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11066: HYDE, MARY. - The Impossible Friendship. Boswell and Mrs. Thrale. Isbn 0701119993.
2869: HYDE, F.E. CONTRIBUTIONS BY J.R.HARRIS AND A.M. BOURN. - Shipping Enterprise and Management, 1830-1939. Harrison's of Liverpool.
6695: HYNES, SAMUEL. - The Auden Generation. Literature and Politics in England in the 1930's.
7591: IBBETSON, JULIUS CAESAR; LAPORTE, JOHN; AND HASSELL, JOHN. - A Picturesque Guide to Bath, Bristol Hot-Wells, the River Avon, and the Adjacent Country; Illustrated with a Set of Views, Taken in the Summer of 1792... . and Engraved in Aquatinta.
7590: IBBETSON, JULIUS CAESAR; LAPORTE, JOHN; AND HASSELL, JOHN. - A Picturesque Guide to Bath, Bristol Hot-Wells, the River Avon, and the Adjacent Country; Illustrated with a Set of Views, Taken in the Summer of 1792... . and Engraved in Aquatinta.
8091: ILIFE BOOKS, PUBLISHERS. - The Autocar Handbook. A Guide to the Motor Car.
11315: L'ILLUSTRATION. BASCHET, RENE, (DIRECTOR). SORBETS GASTON, (CO-DIRECTOR). - L'Illustration. Journal Hebdomadaire Universel. Noel 1938. 96th Annee. , No. 4996. 3 Decembre 1938.
9684: INGELOW, JEAN. - Songs of Seven.
4368: INGRAMS, HAROLD. - Uganda. A Crisis of Nationhood.
10484: INNES, THOMAS, OF LEARNEY. - The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland.
5580: BEILSTEIN INSTITUTE. - Beilstein Dictionary, German-English, for the Users of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry.
5573: INSULL, TOM. - John Cadbury. 1801-1889.
10402: INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION. GROSS, GERALD C. (FOREWORD). - From Semaphore to Satellite. This Volume Is Published on the Occasion of the Centenary of the International Telecommunication Union.
6962: INWOOD, WILLIAM. - Tables for the Purchasing of Estates, Freehold, Copyhold, or Leasehold Annuities, Advowsons Etc, and for the Renewing of Leases...... . Valuing Reversionary Estates... . . (with). Tables...
7082: IONS, EDMUND. - Woodrow Wilson. The Politics of Peace and War.
7584: IRELAND, SAMUEL. - Picturesque Views on the River Medway, from the Nore to the Vicinity of Its Source in Sussex; with Observations on the Public Buildings and Other Works of Art in Its Neighbourhood.
11021: IRIARTE, GREGORIO. - Los Mineros. Sus Luchas. Frustraciones. Y Esperanzas.
11232: IRVINE, CHIPPY, (TEXT BY). KRUKOWSKI, DENNIS, (PHOTOGRAPHS BY). - The Farmhouse; American Design. Isbn 0553051997.
7880: IRVINE, T. N., EDITOR. VARIOUS AUTHORS. - The World Rift System. Report of a Symposium Held in Ottawa 4-5 September 1965, Under the Sponsorship of the International Upper Mantle Committee... . . Unesco. Paper 66-14.
7841: IRVING, WASHINGTON. (USED PSEUDONYM "DIEDRICH KNICKERBOCKER"), - A Humourous, (Humorous), History of New York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty; Containing, Among Many Surprising and Curious Matters,... .
10102: IRVING, R. L. G. - A History of British Mountaineering.
5137: ISHIGURO, HIDE. - Leibniz's Philosophy of Logic and Language.
10729: ISON, HAROLD. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR, "WITH BEST WISHES.....1949". - The Yeldom 'Chase.
7583: IVES, JOSEPH CHRISTMAS. - Report Upon the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers, Under the Direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys, A.A. Humphreys... . Etc.
9434: JACK, DOUG. - The Leyland Bus. Isbn 0903839113.
9371: JACK, DOUG. - Leyland Bus Mk 2. . Isbn 0903839679.
7141: JACKSON, TABITHA. - The Boer War.
1723: JACKSON, G.G. ILLUSTRATED BY MARY S. EDWARDS. - From Track to Highway. A Book of British Roads.
9244: JACKSON, HOLBROOK. - The Printing of Books.
10422: JACKSON, WILLIS. - High Frequency Transmission Lines. With 46 Diagrams. .
8141: JACKSON, L.C. - Wave Filters.
8798: JACKSON, HARGREAVES. - The Illustrated Co-Operative Almanac for Yorkshire for 1888. First Year of Issue, Containing, in Addition to a Useful and Interesting General Almanac and Companion, a County Co-Operative One, Having Therein the Histories of... . Etc.
9150: JACKSON, EILEEN MONTAGUE. ("MISS TARZAN"). - Switzerland Calling. A True Tale of a Boy and Girl's Wonderful Summer Holidays Climbing in the Alps.
1272: JAFFE, B. - Crucibles. The Lives and Achievements of the Great Chemists.
6640: JAMES, WILLIAM. - Old Oak. The Life of John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent.
10426: JAMES, R. W. - X-Ray Crystallography. With 29 Diagrams. .
6027: PARKINSON JAMES. - Outlines of Oryctology. An Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Remains;... . Found in the British Strata; Intended to Aid in... . . Enquiries...... Fossils, and... Connection with the Formation of the Earth.
4575: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES. - Henry Wellcome.
9632: JAMES, W. P. - The Lure of Th Map.
9403: JAMES, W. E. - The Sunday School Movement: . A Brief History of Its Rise and Progress. To Mark the Centenay of...... St. Mary's Sunday School.
3637: JAMES, T.G.H. - An Introduction to Ancient Egypt.
7933: JAMESON, J. FRANKLIN. - The History of Historical Writing in America. Limited Edition.
9287: JAMESON, ROBERT. - Manual of Mineralogy: Containing an Account of Simple Minerals, and Also a Description and Arrangement of Mountain Rocks.
8907: JAMESON, CATHARINE. - An Introduction to Electro-Therapy. For the Use of Students.
10990: DUNBAR JANET. - J.M. Barrie. The Man Behind the Image
4548: JANSSENS, PAUL A. - Palaeopathology. Disease and Injuries of Prehistoric Man.
5052: JANTSCH, ERICH. - Perspectives in Planning. Proceedings of the Oecd Symposium on Long Range Forecasting and Planning. Bellagio, Italy, 27 Oct-2 Nov. , 1968.
7556: JAPP, ALEXANDER H. - Our Common Cuckoo and Other Cuckoos and Parasitical Birds. An Attempt to Reach a True Theory of Them by Comparative Study of Habit and Function. With a Thorough Criticism and Exposure of Darwin's Views and Romane's Views... .
8704: JAPP, ALESANDER H. - Thomas de Quincey: His Life and Writings. With Unpublished Correspondence. A New Edition, Thoroughly Revised, and Rearranged with Additional Material. With Portraits, Etc.
7321: JARDINE, SIR WILLIAM. EDITED BY. - The Naturalist's Library. Ornithology. Birds of Great Britain and Ireland. Vol. III, Vol. (3). Rasores and Grallatores. With Memoir of John Walker.
11271: JASPERS, KARL. - Three Essays - Leonardo, Descartes, Max Weber.
4493: JAY, B. ALWYN. - Timber. An Outline of the Structure, Properties and Utilisation of Timber.
3691: JAY, GREGORY S. - T.S. Eliot and the Poetics of Literary History.
6513: JEANS, JAMES, (SIR). - The Stars in Their Courses.
10721: JEANS, SIR JAMES. - The Growth of Physical Science. (Published Posthumously).
8135: RICHARD JEFFERIES. - Nature Near London.
5194: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Amaryllis at the Fair.
5192: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Toilers of the Field.
4707: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. ILLUSTRATIONS BY CHARLES WHYMPER. - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life.
8620: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life.
6774: JEFFREY, FRANCIS. - Essays on English Poets and Poetry, from the Edinburgh Review.
4156: JEFFREY-SMITH, MAY. - Bird-Watching in Jamaica.
9481: JEFFREYS, HAROLD. - The Earth, Its Origin History and Physical Constitution.
1743: JENKINS, J.G. - Agricultural Transport in Wales.
4327: JENKINS, INEZ. (MONOGRAM AND HEADPIECES BY REYNOLDS STONE). - The History of the Women's Institute Movement of England and Wales.
10022: JENKINS, STANLEY C AND QUAYLE, HOWARD. - Railways Across the Pennines. Isbn 0711018405.
4125: JENKINS, ERIC NEIL. - An Introduction to Radioactivity.
2095: JENKINSON, JACQUELINE. - Scottish Medical Societies. 1731-1939. Their History and Records.
9351: JENKINSON, KEITH A. - Sheffield United Tours 1935-1985. Isbn 0907834108.
9385: JENKINSON, DAVID. - British Railway Carriages of the 20th Century. Volume 1; the End of an Are, 1901-22.
4264: JENNINGS, HILDA. - Societies in the Making. A Study of Development and Redevelopment Within a County Borough. ( As
9756: JENOWAY, R. O. - A Selection of Antiquarian and Historical Notes.
8857: JENSON AND NICHOLSON. EATON, C.R.; HINDLEY, D.A.; JACKSON, E.F.; ET AL. - Paint and Its Part in Architecture. A Permanent Reference Book of Practical Information.
10495: JEPHCOTT, E.F.N. - Proust and Rilke. The Literature of Expanded Consciousness. Isbn 0701115300.
8170: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.
8169: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.
10936: JERVOISE, E. INTRODUCTION BY C. R. PEERS TO "SOUTH" VOLUME.. - The Ancient Bridges of;- the South of England; the Mid and Eastern England; Wales and Western England. (3 Volumes, of 4 Vol. Set. 1 in Repaired D. W).
10935: JERVOISE, E. INTRODUCTION BY C. R. PEERS TO "SOUTH" VOLUME. - The Ancient Bridges of;- the South of England; the North of England; the Mid and Eastern England; Wales and Western England. (4 Volumes, 3 Volumes with D. W's).
11003: JERVOISE, E. INTRODUCTION BY C. R. PEERS. - The Ancient Bridges of the South of England.
10511: JESSE, F. TENNYSON. - The Story of Burma.
4399: JOACHIM, HAROLD H. - Logical Studies.
8109: JOAD, C.E.M. - Thrasymachus or the Future of Morals. Today and Tomorrow Series.
7087: DOWSE ROBERT E. AND HUGHES JOHN A. - Political Sociology.
6452: JOHN, GWYN. PRESENTATION COPY. - Skilful Bowls.
5379: JOHN, B.S. - The Fishguard and Pembroke Area. A Description of the O.S. One-Inch Sheet 138/151; Fishguard and Pembroke.
3881: JOHN, BRIAN, S. - Rural Crafts of Wales.
7201: JOHNSON, IRVING AND ELECTA. - Yankee's Wander-World. Circling the Globe in the Brigantine Yankee.
6608: JOHNSON, MATIN. - Science and the Meanings of Truth. Studies Introductory to Asking What Is Meant Today by Physical Explanation of Nature, by Mechanisms of Cause and Effect, and by a Claim That Scientific Knowledge Is True.
6065: JOHNSON, C G AND SMITH, L P., EDITORS. - The Biological Significance of Climatic Changes in Britain. (Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Royal Geographical Society, London, on 29 and 30 October 1964)
1760: JOHNSON, M. (FOREWORD BY E.A. MILNE). - Time, Knowledge and the Nebulae. An Introduction to the Meanings of Time in Physics... And the Relativities of Einstein & of Milne.
8512: JOHNSON, S.C. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - British Postage Stamps . No. 72 in Series.
4200: JOHNSON, ALFRED FORBES. - A Catalogue of Engraved and Etched Title Pages, Down to the Death of William Faithorne, 1691. Facsimiles and Illustrations No. VI.
10540: JOHNSON, J. F., (SHORT-HAND WRITER). - Proceedings of the General Anti-Slavery Convention, Called by the Committee of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, and Held in London, from Tuesday, June 13th, to Tuesday, June 20th, 1843.
9275: JOHNSON, GROVE. - The Student's Manual of Yeast Culture.
9442: JOHNSON, W. BRANCH. - Industrial Archaeology of Hertfordshire. Isbn 0678056528.
10409: JOHNSON, JOAN. - Stow-on-the-Wold. Isbn 0750905905.
6862: JOHNSTON, R.J. - Geography and Geographers. Anglo-American Human Geography Since 1945.
1764: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER KEITH. - The Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena. A New Enlarged Edition.
5756: JOHNSTON, KEITH. GEOGRAPHER TO THE QUEEN. - The Half-Crown Atlas of General Geography. On Cover, Titled As Keith Johnston's Political Atlas.
1284: JOHNSTON, W. & A.K. (MAP - CANALS, RLWYS, ETC.). - Map of the Coalfields of the South Midlands.
10608: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - England As It Is. Political, Social and Industrial in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. Isbn 0716517744. Two Volumes.
8826: JOHNSTON, W. AND A.K. - The World. A Classical Atlas in Twenty Three Coloured Maps, with Complete Index.
6264: JOLLIFFE, J.E.A. - Angevin Kingship.
1941: JOLLY, W.P. - Sir Oliver Lodge. Psychical Researcher and Scientist.
6679: JONES, ERNEST. - On the Nightmare. The International Psycho-Analytical Library No. 20.
6554: JONES, SYDNEY R. - England, South.
6428: JONES, G.P. AND POOL, A.G. - A Hundred Years of Economic Development in Great Britain (1840 - 1940).
6421: JONES, RUTH. - The Path of the Son. A Biography of Bryan Pearce.
6127: JONES, GEOFFREY. - Raider: The Halifax and Its Flyers.
3962: JONES, JOHN PHILIP. - Does It Pay to Advertise. Cases Illustrating Successful Brand Advertising.
3933: JONES, PHILIP JOHN. - What's in a Name. Adverising and the Concept of Brand.
5111: JONES, WILLIAM BASIL, AND FREEMAN, EDWARD AUGUSTUS. NEW FOREW'D BY J. WYN EVANS. - The History and Antiquities of Saint Davids.
5042: JONES, ENID HUWS. - Mrs Humphrey Ward.
11306: JONES, LLOYD S. - U.S. Bombers, B1 - B70.
4606: JONES, COLIN. - Charity and Bienfaisance. The Treatment of the Poor in the Montpellier Region 1740-1815.
8086: JONES, T.W. - Hermes or the Future of Chemistry. Today and Tomorrow Series.
10689: JONES, ANTHEA. - A Thousand Years of the English Parish. Medieval Patterns and Modern Interpretations. Isbn 1900624508.
5314: JORDAN, R. FURNEAUX. - A Picture History of the English House.
3632: JORDAN, JOHN. - An Ilustrated Guide to Battleships & Battlecruisers.
7969: JORDAN, HELENE J. AND KONE, EUGENE H., EDITORS. INTRODUCTION BY ASIMOV, ISAAC. - The Greatest Adventure. Basic Research That Shapes Our Lives.
2021: JORDAN, JAMES B., WITH R.W. MYLNE AND TO W. WHITAKER. GEOLOGICAL MAP. - Stanford's Geological Map of London Showing Superficial Deposits. Compiled by J.B. Jordan of the Mining Record Office.
10480: JORDAN, HELEN AND CLARENCE. EDITED BY. VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Benjamin Franklin's Unfinished Business. Story of the International Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1956.
1774: JOULE, JAMES PRESCOTT. - The Scientific Papers. With Joint Scientific Papers. 2 Volumes.
6032: HOBBIES. JOURNAL. - Hobbies. A Weekly Journal for Amateurs of Both Sexes. 2 Volumes. Volumes 1 and 2.
4518: MEDICAL HISTORY. QUARTERLY JOURNAL. - Medical History. A Quarterly Journal Devoted to the History and Bibliography of Medicine and the Related Sciences. 2 Volumes. 1957 and 1958.
5717: JOYCE, JAMES. INTRODUCTION BY DON GIFFORD. - Dubliners and a Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man. Complete and Unabridged.
1776: JOYCE, J. - Tramway Heyday.
10020: JUDGE, C.W. COMPILED BY. - Thro' the Lens. A Pictorial Tribute to the Official Work of the Gwr Photographers. Isbn 0860933121.
10076: JUDGE, A.W. - Engineering Materials: 2 Volumes, (of 3). Volume I, the Ferrous Metals; Volume II, Non-Ferrous and Organic Materials.
2019: JUKES-BROWN, A.J. GEOLOGICAL MAP. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF GREAT BRITAIN. - Geological Map of the Neighbourhood of Cambridge.
4906: JUMP, JOHN D. - Byron.
5336: JUNIUS. (FRANCIS, SIR PHILLIP ?). - Stat Nominis Umbra.
6432: KALDOR, NICHOLAS. - Reports on Taxation II, (2). Reports to Foreign Governments.
6431: KALDOR, NICHOLAS. - Further Essays on Economic Theory.
6423: KALDOR, NICHOLAS. - Reports on Taxation. I. Papers Relating to the United Kingdom.
7338: KALMUS, HANS AND BENEDICTUS, DAVID. - Odyssey of a Scientist. An Autobiography.
4270: KARGON, ROBERT H. - The Rise of Robert Millikan. Portrait of a Life in American Science.
6819: KARO, D. - Electrical Measurements and the Calculation of the Errors Involved. Part 1.
7084: KAUTSKY, JOHN H. (EDITED, AND WITH AN ESSAY BY). - Political Change in Underdeveloped Countries.
7569: KEALEY, EDWARD J. - Harvesting the Air. Windmill Pioneers in Twelfth-Century England.
11318: KEANE, EVE, (STORY BY). SELLHEIM, GERT, (DESIGN BY). - The Penfold Story. With Company Compliment Slip.
9094: KEARTON R. PHOTOS BY KEARTON, C. - Wild Life at Home. How to Study and Photograph It. Illustrated by Photographs Taken Direct from Nature by C. Kearton.
9159: KEARTON, R. - Birds' Nests, Eggs and Egg-Collecting. Illustrated with 22 Coloured Plates.
4065: KEAY, FREDERICK. - Marketing and Sales Forecasting.
4719: KEBABIAN, PAUL B., AND LIPKE, WILLIAM C., EDITORS. - Tools and Technologies. America's Wooden Age. See
8724: KEBLE, REV. J., (VICAR OF HURSLEY). - Miscellaneous Poems.
8567: O'KEEFFE, TIMOTHY. (EDITED BY). - Alienation
7272: KEEGAN, JOHN. - The Second World War.
10084: KEENLYSIDE, F. H., (EDITOR). ASSISTED BY D.F.O. DANGAR AND TS. BLAKENEY. - Alpine Centenary 1857 - 1957. The Sixty-Second Volume, (No. 295), of the Alpine Journal, November 1957.
6078: KEEVIL, AMBROSE. - The Story of Fitch Lovell, 1784-1970.
8137: KELEHER, ANNE. - Work and Leisure.
9782: KELLERT, STEPHEN R. - Kinship to Mastery. Biophilia in Human Evolution and Development. Isbn 1559633727.
5790: KELLY, FRANCIS M. AND SCHWABE, RANDOLPH. - A Short History of Costume and Armour, 1066-1800. 2 Volumes in 1;- 1066-1485 and 1485-1800.
1798: KELLY, FRED C. - The Wright Brothers (an Authorised Biography. ).
10684: KELLY, THOMAS. - A History of Public Libraries in Great Britain 1845-1965. Isbn 0853653461.
10164: KEMP, D. A. - Astronomy and Astrophysics. A Bibliographical Guide. Isbn 0356030113.
10739: KENDALL, JAMES I. - Microscopic Anatomy of Vertebrates. With 225 Illustrations.
10514: KENDALL, JAMES. - At Home Among the Atoms. A First Book of Congenial Chemistry.
1803: KENNARD, A.S. & WOODWARD, B.B. - Catalogue of the Synonymy of the British Non-Marine Mollusca. (Recent & Post-Tertiary).
9246: KENNARD, JOSEPH SPENCER. - The Friar in Fiction; Sincerity in Art; and Other Essays.
2030: KENNEDY, RANKIN; SHAW, BOLTON; ET AL. ( MACHESTER ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS ). - Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions, 1911-12. ( Marine Jet Propulsion, Coal Cutting Machinery, Cutting Tools, Railway Electrification, Boilers, Furnaces Town Planning, Etc).
8348: KENNEDY, MARGARET. - The Mechanized Muse.
4297: KENWOOD, A.G. AND LOUGHEED, A.L. - The Growth of the International Economy. 1820-1960.
8586: KENYON, JOHN. - The History Men. The Historical Profession in England Since the Renaissance.
5636: KERR, PAUL F. - Tungsten Mineralisation in the United States. The Geological Society of America. Memoir Number 15.
8879: KERR, WALTER C. SIGNED - "WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER C. KERR". - The Mechanical Equipment of the New South Station, Boston, Mass. Presented at the New York Meeting, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, December 1899.
10374: KERR, ANDREW WILLIAM. - History of Banking in Scotland, "... . Narration Brought Down from Last Issue, (1917), to the Present Time".
10940: KEVERNE, RICHARD. REVISED AND EDITED BY HAMMOND INNES. - Tales of Old Inns. With 74 Illustrations, 10 Pen and Ink Drawings and 6 Maps.
4600: KEYNES, GEOFFREY. - The Life of William Harvey
4599: KEYNES, GEOFFREY. - The Life of William Harvey
10656: KEYSERLING, COUNT HERMAN. TRANSLATED BY JANE MARSHALL. - Immortality. A Critique of the Relations between the Process of Nature and the World of Man's Ideas.
11016: KIDD, BENJAMIN. - Social Evolution. With Appendix Containing a Reply to Criticisms.
527: KIDSTON, R. - Catalogue of the Palaeozoic Plants.
4801: KIERNAN, R.H. - The First War in the Air.
10927: KILBOURN, WILLIAM. WOOD ENGRAVINGS BY ROSEMARY KILBOURN. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR. - The Elements Combined. A History of the Steel Company of Canada.
5383: KING, CUCHLAINE A.M. - The Scarborough District. A Description of the O.S. One-Inch Sheet 93; Scarborough.
5374: KING, CUCHLAINE, A.M. - The Yorkshire Dales. A Description of the O.S. One-Inch Sheet 90; Wensleydale.
8004: KING, STAFF CMDR. J. W. REVISED TO PRESENT DAY BY HULL, CMDR. THOMAS A. - The Pilot's Handbook for the English Channel. Containing Concise Instructions for Entering and Navigating the Channel, and for All the Harbours and Anchorages on the English Coast, from the Scilly Islands to the North Foreland; (Cont'd).
1819: KING, W. C. T. - The Stock Exchange. Its History and How It Works: Its Place in the Modern World.
947: KING-HELE, DESMOND. - Erasmus Darwin; 1731-1802.
10296: KING, JAMES. - Virginia Woolf. Isbn 0393037487.
7603: KINGSLEY, CHARLES. - Two Years Ago.
11239: KINGSLEY, DAVID. INTRO. BY HELEN WALLIS. - Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900. (Sussex Record Society Publication, Volume 72). With the "Corrigenda" Slip. Isbn 0854450319.
10208: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H. G. - Salt Water. The Sea Life and Adventures of Neil D'Arcy, the Mishipman.
4437: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Absent-Minded Beggar.
10851: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - The Five Nations.
10736: KIPLING, RUDYARD. - Traffics and Discoveries.
10040: HOFMANN E. INTRO. BY W. E. KIRBY. - The Young Beetle-Collector's Handbook. Illustrated by Twenty Coloured Plates Comprising over 500 Figures.
9656: KIRBY, W.E. - British Butterflies, Moths & Beetles (the Young Collector).
3758: KIRBY, A. CATRIONA. - Specialist Dress Materials and Their Handling.
9797: KIRKALDY, J. F. - General Principles of Geology.
10617: KIRKMAN, PATRICK. - Electronic Funds Transfer Systems. The Revolution in Cashless Banking and Payment Methods. Isbn 0631153179.
9638: KIRKPATRICK, R. - The Biology of Waterworks. With 18 Text Figures.
1837: KITAIGORODSKIY, A.I. - Order and Disorder in the World of Atoms.
6315: KITCHENSIDE, G.M., EDITOR. R.H. DUNN AND OTHERS. IAN ALLEN, PUBLISHER. - Railway World. May. 1970 Volume 31, No. 360. Includes "the Severn Valley Railway", "Resignalling at Bristol", and Other Articles.
8956: KITSON, C H. - Studies in Fugue.
7889: KITSON, NORMA. - Where Sixpence Lives.
8609: KITZINGER, CELIA; WILKINSON, SUE, (ED'S). CONTRIB'S BY GAVEY, N., DUNCKER, P. +. - Feminism and Psychology. Vol 2, Number 3. Special Issue on Heterosexuality.
3820: KLAUS, H. GUSTAV. - The Literature of Labour. 200 Years of Working Class Writing.
1840: KLEMM, FRIEDRICH. (TRANS. D.W. SINGER). - A History of Western Technology.
1841: KLEMM, FRIEDRICH. (TRANSLATED D.W. SINGER). - A History of Western Technology.
1842: KLINE, MORRIS. - Mathematics in Western Culture.
8834: KLINE, MORRIS. - Mathematics a Cultural Approach.
11073: KLINGENDER, F. D. - Marxism and Modern Art: An Approach to Social Realism. ("Marxism Today" Series, No. 3).
8392: KNAPP, BETTINA. - Jean Genet.
3981: KNAPPERT, JAN. - An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legends ; Indian Mythology.
5611: KNECHT, R.J. - Francis I and Absolute Monarchy.
10055: KNIGHT, CAPTAIN JAMES. EDITED. INTRO. AND NOTES BY KENNEY, JAMES F. - The Founding of Churchill. Being the Journal of Captain James Knight, Governor-in-Chief in Hudson Bay, from the 14th of July to the 13th of September, 1717.
7221: KNIGHT, FRANCIS A. - In the West Country.
3976: KNIGHT, FRANCIS A. - The Sea-Board of Mendip. An Account of the History, Archaeology, and Natural History of the Parishes of Weston-Super-Mare, Kewstoke, Wick... . . Uphill, Brean,...... Banwell. Steep and Flat Holmes.
6112: KNIGHT, CAPT. C.W.R. PREFACE BY GREY OF FALLODEN. - Aristocrats of the Air.
5865: KNIGHT, VIVIENNE. - Trevor Howard. A Gentleman and a Player.
9836: KNIGHT, DAVID, - Sources for the History of Science, 1660-1914.
3975: KNIGHT, FRANCIS A. - The Heart of Mendip. An Account of the History, Archaeology and the Natural History of the Parishes of Winscombe, Shipham,...... Cheddar,... Ancient Mining Station of Charterhouse... .
1847: KNIGHT, D.M. - Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900.
8286: KNIGHT-BRUCE, G.W.H. - Memories of Mashonaland. Rhodesiana Reprint Library. Volume No 13.
7958: KNIGHT, ISOBEL. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN S. GOODALL. - The Bunny Whiskers Find an Island.
9278: KNIGHTS, BEN. - The Idea of the Clerisy in the Nineteenth Century. Isbn 0521217989.
9687: KNOLLE, THEODOR. (HERAUSGEGEBEN); DR. SCHOFFEL; DR GERHARDT; B.H. FORCK; ET AL. - Hamburgs Kirche, Aus. 1529 - 1929. Festbuch Zum Reformations Jubiläum.
4434: KNOTEL, PROF. RICHARD. + KNOTEL, HERBERT AND SIEG, HERBERT. - Handbuch Der Uniformkunde. Die Militarische Tracht in Ihrer Entwicklung Bis Zur Gegenwart.
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