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11202: WARNER, AARON W; MORSE, DEAN; EICHNER, ALFRED S. (EDITORS). - The Impact of Science on Technology. Edited for the Columbia University Seminar on Technology and Social Change.
6121: WARREN, SUSANNA. (W. S.). - Cotton.
8103: WARREN, C. HENRY. - Sir Phillip Sidney. A Study in Conflict.
9871: WARREN, C. HENRY. - Happy Countryman.
7458: WARWICK, ALEX, (EDITED BY). FOREWORD BY MARIELLA FROSTRUP. - The Nation's Favourite Poems of Desire.
3226: WASHINGTON, H.S. - The Superior Analyses of Igneous Rocks from Roth's Tabellen, 1869-1884, Arranged According to the Quantitative System of Classification.
4780: WASS, STEPHEN. - The Amateur Archaeologist.
5257: WATERS, A.H.S. CHAIRMAN OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SAND AND GRAVEL. - Report of the Advisory Committee on Sand and Gravel. Part 1: General Survey. Part 2: Greater London.
10021: WATERS, LAURENCE. - Last Years of Steam Paddington-Wolverhampton. Sbn 0711018057.
11286: WATERSTON, GEORGE & SONS. - George Waterston & Sons Limited 1752-1952. Bi-Centenary History.
8563: WATKINS, M.H. AND FORSTER, D.F. (EDITORS). - Economics: Canada; Recent Readings.
4281: WATKINS, OWEN SPENCER. - Chaplains at the Front. By One of Them. Incidents in the Life of a Chaplain During the Boer War, 1899-1900.
3756: WATKINS, LESLIE. - The Story of Shakespeare's School, 1853-1953.
7467: WATSON, JAMES. - Flowers of the Garden. How to Know and Grow Them. Special Pocket Edition.
6102: WATSON, W - Census Catalogue of British Lichens.
9666: WATSON, W. - The Mosses of Somerset. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society,-Vol. LVIII, 1912, Part II, Pp114-164.
9867: WATSON-WILLIAMS, HELEN. - Andre Gide and the Greek Myth: A Critical Study.
4965: WATSON, JOHN. - British and Foreign Building Stones. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Specimens in the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge.
9592: WATSON, W. - The Classification of Lichens. New Phytologist Reprint, No. 18. From the New Phytologist, Vol. XXVIII, Nos. 1 and 2, 1929.
4540: WATSON, R.I. EDITED BY BROZEK, JOSEF AND EVANS, RAND B. - R.I. Watson's Selected Papers on the History of Psychology.
10870: WATSON, A. J. - A Hundred Years of Sugar Refining. The Story of Love Lane Refinery 1872-1972.
7233: WATT, FRANCIS, AND CARTER, REV. ANDREW. - Picturesque Scotland: Its Romantic Scenes and Historical Associations Described in Lay and Legend Song and Story.
6870: WATT, IAN; RICKS, C.; ET AL. INTRO. BY WALTER ALLEN. - The Novelist As Innovator.
11031: WATTS, W. G. (EDITED BY). VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Technical Proceedings of the, 7th, (Seventh), Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress. Northern Rhodesian Section. Papers and Discussions. (1961).
3308: WATTS, MARTIN. - Wiltshire Windmills. Isbn 0860800679.
8093: WAUGH, ARTHUR; HATTON, THOMAS - The Nonesuch Dickens. Nonesuch Dickensiana. Prospectus and Advance Subscription Form.
8936: WAUGH, EDWIN. EDITED BY MILNER, GEORGE. - Rambles in the Lake Country and Other Travel Sketches.
9613: WAUGH, ALEC. - The Lipton Story. . a Centennial Biography.
9700: WAYMARK, PETER. - The Car Industry. A Study in Economics and Geography. Isbn 086016070x.
4610: WEATHERBY, HAROLD, L. - Cardinal Newman in His Age. His Place in English Theology and Literature.
5861: WEATHERS, JOHN. ILLUSTRATED BY MRS P. HENSLEY. - Beautiful Bulbous Plants for the Open Air. With 33 Full Page Coloured Plates by Mrs Philip Hensley.
8311: WEATHERS, JOHN. COLOURED PLATES BY JOHN ALLEN. - Beautiful Flowering Trees and Shrubs for British and Irish Gardens.
5701: WEAVER, F.J. - The Materials of English History.
7223: WEBB, WILFRED MARK. - The Heritage of Dress. Being Notes on the History and Evolution of Clothes. With 11 Plates and 169 Figures in the Text.
6438: BERESFORD WEBB. - Exploring Old British Churches.
5217: WEBB, HEDLEY VICARS. - Nature Rambles in Somerset. Somerset Folk Series Number 19.
9474: WEBB, HEDLEY VICARS. - Nature Rambles in Somerset. The Somerset Folk Series No. 19.
8424: WEBB, R.K., - EDITED BY. - The American Historical Review. Volume 76, Number 1, February 1971.
8423: WEBB, R.K., - EDITED BY. - The American Historical Review. Volume 76, Number 3, June 1971.
9918: WEBB, SIDNEY AND BEATRICE. - The Decay of Capitalist Civilization. Isbn 083695453x.
3311: WEBBER, R. - The Early Horticulturists. Isbn 0715342649.
9268: WEBBER, RONALD. - Covent Garden. Mud-Salad Market. Isbn 0460038923.
3313: WEBSTER, A.D. - British Grown Timber and Timber Trees. Being a Concise Description of Each Species, Together with Notes As to Their Value for Ornamental and Economic Planning,... . . Soils Suited to Their Cultivation, Uses... . Current Value of Wood, Etc.
5662: WEDGWOOD, BARBARA AND HENSLEIGH - The Wedgwood Circle 1730-1897. Four Generations of a Family and Their Friends.
8416: WEDGWOOD, C.V.; COATE, M.; THOMAS, M.A.; PIPER, D. - King Charles I 1649-1949. Historical Association, Pamphlet. General Series, No G11.
8517: WEDGWOOD, C.V. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - Battlefields in Britain. No. 78 in Series.
7361: WEIR, THOMAS. ILLUSTRATED BY AUTHOR AND DOUGLAS SCOTT. - The Ultimate Mountains: An Account of Four Months' Mountain Exploring in the Central Himalaya. With 4 Maps and 48 Pages of Photo's.
4549: WEISS, DR. J. - The Hand Book for Hydropathy: For Professional and Domestic Use: With an Appendix...... . Forming Hydropathic Establishments. Being the Result of 12 Years Experience at Grapenberg and Freywaldau.
8098: WEISS, R. - Humanism in England During the Fifteenth Century. Medium Aevum Monographs IV.
10428: WEISZ, L. AND WANNER, H., (ED. VOL 2) FOREWORD / INTRODUCTION BY MAX HUBER. - Geschichte Der Aluminium-Industrie-Aktien-Gesellschaft Neuhausen 1888 - 1938. 2 Volumes. Band, (Vol), I;: Die Jahre Von 1888 Bis 1920; Band. II: Die Jahre Von 1921 Bis 1938.
10863: WEITZ, BENJAMIN I. (EDITOR). TRANS. L.E. MINS. L.D. BURMAN, A.E. PROBST, ET AL. - Electric Power Development in the U.S. S.R. A Collective Study. Prepared for Third World Power Conference... . (by)... . Staff of Krzizhanovsky Power Institute,... . . U.S. S.R.
5656: WELLBYE, REGINALD. ILLUSTRATIONS BY E. MARGARET HOLMAN. - Picturesque Touring Areas in the British Isles. With 8 Aqua Etchings and Numerous Pen and Ink Drawings (and) 12 Sketch Maps.
2111: WELLCOME INSTITUTE, PUBLISHER. POYNTER, F.N.L., PRESIDENT. VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Proceedings of the XXIII International Congress of the History of Medicine. London, 2-9 Sept. 1972.
7422: WELLS, GABRIEL. - Intimations. (a Collection of Essays).
7357: WELLS, F.A. - The British Hosiery and Knitwear Industry. Its History and Organisation.
3324: WELLS, H.G. - The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman.
3321: WELLS, A.K. AND KIRKALDY, J.F. - Outline of Historical Geology.
3640: MUCH WENLOCK. - Much Wenlock. Official Illustrated Guide.
10577: WERTH, ALEXANDER (TRANSLATOR). TOLSTOY, SOPHIE ANDREYEVNA. - The Diary of Tolstoy's Wife 1860 - 1891.
8181: WERTHAM, FREDRIC. - The Circle of Guilt.
9914: WESKER, ARNOLD. - Distinctions. Isbn 0224022369.
7273: WESSELL, LEONARD P., JNR. - Karl Marx, Romantic Irony, and the Proletariat. The Mythopoetic Origins of Marxism.
11018: WEST, M; COHEN, H.E; ET AL. OPENING ADDRESS BY GEOFFREY ROBSON. - Economics of Mineral Engineering. An Inter-Regional Seminar Organised by the United Nations in Co-Operation with Thr Governmebt of Turkey. Isbn 0900117109.
7631: WEST, WILLIAM. - The History Topography and Directory of Warwickshire; Inclusive of Some Portions of the Ancient Histories of Rous, Camden, Speed and Dugdale,... Directory of Every Town . . Illustrated with Etchings and a Map of the County.
2940: WEST, J. (S.P.A.B.). - Windmills and Watermills Open to View.
3822: WESTAWAY, F.W. - Man's Search After Truth. Originally Published As; Obsessions and Convictions of the Human Intellect.
3330: WESTAWAY, F.W. - The Endless Quest. Three Thousand Years of Science.
10906: WESTCOTT, G. F. (COMPILED BY). - The British Railway Locomotive 1803-1853. A Brief Pictorial History of the First Fifty Years of the British Steam Railway Locomotive.
3331: WESTERFIELD, R.B. - Middlemen in English Business. Particularly between 1660-1760.
7413: WESTHEIMER, DR. RUTH. - The Art of Arousal.
11199: WESTWOOD, JOHN D. - The Eastern Front. The Soviet-German War 1941-45. Isbn 060038585x.
11233: WHALLEY, JOYCE IRENE. - The Art of Calligraphy: Western Europe & America. Isbn 0906223644.
6034: WHATELY, RICHARD. - Elements of Logic. Reprinted from the Ninth (Octavo) Edition.
9319: WHEATLEY, DENNIS. - The Eight Ages of Justerini's 1749-1965.
7457: WHEELER, RAYMOND H. - The Science of Psychology.
9030: WHEELER, ALLEN. - Flying between the Wars.
7935: WHEELER, HAROLD. - This Thing Called History.
8315: WHEELHOUSE, FRANCES. FOREWORD BY J.R.A. MCMILLAN. - Digging Stick to Rotary Hoe. Men and Machines in Rural Australia.
7571: WHELER, R B. ILLUSTRATIONS AFTER DRAWINGS BY THE AUTHOR. - History and Antiquities of Stratford Upon Avon: Comprising a Description of the Collegiate Church, the Life of Shakspeare, and Copies of Several Documents... . . , Never Before Printed; with a Biographical Sketch of Other Eminent Characters...
3705: WHELPTON, BARBARA. - Painters' Florence. .
4508: WHITAKER, W. - The Geology of London and Part of the Thames Valley. 2 Volumes. Explanation of Sheets 1, 2 and 7. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of England and Wales.
4507: WHITAKER, W. - The Geology of London and Part of the Thames Valley. 2 Volumes. Explanation of Sheets 1, 2 and 7. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of England and Wales.
11283: WHITBREAD AND CO, LLD. - Whitbread's Brewery. Incorporating the Brewer's Art. (Book in 2 Sections).
6603: WHITE, GILBERT, THE REV'D.. SHARP, R. BOWDLER, (EDITED BY). - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne and a Garden Kalendar... . . With an Intro. To the Garden Kalendar by S. Reynolds Hole, Dean of Rochester, and Numerous Illustrations by J.G. Keulemans, H. Railton, and E.J. Sullivan. 2 Volumes.
930: WHITE, MICHAEL, AND GRIBBIN, JOHN. - Darwin. A Life in Science.
11209: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER. - Forty Years on the Talyllyn Railway. Isbn 1869915046.
10926: WHITE, TERENCE DE VERE. - Tom Moore,: The Irish Poet. Isbn 0241896223.
3218: WHITE, M.D. ALSO RUSSELL, I.C. - 1/. A Review of the Fossil Ostreidae of North America: And a Comparison of the Fossil with the Living Forms, Bound with Geological Reconnaissance of Southern Oregon.
9681: WHITE, GILBERT. ILLUSTRATED BY P.H. DELAMOTTE. - Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne. With Notes by Frank Buckland, a Chapter on Antiquities by Lord Selborne and New Leters.
4910: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. - Observer's Book of House Plants. Describing 150 Types, Illustrated in Colour.
11139: WHITEHEAD, G. KENNETH. - Hunting and Stalking Deer in Britain Through the Ages. Isbn 0713420839.
7943: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. ILLUSTRATIONS BY LUPTON, JOAN. - The Book of Flowering Trees and Shrubs. Illustrated in Colour. Describing over 250 Species.
3346: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH. - The Early Birds.
10113: WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK B., (GENERAL EDITOR). - Classic Steam. Isbn 0861240472.
10007: WHITELEY, J. S.; AND MORRISON, G. W. - The Power of the Br Standard Pacifics. Isbn 086093067x.
3220: WHITFIELD, R.P. - Gasterapoda & Cephalopoda of the Raritan Clays & Greensand Marls of New Jersey.
10717: WHITING, TONY. - Work Makes Wealth. A History of Bradford & Bingley Building Society, 1851-1989. Isbn 095154800x.
6506: WHITLOCK, RALPH. - Bulls Through the Ages.
4407: WIGGLESWORTH, SIR VINCENT B. - Insect Physiology.
9494: WILDE, DOUGLAS J. AND BEIGHTLER, CHARLES S. - Foundations of Optimization. Isbn 0133300358.
9495: WILDE, DOUGLAS J. - Optimum Seeking Methods. Isbn 0136382398.
5637: WILDENSTEIN. - The Art of Painting in Florence and Siena from 1250 to 1500. A Loan Exhibition in Aid of the National Trust and the National Art-Collections Fund.
8327: WILDING, JOHN M. - Perception. From Sense to Object.
9751: WILDMAN, W.B. - A Short History of Sherborne from 705 Ad. With a Loose Insert, "Sherborne School Musical Society - Concert Programme - 1908".
3742: WILENSKI, R.H. - The Study of Art.
7219: WILKINS, VAUGHAN. - Endless Prelude. A Survey of High Events, Great Adventure, Bloody Tragedy, Noble Romance, Queer Happenings, and Strange Scandal; Telling, in Part, the History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Compiled from... . . Memoirs, Papers,... . Etc.
7837: WILKINS, BURLEIGH TAYLOR. - Carl Becker. A Biographical Study in American Intellectual History.
8611: WILKINSON, SUE, (EDITOR). CONTRIB'S BY SQUIRE, C.; ESSED, P; ET AL. - Feminism and Psychology. Vol 1, Number 2.
3625: WILKINSON, PETER. - Puppets Into Scotland.
8610: WILKINSON, SUE, (EDITOR). CONTRIB'S BY PERKINS, R.; OLIVER, P.; ET AL. - Feminism and Psychology. Vol 1, Number 3.
8164: WILKINSON, JAMES JOHN GARTH. - Emanuel Swedenborg: A Biography.
3358: WILLEY, E.J.B. - Collisions of the Second Kind, Their Role in Physics and Chemistry.
10492: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL. - Darwin's Moon; a Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
10337: WILLIAMS, IOLA. A. - The Firm of Cadbury 1831-1931. With Compliment Slip.
6737: WILLIAMS, ALFRED. INTRO. BY M.J. DAVIS. - Life in a Railway Factory. With an Introduction and Commentary to Illustrations by Michael Justin Davis.
6613: WILLIAMS, C.H. - The Making of the Tudor Despotism.
6265: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa.
6052: WILLIAMS, J.E.C. - Superconductivity and Its Applications.
9322: WILLIAMS, L.A. - Road Transport in Cumbria in the Nineteenth Century. Isbn 0043850626.
5782: WILLIAMS, N.J. (EDITOR). FOREWORD BY T F T PLUCKNETT. VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Collectanea. (a Collection of Essays and Papers. ). 350 Copies Printed.
5641: WILLIAMS, GUY R. - Tackle Leatherwork This Way.
11300: WILLIAMS, A. H. - No Name on the Door. A Memoir of Gordon Selfridge.
5607: WILLIAMS, CHAS. - A Story of Fifty Years. 1845-1895. Jubilee Memorial of the Accrington Mechanics' Institution.
4504: WILLIAMS, CLAYTON W. EDITED BY ERNEST WALLACE. - Texas' Last Frontier. Fort Stockton and the Trans-Pecos, 1861-1895.
4687: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL. - Farm Tractors in Colour.
10190: WILLIAMS, MARY E. - CIVIC Treasures of Bristol. Isbn 0900199253.
4388: WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN SAMUEL. - Choice Stove and Greenhouse Ornamental-Leaved Plants, (with) Descriptions of More Than 900 Species and Varieties... . Cultivation and Mode of Management.
4321: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL. - Tintagel to Boscastle.
3365: WILLIAMS, TREVOR I. - A Short History of Twentieth-Century Technology. C. 1900-C1950.
9305: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL. - The Draining of the Somerset Levels. Isbn 052107486x.
1398: WILLIAMS, GWYN. (TRANSLATED BY). ENGRAVINGS BY JOHN PETTS. - Against Women. A Satire Translated from the Old Welsh.
3268: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL. - Darwin's Moon; a Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
8129: WILLIAMS, GWYN A. - The Merthyr Rising.
10733: WILLIAMS, K. - Modern Mathematics for Managers. Isbn 0582410606.
9972: WILLIAMS, LEIGH, (`BANGKOK BILL'). - Jungle Prison. With 46 Illustrations.
9806: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. ILLUSTRATED BY C.F. TUNNICLIFFE. - The Old Stag and Other Hunting Stories.
8823: WILLMOTT, ERNEST. - English House Design; a Review. Being a Selection and Brief Analysis of Some of the Best Achievements in English Domestic Architecture from the 16th to the 20th Centuries Together with Numerous Examples of Contemporary Design.
5424: WILLS, W. DAVID. - The Hawkspur Experiment.
11187: WILLS. W. D. & H. O. - Tobacco, Its Culture and Manufacture.
10969: WILLS, L. J. - The Physiographical Evolution of Britain.
11210: WILLS. W. D. & H. O. - Tobacco, Its History, Culture and Manufacture.
4758: WILLSON, WINGROVE - Scouts of the Lone Trail.
9862: WILSHIRE, LEWIS. (CHOSEN BY). D.W. ILLUSTRATION BY NEILD. - West Country Short Stories.
3693: WILSHIRE, LEWIS. - Gone for Good.
9882: WILSHIRE, LEWIS. - Berkeley Vale and Severn Shore. Isbn 0709185332.
6899: WILSON, F.E. - The British Tram.
6900: WILSON, F.E. - The British Tram.
6871: WILSON, JOHN H. - Nature Study Rambles Round St. Andrews. With Illustrations.
3380: WILSON, F.E. - The British Tram.
3379: WILSON, F.E. - The British Tram.
6059: WILSON, GEOFFREY. - The Old Telegraphs.
5762: WILSON, JUNE. - Green Shadows. The Life of John Clare.
5730: WILSON, DAVID. - William Thomson, Lord Kelvin. His Way of Teaching Natural Philosophy.
11322: WILSON, R. MCNAIR. - Pygmalion, or the Doctor of the Future. Today and Tomorrow Series.
7581: WILSON, DAVID MACKAY. - Behind the Scenes in the Transvaal.
5562: WILSON, ROBERT R. AND LITTAUER, RAPHAEL. - Accelerators. Machines of Nuclear Physics.
5203: WILSON, W.A. - Coleoptera of Somerset. Supplement to Proceedings Volumes 101 and 102.
4856: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD. - A Preface to Restoration Drama.
11091: WILSON, R. LUCOCK. - The Story of Dentistry.
4500: WILSON, JUNE. - Green Shadows. The Life of John Clare.
11092: WILSON, R. LUCOCK. - Soap Through the Ages.
3377: WILSON, COLIN. - Starseekers.
10934: WILSON. H. G. (PARTRIDGE WILSON & CO.). - Commercial Accumulator Charging and the Efficiency of Ac Rectifying Equipment. (with), D.C. Charging Plant and Accessories. ("Davenset" Chargers Etc).
3383: WILSON, H.T. - The American Ideology. Science, Technology and Organization As Modes of Rationality in Advanced Industrial Societies.
4147: WILSON, R. ANGUS. - The Small Stage and Its Equipment.
8616: WILSON, HERBERT M.; COLE, BURT.; HOLLISTER, G.B. AND LEIGHTON. M.A. - Irrigation in India, (Wilson. Paper N. 87). With;- Storage Resevoirs at Stony Creek, California, (Burt, Paper No. 86); the Passaic Flood, New Jersey, 1902, (Leighton, Paper No 88). 3 Papers in 1 Volume.
9426: WILSON, GEOFFREY. - The Old Telegraphs.
10519: WILSON, ALBERT. - Rambles in North Africa. With Forty-Eight Illustrations.
6280: WILTON, GEORGE WILTON. - Fingerprints: History, Law and Romance.
7090: WINDLESHAM, LORD. - Politics in Practice.
8913: WINDSOR, DAVID BURNS. - The Quaker Enterprise. Friends in Business
6851: WINGFIELD STRATFORD, BARBARA. ILLUSTRATED BY ROLAND PYM. - The Amazing Epilogue. Or the Further Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn (and) . . Thomas, Thompson, Tommy and Tom, in Their Rambles and Sprees Through Metropolis of 4th and 5th Georges, Queen Victoria and Edward 7th. .
11038: WINSTONE, H. V. F. AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY. - Gertrude Bell. Isbn 0224014323.
10841: WINSTONE, REECE. - Bristol As It Was 1879-1874. 150 Photographs from the Reece Winstone Collection.
11039: WINSTONE, H. V. F. - Gertrude Bell. Isbn 0224014323.
3389: WINTER, F.H. - The First Golden Age of Rocketry. Congreve and Hale Rockets of the Nineteenth Century. Isbn 0874749875.
11099: WINTER, CARL. - Treasures in Cambridge.
3391: WINTON, JOHN. - Hurrah for the Life of a Sailor ! Life on the Lower Deck of the Victorian Navy.
7879: WISTER, OWEN. - The Pentecost of Calamity.
4961: WITCHELL, EDWIN. - The Geology of Stroud, and the Area Drained by the Frome.
5591: WITT, MARY ANN FRESE. - Existential Prisons. Captivity in Mid-Twentieth-Century French Literature.
4901: WITTIG, KURT. - The Scottish Tradition in Literature.
9128: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Jill the Reckless.
9192: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Gold Bat.
10251: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Laughing Gas.
10257: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Sunset at Blandings. With Notes and Appendices by Richard Usborne. Illustrations by Ionicus. Isbn 0701122374.
6961: WOLFE, HUMBERT. (SIGNED). - Requiem. Signed, Limited Edition.
4167: WOLFE, H.D., BROWN, J.K., THOMPSON, G.C. - Measuring Advertising Results. Studies in Business Policy No. 102. A Research Report.
10564: WOLFF, OTTO. TRANSLATED BY STEWART THOMSON. - Ouvrard. Speculator of Genius 1770-1846.
3856: WOLFSON, ROBERT. - Years of Change. European History 1890-1945.
6132: WOOD, REV. J.A. - Perfect Love; or Plain Things for Those Who Need Them. Concerning the Doctrine, Experience, Profession, and Practice of Christian Holiness.
5563: WOOD, JOHN. - A Description of the Exchange of Bristol.
4760: WOOD, JONATHAN. - Classic Motor Cars.
4349: WOOD, WILLIAM. (A.G. STREET, INTRODUCTION). - A Sussex Farmer.
4350: WOOD, FRED. F. - Round About a Sussex Village.
4337: WOOD, L.S. AND WILMORE, A. - The Romance of the Cotton Industry in England.
3400: WOOD, G.B. (ILL'D BY THE AUTHOR). - Historic Homes of Yorkshire.
8773: WOOD, EDWIN. - Thirty Walks Around Ilfracombe. The Hiker's Companion. Containing Route Maps and General Map of Ilfracombe.
3398: WOOD, A. (ED.). - The Pre-Cambrian and Lower Palaeozoic Rocks of Wales. Report of a Symposium Held at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, in Honour of Professor O.T. Jones and Sir William Pugh.
8934: WOOD, REV. J.G. AND WOOD, THEODORE. - The Field Naturalists Handbook.
3403: WOOD-JONES, F. - Coral and Atolls. A History and Description of the Keeling-Cocos Islands, with an Account of Their Fauna & Flora and a Discussion of the Method of Development and Transformation of Coral Structures in General.
8254: WOOD, JOSEPH GARBETT. A NEW FOREWORD BY EDWARD C. TABLER. - Through Matabeleland. The Record of a Ten Months' Trip in an Ox- Wagon Through Mashonaland and Matabeleland. Rhodesiana Reprint Library, Vol No. 33.
3784: WOODFIELD, ANDREW - Teleology.
11346: WOODFORDE, JOHN. BERTHA STAMP ILL'S. - The Truth About Cottages. Fifty Types of Cottage Specially Drawn by Bertha Stamp. Isbn 0710066279.
10058: WOODHOUSE, S. C. - More Plays for Young Performers.
8495: WOODWARD, E.L. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - British Historians. No. 49 in Series.
11100: WOODWARD, JOHN. - Treasures in Oxkord.
8157: WOODWARD, JOAN. - Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice. .
10624: WOODWARD, E. L. - French Revolutions.
8058: WOOTTON, GRAHAM. - Workers, Unions and the State.
4453: WORCESTER, ROBERT M. AND DOWNHAM, JOHN. EDITORS. - Consumer Market Research Handbook. 3rd Revised and Enlarged Edn.
6753: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY. INTRODUCTION BY RACHEL TRICKETT. - Dorothy Wordsworth's Illustrated Lakeland Journals.
10955: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. ELCOCK, H.K. ILLUSTRATIONS. - Wordworth's Shorter Poems. Illustrated by H.K. Elcock.
9755: WORMS, BARON DE. - The Macrolepidoptera of Wiltshire.
6985: WREDDEN, J.H. HISTORICAL INTRO. BY W.E. WATSON-BAKER. - The Microscope. Its Theory and Applications. With 298 Illustrations.
4937: WRENN, G. AND R. LTD. - Wrenn 00 Gauge Trackwork, for Permanent Layouts. With Price List, 1958.
7342: WRIGHT, J.E.B. DRAWINGS BY W.J. KIDD. - The Technique of Mountaineering. A Handbook of Established Methods.
6352: WRIGHT, JOHN KIRTLAND. - The Geographical Lore of the Time of the Crusades. A Study in the History of Medeival Science and Tradition in Western Europe.
7588: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - The Romance of the Shoe. Being the History of Shoemaking in All Ages, and Especially in England and Scotland. With 146 Illustrations.
3909: WRIGHT, PETER POYNTZ. - The Rural Benchends of Somerset. A Study in Medieval Woodcarving.
3920: WRIGHT, LEN TIU, AND CRIMP, MARGARET. - The Marketing Research Process.
7994: WYLLY, COLONEL H. C., (EDITED BY). - A Cavalry Officer in the Corunna Campaign 1808-1809. The Journal of Captain Gordon of the 15th Hussars. With Portrait and Maps.
8439: WYMER, NORMAN. - English Town Crafts. A Survey of Their Development from Early Times to the Present Day.
5436: YARWOOD, DOREEN. - Robert Adam.
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