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54801: INCHFAWN, FAY, - Homely Verses of a Home Lover
54802: INCHFAWN, FAY, - Verses from a Chimney Corner
54803: INCHFAWN, FAY, - Homely Talks of a Homely Woman
54804: INCHFAWN, FAY, - The Day's Journey
56680: UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND INDUSTRIES, - Annual Report of the Government Mining Engineer for the Calendar Year Ended 31st December 1936
56732: DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND INDUSTRIES, - Annual Reports for the Secretary of Mines and Industries and the Government Mining Engineer for the Calendar Year Ended 31st December 1926
75444: IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, - Gold Extraction for the Small Operator
85111: SOUTH AFRICAN MOTOR INDUSTRIES, - SAMI Motor Car Accessories Catalogue No. 17
61718: DURBAN LIGHT INFANTRY, - The Old Fort Durban. Illustrated.
10035: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, - The First To be Freed : The Records of British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalie 1941-1943
75628: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, - A People's Progress
60933: DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION, - The Progress of the Bantu Peoples Towards Nationhood
76674: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, - Roof over Britain, The Official Story of Britain's Anti-Aircraft Defences 1939-1942
82915: OFFICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION, - Apartheid And Racial Discrimination In Southern Africa. Summary of the Report of the Special Rapporteur Appointed By the Commission on Human Rights
63650: BUREAU FOR INFORMATION, - The Young Revolutionaries
78093: DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION, - South Africa Speaks
55780: INGERSOLL, R.G., - Reply to Gladstone. Reprinted Verbatim from the "North American Review" June 1888, with Publisher's Note, and a Biography of the Author (By J M Wheeler)
71311: INGLES, ELIIZABETH, - Bakst: The Art of Theater & Dance
51287: INGLIS, BRIAN, - The Story of Ireland
68174: INGLIS, COLIN; KETTLEY, GERTRUDE; QUAIL, BRIAN (COMPILED BY), - Index to the Journals of the Mountain Club of South Africa, Vols. 1 to 71 1891 to 1968
62288: INGLIS-JONES, ELISABETH, - The Lord of Burghley
27593: INGPEN, ROGER (SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE), - The Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley
53344: INGPEN, BRIAN, - Safmarine 50.
39074: INGPEN, BRIAN & PABST, ROBERT, - Maritime South Africa. A Pictorial History
22178: INGPEN, ROGER, - William Thomas Horton (1864 - 1919) A Selection of His Work, with a Biographical Sketch
73443: INGPEN, B. D., - Unicorn: Navigating New Frontiers
912: INGPEN, B.D., - South African Merchant Ships
78505: INGPEN, BRIAN, - Horizons; The Story of Rennies 1849- 1999
48679: INGRAMS, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - The Life and Times of Private Eye.
49834: INGRAMS, HAROLD, - Arabia and the Isles.
81982: INGRAMS, RICHARD & PIPER, JOHN, - Piper's Places: John Piper In England & Wales
55768: INGSTAD, HELGE, - Westward to Vinland. The Discovery of Pre-Columbian Norse House Sites in North America.
61992: INNES, THOMAS, - Scots Heraldry : A Practical Handbook On The Historical Principles And Modern Application Of The Art And Science
47848: INNES, JOCASTA, - The New Paint Magic.
40203: INNES, DUNCAN, - Anglo American and the Rise of Modern South Africa
10240: INNES, MICHAEL, - The Appleby File
84455: INNES, MICHAEL, - The Ampersand Papers
338: INNES, HAMMOND., - The Strange Land.
72145: INNES, CLIVE & INNES, CHARLES, - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Cacti
87235: INNES, HAMMOND, - A Large Colour Publicity Photograph, Boldly Signed.
73539: INNES, HAMMOND, - The White South
77858: INOGUCHI, RIKIHEI; NAKAJIMA, TADASHI; PINEAU, ROGER, - The Divine Wind, Japan's Kamikaze force in WW2
52363: COMMITTEE FOR PUBLICATION IN HONOR OF THE RETIREMENT OF PROFESSOR K. INOKUCHI, - My Life in Surgical Science in Memory of the Retirement of Prof. Kiyoshi Inokuchi
70156: INOKUMA, ISAO & SATO, NOBUYUKI, - Best Judo
71763: INOUE, MOTOKATSU, - Ancient Martial Arts of the Ryukyu Islands. VOLUME 1: Bo, Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku:. VOLUME 2: Kama, Tekko, Tinbe and Surujin
74030: INOUYE, JUNNOSUKE, - Problems Of The Japanese Exchange 1914-1926.
4284: INSKEEP, R.R, - The Peopling Of Southern Africa
82147: INSKIPP, CAROL & INSKIPP, TIM, - A Guide to the Birds of Nepal
22364: THE NATIONAL BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, - Handbook of South African Natural Building Stone
75531: THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING COOKERY INSTITUTE, - A Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium: Part 1: Basic Cookery, Part 2: Picture Cookery, Part 3: Cake Making
15709: AFRICAN INSTITUTION, - Sixteenth Report of the Directors of the African Institution, Read at the Annual General Meeting, Held on the 10th Day of May 1822. With an Account of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting and an Appendix
75433: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, - Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution VOLS. 1-44, 1878/1879 to 1926/1927
56733: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS, RICHARD A FALK ETC, - Erosion Of the Rule of Law in South Africa
85267: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS / FALK, RICHARD A.., - Erosion of the Rule of Law in South Africa.
78662: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, - Disappearances and Political Killings: Human Rights Crisis of The 1990s
78660: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, - Human Rights are Women's Right
78661: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, - Refugees: Human Rights Have No Borders
55345: M'INTOSH, MARIA J., - The Cousins. A Tale of Early Life.
6685: INWARDS, RICHARD, - William Ford Stanley : His Life And Work
60844: ION, D.C,., - Availablility of World Energy Resources
55512: IONS, VERONICA, - The World's Mythology in Colour
51897: IONS, EDMUND, - James Bryce and American Democracy
77919: VAN IONSELEN, L.E., - Cape Antique Furniture
49759: IREDELL, JAN, - The Bougainvillea Growers Handbook for Southern Africa
81658: IRELAND, - Cuimhneachan 1916-1966. A Record of Ireland's Commemoration of the 1916 Rising
85550: IRELAND, JOHN, - Hogarth Illustrated. The Third Edition, Corrected.
60033: IRELAND, INNES, - All Arms and Elbows
47991: IRICK, MACKEY J., - The New Poodle
61235: IRISH-QHOBOSHEANE, JENNIFER, - Gentlemen or Villains, Thugs or Heroes? The Social Economy of Organised Crime in South Africa.
79066: IROH, EDDIE, - Toads of War
48676: IRONS, J.R. (EDITED BY W H EVANS), - Breadcraft
43561: IRONS, JAMES CAMPBELL, - Leith and Its Antiquities from the Earliest Times to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
81577: IRONSIDE, R., - Wilson Steer
56288: IRSIGLER, F.J., - Who Makes Our Money?
49858: IRVEN, JAN, - All About the Dobermann
56326: IRVINE, CHIPPY, - American Design. The Town House
56327: IRVINE, CHIPPY, - American Design. The Farmhouse
56326: IRVINE, CHIPPY, - American Design. The Town House
56327: IRVINE, CHIPPY, - American Design. The Farmhouse
47245: IRVINE, EDDIE, - Green Races Red. Eddie Irvine's First Season with Ferrari
76912: IRVINE, BOB & FINDLAY, RON, - Rugby Highlights 1970 All Blacks in South Africa.
76913: IRVINE, BOB & FINDLAY, RON, - Rugby Highlights 1971 Lions in New Zealand
39607: IRVING, JOHN, - Royal Navalese. A Glossary of Forecastle and Quarterdeck Words and Phrases.
79983: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Christmas Eve
40540: IRVING, DAVID, - Goring. A Biography.
69865: IRVING, H.B., - Studies of French Criminals of the Nineteenth Century.
60039: IRVING, P.E., - Automobile Engine Tuning: High Performance and How to Obtain It - A Practical Guide to Air- and Water-Cooled Engine Modification, Gearing, Carburation, Balancing and Manifolding.
53552: IRVING, R.L.G., - A History of British Mountaineering
53612: IRVING, R.L.G., - Ten Great Mountains
54589: IRVING, DAVID, - The War Between the Generals. Inside the Allied High Command
51104: IRVING, DAVID, - The Virus War
50508: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Abridged By the author) (AND) Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus
66510: IRVING, DAVID, - Churchill's War. VOL>1: The Struggle for Power. VOL.2: Triumph in Adversity
66511: IRVING, DAVID, - Hitlers War 1939-1942 (AND) 1942-1945
83317: IRVING, JAMES, - Man MacHines and Society. Lectures in Industrial Sociology
82843: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Works: Sketch Book; Crayon Papers; History of New York; Tour Prairies; Washington; Astoria; Captain Bonneville; Salmagundi; Tales of a Traveller; Bracebridge Hall; Abbotsford; Newstead Abbey; Mahomet; Goldsmith; Moorish Chronicles; Columbus;Alhambra;Spain
59502: IRVING, DAVID, - The Trail of the Fox. The Life of Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel
59574: IRVING, DAVID, - Churchill's War. VOLUME I: The Struggle for Power
85899: IRVING, DAVID, - Churchill's War. VOLUME I: The Struggle for Power
78906: IRVING, C.J. (PREFACE BY); OPPENHEIMER, ERNEST (INTRODUCTION BY), - Symposium on Diamond Drilling Johannesburg April 1952.
86716: IRVING, DAVID, - Uprising! One Nation's Nightmare: Hungary 1956
75502: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
80469: IRVING, JOHN, - The Smoke Scren of Jutland
35139: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey
73769: IRVING, JOHN, - The Hotel New Hampshire
66697: IRVING, H.B. (EDITED BY), - Trial of Mrs Maybrick
63436: IRVING, DAVID, - The War Path, Hitler's Germany 1933-1939
85646: IRVING, WASHINGTON, - Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus.
74802: IRVING, E.G. (INTRODUCTION BY_, - Africa pilot volume II, comprising the West coast of Africa, from Rio del Rey to cape Agulhas, The Islands in the Bight of Biafra, The Islands of Ascension and St. Helena, The Tristan da Cunha Group and Gough Island (AND) SUPPLEMENY No.9 (1975)
83721: IRVING, DAVID, - Hitler's War
66494: IRWIN, M. P. STUART, - A Bibliography of the Birds of Rhodesia.
64541: IRWIN, DAVID, - John Flaxman 1755-1826 Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer
41748: IRWIN, FLORENCE, - Auction Highlights with a Full Exposition of the Nullo Count
54457: IRWIN, MICHAEL P STUART, - Working Orders
51907: IRWIN, ROBERT (EDITED BY LAWRENCE WECHSLER), - Being and Circumstance. Notes Toward a Conditional Art.
86730: IRWIN, MICHAEL P. STUART, - The Birds of Zimbabwe
33424: IRWIN, PAT; AKHURST, JOHN; IRWIN, DAVID, - A Field Guide to the Natal Drakensberg
51946: ISAAC, JAD (AND OTHERS), - An Atlas of Palestine (The West Bank and Gaza) January 2000
71408: ISAACS, NATHANIEL (EDITED BY LOUIS HERMAN & PERCIVAL R. KIRBY), - Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa Descriptive of the Zoolus, Their Manners, Customs, with a Sketch of Natal
82880: ISAACS, D., - Essays in Honour of Rabbi Dr. A. Hilewitz of Jerusalem Formerly Head of Hebrew Teachers Seminary Johannesburg
28567: ISAACS, NATHANIEL (EDITED LOUIS HERMAN & PERCIVAL R, KIRBY), - Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa Descriptive of the Zoolus, Their Manners, Customs, with a Sketch of Natal
40159: ISAACS, GORDON & MCKENDRICK, BRIAN (EDITED BY), - Male Homosexuality in South Africa. Identity Formation Culture and Crisis.
60581: ISAACS, EDITH J.R. (EDITED BY), - Architecture for the New Theatre
80492: ISAACS, D., - Artistic Furniture from the Factories of D. Isaacs & Co. Ltd, Longmarket Stre Cape Town.
75107: ISAACS, NATHANIEL, - Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa, Descriptive of the Zoolus, their Manners, Customs, etc. etc. With a Sketch of Natal.
61818: ISAACSON, E. DE ST.Q., - Rock Pressure in Mines
49542: ISAACSON, MAUREEN, - Holding Back Midnight.
68518: ISAACSON, JOEL, - Monet Le Dejeuner Sur L'herbe
69480: DE ISASI, ENRIQUE, - Con Una Copa De Jerez
57597: ISBY, DAVID C., - War in a Ditant Country Afghanistan: Invasion and Resistance.
61230: ISBY, DAVID C., - Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
8400: ISEMONGER, R.M, - Snakes of Africa : Southern Central and east
66706: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, - Lions and Shadows. An Education in the Twenties
5624: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, - The World In the Evening
56181: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, - The World in the Evening
77800: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, - All The Conspirators
87119: ISHERWOOD, H.B., - Man's Racial Nature
68808: ISHERWOOD, H.B., - Race and Politics. The Myth of Racial Equality.
87118: ISHERWOOD, H.B., - Religion and the Racial Controversy: The False Propaganda of the Church
78636: ISHIGURE, IKURO, - In the Beginning. The Opening in the Game of Go.
72029: ISHIGURO, HIDE, - Leibniz's Philosophy of Logic and Language.
67314: ISHIHARA, SHINOBU, - Tests for Colour Blindness. Authorised 11th Edition Completely Revised with 38 Plates.
75888: ISHII, T. KORYU, - Microwave Engineering
52935: ISHIMARU, TOTA, - The Next World War
56813: ISIHARA, SHINOBU, - Tests for Colour-Blindness.
78621: ISIK, HUSEYN HILMI, - The Religion Reformers in Islam
68180: ISING, WALTER K., - Unter den Arabern im Morgenlande. Erlebtes und Erlauschtes.
51264: FALKLAND ISLANDS, - Rules of Procedure. Legislative Council of the Colony of the Falkland Islands, Being the Standing Rules and Orders Thereof, Together Wth Those Clauses of the Royal Instructions Which Apply Thereto.
87055: FALKLAND ISLANDS, - Report of the Commissioner of Enquiry Into the Salary Structure and Conditions of Service of the Civil Service of the Falkland Islands (Part 1) Together with Observations of the Government
61088: ISLES, GEORGE, - The Restoration of Carriages
62819: ISMAIL, SABHATTIN, - Cyprus Peace Operation. Reasons. Development. Consciousness.
50683: ISOZAKI, ARATA (EDITED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY YUKIO FUTAGAWA), - Global Architecture #1. Frank Lloyd Wright. Johnson & Son Administration Building and Research Tower
84232: ISSAR, T.P., - The Royal City : A Celebration of the Architectural Heritage and City-Aesthetics of Mysore
76366: ISSROFF, JUDITH, - Donald Winnicott And John Bowlby: Personal And Professional Perspectives
64169: ONE WHO HAS DONE IT, - From the Cape to Bulawayo, or How to Travel to Rhodesia Through British Territory.
83351: ONE WHO HAS DONE IT, - From the Cape to Buluwayo,or How to Travel to Rhodesia Through British Territory
74702: ITALIAANDER, ROLF, - Bei Wempe gehn die Uhren anders. Chronik eines mittelständischen Familienunternehmens.
24574: ITEN-MARITZ, J., - Turkish Carpets
79212: ITOH, TEIJI, - The Gardens of Japan
74397: ITTEN, JOHANNES, - The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color
52853: VAN ITTERSUM, W.A. BARON, - De Vrijstaters En Hun Geschiedenis
59784: ITZKIN, ERIC, - Gandhi's Johannesburg. Birthplace of Satyagraha
61648: GEORGE IV (ASSOCIATION COPY), - Beschreibung der Feyerlichkeiten welche bey der Allerhöchsten Anwesenheit Seiner Majestät Georg des Vierten. am 30. u. 31. Oct. 1821 von der Georg-Aug. Universität und Stadt Göttingen begangen worden.
81316: IVANOFF, VICTOR ARCHIPOVICH, - An Original Pen and Ink Political Cartoon "Adv. J G N Strauss Deur V.P. As Leier Uitgeskop. Sigjned (ca. 1956)
81317: IVANOFF, VICTOR ARCHIPOVICH, - An Original Pen and Ink Drawing "Eerste Minister Vanaf statebondkonferensie", Signed and Date 1953
81318: IVANOFF, VICTOR ARCHIPOVICH, - A Pen and Ink Cartoon Drawing "Generaal J. C. Smuts Dr. Colin Steyn", Signed and Dated 1949
66362: IVANOV, V., - Freedom and the Tragic Life. A Study in Dostoevsky.
84662: M'IVER, IVER, - Caught on the Wing: Poems Ballads Love Lyrics Sonnets
65886: IVERACH, JOHN E., - Tales from the Kraal
63696: IVERSEN, BIRGER, - Generic Local Structure of the Morphisms in Commutative Algebra (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
75920: IVES, CHARLES E., - 114 Songs
16406: IVINS, WILLIAM M., - The Artist and the Fifteenth Century Printer
55523: IWAGO, MITSUAKI, - Serengeti. Natural Order on the African Plain.
83694: IWANOWSKI, GEOGE, - The White Stallions of Kyalami
69721: IYER, L. A. KRISHNA, - Anthropometry of the Primitive Tribes of Travancore
75871: IYER, H.M. & HIRAHARA, K. (EDITED BY), - Seismic Tomography. Theory and Practice.
4280: IZEDINOVA, SOPHIA, - A Few Months With The Boers
78957: IZZARD, SEBASTIAN (EDITED BY), - One Hundred Masterpieces From The Collection Of Dr. Walter A. Compton: Japanese Swords, Sword-fittings And Accoutrements (Essays by William Tilley and Walter Compton II ; .: Catalogue by Robert Haynes and D. Martin Lorber
70958: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Afrikaner Quo Vadis
61822: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Omstrede Suid Afrikaanse Verlede. Geskiedenisideologie En Die Historiese Skuldvraagstuk.
77348: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Vaalrivier Omstrede Grenslyn
77086: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A.; VAN RENSBURG, A.P.J.; STALS, W.A. (EDITED BY), - Die Eerste Vryheidsoorlog. Van Verset En Geweld Tot Skikking Deur Onderhandeling 1877 1884
55331: VAN JAARSVELD, ALBERT, - Mtunzini. A History from Earliest Times to 1995
56014: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Geskiedkundige Verkenninge
52665: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Beeld Van Die Groot Trek in Die Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedskrywing 1843-1899
52666: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Tydgenootlike Beoordeling Van Die Groot Trek 1836-1842
52667: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Afrikaner Se Geskiedsbeeld
52668: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A.; VAN WIJK, THEO; MULLER, C.F.J.; SCHOLTZ, G.D., - Die Hertolking Van Ons Geskiedenis
52669: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Stedelike Geskiedenis as Navorsingsveld Vir Die Suid Afrikaanse Historikus
60151: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. & SCHOLTZ, G.D. (EDITED BY), - Die Republiek Van Suid Afrika. Agtergrond Ontstaan En Toekoms
45962: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - The Afrikaner's Interpretation of South African History
58516: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Vaalrivier Omstrede Grenslyn
79009: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Omsingelde Afrikanerdom
59332: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Evolusie Van Apartheid
84116: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Geskiedkundige Verkenninge
61776: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Afrikaner En Sy Geskiedenis
77284: VAN JAARSVELD, ERNST & KOUTNIK, DQARYL, - Cotyledon and Tylecodon
60067: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Afikaner Quo Vadis?
72655: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Ontwaking van die Afrikaanse Nasionale Bewussyn 1863 - 1881
66209: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - The Awakening of Afrikaner Nationalism
80933: VAN JAARSVELD, F. (AND OTHERS), - South Africa Thinkers Forum Future Perspective
70957: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Die Eenheidstrewe van die Republikeinse Afrikaners. Deel 1. Pioniershartstogte (1836-1864)
66333: VAN JAARSVELD, E.J., - Gasterias of South Africa. A New Revision of a Major Succulent Group.
72858: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A., - Vaalrivier Omstrede Grenslyn
34372: VAN JAARSVELT, A.E. AND OTHERS, - Militere Geneeskunde in Suid-Afrika 1913-1983
51947: JABAVU, D.D.T., - The Black Problem. Papers and Addresses on Various Native Problems
12552: JABAVU, D.D.T., - The Segregation Fallacy and Other Papers
84019: JABAVU, D.D.T., - The Black Problem: Papers and Addresses on Various Native Problems
71155: JABOTINSKY, VLADIMIR, - Prelude to Delilah
83977: ROB & DR. JACK, - Shoestring 2
9974: HIGGINS JACK., - A Prayer For the Dying
51165: GLEDHILL. EILY AND JACK, - In the Steps of Piet Retief
78368: JACK, VUYO, - Broad-Based BEE: The Complete Guide
10233: HIGGINS JACK., - The Savage Day
10078: HIGGINS JACK., - East Of Desolation
70040: JACKS, BRIAN & CARTER, CYRIL A., - 1st Dan to 2nd Dan An Interpretation of the British Judo Association Syllabus
105: JACKSON, P.B.N., - The Fishes of Northern Rhodesia.
81902: JACKSON, PEGGY HERVEY, - Meteor Out of Africa: Henry Morton Stanley's Journey to Find Livingstone, 1871
73999: JACKSON, LEWIS, - Detective Weekly. Starring Sexton Blake. No. 2. March 4, 1933.
55010: JACKSON, W.P.U., - Wild Flowers of Tabel Mountain
55569: JACKSON, S.P. & TYSON, P.D., - Aspects of Weather and Climate Over Southern Africa.
55791: JACKSON, ROBERT, - Douglas Bader. A Biography
52726: JACKSON, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Social Stratification.
51434: JACKSON, ROBERT, - The Sky Their Frontier. The Story of the World's Puioneer Airlines and Routes 1920-1940
49944: JACKSON, ALBERT (AS TOLD TO ERIC ROSENTHAL), - Trader on the Veld
50395: JACKSON, ALBERT (AS TOLD TO ERIC ROSENTHAL), - Trader on the Veld.
47765: JACKSON, JOHN, - Justice in South Africa.
27099: JACKSON, LYNETTE F. & LIPSCHITZ, STEVEN, - Coastal Sensitivity Atlas of Southern Africa
29376: JACKSON, CATHERINE CHARLOTTE, LADY, - The Works: Old Paris Its Court and Literary Salons; The Old Regimre; The Court of France; the Last of the Valois; The First of the Bourbons; The French Court and Society; The Court of the Tuilleries
30272: JACKSON, FREDERICK, - Early Days in East Africa
57119: JACKSON, ROBERT, - The Chief. The Biography of Gordon Hewitt Lord Chief Justice of England 1922-40
77814: SPEAR & JACKSON, - The Mermaid Saw and Cutter Manual - A Handbook for Users of Machine Saws
64674: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT, - Ramona
83217: JACKSON, H., - An Essay on Bread
63495: JACKSON, ROBERT, - The Secret Squadrons Special Duty Units of the RAF and USAAF in the Second World War
64657: JACKSON, W. P. U., - Origins and Meanings of Names of South African Plant Genera
86006: JACKSON, H.C., - Behind the Modern Sudan
85686: JACKSON, FREDERICK J., - Notes on the Game Birds of Kenya & Uganda.
65575: JACKSON, ROBERT, - Combat Aircraft Prototypes Since 1945
84039: JACKSON, A.C.F., - Rose-Croix: The history of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales
60725: JACKSON, FREDERICK JOHN, - The Birds of Kenya Colony and the Uganda Protectorate.
59404: JACKSON, MAJOR, - Pretoria Middelberg (Transvaal Sheet No.2)
80290: JACKSON, A.J., - De Havilland Aircraft Since 1915
55428: JACKSON, A.O., - The Ethnic Composition of the Ciskei and Transkei.
76580: JACKSON, ROBERT, - Spitfire The Combat History
16071: JACKSON, A.O., - The Ndebele of Langa
76294: JACKSON, ROY L., - Under Crossed Flags. A Pictorial History of the Imperial Light Horse and the Light Horse Regiment 1899 to 1999. A Documentary of the Regiment in Peacetime and War.
83917: JACKSON, MURRAY COSBY, - A Soldier's Diary. South Africa 1899-1901
78020: JACKSON, S.K., - Ciworo Cavakuru. Buku Yokuravisa Vakuru. A READER FOR ADULTS IN CIKARANJA.
81161: JACKSON, NEILL & VAN MALSEN, RICK, - The Search for Puma 164: Operation Uric and the Assault on Mapai
50180: JACKSON, W.P., - Wild Flowers of the Fairest Cape
60567: JACKSON, ALFRED DE JAGER, - Manna in the Desert. A Revelation of the Great Karoo.
63367: JACKSON, MICHAEL, - Beer
69181: JACKSON, P. B. N., - The Fish of the Middle Zambesi (KARIBA STUDIES: Ichthyology)
77832: JACKSON, HILDUR & SVENSSON, KAREN (EDITED BY), - Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People
86057: JACKSON, A.O., - 'N Ondersoek Na Ontwikkelingsprosesse En Probleme By Die Xolo in Suid Natal
86906: JACKSON, MAJOR, - Wakkerstroom (transvaal Major Jackson's Series Sheet No.42)
63464: JACKSON, TERRY, - Corvette Catalogs - A Visual History from 1953 to the Present Day
76626: JACOB, W.S.; MAIN, R.; AIRY, G.B.; CAYLEY, A; TENNANT, J F., - Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society VOL. XXVIII
49073: JACOB, B., - Das Erste Buch Der Tora. Genesis, Ubersetzt Und Erklart.
49433: JACOB, NAOMI, - The Man Who Found Himself
57391: JACOB, WILLIAM, - An Historical Inquiry into the Production and Consumption of the Precious Metals.
76094: JACOB, SAM (EDITED BY), - He South African History Archive Guidebook
62935: JACOB, A. & VON UEXKULL, H., - Fertilizer Use: Nutrition and Manuring of Tropical Crops
71480: JACOB, MEERA JOHN, - Fruit and Vegetable Carving
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