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53362: LAWRENCE, MARTHA R., - Lightship Baskets of Nantucket
47440: LAWRENCE, D.H. (INTRODUCTION BY MELVYN BRAGG), - St. Mawr and Other Stories (Cambridge Edition)
9853: LAWRENCE D.H, - The Prussian Officer And Other Stories
6862: LAWRENCE, A.W ED, - T.E Lawrence By His Friends
40078: LAWRENCE, GUY, - 40 Years on the Yukon Telegraph
58001: LAWRENCE, RONALD M. & ROSENBERG, STANLEY, - Pain Relief with Osteomassage.
21: LAWRENCE R.F, - The Biology of the Cryptic Fauna of Forests
86325: LAWRENCE, A.W. (EDITED BY), - T. E. Lawrence By His Friends
64560: LAWRENCE, D.H., - The Centaur Letters
64275: LAWRENCE, A.W., - Greek Architecture
59684: LAWRENCE, D.H., - The Virgin and the Gypsy
64743: LAWRENCE, A.W., - Greek Architecture
66962: LAWRENCE, T.E., - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
37216: LAWRENCE, T.E., - The Mint By 352087 A/c Ross
85984: LAWRENCE, JEAN ST. LEGER, - Coming Home to Roost
75651: LAWRENCE, THOMAS, - A 2pp Autograph Letter, Dated Jany. 3rd 1817, Signed.
68905: LAWRENCE, T.E. (EDITED BY DAVID GARNETT), - The Letters Of T.E. Lawrence
75652: LAWRENCE, THOMAS, - A 2pp Autograph Letter, Dated Feb 17, 1818, Signed.
13484: LAWRENCE, T.E. (SELECTED AND EDITED BY MALCOLM BROWN), - The Letters of T.E.Lawrence.
85277: LAWRIE, GORDON, - New Light on South West Africa: Some Extracts and Comments on the Odendaal Report
65537: LAWRIE, GORDON, - New Light on South West Africa. Some Extracts from and Comments on the Odendaal Report.
8966: LAWS, STEPHEN, - Daemonic
1009: LAWSON, WILL., - Pacific Steamers.
52949: LAWSON, FRED, - Principles of Catering Design
53859: LAWSON, WILL., - Pacific Steamers
51789: LAWSON, JOAN & REVITT, PETER, - Ballet Class: Principles and Practice.
67463: LAWSON, FRED, - Principles of Catering Design
47316: LAWSON-HOOD, D. & J., - Acupuncture Handbook
47317: LAWSON-HOOD, D. & J., - Acupuncture Vitality and Revival Points
83693: LAWSON, K.C. & MCKENZIE, I. G. GRANT, - Venture Of Faith: The Story Of St. John's College, Johannesburg, 1898-1968 (AND) Forward in Faith: The continuing story of St John's College Johannesburg 1969 - 1998
62521: LAWSON, M.K., - Cnut. The Danes in England in the Early Eleventh Century.
64410: LAWSON, JOAN, - European Folk Dance. Its National and Musical Characteristics
69007: LAWSON, K.C., - Venture of Faith: The story of St. John's College, Johannesburg, 1898-1968
80984: LAXEN, TOROLF (AND OTHE MEMBERS EDITORIAL COMMITTEE), - Proceedings of the Symposium in Recovery of Pulping Chemicals - Held in Helsinki, May 13 to 17, 1968
85508: LAYAL, NAUNIHAL SINGH, - Japji Sahib. Holy & Inspired Writings of Guru Nanak Rendered Into English Verse
14073: LAYARD, EDGAR LEOPOLD, - The Birds of South Africa. a Descriptive Catalogue of All the Known Species Occuring South of the 28th Parallel of South Latitude
68160: LAYARD, AUSTEN H., - Discoveries in the Ruins of Ninevah and Babylon
52404: LAYMAN, TAYLOR (AND MANY OTHERS), - Machining Difficult Alloys. A Compendium on the MacHining of High-Strength Steels and Heat-Resistant Alloys
79692: LAYTON, ROBERT, - Uluru; An Aboriginal History of Ayers Rock
64101: LAZAREV, VIKTOR, - Old Russian Murals and Mosaics
43850: LAZARUS, MARK, - The Challenge
61314: LAZARUS, DAVID, - A History of Frere Hospital 1881-1981
74313: LAZENBY, J.F., - The Spartan Army
26932: LAZENBY, MICHAEL (EDITED BY)(CONTRIBS. INCLUDE ELLEN KHUZWAYO), - Housing People. Proceedings of the Housing 75 Conference Johannesburg October 1975 Arranged By the Institute of Asouth African Architects.
84068: LAZERSON, JOSHUA N., - Against the Tide: Whites in the Struggle Against Apartheid
74437: LAZISTAN, EUGEN, - Subor Piesni a Tancov SUV-CSM Lucnica
53741: LEACH, JOHNNY, - Tabel Tennis for the Seventies
48203: LEACH, E.R., - Rethinking Anthropology
68989: LEACH, JACK, - Sods I Have Cut on the Turf
68205: LEACH, L.C., - A revision of Stapelia L. (Asclepiadaceae)
86892: LEACH, CHARLES R., - ....of a Lion and Eagle. The Story of Constable Charles William Eagle.
78862: LEACH, BERNARD, - A Potter's Portfolio
73684: LEACH, EDMUND, - Genesis as Myth and Other Essays
72171: LEADBEATER, C.W., - Clairvoyance
83638: LEADBEATER, C.W., - The Masters and the Path
80916: LEADER, BENJAMIN (1831-1923), - A Sepia Cabinet Portrait, Signed "Yours Truly B W Leader"
59570: LEAF, HORACE, - What Mediumship is
69844: GERMAN PROPAGANDA LEAFLET, - The Po is Waiting for You
69845: GERMAN PROPAGANDA LEAFLET, - Men in the Shadow? No - Men in the Sun!
86886: CIVIL RIGHTS LEAGUE (WITWATERSRAND), - The Coloured Vote and the Constitution // Die Kleurlingatemreg En Die Grondwet
75350: LEAHY, EDMUND, - A Practical Treatise on Making and Repairing Roads
32577: LEAKEY, L.S.B., - The Stone Age Cultures of Kenya Colony
6868: LEAKEY, RICHARD & LEWIN, ROGER, - People Of The Lake : Man, His Origins, Naturte And Future
68052: LEAKEY, L.S.B., - Defeating Mau Mau
59302: LEAKEY, M.D. & L.S.B., - Excavations at the Njoro River Cave. Stone Age Cremated Burials in Kenya Colony.
71046: LEAKEY, L. S. B., - Mau Mau and the Kikuyu
75730: LEAKEY, MARY, - Olduvai Gorge, My Search for Early Man
58966: LEAKEY, MARY, - Africa's Vanishing Art. The Rock Paintings of Tanzania
29733: LEAKEY, M.D. & L.S.B., - Excavations at the Njoro River Cave. Stone Age Cremated Burials in Kenya Colony
1592: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. & LEWIN, ROGER., - People of the lake: Mankind and its beginnings.
62175: LEAMER, EDWARD E., - Specification Searches. Ad Hoc Inference with Nonexperimental Data
55169: LEAN, PHYLLISN SCARNELL, - "Since Singing is So Good a Thing". The Story Of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Society. 1909-1959
48863: LEAN, JOSS, - The South African Srt and Craft Catalogue #1
58249: LEAN, DAVID (PASTERNAK, BORIS), - David Lean's Film of Doctor Zhivago
35082: FILM BROCHURE: DAVID LEAN (LAWRENCE, T.E.), - African Consolidated Theatres Present the Sam Spiegel and David Lean Production of Lawrence of Arabia
35550: LEAN, VINCENT STUCKEY, - Lean's Collectanea. Collections ....of Proverbs (English and Foreign), Folk-lore and Superstitions, Also Compilations Towards Dictionaries of Proverbial Phrases and Words, Old and Disused.
36459: LEAN, PHYLLIS (COMPILED BY)., - Fifty Years of Theosophy. A Brief History of the Johannesburg Lodge
55816: LEAR, EDWARD (INTRODUCED BY QUENTIN BLAKE), - Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense
55152: LEAR, EDWARD (INTRODUCED BY QUENTIN BLAKE), - Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria
64439: LEAR, EDWARD, - The Book of Nonsense and More Nonsense
84304: LEAR, M.F. (EDITED BY), - The St. Olav Lutheran Church 1880-1980
87041: LEAR, E. N., - South African Mead Notes
54240: LEASK, W. KEITH, - Interamna Borealis, Being Memories and Portraits from an Old University Town Between the Don and the Dee.
70540: LEASK, THOMAS (EDITED BY J P R WALLIS), - The Southern African Diaries of Thomas Leask 1865-1870.
73024: LEASKA, MITCHELL, - Granite and Rainbow: The Hidden Life of Virginia Woolf
56351: LEASOR, JAMES, - Rudolf Hess the Uninvited Envoy
74347: LEAVIS, F. R., - D. H. Lawrence: Novelist.
66175: LEAVIS, F.R., - Letters in Criticism
55525: LEAVIS, F.R., - D.H. Lawrence the Novelist
53123: LEAVIS,F.R. & Q.D., - Dickens the Novelist
73621: LEBECH, MOGENS, - Hjejlen, " The Golden Plover" Denmark's Oldest Steamship And The Navigation Of The Himmelbjerg Lakes And The Guden River
48324: LEBEDEV, VALENTIN, - Diary of a Cosmonaut: 211 Days in Space.
82148: LEBEDEV, A. (COMPILED BY), - The Itinerants: Society for Circulating Art Exhibitions (1870-1923)
77880: LECH, RAYMOND B., - All the Drowned Sailors
58931: LECHAGO, JUAN & GOULD, VICTOR E. (EDITED BY), - Bloodworth's Endocrine Pathology
56532: LECHAT, HENRI, - Le Temple Grec. Histoire Sommaire De Ses Origines et De Son Developpement Jusqu'au Ve Siecle Avant Jesus Christ
51416: LECHENPERG, HARALD (EDITED BY), - Olympic Games 1960. Squaw Valley Rome
85594: LECHT, SUZANNE, - Nguyen Cam the Music of Silence
76624: LECKIE, A.J., - Analytical and numerical theory of the motions of the orbital planes of Jupiter's satellites. Secular terms.
35643: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE, - Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland
56818: LEDER, CAROLYN, - Stanley Spencer the Astor Collection
26513: LEDIARD, THOMAS, - The German Spy or Familiar Letters from a Gentleman on His Travels thro' Germany to His Friend in England
63447: LEDUC, STEPHANIE, - The Mechanism of Life
81023: LEE, MARGARET JACKSON, - The Collegiate Schools. The Centenary and Beyond 1974-2004
79835: LEE, HARPER, - To Kill a Mockingbird
55109: LEE, SIDNEY, - Stratford-on-Avon from the Earliest Times to the Death of William Shakespeare.
54730: LEE, LINDA (INTRODUCTION BY), - Bruce Lee 1940-1973
53182: LEE, BRIAN S. (EDITED BY), - An English Miscellany. Presented to W.S. Mackie.
53784: LEE, RICHARD B. & DE VORE, IRVEN (EDITED BY), - Man the Hunter
52140: LEE, R.W., - The Elements of Roman Law, with a Translation of the Institutes of Justinian.
48605: LEE, FRANCIS NIGEL, - A Christian Introduction to the History of Philosophy.
49417: LEE, CHARLES E., - Fifty Years of the Hampstead Tube.
50136: LEE, JUNG YOUNG, - The I Ching and Modern Man. Essays on Metaphysical Implications of Change
50354: LEE, ARTHUR BOLLES, - The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum. A Handbook of the Methods of Microscopic Anatomy.
47941: LEE, ARTHUR GOULD, - No Parachute. A Fighter Pilot in World War I.
56566: LEE, PETER, - Compromise and Courage. Anglicans in Johannesburg 1864-1999
24353: LEE, SARAH TOMERLIN, - American Fashion. The Life and Times of Adrian, Mainbocher, McCardell, Novell, Trigere
57130: LEE, D.N. & WOODHOUSE, H.C., - Art on the Rocks of Southern Africa
40209: LEE, MAGGY, - Youth Crime and Police Work
10040: LEE, ARTHUR, GOULD, - The Flying Cathedral : The Story of Samuel Franklin
73762: LEE, STAN, - Essential Uncanny X-Men : the Original X-Men #1-24
63777: LEE, BABS & SAUNDERS, CLARE CASTLER, - Measured for Murder
14972: LEE, C.Y., - The Flower Drum Song
58274: LEE, GEORGE W., - River George
43173: LEE, EMANOEL, - To the Bitter End. A Photographic History of the Bower War 1899-1902
76612: LEE, DAVID (INTRODUCTION BY), - Stuart Luke Gatherer
65484: LEE, C.Y., - A Corner of Heaven. My Burmese Reminiscences.
80671: LEE, CHRISTOPHER, - A Publicity Photograph of Lee as Lord Bathurst in Shaka Zulu, SIGNED.
60582: LEE, BRIANT HAMOR, - European Post-Baroque Neoclassical Theatre Architecture
63547: LEE, C.A. (CHAIRMAN ORGANISING COMMITTEE), - 8th International Platinum Symposium ABSTRACTS 28 June - 3 July 1998
82411: LEE, ART, - Fishing Dry Flies For Trout On Rivers And Streams.
74781: LEE, SIDNEY, - Stratford-on-Avon. From the Earliest Time to the Death
60541: LEE, RICHARD B. & DEVORE, IRVEN (EDITED BY), - Kalahari Hunter-Gatherers: Studies of the !Kung San and Their Neighbors
16432: LEE, GYPSY ROSE, - The Strip Tease Murders
9466: LEE, EMANOEL, - To the Bitter End: A Photographic History of the Boer War 1899-1902
35576: LEE, ALBERT, - The History of the Tenth Foot (The Lincolnshire Regiment)
68219: LEE, BRUCE, - Tao of Jeet Kune Do
82178: LEE, MILTON O. (EDITED BY), - Biology of the Antactic Seas I
82422: LEECH, GEOFFREY N. & SHORT, MICHAEL H., - Style in Fiction: A Linguistic Introduction to English Fictional Prose
60682: LEECH, GEOFFREY, - Principles of Pragmatics
68917: LEECH, GEOFFREY N., - A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry
59693: LEEDS, E.T., - Celtic Ornament in the British Isles down to A.D. 700.
56499: LEEK, MICHAEL, - The Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques
77125: LEEMAN, SIMON ZELIK, - My Life and Philosophy
79265: LEEMING, JONATHAN, - Scorpions of Southern Africa.
68152: LEENHARDT, MAURICE, - Arts of the Oceanic Peoples
72946: LEES-MILNE, JAMES, - Diaries 1942-1945: Ancestral Voices & Prophesying Peace
53276: LEES-MILNE, JAMES, - English Country Houses. BAROQUE 1685-1715
76466: LEES, ANDREW, - Cities Perceived: Urban Society in European and American Thought, 1820-1940
18114: LEES, T. & R. LTD., - Woodworking Machinery Catalogue No. 40. Park Engineering Works, Hollinwood, England
32991: LEES, R & JACKSON, B., - Sugar Confectionery and Chocolate Manufacture
38921: LEES-MILNE, JAMES, - Ancestral Voices
58033: LEES, ROBIN, - Fishing for Fortunes; The Story of the Fishing Industry in Southern Africa and the Men who Made it.
84834: LEES-MILNE, JAMES, - Deep Romantic Chasm. Diaries, 1979-1981.
81663: LEES-MILNE, JAMES, - The Milk of Paradise: Diaries 1993-1997
84671: LEES, JAMES, - The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War, 1625-1860
81656: LEES-MILNE, JAMES (ABRIDGED BY MICHAEL BLOCH), - Diaries. : Vol. I: 1942-1954; Vol. II: 1971-1983; Vol. III: 1984-1997
79129: LEES, EUGENE (EDITED BY), - Down Beat Jazz Record Reviews. Volume IV
61490: LEESE, ARNOLD, - Gentle Folly, the Rothschilds
12246: LEESE, OLIVER, - Cacti
48851: LEESER, ISAAC (TRANSLATED BY), - Twenty Four Books of the Holy Scriptures
69508: LEESER, ISAAC (TRANSLATED BY) (BIBLE), - Twenty Four Books of the Holy Scriptures
47374: LEESON, R.A., - Travelling Brothers. The Six Centuries' Road from Craft Fellowship to Trade Unionism
68199: LEFEBVRE, DENYS (SYNED), - The Lone Trek
48923: LEFEVER, ERNEST W., - Amsterdam to Nairobi. The World Council of Churches and the Third World.
68422: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY, - Harley-Davidson. Myth and Mystique
75436: LEGASSICK, G.V. (EDITED BY)), - "Both Watches". 1957
64654: LEGAT, C. E., - The Propagation of Forest Trees in South Africa
50690: LEGERE, K. (EDITED BY), - Cross-Border Languages. Reports and Studies Regional Workshop on Cross-Border Languages National Institute for Educational Development Okahandja 23-27 September 1996
21532: LEGG, J. WICKHAM (EDITED BY), - Missale Ad Usum Ecclesiae Westmonasteriensis FASCICULUS III
76982: LEGGATT-SMITH, YVONNE, - Rwanda: Not So Innocent - When Women Become Killers
47529: LEGGE, J.D., - Sukarno. A Political Biography.
76881: LEGH, THOMAS, - Narrative of A Journey In Egypt and the Country Beyond The Cataracts
67135: LEGRAND, LUCIEN, - The Bible on Culture: Belonging or Dissenting?
76377: LEGUM, COLIN, - Vorster's Gamble for Africa: How the Search for Peace Failed
77087: LEGUM COLIN & HODGES, TONY, - After Angola: The War Over Southern Africa
66243: LEHFELDT, R.A., - Gold Prices and the Witwatersrand
78919: LEHMANN, J., - Lehmann's Passover Hagadah; With The Commentary of Rabbi Dr. Marcus Lehman of Mainz.
67510: LEHMANN, R.C., - Conversational Hints for Young Shooters. A guide to polite talk in field, covert, and country house.
61264: LEHMANN, OLGA, - Look Beyond the Wind. The Life of Dr. Hans Merensky
62263: LEHMANN, E.L. (ASSISTED BY H.J.M. D'ABRERA), - Nonparametrics. Statistical Methods Based on Ranks
9384: LEHMANN, JOSEPH, - The First Boer War
70418: LEHMANN, A.G., - The Symbolist Aesthetic in France, 1885-1895
73948: LEHMANN, DAVID (EDITED BY), - Agrarian Reform & Agrarian Reformism: Studies of Peru, Chile, China, and India
76485: LEHMKUHL, DONALD, - The Flights of Icarus
72214: LEHRMAN, FREDRIC, - The Sacred Landscape
84429: LEIBBRANDT, H.C.V., - Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope: Requesten (Memorials) 1715-1806 : VOL 1:: A-E; VOL 2: F-O; VOL.3 P-S; VOL.4 T-Z; VOL.5 Index
74864: LEIBBRANDT, H. C. V. (EDITED BY), - The Rebellion of 1815, Generally Known as Slachters Nek. A Complete Collection of Papers Connected with the Trial of the Accused; With Many Important Annexures. Cape of Good Hope Archives
78129: LEIBHAMMER, NESSA (EDITED BY), - Dungamanzi Stirring Waters: Tsonga and Shangaan Art from Southern Africa
57316: LEIBHAMMER, NESSA (EDITED BY PHILIPPA HOBBS), - Consciousness. A Changing Heritage. An Exhibition of Select Works from the MTN Art Collection.
77554: LEIBHAMMER, NESSA, - Making Links. a resource book on the Traditional Southern African Collection at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
58692: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE, - Photographs 1970-1990
83404: LEIBOWITZ, HILLIARD, - A Ray of Sunshine. Ray Leibowitz (nee Kantor) 17 February 1929 - 12 May 2008
2549: LEIBRANDT, H.C.V, - The Rebelliion of 1815: Generally known as Slagters Nek
55743: LEICHT, HERMANN, - Pre-inca Art & Culture
66949: LEICHTENTRITT, HUGO, - Serge Koussevitsky, The Boston Symphony Orchestra And The New American Music
75918: LEICHTENTRITT, HUGO, - Serge Koussevitzky: The Boston Symphony Orchestra and The New American Music
67582: LEIGH, IONE, - In the Shadow of the Mau Mau.
80527: LEIGH, RAMON LEWIS, - Vereeniging Suid Afrka. South Africa
80163: LEIGHTON, FREDERICK (1830-1896), - A Brief ALS on Both Sides of a Correspondence Card, Addressed to Mrs Moscheles, Undated, Headed 2 Holland Park Road, Kensington W.
55547: LEIGHTON, ANN, - American Gardens in the Eighteenth Century "For Use or Delight"
49367: LEIGHTON, STANLEY (EDITED BY A M LEWIN ROBINSON), - Notes on a Visit to South Africa February - March - April 1889
64135: LEIGHTON, ANGELA & REYNOLDS, MARGARET (EDITED BY), - Victorian Women Poets. An Anthology.
69274: LEIGHTON, CLARE, - Country Matters
63236: LEIHAMMER, NESSA (EDITED BY), - Dungamanzi Stirring Waters : Tsonga and Shangaan Art from Southern Africa
47997: LEINSTER, MURRAY, - Operation Outer Space
81049: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Die Heks: 'n Toneelstuk (Directed By Truda POHL: FAKKEL FA/4)
75558: LEIPOLDT, LOUIS, - Kos Vir Die Kenner. 'n Kookboek Met Meer as 'n Duisend Goeie Resepte
55015: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Polfyntjies Vir Die Proe
52872: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS (PSEUD. PHEIDIPPIDES), - The Ballad of Dick King and Other Poems.
33749: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Praatjies Met Die Oumense
81657: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Leipoldt's Cape Cookery
13253: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Stormwrack
42236: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS & ELIAS, P., - Skoolgesondheid
34788: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Oom Gert Vertel En Andere Gedichte
35317: LEIPOLDT, LOUIS (PSEUD. PHEIDIPPIDES), - The Ballad of Dick King and Other Poems
37759: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS (EDITED J.C.KANNEMEYER), - Versamelde Gedigte
79551: LEIPOLDT, LOUIS, - Kos Vir Die Kenner
48810: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Bushveld Doctor
6432: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - 300 Years of Cape Wine
56839: LEIPOLDT, LOUIS, - 300 Years of Cape Wine
59096: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - 300 Years of Cape Wines
80096: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Leipoldt's Food and Wine
64138: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Leipoldt's Cape Cookery
39699: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS (EDITED BY J C KANNEMEYER), - Versamelde Gedigte
77210: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Bushveld Doctor
77211: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Jan Van Riebeeck, Die Grondlegger Van 'n Blanke Suid-Afrika
67806: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS (EDITED BY E. M. SANDLER), - Dear Dr. Bolus: Letters from Clanwilliam, London, New York and Europe Written Mainly During His Medical Education By C. Louis Leipoldt to Harry Bolus in Cape Town Form 1897 to 1911
85512: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS, - Jan van Riebeeck. A Biographical Study.
76808: LEIPOLDT, LOUIS, - Polfyntjies Vir Die Proe
53087: (EXHIBITION CATALOGUE) DE LEIRIS, ALAIN & GARVER, THOMAS H., - Honore Daumier. The Trustman Collection of Prints, Sculpture & Drawings
50732: LEIRIS, MICHEL & DELANGE, JACQUELINE, - Afrika. Die Kunst Des Schwarzen Erdteils
38706: LEIRIS, MICHEL & DUPIN, JACQUES, - Joan Miro 90e Anniversaire (Cahiers d'Art Contemporain No. 5)
53878: LEISHMAN, THOMAS LINTON, - The Continuity of the Bible. Paul the Missionary Apostle.
76424: LEISTNER, G. A. (EDITED BY), - Flora of Southern Africa VOL.10 Part 1
80592: LEISTNER, O.A., - Seed Plants Of Southern Tropical Africa: Families And Genera
55607: LEISTNER, O.A. (EDITED BY), - Flora of Southern Africa Voloume 27 Part 4
40256: LEISTNER, G. M.E., - Rhodesia Economic Structure and Change
77270: LEITCH, R.P. & CALLOW, J., - Easy Studies in Water-Color Painting, Nine Sketches from Nature in Simple Tints.
87017: LEITCH, GORDON B., - Chinese Rugs
57883: LEITER, SAMUEL L., - Frozen Moments. Writings on Kabuki 1966-2001
55224: LEITH-ROSS, SYLVIA, - African Women - A Study of the Ibo of Nigeria
54772: LEITH-ROSS, SYLVIA, - Stepping-Stones. Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria 1907-1960
55688: LEITZ, ERNST, - Leitz Monocular-Binocular Microscopes Stand B.
55689: LEITZ, ERNST, - Leitz Monocular Microscope Stands H & G
55690: LEITZ, ERNST, - Polarizing Microscopes Forthe Examination of Or5es. Stands MOP and AMOP
55691: LEITZ, ERNST, - Micro Camera Attachments
55692: LEITZ, ERNST, - Microscope Lamps
55693: LEITZ, ERNST, - Microtomes
55694: LEITZ, ERNST, - Auxiliary Reproduction Device
55695: LEITZ, ERNST, - Dialux
55696: LEITZ, ERNST, - Panphot Metallographic Microscope
55697: LEITZ, ERNST, - Photographic Equipment MA IVb
55698: LEITZ, ERNST, - Binocular Prism Magnifiers
55699: LEITZ, ERNST, - Phase Contrast Equipment with the Heine Condenser
55700: LEITZ, ERNST, - Single-lamp Epidiascopes. Model Vp (250 Watts) and Model Vh (500 Watts)
55701: LEITZ, ERNST, - Optical Instruments for Chemistry
28863: LEJEUNE, RITA & STIENNON, JACQUES, - The Legend of Roland in the Middle Ages
3041: LEJEUNE, ARTHUR, S, - Mine Sampling And Ore Evaluatioon with special reference to The Wiwatersrand area.
74880: LEKGOATHI, SEKIBAKIBA PETER; RICH, PETER; SMUTS, HELENE; GETZ, CHONAT, - Africa meets Africa – Ndebele Women designing Identity
8124: LELEWEL, JOACHIM, - Geographie Du Moyen Age Atlas, Compose de Ciquante Planches
85260: LEMAITRE, ALFRED & SAVAGE, MCHAEL (EDITED BY), - The Passion for Reason: Essays in Honour of Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert
48755: LEMESURIER, PETER, - The Great Pyramid Decoded
73092: LEMMER, J.C. (INTRODUCTION BY), - South Africa's Contemporary War Art, By Official War Artists Major V. G. Metcalf (Army); Captain R. R. Belling (Air Force); Lieutenant L. N. Lindeque (Navy)
85413: LEMMER, STEPHANUS R., - Familia Lemmer
78904: LEMON, DAVID, - Never Quite a Soldier: a Rhodesian Policeman's War 1971-1982
85577: LEMON, JOHN, - Re: In: Car: Nation Citi Golf. A Car So Loved By the Nation That it Lived 25 Years.
56040: LEMPRIERE, J. (REVISED F.A. WRIGHT), - Lempriere's Classical Dictionary of Proper Names mentioned in Ancient Authors. With a chronological table. A new edition. revised with additions, and a short notice of Dr. J. Lemprière.
54608: LENDVAI, PAUL, - Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe
81347: LENIN, N. (V. ULIANOV), - The State and Revolution: Marxist Teaching on the State and the Task of the Proletariat in the Revolution
51105: LENIN, V.I., - On Britain
48765: LENIN, V.I., - Speeches at Party Congresses 1918-1921
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63899: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID, - Missionary travels and researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast; thence across the continent, down the River Zambesi,.....
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78835: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, - Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume 99
78836: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, - Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume 99
78837: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, - Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume 101
78817: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, - Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume 104.
78818: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, - Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity. Volume 101.
74488: LONEY, J.K., - Wrecks on Victoria's South West Coast: A Survey of Incidents From the Victorian-south Australian Border to Lady Bay, Including Portland, Port Fairy, and Warrnambool
82896: LONEY, MARTIN, - Rhodesia: White Racism and Imperial Response
65654: LONG, DUNCAN, - The FN-FAL Rifle et al.
57488: LONG, DUNCAN, - Streetsweepers. The Complete Book of Combat Shotguns
63597: LONG, GAVIN, - To Benghazi
53987: LONG, JEAN, - Practical Chinese Painting. Colour. Nature. Essence.
48444: LONG, JEAN, - Chinese Ink Painting. Techniques in Shades of Black.
69657: LONG, JAMES, - British Dairy Farming, to which is Added a Description of the Chief Continental Systems
57429: LONG, DUNCAN, - Super Shotguns. How to Make Your Shotgun Into a Do-Everything Weapon.
57449: LONG, DUNCAN, - Smith & Wesson's Autos
57489: LONG, DUNCAN, - Modern Combat Ammunition (Combat Ammo of the 21st Century).
57526: LONG, DUNCAN, - Homemade Ammo. How to Make it. How to Reload it. How to Cache it.
58041: LONG, SUE, - The Chicken Cookbook for South Africa.
58858: LONG, A.A. (EDITED BY), - Problems in Stoicism
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45154: LONG, UNA (EDITED BY), - The Chronicle of Jeremiah Goldswain Albany Settler of 1820.
27190: LONG, UNA, - An Index to Authors of Unofficial, Privately Owned Manuscripts Relating to the History of South Africa 1812 - 1920
83434: LONG, S. ANDREW (EDITED BY), - Livelihoods and CBNRM in Namibia: The Findings of the WILD Report... final technical report of the Wildlife Integration for Livelihood Diversification Project (WILD).
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67357: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH, - Keramos and Other Poems
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70006: LONGHURST, PERCY, - Jiu--Jitsu and other Methods of Self-Defence
70029: LONGHURST, PERCY, - Wrestling
62739: LONGHURST, HENRY, - Never on Weekdays
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73202: LONGMAN, F.W., - Chess Openings
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63496: LONGMATE, NORMAN, - The Bombers: The RAF Offensive against Germany 1939-1945 (
54201: LONGMORE, C. (EDITED BY), - Carry on! The Traditions of the A.I.F.
65558: LONRHO, - Report on the Engineering Aspects of a Northern Rhodesia - Tanganyika Rail Link (Northern Rhodesia Section)
68085: LONSDALE, STEVEN H., - Dance and Ritual Play in Greek Religion
86830: LONSDALE, WILLIAM (1794-1871), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter, April 25th 1844

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