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48511: THE AUTOCAR, - Complete Hints and Tips for Automobilists.
81257: PARLIAMENTARY POSTAL HISTORY / AUTOGRAPHS, - Acollection of 114 Free Frank Fronts, Dating from 1798 to 1836, Mounted in a Contemporary Blabk Notebook. Signatures Include Palmerston, William Cobbett
48743: AVALLONE, MICHAEL, - The Living Bomb.
85223: AVDEYEV, VLADIMIR TRANSLATED PATRICK CLOUTER), - Raciology: the Science of the Hereditary Traits of Peoples
79376: AVE, JOOP (EDITED BY), - The Crafts of Indonesia
35859: AVEBURY, LORD, - Ants Bees and Wasps. A Ecord of Observations on the Habits of the Social Hymenoptera
59165: AVEDON, RICHARD, - In the American West
59975: AVEDON, JOHN F., - In Exile from the Land of Snows
63081: AVERY, DAVID, - Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday: The Story of the Rio Tinto Mines
48723: AVI-HAI, AVRAHAM, - Ben Gurion State Builder. Principles and Pragmatism 1948-1963
72151: AVI-YONAH, M.; AVIGAD, N.; AHARONI, Y.; DUNAYEVSKY, I.; GUTMAN, S., - Masada: Survey and Excavations, 1955-1956.
65698: AVIATION, - Aircraft Of The Aces: Men & Legends VOLS1 - 60
61787: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.3 NO.6 MARCH 1944
61786: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.3 NO.2 NOVEMBER 1943
61785: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.2 NO.7 MAY 1943
61784: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.12 SEPTEMBER 1942
61783: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.11 AUGUST 1942
61782: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.10 JULY 1942
61781: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.9 JUNE 1942
61779: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.7 APRIL 1942
61780: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.8 MAY 1942
61778: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.6 MARCH 1942
68240: AVINERI, SHLOMO, - Hegel's Theory of the Modern State (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics)
71444: AVIRGAN, TONY; BIVENS, JOSH; GAMMAGE, SARAH (EDITORS), - Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: Labor Markets and Informal Work in Egypt, El Salvador, India, Russia, and South Africa
74977: AVNI, WOLF, - Bitch-Creek Nymphing & The Millennium Bug
61852: VAN DE AVOIRD, THEO (EDITED BY), - Khoi Khoin Mensen Der Mensen
77262: AWOONOR, KOFI & ADALI-MORTTY, G. (EDITED BY), - Messages: Poems from Ghana
82367: AXELROD, HERBERT R., - Freshwater Fishes Book 1
82370: AXELROD, HERBERT R., - Koi of the World: Japanese Colored Carp
46806: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portuguese in South-east Africa 1488-1600
64171: AXELSON, E. (EDITED BY), - Dias and His Successors
37110: AXELSON, ERIC A, - Portuguese in South-east Africa 1600-1700
68295: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portugal and the Scramble for Africa 1875-1891
59433: AXELSON, ERIC, - South East Africa 1488-1530
60829: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portuguese in South-East Africa, 1600-1700
82670: AXELSON, ERIC (EDITED BY GEORGE WOODCOCK), - Congo to Cape: Early Portuguese Explorers.
41331: AXENFELD, THEODOR, - Das Trachom (Conjunctivitis Granulosa, Aegyptische Augentzundung ). Kurze Darstellung Der Differentialdiagnose, Therapie and Prophylaxe.
41403: AXENFELD, TH. & BUSCH, FR., - Ein Beitrag Zur Klinische Syptomatologie Und Zur Histologie Des Primaren Myxosarkoms Des Sehnerven Sowie Zur Operativen Entfernung Desselben Nach Der Kronlein'schen Methode. ((Separat Abdruck Aus Dem Archiv Fur Augenheilkunde XXXIX Heft I)
41504: AXENFELD, TH., - Sklerocornealer Starstich (Scleronyxis anterior) Nach Vorausgeschickter Iridektomie (Separat Abdruck Aus Bericht Uber Die Vierunddreissigste Versammlung Der Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft Heidelburg 1907)
41395: AXENFELD, TH., - Ein Beitrag Zur Pathologie Und Therapie Der Frontalen Und Der Ethmoidalen Sinusitis Und Ihrer Orbitalen Complikationen.(Soderabdruck Aus Der Deutsche Medicinischen Wochenschrift 1902 No.40)
78285: AXWORTHY, G.J. (INTRODUCTION BY), - Sherman Theatre University College Cardiff
85891: AYDELOTTE, FRANK, - The Vision Of Cecil Rhodes: A Review of the First Forty Years of the American Scholarships
80090: AYER, A.J., - Philosophical Essays
80089: AYER, A.J., - The Problem of Knowledge
80087: AYER, A.J., - The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge
80088: AYER, A.J., - The Concept of a Person, and Other Essays
72347: AYER, A.J., - Wittgenstein
68982: AYISI, ERIC O., - An Introduction to the Study of African Culture
74990: AYITTEY, GEORGE B. N., - Africa Unchained The Blueprint for Africa's Future
11785: AYLIFF, JOHN, REV, - The Journal of "Harry Hastings" Albany Settler
12490: AYLIFF, JOHN AND WHITESIDE, JOSEPH, - History of the Abambo (Fingos)
26073: AYLIFF, JOHN & WHITESIDE, JOSEPH, - History of the Abambo Generally Known as Fingos
51162: AYLIFF, JOHN, - Memorials of the British Settlers of South Africa. An Address Bathurst on the 14th May 1845 in Commemoration of the Founding of the Settlement in in the Year 1820.
49401: AYME, MARCEL, - The House of Men
57424: AYOOB, MASSAD F., - Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons
57622: AYOOB, MASSAD F., - StressFire II. Volume II of "Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques."
7580: AYRTON, MAXWELL & SILCOCK, ARNOLD, - Wrought iron And its decorative Use
54233: AYSCOUGH, FLORENCE, - Tu Fu the Autobiography of a Chinese Poet A.D.712 - 770 VOL.1: 712 - 759 (AND) VOL.2: 759--770 (Travels of a Chinese Poet)
74188: AYTON, RICHARD & DANIELL, WILLIAM, - A Voyage Round Great Britain, Undertaken in the Summer of the Year 1813, and Commencing from the Land's-End, Cornwall,
59213: AZADI, SIAWOSCH & ANDREWS, PETER A., - Mafrash. Gewebte Transporttaschen als textile Bilder des Orients - Arbeiten der Schahsawan und anderer Stämme Persiens. Woven transport packs as an art from among the Shahsevan and other nomads in Persia.
59264: AZADI, SIAWOSCH & BESIM, ADIL, - Teppiche in Der Belutsch Tradition / Carpets in the Baluch Tradition
59276: AZADI, SIAWOSCH U; KERIMOV, LATIF; ZOLLINGER, WERNER, - Azerbaijani-Caucasian Rugs
78280: AZADI, SIAWOSCH, - Persische Teppiche
67283: AZAM, JEAN PAUL, - Trade, Exchange Rate, and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
83717: AZAPO, - Remember June 16. Their Courage Enzures Our Victory
58852: AZEVEDO, CARLOS DE, - Baroque Organ-Cases of Portugal.
49665: AZHAYEV, VASILI, - Far from Moscow
72746: AZIZ, AHMERD KHALIL, - An Investigation in to the the Factors Governing the Persistence of Urdu as a Minority Language in South Africa
48255: AZIZ, M.A., - Japan's Colonialism and Indonesia
69819: AZORES, - Arquivo Dos Acores VOLUME XV
54645: AZRAEL, - Wisdom for the New Age. Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood
77530: BA, A. HAMPATE & CARDAIRE, MARCEL, - Tierno Bokar Le Sage De Bandiagara
52816: BAA, THEODORE M. (PREPARED BY), - Year Book of the Holland Society of New York 1898.
41391: BAAS, K., - Die Augenerscheinungen Der Tabes Dorsalis Und Der Multiplen Sclerose
58809: DE BAATZ, CHARLES, SEIGNEUR D'ARTAGNAN, - Mémoires de Mr. D'Artagnan, Capitaine-Lieutenantde la première compagnie des Mousquetaire du Roi, Contenant quantité de choses particulières et secrètes qui se sont passées sous le règne de Louis Le Grand
49512: BABB, JAMES (INTRODUCTION BY), - The White House Library. A Short-Title List.
65959: BABE, JEROME L., - The South African Diamond Fields.
472: BABEL, ISAAC, - The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel.
60019: BABENIA, NATOO, - Memoirs of a Saboteur. Reflections on My Political Activity in India and South Africa.
57118: BABINGTON, ANTHONY, - The Power to Silence. A History of Punishment in Britain.
74259: BABINGTON, ANTHONY, - For the Sake of Example Capital Courts Martial 1914 1920
52873: BABKIN, B.P., - Pavlov A Biography
66884: BABLET, DENIS, - Edward Gordon Craig
68060: BACCHIOCCHI, SAMUELE, - From Sabbath to Sunday : A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity
78244: BACCINI, GIANCARLO (EDITED BY), - Ferrari 1996
78245: BACCINI, GIANCARLO (EDITED BY), - Ferrari 1997
81623: BACH, RICHARD, - Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story
81767: BACH, C.P.E., - Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments
41335: BACH, LUDWIG, - Ueber Den Keimgehalt Des Bindehautsackes Dessen Naturliche Und Kustliche Beinflussung, Sowie Uber Den Antiseptischen Werth Der augensalben.
52996: BACH, RICHARD, - Jonathan Livingston Seemeeu
51686: BACH, J.S., - Brandenburg Concerto 4
51711: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Piano Concerto in D Minor
51712: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Brandenburg Concerto 3
51713: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Brandenburg Concerto 1
51714: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Brandenburg Concerto 6
51715: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Brandenburg Concerto 2
51798: BACH, JOHAN SEBASTIAN, - Sechs Partiten, Nach Dem Originaldruck Von 1731 Herausgegeben Von Rudolf STEGLICH; Fingersatz Von Hans-Martin THEOPOLD.
51799: BACH, JOHAN SEBASTIAN, - Franzosische Suiten, Nach Dem Eigenschrift Und Abschriften Aus Bachs Familien Und Schulerkreis Von Rudolf STEGLICH; Fingersatz Von Hans-Martin THEOPOLD.
50362: BACH, S.J., - The Metabolism of Protein Constituents of the Mammalian Body
74772: BACH, J.S., - Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Band 1 AND Band II
56995: BACH, C.P.E., - Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments
60518: BACH, DANIEL C., - La France et l'Afrique du Sud: Histoire, mythes et enjeux Contemporains
73348: BACH, J. S., - Die Kunst Der Fuge The Art of the Fugue L'art De La Fuge
73373: BACH, J. S., - Brandenburg Concerto No.5 In D
73372: BACH, J. S., - Brandenburg Concerto No.4 In G
73351: BACH, J. S., - Suite No. D Major
73352: BACH, J. S., - Brandenburgisches Konzert No 6
73350: BACH, J. S., - Suite No. 3 D Major
85221: BACH, RICHARD (TRANSLATED BY ANDRE BRINK), - Jonathan Livingston Seemeeu (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)
63316: BACHER, WILHELM, - Tradition und Tradenten in den Schulen Palästinas und Babyloniens. Studien und Materialien zur Entstehungsgeschichte des Talmuds.
80330: BACHMAIR, ANTON (COMPILED BY), - Worterbuch Der Dampferzeugungstechnik: Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Franzosisch Unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Kernenergie
51047: BACHMANN, ERICH, - Romanik in Bohmen. Geschichte, Architektur, Malerei, Plastik Und Kunstgewerbe
56497: BACHMANN, WALTER (TRANSLATED BY), - Swiss Gateaux Designs and Decorations. "Decor" Book
56354: BACHNER, LOUIS, - Dynamic Singing. A New Approach to Free Voice Production
85352: BACKEBERG, H.E.W.; ATTREE, EILEEN, - Archives Year Book for South African History //Argief-jaarboek Vir Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedenis TWELFTH YEAR PART 1
24567: BACKER, C.E., - The Problem of Krakatao as Seen By a Botanist
41242: BACKSTROM, KARE, - Contributions to the Forebrain Morphology in Selachians
63048: VON BACKSTROM, J.W.; SCHUMANN, F.W.; LE ROUX, H.D.; KENT, L.E.; DU TOIT, A.L., - The Geology of the Area Around Lichtenburg
48418: BACKUS, WILLIAM & CHAPIAN, MARIE, - Telling Yourself the Truth
80471: BACON, REGINALD, - The Jutland Scandal
51153: BACON, FRANCIS, - Novum Organum Sive Vera Indica De Interpretatione Naturae.
49035: BACON, ERNST, - Notes on the Piano
35423: BACON, FRANCIS (EDITED SPEDDING, JAMES; ELLIS, ROBERT LESLIE & HEATH, DOUGLAS DENON), - The Works of Francis Bacon Baron of Verulam, Viscount St.Alban and Lord High Chancellor of England.
70584: BACON, G.W., - Bacon's New Chart of the World. Mercator's projection+
64128: BACON, N.H., - Dog in the Manger
68196: BACON, EDMUND N., - Design of Cities
74031: BACON, GEORGE B., - Siam: The Land of the White Elephant, as it was and is.
83876: BACON, ROY, - The Illustrated History Of Honda Motorcycles
15905: BACOU, ROSELINE & SERULLAZ, MAURICE, - Drawings in the Louvre. The French Drawings, the Italian Drawings, the German, Flemish and Dutch Drawings.
39729: BADCOCK, PETER, - Images of War
64217: BADCOCK, PETER, - Images of War
47349: BADE, WILFRID, - Joseph Goebbels
7721: BADE, WILFRED & HOFFMANN,HEINRICH, - Deutschland Erwacht : Werden, Kampf Und Sein Steg Der NSDAP
67424: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT, - Quick Training For War A Few Practical Suggestions Illustrated By Diagrams
37082: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT (FOREWORD BY), - The Boy Scouts Imperial Jamboree Souvenir Volume
86428: BADENHORST, C.S., - Kruppelpootjies
65423: BADENHORST, W.J.; COETZEE, J.C.; JENKINS, E.H., - Potchefstroom 1838 - 1038
58039: BADENHORST, JUDY; MOODY, GLENDA; SEYMOUR, SARAH, - The Old Cape Farmstall Cookbook
86427: BADENHORST, C.S., - Nonna Se Geheim
83609: BADENHORST, LEILA, - Dienskneg
51433: BADER, DOUGLAS, - Fight for the Sky. The Story of the Spitfire and the Hurricane
77246: BADER, DOUGLAS, - Reach for the Sky. The Story of Douglas Bader.
69952: BADER, DOUGLAS, - Fight for the Sky. The Story of the Spitfire and Hurrican
76126: BADEROON, GABEBA, - The Dream in the Next Body.
50239: BADIAN, E., - Publicans and Sinners. Private Enterprise in the Service of the Roman Republic.
64523: BADNALL, H., - Remarks on the Judgment Delivered in the Supreme Court, in Re Bishop Merriman vs. Dean Williams, August 26, 1880
47937: BADT-STRAUSS, BERTHA, - Moses Mendelssohn Der Mensch Und Das Werk
58602: BAECK (BECK), ELIAS, - Neu Accurater Plan Der Haupt Vestung BELGRAD Wie Derselbe Dermahlen Mit Ihren Neu Angelegten Vestunge Werdern Sich Befindet..
7284: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Egypt And the Sudan
25405: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Das Deutsches Reich Und Einige Grenzgebiete. Reisehandbuch Fur Bahn Und Auto. Mit 33 Karten, 75 Plannen Und Einer Grossen Strassenkarte
57713: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Italy from the Alps to Nples
60553: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Belgium and Holland including the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg: Handbook for Travellers
60554: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Northern Germany as far as the Bavarian and Austrian Frontiers
81818: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Paris et Ses Environs: Manuel Du Voyager
48389: BAER, BRIGITTE, - Picasso the Engraver. Selections from the Musee Picasso Paris
86250: BAERICKE, MAX E., - Naulika: Erinnerungen Eines Zeitgenossen
55647: BAERLEIN, HENRY, - All Roads Lead to People
37645: BAERLEIN, HENRY, - Bessarabia and Beyond
73723: BAGEHOT, WALTER, - The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot.. VOLS. I - XI [of XV]. Vol. I & II: Literary Essays ; Vol. III & IV: Historical Essays ; Vol. V, VI, VII & VIII: Political Essays ; Vol. IX,, X & XI: Economic Essays.
73586: BAGGOTT, BRIAN & SHANE, ERIC, - Hockney Posters
74945: BAGLEY, WILLIAM ORLANDO, - The Locomotive Engine Drivers' Guide: A Handbook of the Principles and Practice of Locomotive Running and Management
82200: BAGLOW, N. & BRADLOW, G., - The Geology to the East of Mokopane
82211: BAGLOW, N., - A Geological Description of Sheets 2329CD Pietersburg and 2329DC Mankweng
51306: BAGNALL, HARRY, - Faith Under Fire
33506: BAGNOLD, ENID, - The Chalk Garden
70044: BAGOT, BRIAN N., - Zen Judo: A Way Of Life.
85032: BAGSHAWE, PETER, - Viva South African Entrepeneurs, Success from Humble Beginnings
55788: BAGSHAWE, PETER, - A Tribute to 'Pikkie' Rautenbach. A South African Flying Legend
54253: BAHADOOR, NAWAB AMEER ALI KHAN, - The Baring Namah. A Persian Work.....with a Summary of the Contents in the English Language.
75840: BAHCALL, JOHN N. (ET AL.) (EDITED BY), - Solar Neutrinos: The First Thirty Years
80361: BAHL, ROY & SMOKE, PAUL (EDITED BY), - Restructuring Local Government Finance in Developing Countries: Lessons from South Africa
82152: BAHNEMANN, GUNTHER, - I Deserted Rommel
82057: BAIJNATH, HIMANSU & SINGH, YASHICA (EDITED BY), - Rebirth of Science in Africa: A Shared Vision for Life and Environmental Sciences Contributions to the African Renais-Science Conference Held at the Durban Botanic Gardens Visitor's Complex, 25-29 March 2002
71025: BAIKIE, JAMES, - A Century of Excavation in the Land of the Pharaohs.
77677: BAIKIE, JAMES, - Egyptian Antiquities in the Nile Valley - A Descriptive Handbook
84438: BAIKIE, JAMES, - The Amarna Age, A Study of the Crisis of the Ancient World
60699: BAIKOFF, JILL, - A History of the Vineyard.
83676: BAIKOFF, JILL (AND OTHERS), - Rustenburg 300
86502: BAIKOFF, J, - Glen Dirk: A History of the House and Its Owners
2375: BAILEY, H.C, - The Little Captain]
65563: BAILEY, BRETT, - The Plays of Miracle & Wonder: Ipi Zombi?/ Imumbo Jumbo/ The Prophet: Bewitching Visions and Primal High-Jinx From the South African Stage
69922: BAILEY, JAMES, - Jottings and Oddments
55675: BAILEY, JIM, - Kenya. The National Epic from the Pages of Drum Magazine.
54659: BAILEY, DAVID & EVANS, PETER, - Chasing Rainbows
51385: BAILEY, HAMILTON & BISHOP, W.J., - Notable Names in Medicine & Surgery
48686: BAILEY, ALICE A., - The Soul and Its Mechanism. The Problem of Psychology
49117: BAILEY, H.C., - Dead Man's Effects.
49151: BAILEY, H.C., - Call Mr. Fortune
50779: BAILEY, JIM, - A Ladder Down the Stocking. The Music of the Earth is Never Silent.
47536: BAILEY, DONALD M., - Greek and Roman Pottery Lamps.
47172: BAILEY, F. LEWIS, - Following My Nose Through Morocco
68190: BAILEY, JOHN, - Set Course for Table Bay
13755: BAILEY, H.C., - Honour Among Thieves
79375: BAILEY, JIM, - Profiles of Africa
63497: BAILEY, JIM, - The Sky Suspended. A Fighter Pilot's Story.
82758: BAILEY, JIM, - But We Must Not Take it Too Seriously. The Peotry of a Fighter Pilot
23161: BAILEY, ABE, - A Catalogue of Valuable Africana Consisting of Books, Pamphlets, Pictures and Prints, Busts and Bronzes, Etc., Also a Large Selection of Miscellaneous Books Being the Collection of the Late Sir Abe Bailey, Bart, K.C.M.G., to be Sold By Public Auction ...
63117: BAILEY, F.G., - Tribe, Caste and Nation. A Study of Political Activity and Political Change in Highland Orissa.
76692: BAILEY, E.B. & MAUFE, H.B., - Geology of Ben Nevis and Glen Coe and the Surrounding Country
86451: BAILEY, ALICE A., - A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
83768: BAILEY, DAVID & EVANS, PETER, - Goodbye Baby & Amen. A Saraband for the Sixties
68245: BAILEY, BARBARA, - An Eccentric Marriage: Living with Jim
72805: BAILEY, BARBARA, - An Eccentric Marriage. Living with Jim
85466: BAILEY, MAURICE & BAILEY, MARALYN, - 117 Days Adrift
12215: BAILEY, F.M., - Mission to Tashkent
80913: BAILEY, ABE (1864-1940) (BAILEY PRAISES EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to Mrs. Goodwin, Signed, Cape Town April 30, '25
81774: BAILEY, BARBARA, - An Eccentric Marriage: Living with Jim.
76107: BAILEY, ADRIAN & KEENE-YOUNG, ROBYN, - Wild Botswana
83373: BAILIE, A.E., - The Pixies of the South
66535: BAILLIE, G.H., - Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World
66524: BAILLIE, G. H., - Watches: Their History, Decoration and Mechanism
65504: BAILLIEU, LORD (INTRODUCTION BY), - Fiftieth Anniversary Central Mining & Investment Corporation Limited
76621: BAILY, FRANCIS, - Experiments with the Torsion Rod for Determining the Mean Density of the Earth
76615: BAILY, FRANCIS, - Report of the Pendulum Experiments Made By the Late Captain Henry Foster, R.N., In His Scientific Voyage in the Years 1828-1831 with a View to Determine the Figure of the Earth
76618: BAILY, FRANCIS; AIRY, GEORGE BIDDELL; HENDERSON, THOMAS; MACLEAR, THOMAS; WROTTESLEY, JOHN; MAIN, MR.; KAISER, F.; DONKIN, BRYAN; HERSCHEL, J.F.W.; LAPER, LT.;, - Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society VOL.XXIX (AND) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society VOL.X
56775: BAIN, JAMES, - The Lost Dimension or the True Principle of Relativity
81298: BAIN, GEORGE, - Celtic Art : The Methods of Construction
59516: BAIN, GRAHAM C., - Crime, the American Negro and the Urban Native in South Africa.
83666: BAIN, F.W., - The Corner in Gold: its History and Theory: Being a Reply to Mr. Robert Giffen's 'case Against Bimetallism. '
50563: BAINES, PATRICIA, - Spinning Wheels. Spinners and Spinning.
56760: BAINES, THOMAS, - The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa
77161: BAINES, THOMAS, - Explorations in South-West Africa being an Account of a Journey in the Years 1861 and 1862 from Walvisch Bay, on the Western Coast, to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls
8315: BAINES, THOMAS, - Journal of residence in Africa 1842-1853
74104: BAINES, THOMAS (EDITED BY J. P. R. WALLIS), - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines Volume 1. First Journey 1869-1870. Volume 2. First Journey 1870-1871. Volume 3. Second Journey 1871-1872
64408: BAINES, PATRICIA, - Spinning Wheels, Spinners and Spinning
35249: BAINES, EDWARD, - History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, with a Notice of Its Early History in the East, and in All the Quarters of the Globe; a Description of the Great Mechanical Inventions...and a View of the Present State of the Manufacture...
68067: BAINES, THOMAS, - The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa, ..., Accompanied By a Biographical Sketch of the Author.
86244: BAINES, THOMAS, - The Victoria Falls Zambesi River Sketched on the spot by Thomas Baines, F.R.G.S.
72068: BAINES, THOMAS (EDITED BY J. P. R. WALLIS), - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines
77891: BAINES, THOMAS (BIOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION BY R.F. KENNEDY), - The Birds of South Africa, Painted By Thomas Baines (1820-1875)
66013: BAIRD, IRVIN & COSSLEY-BATT, JILL, - Elixir of Life.
79355: BAIRD, ERIC, - The Clydesdale Horse
60770: BAIRNSFATHER, BRUCE, - Laughing Through the Orient
68962: BAIRNSFATHER, BRUCE, - Fragments from France (SIGNED, with Drawing of Ole Bill)
82841: DE BAISIEUX, JACQUES, - Het Zijden Harnas
81100: BAJARD, SOPHIE AND BENCINI, RAFFAELLO, - Villas and Gardens of Tuscany
62318: BAKALCZUK-FELIN, M. (EDITED BY), - Yisker-bukh fun Rakishok un Umgegnt / Yizkor book of Rakishok and Environs
11645: BAKER, RICHARD ST BARBE, - Sahara Challenge
70374: BAKER, WENDY, - The Curtain Sketch Book
19790: BAKER, IMAM M.A. (TRANSLATED BY) (KORAN), - Die Heilige Qur'an Byeengebring in Een Band En Oorgesit in Afrikaans
20183: BAKER, ERNEST, - The Life and Explorations of Frederick Stanley Arnot. The Authorised Biography of a Zealous Missionary, Intrepid Explorer & Self Denying Benefactor Amongst the Natives of Africa
49167: BAKER, SAMUEL W., - The Albert N'yanza. Great Basiin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources
3122: BAKER, VALENTINE, - Clouids In The East : Travels and Adventures On The Perso Turkoman Frontier.
57096: BAKER, HERBERT & STEAD, W.T., - Cecil Rhodes the Man and His Dream
55045: BAKER, E.C.R., - Ace of Aces. M. St. J. Pattle. Top Scoring Fighter Pilot of World War II
75985: BAKER, RICHARD ST. BARBE, - Green Glory
61237: BAKER, GRAHAM (EDITED BY), - Resources of Southern Africa Today and Tomorrow. Proceedings Of A Conference Held By The Associated Scientific And Technical Societies Of South Africa At Johannesburg.
65574: BAKER, ANTHONY, - Battle Honours of the British and Commonwealth Armies
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79699: PHOTOGRAPH MOSSEL BAY, - A Fine Photograph of "Jetty Mossel Bay"
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19948: BEDDOES, THOMAS LOVELL, - The Complete Works
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51905: BEDDY, ARTHUR J. REX, - Genealogy of the Rex Family. Stemming from George Rex the Proprietor and Founder of Knysna.
48486: BEDE, THE VENERABLE, - The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation.
57125: BEDFORD, SYBILLE, - The Best We Can Do. An Account of the Trial of John Bodkin Adams
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66006: BEDFORD, EMMA (EDITED BY), - A Decade of Democracy: South African Art, 1994-2004: From the Permanent Collection of Iziko: South African National Gallery
77170: BEDWELL, H. KENNETH, - Black Gold. The Story of the International Holiness Mission in South Africa 1908-1936
85544: BEE, A.G., - Keeper of the Highway : The Story of Samuel Cowley
54218: BEEBY-THOMPSON, A., - Oil Pioneer. Selected Experiences and Incidents Associated with Sixty Years of World-Wide Petroleum Exploration and Oilfield Development.
50587: BEEDLE, J., - 43 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Royal Air Force. The History of the Fighting Cocks 1916-66
82268: VAN BEEK, URSULA J.(EDITED BY), - Democracy Under Construction: Patterns from Four Continents
34800: BEELAERTS VAN BLOKLAND, F. (AND OTHERS), - Jan Van Riebeeck. Zijn Voor- En Nageslacht
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43572: DE BEER, MONA & BANKER, BRIAN JOHNSON, - A Vision of the Past. South Africa in Photographs 1843-1910
48877: DE BEER, .F.B. (INTRODUCTION BY), - African Student Life in Moscow. Special Supplement: Interview with Three S.A. Terrorists.
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78697: DE BEER, DAVE, - Hermanus Whales A Photographic Journey with Southern Right Whales
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72353: DE BEER, V. L. M., - 180 Pencil Portraits of the S. A. F. A. Drawn During the Campaign in Palestine.
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82669: BEERMAN, R, - The City of Salisbury Official Guide
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71006: BEET, ARTHUR J., - Kimberley Under Siege: An Illustrated Story of a Brave Defence Endured By 50,000 Men, Women and Children for 124 Days - a Saga of a Great Feat of Arms By 5,000 Troops Against Overwhelming Odds
51970: BEET, GEORGE & TERPEND, THOMAS LAURENT, - The Romance and Reality of the Vaal Diamond Diggings
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51656: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Piano Concerto 1 Opus 15
51657: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 2 Opus 36
51658: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 4 Opus 60
51659: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 6 Opus 68
51660: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 7 Opus 92
51661: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 8 Opus 93
51662: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 9 Opus 125
51685: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Piano Concerto 2 Opus 19
51706: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON, - Symphony 1 Opus 21

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