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67159: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, VINCENT (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXVI No 11 November 1979
67161: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, VINCENT (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXVII No 2 February 1980
67140: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, VINCENT (EDITED BY), - Bantu VOL.XXII No.2 February 1975
85959: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, G.C.A. & EICKER, ALBERT, - Field Guide to the Mushrooms of Southern Africa
79343: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, CHRISTI, - White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party.
82535: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, J. (EDITED BY), - Crimes of Violence in South Africa
57015: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, GERT & ERIKA, - Gids Tot Die Anlo-Boereoorlog in Die Oos Transvaal / Guide to the Anglo-Boer War in the Eastern Transvaal
59506: VAN DER WESTHUYSEN, H.M. (INTRODUCTION BY), - Erich Mayer Album
85332: VAN DER WESTHUYSEN, H.M.; & PELSER, A.N. (EDITED BY), - Lydenburgse Eeufeesgedenkboek 1850-1950
46719: VAN DER WESTHUYZEN, G.C.A., - An Account of Anthropometrical and Anthroposcopical Observations Carried Out at the University of Stellenbosch.
62164: WESTLAKE, JOAN R., - A Handbook of Numerical Matrix Inversion and Solution of Linear Equations
84336: REGIMENTSKAMERADSCHAFT D. EHEM. SS-PANZERGRENADIER-REGIMENTS NR. 10 WESTLAND., - Panzergrenadiere der Panzerdivision "Wiking" im Bild
61727: WESTON, WARREN, - Father of Lies
50739: WESTON, PAUL B., - Combat Shooting for Police
57977: WESTON, STEPHEN, - The Praise of Paris, or a Sketch of the French Capital in Extracts of Letters from France in the Summer of 1802.....
58314: WESTRA, P.E. AND MANY OTHERS, - Liber Amicorum A.A. Balkema
83895: WESTRA, P.E. (AND OTHERS), - Books in peril : proceedings of the Symposium on the Preservation of Library and Archival Materials in Southern Africa : held at the South African Library, Cape Town, 19-21 November 1986.
59104: WESTRA, P.E. (EDIROR), - Proceedings of the Symposium on Manuscripts in Southern Africa 21-23 November 1984
81315: WESTRUP, WILLIAM, - Old McBein
60000: WESTWOOD, J.O., - The Art of Illuminated Manuscripts : Illustrated Sacred Writings: Being a Series of Illustrations of the Ancient Versions of the Bible, Copied from Illuminated Manuscripts, Executed Between the Fourth and Sixteenth Centuries
75887: WESTWOOD, S.A. (EDITED BY), - Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Its Use in Chromatographic Sample Preparation
74902: DE WET, P. J. T., - Eeufees Gedenkboek Burgersdorp 1846 - 1946
70846: POTGIETER. DE WET, - Totale Aanslag, Apartheid Se Vuil Truuks Onthul
68379: DE WET, H.C. (HENK), - Familie de Wet - 300 Jaar Family de Wet - 300 Years
63770: DE WET, H. OLOFF, - The Valley of the Shadow
68141: DE WET, P., - In Olden Day Johannesburg. Official Centenary Calendar 1886-1986
50413: DE WET, J.M., - Jopie Fourie Foto Album
66803: DE WET, WOUTER, - Onse Mimi
52114: DE WET, C.W. INTRO BY), - Marquard Sy Wording En Ontwikkeling 1905-1930
51169: DE WET, J.C. (EDITED BY J J GAUNTLETT), - Opuscula Miscellanea. Regsgeleerde Lesings En Advisie.
66507: DE WET, CHRISTIAAN, - Three Years War
36683: DE WET, G.C., - Die Vryliede En Vryswartes in Die Kaapse Nedersetting 1657-1707
77994: DE WET, CHRISTIAAN, - Die Stryd Tussen Boer En Brit
80376: DE WET, CHRISTIAAN (TRANSLATED BY M.C.E. VAN SCHOOR), - Die Stryd Tussen Boer En Brit: Die Herinneringe Van Die Boere-General C.R. De Wet
84319: DE WET, WOUTER, - Onse Mimi
36644: DE WET, J. (EDITED J J KOTZE), - Beknopte Geschiedenis Van De Nederduitsche Hervormde Kerk Aan De Kaap De Goede Hoop Sedert De Stichting Der Volkplanting 1652 Tot 1804
83541: DE WET, C.R., - De Strijd Tusschen Boer en Brit : De Herinnering van Den Boeren-Generaal C.R. De Wet
60637: DE WET, SAMP1E, - The Monkeys' Wedding and Other Stories for Children
60409: DE WET, CHRISTIAAN, - Three Years War (October 1899 - June 1902)
68127: DE WET, Q. (AND NUMEROUS OTHERS ) (EDITED BY), - Huldigingsbundel Aangebied Aan Professor Daniel Pont Op Sy Vyf En Sewentigste Verjaarsdag
73326: DE WET, C. R., - Three Years War
74169: DE WET, J. C., - Estoppel by representation in die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg
84537: VAN DE WETERING, JAN, - The Blond Baboon
2745: WETHERELL, VIOLET, - The Indian Question of South Africa.
74646: WETHEY, HAROLD E., - El Greco and his School. Volume I: Text and Plates. Volume II: Catalogue Raisonne
12124: WETMORE, MONROE NICHOLS, - Index Verborum Vergilianus
83041: WETTENGL, K. (EDITED BY), - Maria Sibylla Merian: Artist and Naturalist, 1647-1717
82415: WETZEL, JAMES, - Augustine: A Guide for the Perplexed
82979: WEULE, KARL (TRANSLATED ALICE WERNER), - Native Life in East Africa. The Results of An Ethnological Research Expedition
11732: WEXHAM, BRIAN, - Shipwrecks of the Western Cape
68830: WEXHAM, BRIAN, - Shipwrecks of the Western Cape
11746: WEXHAM, BRIAN, - Shipwrecks of the Western Cape
59644: WEYGERS, ALEXANDER G., - The Making of Tools
66715: WEYHER, KURT & EHRLICH, HANS JURGEN, - The Black Raider
1460: WEYL, NATHANIEL., - Traitor's End: the rise and fall of the communist movement in Southern Africa.
52021: WEYMAN, STANLEY J., - Laid Up in Lavender
82663: NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION WITH UMALANDO WEZITHOMBE, - Nelson Mandela the Authorised Comic Book
7322: WHAITE, H.C, - St Christopher In English Mediaval Wallpainting
67209: WHALE, JOHN C., - Thomas De Quincey's Reluctant Autobiography
51152: WHALEN, PHILIP, - Overtime: Selected Poems
54718: WHALEY, ANDREW, - Brenda Remembered.
62795: WHALLEY, GEORGE, - Coleridge and Sara Hutchinson and the Asra Poems.
64370: WHALLEY, A. DENNEY (EDITED BY), - The Wheels of Progress, Being the History of the Williams Hunt Prganisation Over the Past Fifty Years.
60103: WHALLEY, JOYCE IRENE, - The Student's Guide to Western Calligraphy. An Illustrated Survey.
60035: WHALLEY, JOYCE IRENE, - The Art of Calligraphy Western Europe & America
85082: WHALLEY, JOYCE IRENE, - The Art of Calligraphy: Western Europe and America
55136: WHARTON, WILLIAM, - Birdy
60808: WHARTON, EDITH, - A Son at the Front
39953: WHATELEY, RICHARD, - Elements of Rhetoric Comprising an Analysis of the Laws of Moral Evidence and of Persuasion, with Rules for Argumentative Composition and Elocution.
50620: WHATLEY, CHRISTOPHER A. (EDITED BY), - John Galt 1779 - 1979.
55873: WHEAL, ELIZABETH-ANNE & POPE, STEPHEN, - The MacMillan Dictionary of the Second World War
68648: WHEATCROFT, GEOFFREY, - The Randlords: The Men Who Made South Africa
85524: WHEATLEY, JERRY DAVIDSON, - The Nature of Consciousness: The Structure of Reality: Theory of Everything Equation Revealed: Scientific Verification and Proof of Logic God Is
50339: WHEATLEY, DENNIS, - Bill for the Use of a Body
58030: WHEATLEY, DENNIS, - The Time has Come. The Memoirs of Dennis Wheatley. Drink and Ink 1919-1977.
68352: WHEATLEY, RICHARD C. & MORGAN, BRIAN, - The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars
62861: WHEATLEY, DENNIS, - Desperate Measures
64622: WHEATLEY, RICHARD C. & MORGAN, BRIAN, - The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars
54504: WHEELER, CHARLES E., - An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy
52605: WHEELER, DOUGLAS L. & PELISSIER, RENE, - Portuguese Expansion in Angola Since 1836: A Re-Examination.
50639: WHEELER, COLIN, - Historic Sheep Stations of the South Island
66597: WHEELER, TOM (EDITED BY), - History of the South African Department of Foreign Affairs 1927-1993
63502: WHEELER, ALLEN, - Flying Between the Wars
77334: WHEELER,O.P. (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Story of Salisbury 1890-1940
79938: WHEELER, ALLEN, - Building Aeroplanes for "Those Magnificent Men"
40192: WHEELER, SARA, - Cherry. A Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard
67257: WHEELER, J. CRAIG, - Cosmic Catastrophes Exploding Stars, Black Holes, and Mapping the Universe
75522: WHEELHOUSE, FRANCES, - Raymond Arthur Dart. A Pictorial Profile.
49583: WHEELOCK, FREDERIC M., - Wheelock's Latin Grammar
58051: WHEELWRIGHT, EDITH GREY, - Gardening In Stone. A Guide to the Upkeep of Wall Gardens and Pavings.
73030: WHELAN, RICHARD & CAPA, CORNELL (EDITED BY), - Robert Capa Photographs
72599: WHELEN, TOWNSEND, - Small Arms Design and Ballistics. Volume I: Design & Volume II:Ballistics (Two Volumes complete)
64607: WHELPTON, ERIC & BARBARA, - Calabria and the Aeolian Islands
50500: WHERRETT, DUNCAN, - Jaguar XJ-S
50501: WHERRETT, DUNCAN, - Jaguar MkII
80078: WHERRETT, DUNCAN, - Jaguar Mk II
35202: WHEWELL, WILLIAM, - History of the Inductive Sciences from the Earliest to the Present Time
60968: WHIBLEY, IVOR & GARRATT, PAT, - The South African Fisherman.
66294: WHIBLEY, PAULINE MEGAN, - Merriman of Grahamstown
57048: WHILEY, GEO M., - Goldbeating and the Standard of Gold Leaf
49692: WHINNEY, M. DICKENS, - The Interrelation of the Fine Arts in England in the Early Middle Ages
57554: WHINNEY, PATRICK, - Corsican Command.
39652: WHIPPLE, DOROTHY, - The Priory
26629: WHIPPLE, DOROTHY, - The Priory
80342: WHISSON, MICHAEL & WEST, MARTIN (EDITED BY), - Religion and Social Change in Southern Africa. Anthropological Essays in Honour of Monica Wilson
28859: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL, - Eden Versus Whistler. The Baronet & the Butterfly. A Valentine with a Verdict
86017: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL, - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. As pleasingly exemplified in many instances, wherein the serious ones of this Earth, carefully exasperated, have been prettily spurred on to unseemliness and indiscretion, while overcome by an undue sense of right.
82498: WHITAKER, JENNIFER SEYMOUR (EDITED BY), - Africa and the United States Vital Interests **A Council for Foreign Relations Book***
53523: WHITAKER, HADDON (EDITED BY), - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack. 1942
78460: WHITAKER, R.A. & SIENAERT, EDGARD (EDITED BY), - Oral Tradition and Literacy. Changing Visions of th World
79522: WHITAKER, HADDON (EDITED BY), - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1942
49392: WHITBOURN, FRANK, - Mr. Lock of St. James's Street. His Continuing Life and Changing Times
11959: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - Brave Captain Kelso
11960: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - Captain of Marine
76663: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Around Bournemouth
76635: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Near Fareham and Havant
76637: WHITE, H.J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Near Brighton and Worthing
76638: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country South and West of Shaftesbury
76642: WHITE, H.J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Around Basingstoke
83123: WHITE, ALAIN (ROBERT BROOM ASSOCIATION COPY), - The History of the Town of Litchfield, Connecticut, 1720-1920
81474: WHITE, ETHEL LINA, - Wax
69341: WHITE, WILLIAM, - History, gazetteer, and directory, of Suffolk; comprising, under a lucid arrangement of subjects, a general survey of the County, and separate Histories & Statistical & Topographical Descritpions of All the Hundreds, Liberties, Unions, Boroughs, .
55085: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - A Wind in the Rigging
55388: WHITE, NEWMAN IVEY, - Shelley. A Biography.
56057: WHITE, ALAIN; DYER, R. ALLEN; SLOANE, BOYD L., - The succulent Euphorbieae (southern Africa).
56058: WHITE, ALAIN; DYER, R. ALLEN; SLOANE, BOYD L., - The succulent Euphorbieae (southern Africa).
61460: WHITE, ELIZABETH, - The Corridors of Dawn and Other Poems
52507: WHITE, STANHOPE., - Lost Empire on the Nile. H M Stanley, Emin Pasha and the Imperialists
53122: WHITE, TERENCE DE VERE, - Tom Moore. The Irish Poet
64793: WHITE, R.E., - Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Soil Science
53554: WHITE, BEATRICE (COLLECTED BY), - Essays and Studies 1962
53560: WHITE, BEATRICE (EDITED BY), - The Years' Work in English Studies Volume XXXIX 1958
53561: WHITE, BEATRICE & DORSCH, T. (EDITED BY), - The Years' Work in English Studies Volume XXXVII 1956
53562: WHITE, BEATRICE & DORSCH, T. (EDITED BY), - The Years' Work in English Studies Volume XL 1959
49107: WHITE, ETHEL LINA, - The Elephant Never Forgets
47630: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - A Stranger in Town
47077: WHITE, JAMES (COMPILED BY), - 'For Love of Nature'. Brazilian Flora and Fauna in Watercolor By Etienne, Rosalia and Yvonne Demonte
48465: WHITE, EUSTACE E., - The Complete Hockey Player.
61837: WHITE, K.D., - Farm Equipment of the Ancient World
82723: WHITE, T.J., - The History of Torquay
10178: WHITE, PAUL WILLIAM & GLOUCESTER, RICHARD, - On Public View : A Selection of London's Open Air Sculpture
57638: WHITE, B.T., - Tanks and Other Armoured Fighting Vehicles of World War II
58190: WHITE, MOLLY O'LOUGHLIN, - The Foodbirds. Flying Fo Famine Relief
58252: WHITE, STANHOPE, - Dan Bana. The Memoirs of Nigerian Official
56059: WHITE, ALAIN & SLOANE, BOYD L., - The Stapelieae
58310: WHITE, ALAN & SLOANE, BOYD L., - The Stapelieae
58345: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - Kelso of the Paragon
61249: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - Commodore Kelso
61299: WHITE, C.M., - The Material Culture of the Lunda-Lovale Peoples.
74608: WHITE, GABRIEL, - Edward Ardizzone
59160: WHITE, D.J., - Decision Theory
76720: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Around Alresford
76719: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Around Winchester and Stockbridge
76712: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Near Hastings and Dungeness
76709: WHITE, H.J. OSBORNE, - The Geology of the Country Near Saffron Walden
76657: WHITE, H. J. OSBORNE, - The geology of the country near Lymington and Portsmouth
52876: WHITE, JAMES DILLON, - A Spread of Sail
80398: WHITE, GILBERT, - The Natural History & Antiquities of Selborne in the County of Southampton (the standard edition by E. T. Bennett; revised with notes by James Edmund Harting; illustrations by Thomas Bewick & others)
85425: WHITE, VERNON S. (EDITED BY), - Modern Sawmill Techniques: Volume 1: Proceedings of the First Sawmill Clinic, February 1973
85746: WHITE, JAMES, - Wait......... // Only People Make You Cry
60819: WHITE, VICTOR, - Soul and Psyche. An Enquiry Into the Relationship of Psychotherapy and Religion.
67933: WHITE, STANLEY & BINDLOSS, EDWARD, - Running a Troop
61980: WHITE, C.M.N., - A Revised Check List of African Broadbills, Pittas, Larks, Swallows, Wagtails and Pipits
61981: WHITE, C.M.N., - A Revised Check List of African Shrikes, Orioles, Drongos, Starlings, Crows, Waxwings, Cuckoo-Shrikes, Bulbuls, Accentors, Thrushes and Babblers.
69015: WHITE, WILLIAM B., - Theory And Practice Of Pianoforte Building.
60049: WHITE, D. FEDOTOFF, - Survival Through War and Revolution in Russia
44541: WHITE, RODNEY A. & HOLLIER, LARRY H., - Vascular Surgery. Basic Science and Clinical Correlations.
72577: WHITE, KATHRYN, - Boschendal
71074: WHITE, JAMES D., - Lenin: The Practice and Theory of Revolution
68973: WHITE, MILDRED (EDITED BY), - Working Details. I - Domestic
23240: WHITE, JOHN, - The Birth and Rebirth of Pictorial Space
80144: WHITE, HENRY A., - Tales of Crime and Criminals in Australia: Based principally upon reminiscences of over thirty years' official experience in the Penal Department of Victoria
75772: WHITE, CHARLES, - Weber Carburettors ('79 to '91) Repair and Service Manual
74936: WHITE, PATRICK, - The Solid Mandala
70735: WHITECHURCH, VICTOR, - The Canon in Residence
70736: WHITECHURCH, VICTOR, - Stories of the Railway
50704: WHITEHEAD, GEORGE, - Bernard Shaw Explained. A Critical Exposition of the Shavian Religion.
75036: WHITEHEAD, TALBOT H. & EASTWOOD, T., - The Geology of the Southern Part of the South Staffordshire Coalfield (Douth of the Bentley Faults )
76697: WHITEHEAD, T.H. & POCOCK, R.W., - Dudley and Bridgnorth
76688: WHITEHEAD, T.H.; ROBERTSON, T.; POCOCK, R.W.; DIXON, E.E.L., - The Country Between Wolverhampton and Oakengates.
76683: WHITEHEAD, T.H.; DIXON, E.E.L.; POCOCK, R.W.; ROBERTSON, T.; CANTRILL, T.C., - The Country Between and Market Drayton.
75913: WHITEHEAD, R. A., - The Beloved Coast and Suffolk Sandlings
75539: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B., - Honeybees and Their Magagement.
48428: WHITEHOUSE, A.A.K.; PRITCHETT, E.G.K.; BARNETT, G., - Phenolic Resins.
43284: WHITEHOUSE, SELMA, - Moonlight, Giraffes and Frying Pans
54135: WHITEHOUSE, J.B., - History of Benoni
85252: WHITEHOUSE, J.B., - History of Benoni
63538: WHITEHOUSE, R.H. & GROVE, A.J., - Dissection of the Frog / Dissection of the Rabbit / Dissection of the Dogfish / Dissection of the Earthworm / Dissection of the Crayfish / Dissection of the Cockroach
24375: WHITEHURST, FRED. FEILD, - Hark Away. Sketches of Hunting, Coaching, Fishing
71418: WHITELAW, GAVIN, - KwaGandaganda: settlement patterns in the Natal Early Iron Age
72146: WHITEMAN, ROBIN (INTRODUCTION BY ELLIS PETERS), - The Cadfael Companion: The World of Brother Cadfael.
59382: WHITER, LEONARD, - Spode. A History of the Family, Factory and Wares from 1733 to 1833
57528: WHITEWOOD, ROBB, - Untraditional Hsing-i. Secrets of Five-Element Boxing.
26879: WHITFIELD, ARTHUR "SIKERERI", - I'd Do it Again
75379: WHITFIELD, G. J., - Fifty Thrilling Years at Sea. In Command of R.M.S. Arundel Castle.
86119: WHITFIELD, TIM & CAMP, STEVE, - Paddling & Portaging-50 Years of the Duzi Canoe Marathon
74992: WHITFIELD, CHRISTOPHER, - Together and Alone: Two Short Novels
84002: WHITFIELD, RODERICK & FARRER, ANNE., - Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. Chinese art from the Silk Route.
85435: WHITFIELD, PETER, - London A Life in Maps
85193: WHITFORD, RAY, - Evolution of the Airliner
61505: WHITFORD, FRANK, - Expressionist Portraits
21492: WHITGIFT, JOHN (EDITED FOR THE PARKER SOCIETY BY JOHN AYRE), - The Works of John Whitgift, D.D., Tractates I-VI; VII - X (
49975: WHITING, CHARLES, - The Long March on Rome. The Forgotten War.
63128: WHITING, JOHN, - Photography is a Language
62507: WHITING, CHARLES, - Werewolf The Story of the Nazi Risistance Movement.
77850: WHITLEY, M.J., - Cruisers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia.
67891: WHITLEY, MARY, - Every Girl's Book of Sport, Occupation and Pastime
54613: WHITLOCK, RALPH, - The Oak
81750: WHITLOCK, ARTHUR, - Behind the Cockpit Door, The Illustrated Memoirs of an Airline Pilot
48911: WHITNEY, EDGAR A., - Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting
68169: WHITNEY, LEON F., - The Basis of Breeding Racing Pigeons
47480: WHITTAKER, ARNOLD, - Kei Road Centenary 1875-1975 (A Brief History)
11341: WHITTAKER, THOMAS, P, - The Ownership Tenure and Taxation of Land : Some Fallacies and Proposals Relating Thereto
49058: WHITTALL, W., - With Botha and Smuts in Africa
61687: WHITTERIDGE, GWENETH & STOKES, VERONICA, - A Brief History of the Hospital of Saint Bartholomew
60853: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF (EDITED BY WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI), - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
81560: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - The Neglected Daughter: An Affecting Tale.
62611: WHITTLE, PETER, - Optimization under Constraints: Theory and Applications of Nonlinear Programming
81561: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - Tickets for the Lying-in Hospital
81559: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - The Thorn.
81562: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - The Unlucky Ladies Going to a Country Dance
81563: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - Will Waddle and the Baker, or 20 Stone Reduced to a Mere Skeleton.
81558: LAURIE & WHITTLE, - Two of a Trade Seldom Agree.
74326: WHYMPER, EDWARD, - Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equators. with maps and illustrations. Second Edition
62386: WHYMPER, EDWARD (REVISED AND EDITED BY H. E. G. TYNDALE), - Scrambles Amongst the Alps. . With Additional Material from the Author's Unpublished Diaries.
79523: WHYTE, ANDREW, - Jaguar D-type & XKSS
54566: WHYTE, ALEXANDER, - The Nature of Angels
68427: WHYTE, ANDREW, - Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars to 1953
29141: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G.J., - The Novels
66851: WHYTE, LANCELOT LAW, - Essay on Atomism from Democritus to 1960
73516: WHYTE, FREDERIC, - Actors of the Century - A Play-Lover's Gleanings from Theatrical Annals
16450: WHYTE, R.O., - Grasslands of the Monsoon
80924: WHYTE, A.G., - Electricity in Locomotion; An Account of its Mechanism, its Achievements, and its Prospects
74191: WHYTE, ANDREW, - The Aston Martin and Lagonda Volume 1 : Six-Cylinder DB Models A Collectors Guide
50934: WICHERT, ERNST, - Der Dichter Und Die Jugend
83329: WICHMAN, H.F., - Wichman Se Oorlogsavonture
85354: WICHMANN, F.A.F, - Archives Year Book for South African History //Argief-jaarboek Vir Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedenis FOURTH YEAR PART II
30178: WICHMANN, SIEGFRIED, - Posters 1900
78534: WICHMANN, F. A. F., - Die Wordingsgeskiedenis Van Die Zuid Afrikaanische Republiek 1838-1860
77101: WICHMANN, F.A.F., - Die Wordingsgeschiedenis Van Die Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek 1838-1860
69126: WICHT, HEIN, - Our Neighbours in Africa
68564: WICK, DENIS, - Trombone Technique
74244: WICKINS, PETER, - An Economic History of Africa From Earliest Times to Partition
82970: WICKINS, P.L., - The Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union of Africa
74764: WICKLAND, CARL A., - Thirty Years Among the Dead
73496: WICKS, MRS., - Mrs Wicks' Cookery Book
51603: WICKSTEED, PHILIP H. (EDITED BY ROBBINS, LIONEL), - The Common Sense of Political Economy and Selected Papers and Reviews on Economic Theory VOLUME I
64359: WIEDEL, JANINE, - Irish Tinkers
14338: WIEDEMANN, A., - The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul
32945: WIEHAHN, N.E., - The Complete Wiehahn Report. Parts 1-6 and the White Paper on Each Part
71628: WIEHAHN, NIC (AND OTHERS), - The Independent Trade Union Guide '88
37910: VON WIELLIGH, G.R., - Ons Geselstaal. 'n Oorsig Van Gewestelike Spraak Soos Afrikaans Gepraat Word.
86430: VON WIELLIGH, G.R., - Dierestories
53777: WIEMAN, RANDY, - Freestyle Skiing
53261: WIEN, DAVID ELLIOT, - "Out of the Meek, Comes the Wild". Lisa Halstead Wildlife Artist.
72753: WIENBARG, LUDOLF, - Tagebuch Von Helgoland
67870: WIENER, MANDY, - Killing Kebble. An Underworld Exposed.
74820: WIENER, MARGARET, - The Breathing City
37667: WIENHOLT, ARNOLD (TRANSLATED J.C.COLQUHOUN), - Seven Lectures on Somnambulism
81896: WIERZBICKI, LYDIA, - Fat Free Cooking for the Gourmet
49437: WIESCHHOFF, H.A., - The Zimbabwe Monomatapa Culture in Southeast Africa
13596: WIESE, J.D., - 37 Jaar Op Die Botterpad
48707: WIESEL, ELIE, - Night
85239: WIESEL, ELIE, - Images From The Bible: The Words Of Elie Wiesel - The Paintings Of Shalom Of Saf
70699: WIESMEYER, ESME MOSELEY (EDITED BY PAT WIDDAS), - Joane Pim South Africa's Landscape Pioneer
49425: WIGAN, MICHAEL, - The Scottish Highland Estate. Preserving an Environment.
19952: WIGGETT, C.G., - The Native Labour Regulation Act (no. 15 of 1911). The Natives Advances Act (No. 18 of 1921) and the Regulations, Proclamations, Etc Thereunder at Present in Force, Together with the Decided Cases, Notes and Portions of the miners' Phthisis Act and Regula
45101: WIGGLESWORTH, TOM, - Perhaps Tomorrow
702: WIGRAM, EDGAR, - Northern Spain.
73821: WIJAYARATNA, MOHAN, - Buddhist Monastic Life: According to the Texts of the Theravada Tradition
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68308: WOON, HARRY VERNON ("A COLONIAL OFFICER"), - Twenty-Five Years Soldiering in South Africa. A Personal Narrative.
51626: WOOTTON, BARBARA, - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy
60226: THE COMMITTEE DEAF AND BLIND INSTITUTE WORCESTER S.A., - Souvenir 1881 - 1931. Jubileum Van Die Dofstomme En Blinde Instituut Worcester S.A. / Jubilee of the Deaf and Blind Institute Worcester S.A.
22528: WORCESTER, DEAN C., - The Philippines Past and Present
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59522: WORCESTER, G.R.G., - The Floating Population in China. An Illustrated Record of the Junkmen and Their Boats on Sea and River, Accompanied By Some Chungking Types on the Upper Yangtze River
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48112: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM, - The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, with Photographic Illustrations By Payne Jennings
35143: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER, - Journal of a Tour in Italy with Reflections on The Present Condition and Prospects of Religion in That Country.

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