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77083: NEWBERRY, BETSY & YORK, KATE, - Fresh Ideas in Limited Budget Design
64829: NEWBURY, COLIN, - The Diamond Ring: Business, Politics, and Precious Stones in South Africa, 1867-1947
46988: NEWBY, ERIC, - On the Shores of the Mediterranean.
25500: NEWBY-FRASER, A.R., - Chain Reaction. Twenty Years of Nuclear Research And Development in South Africa
69377: NEWCOMB, HARVEY, - Anecdotes for Boys,. Entertaining Narratives and Anecdotes, Illustrative of Principles and Character.
68255: NEWCOMB, REXFORD, - The Spanish House for America: Its Design, Furnishing, and Garden
55557: NEWCOMBE, FREDA, - Missile Wounds of the Brain. A Study of Psychological Deficits.
49616: NEWDICK, JANE, - The Magic of Herbs
48280: NEWDIGATE, KATHERINE, - Honey, Silk and Cider. A Life Portrrait of Henry Barrington.
84761: NEWELL, COLIN, - Methods and Models in Demography
54149: NEWELL, AVERIL, - The Red Witch
65629: NEWELL, A. DONALD, - Gunstock Finishing and Care
78265: NEWELL, MALCOLM, - Mood and Atmosphere in Restaurants
71237: NEWELL, EDWARD T, - The Seleucid Mint of Antioch
64526: NEWGASS, E. I., - Collected Poetry and Verse 1909 - 1972
57220: NEWHALL, NANCY, - Paul; Strand. Photographs 1915-1945
79828: NEWITT, MALYN, - A History of Mozambique
76928: NEWITT, M. D. D., - Prince Henry and Portuguese Imperialism
505: NEWLAND, H. OSMAN. (INTRO. THEODORE ROOSEVELT), - Sierra Leone: its People, products and secret societies.
60325: NEWLANDS, GERRY, - Malaria and Mosquitos in Southern Africa
14580: NEWLANDS, JAMES, - Carpenter and Joiners Assistant
67662: NEWMAN, KENNETH, - Birds of Botswana
55384: NEWMAN, JAMES R., - The World of Mathematics. A Small Library of the Literature of Mathematics from A'h-mose the Scribe to Albert Einstein, Presented with Commentaries.
81169: NEWMAN, KENNETH; JOHNSTON-STEWART, NIGEL; MEDLAND, BOB, - Birds of Malawi: A Supplement to Newman's Birds of Southern Africa
49575: NEWMAN, KENNETH, - Birds of Southern Africa. 1: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK
50775: NEWMAN, PETER, - The Battle of Marston Moor 1644
62672: NEWMAN, T.G. & ODELL, P.L., - The Generation of Random Variates
51135: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY, - Apologia Pro Vita Sua, Being a Reply to a Pamphlet Entitles "What, Then, Does Dr. Newman Mean?"
57458: NEWMAN, MARC, - Civil War Knives
61082: NEWMAN, OSCAR (EDITED JURGEN JOEDICKE), - CIAM '59 in Otterlo. Arbeitsgruppe für die Gestaltung soziologischer und visueller Zusammenhänge. Im Auftrag von Jacob B. Bakema, im Namen der Otterlo-Teilnehmer. (Dokumente der Modernen Architektur Band 1).
80689: NEWMAN, ARNOLD, - One Mind's Eye:The Portraits and Other Photographs of Arnold Newman
66974: NEWMAN, HENRY STANLEY, - Banani: the Transition From Slavery to Freedom in Zanzibar and Pemba
73776: NEWMAN, BERNARD, - Background to Viet-nam
82181: NEWMAN, WILLIAM & ROSS, ARNOLD, - Antactic Cirripedia
43854: NEWMAN, J.H. & VOSLOO, A.G., - 6th Battery Natal Field Artlillery S.A.A. A Saga of Gunners in the Western Desert 12th August 1941 - 13 June 1942
80929: NEWMAN, J., - Halachic Sources: From the Beginning to the Ninth Century
80360: NEWMAN, J.H. & VOSLOO, A.G., - 6th Battery Natal Field Artlillery S.A.A. A Saga of Gunners in the Western Desert 12th August 1941 - 13 June 1942
80402: NEWMAN, J., - With Ink in the Book. A Collection of Stories and Sketches of Jewish Life in Rural Centres in South Africa
64698: NEWMAN, SHARAN, - Kaapstads Courant En Afrikaansche Berigter. VOL. XVII No.865
84342: NEWMAN, SASHA M. (ED), - Bonnard
73293: NEWMAN, STANLEY, - How to Play Snooker
85235: NEWMAN, KENNETH, - Birds of Botswana
86043: NEWMAN, KENNETH, - Birds of Botswana
84481: NEWMAN, W.L., - The Politics of Aristotle (Volume 1) INTRODUCTION
47543: NEWMARCH, ROSA, - The Music of Czechoslovakia
72454: NEWMARCH, ROSA (NOTES BY), - B.B.C. Promenade Concerts 40th Season Thursday September 20
74859: NEWSOME, DAVID, - A History of Wellington College, 1859 to 1959
72167: NEWSOME, DAVID, - On the Edge of Paradise. A.C. Benson: The Diarist
74270: NEWSPAPER, - Umsebenzi. The South African Worker. Organ of the Communist Party. #669 Friday 11th December 1931
56146: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Eighth Army News No.32 Vol.7 June 15 1945
56147: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Eighth Army News No.151 Vol.6 April 12 1945
56148: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Eighth Army News No.152 Vol.6 April 13 1945
56149: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Eighth Army News No.153 Vol.6 April 14 1945
56150: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Springbok Official Newspaper of the South African Forces Serving Abroad No 181 April 7 1945
56151: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Springbok Official Newspaper of the South African Forces Serving Abroad No 185 May 5 1945
56152: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Crusader British Forces Weekly No.139 January 28 1945
56153: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Crusader British Forces Weekly No.154 May 9 1945
56154: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Union Jack Central Italy Edition #292 May 4 1945
56155: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Union Jack Central Italy Edition #298 May 10 1945
56156: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Air Force News No 89 January 9 1945
56157: WORLD WAR II FORCES NEWSPAPER, - Air Force News No 111 June 12 1945
80050: MINIATURE NEWSPAPER, - The Star August 26, 1936
76871: BOER WAR NEWSPAPER, - Tommy Atkins as a Journalist. The Pretoria Prisoners' Paper. Absolute Facsimile of the "WATERFALL WAG"
81155: NEWSPAPER, - Spark New Series Vol.1 No.11 (FINAL ISSUE), Headlined "WE SAY GOODBYE BUT WE'LL BE BACK: Vorster Murders "SPARK""
65990: NEWSPAPER, - The Rhodesia Chronicle and Mashonaland Advertiser. No.19 Saturday 10th September 1892
64695: NEWSPAPER, - Blackshirt. The Patriot Worker's Paper. No.174 Aug 22 1936
64696: NEWSPAPER, - Port Elizabeth Telegraph VOL.5 No.237, October 5th 1854
64697: NEWSPAPER, - The Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser. Vol. XIX No.953. April 17th 1824
80051: MINIATURE NEWSPAPER, - The Cape Argus June 23 1936
79307: NEWTON-SMITH, W.H., - The Rationality of Science
68118: NEWTON, DOUGLAS & WATERFIELD, HERMIONE, - Tribal Sculpture: Masterpieces from Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific from the Barbier-Meuller Collection
55112: NEWTON, DOUGLAS (PHOTOGRAPHS BY LEE BOLTIN), - The Nelson A Rockefeller Collection. Masterpieces of Primitive Art.
57134: NEWTON, ISAAC, - A Treatise of the System of the World
58693: NEWTON, HELMUT, - Helmut Newton. Portraits. Photographies prises en Euorpe et en Amérique
68559: NEWTON, STERLLA MARY, - Health, Art and Reason : Dress Reformers of the 19th Century
69951: NEWTON, I (AND OTHERS), - A Symposium on African Predatory Birds Transvaal Museum Pretoria 29 August - 1 September 1977
85926: NEWTON, ARTHUR PERCIVAL (EDITED BY), - Select Documents Relating to the Unification of South Africa
75759: NEWTON, HELMUT, - Autobiography
76599: NEWTON, K. & STEEDS, W, - The Motor Vehicle: A Text-Book For Students, Draughtsmen And Owner-Drivers
81369: NEWTON, C.P., - City of Cape Town Royal Visit 1947
58596: NEWTON-THOMPSON, JOYC, - Gwelo Goodman South African Artist
69191: NEWTON, IVOR, - At the Piano Ivor Newton. The World of an Accompanist
82142: NEWTON, IAN, - Population Ecology of Raptors
40505: DE NEYN, P., - Lust-hof Der Huwelyken Behelsende Verscheide Seldsame Ceremonien En Plechtigheden, Die Voor Desen Verscheide Natien En Volkeren, Soo in Asia Europa, Africa, Als America In Gebruyk Zyn Geweest, Als Wel Die Voor Meerendeel Nog Hedendaags Gebruykt ........
60687: NEZOS, RENNA, - Judicial Graphology. Authentication of Handwritten Documents
85389: NGANI, ALFRED Z., - Ubom Buka-kama
74246: NGARA, EMMANUEL & MORRISON, ANDREW (EDITED BY), - Literature, Language and the Nation (Proceedings of the 2nd General Conference of ATOLL held at the Univeristy of Zimbabwe 24-48 August, 1987)
69561: NGEMA, MBONGENI, - The Best of Mbongeni Ngema
55514: NGO, DUNG & ZION, ADI SHAMIR, - Open House. Unbound Space and the Modern Dwelling
73584: NGO, DUNG & ZION, ADI SHAMIR, - Open House: The Free Plan in the Twentieth Century
48239: NGOMA, NAISON, - Prospects for a Security Community in Southern Africa. An Analysis of Regional Security in the Southern African Development Community.
58918: NGUYEN, DOYEN; DIAMOND, LAWRENCE W.; BRAYLAN, RAUL C., - Flow Cytometry in Hematopathology. A Visual Approach to Data Analysis and Interpretation
60592: NHLAGAZENHLANSI, - Early Days and Native Ways in Southern Rhodesia. A Series of Short Essays on Native Customs, Life and Habits
57737: NIANE, D.T. (EDITED BY), - Africa from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Century (General History of Africa IV)
44768: NIANGORAN-BOUAH, G., - L'univers Akan Des Poids a Peser L'Or. Les Poids Non Figuratifs / The Akan World of Gold Weights. Abstract Design Weights.
70969: NIANGORAN-BOUAH, G., - The Akan World of Gold Weights (Volume I - Abstract Design Weights, Volume II - The Figurative Weights, Volume III - The Weights and Society) // L'univers Akan des poids à péser l'or (Tome I - Les poids non figuratifs, Tome II - Les poids figuratifs, To
59398: NICHOLAS, BARRY, - An Introduction to Roman Law
39210: NICHOLAS, BARRY, - An Introduction to Roman Law
40071: NICHOLAS, LIONEL J. (EDITED BY), - Psychology and Oppression: Critiques and Proposals
83410: NICHOLAS OF GREECE, PRINCE, - My Fifty Years
75591: NICHOLL, CHARLES, - Somebody else : Arthur Rimbaud in Africa 1880-91
57698: NICHOLLS, ANDREW, - English Bracket and Mantel Clocks
84169: NICHOLLS, W.H., - Orchids Of Australia: Drawn In Natural Colour ... With Descriptive Text . VOLUME I Parts I - III
69711: NICHOLLS, T.B., - Organization, Strategy and Tactics of the Army Medical Services in War
70269: NICHOLLS, HORATIO, - Delilah Valse
27481: NICHOLLS, C.S., - The Swahili Coast. Politics Diplomacy and Trade on the East African Littoral 1798 - 1856
55592: NICHOLS, T.L., - Esoteric Anthropology. (The Mysteries of Man): A Comprehensive and Confidential Treatise on the Structure, Functions, Passional Attractions and Perversions, True and False Physical and Social Conditions, and the Most Intimate Relations of Men and Women.
48700: NICHOLS, BILL, - Representing Reality
48485: NICHOLS, RICHARD & BASTEN, JULIAN, - Custom Cars. A Pictorial History of Custom Cars Ancient and Modern 1955-1975
61012: NICHOLS, BEVERLY, - The Art of Flower Arrangement
30101: NICHOLS, THEO., - Ownership, Control and Ideology. An Enquiry Into Certain Aspects of Moderm Business Ideology
70471: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY, - A Thatched Roof
74360: NICHOLS, RICHARD & BADRE, PAUL, - Die klassischen Amerikaner - Eine Parade der außergewöhnlichsten US-Autos.,
87035: NICHOLSON, G, - Fifty Years in South Africa: Being some Recollections and Reflections of a Veteran Pioneer. .
53687: NICHOLSON, C.P., - Those Boys o' Bondgate, and Other Contributions to the Story of Darlington and Neighbourhood.
50973: NICHOLSON, MAX, - How Britain's Resources are Mobilized
50455: NICHOLSON, JOHN & HAMILTON, MAURICE, - Pole Position. The Inside Story of Williams-Renault.
48445: NICHOLSON, CHRISTOPHER, - Papwa Sewgolum from Pariah to Legend.
11459: NICHOLSON, JOHN, - The Operative Mechanic and British MacHinist, Being a Practical Display of the Manufactories and Mechanical Arts of the United Kingdom
60580: NICHOLSON, EMRICH (FOREWORD GEORGE NELSON), - Contemporary Shops in the United States
57302: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM, - A dictionary of practical and theoretical chemistry, with its application to the arts and Manufactures
58108: NICHOLSON, T.R., - The Wild Roads. The Story of Transcontinental Motoring.
66039: NICHOLSON, CHRISTOPHER, - Permanent Removal. Who Killed the Cradock Four?
76670: NICHOLSON, GEORGE, - Spotlight on Springbok
85243: NICHOLSON, G., - Fifty Years in South Africa: Being some Recollections and Reflections of a Veteran Pioneer. .
59547: NICKEL, LUKAS (EDITED BY), - The Return of the Buddha. Buddhist Sculptures of the 6th Century from Qingzhou China
60034: NICKS, MIKE, - Motorcycle Racing Manual
82667: NICOL, WM., - Met Toga En Troffel: Die Lewe Van 'n Stadspredikant
67011: NICOL, D.M., - The End of the Byzantine Empire
54555: NICOL, MIKE, - A Good-Looking Corpse
53528: NICOL, MIKE, - The Firm. A Biography of Webber Wentzel Bowens.
52215: NICOL, C.W., - Moving Zen. Karate as a Way to Gentleness
49917: NICOL, MIKE, - "Knysna Heads": A Poem , in ABYSM 2
50141: NICOL, MIKE, - Among the Souvenirs
77253: NICOL, MIKE & HICHENS, JOANNE, - Out to Score
76850: NICOL, MIKE, - The Invisible Line: The Life and Photography of Ken Oosterbroek
60366: NICOL, MIKE, - This Sad Place
82661: NICOL, MIKE, - Sea-mountain, Fire City: Living in Cape Town at the Turn of the 20th Century
54750: NICOLAIDES, P.L., - Grammatika Van Die Afrikaanse Taal '
60193: NICOLESCU, CORINA, - Icones Roumaines
60218: NICOLESCU, CORINA, - Icoane Vechi Romanesti
57238: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE, - Film and Theatre
61332: NICOLL, A. (ATTRIBUTED TO) (EDITED BY A.H. MILLAR), - The First History of Dundee 1776
23079: NICOLL, MAURICE, - The Mark
83114: NICOLL, MAURICE, - The New Man : An Interpretation of Some Parables and Miracles of Christ
79397: NICOLSON, HAROLD, - Curzon: The Last Phase 1919-1925: A Study in Post-War Diplomacy
53285: NICOLSON, HAROLD, - Some People
68514: NICOLSON, BENEDICT, - Hendrik Terbrigghen
37248: NIDA, EUGENE A & TABER, CHARLES R., - The Theory and Practice of Translation
80260: NIEBUHR, HERMANN (TEXT BY ALEXANDER DODD), - Hermann Niebuhr Night Shift
10461: NIED, EDMUND, - Frankische Familienamen Urkundlich Gesammelt Und Sprachlich Gedeutet
60016: NIEKD, DENZIL; FOSTER, J. STROUD (REVISED BY, - Mitchell's Advanced Building Construction. VOL. 1: Components, Services, and Finishes; VOL.2: The Structure
77343: VAN NIEKERK, RAYMOND (AND OTHERS), - Cape Town Triennial 1988
62599: VAN NIEKERK, RAYMOND / CRUMP, ALAN, - Cape Town Triennial / Kaapstadse Triennale 1985
53376: VAN NIEKERK, LYDIA, - De Eerste Afrikaanse Taalbeweging En Zijn Letterkundige Voortbrengselen.
69658: VAN NIEKERK, RAYMOND (AND OTHERS), - The Cape Triennial 1988
49306: VAN NIEKERK, B., - The Warning Voice from Heidelberg: The Life and Thought of Gustav Radbruch
50436: VAN NIEKERK, LYDIA, - De Eerste Afrikaanse Taalbeweging En Letterkundige Voortbrenselen.
87308: VAN NIEKERK, MARLENE, - Die vrou wat haar verkyker vergeet het
55328: VAN NIEKERK, F.N., - Die Vrymesselary. Sy Geheime En Gevare.
79039: VAN NIEKERK, A.S., - Dominee, Are You Listening to the Drums?
62598: VAN NIEKERK, RAYMOND, - Cape Town Triennial / Kaapstadse Triennale 1982
50331: VAN NIEKERK, FEBE (EDITED AND ADAPTED BY), - Knights of the Shovel. Glimpses of Life on the Diamond Fields 1869-1914. From the Original Typescript Manuscript "A HISTORY OF THE DIAMOND FIELDS" Written By George Beet and Others, ......
71705: VAN NIEKERK, A.A., - Kanoneiland 50. 1928-1978
84020: VAN NIEKERK, ATTIE, - Saam in Afrika
85582: VAN NIEKERK, A.J.J., - Barrydale 1880-1980: Die Geskiedenis Van 'n Kerk En 'n Gemeenskap
63420: VAN NIEKERK, A.A.J., - Springbok.... Namakwaland.
69402: VAN NIEKERK, RAYMUND, - Norman Catherine 1986/1987 Recent Paintings, Sculpture and Assemblages.
52258: NIEL, J.-C., - Quelques Ex-Libris Du Graveur Charles Favet.
86462: NIEL:D, ROBERT, - Breaking the Shakespeare Codes: The Sensational Discovery of the Bard's True Identity
52843: NIELSEN, PETER, - The Matabele at Home
76282: NIELSEN, MARGARET STEENTOFT, - Introduction to the Flowering Plants of West Africa
62241: NIELSEN, PETER, - The Black Man's Place in South Africa
74510: NIELSEN, H.F.; GRIFFITHS, DAVID;; KENNEDY, P. BEVERIDGE; TRACY, S.M.; LAMSON-SCRIBNER, F.; TRUE, A.C.; PLUMB, CHARLES S.; WHEELER, H.J.;, - Cowpeas; The "Spineless" Prickly Pears.; Saltbushes; Somwe Important Grasses Forage Plants...; Southern Forage Plants; Experiment Station Work XXXVII; Do. XXI; XXII; VIII; XVIII; XL; LIII; X; Silos and Silage; ; The Liming of Soils; Hog Cholera
86824: NIEMAND, NOLS (INTRODUCTION BY), - Ons Lesers Vertel : Die Lief en leed soos na 100 jaar Onthou DEEL l
85453: NIEMAND, ERWIN; NIEMAND, NICOLEEN; RASA, O. ANNE E., - Kalahari Magnificent Desert
65643: NIENABER, P.J. & LE ROUX, C.J.P., - Vrystaat-Fokus
37718: NIENABER, G.S., - Honderd Jaar Hollands in Natal
63078: NIENABER, G.S., - Register Van Afrikaans Voor 1900. DEEL 1: Kaapland
52489: NIENABER-LUITINGH, M. (EDITWED BY), - Ter Wille Van Die Edel Spel. 'n Bundel Ter Geleentheid Van Elizabeth Eybers Se Sestigste Verjaardag
51828: NIENABER, G.S., - Taalkundige Belangstelling in Afrikaans Tot 1900
49240: NIENABER, G.S., - Van Roem Tot Selfmoord
59668: NIENABER, P.J., - Die Genootskap Van Regte Afrikaners Herdenk
65481: NIENABER, G.S., - Afrikaans in Die Vroeer Jare
66608: NIENABER, G.S., - Louis Henri Meurant 'n Vroee Afrikaanse Joernalis
59243: NIENABER, P.J., - Die Afrikaanse Roman-Tematologie
86598: NIENABER, P.J., - Ds S. J. du Toit, Die eensame Ismael: n beskouing oor sy letterkindige Werk
38898: NIENABER, G.S., - Khoekhoense Stamname. 'n Voorlopige Verkenning
49957: NIENABER, P.J., - Totius Digter en Profeet
59655: NIENABER, P.J., - Rapier En Knuppel. 'n Bundel Letterkundige Polemieke
67716: NIENABER, P.J., - Die Geskiedenis Van Die Afrikaanse Bybelvertaling, En 'n Hoofstuk Oor Die Vertaling Van Die Psalm En Gesangboek En Die Formuliere.
82437: NIENABER, C. J., - Keerweer
10456: NIENABER-MOHR, EILEEN, - Hans Dietrich Mohr En Sy Afstammelinge
79030: NIENABER, P.J. (COMPILED BY), - Eugene Marais Die Groot Eensame
81977: NIENABER, P.J., - Suid-Afrikaanse Pleknaamwoordeboek Deel I
86384: NIENABER, P.J., - Op Brandwag vir ons Taal - Die Geskiedenis en Werksaamhede van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns
68305: NIENABER, G.S., - Afrikaanse Woorde in Xhosa
77207: NIENABER, P.J., - C. Louis Leipoldt, Eensame Veelsydige
83354: VAN NIEROP, LEEON, - Plesierengel
83355: VAN NIEROP, LEEON, - Ratels
48071: NIESEWAND, NONIE, - Contemporary Details
49372: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH (TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, BY J M KENNEDY), - On the Future of Our Educational Institutions; Homer and Classical Philology. (The Complete Works VOL.6)
86278: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH, - Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits
83665: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH (TRANSLATED BY ALEXANDER TILLE), - Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None.
67960: NIEUMEIJER, LOUISE & CLOETE, FANIE (EDITED BY), - The Dynamics of Negotiation in South Africa
21879: NIEUPOORT, G.H., - Rituum Qui Olim Apud Romanos Obtinuerunt, Succincta Explicatio; Ad Intelligentiam Veterum Authorum Facili Methodo Conscripta
70018: VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN, MAURICE, - Jiu Jitsu. De sport voor Lichaam en Geest. De Verdediging bij Uitnemendheid. Eischen voor het Vaardigheidsdiploma voor Amateurs van den Nederl. Jiu Jitsu Bond.
51610: NIEUWENHUYSEN, JOHN P. & NORMAN, NEVILLE R., - Australian Competition and Prices Policy.
70342: NIEUWOUDT, C.F., - Die Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling van die Uitvoerende Gesag in die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek
72633: NIGHTINGALE, WM. G. (EDITED BY), - Walter R. Skinner's Mining Year Book 1969
69294: NIKKELS, WALTER, - Gianni Colombo
47376: NIKLAUS, THELM, - Harlequin Phoenix, or the Rise and Fall of a Bergamask Rogue.
71252: NILANT, F.G.E., - Contemporary Pottery in South Africa
32415: NILANT, F.G., - Contemporary Pottery in South Africa
56322: NILES, BO, - Country Living Country Decorating
56322: NILES, BO, - Country Living Country Decorating
71875: NILSSON, MARTIN PERSSON, - Greek Piety
3071: NIMMO, ARTHUR, - The Knysna Story
18962: NIMOCKS, WALTER, - Milner's Young Men. The "Kindergarten" in Edwardian Imperial Affairs
48657: NIMZOVICH, ARON (EDITED BY FRED REINFELD), - My System. A Treatise on Chess.
69840: NIN, ANAIS, - The Journals of Anais Nin Volume 2 (1934-1939)
69839: NIN, ANAIS, - Journal of a Wife: The Early Diary of Anais Nin, 1923-1927
49286: NINCIC, DJURA, - The Problem of Sovereignty in the Charter and in the Practice of the United Nations.
73514: NIRVANA, - Commercial Cake Decoration: A Complete Treatise on the Correct Method of Decorating Cakes
73515: NIRVANA, - Advanced Piping and Cake Designs: Method and Application of Fine Piping and Run-In Work
48542: NISBET, T.S. & MULLETT, G.W., - Rolling Bearings in Service. Interpretation of Types of Damage.
79319: NISHIMURA, SHIZUYA, - The Decline of Inland Bills of Exchange in the London Money Market 1855-1913
53636: NISHIOKA, HAYWARD, - Foot Throws. Karate, Judo and Self-Defense
53637: NISHIYAMA, HIDETAKA & BROWN, RICHARD C., - Karate. The Art of "Empty Hand" Fighting
35273: NISHIYAMA, HIDETAKA & BROWN, RICHARD C., - Karate. The Art of "Empty Hand" Fighting
68892: VAN NISPEN, CONST., - Beleg En Verdediging Van Willemstad in 1793
73053: NISSEN, HENRIK (TRANSLATED BY PAULINE KATBORG), - Industrialized Building and Modular Design
83863: NITYASWARUPANANDA, SWAMI, - Astavakra Samhita: Text in Devanagari with Word-for-Word Translation, English Rendering and Comments
57746: NIVEN, CICELY (COMPILED BY), - Jock and Fitz. In Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the First Publication of Jock of the Bushveld.
69445: NIVEN, CECILY (COMPILED BY), - Jock and Fitz
62205: NIVEN, IVAN, - An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
71427: NIVEN, CECILY (COMPILED BY), - Jock and Fitz. In Commemoratioon of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the First Publication of Jock of the Bushveld
40632: NIXON, JOHN, - The Complete Story of the Transvaal
80201: NIXON, CHRIS, - Shooting Star The Life of Richard Seaman
52245: NIXON, JOHN, - The Complete Story of the Transvaal
82659: NIXON, MIMA, - Royal Palaces and Gardens
60903: NIXON, ALLAN, - The Sex Symbol
60305: NIXON, R.R.W. (EDITED BY), - The Port Elizabeth Club Port Elizabeth (1866 - 1966)
30131: NIXON, JOHN, - The Complete Story of the Transvaal from the "Great Trek" to the Convention of London, with Appendix Comprising Ministerial Declarations of Policy and Official Documents.
67832: NKABINDE, NKUNZI ZANDILE, - Black Bull, Ancestors and Me: My Life As a Lesbian Sangoma
72155: NKABINDE, A.C. (EDITED BY), - Anthology of articles on African linguistics and literature: a festschrift to C L S Nyembezi
48518: NKETIA, J.H. KWABENA & DJEDJE, JACQUELINE COGDELL (EDITORS), - Studies in African Music 9Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology)
71655: NKOMO, MOKUBUNG; SWARTZ, DERRICK; MAJA, BOTSHABELO (EDITED BY), - Within the Realm of Possibilty: From Disadvantage to Development at the University of Fort Hare and University of the North
47787: NKONDO, SANKOE DOLLY, - Flames of Fury and Other Poems
64645: NKONDO, ZINJIVA WINSTON, - The Long Road the Tunnel
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50383: PAGE, E.B. & KINGSFORD, P.W., - The Master Chefs. A History of Haute Cuisine.
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23298: PAGE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY), - The Victoria History of the County of York VOLUME TWO
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78976: PAGE, CHARLES A., - Letters of a War Correspondent
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29385: PAGET, JOHN, - Hungary and Transylvania, with Remarks on Their Condition, Social, Political and Economical.
66041: PAGET, R.T., - Manstein. His Campaigns and His Trial
36876: PAGET, RICHARD, - Human Speech. Some Observations, Experiments, and Conclusions as to the Nature, Origin, Purpose and Possible Improvement of Human Speech.
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85274: PAILLER, JEAN (TRANSLATED BY), - o Futuro Comeca Agora / Angola: The Future Begins Now
48920: PAIN, F., - The Practical Wood Turner.
75804: PAINE, F.A. (EDITED BY), - The Packaging User's Handbook

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