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56002: GORDIMER, NADINE (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY STEPHEN CLINGMAN), - The Essential Gesture. Writing, Politics and Places
54723: GORDIMER, NADINE, - Face to Face. Short Stories.
51837: GORDIMER, NADINE (EDITED JONATHAN PATON, - Apartheid and Censorship (in "The Grey Ones: Essays on Censorship")
52239: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Conservationist
51092: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Lying Days
25988: GORDIMER, NADINE, - Face to Face Short Stories
47710: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Black Interpreters
15644: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Lying Days
219: GORDIMER, NADINE., - Not For Publication.
62940: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Soft Voice of the Serpent and Other Stories
73051: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Black Interpreters
11585: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Lying Days
3605: GORDIMER, NADINE, - July's People
77789: GORDIMER, NADINE, - Face to Face. Short Stories
32448: GORDIMER, NADINE, - A World of Strangers
84435: GORDIMER, NADINE, - Telling Times: Writing and Living, 1950-2008
84789: GORDIMER, NADINE; BRINK, ANDRE; GRAY, STEPHEN; SEPAMLA, SIPHO (AND MANY OTHERS), - Contribute to: Notre Librairie, n° 122. Littérature d'Afrique du Sud - 1.
62238: GORDIMER, NADINE; DUGARD, JOHN; SMITH, RICHARD; ETC, - What Happened to Burger's Daughter or How South African Censorship Works
66044: GORDIMER, NADINE, - The Conservationist
73728: GORDIMER, NADINE & GOLDBLATT, DAVID, - The Witwatersrand: A Time and Tailings (in OPTIMA Vol.18 No.1 MARCH 1968)
69386: GORDIMER, NADINE, - Reviews 'The Habit of Loving' By Doris Lessing, IN: Africa South VOL.2 No.4
85225: GORDIN, JEREMY & RUMNEY, REG, - Heresy Poets
72798: GORDIN, JEREMY & SASSEN, ROBYN (EDITED BY), - Reflections of a Journey. An Educational Resource to Accompany Irma Stern Expressions of a Journey
14054: GORDON, RUTH, - The Place of the Elephant. A History of Pietermaritzburg
68705: GORDON, ALEXANDER (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Historical Account of Dukinfield Chapel and Its School
71470: GORDON, ROBERT J., - Bushman Myth The Making of a Namibian Underclass
4673: GORDON, ROBERT, J, - Mines, Masters and Migrants: Life in a Namibian Compound
20174: GORDON CUMMING, C.F., - Wanderings in China
54507: GORDON, RUTH, - Dear Louisa. History of a Pioneer Family in Natal 1850 - 1888
52558: GORDON, SAMUEL, - In Years of Transition
53470: GORDON, W.J., - Our Country's Flowers and How to Know Them
51787: GORDON, JAN & BATEMAN, H.M., - Art Ain't All Paint
51873: GORDON, JOHN F., - The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owner's Encyclopaedia
50174: GORDON, E.O., - Prehistoric London. Its Mounds and Circles.
47950: GORDON, L.L. (REVISED EDWARD C JOSLIN), - British Battles and Medals
42006: GORDON-BROWN, A., - Pictorial Art In South Africa During Three Centuries To 1875.
48443: GORDON, V.E.C. & MOCK, RUTH, - Twentieth Century Handwriting
60228: GORDON, R.E., - Dear Louisa. History of Qa Pioneer Family in Natal 1850 - 1888
40690: GORDON, RUTH E., - Honour Without Riches. The Story of an Archibald Family.
77712: GORDON, GERALD, - From Vernacular to Spectacular: The Way to Build
64442: GORDON, R. E., - Dear Louisa. History of a Pioneer Family in Natal 1850-1888. Ellen McLeod's letters to her sister in England from the Byrne Valley
71438: GORDON, PHIROSHAW & GORDON, ANNE (EDITED BY), - Advocacy in Southern Africa: Lessons for the Future
81294: GORDON, RUTH, - Petticoat Pioneers, Women of Distinction
57718: GORDON, R.E.; GERICKE, E.; GERICKE, E.; CLARK, J. (EDITED BY), - Macrorie Gentle Bishop of Maritzburg. The Natal Career of William A.K. Macrorie Bishop of Maritzburg, and Hi Confronttion with John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal 1869-1891
63839: GORDON, ALEXANDER, - A Treatise Upon Elemental Locomotion and Interior Communication Wherein are Explained and Illustrated the History Practice and Prospects of Steam Carriages and the Comparative Value of Turnpike Roads Railways and Canals with Plates and an Appendix Etc,
71654: GORDON-BROWN, A, - Christopher Webb Smith-An Artist at the Cape of Good Hope 1837-1839
67224: GORDON, IDA L., - The Double Sorrow of Troilus: A Study of Ambiguities in Troilus and Criseyde
63115: GORDON, SUZANNE, - Under the Harrow. The Lives of White South Africans Today.
76677: GORDON-BROWN, A., - Pictorial Art in South Africa During Three Centuries to 1875
77758: GORDON, GERALD, - From Vernacular to Spectacular. The Way to Build
45577: GORDON, SUZANNE, - A Talent for Tomorrow. Life Stories of South African Servants.
16654: GORDON, ROBERT JACOB (EDITED BY RAPER, PETER E. & BOUCHER, MAURICE), - Robert Jacob Gordon. Cape Travels 1777 to 1786
66812: GORDON-BROWN, A., - An Artist's Journey Along the OLd Cape Post Road, 1832-33, Illustrated By 21 of His Sketches, Further Illustrations and a Map with Notes and Clues to the Identity of the Artist.
83648: GORDON, ENID & SHIRLEY, MIDGE, - The Belgian Cookbook
66218: GORDON-BROWN, ALFRED, - An Artist's Journey Along the OLd Cape Post Road, 1832-33, Illustrated By 21 of His Sketches, Further Illustrations and a Map with Notes and Clues to the Identity of the Artist.
37237: GORDON, C.T., - The Growth of Boer Opposition to Kruger (1890-1895)
70566: GORDON, W.J., - Flags Of The World Past And Present Their Story And Associations
50923: GORDON-BROWN, A. (EDITED BY), - The Narrative of Private Buck Adams 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards on the Eastern Frontier of the Cape of Good Hope 1843-1848
46986: GORDON-BROWN, A., - Pictorial Africana. A Survey of Old South African Paintings Drawings and Prints to the End of the Nineteenth Century with a Biographical Dictionary of One Thousand Artists.
74471: GORDON, RUTH E., - The Story of Deanery Lane
68714: GORDON, GEORGE, - Cartier : a Century of Cartier Wristwatches
79008: GORDON, IRENA, - David Gerstein Sculptures
83800: GORDON, RUTH, - Alive Alive-0
71862: GORE-BOOTH, EVA, - The Shepherd of Eternity and Other Poems.
76893: GORE, CHARLES (1853-1932), - A 3pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Carter on Letterhead Cuddesdon, Wheatley, Oxon, Signed as Bishop of Oxford (C. Oxon) and Dated )ct.5, 1916.
76894: GORE, CHARLES (1853-1932), - A 1 1/2pp. Autograph Letter to Mrs. Carter on Letterhead Cuddesdon, Wheatley, Oxon, Signed as Bishop of Oxford (C. Oxon) and Dated ) Apr.5 '18
76896: GORE, CHARLES (1853-1932), - A 2 1/2pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Alfred Henry Carter on Letterhead Bishop's Croft Birmingham, Signed and Dated Sept 1, '11
76897: GORE, CHARLES (1853-1932), - A 1 1/2pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Alfred Henry Carter on Letterhead Bishop's House Worcester, Signed and Dated Jan 30, '04
76895: GORE, CHARLES (1853-1932), - A 3 1/2pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Alfred Henry Carter on Letterhead Bishop's Croft Birmingham, Signed and Dated Decr.2, '06
3107: GORELIK, S C H, - Judische Kopfe Lithographien Vo Joseph Budko
79427: GORELL, LORD, - Last of the English and Other New Poems
73194: GOREN, CHARLES H, - Goren's Modern Backgammon Complete
3568: GORER, GEOFFREY, - Bali And Angkor Or Looking At Life And Death
79171: GORIS, R., - Bali. Atlas Kebudajaan / Cults and Customs / Cultuurgeschiedenis in beeld.
64074: GORIS, J.M., - België en de Boerenrepublieken - Belgisch-Zuidafrikaanse betrekkingen (ca. 1835-1895) (Belgie-Zuid Afrika Deel 1)
5335: GORISSEN, FRIEDRICH, - B.C Koekoek 1803-1862
48208: GORKI, MAXIM, - Lower Depths
84204: GORKI, MAXIM, - Obras De Maxim Gorki. 12 Vols.
66179: GORKY, MAXIM, - Mother
77011: GORKY, MAXIM, - On Literature: Selected Articles
53204: GORMAN, TOM, - Scale Model Tugs & Trawlers
73751: GORMAN, PAUL, - The Look : Adventures in Rock and Pop Fashion
57997: GORMLEY, T.J., - Asthma and Hay Fever
57644: GORODNOV, VALENTIN, - Soweto. Life and Struggles of a South African Township
83203: GORODNOV, VALENTIN, - Soweto: Life and Struggles of a South African Township
75567: GORRINGE, C. GLEN, - An Autograph Slip on Pink Paper, Bearing the Autograph as Follows: "C. Glen Gorringe Commander RMMV Durban Castle 25-4-48"
67480: GORRINGE, CHRISTOPHER, - A Signed Christmas Card, the Front Colour Photograph Being Borg's Fifth Trophy at The All England Lawn Tennis Club Champiochips (Wimbledon) 1980
51283: 'GOLDEN GORSE", - Moorland Mousie. The Life Story of a Child's Pony
62464: GORVY, SAM, - I Remember
74147: GOSCHEN, GEORGE J., - The Theory of the Foreign Exchanges
60641: GOSCHEN, G.J., - Mental Training and Useful Knowledge. An Address Delivered at the Victoria Rooms on the 15th of January 1879
62350: GOSCINNY, R. & UDERZO, A., - Le Cadeau De Cesar
62348: GOSCINNY, R. & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke. Curing the Daltons
62347: GOSCINNY, R. & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke. The Dashing White Cowboy
62346: GOSCINNY, R. & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke. The Dashing White Cowboy
62345: GOSCINNY, R. & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke. Ma Dalton
62344: GOSCINNY, R. & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke. Jesse James
62343: GOSCINNY, R. & TABARY, - Iznogoud on Holiday!
62342: GOSCINNY, R. & UDERZO, A., - Asterix. Operation Getafix. The Book of the Film
74955: MORRIS & GOSCINNY, - Lucky Luke - Jesse James
72143: GOSLINER, TERRENCE M.; BEHRENS, DAVID W.; WILLIAMS, GARY C., - Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific: Animal Life from Africa to Hawaii Exclusive of the Vertebrates
83738: GOSLING, CECIL, - Travel and Adventure in Many Lands
24424: GOSS, JOHN, - Braun & Hogenberg's the City Maps of Europe. A Selection of 16th Century Town Plans and Views
85442: GOSS, ISAAC (ISRAEL AARON MAISELS ASSOCIATION COPY ), - Adventure of Jewish Education: Essays in Survival and Salvation
72672: GOSS, HARRY, - Defender
71254: GOSSE, EDMUND, - Gray
40031: GOSSE, EDMUND, - Leaves and Fruit
73569: GOSSELIN, RENE PAUL, - Basotho People at Work
66692: GOSWAMI, SHYAM SUNDAR, - Jesus Christ and Yoga
82364: GOTCH, A.F., - Birds: Their Latin Names Explained
73709: GOTCH, FRANK, - Wrestling and How to Train
54537: GOTTFRIED, MARTIN, - Arthur Miller: A Life.
68439: GOTTFRIED, ROY K., - The Art of Joyce's Syntax in Ulysses
71007: GOTTLIEB, AMY ZAHL, - Men of Vision - Anglo-Jewry's Aid to Victims of the Nazi Regime 1933-1945.
48546: GOTTLIEB, ALMA, - Under the Kapok Tree. Identity and Difference in Beng Thought.
57507: GOTTLIEB, ALAN M., - Gun Rights Fact Book
57508: GOTTLIEB, ALAN M., - Politically Correct Guns
56315: GOTTSHALL, FRANKLIN H., - Reproducing Antique Furniture
56315: GOTTSHALL, FRANKLIN H., - Reproducing Antique Furniture
80817: GOTZ, ADRIANI (& EBERHARD ROTERS, KARIN THOMAS, PETER KREIGER ), - Hannah Hoch 1889-1978: Collages
47146: GOTZE, DIETRICH (EDITED BY), - The Major Histocompatibility System in Man and Animals.
60735: VON GOTZEN, G.A., GRAF, - Durch Afrika von Ost nach West. Resultate und Begebenheiten einer Reise von der Deutsch-Ostafrikanischen Küste bis zur Kongomündung in den Jahren 1893/94.
80084: GOUDE, JEAN PAUL, - So Far So Goude
59686: GOUDEY, CHRISTOPHER J., - Maidenhair Ferns in Cultivation
54086: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH, - I Saw Three Ships
58015: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH, - The Valley of Song
72994: GOUDVIS, BERTHA, - Little Eden
77489: GOUDVIS, BERTHE, - The Way the Money Goes and other Plays
69738: GOUDVIS, BERTHA (EDITED BY MARCIA LEVESON), - South African Odyssey. The Autobiography of Bertha Goudvis
56488: GOUGH, ROBERT E., - The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management
67497: GOUGH, BARRY M. (EDITED BY), - To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey - the Journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M.S. Blossom 1825-1828
76359: GOUGH, JOHN B., - Platform Echoes Or, Living Truths for Head and Heart
78676: GOUGH, MARIA / KENTRIDGE, WILLIAM, - Kentridge's Nose // I am Not Me, the Horse is Not Mine (in OCTOBER 134 Fall 2010)
86511: GOULART, SONIA (EDITED BY), - Bianco 90 anos- Uma homenagem a Portinari. 127 P
63697: GOULD, S. H., - Russian for the Mathematician
49859: GOULD, JEAN, - All About the Old English Sheepdog
29295: GOULD, TONY, - In Limbo. The Story of Stanley's Rear Column
80918: GOULD, F. CARRUTHERS (1844-1925), - A Fine Sepia Cabinet Photograh, Inscribed and Signed "Yours Faithfully F. Carruthers Gould"
80672: GOULD, GEORGE M, AND PYLE, WALTER M, - Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. Being an Encyclopedic Collection of Rare and Extraordinary Cases, and of the Most Striking Instances of Abnormality in all Branches of Medicine and Surgery, Derived from an Exhaustive Research of Medical Literature.
68071: GOULDNER, ALVIN W., - Enter Plato : Classical Greece and the Origins of Social Theory
56761: GOULDSBURY, CULLEN, - Rhodesian Rhymes
59541: GOULDSBURY, CULLEN, - More Rhodesian Rhymes
25215: GOULLART, PETER, - The Monastery of Jade Mountain
58191: GOUS,H.G., - Die N.G. Kerk Dutoitspan-Gemeente Beaconsfield Kimberley 1872-1972
84466: GOUWE, W.F., - Glas in Lood
84268: GOUWS, WILLEM C., - Transvaal Wattelkwekers Kooperasie Beperk. Betree Sy Tweede Halfeeu
75678: M'GOVAN, JAMES, - Strange Clues; or Chronicles of a City Detective
78875: GOVE, MICHAEL, - Celsius 7/7 : How the West's Policy of Appeasement Has Provoked Yet More Fundamentalist Terror - And What Has to Be Done Now
82101: GOVENDER, PREGS, - Love and Courage A Story of Insubordination
85500: GOVENDER, BARLOW G. & NAIDOO, TULSIDAS PERUMAL, - The Settler. Tribulations, Trials , Triumph
167: GOVER, ROBERT., - One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding.
48870: SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT, - Talking with the A.N.C.....
67699: CAPE GOVERNMENT, - Code of Statutory Enactments and Departmental Instructions Connected with the Administration of Convict Stations and Prisons as in Force on 1st January 1896
74299: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 5 21 January 1943
83620: SUDAN GOVERNMENT, - Sudan Almanac 1950
74302: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 9 18 March 1943
902: H.M. GOVERNMENT., - War Vessels Silhouette Identification Book, Soviet Union.
903: H.M. GOVERNMENT., - War Vessels Identification Book, France.
59591: H.M. GOVERNMENT, - War Vessels Silhouette Identification Guide JAPAN and MANCHUKUO 1937
59592: BLUE BOOK: BRITISH GOVERNMENT, - Report of the Committee Appointed By the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to Examine the Designs Upon Which Ships of War Have Recently Been Constructed, with Analysis of Evidence (AND) Evidence, Appendix and Index
74298: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NOS. 1-13 20 November 1942 - 4 June 1943
74301: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 8 4 March 1943
74300: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 6 4 February 1943
74304: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 13 4 June 1943
74303: ROYAL YUGOSLAV GOVERNMENT, - South East Europe Front Yugoslav Summary NO. 12 14 May 1943
67538: UGANDA GOVERNMENT, - Uganda Pearl of Africa
53720: GOVINDA, LAMA ANAGARIKA, - Die Innere Struktur Des I Ging. Das Buch Der Wandlungen
47883: GOVINDA, LAMA ANAGARIKA, - Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism
64511: GOVINDA, LAMA ANAGARIKA, - The Way of the White Clouds. A Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet
52639: GOWAN, SUSAN JEAN, - Portuguese Speaking Africa 1900 - 1979. A Select Bibliography. VOLUME 1: Angola
74598: GOWAN, LEO, - The Craft of Stickmaking
86196: GOWEN, D.P., - Railway Station Postmarks
78325: GOWERS, ERNEST, - H. W. Fowler the Man and His Teaching
26651: GOWERS, W.R., - Lectures on the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain
55859: GOWING, LAWRENCE, - Henri Matisse. 64 Paintings.
61078: GOWING, LAWRENCE, - Vermeer
49963: GOWLAND, PETER, - Peter Gowland's Glamour Techniques
77669: GOYNS, DOROTHY, - Pharmacy in the Transvaal 1894 - 1994
63776: GOYTISOLO, JUAN, - Sands of Torremolinos
70980: GQUBULE, DUMA (EDITED BY), - Making Mistakes Righting Wrongs: Insights into Black Economic Empowerment
68018: GRAAF, J.F. (EDITED BY), - Bophutatswana Rural Development Papers. Seminar 16-18 February 1982
66153: GRAAF, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Hawks and Doves. The Pro and Anti-Conscription Press in South Africa
53924: DE GRAAFF, G., - The Rodents of Southern Africa. Notes on Their Identification, Distribution, Ecology and Taxonomy
56669: DE GRAAFF, G. & JANSE VAN RENSBURG, DOROTHEA (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of a Symposium on the Kalahari Ecosystem.
64082: GRAAFF, DE VILLIERS, - Div Looks Back, The Memoirs of Sir De Villiers Graaff
43339: GRAAFF, DE VILLIERS AND OTHERS, - The Cape Coloured Vote. A Common Roll or Political Apartheid
73927: GRABAR, ANDRE, - Early Medieval Painting from the Fourth to the Eleventh Century
73926: GRABAR, ANDRE & NORDENFALK, CARL, - Romanesque Painting From the Eleventh to the Thirteenth Century.
73928: GRABAR, ANDRE, - Byzantine Painting: A Historical and Critical Study
80846: GRABER, PIERRE, - A Signed Black and White Photograph, Postcard Size.
86203: GRABER, HANS, - Camille Pissaro. Alfred Sisley. Claud Monet. Nach eigenen und fremden Zeugnissen.
16393: GRABHORN, JUNE (INTRODUCTION BY), - A Commonplace Book for Typophiles
55060: GRACE, C.L. (PSEUD. P C DOHERTY), - A Shrine of Murders
85860: GRADY, WILLIAM P., - How Satan Turned America Against God (Understanding the Times)
85861: GRADY, WILLIAM P., - Final Authority: A Christian's Guide to the King James Bible
41264: GRAEFE, ALFRED., - Das Sehen Der Schielenden. Eine Ophthalmologisch-Physiologische Studie
48325: GRAEME, BRUCE, - Suspense
67361: GRAEME, RODERIC, - Blackshirt Helps Himself
64475: GRAEME, BRUCE, - Epilogue
72268: GRAEME, JERALD G.; TOBEY, GENE E.; HUELSMAN, LAWRENCE (EDITED BY), - Operational Amplifiers, Design and Applications
72267: GRAEME, JERALD G., - Designing With Operational Amplifiers: Applications Alternatives
67362: GRAEME, RODERIC, - Blackshirt Wins the Trick
66708: GRAEME, BRUCE, - Ten Trails to Tyburn
77931: GRAESSE, J. G. TH., - Führer für Sammler von Porzellan und Fayence, Steinzeug, Steingut usw.: Umfassendes Verzeichnis der auf älterem und neuerem Porzellan, Fayence, Steingut usw. befindlichen Marken
61832: GRAF, ALFRED BYRD, - Exotica Series 4: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants from Tropical and Sub-Tropic Regions
70855: GRAF VON DER SCHULENBURG, STEPHAN (EDITED BY); JESSE, BERND (CATALOGUE BY), - Mönche. Monster. Schöne Damen. Japanische Malerei, Buch- und Holzschnittkunst des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts in Frankfurt am Main.
17544: GRAFF, WERNER, - Innenraume
57222: GRAFF, WERNER, - Es Kommt Der Neue Fotograf!
55485: GRAFMAN, RAFI (EDITED BY VIVIAN MANN), - Crowning Glory. Silver Torah Ornaments of the Jewish Museum New York.
72703: GRAHAM, A.C. & LATEGAN, P.N., - The Coals of the Witbank District (Transvaal) - Part I Geology, Mining and Marketing of Witbank Coals; Part II - the Physical and Chemical Properties of Witbank Coals
80496: GRAHAM, T.N., - Willie Graham ; the Life of the Rt. Hon. W. Graham
63670: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - The Way of Martha and the Way of Mary.
84266: GRAHAM, DAVID, - Your Way to Winning Golf
79554: GRAHAM, FRANK D., - Audels Pumps, Hydraulics, Air Compressors; a Practical Guide Covering Theory, Construction and Operation of Modern Pumps, Hydraulic Machinery, Air Compressors and Blowers.for Engineers, Mechanics and Operators with Question and Answers.
60263: GRAHAM, WINSTON, - The Grove of Eagles
52883: GRAHAM, ALEXANDER J.P., - The Capture and Escape of Winston Churchill During the South African War
53349: GRAHAM, MARIA, - Journal of a Residence in India
49592: GRAHAM, HELEN & LABANYI, JO., - Spanish Cultural Studies: An Introduction. The Struggle for Modernity.
47815: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - Boris Godunof
48252: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - With Poor Immigrants to America
12360: GRAHAM, THOMAS J., - On the Diseases Peculiar to Females. a Treatise Illustrating Their Symptoms, Causes, Varieties and Treatment. Including the Diseases and Management of Pregnant and Lying-in Women.....Appendix on the Proper Principles of the Treatment of Epilepsy
56687: GRAHAM, WILLIAM & CO., - Record of Partners, Staff and Operatives Who Participated in the Great War 1914-1919
33796: GRAHAM, JAMES (PSEUD. JACK HIGGINS), - A Game for Heroes
40178: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - A Private in the Guards
40207: GRAHAM-YOOLL, ANDREW, - After the Despots: Latin American Views and Interviews
10163: GRAHAM, ROSE, - English Ecclesiastical Studies
83002: GRAHAM-DIXON, ANDREW, - Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane.
66606: GRAHAM, WINSTON, - The Forgotten Story
58763: GRAHAM, PETER & MACRAE, BRIAN, - The Gordon Highlanders Pipe Music Collection VOLUME 1
26612: GRAHAM, WINSTON, - Fortune is a Woman
63546: GRAHAM, R. (CHAIRMAN ORGANISING COMMITTEE), - Extraction Metallurgy Africa '98. 5 - 6 November 1998.
67023: GRAHAM, RAE & WORMAN, DEREK, - The Bushmen of the Kalahari (16 Full Colour Slide; EP Record of Songs and Dances with Descriptive Commentary )
1743: GRAHAM, WINSTON., - Fortune is a Woman.
66752: GRAHAM, WINSTON, - The Merciless Ladies
19011: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - Alexander of Jugoslavia. Strong Man of the Balkans
66895: GRAHAM, R.D. & GRAHAM, HELEN (INTRODUCTION CLAUD WORTH), - Rough Passage // The Adventure of the Faeroe Islands (The Mariners Library).
63445: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - Russia in Division
34771: GRAHAM, R.H. CARSON, - Under Seven Congo Kings
79174: GRAHAM, DESMOND, - The Truth of War: Owen, Blunden and Rosenberg
74660: GRAHAM, MARTHA (INTRODUCTION BY NANCY WILSON ROSS), - The Notebooks of Martha Graham
85647: GRAHAM, WINSTON, - The Walking Stick
65620: GRAHAM, ALISTAIR & BEARD, PETER, - Eyelids of Morning: Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men
73722: GRAHAM, A,.D. & BEARD, PETER, - Eyelids of Morning; the Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men: Being a Description of the Origins, History, and Prospects of Lake Rudolf, Its Peoples, Deserts, Rivers, Mountains, and Weather .
66939: GRAHAME, KENNETH (TRANSLATED BY ANDRE BRINK), - Die Wind in Die Wilgers (The Windin the Willows)
55413: GRAHAME, KENNETH, - The Golden Age
48714: GRAHAME, KENNETH, - The Golden Age
64864: GRAHAME, KENNETH, - The Wind in the Willows
84975: GRAHAME, KENNETH, - Dream Days
49326: GRAINGER, ROD, - AC / Ford / Shelby
64484: GRAINGER, D. H., - Don't Die in the Bundu
64856: SAXO GRAMMATICUS, - The History of Amleth Prince of Denmark
84828: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO, - Selections from Political Writings 1910-20
55535: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO (TRANSLATED QUINTON HOARE), - Selections from Political Writings (1921-1926)
80439: GRAN'CHIC, - Paris-Paris Album VOLUME N
80438: GRAN'CHIC, - Gran'Chic Evening Wedding Up Do's Recogidos
55285: GRANADOS, E., - Anoranza (No.1 Seis piezas Sobre Cantos espanola)
55286: GRANADOS, E., - Ecos De Parranda (No.2 Seis piezas Sobre Cantos espanola)
55287: GRANADOS, E., - Vascongada (No.3 Seis piezas Sobre Cantos espanola)
55288: GRANADOS, E., - Marcha Oriental (No.4 Seis piezas Sobre Cantos espanola)
55289: GRANADOS, E., - Zambra (No.5 Seis piezas Sobre Cantos espanola)
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70021: GRUHN, ERNEST, - The Text-book of Wrestling
60527: GRUNDLINGH, A.M., - Die Suid-Afrikaanse Gekleurdes En Die Eerste Wereldoorlog
83375: GRUNDLINGH, GEOFFREY (EDITED BY), - The Cape Town Month of Photography, 2002
63926: GRUNDLINGH, KATHY, - Lines of Sight. Perspectives on South African Photography
79956: GRUNDY, TREVOR & MILER, BERNARD, - The Farmer at War
52112: GRUNER, J., - Bozzi's Conversations-Taschenbuch Der Franzosischen Sprache Mit Deutscher Erklarung
48958: GRUNER, WOLF D., - Das Bayerische Heer 1825 Bis 1864
19589: GRUNWALD, L., - Atlas and Abstract of the Diseases of the Larynx
59082: GRUZEWSKI, JAN & KOPF, STANISLAW, - Dni Powstania. Kronika Fotograficzna Walczacej Warszawy
49287: GRZYBOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ, - Soviet Public International Law. Doctrines and Diplomatic Practice.
79613: GUBBINS, J.G., - Three Dimensional Thinking
27327: GUBBINS, J.G., - Three-Dimensional Thinking
51461: GUDERIAN, HEINZ, - Panzer Leader
50364: GUDIOL, JOSE, - Velasquez 1599-1660.
81589: GUEDES, PEDRO D'ALPOIM, - 45 Dessins / Drawings
81892: GUEDES, MAX JUSTO & LOMBARDI, GERALD (EDITED BY), - Portugal Brazil the Age of Atlantic Discoveries
74722: GUEDJ, DENIS, - The Parrot's Theorem
21564: GUENTHER, HERBERT V (TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY), - The Royal Song of Saraha. A Study in the History of Buddhist Thought
70092: GUERINOT, J.V., - Pamphlet Attacks on Alexander Pope 1711-1744. A Descriptive Bibliography.
71650: MUSEO DE LA PAZ GUERNICA, - Artea Eta Giza Eskubideak =: Arte y Derechos Humanos = Art and Human Rights
36744: GUEST, H.M., - Portfolio of Klerksdorp Views. Klerksdorp and District.
49494: GUEST, IVOR, - The Ballet of the Second Empire.
60342: GUEST, ANN HUTCHINSON, - Your Move: A New Approach to the Study of Movement and Dance
46242: GUEST, HERMAN, - Klerksdorp's Fifty Years of Mining
77088: GUEST, HERMAN, - Voortrekkerdorp
36972: GUGGENHEIM, PEGGY, - Out of This Century
81013: GUGGENHEIM, E.A., - Thermodynamics - an Advanced Treatment for Chemists and Physicists
75915: GUGGENHEIMER, TOBIAS S., - A Taliesin Legacy: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright's Apprentices
54938: GUGGISBERG, C.A.W., - Wild Cats of the World
1826: GUGGISBERG, C.A.W., - Crocodiles: Their Natural History Folklore and Conservation
14499: GUGGISBERG, F.G., - "The Shop". The Story of the Royal Military Academy
73767: GUGGISBERG, F.G., - The Shop. The Story of the Royal Military Academy
55230: GUICHARD, AMI (EDITOR), - Annual Automobile Review NO.1: 1953-1954
55231: GUICHARD, AMI (EDITOR), - Automobile Year 1961-1962
55232: GUICHARD, AMI (EDITOR), - Automobile Year 1959-1960
55233: GUICHARD, AMI (EDITOR), - Automobile Year 1957 - 1958
50672: GUICHARD, AMI (EDITOR), - Automobile Year No.8, 1960-61
60896: GUICHARD, AMI, - Automobile Year 20 (1972-73)
43785: GUICHARD, AMI, - Annual Automobile Review . No.1: 1953-1954
38976: GUICHETEAU, MARCEL, - Paul Serusier
73479: HOTEL GUIDE, - Official Hotel Guide Cape Town Cape Peninsula South Western Cape 1958-1959 // Offisiele Hotel Gids Kaapstad Kaapse Skiereiland Suid Westelike Kaap 1958-1959
62939: GUIETTE, ROBERT, - Rene Guiette
71204: GUILD, ROBIN, - The Complete Victorian House Book.
75758: GUILEY, ROSEMARY ELLEN & PLACE, ROBERT M., - The Alchemical Tarot (Boxed Set Book and Pack Tarot cards)
72716: DE ROUX ANTOINE - FAUCHERRE NICOLAS - MONSAINGEON GUILLAUME, - Les Plans en relief des places du Roy.
85440: GUILLEMIN, HENRI (TEXT BY), - Hommage a Jean Lurcat
51328: GUILLOT, RENE, - Grishka and the Bear
83618: LE GUILLOU, C.M., - Beautes De La Sainte Bible, Illustree Apres Les Grandes Maitres. ANCIEN TESTAMENT
74394: GUIMARAES, S. PINHEIRO (EDITED BY), - South Africa and Brazil. Risks and opportunities in the turmoil of Globalisation
54609: LE GUIN, URSULA, - Dancing at the Edge of the World.
65758: F LYING LOG BOOK N. E. GUINEY, - Sputh African Air Force. Pilots Flying Log Book
63714: GUINEY, IMOGEN, - Hurrell Froude: Memoranda and Comments
77469: DE GUINGAND, FRANCIS, - From Brass Hat to Bowler Hat...
64792: DE GUINGAND, FRANCIS, - Operation Victory
73125: DE GUINGAND, FRANCIS, - Operation Victory
62317: GUINNESS (LEWIS CARROLL PARODY), - The Guinness Alice
62316: GUINNESS, - The Guinness Legends and Other Verses
71191: GUINNESS, DESMOND & RYAN, WILLIAM, - Irish Houses & Castles
23779: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR, - We are One Another
23780: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR, - A Foot in Both Worlds
77519: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR, - Obsession: Psychic Forces and Evil in the Causation of Disease
79648: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR, - The Island
64109: GUITARD, PIERRE, - The U-Boat Warfare
73342: GUITRY, SACHA, - Le Mot De Cambronne
60717: GUITRY, SACHA, - 18 Avenue Elisee Reclus
73341: GUITRY, SACHA, - Les Femmes et l'Amour (conférence faite au Théâtre des Variétés en 1934), Debureau - Scène de l'interview. Mozart - Le petit menuet et son "Dernier quart d'heure".
76111: GUITRY, SACHA, - Ecoutez Bien, Messieurs...
39926: GUIZOT, M., - On the Causes of the English Revolution of 1640-1688. A Discourse Designed as an Introduction to the History of the Reign of Charles the First.
85038: GULLIKSEN, F.H. & VEDDER, E.H., - Industrial Electronics
23812: GULLY, JAMES MANBY, - The Water Cure in Chronic Disease
38855: GULSTON, CHARLES, - And the Dreaming. Poems.
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82008: LA GUMA, ALEX (EDITED BY), - Apartheid: A Collection of Writings on South African Racism by South Africans
86457: LA GUMA, BLANCHE & KLEMMER, MARTIN, - In the Dark with My Dress on Fire: My Life in Cape Town, London, Havana and Home Again
68209: GUMEDE, M.V., - Traditional Healers. A Medical Doctor's Perspective.
82457: GUMEDE, WILLIAM MERVIN, - Thabo Mbeki And The Battle For The Soul Of The ANC
86479: GUMEDE, WILLIQAM & DIKENI, LESLIE (EDITED BY), - The Poverty of Ideas: South African Democracy and the Retreat of the Intellectuals
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72906: GUNSTON, BILL, - The Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft 1875-1995
74376: GUNTHER, DIETER & BAUMANN, HANS D., - Caddy und Co. US- Autos der 50er und 60er Jahre ein Serrag Buch
41513: NITSCHE & GUNTHER, - Neue Gesichtpunte Fur Die Farbenwahl Von Schutzglasern. Hallauer Glaser.
70327: GUNTHER, FRITZ-UWE, - Edoardo Villa Museum Catalogue / Katalogus
74358: GUNTHER, DIETER & HUBNER, JOHANNES, - Das grosse Mercedes-SL-Buch.,
83634: GUNZEL, HILDEGARD, - Babypuppen Modellieren / Modelling Baby Dolls [German/English Text]
19828: GUPPY, H.B., - Studies in Seeds and Fruits. An Investigation with the Balance.
71962: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L., - Drawing With Pen and Ink and a Word Concerning the Brush
71947: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L., - Color in Sketching and Rendering.
58247: GURIAN, WALDEMAR, - The Future of Bolshevism
55437: GURNEY, WILLIAM BRODIE, - The Trials of Arthur Thistlewood, James Ings, John Thomas Brunt, Richard Tidd, William Davidson, and Others for High Treason at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey.......April 1820, with the Antecedent Proceedings.
81127: GURNEY, JAMES & KINKADE, THOMAS, - The Artist's Guide to Sketching a Handbook for Drawing On-The-Spot
61637: GURNEY, SELWYN GURNEY, - Racial Proverbs - A Selection of the World's Proverbs Arranged Linguistically
52961: GURR, ANDREW, - Playgoing in Shakespeare's London
68673: GURWOOD, LIEUT. COLONEL (COMPILED BY), - The Dispatches of Field Marshall The Duke of Wellington During his Various Campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, The Low Countries and France from 1799 to 1818. Vols 1-12 (LACKING Vol.4).
63842: GUSE, ERNST-GERHARD, - Auguste Rodin Drawings and Watercolours
79774: GUSG, REG, - Mkhuze: The Formative Years
73908: GUTCHO, MARCIA H., - Dairy Products and Eggs: Recent Developments
47103: GUTHIE, F.A.C. (AND OTHERS), - A Short Historical Sketch of the Caledon Baths
82037: GUTHRIE, KENNETH SYLVAN, - The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library: An Anthology of Ancient Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy
54345: GUTHRIE, ROY (COMPILED BY), - Bernard Takawira (Prominent Sculptors of Zimbabwe)
67696: GUTHRIE, W.K.C., - In the Beginning. Some Greek Views on the Origins of Life and the Early State of Man.
86283: GUTKIND, P3TER & WATERMAN, PETER (EDITED BY), - African Social Studies A Radical Reader
74449: GUTMAN, RICHARD J. & KAUFMAN, ELLIOTT, - American Dinert
75942: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - The Bishop's Lady
67751: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - The History and Significance of Motion Pictures In South Africa 1895 - 1940
52860: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - The Bishop's Lady
24592: GUTSCHE, THEMA, - There Was a Man. The Life and Times of Sir Arnold Theiler K.C.M.G. Of Onderstepoort
69022: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - No Ordinary Woman. The Life and Times of Florence Phillips.
57735: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - No Ordinary Woman.. The Life and Tim of Florence Phillips.
80392: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - The History and Social Significance of Motion Pictures in South Africa, 1895-1940
80153: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - No Ordinary Woman; The Life & Times of Florence Phillips
45595: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - Old Gold. The History of the Wanderers Club
69098: GUTSCHE, THELMA, - The Microcosm
56993: GUTTENPLAN, SAMUEL, - The Languages of Logic. An Introduction to Formal Logic
63134: GUTTERIDGE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY), - The New Terrorism
73656: GUTTERIDGE, LEE, - The South African Bushveld: A Field Guide from the Waterberg
67353: GUTTMANN, OSCAR, - The Manufacture of Explosives. A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the History, the Physical and Chemical Properties, and the Manufacture of Explosives. VOLUME II ONLY
63327: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Die Stelling Des Minhag Im Talmud.
63320: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Das Redaktionelle und Sachliche Verhältnis Zwischen Misna und Tosephta
63321: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Dezisionsmotive Im Talmud
63322: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Akibe, "Rescuer of the Torah"
63323: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - The Problem of the Anonymous Mishna
63324: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - The Pariarch Judah I. His Birth and Death.
63325: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Foundations of Rabbinic Judaism
63326: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER, - Der Minhag Der Bibel Im Spiegelbild Des Talmuds.
83096: GUTTO, SHADRACK (INTRODUCTORY LETTER NELSON MANDELA), - A Practical Guide to Human Rights in Local Government
50785: GUY, JEFF, - The View Across the River. Harriette Colenso and the Zulu Struggle Against Imperialism
78856: GUY, SHIRLEY, - A Taste of Trout
63821: GUY, SHIRLEY & KLINZMAN, MARTY, - The South African Kettle Braai Cookbook
72883: GUY, JEFF, - The Heretic. A Study of the Life of John William Colenso 1814-1883
82280: GUY, JEFF, - The Maphumulo Uprising: War, Law and Ritual in the Zulu Rebellion
71773: GUY, JEFF, - The Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom: The Civil War in Zululand, 1879-1884
86056: GUY, JEFF, - The Heretic: A Study of the Life of John William Colenso 1814-1883
85936: GUY, MICHELLE (EDITED BY), - Group 621 Centenary 1913-2013
83718: GUY, ROB, - The Naming of Garden Castle
83719: GUY, ROB (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - The Naming of Hodgson's Peaks and Underberg District's Beginnings
70000: GUYER, PETER & KETTIGER, ERNST, - Mobel & Wohnraum / Meubles et Amenagements Interieurs / Furniture and Rooms
67213: GUYER, FOSTER ERWIN, - Chretien De Troyes. Inventor of the Modern Novel
55818: GUYON, Y., - Prestressed Concrete
50894: GUYON, Y. (EDITED BY W M JOHNS), - Prestressed Concrete
58920: GUYTON, ARTHUR C. & HALL, JOHN E., - Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease
77520: GUZZETTA, GIORGIO, - Nation and Narration. British Modernism in Italy in the First Half of the 20th Century
63013: GWALA, MAFIKA, - No More Lullabies
61303: GWASSA, G.C.K. & ILIFFE, JOHN, - Records of the Maji Maji Rising, PART ONE
84814: GWASSA, G.C.K. & ILIFFE, JOHN, - Records of the Maji Maji Rising. Part one [Historical Association of Tanzania, paper no. 4.]
76682: GWISAI, MUNYARADZI, - Labour and Employment in Zimbabwe. Relations of Work Under Neo-Colonial Capitalism
58645: GWYNN-JONES, TRRY, - The Air Racers. Aviation's Golden Era 1909-1936
34923: GYNGELL, A. EDMUND, - Four Lectures on Art Having Reference to Exhibits in the Municipal Art Gallery. Delivered at Johannesburg for the S.A. Lectures Committee November 1913
85011: HAACK, SUSAN, - Evidence and Inquiry: Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology
86170: DE HAAN, KARL, - Happy Sunday
84094: HAANEL, CHARLES F., - The Master Key in Twenty-four Parts with Questionnaire and Glossary
66705: HAANEL, CHARLES F., - The Master Key in Twenty-Four Parts with Questionnaire and Glossary
51172: HAANEL, CHARLES F., - The Master Key in Twenty Four Parts with Questionnaire and Glossary
51994: HAARHOFF, T.J. & VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M., - The Achievement of Afrikaans.
47452: HAARHOFF, T.J., - Vergil in the Experience of South Africa
66995: HAARHOFF, JOHANNES (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Spine of a dragon : contributions on A.B.A. Brink (1927-2003), South Africa's pioneer of engineering Geology
73193: HAARHOFF, DORIAN, - The Writer's Voice; A workbook for writers in Africa
16843: HAARHOFF, THEODORE, - Schools of Gaul. A Study of Pagan and Christian Education in the Last Century of the Western Empire.
61801: HAARHOFF, THEODORE J., - An Autograph 1page Note on the Blank Inside Page of a New Year Greeting Card, Signed T.F.H.
61793: HAARHOFF, T.J., - Spiritual Evolution in South Africa.
46432: HAARHOFF, T.J., - Vergil the Universal
77626: HAARHOFF, T.J., - Why Not Be Friends? Natural Apartheid and Natural Friendliness in South Africa.

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