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83877: VON MUELLER, FERD., - Select Extra-Tropical Plants, Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture or Naturalisation, with Indications of Their Native Countries and Some of Their Uses.
67816: MUENDANE, NGILA MICHAEL, - I Am an African: Embrace Your Identity, Escape Victimisation
67820: MUENDANE, NGILA MICHAEL, - The Leader South Africa Never Had. The Remarkable Pilgrimage of Vusumzi Make.
63257: MUFFETT, D. J. M., - Concerning Brave Captains: A History of Lord Lugard's Conquest of Hausaland Being a History of the British Occupation of Kano and Sokoto and of the Last Stand of the Fulani Forces
49660: MUFUKA, KEN, - Dzinbahwe. Life and Politics in the Golden Age 1100 - 1500 A.D.
86669: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM (1903-1990), - A Fine Black and White Postcard-size Portrait, Boldly Signed in Black Felt Pen
80717: MUHAMMAD-SUBUH, BAPAK, - Cilandak 71 : The Fourth Subud World Congress : Fifteen Talks
83111: MUHL, ROGER, - Muhl Provence
63350: MUHLHAUSLER, PETER, - Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
84769: MUILA, IKE MBONENI, - Gova: Poems, Drawings, Voice Recordings
54968: MUIR, JOHN, - Folk-lore of Some South African Sea Beans
54372: MUIR, NADEJDA, - Dimitri Stancioff. Patriot and Cosmopolitan. 1864-1940
51812: MUIR, JOHN, - The Seed-Drift of South Africa and Some Influences of Ocean Currents on the Strand Vegetation.
19160: MUIR, WILLIAM, - The Coran Its Composition and Teaching and the Testimony it Bears to the Holy Scriptures
59067: MUIR, DAQPHNE, - The Lost Crusade
82032: MUIR, AUGUSTUS & DAVIES, MAIR, - A Victorian Shipowner a Portrait of Sir Charles Gayzer, Baronet of Gartmore
68949: MUIR, EDWIN, - Essays on Literature and Society
67307: MUIR, EDWIN, - An Autobiography
71967: MUIR, EDWIN, - Essays on Literature and Society.
68451: MUIR, JOHN, - The Seed-Drift of South Africa and Some Influences of Ocean Currents on the Strand Vegetation.
83828: MUIR, E.M. (EDITED BY), - Swaziland
63071: MUIRHEAD, FINDLAY & MONMARCHE, MARCEL, - Brittany (The Blue Guides)
76822: MUIRHEAD, JAMES (REVISED AND EDITED BY HENRY GOUDY), - Historical Introduction to the Private Law of Rome.
84280: MUKTANANDA, SWAMI, - The Nectar of Chanting
62802: MULCAHY, BETTY, - To Speak True
63228: MULDER, C.P. & CRUYWAGEN, W.A. (COMPILED BY), - 1948 - 1968.en Nou..., DIE TOEKOMS! 'N Oorsig Van Die Prestasies Van Die Nasionale Party-Regering Vanaf 1948 Tot 1968 / 1948-1968....and now, THE FUTURE! A Survey of the Achievements of the National Party Government from 1948 to 1968
53524: MULDOON, GUY., - The Trumpeting Herd
71498: MULEI, CHRISTOPHER; DIRASSE, LAKETCH; GARLING, MARGUERITE (EDITED BY), - Legal Status of Refugee and Internally Displaced Women in Africa
80142: MULEMFO, M.M., - Thabo Mbeki, an African Renaissance Voice
72930: MULHALL, STEPHEN, - The Wounded Animal: J. M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy
56902: MULJACIC, ZARKO, - Introduzione Allo Studio Della Lingua Italiana
39613: MULLALLY, FREDERICK, - Fascism Inside England
49760: MULLAN, JAMES E., - The Arab Builders of Zimbabwe
30354: MULLAN, JAMES E., - The Arab Builders of Zimbabwe
71086: MULLARKEY, ROBERT E., - The Anatomy of Varicose Veins
61384: MULLENS, JAMES, - Twelve Months in Madagascar
77323: MULLER, JOSEPH EMILE, - Maurice Esteve
62306: MULLER, CHARLES R. & RIEMAN, TIMOTHY D., - The Shaker Chair
85753: MULLER, J.J.P.; REX, H.M.;PELZER, A,N. (AND OTHERS), - Nederduitsch Hervoprmde Gemeente Bronkhorstspruit 1869-1969
54773: MULLER, M.A.N., - Grasses of South West Africa / Namibia
54878: MULLER, F. AD., - Anleitung Zur Bestellung Kunstlicher Augen
52663: MULLER, C.F.J., - Waarom Die Grrot Trek Geslaag Het
51536: MULLER, F. MAX, - Lectures on the Science of Language Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in April May and June 1861...(AND) In February March April and May 1863.
51702: MULLER, CHRIS H., - Oorlogsherinneringe.
49387: MULLER, FILIP & FREITAG, HELMUT (TRANSLATED BY SUSANNE FLATAUER), - Auschwitz Inferno. The Testimony of a Sonderkommando.
47538: MULLER-LYER, F., - The History of Social Development.
47550: MULLER, C.F.J., - Karel Landman Op Trek
21295: MULLER, F. MAX, - The Sacred Books of the East
52110: MULLER, C.F.J., - Die Oorsprong Van Die Groot Trek
40060: MULLER, HENNIE, - Vaarwel Aan Toetsrugby
73406: MULLER, D.R. (EDITED BY), - Paratus. Official Magazine of the S A Defence Force. VOLUME 25 No.2 May 1974
82830: MULLER, NEL -MARIE, - Muller Stamboom
75586: MULLER-BROCKMANN, J., - Gestaltungsprobleme des Grafikers / The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems / Les problemes d'un artiste Graphique
76042: MULLER, CARL & DIEKMANN, WOLFGANG, - 1888 - 1988 Hundert Jahre Deutsche Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinde Johannesburg
59553: MULLER, BERNARD, - Bilderatlas zur Geschichte der Stadt Frankfurt am Main. Herausgg. von der Städtischen Historischen Kommission.
78531: MULLER, C. F. J. // DU PLESSIS, A.J., - Die Geskiedenis Van Die Vissery Aan Die Kaap Tot Aan Die Middel Van Die Agtiende Eeu // Die Republiek Natalia.
61789: MULLER, HENDRIK P.N., - Een Bezoek Aan De Delagoa Baai En De Lijdeburgsche Goudvelden
63471: MULLER, P.J., - Godsleer der Middeleeuwsche Joden. Bijdrage tot de Geschiedenis der Leer Aangaande God
71850: MULLER, JOHAN; CLOETE, NICO; BADAT, SHIREEN, - Challenges of Globalisation: South African Debates with Manuel Castells
73578: MULLER, D.R. (EDITED BY), - Paratus. Official Magazine of the S A Defence Force. VOLUME 25 No.3 March 1974
60059: MULLER, C.J.F., - A Pictorial History of the Great Trek
77969: MULLER, HEINRICH & KOLLING, HARTMUT, - Europäische Hieb- und Stichwaffen aus der Sammlung des Museums für Deutsche Geschichte,
72179: MULLER-EBELING, CLAUDIA; RATSCH, CHRISTIAN; SHAHI, SRENDRA BAHADUR, - Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas
80337: MULLER, MARK (EDITED BY), - From Atom Bomb to Peace Parks: He Who Does Not Believe in Miracles is Not a Realist
85506: MULLER, HENDRIK P.N., - Oude Tyden in den Oranje-Vrystaat. Naar Mr.H.A.L.Hamelberg's Nagelaten Papieren Beschreven.
82859: MULLER, ERNST, - Hydraulic Forging Presses
85358: MULLER, C.F.J. // DU PLESSIS, A.J., - Archives Year Book for South African History //Argief-jaarboek Vir Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedenis FIFTH YEAR PART I
82671: MULLER-MALAN, DOROTHEA, - The Chair of the Ramabulanas
82763: MULLER, DIETER, - Dieter Muller's New Cuisine : A Master Chef's Favorite Personal Recipes
39305: MULLHAUPT, F. & BUFFAT, E., - Carte Du Canton De Vaud Indiquant Les Distances Kilometriques Pour Velocipedistes
77582: MULLINS, CHARLOTTE, - RW: Rachel Whiteread
75891: INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL MULTIMEDIA, - Radiology Image Bank: Abdomen and Viscera Windows CD-ROM
85981: MULUKA, BARRACK; OKELLO, ROSEMARY & ORLALE, DAN, - Beyond the Shadows of My Dream: The Biography of Martin Oduor-Otieno
83241: MUMFORD, STEVE, - Baghdad Journal: An Artist in Occupied Iraq
2391: MUMFORD, LEWIS, - Herman Melville
78943: MUMFORD, JOHN KIMBERLY, - Oriental Rugs
78510: MUMMERY, J. HOWARD, - On the Process of Calcification in Enamel and Dentine. (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Vol. 205. pp. 95-113. Plates 7 and 8)
82295: MUMMERY, A. F., - My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus
79303: MUNAN, HEIDI, - Sarawak Crafts: Methods, Materials, and Motifs.
47692: VON MUNCHING, L.L., - Nederlandse Koopvaarders
59636: MUNDAY, JOHN, - Poisonous Plants in South African Gardens and Parks. A Field Guide
54694: MUNDY, P.J., - The Comparative Biology of Southern African Vultures.
55648: MUNDY, PERCY D., - Memorials of Old Sussex
80038: MUNIER, ROGER, - Wally Findlay Galleries Presents an Important Exhibition of Recent Paintings By Bernard Gantner
49630: MUNITZ, MILTON K. (EDITED BY), - Theories of the Universe from Babylonian Myth to Modern Science.
47070: MUNN, ALLAN F., - Extinction is Forever. The Rhino Girls Story
81884: MUNNIK, G.G., - Memoirs of Senator, The Hon. G. G. Munnik - Covering Eighty Years of Trilling South African History, Politics and War
86596: MUNNIK, LAURETTE, - Focus on Venda (BANTU April 1975 VOL.XXll No.4)
52459: MUNNINGS, ALFRED, - An Artist's Life
52460: MUNNINGS, ALFRED, - The Second Burst
48496: MUNNINGS, ALFRED, - The Autobiography of Sir Alfred Munnings: The Second Burst
21757: MUNNINGS, A.J., - Pictures of Horses and English Life
27168: MUNNINGS, A.J. (TEXT LIONEL LINDSAY), - Pictures of Horses and English Life
52849: MUNNION, CHRISTOPHER, - Banana Sunday. Datelines from Africa
60689: MUNOZ, MIGUEL L. (EDITED BY), - Memorias De La Academia Mexicana De Estudios Numismaticos VOL.2 No.3
60688: MUNOZ, MIGUEL L. (EDITED BY), - Memorias De La Academia Mexicana De Estudios Numismaticos VOL.1 No.1
51273: MUNRO, HUGH, - Report of an Investigation Into Conditions and Practice of Sheep Farming in the Falkland Islands
49109: MUNRO, LESLIE (INTRODUCTION BY), - South African Incident. The Ganyile Case.
34278: MUNRO, JAMES, - The Money That Money Can't Buy
34279: MUNRO, JAMES, - Die Rich Die Happy
34280: MUNRO, JAMES, - The Innocent Bystanders
155: MUNRO, ALICE., - Lives of Girls and Women.
64091: MUNRO, J. FORBES, - Africa and the international economy, 1800-1960: An introduction to the modern economic history of Africa south of the Sahara
76226: MUNRO, NEIL, - Ayrshire Idylls
49659: MUNSAMY, SHIREEN SAROJINI, - Sunrise to Sunset. A History of the Contributions of Indentured and Free Indians to the Economy of Natal 1860-1910.
83667: MUNSAMY, SHIREEN SAROJINI, - Sunrise to Sunset, a History of the Contributions of Indentured and Free Indians to the Economy of Natal 1860-1910
78582: MUNSTER, SEBASTIAN, - Cosmographei oder Beschreibung aller Lander. VI Buch Basel Heinrich Petri 1558
75347: MUNSTER, SEBASTIAN, - Das Sechsxte Buch Der Weltbeschreibung......Africa Mit Seinem Besundern Landern, Thieren,,,
79897: MUNZ, LUDWIG & KUNSTLER, GUSTAV, - Adolf Loos : Pioneer of Modern Architecture.
82496: MUPONDE, ROBERT & TURAVINGA, MANDI (EDITED BY), - Sign and Taboo: Perspectives on the Poetic Fiction of Yvonne Vera
73815: MUQIAO, XUE, - China's Socialist Economy
63303: MURAKAMI, HARUKI, - Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
79935: MURANI, PAOLO & PASINI, STEFANO, - Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS 3.2 Mondial
54597: MURATOFF, PAUL, - Fra Angelico
76132: MURCOTT, LIONEL, - A Private Part
59696: MURCOTT, LIONEL, - A Private Part
56203: MURDOCH, IRIS, - The Nice and the Good
52150: MURDOCH, WALTER, - Alfred Deakin: A Sketch.
19583: MURDOCH, JOSEPH S.F., - The Library of Golf 1743 - 1966. A Bibliography of Golf Books, Indexed Alphabetically, Chronologically & By Subject Matter.
72517: MURDOCH, IRIS, - The Sea the Sea
54922: MURDOCH, JAMES, - A History of Japan. VOL.III: The Tokugawa Epoch 1652-1868
20863: MURDOCH, IRIS, - Sartre Romantic Extraordinary
69104: MURDOCH, NINA, - She Travelled Alone in Spain
81361: MURDOCH, IRIS & PRIESTLEY, J.B., - A Severed Head. A Play in Three Acts.
84236: MUROVE, MUNYARADZI FELIX, - African Ethics: An Anthology of Comparative and Applied Ethics
52894: MURPHY, J.E. & EASTON, E.W., - Wilderness to Wealth in the Shires of Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon, Kilkivan, and the Upper Yarraman Portion of the Rosalie Shire.
48671: MURPHY, SOPHIA, - The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball
49869: MURPHY, PATRICK, - Cho Duck-Hyun. Genealogy on My Father.
47734: MURPHY, GAVIN, - From Dark Passages: Ian Charlesworth
65680: MURRAY, JIM, - Weight Lifting and Progressive Resistance Exercise
65678: MURRAY, A.C., - Ons Nyasa-Akker. Geskiedenis van die Nyasa sending van die Nederd. Herv. kerk in Suid-Afrik
79224: MURRAY, BRUCE K., - Wits, the Early Years: A History of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and Its Precursors, 1896-1939
79229: MURRAY, PETER, - World Cup Cricket Full 2007 Programme World Cup History & Player Profiles Complete Statistics
82316: MURRAY, RICHARD W. (PSEUD. LIMNER), - Pen and Ink Sketches in Parliament
75863: MURRAY, MICHAEL K. & RICE, JOHN W., - Differential Geometry and Statistics
2437: MURRAY, MARISCHAL, - Ships and South Africa.
63603: MURRAY, GILBERT, - Aristophanes. A Study
65816: MURRAY, DESMOND P., - South African Butterflies: A Monograph of the Family Lycaenidae with a Description and Illustration of Every Species and Figures of Many of the Larvae
79352: MURRAY, JOHN & BIGGS, FRAN, - Moments of Truth: The Truth and Reconciliation Committee at Work
73558: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Issue: DORBYL
56190: MURRAY, WILLIAM, - The Sweet Ride
39871: MURRAY, L.G., - First City / Cape Town Highlanders in the Italian Campaign. A Short History 1943-1945
54439: MURRAY, ALASDAIR, - Alasdair Murray 1900. A Few Words and Letters Privately Offered to Those Who, at Lochcarron and Elsewhere, Knew Him Well
54536: MURRAY, PETER & SHUKLA, ASHISH, - Sachin Tendulkar Masterful
53616: MURRAY, W.H., - Undiscovered Scotland. Climbs on Rock, Snow and Ice.
48987: MURRAY, GILBERT (TRANSLATED BY), - The Oresteia, Translated Into English Rhyming Verse.
48994: MURRAY, JOHN, - Calvin on Scripture and Divine Sovereignty
64755: MURRAY, ANDREW, - Die Versamelde Werke Vols 1 - 10
49852: MURRAY, DORIS ERICA GORDON, - Love's Petals are Strewn
47613: MURRAY, JOYCE (EDITED BY), - In Mid-Victorian Cape Town. Letters from Miss Rutherfoord.
47209: MURRAY, A.; FERGUSON, A.P. AND OTHERS, - The Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the Huguenot Seminary Wellington Cape of Good Hope South Africa
35061: MURRAY, JOHN, - A Hand-book for Travellers in the Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor and Constantinople, Being a Guide to the Principal Routes in Those Countries, Including a Description of Malta, with Maxims and Hints for Travellers in the East.
46730: MURRAY, COLIN, - Families Divided. The Impact of Migrant Labour in Lesotho
76351: MURRAY, YVONNE, - Pride of the Cob
57007: MURRAY, JOHN, - De Kinder-kerk. Twee En Vijftig Preeken Voor Kinderen Verzameld Ten Behoeve Van Christelijke Huisgezinnen in Zuid Afrika
67281: MURRAY, JAMES A.H. (EDITED BY, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MANY SCHOLARS AND MEN OF SCIENCE ), - A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles; Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by The Philological Society;
13430: MURRAY, E.C.GRENVILLE, - Sidelights on English Society. Sketches from Life, Social & Satirical
79296: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Human Resources Leadership SA 1984-85
35063: MURRAY, THOMAS BOYLES, - Pitcairn. The Island, the People and the Pastor, to Which is Added a Short Notice of the Original Settlement and Present Condition of Norfolk Island.
73548: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 3 No 4
73556: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 6 No.3
73554: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 8 No.4
73555: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 5 No.6
73546: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 3 No 1
62737: MURRAY, NEIL LAIRD, - Trachoma in South Africa
71890: MURRAY, TONY, - Ninham Shand: The Man, the Practice : the Story of the Great South African Civil Engineer and the Practice He Founded
63688: MURRAY, MARR, - The Russian Advance
73551: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Profile: MERCEDES BENZ
71675: MURRAY, CHRISTINA & O'SULLIVAN, MICHELLE, - Advancing Women's Rights. The First Decade of Democracy
73547: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 3 No 2
73544: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 1: Nos 1-4 (Complete)
73549: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 5 No 4
79600: MURRAY, ALEXANDER, - Reason and Society in the Middle Ages
2598: MURRAY, MARISCHAL, - Union Castle Chronicle 1853-1953
59537: MURRAY, MARISCHAL, - Union Castle Chronicle 1853-1953
79887: MURRAY, NOËLEEN; SHEPHERD, NICK; HALL, MARTIN (EDITED BY), - Desire Lines: Space, Memory And & Identity in the Post-apartheid City
73559: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Issue: ESCOM
62338: MURRAY, COLIN, - Families Divided. The Impact of Migrant Labour in Lesotho
75372: MURRAY, R. J. (COMPILED BY), - The Geology and Economic Resources of the Kumasi Area
73545: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 2: Nos 1-4 (Complete)
74627: MURRAY, CHRISTINA (EDITED BY), - Gender and the New South African Legal Order.
82746: MURRAY, R.W., - South African Reminiscences: A Series of Sketches of Prominent Public Events Which Have Occurred and of the Public Men, Official and Unofficial Who Have Taken Part in Them
84007: MURRAY, MARTIN J., - Taming the Disorderly City: The Spatial Landscape of Johannesburg After Apartheid
73550: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 6 No 2
66117: MURRAY, H.A., - The Golf Secret.
65372: MURRAY, PETER & GUMUCHDJIAN, PHILIP (COORDINATED BY), - Richard Rogers Partnership. Lloyds Of London
73557: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Issue: FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTHERN AFRICA LIMITED The First 150 Years
67269: MURRAY, R.W., - South African Reminiscences: A Series of Sketches of Prominent Public Events Which Have Occurred and of the Public Men, Official and Unofficial Who Have Taken Part in Them
73553: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership VOLUME 7 No.4
73561: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Issue: BARLOW RAND LIMITED
75373: MURRAY, R.J., - The Geology of the "ZUARUNGU" 1/2 Field Sheet.
73560: MURRAY, HUGH (EDITED BY), - Leadership Corporate Issue: THE BMW STORY
71195: MURRAY, COLIN, - Families Divided : The Impact of Migrant Labour in Lesotho
79556: MURRAY-BROWN, JEREMY, - Kenyatta
75708: MURRIN, DAVID, - Breaking the Code of History
10095: MURRY, JOHN, MIDDLETON, - The Necessity Of Pacifism
62270: MURTHY, V.K., - General Point Process: Applications to Structural Fatigue, Bioscience and Medical Research
79403: MURTI, PADMINI, - Towards Professional Excellence in Banking and Finance. The History of the Indian Institute of Bankers 1928-2002
54123: MUSELER, WILHELM, - Riding Logic
58192: MUSELER, W., - Riding Logic
64546: NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM, - National Maritime Museum Catalogue of the Library. Volume One: Voyages & Travel
81206: MUSEVENI, YOWERI KAGUTA, - Sewing the Mustard Seed: The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Uganda
61102: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD, - Adam and Hepplewhite and Other Neo-Classical Furniture
53382: MUSIKER, REUBEN, - Special Libraries: A General Survey with Particular Reference to South Africa
53383: MUSIKER, REUBEN, - South African Bibliography. A Survey of Bibliographies and Bibliographical Work.
58066: MUSIKER, REUBEN & NAOMI (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Seminar on Accessing Information Resources in Southern Africa: National and Subregional Bibliographic Control. Johannesburg 11-13 September 1996
59064: MUSIKER, REUBEN & MUSIKER, NAOMI, - Conductors and Composers of Popular Orchestral Music: A Biographical and Discographical Sourcebook
69273: MUSIKER, REUBEN (COMPILED BY), - Hans Adler 1904-1979 A Collection of Tributes
71308: MUSIKER, REUBEN, - Aspects of Johannesburg History
66918: MUSIL, ROBERT, - Young Torless
71350: MUSILA, GODFREY M., - Between Rhetoric and Action: The Politics, Processes and Practice of the ICC's Work in the DRC
71469: MUSISI, NAKANYIKE B. & MUWANGA, NANSOZI K., - Makerere University in Transition, 1993-2000: Opportunities and Challenges
71710: MUSOPOLE, Y. R., - The Church in Malawi
64637: MUSSON, DOREEN, - Johnny Gomas Voice of the Working Class. A Political Biography.
51732: MUSSORGSKY, MODESTE P., - Une Nuit Sur Le Mont Chauve / Night on a Bare Mountain / Eine Nacht Auf Dem Kahlen Berge
71541: MUTAMBIRWA, JAMES (AND NUMEROUS OTHERS), - From Cottesloe to Cape Town. The WCC Visit to South Africa October 1991
84378: MUTANDWA, GRACE, - The Power and the Glory
55042: MUTIBWA, P.M., - African Heritage and the New Africa
66721: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.2 No 3 July/August 1979
54866: MUTLOATSE, MOTHOBI (EDITED BY), - Forced Landing. Africa South Contemporary Writings.
84350: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABE (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOLUME 1 No.2
66728: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.4 No 2 July / August 1981
66733: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.6 No 1
66724: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.3 No 2 June 1980
66735: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.6 No 3
66729: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.4 No 3 November 1981
66727: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.4 No 1 April / May 1981
66731: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.5 No 2
84351: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABE (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOLUME 2 No.1 March 1979
51993: MUTLOATSE, MIOTHOBI (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Reconstruction: 90 Years of Black Historical Literature.
66736: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.6 No 4
64025: MUTLOATSE, MOTHOBE (EDITED BY), - Staffrider Vol.1 No.4 November / December 1978
66732: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.5 No 3
66726: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.3 No 4 Ecember / January 1980-81
66725: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.3 No 3 September / October 1980: Story Special
83652: MUTLOATSE, MOTHOBO (EDITED BY), - Forced Landing: Writings from the Staffrider Generation
66730: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.4 No 4 March 1982
66734: MUTLOATSE, MOTHABI (EDITED BY), - Staffrider VOL.6 No 2
68095: MUTO, SHOICHI (TRANSLATED BY MOTOKO KAINOSE-BUDROW), - Las Vegas: 16 Hotel And Casinos, 5 Theme Restaurants.
9229: MUTWA, VUSAMAZULU CREDO, - Indaba My Children
47562: MUTWA, CREDO, - Let Not My Country Die
9259: MUTWA, VUSAMAZULU.C, - Africa Is My Witness
31439: MUTWA, VUSAMAZULU C., - Indaba My Children
20229: MUTWA, VUSAMAZULU CREDO MUTWA, - Africa is My Witness
83599: MUTWA, CREDO (FILM BY INGRID PENDERIS), - Credo Mutwa Speaks Dolphins: Traditional African Knowledge
73271: MUTWA, CREDO, - Let Not My Country Die
77500: MUVART, - Expo Contemporanea Mocambique 04
74195: DE MUYNCK, A. & ROGERS, D.J. (EDITED BY), - Workshop on Modelling Sleeping Sickness Epidemiology and Control, Held in Antwerp on 25- 29 January, 1988
71557: MWASE, NGILA R L, - Transport and Communications in Namibia. Some Policy Considerations
71366: MWEBAZA, ROSE, - Sustaining Good Governance in Water and Sanitation in Uganda.
64513: MYAGKOV, ALEKSEI, - Inside the KGB: An expose by an officer of the Third Directorate.
71795: MYAGKOV, ALEKSEI, - Inside the KGB. An Expose By an Officer of the Third Directorate
48697: MYATT, FREDERICK, - The Golden Stool. Ashanti 1900
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85453: NIEMAND, ERWIN; NIEMAND, NICOLEEN; RASA, O. ANNE E., - Kalahari Magnificent Desert
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52489: NIENABER-LUITINGH, M. (EDITWED BY), - Ter Wille Van Die Edel Spel. 'n Bundel Ter Geleentheid Van Elizabeth Eybers Se Sestigste Verjaardag
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83355: VAN NIEROP, LEEON, - Ratels
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83665: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH (TRANSLATED BY ALEXANDER TILLE), - Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None.
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71252: NILANT, F.G.E., - Contemporary Pottery in South Africa
32415: NILANT, F.G., - Contemporary Pottery in South Africa
56322: NILES, BO, - Country Living Country Decorating
56322: NILES, BO, - Country Living Country Decorating
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53637: NISHIYAMA, HIDETAKA & BROWN, RICHARD C., - Karate. The Art of "Empty Hand" Fighting
35273: NISHIYAMA, HIDETAKA & BROWN, RICHARD C., - Karate. The Art of "Empty Hand" Fighting
68892: VAN NISPEN, CONST., - Beleg En Verdediging Van Willemstad in 1793
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62205: NIVEN, IVAN, - An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
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30131: NIXON, JOHN, - The Complete Story of the Transvaal from the "Great Trek" to the Convention of London, with Appendix Comprising Ministerial Declarations of Policy and Official Documents.
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82894: NKRUMAH, KWAME, - Africa Must Unite
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62395: NOBLE, M.A., - The Fight for the Ashes 1928-29. A Critical Account of the English Tour of Australia.
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56310: NORBURY, IAN, - Techniques of Creative Woodcarving
56310: NORBURY, IAN, - Techniques of Creative Woodcarving
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79907: NORDEN, EDWARD, - La Prosa d'Arte Antica. Dal VI secolo a.C. all'età della Rinascenza Vol. I°-L'Antichità- Vol.II°-Il Medioevo e l'Umanesimo
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77449: NORENA, CARLOS G., - Juan Luis Vives
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86246: NORGAARD, SOFIE, - A Norwegian Family in South Africa. (En Norsk Familie I Syd Afrika).
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53268: NORLINDH, TYCHO, - Some New Species of the Genus Osteospermum
53004: NORMAN, CHARLES, - Fish the Southern Seas
52143: NORMAN, GERALDINE, - Biedermeier Painting
49255: NORMAN, CHARLES, - Bass Fishing in Southern Africa
49347: NORMAN, BARBARA, - Glass Engraving
49256: NORMAN, CHARLES, - Fresh and Salt-Water Fly Fishing in Southern Africa.
67511: NORMAN, CHARLES, - African Angler
59225: NORMAN, C.B., - The Corsairs of France
78422: NORMAN, A. V. B., - The Rapier and Small Sword 1460-1820
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86227: NORMAN, NICK, - The Extraordinary World of Diamonds
78031: NORMAN, EDWARD, - Politicizing Christianity: Focus on South Africa
62627: LE NORMAND-ROMAIN, ANTOINETTE, - Le Baiser De Rodin / the Kiss by Rodin
72503: NORRI, MARJA RIITTA (AND OTHERS) (AALTO, ALVAR), - Viiva: Originaalipiirustuksia Alvar Aallon Arkistosta/linjen: Originalritningar Ur Alvar Aaltos Arkiv / the Line: Original Drawings from the Alvar Aalto Archive
59100: NORRINGTON, A.L.P., - Blackwells 1879 -1979. The History of a Family Firm
12241: NORRIS-NEWMAN, CHARLES L., - The Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1880 - 1
75948: NORRIS-NEWMAN, C.L., - With the Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1880- 1.
60264: NORRIS-NEWMAN, C.L., - With the Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State.
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51608: NORRIS, KEITH & VAIZEY, JOHN, - The Economics of Research and Technology.
50377: NORRIS, BETTY E., - Everyday Cookery for Pakistan. 875 Tried and Tested Recipes for Delicious Dishes & Drinks.
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28059: NORRIS, KATHLEEN, - Walls of Gold
86470: NORRIS, C.C., - William Empson and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism. With a Postscript by William Empson
66416: NORTH, MACK O., - Commercial Chicken Production Manual
48577: NORTH, GARY, - The Sinai Strategy. Economics and the Ten Commandments.
48580: NORTH, GARY, - Dominion and Common Grace. The Biblical Basis of Progress
48600: NORTH, GARY, - Political Polytheism. The Myth of Pluralism.
69376: NORTHCLIFFE, LORD, - At the War
80907: NORTHCOTE, HENRY STAFFORD, BARON (1846-1911)., - A 2pp. Autograph Letter to J. P. Larking, Signed and Dated Aug. 5 1884
10047: NORTHERN, REBECCA, TISON, - Home Orchid Growing
55315: NORTJE, PIET, - 32 Battalion. The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit
53572: NORTJE, PIET, - 32 Battalion. The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit.
64528: NORTJE, IZAK, - Stilte in Die Hof! Shut-Up! Voertsek!
57246: NORTJE, ARTHUR, - Lonely Against the Light (New Coin Poetry Vol.9 Nos.3 & 4)
58007: NORTJE, PIET, - 32 Battalion. The Inside Story of South Frica's Fighting Unit
60290: NORTJE, PIET, - 32 Battalion. The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit.
72803: NORTJE, IZAK, - Stilte in Die Hof! Shut-Up! Voertsek!
86527: NORTJE, PIET, - 32 Battalion : The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit
55027: NORTON, W.A.; DORNAN, S.S.; MCLAREN, J; WINTER, J.A.; LOGEMAN, W.S.; WELCH, S.R.; RITCHIE, W.; KIDD, A.S.; HOERNLE, R.F.A.; BRILL, J.; VILJOEN, H.G.; NAUTA, R.D., - A Collection of 20 Offprints from the S.A. Journal of Science, Dealing with Literature, Linguistics, African Languages, Philology and Beliefs and Traditions.
51770: NORTON, HERTER, - The Art of String Quartet Playing
51854: NORTON, RICHARD AND MARTIN, - A History of Gold Snuff Boxes.
56228: NORTON, E.F., - The Fight for Everest 1924
64145: NORTON, WILLIAM ALFRED, - Song of Hope
71619: NORTON, MICHELLE (EDITED BY), - Reshaping the Structures of Justice for a Democratic South Africa: Papers of a conference organized by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers
71581: NORTON, BETTINA A., - Edwin Whitefield, Nineteenth-Century North American Scenery
24501: NORVAL, RONALD, - King of the Links
60291: NORVAL, HELLOUISE, - A Warm Wind Blowing
74258: NORWICH, OSCAR, - Maps of Africa. An illustrated and annotated carto-bibliography. Bibliographical descriptions by Pam Kolbe.
69495: NORWICH, OSCAR I., - A Johannesburg Album : Historical Postcards
85700: NORWICH, OSCAR & KOLBE, PAM, - Maps of Africa: An Illustrated and Annotated Carto-Bibliography
71215: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS, - Sahara
51060: NOSSACK, HANS ERICH, - Gedichte
60167: NOSSELT, FRIEDRICH, - Lehrbuch Der Weltgeschichte Fur Burgerschulen Und Die Mittleren Klassen Der Gymnasium. Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Deutschen Geschichte.
63151: VAN NOSTRAND, JOHN, - Old Naledi. The Village becomes a Town. An Outline of the old Naledi Squatter Upgrading Project. Gaborone, Botswana
48853: NOTARO, THOM, - Van Til and the Use of Evidence.
62303: NOTCUTT, H.CLEMENT, - An Interpretation of Keat's Endymion
74132: NOTEHELFER, F.G., - American Samurai: Captain L.L. Janes and Japan
77084: NOTHHELFER, KARL, - Möbel. Mit 247 Abbildungen nach Fotos und 225 nach Zeichnungen.
36003: NOTHLING, C,J,, - Ultima Ratio Regum (the Last Argument of Kings). Artilletry History of South Africa / Artilleriegeskiedenis Van Suid-Afrika
61709: NOTHLING, C.J. (EDITED BY), - Ultima Ratio Regum (the Last Argument of Kings). Artillery History of South Africa / Artilleriegeskiedenis Van Suid-Afrika
73900: NOTHLING, F. G., - Pre-Colonial Africa: Her Civilisations and Foreign Contacts
73331: NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES, - Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages. A Review of its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore and Symbolism.
74199: NOTT, KAREN, - An Autoecological Study of a Namib dune succulent, Trianthema Hereroensis
78247: NOTTEBOHM, GUSTAV (EDITED BY), - Two Beethoven Sketchbooks: a Description with Musical Extracts
19736: NOVAK, JAMES, J, - Bangladesh, Reflections on the Water
81542: NOVE, ALEC, - An Economic History of the USSR
63864: NOVOMEYSKY, M. A., - Given to Salt. The Struggle for the Dead Sea Concession.
60919: NOVOTNY, MARIELLA, - King's Road
68499: NOWAK, HERBERT & ORTNER, SIGRID & DIETER, - Felsbilder Der Spanischen Sahara
77863: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., - The Focke-Wulf 190 ; A Famous German Fighter

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