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78595: FOOTBALL RECORDING, - World Cup 1966 / 1970
57885: REDCLIFFE-MAUD, JOHN, - Experiences of an Optimist.
74180: REDDEKER, LIOBA & WEISSACHER, DORIS, - HANGART 7 Air and Art: Turbulence Art from South Africa
35231: REDDING, CYRUS, - Fifty Years Recollections Literary and Personal with Observations on Men and Things
70112: REDDY, S.J. & BANSDA, S.N. (EDITED BY), - South African Cricket Almanack NO.1
79847: REDELINGHUYS, PATSY (EDITED BY), - Transvaal Provincial Administration: Yesterday to This Day 1986-1994
82853: REDELINGHUYS, STEPHANIE, - A Life Interrupted: The Story of Misjke
76140: REDER, DIRK & ROESELING, SEVERIN, - Visions in Time. The History of Optische Werke G. Rodenstock
75611: REDGRAVE, J.J., - Port Elizabeth in Bygone Days
60400: REDGRAVE, J.J., - A Century of Progress". The Story of the Divisional Council Port Elizabeth 1856-1956 / "'n Eeu van Vooruitgang". Die verhaal van die Afdelingsraad Port Elizabeth 1856-1956
17933: REDGROVE, H. STANLEY & FOAN, GILBERT A., - Hair Dyes and Hair Dyeing
55653: REDHOUSE, J.W.(TRANSLATED BY) (IDRIS THE PILGRIM;, - Translation...of a History or Journal of the Events Which Occurred During Seven Expeditions in the Land of Kanim (AND) Translation...of an Account of Many Expeditions Conducted By the Sultan of Bornu Against Various Tribes.. (AND) A Turkish Circle Ode
26505: REDHOUSE, J.W., - The Diary of H.M. The Shah of Persia During His Tour Through Europe in A.D.1873
80962: REDMAN, JIM, - Jim Redman: Six Times World Motorcycle Champion - The Autobiography
66208: REDMAYNE, RICHARD A. S., - Men, Mines, and Memories
77531: REED, JOHN & WAKE, CLIVE (EDITED BY), - A Book of African Verse
74447: REED, A. W. (REVISED BY BUDDY MIKAERE), - Taonga Tuku Iho: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Maori Life
66489: REED, DOUGLAS, - The Controversy of Zion
49399: REED, JOHN, - Schubert. The Final Years
47849: REED, WALT (EDITED BY), - North Light Collection 2
78640: REED, MARGARET & PETERS, ED, - The Faceting Handbook
24976: REED, E.J., - Our Iron-clad Ships. Their Qualities, Performances and Cost, with Chapters on Turret Ships, Iron-clad Rams Etc.
35037: REED, EDWARD J., - Japan: Its History, Traditions and Religions, with the Narrative of a Visit in 1879
60773: REED, DAVID, - 111 Days in Stanleyville
63963: REED, CARMEN, - Anglo-Saxon Destinies, or Boer and Celt at the Bar
29498: REED, S.B., - Dwellings for Village and Country, with General Descriptions and Detailed Estimates.
74782: REED, LANGFORD, - The Complete Limerick Book The Origin, History and Achievements of the Limerick, with nearly 600 Selected Examples
36753: REED, DOUGLAS, - The Battle for Rhodesia
81124: REED, DANIEL, - Beloved Country. South Africa's Silent Wars.
66290: REED, DANIEL, - Beloved Country. South Africa's Silent Wars.
71077: REED, CHRISTOPHER DUNHAM, - Turkoman Rugs
68803: REED, DOUGLAS, - Behind the Scene. A Reprint of Part Two of "Far and Wide"
68801: REED, DOUGLAS, - The Grand Design of the Twentieth Century
50623: REEDER, ROBERTA, - Anna Akhmatova. Poet and Prophet
74337: REEH, FRIEDMANN (AND OTHERS), - Moraviese Kerk Genadendal. Moeder Gemeente Van Moraviese Kerk in S.A. Jubelfees Kerkgebou 12 Oktober 1991 1891-1991
67601: REEKS, MARGARET, - Register of the Associates and Old Students of the Royal School of Mines and History of the Royal School of Mines
51971: REEMAN, DOUGLAS, - Send a Gunboat
12809: REEMAN, DOUGLAS, - A Prayer for the Ship
3988: REEMAN, DOUGLAS, - To Risks Unknown
87207: REEMAN, DOUGLAS, - A Fine Black and White Photograph, Inscribed "with Best wishes", Signed and Dated 1976, Together with a Compliments Slip "I Hope This One Will Do, Douglas Reeman"
62360: VAN REENEN, RYKIE (INTRODUCED BY) - Die Wereld Van Jansje Wissema
62027: VAN REENEN, RYKIE (INTRODUCTION BY), - 'N Boekie Vir Piet. Aangebied Aan P J CILLIE By Die Voltooing Van 50 Jaar in Diens Van Nasionale Pers of 1 Desember 1985
66555: VAN REENEN, REENEN J., - Resisting Drought
83867: VAN REENEN, RYKIE (EDITED BY), - Emily Hobhouse Boer War Letters
52690: REES, CORALIE & LESLIE, - Spinifex Walkabout. Hitch-hiking in Remote North Australia.
53009: REES, DARREN, - Bird Impressions. A Personal View of Birds
52072: REES, J.R. (EDITED BY), - The Case of Rudolf Hess. A Problem in Diagnosis and Forensic Psychiatry.
83543: REES, WYN (EDITED BY) (COLENSO, J.), - Colenso Letters from Natal
75821: REES, J.A.G. & BETTISON, J. (EDITED BY), - Processing and Packaging of Heat Preserved Foods
83807: REES, ABRAHAM, - Rees's Clocks, Watches, and Chronometers: (1819-20); a Selection from the Cyclopaedia, or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature
66893: REESE, GUSTAV & SNOW, ROBERT (EDITED BY), - Essays In Musicology,: In Honor Of Dragan Plamenac On His 70th Birthday
76493: REEVE, CLAUDE B., - The Musical Clock
82018: REEVE, AMY J., - Practical Home Millinery
75695: REEVE, CLARA, - The Old English Baron
53234: REEVES, JAMES, - Understanding Poetry
62874: REEVES, RICHARD STONE & ROBINSON, PATRICK, - Decade of Champions: The Greatest Years in the History of Thoroughbred Racing, 1970-1980
74058: REEVES, E.A. , AND MANY OTHERS (ALAN SILLITOE ASSOCIATION), - Hints to Travellers Eleventh Edition Volume One: Survey and Field Astronomy; Volume Two. Organisation and Equipment, Scientific Observation, Health, Sickness and Injury
80755: REEVES, RUTH, - Cire Perdue Casting in India
60601: REEVES, AMBROSE; LEWSEN, J.; CUTTEN, A.J.; XUMA, A.B.; HARRIS, E.E., - The "Western Areas" Removal Scherme. Facts and Viewpoints Presented at a Conference Convened By the S.A. Institute of Race Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand 22nd August 1953.
70529: REEVES, SIMS (1821-1900), - A 4pp Autograph Letter to Henry Irving, Signed and Dated March 5th 1882
84519: REFF, THEODORE, - Manet Olympia
76589: REGARDIE, ISRAEL, - Foundations of Practical Magic: An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical and Meditative Techniques
19468: NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT, - The North Lincoln Sphinx. A Regimental Periodical Compiled from the Original Papers, Furnished Principally By the Officers and Men of the Second Battalion of the Tenth of North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot.
40200: REGNAULT, CHANTAL & HOSTETLER, KARLA, - Artisans of Haiti / Artisanat D'Haiti
57262: NATIONAL ELECTRICITY REGULATOR (COMPILED BY), - Lighting Up South Africa. A Century of Electricity Serving Mankind
50651: REICH, PETER A., - Language Development.
84953: REICH, WILHELM, - The Function of the Orgasm (Volume One of the Discovery of the Orgone)
83124: REICH, WILHELM, - The Sexual Revolution: Toward a Self-Governing Character Structure
77129: REICH-RANICKI, MARCEL, - The Author of Himself, The Life of Marcel Reich-Ranicki
87215: REICHEL, FRIEDRICH, - Early Japanese Porcelain. Arita Porcelain in the Dresden Collection
75728: REICHEL-DOLMATOFF, GERARDO, - Rainforest Shamans: Essays on the Tukano Indians of the Northwest Amazon
54258: REICHERT, VICTOR E. (COMMENTARY BY), - Job (Soncino Books of the Bible)
48557: REICHMAN, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - Principles of Knitting Outerwear Fabrics and Garments. A Manual on Basic Stitch Formations and MacHine Types.
48558: REICHMAN, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - Double Knit Fabric Manual.
22946: DEUTSCHEN REICHS STATISTISCHEN REICHSAMT, - Die Wirtschaft Des Auslandes 1900 - 1927
53722: REICHSTEIN, HERBERT, - Praktisches Lehrbuch Der Kabbala. Magie Und Mystik Der Namen Und Zahlen.
83370: REID, CHARLES, - Figurative Watercolours
76658: REID, CLEMENT; BARROW, G.; DEWEY, HENRY, - The Geology of the Country Around Padstow and Camelford
76659: REID, CLEMENT, - The Geology of the Country around Salisbury:
76631: REID, CLEMENT, - The Geology of the Country Around Mevagissey
76632: REID, CLEMENT & FLETT, J.S., - The Geology of Land's End District
76636: REID, CLEMENT, - The Geology of the Country Near Chichester.
76639: REID, CLEMENT; BARROW, G.; SHERLOCK, R.L.; MACALISTER, D.A.; DEWEY, HENRY, - The Geology of the Country Around Tavistock and Launceston
76646: REID, CLEMENT, - The Geology of the Country Around Southampton.
76648: REID, CLEMENT & SCRIVENOR, J. B, - The Geology of the Country Near Newquay
54415: REID, FRANK H. & GOLDIE, WILLIAM., - Gold Als Oberflache. Technisches Und Dekoratives Vergolden, Verfahren, Anwendung, Bearbeiten Der Schichten, Eigenschaften Und Prufung.
52978: REID-DALY, RON, (AS TOLD TO PETER STIFF), - Selous Scouts Top Secret War
53020: REID, J.V.O. & WILMOT, A.J., - Medical Education in South Africa. Proceedings of the Conference on Medical Education Held at the University of Natal in July 1964
54068: REID-BIENEDELL, JOAN R. (COMPILED BY), - The Lawrence G. Green Where is it?
54139: REID, AILEEN, - Theatre Posters
49652: REID, HOWARD & CROUCHER, MICHAEL, - The Way of the Warrior: The Paradox of the Martial Arts
39908: REID, THOMAS (EDITED WITH NOTES ETC. BY G N WRIGHT), - Essays on the Active Powers of the Human Mind; An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense; and an Essay on Quantity (AND) Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, to Which is Annexes an Analysis of Aristotle's Logic
24962: REID, THOMAS PREFACE, NOTES AND SUPPLEMENTARY DISSERTATIONS BY WILLIAM HAMILTON), - The Works of Thomas Reid, D.D., Now Fully Collected, with Selections from His Unpublished Letters,..., Prefixed Stewart's Account of the Life and Writings of Reid
72137: REID-DALY, R.F., - Pamwe Chete : The Legend of the Selous Scouts
66505: REID-DALY, RON, - Staying Alive: A Southern African Survival Handbook
66630: REID-DALY, RON, - Staying Alive: A Southern African Survival Handbook
62968: REID, J.M., - Traveller Extraordinary. The Life of James Bruce of Kinnaird.
58782: REID, ROBERT, - The Piper's Delight
58860: REID, J.F. (INTRODUCTION BY) (NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS), - Symposium on Rock Mechanics and Strata Control in Mines Johannesburg April 1963 - June 1965
71083: REID-DALY, R.F., - Pamwe Chete the Legend of the Selous Scouts
76664: REID, CLEMENT, - The Geology of the Country around Ringwood
69330: REID=DALY, RON, - Staying Alive: A Southern African Survival Handbook
71598: REID, MILDRED J., - Writers: Make It Sell!
67886: REID, C. LESTOCK, - An Amateur in Africa
85008: REID, THOMAS (EDITED BY DEREK R. BROOKES), - An Inquiry into the Human Mind: On the Principles of Common Sense (Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid)
80079: REID, MICHAELA, - Ask Sir James: Sir James Reid, Personal Physician to Queen Victoria and Physician-in-Ordinary to Three Monarchs
71423: REID DALY, RON & STIFF, PETER, - Selous Scouts Top Secret War
82175: REID, JOSEPH L. (EDITED BY), - Antarctic Oceanography I
75798: O'REILLY, M.P. & BROWN, S.F. (EDITED BY), - Cyclic Loading of Soils
82566: O'REILLY, PETER, - Trout and Salmon Flies of Ireland
54771: REILLY, TERENCE E., - The Mlilwane Story. A History of Nature Conservation in the Kingdom of Swaziland and Fund Raising Appeal.
54512: REILLY, VALERIE, - Paisley Patterns. A Design Source Book
71700: REILLY, SIDNEY (EDITED AND COMPLETED BY MRS. REILLY), - The Adventures of Sidney Reilly, Britain's Master Spy
80663: REIMANN, HUGO, - Betrachtungen Zu Rudolf Steiners Mysteriendrama "Der Selen Erwachen" auf Grund von Notizen aus Mathilde Scholls Nachlass
47923: REIMOLD, W.U.; BRANDT, D.; DE JONG, R.; HANCOX, J., - Tswaing Meteorite Crater: An Introduction to the Natural and Cultural History of the Tswaing Region Including a Description of The Hiking Trail.
64725: REINECK, H.-E. & SINGH, I.B., - Depositional Sedimentary Environments: With Reference to Terrigenous Clastics
73994: REINER, C., - Lessons on Number: As Given in a Pestalozzian School, Cheam ...
73165: REINHARD, EDGAR, - Nomadic Architecture: Human Practicality Serves Human Emotion.
59211: REINISCH, H., - Saddle Bags / Sattel Taschen
69871: REIS, CARLOS, - O Discurso Ideológico do Neo-Realismo Português
73740: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O., - My life between Japan and America.
66514: REISENER, HASSO O., - The Special & Commemorative Postmarks, Cachets & Covers of South Africa 1892 - 1975
66513: REISENER, HASSO O., - The Special & Commemorative Postmarks, Cachets & Covers of South Africa 1892 - 1975
62312: REISFELD, A., - Warp Knit Engineering
61774: REISS, R.-A., - How Austria-Hungary Waged War in Serbia. Personal Investigations of a Neutral.
47148: REISSIG, J.L. (EDITED BY), - Microbial Interactions (Receptors and Recognition Series B Volume 3)
49090: REITH, JOHN, - Wearing Spurs
8241: REITMAYER, ULRICH, - Holzturen und holztore in handwerklicher construction
55827: REITSCH, HANNAH, - The Sky My Kingdom
80712: REITZ, FRANCIS WILLIAM (1844-1934), - A 2 1/2 Page Autograph Letter to Frans Vredenryk Engelenburg, on Union of South Africa Senate Letterhead, Signed and Dated 14 June 1917.
61615: REITZ, J.F., - Memoirs of A Somehow Soldier
50448: REITZ, F.W. (VERSAMELD DEUR), - Twee En Sestig Uitgesogte Afrikaanse Gedigte
56415: REITZ, HJ., - The Conversion of a South African Nationalist.
67250: REITZ, DENEYS (INTRODUCTION BY THOMAS PAKENHAM), - Commando. A Boer Journal of the Boer War.
66033: REITZ, F.W., - Outobiografie Met Sy Twee En Sestig Uitgesogte Afrikaanse Gedigte
37883: REIZEN (REJZEN; REISEN), ZALMAN, - Leksikon Fun Der Yidisher Literatur, Prese Un Filologi
23491: CATHOLIC INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, - Now Everyone is Afraid. The Changing Face of Policing in South Africa
74850: COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, - South Africa Hearings before the Subcommittee on African Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, 94th. Congress, 2nd.Session on South Africa - U.S.Policy & the Role of U.S.Corporations Sept. 8-30, 1976.
71630: CATHOLIC INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, - South Africa in the 1980's: State of Emergency
57732: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA, - Three Comrades
68204: REMBE, A.C. & VON ENZBERG, EUGEN, - Afrikanischer Totentanz. Band 1 - 4
41336: REMBOLD, S., - Ueber Pupillarbewegung Und Deren Bedeutung Bei Den Krankheiten Des Centralnervensystems. (Mittheilungen Aus Der Ophthalmologischen Klinik in Tubingen Zweites Heft)
70899: REMIZOV, ALEXEI, - On a Field Azure
1809: UNCLE REMUS, - Capetown's First Call: "Do You Remember" Confessions of the Broadcasting Staff.
63357: REMY, MYLENE, - Ghana Today
63358: REMY, MYLENE, - Ghana Today
85303: REMY, - The Gates Burst Open
81266: RENAUD, GEORGES, - La Belote
78384: RENAULT, MARY; FLEISCHER, TONY; (AND OTHRS) (EDITED BY), - New South African Writing: The South African P.E.N. Centre Presents Its Selection of the Best Original Writing of the Day. COMPLETE SET OF FIVE VOLUMES.
81227: RENAULT, - New Renault Cars 1922
70204: RENCKEN, C.R.C., - Die Uniegebou Die Eerste 75 Jaar
6657: RENCKEN, C.R.C, - Union Buildings ; The First 75 Years.
51453: RENDALL, IVANJ, - The Chequered Flag. 100 Years of Motor Racing.
59645: RENDALL, IVAN, - Ayrton Senna A Tribute
49820: RENDELL, MATT (EDITED BY), - The Olympics. Athens to Athens 1896 - 2004
10336: RENDELL, RUTH, - The Fallen Curtain and Other Storiess
14626: RENDELL, RUTH, - The New Girl Friend
50560: RENDLE, A.B., - The Classification of Flowering Plants. 1: Gymnosperms and Monocotyledons; II: Dicotyledons.
67604: RENFREW, COLIN (EDITED BY), - The Prehistory of Orkney BC 4000 - 1000 AD
83556: RENFREW, COLIN & MORLEY, IAIN (EDITED BY), - Becoming Human: Innovation in Prehistoric Material and Spiritual Culture
77216: RENNELL OF RODD, LORD, - British Military Administration of Occupied Territories in Africa.during the Years 1941-1947
87047: MACKINTOSH. CHARLES RENNIE (EDITED BY PATRICIA ROBERTSON), - Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Architectural Papers
79878: RENNIE, JOHN, - The Buildings of Central Cape Town. VOLUME ONE: Formative Influences and Classification.
79922: RENNLES, KEITH, - Independent Force: The War Diary of the Daylight Bomber Squadrons of the Independent Air Force, 6 June to 11 November 1918
72290: RENOIR, JEAN, - The Rules of the Game
87349: VAN RENSBURG, HORACE, - A Black and White Photograph of Van Rensburg, Inscribed and Signed on the Back as MP for Bryanston.
66171: VAN RENSBURG, FRIKKIE (EDITED BY), - S.A. Swem Jaarboek / S. A. Swimming Annual 1971
52629: VAN RENSBURG, NIC. J., - Population Explosion in Southern Africa
56356: VAN RENSBURG, F.I.J., - Sublieme Ambag (AND) Swewende Ewewig. Beskouings Oor Die Werk Van N P Van Wyk Louw I & II
65700: VAN RENSBURG, HANS, - Der weisse Sündenbock. Erinnerungen an die antienglische Widerstandsbewegung
79721: VAN RENSBURG, A. P. J., - Die Ekonomiese Herstel Van Die Afrikaner in Die Oranjerivier Kolonie 1902-1907
49837: VAN RENSBURG, S.W.J., - Breeding Problems and Artificial Insemination
52441: VAN RENSBURG, A.P.J. & VAN SCHOOR, M. C. E., - Die Geskiedenis Van Bethlehem 1864 - 1964
34798: VAN RENSBURG, HANS, - Their Paths Crossed Mine. Memoirs of the Commandant General of the Ossewa-Brandwag
84508: VAN RENSBURG, WILLEM; MASON, JUDITH; FREEMANTLE, BARBARA, - Judith Mason a Prospect of Icons
71372: VAN RENSBURG, THARIZA (INTRODUCTION, EDITING OF THE TEXT AND HISTORICAL NOTES BY); (ARMSTRONG, HENRIETTA), - Camp Diary of Henrietta E.C.Armstrong. Experiences of a Boer Nurse in the Irene Concentration Camp 6 April - 11 October 1901
48237: VAN RENSBURG, FRIKKIE, - G.W. Rugby. Die Ontstaan En Geskiedenis Van Griekwaland-Wes-Rugby 1886-1986
26082: VAN RENSBURG, A P J, - Contemporary Leaders of Africa
83920: VAN RENSBURG, A.P.J., - Aspekte van die Geskiedenis van Afrika
68184: VAN RENSBURG, J. F. J., - Lewensbeskrywing En Drie Toesprake
60309: VAN RENSBURG, HANS, - Their Paths Crossed Mine. Memoirs of the Commandant General of the Ossewa Brandwag.
80272: VAN RENSBURG, HEILA (EDITED BY), - Telkom the Great Connection
63878: VAN RENSBURG, N.A.J., - Pns Kerek. Ned. Geref. Kerk Colesberg Ingewy 1966
64334: VAN RENSBURG, CHRIS, - Johannesburg One Hundred Years
71391: VAN RENSBURG, DINGIE (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - Strengthening Local Government and
71526: VAN RENSBURG, THARIZA (EDITED BY), - Oorlogsjoernaal Van S. J. Burger 1899-1902
74262: VAN RENSBURG, A. P. J., - Africa's Men of Destiny
81905: VAN RENSBURG, A. P. J., - Bethlehem 125. Van Kerkplaats Tot Hartland Van Die Noordoostelike Vrystaat 1864-1989
85886: VAN RENSBURG, CHRIS, AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS., - Johannesburg One Hundred Years
61770: RENSHAW, JOHN, - Marzipan
57641: RENTOUL, IAN & WAKEFORD, TOM, - Gulf War British Air Arms
46237: RENTOUL, J.N., - Growing Orchids. Cymbidiums and Slippers
70843: RENWICK, ROBIN, - Unconventional Diplomacy in Southern Africa
56904: RENZI, LORENZO, - Introduzione Alla Foliologia Romanza
56927: RENZI, L. & CORTELAZZO, M., - La Lingua Italiana Oggi: Una Problema Scolastico e Sociale
65599: MONCKTON COMMISSION REPORT, - Report of the Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
69169: RAILWAY REPORT, - Aanvullende Verslag Van Die Interdepartmentele Komitee Vir Die Vervoer Van Nie Blankes....tussen Die Kaapse Vlakte En Die Simonstadspoorlyne.....
56088: SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC (RAILWAYS), - Correspondence Relating to the Explosives Monopoly In the South African Republic.
56089: SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC (RAILWAYS), - Correspondence Relating to the Closing of the Vaal River Drifts By the Government of the South African October 1895.
50819: SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC (RAILWAYS), - Spoorwegverslag Vir 1892.
50820: SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC (RAILWAYS), - Rapport Van De Zake De Verslagen Betreffende Spoorwegen Over Het Jaar 1892.
59436: CHAMBER OF MINES OF THESOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC, - Eleventh Annual Report for the Year Ending 31st December 1899
64436: ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK, - Verslag Van Het Telegraaf Departement Over Het Jaar 1898
18954: ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK, - De Staatscourant Gedurende Den Vrijheidsoorlog Van 1881. Herdrukt Op Gesag Der Regering Van De Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek
33180: ZUID-AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK, - Correspondentie Van De Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek Met Betrekking Tot De Kwestie Van Aziatische Gekleurde Personen. Nos. 1 / 2 / 3
64323: ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK, - Notulen Eener Conferentie Gehouden Tr Pretoria En Aanvange3nde Op Den 4dennovember 1895 in Zake Een Gemeenschappelijke Regeling Van Spporweaangelegenheden in Zuid Afrika./ Minutes of the Proceedings of a Conference... Concerning a Mutual Arrangement .....
76863: REQUIXA, RENATO (COORDINATED BY), - Brinquedos Tracionais Brasileiros (Traditional Toys of Brazil)
50604: RESCHER, NICHOLAS, - Scepticism
50605: RESCHER, NICHOLAS, - Leibnitz. An Introduction to His Philosophy.
54112: RESEARCH STAFF EQUINE RESEARCH, - Conditioning to Win
54113: RESEARCH STAFF EQUINE RESEARCH, - Photos and Drawings for Conformation & AQnatomy
81847: SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH (W WATKINS PITCHFORD), - Statement of Evidence Submitted By the South African Institute for Medical Research to the Low Grade Mines Commission August 1919
78071: IDAF RESEARCH, - Remember Kassinga, and Other Papers on Political Prisoners and Detainees in Namibia
78631: IDAF RESEARCH, - To Honour Women's Day: Thirty Profiles of Leading Women in the South African and Namibian Liberation Struggles
84334: NBRI RESEARCHERS (COMPILED BY), - Low Cost Housing
84335: NBRI RESEARCHERS (COMPILED BY), - Low Cost Housing
77263: RESHA, MAGGIE, - My Life in the Struggle: Mangoana O Tsoara Thipa Ka Bohaleng
83117: RESHEVSKY, SS., - How Chess Games are Won
77790: RESTANY, PIERRE, - Les Fers De Cesar
69211: RETI, RUDOLPH, - Tonality, Atonality, Pantonality. A Study in Some Trends in Twentieth Century Music.
8211: RETIEF, DEVILLE& CO, - Illustrated Price List of Vehicles
10457: RETIEF, P.J, - Die Retief-Familie In Suid Afrika
79256: RETIEF, M.W., - Verowerings vir Christus : Die Lewe van dr. W. H. Murray van Nyasaland
67935: RETIEF, HANLIE, - Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth
48551: RETTELBUSCH, ERNST, - Stilhandbuch / Handbook of Styles / Manuel Des Styles
83965: REUNALA, AARNE; TIKKANEN, ILPO; ASVIK, ESKO (EDITED BY), - The Green Kingdom: Finland's Forest Cluster
53902: REUNERT, MICHAEL, - Reunert: The First 100 Years
78903: REUNING, H. & WORTLEY, WE, - Psychological Studies of the Bushmen
80146: REUTER, LAUREL, - Georgie Papageorge
56003: REUTER, AMAND, - Native Marriages in South Africa According to Law and Custom
49303: REUTER, PAUL, - International Institutions
77105: REUTHER, H.G., - Das Rooibos Buch.
60981: REVELLI, GEORGE, - Resort to War
31021: REVELLO, JOSE TORRE, - Bibliografia De Las Islas Malvinas Obras Mapas y Documentos (contribucion)
50768: REVERE, PAUL, - Do Your Own Motor-bike Spraying & Customizing.
56728: QUARTERLY REVIEWER, - Aspects of the Jewish Question. Zionism and Anti-Semitism
47039: REVILL, DAVID, - The Roaring Silence. John Cage a Life
51784: REWALD, JOHN & VON MATT, LEONARD, - Degas Sculpture the Complete Works.
50019: REWALD, JOHN, - Giacomo Manzu
57331: REWALD, JOHN, - Maillol
80545: REWALD, JOHN, - Studies in Post-Impressionism.
75609: REWALD, JOHN, - Post-impressionism: from Van Gogh to Gauguin
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64110: ROBSON-SCOTT, W.D., - The Literary Background of the Gothic Revival in Germany: A Chapter in the History of Taste
67865: ROBSON, GRAHAM, - Triumph Spitfire and GT6 File
70004: ROBSON, GRAHAM, - Jaguar D Type & XKSS 'Works' & Customer Cars; Deetype & Lynx
47535: ROCHE, JEROME, - The Madrigal
47355: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO, - The Sacred Bullock
44956: ROCHE, HARRIET, - On Trek in the Transvaal, or Over Berg and Veldt in South Africa
75677: ROCHE, REGINA MARIA, - The Children of the Abbey
64378: DE LA ROCHE, MAZXO, - Chronicles of the Whiteoak Family of Jalna: The Building of Jalna; COMPLETE SET IN 16 Vols.
55340: ROCHEFOUCAULT, DUKE DE LA., - Maxims and Moral Reflections. An Improved Edition.
61612: ROCHON, ALEXIS MARIE, - A Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies to which is added, M. Brunel's Memoir of the Chinese Trade Translated by Joseph Trapp. Illustrated with an original map of Madagascar, drawn by M. Robert. Translated from the French, by Joseph Trapp, A.M.
83400: ROCK, BRIAN (EDITED BY), - Spirals of Suffering. Public Violence and Suffering.
74357: ROCKE, MATTHIAS, - Das Grosse Mercedes Heckflossen-Buch.,
67718: ROCKWELL, JOHN, - Sinatra: An American Classic
59623: RODA, RODA, - Ein Fruhling in Amerika
54236: RODALE, J.I., - Pay Dirt Farming and Gardening with Composts
64844: RODARI, FLORIAN, - De Cezanne a Dubuffet. Collection Jean Planque
58347: RODD, JAMES RENNELL, - Social and Diplomatic Memories 1884-1893; 1894=-1901; 1902-1919
74683: RODE, K.P; SHARMA, N.L.;, - Memoirs of the Rajputana University, Department of Geology NUMBERS 1-12 )LACKING #&)
79770: VON RODEN, GUNTER & VOGEDES, R., - Geschichte der Duisburger Juden
50250: RODENGEN, JEFFREY L., - The Legend of Chris-Craft
70968: RODENGEN, JEFFREY L., - The Ship in the Balloon - The Story of Boston Scientific and the Development of Less-Invasive Medicine
36638: RODERICK, J.P., - Cattle and Cackle
72025: RODERIGUES, JAN, - The Game Rangers - 78 authentic sories from the African Bush.
87029: RODGER, JAMES (EDITED BY), - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cape Town : a Centenary Record 1829-1929
70298: RODGER, JAMES (EDITED BY), - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cape Town : a Centenary Record 1829-1929
77572: RODGER, LEX (EDITED BY VANESSA DIESEL), - Waterberg: Vintage Waterberg and Timeless Waterberg
6489: RODGERS, DAVID, C, - South African Steam Today
80547: RODGERS, DAVID, - William Morris At Home: An Intimate View Of His Life & Homes, Including Personal Recipes
57050: RODIN, AUGUSTE (PREFACE HERBERT READ), - Cathedrals of France
80700: RODIN, (FRANCOIS) AUGUSTE (1840-1917), - A 1 Page Brief Autograph Letter, Signed, Undated to an Unknown Correspondent.
77830: RODIN, AUGUSTE, - Cathedrals of France
53593: RODMAN, SELDEN, - Artists in Tune with Their World. Masters of Popular Art in the Americas & Their Relation to the Folk Tradition.
61297: RODNEY, WALTER, - West Africa and the Atlantic Slave-Trade.
66136: RODNEY, C.M., - Jameson's Ride to Johannesburg
83746: RODNEY, WALTER, - How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
15749: RODNEY, C.M., - Jameson's Ride to Johannesburg: An Incident During the Scare.
82753: RODOKANAKIS, J.A., - The Last of the Byzantines: The Black Book
51886: RODRIGUES, J.E. DE MESQUITA., - Contribuicao Para o Conhecimnto Das Phaeophyceae Da Costa Portuguesa (Memorias Da Sociedade Broteriana Volume XVI)
49747: RODRIGUEZ-AGUILERA, CESAREO, - Picassos in Barcelona
62850: RODRIGUEZ, DELFIN, - The Palace of the Marquis of Salamanca.
56179: ROEHLER, KLAUS, - The Dignity of Night
55424: ROEMER, RUTH, - Legislative Action to Combat the World Tobacco Epidemic
72172: ROERICH, NICHOLAS, - Leaves of Morya's Garden 1924 AND 1925 (2 Volume Set)
55472: ROESS, ROGER P.; PRASSAS, ELENA S.; MCSHANE, WILLIAM R., - Traffic Engineering
71814: ROESTORF, MARGARET, - The Dog of Air: Tales and Paintings
74309: ROETZEL, BERNHARD, - Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion
84638: ROGERS, AUSTIN S., - Lights at Eventide
52438: ROGERS, HOWARD & LEE, SHERMAN E., - Masterworks of Ming and Qing Painting from the Forbidden City.
64143: ROGERS, AUSTIN S., - Gleams in the Mist
51307: ROGERS, D.G. FLETCHER, - 'Conways and the Falklands'. 1914 to 1982 and in Between By Some Who Were There.
52438: ROGERS, HOWARD & LEE, SHERMAN E., - Masterworks of Ming and Qing Painting from the Forbidden City.
47503: ROGERS, J.M.; CAGMAN, FILIZ; TANINDI, ZEREN, - Topkapi: The Albums and Illuminated Manuscripts
47768: ROGERS, BRUCE, - Paragraphs on Printing Elicited from Bruce Rogers in Talks with James Hendrickson on the Functions of the Book Designer.
47971: ROGERS, WOODES (NOTES ETC BY ROBERT C. LESLIE), - Life Aboard a British Privateer in the Time of Queen Anne, Being the Journal of Captain Woodes Rogers Master Mariner.
47782: ROGERS, E. JOY, - Notes of a Tour Through Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Arabia Petraea to the Holy Land Including a Visit to Athens, Sparta, Delphi, Cairo, Thebes, Mount Sinai, Petra, 7c.
78644: ROGERS, JOHN, - Striking Against Apartheid. New Moves in the Struggle for Southern Africa.
67595: ROGERS, J. E. THOROLD, - The Economic Interpretation of History. Lectures delivered in Worcester College Hall, Oxford, 1887-8.
42482: ROGERS, HOWARD, - Native Administration in the Union of South Africa, Being a Brief Survey Of the Organisation, Functions,and Activities of the Department of Native Affairs of the Union of South Africa.
83208: ROGERS, PETER & AVEDON, RICHARD & KING, BILL, - What Becomes a Legend Most? The Blackglama Story
61255: ROGERS, J.A., - From "Superman" to Man
61338: ROGERS, BRIAN, - Charles Nodier Eet La Tentation De La Follie
69696: ROGERS, DAVID, - Zambia Safari in Style
61715: ROGERS, CYRIL A., - Zimbabwe Heritage. Contemporary Visual Arts. Commemorative Catalogue.....25 August - 28 September 1986.
72632: ROGERS, A. W., - The Pioneers in South African Geology and Their Work
82509: ROGERS, BARBARA, - White Wealth and Black Poverty: American Investments in Southern Africa
66195: ROGERS, J., - The Geology of Robberg, Plettenberg Bay. (Honours Project July 1966)
78277: ROGERS, CLIVE (EDITED BY), - Early Islamic Textiles
70606: ROGERS, A.W., - Report on the Prospect of Finding Oil in the Southern Karoo
76080: ROGERS, DAVID, - Classic Safari Camps of Africa
73273: ROGERS, A.W.; DU TOIT, A.L.; SCHWARZ, E.H.L, - Annual Report of the Geological Commission 1903 (AND) Annual Report of the Geological Commission 1904
71866: ROGERS, A.W. & BROOM, R., - An Introduction to the Geology of Cape Colony with a Chapter on the Fossil Reptiles of the Karroo Formation
73274: ROGERS, A.W.; DU TOIT, A.L.; SCHWARZ, E.H.L, - Annual Report of the Geological Commission 1903 (AND) Annual Report of the Geological Commission 1905 (AND) Annual Report of the Geological Commission 1906
58167: ROGERSON, JOHN, - Understanding Your Dog
59091: ROGET, PETER MARK, - Animal and Vegetable Physiology Considered with Reference to Natural Theology. Third Edition, with Numerous Additions and Emendations. Bridgewater Treatise V.
72092: ROGISTER, MAXIMILIAN VON, - Momella: An African Game Paradise.
12310: ROGLIATTI, GIANNI, - Period Cars
85112: GRANT & ROGOFF, - Everyman's Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Guide
16045: ROHLFS, MATTHIAS, - Siebenfacher Konigl. Gross. Britannisch- Und Thur. Furstl. Braunschweig Luneburgischer Staats-Calender....Auss 1774. Jahr Christi.....welchen Allen Bengefuget Das Staats Register....
67364: ROHMER, SAX, - The Slaves of Sumuru
74353: ROHMER, SAX, - The Shadow of Fu Manchu
52078: ROHMER, SAX, - Brood of the Witch-Queen
52079: ROHMER, SAX, - Moon of Madness
50847: ROHMER, SAX, - The Shadow of Fu Manchu
50848: ROHMER, SAX, - She Who Sleeps
50876: ROHMER, SAX, - The Day the World Ended
50879: ROHMER, SAX, - Seven Sins
50880: ROHMER, SAX, - The Emperor of America
50881: ROHMER, SAX, - White Velvet
50882: ROHMER, SAX, - Yu'an Hee See Laughs
56405: ROHMER, SAX, - The Wrath of Fu Manchu and Other New Stories
27474: ROHMER, SAX, - Re-Enter Dr. Fu Manchu
67377: ROHMER, SAX, - The Wrath of Fu Manchu
67363: ROHMER, SAX, - Hangover House
67358: ROHMER, SAX, - Emperor Fu Manchu
85101: ROITER, FULVIO, - Magic Venice in Carnival
71751: ROITER, FULVIO, - Living Venice
83910: ROITMAN, JANET, - Fiscal Disobedience: An Anthropology of Economic Regulation in Central Africa
71124: ROJEL, JORGEN, - The 1949-cruise of the Viking ship Hugin
82567: ROKA, MIKLOS SZABADICS, - Arqueologia de la prehistoria de Venezuela =: Archeology of the prehistory of Venezuela
47851: ROLAND HOLST, A., - Tusschen Vuur En Maan. Twee Verhalen .
53876: ROLAND, GEORGE, - An Introductory Course of Fencing
11620: ROLAND, ARTHUR, - Farming for Pleasure and Profit ; Third Section ; Tree Planting
77895: ROLFE, FR. (BARON CORVO), - Don Tarquinio: A Kataleptic Phantasmatic Romance.
57038: ROLIN, HENRI, - Rolin's Rhodesia
82931: ROLLAND, ROMAIN, - Revolt of the Machines or Invention Run Wild. A Motion Picture Fantasy
75503: ROLLESTON, T.W. (AFTER RICHARD WAGNER), - The Tale of Lohengrin: Knight of the Swan: after the Drama of Richard Wagner
13368: ROLLIN, M., - The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians
75449: ROLLIN, JACK (EDITED BY), - World Soccer: The International Magazine January 1968= December 1968
35601: ROLLIN, MR., - The Antient History of the Egyptians, Cathaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, MacEdonians and Grecians
56109: ROLLINS, MARK (EDITED BY), - Danto and His Critics
76777: ROLLINS, CARL PURINGTON, - Theodore Low De Vinne Together with a List of De Vinne's Writings His Reflections on the Century Typeface and an Interview with Mr. De Vinne at Seventy-Five
47292: ROLLS, S.C., - Steel Chariots in the Desert
11461: ROLT, L.T.C, - A Hunslet Hundred One Hundred Years of Locomotive Building By the Hunslet Engine Company
40185: ROLT, L.T.C., - Tools for the Job. A Short History of MacHine Tools
79232: ROMAIN, KEN, - Larger than Life: Donald Gordon and the Liberty Life Story
81643: ROMAIN, LOTHAR, - Ben Willikens. Metaphysik des Raumes. Metaphysics of Space.
31848: ROMAINE, SUZANNE, - Bilingualism
49619: ROMAN DE BERA, P., - Diccionario Castellano Vasco
35855: ROMANES, G.J., - Jelly-fish, Star-fish and Sea-Urchins, Being a Research on Primitive Nervous Systems
81503: ROMANO, CHATA, - Style
81504: ROMANO, CHATA, - Colour
66776: ROMANOF, PANTELEIMON, - Three Pairs of Silk Stockings - A Novel of the Life of the Educated Class Under the Soviet
81784: ROMANOVSKY-KRASSINSKY, PRINCESS, - Dancing in Petersburg: The Memoirs of Kschessinska
72306: ROMBERG, OTTO R. & URBAN-FAHR, SUSANNE (EDITED BY), - Jews in Germany After 1945: Citizens or "Fellow" Citizens?
41343: ROMER, PAUL, - Verkalkung Der Retina Bei Chronischer Nephritis, Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zur Pathologischen Anatomie Des Glaukoms Und Der Retinitis Proliferans.
15469: ROMER, C.F. & MAINWARING, A.E., - The Second Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers in the South African War with a Description of the Operations in the Aden Hinterland
66886: ROMI, - Petite Histoire des Cafés Concerts parisiens. Préface de Robert Beauvais.
76965: ROMILLY, HUGH HASTINGS (EDITED BY ROMILLY, S.H.), - Letters From the Western Pacific and Mashonaland 1878 - 1891.
80353: ROMM, M., - Galut and Redemption and Other Sermons and Addresses on All Occasions
12088: ROMOCKI, S.J. VON, - Geschichte Der Explosivstoffe. 1. Geschichte Der Sprengstoffchemie, Der Sprengtechnik Und Des Torpedowesens Bis Zum Beginn Der Neuesten Zeit. 2. Die Rauchschwachen Pulver in Ihrer Entwickelung Bis Zur Gegenwart
64598: ROMPEL-KOOPMAN, L., - Verloren En Herwonnen Levens
60639: ROMPEL-KOOPMAN, I., - Wat Mevrouw Generaal Joubert Vertelt
61240: ROMPEL-KOOPMAN, L., - In Het Land Van Piet Retief
47037: RONALD, LANDON, - Myself and Others. Written Lest I Forget.
70272: RONALD, LANDON & SYMONS, ARTHUR, - Four Silhouettes (Medium Voice)
48834: RONAN, COLIN, - Sir Isaac Newton
83016: ROOD, BETSIE, - Malay Cooking
81874: ROOD, BETSIE, - Uit Die Veldapteek
78355: ROODT, VERONICA, - The Shell Field Guide to the Common Trees of the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve
78783: ROODT, LEON, - The Architecture of the Orange Free State Republic 1854-1902. A Comparative Studu of the Sultural Conflicts and Building Achievements of a Model Republic.
46036: ROODT, VERONICA, - Trees and Shrubs of the Okavango Delta Medicinal Uses and Nutritional Value
71524: ROODT, ADRIAAN, - Die Kaapse Rebel. Die Oorlogsavonture Van Kommandant Edwin Conroy Tydens Die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog
61767: ROODT, DAN, - The Scourge of the ANC (AND) Afrikaner Survival Under Black rule. Two Essays
76106: ROODT, VERONICA, - Common Wild Flowers of the Okavango Delta: Medicinal Uses and Nutritional Value
54091: ROOINEK (CAPT. LOUIS PATRICK BOWLER), - African Nights. A Mystery Narrative of Surprises.
48734: ROOKMAAKER, H.R., - Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
77244: ROOM, ADRIAN, - Room's Classical Dictionary. The Origins of the Names of Characters in Classical Mythology
60776: JUPITER DRAWING ROOM, - The Agency Book Vol. 1. A Compendium of the Work and Credentials of the Forty Largest Above-the-line Advertising Agencies in South Africa.
53773: ROOME, W.J.W., - Can Africa be Won
69128: ROOME, WM. J. W., - Through Central Africa for the Bible
80101: ROONEY, E. ASHLEY, - Fences, Gates, & Walls
48991: ROOS, J. DE V. (TRANSLATED BY F.J. LE ROUX), - 'N Eeu Van Onreg
72224: ROOS, NICO, - Kuns in Suidwes - Afrika / Art in South - West Africa / Kunst in Sudwestafrika
51933: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, - The Foes of Our Own Household.
58631: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, - African Game Trails
84260: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, - African Game Trails
54542: ROOT, ROBERT KILBURN, - The Poetical Career of Alexander Pope
56347: ROOT, A.I., - The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture. An Encyclopedia Pertaining to Scientific and Practical Culture of Bees
80282: ROOT, GAIL (TECHNICAL EDITOR), - Nosler Reloading Manual NUMBER THRE
58040: ROOTSHTAIN, GLORIAQ, - Cooking with a Connoisseur
81734: VAN ROOY, M.P. (EDITED BY), - Meteorology of the Antarctic
72591: VAN ROOY, M.P. (EDITED BY), - Meteorology of the Antarctic
68593: VAN ROOYEN, QUINTUS (EDITED BY), - S.A. Rugbyskrywers / S.A. Rugby Writers Rugbyjaarboek 1972 Rugby Annual.
51880: VAN ROOYEN, PIET, - Diving and Spearfishing in South Africa.
48218: VAN ROOYEN, ANNLERIE (EDITED BY), - Zimbabwe the Beautiful. Celebrating the Land.
34064: VAN ROOYEN, JOHAN, - Maggie Laubser
63251: VAN ROOYEN, JAN J. (EDITED BY), - Altyd Nuut. Nasionale Party Regeer 40 Jaar. Kaapstad 26 Mei 1988
79792: VAN ROOYEN, ANNELIZE, - Die Afrikaanse Naamboek
58750: VAN ROOYEN, T.S., - Kommunisme in Afrika
73102: VAN ROOYEN, JAN J., - P. W. Botha 40 Jaar
82862: VAN ROOYEN, JOHANN, - Game Capture and Relocation Guide
82612: VAN ROOYEN, PIET, - Diving and Spearfishing in South Africa
48466: ROPER, CARL A., - Handcuffs, U.S. Vol. I
58736: ROPER, E.R., - Land Banks for South Africa
78938: ROPERS, O., - Morgenländische Teppiche. Ein Auskunftsbuch für Sammler und Liebhaber.
58379: AFRICAN WIRE ROPES, - African Wire Ropes Limited: CATALOGUE
51325: ROPNER, PAMELA, - The Golden Impala
84285: ROQUE, FATIMA MOURA, - Building the Future in Angola: A Vision for Sustainable Development
45867: RORKE, MELINA, - Melina Rorke Told By Herself
77648: RORKE, MELINA, - Melina Rourke Her Amazing Experiences in the Stormy Nineties o South African History
57388: RORSCHACH, HERMANN, - Psychodiagnostic
51846: RORTY, RICHARD, - Essays on Heidegger and Others. Philosophicalm Papers Vol.2
70704: RORTY, RICHARD, - Consequences of Pragmatism: Essays, 1972-1980
63927: RORVIK, HONOR & POLAND, HOPE, - Flower Fairies of Our Land
58917: ROSAI, JUAN, - Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology
83018: ROSBERG, CARL & NOTTINGHAM, JOHN, - The Myth of Mau Mau Nationalism in Kenya
58585: ROSBERG, KEKE & BOTSFORD, KEITH, - Keke. An Autobiography
80022: ROSCOE, E.S. & CLERGUE, HELEN (EDITED BY), - George Selwyn His Letters and His Life
27815: ROSCOE, WILLIAM, - The Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, Called the Magnificent
17632: ROSCOE, JOHN, - The Baganda. An Account of Their Native Customs and Beliefs
77160: ROSCOE, JOHN, - The Bakitara or Banyoro : The First Part of the Report of the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to Central Africa (AND)The Banyankole. The Second Part of the Report of the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to Central Africa.
74319: ROSCOE, H., - John Dalton and the Rise of Modern Chemistry.
72474: ROSE-INNES, J., - Redevoering Door Den Edelen Heer J. Rose-Innes in De Municipale Zaal Claremont, Kaap Kolonie, 30 Maart, 1900
74723: ROSE, EDWARD B., - The Truth About the Transvaal : A Record of Facts Based upon Twelve Years' Residence in the Country.
68531: ROSE, STEVEN (EDITED BY), - C B W : Chemical and Biological Warfare. Its Scope, Implications and Future Development.
55088: ROSE, WALTER, - The Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern Africa.
53157: ROSE, BRIAN (EDITED BY), - No Mean City
35042: ROSE, W. KINNAIRD, - With the Greeks in Thessaly
84936: ROSE, WALTER, - Snakes Mainly South African
20827: ROSE, WALTER, - Snakes Mainly South African
71953: ROSE, H.J., - A Handbook Of Greek Literature From Homer To The Age Of Lucian.
83033: ROSE, JUNE, - Mistress of Montmartre: Life of Suzanne Valadon
82743: ROSE, JOHN, - Egyptian Hieroglyphs : A Concise Method of Translation
66671: ROSE, J. HOLLAND; NEWTON, A.P.; BENIANS, E.A. (EDITED BY), - The Growth of the New Empire 1783-1870 (Cambridge History of the British Empire VOLUME II)
82420: ROSE-ACKERMAN, ROSE, - Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences, and Reform
2267: ROSE, BARBARA, - Frankenthaler
16007: ROSE, JOSHUA, - The Slide Valve Practically Explained
63067: ROSE, F. HORACE, - The Night of the World. A Romance.
63172: ROSE, FABIAN, - Victory March. Dedicated Tio the Officers and Men of the British Army, Navy and Colonial Volunteers Engaged in the Transvaal 1899-1900
67004: ROSE, W., - Veld and Vlei. An Account of South African Frogs, Toads, Lizards, Snakes, and Tortoises.
85089: ROSE, THOMAS KIRKE & NEWMAN, W.A.C., - The Metallurgy of Gold

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