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39601: JORDAN, HUMPHREY, - No One Way
95: JORDAN, JOHN ALFRED, - The Elephant Stone
62368: JORISSEN, E.J.P., - Transvaalsche Herinneringen 1876-1896
46662: JORISSEN, E.J.P., - Transvaalsche Herinneringen 1876-1896
62444: JOSEPH, HELEN, - If This be Treason: Helen Joseph's dramatic account of the treason trial, the longest in South Africa's history and one of the strangest trials of the 20th century
77124: JOSEPH, HELEN, - Side by Side: The Autobiography of Helen Joseph
61972: JOSEPH, ROBERT, - The Art of the Wine Label.
71359: JOSEPH, SUAD (EDITED BY), - Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures: Family, Law and Politics (Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures VOL.2)
71358: JOSEPH, SUAD (EDITED BY), - Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: Methodologies, Paradigms and Sources (Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures VOLUME 1)
71493: JOSEPH, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - African Democratic Perspectives: Evaluative Essays on Africa Demos
66499: JOSEPHSON, EMANUEL M., - The "Federal" Reserve Conspiracy and Rockefellers. Their "Gold Corner"
68797: JOSEPHSON, EMANUEL M., - The Truth About Rockefeller, Public Enemy No. 1: Studies in Criminal Psychopathy.
35303: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS, - Alle De Werken Van Flavius Josephus, Behelzende Twintig Boeke Van De Joodsche Oudheden, "t Verhaal Van Zyn Egen Leeven, De Histori Van De Oporlogen Der Jooden Tegen De Romeynen, Zyne Twee Boeken Tegen Apion, En....Marteldood Der Machabeen
64047: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS, - The Destruction of the Jews
61741: JOSHI, P.S., - Verdict on South Africa (The Tyranny of Colour)
57726: JOSHI, P.S., - The Tyranny of Colour. A Study of the Indian Problem in South Africa
70301: JOSHI, P.S., - Resurgent India
87423: JOSHI, P.S. - Struggle for Equality
76540: JOSLIN, E. C.; LITHERLAND, A.R.; SIMPKIN, B.T., - British Battles and Medals
60801: JOSS, MORAG, - Funeral Music
76016: JOST, KARL (EDITED BY), - Kunstlerverzeichnis Der Schweiz, 1980-1990; Repertoire des artistes suisses; Dizionario degli artisti Suizzeri. Unter Einschluss des Furstentums Liechtenstein
75410: JOST, JURGEN, - Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
65285: JOUBERT, P. R. (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - The City of Bloemfontein Official Guide.
73438: JOUBERT, LEONIE, - Boiling Point: People in a Changing Climate
86201: JOUBERT, SALOMON, - The Kruger National Park: a History
72207: JOUBERT, D.M. & SCHOONRAAD, M.G., - Gregoire Boonzaier Impressions of Trees.
82216: JOUBERT, P. & JOHNSON, M.R., - Abridged Lexicon of South African Stratigraphy
67664: JOUBERT, ORA (EDITED BY), - 10+ Years 100+ Buildings Architecture in a democratic South AFrica
77355: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Teer-en-Veer in 1932: Rondom die Lamont-saak
74940: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Tot Dieselfde Geslag. Debat Oor Homosekdualiteit in 1968
52414: JOUBERT, ELSA, - The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena
56489: JOUBERT, W.A., - The Law of South Africa. VOLUME 33: Eighth Cumulative Table of Cases.
12593: JOUBERT, LOUIS, - The Knowledge of Medals or Instructions for Those Who Apply Themselves to the Study of Medals Both Ancient and Modern
58891: JOUBERT, FLIP, - The Great Freshwater Angling Manual
33671: JOUBERT, GERARD, - De Oorsprong Van Tweehonderd Zuidafrikaanse Plaatsnamen
83711: JOUBERT, FLIP & LOUW, JOUBERT, - Langs Die Viswaters
57812: JOUBERT, DANIEL, - Life and Death of a Fire Service
58380: JOUBERT, LEONIE S., - Scorched. South Africa's Changing Climate.
72251: JOUBERT, JEAN-DENIS & CHRISTIN, ERIC, - Kilimanjaro: Legendary Summit
75575: JOUBERT, PAUL J., - An Army Is Born. RCA LP 38 614
63757: JOUBERT, DERECK & HIGGINS, CRAIG, - Elephant in the Kitchen: Recipes from the Wilderness
71768: JOUBERT, D.J. (EDITED BY), - E.M. Hamman-gedenkbundel
75457: JOUBERT, FLIP & LOUW, JOUBERT, - Langs Die Viswaters
62467: JOUBERT, FLIP, - The Great Sea Angling Manual.
63844: JOUBERT, PHILIP, - Birds and Fishes. The Story of Coastal Command
67302: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Met Iemand Van 'n Ander Kleur. Beskouings En Wetgewing Oor Ontug.
77987: JOUBERT, P.P., - Na Vyftig Jaar. 'n Jubileum Gedenkboek Van Die Ned. Geref Sendingkerk in Suid Afrika, Bevattende Gegewens Van Sy Ontstaan En Ontwikkeling.
81866: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Oorlogsverklaring 1939
81867: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Die Naturelle Grondkwessie Uit Die Volksraaddebat 1936
81868: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILED BY), - Toe Witmense Arm Waas. Uit Die Carnegieverslag 1932
83463: JOUBERT, LEONIE, - Invaded: The Biological Invasion of South Africa
70241: JOUBERT, G.F., - Logica
85907: JOUBERT, D.M., - The Art of Zakkie Eloff
49828: JOUFFROY, ALAIN & TEIXIDOR, JOAN, - Miro Sculptures
46181: JOURDAIN, H.F.N., - Ranging Memories.
78003: JOURDAIN, MARGARET, - The Work of William Kent, Artist, Painter, Designer and Landscape Gardener
59289: JOURDAN, UWE, - Oriental Rugs VOLUME 5: Turkoman
56554: REGIMENTAL JOURNAL, - The Red Hackle. The Chronicle of the Black Watch, the Royal Highland Regiment and of the Black Watch Association. JULY 1937 - APRIL 1939 (lacking Oct 1938 and Jan.1939)
83239: DE JOUVENEL, BERTRAND, - The Pure Theory of Politics
52738: DE JOUVENEL, BERTRAND, - Sovereignty. An Inquiry Into the Political Good.
69814: JOWELL, PHYLLIS & FOLB, ADRIENNE, - Into Kokerboom Country. Namaqualand's Jewish Pioneers
66230: JOWELL, PHYLLIS, - Joe Jowell of Namaqualand. The Story of a Modern-Day Pioneer
28177: JOWETT, GEORGE F., - Molding a Mighty Chest
28181: JOWETT, GEORGE F., - Strong Man Stunts Made Easy!
37547: JOWETT, W. (COMPILED BY), - Centenary 100 Years of Organised South African Cycle Racing.
60635: JOWITT, H. (EDITED BY), - Uganda Teachers' Journal VOL.I No.I
83224: JOY, EDWARD, - Pictorial Dictionary of British 19th Century Furniture Design
56267: JOY, EDWARD T., - English Furniture 1800-1851
84082: JOY, CARROL & KNIEP, WILLARD M. (EDITED BY), - The International Development Crisis & American Education: Challenges, Opportunities and Instructional Strategies
76449: JOYCE, PETER, - Anatomy of a Rebel: Smith of Rhodesia - a Biography
65183: JOYCE, JAMES, - Ulysses
55758: JOYCE, JAMES, - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
56251: JOYCE, ERNEST (REVISED BY ALAN PETERS), - The Technique of Furniture Making
56296: JOYCE, WILLIAM, - Twilight Over England
54250: JOYCE, JAMES, - Finnegan's Wake
77742: JOYCE, JAMES, - A Portrait of the Artist As Man: The Definitive Text Corrected from the Dublin Holograph
49705: JOYCE, ROBEY, - Die Wedvlugduif. 'n Doeltreffende En Volledige Handleiding Vir Die Liefhebber in Suid Afrika.
28285: JOYCE, JAMES, - Ulysses
13634: JOYCE, PETER & EVANS, PAT, - The Golden Escarpment. The Story of the Eastern Transvaal
77690: JOYCE, P.W., - A Smaller Social History Of Ancient Ireland, Treating Of The Government, Military System, And Law: Religion, Learning, And Art; Trades, Industries, And Commerce; Manners, Customs, And Domestic Life, Of The Ancient Irish People
57427: JOYCE, P.W., - The wonders of Ireland : and other papers on Irish subjects
65932: JOYCE, JAMES, - Ulysses
75439: JOYCE, PETER, - The Rise and Fall of Apartheid, the Chronicle of a Divided Society as Told Through South Africa's Newspapers
38113: JOYCE, GEORGE HAYWARD, - Christian Marriage. An Historical and Doctrinal Study.
76875: JOYCE, JAMES, - Ulysses
73149: JOYCE, JAMES, - Chamber Music
67704: JOYCE, JAMES, - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
64818: JOYCE, MICHAEL D., - Site Investigation Practice
80920: JOYCE, T.A., - Guide To The Maudslay Collection Of Maya Sculptures From Central America
63804: JOYCE, JAMES WAYLAND, - The Doom of Sacrilege and the Results of Church Spoliation
72699: JOYCE, JAMES, - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
78905: JOYCE, PETER, - The Making of a Nation: South Africa's Road to Freedom
79454: JOYCE, PETER, - The Rise and Fall of Apartheid, the Chronicle of a Divided Society as Told Through South Africa's Newspapers
2041: JOYCE, JAMES, - Stephen Hero
86864: JOYNER, GEORGE, - Fine Printing. Its Inception Development and Practice.
40062: JUAVELLE, EMILE, - Souvenirs D'un Alpiniste
66336: JUBB, R.A., - Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa
34245: JUBB, R.A., - An Illustrated Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of the Zambezi River, Lake Kariba, Pungwe, Sabi, Lundi and Limpopo Rivers
65586: JUBBER, KEN (EDITED BY), - South Africa Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology
72111: JUDD, DENIS & SURRIDGE, KEITH, - The Boer War
64147: JUDD, JACK SAVILE, - Violet Leaves
74609: JUDD, JOHN W., - The Geology of Rutland and The Parts of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Huntingdon and Cambridge, Included in Sheet 64 of the One-inch Map of the Geological Survey
78695: INSTITUT ZUM STUDIUM DER JUDENFRAGE, - Die Juden in Deutschland
71471: JUDGE, MELANIE; MANION, ANTHONY; DE WAAL, SHAUN (EDITED BY), - To Have and to Hold: The making of the same-sex marriage in South Africa
84584: JUDGE, A.W., - Machine Tools and Operations : A treatise on machine shop practice, principles, machines and equipment, operations, Etc
68852: JUDGE, A.W., - Engineering Precision Instruments
51510: JUDIN, HILTON & VLADISLAVIC, IVAN, - blank-------. Architecture, Apartheid and After
66379: JUHNKE, SIEGHARD RUDIGER, - A System for Predicting Burning Weather in the South Western Cape Mountain Catchment Areas
76641: JUKES-BROWNE, A.J., - The Geology of the Country South and East of Devizes
76643: JUKES-BROWNE, A. J., - 1the Geology of the Country Around Andover.
75031: JUKES-BROWN, A. J., - The Cretaceous Rocks of Britain. Vol. II The Lower and Middle Chalk of England.
55637: JULIAN, H. FORBES & SMART, EDGAR, - Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores. A Practical Treatise on the Cyanide Process.
70200: JULIAN, H. FORBES & SMART, EDGAR (REVISED BY A. W. ALLEN), - Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores: A Practical Treatise on the Cyanide Process
66487: JULIAN, H. FORBES & SMART, EDGAR, - Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores. A Practical Treatise on the Cyanide Process.
71921: JULIUS, ANTHONY, - T. S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism and Literary Form,
20452: GREENSTONE< JULIUS H., - The Messiah Idea in Jewish History
54449: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE, - Oscar Wilde
72184: JUMP, JOHN D. (EDITED BY), - The Critical Idiom. VOLUMES 1-44 (Complete Set)
101: KAY JUNE., - Wild Eden.
53092: JUNG, MOSES, - The Jewish Law of Theft, with Comparative References to Roman and English Law.
49881: JUNG, LEO (EDITED BY), - Judaism in a Changing World
47916: JUNG, CARL GUSTAV (TRANSLATED BY H.G. & C.F. BAYNES), - Two Essays on Analytical Psychology
72584: JUNG, C.G., - Aion. Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self.(The Collected Works Volume 9, Part II)
21285: JUNG, C.G., - The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche
36537: JUNG, C.G. (COLLECTED AND EDITED BY JOLANDE JACOBI), - Psychological Reflections: An Anthology of the Writings
72590: JUNG, C.G., - Psychology And Religion: West And East. (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Volume Eleven)
65797: JUNG, C.G. & KERENYI, C., - Introduction to a Science of Mythology. The Myth of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis
73791: JUNG, C.G., - The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (The Collected Works of C. J. Jung; Volume 9, Part I)
83234: JUNG, JOSEPH (EDITED BY), - Credit Suisse Group Banks in the Second World War
73799: JUNG, C.G., - Psychology and Alchemy
55349: JUNOD, H.P., - Bantu Heritage
53698: JUNOD, HENRI PHILIPPE & JAQUES, ALEXANDRE A., - Vutlhari Bya Vatsonga (Machangana) / the Wisdom of the Tsonga-Shangaan People
51806: JUNOD, H.A., - The Fate of the Widows Amongst the Ba-Ronga
14824: JUNOD, HENRY A., - The Life of a South African Tribe
82895: JUNOD, HENRI PHILIPPE, - The Wisdom of the Tsonga-Shangana People: Vutlhari Bya Vatsonga (Machangana)
2463: JUNOD, HENRI, A., - The life Of A South African tribe
82011: JUNOD, H.A., - Grammaire Ronga: Suivie D Un Manuel de Conversation Et D Un Vocabulaire Ronga-Portugais-Francais-Anglais Pour Exposer Et Illustrer Les Lois Du Ronga, Langage Parle Par Les Indigenes Du District de Lourenco-Marques
75983: JUNOD, HENRI A., - Le Proble4me Indigene Dans l'Union Sud-Africaine.
73221: JUNOD, H.P. (EDITED BY), - Penal Reform News. Newsletter No.15 October 1950
37691: JURGENS, A.A., - The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853, and the Postmarks from 1853 to 1910.
54488: JURISCH, C.L.H. MAX, - A Treatise on Map Projections, with Seven Plates of Figures and Appendix Containing Tables and Formulae.
74275: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, - The Question of Tibet and the Rule of Law
61875: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, - Cuba and the Rule of Law
61876: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, - Spain and the Rule of Law
75622: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, - Justice Enslaved: A Collection of Documents on the Abuse of Justice for Political Ends
61877: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, - Tibet and the Chinese People's Republic. A Report to the International Commission of Jurists By Its Legal Inquiry Committee on Tibet.
41367: JURNITSCHEK, FELIX., - Der Innenpol-Magnet. Eine Neue Verwertung Des Elektromagnetismus Zur Entfernung Von Eisensplittern Aus Dem Auge.
72124: JURRIAANSE, AART, - Bridges: Basic Studies in Esoteric Philosophy
30077: JURRIAANSE, AART, - Life Now and Hereafter
73792: JURRIAANSE, AART, - Bridges: Basic Studies
78694: JUSEFOVICH, VIKTOR, - David Oistrakh : Conversations with Igor Oistrakh
68214: JUSEFOVICH, VIKTOR, - David Oistrakh: Conversations with Igor Oistrakh
54241: JUSSERAND, J.J., - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages (XIVth Century)
55225: JUST, OTTO, - Sechster Bericht Uber Die Augenheilanstalt Zu Zittau Fur Das Jahr 1875.
55226: JUST, OTTO, - Siebenter Bericht Uber Die Augenheilanstalt Zu Zittau Fur Das Jahr 1876.
55227: JUST, OTTO, - Neunter Bericht Uber Die Augenheilanstalt Zu Zittau Fur Die Jahre1878 Und 1879.
72089: INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, - South West Africa Cases (Ethipia V. South Africa: Liberia V. South Africa) ORAL PROCEEDINGS (2 to 22 October 1962) (For the Use of Members of the Court)
49309: INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, - Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders 1980
49310: INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, - Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders 1982
85253: INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, - International Status of South-West Africa : Advisory Opinion of July 11th, 1950
47555: JUSTINIAN (TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY AND EXCURSUS BY J.B.MOYLE), - Imperatoris Iustiniani Institutionum Libri Quattuor (AND) The Institutes of Justinian Translated Into English.
38599: JUSTUS (PSEUDONYM BEVERLEY, R.M.), - The Evidence of the Real Merits of Negro Apprenticeship in the British Colonies
41224: JUTA, HENRY, - Reminiscences of the Western Circuit.
67776: JUTA, H.C., - The History of the Transvaal Scottish December 1902 to July 1932
67774: JUTA, H.C., - The History of the Transvaal Scottish December 1902 to July 1932
84669: JUTA, HENRY, - Reminiscences of the Western Circuit
77650: JUTA, JAN, - Look Out for the Ostriches Tales o South Africa
19832: JUTA, MARJORIE, - The Pace of the Ox The Life of Paul Kruger.
27722: JUTA, HENRY, - Reminiscences of the Western Circuit
86982: JUTA, HENRY HERBERT (1857-1930), - A1 Page Autograph Letter to Mr Roos, Signed and Dated Caledon 23.9.96
75917: KAANDHLAWI, SHAIKHUL HADITH MAULANA MUHAMMAD ZAKARIYYA, - Stories of the Sahaabah, Revised Translation of the Urdu Book Hikayaat-E-sahaabah
71656: KABEMBA, CLAUDE (EDITED BY), - Swaziland's Struggle with Political Liberalisation
67837: KABIR (TRANSLATED BY RABINDRANATH TAGORE), - One Hundred Poems of Kabir
83093: KADAK, TIIU, - A Bouquet of Flowers
65163: KADALIE, CLEMENTS, - The Relation Between White and Black Workers in South Africa. A Brief Account of the Labour Movement.
30857: KADAR, IMRE, - The Church in the Storm of Time. The History of the Hungarian Reformed Church During the Two World Wars, Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions
82502: KADIMA, DENIS (EDITED BY), - The Politics of Party Coalitions in Africa
84775: KADIR, DJELAL (EDITED BY), - World Literature Today: South African Literature in Transition (Vol 70 No 1)
83146: KADOORIE, - Kadoorie. Experimental and Extension Farm and Botanical Gardens
80518: KADRI, SADAKAT, - The Trial: A History from Socrates to O.J. Simpson
82049: KAEGI, WALTER EMIL, - Byzantine Military Unrest, 471-843: An Interpretation
59602: KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, - Geschichte und Beschreibung von Japan. Aus den Originalhandschriften des Verfassers herausgegeben von Christian Wilhelm Dohm. Mit einer Einführung von Hanno Beck. Neudruck des 1777-1779 erschienenen Originalwerkes. 2 Bände.
35476: KAEMTZ, L.F., - A Complete Course of Meteorology
49624: KAESTNER, DOROTHY, - Designs for Needlepoint and Latch Hook Rugs
76269: KAFKA, FRANZ, - In the Penal Settlement, Tales and Short Prose Works
47975: KAFKA, FRANZ, - America
15850: KAFKA, FRANZ, - Der Prozess
15851: KAFKA, FRANZ, - Amerika
38731: KAFKA, FRANZ, - The Trial
69372: KAFKA, FRANZ, - The Great Wall of China and Other Pieces
85623: KAFKA, FRANZ, - Lost in America
73152: KAGANOF, ARYAN, - Freedom Fighter
73151: KAGANOF, ARYAN, - Post Mortemist Poems
54570: KAGAWA, TOYOHIKO, - Love the Law of Life
78634: KAGEYAMA, TOSHIRO, - Kage's Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go
40028: KAHLER, ERICH, - Man the Measure. A New Approach to History
71948: KAHN, LLOYD (EDITED BY), - Sherlter
44272: KAHN, ELLISON (EDITED BY), - The Quest for Justice. Essays in Honour of Michael McGregor Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Africa.
49465: KAHN, ELLISON, - Bloody Hand. Wills and Crime.
75357: KAHN, ELLISON, - Bloody hand! Wills and Crime
40140: KAHN, JAMES, - The Return of the Jedi
82709: KAHN, ELLISON, - Oliver Deneys Schreiner : The Man and his Judicial World
49649: KAHN, ELLISON, - Law Life & Laughter: Encore
79324: KAHN, RICHARD, - Selected Essays on Employment and Growth
70938: KAHN, ELLISON (EDITED BY), - The Quest for Justice Essays in Honour of Michael McGregor Corbett Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Africa
55782: KAHN, ELLISON (EDITED BY), - Fiat Iustitia. Essays in Memory of Oliver Denys Schreiner.
63041: KAHN, ELLISON, - South African Law of Domicile of Natural Persons
67067: KAHN, ELLISON, - When the Lion Feed -- and the Censor Pounces. A Disquisition on the Banning of Immoral Publications in South Africa
70270: KAHN, GUS & FIORITO, TED, - Sometime Waltz Song
62730: KAHN, ELLISON, - Law, Life and Laughter. Legal Anecdotes & Portraits
83088: KAHN, MARK, - Down the Hatch The Life and Fast Times of Tony Lanfranchi Motor Racing's Last Cavalier
85342: KAHNEMAN, DANIEL; SLOVIC, PAUL; TVERSKY, AMOS (EDITED BY), - Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases
16405: KAINEN, JACOB, - George Clymer and the Columbian Press
54293: KAISER, JOACHIM, - Great Pianists of Our Time
62651: KALBFLEISCH, JOHN D. & PRENTICE, ROSS L., - The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data
53568: KALCKREUTH, WOLF GRAF VON, - Hollandische Landschaften. Acht Sonette
79325: KALECKI, MICHAL, - Selected Essays on the Dynamics of the Capitalist Economy 1933-1970
54302: KALEDIN, VICTOR K., - K.14 - O.M.66. Adventures of a Double Spy.
63532: KALEDIN, VICTOR K., - K.14 - ).M. 66. Adventures of a Double Spy.
54020: KALIVAS, PETER & NEMEROFF, CHARLESB. (EDITED BY), - The Mesocorticolimbic Dopamine System.
82326: KALK, MARGARET (EDITED BY), - A Natural History of Inhaca Island, Mozambique
32497: KALLAWAY, PETER & PEARSON, PATRICK, - Johannesburg: Images and Continuities. A History of Working Class Life Through Pictures 1885-1935
68195: KALLAWAY, PETER (EDITED BY), - Apartheid and Education. The Education of Black South Africans.
49292: KALLEY, JACQUELINE A., - South Africa's Foreign Relations 1980-1984. A Select and Annotated Bibliography
72129: KALLEY, JACQUELINE A, - The Transkei Region of Southern Africa, 1877-1978: An annotated Bibliography
83413: KALLEY, JACQUELINE, - South Africa Under Apartheid: A Select and Annotated Bibliography
67846: KALMBACH, - Trains Album of Photographs BOOK II: Far Western Railroads
67845: KALMBACH, - Trains Album of Photographs BOOK I: Eastern Railroads
67847: KALMBACH, - Trains Album of Photographs BOOK III: Midwestern Railroads
59244: KALMER, HARRY, - Die Waarheid En Ander Stories.
78944: KALTER, J.;PAVALOI, M.; ZERRNICKEL, M., - Syrien Mosaik Eines Kulturraumes
76040: KALTHAMMER, WILHELM, - Die Portugiesenkreuze in Afrika und Indien Eine umfassende Darstellung aller von den portugiesischen Entdeckern Diogo Cão, Bartolomeo Dias und Vasco da Gama errichteten Steinkreuze (Padrões), deren Geschichte und deren Nachbildungen
71688: KALULA, EVANS (EDITED BY), - Labour Relations in Southern Africa. Proceedings of a Conference on Labour Relations in South Africa.
74143: KALUNGU-BANDA, MARTIN, - Leading Like Madiba: Leadership Lessons from Nelson Mandela
60202: KAMANSKY, DAVID, - 100 Years of Philippine Painting
56538: KAMARCK, ANDREW ., - The Economics of African Development.
81780: KAMBALAME, JOHN: E.P. CHIDZALO: J.W.M. CHADANGALARA. (TRANSLATED BY CULLEN YOUNG & HASTINGS BANDA), - Our African Way of Life : Essays presented under the Prize Scheme of the International African Institute for the period 1943-1944.
75834: KAMEL, B.S. & STAUFFER, C.E. (EDITED BY), - Advances in Baking Technology
50745: KAMEN, HENRY, - The Spanish Inquisition
50931: "GUTEN KAMERADEN", - Kolumbus-eier. Eine Sammlung Unterhaltender Und Belehrender Physikalischer Spielereien.
84678: KAMFER, A., - South African Sailing Directions Volume III : The Coast of the Republic of South Africa from Cape Agulhas to Ponta Da Ouro, Prince Edward Islands Antarctica and Bouvetoya
66972: KAMIL, FRED, - The Diamond Curse
2283: KAMINSKY, STUART, M., - Rostnikov's Corpse
59535: VAN KAMPEN, N.G., - Beknopt Geschiedkundig Overzigt Der Groote Gebeurtenissen in Europa Van Dem Vrede Van Amiens Tot Op De Verovering Van Paris
72222: KAMPION, DREW, - The Book of Waves form and Beauty on the Ocean
40252: KAMWANGAMALU, NKONKO MUDIPANU (EDITED BY), - English in South Africa (Special Issue: World Englishes Volume 21 No.1)
77053: KAMWANGAMALU, NKONKO MUDIPANU (EDITED BY), - English in South Africa (Special Issue of World Englishes VOLUME 21 NO.1 March 2002)
71365: KAMWETI, DAVID; OSIRO, DEBORAH; MWIRTURUBANI, DONALD A., - Nature and Extent of Environmental Crime in Kenya
83341: KAN, DIANA, - The How and Why of Chinese Painting
78712: KAN, ELLISON (EDITED BY) (GEORGE BIZOS ASSOCIATION), - Fiat Iustitia. Essays in Memory of Oliver Denys Schreiner.
83569: KANCYPER, LUIS, - Jorge Luis Borges O La Pasion De La Amistad
12509: KANDYBA-FOXCROFT, ELISAVETA, - Russia and the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902
63647: KANE-BERMAN, JOHN, - South Africa's Silent Revolution
56980: KANE-BERMAN, JOHN, - Political Violence in South Africa
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4931: KANE-BERMAN, JOHN, - Soweto: Black Revolt White Reaction
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29675: KIRCHHAN, ELHANAN (INTRODUCTION BY JOSEPH SHATZKY), - Simhath Hanefesh (The Delight of the Soul). An Exact Facsimile Reproduction of the First and Only Edition Published in Furth in the Year 1727
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61919: KIRCHNER, RAPHAEL, - The Kirchner Album. Twelve Prints in Colour
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83959: KIRK-GREENE, ANTHONY, - On Crown Service A History of HM Colonial and Overseas Civil Services, 1837-1997
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77137: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare at the Kennels - A Book of Drawings.
77135: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare with the pets - A Book of Drawings.
77136: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare and the Birds - A Book of Drawings.
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59629: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Kisch Kalender
59630: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Kriminalistisches Reisebuch

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