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49832: PERRY, RICHARD, - A Naturalist in Lindisfarne
36779: PERRY, CLARENCE ARTHUR, - Housing for the Machine Age
68831: PERRY, EDWARD BAXTER, - Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works
60537: PERRY, MICHAEL J., - Morality Politics and Law
82913: PERRY, ANN, - African Secondary School Leavers. Employment Experiences and Attitudes to Employment
76352: PERRYER, SOPHIE (EDITED BY), - Art South Africa VOL.1 No.3
76353: PERRYER, SOPHIE (EDITED BY), - Art South Africa VOL.1 No.4
59954: PERRYMAN, JANE, - Traditional Pottery of India
72565: NASIONALE PERS, - Ons Skrywers En Hul Werke
67987: PERSICHETTI, VINCENT, - Twentieth Century Harmony : Creative Aspects and Practice
63558: PERSITZ, A. (PRESENTED BY), - Architecture d'Aujourdhui. Issue 21. Architecture Contemporaine dans le monde.
48202: PERUCHO, JEAN, - Joan Miro and Catalonia
31617: PESKIN, STANLEY, - Pact Opera. The First Twenty-five Years
66451: PESSOA DE MELO, VITAL M. T., - Tramas
69870: PESSOA, FERNANDO, - Obras Em Prosa
69821: PESSOA, FERNANDO (TRANSLATED BY SUZETTE MACEDO), - The Tobacconists Tabacaria
84210: PESSOA, FERNANDO, - Fernando Pessoa Obra Poetica volume Unico
66780: PESTMAN, P.W., - The New Papyrological Primer
69207: PETENI, R. L., - Hill of Fools
85595: PETENI, R.L., - Hill of Fools: A Novel of the Ciskei
52288: PETER, THURSTAN C. (EDITED BY), - The Parish Registers of Redruth in Cornwall 1560 - 1716
82281: HADDOW.G.W.GROSZ.PETER M., - The German Giants: The Story of the R-Planes 1914-1919.
63125: PETERDI, GABOR, - Printmaking. Methods Old and New
40206: PETERKIEWICZ, JERZY, - The Third Adam
49960: PETERMANN, BRUNO, - The Gestalt Theory and the Problem of Configuration.
86163: PETERS, JULIA & WOLPER, ANDREA (EDITED BY), - Women's Rights, Human Rights: International Feminist Perspectives
80727: PETERS, CARL, - King Solomon's Golden Ophir
56353: PETERS, ELLIS (PSEUD. EDITH PARGETER), - The Horn of Roland
50647: PETERS, ANN M., - The Units of Language Acquisition
47471: PETERS, WALTER, - Baukunst in Sudwestafrika 1884-1914
18005: PETERS, CARL, - New Light on Dark Africa, Being the Narrative of the German Emin Pasha Expedition
56887: PETERS, CARL, - Die Deutsche Emin-Pascha Expedition
63030: PETERS, CARL, - New Light on Dark Africa, Being the Narrative of the German Emin Pasha Expedition
78550: PETERS, ELLIS (PSEUD. EDITH PARGETER), - Death to the Landlords
78549: PETERS, ELLIS (PSEUD. EDITH PARGETER), - City of Gold and Shadows
78547: PETERS, ELLIS (PSEUD. EDITH PARGETER), - The Potter's Field
78548: PETERS, ELLIS (PSEUD. EDITH PARGETER), - The Heretic's Apprentice
24410: PETERS, C, - The Eldorado of the Ancients
36805: PETERS, W.H. (CO-ORDINATED AND SUPERVISED BY), - Luderitz and Environs: A Study in Conservation.
84278: PETERS, W.H. & DU PREEZ, J.L., - Hmond 2013. A Study in Conservation
4724: PETERS, CARL, - The Eldorado Of The Ancients
60353: PETERS, J., - The Communist Party. A Manual on Organization
1167: PETERS, ELIZABETH (AS MERTZ, BARBARA), - Temples Tombs and Hieroglyphs.
86724: PETERSEN, NEVILLE, - On Assignment in the Old SA - A Photographic Journey Through History
63641: PETERSEN, AD & BRATTINGA, PIETER, - Sandberg. Een Documentaire. A Documentary.
74593: PETERSON, HAROLD L., - Daggers And Fighting Knives Of The Western World From the Stone Age Till 1900
13435: PETERSSON, R.T., - Sir Kenelm Digby. The Ornament of England
77552: PETIT, GASTON & ARBOLEDA, AMADIO, - Evolving Techniques in Japanese Woodblock Prints
69973: PETITTI, DIANA B., - Meta-Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Methods for Quantitative Synthesis in Medicine
58187: PETRANZAN, MARGHERITA, - Gae Aulenti
13071: PETRICH, HERMANN, - Herman Theodor Wangemann. Sein Leben Und Wirken Fur Gottes Reich Und Fur Das Missionswerk Insonderheit
63704: PETRICH, MARIO, - Rings and Semigroups
77672: PETRIE, FLINDERS, - Egyptian Architecture
57440: PETRILLO, ALAN M., - The Number 5 Jungle Carbine
85484: PETROVA, EVA, - Jan Smetana
24576: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI, - Kilims. The Art of Tapestry Weaving in Anatolia, the Caucasus and Persia
59236: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI (EDITED BY), - Tulips, Arabesques & Turbans. Decorative Arts from the Ottoman Empire
59242: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI & BALPINAR, BELKIS, - Kilims Masterpieces from Turkey
72945: PETTENGILL, OLIN SEWALL, - Another Penguin Summer
58618: PETTERSEN, ARVID J., - Thapong International Artists' Workshop. Mahalapye Botswana 1995
54274: PETTERSSEN, GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS II, - The Sea Captain Sounds Himself.
57327: PETTERSSON, HANS, - Westward Ho with the 'Albatross'.
76606: PETTIE, JASPER, - Guy Buses in Camera
80297: PETTIFER, TERY, - No Punches Pulled
64312: PETTIFER, TERRY, - No Punches Pulled
55235: PETTITT, STEPHEN J., - Philharmonia Orchestra. A Record of Achievement 1945-1985
70238: PETTITT, CLARE, - Dr Livingstone, I Presume? : Missionaries, Journalists, Explorers, and Empire
45393: PETTMAN, CHARLES (FOREWORD BY P E RAPER), - South African Place Names
71238: PETTMAN, CHARLES, - Africanderisms. A Glossary of South African Colloquial Words and Phrases and of Place and Other Names
65568: PETTMAN, CHARLES, - South African Place Names; Past and Present
68799: PETTMAN, CHARLES, - Notes on South African Place Names
30323: PETTMAN, CHARLES, - Notes on South African Place Names
16402: PETTUS, WILLIAM S. (TRANSLATED BY), - The Fine Art of Reviling
63906: PETTY, WILLIAM, - The Political Anatomy of Ireland. With the establishment for that kingdom when the late Duke of Ormond was Lord Lieutenant. Taken from the records. To which is added Verbum sapienti; or an account of the wealth and expenses of England, and the method ...
74832: PETULENGRO, GIPSY, - A Romany Life
81243: PEUGEOT, - Sales Brochure Peugeot 203
73478: PEVSNER, NICHOLAS, - An Outline of Europen Architecture: Jubilee Edition`
50622: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, - Ruskin and Viollet-Le-Duc . Englishness and Frenchness in the Appreciation of Gothic Architecture.
68363: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, - Johannesburg: The Development of a Contemporary Vernacular in the Transvaal.
46944: PEWSEY, ELIZABETH, - Children of Chance
47036: PEYSER, JOAN, - Leonard Bernstein
41344: PFALZ, G., - Die Spruchpraxis Des Reichsversicherungsamtes Bei Augenverletzungen Und Sehstorungen.
15564: PFANNSCHMIDT, ERNST ERIK, - Metallmobel Meubles Metalliques. Metal Furniture
35166: PFEFFER, W. (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY ALFRED J. EWART), - The Physiology of Plants. A Treatise Upon the Metabolism and Sources of Energy in Plants
85670: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS, - Frank Lloyd Wright: Treasures of Taliesin, Seventy Six Unbuilt Designs
75773: PFEIL, DON & HAYNES, JOHN H., - Fuel Injection Manual: Bosch; Chrysler; Ford; GM
73382: PFITZNER, E. & WANGEMANN, D., - Wilhelm Posselt, der Kaffern-Missionar., Ein Lebensbild aus der südafrikanischen Mission, von dem Missionar selbst beschrieben und nach seinen berichten ergänzt, fortgeführt und herausgegeben.
41409: PFLUGER, PROF., - Augenklinik in Bern. Bericht Das Jahr 1878
77883: VON PFLUGK-HARTUNG, J., - Ullsteins Weltgeschichte. Die Entwicklung der Menschheit in Staat und Gesellschaft, in Kultur und Geistesleben. Band 1: Altertum. Band 2: Mitelalter. Band 3: Der Orient. Band 4: Neuzeit (1500-1650). Band 5 Neuzeit (1650-1815). Band 6: Neuzeit (seit 1815)
85580: PHAN HUY LE, NGUYEN DINH CHIEN & NGUYEN QUANG NGOC, - Bat Trang Ceramics. 14th 19th Centuries
65928: PHAUP, A.E., - Chemical Analyses of the Rocks, Ores and Minerals of Rhodesia
74399: SMITH ANDREW B (TEXT BY) & PHEIFFER R (TRANSLATIONS BY)), - The Khoikhoi at the Cape of Good Hope: Seventeenth-Century Drawings in the South African Library
50382: PHEILS, E.T., - Osteopathy. Reprint of Letter from "The Nineteenth Century and After" April 1926
81295: PHELAN, NANCY, - Charles Mackerras A Musician's Musician
70687: PHELPS, ELIZABETH STUART, - My Cousin and I. A Story in Two Parts.
39877: PHILANDER, P.J., - Die Bruin Kokon
45148: PHILBY, H. ST. JOHN, - Forty Years in the Wilderness
35511: PHILBY, H. ST. J. B, - The Empty Quarter Being of the Great South Desert of Arabia Known as the rub' al Khali
34303: PHILBY, H. ST. JOHN B., - Arabian Days. An Autobiography
42959: PHILBY, H. ST.J. B., - The Empty Quarter Being a Description of the Great South Desert of Arabia Known as Rub' al Khali
42960: PHILBY, H. ST.J. B., - Arabian Jubliee
66683: PHILBY, H. ST. JOHN, - Harun al Rashid
48192: MAYER PHILIP (EDITED BY), - Black Villagers in an Industrial Society. Anthropological Perspectives on Labour Migration in South Africa
49559: PHILIP, GEORGE, - Union of South Africa.
2025: PHILIP, JOHN, - Researches in South Africa, Illiustrating The Civil, Moral and Religious condition of the Native Tribes.
64333: PHILIP, PETER, - Discharged Soldiers and Sailors Who Were Granted Permission to Remain at the Cape: 1815-1824 (Supplementa Ad Familia I)
76446: PHILIP, PERTER, - British Residents at the Cape, 1795-1819: Biographical Records of 4800 Pioneers
69882: UNITED STATES PHILIPPINES, - Joint Preparatory Committee on Philippine Affairs: Report of May 20, 1938. Volume III: Briefs Submitted to the Committee; Group 1: Briefs Submitted in Printed Form; Group Two: Briefs Submitted in Typewritten Form
58844: PHILIPPOT, PAUL, - La Peinture Dans Les Anciens Pays Bas XVe - XVIe Siecles
16571: PHILIPS, JOHN, - Poems on Several Occasions
10244: PHILIPS, JUDSON, - The Power Killers
79101: PHILIPS, JOHN (FOREWORD BY), - Knysna Elephants Final Report // Knysna Olifante Finale Verslag 1970
87212: PHILIPSON, MABEL, - A Plain Card, Embossed House of Commons, Inscribed "Every Good wish" and Signed By Mabel Philipson
76361: PHILIPSON, DAVID; NEUMARK, DAVID; MORGENSTERN, JULIAN (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE), - Studies in Jewish Literature. Issued in Honor of Prof. Dr. Kaufmann Kohler, on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday.
35366: PHILLIPS, E.P., - A Contribution to the Flora of the Leribe Plateau and Environs, with a Discussion on the Relationships of the Floras of Basutoland, the Kalahari and the South Eastern Regions. (Annals of the South African Museum Volume XVI Part 1)
12671: PHILLIPS, TOM, - Works Texts to 1974
82837: PHILLIPS, LIONEL (EDITED BY FRASER, MARYNA), - Some Reminiscences
55901: PHILLIPS, CHARLES W., - My Life in Archaeology. Early Years. Sutton Hoo. Ordnance Survey.
61431: PHILLIPS, MARY, - The Cave of Uncle Kwa
52882: PHILLIPS, JAMES, - Nunchaku II: A Nunchaku Encyclopedia
51025: PHILLIPS, TOM (EDITED BY), - Africa. The Art of a Continent.
48717: PHILLIPS, RAY E., - The Bantu in the City. A Study of Cultural Adjustment on the Witwatersrand
49096: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS, - Cockleshell Heroes
49121: PHILLIPS, THOMAS HAL, - Kangaroo Hollow
56387: PHILLIPS, HENRY, - The True Enjoyment of Angling
1705: PHILLIPS, JOHN., - The General History Of Inland Navigation, Containing A Complete Accouint Of All The Canals Of The United Kingdom.
15590: PHILLIPS, E. PERCY, - The Genera of South African Flowering Plants.
40163: PHILLIPS, G.W., - Lord Burghley in Shakespeare. Falstaff, Sly and Others.
70427: PHILLIPS, RAY, - The Bantu Are Coming: Phases of South Africa's Race Problem
43026: PHILLIPS, ROGER & RIX, MARTYN, - The Quest for the Rose.
77097: PHILLIPS, H., - 'Black October': The Impact of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918
70794: PHILLIPS, JOHN, - The Forests of George, Knysna and the Zitzikama: a Brief History of Their Management 1778 - 1939
16572: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM, - The Conquest of Kansas By Missouri and Her Allies. a History of the Troubles in Kansads from the Passage of the Organic Act Until the Close of July 1856
37239: PHILLIPS, JOHN, - Kwame Nkrumah and the Future of Africa
72157: PHILLIPS, LIONEL (EDITED BY MARYNA F RASER), - Some Reminiscences
58805: PHILLIPS, DOUGLAS & THOMPSON, RON, - Dundee People and Places to Remember
58806: PHILLIPS, DOUGLAS & THOMPSON, RON, - Dundee A City Made of Memories
58807: PHILLIPS, DOUGLAS & THOMPSON, RON, - Dundee the Way it Was
78890: PHILLIPS, LIONEL, - Some Reminiscences
79512: PHILLIPS, JOHN F. V., - Forest-succession and ecology in the Knysna Region (Botanical Survey of South Africa. Memoir 14)
80905: PHILLIPS, FLORENCE, - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to Mr Smith, on Hohenheim Johannesburg Letterhead and Signed and Dated May 30th (1910)
76831: PHILLIPS, HOWARD, - The University of Cape Town 1918 - 1948 : the Formative Years
36467: PHILLIPS, LIONEL, - Some South African Recollections
61280: PHILLIPS, E.P. & PENTZ, J.A., - Cultivated Nativer Grasses (Grasses Cultivated at the Pasture Research Station, Prinshof, pretoria)
77774: PHILLIPS, PHILIP A.S., - Paul De Lamerie Citizen And Goldsmith Of London A Study of his Life and Work A.D. 1688-1751.
59528: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS, - A History of Seamanship
77493: PHILLIPS, LIONEL, - Transvaal Problems
30090: PHILLIPS, ALMARIN & WILLIAMSON, OLIVER E.(EDITED BY), - Prices. Issues in Theory, Practice and Public Policy
74852: PHILLIPS, C. LUCAS, - The Raiders of Arakan
80566: PHILLIPS, PHOEBE, - The Encyclopaedia of Curtains: The Complete Curtain Maker,
70474: PHILLIPS, SAMUEL (1814-1854), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter, to William Smith Williams, Signed and Dated 3 September 1848
76415: PHILLIPS, E. P. (EDITED BY), - Bothalia . A Record of Contributions to the National Herbarium Union of South Africa..VOL. IV Part II
60133: PHILLIPS, TOM, - Works Texts to 1974
72289: PHILLIPS, CARYL, - Playing Away
70473: PHILLIPS, SAMUEL (1814-1854), - A 2 Page Autograph Letter, to William Smith Williams, Signed and Dated 9th May 1848
85168: PHILLIPS, LADY FLORENCE, - A Friendly Germany Why Not?
35700: PHILLIPS, RAYMOND (EDITED BY), - Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others (The Belsen Trial)
86133: PHILLIPS, TOM, - A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel
55929: PHILLIPSON, E.A., - Steam Locomotive Design. Data and Formulae
49017: PHILLIPSON, D.W., - The Later Prehistory of Southern Africa.
57248: PHILLIPSON. D.W., - Prehistoric Rock Paintings and Engravings of Zambia. Exhibition Catalogue.
5598: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN, - A Dish Of Apples
70854: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN, - A Dish of Apples
60160: PHILOMATHES (PSEUD. ANNE FLINDERS), - The Connexion Between Revelation and Mythology Illustrated and Vindicated
47726: PHILP, JUDE, - Past Time: Torres Strait Islander Material from the Haddon Collection 1888-1905
40038: PHIN, JOHN, - The Seven Follies of Science. A Popular Account of the Most Famous Scientific Impossibliities and the Attempts Which Have Been Made to Solve Them.
52464: PHLEPS, HERMANN, - Deutsche Fachwerkbauten
69473: PHONG, DUONG THANG, - Cuchi: The Document Album of Cu Chi / L'Album documentaire de Cu Chi 1960-1975
73817: PHONGPAICHIT, PASUK; KUNASIRIN, BUSABA; RITCHATORN, BUDDHAGARN (EDITED BY), - The Lion,and the Mouse ? Proceedings of an International Conference on Thai / Japan Relations 1986
50368: PHOTINOS, THEODORE-B., - La Dermatite Lineaire Rampante (Creeping Disease, Larva Migrans, Myase Rampante Cutanee, Etc.) Ou Maladie De Robert Lee
13582: "THE PHOTOGRAM" (EDITORS AND STAFF OF) & CARTER, A.C.R., - Photograms of the Year. a Pictorial and Literary Record of the Best Photographic Work of the Year
77024: SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH, - A Fine Colour Photograph of P W Botha, SIGNED
59680: PHOTOGRAPH (WATKINS-PITCHFORD, W.), - An Original Sepia Portrait Photograph of W. WATKINS-PITCHFORD, by Brittain,
59679: PHOTOGRAPH (WATKINS-PITCHFORD, W.), - An Original Sepia Portrait Photograph of W. WATKINS-PITCHFORD, by Brittain,
59678: PHOTOGRAPH (LISTER, SPENCER), - An Original Sepia Portrait Photograph of Sir Spencer Lister By Brittain,
77025: SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH, - A Fine Colour Photograph of Magnus Malan, INSCRIBED and SIGNED
77213: PHOTOGRAPHS, - De Oude Hollandsche Schilderschool // L'Ancienne Ecole Hollandaise
86860: CRICKET PHOTOGRAPHS, - A Collection of 19 Original Press Photographs of the Test Matches South African Tour England 1960
73702: PI-CHE, CHIH & HUNG, LIN, - Investigation of the Ting Ware Kiln-Site at Chien-Tzu, Hopei. Chinese Translations No. 4
57800: PIAGET, JEAN, - The Grasp of Consciousness. Ction and Concept in the Young Child.
59770: PIAGET, JEAN & INHELDER, BARBEL, - The Child's Construction of Quantities. Conservation and Atomism
47818: PIAGGIO, H.T.H., - An Elementary Treatise on Differential Equations and Their Applications.
82631: PIAZZI, GIOVANNI, - La novella fronda. Manuale storico della letteratura e dell'arte italiana, in tre tomi con tavole fuori testo. Tomo I: il Medio Evo - I primitivi - L'arte nazionale. Tomo II: Il Rinascimento . (Il quattrocento - Il cinquecento - Il seicento). Tomo III: Il
52946: PIAZZINI, GUY, - The Children of Lilith. A French Exploration Into the Up-River Country of Borneo.
57389: PIAZZINI, GUY, - Horizons Noirs
54933: PICARD, HYMEN W,J,, - Cape Epic
44732: PICARD, HYMEN W.J., - Peter Stuyvesant Builder of New York
20698: PICARD, HYMEN W.J., - Peter Stuyvesant. Builder of New York
59596: PICARD, HYMEN J., - Masters of the Castle
31684: PICCIOLUS, (PICCIOLI), ANTONIUS, - De Manus Inspectione Libri Tres
49986: PICHLER, ANTON, - Chronik Der Grossherzoglischen Hof- Und National-Theaters in Mannheim. Zur Feier Zeines Hundertjahrigen Bestehens am 7 October 1879.
61229: PICK, FRED L. & KNIGHT, G. NORMAN, - The Freemason's Pocket Reference Book
51218: PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, CLAIRE, - Sharing the Cities. Residential Desegregation in Harare, Windhoek and Mafikeng
75070: PICKARD, A. B. DE V., - Die Nasionale Portret Boek Van Wakers, Leiers, Streiers En Lyers.
86861: PICKARD, A. B. DE V., - Die Afrikaner Waak. Wat is Nasionaal?
76077: PICKER, MIKE; GRIFFITHS, CHARLES; WEAVING, ALAN, - A Field Guide to Insects of South Africa
51627: PICKERING, J.F., - Industrial Structure and Market Conduct.
69730: PICKFORD, PETER & PICKFORD, BEVERLEY, - The Miracle Rivers The Okavango & Chobe of Botswana
69261: PICKFORD, R.W., - Psychology and Visual Aesthetics
50966: PICKLES, DOROTHY M., - France
80921: PICKWORTH, C.N., - The Slide Rule. A Practical Manual
64808: PICKWORTH, CHARLES N., - The Slide Rule A Practical Manual
81697: PICTON-SEYMOUR, DESIREE, - Victorian Buildings in South Africa; Including Edwardian & Transvaal Republican Styles; 1850-1910
74070: PICTON, JOHN & MACK, JOHN, - African Textiles
16626: PICTON, JOHN & MACK, JOHN, - African Textiles. Looms, Weaving and Design
73265: PICTON, L.J., - NICPRINT 50. Being Some Account of the Printing Packaging and Newspaper Industry of South Africa and of the National Industrial Council for Printing, Prepared to Mark the Jubilee of the Council 1919 - 1969
11730: PICTON-SEYMOUR, DESIREE, - Historical Buildings in South Africa
69881: PIDAL, R. MENENDAZ, - Cantar De Mio Cid-Texto, Gramatica Y Vocabularia, 3 Vols
40046: PIDGEON, HARRY, - Around the World Single-Handed
72758: VON PIDOLL, KARL, - Aus der Werkstatt eines Künstlers. Erinnerungen an den Maler Hans von Marées aus den Jahren 1880-81 und 1884-85.
78145: PIEARCE, G.D. (EDITED BY), - The Zambezi Teak Forests. Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Teak Forests of Southern Africa, Livingstone Zambia March 1984
86507: PIEGL, PETER & NEWMAN, SEAN, - Glenn Agliotti : A Biography
81061: PIEK, B.J. (DIRECTOR) AND MANY OTHER., - Vertrekpunte Vir 'n Ontwikkelingsprogram in GAZANKULU Verslag 1 Volume 1.
22: PIENAAR U DE V, - The Reptiles of the Kruger National Park
72138: PIENAAR, C.A. & PIENAAR, Z.J., - Die Pienaars in Suid-Atrika vanaf 1688-1869, met 'n paar uitsonderings tot 1909
64765: PIENAAR, ANTOINETTE, - The Griqua's Apprentice: Ancient Healing Arts of the Karoo
51320: PIENAAR, A.A. (INTTRODUCTION BY PERCY FITZPATRICK), - Maanhaar. The Adventures of a Lion-Family and Other East African Sketches.
80940: PIENAAR, H. (ET AL), - Soewenier Program Honderd Jaar Herdenking Dingaansdag : Digaansfeeskomitee Malmesbury
74875: PIENAAR, U. DE V., - Neem Uit Die Verlede
52977: PIENAAR, KRISTO, - The South African What Flower is That?
20209: PIENAAR, UYS DE VILLIERS, - The Haematology of Some South African Reptiles
77663: PIENAAR, S.W. & SCHOLTZ, J.J.J. (COMPILED BY), - Glo in u volk : Dr. D.F. Malan as redenaar 1908-1954
63825: PIENAAR, U. DE V., - The Reptile Fauna of the Kruger National Park
63824: PIENAAR, U. DE V., - The Freshwater Fishes of the Kruger National Park. A Guide to a group of vertebrate animals from the Superclass Pisces of the Chordate phylum.
86881: PIENAAR, E.C.; DIEDERICHS, N. (AND OTHERS), - Stellenbosch Boerorkes....Soewenier Program 1938
82850: PIENAAR, B.J., - Vyf En Veertig Jaar Langs Die Spoor
70651: PIENAAR, B.J., - Vyf En Veertig Jaar Langs Die Spoor 1905-1950
84016: PIENAAR, S. & SAMPSON, ANTHONY, - South Africa: Two Views of Separate Development
72518: PIENAAR, HANS & WILLEMSE, HEIN, - Die Trojaanse Perd: Onderhoude Oor Die Noodtoestand in Die Kaap 1985
78670: PIENAAR, U. DE V., - Neem Uit Die Verlede
53850: PIERCE, GILBERT A., - The Dickens Dictionary; A Key to the Characters and Principal Incidents in the Tales of Charles Dickens
22730: PIERCE, JAMES AND PIERCE, W. TIMBRELL, - Pierce Gambit. Chess Papers and Problems
63604: PIERNEEF, J.H., - Die Suid Afrikaanse Spoorwee Se Pierneefskilderye
70525: PIERNEEF, JACOBUS HENDRIK (1886 - 1957), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to Prof J D G Du Preez, Signed Hendrik Pierneef, Bloemfontein Vrydag (no Year, But Probably 1930's)
57081: PIERSON, DONALD, - Negroes in Brazil. A Study of Race Contact at Bahia
53793: PIERSSENS, MICHEL, - The Power of Babel. A Study of Logophilia.
76090: PIETERSE, EDGAR & MEINTJIES, FRANK (EDITED BY), - Voices of the Transition: The Politics, Poetics and Practices of Social Change in South Afric
62462: PIETERSE, PIETER, - Piter Pieterse Se Boskos, Soos Gesien Op TV Op Die Program Boude En Blaaie
73169: PIETERSE, H.J., - Alruin
71505: PIETERSE, EDGAR (EDITED BY), - Counter-currents: Experiments in Sustainability in the Cape Town Region.
48794: PIETKIEWICZ, KAZIMIERZ, - Haft I Zdobienie Stroju Ludowego
67313: PIGGOTT, DEREK, - Delta Papa A Life of Flying.
53490: PIGNATTI, TERISIO, - Mobili Del Rinascimento
9575: PIGNATTI, T, - Giorgione : Complete Edition
53440: PIGOU, A.C., - The Transition from War to Peace.
51591: PIGOU, A.C., - The Economics of Welfare
52135: PIGOU, A.C., - The Economics of Welfare
51006: PIGOU, A.C., - The Transition from War to Peace
58813: AUDEMARS PIGUET, - The Art of Fine Watchmaking
1972: PIHNEY, ELLIOT., - Hawk Moths of Central and Southern Africa
48620: PIKE, HENRY R., - A History of Communism in South Africa.
46925: PIKE, JOHN, - John Pike Paints Watercolour
46926: PIKE, JOHN, - Watercolor. The Art and Technique of Watercolor Painting
77386: PIKE, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - Railway Adventures and Anecdotes: Extending Over More Than Fifty Years
59174: PIKE, DOUGLAS, - War, Peace and The Viet Cong
82447: PIKOLI, VUSI & WIENER, MANDY, - My Second Initiation: The Memoir of Vusi Pikoli
8962: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE, - The Carousel
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49792: POSTE, EDWARD (TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY BY) (GAIUS), - Institutionum Iuris Civilis Commentarii Quatuor / Elements of Roman Law
81256: KAISER-FRAZER SALES POSTER, - A Large Sales Poster for the Kaiser Frazer Henry J.
72669: POSTMA, M. M., - Stemme Uit Die Verlede. 'n Versameling Van Beedigde Verklarings Van Vroue Wat Tydens Die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Die Konsentrasiekampe Verkeer Het.
52055: POSTMA, ANNABI, - Governor or Robber Baron? The Story Vergelen and Willem Adriaan Van Der Stel.
86233: POSTMA, D., - Uitlegging of Het Kort Begrip Der Christelijke Religie
79781: POSTMA, MINNIE, - Toe Ma Nog Meintjie Was
54401: POSTON, ELIZABETH & ARMA, PAUL, - The Faber Book of French Folk Songs
62090: POSTON, TIM & STEWART, IAN, - Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications.
77429: POSWA, MILDRED, - "Black Consciousness": A Reactionary Tendency
16913: POTGIETER, HERMAN TEXT BY LINDEN BIRNS), - More Than Game: a Salute to the South African Air Force
16464: POTGIETER, HERMAN, - South Africa from the Air
67912: POTGIETER, D.J. (AND OTHERS) (EDITED BY), - Standard Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa
17688: POTGIETER, HERMANN (TEXT BY GUY BUTLER), - South Africa. Landshapes Landscapes Manshapes
83703: POTGIETER, BETTIE, - Tasty Treats with Rooibos
59323: POTGIETER, L.B., - Springbok-Rugby-Prestasies (1891-1958)
85128: POTGIETER, HERMAN, - South Africa. Landshapes Landscapes Manshapes
14731: POTGIETER, DE WET, - Contraband. South Africa and the International Trade in Ivory and Rhino Horn
68075: POTGIETER, CAREL & THEUNISSEN, N.H., - `Kommandant-Generaal Hendrik Potgieter
1451: POTGIETER, D.J ETC COMPILER., - Animal Life in Southern Africa.
80315: POTGIETER, G.J., - Die Afrikaanse Hoer Seunskool En Sy Mense 1920-1989
48839: POTGIETER, HERMAN & VOSLOO, LOUIS, - The South African Air Force: The Poster Book.
15228: POTGIETER, HERMAN (TEXT BY GUY BUTLER), - South Africa. Landshapes Landscapes Manscapes
73890: POTGIETER, HERMAN, - South Africa from the Air
63576: POTHIER (TRANSLATED BY B.G. ROGERS & B.X. DE WET), - Potheir's Treatise on the Contract of Mandate (Traite Du Contrat De mandat)
67068: POTHIER, R.J. (TRANSLATED BY JOANNES VAN DER LINDEN), - Verhandeling van Contracten, en Andere Verbintenissen
83230: POTTER, W.J.W. & SHELTON, R.C.M., - The Printings of King George VI Colonial Stamps - in Table Form
34705: POTTER, S.R. (EDITED BY), - South African Mining Year Book 1941-2 (29th Year of Publication)
65585: POTTER, S.R. (EDITED BY), - South African Mining & Engineering Year Book 1949-1950, Incorporating the Rhodesian Mining Year Book.
52130: POTTER, BEATRIX & LE FLEMING, CHRISTOPHER, - Squirrel Nutkin. A Children's Play.
49185: POTTER, MARY (AND OTHERS), - Master Index of the Tibetan and Alice A Bailey Books
65565: POTTER, BEATRIX (EDITED BY JUDY TAYLOR), - Beatrix Potter's Letters. A Selection.
66393: POTTER, OLAVE MURIEL, - The Colour of Rome. Historic, Personal & Local
27234: POTTER, BEATRIX (TRANSCRIBED LINDER, LESLIE), - The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 1897.
70758: POTTER, SIMEON, - Modern Linguistics
70759: POTTER, SIMEON, - Changing English
75958: POTTER, STEPHEN & SARGENT, LAURENS, - Pedigree. Essays on the Etymology of Words from Nature
50577: POTTINGER, BRIAN, - Loolekop. The Story of Palabora Mining Company
62838: POTTINGER, BRIAN, - The Foreign Volunteers: They Fought for the Boers (1899-1902)
82762: POTTINGER, BRIAN, - The Imperial Presidency: P W Botha the First 10 Years
56352: POTTLE, FREDERICK A.(EDITED BY), - Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764
75838: POTTS, PHILIP J.; BOWLES, JOHN F. W.; REED, STEPHEN J. B.; CAVE, MARK R. (EDITED BY), - Microprobe Techniques In The Earth Sciences
54580: POTZSCH, REGINE (EDITED BY), - Sleep and Art
86899: POTZSCH, REGINE (EDITED BY), - The Windows Windows on History
84974: POUCHER, W.A. (REVISED BY G.M. HOWARD), - Perfumes, Cosmetics & Soaps: I:The Raw Materials of Perfumery. II: the Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes. III.Modern cosmetics.
72728: POUCHER, W.A, - Perfumes and Cosmetics with Especial Reference to Synthetics (AND) Vol 2: Perfumes Cosmetics & Soaps with Especial reference to Synthetics, Vol. 2: Being a Treatise on Practical Perfumery
53832: POUJADE, JEAN (AND OTHERS), - Etudes Guineenes #2 (Institut Francais D'Afrique Noire)
86393: POUJOULAT, BAPTISTIN, - Histoire de la conquête et de l'occupation de Constantinople par les Latins.
48247: POULANTZAS, NICOS, - Fascism and Dictatorship. The Third International and the Problem of Fascism.
86317: POULANTZAS, NICOS, - Political Power and Social Classes
86333: POULANTZAS, NICOS, - Classes in Contemporary Capitalism
73596: POULENC, FRANCIS, - Concert Champêtre pour clavecin (ou piano) et orchestre. Partition d'orchestre.
57149: POULET, ,H. & MATHIEU, J.P., - Vibration Spectra and Symmetry of Crystals
50257: POULSOM, NEVILLE W., - The White Ribbon. A Medallic Record of British Polar Expeditions.
85226: POULTNEY, DORA ORTLEPP, - Dawn to Dusk
51774: POULTNEY, C.B., - Cold Noses
79100: POULTNEY, EDWARD CECIL, - Steam Locomotion: The Construction, Working Principles, and Practical Operation of Steam Locomotives.
82529: POULTNEY, DORA ORTLEPP, - Dawn to Dusk
12048: POULTON, - Photographs of Killarney with Descriptive Letterpress
58276: POULTON, EDWARD B., - The History of Evolution. Being the Presidential Address on "The History of Evolutionary Thought as Recorded in Meetings of the British Association.
74320: POULTON, EDWARD B., - Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection
71382: POULTON, ROBIN EDWARD & AG YOUSSOUF, IBRAHAIM, - A Peace of Timbuktu : Democratic Governance, Development and African Peacemaking
36962: POUND, EZRA, - A B C of Reading
32959: POUND, EZRA, - The Translations of Ezra Pound
86530: POUND, EZRA, - Ezra Pound Reading His Cantos III, XVI, XLIX, LXXXI, , XCII, CVI, CXV (Festival of Two Worlds Spoleto Italy)
47287: POUND, REGINALD, - Evans of the Broke. A Biography of Admiral Lord Mountevans.
64477: POUND, EZRA, - Pavannes and Divagations
413: POUND, EZRA., - The Letters Of Ezra Pound.
87112: POUND, EZRA, - A Lume Spento and Other Early Poems
86544: POUND, EZRA (EDITED BY D. D. PAIGE), - The Letters of Ezra Pound 1907-1941
71979: POUND, EZRA, - Cantos
78238: POUNDS, V.H. & RANT, LILIAN V., - Staffordshire Bull Terriers: An Owner's Companion
49538: POUSHKIN (PUSHKIN), ALEXANDER (TRANSLATED T. KEANE), - The Prose Tales of Alexander Poushkin
58721: POUTSMA, H.J., - Political and Economic Blunders. A Review of the Botha-Smuts Government.
87175: POWELL, ANTHONY, - A Typed Airletter, Signed and Dated 4 April 12978
74236: POWELL, VIOLET, - Flora Annie Steel: Novelist of India
60369: POWELL, ANTHONY, - Afternoon Men
74455: POWELL, JOSEPHINE; GULGONEN, AYAN;; OZEN, SEREF, - 18th and 19th century Anatolians kilims. The Brigitte and Ayan Gulgonen Collection = 18. ve 19. yuzyil Anadolu Kilimleri. Brigitte ve Ayan Gulgonen Koleksiyonu.
56325: POWELL, ANNE ELIZABETH, - American Design. The New England Colonial
56325: POWELL, ANNE ELIZABETH, - American Design. The New England Colonial
51156: POWELL, JOSEPH & GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - The History of Ruhleben. A Record of British Organisation in a Prison Camp in Germany.
48719: POWELL, ANTHONY, - Temporary Kings
48720: POWELL, ANTHONY, - The Soldier's Art
47513: POWELL, RICHARD, - The Soldier
47907: POWELL, NICOLAS, - From Baroque to Rococo. An Introduction to Austrian and German Architecture from 1580 to 1790
47092: POWELL, W.J., - The Zulu Rebellion of 1906. A Souvenir of the Transvaal Mounted Rifles, the First Regiment Raised in the British Transvaal for Service Beyond Its Borders.
29055: POWELL, ANTHONY, - What's Become of Waring
56527: POWELL, E.S. & M., - The Rngers' Handbook Consisting of Elementary Instruction in Grandire, Stedman, Plain Bob and Kent Treble Bob
25002: POWELL, E.S. & M., - The Ringers' Handbook
39287: POWELL, DAWN, - Sunday Monday and Always
40040: POWELL, G.H., - Reminiscences and Table Talk of Samuel Rogers Banker, Poet, & Patron of the Arts 1763-1855. Collected from the Original Memoirs By Dyce and Sharpe
40093: POWELL, MICHAEL, - A Life in the Movies
79356: POWELL, BETTY, - Knowledge of Actions
61243: POWELL, ANTHONY, - Casanova's Chinese Restaurant.
69456: POWELL, ANTHONY, - What's Become of Waring
61244: POWELL, ANTHONY, - The Acceptance World
86198: POWELL, GEOFFREY, - Buller: A Scapegoat? A Life of General Sir Redvers Buller, 1839-1908
73782: POWELL, VIOLET (EDITED BY), - `The Album of Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time
84450: POWELL, IVOR, - Ricky Burnett Margins
62409: POWELL, F. WHINCHCOMBE, - Hancock's Drift. The Story of the Great Wagon Road.
67711: POWELL, ROBERT, - Zen and Reality. An Approach to Sanity and Happiness on a Non-Sectarian Basis.
77305: POWELL, IVOR (EDITED BY), - Ventilator: A South African Magazine for the Arts. NO.1: September 1994
73724: POWELL, ANTHONY, - To Keep the Ball Rolling. The Memoirs of Anthony Powell. Vol. 1: Infants of the Spring. Vol. 2: Messengers of the Day. Vol. 3. Faces In My Time. Vol. 4: The Strangers are all Gone .
84392: POWELL, IVOR, - Ndebele: A People and Their Art
68506: POWELL, ARTHUR E., - The Causal Body and the Ego
78839: POWELL, VEE WALKER, - How to Make and Trim Your Own Hats
81701: POWELL, DENISE (EDITED BY), - Six By Six: Six Poets Six Senses
55442: POWER, EILEEN, - The Wool Trade in English Medieval History
55594: POWER, EILEEN, - Medieval English Nunneries 1275-1535
34017: POWER, ETHEL B., - The Smaller American House
11560: POWER, JEAN & DE HAAN, KARL, - Sons of the Desert. The Arabian Horse in History, Mythology, Poetry and Pictures
79049: POWER, JOHN (COMPILED, EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY), - Invincible: The Games of Shusaku
70477: POWER, ANNE (WIFE ASND WIDOWE OF TYRONE POWER, 1797-1841), - A 1 Autograph Letter, Signed and Dated March 31st (1841 or 1842)
78592: POWERS, JOHN H. "SHORTY" & HANNEY, FRED (NARRATED BY), - America's Men in Space. The Story of Project Mercury.
56490: POWYS, JOHN COWPER, - Weymouth Sands
55551: POYNTON, R.J., - Characteristics and Uses of Selected Trees and Shrubs Cultivated in South Africa
64655: POYNTON, R.J., - Notes on Exotic Forest Trees in South Africa
84281: POYURS, A., - Novel Voices
82228: PRAEKELT, H. E.; COLLISTON, W.P.; SCHOCH, A.E., - Lithostratigraphy of the Durban Formation (Natal Group) Including the Ulundi, Eshowe, Melmoth, Kranskloof, Situndu and Dassenhoek Members
82227: PRAEKELT, H. E.; COLLISTON, W.P.; SCHOCH, A.E., - Lithostratigraphy of the Koeris Formation (Bushmanland Group)
82499: PRAH, KWESI PRAH, - Beyond the Color Line: Pan-Africanist Disputations : Selected Sketches, Letters, Papers and Reviews
71507: PRAH, KWESI KWAA & KING, YVONNE (EDITED BY), - In Tongues: African Languages and the Challenges of Development
71434: PRAH, KWESI PRAH, - Between Distinction & Extinction: The Harmonisation and Standardisation of African Languages
71672: PRAH, K. K. (EDITED BY), - Social Science Research Priorities for Namibia
60260: PRAK, MAARTEN, - The Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century
55283: PRANCE, C.R., - Picturesque History
54829: PRANCE, C.R., - The Riddle of the Veld. Sketches of Life, Character and History of the Backveld of South Africa.
54865: PRANCE, C.R., - A Socialist Scrap-book. Side-lights on Capitalism, Socialism and Bolshevism.
46171: PRANCE, C.R., - Antic Memories of the South African Constabulary 1900-1907
85870: PRANCE, EDITH, - Three Weeks in Wonderland: the Kruger National Park
53740: PRASHER, C.L., - Crushing and Grinding Process Handbook
61201: PRATCHETT, TERRY, - Truckers
84565: PRATCHETT, TERRY & BRIGGS, STEPHEN, - A Tourist Guide to Lancre: A Discworld Mapp
85857: PRATCHETT, TERRY, - The Discworld Graphic Novels: The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic
85099: PRATER, D.A., - European of Yesterday: A Biography of Stefan Zweig
87174: PRATHER, RICHARD S., - A Black and White Publicity Photograph of Richard Prather, By Don E. Eolter, Inscribed and Signed, (AND) a Typed Signed Letter on His Letterhead, Dated November 12th 1980, Presenting the Photograph
73998: PRATT, SERENO S., - The Work of Wall Street
50983: PRATT, JOHN, - Great Britain and China
50994: PRATT, JOHN, - Japan and the Modern World
45713: PRATT, ANNE, - Wild Flowers
40017: PRATT, EDWIN A., - Notable Masters of Men
64318: PRATT, SUSAN (EDITED BY), - The Rhodesian Book of the Road
22334: PRATT, SAMUEL JACKSON, - The Fair Circassian. A Tragedy as Performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
80014: PRAYERS, - The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer and the Litany, with Plain Tune, According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland
79202: DU PRE, ROY H., - Separate But Unequal. The Coloured People of South Africa. A Political History.
80558: PRECHTER, ROBERT R., - Market Analysis for the New Milennium
80559: PRECHTER, ROBERT R., - Socionomics: the Science of History and Social Prediction - The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior / Pioneering Studies in Socionomics (2 volume Set)
80557: PRECHTER, ROBERT R., - Beautiful Pictures from the Gallery of Phinance
75485: PRED, ALLAN, - Behavior and Location: Foundations for a Geographic and Dynamic Location Theory Part I,
86157: DU PREEZ, FRIK, - Frik: The Autobiography of a Legend
80259: DU PREEZ, MAX, - Pale Native
82710: DU PREEZ, FRIK, - Frik: The Autobiography of a Legend
75382: DU PREEZ, MAX, - Graceland. Sanell Aggenbach
80820: DU PREEZ, MAX (EDITED BY), - Opinion Pieces by South African Thought Leaders
80485: DU PREEZ, A. J. J., - Standerton 100
67121: DU PREEZ, MAX, - Of Warriors, Lovers and Prophets : Unusual Stories from South Africa's Past
72663: DU PREEZ, MAX; EVANS, GAVIN; GREALY, ROSEMARY (EDIITED BY), - The Broederstroom Encounter Business Meets the UDF and COSATU
66769: DU PREEZ, PETER, - The Politics of Identity. Ideology and the Human Image
78015: DU PREEZ, J. (INTRODUCTION BY, - Decoligny Teologiese Skole
84503: DU PREEZ, LAURIE, - Inside the Cage
41175: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Voortrekker Wetgewing. Notule Van Die Natalse Volksraad 1839-1845
51183: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Piet Retief. Lewensgeskiedenis Van Die Grote Voortrekker.
79689: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Voortrekkermense II
20086: PRELLER, ALEXIS, - Alexis Preller Retrospective Pretoria Art Museum Oct.24 - Nov. 1972
54675: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Old Pretoria / Ou Pretoria.. Brief Story of the City's Voortrekker Period.
79688: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Voortrekker Wetgewing. Notule Van Die Natalse Volksraad 1839-1845
58735: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Suidafrika S'n Boere Republieke. 'n Historiese Resume
52777: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Historiese Opstelle
63005: PRELLER, ALEXIS, - Exhibition Catalogue H.A.U.M. Gallery
53733: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Ons Parool. Dae Uit Die Dagboek Van 'n Krygsgevangene.
72539: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Vootrekkermense VI
72538: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Vootrekkermense V
81870: PRELLER, G.S., - Sketse & Opstelle
65480: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Geskiedenis Van Die Kruger-Standbeeld
72694: PRELLER, G, - Voortrekkermense III
68080: PRELLER, G., - Voortrekkermense. 'n Vijftal Oorspronlike Dokumente Oor Die Geskiedenis Van Die Voortrek, Met Aantekeninge En Bijlae.
85721: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Voortrekkermense V
70978: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Argonauts of the Rand Story of the Discovery of the Main Reef, with the Marais-Diary, 1849-65
85751: PRELLER, BOB, - The Silent Giants of Southern Africa Including the Desert Giants of the Kaokoveld. Loxodonta Africana Field Guide
70168: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Ons Goud Roman. Die Marais - Dagboek (1849-65) met Inleiding en Aantekeninge.
78108: PRELLER, GUSTAV S., - Voortrekkers Van Suidwes
85705: PRENDERGAST, MAURICE BRAZIL AND CHARLES, - Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Charles Prendergast: A Catalogue Raisonne
62185: PRENTER, P.M., - Splines and Variational Methods
49988: PRESBER, RUDOLF (INTRODUCTION BY), - Neues Paul Simmel Album. Unveroffentliche Letzte Arbeiten Des Kunstlers.
82342: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - Report of the Committee for Economic Affairs on a Strategy for Small Business Development and for Deregulation // Verslag .....oor 'n Strategie Vir Die Ontwikkeling Van Kleinsake En Vir deregulering
82352: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - The President's Council / Die Presidentsraad 1987 25 November 1987
82351: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - The President's Council / Die Presidentsraad 1987 11-15 and 17-22 September 1987
82350: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - The President's Council / Die Presidentsraad 1987 19-22 May 1987
82349: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - Debates of The President's Council 2 February and 13-14 March 1989
82348: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - Debates of The President's Council 8 May 1990; 9 August 1990 and 21 September 1990
82347: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - The Oresidentsraad. The President's Council 1985 11-13 September.
82346: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - Report of the Comittee for Economic Affairs on the Promotion of Economic Literacy // Verslag...oor Die Bevordering Van Ekononomiese Geletterdheid.
82345: PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL, - Report of the Comittee for Constitutional Affairs on a Proportional Polling System for South Africa in a New Constitutional Dispensation // Verslag....oor 'n Proporsionele Kiesstelsel Vir Suid Afrika in 'n Nuwe Grondwetlike Bedeling.

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