soixante-quinze Ans De L'Histoire D'une Tribu Sud-Africaine 1833-1908.
70438: BOEHM, JOSEPH EDGAR (1834-1890), - A Two Page Autograph Letter, Signed and Dated July 5th 1880
86834: BOEHM, JOSEPH EDGAR (1834-1890) SCULPTO IN OORDINARY TO Q, - A 2 Page Autograph Letter to Richard Thompson, Signed and Dated May 13th 1871
48529: VON BOEHN, MAX & FISCHEL, OSKAR, - Die Mode: Menschen Und Moden Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert. VOL.1: 1790-1817; II: 1818-1842; III: 1843-1878; IV: 1879-1914
48530: VON BOEHN, MAX, - Die Mode: Menschen Und Moden Im Ziebzehnten Jahrhundert.
48531: VON BOEHN, MAX, - Die Mode: Menschen Und Moden Im Achtzehnten Jahrhundert.
4351: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Modes And manners
53714: BOENESS, ALAN; KNIGHT, VIVIEN; GOUK, ALAN, - Have You Seen Sculpture from the Body?
36048: DE BOER, H. & KOOMEN, PIETER, - Han Van Meegeren Teekeningen I
83757: BOER, ROLAND (EDITED BY), - Tracking "The Tribes of Yahweh": On the Trail of a Classic
62459: "TANTE BOEREVROU", - Kinders Van "Die Boerevrou" Jaarboek
27366: BOERHAAVE, HERMANN, - De Viribus Medicamentorum, or a Treatise of the Virtue and Energy of Medicines, Containing an Ample Account of All Medicines Whatsoever, Whether Physical or Chirurgical, Internal or External; with Their Several Qualities, and Proper Doses; ....etc
76198: BOESAK, ALLAN, - God of the Poor God of the Oppressed
48660: BOESAK, ALLAN, - The Finger of God. Sermons on Faith and Responsibility.
72553: BOESAK, ALLAN AUBREY, - Black Theology, Black Power
33558: BOESEKEN, ANNA, - Simon Van Der Stel En Sy Kinders
57333: BOESEKEN, A.J., - Jan Van Riebeeck En Sy Gesin
65499: BOESEKEN, ANNA, - Onder Suidersterre. Tussen Die Ooste En Die Weste 1652-1795
83164: BOESEKEN, A.J., - Avontuur in Die Vreemde: Die Verhaal Van Jan Van Riebeeck
66357: BOESEKEN, A. (EDITED BY), - Dagregister en Briewe van Zacharias Wagenaer, 1662-1666
62329: BOESEKEN, A.J., - Van Oorloe En Vrede. Onder Die Suidersterre 1795-1910
28828: BOESEKEN, ANNA J, - Slaves and Free Blacks at the Cape 1658 - 1700
78532: BOESEKEN, A.J. (EDITED BY), - Uit Die Raad Van Justisie 1652- 1672
81855: BOESIGER, W., - Le Corbusier. Oeuvre complete 1938-46
73806: BOESIGER, W. & GIRSBERGER, H., - Le Corbusier 1910 - 65
66404: BOESIGER, W. (EDITED BY), - Le Corbusier & P. Jeanneret.. The Complete Architectural Works VOLUME II: 1929-1934
68237: BOETIE, DUGMORE & SIMON, BARNEY, - Familiarity is the Kingdom of the Lost
5990: BOETTICHER, FRIEDRICH VON, - Malerwerke Des Neunzehntem Jahrhunderts
48578: BOETTNER, LORAINE, - The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.
35316: BOEY, THYMON, - Woorden-tolk of Verklaring Der Voornaamste Onduitsche En Andere Woorden in De Hedendaagsche En Aaloude Rechtspleginge Voorkoomende, Mitsgaders Korte Schets Van Den Oorspronk En Het Departement Der Hoven Van Justitie En Andere Voorname Staats-Collegien
69803: BOEY, THYMON, - Woorden-tolk of Verklaring Der Voornaamste Onduitsche En Andere Woorden in De Hedendaagsche En Aaloude Rechtspleginge Voorkoomende, Mitsgaders Korte Schets Van Den Oorspronk En Het Departement Der Hoven Van Justitie En Andere Voorname Staats-Collegien
77829: BOEYENS, J.C.A. // KRAUSE, A.E., - Ie Konflik Tussen Die Venda En Die Blankes in Transvaal 1864-1869 // Die Lichtenburgse Alluviale Diamantdelwerye 1926-1945. 'n Sosio-Ekonomiese Geskiedenis
80350: BOEZART, TRYNIE & DE KOCK, PIET (EDITED BY), - Vita Perit, Labor Non Moritur. Liber Memorialis P J VISSER
83313: BOGACZ, YORAM, - Genesis and Genes
79968: BOGARDE, DIRK, - Cleared for Take-off
60215: BOGDAN, RADU, - Tanasis Fappas Peinture
67285: BOGGIE, JEANNIE, - Experiences of Rhodesia's Pioneer Women, Being a True Account of the Adventures of the Early White Women Settlers in Southern Rhodesia from 1890
61399: BOGGIE, JEANNIE M., - Humorous Rhodesian Glimpses. Collected Rhymes
28580: BOGGIE, JEANNIE (ELICITED AND ARRANGED BY), - First Steps in Civilizing Rhodesia Being a True Account of the Experiences of the Earliest White Settlers - Men, Women and Children - in Southern and Northern Rhodesia.
25214: BOGGIE, JEANNIE M., - A husband and a Farm in Rhodesia
65173: BOGGIE, JEANNIE M. (ELICITED AND ARRANGED BY), - Experiences of Rhodesia's Pioneer Women, Being a True Account of the Adventures of the Early White Women Settlers in Southern Rhodesia from 1890
38718: BOGOLYUBOV, A.A. (EDITED J M A THOMPSON), - Carpets of Central Asia
69036: BOHBOT, MICHAEL (INTRODUCTION BY ANDRE SCHWARZ-BART), - Tobiasse Peintures Gouaches Dessins L'Oeuvre Grave 1975-1976
50596: BOHLER, COLIN, - Bull Terriers of South Africa 1860-1999
57329: BOHLER, COLIN, - Bull Terrior South Africa 1860-1999
64453: BOHLMANN, OTTO, - Yeats and Nietzsche. An Exploration of Major Nietzschean Echoes in the Writings of William Butler Yeats.
51506: BOHLMANN, OTTO, - Yeats and Nietzsche. An Exploration of Major Nietzschean Echoes in the Writings of William Butler Yeats.
52513: BOHM, LOUIS, - Lieder Eines Fahrenden Chossid
52557: BOHM, ALFRED, - Die Zionistische Bewegung Bis Zum Ende Des Weltkrieges
61902: BOHM, LOUIS, - Lieder Eines Fahrenden Chossid
85759: BOHMFALK, ERWIN & VILJOEN, JOE, - Birds of the Vredefort Dome
24275: BOHR, N, - Uber Die Quantentheorie Der Liniensektren
24274: BOHR, N., - Abhandlungen Uber Atombau Aus Den Jahren 1913 - 1916
67986: BOHR, FRANCIS, - Quatre Morceaux Characteristiques BOOK I: Danse a La Russe; Chanson d'Amour; BOOK 2: Danse Hongroise; Menuet
50264: BOIGEY, MAURICE, - The Science of Colours and the Art of the Painter.
50271: BOILEAU, EDITH, - Clansmen
77277: DU BOIS, W. E. BURGHARDT, - The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches.
77480: BOITT, JULIA, - Exchange Square
60628: BOKHORST, MATTHYS (INTRODUCTION BY), - S.A. Women Artists / S.A. Kunstenaresse. An Exhibition Organised to Coincide with the 1965 Congress, in Cape Town, of the South African Federation of Business and Professional Women.
62279: BOKHORST, MATTHYS, - Pranas Domsaitis 1880-1965. Commemorative Exhibition 1966
86880: BOKHORST, M., - Kultuur Van 'n Waterland: Rede.....2 Junie 1937
70956: BOKHORST, MATTHYS & ARNOTT, BRUCE, - African Art in metal. Metaalkuns in Afrika.,
71228: BOKHORST, MATTHYS, - Jean Welz Retrospective S.A. National Gallery Cape Town 18 August 1970 - 27 September, 1970
67070: BOKWE, JOHN KNOX, - Amaculo Ase Lovedale
65676: BOL, LAURENS J., - Adriaen Coorte : A Unique Late Seventeenth Century Dutch Still Life Painter.
66873: BOLCSKEI, HELMUT; GESBERT, DAVID; PAPADIAS, CONSTANTINOS B.; VAN DER VEEN, ALLE-JAN, - Space-Time Wireless Systems: From Array Processing to MIMO Communications
73415: BOLCSKEI, HELMUT; GESBERT, DAVID; PAPADIAS, CONSTANTINOS B.; VAN DER VEEN, ALLE-JAN (EDITED BY), - Space-Time Wireless Systems: From Array Processing to MIMO Communications
76028: BOLD, J.D., - Fanagalo : Phrase-Book, Grammar and Dictionary
85493: BOLD, J.D., - Fanagalo (Kitchen Kafir) Dictionary Grammar and Phrase Book
84198: BOLEO, DOUTOR OLIVEIRA, - A Decantada Questao Da Riqueza Mineira e Exploracao Do Ouro e Prata Nos Reinos Do Monomotapa
35329: BOLINGBROKE, LORD, - The Works of Lord Bolingbroke, with a Life Prepared Expressly for This Edition Containing Additional Information Relative to His Personal and Public Character
60606: BOLINK, PIETER, - Towards Church Union in Zambia a Study of Missionary Co Operation and Church Union Efforts in Central Africa
51533: BOLITHO, HECTOR, - James Lyle Mackay, First Earl of Inchcape.
81265: BOLL, MARCEL, - Le Bridge Plafond Contrat
81267: BOLL, MARCEL, - Le Trente & Quarante
72602: BOLLE, BERT, - Barometers in Beeld
76974: BOLLIGER, HANS, - Picasso's Vollard Suite
82938: BOLLINGER, JOHN, - Bollinger on Bollinger Bands
51844: BOLOGH, ROSLYN WALLACH, - Dialectical Phenomenology: Marx's Method
59999: BOLOGNA, GIULIA, - Illuminated Manuscripts. The Book Before Gutenberg.
71209: BOLOGNA, FERDINANDO, - Simone Martini; Affreschi Di Assisi; Volume 6 [I Grandi Decoratori]
52252: BOLSINGER, WILLY & RAUSCHNABEL, HANS, - Jambo Watu! Das Kolonialbuch Der Deutschen
83970: BOLSMANN, ERIC, - Ghosts of Pretoria. Supernatural Encounters.
71577: BOLSMANN, ERIC H., - `the Mount Nelson
69490: BOLSMANN, ERIC, - Fully Licensed
84163: BOLSMANN, ERIC, - Contemporary Artists of Pretoria
75829: BOLSTER, JOHN / LLOYD, NEVIL, - Sound and Fury. The 1958 British Grand Prix Silverstone // the B. R. M. Story
60340: BOLT, ROBERT, - Vivat! Vivat Regina
10653: BOLT, DAVID, - Adam : a Tone Poem
69350: BOLT, CHRISTINE, - Victorian Attitudes to Race
73768: BOLT, DAVID, - Gurkhas
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53227: BRADFORD, MRS. WAGER (COMPILED BY), - A Collection of American Recipes.
53282: BRADFORD, HELEN, - A Taste of Freedom . The ICU in Rural South Africa 1924-1930.
63746: BRADFORD, JAMES C. (EDITED BY), - Atlas Of American Military History
72551: BRADFORD, CURTIS, - Yeats's "Last Poems" Again
75995: BRADLEY, RICHARD, - Collected Writings on Succulent Plants
7059: BRADLEY, THOMAS, - Bradson High Grade Drilling Machines
71532: BRADLEY, A.C. (EDITED BY), - Essays and Studies By Members of The English Association VOLUMES 1-9
31894: BRADLEY, RICHARD, - A General Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening. Containing Such Observations and Experiments as are New and Useful For the Improvement of Land. With an Account of Such Extraordinary Inventions, and Natural Productions, as May Help the Ingenious .....
56992: BRADLEY, A.C., - A Commentary on Tennyson's In Memoriam
71993: BRADLEY, HELEN, - And Miss Carter Wore Pink. Scenes from an Edwardian Childhood
65315: BRADLEY, WILL, - Will Bradley His Chap Book.
81323: BRADLEY, PATRICIA, - Birds of the Cayman Islands
12321: BRADLEY, W.F., - Ettore Bugatti
83383: BRADLEY, F.H., - Ethical Studies
66532: BRADLOW, FRANK, - Thomas Bowler in Mauritius: A Detail in the History of Contacts Between the Cape of Good Hope & Mauritius 1866 - 1868
52610: BRADLOW, FRANK R., - Biographical and General Introduction to : LATROBE Journal of a Visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816
1593: BRADLOW, FRANK., - Here Comes The Alabama.
53018: BRADLOW, FRANK R., - Baron Von Ludwig and the Ludwigs-Burg Garden
73639: BRADLOW, FRANK R., - Baron Von Ludwig and The Ludwig's-burg Garden. A Chronicle of the Cape from 1806 to 1848 with an Appendix Showing Some of the Horticultural Introductions of Baron Von Ludwig
27576: BRADLOW, EDNA & FRANK, - Thomas Bowler of the Cape of Good Hope, with a Commentary on the Bowler Prints By A Gordon-Browne
68810: BRADLOW, FRANK & BRADLOW, EDNA, - Thomas Bowler His Life and Work
80790: BRADLOW, FRANK R., - Africana Books and Pictures: A Selection of Published Papers
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64252: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Bernard Partridge and His Work
64253: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: C. A. Shepperson and His Work
64250: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Loiuse wright and Her Work
64243: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: F. H. Townsend and His Work
64244: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Balliol Salmon and His Work
64245: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Bert Thomas and His Work
64247: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: W. Russell Flint and His Work
64248: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Spencer Pryse and His Work
64241: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo and His Work
64242: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Frank Reynolds and His Work
64249: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Warwick Reynolds and His Work
77685: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - Art in Advertising. A study of British and American Pictorial Publicity.
64254: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: Dudley Hardy and His Work
64251: BRADSHAW, PERCY V., - The Art of the Illustrator: E. J. Sullivan and His Work
84329: BRADY, J.E., - Behold a Great Priest: The Life and Times of Bishop Charles Cox
27515: BRADY, CYRUS TOWNSEND JR., - Commerce and Conquest in East Africa, with Particular Reference to the Salem Trade with Zanzibar
65431: BRAGDON, CLAUDE (ASSOCIATION W. GORDON MCINTOSH), - The Beautiful Necessity. Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture.
63583: BRAGG, LAWRENCE, - The History of X-Ray Analysis.
59637: BRAGHINE, A., - The Shadow of Atlantis
57830: BRAHA, JAMES, - Transits of the West Dasas of the East. How to Predict Your Future
69046: BRAHAM, ALLAN, - El Greco to Goya: The Taste for Spanish Paintings in Britain and Ireland
51663: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Symphony 3 Opus 90
51664: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Symphony 4 Opus 98
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51716: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Academic Festival Overture
51717: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Symphony 2 Opus 73
51718: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Piano Concerto 2 Opus 83
51734: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Violin Concerto Opus 77
51735: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Piano Concerto Opus 15
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50297: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Symphony 2 Op.73 (Miniature Score)
50298: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Symphony 3 Op.90 (Miniature Score)
50299: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Violin Concerto Opus 77 (Miniature Score)
50303: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Concerto for Violin and Violoncello Op.102 (Miniature Score)
57985: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Complete Symphonies in Full Orchestral Score
57987: BRAHMS, JOHANNES, - Complete Concerti in Full Score
67112: BRAHMS, CARYL & SIMON, S.J., - Stroganoff in the Ballet. An omnibus volume comprising ''A Bullet in the Ballet'', ''Casino for Sale'', & ''Six Curtains for Stroganova''.
73368: BRAHMS, J., - Quintet F. Minor Op.34
52974: BRAIN, C.K. (BOB), - Austin Roberts. A Lifelong Devotion to South Africa's Birds and Beasts
69926: BRAIN, C.K., - The Evolution of Man in Africa. Was it a Consequence of Cainozoic Cooling?
37440: BRAIN, J.B., - The Catholic Church in the Transvaal
86040: BRAIN, PETER, - South African Radar in World War II
32095: BRAIN, PETER, - South African Radar in World War II
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85073: BRAINE, C.D.H., - Influence of Forests on Natural Water Supply
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71517: BRAITHWAITE, E.R., - To Sir, With Love
65368: BRAITHWAITE, DAVID, - Savage of King's Lynn Inventor of Machines and Merry-Go-Rounds
75717: BRAMAH, ERNEST, - The Specimen Case
55868: BRAMAH, EDWARD & JOAN, - Coffee Makers. 300 Years of Art and Design
87024: BRAMDAW, DHANEE (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - The South African Indian Who's Who and Commercial Directory. A Biographical Sketch Book with Illustrations of South African Indians and an Illustrated Business Directory
5409: BRAMSEN, BO, - Nordiske Snusdaser Pa Europaeisk Baggrund
80288: BRAMSON, ALAN & BIRCH, NEVILLE, - The Tiger Moth Story
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80996: INFORMATION SERVICES BRANCH, - Lore and Legend of Southern Rhodesia Place Names
58216: BRANCH, BILL, - Everyone's Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa
58629: BRANCH, BILL, - Everyone's Guide to Snakes, Other Reptiles & Amphibians of Southern Africa
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78419: BRANCH, BILL, - Bill Branch's Field Guide to the Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa.
52235: BRAND, MECHTILD, - Geachtet - Geachtet. Das Leben Hammer Juden in Diesem Jahrhundert.
50536: BRAND, JOHN & ELLIS, HENRY, - Observations on Popular Antiquities Chiefly Illustrating the Origin of Our Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies and Superstitions.
47817: BRAND, LOUIS, - Advanced Calculus. An Introduction to Classical Analysis
48289: BRAND, MAX, - Danger Trail
48290: BRAND, MAX, - The Invisible Outlaw
48291: BRAND, MAX, - The Tenderfoot
48292: BRAND, MAX, - Single Jack
48293: BRAND, MAX, - Tragedy Trail
48294: BRAND, MAX, - 7 Trails.
86424: BRAND, HENDRIK, - Adriaan Hugo Speurder
79243: BRAND, MAX, - Rippon Rides West
66605: BRAND, CHRISTIANNA, - London Particular
85383: BRAND, R.H. (HERBERT BAKER ASSOCIATION), - The Union of South Africa
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74791: BRAND, GISELE, - After the Dark : The Story of Stella at Home in England after Her Escape from Nazi Germany
63971: BRAND, KEVIN (CO-ORDINATED BY), - Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial
76544: BRAND, SEAN, - En Ek Kan Nie Ophou Kyk Nie
57279: BRANDEL, MARC, - The Ides of Summer
24048: BRANDEL-SYRIER, MIA, - 'Coming through". The Search for a New Cultural Identity
80182: BRANDI, CESARE, - Buri
82215: BRANDL, G., - The Limpopo Belt and Its Environs
56284: BRANDON-KIRBY, ROBERT, - Fly-Fishing in Southern Africa
62961: BRANDON, S.G.F., - The Fall of Jerusalem and The Christian Church
58988: BRANDON, JOHN G., - Finger-Prints Never Lie!
40932: BRANDT VAN WARMELO, JOHANNA, - Het Concentratie Kamp Van Irene.
61984: BRANDT, H.D. & MALHERBE, ANDRE, - A Revised List of the Birds of Potchefstroom
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54282: BRANDT, JOBST, - The Bicycle Wheel
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51405: BRANDT, WILLY, - People and Politics. The Years 1960-1975
46935: BRANDT, REX, - Watercolor Techniques and Methods
70624: BRANDT, JOHANNA, - Elinda or Love in Carnation Valley
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72827: BRANDT, JOHANNA, - Die Kappie Kommando, of Boerevrouwen in Geheime Dienst
84894: BRANDT, E.N., - Growth Company: Dow Chemical's First Century
72476: BRANDT, JOHANNA, - Millennium
72971: BRANDT, JOHANNA, - The Petticoat Commando, or Boer Women in Secret Service
25817: BRANN, M & ELBOGEN, J., - Festschrift Zu Israel Lewy's Siebzigstem Geburtstag
65998: BRANSCOMB, B. HARVIE, - The Gospel of Mark
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48168: BRANSTON, BRIAN, - The Lost Gods of England
57051: BRASHEAR, WILLIAM R., - The Living Will. A Study of Tennyson and Nineteenth Century Subjectivism
35516: BRASSEY, LADY, - A Voyage in the Sunbeam. Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months
37712: BRASSEY, SYBIL, COUNTESS, - Episodes and Reflections
48172: BRATHWAITE, EDWARD, - The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica 1770-1820
82526: BRATTON, MICHAEL & VAN DE WALLE, NICOLAS, - Democratic Experiments in Africa: Regime Transitions in Comparative Perspective
81084: BRAUDE, CLAUDIA BATHSHEBA (EDITED BY), - Contemporary Jewish Writing in South Africa: An Anthology
59988: BRAUER, DIETER & STROBINGER, RUDOLF (EDITED BY), - African Writers on the Air
55900: BRAUN, DIETER, - The Indian Ocean. Region of Conflict or 'Zone of Peace'?
28321: BRAUN, DIETRICH E. (PSEUD. FRANZ HEINZ BEHNCKE), - Auf Und Ab in Sud-Afrika. Erlebnisse Eines Deutschen Uber See
16589: BRAUN, LILIAN JACKSON, - The Cat Who Turned On and Off
62121: BRAUN, M., - Differential Equations and Their Applications
6895: BRAUN, DIETER, - The Indian Ocean; Region Of Conflicy or Zone of Peace?
68029: BRAUN, GEDAHLIA, - Racism, Guilt and Self-Deceit
63365: BRAVERY, H.E., - Home Brewing Without Failures
59432: BRAVMANN, RENE A., - Islam and Tribal Art in West Africa
82962: BRAVMANN, RENE A., - Islam and Tribal Art in West Africa
26174: BRAVMANN, RENE A., - Islam and Tribal Art in West Africa
69503: BRAY, NATALIE & HAGGAR, ANN, - More Dress Pattern Designing, Fourth Edition
60363: BRAY, NATALIE, - Dress Pattern Designing. The Basic Principles of Cut and Fit.
73208: BRAY, NATALIE, - More Dress Pattern Designing (3rd Edition, Metric)
57696: BRAZG, HENIA, - Passport to Life
73957: BRAZG, HENIA, - Passport to Life
66905: BRAZZALE, A.R.; DAVISON, A.C.; REID, N., - Applied Asymptotics: Case Studies in Small-Sample Statistics
15034: BREAKEY, BASIL & GORDON, BASIL, - Beyond the Blues. Township Jazz in the 60's and 70's
20305: BREARLEY, HARRY, - The Case-Hardening of Steel. An Illustrated Exposition of the Changes in Structure and Properties Induced in Steels By Cementation and Allied Processes
52384: BREARLEY, HAROLD, - The Heat Treatment of Tool Steel
83084: BREARLEY, JOAN M., - The Book of the Bulldog
86308: BREARS, PETER, - Horse Brasses
16440: BREBNER, J. BARTLET, - The Explorers of North America 1492 - 1806
81304: BREBNER, JOHN, - Memoir of the Life and Work of the late Rev. John Brebner - late Superintendent of Education in the Orange Free State,South Africa
49412: BRECHIN, DAVID, - Nic Barber I D B
75932: BREDEKAMP, HENRY & ROSS, ROBERT (EDITED BY), - Missions and Christianity in South African History
83118: BREDEKAMP, H.C.; FLEGG, A.B.L.; PLUDDEMANN, H.E.F. (EDITED BY), - The Genadendal Diaries Diaries Of The Herrnhut Missionaries H. Marsveld D. Schwinn And J.C. Kuhnel. VOLUME II: 1795-1796
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49600: BREDEMEIER, HARRY C. & STEPHERNSON, RICHARD M., - The Analysis of Social Systems
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37007: BREDSDORFF, JAN, - Ash
78010: BREEDT, J.M.N., - Gedenkboek By Die Inwyding Van Die Nuwe Ned. Geref. Sendingkerkgebou Wellington Op 27 En 28 September 1941
65322: BREES, S.C,., - Pictorial Illustrations of New Zealand
57646: BREGIN, ELANA & KRUIPER, BELINDA, - Kalahari RainSong
76921: BREGUET, - The Breguet Collections [Montres Breguet grand catalogue/wristwatches/watches]
61638: BREGUET, - The Breguet Collection: La Passion Laesse Des Traces
81123: VON BREITENBACH, JUTTA, - The Wild Figs of Southern Africa (Tree Society Monograph No, 2)
2228: BREITENBACH, F, VON., - Southern Cape Forests and Trees
76079: VON BREITENBACH, F., - Southern Cape Tree Guide
77907: BREITLING, - Breitling Chronolog 08
77906: BREITLING, - Breitling Chronolog 07
58318: BREKKE, B.F., - The Copper Coinage of Imperial Russia 1700-1917. SUPPLEMENT
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72237: BRELSFORD, W.V. (EDITED BY), - The Northern Rhodesia Journal VOLUME V Number 2
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83636: BRELSFORD, W. (EDITEED BY), - Rhodesiana No.26
59394: BRELSFORD, W.V. (EDITED BY), - The Northern Rhodesia Journal Volume II Number V
86020: BRELSFORD, W.V., - The Tribes of Northern Rhodesia
60618: VAN BREMAAT, WILMA & PERSONS, THEO, - Genealogie van het geslacht Bremaet, Bremaat, Breemaat, van Breemaat nazaten in 14 generaties 1555-1995
6316: BREMELL, N.H, - Side-gate And stile : An Essay In Autobiography
35070: BREMER, FREDERIKS (TRANSLATED MARY HOWITT), - The Homes of the New World. Impressions of America.
68769: BREMNER, LINDSAY, - Johannesburg: One City Colliding Worlds
54856: BREMONT, ANNA COMTESSE DE, - Oscar Wilde and His Mother
55656: BRENNER, JONI, - Infra Red
79779: BRENNER, LOUIS, - West African Sufi: The Religious Heritage and Spiritual Search of Cerno Bokar Saalif Taal
72494: BRENNER, REEVE ROBERT, - The Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors
56018: BRENT, MADELEINE (PSEUD. PETER O'DONNELL), - The Capricorn Stone.
54605: BRENT, PETER, - Captain Scott and the Antarctic Tragedy
53730: BRENT, MADELEINE (PSEUD. PETER O'DONNELL), - Moonraker's Bride
54145: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR, - Althea Joins the Chalet School
48273: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - Jo Returns to the Chalet School
48274: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - The School at the Chalet
48275: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - The Highland Twins at the Chalet School
48277: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - The Chalet School and Jo
48278: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR MARY, - The Chalet School in the Oberland
46955: BRENT, W.A., - The Rhodesian Air Force. A Brief History 1947-1980
31971: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - The Chalet Girls in Camp
31976: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M., - Joey Goes to the Oberland
77033: BRENT, WINSTON (COMPILED BY), - Silver Falcons
66651: BRENT, MADELEINE (PSEUD. PETER O'DONNELL), - The Capricorn Stone
71877: BRENT, MADELINE [ PETER O'DONNELL, PSEUD. ], - Tregaron's Daughter
86415: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR, - Jo Returns to Chalet School
64662: BRENT, WINSTON A., - African Military Aviation
71248: BRENTJES, BURCHARD, - African Rock Art
24803: BRENTON, EDWARD PELHAM, - The Naval History of Great Britain from the Year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXXVI
75044: BRESCIANI, EDDA (EDITED BY), - La Piramide e la Torre Due secoli di archeologia Egiziana
3840: BRESLER, FENTON, - The Murder Of John Lennon
57814: BRESLER, CASPER REY, - 7 Days 7 Nights in Knysna. A World in a Small Town
49311: BRESLIN, NEIL D. (EDITOR IN CHIEF ), - In Memoriam Josef L. Kunz. A Collection of Essays on International Law, Legal History and Legal Theory in His Memory. (The University of Toledo Law Review Volume 1971 Numbers 1 & 2 Fall/Winter)
72684: BRETON, ANDRE, - Andr Breton (1896-1966) et le mouvement Surraliste. Hommages - Tmoignages - L'uvre - Le mouvement surraliste. La nouvelle revue francaise. Avril 1967 - N. 172.
71706: LE BRETON, F.H., - Up-Country Swahili : For the Farmer, Merchant, Business Man & their Wives, and for All who Deal with the Up-Country Africans

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